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Congratulations to Marissa for winning Celebrity Big Brother! 

February 25, 2018

Congratulations to Marissa for winning Celebrity Big Brother! 
She won 6-3. Marissa says she couldn't have gotten to the end without Ross..

Celebrity Big Brother F5 HOH:
Drop order: Marissa, Ari, Mark
HOH: Ross

Celebrity Big Brother F5 Nominations:
HOH nominates: Ari & Omarosa
Celebrity Big Brother F5 Veto Comp:
Veto winner: Ross
Celebrity Big Brother F5 Veto Ceremony:
Veto power is not used
Final noms are: Ari & Omarosa
Celebrity Big Brother F5 Eviction Vote:
Marissa votes to evict Omarosa
Mark votes to evict Omarosa
By a vote of 2-0, Omarosa has been evicted from Big Brother.

Now we’re down to just four HGs and the pressure is on even more. A new HOH comp arrives and everyone left can compete, even the outgoing HOH. From there we’ll get two more evictions and then it’s on to the Jury’s decision.

Celebrity Big Brother F4 HOH:
Round 1: Marissa gets a point
Round 2: Everyone gets a point
Round 3: Everyone gets a point
Round 4: Everyone gets a point
Round 5: Everyone gets a point
Round 6: Mark & Ross get a point
Tie between Mark, Ross, & Marissa. Ari is out
Round 7: Everyone was over, but Marissa was the least wrong
Final HOH is Marissa!
Celebrity Big Brother F4 Eviction:
Marissa must evict 2 HGs: Ari & Mark
Final 2: Marissa & Ross!

Celebrity Big Brother Jury Votes:
Mark votes: Ross
Ari votes: Marissa
Omarosa votes: Marissa
James votes: Marissa
Brandi votes: Ross
Metta votes: Ross
Shannon votes: Marissa
Keshia votes: Marissa
Chuck votes:
Marissa wins Celebrity Big Brother.

I am thoroughly disappointed in the Jury for the third straight season.

Congratulations to ROSS for winning America's Favorite Houseguest!

February 25, 2018

Congratulations to ROSS for winning America's Favorite Houseguest!
Ross won the viewer favorite - top vote-getters "in no particular order" were Shannon, James, Ross

From wild competitions to epic blindsides to national headlines.

February 25, 2018

 “From wild competitions to epic blindsides to national headlines. Tonight the craziest 3 weeks of Big Brother history come to an end! 5 Celebrites are left in the house but only 1 can win the Quater Of Million Dollar Grand Pride!” Time For The CBBUS Finale

Who Should Win Celebrity Big Brother?

February 25, 2018

Who Should Win Celebrity Big Brother?
Tonight is Celebrity Big Brother finale night, and even though there are still five houseguests left, it’s all going to come down to one of them. But which one?

By the time the episode starts, the last person to be evicted before the final 4 will be decided, so their part in this article will be irrelevant, but alas, this is where we are. So we’ll be looking at all five players and decide who should win and who could win. We’ll start in order of who we think is most-deserving and work down from there.

Ross Mathews on Celebrity Big Brother

Ross/Omarosa. This season there’s not a clear front-runner if you ask me. Ross and Omarosa have both played different, but equally great games. Ross has done a bit of floating, in the true sense. He’s gone from alliance to alliance and it has worked out for him. The downside to that is these days, juries tend to not appreciate that kind of gameplay and will often not reward it. The same can be said of how fans react to that kind of gameplay. Fans tend to call someone who plays every side a rat. Is that fair? Probably not, because it’s a strategy that has proven successful in the past. Ross has also won competitions when it really counted, keeping himself in the game when he was Omarosa’s target twice.

Omarosa on Celebrity Big Brother

Omarosa, unlike Ross, has had no one in the game. She’s been a part of almost no alliances and has only made one or two deals. So, someone making it this far in the game playing by themselves is pretty impressive, especially when you consider they came into the house as a reality TV professional and an instant target on their backs. Omarosa also worked her asthma angle well. I’m not saying she faked anything, but she was able to seem less of a threat, even though she ended up winning competitions just when she needed, like Ross. She also played a bit of a shady game by planting seeds of doubts and sometimes flat-out lying. And that’s OK. It’s Big Brother.

So, I think I’ve argued a pretty fair case as to why they’re both at the top of this list. The only thing that could edge the other out at this point is if one of them has won HOH and sends the other packing first Sunday night

Can Ross win? I think Ross can still win. I’m thinking these celebrities aren’t going to vote bitterly, just because Ross didn’t stay true to them. Shannon might, because she seems to be the least “celebrity” of them all in how she acts about her experience. I think Ross could win next to Mark, Marissa or Omarosa. Maybe not next to Ari. It’s tough to say.

Can Omarosa win? Omarosa has worked hard to prove herself to the other players. She’s done a lot of jury management even though no one is really sure how truthful she’s been. If you go back and watch, she always made nice with everyone she knew was about to get evicted. And when she evicted James this week, she was sure to remind the HGs how big a threat he was and that she was the one not afraid to send him out.

Ari on Celebrity Big Brother

Ariadna. I think Ariadna would be very hard to beat in the final two. She has played a great physical game and an even better social game. That being said, I don’t think she’s quite as deserving as Ross or Omarosa. But I know social games go a long way, so that’s why she comes in at number two. I also think she has a really good shot at winning the final HOH and picking who sits beside her. So her decision there will be everything.

Can Ariadna win? Absolutely. As I mentioned about, she’s going to be very hard to beat. She actually might win sitting next to any of them. She just hasn’t made anyone hate her. I think the only vote she could possibly lose is James,’ and that’s only if she’s sitting next to Ross.

Marissa on Celebrity Big Brother

3. Marissa. It was hard to decide on these final two spots because neither Marissa or Mark have been that great at the game. But Marissa has played a little harder than Mark. She worked closely with her alliances, and she was in almost as many as Ross. She stayed loyal to most of her alliance and tried to avoid direct drama.

Can Marissa win? There was a time when I thought she could. James even argued that no one can win sitting next to her in the finale. So I guess she could win? I don’t see how or why, but apparently she has a shot.

Mark prepares his next move on Celebrity Big Brother

Mark. So Mark claims to have not tried to win any competitions. And as we saw the time he won HOH, he was given that win from James. Did he even want it? Who knows. And speaking of that HOH, he kind of let James control it, and they sent out probably the weakest player left in the game. Brandi wasn’t going to win any competitions. James was playing personally and Mark let it all happen. So that’s why Mark, in my opinion, is the least-deserving.

Can Mark win? I don’t think Mark can win. The only way Mark can win is if he’s sitting next to Ross and these celebrities are as bitter as your average recent houseguest.

So there you have it. Let me say, though, that I think everyone this season (aside from Metta), played their asses off. Even Keshia, who threw in the towel played a fierce game. It was refreshing and I would’t be bummed if any of these final five won the game.

 Sunday night delivers the Celebrity Big Brother finale at 8/7c with a 2-hour event.

February 25, 2018

We’ll see all the Veto events play out before we expect Omarosa to be evicted then the Final 4 will battle it out again for the last HOH to decide the season’s F2. We’ll be back here at 8PM ET so get ready!

Extended farewell to feedsters from four of them,

February 25, 2018

Extended farewell to feedsters from four of them, Mark's still asleep 
Our final Live Feed Highlights Report of the Celebrity Big Brother season has arrived as Houseguests enjoyed their final night in the house. It was a busy day too with the Nominations Ceremony, Veto Competition, and the Veto Ceremony. Then the night settled in and the HGs celebrated their journey for one last hooray.

Since there was a lot of downtime due to all the events we’ll pick up after the end of the Veto comp and start from there.

12:00 PM BBT – Ross gave Mark the HOH room for the night while he stays downstairs.
12:00 AM BBT Mark is upstairs in the hoh rm asleep. Omarosa has retired to her bed & very restless. Ari & Marissa is in the hollywood rm talking really deep about James eviction. Marissa is explaining what she felt the issue was between Brandi & James. Ari is surprised that she was going home yesterday & she was really scared. Marissa tells her she thought that Omarosa was going home. Marissa & Ari can’t believe that Omarosa got James out the house. Marissa can’t believe that Jams was throwing competitions. Ari & Marissa are rejoicing on how everything worked out & they both came off the block. Ari is happy she’s in the final competition. Ari asks Marissa about editing then production say over the mic “STOP THAT.” Marissa tells Ari the first time she cried was shannon said she might go up OTB. Ari & Marissa start to unpack the lie about her not sticking to the girls alliance. Marissa tells Ari Shannon asked Marissa did she tell Ross & Marissa said she told Shannon she forgot. In Marissa’s mind she figured it out that Shannon was lying to her because Shannon kept saying “the consensus of the house.” Ari feels bad for Shannon if she was her real friend in real life the way Shannon played the game.
12:15 AM BBT Ari & Marissa began to thank Big Brother for the experience & how much fun they had & they got sushi. Ari reflects on some good days & some hards but she really appreciates Big Brother. Ross enters the hollywood rm & he congratulates Ari & Marissa for making through todays competition. Ross tells the girls Ari & Marissa, “no matter what happens I’m happy for both of you.” Ari began laughing about putting James up & Shannon. Ari explains that she didn’t have a deal with neither Shannon or James. Marissa says yes you did. Ari says no she didn’t because she never made a deal with Shannon or James. Ari tells Marissa & Ross she can ask them she never had a deal with neither of them. They all start whispering really low about Omarosa. Ari keeps telling Marissa her real alliance was always Ross, Brandi, & Marissa. Marissa overrides the conversation without letting Ari get a word in. Ross begins to lie about his f2 deal with James to Ari & Marissa. However, Ross agrees with Ari & Marissa that James had to go. Ross is happy about the pageant tomorrow from Big Brother. Ross is proud of his alliance & all start to thanks eachother of how proud they all did in all comps especially the last veto.
12:30 AM BBT Marissa calls the remaining cast left in house the for real “Breakfast Club’” excluding Omarosa say’s Marissa; Omarosa can’t be in our pageant. Ross starts laughing at Marissa comment. Feeds cuts at 12:31 AM BBT 12:36AM BBT Marissa starts talking about the lights in the BB house. Ross, Ari, & Marissa are talking about the backdoor with Shannon. Ross is really in aw about how she had a f2 with Omarosa. Marissa feels that Shannon played to hard to fast like a poker player. Ross keep dragging Omarosa under his breath every time he mentions Omarosa & Shannon’s F2 deal. Marissa gets out of bed while talking about Shannon. Ross & Marissa walks to the BR together. They are both laughing how Shannon hide people stuff and she had no ego about doing it. Marissa tells Ross she is so giddy about tomorrow finale.
12:45 AM BBT Brandi wanted to hide Omarosa’s bible. Production told her no not the bible. Ari & Marissa start dying laughing about the biblegate. Party talk is happening with Marissa, Ari, & Ross about what they did in the house & the discoveries they all made living in a lock up studio. Marissa says to Ari say the bible in Spanish for a little bit so I can go to sleep. Ari began reading the bible in Spanish. Ross closes his eyes while Ari reads the bible. Marissa is so touched by Ari’s spanish she doesn’t close her eye’s & watches Ari read the bible with her hand on her chin. Ross opens his eyes & Ari offers another scripture to read to them in Spanish. Marissa & Ross listens to Ari without no interruption. Ari says Amen, and Ross & Marissa open their eyes, and said amen & thank you. Ari reads a little bit of the bible to herself, closes the bible, and the lights go out & everyone says goodnight to each other.
1:00 AM BBT Mark is asleep in the hoh room. A few of the houseguests are in the Hollywood room & the Tiffany room. Marissa, Ari, & Ross are in the Hollywood room together & Omarosa is in the Tiffany room. Blankets go up over their faces & night night they all go to sleep. Marissa snores off & on which keeps waking up Ross. Ross is kicking his blanket off his legs & can’t get comfortable with his leg hanging off the bed.
1:15 AM BBT Although the houseguests are all in their beds. Ross is still toss & turning in his bed. A few movement’s from Ari & Marissa. Mark is knocked out upstairs in the hoh room. Omarosa is solo in her tiffany room asleep.
1:30 AM BBT The BB house is quiet with a few cracks & sounds while all the hg are in their beds sleeping like babies & some snores from Marissa. Mark remains in the hoh room sleeping. Omarosa is in her room, the tiffany room asleep as well.
1:45 AM BBT Sleeping hg are all in bed quietly asleep. Marissa starts snoring really loud but doesn’t awake Ari or Ross.
2:00 AM BBT – 6:00 AM BBT All houseguests are sleeping.
6:15 AM BBT – FISH for a couple of minutes. No one appears to be getting up. Omarosa is stirring. She sits up in bed for a bit. She finally gets up, gets her box from the other bedroom and heads out. She stops in the kitchen but lights are off. She then goes to bathroom area.
6:30 AM BBT Omarosa prepares for the shower. Feeds go back to the two bedrooms. All other HGs appear to be asleep. Marissa gets up and leaves the bedroom. She returns to bed.
6:45 AM BBT HGs asleep. Camera goes to Tiffany Room where Omarosa is putting on her makeup while sitting in bed. HGs in Hollywood Room are all still snoozing.
7:00 AM BBT All HGs except Omarosa are asleep. She is still putting on makeup. Marissa goes into Lounge and lays on the ground with a roller under her. She rolls her back and neck then does some stretches. She then heads to the bathroom to brush her teeth..
7:15 AM BBT Marissa goes to Storage Room and then heads into bedroom and climbs back in bed. Omarosa continues to put on makeup in her bedroom.
7:30 AM BBT Omarosa putting on makeup. All other HGs asleep.
7:45 AM BBT Omarosa appears to be done with the make-up and gets dressed. She heads to the bathroom to continue to get ready for the day. All other HGs still asleep.
8:00 AM BBT Omarosa in the bathroom doing her hair. Omarosa goes to the kitchen, gets something out of the fridge to snack on and then goes back to the bathroom to continue doing her hair.
8:30 AM BBT Fish Feeds back. HG’s awake. Omarosa laying in bed awake.
8:45 AM BBT HG’s are talking to the feeds and telling feeders what a great time they had on the show. Hg’s saying good-bye and thanking the feeders. Mark in HOH bed, he’s not saying goodbye.Mark up and out of HOH. Mark in kitchen saying goodbye to feeders. All other HG’s in Hollywood rm talking about the season.
HGs had an exciting day and it looks like they’re all ready to get on out of the house and the game. Ross set up the final noms with Omarosa just one step away from eviction after weeks of HGs trying and her dodging the danger.

Sunday night delivers the Celebrity Big Brother finale at 8/7c with a 2-hour event. We’ll see all the Veto events play out before we expect Omarosa to be evicted then the Final 4 will battle it out again for the last HOH to decide the season’s F2. We’ll be back here at 8PM ET so get ready!

 One season's ending tonight, but another starts soon 

February 25, 2018

 One season's ending tonight, but another starts soon 
Big THANK YOU to everyone who followed us during Big Brother CBBUS 2018. Hope you enjoyed our updates <3
10 days to go until BigBrotherCAN another epic season and Houseguests will be moving into the house😍👏🏻🇨🇦 
🍁 Big Brother Canada 6 premieres March 7 🍁

Big Brother CBBUS Live Feed Updates! Saturday, February 24th (6)

February 24, 2018

Big Brother CBBUS Live Feed Updates! Saturday, February 24th (6)

8:00 PM BBT Feeds cut Ross is talking to Marissa about Omarosa and what she told Ross about Ari that’s she’s not gonna take Ross to final 2 if she stays over Omarosa.

8:15 PM BBT -8:30 PM BBT Feeds down we have rabbits Marissa tells Ari Omarosa is trying to mess up her game so Omarosa would stay.All Hgs are packing their bags for tomorrow before BBAD comes on.Ross tells Omarosa she makes the best speeches.Ari tells Marissa,and Mark she won the Miss universe in her mind.Ross tells Omarosa the finale starts at 5pm BB Time.

8:45 PM BBT Feeds cut we have fish Ross tells Ari don’t listen to what Omarosa is saying.Ross gives Ari something sticky and she says that’s glue.Marissa tells Ari in her speech she needs to say quack quack or she will go home and Ross,Marissa and Ari all laugh.Ari asks Ross and Marissa if they all finished packing and they say no.Marissa thought she was gonna leave on Friday and Ari says no cause Omarosa told her she was putting up James.Ross tells Ari Omarosa is ruthless in the game that’s why she is trying to get Ari to go home instead.Ross says he doesn’t take anything personally in the game.Mark comes in the room and Omarosa follows in.Ross tells Omarosa tonight’s their last night and they get to sleep in their own beds but some have to stay in hotels overnight. Ross tells Ari she can stay at his house tomorrow night instead of a hotel.

9:00 PM BBT Marissa is saying that when people come to her house she brings the dog outside to meet them as the dog gets excited. Omarosa says there is no love like a dogs love. They are figuring out how and where to start the tour of the Big Brother House. Marissa says she is tired to day even tho she slept most of the day. Marissa is saying the music in the morning is now annoying. Mark and Ross are playing pool. Marissa says she can’t believe she did the whole wall today. Omarosa says she broke her nails today. Ari says she is going to see everybody’s families. Ari says she doesn’t think that her family will come because it is so far and her father is sick. She feels they need to stay with her father. The girls are saying they made the right decision voting James out was the right move. He would have won last night and today. Marissa says everything you didn’t know was day 13. Up with the boys their are playing pool and decided on what pool moves to make. All cameras are now on Ross and Mark and the pool game.Back in the bedroom the girls are talking about some of the comps. Big Brother is telling them to stop talking about production. Omarosa says it must be time for their show. Marissa says they are putting on a show for POP. Marissa says it feels like she hasn’t seen her son for a year but it has only been a month. Ross comes into the room and says it is POP Time. Omarosa gets called to the DR. They are now doing the tour for POP TV. Ari gets called to the DR.

9:15 PM BBT Mark says he wants to rebel but he doesn’t know what to do. Ross asks What comp was the best? Omarosa says Dining in the dark. Ross agrees. Mark says the statue one sucked. Ross thinks the Red Carpet one was the worse. They all think today’s comp was the best as it was similar to BB Comics. Omarosa is packing up her stuff. Mark is cleaning , Ross and Marissa are looking for something to do. Big Brother tells them to stop that. Omarosa and Mark say it was meant for Ross. He says no. Big Brother says You Are Not Allowed to Talk about Your DR Sessions. Marissa says Omarosa is packing and putting stuff in every room. Ross says she played a good game. Ross says we are in the final 4 no matter what. They hug and tell each other they loved each other. They both agree that Omarosa is good. Ross says he would watch anything she was on. Mark is in the kitchen cleaning. Ari is in DR. Omarosa is packing. Back in the HOH Ross says he enjoyed going toe to toe with her. He states that Omarosa has made a career out of being what she is on these types of shows. They agree that Mark will come in second no matter who he goes up with. Ross says he has to win this one. Big Brother tells them They are not allowed to talk about production. Ross says we are not talking about production. We are talking about what the comp will be tomorrow. Marissa has a bottle of water. They decide that they are going to quiz each other. Marissa says you need to tell me what question you want me to ask you. Ross says if I am asked Why did you make deals with everyone in the house? Marissa says you need to say the only time you went against your alliance was when you were one the block. Marissa says I played your game, the only thing I have going for me is I picked the right person to trust.

9:30 PM BBT Ross says if he is next to Mark he can say None of you are there because of him because he didn’t play the game. He coasted to the end. Marissa said you can say The boys didn’t want you and the women told me that I was the first to go. Marissa says it is perfect. Mark comes to the door and Marissa scares him. Mark says I don’t like that type of thing. Mark is going to feed the fish. They leave the HOH Room to go watch Mark feed the fish. Everyone but Ari comes out to feed the fish. Ari is still in DR. They are yelling out to their families. Marissa puts her finger in the fish tank then asks Mark to smell it. The disagreement between Mark and Marissa is whether or not the tank is freshwater or saltwater tank.

9:45 PM BBT The conversation continues between Mark and Marissa over the fish tank. Ari finally comes out of DR. Omarosa asks if they are going to do their tour but it seems that they are tired and want to go to bed. Marissa is called to the DR. Ross and Ari are talking in the kitchen Ari tells him she believes him because of how she has been in the house, but she has been so nice to her. Mark is heading upstairs to lie down. Ross is allowing him to sleep in the HOH. Ross runs upstairs to get his wine and show Ross something. Omarosa says she has stomach cramps and is going to lie down. Ross gives Ari a bag of treats Ari gives Omarosa some pills to take for her stomach cramps. Ari and Ross are sitting by the pool table. Ross says he misses Brandi. Ari says she took care of her like a mama bear. They start to play pool. Ari sinks a ball and yells I got one.

10:00 PM BBT Ari says that it’s going to go by so quickly. Ross agrees. Ross talks about talking to his younger self. Ross tells Ari that he’s proud of her. Ross says goodnight to Omarosa downstairs, and asks if she’s done her DR yet. She says no, and says that they’ll probably get her tomorrow. Marissa yells “free at last!” BB calls Omarosa to DR. Ross says that they’ll never call him down. Marissa jokingly says that if they quack in their final speech, they’ll vote for them. Marissa says that she’ll quack during her final speech. Marissa says she feels like they should receive an award for living with her for 30 days. All 3 joke around. Ross says that he’d go straight for Ariadna. Ross jokingly says that he’s Mr. Columbia.

10:15 PM BBT They joke around some more. Ross says that he pauses the TV to make impressions of the people on TV. Marissa makes plans to take Ari to Palm Springs. Ross starts a game called “If I Were A Gay Man…” Marissa says that she’d totally be into him. Ariadna says that she’d be into a guy like Captain Pervy (someone they made up on the feeds). They talk about someone who got a divorce. Marissa says that it’s better to start a new chapter at 34 rather than 50. Marissa says that she’d have a destination wedding. Ari asks Marissa if she’s coming to her wedding. Marissa says that she’ll try to not embarrass her. Marissa wants to talk about their favorite moments in the house. Marissa says that hers is when she thought that Metta was America’s Player. Ross says his is when he said that in order to be a champion, you had to beat a champion. Marissa brings up a time when Brandi kissed her. Ariadna says that it feels weird without Brandi.

10:30 PM BBT Mark brings up some chips, then is called to the DR. They talk about who’d they marry. Ross says Mark, because of the blonde hair and that he cleans. Ariadna gives qualities of what she’d look for, including not having to look good. Ross jokingly says that qualifies him. Ross asks what their favorite meal in the house was. They discuss their favorite meals. Omarosa is in the Tiffany Room getting ready for bed. After a while, Marissa Ariadna and Ross gather in the dining room. Ari says that she has a pool at her house, but doesn’t go in it. She says that she prefers the ocean. Ross says that in the outside world, to call him if she’s unsure about someone. Marissa jokingly says that she wants to go home right now.

10:45 PM BBT Ross talks about past deals and decisions that he made in the house, that involved Shannon. Ariadna says that Shannon needs to realize that it’s just a game. Mark gets out of the DR. Ross says to Mark that he’s making him nachos. They talk about weight. Marissa says that he she lost 10 pounds in the house. They talk about weight-loss. Marissa suggests a YouTube channel called “Marissa Loses It.” They talk about the finale.

11:00 PM BBT Ross suggests getting nachos at a Mexican restaurant in North Hollywood. Mark says that he can’t stop eating the nachos. Marissa says that he feels like she’s going to vomit. Mark says nice things about James. Marissa spills something on her jacket. Marissa asks BB for her medicine. Marissa says that she needs to get on a diet. She says that she’s an emotional eater. Mark says that getting on a plan is a great way to help. Marissa and Mark talk about Omarosa. Mark says that he’s going to bed. They all go to bed. Marissa asks for her medicine. BB calls Marissa to the storage room. Marissa starts to sing.

11:15 PM BBT Ariadna and Marissa get dressed for bed. They talk about working out, then Ariadna continues getting ready for bed. Ariadna and Marissa take off their makeup. They then dance, and Marissa drops something. They talk about Brandi, and Ariadna says that Brandi made a lot of mistakes. Marissa says that she thought that they could’ve saved her. Ariadna says that she took things personal. Ariadna comes into the Hollywood Room, saying that they need to blow kisses to the camera. They head to bed. Marissa wonders if her husband’s show got picked up.

11:30 PM BBT Ariadna asks “If Mark wins, he’s picking Ross?.” Marissa says yes, but he shouldn’t. She says that she’s not going to give reasons to not pick someone over her. Marissa says Ross is picking Mark, and no one’s picking Mark. Marissa says that watching the show, that’s a weak move. Marissa says that she doesn’t deserve to win, and deserves 2nd. Marissa says that whoever sends home James should win. Marissa says that Omarosa was a big player, saying she’d turn stories around. Marissa says that she has no hard feelings, and played the cleanest game. Marissa says that she’s said that the money isn’t worth ruining friendships. Marissa says that she’s known since November 1 that she’s doing the game and has been stressing about it. Omarosa asks Ari about something. Marissa reveals to Omarosa that Ari just got her period. Ari asks Omarosa if it’s a bruise, then the feeds cut. They come back, and Marissa says that she’s had a rash before, and recommends Benadryl. There’s a rash on Omarosa’s chin & neck area.

11:45 PM BBT Ariadna gets Omarosa her mic from the bathroom. Marissa says that she feels so sick from the nachos. Omarosa says that she doesn’t want to meltdown on the last day. Marissa claps, and asks BB to turn off the lights. Ari asks BB through her mic to “turn the lights off, please.” Omarosa coughs, and Ari asks BB again to turn off the lights. Omarosa asks BB to “please shut off the light, I’m lying down.” Marissa asks BB to turn off the lights. Ari and Marissa go back to the Hollywood Room. Marissa asks BB to turn off the lights in the Tiffany Room. BB accidentally turn off the lights in the Hollywood Room, then turns them back on. Marissa thanks BB. Ari says that Omarosa has realized the stuff that she’s done that hurts people. Marissa says that Omarosa is smart.

 Ari and Omarosa. 

February 24, 2018

 Ari and Omarosa. 
Ari – you made us the biggest favor ever. You have the biggest competitor after Shannon out of the house. Yesterday, he (James) would have won 100%! Omarosa – oh he would have won easy. I can’t believe he was throwing HOH’s like that .. arrogance. That’s what you call arrogance. Ari – why he was throwing them? Omarosa – because he didn’t want to be a target. But once you become a target you can’t un-become a target.
Ari – Ross asked me yesterday. Omarosa – don’t take Ross .. I’m sorry. Ari – but I didn’t ask him back. Omarosa – take Mark because now its about jury. But if Ross asks you.. Ari – I said yes. Omarosa – if you take him .. you lose. I’m sorry. If you take him .. he’s won 2 HOH’s and a Veto. Ari – 2 Vetos. If it goes just by the record, he wins. Mark has won HOH but someone gave it to him. No veto and he doesn’t have the jury. Omarosa – you promised him or you just said you’d think about it? Ari – I promised him. Omarosa – I am telling you, you’ve got to take Mark. Ari – he said if you take me and beat me .. I am so happy with second place. Omarosa – that’s not true. He knows he can beat you with the jury. Ari – I told him I think he can win. Omarosa – you have to win, this is you. Ross … his word doesn’t mean anything. He gave his word to Brandi and he broke it. Best payback for Brandi .. oh well I guess that’s part of the game. You know what he said .. he said its part of the game. Take Mark. You can’t take Ross, he’ll win. Ari – I didn’t ask him but I know he’s going to take Marissa. And you know what if he wins, I’m okay with that too. I didn’t like what he did to Brandi but.. Big Brother blocks the feeds..

 HOH room. Ross and Marissa

February 24, 2018

 HOH room. Ross and Marissa. Ross – he (Mark) confirmed that he would take me still (to the final 2). Marissa – why wouldn’t he? Ross – but he must know that he’s coming in second no matter who he goes up to and second is good for him. Marissa – yeah. I feel the same. Ross – you know what I’m saying. Marissa – he comes in second. Ross – to anybody I think. You have the women, you would beat him. Marissa – I would maybe beat Mark. I mean, I don’t know. Ross – you need 5 votes and none of the women would vote for Mark. Marissa – no, that’s true because they weren’t here long enough for him. Ross – to really appreciate him. To really know him. Marissa – yeah. Ross – I have to win this one tomorrow. Marissa – you have to. Its going to be on the scale of justice. Ross – but what are the questions going to be like? Marissa – its going to be how well you know people. Ross – I think its going to be Before or After. Did it happen before or after… Marissa – I’ll know that. Ross – we’ll nail before and after. Omarosa would nail before and after. Ari will not. Marissa – who the f**k knows at this point. At this point everyone is taking you sweetie. Ross – I don’t know. I hope so. Marissa – Ari told me she is. Ross starts practicing how he will answer jury questions.

 Ross decided not to use the Power of Veto. Ari and Omarosa remain nominated 

February 24, 2018

 Ross decided not to use the Power of Veto. Ari and Omarosa remain nominated 
Ari- I've been hanging around with her (Omarosa) cause I feel bad for her cause nobody will talk to her, and she saved me. Ross- When did she save you? Ari- She backdoored James. They were pushing for me 
Ari- How can she (Omarosa) do this to me when I have always been so nice to her? Ross- She is ruthless at this game. Marissa- Every game 
Ari- Sorry, but I think he (Ross) is going to win. Marissa- I think he is going to win too. I didnt win one thing. I played his game. You dont have to say sorry to me 
Ross to Marissa- She (Omarosa) played a great game. She really did. She came in with the most baggage of anybody, and she made it to Final 5. She won competitions and she earned it
Ross- It was fun going toe to toe with her (Omarosa). Marissa- I feel like we did. Ross- Constantly. I do respect her game. She has made a career out of doing this. You and I are so out of our element. She knows how to do it 
Ross- He (Mark) confirmed to me that he would take me still. He must feel that he is coming in second no matter who he is next to. Marissa- He comes in second. Ross- To anybody. You have the women. You would beat him 
Marissa- At this point, it seems like everyone you are going with is taking you. Ross- I hope so. Marissa- Ari told me she was
Marissa- Whoever doesnt go with you, you should know what you want us to ask you. Ross- I cant plant questions for them. Marissa- You can for me 
Ross to Marissa- The big challenges people are going to have is "you had alliances with everybody". My answer to that is this game is about winning competitions, having relationships with people, and being able to pivot when one door closes
Ross- I had to play a different kind of game, a relationship game. For the most part, I kept my word. I only didnt keep my word with Brandi. Marissa- Everyone else you did. The only reason why we switched alliances was cause you were on the block 
Marissa- I'm not fighting to win this. I played your game. There was no pivoting. I literally followed you. Ross- We did it together. Marissa- No. In theory, yeah. I literally just blindly picked the right person to trust 
Marissa to Ross- Any blood you have on your hands from this game, I also have that blood. Mark doesnt. Anyone that is taking this game personally will vote for him. In a Celebrity Big Brother game, people are taking feelings
Ross to Marissa- If Mark takes me, and I go first, I'm going to say that, I'm going to throw him off. I go "none of you are there because he sent you there. None of you are there because he sent you there, because he didnt play the game. He coasted"
Marissa- If Ari takes you, there is no fighting her. Ross- I just have to hit home. "Look at the numbers. Who played this game harder? Who came through in the end?"
Ross said he is going to say that he played the game with compassion by letting Keshia and Metta go when he could have got Shannon out, and could have used the VIP Veto a second time

Veto Ceremony Results!

February 24, 2018

Veto Ceremony Results!
This week’s Veto Ceremony is over and we have our final Celebrity Big Brother noms for the final regular round of the season. Read on for the latest Big Brother spoilers for the Power of Veto events.

We just got the Veto competition spoilers a bit ago so this meeting came up quickly as the Houseguests had to rush into the meeting and get ready for Sunday’s season finale show.

Power of Veto Ceremony Spoilers – Round 6
Ross did not use the Veto
Omarosa & Ari are this week’s final noms
Before the meeting, Ross had already promised Ari that she’d be safe this round even if she stayed up on the Block. Now with Ross holding the power, he could make sure Omarosa stayed right where they needed her for the next vote.

There will be two votes cast and those belong to Mark and Marissa. They’ll both vote against Omarosa and she’ll be out the door first in the season finale. She won’t be the only one to go though as we’ll need three HGs out the door for our F2 and the Jury’s decision. Get ready, Celebrity Big Brother is almost all over!

Round 6 Veto Competition Results!

February 24, 2018

Round 6 Veto Competition Results!
here are the latest results. The Veto competition is over and now we’ve got a look at who could be the final noms for this round of CBB.

Everyone was playing today since we’re down to just five Houseguests. They each faced an individual timed performance challenge, so of course, it was going to take a long, long time. Luckily though it did finally finish and we have the results!

Celebrity Big Brother Spoilers: Round 6 Veto Competition Results:
Ross won the Power of Veto!
It took us a long while to figure this one out, but Ross told Mark the nominations were staying the same, our first clue. Then Ari mentioned Ross won 3 Vetos and before tonight he had 2. So there we go. Ross won the Veto this round.

So now Ross can decide what to do since he holds all the power. He’s going to keep Ari and Omarosa on the Block with Omarosa going out the door first on Sunday night. Ross has already promised Ari she’ll be safe and I believe him. Ross isn’t voting, but Marissa and Mark will keep Ari over Omarosa and even if it split Ross would keep Ari. So there we go for the next eviction.

 Big Brother CBBUS Live Feed Updates! Saturday, February 24th (5)

February 24, 2018

 Big Brother CBBUS Live Feed Updates! Saturday, February 24th (5)
2:15 PM BBT Mark says that is a testament to her fortitude. Ross hollers that it is time for Veto competition that they will be going one at a time. Production tells them to draw numbers for order they are going in. Marissa is 4, Omarosa is 3, Ari is 2, Mark is 5, And Ross is 1. Feeds cut out at 2:17pm.
2:17 PM – 6:45 PM BBT Feeds down for the Veto competition.
6:57 PM BBT Feeds come back on. All HGs are in the kitchen area eating and chatting about the competition. Marissa won POV. Marissa said she had ice on her arms. Ross said he is so excited to see his family tomorrow. Marissa also said she is so excited and by this time tomorrow the confetti will have fallen and we will be with our families. Feeds went to fish at 7:02 PM BBT. Feeds come back on at 7:04 PM BBT. Marissa said her arms are so sore again. Mark said he was going to go and finish packing. Omarosa said, “Me too.” Mark went to the bedroom by the car and started gathering his belongings. Ari, Omarosa, Ross and Marissa all went upstairs to the HOH bedroom. Omarosa was looking at all the snacks Ross got in his HOH. She asked if she could have something. Ross said, “Take anything you want.” Marissa was talking about how good she did in the competition and getting her answers correct. Omarosa said, “These are some of our last moments in the house.” She said, “We should go around and have a tour of every room and share our favorite moments in that room.” Ross said, “Yes but let’s wait for Mark so he can do it with us.” Marissa said she could start with this HOH room and asked, “Should we wait for Mark?” They are all sitting on the bed reminiscing about the different competitions. Then Mark comes upstairs and into the HOH bedroom. They say come on in. Then they tell Mark about their idea to go to each room and say their favorite moments in each room. Marks agrees with them to do it. Ross said that they should do it for BBAD tonight though. They all agree to do that. Production comes on and starts to speak to them and feeds go back to fish.
7:15 PM BBT Feeds come back on and they are still discussing how they want to do the reminiscing tonight. Omarosa said, “Maybe we should tidy up some?” Then they all leave the HOH bedroom and go downstairs. Omarosa and Ari stay in the kitchen because the pizza they were cooking was done. Ross goes into the bedroom with the car and talks with Mark. He said, “Everything stays the same. Omarosa is trying to convince us that the next comp is all physical. I think that there is an A and B comp and if it is mental Omarosa can win it.” Mark says, “If you take Ari she wins. America is not going to let her take second place again.” Mark asked, “If you take me then you will win.” Ross said, “I am still taking you Mark. Are you still taking me?” Ross asked, “Did Omarosa tried to convince you to take her?” Mar said, “Yes. She has. But I don’t listen to her.” “She’s good.” Ross said, “We can still beat her.” Mar said, “I am locked in with you. I’m with you bro.” Ross said, “Ok.” And he left the bedroom. He came back. Ross asked Mar, “What are you most excited about tomorrow?” Mark said, “To see my wife!” Ross said, “I got an update about mom.” Ari and Omarosa are in the kitchen. Omarosa is making some food. She asked Ari, “What are you thinking about?” Ari said, “Everything. That tomorrow the show is over. Then I have to go home and pack for Miami. Is your husband here?” Omarosa said, “He should be by now.”
7:30 PM BBT Ari said, “It’s almost over.” Mark comes in the kitchen. He asked Omarosa what all she is making besides the pie. She said she didn’t get any of the other pie. Ari asked Mark if he makes macaroni and cheese for his kids. He said his wife does. He said, “When we go out to a restaurant they do.” Ari said, “The kids menu is the best.” Mark said, “The kids menu is my favorite.” She said, “The kids have the best food.” Mark said, “Yeah we snack on their food and there are no leftovers.” Ari said, “Yeah because they never finish their food.” Mark asked Omarosa if he could get a piece of the pizza. She said, “Of course. There is more than enough there.” Ari starts making herself something to eat. Ross goes up to the HOH bedroom. Omarosa said, “I can feel my husband’s presence in the city.” Ari starts singing. Production said, “I said to knock it off.” They said that one more day and then they can sing. Mark said, “There’s just enough coffee left for the morning,” Ross is upstairs playing pool. Ari and Mark start joking around and saying, “It’s Captain Pervy.”
7:45 PM BBT Ari goes upstairs and says, “Pool tournament! Oh my God Marissa is taking forever.” Omarosa left the kitchen and said she is going to pack up some and be up there in a few. Ross and her went into the HOH bedroom. Ross asked her, “Did you tell Omarosa that you were not taking Ross to the final two?” Ari said, “I did not say that. Oh my God I cannot believe she was nice to me and then said that behind my back.” Ross told Ari, “It’s ok. I believe you. Don’t worry. I didn’t believe her. After tomorrow she will be out of here.” She asked Ross, “How am I going to handle this now?” He said, “Just smile. That’s what I do.” Then they went out to the pool table. They yelled down to Mark to come up and play pool. He did. Ross asked Ari if it was ok that he and Mark play while she eats. Ari said that was ok. Marissa came out of the DR. She came upstairs with them. Marissa and Ari go into the HOH bedroom. Then Ari starts telling Marissa what Ross and her talked about. Ari asked Marissa the same question, “Why is she playing to be all nice now and then this?” Marissa said, “Because she wants him to keep her for final four. She said the same thing to Mark.” Ari said, “I told her that I have not lied in this game. And I told her I am going to take Ross because I made a promise to him.” Ari keeps saying, “Oh my gosh. Why? She has been so nice to me. Why me? She saved me and has been so nice to me.”

Skriv en fengende tittel...

February 24, 2018

Big Brother CBBUS Live Feed Updates! Saturday, February 24th (5)
2:15 PM BBT Mark says that is a testament to her fortitude. Ross hollers that it is time for Veto competition that they will be going one at a time. Production tells them to draw numbers for order they are going in. Marissa is 4, Omarosa is 3, Ari is 2, Mark is 5, And Ross is 1. Feeds cut out at 2:17pm.
2:17 PM – 6:45 PM BBT Feeds down for the Veto competition.
6:57 PM BBT Feeds come back on. All HGs are in the kitchen area eating and chatting about the competition. Marissa won POV. Marissa said she had ice on her arms. Ross said he is so excited to see his family tomorrow. Marissa also said she is so excited and by this time tomorrow the confetti will have fallen and we will be with our families. Feeds went to fish at 7:02 PM BBT. Feeds come back on at 7:04 PM BBT. Marissa said her arms are so sore again. Mark said he was going to go and finish packing. Omarosa said, “Me too.” Mark went to the bedroom by the car and started gathering his belongings. Ari, Omarosa, Ross and Marissa all went upstairs to the HOH bedroom. Omarosa was looking at all the snacks Ross got in his HOH. She asked if she could have something. Ross said, “Take anything you want.” Marissa was talking about how good she did in the competition and getting her answers correct. Omarosa said, “These are some of our last moments in the house.” She said, “We should go around and have a tour of every room and share our favorite moments in that room.” Ross said, “Yes but let’s wait for Mark so he can do it with us.” Marissa said she could start with this HOH room and asked, “Should we wait for Mark?” They are all sitting on the bed reminiscing about the different competitions. Then Mark comes upstairs and into the HOH bedroom. They say come on in. Then they tell Mark about their idea to go to each room and say their favorite moments in each room. Marks agrees with them to do it. Ross said that they should do it for BBAD tonight though. They all agree to do that. Production comes on and starts to speak to them and feeds go back to fish.
7:15 PM BBT Feeds come back on and they are still discussing how they want to do the reminiscing tonight. Omarosa said, “Maybe we should tidy up some?” Then they all leave the HOH bedroom and go downstairs. Omarosa and Ari stay in the kitchen because the pizza they were cooking was done. Ross goes into the bedroom with the car and talks with Mark. He said, “Everything stays the same. Omarosa is trying to convince us that the next comp is all physical. I think that there is an A and B comp and if it is mental Omarosa can win it.” Mark says, “If you take Ari she wins. America is not going to let her take second place again.” Mark asked, “If you take me then you will win.” Ross said, “I am still taking you Mark. Are you still taking me?” Ross asked, “Did Omarosa tried to convince you to take her?” Mar said, “Yes. She has. But I don’t listen to her.” “She’s good.” Ross said, “We can still beat her.” Mar said, “I am locked in with you. I’m with you bro.” Ross said, “Ok.” And he left the bedroom. He came back. Ross asked Mar, “What are you most excited about tomorrow?” Mark said, “To see my wife!” Ross said, “I got an update about mom.” Ari and Omarosa are in the kitchen. Omarosa is making some food. She asked Ari, “What are you thinking about?” Ari said, “Everything. That tomorrow the show is over. Then I have to go home and pack for Miami. Is your husband here?” Omarosa said, “He should be by now.”
7:30 PM BBT Ari said, “It’s almost over.” Mark comes in the kitchen. He asked Omarosa what all she is making besides the pie. She said she didn’t get any of the other pie. Ari asked Mark if he makes macaroni and cheese for his kids. He said his wife does. He said, “When we go out to a restaurant they do.” Ari said, “The kids menu is the best.” Mark said, “The kids menu is my favorite.” She said, “The kids have the best food.” Mark said, “Yeah we snack on their food and there are no leftovers.” Ari said, “Yeah because they never finish their food.” Mark asked Omarosa if he could get a piece of the pizza. She said, “Of course. There is more than enough there.” Ari starts making herself something to eat. Ross goes up to the HOH bedroom. Omarosa said, “I can feel my husband’s presence in the city.” Ari starts singing. Production said, “I said to knock it off.” They said that one more day and then they can sing. Mark said, “There’s just enough coffee left for the morning,” Ross is upstairs playing pool. Ari and Mark start joking around and saying, “It’s Captain Pervy.”
7:45 PM BBT Ari goes upstairs and says, “Pool tournament! Oh my God Marissa is taking forever.” Omarosa left the kitchen and said she is going to pack up some and be up there in a few. Ross and her went into the HOH bedroom. Ross asked her, “Did you tell Omarosa that you were not taking Ross to the final two?” Ari said, “I did not say that. Oh my God I cannot believe she was nice to me and then said that behind my back.” Ross told Ari, “It’s ok. I believe you. Don’t worry. I didn’t believe her. After tomorrow she will be out of here.” She asked Ross, “How am I going to handle this now?” He said, “Just smile. That’s what I do.” Then they went out to the pool table. They yelled down to Mark to come up and play pool. He did. Ross asked Ari if it was ok that he and Mark play while she eats. Ari said that was ok. Marissa came out of the DR. She came upstairs with them. Marissa and Ari go into the HOH bedroom. Then Ari starts telling Marissa what Ross and her talked about. Ari asked Marissa the same question, “Why is she playing to be all nice now and then this?” Marissa said, “Because she wants him to keep her for final four. She said the same thing to Mark.” Ari said, “I told her that I have not lied in this game. And I told her I am going to take Ross because I made a promise to him.” Ari keeps saying, “Oh my gosh. Why? She has been so nice to me. Why me? She saved me and has been so nice to me.”

Ross- They will stay the same. Omarosa is trying to get us to believe it's a physical competition.

February 24, 2018

Ross- They will stay the same. Omarosa is trying to get us to believe it's a physical competition. Mark- The problem is none of us can win against Ari 
Ross- In that final, if it's a question/answer like that, she (Omarosa) will win. Mark- By taking Ari, you are taking two people that you cannot beat 
Ross- Mark, I am taking you. You still going to take me? Mark- Of course. There is no doubt about it. I have made that promise Day 1, bro 
Ross to Mark- I know this game well and I know what that final HoH is. Omarosa will kill it 
Ross- The truth is we have to win anyway cause neither one of us can sit next to a girl. Whether it's Ari or whether it's Omarosa, we have to win. Mark- That's correct. Ross- If that's the case, I'd rather get out Omarosa
Ross- Did she (Omarosa) lobby to keep her? Mark- She said "if I'm in the jury, you are going to get my vote". I dont listen to her. Ross- She told me the same thing 
Ross- You have my word. Mark- Mine too. I pretty much locked my opinions of everyone on the first day
Ross to Mark- I know Omarosa got one right, but she did that on purpose to look weak
Mark- I think you are right (that Omarosa needs to go). Ross- My first thought was get Ari out, you cant beat her...but I have this vision of sitting in a room again, hearing "congratulations Omarosa! You are the final Head of Household" 
Ross- She (Omarosa) goes "I just want to let you know Ari is really torn cause Brandi made her promise that she would never take you to Final 2". Ari- She said that? We can confront her right now. Ross- We dont need to. I believe you 
Ross to Ari- I believe you. Dont worry. The plan is going forward. She (Omarosa) will leave the house tomorrow
Ari to Ross- She (Omarosa) asked me "who are you taking if you win?". I said I promised Ross. She said "if you take Ross, you will lose" 
Ari- You thought that I would say something like that? Ross- No, which is why I am telling you. Ari- We should confront her (Omarosa). Ross- No
Ross won the Power of Veto! 
Ari to Ross- She (Omarosa) told me "If you want to win, you have to take Mark with you". If I'm next to you, I'm going to say to the jury "he has two HoH, three vetoes". Nobody is going to win next to you 
Ari- They asked me in the DR, and I said I'm taking Ross. I want to confront her (Omarosa). Why is she being so nice and now she is saying all these lies? Marissa- She is trying to get him (Ross) to keep her
Marissa to Ari- She (Omarosa) was basically telling Mark he cant beat any of us, and the only one he can beat is Omarosa 
Marissa to Ari- If I lose to you, if I lose to Ross, even if I lose to Mark, I dont give a fuck
Ari to Marissa- It's fair for him (Ross) to win. He has won two HoH, three vetoes
Marissa to Ari- This is all we needed is for one of us four to win the veto, then all is right in the world

Big Brother CBBUS Live Feed Updates! Saturday, February 24th (4)

February 24, 2018

Big Brother CBBUS Live Feed Updates! Saturday, February 24th (4)
9:44 AM BBT-.Feeds down
10:30 AM BBT Feeds down due to Nominations ceremony. Feeds back up at 10:38. Marissa asks how long until we are sequestered upstairs. Ross says to get your napping clothes on and Marissa says that there is a veto that they all need to rest for. Marissa asks again how long they have til they are sequestered. Back to puppies….or actually, kittens.
11:45 AM BBT Feeds down. 11:47 feeds back up, camera on HOH bathroom.
Feeds back down to bunnies. 11:51 Feeds back up. Omarosa is sleeping in the HOH room. Marissa is in the BY by the laundry area. Mark lies down in bed in the Hollywood room. Marissa comes in the room and crawls in the bed.
12:00 PM BBT Ross and Marissa up and go upstairs. Ross, Marissa and Omarosa are in the HOH. Before going into HOH Ross tells Marissa they need to win POV. Ari is in Dr. Ross is going to read his letter again. Tells Marissa his friend is his ride or die. Ross reads his HOH letter to Marissa. Marissa calls Johnny Weir, Johnny Queer. She honestly believed that was his true last name. Marissa admits to trying to get her family to put code phrases in her letter if she ever got HOH. Like, “baseball is going great” if she was doing good. Ross stresses again they have to win the POV. Marissa says Omarosa and Ari will take Mark to final two. Ross says he doesn’t want to send Ari home unless it’s crunch time.
12:15 PM BBT Ross still feeling bad about voting out Brandi. Marissa gives him a list of reasons why he shouldn’t feel bad. Omarosa packing. Marissa goes to lay down. Mark wakes up and asks Marissa what is going on. She tells him that nothing right now. She tells him that he will be sleeping in his bed tonight. He says he’s so happy. Mark called to DR.
12:30 PM BBT Ari and Omarosa packing in the Tiffany rm. Ross in the kitchen. Omarosa shows Ari how to use a plastic bag to shrink items, like sweaters, to make more room in her suitcase. Omarosa asks Ross if he is ok. He says he is that he is making a tuna wrap. He thanks her for asking. Omarosa goes back to packing. Ross takes his wrap to his old bed in the Hollywood rm to eat it. Ari and Omarosa go over the antics of Brandi and how they wanted to save her but she blew up her own game and she didn’t care.
12:45 PM BBT Ross goes and checks on Ari and Omarosa in the Tiffany rm packing. He tells them it looks like a hurricane his. Omarosa starts to sing, we get fish for a sec. Ross wandering around the house then goes into the Hollywood rm and lays down in his old bed.
1:00 PM BBT Marissa and Ross in bed. Ar and Omarosa packing. Mark in DR. No talking going on.
1:15 PM BBT Ari packing. Omarosa sweeping the Tiffany room. Ross, Marissa and Mark sleeping. Omarosa sweeps the dirt under one of the dressers and says if she had a vacuum she would pick it up. Ari asks Omarosa if she thinks the show did well. Omarosa tells her yes, she thinks it did very well and that she doesn’t go on a show unless it does well and then laughs. She tells Ari that she would watch the feeds before she would watch the show because you get more info on the feeds. Omarosa called to DR. Mark called to storage room to get some clothes. Ross awake and to the restroom. Ross joins Ari and Omarosa in the Tiffany rm. Ari tells him she found three new outfits she never got to wear. Mark comes in looking for the lint roller. They start talking about what they should wear for the finale. Mark starts to pack.
1:30 PM BBT Mark changing clothes and packing. Ari and Omarosa still packing. Ross laying in bed. Marissa sleeping. Ross and Mark going over the schedule of the last comps.
1:45 PM BBT Ari packing and cleaning the Tiffany rm. Ross laying in bed awake. Marissa sleeping. Mark and Omarosa aren’t on the feeds. Mark is working out in the workout room. Omarosa still packing. Ari laying down reading the Bible. Ross told to get his HOH key and go to DR. Mark goes downstairs. He gets some water and goes to storage rm to eat a snack.
2:00 PM BBT Ross in DR, Ari and Marissa sleeping. Omarosa still packing. Mark changing clothes again. Mark is packing as well. Ross comes in & whispers something about veto to Marissa & Mark but not to spread it. Feeds cut out. When feeds come back, Ross says to let them be surprised. Ross says that he feels ok. Ross & Marissa exit the room. Omarosa still packing & then heads towards the kitchen where Ross is at. They are at the memory wall commenting on the pictures. Marissa comes out of WR saying that she forgot to take her allergy medicine. He says we will & tells Marissa to picture that space in her head & they will get there. Mark & Omarosa are in the SR & Omarosa is asking about something she heard. ROSS PLEASE GO TO THE DIARY ROOM. She tells Mark that she heard that he was playing for 2. He says he is playing to win. Would he be happy to come in second. He told her to consider her source. He also tells her that he never had a final two deal with James. He tells her that when she watches back he will see they did not verbalize a final deal. She tells him that she believes him. He reminds her that he gave her his word that he would not put her up or backdoor when they made the deal they made on her first HOH. She thanks him. Says that he is a man of his word. He tells her that she belongs there just as much as anyone else. She tells Mark that she came close to not being allowed to return to the game after the asthma attack. She tells him about the fact that the doctor was not going to sign off on her coming back. She said that she asked for 3 hours by herself & that she slept & when she awoke, that her oxygen was 94.6, but dr still hesitant. That she had to sign a waiver to be able to come back to the show.

Big Brother CBBUS Live Feed Updates! Saturday, February 24th (3)

February 24, 2018

Big Brother CBBUS Live Feed Updates! Saturday, February 24th (3)
8:45 AM BBT Ross asks Omarosa if she saw her basket. She tells him yes & that she thought that she would wait so that they can read letters out loud together. Ross says that he would love that. Omarosa gets up & heads to the bathroom saying that they can get in the bathroom now that the boys have left it. She complains that she cannot take a shower when the guys are there as it makes her uncomfortable. Ari agrees. Omarosa asks if they have a lockdown & Ari says not yet. Marissa & Mark in Hollywood RM. Mark heads to Kitchen where Ari tells him coffee is ready. Ari heads to WR. Feeds cut in & out several times. Mark says the BB house has taken his teeth, his chin, his dignity, & his voice. Omarosa admits it has been brutal. Mark fixes his coffee the way he wants & sits at the counter to drink it. Omarosa is taking a shower. Mark talks out loud. He asks if James is watching. He informs James that he is drinking Starbucks in his memory & that he misses him & will see him tomorrow night. Ari comes out & Mark tells her that the coffee is good. Ari tells of visiting her mother in Columbia & how her mom makes her take home lots of coffee from there. Marissa enters the kitchen. They remark that tomorrow they get to go home. Ari says that she is getting sentimental about being in the house. Ari says that she is proud of herself. Mark tells Ari that she should be proud. That she is the youngest in the house but has the most class of anyone. She thanks him. Mark says the old people need their meds. He chants “we need our meds” & says his back hurts.
9:00 AM BBT In the WR Marissa & Omarosa are getting ready. Omarosa tells Marissa that she appreciates Marissa being concerned for her about breathing in smoke. They chit chat about past events in the house. Marissa leaves. In the Tiffany RM Ari is putting makeup on Mark & then he heads to the kitchen. Omarosa is finishing up getting ready. Mark is talking about his past again. He says that 22 year old Mark McGrath was a grown man but did not act like it. Marissa says that before her husband, she only dated Irish Catholic men. She is taking of the differences between Irish & Jewish men & their mothers. She then talks about how she was when she was in her 20’s. Mark says that as older people they are set in their ways, but when younger it is telling the world to bring it on. She talks about when she found out that she had cancer while preparing for Hairspray. She says that she told no one from the show because in between prep sessions she was able to do her chemo. She says that she was not just fighting for her life but for her role in Hairspray either. She says that no one knew until after she won a Tony award & she left the show. She had an interview with the L.A. Times & that she came out with what she was going through while doing the show. She talks of the surgeries she had. In the Tiffany RM, Omarosa & Ari are putting on their makeup. Omarosa is talking about going on a boat. OMAROSA PLEASE PUT ON YOUR MICROPHONE They talk of all the restaurants in Miami & Ari says that she cannot wait for Omarosa to come. Marissa talks about giving speeches about surviving cancer.
9:15 AM BBT In the Tiffany RM, Omarosa & Ari are talking about the show tomorrow night. Ari says that her family won’t be there because of her father & to be truthful she does not want them there because of her father. Ari says that she cannot wait to meet Keshia’s baby. Back in the Kitchen, Marissa is telling Mark about traveling with her son. She cannot wait until tomorrow to see her son. Mark says that their families will be proud of them. Marissa says that Shannon will vote for who played the best game. Mark says that Paul did not win last year & he played the best game. Marissa says that if they were in a jury house Brandi would try to change votes. They agree Brandi would be personal. They talk about who will vote game & personal. They do not know how Chuck will vote. Mark says not one person is in the jury because of him. They notice Omarosa’s basket on the table, Marissa says that she bets that Omarosa read her letter & will react to it as if the first time. Marissa says that she is going to look for cream cheese. Marissa can be heard saying thank you over & over again from the SR as she finds the cream cheese. Marissa says that they have to win the veto & that she is super excited to see her family tomorrow night. She says it is crazy. Mark says that if she wins the veto she is choosing who goes on. Marissa says that she should put on makeup but that she is kind of over it. She wonders where Ross’s basket is. She then says it will be up in HOH. Marissa says that she does not want Omarosa in the final 4. She wants it to be fun. Mark says Ari might take Omarosa to finals.
9:30 AM BBT Marissa admits that she played Ross’s game. Omarosa & Ari talk about possible types of questions that can be asked. Omarosa tells Ari that she thinks that they are not targeting Ari, but her. But only because Omarosa got James out. Omarosa says Ari needs to win. She tells Ari to be fast. Marissa tells Mark that nominations were supposed be at 9:30 & Ross comes out says that when it is time for nominations they will go for lockdown & Marissa tells him she was just saying that when feeds cut out. Omarosa is advising Ari not to take Ross but to take Mark. She advises Ari to lie to Ross if he asks her to take him. Omarosa apologizes for telling her that. She is pointing out that Ross won 2 HOH’s & 2 vetoes where as Mark won one HOH but that was handed to him. Omarosa tells Ari that Ross would take Ari, because she knows he can win against her. She tells Ari that Ross cannot keep his word. She tells her that she is not meant to be the runner up. Ari says that she thinks Ross would pick Marissa over her. Omarosa tells Ari that Ross is going to target her & that is good for Ari. She tells Ari that she needs to win HOH. Feeds cut out. One they come back Omarosa is talking about someone being the most sweetest most innocent. She tells Ari that she had a vision of him(?) being the biggest threat. Ari says he admitted what Omarosa said & Ari says that Omarosa is right. They go back to putting on their makeup. Ari says maybe Ross would take Mark if he won final HOH. Omarosa says everyone should take Mark. Omarosa says that they need to remember that the jury is at home watching & they see…

Big Brother CBBUS Live Feed Updates! Saturday, February 24th (2)

February 24, 2018

Big Brother CBBUS Live Feed Updates! Saturday, February 24th (2)
8:16 AM BBT Feeds come back & up Mark, Marissa, & Ross are awake & talking in the Hollywood RM while Omarosa & Ari are still asleep in the Tiffany RM. Mark is out of bed while Marissa & Ross are in the bed laughing at something Mark is saying. He is telling of in the ‘90’s where he was not aware enough of where he was & peed in what he thought was a bathroom & turned out to be a friend’s mom’s bed. Mark is complaining about the clogged drains in the shower. ROSS PLEASE GO TO THE DIARY ROOM Mark tells Marissa he can just imagine how bad it is with the the younger people that appear on BB regularly. As they are clean people as they are & the drains get clogged. Mark runs to SR to grab things for a shower & Marissa comes in. Marissa heads back to Hollywood RM where Ross is at. ROSS PLEASE GO TO THE DIARY ROOM Ross says he knows that he poked his head in & tells them something when feeds cut out again. Feeds come back up & Mark & Ross are in the WR & Omarosa is up in the Tiffany RM. Feeds go out again. When they come up again Mark & Ross talking in WR. Ross asks Mark if he has a preference on which side he wants. Mark says no. Ross says he is going to shower, have a cup of coffee & then head to DR. Mark is shaving & Omarosa is walking around. Ari is waking up in the Tiffany RM. Omarosa heads to the WR where Mark & Ross are. Omarosa asks if Ross got to go up to the HOH. He tells her that he did not get to do it. Mark remarks that Marissa was in the DR until 3:30 in the morning. Mark heads for the shower. Ari is walking around.She talks to Marissa & Marissa says that there is only one more night until she gets to see her baby. Ari heads to the SR.
8:30 AM BBT Omarosa comes in SR & tells Ari that the boys took over the bathroom. Omarosa is reading her letter. She mentions waiting for Ross to get his & they can read them together. Ari is preparing coffee in the kitchen. Feeds have gone down. They come back with Ross and Mark still in the washroom preparing for the day.. Ari and Omarosa are in the kitchen saying the boys woke up early. Omarosa says she got up early as well and really should have a shower but is cold. Ari says we did good and she is proud of us. Ari is looking at the food they have been given. She says look at these strawberries. She says they need to wake up. Omarosa asks the camera if her husband is up. She tells him that she would make his favorite breakfast. Mark comes out and says I need your help before they call me into the Dr. Apparently he has chipped his tooth. He says this house has kicked his ass. He states he may have lost a limb or two but he is still here. Ari gives Omarosa a strong black coffee. Ari asks Ross if he wants a coffee. He says yes he wants it strong and black.

 Big Brother CBBUS Live Feed Updates! Saturday, February 24th (1)

February 24, 2018

 Big Brother CBBUS Live Feed Updates! Saturday, February 24th (1)
12:28 AM BBT Feeds came back up. Ross came into the kitchen and said he was going to have a glass of Champagne. Mar was there and said, “Help yourself.” Mark wet into the Hollywood rm and Marissa came out of the Dr. She kept saying, “Holy shit.” Marissa said she couldn’t hold on very long. Then she said she couldn’t believe Omarosa fell so early. Then Marissa mentioned Ross’ mom having cancer. Mark was telling Ross that he has a friend that he can give Ross the contact info. Ross said, “Thank you.” Mark left the room.
12:30 AM BBT Ross said, “I meant what I said up there. I was going to stay on all night.” Marissa said, “I believe you would. You’re such a badass!” Ross told Marissa she has nothing to worry about. He said he will not put her up but that he has to win the Veto too. He said, “I have two HOHs and two VETOs now. He said they need to put up Omarosa and get her out. He said he will not vote Mark out because he made a deal playing in the HOH. Ari came into the room then. Ross said, “Come in. We were just talking about getting a letter from my mother or at least hearing about her.” Marissa also said the same thing as Ari walked into the room. Then Ross and Marissa said, “You have nothing to worry about. We are going to get Omarosa out. We are not going to vote you out.” “You’re good! We promise.” They both told her everyone is protecting her. Marissa asked, “They don’t have a deal with Omarosa?” (Meaning Mark and James) Ross said, “No.” Marissa said, “Mark said he does not have a deal with her and that they never did.” Marissa said, “That’s why she put up James and voted him out.” Marissa said she asked James this morning and he said he didn’t have a deal with Omarosa. Then they started speculating what kind of competition the next one will be.
12:45 AM BBT Ross said, “I love Brandi and will not talk badly about her at all. And when we had our heart to heart talk I told her I could not promise to vote for her to stay. But I will pay for all our happy hour for the rest of our lives.” He said she held out her hand to shake and said, “I’m expensive.” Marissa said, “And that’s why you love her.” Ross said, “Yes. I love her.” Ari said, “Yes, with alcohol, she is very expensive.” Then they started talking about the HOH comp again. Marissa said Mark is so nice. He said he let you have it because he felt bad. He wanted you to hear something about your mother. Ross agreed with her. Ari said, “No. He said that this is the comp that he could’ve hung on the longest.” They said, “he is such a good guy.” Then they start talking about how they sounded and what they said during the live show. Then they took turns reenacting what the people on the block each said and laughed. Ross said, “We now what we have to do from now on and we need to win that veto. Let’s not talk any more game because we really don’t have too.”
1:00 AM BBT Marissa and Ross start discussing why Omarosa put James on the block and we voted him off. They were saying that maybe it’s because she wants a girl to win. They said they don’t know but it was a weird curve. Ari said, “She told me that she wanted to back door James.” Marissa said, :And that’s what she did.” Ross said, “I have a new appreciation for Omarosa now.” Ross and Ari went to the SR to get some snacks. Ari said, “Can you believe it? We are at the end.” He said, “I know.” They said, “We found cheese for the crackers. Yay!” Then they went to the kitchen and Marissa came out there to the kitchen as well. Ari brought some strawberries out t the kitchen. Ross said, “Oh good. We can have those for breakfast.” Omarosa came out of the DR. Ari is called to the DR. Mark went to the bathroom to brush his teeth. Ross said to Omarosa, “your next show will be something you produce. The title will be something to the effect of “The First Lady of ____ Baptist Church. It will be about home, family and church.” Ross said, “Now people have been able to see a softer side of you.” Then they all started discussing the fight between Omarosa and Marissa. Marissa said, “it was on the 11th day, after you came back from the hospital. I remember exactly.”
1:15 AM BBT Mark came into the kitchen and joined the conversation. They were all going back talking about Chuck’s game. Mark said that he came to him to make a deal. But that he wanted to make a blind deal with two girls and Mark said he couldn’t do it. Omarosa said he never came to her to make a deal. Then they started talking about Shannon’s game and how great she was. Ross said, “She told me that James wanted to see me in the gym. So when I went in there he told me he was so happy for me. He just kept saying that he was excited and happy for me because he has a deal for me to go with him and Shannon for a final four.” “But then I said yes ok. He was like a car salesman.” Then Ross said to Omarosa, “You putting up James wa a pivotal moment for me. I wa forced to make a decision I would have never made.” Marissa said, “Me too.” Marissa said, “BB if you want me to do the DR I need to go before I take my medicine.” And then feeds went to fish.
1:30 AM BBT Omarosa told Marissa that she wa looking for her to talk with her. Marissa said she didn’t want to try to make a deal because she didn’t have anything to offer you. Marissa aid she told James to go talk with you and make a deal. Omarosa said, “He didn’t want to make any deals and appear that needy.” Mark said, “That’s what got him voted out of the house.” Marissa said, “I wa so worried coming into this house that no one would like me because of my qwerkie attitude. But I am who I am and thought they will either love me r hate me.” Omarosa and Mark both said, “Wh could not love you?” Marissa said thank you to them. Then Mark said, “Hey BB we need to figure this out because we need to go to sleep.” Marissa said, “I need to take my medication.” Feeds went to fish at 1:38 AM BBT. 1:40 AM BBT feeds came back on. Mark and Ross are in the Hollywood Rm talking game. Ross said that he hopes it doesn’t go to a girls thing. Mark said, “If it does then you will have to take me and Omarosa.” Ross said, “I don’t want to keep Omarosa.” Mark said, “You may have to though.” Ross said, “Ok. I will think about it.” Mark is getting ready to go to sleep in this room. Ross tells Mark that if they call him for his HOH room he will wake Mark up. Mark says, “Please do wake me up.” Marissa was getting her luggage and everything together in the outside bedroom they called the cursed room. Omarosa moved a chair and production said, “Stop that.” She asked if she could leave it there to BB production. And production said, “Stop that.” So they put the chair back.
1:45 AM BBT Marissa and Ross go into the Hollywood RM and get in their beds and then do a clapping motion. The lights went off in the bedroom. They say goodnight to Mark and get back up and go back into the other bedroom to chat. They said they love each other and are very happy they were able to trust each other in the game. Then Marissa was called to the DR. Ross went out into the kitchen with Omarosa and Ari. Ari was getting something to eat. Ross told them goodnight and said, “We will do all this tomorrow then. And I have to say they have been very nice to us, doing our laundry and getting us good stuff to eat.” Ross gives Ari kisses and hugs and heads to bed. Omarosa says, “I can’t wait until I see all this on TV.” Ross is sitting outside the bedroom in the bedroom with the car waiting for Marissa. Ari goes in there and they start chatting.
2:00 AM BBT In the bathroom Omarosa is taking her makeup off getting ready for bed. In the Tiffany room, Ari frowns as she looks over Brandi’s bed. She then begins to take off her makeup and starts crying as she looks at Brandi’s bed. The other houseguest seem to be asleep. Omarosa enters their room and tells Ari that they made it. Omarosa says she is proud and watches Ari clean her makeup brushes for a second. Omarosa leaves the room as Aris is still getting her stuff together. Omarosa returns to the bathroom to continue taking her makeup off.
2:15 AM BBT Ari is now in bed reading while the rest of the houseguest appear to be asleep. Omarosa has returned to the room and gets ready to get in bed. Ross is now up going to the bathroom. As Omarosa gets in bed to read her bible. Ross walks in the room to tell Omarosa and Ari goodnight.
2:30 AM BBT Ari and Omarosa are now in bed as Omarosa reads a verse. Ari says thank you and she appreciates her. She continues also by saying that she misses Brandi. Omarosa says she was a big personality. They both say goodnight and go to sleep. All houseguest are now in bed sleeping. Marissa is up getting her things together. She finishes, and returns to bed. Ross silently tells her goodnight and she whispers that she is so proud of him.She gets in the b

Big Brother CBBUS Live Feed Updates! Friday, February 23rd (3)

February 24, 2018

 Big Brother CBBUS Live Feed Updates! Friday, February 23rd (3)
9:30 AM BBT-1:15 PM BBT Feeds down, HoH lockdown.
1:30 PM BBT – 5:00 PM BBT Due to the HOH lockdown, no feeds at this.
5:00 PM – 7:00 PM BBT Feeds down for the live show
7:00 PM – 12:28 AM BBT Feeds down for HOH Comp?

Omarosa- You have me in the jury.

February 23, 2018

Omarosa- You have me in the jury. Me, Brandi, Keshia, Chuck. You just need one more. Who else? Ari- Metta. Omarosa- Just get to the four. Fight for the veto. Dont think about anything else
Ross to Marissa- The nominations are going to be Ari and Omarosa. I'll have to break that to Ari tomorrow and say "you're not the target". If Omarosa wins the veto, you will go up. If Omarosa votes you out, I will break the tie
Marissa- I am just so proud of you. We just need to win this last one now. Ross- We need to win this veto, then win this last one. We are two competitions away from doing this
Ross to Ari- You have to win the veto tomorrow, or she (Marissa) has to win, or Mark has to win, or I have to. Four against one
Ross- I told you you are not a target of mine. She (Omarosa) is. Ari- If not, you are putting me up? You are not voting Mark out? Ross- I cant. I made a deal. If he would have won, you would be going home. We will all protect you in the veto
Ross to Ari- You have an 80% chance that one of us will win. If we win, you are safe. I'm going to fight for you
Ari- What is he (Mark) saying? He is not with her (Omarosa)? Ross- Never. We didnt know until she put James up 
Marissa to Ari/Ross- For me, everything I have done is for this three. Ross- I'm going to protect you through this one 
Ross to Ari- I have to put you up tomorrow. It will be you and Omarosa. You have everybody else in this house fighting for you, to keep the nominations the same. We cant let Omarosa know though. Marissa- Of course she knows
Ross to Ari/Marissa- He (Mark) gave it to me, but the truth is I was never going to let go. I was fine
Ross to Ari- If she (Omarosa) wins that veto tomorrow, one out of five, she deserves to stay. Marissa- I agree. Ross- But I dont want that to happen 
Ross- Why wouldnt she (Omarosa) put up Mark and James? Ari- She said "I need to backdoor James". Ross- That's what she was thinking 
Marissa- She (Omarosa) blew up my game. Ross- She didnt say anything people didnt already know. All she said is people love you 
Ross to Ari/Marissa- I have a deep appreciation for Omarosa. She can be in a fight and then be like "that was great" 
Ross to Ari/Marissa- I dont like spending that much time around her (Omarosa), but I am fascinated by her 
Ari- I think Brandi is very happy that you won. Ross- I feel like she hates me. Ari- Maybe she is going to see it from the outside and it's going to look different 
Omarosa- James didnt want to make a deal. He was so afraid to appear that he was making any deals. At least try. He didnt even try to save himself. Mark- He thought it was going to be me. Omarosa- At least try
Marissa- I thought I was going home. Mark- There was no way. It was either James or I. Omarosa- Know how I distracted James from talking at all? I kept saying "Marissa, Marissa, Marissa, Marissa"
Marissa- I came into this house very scared that people were going to be super annoyed with me, super catty, not liking me. Mark- It's impossible not to like you. You are impossible not to love. Ross- Agreed 
Ross- You are not going to go home. You are going to be in the final. You can compete for that HoH. Mark- It is wide open. Depending on what it is, it's anybody's 
Ross- Imagine this house with six women who were organized, five guys, and two guys making it to the end. Mark- It would be insane, especially with the full court press with the girls' alliance thing
Ross- If a girl is up there, this is why I cant take Marissa, they will win. The jury will be full of women. Mark- Your only chance is me or Omarosa. Ross- I dont want to be with Omarosa. My goal is to be completely what we always talked about 
Ross to Mark- I feel like I have paid my debt too. I have been really loyal to Marissa, so she will understand 
Ross- I'm so grateful for what you have done for me in this game. Marissa- And I'm so grateful. Everyone said you need to have one person you can trust. Never once did I question. We just knew. Ross- Cause it was true
Omarosa- Do you think Brandi is proud of us? Ari- Yeah. She is so happy 
Ross- I really want you to stay. Ari- I want to stay. Ross- If you stay, who are you taking to two? Ari- I am taking you. Ross- You really want to take me? Ari- You are my husband. Ross- I'd get second place. I would love to get second to you 
Ari- I would take you with me. Marissa knows. Ross- I have positioned it where everyone knows to save you. He (Mark) knows. He will not use the veto. He will vote for her to leave. That's part of the deal. I want to look out for you
Ari- I promise I will take you. I think Marissa knows. Mark, of course he knows. Ross- If we get Omarosa out, we are good. Thank you for saying that. Ari- You had a doubt? Ross- We just never talked about it. Ari- After Brandi, you are my closest

After 24 days, James left the cbbus house becoming the 6th member of the jury!

February 23, 2018

After 24 days, James left the cbbus house becoming the 6th member of the jury!

Julie congratulated the Final 5 & explained how the next days will work out! 
Aother HOH
7th Eviction Sunday!

Then the Final 4 will compete for the Final & most powerful HOH, winner will chose who will sit next to them in the finale, evicting the last 2 HGs!

Ross saved himself & Omarosa nominated James in his place!

February 23, 2018

Ross saved himself & Omarosa nominated James in his place! Marissa & James will now face tonight’s f8nal Eviction!
James & Marissa made their final pleas to stay & the voting began!
Ariadna VTE James
Mark VTE Marissa 
Ross VTE James 
By a vote of 2-1 James was evicted from the CBBUS house!

Omarosa nominated Ross & Marissa 

February 23, 2018

Omarosa nominated Ross & Marissa 
POV! The HG to correctly guess the painting from the wall that was not similar to the paint set around the house! cbbus First to lock their correct answer won!

Prior to the eviction HGs were shown art work, that would be used for the HOH True & False Comp 

February 23, 2018

 Prior to the eviction HGs were shown art work, that would be used for the HOH True & False Comp 
Comp came down to Omarosa vs James! Tie breaker!
Omarosa won the HOH comp! 
she & James had 6 of 7 right answers - tiebreaker how many seconds was Awards Squeezin comp

Marissa & Brandi gave their final pleas & the voting began!

February 23, 2018

Marissa & Brandi gave their final pleas & the voting began!
James VTE Brandi 
Ariadna VTE Marissa 
Ross VTE Brandi 
Omarosa VTE Brandi 
By a vote of 3-1, Brandi was evicted from the CBBUS house!

Tonight's Show!

February 23, 2018

Tonight's Show!
Seven celebrities are left in the house but there are only three days left in the game. That can mean only one thing; It's time for a Double Eviction. Welcome to Celebrity Big Brother.

Previously on Celebrity Big Brother, Ross and Marissa had secured two final four alliances; first with Ari and Brandi and then another with Mark and James. But Marissa was secretly more loyal to her original four.

With Ross fiercely playing both sides, Ari started to doubt his true loyalties.

At the HoH competition, the celebs took a magic carpet ride and Mark became the house's new sugar daddy. Mark wanted to split up Ari and Brandi. But Ross and Marissa wanted Lady O O-U-T.

At the nomination ceremony, it was the wrath of McGrath.

Tonight, will the veto save Ari or Brandi? Plus, two celebrities will be sent packing - because it's double eviction night, baby! A new HoH will be crowned and a second veto will be on the line. When the dust settles, only the final five will remain. All this right now, live on Celebrity Big Brother!

Good evening, welcome to Celebrity Big Brother. I'm Julie Chen. It's day 24 inside the house and there are more alliances in the house than there are left in the game but tonight is double eviction night which means anything could happen as allies are forced to turn on one another in their quest for the $250,000 grand prize. So who will be sent packing and who will be in the final five when the dust settles? We'll soon find out.

Butfirst, being part of a strong duo can get you far in this game. And it can also bring you down.

We pick up after the nomination ceremony. Brandi tells us she is sure James is behind her being nominated for the second time in a row. He is dumb and going off personal vendetta's, not how you should be playing the game. She's going to fight for the veto.

Ari tells us it sucks to be nominated with her closest friend in the house. She is hoping to win veto, take herself off and then have the replacement nominee go home.

Mark hugs Brandi and apologizes.

Brandi says she doesn't know where Mark got his info from, she has been lobbying for James, not Mark. Mark shrugs; it's like putting a son or daughter up. They both suck and you have to justify why you did it. Being HoH is not all it's cracked up to be.

We pick up after the nomination ceremony. Brandi tells us she is sure James is behind her being nominated for the second time in a row. He is dumb and going off personal vendetta's, not how you should be playing the game. She's going to fight for the veto.

Ari tells us it sucks to be nominated with her closest friend in the house. She is hoping to win veto, take herself off and then have the replacement nominee go home.

In the bathroom area , Brandi and Ari wonder why Ross and Marissa didn't tell them about the nomination. They agree they had to have known, Ross is definitely in Mark's ear. Brandi tells us it feels like there is no loyalty from Ross; he's making deals with everyone in the house and will go with whomever has power. Ross comes in to check on them - both assure him they're fine. Ari gives him the cool shoulder and leaes. Later, Ross talks to Marissa in one of the bedroom's. Mark and James are with them. Marissa tells us she now feels she can trust Mark and James because they did not nominate her. Ross tells Marissa he can't vote for Brandi to leave, he has a relationship with her. Marissa says she is. Ross tells us he loves Brandi; he thinks he can beat her in the end. But he can't save Brandi from Brandi. He doesn't want to blindside her, but if he tells her the truth, she'll downward spiral.

In the speakeasy, James assures Ari Brandi is the target. Ari worries about if Brandi wins the veto. James assures her no matter what, she's fine.

James tells us he'd rather save Ari, she's easier to be around than Brandi. Ari wonders what would happen if Ross wins veto and saves Brandi. James says it wouldn't happen but if it did, Omarosa will go up and out.

Later, in the kitchen, Marissa finds out Omarosa was in the white house during Clinton's reign. Omarosa says the press edits her background to suit them. It's the clearest evidence that true journalism doesn't exist.

Mark hugs Brandi and apologizes.

Brandi says she doesn't know where Mark got his info from, she has been lobbying for James, not Mark. Mark shrugs; it's like putting a son or daughter up. They both suck and you have to justify why you did it. Being HoH is not all it's cracked up to be.

Time to pick players for the veto competition! Mark draws first and picks Omarosa. He tells us he doesn't want her to win because then he has to nominate someone from his alliance.

Brandi pulls James and tells us that was the last person she wanted drawn because he's stupid. The luck of her draw. Ari draws Marissa, leaving Ross to host.

Ari joins Marissa in the storage room room. Marissa starts to try and talk game but when Ross enters, she awkwardly changes the subject, thinking it was someone else. Once the door closes, Marissa says she overheard that Ari was not the target. Ari asks if Ross will vote to keep her, he says he won't go against the house.

Ari wants to know if they plan to vote her out, Ross will let her know once he knows.

Ross tells us his name not coming out of the veto box was the best thing to happen to him. He basically has two final four's. One with the girls and one with the boys. If things fall to him having power, he'd have to make a very difficult decision.

Ari tells us Ross not making a decision about his vote makes her more determined to win veto.

Julie goes to the living room and breaks the news about the double eviction to the HGs. She then tells them she'll be back later and we go back to catching up the house goings on.

In the backyard, Brandi dares Ross to say something bad about Julie. Ross and Marissa leave, they have nothing to say.

Brandi says she'd love to have James and Omarosa on the block right now if she were HoH. She knows James is voting to evict her but she did save him twice. James says she could have saved him from a lot more - socially.

Brandi (who seems to have consumed a lot of alcohol) is confused and James doesn't repeat it. Brandi says she is sweet and kind, James says if she says it it must be true. Like Omarosa, Brandi is insulted - she's nothing like her.

James then lays it down - she's been cruel and mean so many times. Brandi says he's a good guy but she only likes him half the time. Not when he's super cocky. James says she's never seen him super cocky. James says she has treated him more rudely than anyone else here. James says Brandi won't be saved this week.

In the bathroom area , Mark thinks it's BS that Brandi roasts him so often. James held himself up well, Mark adds. James found it funny that she said she saved him twice. Going along with the house is not saving him.

Marissa, who is there too, nods in agreement. Mark says Brandi's constant comments are tiresome. The boys head to bed, Marissa goes into the backyard.

Brandi confronts Marissa; she heard everything in the bathroom area , "and what?" Marissa asks. Marissa reminds Brandi she didn't SAY anything. Brandi goes off on her. Marissa tells us she agrees James shouldn't take it anymore and got in trouble.

Moving into the kitchen, Brandi wonders why Marissa didn't tell James that she doesn't like it when James is cocky either. Marissa tells Brandi she has the situation confused and leaves the kitchen.

Marissa heads to the bedroom and tells Omarosa, Ross, Ari and James what Brandi said. James then recounts what happened in the backyard to everyone.

Marissa tells us her original plan was for Omarosa to replace Ari on the block and leave but there's no saving Brandi now.

Time for the PoV competition!

The HGs will compete one at a time, and when they're done they'll join Ross in the HoH where they can watch the rest of the HGs compete.

Ross tells us he is going to kick back and watch his friends compete for their lives while he enjoys his favourite show!

Up first is Omarosa.

"Welcome to the BB Toy Company, where we were going to release our first line of BB Action Figures. Unfortunately, there was a mix up at the factory, and the action figures faces don't match the bodies. It's your job to identify which three HGs faces have been combined on each action figure. On go, hit your button to start your clock and reveal the first action figure. Label the box with the name of the HGs you think make up the eyes, nose and mouth. If incorrect, a buzzer will sound and you must figure out what is wrong and make changes. Your goal is to correctly identify the three features on all four figures in the fastest amount of time. The first player sets the time to beat, the next players must beat that time or their game is over. The player with the fastest time will earn the PoV!"

Omarosa says she knows the Keshia action figure is Shannon's eyes, Metta's nose and Ari's mouth but she doesn't want to win so she can continue to not be in anyone's cross hairs. So she guesses incorrectly.

Ross, in HoH, wonders aloud what she's doing. Ross tells us this is not Omarosa's finest hour. This is lasting a really long time; he was worried she wouldn't finish in time, now he's worried she won't finish this season.

After taking 25 minutes on the first one, she tells us she needs to speed it up. She didn't realize that took so long.

The second figure is Chuck and Omarosa tells us she's glad Chuck isn't there to see it. He might have punched it in the face. The lips are hers, Mark's eyes and James' nose.

Omarosa tells us the Metta action figure looks like a Chuckie doll. Ross comments that either this competition it really hard or Omarosa is really bad at it.

The last action figure is Shannon. Omarosa tells us she thinks Ross will buy her act; he thinks he's a great actress.

Omarosa tells him it was so hard; he agrees - he had no idea from watching.

Omarosa tells us she wants to get in good with Ross; he's the bridge to both sides.

Omarosa lays it out - doesn't Ross want to sit next to her in the finale? Won't he beat her? Ross chuckles and Omarosa asks him if he'd beat Marissa or Ari in Final Two. Probably not, he answers. How do they get to Final Two then? Ross doesn't know if he has the tools to do it. Omarosa thinks he can; with her by his side.

Ross tells us he has spent 22 days sharing a bathroom with Omarosa and he still doesn't know who the real Omarosa is. So if he was really going to work with her and put his entire game in her hands... he doesn't know about that.

Ari tells us when she sees Omarosa's time (38 mins) she feels this is going to be hard. She does make up for everyone in the house, she spends a lot of time staring at faces. This shouldn't be too hard. Except she misses her own lips on Keshia's figure and feels stupid. She flies through the rest, finishing with a time of 9 minutes.

Up in the HoH room, Omarosa hands the veto over to Ari. James is up next, racing to beat 9 mins. He struggles, and is buzzed out on the 3rd action figure. Marissa is up next; she struggles and only makes it past the first action figure before being buzzed out. She tells us it's a lot harder than it looks when you're watching on TV.

It's Mark's turn and he tells us the bar is set super high. As Mark struggles, the HGs in the HoH cry out "No!" every time he puts the wrong answer up. He is buzzed out without completing even one action figure.

Brandi is last and she tells us she feels very alone. The only way she stays in the house is if she wins veto. Brandi struggles on the first one. She feels like it is Mark's nose.. could be Marissa's, she tells us, but she's only ever paid attention to Marissa's mouth - she's always talking. Brandi also gets buzzed out before she can complete one figure.

Ari wins PoV!

Brandi tells us she's 90% sure her experience in the BB house is over. Her only very slim hope is that Omarosa goes up and is a big enough target to go home first. Mark tells us he has to put up a replacement that will guarantee Brandi goes home. He has some thinking to do!

In the workout room, Mark tells James he is going to nominate Marissa. That way he can ensure Brandi goes out. He'll tell everyone she hasn't been nominated yet, so it's only fair.

Mark tells us it's a huge responsibility being HoH. Picking a replacement nominee that will ensurer Brandi goes is stressful.

James tells us if Mark keeps playing the game as well as he is, he'd be delighted to bring him to Final Two. They wonder about Marissa and Ross' loyalty and hope they don't regret joining an alliance with them.

Time for the veto meeting. Ari chooses to use the veto on herself. Mark nominates Marissa as the replacement nominee. Marissa sits down, stating "I've never been here before."

Marissa tells us she hopes she's staying because she knows Brandi will say anything that comes to her mind. She needs to stay out of her line of fire.

Mark welcomes Marissa to the block - everyone has been on it now.

James tells us he can't wait 'til Brandi leaves. She can insult anyone she wants - but it won't be him. He cannot wait for that day.

Omarosa tells us it's a good day when she's not on the block. Ross tells us there are people in the house he'd never want to cast a vote for. People who have become friends of his. But guess what? BB doesn't work that way - this is when the game gets real.

Brandi tells us she has a secret weapon and that's her mouth. It gets things happening for sure.

Time for the first eviction of the night. Final pleas. Marissa - She's not going to campaign against Brandi. The thing she's most proud is being Zeb Miller's mommy and being a cancer survivor. For anyone watching who is struggling with cancer or has a loved one struggling, look at her and see a healthy, strong, happy woman who kicked cancer's butt. You can too, and let this be an example of what life after cancer can look like. She wants to send love to Ari's dad and Ross' mommy and kisses to both.

Brandi - She made some amazing friendships and love a lot of people in the house. Not everyone but it is what it is. She hopes Ari wins the whole thing, she adores and loves her. Omarosa, she's shocked they're getting along. She hopes everyone sees the softer side of Omarosa. She can't wait to see her kids. She gives Omarosa the squash as her parting gift.

Time for the votes to evict:

James votes for Brandi
Ari votes for Marissa
Ross votes for Brandi
Omarosa votes for Brandi

By a vote of 3-1, Brandi is evicted from the BB house.

Brandi starts crying and hugs people on the way out. Ari hugs Marissa and they have an unheard conversation.

Brandi tells Ross to take care of Ari and then heads into the studio to see Julie.

Brandi tells Julie she does not feel surprised. She feels sad that Ross chose to betray her and stab her in the back. By the vote? Julie asks. Brandi says they had an Final Two since day two so she assumed his vote would be for her, not Marissa. Julie calls her on that - Brandi would've taken Ari to Final Two. She just said she wants Ari to win the whole thing. Brandi wants Ari to win but she wouldn't have won sitting next to Ari!

Julie wonders if this will affect her friendship with Ross outside of the house. She loves Ross, and he bribed her with free alcohol for the rest of their friendship.

Julie brings up the dissension between James and Brandi. Brandi found him to be arrogant and cocky rather than just being confident. Metta was confident and lovely but James was just annoying.

Brandi thinks her mouth might be why she's sitting out there. She's 45, and if she could change and think before she speaks, she'd have done it by now. Which is more cutthroat - Big Brother or Real Housewives? Big Brother, because you're living 24/7 with people and you think you're best friends and then you're cast away. It's hard. She didn't expect to love the people the way she does in there. She is coming out with friends, so she wins. She learned that she is not very strategic, she's softer than she fronts and things do affect her more than people realize.

Goodbye messages - 
Ari - My love, my favorite person in the house, my best friend. So sad you have to go. I'm going to play as hard as I can for you. See you soon, mi amore.

Marissa - Brandi, I'm so sorry to see you go. Things really went sideways and I'm sorry that I couldn't help keep you.

Ross - I would've stayed true to you to the end but the line was drawn and I had to make a decision. I hope this won't hurt our friendship in the real world.

James - Brandi, I've enjoyed none of the time I've spent with you. I'm ecstatic. This is the best day I've had in the house thus far.

Brandi comments she hopes he sees the one she made for him at one point. She doesn't know if it's possible but hers was way worse.

Brandi hopes that they all have fun but that Ari wins at the end.

Julie dares Brandi to say something bad about her. Brandi tells Julie she remembers that as we go to commercial.

Time for the HoH competition. Earlier today, the HGs were given time to study some works of art knowing they could play an important role in an upcoming competition. HGs are all in separate rooms for this game with True/False buttons.

This competition is called BB Auction. Julie will ask questions based on the works of art. For every correct answer, they get 1 point. The HGs with the most points at the end of seven questions will be the new HoH.

1) True or False: Less than half of the pieces of art were labeled as SOLD. Answer: True. Everyone gets a point but Ari.

2) True or False: There was a star on the front of the hat on Ross in Shipshape. Answer: False. Everyone gets a point but Ari.

3) True or False: James' nutrition plan was sold for $3203. Answer: False. Marissa and Omarosa are wrong, but everyone else is right.

4) True or False: One of the headbands in Marissa's fashion passion had exactly 10 flowers on it. Answer: False. Omarosa is right, everyone else gets it wrong.

5) True or False: There was 1 open tube of lipstick in Ariadna's beauty buffet. Answer: True. Everyone is right but Ross.

6) True or False: The inhaler shown in Breath of Omarosa was blue. Answer: False. Everyone is right.

7) True or False: On Mark's fab vocab, the letter S was pictured on a blue colored crystal. Answer: True. Everyone but Marissa gets a point.

James and Omarosa are tied at 6 points; tie breaker round for them. The answer will be a number; the person who comes closest without going over will be HoH.

In the Award Squeezing Competition, how long did it take in seconds from the beginning of the game until the moment Shannon won?

Omarosa guesses 1200 seconds, James guesses 5402. The correct answer is 2442, making Omarosa the new HoH.

Time for Omarosa to make her nominations. She nominates Ross and Marissa. Up next, the Power of Veto.

Time for the PoV!

This competition is called Art-rageous. In front of the memory wall are 6 paintings. Each painting has a replica located inside 1 of 6 designated rooms. However, one replica is not an exact match. Your goal is to identify which is not an exact match. When you think you know, buzz in. Choose incorrectly and you will be eliminated. The HGs to guess correctly will win.

The competition starts and the HGs rush inside. Ross figures the answer out as #4 and rushes to buzz in. He's correct, winning the veto!

The HGs want to talk, but Mark tells them to let Ross breathe. The PoV meeting is started; Mark mutters that things change quickly. Ross takes himself off the block and is replaced with James.

Time for the second live vote and eviction of the evening. Final pleas.

James - No fun trying to campaign against someone who is a dear friend of his. It sounds like it will be impossible to beat Marissa in Final Two so it sounds like I'm the choice to keep. If so, I'm open to making deals going forward because we're still going to need alliances. I'm a man of my word and will continue to be.

Marissa - I don't want to campaign against James but you're not going to get to Final Two with James, he will beat you in every competition. You may not win against me in Final Two but you won't get there with James. I can't hold onto anything for very long. If it's a talking competition, I'd win!

The votes to evict are: 
Ari votes for James
Ross votes for James
Mark votes for Marissa
By a vote of 2-1, James is evicted from the BB house.

James hugs everyone; he gets it - it's all good. James doesn't want to do press in the shirt he's wearing and runs to grab a jacket but can't find one.

Julie tells him he has to leave; he does and joins her in the studio.

Omarosa tells the HGs she had to; he was the biggest target in the house.

Back in the studio, James admits he was surprised Omarosa put him up. He thought the smarter choice for replacement would be Ari. He was not going to make it easy for them. He planned to win going forward. He went wrong by not really committing to the deal with Omarosa; he wanted to stick to his final four. But had he joined her, he wouldn't be voted out. Sounds like Brandi told some lies today, good for Brandi's game but bad for everyone else.

James thinks Brandi was always attacking him due to acting like a 3rd grader with a crush. He'll take it as a compliment.

Julie asks if he'd date Brandi after, he says no, definitely not. James thinks Ross is a contender for the win. James had a lot of fun, at least he beat Brandi!

Julie visits the HGs, the final five. Everyone except Omarosa will compete in the next HoH competition, there will be two nominees and a PoV will be played. One will be evicted Sunday, then there will be one more HoH competition and that HoH will immediately evict two HGs. That person will choose who he or she will be sitting next to in Final Two. Good night and good luck, HGs!

We had no feeds today! 

February 23, 2018

We had no feeds today! 
 9:30 AM BBT-1:15 PM BBT Feeds down, HoH lockdown.
1:30 PM BBT – 5:00 PM BBT Due to the HOH lockdown, no feeds at this.
5:00 PM – 7:00 PM BBT Feeds down for the live show
7:00 PM – 12:28 AM BBT Feeds down for HOH Comp?

 Big Brother CBBUS Live Feed Updates! Friday, February 23rd (2)

February 23, 2018

 Big Brother CBBUS Live Feed Updates! Friday, February 23rd (2)
8:15 AM BBT Feeds go to FISH..
8:30 AM BBT Feeds return to Omarosa in the bathroom getting ready for a shower. Marissa gets up in her room grumbling about her horrible nights sleep. James comes into the bathroom to brush his teeth. Mark and James move around the kitchen. In the blue bedroom Ari asks if they are going back to bed, climbs back in. Brandi looks looks at her face. Mark says how he’s rumor enjoyed his HoH stint, Omarosa says he’s definitely enjoyed it most. Marissa comes in and complains of her lack of sleep. Mark and James laugh about sharing a win and participation trophies. Ross climbs back into his bed with his mask.
8:45 AM BBT Brandi drinks and cream soda as Mark and James talk about the fat and sugar content in it. Mark talks about the wake up music, talk turns to music. Feeds cut. Return to Marissa, James, and Mark talking cars. They talk who in their daily lives will recap the time in the house and who will censor things. Omarosa gets out of the shower and goes to her room to grab her makeup. The talk turns to how many comps and HoHs might be left, and possible twists. Mark is sure it’s cut and dry. Marissa says it’ll be awhile before she can do morning music, Mark shares that at home he puts on music for his kids in the mornings. Mark starts preaching. Ross jokes if Mark wins he needs to use the money due a testicular sack reduction. Sack jokes follow.
9:00 AM BBT Talk is light in the kitchen. Marissa, Mark and James sit around the coffee bar and Ross at the table. Marissa jokes how innocent she was in her picture. Omarosa joins the group. Marissa decides Chuck looked nicer as he left the house. They want to take after photos, compared the bb house to wars. Feed cuts. Returns to Omarosa saying she had the perfect posture for a reality photo. Feed cuts again. Return to Omarosa bragging that in 23 days she’s only had one real problem. Mark up in his HoH room straightening up. Marissa says she can’t wait to get out of the air of the house and not be so sick. Wonders how acclamation back into the world will be like, bemoaning the school drop off line Monday morning.
9:15 AM BBT Mark brushing teeth in HOH bathroom. James talks about his dreams of last night to Omarosa. Feeds cut to FISH.. Return to Ross and Marissa are in storage talking about their speeches. Ross says that everyone probably expects him to be funny but he’s not sure, it’s day 24 and he’s not feeling it. He wonders what he’ll wear if he doesn’t get it back, Marissa sys they’ll get it back Saturday. FISH.. They return to them laughing because they can’t talk about laundry. Omarosa says they have 5 minutes to get ready and upstairs. Brandi is gathering her things. Marissa says it hit her last night and she’s scared, thinks the online chatter will be mean. BB tells them to report to HOH for lock down, and then we get the animal l

Big Brother CBBUS Live Feed Updates! Friday, February 23rd (1)

February 23, 2018

Big Brother CBBUS Live Feed Updates! Friday, February 23rd (1)
12:00 AM se4wBBT Omarosa, Ari and Brandi are all awake and in the Tiffany Rm still. Ari brought Brandi her mic. She said she’s surprised they didn’t say anything. Brandi said, “That’s what I was saying. Busted.” Feeds went to fish. The feeds come back. Omarosa is packing some belongings up and took them out of the room. Brandi says she feels really bad. Brandi and Ari start speaking some things in Spanish and laughing. Brandi starts cleaning her face off with a cleaning cloth. Ari says she has the hiccups. Her and Brandi are laughing.Brandi tells Ari that she is sweet and has a very special energy. Bandi starts singing and feeds go to fish briefly. Brandi gets up and says she is going to get her meds. She got some face cleansing cloths and is still cleaning her face. Omarosa is in the bathroom removing her makeup.
12:15 AM BBT Omarosa and Brandi are getting ready for bed. Ari is quiet now. Brandi was called to the SR. She jumped. Ari looked over at her and she said, “It is so loud and scares me every time.” She left to go get her meds. She took her meds and completed her nighttime face regime. Omarosa came back into the Tiffany Rm. Brandi asked her if she heard that. The cameras were moving around. One went to Omarosa and she waved at it. Omarosa was putting some face cream on and then got in bed and is reading. Brandi said she had to go to the bathroom one more time if anyone needed anything. She said, “Pray for me you guys.” And she left the Tiffany bedroom. She came back to the room and finished getting ready for bed. Got her eye mask. Gave Omarosa a hug and got in her bed. She then lifted the eye mask and reached for those plastic gloves and put them on her hands. She then put her eye mask back on and lay down.
12:30 AM BBT Omarosa put her eye mask on and lay down. Ari got up and left the bedroom and went to the bathroom. She came back and went to bed. She said goodnight to the other ladies and put her eye mask on and lay down.
12:33 AM BBT All HGs are in bed sleeping. 12:36 AM BBT Marissa got up to go to the bathroom. 12:41 AM BBT She went
back to bed.

Big Brother CBBUS Live Feed Updates! Thursday, February 22th (7)

February 22, 2018

Big Brother CBBUS Live Feed Updates! Thursday, February 22th (7)
9:00 PM BBT Ariadna and Marissa are playing pool. Brandi and Ross are watching. James tells them the is going to go take a shower. Omarosa is making something in the kitchen. James is back working out in the gym. We can’t see him on the camera but we can hear him. James is actually in the bedroom. Brandi and Ross discuss if production is going to replace the wine opener. They think they left it outside, but it is in the lounge. Marissa tells Omarosa to go ask for Zingbot since she has sway.
9:15 PM BBT Mark, Ross, and Marissa are watching Omarosa and Ari play pool. The HGs are all in the kitchen snacking. The HGs are pretending to be Housewives. Mark shoutouts Metta and tells him to try to break in tonight.
9:30 PM BBT Marissa and James are in the bedroom. She tells him that they were mean to Ross meaning Brandi. Ross walks in and Marissa tells him to keep Brandi. Marissa tells her son through the cameras not to worry that everyone is having to pack. James comes back into the bedroom and says that Brandi is getting mad that he is drinking the white wine. James and Marissa whisper about Brandi. James says that Brandi is mean. Mark tells Omarosa and Brandi that James is going to walk in on Ross in the HOH bathroom. He tells Ross that he is going to stay up in the HOH the rest of the night to avoid Brandi. Marissa walks in and they all three start talking about how awful Brandi is. Ross goes downstairs. Marissa is getting into the shower and James is sitting in the HOH room talking to her.
9:45 PM BBT Mark and Omarosa discuss how intense this experience has been. Omarosa starts talking about the winner of last season Josh. Conversation changes to beauty pageants. James is listening to Marks music while Marissa is showering. Mark asks where James went and Brandi says who cares. James tells Marissa that it is amazing how easy Bob Marley can out you in a good mood. James says that he hopes production plays his GB message tomorrow. They discuss how everyone gets the brunt of Brand’s Drunken crudeness it and it sucks.
10:00 PM BBT It struck a nerve with James when she was making comments about Ari and her bible reading. MARISSA PLEASE STOP SINGING. James comments how small Ipods have gotten, Marissa says she has one and one for swimming. Marissa is now dressed and walking around the room getting ready. Marissa says she is afraid to go downstairs to see/hear what she has missed. James says its on you if you choose to hang out with her (Brandi) then you know what you are getting into. Marissa wants to avoid her and just go to bed. Meanwhile downstairs. Brandi says the Benadryl is setting in but she can’t go to bed yet, but she will sit with them if they want to go pack. Omarosa says that Marissa snores and Mark pipes in and says thats why he isn’t sleeping. Brandi pipes up and says well you know if you want sleep you know what to do (hinting at voting her out). Omarosa says she can’t sleep in a room with a guy. Brandi says she has broken up with a guy because he snored so bad. Marissa and James head down to her room to go pack. She says she didn’t realize James was still there when she got out but it was okay. Omarosa starts singing Fish and back to the Kitchen and SR where James is looking for food and pills. Brandi is telling about how she likes her men organized. They talk about “Clear” in an airport and how it saves so much time. Marissa heads to the room where James is already laying on a bed talking to the camera. Ross joins them. They say for safety and sanity for everyone they want to go break the other bottles of wine. Marissa is talking to the camera and family at home. Mark asks how many Wigs did Marissa bring? Mark begins taking his Metamucil for the evening and they begin talking about it and how it keeps you normal.
10:15 PM BBT Brandi says she is feeling Nervous and not why she feels a nervous energy. They begin talking about how to “steal” the HOH robe and if they need to pay for it. Ross and Marissa whispering in the Room about Brandi and how Ari isn’t shocked. Ross is worried about Brandi saying something horrible and his mom see it. James re joins them and says its different because Marissa and Brandi are “real friends” outside the house. The boys say there is no real credibility to what Brandi is saying. Ross is trying not to be negative or talk bad about her, James says he is just being honest. They try to make Ross feel better about how Brandi reacted to him saying he wasn’t voting to keep Brandi and how she has reacted. Fish for a moment then feeds return and conversation is still on how Brandi has been acting. Ross just wants more loyalty, Marissa is shocked at the thought that Brandi was under the impression that Ross would keep her over Marissa. There was lots of talk about loyalty and everything but she didn’t have any intention for it. Meanwhile Brandi goes for another glass of Wine, this time Red. Omarosa says she thinks its a double tomorrow everyone in the kitchen says she has been calling everything right minus Zingbot. Brandi says both her roommates have been smart and right she is happy to go but Mark needs to align with the other 2 smart girls. She says she tried to win everything but was average and horrible. She cant Kiss Ass and that is what has caused her to lose. Both Ari and Omarosa have left the kitchen towards the WR but cam stays on Mark n Brandi. Mark says her game play is not a great way to enter the game and move forward in the game, The other girls walk out and head towards the bedrooms. They say hey and join the conversation.

 Omarosa to Ari- I said "Ross would get the votes over you (James)".

February 22, 2018

 Omarosa to Ari- I said "Ross would get the votes over you (James)". He is like "I would get the votes". You need five votes to win. He doesnt have five votes 
Omarosa to Ari- He (James) thought Metta would vote for him. Never. Keshia is not voting for him. Keshia cant stand him. Shannon maybe. That's one. He doesnt have five 
Omarosa to Ari/Brandi- I said "what kind of speech are you (James) going to give? You have thrown competitions, you have disrespected the game" 
Omarosa to Ari/Brandi- I said "give me the five with you sitting next to Ross, and I'll give you the $250,000". He (James) couldnt give me five names. I said "you need to send some of your friends to jury so they will vote for you" 
Omarosa to Ari- Let me tell you where you will get the five next to her (Marissa). You have won an HoH and you have won a veto. You put up two of the strongest players and got out of the biggest players 
Brandi to Ari- You win against Marissa. Omarosa- You put up two of the biggest players. Brandi- And you did it with a smile and looked pretty
Ari, Brandi and Omarosa are discussing that Ari would have Brandi, Omarosa, Metta, and Keshia's jury votes if she is up against James. Brandi thinks Ari would get Marissa's vote as well 
Brandi to Omarosa- I said "Omarosa is personal. James needs to go". I dont know if he (Ross) is hearing me 
Omarosa to Ari- She (Marissa) is going to put you and me up. Brandi- She knows James needs to go
Brandi- I think Ross finally has decided that it's smart for James to go home. Omarosa- He has a Final 2 with James. Brandi- He has a Final 2 with everyone! You were right 
Omarosa- You have Shannon's number? Brandi- I dont. I can get it. Omarosa- You have got to start working on the jury. You have to call Metta. You have got to lock Metta in 
Brandi to Ari/Omarosa- I think Marissa's head is so far up Ross' ass that there is no way you get it out, and vice versa 
Brandi to Ari- If Ross isnt in, I think he votes for you (to win)...unless it's against Marissa. Omarosa- She needs to sit next to Mark, or she needs to sit next to me 
Brandi- She (Ari) cant sit next to you. The girls will be split. Omarosa- How so? Shannon hates me. Brandi- I dont think so. Omarosa- Snap out of it. She was nasty to me 
Omarosa- Ross needs to go and Marissa needs to go somehow. Even getting rid of James weakens Ross. Brandi- Yeah, cause he needs a physical competitor 
Brandi to Omarosa- She (Ari) has Chuck, she has Metta, she has Ross. She has the girls, everyone except Shannon, against James. Marissa will vote how Ross votes 
Brandi- I have something to say to Omarosa. I might have been a little mean about you in the diary room. Omarosa- Mean? (Feeds cut) 
Brandi- At the end of the day, if we are all friends at the end, girls still win. Omarosa- Yep 
Brandi- I feel a little bad. Ari- How bad you talk (about Omarosa)? Brandi- Not horrible...but she called us racists

 Big Brother CBBUS Live Feed Updates! Thursday, February 22th (6)

February 22, 2018

 Big Brother CBBUS Live Feed Updates! Thursday, February 22th (6)
6:30 PM BBT Ross tells Brandi he can’t trust Omarosa and he would be going home next if Ross Kept Brandi.Ross tells Brandi he has to make a decision.Brandi tells Ross to remind her never to work with her again and she leaves the room upset cause Ross is not gonna keep Brandi.Ross tells Ari everything Brandi has done he can’t keep her.Marissa is talking to James and Omarosa. Omarosa tells Marissa never let anyone kick you out a room.James,omarosa and Marissa are talking about Metta and how they loved him in the game.Ross tells Ari things are too dicey to keep Brandi and Ross says to Ari brandi dug her own grave that she’s been horrible to James and Mark.Ari asks Ross if Mark and James would want to send Marissa home instead and Ross tells her he dont think so.Ross tells Ari Brandi can’t act like she does and expect to be saved in the game.Ari tells Ross she understands.Ari tells Ross there’s nothing they can do now they not Hoh and Ross can’t go against the hoh.Ross tells Ari he can’t send Marissa home thats been loyal to him.Ross says he should have known better to make a final 2 with Brandi but he did it and through Brandi’s actions he can’t keep her and send marissa out cause she’s been so loyal to him.Ross tells Ari the way Brandi is acting right now she told Shannon it wasn’t personal and now Brandi is going off on Ross cause he won’t keep her.Ross goes to Marissa and tells her it’s gonna be ok Brandi is just mad cause he won’t keep her.Brandi summons Marissa to go talk to her.brandi is telling Marissa about the deal Ross made with her and she’s upset and she expects for Ross to follow through with him keeping her in the house.
6:45 PM BBT Marissa tells Brandi she told Ari if she wants to keep Brandi she wouldn’t take it personal.Brandi says it feels like a gut wrenching cause Ross won’t keep her.Brandi tells Marissa she doesn’t need the money like her and so she needs to stay over Marissa.Marissa tells Brandi she’s wrong for saying that cause she does want to stay and win the game to.Brandi tells Marissa there’s nothing left to say and she’s really shocked that she had a final 2 with Ross and now she has to go home.Brandi says James will win if they don’t get him out.Ross is talking to Mark about what Happened in the Room with Brandi being upset.Mark tells Ross it’s not fair for Brandi to treat Ross the way she did.Ross tells Mark he just feels bad though.Mark tells Ari it’s a game and Brandi needs to remember that it’s not personal.
7:00 PM BBT Feeds cut Marissa tells Ross she told Brandi she has as much right to being in the game as she does.Marissa tells Ross Brandi told her Ross would never take Marissa to final 2 cause she would beat him,Ross tells Marissa that’s why he never made a final 2 with anyone else because he doesn’t know who will be in final 2.Brandi tells Ari let’s face it Marissa can do more for Ross on the outside with his career then Brandi can and she doesn’t really want to.Ari tells Brandi there’s nothing they can do.Ari tells Brandi the thing is James can play hoh then brandi tells Ari they got to get rid of James and Ross will use Ari to get rid of James.Brandi tells Ari she is taking it personal.Brandi is telling Omarosa that Ross told her he can’t trust omarosa and to keep Brandi in the house and it makes her sad that she has to go.Brandi tells Omarosa they have to fight tomorrow and break the guys up.Omarosa tells Brandi and Ari Ross and Marissa has a final 4 with James and Mark.Mark and James are making something to eat.Ari tells Brandi she’s glad they washed the sheets and she loves her bed.Brandi tells Ari she wants her kids their since she is going home.Ari tells Brandi she needs to tell Dr if she wants the kids their for the show tomorrow.
7:15 PM BBT Brandi tells Ari it doesn’t feel like there’s 7 people left.Brandi tells Ari she shouldn’t have to leave cause there’s other pairs in the house to.Brandi tells Ari Shannon should have stayed over James.Ari then tells Brandi no she couldn’t deal with Shannon so James had to stay over Shannon.James is making meatballs and marinara sauce and spaghetti noodles for dinner.Mark tells James he can’t believe how Brandi is being right now.James tells Mark he will like the goodbye message he did today for Brandi cause of how she has treated him in the game.Mark tells James he can’t wait to be able to go home and be with his family.Mark tells James he so bored he’s gonna go work out again and he’s just trying to make it till 10pm to go to bed.
7:30 PM BBT Ari and brandi say James doesn’t need the money but Mark does.Brandi tells Ari she wanted to hit James when he said bye to Brandi and Brandi tells Ari she will not vote for the guys.Brandi is studying with Ari cause she tells Ari she has to win the next 2 comps to be in the end.Ross tells Omarosa he found some extra ground meat.Marissa is talking to Ross about her clothes she wants to wear tomorrow while she is packing.Ross tells Marissa it’s a game he would never make Brandi feel as bad if it was him going home.Marissa tells Ross Brandi was not playing the game as if she was in a final 2 with Ross cause Brandi wanted Ross gone to.Ross tells Marissa Omarosa would vote out her if Brandi could have gotten Ross to keep Brandi over Marissa.
7:45 PM BBT Ross tells Marissa he wants to go talk to Brandi and Ari but not just yet.Ross asks Marissa to go play pool.Ross tells Omarosa first thing he does when he gets out is call his mom.Marissa tells Ross she already drew the line with Omarosa when they flipped the vote.Ross comes to the kitchen and says he wants to make a appetizer to tide them over till dinner is done.Feeds cut Omarosa ask Ross to help get the towels Big brother will wash them for the hgs.Marissa tells Ross Brandi is getting ready to put on a show for pop to mess with their games.Marissa tells Ross they just need to go to bed early so they don’t have to deal with Brandi.
8:00 PM BBT Brandi and Ariadna are hanging out in the bathroom. Brandi and Ari are whispering. Ari tells Brandi that she asked Ross if they could trust someone. BRANDI! ARIADNA! PLEASE STOP SINGING! James, Ross, and Marissa are hanging out in the kitchen. BRANDI! ARIADNA! PLEASE STOP SINGING! Brandi and Ari join the others in the kitchen. James is making pizza. MARISSA! PLEASE DO NOT OBSTRUCT YOUR MICROPHONE! Ross says something to Marissa that he is not any good if someone isn’t getting his vote. Everything is pretty quit in the kitchen.
8:15 PM BBT Brandi is buttering some bread. Everyone except Omarosa are getting ready to eat some dinner. Omarosa is in the kitchen now too. Marissa tells Ross that she can’t even right now. Everyone is eating and giving James all of the thanks for making dinner.
8:30 PM BBT Brandi suggests a girls night pajama party. Ross and Marissa are whispering in the Hollywood Room. Marissa tells Ross that she told Mark that she is going to go to bed at 9pm to avoid the chaos. Mark comes in and Marissa and tells him that Brandi is trying to get Omarosa to swear on the Bible that she is going to vote Marissa out. Ross tells him that Brandi is giving him so much pressure. Mark goes into the kitchen and leaves Ross in the Hollywood room. James and Mark discuss how POP must be so boring tonight. Mark and James both say POP go Fish! And the feeds cut to fish and then back to the HGs.
8:45 PM BBT Ross, Marissa, Mark, James, Omarosa are in the kitchen. Brandi is in the bathroom rifling through her makeup bags. They are messing with Ari being Mrs. Columbia. The other HGs are making small talk about Big Brother and competitions to win more money. Mark tells the HGs that he is going to go shower. Brandi is still rifling through her bags in the bathroom. Ross goes upstairs and is watching everyone from up by the pool table. James tells Omarosa that he is going to wash and says that he will add some of the HGs things to his load if they need to. Marissa and Ross are whispering by the pool table. Brandi is avoiding everyone it seems. Brandi walks into the SR where Mark is digging in the fridge. Mark walks out.

Brandi- Mark, what's your master plan? Mark- To go get my cheque on Sunday

February 22, 2018

 Brandi- Mark, what's your master plan? Mark- To go get my cheque on Sunday. Brandi- I mean for the remainder of the game. Mark- Win the next HoH I am available for, sail into the finale, and really start turning on my athletic prowess 
Brandi- Do you think you turn on your partner in crime, or do you hand him a $250,000 cheque. Mark- Yeah. I will turn on him, I will turn on everybody in here. Everybody is out. I dont give a shit about the relationships I made. Brandi- I agree!
Brandi- I just think he (James) is a dick. Mark- What did he do? That's a big statement. Brandi- He is just a dick. Mark- He is a lovely human being. Brandi- You will see when you get out. Mark- It dont work on me, Brandi 
James to Marissa- I really hope Mark took a glass of white wine. I noticed she (Brandi) took the entire bottle and put it next to her
Brandi to Ari/Mark/Omarosa/Ross- I think there could be more game talk if it wasnt a friend thing. Everyone would be doing what Shannon did
Omarosa- He (Josh) used to put on quite a show in this room with the owls. He would sit with the owls and talk in there. I watched it. He was like the Metta 
Mark- She (Marissa) says "like" more than anybody I have ever met. It's almost a joke. I counted 20 likes one time in one sentence she said. Ari- We should count them 
Mark- I talked about her (Marissa's) snoring once and she almost bit my head off. Omarosa- She slept in Ari's bed and she snored so bad. Mark- It's relentless. If you bring it up, she gets angry
Mark- It (Marissa's snoring) is the main reason I havent slept in this house in 18 days until I got HoH. Brandi- Well you know, if you want sleep the next two nights...just joking!
Brandi to Mark- Now that I'm starting to understand the game more, I'm frustrated I didnt know more when I came in 
Brandi- He (James) is the best physical player in here, and Ross is the best strategical player. Mark- He (James) is good too at the strategy. He is not bad 
Mark- I wonder who is stronger as a player (James or Ross). It's probably James because James is so much better physically than Ross. Brandi- He is great. He's 27, she (Ari) is 24. If he wasnt here, the competition goes up to 38 years old
Mark- You dont win cause you won competitions. You win at the end cause of a popularity contest. Brandi- Or it's who you dont screw over 
Brandi- That (Omarosa) is who you want to be sitting next to at the end. It's not James. It's that one. You will get $250,000. Mark- I agree. You cant win next to Ross, you cant win next to Marissa. I dont think I can win next to James 
Brandi- I told Ross last night "you are not getting my vote at the end". I felt duped. Mark- He has had your back more than anyone, to be honest 
Mark to Brandi- Last year this guy was clearly better. The guy he carried along won the show cause people didnt like the guy. He played one of the best games in the history of Big Brother 
Brandi- I think what you have going for you if it's you and James at the end is that you are not arrogant and cocky. You are grumpy. Dont take that wrong. Mark- You are sometimes grumpy too. Brandi- I'm not as grumpy as you 
Brandi- You have been happier the past few days, and really likeable. Mark- I have been sleeping. Brandi- You were fair and nice, you worked every day, you did dishes and laundry. Mark- No one will care about that. Brandi- They will 
Brandi to Mark- If it were to be the two of you, he (James) rubbed a lot of people the wrong way. I think in the end that you win if it's the two of you, but dont count on that 
Mark- And Ari, there is no winning against her. Brandi- Not if you are sitting next to her in the end. She is such a good girl. Mark- She is perfect. Brandi- No one wins against perfect. Marissa is the same way. Everyone loves her
Ross to Brandi- I was so naive. I thought you could make that type of deal early. I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry
Ross- I dont deserve any favours but would you do me a personal one? Brandi- What? Dont blow up your game? Ross- I dont care about that. Dont be too mean to me, cause my mom is watching. Brandi- Mean to you? I put all my love in to you, saying you're going to win
Brandi to Ross- I am not here to ruin your life, just like I'm not here to ruin James' life. I care about you. I like him ish. He is fine. I'm not trying to ruin anyone's life 
Brandi- I expect to be at happy hour with you in a week. Ross- How about a deal? You ready? Brandi- You are overplaying it again. Ross- This is a deal I can keep. For the rest of our lives, I will pay for happy hour. Brandi- Okay
Brandi- My worry is more for her (Ari). Ross- I am not after her. I can help her, I can try 
Brandi- Even though Mark is like "I'm throwing James under the bus", I dont believe it. Ross- I dont either. I know what I have to do. Brandi- To get an even playing field, he (James), over her (Omarosa), has to go first. Personal issues aside. Ross- I know 
Ross- We (Brandi and I) really hugged. I still feel awful but I feel less awful...until she sees me hiding the corkscrew. It was more for her. Marissa- Today, she will be pissed. A week from now, she will laugh.
Marissa- You cant tell her (you hid the corkscrew) until after we are out of here. Ross- She will find out tomorrow on Twitter

Big Brother CBBUS Live Feed Updates! Thursday, February 22th (5)

February 22, 2018

Big Brother CBBUS Live Feed Updates! Thursday, February 22th (5)
3:00 PM BBT Feeds cut in & out. They come back to Marissa & Ross in Hollywood RM. They are still talking about high school. Feeds cut out again. When they come back, Marissa is talking about driving in the snow. Ross comments that Marissa had lots of boyfriends in high school, but he did not. Marissa asked if he people knew he was gay in high school. Ross answers with “Helllooo” & laughs. He says that he never dated in high school & college though because there were not many gay people around. Back in the Kitchen, Omarosa has joined Mark, Ari, & Brandi. Omarosa says that they need to go outside. She then asks how long until they are allowed outside. Omarosa talks about going to bed now as she is already in her pajamas. She laughs & says that she has given up on life. Mark heads upstairs & tells them that he is going to work out. Omarosa says that she went to talk to Marissa when she had the Snapchat glasses. She says Marissa told her she did not want to talk & kept saying bye bye. They all whisper real low where they cannot be heard. Feeds cut out. When they come back Omarosa is telling Brandi & Ari that they are only keeping Marissa because she can be controlled. Feeds cut out again. When they come back, they are still whispering low. Hearing bits & pieces. Needs to win HOH….know they can beat her in final HOH….Mark won’t beat James. Omarosa says that Marissa got real nasty with her. Omarosa says that she refuses to fight with Marissa. Omarosa comments that even Ross’s energy has changed today.
3:15 PM BBT Omarosa says that Ross is playing to his fanbase, the LGBTQ community. Brandi mentions something about Ross making a deal, but that she did not. Feeds cut out. Omarosa comments about Marissa being frantic that she could not find her wolf hat. Feeds cut out. Omarosa, Brandi, & Ari are still whispering. They then talk about the HOH competition. Omarosa gives examples of one or other houseguest competition. Brandi tells Omarosa that she wants Ari to vote her out if the house wants her out. She does not want Ari to ruin her game for her. Omarosa says that she is trying to make big moves. She says that if she gets HOH she will put up James & Ross. If one comes down, she would put up Marissa. Mark is out on the balcony talking to the girls. Omarosa tells Brandi that she needs to come to Florida with Ari & her. Omarosa talks about renting boats. Cameras switch to Hollywood RM. Ross tells Marissa that she can make a deal with “them” to leave her alone for 24 hours. She tells him it is too late. He says that he will go with her. Ross says that he has accepted that he is not going to win this game, but that he has not made up stories about anyone. He admits that he lied to others, but not to Marissa. Cameras switch back to Kitchen. Omarosa says that Friday may be a double eviction. Omarosa says that if she makes it to the end, she could say she threw a comp, but she won’t She says that she tried, but just could not do some competitions anyways. Brandi says that she just wants to stay until Saturday but hates that she…& then feeds cut out. Ari says that she thinks that Mark wants the ladies to go talk to him. Omarosa says that right now it is a tie & Mark would break the tie. Brandi is still insistent that Mark & James are sharing this HOH.
3:30 PM BBT Brandi thinks that if there is a tie, Mark will vote her out. Omarosa & Ari are trying to convince Brandi to go with them to talk to Mark about keeping her. Omarosa says that Brandi needs to get Mark on camera about keeping his word. Feeds cut out briefly. Omarosa says that they need to pressure her. Omarosa says that they need to talk to Mark. Omarosa says that she thinks that Ross wants her out. Brandi tells Omarosa that she is the only one she told about the final 2 deal that she had with Ross. Omarosa says that the guys seem to be hanging strong. Ari says that Ross was friends with Brandi & has turned her aside now. Omarosa says that he should be upfront & not be that way towards a friend. Omarosa says Ross does not like her because she sees through his act. The talk turns back to Marissa being ugly to Omarosa. Brandi says that this is a game & should not be personal. Brandi says that Ross & James are playing based on personal feelings. Omarosa says that they can talk to Mark alone. Omarosa says that if Ross had kept his word they could changed the whole game. Brandi then changes subject to wanting to get the directions for her hair kit. Omarosa talks about Marisa losing it when she thought that she lost her wolf hat. In the Hollywood RM Marissa is talking about doing a show. She talks about moving to New York to do Hairspray. Ross asks if Marissa if she thinks they will bring Hairspray back. She hopes so. Ross says that he has other questions but he won’t put her on the spot. Marissa says maybe they should put Omarosa on the spot.
3:45 PM BBT Marissa comments that the ladies are out there working. That no one has come in once. That they are voting her out. Marissa comments to Brandi & Ari when they come in the room that she thought they forgot all about her. Brandi says that they were talking to Mark about ex boyfriends & ex girlfriends. That it was interesting. Feeds cut out. Feeds come back & Marissa says that she finally got some sleep. Brandi says that it was nice to see Mark being all happy. Feeds cut out again. When they return, Mark is in the gym by himself. In the Hollywood RM Marissa is talking about her one woman show. She starts to sing a song from the show & feeds cut in & out. Marissa says that she does not add extra to a song, but sings it how it is supposed to be sung. Feeds cut out again. Feeds come back, Brandi asks if it was Lisa Rinna that did a show. Mark & James in the Kitchen. James makes a joke about Omarosa’s mike being in there. They talk about the kitchen being nasty. Mark heads upstairs & so does James. Ari comes out to kitchen with wolf hat on. Ross heads up to the HOH. Ross comments how Mark has kept the HOH clean when the girls cannot. Ari comes in HOH. Feeds cut out.
4:00 PM BBT In HoH, James asks Ari if she ever had sex with her husband. She says that she’s waiting for the honeymoon. Marissa joins the HoH bed. There are now 4 HGs on the bed: James, Marissa, Ari, and Ross. Marissa says that if the cameras weren’t on her right now, she’d talk about the things she’d do and say with her theatre friends. Feeds go out, then return to the HGs to an HoH lockdown. Marissa wonders why they’re on lockdown. Omarosa says that they’re probably fixing something. Marissa thinks that they might be putting in a smaller table. Marissa wants Zingbot, and says that BB probably didn’t plan on it and now has to bring him in because they’re expecting it. They joke around. Omarosa jokingly asks to borrow a cell phone. James says that his phone is charging, and Ross says that he doesn’t have a lot of minutes on his. They talk about phones back then. Omarosa asks if anyone used calling cards. They talk about calling cards. Brandi brings up that she had a 2-way pager. They continue the convo about how they communicated back then.
4:15 PM BBT BB keeps calling out Omarosa, so James jokingly says that BB is monitoring him. James then brings up when someone was being monitored in Vegas, tracking his cell phone. The convo goes to BB. Omarosa says that BB would tell them whenever there’s a live show. They talk about alcohol. Marissa says that she doesn’t do well with tequila. They talk about celebrities. Marissa said that someone was pitching a show idea to Kathy Lee, that she would be involved in, and Marissa could tell that Kathy Lee wasn’t interested because she’d change the topic several times.
4:30 PM BBT The convo goes to BB. Ross brings up that tomorrow may be a double eviction. Marissa says that the summer season is so much worse than the Celebrity season, saying that the HGs would stay 3x longer, and that they’d be sequestered so much longer than they did. Marissa says that her husband knows people who have gone through sequester. The conversation goes to the table. James says that the table must be smaller. Marissa asks if BB is going to bring Zingbot, now that they’ve been expecting him? Ross says no, that they’ve planned everything out already. Marissa finally notices after 22 days that that’s a diving board on the wallpaper on the HoH wallpaper. Marissa then asks what their favorite class in high school was. Ross says history because of the multiple stories, Ari says philosophy. Mark then brings up a class at USC that he took on The Beatles.
4:45 PM BBT James asks what their favorite drinking games. Marissa says “Never Have I Ever.” James talks a game he played, similar to Beer Pong. The HoH lockdown is now over! Marissa and Ari stay in HoH. James and Ross in the Hollywood Room. Ross says that they go live in less than 24 hours. James says that it’s going to go by really fast. Ross takes a nap.
5:00 PM BBT Mark & James think that they’re probably tearing down the veto comp. James wonders if people are just now watching. James jokingly says that he’d take his entire family to Hawaii with his winnings. Mark says that they’re nearing the end. James laughs, saying that the things he’s observed in the house is funny, how people are acting. James says that Marissa notices it too and “is getting a kick out of it.” Marissa and Ari walk out of the HoH room, saying how long it was. James says that it wasn’t that long, then says that you can’t keep track of time in the house. Marissa and James talk about stuff they do outside of the house, and James says that social media takes away from being social.
5:15 PM BBT James jokingly says that they’d all be in Greece when BB does a “Where are they now?” piece. Brandi tells everyone to come to the living room. BB has an announcement. People first thought that she was joking. Ross and Omarosa were still resting. Brandi keeps laughing. It wasn’t a real thing. It was just directions for her hair extensions. Omarosa isn’t happy. BB calls Ariadna to the DR. Marissa says that people won’t take it seriously if it’s a real announcement from BB. Brandi says that she had to take advantage of the opportunity, due to the laminated paper.
5:30 PM BBT In the Tiffany Room, BB tells Omarosa to put on her microphone. Marissa tells Ross in the Hollywood Room that Omarosa lives in her own world, considering not getting up immediately and not wearing her mic. Marissa says everyone she works with has a F2 with everyone else.
5:45 PM BBT The houseguests are just lounging around chatting. In the workout room, Omarosa and James are talking game. Omarosa is going over the HoH and PoV stats and the HGs social game. James says that Ari and Brandi need to be broken up. Omarosa says that she’s been going after the pairs. Omarosa brings up scenarios of who would go up if someone is taken down.
6:00 PM BBT James Tells Omarosa he doesn’t think he is drinking enough water and that’s he thinks the house is so dry.James tells Omarosa he threw the comps for a reason. Omarosa and James are talking about who they can beat in the end game.Omarosa tells James there’s gonna be more women in jury in the end so James would get 2 men votes in the end and then the women would all decide if it was Mark and James in final 2.James is talking to Omarosa about he can’t wait till they send home Brandi.James tells Omarosa she has been through alot in the game.Omarosa tells James he needs to make a workout video when he goes home .Ross is talking to Brandi about his mom being sick and dealing with that.Brandi tells Ross she wished she hadn’t gotten married so young.Brandi tells Ross she went from her parents home to a modeling apartment then she got married and had kids.
6:15 PM BBT Brandi tells Ross James is gonna win the game but there’s a way for that not to happen Brandi asked Ross if he knows what he is doing tomorrow with the vote.Ross tells Brandi he’s sorry but he has to send her home.Ross and Brandi Made a deal Night one but he did mean it but things changed in the house .Ross asks Brandi if she knows what Ari is doing.Ari comes in the room and Ross is telling Ari about the deal him and Brandi made night one.Ross is talking to Brandi about her trying to get Ross kicked out the house instead of her last week.Ross tells Brandi he feels like Brandi messed his game up and Brandi tells Ross its not fair for him to blame her.Brandi tells Ross that he hurt his own game by having deals with everyone in the house.Marissa comes in the bedroom and tells her she’s talking to Ross so she had to leave the room.Ross tells Brandi its an impossible eviction he can’t vote out Marissa.Brandi tells Ross they been friends along time and he should be voting to keep her.Ross tells Brandi he got close to others in the house to and that Marissa has been loyal to Ross whole game he’s sorry but he is keeping Marissa.Ross told Brandi she pissed off the hoh.Brandi tells Ross Omarosa will keep her and ARI but all she needs is Ross’s vote and she can stay and they can send home James together.Brandi Tells Ross he made a deal with brandi but he’s sorry he can’t keep her.Brandi tells Ross she was loyal to him and he has the opportunity to get James out if he keeps her in the house and Brandi wants him to work with Omarosa just to get James out

Big Brother CBBUS Live Feed Updates! Thursday, February 22th (4)

February 22, 2018

Big Brother CBBUS Live Feed Updates! Thursday, February 22th (4)
12:45 – 2:12 PM BBT Feeds out for POV Ceremony.
2:12 PM BBT Feeds return. Marissa & Omarosa are in the Hollywood RM. Marissa is getting things out of her bag. Omarosa leaves. In the kitchen Ari & Ross are dancing together. Brandi is at the bar. Omarosa is on the bench. Mark & James are there. They are cooking. The conversation is about language. Ross asks someone why they have not woken him with kisses?
2:15 PM BBT Ross & Brandi talk about Dancing With The Stars. Ross asks Brandi if she would appear on the show if asked. Omarosa asks James what he got paid for being on Dancing With The Stars. Brandi says that someone cost her a million dollars. Mark hollers that the Snapchat glasses are back. They all act goofy. James goes to Hollywood RM with the Snapchat glasses. Omarosa heads to the DR. Marissa thanks James for making her laugh. Brandi remarks to James & Mark that it is a dual HOH & says that it is both of them making the decision. Both say no. They just have similar thinking. James asks that if Brandi or Ari got HOH would they make the decisions together. He says that she told him that they are separate, but similar thinking. Brandi then tells Mark that if people had put friendships aside when they came in the house, the game would have been played differently. Marissa is out in the kitchen with everyone.
2:30 PM BBT Mark offers the Snapchat glasses to anyone who has not used them yet. Marks also asks if someone would make the Hamburger Helper. The talk turns to what they have & what they do not have food wise. Mark asks Marissa to smile. Brandi & Marissa are in the SR getting food. Brandi informs Mark there is no ground beef for the Hamburger Helper, but they have ground turkey. Mark says that is not good. James says that if they had not told Mark that it was ground turkey, he would know the difference. Brandi asks Big Brother for lean ground beef. All conversation is about food. Marissa then says that if Zingbot does not come to the house, it will be a missed opportunity. Mark says that doesn’t BB know they are celebrities. They all discuss the possibility of Zingbot being on show tomorrow. Marissa says no, that it is too much to do for live show. MARK PLEASE GO TO THE DIARY ROOM Mariss is talking about a friend of hers that is always in the audience. Marissa says that she cannot wait until Monday Conversations. Brandi says she may have Monday conversations tonight. Ari says she is out. Marissa says she will only have Monday Conversations on Mondays. Mark heads to DR wearing the Snapchat glasses showing viewers the walk to the DR. Mark says PSA from BB is not to dump food down drain. To scrape plates off as much as possible, as it was food in the drain that clogged the sink last time. Not oil.
2:45 PM BBT Marissa says that it is time to take her out. She says it is the third act. In the Hollywood RM, Marissa & Ross are talking. She is telling him about her conversation with Brandi. She tells him that she also talked to Ari & told Ari that she is ok if Ari votes to keep Brandi. She understands that Brandi is her friend.Marissa confirms that she is on the block. Marissa says that she did not want to be on the block because of all the drama. Ross tells Marissa to avoid Brandi as much as possible as she is just trying to start drama. Marissa says that Omarosa is acting like she is safe as can be & that the only two people coming after are them. Ross says that they cannot let Omarosa win the next HOH. They then start flipping through Keshia’s cookbook. Marissa is looking for Keto recipes & wants to know what Keto is. Marissa tells Ross that she does not plan to campaign to stay. That she is not that person. She also tells Ross that she has a friend that is similar to Brandi & that she has to tell her friend that just because she finds something funny, it is not ok to say it if it hurts someone. Marissa says Brandi unnerves her. Ross is playing with a belt. Marissa remarks that she is surprised that BB allows belts in the house. She then crawls in her own bed & says that she is bummed that Zingbot will not be there. That when BB is over she plans on lodging a complaint. Feeds go down When they come back, Marissa & Ross are in the Hollywood RM talking about what high school was like for them. Out in the Kitchen, it is just Brandi, Mark, & Ari. Mark is talking about meeting his wife at a club called The Viper Room. Mark is telling them that they made mistakes & this many years later, they are still dealing with the fallout from their early years. Brandi says that the issue with arguments is that they pick up from where they left off & go further. Mark agrees. They are talking about issues of people cheating on each other. Ari says that she does not understand people doing the dating apps. That it baffles her that people can meet up with someone they have never met before on purpose. Mark comments on cheating. Says that once you forgive you are accepting & Ari says that is why she says nope.

Marissa to Ross- She (Brandi) was like "tomorrow is too late.

February 22, 2018

Marissa to Ross- She (Brandi) was like "tomorrow is too late. I want to tell you why I should stay now". I wasnt going to campaign. I wasnt going to play that way 
Omarosa to Ari/Brandi- The whole time I was on the block, she (Marissa) kept going "bye bye". It was so annoying. I just wanted to once do it to her, but she couldnt handle the same joke she dishes
Omarosa to Brandi- It makes no sense sending you home. Ari- They are not being smart
Brandi to Ari- You have to win HoH. Omarosa- You have to. You are the only one strong enough to beat them
Omarosa- Their Final 4 worked. Brandi- He (Ross) had a Final 4 with Marissa and us too, and a Final 2 with me. Omarosa- Then he got mad when I called him out and said "you have a deal with half the house". I was wrong. He had a deal with more than half 
Brandi- You have to take James out...and Ross. Omarosa- If he gets to Final 4, he wins. Ari- Who? Omarosa- James 
Omarosa to Ari/Brandi- They are taking Marissa cause they know they can beat her in the final endurance. Instead, they should be keeping Brandi 
Brandi to Ari/Omarosa- You have to be careful who you step on getting to the top. It's a game. I will always be his (Ross') friend but I have been loyal to him this whole time 
Omarosa told Ari and Brandi that if Ross would have nominated James and Shannon, he would win the game hands down. She said you need to make a big move to justify being able to win 
Brandi- Put up James and Ross. Omarosa- Oh I would. That's my only choice to justify getting to the end and getting the money. If either one of them win the veto, I backdoor Marissa and say the one with the best social game left 
Marissa- Do you think Brandi is convincing them to vote me out? Ross- She cant. Marissa- She is trying. Ross- Not going to happen 
Marissa- They wont believe anything she (Brandi) says, right? Like that we have been trying to get James and Mark out since Day 1. Ross- Let them try. Marissa- Ari will agree immediately, then they will believe it.
Ross to Marissa- I have already come to terms with not winning this. If it happens, beautiful. There are people who would do anything in this house to do it
Ross- Other than that (not keeping a Final 2 with Brandi, and flipping early), I have never made up a story about somebody in this house, or told something false in this house. Marissa- Me neither. I have never lied 
Omarosa to Brandi- It's a tie right now. If she (Ari) and i vote (Marissa out), he (Mark) breaks it 
Omarosa- Force him (Ross) to remember that he gave his word. If you get him, you have got me and Ari. She can go. She is a bigger threat. Brandi- She knows the game way better. Omarosa- You have known him longer 
Brandi- He (Ross) made me pinky swear. Omarosa- You need to remind him, to force him to remember that the world is watching him lie
Ari to Brandi- You should talk to Mark first and tell him your deal with Ross. Omarosa- No, cause they will go back to Ross. Brandi- Then he definitely wont go on my side 
Omarosa- How can you get him (Ross) by himself? Brandi- I did last night. He was like "I cant keep my promise to everyone". I was in shock. Omarosa- He gave your word first 
Omarosa- Him (Ross) and the guys must be super tight. Brandi- They are not swaying, I really dont think. Omarosa- It's worth a try though
Omarosa to Ari- If we keep her (Brandi), we have the numbers. We cant lose the numbers. Marissa will do whatever they tell her to do
Ari- I feel bad for Brandi. He (Ross) is now acting super weird around her. He is her friend. He is not acting like a friend anymore. Omarosa- It shouldnt be that easy to just throw stuff away
Omarosa- He (Ross) wants me out cause I see straight through him. Ari- He is scared of you. Omarosa- Yeah. I see the truth 
Ari to Brandi- You should go in there and talk to them both. Omarosa- You can talk to Mark by himself. It's personal. The way Ross comes after me, James comes after you (Brandi) 
Omarosa to Ari/Brandi- When they call Marissa to the diary room, it's the only chance you guys have (to talk to Ross) 
Omarosa- I dont know if he (Ross) cares that he will hand her (Marissa) $250,000 if he doesnt (vote her out). Brandi- She knows the game 
Brandi- What if we could have a lifeline? Omarosa- I would call Evel Dick

Big Brother CBBUS Live Feed Updates! Thursday, February 22th (3)

February 22, 2018

Big Brother CBBUS Live Feed Updates! Thursday, February 22th (3)
10:55 AM BBT-11:20 AM BBT Feeds still on fish.
11:20 AM BBT Feeds back. To Marissa telling Brandi about her clip in hair. Marissa is telling Ari she is looking pretty. Brandi tells her she missed it earlier when Ari had different color contacts in. Marissa is saying that she use to wear purple contacts. Omarosa in the SR ironing. Ross is in the shower. And James and Mark are in the HOH room getting ready. James is saying that Marissa was making him laugh so hard last night. He says that he likes it when they can just have fun. Marissa is singing where is the sun and she wants to go outside and see the sunlight.
11:30 AM BBT Everyone is now awake and getting ready for the meeting and veto ceremony. Omarosa is wearing a different shirt that they haven’t seen yet she says that she has a bunch of shirts she brought with her just for the DR. Omarosa says she can’t believe that her and Brandi have the same suitcase. Omarosa can’t find her mic. BB calls out Ross and Omarosa to put on their mics. James asks him if he had talked to Omarosa about who was going up. He says that he is thinking about putting Marissa up and then Ross comes into the HOH room saying that putting Marissa up is the safest plan to get Brandi out because by putting Omarosa up will have to many votes to get her out instead of Brandi. They really need her out first. Ross says that Marissa will have to be ok with it to just go with the plan. But says that Marissa is more scared that everyone will vote out her instead. James says that he really needs to win this next HOH so he can go after Omarosa. BB tells Omarosa to put on her mic. Again. Brandi is talking to Omarosa about going on the Apprentice and their experiences. Ross and Mark in the HOH room talking about what is going to be happening in the coming days. Mark is asking Ross if Marissa is freaking out. Mark thinks that by putting Marissa up will loosen the heat on the 4 of them. Ross says surprisingly she is not. Ross is wanting to bring down the blow dryer to Omarosa. Ross has left the room and James is talking to Mark about what they have and haven’t talked about to the others. James can’t believe that it’s Thursday already. Ross rings the doorbell and comes into the HOH room and asks Mark if he doesn’t like to watch the monitor. Omarosa, Brandi is talking about the Apprentice. They are still getting makeup on. Ross goes into his room to put his stuff away.
11:45 AM BBT Mark is offering James some snacks and James says that he doesn’t really like sweets. He says he eats healthy. Mark offered James his orange hat. Ari is holding the strand of hair wondering how it attaches. Ross is talking to Marissa about the plan. She is worried that Omarosa is not nervous at all. She says to him that Omarosa is trying to wear something that looks good to be on the red chair. Marissa says it could be her. Trying to not lead her to believe anything is going on. James and Mark are saying that everyone would vote Ross in the end. They think that Marissa is not really a huge threat to their games. Marissa is telling Ross that James just really wants Brandi out so bad then go from then. Marissa know that Omarosa knows she is going up on the block. Ross tells her to go upstairs and ask the boys how she knows about Marissa going on the block. James and Mark are wanting to go and make some food before being locked up. Mark wants to listen to a little bit of Bob Marley before going down. James leaves the room. Omarosa and Ari in WR. BB calls Omarosa into SR. She replies with, “Yeah, drugs!” Fish. Feeds return with Ari still in WR with Brandi using restroom. Omarosa comes in and shows Ari the lashes she got and offers her a pack. She also got her drugs. Fish.
12:00 PM BBT Ross has left the BR leaving only Marissa putting on make-up and getting herself ready. She looks through her box of hair. She asks Ari’s advice on her eye make-up; Ari says she needs a lot of liner. Omarosa comes into the bedroom. She is hungry but does not feel like cooking. She says she might just take a nap. They recall when Omarosa touched her hand to awaken her this morning; Marissa likes sleep so at that time she was really mad. They recall other events and more Fish. Ross, James, and Ari were in the kitchen. Ross and Mark end up in SR…no game talk. As they come out Mark says BB said an hour ago, an hour ago! They say they will be going to bed early tonight! Ross, Mark, and Ari sit at kitchen counter. Not much is being said. They are awaiting the POV ceremony. James comes out and they talk about emptying out the sink (sounds like it’s backed up). They don’t know for sure but believe it was the result of Omarosa.
12:15 PM BBT Omarosa is lying on the bed; Marissa moving about still getting ready. No one is talking. James, Mark, and Ari say that they are great at killing time. Every small task is being recognized and discussed. Such as James spent a minute peeling a banana and then talking about it to kill more time. Now they discuss how today is a no-cook day in what they are going to eat this evening. James describes his man-which sandwich. Mark relates being in the BB house to being on a 22-day (so far) airplane trip. Marissa tells those in the kitchen how she just now woke up Omarosa to ask where the make-up wipes are. Now she feels better for when Omarosa woke her this morning for nail polish. Marissa says she is now over it. Everyone knows not to awaken Marissa. Marissa tells them there was only thing she has done in there which could be embarrassing…something involving a sports bra and the camera. James tells the fun fact about the BB Game is that there is no hard liquor. They agree the air within the BB House is the worst. Everyone but Omarosa and Brandi are in the kitchen talking. Current topic is having diarrhea on a plane. Omarosa comes out as Marissa wonders if grease was put into the drain; they confirm that Omarosa told the DR about the backed-up sink. Fish. Feeds come back with them talking about bagels….Marissa eats bagels only to get the cream cheese! (that’s her favorite food) Omarosa is fixing something on the stove…sizzling like bacon? Discussion is about other breakfast-type fast food places.
12:30 PM BBT Marissa is taking note of all the phrases (could be a dirty meaning) that James and Mark has said. She says she is going to slip and probably use them on the outside; she has also used them in the wrong context inside the house. James and Mark says that using them wrong makes it funny, but still appropriate. Alternating periods of Fish and general chit-chat in the kitchen with all HGs except Brandi who is in the DR. They talk about some play they want to act out. Marissa keeps rewriting. She likes harassing James. Fish. Marissa goes into SR and back to the kitchen. She lets everyone know that Brandi just came out of the DR. BB calls Ari into DR. Every comments about them calling in the Veto Winner….it’s time! Fish at 12:44 pm, and 3 minutes later feeds show the puppies from a Human Society available for adoption. .

James- Have you spoken to Omarosa at all? Mark- Briefly yesterday.

February 22, 2018

James- Have you spoken to Omarosa at all? Mark- Briefly yesterday. James- Did she ask you about it? Mark- I told her I think I am going to put Marissa up. James- You made her feel safe? Mark- Oh yeah
Ross to James/Mark- I said Omarosa being up there is going to be too tempting for too many people. It makes it easier for me to vote Brandi (if Marissa is nominated)
Ross- She (Marissa) is on board. James- If anybody is wanting to get rid of Brandi, it's us (James/Mark)
Mark- If you put Marissa up, it takes the heat off of the foursome. Ross- I think so too. I dont think anyone is on it. Mark- I think so too 
James to Mark- FYI, I told them (Ross/Marissa) last night that we hadnt talked in detail about the plan 
James- We have what we have without so many words. It's better to not make it official. Mark- You are right about that
Ross- Maybe we go talk to them and go "why is she (Omarosa) not nervous? Does she know she is safe?". Marissa- It's not going to matter
Marissa to Ross- She (Omarosa) is not nervous at all. They (James/Mark) definitely have a deal with her. I think they have a Final 3 with her
Ross- If James wins and doesnt put her (Omarosa) up, then we will know. Marissa- It will be too late then. Ross- I know
Ross to Marissa- It's the first time they didnt keep their word. The agreement was, as recently as last night, that Omarosa would go up. I see why. It makes perfect sense if they are true to everything
Ari used the Power of Veto on herself. Mark nominated Marissa as the replacement nominee
Brandi- Is she (Marissa) okay? Ross- Packing. Brandi- Dramatic. Ross- She just wants to get ready. She has to anyway
Brandi is wearing the veto necklace around the house
Brandi- We could sit in the living room and just tell everyone why we should stay. James- That will happen tomorrow. Brandi- But it's too late tomorrow. You didnt like the idea? 
Marissa to Ross- I am already stressed. She (Brandi) just said right now "I think we all sit in the living room and say why we should stay"
Ross- She (Brandi) is going to blow this up. Marissa- Uh huh. She is going to be crazy
Marissa to Ross- Her (Brandi) and James were in the storage room forever. I knocked on the door and she was like "no, you cant come in right now". (They were looking for food, not talking game)

Big Brother CBBUS Live Feed Updates! Thursday, February 22th (2)

February 22, 2018

Big Brother CBBUS Live Feed Updates! Thursday, February 22th (2)
8:00 AM BBT The house is dark and quiet, all HGs are asleep..
8:07 AM BBT Feeds go to FISH
8:15 AM BBT Feeds still on FISH.
8:24 AM BBT Feeds return to the lights on but no one in a hurry to get out of bed, Brandi is asking Ari how she slept- apparently good because of benadryl. Ross gets his new battery for the day. Brandi says she needs a shower, pulls on robe and slippers.
8:30 AM BBT Ari is in the blue room getting her things together for the day. In the bathroom Ross walks in and exclaims day 23! Omarosa can be heard in the shower saying it feels like counting down the days in jail. Brandi and Ariadna have moved to the kitchen and Brandi makes some coffee. Omarosa emerges from the shower in her pink onesie. Marissa quickly grabs a new mic but jumps back in bed. Omarosa is now alone in the blue bedroom with her bible. Brandi and Ari are discussing different coffee techniques in the kitchen, Ari eating fruit. The girls are freezing, they want showers and to get ready. Brandi doubts they’ll have time. Ari keeps singing this morning making short FISH breaks. Return to Ari asking who’s taking it home, Brandi laughs not her! They complain the coffee is to weak, Brandi beginning to remake. Brandi says everyone has gotten to take showers since last night except them. They discuss the facial expression comp from last night.
8:45 AM BBT Omarosa still in her bed starts to apply her makeup in a hand mirror. Brandi says BB might have to force her into the shower, feed cuts. Return to Brandi in the bathroom curling her hair extensions. Ari walks in, Brandi wondering if there is a deal to made with *her * saying that would be 3 votes-but that *she’s* very arrogant right now. Ari walks into the blue room and asks why Omarosa is doing her makeup in here, Omarosa says the bathroom is busy. Ari back to the bathroom where only Brandi is curling hair.
9:00 AM BBT Ariadna starts the shower. Brandi says she has no energy today. Ari jumps in while Brandi goes in search of hair conditioner. Brandi comes back in and says she’s never taken a shower on the left side, gathers stuff and jumps in. Omarosa occupies all cams now sitting quietly alone in the blue bedroom with her makeup and mirror.
9:15 AM BBT Cams still on Omarosa as she applies her powder. Bathroom feed returns to Ari with her hair wrapped in a towel in her robe applying face moisturizer, she grabs her hand mirror. Brandi calls out from the shower she wishes they had music. Brandi now out of the shower gathers her makeup and body care items. BB gets onto Ari and Brandi for not having their mics on properly.
9:30 AM BBT Ari and Brandi continue their morning routines in the bathroom area, Omarosa in her bed. The rest of the house seems quiet off camera. Omarosa asks what’s going on in the bathroom as Brandi walks through the room, Brandi answers the woke up to do makeup. Brandi returns to the bathroom and tells Ari. They start talking about tomorrow, Brandi says they’ll have to vote with the house to stay safe. Omarosa comes into the bathroom. Ari is putting in a contact, Brandi gives advice. Ari is having trouble because of her lashes. The nail polish remover is missing from the BB bathroom!
9:45 AM BBT Ari continues to struggle with the contact but energising eventually gets it, the girls all squeal about how pretty the color is on her! Ari attempts the second contact. Ari gets the second contact stuck and there is a slight struggle getting it out. Brandi offers her a different contact to try, more struggling. She finally gets it! Brandi advises her to do her hair before doing more to her eyes. Brandi says to Ari ‘you should ask her etsy she thinks you should do’.
10:00 AM BBT Brandi asks Omarosa if she leaves tomorrow if she’d take care of Ari. Brandi doesn’t think that James is going to cut Mark. They think that Marissa is going to just hand over the check to Ross. Brandi thinks that if it was Marissa and Ari at the end Ari wins. Brandi wants to just blow everyone’s game. Mark comes downstairs. Omarosa asks Ari if she needed more eyelashes. BB tells Omarosa to move her necklace away from her mic. Brandi is blow-drying her hair. Ari is helping Omarosa out by putting her lashes on her. Mark is in the kitchen making coffee. BB calls Ari to the DR. Ari told BB to give her 10 mins. Mark is putting away stuff.Omarosa is done painting her nails. Ari wants to take out the contact to fix it. She was asking Brandi how to remove it. Brandi is washing her hands so that she can help Ari take out the contact. Brandi gives Ari the pair of contacts that she likes. Brandi wishes that she could use a full lash but can’t seem to keep them on her eye. But has to draw out with the eyeliner to give that illusion of longer lashes. Ari mastered putting in contacts. Mark comes into the WR where the girls are but then leaves.Brandi says she hasn’t tweeted out lately. Omarosa says she did last night to her publicist asking for more clothes for the finale. Ari says that her eyes are hurting Brandi says she has eyewash. Ari says she just can’t do the contacts. Brandi is helping her take them out.
10:15 AM BBT Brandi got the contacts out. They think maybe because of the lights in the house or dust or just not the right environment for Ari to try them on. She liked it for the minute they were in. They said no more going outside. They are upset. Omarosa says she tried to stay out there as long as she could but it was so cold. Mark comes into the WR asks if he should just toss out the fruit that was on the table. The girls says yes toss it no one will eat it. HG’s hear the construction banging. And they say oh here we go now it starting. Mark takes the fruit to the SR. Ari is straightening her hair. Brandi is curling hers. Mark is wanting to clean the house says it’s disgusting. Mark has no idea how to make coffee. Other than the keurig machine. Brandi is showing him how. Mark and Brandi both don’t like their coffee that they can see through it. They like it thick and strong. Ari and Omarosa are talking in the WR about what they should do next. Omarosa says they need to get out Ross because he is the most dangerous. Brandi comes back into the WR talking about finding Marissa’s hair everywhere. She says she really liked the brown hair but didn’t like the itching. Brandi asked Omarosa if she still talks to Trump and she says not really had the time since leaving the White house and coming into the BB house. They are talking about who will be there at finale for each of them. Mark is having issues with a clogged sink. He’s grossed out about it. Omarosa offered to help he says there’s nothing in the sink except a huge grease sluge Brandi told him to run hot water in there and put dish soap he says he doesn’t think that would even help. The girls are talking about Shannon loving the game to much.
10:30 AM BBT They are talking about how they wanted to trust Shannon but when she kept telling Omarosa to not talk to Chuck. They think that Shannon was talking game while Omarosa was in the hospital. Omarosa says that the very first conversation when she came back was to Keshia and she was saying that Shannon was pinning everything on Omarosa. They think that Keshia was having maternal issues and not knowing how to deal with it. Omarosa is saying that Shannon was trying so hard to pin something on her making her out like the bad person. Omarosa is saying that those who have left will be in the jury that will get to ask questions to the final 2. Omarosa is going to ask DR for a plummer to fix the kitchen sink. Brandi says the next time she gets the chance to be on a show she wants to watch it to see how things go. They are talking about what Chuck and Shannon would ask. Brandi thinks that everyone would vote for Ari in the end. Ari says she has to get there first.
10:45 AM BBT Mark can’t believe that there is still 7 people still in the house and so close to the end. Omarosa and Mark are discussing crushing boardium. They are wondering where everyone will be when they come to fix the sink. Ari and Brandi just wants to talk to the others and see where their vote lies. Brandi thinks that Marissa will abandon them. Brandi is helping Ari curl her hair. Omarosa and Mark are talking about flying and certain airlines. Brandi wants to talk to Ross. They say that Ross has given his word to them to not go along with Omarosa’s side. They’re hoping that he votes with them. They think that he’ll do whatever Marissa does. Brandi wants to remind him that the 2 of them were friends before the house and she wants him to keep her in the house. BB calls Brandi to the DR she says “oops pass”. We get fished.

ARIADNA won the Power Of Veto!

February 22, 2018

ARIADNA won the Power Of Veto!
We’re back with the latest Celebrity Big Brother spoilers from the Live Feeds and here are the latest results. The Veto competition is over and now we’ve got a look at who could be the final noms for this round of CBB.

Mark is in charge as the new HoH and he sent Brandi and Ari to the Block with his target set on Brandi. Will he still get to see that plan through to the finish? Read on for the results

Feeds returned to Brandi worrying to Ross and Marissa who Mark would renom. Brandi is fairly certain she’s the one getting evicted next round. Yep, sure looks like it.

Mark and James went to the exercise room and talked game. He is going to renom Marissa and if they really want to get Brandi out then there shouldn’t be an issue. He’s not giving the other HGs a chance to send out Omarosa instead. Mark plans to tell Marissa, but he’s going to wait because he doesn’t want to have to listen to it longer than he has to.

Competing today we had Mark (HoH) and Brandi & Ari (Noms) along with Marissa, Omarosa, and James as the picked players. Ross was the host and only person not playing.

 Big Brother CBBUS Live Feed Updates! Thursday, February 22nd (1)

February 22, 2018

  Big Brother CBBUS Live Feed Updates! Thursday, February 22nd

12:00 AM BBT Brandi, Ari, Marissa and Ross are all in the lounge. Mark is outside in the BY on the sofa sleeping. They are talking about who Mark might put up on the block. Marissa says because they are a foursome and more dangerous than Omarosa. Marissa said she is not as dangerous because she is only one person. Ari asks Marissa who she thinks she would put up of she is HOH. She said she is not going to be HOH. Ari said if he puts her up against her then she will be voted out. Marissa and Ross said there is only a few more days left of the show and eventually they will all be voted off soon. Ari said they are trying to break us up right now. Marissa says Omarosa is not talking game with her right now so she doesn’t know where her head is out. Ross left and said he doesn’t want to talk anymore and he needs to go to bed. Ari is sad and pouting and Marissa tells her it will be ok and she wants her to win the whole game. Brandi says, “In the end it is going to be may the best man win. And you only have your numbers.” Marissa says, “That’s right.” Marissa tells Ari that the game is pretty much over and there is not much they can do now.” Brandi says, “Omarosa said several times to her that she wants Ari to win.” Marissa said, “She is teamed up with everyone in this house but me. She doesn’t want me to win. She doesn’t want you to win.” Production says, “Ariadna reattach your microphone.” The Ladies jumped and said they need their medicine. They pass by the picture wall and start talking about the photos and who the recognized in the comp and who they did not.
12:15 AM BBT Then Brandi and Marissa start talking about the pains they are feeling. Ari said she wants to talk with Ross alone real quick to the ladies. They say that is ok. Brandi says that is all we have to do from now on because we are so close to the end of the game anyway. Production called Marissa to the Storage Room for her medications. They both go in the storage room to get their meds. They are talking about how they do not need to whisper and talk about others behind their backs anymore. Marissa said it is hard for Ari. But we all just have to play for ourselves now if we can think about how to do it. They come back out of the SR and back into the bedroom. Then Brandi asks production for her medications. Marissa said she is going to the bathroom to change into her pajamas. Brandi says the color of that bedroom is getting to her. Then she says she need to take a shower tonight. She goes into the Tiffany room and gets her makeup remover cloths. Ross and Ari are in the Hollywood Rm talking game. Ari said if I go please take care of Marissa. Ari told Ross he has to try hard and get them to put up Omarosa. Marissa came into bedroom and said she was sorry. Ross said, “It’s ok. You can come in. I have nothing to hide.” Brandi is called into the SR and she came back into the room and showed them that she got her hair extensions that she was wanting.
12:30 AM BBT Marissa, Ross and Ari were all saying aww and asking her how it worked. Ari and Marissa left the bedroom and went into the kitchen. Brandi said goodnight to Ross and gave him a hug. He said he loved her and she and it back to him and to sleep well. Then Brandi said, “If you start to bleed there is chapstick next to you by my bed on the nightstand. Then she left the bedroom. All three ladies met u out in the kitchen and living room. Then they decided to go outside for a breath of fresh air. Omarosa was lying on the couch all covered up. They were saying it was cold in the house. Brandi said she was going to go brush her teeth and she would be right back and she went inside the house. Ari and Marissa brought the laundry in. Marissa went back to the bedroom with Ross to talk to him. Ross was telling Marissa that they have a better deal with the boys. Ross said that he thinks Mark will put Omarosa up. She said she thinks the boys don’t trust her. And she said that they think she will flip and go with the girls. Marissa said Ari could flip and put her up because she is a smart girl and could be making a deal with Mark all that time she has been up there talking to him. Marissa said she is going to talk to Mark tomorrow and tell him that she will work with them if they put up Omarosa. And if they don’t they want to do that I can put up Brandi. But I will go and talk to him tomorrow.
12:45 AM BBT Ross said he want to go to bed but they haven’t called him to the DR yet. He then says to the camera, “I’m going to bed BB.” He leave the bedroom. Ari and Marissa stay in the bedroom talking. Production then calls Ro to the DR. Then they continuing talking. James peaks in and asks about the laundry. Marissa aid Ari did it. He left to go get it. They are trying to guess how many days are left in the show and when the evictions are. Marissa is telling Ari not to worry. Marissa said she needs a plan but it is so crunched to the end. Brandi cmes into the room and she says he was telling Ari how many shows there might be left and if there are any double evictions. Marissa ay there is usually 5 weeks left at this point in the game. Then James comes back into the bedroom and he tells him what they were talking about. He said, “Yeah. It doesn’t make sense at all.” Then they all were trying to guess how it was going to go and the schedule of the olympics. Then Ari and Brandi said they were going to go to bed and they left the room. They said goodnight. Then James and Marissa started talking. She asked if he was talking to Mark upstairs. He said, “No. I literally just got out of the DR.” She was telling him that her and Ross were talking and he is upset because he might have to vote Brandi out. Then she told him that she told Ross that if they want her to vote Ross out she would. Omarosa came back in the house and was in the Tiffany rm getting ready for bed.
1:00 AM BBT Ari, Omarosa and Brandi were all getting into their pajamas. Ari and Omarosa went to the bathroom to wash their faces. Ari went back to the Tiffany Rm and Brandi started talking to her right away about Ross. She said it is his fault and he got caught making deals with everyone in the house and not her. Brandi said, “If Mark was smart he would backdoor Ross tomorrow.” Ari went to talk with James but came back and told Brandi that he likes her. Brandi said, “Everyone loves Ari.” James, Marissa and Ross are still talking game. Ross said if Omarosa wins HOH and puts Marissa and I us together then we need to win the veto and take one of us down and who would he put up?” James said, “Ari would be the only one left to put up.” Ross said, “And Mark,”
1:15 AM BBT Marissa said, Omarosa was out there studying. We were all studying out there. We need to stop studying with her.” She said, “We need to start studying more though.” Then Marissa starts trying to guess what games they might play. James said, “There are puzzles left.” James asked, “How will they do all thi in one night?” Marissa said, “They do it all in one hour. It’s called fast forward. They do a math question and have us guess and whoever is the closest wins.” Then Marissa starts talking to James about what she said in her DR session about him being cute and if she were 20 years younger. Production said, “You are not allowed to talk about your DR sessions with other HGs.” She stopped and was laughing. James said, “But you are married and have a child. She said, “So. Disposable.” Ross asked, “Which one is disposable?” She laughed and said, “Sometimes I take medications at bedtime.” Ross said, “Sometimes?”
1:30 AM BBT Ross said he was going to go outside and get a last bit of air. James asked Marissa, “Isn’t it funny that now she is flirting more with me now.” Marissa said, she is now. James said, “It’s a good thing I am with Gabby now.” Ross came back from outside in the BY. The three of them continue to talk about the game more. Ross said, “everyone keeps asking me if I have a plan. But I don’t have a plan.” Brandi and Ari are still awake and talking about the game in the Tiffany Rm. Ari said she told Ross that if he doesn’t get to the final two then this isn’t worth it. Brandi said, “He won’t make it to the final two.” Brandi said, “Ross has had to have a deal with the boys for a while.” She said, “I understand why they are keeping Marissa because she is a freebie. She will vote any way she tells them.” Ari says, “She told Ross that if he is making a deal with the boys then he better make sure that he really is with them in that deal.” Brandi said, “I think he should not have made so many deals because you can’t keep all of them.” She said, “He made a lot of promises to me. And in the end he is going to have a lot of people mad at him.” She says, “He is very persuasive when he want to be.”
1:45 AM BBT Ari tells Brandi, “Make a deal with them.” Brandi asks Ari what deal is Marissa making with them? Ari says, “She is saying the same thing. She is saying if they don’t put her up or evict her then she will not put them up.” Brandi says, “That just sounds like groveling or begging ad I am not going to do that.” Brandi says, “he (Ross) will put whoever up just to save his own ass.” Ari says, “It’s ok Brandi. It’s just a game.” Brandi said, “I have a really horrible idea. It is really horrible. But what if I offer him mine and your votes to back door Ross.” Ari starts laughing and laughing. Ari says, “I hope they show this.” Brandi said, “They will.” Brandi says, “Ross is really good at the game.” Ari said, “No he isn’t because he had the opportunity to back door James and he didn’t.”
2:00 AM BBT The conversation continues in the Tiffany Room in where the votes would go with people at final 2. Omarosa says if they put Marissa up it is to split the vote. Omarosa says we don’t have the votes to get Ross out. Brandi again repeats that Ross had a deal with her since day 1. Omarosa says if we vote Marissa and James and Ross vote Brandi the HOH will have to break the tie. Omarosa says she thinks Ross will not vote out Marissa for the same reason she would not vote out Keisha. Omarosa says if it is a tie Mark as HOH will vote out Brandi as he is mad at her. Omarosa says Ross is the only vote they can go after and he will not vote against Marissa. She says he might as well write her the cheque. Ari says the only way to stay is for one of us to get HOH. Omarosa says it is 4 of them against the 2 of us. Omarosa says if it is a double she will be going up. Ari says she thinks James is mad at her for putting him up. Omarosa gets called out for her mic. Ari wonders what the next comp will be. Omarosa says they are building something wonderful. She explains what OTEV is. She also admits it is not a comp for her. Omarosa asks will Marissa will freak out if she is put up. Omarosa tells Brandi if you can get Ross to change and vote her out we will have flipped the house. Brandi says she can not kiss Ross’s ass as she is not that type of person. Brandi says all she can do is tell him the facts. Omarosa says she thinks that James gave up the HOH so he could have the power to say who goes home. Omarosa says she has watched solid alliances break up during a double eviction. Brandi says she knows she has to talk to them but she doesn’t want to she doesn’t think it will help.
2:15 AM BBT Brandi says Ari if you win the next HOH you will be safe. Omarosa says if it is a double eviction you have to have a plan already in your head because you come in name your noms and go right back out and play the POV. Brandi says Marissa told her she was going to make a deal with them. Omarosa says she can only deal she could make is to give her vote. Omarosa says she has already tried to make them see they do not have a chance against Marissa in final 2. She says he doesn’t want to see it. Brandi thinks the guys are playing more emotional than the ladies are. Brandi puts her night mask on and says good night. Ari and Omarosa are reading their Bibles before they call it a night. Omarosa finished first then Ari has finished reading her Bible and says good night.
2:30 AM BBT All HGS are asleep
2:45 AM BBT Brandi gets up out of her bed and goes crawl into Ari bed for a minute. She then heads back to her bed.


 8:15 PM BBT Marissa, Ross, Ari, and Brandi are hanging out playing

February 21, 2018

 8:15 PM BBT Marissa, Ross, Ari, and Brandi are hanging out playing pool.Brandi, Marissa, and Ross discuss how they think they all have different contracts with Big Brother. Brandi and Marissa start talking about how two of the four HGs quit and how viewers are probably disappointed.Brandi complains about having a headache. Brandi is wearing a brunette wig and cleaning gloves. PLEASE STOP SINGING! Brandi comments that it is probably Mark singing.
8:30 PM BBT Ross and Marissa are playing pool. Ari and Brandi are watching. Mark is in the HOH room listening to music. James is in the kitchen. Omarosa is finally out of the DR. Marissa says that she is probably next. Brandi tells Ross and Marissa that she is thinking about trying to go in the DR to see if she can get it over with so she can go to bed. Marissa says something about needing to wash anything and everything like they are going to lose the backyard for the rest of the time in the house. The HGs continue to discuss not being able to go outside until Sunday. Mark says that he wishes production would not have told them. Marissa tells everyone that they should take some pills and go to sleep. They discuss getting to go outside tonight and how they will go to sleep at 9pm the rest of the nights.
8:45 PM BBT James is talking to Marissa upstairs from the kitchen. They are speculating the next few days and Mark says that they should not speculate so much. Ross tells Marissa that if he would have known that they would not be allowed to go outside for four days then he would not have signed up for the show. Mark says it is going to be an interesting next few days. James tells them that there are only a few more days until they are back to their cushy lifestyles. Ross tells Marissa that they should all ask to speak to someone about not being able to go outside. Feeds cut to fish. Marissa tells Ari that Brandi was listening to them talk to Mark earlier and that it made her feel yuck. James and Marissa tell Brandi and Omarosa about how they did not trust production with their cell phones so they left them at home. Marissa keeps talking about how they are not going to get to go outside for the rest of their life. Ari tells Ross that she is going to go crazy. Ari tells Ross that she doesn’t think that production can do that. Sounds like the HGs played the comp with the face matching. Brandi tells Ross that Mark went into the DR. Brandi asks Ross what his plan is. She asks Ross how he is going to seperate those two. Brandi is reminding Ross about their final two deal. Ari and Marissa are in the living room talking about how someone puts on a show for POP.
9:00 PM BBT Brandi tells Ross that she doesn’t have a deal with anyone in the house except him. Marissa tells Ari that Omarosa is not going to do any dishes even after she just made herself burgers. Omarosa joins Ari and Marissa in the living room. Brandi asks Ross flat out if he is going to vote for her and Ross tells her that he would love to but…..he is in a tough position. Ross tells her that the whole house has made a decision and that he will have to vote with the house to save his own game. Ross tells Brandi that he will still fight for her to stay. Ross tells Brandi that he doesn’t think he is going to make it to the end. Ross tells Brandi that he for sure can’t win a physical comp. James tells Omarosa and Ariadna about how living in Hollywood was a disaster. Brandi and Ross still talking game upstairs. Brandi is trying to sway Ross to save her. Ross tells Brandi that he can’t beat Marissa or Brandi in the finale. Ross tells her that he needs to be in the end with Mark in order to win.
9:15 PM BBT Ross hugs Brandi. Ross tells Brandi that he is going to talk to Mark. Brandi tells Ross that Mark is in the DR. Brandi and Ross join James, Omarosa, and Ariadna in the living room. ARIADNA! PLEASE DO NOT OBSTRUCT YOUR MICROPHONE! Ross and Marissa talk about how the lights were turned down in the BY and when they said something production made it brighter. YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO TALK ABOUT PRODUCTION! They discuss feeding the fish. Omarosa goes and gets the fish food and feeds them. Brandi tells Ross that she knew he was going to be in the house before the show started. ARIADNA! PLEASE REATTACH YOUR MICROPHONE! The HGs are trying to figure out what to do. Omarosa suggest spin the bottle and truth or dare one. Omarosa asks Ari if it was hard to keep her composure when she was crowned accidentally. Ari says that it was not hard.
9:30 PM BBT Omarosa, Ross, Marissa, Brandi, James, and Ari are playing truth or dare in the living room. James is cooking something in the kitchen. James joins the others in the living room. James tells Omarosa that his first job was iCarly when he was 17.
9:45 PM BBT Brandi gets a truth question and says that she would want to date Lenny Kravitz. James tells them that he has hooked up with someone 18 years older before. Mark comes out of the DR and says Hey Guys! The HGs fill Mark in with the truth or dare game going on. MARISSA! PLEASE GO TO THE DIARY ROOM! Marissa asks everyone if they think that she should put on some makeup. PLEASE STOP SINGING! YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO TALK ABOUT PRODUCTION! Mark announces that the outside is open. Ross asks Mark if they can talk later. Mark tells him that the plan stands to send Brandi home this week. Ross tells him that it puts him in a tough position. Ross and Marissa are whispering in the bedroom about Omarosa.
10:00 PM BBT Ross, Omarosa, Marissa and Ari are in the bedroom and Omarosa says that she is willing to try and go by their original plan and to keep the the rest as the same. For sure the others cannot have anything to do with getting ready, they wonder how they will get to the final three Ross and Marissa talk about what the other houseguest and how the endured living in the house in the past.
10:15PM BBT Brandi sitting around the fire pit and says that she wants her life back. James says he saw a broadway show that was so good right before he came into the house and they talk about Metta being on the show and how he would have not been able to sit still and would have had to clean the house prior to getting there. The others talk about production and how the show made them feel. They talk about how many people they need to get rid of for the show to makes sense. They say that Friday and Saturday will be back to back double evictions. Mark mentions Trejo and how they feel and the difference from the whole big brother show and the end and the way they handle who they are.
10:30PM BBT Mark says that the game is made to be deceptive and how they handle this in future. Marisa says that she doesn’t think some of the houseguests wouldn’t live in the house and put up with the way the houseguests are in the show on tv but really don’t like them
10:45 PM BBT James says he has to go to DR and he has to be in there and Marissa has been there for over an hour. James says he wonders if the original show thinks they went easy on the celebrity. They think that the answer is yes and that they went easy on them, but they don’t think so.
11:00PM BBT In the kitchen Brandi and Ari dancing together, it looks like Brandi is wearing Marisa hair extensions. Brandi and Ari walking around whispering but you cannot hear them because they are whispering too low. Ari climbs into bed with Ross, and Brandi just sits around talking about all the things from counting in the house to get ready for the number competitions. Ross says that he spent like six hours in the room waiting for the others to finish the Veto comp.
11:15PM BBT Outside Mark, James and Omarosa talk about how Brandi talks when she drinks. They say she talks about her sex life and that she is not asked and she comes up with details and names and is very vulgar about it. James talks about the comp when they had to walk in the honey. Omarosa talks about how she lost her shoes and pants during that show. Mark says that he gets in his jacuzzi at home everyday but this one is so dirty, and that they aren’t given the products to keep it clean. James says he is happy that they got free food in the house everyday and that they have a couple excellent cooks in the house. They say Keisha made some really good food. They talk about being mad on the block when they were up but that’s just something that they couldn’t help. They laugh and talk about how there minds will be mush on the final comp and that they will be asked simple things like what is the day and how to spell simple words and no one will know. James says he is glad that he didn’t win any of the first comps. Omarosa says that Shannon had jacked Marks B and it messed up Marks word. They talk about Chuck and his word and how he played. The three of them talk about their wiki page.
11:30PM BBT Omarosa talks about the best part of HoH was them doing her laundry. They say that the machine doesn’t wash their clothes good enough. They laugh and say the real world laugh about how the celebrities not liking the washer. James talks about his friends and friends. Omarosa says that the jury is gonna be a bitter a** jury. James says he can see that and understands. Omarosa says that people don’t like her and she really is ok with that. The guys says she treats others the way she is treated and that she is a good person. Omarosa says that she has had to tell Brandi to stop judging her. In the bedroom Brandi, Ari and Ross playing around and talking to the live feeds and pretending Ross and Ari are married. Marissa is back from the DR and they ask her to come and play with the cameras and she says yes she will be right back. Omarosa back in and asks if they are coming back out and they say it’s too cold. Ross says we should go out for a few so that Marisa gets some fresh air, and hopefully that they don’t play around and they go in soon.
11:45PM BBT James is asked into the DR , and the others say that they wanted to go. Mark says he is going towards bed, as the others say they are just hanging till midnight. Omarosa stays outside with Marisa and Ross. Marissa is finally called to get her pills from storage. Ross and Marissa in the lounge talking about Omarosa and that she tells each of them she wants someone else out. They say that they want to pitch to mark to get omarosa out. Marissa says that Brandi was trying to go against Ross when she was against him on the block and if she is on the block with her on the finale she will have everyone in the house against Brandi. Ross says that they are better off with James and Mark and that they are more loyal and they don’t know about Brandi/ Ari because they are just trying to keep themselves safe. Brandi and Ari head back outside to see where everyone is, they find Ross and Marissa in the lounge.

Brandi to Ari/Marissa/Ross- I think the biggest concern is splitting up Mark and James.

February 21, 2018

Brandi to Ari/Marissa/Ross- I think the biggest concern is splitting up Mark and James. I still think James is a bigger threat (than Omarosa)
Ross- Brandi and I, on Day 1 we made a Final 2. Her behaviour int he house begins to affect me in the game. Ari- It affected all of us. Ross- I have to re-evaluate everything. I feel horrible cause I love Brandi so much. Ari- She feels sad too
Ari- She (Brandi) didnt ask for my vote. Ross- I know she told Marissa she couldnt trust me, and I know she told you I didnt want to sit next to the beauty queen at the end 
Ari- She (Brandi) told me already "if it's up to Marissa and me, vote for Marissa to stay. You cant go against the house". Ross- Would you do that? Ari- I dont know. I'm going to be by myself. Ross- That makes you less of a target
Ari to Ross- If you have something with them (James/Mark), I just want you to be sure you make it to Final 2. I dont want them to take advantage of you
Ari- If you have to put me on the block, do it. If you are going to do it, make sure you are at the end of the competition so it is worth it. Ross- You are not my target. Ari- You are not my target either
Ross to Ari- In crunch time, she (Brandi) tried to get you guys to vote me out. I went to you one time. I never asked again, and I never told Marissa false stories. I cant be loyal to that 
Ari to Ross- If you offer James a deal, he is not going to take it. Mark is not going to take a deal with you instead of taking it with James 
Ari- Would you vote to keep her (Omarosa) instead of Brandi? Ross- I have to think
Ross to Marissa- You really have to evaluate. If they put Omarosa up, we can send Omarosa home and go back to the girls but I think we are in a better position with the boys. If Ari comes after James, if someone gets James out, that's a better position
Ross to Marissa- You going against another girl is not as good for you. You going against a boy is better for you. Me going against a boy, or you, is better
Marissa to Ross- It's not as risky for you (to go up), cause I would never vote against you. James would vote out Brandi before you. I am not a sure thing 
Ross to Marissa- If he nominates Omarosa, which it looks like he is going to do, they are going to scream up and down and jump for joy
Marissa to Ross- I'm making a deal with Mark tomorrow. "Dont put me up. Put up Omarosa and I will vote whichever way you want"
Marissa told Ari she is thinking of making a deal with Mark to keep herself off of the block. Marissa said she wont vote Omarosa out if they dont want her to 
James to Marissa- I havent heard anything. I know he wants to get Brandi out. It probably makes more sense to put one of us up to do that. Please have zero concern. If it's me, Ross, you, it wouldnt make a difference
Marissa- If it were Omarosa and Brandi up there, I would vote whatever way you guys want me to. James- Why risk it? Ross wants Omarosa out so badly. I dont think Mark would even risk that
Marissa- I'm going to vote whichever way you guys want. James- I think Ross would too but this is a tougher one
Marissa- So you know, I will vote Brandi out. James- Mark really wants her out. He has almost as much, if not just as much, reason. Marissa- I get it
Brandi- I didnt mess up his (Ross') game. He did. He made deals with every single person in this house, and people called his bluff. It's kind of shitty to put it on me. I got into an all girl alliance that got him a long part of the way. Ari- It's true 
Brandi to Ari- If Mark was smart, he would backdoor Ross tomorrow. He is not going to
Brandi to Ari- You just shouldnt make deals that you cant keep. I think the people that know the game the best maybe are playing too much
Ari- Remember how bad he (Ross) was feeling about the whole situation with the all girl alliance and how he was left out of the deal? Brandi- Yeah. Ari- He is doing the same 
Brandi- Ross is their biggest competition in this house. Ari- But if Ross is on the block, he doesnt have the votes to go home. Brandi- That's why they have to wait. They are going to do it, and it's not going to feel good for him
Brandi to Ari- He (Ross) could beat them (James/Mark) at the game. It just depends on the competitions. He is smarter than both of them put together...times ten 
Brandi to Ari- I think he (Ross) made a mistake by making so many different deals. You cant stay true to all of them. I feel like I should just let him off the hook...say I'm not going to pressure you anymore
Brandi to Ari- I told him (Ross) I'm not voting for him. We are all the way through the competition. You dont shit on a deal when we are all the way through and have been talking about it every single day
Brandi to Ari- He (Ross) is going to in the end have a lot of people voting being pissed at him cause of the deals he made and didnt keep 
Ari- Make a deal with them. Brandi- I dont have any power. What deal is Marissa trying to make? Ari- "I will do whatever you say. If you are HoH, I will not go against you". Brandi- That feels like grovelling and begging. Ari- It's not. It's making a deal 
Brandi- I had a horrible idea. Horrible. Ari- I thought you were going to say "I have a great idea". You are awful. Brandi- Know what I'm thinking? What if we offered, you and I, Mark the votes to backdoor Ross?
Brandi- I mean, it's him (Ross) or me. He only needs one vote. I cant offer him that. I'm on the block. Ari- Omarosa would vote him out 
Ari- You are horrible. Brandi- He (Ross) is the one who is quitting on the deal he offered me on Day 1! Ari- How can you make a deal on Day 1? Brandi- He came over and made me pinky swear. Ari- I hope they show that 
Ari- They (Mark/Ross) are very close. I dont think it's a good idea. Brandi- It's all I have. I dont think I'm going to do it. Ari- If he (Mark) wants to win with James, he is going to have to vote Ross out
Brandi- He (Ross) is playing harder than anyone else. He can win and manipulate, and he knows all of the games. Ari- He is very smart
Brandi to Ari- I know we dont get along (with James/Mark) but for their game, they need to stop thinking about personal. What if we talked to this one (Omarosa)?
Ari- I think Marissa would win if they (Marissa/Ross) are sitting together. Brandi- I think he has pissed more people off than she has. Ari- I think she would win. Brandi- Yeah. I'd probably vote for Ross

Marissa- I dont want it to be the way I'm taken out

February 21, 2018

Marissa- I dont want it to be the way I'm taken out. Ross- You have my word. Marissa- James might change. Ross- Not to keep Brandi 
Ross to Brandi- I had every intention of being true to everything. In this game, the power swings. When we both got nominated, it got so tough 
Brandi to Ross- I dont want you to go back on you came to me and asked for a Final 2. You pinky swore, you promised we would tell each other if we were going on the block. That was your idea 
Brandi- Is it (their deal) done? Ross- I felt it was a little done when you were trying to get people to vote me out last week. Brandi- I didnt try to get anyone to vote you out. Ross- Marissa? Brandi- I didnt. Bring her up here 
Brandi- The only person I have a deal with is you and the four. Ross- It became a lot harder. Some of the antics started to affect me. Brandi- Okay...what affected you? Ross- You fighting. Brandi- When you met me, you knew me. You still offered me the deal 
Ross to Brandi- I'm in a tough position. The house is going to vote one way. If I vote to keep my word to you, I'm going to fuck up my game 
Brandi- It's going to be Marissa. Ross- It's heartbreaking. Brandi- But you told me you didnt make a deal with her on purpose cause down the road it was going to be split
Brandi- If they pick off the girls one by one, and it's the three of you, how are you going to get around that? They are going to pick each other. Ross- I have no idea 
Ross- I dont want to lose a friendship cause of a game. Am I losing yours? Brandi- Of course you wont get my vote in the end. Ross- I am not even worried about the end 
Brandi- Now I am kicking myself. Ross- For sticking with me? How has it hurt you? Brandi- I kind of knew that you werent going to stick to it. It's weird 
Brandi- I love Marissa but if you are sitting next to her in the end, it's a split vote like you said. Ross- I cant beat her. I cant beat you either 
Ross- If there is a tie, they are going to send you home anyway. Brandi- I know. If he thinks about it hard, she (Marissa) is better at this game than me. Ross- But they are close too. Brandi- But he trusts you. You have always said it
Ross to Brandi- You know I'm a good guy. It's tough to be good in here. I'm sorry if I do anything that isnt the man I should be. I'm sorry 
Brandi to Ari- He (Ross) said "I want to keep my word. I dont know if I can. Your antics have affected my game". He has known me for years. He knows my antics. It's not anything new for him 
Ross- Mark said he is going to replace with Omarosa. Marissa- So what are we doing? Ross- Our better game play... Marissa- Is send Brandi. Ross- But we have a chance to get out Omarosa
Marissa- If Brandi is on the block next to Omarosa, and we dont send Omarosa home, it's going to be so ugly. Ross- I think we need to pitch something else. Marissa- Me? Ross- Or me, but I dont survive. But I dont want you up there 
Marissa to Ross- Brandi was able to put enough shit in my head to get me to turn against you for one hour. If I'm up against her for one day, she will have everyone against me
Ross- I might need to go to Brandi tomorrow and say "I know you were saying I was lying to her (Marissa), so you are not clean in this". Marissa- All 3 of them were like "you have to stick with us"
Ross to Marissa- James and Mark are true to this Final 4. They nominated Ari, Brandi, and now Omarosa. None of us. They kept their word
Marissa- Maybe I do go up. If you dont vote against me and James doesnt... Ross- You are set 
Ari- If you win HoH, who are you putting up? Marissa- I would probably put up James and Mark. Oh, Omarosa is still here. Brandi- Omarosa and Mark. Backdoor James. Ross- Omarosa would be my target

Tonight's Show !

February 21, 2018

Tonight's Show !
Previously on Celebrity Big Brother, with Omarosa as chief of staff, her goal was to decimate the alliance of Ross, Ari, Marissa, and Brandi. With Ross as her #1 target, she made deals with Metta, Mark, and James.

At the nominations, Operation Get Ross Out was a go, but Mark and James wanted to flip and take out Brandi instead so they considered a new final four. But Marissa could not be wooed.

At the live veto competition, Ross was the VIP. After Ross did what any sane person would do, Omarosa found a surprising replacement and Metta shed more light on his desire to go home. At the live eviction, it was Metta World Peace Out.

Tonight, with only seven celebs remaining, the power is back up for grabs. Who will be the new HoH and who will be targeted for eviction? It all happens right now on Celebrity Big Brother!

We pick up after Metta's eviction. Brandi tells us she was thinking she was going home tonight but Metta saved her. She's emotional because she's going to miss him so much. They had good vibes and he was crazy. She loves crazy!

Omarosa tells us everyone knew Metta was begging to go home. Right before the live show, he made a very convincing final plea to go.

We flash back to Metta and Omarosa in the bathroom area, Metta says he is having huge anxiety and it's no longer healthy.

Omarosa tells us Metta leaving cost her an ally. She's now a floater and her plan is to stay under the radar and endear herself to those in power.

Ross tells us he's still in the house - praise to Beyonce! He had to do some major gaming to stay in the house this week - including talking Marissa into working with Mark and James to save him.

We flash back to Ross talking with Marissa; they can go final four with James and Mark and then not feel bad about evicting them. She agrees finally, then they tell Mark and James that Marissa is in. They discuss an alliance name and decide on Roomie Squad.

James tells us as long as one of them wins HoH, they're smooth sailing to the end.

Ross tells us both pairs he's working with are in the. He is going to see where the power falls. There will be a time he has to draw a line in the sand and say "I'm here" - but might be a bit later.

Marissa meets up with Brandi and Ari in the speakeasy room. They all agree Omarosa cannot win HoH going far.

Marissa tells us she only joined the guys alliance to save Ross so she's hoping the girls are as loyal to her as she is to them. Ross joins and they all agree they need to win HoH.

James tells us it would've been great if Ross had not used the PoV to remove himself as then Brandi would've been sent. Mark and James tells Ross they're not mad. Ross says his next target is Omarosa.

James tells us it's more important to break up Brandi and Ari then get Omarosa out.

Ross goes to Brandi and Ari and suggests they team up with James and Mark and take out Omarosa.

Ross tells us the only person he's not working with is Omarosa - she needs to leave.

Ross leaves an Ari tells Brandi they need to work on getting James out. Ari tells us now that Omarosa has run herself out, James is the biggest threat. She thinks he'll come after her. Brandi suggests they agree with Ross for now and see who wins HoH.

Ross chats quietly with Mark in the kitchen, changing the subject when Ari comes in. Ari goes to the bathroom area and tells Brandi about it. Brandi tells her she has to trust him for now.

Brandi tells us the house is divided right now. This is the most important HoH of the entire game.

In HoH, Omarosa suggests the girls stick together. Omarosa tells Marissa and Brandi that Mark suggested Marissa go up.

Omarosa tells us Marissa is working for Ross, and Ross has a deal with the two guys (she's sure) so by default she's working with the guys as well. She has to sew distrust or dissension in order to move forward in the game.

Omarosa warns Marissa to protect herself. Marissa tells us this information doesn't make her feel good - she needs to investigate and find out if any of that is true.

Time for the HoH competition. It's called Red Carpet Ride. You'll compete in two heats. In each heat, three HGs will compete and all HGs will record a time. The top three from both heats will square off in a final round. The winner of the final round will become the new HoH. First heat is Marissa, Brandi and Ari. Marissa reads "Welcome to the Red Carpet. We all have the chance to enter the Club BB but can only do so by winning HoH. To do this, you'll need to walk the red carpet but it's no easy walk in the park so get ready for a red carpet experience like never before. Once the horn sounds, walk the red carpet as quickly as possible without touching the ground below. If you fall, head back to the start and try again. Then hit your button to lock in your time. If you get frustrated, don't give up because at pre determined time intervals, the walk will get easier."

Brandi and Ari both fall off quickly once the horn sounds. Marissa tries to crawl.

Marissa tells us barely stepping on the carpet makes it topple over. Putting any weight on it makes it go from side to side.

Marissa starts falling off while the other two try crawling too. As it starts to get easier, Marissa encourage the other two to move. Brandi reaches it first and locks her time in.

Marissa tells us even though she's set up with the boys, she wants the girls to win this because she's all about girl power.

Marissa and Ari ring in next. Brandi tells us none of them will qualify for the final heat if they're faster than the girls. Hopefully, none of them do better. Next up are Ross, Mark, and James. Ross tells us he doesn't feel the need to win this since Omarosa (his target) can't play. He wants to throw it, but just barely.

The competition starts and all three keep falling off.

Ross tells us it's a good thing he wants to throw the competition because it's throwing him.

James tells us he's never been thrown off a red carpet before - until now. This is a lot hard than it looks.

Ross tells us the mention of it getting easier is an alternative fact.

Mark finishes his heat first then James and Ross.

Ross comments that he never wants to do that again (once he's across).

The player with the fastest time is Mark with 1:21, then James with 1:52 and Brandi with 6:48. Marissa, Ari, and Ross were not fast enough to advance to the final round.

Mark, James, and Brandi take their starting positions. The horn sounds they're off! James gets across quickly and coaches Mark across.

James tells us he's in no rush to hit his buzzer. If Mark wins, he can play next week - even better!

Brandi tells us James is like Mother Teresa, giving up his spot to Mark. Isn't James a saint?

Omarosa tells us Mark and James have a Final Two deal. Mark gets across and hits the buzzer and is HoH.

Mark tells us he's stoked and now it's time to make some big moves. James tells us this is the best case scenario. Boys are running the house now.

Ross tells us Mark wins, he's so happy. Mark will get a letter, pictures. Best part - Ross doesn't think he'll be going up.

Brandi tells us she could be hurting this week.

Mark tells us he hopes he can finally break up a duo like Brandi and Ari. Marissa tells us she is worried about Brandi and Ari. She needs to paint a target elsewhere. She takes Ross and James in the storage room and recounts Omarosa's earlier conversation. James starts to defend himself, but Marissa says she doesn't need it - she knows it was a lie. Everything Omarosa says is a lie.

In the kitchen, Mark and Omarosa are chatting. He makes it clear he wants to target Brandi and Ari.

Omarosa tells us that makes her feel good - she'll be safe another round.

In the Hollywood bedroom, Mark and Ross talk. Ross tells Mark what Omarosa told Marissa and how they knew it was a lie. Mark suggests backdooring Omarosa.

Marissa joins and Mark reassures her. Marissa joins on the Omarosa chain. Mark tells us he wants to use his HoH to split up Ari and Brandi but Omarosa's not a bad target either. He has some thinking to do.

It's time for America's Vote! Who do you think played the best game in the house? Vote at…/celebrity-bi…/favorite-houseguest-vote/ and the winner will receive $25,000 on Sunday's live show! Vote up to 20 times until Sunday, February 25 at 12PM ET.

Brandi speaks to Mark, Ari, Omarosa and Ross about James' move throwing HoH to him. She wonders if it was a set up. Ross says he never heard a set up. Brandi says it looks that way. Mark says it was never discussed but it happened. It was a very selfless act. Ross says he believes it was. Mark doesn't understand what Brandi's point is. Brandi says it's obvious they have a plan.

Ari tells us Brandi needs to stop; she needs her in the house. She needs to stop 'cause Ari will be by herself if Brandi is evicted.

Omarosa tells us Brandi should keep running her mouth, it's going to get her evicted. Brandi never really gets to her point before we get to commercial.

There is a brief discussion in HoH where Omarosa tells us about flying on Air Force One and reveals you have to pay for food on Air Force One. "No free ride with the government."

Time for nominations! Mark nominates Brandi and Ari. Brandi mutters that she hates her picture when she sees it. Mark nominates Brandi because she's athletic, competitive and strategic. He's also heard she's been lobbying for weeks to put her up so he did it first. Ari is also athletic, competitive, strong and strategic. However, she chose to team with Brandi and it's time to break up that duo.
Mark tells us Brandi is the target. Ari is guilt by association. If this goes right, it's a clear path to the finale for him and his homies.

Brandi tells us this has James written all over it. James, regardless of the amount of fans he has, is a D-bag. She's not going down without a fight. It's on.

James tells us Brandi is finally on the block. She's obnoxious and it's been torture being around her. Bye Brandi, we'll miss you! No, actually, he won't. He's pretty psyched she's leaving.

Who will win PoV and will it be used? Who will go home on double eviction night? Find out Friday night on Celebrity Big Brother!

Big Brother CBBUS Live Feed Updates! Tuesday, February 21th (6)

February 21, 2018

Big Brother CBBUS Live Feed Updates! Tuesday, February 21th (6)
7:00 PM BBT The boys continue to workout while Omarosa lays Sleeping to Brandi , Ross, and Marissa talk. Brandi is combing out Marissa’s wig then puts it on. The Boys are talking about how much of an honor it is to play this game and how there are opportunities from this after the show. They continue to work out. Marissa talks about some arm warmers she has that are synthetic but she was afraid to wear them around Shannon. Brandi asks again about the Wig and how expensive it is because it’s so knotted. The boys talk about OMarosa and the Future, say they are going to let the girls believe that they will vote out Omarosa but on Friday morning they are telling them you know what we changed our mind voting out Brandi. The boys say they are going to let Ari know if she even thinks about using the POV on brandi she will be the one going home. They have already tried telling her Don’t worry you are safe but didn’t want to make here too comfortable. Mark heads to the Shower and James says he will be there shortly to follow suit.
7:15 PM BBT Meanwhile the ladies are still sitting together making jokes and laughing. Ross is laying down relaxing and Omarosa is still sleeping. Brandi Pretends to read the Palms of the girls and tell their futures. James is doing weights and 500 Jump ropes and then turbo jumps. He then takes a break and heads towards the kitchen for more water. Brandi is talking about a procedure she had done that tightens the skin. OMAROSA PLEASE GO TO THE DR. Ari says she hungry they talk about the food they were served during the comp but most of them did not eat. They tease about putting feet in Ross’s face. They talk about the comp and it was the Face morph. Marissa says she didn’t study the noses for the faces. The girls think Mark will put Marissa up on the Block and they discuss the votes. The girls think its Marissa going up because he just wants to break up the couples. They are in agrement that Omarosa will be the one that’s a wild card. Ari sneezes a bunch and they offer Vit C. and then Snacks. They feel that Brandi is the one going home and then Ari needs to win HOH to keep the others Safe.
7:30 PM BBT They are shocked they got through one eviction and now they are trying to get through another but it will be tough. They worry about Omarosa getting in Marks ear and out together that the 3 probably have a deal. They keep running numbers about Votes. Marissa says there is no next time, they have to get through this time before they can think ahead at this point. Brandi says maybe there is a twist, Marissa thinks the twist will be a Double. If you don’t go home Friday you are going home Sunday so might as well go Friday if you aren’t going to win. They discuss how the wig makes Brandi looks skinnier in a good way. They are looking over how the game has played and how things could have gone. They feel that Metta Saved Omarosa more than Brandi. They Just want her gone so bad. Brandi feels that James is showboating and that’s why she dislikes him. Marissa says that she doesnt know many Men under 30 who is not cocky or well off and showy. They discuss how rude and Cocky James has been everyone has noticed it at one point or another. Ross wakes up and they tease him about being sleep for 2 hours that they left and got food and came back. He plays along and pretends to have had a dream and they all have fun laughing about it.
7:45 PM BBT James is still up working out, Ross is completely up and trying to join the conversation they mention how it might be Ross who goes up and Brandi says she hates begging and has nothing to offer him. They decide to look into the rule book and about when they cap out on making money for the stipend. Ari and Brandi head to the Tiffany room Ari tries to pep talk Brandi and they say Marissa will be the one to go up not Omarosa because the rest of them would vote out Omarosa and not Brandi. Mark is fresh and clean out the shower he sees Brandi in the Wig for the first time says she looks different. They talk about her natural hair color. Ari says Ross fell asleep and “Raquel” read their futures. Marissa asks about the bread and if someone wanted to use it for something specific besides her just eating it and dipping it. They say Brandi looks like a lunch lady with her gloves on. Marissa tells Ross what they are doing with the rule book. -James running on the treadmill still working out alone.- Ross and Marissa are in the SR talking about what the plan would be and why she thinks its her not Omarosa going up. They try running numbers and votes, Ari comes in and grabs lunch meat from the fridge. They feel it might be safer to put her UP because then James and Ross will vote out Brandi and then Omarosa and Ari vote out Marissa and then Mark has to break the tie. It’s all they have to offer and tell him next week he is safe with them. All cams to James working out. James says he is calling it a night, and going to go find and hide the booze before brandi gets her hands on it save the whole house some trouble. He heads down to the SR. All feeds on the Kitchen finding foods to nibble on. Marissa continues looking in the rule book for her answer.
8:00 PM BBT Marissa and Ross discuss what they think the upcoming comp is going to be. Brandi’s hair is brown! Not sure if it is a wig or dyed. Marissa is reading the house manual to Brandi, Ross, and Ari. James comes out of the gym is heads up to the HOH to shower. Ari tells him that she will still be there when he gets out. Mark is the HOH bedroom listening to his music. James is getting in the shower. Marissa, Ross, Ari, and Brandi are now upstairs setting up for a game of pool.Brandi comments that Omarosa has been in the DR forever.

Big Brother CBBUS Live Feed Updates! Tuesday, February 21th (5)

February 21, 2018

Big Brother CBBUS Live Feed Updates! Tuesday, February 21th (5)
11:56 AM BBT- 6:28 PM BBT Feeds cut for POV Comp
6:29 PM BBT Marissa, Ross and Brandi talking in bedroom. Mark went upstairs to the HOH room. Ari entered room with Ross, Marissa and brandi. BB tells Omarosa to put on her mic. Brandi said she thought she would have done better at the puzzle. Marissa replied that the subtle differences made it difficult. Brandi said that James and Mark seemed like their play was personal against her. Omarosa came in and stated that it was going to be a double eviction. Marissa thinks that after jury everyone is done except the winner will go to The Talk. Marissa asked Ross if there was any way the guys could be talked into evicting Omarosa. Mark gets comfortable in HOH room then heads for the gym. James is working out. Mark said he is putting up Marissa and Brandi. Marissa hasn’t been on block yet and Brandi has to go. Mark said he isn’t going to tell Marissa until Friday. He said they are all rallying together against them. Mark said if Brandi is target, why upset Omarosa by nominating her. Mark said he has played the harmless guy. James has had to fight to be there. James said if he wins next HOH and there is another one after that, he can’t play. He hopes Ross remembers James throwing HOH for him
6:45 PM BBT Mark said that jury is going to vote for the women in the finale. He said that Omarosa stated that no one with a dick is going to win. James talked about going to a real gym. He said that he has basically been loafing around and eating junk food for last few days. In the Hollywood room, the girls joke about the sex of the BB voice. Marissa said she imagines that it’s a mousy girl. Brandi asks if he has a penis. There was no response. In the gym, James said that if Brandi is evicted, he would have had a hand in getting rid of anyone that tried to evict him. Then they poke a little fun at the BB voice. Mark said it would be cool if Christopher Walken was the voice and then does a pretty good imitation of him. In the Hollywood room, Brandi is brushing a wig, Omarosa is laying in bed. Brandi asked why the wig was so matted. Marissa responded that she really didn’t know because she doesn’t really wear it. It’s m
ore for show.

James to Mark- I just cant wait for Brandi to leave this house.

February 21, 2018

James to Mark- I just cant wait for Brandi to leave this house. It's too bad that it's not earlier. I am seriously going to try and hide the alcohol
Mark- As a fan, it's an honour to play the game. James- It's pretty cool to be here. There is no way to have a real understanding of what the game is like until you play it. The show doesnt show 95% of the time 
James- I am just thinking about when you put Marissa up. Brandi is going to be so pissed. Mark- She thinks we are going to put Omarosa up. She is going to think that until... James- The second you do it 
Mark told James he will not change his mind about nominating Marissa, but he might let others think that there is a chance he would nominate Omarosa 
James- If I hear any rumblings Brandi is trying to convince Ari to use it on Brandi, I'm telling Ari "if you use it on Brandi, you are going home". Mark- Oh without a doubt. I am hoping she is smart enough not to
James- You told her she (Ari) was not the target, right? Mark- I havent really told her that. I kind of did. It's obvious 
Mark- If she (Ari) removes Brandi, I might put Marissa up again. James- To ensure Ari goes home? Yeah. Mark- I am telling her not to mess with the plan 
Ari to Brandi/Marissa- You know what I think? The veto should choose the next nominee. It should not be the HoH
Ari- Why they dont get rid of her (Omarosa)? Brandi- She knows the game as well as both of them. Marissa- They can beat her physically. Brandi- Because of her asthma. They cant beat her when it comes to the other stuff 
Brandi to Ari/Marissa- I feel like they are going to string him (Ross) along and then drop him 
Marissa to Ari/Brandi- That's why he is going to put me up...cause he knows we would vote together and get Omarosa out
Brandi- You think they are trying to backdoor him (Ross)? Marissa- No! It would be a good play but absolutely not 
Ari- He (Mark) should put James. Brandi- He wont. That's his ticket to the end. Mark is just looking for second place right now, when really he should be looking for first
Marissa- He (James) is winning. We fucked up Day 1. We fucked up with Chuck. Ari- Big time. Brandi- We knew it. We let him go. Marissa- We got played 
Marissa- I just wish we could be like "you guys, let Omarosa go". Brandi- And we will throw the HoH. They can have it again. But then that's not fair to her (Ari). She got the veto
Brandi to Ari/Marissa- We should ask Omarosa what she is thinking. She is not going to tell us. She is going to tell us the opposite. If she has a deal with Mark, she is upstairs saying to get rid of Ross 
Brandi- What if we told him (Mark) no matter what, in the end, we would all vote for him? Ari- Exactly. Marissa- I would. Brandi- Over anyone. That's three votes 
Marissa to Ari/Brandi- He (Mark) would rather come in second next to James than come in first next to me 
Brandi to Ari/Marissa- James is so smug. He was okay today. I feel like he would be likeable if he was not showboating. I think it's the child star thing 
Brandi to Marissa- They are definitely putting you up, or they are putting a pawn up. Ross- Ask him. Pitch it (Omarosa going up). Brandi- He hates me. I dont want to beg for anything. Ari- You dont have to beg. You only have to talk 
Brandi to Ari- I would have to throw her (Marissa) under the bus to talk to him (Mark). Ross promised me that he would never vote against me. He swore to God. I would hope i would have yours, but then it's 2-2. Mark will break the tie
Brandi- The only way I do that is throwing her (Marissa) under the bus. I dont want to. Ari- Why isnt he putting up Omarosa? Brandi- He knows we will all vote for Omarosa 
Ross- I have never heard them talk about putting you up. Marissa- I think they will. Ross- It would be a big surprise to me 
Marissa- I dont want it to be the way I'm taken out. Ross- You have my word. Marissa- James might change. Ross- Not to keep Brandi

ARIADNA won the Power Of Veto!

February 21, 2018

ARIADNA won the Power Of Veto!
We’re back with the latest Celebrity Big Brother spoilers from the Live Feeds and here are the latest results. The Veto competition is over and now we’ve got a look at who could be the final noms for this round of CBB.

Mark is in charge as the new HoH and he sent Brandi and Ari to the Block with his target set on Brandi. Will he still get to see that plan through to the finish? Read on for the results

Feeds returned to Brandi worrying to Ross and Marissa who Mark would renom. Brandi is fairly certain she’s the one getting evicted next round. Yep, sure looks like it.

Mark and James went to the exercise room and talked game. He is going to renom Marissa and if they really want to get Brandi out then there shouldn’t be an issue. He’s not giving the other HGs a chance to send out Omarosa instead. Mark plans to tell Marissa, but he’s going to wait because he doesn’t want to have to listen to it longer than he has to.

Competing today we had Mark (HoH) and Brandi & Ari (Noms) along with Marissa, Omarosa, and James as the picked players. Ross was the host and only person not playing.

 Big Brother CBBUS Live Feed Updates! Tuesday, February 21th (4)

February 21, 2018

 Big Brother CBBUS Live Feed Updates! Tuesday, February 21th (4)
11:15 AM BBT Marissa is now putting clips on Ari. Making it look like she has bangs. Brandi says Ari looks like she should be in a catalog. Brandi said with Ari’s hair darker, she looks like she could be middle eastern. Mark is complementing Omarose on how she came into the house. Omarosa is saying at the end of the day, it is just a show. Omarosa says she feels limited in the DR. Feeds switch to the red bedroom..Feeds go to fish 11:19. James and Mark are in the hoh room. James said he is going to step into the office real quick (bathroom)..Mark says yes sir. Ross and Ari are in the downstairs bathroom, Ross brushed his teeth. Ross runs out and says he is so excited, he is going to shower and thinks he can do it in 15 minutes. Everyone is running around in the house trying to get ready. Brandi asks if she can have her medication before they start this. Feeds go to fish 11:24.11:28 feeds back. Marissa is asking why the toilet seat is soaking wet..Brandi laughed and says I pissed all over it, and then tells her she sprayed Febreeze..Ross is shaving. ARi and Omarose are getting dressed in the bedroom. Omarosa is asking Ari if Brandi apologized to her for last night.
11:30 AM BBT Omarosa is excited to go outside. Production called Brandi to the DR room, and she said she was already there. Ari thinks Brandi does not remember last night. Omarosa says she does. Brandi came into the room and slapped Ari on the behind. She said she is excited to go outside. Ari is dancing around . Brandi is downstairs in bathroom area putting on her makeup. Marissa is getting dressed. Brandi was called to the DR room again, and she said I have already been there and continues to put her makeup on, Brandi says hold on doctor. Marissa asked did you say Dr.? Brandi said yes, I got excited. Brandi tells Ross she still needs to change her clothes. Mark is in the hoh room getting dressed. He is whistling. Brandi comes out of DR, and says they do not trust me with flonase, which is fine. Production told Marissa to please put her mic on. She said it wasn’t game play, I was just trying to get dressed. Marissa and James are talking about what kind of comp it could be. Marissa wonders if it is the one that destroys the house. Brandi is getting dressed in the shower. Ross is fixing his hair and saying it is getting real long. Marissa is telling Omarosa that hide the veto makes such a mess. Ross is hearing a lot of movement..Ross is making his bed. He is in the bedroom getting dressed. Mark, James and Marissa are talking about they haven’t been right yet. Production asks to please stop singing. Mark says he lost a bunch of clothes in the bedroom. Marissa told him to check his drawers. Marissa and James are talking about hiding places. James says in the middle of a slop bucket. Marissa said that is good.
11:45 AM BBT Ross and Brandi are sitting on the couch in the bathroom area. Ross says he is sorry about that to her. Ross says he literally does not remember that. Ross says I hear you. I said I was sorry. Brandi says it ok..I know. Mark says he is so excited to get some air. Ross is telling Marissa how Brandi just cornered him. Marissa is still doing her makeup in the bedroom. Brandi is in the downstairs bathroom putting on her makeup. Ross, James. Omarosa, Ari and Mark are in the kitchen. They are talking about how many messages they get a day. Ross says it will take a whole day to go through email and texts. Omarosa says she has had the same number for over 20 years. Omarosa tells them how she transfers calls to a different phone and that is why you don’t have to answer. Feeds go to fish and come right back up. Ross was just called to the DR room. They are talking about how loud the speakers are. They are joking around and Omarosa got excited at the thought it might be Zingbot. Mark says it’s very unlikely and not to get your hopes up. Feeds go to cats…
11:56 AM BBT – Feeds cut for possible POV Comp

  Big Brother CBBUS Live Feed Updates! Tuesday, February 21th (3)

February 21, 2018

  Big Brother CBBUS Live Feed Updates! Tuesday, February 21th (3)
10:45 AM BBT Ross said today is going to be a fun day. It is day 22. Ross said we are lucky to be here, people enter lotteries to be here. Mark is folding towels. Mark said the towels are still wet, Ross said let’s just hang them over the chairs. Marissa said she is sorry, she was half asleep when she pulled them out at 2 am. Marissa is showing them, that she found a pair of Metta’s underwear. Marissa told Mark she is sorry they are not dry, Mark said it’s ok, he appreciates her taking them out. James says he is getting sore in weird places, and he thinks it’s from sleeping. He is wanting to find the nicest massage place. Mark said his wife does his. Marissa is talking to Brandi and Ari in the red bedroom. Marissa is saying she is sorry to Brandi, and Brandi said it felt yucky. Marissa said it was not the 3 of them sitting around talking about her, and Brandi said that is when I came in. Marissa said she felt Brandi was very aggressive to her. She said we have different thoughts on how it went down last night. Brandi said everyone here has talked about James in this house. Marissa said she wasn’t there when you said what you said to James. Marissa said I wasn’t there for that. Brandi says it feels like shit, her alliance is talking about her. Marissa said she didn’t turn on her and wasn’t talking about her. Ari is just watching them talk. Marissa said she felt like Brandi snapped at her. Brandi said I know what happened, I was there. Brandi said she was not yelling at her in no way shape or form. Marissa said it was different last night. Marissa said we have 2 very different ideas of last night, and that is ok. Brandi said she was listening in and it sucked. Brandi said I’m sorry if you think I was yelling at you, I’m sorry I wasn’t. Marissa is talking about what James said, and it was just a conversation. Brandi said you have to understand my takeaway is different than yours. Brandi said she doesn’t trust anyone anymore. It feels sneaky and she don’t like it. Brandi said this game is shady, that is what the game is all about. Feeds go to Fish.. 10:57..Feeds come right back up. Brandi said you had two conversations that I never thought you would have. James and Mark are talking about how rude Brandi was last night. Omarose is telling Mark and James how horrible it was last night, when Ari was trying to read her bible and how Brandi was screaming at big brother to turn off the light. Omarose said Ari was struggling about her dad last night.
11:00 AM BBT James is telling them he has seen good things in Brandi, but so many insults . Omarose said she never apologizes. Mark is telling them how he told Brandi that James is only a gentleman. Omarose was called to the storage room. James said the speakers are too loud, and it’s from when they listened to Bob Marley earlier. All cams switch to Marissa and Brandi, and Brandi said it just feels yucky. Brandi said she was just hurt, Marissa is one of her people and she is sad. Marissa and Brandi apologize, hug and says they are good. Brandi asks if they are going to make them wait all day for this comp, Marissa says yes, they want us to have panic attacks all day. Mark is called to the storage room. Brandi and Marissa are now talking about the hair clip ons. Marissa is putting her hair clips on. Brandi said her stomach so hurts right now. Marissa is talking about how Ross is going to like her hair clips and says he is so gay. Feeds go to fish at 11:07…They come right back on, Omarose is talking about shops and her husband. She is talking with James and Mark in the kitchen. Ari is in the red bedroom with Ross. Ari is laying in bed with Ross. Brandi is talking about how freezing it is. Marissa is putting hair clips on Ross. Ross said he always wanted a lesbian sister. Marissa said he is so butch. Brandi said you are more butch as a woman than a man. Mark, James and Omarose are in the kitchen. Omarose said they are all going to sleep for a week after the show, except Mark. Brandi is talking about how she cant breathe out of her nose, and it’s bloody when she blows it. Ross, Marissa say that is big brother.

Brandi to Ari- James is going to see what everyone said about him

February 21, 2018

Brandi to Ari- James is going to see what everyone said about him when he watches it back. It's just the truth. He can sit and blame everything on me. Everyone is saying things. I think he is in for a rude awakening 
Ari- She (Marissa) entered the room saying you were yelling at her cause she was talking to James. Brandi- I didnt yell at all
Brandi- At least he (Ross) could have told us (they were going up) if we are his alliance. He has promised me he would. Ari- Nope. We are not 
Ari- I wonder if she (Omarosa) is together with Mark. Brandi- For sure. The thing is, do you really want to be sitting with her? It's not a good look for him
Ari- I think you should tell Ross about what you heard yesterday...not that you were yelling at Marissa. I believed her. Brandi- If I was yelling, you guys would have heard me 
Marissa told Ross that Ari just said Brandi thinks she was in the bathroom agreeing that they need to get rid of her last night. Marissa said that's not what happened at all
Ross to Marissa- You should let her (Brandi) know that she is remembering it wrong. You have that she was not in a good place on your side
Brandi- Every one of us has said things about his (James') cockiness and his arrogance. Then to walk in on that, it felt like more shit. Marissa- I didnt turn on you. I wasnt talking about you
Marissa- I didnt feel like I was exaggerating. I really felt that you got very mad at me. Brandi- We were talking in the kitchen. Marissa- I went out and did my laundry, and you snapped on me. That's what happened. Brandi- I know what happened. I was there. I wasnt yelling
Brandi- I was agitated and I was annoyed, but I wasnt yelling at you. Marissa- You are agitated right now. This doesnt feel like you are yelling at me. Last night you were. Brandi- I'm not agitated. I'm trying to set the record straight
Brandi- I wasnt yelling at you. Yes, I was upset with the situation. Marissa- I am sorry you felt that way. Brandi- I'm sorry that you felt that I was yelling at you, cause I wasnt
Brandi- When you are upset and in the moment, and think everyone has turned on you, it's not something you want to listen to. Marissa- I understand that 
Brandi- I didnt want to hear you, cause I dont trust anyone anymore. Marissa- Fine. Brandi- I feel like everyone is being sneaky. It's a horrible feeling. Marissa- I wasnt saying you yelled at me for anything other than thinking "she just yelled at me" 
Marissa- Maybe you werent yelling, but I felt that yell. Brandi- I was just shutting down. Marissa- I wasnt coming back and making up a story. Brandi- I just didnt yell at you, so... Marissa- Maybe what you think of yelling and what I think is two different things 
Marissa- There was nothing said that you didnt already know. Brandi- I dont care what he (James) says. I care that you were there. Me walking up to it, it seemed like you guys were huddled up talking about me. It sucked. I apologize. I was wrong
Brandi- The fact that we are on the block, didnt know we were going on the block, and somebody could have told us if they had known... Marissa- I didnt know. Brandi- I am not saying you knew
Brandi- I apologize. I was just hurt cause you are one of my people. I dont want to see somebody I care about throwing me under the bus. Marissa- I wasnt. I apologize I thought you were yelling. Brandi- Let's hug 
Marissa- I was trying to figure out how to get one off and put Omarosa up. Brandi- I just dont know why they would want to be here with Omarosa. It's a yucky look for everyone. Marissa- Because we are too strong

Big Brother CBBUS Live Feed Updates! Tuesday, February 21th (2)

February 21, 2018

Big Brother CBBUS Live Feed Updates! Tuesday, February 21th (2)
7:34 AM BBT All cameras are on sleeping HGs. We can hear a shower in the background.
7:45 AM BBT Ari sits up in bed. She gets up and gathers her things. We can hear a blow dryer in the background. Ari leaves the room. She joins Omarosa in bathroom. Feeds go to FISH. Feeds return to Omarosa, Ari, and Marissa putting on make-up in bathroom.
8:00 AM BBT Ari and Omarosa sit quietly in the bathroom on the bench doing their makeup. The rest of the house is sleeping.
8:15 AM BBT Omarosa moves around blow drying her hair. Marissa comes in and says that they weren’t ready for her in DR yet. Ari is still on the bench doing makeup. The feed cuts to FISH. Return to Marissa climbing beck into bed on night cam and Ari and Omarosa still doing morning routines. Ross gets up to use the toilet.
8:30 AM BBT The morning is quiet in the house, only the girls are awake and in the bathroom. Omarosa asks Ari for a different eye color, Ari hands it to her.
8:45 AM BBT Most of the houseguests can be seen in bed on night cam. Ari and Omarosa continue to apply makeup in the bathroom. Ari is called to the DR. She does not however hurry, but continues to apply mascara. Omarosa remarks her brushes need to be cleaned. Also the girls would enjoy a good night’s sleep, like 10 hours. Both Ari and Omarosa are curling their hair now.
9:00 AM BBT Omarosa is now standing alone in the bathroom curling her hair. Ari has gone to the DR.
9:12 AM BBT Cams go to FISH.
9:22 AM BBT Return to Ari talking to Brandi about “she” had told Ari that Brandi had yelled at her for talking to James. Ari lays in bed. Omarosa moves about the bathroom. Brandi says it’s chilly and puts on her robe.
9:30 AM BBT Ari is telling Brandi that if the group is going to continue they need to stick together, no side pairs. Mark and James are in the kitchen getting coffee. Ari says Marissa had been up for DR but fell back asleep so they called her in. Marissa is awake in the star bedroom telling Ross she’ll ask her husband who played the game and he’ll tell her how to vote because he’s a fan and has no preconceived ideas about anyone. Marissa wondering how everyone actually feels about them. BB reminds the house that fresh batteries are in the storage room. Brandi moves into the kitchen and exchanges mornings with Mark and James. Ari comes in and grabs a roll of cookie dough. James is gushing about the pros of HOH living, he slept well. Marissa is telling Ross that people are rumbling that it’s time for Brandi to go, and that what happened with James is being exaggerated. She says she didn’t like how people were trying to recount the fight ti her, because she knew how she felt at the time and couldn’t forget her feelings. She then says that it made her uncomfortable when Brandi called her in to do “improv” and then started crying, she felt like she was being setup to look like she made Brandi cry.
9:45 AM BBT Ross complains everything is dry, skin lips ect. Marissa and he start to try to figure out exact days in the BB house timeline. Omarosa is thanking BB for leaving them cookie dough. Ross hates being stuck in the house, saying is gotta be bad to be inside so much. In the kitchen Mark and Ari are complaining about the air system in the house, and how cold they are. They talk about how hard it’d be to do a full 3 month season of big brother. Mark exclaims they are on the home stretch. Marissa and Omarosa are talking about Brandi in the star bedroom, Marissa is telling Omarosa she doesn’t want drama for the next 3 days. That she’s never played a cruel game, brings up the improv game. They talk about how Ari is sweet and strong. In the kitchen the mood is light. Ari, James, Mark and Ross chat and move about. Feeds cut to FISH.
10:00 AM BBT Marissa is talking to Omarose in the bedroom. Ross, James, Brandi and Mark, Ari are in the kitchen. They are talking about past shows and how they wore fit bits . They are saying how beast mode cowboy did the least. Ross is saying he is a Seahawks fan. Marissa and Omarose are still talking . Marissa is laying in bed, Marissa is talking about her conversation with Ross regarding the air in the house. Omarose was telling Marissa they are calling them into do one lines now. Marissa said it was personal last night. In reference to Brandi. Marissa says she is a non drinker, and most of her friends are the same way. She said her and her husband and friends are non drinkers. She does not understand how a switch can happen in a person after a glass of wine. Feeds shift to kitchen. Mark is saying how it is still more dangerous to drive a car than to fly a jet. Mark is talking with James about odds on plane crashes versus how many flights happen a day. James is telling Mark his funnest plane experience on the way to play a show. Marissa told Omarosa that the house has a plan and we need to stick to it. Omarosa agreed. Marissa gets up, and Omarosa and Marissa said lets go get eggs. Marissa says she feels like she needs to hide her things. Omarosa asks where Marissa’s nail polish is. Omarosa said she will put it on while she is eating. They discuss how cold it is today. Marissa thanks Ross for cooking breakfast. All house guests are in the kitchen. Feeds go to fish
10:12 AM BBT Feeds come right back up, and they are all eating breakfast. James is laughing at Omarosa for eating pizza. They are talking about how cold it is in there today. Marissa said at least we are getting the air from day one. Brandi is making herself something to eat.
10:15 AM BBT Marissa said she is putting her boots in the trash after this show. Omarose said Shannon looks really young. Marissa was saying her skin just glows. They are discussing her age. Mark is talking about how fast the next few days are going to go fast. Ross says today and tomorrow are going to drag by. Brandi is sitting at the table with everyone but is being quiet. Marissa said what she would do for a good coffee. Mark said you mean a latte. James gets up to make some coffee. 10:19 feeds go to fish. And come right back on. Brandi goes to the restroom and feeds go down.Right back on, and they are in the kitchen. Marissa is telling them the temp is 68 degrees. Mark is laying his head on the counter. Ross is doing dishes. James is steaming milk on the espresso machine. Marissa is talking about how she likes to watch her son from the window while he plays with his friends. Mark is talking about how often he pees . Mark said James really hooked him up. Gave him a solid, and started singing that is what friends are for. They laugh and say bro mance..Mark sings..I love you James….I love you James and feeds go to fish. Feeds right back up, Omarose is asking what Latte means, is it just milk and coffee? Omarose and Ross are talking about how they made Popsicle. Marissa and Ross are in the bathroom area, and Marissa is talking about what she said to Omarose about her friends that don’t drink. Omarose asks if she is the only one eating the nestles.
10:30 AM BBT James is laughing how he makes Omarose espresso and she adds the chocolate to it. Feeds cut to fish. Feeds back, they are in the kitchen. They are talking about the new Jumanji movie. Ari is talking about how she liked the first movie. James is doing dishes. Ross is talking about allergies. Marissa is talking about back in the day when people had fax machines. She is telling a story about her mom. Ross remembers he couldn’t talk to people because it was long distance calls. Ari and Marissa talk about how expensive it was. They are talking about wi-fi calling. Marissa is saying she wants to go home and lay down. Marissa said her and James just broke up. She is laughing. Marissa is talking about how she likes to see cute clothes on girls that can wear it. Because it wouldn’t look good on her. Ross said he woke up wanting clean air and oxygen. Marissa is laughing asking if it is too much to ask for sun..Vit. D. Ross said you will not hear a complaint come out of his mouth the rest of the game, he is just going to bleed from his nose and mouth the rest of the game. They all laugh and feeds cut to fish. 10:41…Feeds right back on, Marissa is saying she just found an advil in her pocket, and she is going to take it. Marissa is doing her dishes. Ross said they are going to have a bang party in the red bedroom if anyone wants to join. Ross said she has clipping bangs. Marissa said the sink is clogged. Marissa is asking what is something you will not do at home. Marissa is talking to Omarose about falling asleep at the table. Mark said share a room with 8 other people.

 Big Brother CBBUS Live Feed Updates! Tuesday, February 21th (1)

February 21, 2018

 Big Brother CBBUS Live Feed Updates! Tuesday, February 21th (1)
12:00AM BBT In the Hollywood room, James, Marissa, Ross and Ari are talking. Ari apologizes for Brandi’s behavior and James tells her she has enough to be worried about. Marissa takes off her makeup and says she is going to bed. Ross says that they should just go to sleep because Brandi is someone they love trying to cope with her situation of being on the block. Marissa complained that Brandi has yelled at her several times. Marissa says that She was not talking about her and if she was, Brandi’s feelings would be valid. Marissa and Ari continue taking off their makeup. Ari gets up to leave and tells Marissa not to feel bad. Aris says she tries to treat her with love and respect but sometimes Brandi speaks to her very rudely. Ari says it’s sad because she has a sweetheart. Ari said that Brandi has two kids and it is probably not a good example but it’s okay. Ari says there is nothing that she can do now. She says she loves her. Marissa says that it is all going to be okay. The topic switches to Marissa saying that she was going to make Ari a souvenir with one of her items. Ari and Marissa both sit on the beds. Marissa says she believes that they want Brandi out. She says she asked if she one veto, what if they pull Brandi down? They said she couldn’t because then it would be Ari going home. Marissa thinks the only way Brandi could stay is if she wins the veto. Omarosa comes in the room and conversation switches to the upcoming competitions. Omarosa is talking but it is hard there because her mic isn’t on. Big Brother asks her to turn her mic on. Talk turns casual about Omarosa’s eyebrows and other pampering things like massages.
12:15AM BBT On the other camera, James is in the bathroom doing is night skin routine. Back in the Hollywood room, Marissa, Ari and Omarosa are still talking. Ari question what they would do if James and Mark are in the finals. Marissa says she isn’t sure because there are a few competitions left so it all depends. Omarosa says in her opinion you have to win some competitions. Marissa says she let Keisha go and Omarosa let Metta go so they get God points. Omarosa asks James if he is finally done and James ask if she was waiting jokingly. James joins the room as Omarosa leaves. Marissa says she thinks that zingbot is tomorrow. James says he wants everyone to play really hard tomorrow. James assures Ari that she is not going home tomorrow and Mark just had to say something at the nomination ceremony. Ari questions if Omarosa saves Brandi. James says Omarosa doesn’t like Brandi and Ari says she would go home. James says that Omarosa hasn’t been exempt from Brandi’s jabs. James says that he is glad Brandi is older and a lady because if she was a guy his age it would be a lot tougher not to say something back. James continues to talk about how Mark wants Brandi out although he sees value in sending Omarosa home. He says ultimately it is the HOH’s decision. Ross walks into the room and prepares to get in his bed. Marissa says that Brandi yelling at her in the kitchen was weird. James says all of it is unnecessary and unprovoked. They tell Ari if she isn’t comfortable in the room with Brandi, she is welcome to stay in the room with them. Ari says it’s okay and appears to be going to bed. In the Blue lavish room, Ari prepares her bed quietly. Brandi tells her goodnight and Arie tells her goodnight. Brandi asks if she needs help and she says she doesn’t. Brandi puts in her retainer and goes to sleep.
12:30 AM BBT In the Hollywood room, James, Marissa and Ross are still talking. Ross says what if Brandi wins veto? James confirms that Omarosa would probably go up. Marissa relays information she told Ari. Marissa says she told Ari that James is on her side. James says worse case scenario, if Brandi wins veto they may have to get rid of Ari. Ross says Ari winning HOH is just as bad as Omarosa winning HOH. Ross says that Omarosa scares him because she is a wild card. Marissa says after Veto, if Brandi wins and Omarosa is next to Ari, they should tell Ari,that in order for her to be safe, she will have to put Brandi up. Marissa agrees that Brandi would have to be the next target if she wins veto this time around. Ross says they have to be prepared for that. Marissa says they should just wait after veto because she thinks they will win. Talk turns casual for a minute. James says tomorrow can they wake up and not talk about game. Marissa says she likes this group that they are in now. Ross and Marissa agree their first group was crazy and couldn’t even decide on a name. Marissa put her sleeping mask on as they all prepare to go to sleep. Ross says goodnight and good luck. They all lay down to sleep. In the Blue lavish room, it appears Brandi is asleep. Omarosa reads her bible and Ari is preparing to sleep as well. It now appears that all houseguest are asleep except Omarosa.
12:45 AM BBT All houseguest are asleep except Omarosa and Ari who are reading their bibles. Brandi si now up going to the bathroom.
1:00 AM BBT ALl houseguest are asleep except Brandi who just left the bathroom to go to the speakeasy room and tweet as well as Omarosa and Ari who are reading their bibles. Brandi returns to the room saying it is 1AM and to please turn off the lights as Ari and Omarosa are still reading. Marissa is now up as well to use the bathroom. After Marissa is done, she goes to the speakeasy room and counts things on the wall then gets her landry. Brandi tells Ari and Omarosa they are getting up at 8. Brandi seems frustrated that Omarosa and Ari are still awake keeping the lights on. Marissa is still doing her laundry. Lights are now out in the Blue Lavish room as Marissa fold her laundry at their eating table.She is still counting as well.
1:15 AM BBT Everyone is now in bed with lights out. Marissa is now up eating chip in the speakeasy room. Ross is up as well with her. They both say they can’t sleep. Ross says he was trying to figure out how to get James out at final four.
1:30 AM BBT Marissa laughs and says they are the worst and explains how she wants to make a loud deal with Ari as strategy. Marissa asks Ross that if she starts talking crazy to tell her to shut up and go to bed. Ross says does she think twitter is like
“everyone get up they are awake”. Marissa says no they are probably paying attention to the Olympics. They start talking about the votes and how everyone voted out so far would not vote for either one of them. Marissa says she can’t believe Ross isn’t playing in the Veto. Ross says he was looking around and surprised that he wasn’t picked. Talk turns to Omarosa and then James. Ross says Marissa is way more cut throat than he is and their talk earlier made him feel better. Marissa says the person that takes out James wins the game. Ross walks out of the speakeasy room saying he can’t sleep. Brandi is in the kitchen getting something to drink and Ross joins her. Big Brother says “Brandi please put on your microphone” and Marissa finds out she is awake. Ross opens the door and returns speakeasy room and Marissa tells him that she thinks Brandi was at the door listening to their conversation. Brandi goes back to bed. Ross checks if Brandi is still outside and they both decide to leave the door to the speakeasy room open. Marissa and Ross continue talking. Marissa says she never thought she would have this much fun. Ross says it is awful. Marissa says she is a little high right now and explains why it is fun for her. She says she has only slept 3 hours tonight.
1:45 AM BBT Marissa and Ross are still having a general conversation. Marissa says James is really sweet. She says she is glad she got to know him. Ross says he is the most confident person he has ever met. He says he could win this whole thing without winning an HOH. Ross says he likes him as well as really likes his heart. Ross says relationships are like a mirror, you see yourself. He says when James does get into a relationship he has a good base for a really good one. Ross asks Marissa if people hate them. Marissa says she doesn’t think so. Ross asks her Why Brandi wrote F**k Off Omarosa? Marissa tells him nothing happened. She tells him that Omarosa said she wasn’t going to fight with her. Marissa says she had to leave the table when Omarosa said the media never tells the right story with her. Ross is telling her that Omarosa worked for Ready For Hillary before she worked for Trump. Ross says it is just interesting that she ( Omarosa ) always says everything is the media fault. Marissa says it is an interesting thing to be in this house with someone who worked in the White House. Marissa is telling him about Brandi yelling at her earlier. Marissa said she was just talking to a 27 year old boy who is tired of walking around with his tail between his leg. She says she doesn’t blame him. Ross says he is going to go do laundry. Marissa asks him to deal with some really gross towels in the washroom. Marissa thinks Zingbot may come in tomorrow. Ross asks if Zingbot will roast him as the host. Marissa is telling him some zings that he may do.
2:00 AM BBT Ross has gone to the washroom, Marissa has gone to the kitchen. Marissa is putting things away in the kitchen. They are both back in the Speakeasy. Ross tells her he could not find the towels she was talking about, they decide to wait until morning to do them. Marissa is still thinking of zings about the hgs. Ross asks her if it is in the voice she is using. She is telling him about some zings Zingbot has done on past hgs. Ross keeps asking her what type of zings he would make of him. Ross says he would probably zing her about Marissa not even knowing how to turn the stove on. She says it is hard Ross. He tells her it is start and degrees. Ross says he was there for the Finale of the first one. Ross says it was still while he was in college. He tells her he got all the hgs to sign a one dollar bill. Marissa says she came once and Julie took her into the house to see the house. Marissa says she has watched every season but she doesn’t remember it all. Ross says he wonders if it made the news when Ari fainted yesterday. Ari walks by, they tell her they can’t sleep. They both agree that it is an exciting time for her as America didn’t really know her before this. Marissa asks him if after they can sit down together to debrief. Ari has joined them in the Speakeasy.
2:15 AM BBT Ari says Can we tweet “Hey Guys we can’t sleep.” Ross says it has to go thru 8 people first then it will go to your people. The conversation goes back to What Zingbot would say? Ross says Omarosa would be pissed if Zingbot said something about Trump. Ari says Brandi wanted the lights off but both her and Omarosa were still reading their Bibles. She says Brandi told them it was after 1 and they had to get up at 8 am. Ari and Marissa are talking about how Brandi says things that are hurtful. They head towards the washroom Ari says she loves Brandi and thinks she is funny. Ari tells Ross that she does not want to tell Brandi anything. Ross tells her that she will ask you tomorrow. They look in the fridge to see if Brandi drank the rest of the wine. They say she must have as they can’t find it. They all head towards the bedrooms. They say good night and Ari asks them to wake her up. They all head to their beds.
2:23 AM BBT – 4:30 AM BBT All HGS have gone to sleep.
4:30 AM BBT The houseguest are all sleeping. Omarosa is having some throat irritation in her sleep & continues to coughs throughout the night, & the early morning rise.
4:30 AM BBT Houseguest are all in their enjoying their sleep with a few setbacks from Omarosa & her asthma. Omarosa continues to coough throughout the early morning & fall back to sleep. Every now & then Brandi wakes up & looks over at Omarosa under her eye-guard.
4:45 AM BBT – All HGs Sleeping

Big Brother CBBUS Live Feed Updates! Tuesday, February 20th (9)

February 21, 2018

Big Brother CBBUS Live Feed Updates! Tuesday, February 20th (9)
8:15 PM BBT Omarosa and Marissa are talking about when the show is actually going to end. Omarosa tells her that someone sent her an email saying it was over the 19th. James and Ross are in the Hollywood Room talking about voting Brandi out. Ross tells James that Brandi has been lying about stories she is telling the other HGs. They start talking about the upcoming comps and how many evictions they think are left. James is complaining about the HGs to Ross. James is convinced Brandi is going home this week.James tells Ross that he doesn’t think he will be able to hang out with Brandi outside of the BB house. James says that Brandi is a monster when she drinks and that he would not want to go drinking with her. Ross says that he is looking forward to Sunday night. OMAROSA! PLEASE GO TO THE DIARY ROOM! Marissa and Brandi start talking about Omarosa and her political talk. Marissa tells her that it gives her major anxiety.
8:30 PM BBT Marissa tells Ari and Brandi that they need to win the veto. James and Ross discuss how production needs all of these cameras and mics just to hear them. James says that he doesn’t understand how a bug would work. James and Ross start discussing what they have missed while being in the house. BRANDI! PLEASE CENTER YOUR MICROPHONE! James tells production that the speaker in the Hollywood Room is so loud. Brandi asks Marissa and Ari if they should be upset that they saved James twice! Marissa and Ariadna start talking about how not only one but two celebs went home. Marissa tells Ari that she thinks the audience was more disappointed over Keshia leaving than Metta. Brandi comes in the kitchen and starts talking about the competition. She says that she was worried about popping an implant. She goes on to say that none of the guys in the house are very BIG!
8:45 PM BBT Brandi and Ariadna are in the kitchen. Brandi tells her that she wants to figure out a way they can talk alone. Brandi starts telling Ari about her final two deal with Ross and how he told her that if he knew she was going on the block then he would. She tells Ari that she is 99% sure that Ross knew she was going on the block. Marissa comes back in the kitchen and they start talking about the political conversation again. Brandi brings up her comment about communication majors being an easy major. Brandi says that Omarosa needs to stop wearing her college sweatshirt already since she is over 40 years old. Brandi, Marissa, and Ariadna are doing fake auditions in the kitchen. Brandi is on her second glass of wine. She tells Marissa that she is going to drink more and not give any to Ross. Marissa tells her that Ross doesn’t even know that there is any wine. STOP THAT! Brandi and Ari are cleaning the mirror near the sink. STOP THAT! Brandi keeps singing ALL THE WAY UP! NO ONE CAN STOP ME! Omarosa comes out of the DR and asks them what they were doing to get a stop that. Marissa tells her that Brandi and Ari were writing things on the mirror with the spray.
9:00 PM BBT OMAROSA! PLEASE PUT ON YOUR MICROPHONE! Marissa starts yelling OHHHH! Omarosa is trying to talk game with no mic! BRANDI! PLEASE EXCHANGE YOUR MICROPHONE FOR A NEW ONE IN THE STORAGE ROOM! Marissa says there is a rat trap in the kitchen. Brandi goes into the Hollywood Room and tells Ross and James that it is after 9pm. They wake up since it is time for POP. Ross and James go into the kitchen. They all start talking about where Mark is. James goes upstairs to HOH and Mark is laying on the bed with sunglasses on listening to his HOH music. James walks in quietly and goes into the bathroom. The HGs except Mark are in the kitchen talking about productions announcements. HOUSEGUESTS! YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO TALK ABOUT PRODUCTION! PLEASE STOP SINGING!
9:15 PM BBT PLEASE STOP SINGING! Production is telling Mark to stop singing. Mark gets up and is looking at his photos in the HOH room. Ross, Brandi, Marissa, Ariadna, and Omarosa are hanging out playing pool. Mark heads out of the HOH to hang out with them. PLEASE STOP SINGING!
9:30 PM BBT Brandi tells Ross that when she has her kids that she is more civil. She says that she has a party week then she has her kids a week. MARISSA! PLEASE GO TO THE DIARY ROOM! Omarosa tells Marissa we will see you in 45 mins. Omarosa tells Marissa that they will wait for her before they start s’mores. Mark is dying to go outside. ROSS! PLEASE GO TO THE DIARY ROOM! The HGs guess that Ross is being called to the DR because Marissa is not ready. HGs are talking about going out and being social and how people are always on their phones.
9:45 PM BBT HGs are all hanging out talking and playing pool. YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO TALK ABOUT PRODUCTION! Ross is back from the DR. PLEASE STOP SINGING! It was Mark singing again.
10:00 PM BBT Mark goes up to his HOH and pulls the pillows off the bed like he is getting ready for bed. Omarosa asks if someone knows how to turn on the gas for the fire pit. Everyone comes outside and they get ready to hang out. Even Mark comes out. Brandi and Ari start hollering about s’mores. It’s Brandi, Mark and Ari talking about when Brandi met Eddie in New York in 1997, and she was an up and coming model. Marissa and Rosa come out and join them and play around with Brandi. Looks like Mark, Ross, Brandi, Marissa, Omarosa, and James all just talking about how the house feels real and they are all in a portal. Ari is in the DR
10::15PM BBT Brandi and Marissa are talking about Omarosa and the production team talking to her. They both agree that she is Baller. The feeds flip to fish a couple of times but only personal stuff being said no real game. Brandi talks about at home she sits on her floor putting on makeup and her boys hang out in her bed watching family guy and such. Brandi and Ross says that if Marissa was to leave they would completely lose it. They say her energy is infectious. They talk about missing Metta. Marissa says that if the production voice and what if it was hers. How annoying would that be. They mention the visits from the families and that they think that Shannon and Simon will marry very soon.
10:30PM BBT Marissa talks about getting ready to take her medicine in a couple of minutes. Brandi says she hates taking hers. Ari done in the DR, and the houseguests scream when she comes into view. James is called into the DR,Brandi pops into the house to pee and mentions that whoever is doing laundry that the washer is down. Ross is roasting marshmallows for the others s’mores. Brandi comes out with a rose and says that they wanna play a game sorta like bachelor called last call for love. The joke around and play with the rose, James comes out of the house and sits with the others.
10:45PM BBT Brandi ruined the game because Ross professed his love for Ari and Brandi acted jealous and tore up the rose. They all continue to laugh and play around laughing and telling stories. Omarosa, Ross and Marissa run in to go pee, stop in the lounge area, Ross asks if he should go back out and protect Ari.
11:00PM BBT James comes in and tells the others that he told Brandi that she has been so mean since day 1. He says that she has said that he’s been so cocky and he says that it’s because he has to be because everyone has been so after him. He mentions that she is horrible when she drinks, the others say it’s her medication. Omarosa thanks him for doing what she can’t. James says that it doesn’t do any good when she doesn’t realize what she does is wrong. Again Omarosa thanks him and he walks away saying go ahead and keep her drinking, that will be helpful. James goes to the bedroom so he can prepare for bed. He works out on one of those foam rollers and is alone in the room. The others go outside and join the others as Marissa and Ross talk about the Apple Watch. Omarosa and Brandi talk about Howard Stern but mostly about his wife and both agree how wonderful she is. Marissa and Brandi talk about how they think Zingbot is coming tomorrow.
11:15PM BBT The houseguests talk about roasts and Marissa use to work with Pam Anderson. Brandi mentions David Schwimmer and Ben Stiller until the feeds cut off. Back on again they talk about going to bed. Once alone Ari hugs Marissa and says that there is nothing we can do to save her. Speaking about Brandi. Ari tells Mark she feels bad for James and he says he will talk to him. He goes looking for James so he can. Mark says he is gonna look but thinks he is in the DR. He talks with Ross about he feels sorry for him and that he’s a good kid and doesn’t deserve it night after night. In The bedroom Omarosa brings up Kathy Griffin and when she was in the house. Marissa says it was like a couple of seasons ago. Ari says she is gonna have m&ms and Ross says bring them, he has hummus and chips.
11:30PM BBT Ross says that “she “ heard him when he was talking to Mark, I’m guessing Brandi. Omarosa talks about having a thyroid tumor and having emergency surgery. Omarosa and Ross are talking about Shannon and how they really wanna be her friend out of the house. Brandi pops in and says she is auditioning for a play. She is acting extremely strange. Brandi acting like she is auditioning for the play and the others laugh and she is acting really sexual. The others watch and wonder what this is all about. The game changes to who was on the block and the veto winners and who went home. In the HOH bathroom Mark, James and Marissa discussing Brandi and how she acts. James says that just because he doesn’t say anything doesn’t mean I don’t deal with it or feel a hardship from it. James says that he is tired of the petty BS.
11:45PM BBT Marissa tells the boys that she is headed to bed. James says if he works out he will be pumped and not able to sleep. James says that it’s OK to leave him. He says Brandi goes to bathroom but he doubts she says anything. She is standing at the DR door. Brandi is upset with Marissa for listening to James. She will not listen to reason that she was just “listening”. She says you were nodding your head and Marissa says I was just saying uh huh. Brandi says that Marissa talks about James too and she should acknowledge what she said. Marissa says he said he was tired of taking this all week and I was nodding “I get that “. Brandi stomps off in a huff. James talks about going to sleep after a shower. Marissa is called to the storage for her medicine and the others can’t wait to sleep

James- Whether she (Brandi) goes home next or doesnt

February 20, 2018

 James- Whether she (Brandi) goes home next or doesnt, I'm not going to engage and be rude. At this point, I'm sure as shit not going to be docile and take it between my legs. If she is going to get pissed off by it, it's her own fucking problem
James to Ari/Omarosa/Ross- Just cause I havent said anything for three weeks, it doesnt mean I havent been feeling the same way and dealing with it the entire time. I voiced a few things. I am proud of myself for still not being mean 
James- When all you (Brandi) do is be mean and I never see the nice person side, it's not funny. Omarosa- I am glad you are okay 
Brandi- I just heard what you guys were saying in there. It's amazing. Marissa- I was just listening. Brandi- That's not true
Marissa- I was just listening to James saying how he felt about what went down. Brandi- Yep. I saw the whole thing. Marissa- I wasnt saying anything. Brandi- You do you, honey. Marissa- I was literally listening to him. Brandi- Yep 
Marissa- I was listening. Brandi- You were nodding your head and saying okay. You were like "yeah, I get it". Marissa- Cause he was saying "I dont want to take it anymore". I was agreeing with him that he shouldnt take it with his tail between his legs 
Marissa- He (James) said it has been making him feel bad for three weeks. Brandi- Did you say what you said about him? About when he gets super cocky? Or did you just go "yeah, it's all Brandi's fault"?
Marissa- Now I'm yelled at. James- Why? Marissa- Because I'm listening to you complain. Ross- Was she listening to the door? Marissa- Yeah 
James- She (Brandi) doesnt need to drag anybody into her problems. Marissa- I'm a big girl. James- I know. She is not though
James- My friends are younger and dont act like that. Omarosa- You shouldnt have to put up with it, I shouldnt, and Mark shouldnt
Brandi is now in bed. Marissa told Ari and Ross that Brandi is not saveable at this point. Ross said Brandi is someone that they love and care about who is coping as best as she knows how. He said they need to give her love and let her sleep 
Omarosa- She (Brandi) said "nobody has been horrible except for Omarosa. Just kidding". Ari- I didnt hear that. I'm sorry. Marissa- I'm sorry 
Ari- I feel bad for James. It's not fair. Marissa- I actually havent said anything...when she (Brandi) is like "you have never said anything bad about him?". I have liked him. Did I want him to go so that we can win the game? Yes 
Ari- What if Omarosa saves Brandi to break you guys? Marissa- She wouldnt do that. James- I guess we just cant let Omarosa win. Ari- You will send me home.
James to Ari- If I were Omarosa, I would think I have a better chance of getting you on my side than getting Brandi. Marissa- I agree
James to Ari/Marissa- I am grateful that Brandi is older and a lady. If somebody my age that's a dude was popping off, it would be so much tougher for me to not be like "are you fucking kidding me?" 
Marissa to Ari- She (Omarosa) knows she is a target. She doesnt want to team up with a target. She is going to try to team up with you and me. James- The only person she is not going to try to team up with is Ross 
James- I wonder if Omarosa would use it. Marissa- It didnt sound like it but we just have to beat Omarosa
James to Marissa/Ross- Before they (Ari/Brandi) were broken, I would have argued it's tough to go for Omarosa (over Ari if Brandi wins PoV) 
Ross to James/Marissa- If Brandi takes herself down, Omarosa moves up. We have just got to stick to that
Marissa told James and Ross that if Brandi wins PoV, they can tell Ari that they wont keep her unless she agrees to nominate Brandi next if she wins HoH

Brandi- I saved you twice. James- Did you?

February 20, 2018

Brandi- I saved you twice. James- Did you? You could have saved me from a lot more...just socially. Brandi- What do you mean? James- Bigger picture. Probably best to just not talk about it. Brandi- I think you're overthinking it 
James- You have so many more times just poked and poked and poked. I have chosen to just not say anything. If you dont see that, there is an issue. Brandi- I see it to an extent. You're a good guy but you do change
Brandi- I like you half of the time. When you are super cocky, it's hard to like you. James- You have not seen me super cocky
James- You dont have to like me, but you dont have to be mean all the time. Brandi- I actually do like you. James- I have reciprocated that many times. More often than not, to me and Mark, it's a constant rudeness 
James- Obviously I am excited to send you home, cause you have treated me more rude than anyone here. Brandi- I have saved you twice but cant wait to send you home too. James- Probably not going to happen. Brandi- There is the cocky person I'm talking about 
James to Marissa/Omarosa- She (Brandi) bullies and bullies and bullies and then cannot take anything back
James to Marissa/Omarosa- I'm sure she (Brandi) is just going to keep going and going. Keep her drinking. By all means, I'm sure that will be helpful 
Marissa- He (James) is fine. Yes he is a little upset... Brandi- I dont care. Marissa- But he is going to bed 
Brandi- Maybe we can all just tell Mark how we feel about him (James) when he is cocky. Ross- Let's not do this. I dont want things to get... Brandi- Ugly, or truthful? Ross- Ugly. Brandi- Truthful 
Mark to Ross- Poor guy (James). That was fucking ridiculous. She (Brandi) is definitely going home, that's for sure 
Ari- There is nothing we can do to save her (Brandi). Marissa- No
Brandi- Are you good? Mark- Me? Why? I'm trying to look at the fish. They are eating. Brandi- Yeah, they eat every night 
Omarosa to Ari- The only problem is if she (Brandi) wins veto, I feel like they will punish you to hurt her. We have to win
Marissa- It's impossible to save her (Brandi) at this point. They want her to go, not you. Ari- But if she wins... Marissa- Then we will put up Omarosa and get rid of her. That's what I've been told. That's coming from James 
Marissa to Mark- She (Brandi) is being crazy right now. She is putting on a play where she is crying right now 
Mark to James- We're just trying to get some air. It's just boring and tiresome to get roasted every time you go out there. You handled yourself very well. You are a gentleman
James to Marissa/Mark- I think what I said is the truth, is you (Brandi) have just been mean and rude since Day 1. I tried to then follow up with a compliment. I did say when you apologized to me, I was impressed
Mark to James/Marissa- I dont like when everybody comes to me and goes "are you okay?". Of fucking course I'm okay. I'm just tired of it. Everybody is apologizing for her (Brandi)
James to Marissa/Mark- When everybody prefaces "I love her (Brandi)" dont need to love her. I sure as shit dont, cause I've never seen a side of her that I lov

Game Stats Update! BBCeleb

February 20, 2018

Game Stats Update! BBCeleb
🔸Mark Won HOH
🔸He nominated Brandi & Ariadna For Eviction

Big Brother CBBUS Live Feed Updates! Tuesday, February 20th (8)

February 20, 2018

Big Brother CBBUS Live Feed Updates! Tuesday, February 20th (8)
4:00 PM BBT James says that BB should’ve had them do something, because it’s boring. Mark and James are thinking that a double eviction is coming up soon, either Friday or Saturday. They then think about what and when the upcoming episodes are. Mark jokingly thinks of a Big Brother musical, including a “Free Metta” number. James predicts that there will be a FreeMetta hashtag. Mark says that he’s already scheduled gigs for after the show ends. James brings up the show, Super Sweet 16. Omarosa says that she loved that show, saying that she loves watching brats. The talk goes to favorite foods. They talk about nicknames. Mark brings up that circus music that Josh did last season. Omarosa says that he would’ve lost his mind if they did that in the house. Mark mentions that it would be crazy with 16 people instead of 11. Omarosa says that John (her husband) would’ve had a heart attack if Metta slept in the same bed with her. Mark says that Metta is a clothing-optional kind of person. The convo goes to Coke. Omarosa says that she’s glad that she drinks the same thing as a supermodel. Ari says that she drinks Diet.
4:15 PM BBT James says that he’d play ping-pong in the house if it was available. James says that he gets drunk after 1 or 2 drinks. He says that he thinks he’s funny when he’s drunk. He says that some of his friends think he’s funny too, but some of his friends think he’s not. James brings up a music video that he did in another country. They then talk about cameras. The convo goes to posing. Omarosa shows the pose that she does most of the time. She brings up a time that she fell, after stepping on a bead on her dress. Marissa puts on a show for Mark and Omarosa. The convo goes to Metta. James says that Metta is probably having sex right now. Omarosa says that he’s probably doing press. BB calls Mark to the DR. Omarosa says that something is about to happen. The feeds cut at 4:25pm.
4:25 PM – Feeds down for the nomination ceremony.
4:25 PM – 5:30 PM BBT Feeds down for the nomination ceremony.
5:30 PM BBT Feeds return at 5:37pm. Ari and Brandi are nominated for eviction. Brandi says that she’s hasn’t been lobbying for him. Mark says that is what like a situation where you had to choose between your son or daughter. Ari jokingly tells Brandi that she was a bad influence. Mark says that he feels terrible. Mark says that being on the block is good for you, joking that you lose weight. Mark says that he doesn’t think it was a shocker, and that it’s just a game. Marissa hugs Mark and offers him some orange food. Omarosa says that she was trying to keep a straight face during the ceremony. Mark says that it’s difficult to tell someone why they don’t like him. Brandi says that she doesn’t like the way she looks in photos. Mark asks Ross if Ari was surprised. In the bathroom, Brandi tells Ari that Mark could’ve prepared them. Ari consoles her, but Brandi says that it’s fine. Ari wonders why he didn’t put Omarosa up. Brandi says that they have a deal. She says that there’s a F4, and are slowly taking them down. Brandi says that she knew that it was going to be one of the 3. Ross consols Brandi.
5:45 PM BBT In the dining room, Mark says that he needs to practice speaking slower. Mark says that he’s aged-out of being a host. Ross says that during his gig at SiriusXM, he should do some trivia in-between songs. Mark says that he can’t, saying that it’s pretty scripted. Marissa is talking about sex positions with Ari, favoring the missionary position, saying that it feels like love. Ari doesn’t like that she has to prepare a speech. Marissa says that she had prepared a speech, mentioning that she’s very proud of being a cancer survivor and a mom, and to look at her as inspiration. Ari says that she might give a personal reason why she’s here. Mark hands out beef jerky to the HGs. Ross says that he loves beef jerky. BB asks Ross to return the veto medallion. Omarosa reads the ingredients list of the Doritos.
6:00 PM BBT Houseguest talking about how red dye is linked to a lot of illnesses in children. Ross and Marissa talking game. They are trying to decide who they should vote for in order to keep themselves safe. They feel like they will have to vote how Mark and James want them to vote. They decide that they really can’t decide until the POV is decided. Marissa tells Ross that Brandi, Ari, and Omarosa wanted him out. She tells him that they told her that Ross was coming after Marissa. Ross says he doesn’t feel do bad that Brandi and Ari are on the block now. Marissa promises Ross she never lied to him and he believes her. He said he never told anyone that he was going after Marissa. Ross says he feels so much better now, that he doesn’t feel bad anymore. Ross and Marissa join the rest of the HG’s in the kitchen. Ari is tweeting. Marissa is getting ready to take a shower. Tells the other HG’s she needs to do a load a laundry when the outside opens up again. They are going to make chicken and beef tacos for dinner.
6:15 PM BBT Marissa asks the HG’s “want to see the three funniest things found in the storage room?” They tell her yes and she shows them sunblock lotion and spray. She leaves to go take a shower in the HOH room. Omarosa and Mark start singing and BB tells them to stop. Brandi is making dinner. Omarosa joins Marissa in the HOH room. She’s going to listen to some Bob Marley. Brandi is telling Mark that James is a threat because he’s won everything. She tells Mark that no one is going to beat James. Mark tells her that James being a threat is good for him because they are working together. Brandi agrees but stresses again that James is a threat. She tells Mark that Ari said she would have to vote against her. Brandi says she just doesn’t want Ari to think she is up on the block because of her. Mark tells Brandi that the worst thing that can happen to you if you get evicted is that you go home to your family. Brandi agrees. James and Ari are in the lounge just chatting. James thinking about working out just because he’s bored. Ari doesn’t want him to. He says his knee hurt this morning. Ari says she feels bad about Shannon now. James tells her that Shannon got to play on her favorite show and makes some money, that she will be ok.
6:30 PM BBT Mark and Ross are playing pool. Omarosa is watching them. Ari and James decide to join them and play a game too. Brandi is alone in the kitchen cooking. Mark called to the DR. Omarosa and James playing pool now while Ari and Ross watch. Marissa is out of the shower. She complains that all she wanted was a nice peaceful shower and Omarosa comes in and peeks over the shower door at her so she sprayed water at you. Omarosa tells her that she was beautiful. James won the pool game. Mark out of the DR. Ari called to the DR. James and Mark playing pool. Ari and Marissa talking in the Tiffany rm. Marissa tells Ari that Ross is going to vote how the house votes but that Marissa is not going to vote out Ari. That everything she has been doing has been with Ari in mind. Ari hugs Marissa and goes to the DR.
6:45 PM BBT Brandi still in the kitchen cooking. Omarosa helping her. Ari out of DR. Mark called to DR. Omarosa and Marissa is the High roller rm. Marissa talking about her hands cramping and that she has been eating more bananas to get more potassium in her system
7:00 PM BBT Feeds down, possibly picking POV players. Feeds back at 7:25 PM BBT. Everyone in the kitchen getting ready to eat dinner. Ari, Marissa and Ross in the storage room. Marissa tells them that she overheard Mark and James talking that Brandi was the target. Ari asks Ross if he will save her as in vote for her to stay, he says he doesn’t know, that he doesn’t want her to leave but he doesn’t want Brandi to leave either. He said he will let her know.
7:30 PM BBT Ari tells Ross that Brandi told her that Ross said to Brandi that she doesn’t want to be sitting next to a beauty queen in the end, that Brandi would lose. Ross denies saying that. He tells her that he did say that Ari could win, but he didn’t say it the way Brandi phrased it. He says that hurts his feeling. All HG”s in the kitchen eating tacos. Marissa goes into DR to request water and lettuce. Marissa back out of DR. Asks the other HG’s who thought the POV comp would be tonight. A few of them said they thought it might be. But it won’t be until tomorrow. Marissa and Ross meet in the Tiffany rm. Marissa tells Ross that James told her that Brandi was the target and that if Marissa gets the POV not to use it because it’s Brandi’s turn to go, but if the veto is used then Omarosa will go up. Which is what Ross and Marissa want. Ross asks her about what Brandi told Ari about sitting next to a beauty queen. Marissa confirms it, tells Ross she was there. They go back to the kitchen with the others.
7:45 PM BBT All HG’s eating. Everyone compliments Brandi for the tacos. Mark asks if they think Metta will be there Sunday. They tell him he has to because of the vote. Mark called to the DR. Brandi asks what Otev is? James says it’s veto spelled backwards. She says she knows that, wants to know what the comp is. Marissa says she will tell her but then Omarosa ends up telling her. Then Brandi asks about the last HOH comps. Marissa explains it. The HG’s start talking about how they are going to go from 7 HG’s to 2 at the end. They think there will be a double, possibly a triple eviction. Omarosa is talking about her time on the Apprentice.
8:00 PM BBT Mark comes out of the DR and says “Hey guys!!!.” The HGs think Mark has an announcement. Mark laughs and says that he is only joking. Omarosa is telling the HGs about her story. BRANDI! PLEASE GO TO THE DIARY ROOM! Mark has started the countdown to being allowed outside. Ross tells everyone that there is one hour until POP. James comes out of the SR with wine. Marissa tells everyone that they should wait for Brandi to come out of the DR to open the white wine. Marissa and James walk into the bedroom and Marissa tells him that she can’t with the political talk. James and Ross start talking about the veto. James tells him if the veto is one where they can throw it to him they should. Marissa is back in the kitchen helping Ariadna clean up the kitchen. PLEASE STOP SINGING! Ross and James are talking about getting Brandi or Omarosa out.

Big Brother CBBUS Live Feed Updates! Tuesday, February 20th (7)

February 20, 2018

Big Brother CBBUS Live Feed Updates! Tuesday, February 20th (7)
3:00 PM BBT Marissa comes back to the Tiffany RM stating that she went to the DR to ask about them bringing her a particular dress. Marissa says that they are expecting it to be 2 girls being nominated as they do not think Mark would put up a guy. Brandi says that they know that if need be, she knows if she or Ari on the block, that the others may need to save themselves & she is ok with it. Marissa says that if it was her, that Omarosa would not be nominated. Omarosa says that stupider things have been done. OMAROSA PLEASE PUT ON YOUR MICROPHONE the girls fuss at Omarosa for taking off her microphone. Omarosa says that it keeps falling off. They talk about the geography of where they all live. Ross comes in. They talk about how they are all packing. Ross says that they have not done things as the houseguests do in a traditional season. They talk about how that outside of the house that Shannon would be the coolest chillest chick ever. Brandi exits the room. James is sleeping in the Hollywood RM. Omarosa talks about they all looked liked they have aged a bit since they have been in the house. Omarosa is talking about a ring her husband had designed for her. Brandi & Ross are talking out in the corridor. Brandi says that she knows that it will be one of the girls going home. Ross heads to the kitchen & then to the WR as Brandi heads back to the Tiffany RM. Back in the Tiffany RM the girls are talking about doing laundry & Marissa is begging production to allow them to do laundry. Ross is upstairs in the HOH Ross asks Mark what he is doing. He wanted to make sure that he was not disturbing him. Mark says that he does not think that anyone will be surprised by his noms. Ross says that he is trying to not talk game. They talk about James not winning veto. They talk about how if they make it to the final 4 they are there at the end. Ross says that he came up there to quit avoiding people. Mark says he only had three people to choose from for nominations. Mark says that he knows that he has Omarosa as an option & if there is a chance to backdoor Omarosa he will, but he needs to break up Ari & Brandi as they are a “pair”
3:15 PM BBT Ross says that he would do the same if he was in Mark’s shoes. Mark tells Ross to come up anytime. He offers Ross some snacks. They talk about possible twists coming up. Ross leaves & thanks Mark for the talk. He tells Mark that they are just at the point where friendship & game are mixed. Ross heads back down the stairs. He is just in the kitchen leaning up against the counter. In the Tiffany RM talking about how they could not have told anyone that they were coming in the house. Omarosa says that only her husband & her mom knew. Marissa says that some of her friends are hurt she didn’t tell them. They all admit that they had fun looking up all the rumored houseguests. BRANDI PLEASE PUT ON YOUR MICROPHONE Mark & Ross come in announcing that they have gluten free, vegan, grain free cookie dough. They all get up & leave the room & head to the kitchen. They talk about making the cookies & how they will taste. They know Ari needs gluten free so that she will like the cookie dough. James is awake but still in bed. In the kitchen, Marissa, Mark, Ross, & Omarosa are talking about a night out & making the cookies. James comes into the kitchen. JAMES PLEASE PUT ON YOUR MICROPHONE They talk about the cookie dough coming from Joe’s on Third. They all talk about asking for Hugo’s & still have not received it. Marissa talks about having a makeup girl.
3:30 PM BBT Omarosa talks about having Dee Dee(?) Kelly & that is the best makeup artist around. Feeds cut out they come back & everyone is in the kitchen. They are all talking about the extra spot on the memory wall. Marissa is talking to Ross over at the table away from everyone. Marissa is talking to him about noms & they both try to be sly about leaving the room to talk. Brandi & Ari are now in the Tiffany room. Ross & Marissa are in the Hollywood RM. Ross says that Brandi talked to him out in the hallway & Marissa says that Brandi was saying that all have to do what is best for their own game. Marissa goes back & forth on sending Omarosa home next. Marissa talks about her dream of final three is her, Ross, & Ari, but if that is not the way it is, she will adjust. Ross feels bad. He wants to know if Marissa thinks that Brandi would forgive him. She says yes. She tells him about a conversations that she had with Brandi yesterday. Before the veto, she told Brandi that she could not vote out Ross. Marissa says that her game has been open & honest. Marissa says that she wants someone she likes to win. She does not want Omarosa to win. Marissa tells Ross that Omarosa said that Ross did not want to sit next to Ari the beauty queen nor next to Marissa at the end. Marissa says that she is ok not being a better player than Ross. She feels that Shannon will vote for the best player. Ross brings up the girls wanting a girl to win. Marissa says that the girls say they want a girl to win around Omarosa, but that the girls alliance split up after 35 seconds & laugh. Marissa says that they need to tell Ari & Brandi that the only way they can save them is getting Omarosa out. Marissa says she wants to go to lunch with Omarosa but that she does not want her to get to final 4 let alone win. Marissa says that she cannot watch BB the same again. She says that she will not be the same again.
3:45 PM BBT Marissa says that she slept yesterday. That she is rebooted, but that is because that she knows that they are in the final stretch & she knows that Ross & her are there because they bring the fun. They talk about putting on show & just enjoy what time they have left. They talk about getting chips & Diet Coke. They are in the SR getting supplies. The talk in the kitchen is about taking photos with people & products. Getting free products for doing photos. Marissa & Ross head upstairs to play pool with their Doritos, an orange, & soda. Ari joins them. Marissa hollers down to Mark to ask to use his bathroom as it is closer than going back down the stairs. Ari & Ross talk about missing Uber. Ari says that she misses her phone. Marissa comes out & talks about how overwhelmed when they get back home. They then put on fake commercial for the food & drink they are about to consume. They are asking Ari how to say things in different languages. Marissa is attempting to play pool. Marissa is talking about the skybridge being a weird place for the pool table. Marissa says that Ari needs to be dancing & then says that they all need to be dancing while playing pool. Marissa starts to sing & makes sure to let Production know that it is a song that she is making up on the spot.

Mark- I dont think anybody is going to be surprised by my nominations.

February 20, 2018

Mark- I dont think anybody is going to be surprised by my nominations. I kind of briefly talked to Ari and Brandi. People understand it's part of the game. Ross- Ari asked me. I just played dumb 
Mark to Ross- I dont think Brandi is going to be surprised at all. Ari maybe, but Ari nominated me on a Power of Veto. I cant worry about this. We are at the end of the game
Mark- I am still totally committed to what we are doing, and I want us to be in the Final 4. Ross- Yes. I want Marissa to win that next HoH, or James. Any order. Me, Marissa, James 
Mark- I dont think anyone thinks I am going to nominate you or Marissa, do they? Ross- I dont think so, but I want to keep that suspicion alive
Ross to Mark- If I was sitting where you are sitting, it's exactly what I would do...if I were you
Ross- Say Brandi or Ari left, and Omarosa got HoH next and put me up, I think you guys could keep me. Just need two votes. Mark- I dont see how you could lose
Ross- If it's between her (Brandi) and Ari, I would vote to keep Brandi. Ari is too much of a threat in this game. Marissa- And I would keep Ari 
Marissa to Ross- My dream would be me, you and Ari. I want to figure this out so we can help get Omarosa out before the girls. If it doesnt happen, we did our best 
Marissa- Just cause you have a Final 2 with her (Brandi), it doesnt matter. You have no control of her staying. A Final 2 doesnt mean you have to make sure that stays in place every second. Ross- That's actually exactly what it is
Marissa- The only way we can help them is by getting Omarosa out right now. Ross- Pray they win the veto. Marissa- We want to save Ari and Brandi, so let's figure out how 
Marissa to Ross- I dont want her (Omarosa) in the final 4. I dont want that to represent our show. I dont want America to be like "are you kidding me? You let Omarosa go to the end
Marissa- You know why you and I are here? Ross- To make it fun. Marissa- The reason why both of us are here is in case one of us went home. They made sure there was good energy in the house. That's you and me

Big Brother CBBUS Live Feed Updates! Tuesday, February 20th (6)

February 20, 2018

Big Brother CBBUS Live Feed Updates! Tuesday, February 20th (6)
1:30 PM BBT The girls say where they will be this time next week. Ari feels she lives so far away and never will see them again. Marissa says she texts all day long. They talk again about their relationships being in the house for so many days. They genuinely get along very well. Fish, back after 3 min, and then feeds off again within a minute. Once again feeds came on only briefly and then out. The four girls were still in the kitchen chatting. Marissa was beginning to tell a story about “this one girl, named Molly…” Fish (essentially out since 4:33pm).
1:45 PM BBT Feeds return at 4:49pm. Brandi is no longer in the kitchen, but Marissa, Ari, and Omarosa is still in the same general area talking. Brandi comes out from the WR area and then again leaves. Marissa asks Omarosa how she deals with the different roles she has played. Mark is out of the DR. They talk about the privacy of taking a shower. Mark feels less privacy from the cameras up in the HOH WR. You can hear/see the cameras turn toward you. Omarosa has never showered in places worst off than here. Mark has gotten “clean” in much scuzzier places than here. James came down from upstairs. Ari and others are milling around. Marissa claims her new motto as “Clip on her hair, put on some glitter, and go!” Marissa apologies to James for sexually harassing him this morning…however, she says he deserved it and they laugh.
2:00 PM BBT Ross & Ari are in the Hollywood RM. Ross says he has no idea who will be put up. It could be him, Omarosa or Bradi. Ari is worried about being put up. Ari says she knows that is going to be one of them. Ross asks her about sucking on or chewing on something. He tells her that he does not like the texture. Ross says there is nothing to do today. Ari says except nominations. Ross says he feels like it could be today. MARK PLEASE GO TO THE STORAGE ROOM Ari says that Omarosa tried to pull her to the side to say that if her, Brandi & Ari can stick together that they can make it. Ross says that Omarosa has no one & is trying to align with anyone. Ari says that Brandi is acting weird. That she was crying earlier & Ari thinks it is because Brandi misses her kids & upset about the situation with her parents. Feeds cut out at 2:04 PM BBT – 2:16 PM BBT
2:15 PM BBT Feeds come back up. Mark is in HOH with headphones on. OMAROSA PLEASE PUT ON YOUR MICROPHONE In the Hollywood RM it is Marissa, Ross, & Ari. Ari is putting on her makeup. Marissa is talking about coming out of the DR with Mucinex. Ross says he needs some allergy medicine. They tell how someone said that Ari looked green sitting on a directors chair, that Ross just said that “Oh it is just her concealer. She used the wrong shade.” Marissa says that Ross is naturally funny. Ari says she wonders if Captain Pervy will end up on the show. Ross says that Captain Pervy will end up on the cutting room floor. Marissa says yeah, I have not even been asked about him in her DR sessions. They talk about missing the HOH bed. Ross says that they need to get it back. Marissa says that she thinks that they lost the bed for the rest of the season. Ross says that he wants to give Shannon a hug outside of the house so that Shannon knows that he means his hugs. They feel that Shannon does not think that they care about her. Marissa says she feels bad about Chuck. That she wishes they did not vote him out. OMAROSA PLEASE GO TO THE DIARY ROOM Marissa whispers “Thank God” & they all laugh. Ari wonders if Omarosa talks about them in her DR sessions & then says that is ok because she talks about Omarosa in hers. They are now acting like Kermit the Frog & “ribbitting” in response to silly questions. Ari asks Ross to allow her to do his makeup Ross says no. Marissa asks Ari to do her makeup. Brandi comes back in the room & Ross asks her how it went. Brandi gets in bed. Ross complains that they give the ladies time to put makeup on before their DR sessions but he is not even allowed to shower
2:30 PM BBT Marissa says that she mentioned the phrase”crushing boredom” in her DR today. They talk about going outside tonight. Marissa mentions going to take a shower in the HOH room. Brandi says that Mark won’t allow anyone there, Marissa says that he told her she could. Marissa says that they need to burn the place down after they leave. Marissa talks about all the cleaning that they have done & it has not made a difference. JAMES PLEASE PUT ON YOUR MICROPHONE Ross says that he has tried to sleep today but because Omarosa cannot keep her microphone on & they keep calling her out on it, it wakes him up. James comes in the room after Marissa leaves. James gets in his bed. Ross says that he should call a medic just to talk to them. Feeds cut out for a moment. Mark is still in the HOH with headphones on. Ross asks Brandi why his nail polish that she put on him is coming off. Ross says that he will go shower. They ladies get up as well. They are leaving the room to allow James to get some sleep. They all head to the TIffany RM. Brandi says that she needs to clean the room. Brandi mentions that she heard Ari mention feeling bad. Brandi thought that Ari felt bad about someone trying to get Brandi out. Marissa & Ari are now in the SR. Ari says that Brandi was worried about them talking about her. Ari tells Ross same thing. She tells them that she told Brandi that they were talking about the fact that Marissa is missing her kids & Brandi’s parents dying. That they all felt bad for both of them. BRANDI PLEASE PUT ON YOUR MICROPHONE Feeds cut out as Ari heads back into the Tiffany RM. Feeds comes back. Ari, Marissa, & Brandi all talk about how Omarosa knows who the pairs are & that they are not talking to Omarosa about the game. The three ladies agree that Omarosa cannot win the veto. Marissa says that any conversation that she has been privy to with Ross, that he is pitching Omarosa. Marissa promises the ladies that if any of them are put up against Omarosa, that she is voting out Omarosa & not them. The ladies speculate that the others are scared of Omarosa. Marissa says that she feels that Omarosa will not be put up. ARIADNA PLEASE GO TO THE DIARY ROOM. Ari says she needs 10 more minutes.
2:45 PM BBT Omarosa comes in & tells Ari that they are ready for her. Marissa compliments Omarosa on her dress & the conversation turns to clothes as the Feeds cut out. Feeds come back. They talk about how “they” picked their clothes that they wore on premiere night.OMAROSA PLEASE PUT ON YOUR MICROPHONE they talk about Omarosa being a free player. Not a floater. Marissa says that she knows that Omarosa is all about a woman winning. They talk about what dress they will be wearing tonight. Marissa says that she noticed that they made Omarosa do her “Apprentice” look that she has not worn in years. Marissa talks about Omarosa’s stint on SNL. Omarosa talks about being out when people approach her. She states that it amazes her how people perceive that what happens on SNL is real. They talk about how sick they have gotten & how fast. They conclude it is being locked up with not outside air with actual sunshine. Omarosa says that she has forgotten what they sun looks like. Ross is in the WR shaving while the ladies are talking in the Tiffany RM. Ari is getting up & fixing her hair. Omarosa says that they need to do a “Fifi” jaunt. Brandi says that when they were in the kitchen & Mark said that at this point that they are all friends & that it sucks that he has to nominate two of his friends. Brandi thinks that Mark was referring to Ari. Omarosa says that she is Mark’s friend too so that means he may nominate her. Omarosa says that she is packing now as they all are out there no later than 6 days. Omarosa says that her DR was short so that Ari should be ok. Omarosa tells her not to forget her earrings. Brandi says that she is at peace with being nominated. Omarosa asks if nominations are today. They all think they are. Brandi says that there is no sense going to Mark to beg & plead. Ari concurs. ARIADNA PLEASE GO TO THE DIARY ROOM Ari says ok & heads out.

Ari- You think he will put me up?

February 20, 2018

Ari- You think he will put me up? Ross- Maybe. Ari- Me with Brandi? Ross- Or Omarosa, I think...or me. Ari- It's not going to be you 
Ross- The problem no is there is so few of us. Ari- It's going to be one of us. I just want to know to be ready, to pack everything. Ross- I think you have until Friday...whoever 
Ross- She (Omarosa) is trying to make a deal with anybody she can. Ari- I know. I dont want to be with her by myself. Ross- She is too good at this. I dont know what to believe from her
Ari- Has Brandi talked to you? Ross- Nothing about game. Ari- She is acting weird. I think she is being sad for her kids
Brandi- Metta, I miss you. I love him. It's his truth. He is just truth 
Brandi- If it's a double, I hope that people will get rid of her (Omarosa) first. Marissa- Me too 
Brandi- If we can get Omarosa out this time... Marissa- That's what has to happen. Brandi- We are still four strong
Marissa- We have to start doing some fake news, like she (Omarosa) does. Brandi- They have to be afraid of her. Marissa- What we have to start saying is "you cant beat her"
Marissa to Ari/Brandi- I dont think she (Omarosa) is going to be put up. I think it's going to have to be a backdoor situation
Marissa told Ari and Brandi that if James and Mark dont want Omarosa to go, and they know she will be voted out, they will not put her up
Brandi- The more I think about it, it's going to be you and me (nominated). Marissa- Probably
Omarosa- Why wouldnt I go up? Brandi- You are not aligned with anyone. Marissa- If they to have control of Ross, that's the smartest move (to nominate Marissa)
Omarosa to Ari/Brandi/Marissa- We would suck if we had six women and lose to these guys 
Brandi- It's either me and Marissa, or me and you. Ari- I put him (Mark) up. Brandi- But he was okay with it. He said yes. Ari- But people will forget. Omarosa- They do have amnesia
Ari- If he (Mark) puts me up, it's okay. Dont feel bad, dont get angry with him. Brandi- There is nothing we can do

Big Brother CBBUS Live Feed Updates! Tuesday, February 20th (5)

February 20, 2018

Big Brother CBBUS Live Feed Updates! Tuesday, February 20th (5)
12:15 PM BBT Brandi is in the WR. James telling Ari about working out different muscles due to a past injury. James tries to avoid taking medications for muscle aches. Both of them at the kitchen table, James says there has been a couple nights here where his brain has not wanted to shut off. Ari says how she passed Metta’s bed and felt so sad. She did not sleep well. James says there is a lot of time for reflection in this house. Being in the BB House is very strange, and they talk more about their home life compared to being in the house. They discuss how each person has changed the dynamics of the game. James says he’s been lucky in that he has not had to lie. There are times he has not said anything, but didn’t lie. James feels as if Omarosa has lied about everyone and lied to everyone.
12:30 PM BBT James reminds Ari that Omarosa is in the Lounge and can hear a lot of what’s going on in the kitchen. James assures Ari that he has never really been mad at anyone since he realizes it’s a game. Omarosa is primarily the only one lying in this game. That is why she is an outcast. Ross and Mark is at the kitchen counter and Ari and James at the table talking. Mark says he would love to take a bath today. They all feel as if they are dragging…and sore. Brandi is called into the DR. Ari is told to exchange her battery pack in the SR. James tells of an excellent gym and trainer he would recommend to Mark and Ross. Mark, James, and Ari i kitchen talk about the different professions and how many are money hungry. Brandi is in WR doing her make-up. Mark and James talk on how it seems like small cuts are appearing on their hands….could it be the extremely dry BB House air and not getting any sunlight. James and Mark justify their nominates of Ari and Brandi. Brandi is the bigger threat. They think Omarosa will be so happy it’s not her. James says people outside the house might want Omarosa gone, but for the game inside the house, Brandi is a good choice. James goes up to raid the HOH food. Mark says to help himself.
12:45 PM BBT Ari is in Lounge talking to Omarosa. Omarosa is putting on her make-up and have to re-use her last lashes. They talk on what’s happening today…nominations. Omarosa feels as if they can stick strong with Brandi, they will be okay. She does not feel as if Marissa regrets not sticking with the girls. Maybe when she gets home she will see that girls need to stay together to get far. Omarosa reads 2 passages from the Bible. Those are the same things she read before the basketball comp in which she won. Ari leaves for the kitchen where James, Mark, Brandi, and her talk about the value of the HOH isn’t determined upon how long the rein lasts but knowing you will not be going home. James leaves towards the bedrooms. Marissa and Ross are napping in their beds. In the kitchen Brandi and Ari briefly talk about how they slept and what’s in store for today…nominations only. Mark is also in the kitchen putting away dishes. Ross lays quietly in bed with eyes opened in deep thought…
1:00 PM BBT Kitchen talk turns to nail polish and hair. Mark takes the trash to the SR. Ari asks questions about how to use the veto to Brandi and Mark. Mark again talks about how dry it is in the house. Ari realizes she forgot to take any Metamucil yesterday. They also talk about the benefits of Magnesium. Omarosa is in the DR. She was funny yesterday on how Omarosa was trying to figure out a way to save everyone yesterday. Mark reminds them it is only a game. Nothing should be taken personal, but it can hurt. The longer people stay in the house, the better chance you will be on the block at some time. You don’t need just 1 friend to help you get until the end. Marissa gets up again and talks with Ari in the kitchen on how she slept. Mark is getting ready to go into the DR. He for sure will talk about the cut on his chin. Marissa is not sure if nominations are today; she has not seen where BB has announced it. Omarosa shows them her lips…Marissa says they are like cartoon lips. Marissa wants to get lunch, but then changes her mind. Brandi mentions her medication… Fish. Feeds come back with Marissa talking about her dog.
1:15 PM BBT After Melissa gets an English Muffin from the SR, she continues to tell Ari how she has a Dog Walking App that allows the company come in to walk her dog. The app also will send you pictures of their walk. Marissa now knows how to now request the same walker each time. Omarosa comes into the kitchen. All the girls agree there would never be a girl to win that competition. Brandi, Ari, and Marissa are speculating on who might be on the block. Once they know who is nominated, then Marissa has agreed to discuss every possibility scenario available in winning a veto. They suspect the next eviction will be Friday–possibly a double eviction. The girls agree they all need to go to the gym today. Maybe just to stretch if not to work out. Omarosa sees where Marissa really does like cream cheese and proceeds to read the ingredient label and any benefits. There is a protein and a vitamin in it. Brandi is so sure the noms will be her and Ari. Marissa says than her and Ross will fight like hell for the veto to take one down and hopefully “she” will go up. Brandi would not like to pull herself off knowing that Marissa might be put up. Marissa says it’s nice to help your friends but there is a time you have to look out for yourself.

James to Mark- Go "Ari, it's a game. It's nothing personal

February 20, 2018

James to Mark- Go "Ari, it's a game. It's nothing personal, like you said to me when you put me up. Brandi, I think it speaks for itself. You have been mean since Day 1. Social game is as important as competitions" 
Mark- Brandi is a way bigger threat in competitions than Omarosa. James- Yeah. You have no blood on your hands going for Brandi 
James to Mark- People outside the house might be more excited at getting rid of Omarosa, but we are playing a game inside of the house. Our fans will be so happy if you got rid of Brandi 
Omarosa- In this game, women dont do well. There has been a couple of winners...Rachel, Jordan. Ari- How is Rachel? Omarosa- I was very proud of her. She has a baby now. She is fierce, she is good at the competitions. Jordan, oh my God, so likeable
Brandi to Ari- I have to win veto. If anyone else wins, they are not using it cause they have to save themselves
Marissa to Brandi- If it's you and Ari, I fight as hard as I can to get the veto, Ross fights as hard as he can to get the veto. We pull one of you down, and they put her (Omarosa) up. That's the only play
Marissa to Brandi- If you pull yourself down and I go up, oh well. You pull yourself down. Whoever goes up, goes up. You can try to save friends but you have to save yourself
Marissa- It could be any of the four of us (girls). It's not going to be Ross. Brandi- No, but I do think that they are threatened by him (Ross). Marissa- At the end of the game. Ari- It's not going to be Ross. Brandi- It wont be. I know that

Big Brother CBBUS Live Feed Updates! Tuesday, February 20th (4)

February 20, 2018

Big Brother CBBUS Live Feed Updates! Tuesday, February 20th (4)
10:15 AM BBT They are talking about what furniture they could use in their houses. Mark gets up to use the HOH bathroom. James and Ross still talking about where he lives. Ross gets called to the DR. Feeds cuts to fish. Feeds back with James sitting by himself in the kitchen. Girls still sleeping. Ross in the DR and Mark upstairs. James is putting away some of the dishes that were left. Everyone is pretty quiet.
10:30 AM BBT James is washing the dishes. Mark comes back downstairs. James is singing. BB tells him to stop singing and James says they mean to stop singing so well. They are talking about coffee. And houses. Feeds cuts to fish. Feeds comes back to James and Mark talking about dishes. Mark is helping dry the dishes. They are talking about espresso measuring cups. Measuring out the proper amount. James is telling Mark that he wants the 2 of them to the end. They want the two of them to go to final 4 with Marissa and Ross. But they think they can’t win against Ross and Marissa they’d get the votes. Ross really wants Omarosa gone. They want her gone to. They are talking about how Ari and Brandi are a pair. James wants Brandi gone. They think even though Ari won the one hoh only by luck. Brandi has a stronger social game. They just want Brandi or Omarosa gone sooner than later. They think that if they leave Brandi in the game Brandi and Omarosa will team up and would be a huge threat. So that’s why they think Brandi needs to go this time.
10:45 AM BBT James still washing dishes. Mark went into the WR. Girls still sleeping and Ross still in the DR. Mark goes upstairs to put stuff on his face, then goes back downstairs. Omarosa is sitting up in bed. Mark heads to the SR, looking for something and then into the Hollywood room. Grabs his towel and leaves the room. Marissa is still sleeping. As well are the other girls. Mark heads into the kitchen. Omarosa is up getting what she is going to wear for the day out of the closet area. Mark is wanting to take a bath but is thinking about taking a shower. Omarosa heads into the kitchen. Stops to talk to Mark. She is telling him how she slept. BB tells her to put on her mic. Mark is saying it was great hearing Bob Marley. She heads into to WR. Mark is finishing his banana and singing a song that is in his head. Mark thanks James for finishing up the dishes. Mark says he saw more dishes lying around.
11:00 AM BBT James and Mark finishing washing all the dishes. Omarosa is in the WR. She is flipping through the Bible. Ross is currently in the DR. All other HGs are still in bed. Mark commented on how it took them over an hour to do all the dishes. There were only a couple people who ever did the dishes; there are at least 3 left that they have never seen at the sink washing anything. Omarosa walks into kitchen and comments that as soon as the sun hits Mark’s cut finger, it will heal. Mark says he has more HOH cookies that would be good for S’mores if they ever are allowed to be back outside…it’s been 2 days so far without the outside open. Mark sits at kitchen counter looking at the Memory Wall. Mark congratulates James for his dish-washing skills and comments on how he can’t believe there are still dishes in the sink after 2 hrs of washing! James’ back aches from standing at the sink for so long. He gets something to drink and goes into the bedrooms. Mark passes him saying he’s going to get a little workout in and then shower. Mark confirms with Omarosa that BB will press his jacket and continues upstairs. In HOH Rm while listening to his music, Mark sorts out his clothes and proceeds to make his bed singing a few lines now and then.
11:15 AM BBT All feeds show the WR; Omarosa washed and lotion-ed her face and brushed her teeth. She goes to the SR and brings a bag of cotton balls back to the WR. Fish.
11:30 AM BBT Feeds are back with Marissa still in bed telling Ross and James about her dream. Ross comments that today should be fun. Marissa says she can no longer go to bed at 3am. Marissa realizes that being in a house with even your friends for 20 days, you are liable to fight or at least be annoyed. Brandi is in the WR getting herself ready; Omarosa is in the shower stall (water not running). Brandi comments that this will be a long week. She feels as if one of them will be going home if they do not win the veto. She agrees it will not be smart for them, but… [can not exactly hear what Omarosa is saying with no mic on]. Omarosa is out of the shower but still talking with no microphone on moving about getting her things together. BB tells her to put on her microphone. Omarosa says the competition yesterday was designed for a boy to win–it was pure physical. Brandi states they did not have a chance. They speculate further on who would be voted out if certain people were on the block. Omarosa walks out and talks to Ross in the kitchen. Brandi tells Ross her sinuses are killing her. Ross agrees that with being outside last night for the comp and then this house, it’s bad. Marissa also comes into the WR. She wants to put in her hair, put on glitter, and go! Brandi braids her own hair and tells Marissa she definitely needs a nap today.
11:45 AM BBT Marissa, Ross, and Omarosa in kitchen. It seems as if they all are complaining about sinus issues/headaches. Marissa says she had her most deep meaningful conversations ever with Metta. They got really deep into subjects. She is glad he didn’t go home on the first day and that everyone got to know him. James comes in and tells Ross it smells delicious. (I believe he’s frying bacon.) Fish. James, Ross, and Omarosa in kitchen talking about cooking for everyone in and outside the house. Ross is complimented on making slop a lot more tolerable. James making Marissa, Ross, Brandi, and now Omarosa lattes/espressos. Brandi cleaning the WR large mirror. Marissa’s latte ready. She comes to kitchen to get, then BB reminds her to put on her microphone so back to the BR.
12:00 PM BBT Mark comes down from HOH Rm. Omarosa says that BB announced for him to turn down his music; Mark never heard it. He was rocking out to Bob Morley. BB wants the mirror over the sink/stove cleaned; Ross replies that it’s only steam since they don’t have an exhaust when cooking. Marissa tries to remember someone from the Bob Newhart Show. Omarosa is going into the Speak Easy Lounge since it’s the only warm place in the house. She invites Ross in with her, but he declines saying he needs a table to eat his bacon wrap. Ari is finally awake…talking to Brandi. BB reminds Brandi to put on her microphone. Ari’s shoulder is sore. Brandi gathers up the dirty dishes from the Tiffany Rm and leaves. Ari is greeted with Good Mornings in the kitchen. Marissa is called into the BB.

James- What did she (Marissa) say?

February 20, 2018

James- What did she (Marissa) say? Ross- She said "thank God you in are this house for coffee and a nice piece of ass". James- MeToo. Omarosa- That was totally Me Too
Brandi to Ross- No one is going to use it (PoV) unless I win or Omarosa wins. The people up there will use it 
Ari- Putting you guys up for nominations was hard. We wanted Shannon out. We didnt want you out. James- That's part of the game. Ari- It's the risk you take 
James to Ari- I havent had to lie one time in this game. I have been lucky cause everyone else has done it for me. I have sat back and not said anything
James to Ari- I was lucky that she (Omarosa) lied. Her game has holes cause she is lying so much and so inconsistently
James to Ari- We know for a fact that she (Omarosa) is lying, cause she has told everybody a different story. Why it's not working for her is cause she is the only one doing it 
James- Most seasons, those people would probably be out first. Ari- The people that lie? James- The people that dont want to lie 
Earlier Ross told Marissa they couldn't win POV bc they would have to show their cards! Ross said it'd be better if Ari or Brandi win it bc Omarosa goes up & they'd vote her out!

Big Brother CBBUS Live Feed Updates! Tuesday, February 20th (3)

February 20, 2018

Big Brother CBBUS Live Feed Updates! Tuesday, February 20th (3)
9:30 AM BBT Mark and James are joking around and think that Metta may possibly be back into the house. Brandi gets back into bed. Ross is putting the dishes away, Mark is talking about what’s going on back at home. Mark and Ross are talking about how the outside world is like Mama June kind of world. They are talking about that show. Mark was upset how Sugar bear and June weren’t together. BB tells Mark and Ross that there are fresh batteries in the SR. They come back into the Kitchen and James joins in the conversation and they are talking about how he applauds those who want to lose weight and sticks to it. They are talking about how bad the air is in the house and says that everyone is stuffed up and coughing. Mark is asking about what is going to happen the rest of the week. They are saying that Omarosa is still in the house and how much back and forth she is in the house and wondering if she really is like that outside of the house. They say that they don’t play the game like Evel Dick played to get themselves to the end. But they think that they are playing a true game.
9:45 AM BBT Mark says that he hurt his shoulder/bicep. From the comp. Ross is washing dishes. James is talking about how everyone was freaking out over Ari and how she was feeling after the comp. They say to stay calm in that situation. James and Mark say to Ross that they’d help him with dishes so that he doesn’t have to do it all himself. They are talking about how everyone is getting testy with each other because everyone is so close. James is talking about one of his roommates. Matt and says that he would drink his Johnny Walker Blue and only leave a drop and would put it back and says that he’d replace it but never would. Feeds cuts out to fish