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 Winner of BBCAN 2018

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Who Won Big Brother Canada 6?

May 10, 2018

The day Big Brother Canada 6 fans have waited for has finally arrived. By the end of this two-hour broadcast, one person will become the winner of the season. He or she will stand with Jillian, Jon, Sara, the Paquette bros, and Kevin as the newest addition to the winner circle.

On yesterday, we saw Kaela win the final Power of Veto competition. She then used her power to vote out Will, which left Derek, Paras, and Kaela as the final three players. This is truly one of those times where anyone could win.

Paras hasn’t won many competitions but her social game allowed her weeks without hitting the block. She also already has three votes locked (Ryan, Maddy, and Will). Derek came into the game completely clueless, but used his social game and competitive prowess to take him all the way through to the end. Kaela has been comp beasting her way all season, and she used her strategic skills to get out of tough situations.

Anyone of these players could win, and deserve to win, but who will get the final votes in the end?

BBCAN6 Final HOH Part 1 Competition:


Per usual, the winner of this competition faces off in the final round against the winner of part two. This competition is usually physical based, so it should favor Kaela or Derek more.

For this part of the competition, they had to collect three coins. Then they needed to use a boat to get across a ‘river’ to stack the coins on three different pillars. They could only collect three coins at a time. They had to keep stacking until they got 20 on each pillar.

The first player to stack all their coins advanced to the third and final part. Derek drops one stack of his coins, and then Paras. He keeps dropping his coins and gets frustrated.

Kaela also drops her coins. Paras starts to catch up again, but Kaela is not too far behind.

Paras wins the first part of the HOH competition!

BBCAN6 Final HOH Part 2 Competition:


This is the last chance to advance to part three. This competition usually combines memory and physicality, so it should favor Paras more.

The second part, Derek and Kaela faced off.  They had to fill out blocks of stairs with answers to match the trivia questions. They had to align the boxes so it matched all the answers by it. The player to do it in the fastest time won this part.

Derek’s time: 20:43

Kaela’s time: 17:06

Kaela won the second part of the HOH Competition!

BBCAN6 Final HOH Part 3 Competition:


The winner of part 1 and part 2 face off for the final Head of Household title. He or she then picks who to evict, and who to sit next to in the end.

They had to answer questions about the jury by picking a or b.

Question #1- Both got it correct.

Question #2-Both got it correct.

Question #3-Both got it wrong.

Question #4-Both got it correct.

Question #5-Both got it correct.

Question #6-Both got it correct.

Question #7-Paras got it right.

Paras is the final HOH!

BBCAN6 Winner Vote:


After nearly 70 days, we finally get down to one player. Paras decides to evict Derek. Kaela and Paras are the final two players.

Ryan VTW Paras

Ali VTW Paras

Olivia VTW Paras

Johnny VTW Paras

Maddy VTW Paras

Will VTW Paras

Derek VTW Kaela

Paras is the winner of Big Brother Canada 6!


Thanks for joining us all Big Brother Canada season. See you next year, and make sure to follow us for all the latest updates on the series.


May 10, 2018


Derek evicted

Paras won the season 6-1 - Derek was the only vote for Kaela. 

I post spoilers if and when I get them

May 10, 2018

 I post spoilers if and when I get them  

Good Thursday brother-lovers  

May 09, 2018

Good Thursday brother-lovers  
Day 69 down, only 0 to go
Oil Field Technician Will Kenny just missed out making the finale of Big Brother Canada as he was evicted in the penultimate eviction show of the season on Wednesday.

Wednesday’s show picked up with the Power of Veto competition, a maze that the houseguests had to navigate through blindfolded before solving the puzzle. With a time of 24:11, Kaela won the final and most important veto of the season, securing her spot in the finale.

Before the eviction, Kaela once again struggled if she should take Derek out at the final four. Head of Household Paras made a good argument that Kaela could beat Will and her in the final HoH competition.

At the meeting, Kaela used the veto on herself and Will took her place in the chair. This meant that Kaela would be the lone vote to evict.

“Derek, you are the biggest threat to me winning the game,” Kaela said. “But in order for me to be the best, I have to beat the best. I’m sorry Will but I vote to evict you.”

Following his eviction, Will spoke to host Arisa Cox and said he was proud to have gotten to the end.

“I feel good, I made it to final four,” he said. “I feel good I made it this far. At the end of the day, it is what it is. I hope the best winner wins.”

Will also said he feels that if Derek wins the last HoH that he will cut Kaela.

“100 percent he cuts Kaela if he makes it to final two,” Will said. “If he brings Paras to final two, he wins the $100,000 but if he brings Kaela? He might still win but I don’t know.”

Before the night was over, Arisa informed the final three that they each would get individual time with the past five winners of the five seasons and get advice on what to do when they face the jury.

Who will win Big Brother Canada Season 6; Kaela Grant, Derek Kesseler, or Paras Atashnak? Find out to night as the battle to become the final Head of Household begins, the jury votes, and we crown a winner in the two-hour season finale.

Derek chatted with the winners

May 09, 2018

 Royals had a deliberation after they talked to the final 3. I got a feeling that majority would like Kaela or Paras to win. Jillian wouldn’t mind Derek winning but Sarah wants a true invested fan to win the game


Derek chatted with the winners, talked about how he’s not a super fan but made this far and how that could help him secure his win. He said his heart tells him to take Kaela but his mind tells him to take Paras. He rather lose to Kaela than lose to Paras

Kaela came in hot to talks with the Royals, she basically admitted that she’d have to cut Derek bc jury might not vote for her to win otherwise. She thinks the jury will be bitter against her but more bitter against Paras for keeping her over them

Paras has her time with Jillian, Jon, Sarah, Nick/Phil & Kevin. She explained how she played the game and what she’ll say to secure her win if she made it to Final 2

After 64 days, Will left the bbcan6 becoming the 6th member of the jury!

May 09, 2018

After 64 days, Will left the bbcan6 becoming the 6th member of the jury!

The Race to Final Three !

May 08, 2018

Good Tuesday brother-lovers 
Day 66 down, only 3 to go
The Race to Final Three !
On Thursday, Maddy became the fifth place finisher on Big Brother Canada 6. This left Will, Paras, Kaela, and Derek to fight it out for the Big Brother Canada crown, and only a couple more competition remain until they reached the end. Thursday ended with the start of this week’s Head of Household competition. This one determines the first person in the final three.

The second member of the final three will be determined by the Power of Veto competition. This person then gets the sole vote to evict. Of course just for formality, whoever wins this Head of Household competition still gets to make their nominations.

It just won’t really matter because the Veto holder basically has all the control this week, because he or she determines who are the final nominees and who gets voted out. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait until Wednesday to see who becomes the second and third members of the final three.

For now, we’ll just get to see the rest of the Head of Household competition and the nomination ceremony.

BBCAN6 Week 10 Head of Household Competition:
For this week’s Head of Household competition, Derek, Will, and Paras got clues pertaining to an evicted houseguest. They then needed to buzz in and say which houseguest the clues were supposed to represent. If a player buzzed in with the wrong answer, they would not receive a point, and the other two players could try to guess.

The player with the most points at the end of the game became this week’s HoH. Thursday ended with Paras having two points to Will and Derek’s zero.

Round #1-Paras got a point.

Round #2-Paras got a point.

Round #3-Paras got a point.

Round #4-Paras got a point.

Paras wins. She is the new Head of Household!

BBCAN6 Award Winners:
There was a little twist with this year’s Big Brother Canada awards because it was a medieval dinner, instead of the usual red carpet. It also didn’t include the return of a former houseguest.

Most Epic Battle Winner: Johnny vs Kaela/Derek and Ali fight

Favorite Retching Winner: Olivia and her puking moment

Favorite Liplock Winner: Veronica and Kaela

Favorite Odd Couple Winner: Olivia and Ali

Favorite Jester: Paras imitating Olivia

BBCAN6 Week 10 Nominations Ceremony:
This week’s Head of Household winner must name two nominees, but the final decision will come on Wednesday.

Of course, Paras nominates Derek and Kaela for eviction!

Join us Wednesday to see who wins Power of Veto.

Good Monday brother-lovers 

May 07, 2018

 Good Monday brother-lovers  
Day 65 down, only 4 to go
I got nothingSpoilers, sorry 
We will report from BBUS in the BBUS group only IF you are intrested. So PLEASE report yourself ASAP into that group if you are intrested.


May 06, 2018

I post spoilers if and when I get them in our websites

Good Sunday brother-lovers  

May 05, 2018

Good Sunday brother-lovers  
Day 64 down, only 5 to go
The Big Brother Canada 6 Feeds revealed the latest spoilers for the Veto comp results for Week 10 of BBCAN6 the competition ended and now Houseguests are preparing for their next moves.

Read on to find out who won the Veto this week and what that could mean for this week’s nominees!

BBCAN6 Veto Comp Week 10:
Kaela won the PoV
Paras already won HOH, so she’s safe and moving on to the next round, but that left her with the opportunity to get out either Kaela or Derek if she or Will could win the Veto. Well they couldn’t. So now Kaela will save herself, forcing Will up as the only renom option available, and then Kaela will vote to evict either Will or Derek.

Kaela already told Paras she knows that keeping Derek gives her two chances to get to the end and she’s right. While she’s mentioned the idea of cutting Derek I just don’t see it happening. Will should be out of here next.

Feeds have gone down for the season at this point, which is hard tell from the rest of the season when they were seemingly down most the time anyway, but now it’s official. Season finale comes up next week and then we’re off to hopefully better things with Big Brother 20!

What do you think Kaela should do this week with the Veto? Should she evict Will or Derek?


Breaking: KAELA won POV!

January 01, 2020

 Breaking: KAELA won POV! Will just said to himself, “I’ve come to terms with it, Kaela is going to pick Derek over me”

Arisa- Hi everyone

May 05, 2018

 Arisa- Hi everyone. As you know, this season of heaven and hell has been so full of surprises at every single turn. Tonight is no different. Tonight one more of you will be sent to jury. Welcome to a special eviction

 Derek to Kaela- This is crazy. We're literally this close to walking on stage together

May 05, 2018

 Derek to Kaela- This is crazy. We're literally this close to walking on stage together. I think she (Paras) is nervous 
Kaela- I went into the bedroom last night. Will is like "oh you got at $100,000 decision to make". I was like oh yeah. That's all I said. Derek- I think everyone knows that we wouldnt cut each other, but they want us to
Kaela to Derek- If we are both in the finale, they have to vote for one of us 
Will- Is the ceremony soon? Paras- I think so. Big Brother didnt let her shower. Will- I will go get my bag packed I guess 
Kaela- Should I just tell him (Will)? Derek- Maybe dont tell him right away. If you are actually considering cutting me, it's a big decision. Kaela- Good idea. Maybe I will cut you. Derek- If you want to lose the game 
Will- Are you leaning towards keeping Derek? Kaela- I know I will cut Derek, but I dont know if it's now or the next one. It comes down to if I think I can beat him in HoH 
Will to Kaela- This would be your $100,000 move to make to cut Derek right now. If you had two chances to cut Derek, and didnt take either chance, the jury is probably not going to vote for you
Will to Kaela- Derek did come up and make a deal with me yesterday before the veto. He said "if I have to cut her at some point of the game, this is when it is" 
Will- I will give you my word and swear on whatever that I will take you to Final 2. Kaela- If Paras wins, she's not bringing me. If you win, it would be stupid to bring me. Will- I wouldnt win over Paras either
Will told Kaela that Maddy, Ryan, Liv and Johnny would vote for Paras to win over him
Will to Kaela- If you were in Final 2 with Derek, you probably wouldnt even get one vote if you brought Derek past this point and got to Final 2 with him 
Kaela to Will- If I'm in Final 3 with Paras and Derek, I feel like I have two chances. Derek will 100% win the game. If I win, I bring Paras. If Paras wins, she brings me 
Will- You are going to win $100,000 over me and Paras hands down. Kaela- I can only win one of two. We're facing off in an option thing that I know I cant do (in Part 3
Will to Kaela- If you have another chance to cut him and you dont, the jury is going to be like "let's vote for Derek or Paras"
Kaela to Will- Because I didnt cut Derek in the Final 5, it was actually a good move for me. If I get to Final 2 and I did cut Derek was actually good for my game cause I did get Final 2 and I did cut Derek 
Will to Kaela- If you dont cut Derek, it's going to be nearly impossible to get them jury votes. That's just facts. You would get Ryan's respect, Maddy's respect, Johnny's respect (if she cuts Derek)
Will- If you cut me, I cant vote for you cause I think it's a smarter move to take me. Kaela- What if I end up cutting Derek next week? Will- No, cause I think your best game move is to move forward with me
Will to Kaela- I dont vote for you if you dont take me. Maddy is not going to vote for you, Ryan wont vote for you, and Johnny more than likely wont vote for you. Me and Johnny are like this 
Will- I need you to take me to Final 3. If you dont, I am going to have to try to get in there and campaign so you dont win. That's just game. Kaela- No, I think that's more personal feelings
Will to Kaela- He (Derek) made the deal with me yesterday. He was like "this is a showmance. It's probably not going to be anything after". He swore on it and stuff
Will to Kaela- You get me into that Final 3, and I win, I'll bring you to Final 2. I know whoever I go to a Final 2 with now I am definitely not going to win 
Will to Kaela- This would be one of the biggest fucking moves in Big Brother Canada history. I swear over anything if I get into that Final 3 with you that I'd bring you to Final 2
Kaela- If you cut me in a Final 3, that would be your win. Will- If I'm giving you my word like that, I would not fuck you over
Will- Just think really hard on it. This is your biggest decision of the game. Kaela- If I dont get another opportunity, I screw myself. If I get another opportunity, it's a good move. Will- It's a gamble
Will to Kaela- I would take you over Paras. I am giving you my fucking word on that. I would swear over anything
Kaela- The only thing I am scared of is walking out third cause of whatever decision I make now. Will- I will give you my word on my son's life that I will bring you to the Final 2. We can beat Paras 
Kaela- I will think about it. Will- I dont know if you want to let us know what you are going to do beforehand. Whatever decision you make, it's okay at the end of the day. You are one of my fucking best buddies 
Will to Kaela- I know I cant beat either one of ye in the Final 2. I just want the money so I can go back to school. We can fucking get to the Final 2
Will- If he won that yesterday, he was going to send you home. Just think about stuff like that too. Kaela- Yeah, I know
Kaela- I just have to think. I cant think of something right now. Will- Follow your heart is all I can say to you. Kaela- Thank you for chatting, Will. Will- Of course. Thank you for listening to me 
Kaela to herself- I dont want to follow my heart. I want to follow my head

Paras- Are you keeping Derek?

May 05, 2018

 Paras- Are you keeping Derek? Kaela- I honestly dont know. I see it in two ways. Derek would win this game if he is in Final 2 
Kaela- Me, you, Derek. If I win, I'm not taking Derek. Paras- And if I win, I am taking you 100 
Paras to Kaela- Do you think he (Derek) acts more interested and into you when you are HoH or in power? Maybe I'm a girl that's looking to deep into it. I feel like he was even worried yesterday when you won. I think he knew he was going to cut you
Kaela- We are definitely not Ika and Demetres. We are not even 2% of that closeness. We have more of a friendship than a romantic relationship for sure. I just dont know what my better option is. Paras- You know what your better option is
Kaela- If I cut him now, I could still be that third place walking out. Paras- Look at all the other competitions. It's not going to happen. Kaela- The third one is options that I fucking cant do. Paras- You proved that you can 
Paras to Kaela- Derek is going to be winning that final HoH. Against me and Will, you have a better chance. If you dont do this, the jury is going to think that you are being an idiot
Paras- Would you take me over Will? Kaela- I think you have a better social game, so I dont know. Paras- He has more jury friends. Kaela- But I think those jury people are going to look more game than friend wise 
Kaela to Paras- If you and Will were in Final 2, you would win 100% 
Kaela to Paras- He (Will) said he would swear over his son's life, his grandparents' life that he would take me over you...but then he threw the vote in my face, which made me really pissed off 
Paras- Where is your head at right now? Kaela- I actually dont even know. The only pro to keeping Derek is I feel I have two chance to get to Final 2 
Kaela to Paras- In a Final 3 with you and Will, I am the only one that could win to solidify. If he cut me, he could beat you 
Paras- I think you are underestimating just how bitter girls like Liv and Ali are. To have somebody like me be the reason their game ends, they are going to hold that shit against me. Kaela- But they came in this house to play Big Brother 
Paras- Will has actually done a decent job. He just hasnt shown it. Kaela- I have no idea what he has done 
Kaela- In a situation with you and me, I dont know who would have Liv and Ali. Paras- You would. Mark my words. Kaela- You would have Ryan, you would have Johnny 
Paras to Kaela- I think that if Derek stays, you are really fucked. I think you go home third place 
Paras to Kaela- I believe Will that he wouldnt give you his vote if you cut him. I think last week not cutting Derek showed loyalty. This week, knowing that he would cut you, you are just going to look like an idiot 
Paras- They think you are in love and couldnt see clearly. Kaela- Trust me, I am not in love. I always said I wanted that epic feeling of cutting my showmance in the final to win. Paras- What if you dont get to?
Kaela- It's more of an impression on finale night if I send him through those doors. Paras- People are already going to know you are cutting each other. I dont know. Kaela- I dont know either 
Kaela- It's more of an impression on finale night if I send him through those doors. Paras- People are already going to know you are cutting each other. I dont know. Kaela- I dont know either

Kaela- He said he would swear on anything he had to.

May 05, 2018

 Kaela- He said he would swear on anything he had to. Derek- Of course. Kaela- He told me if I cut him now, no matter what he is not voting for me. Derek- That would make me want to cut him
Kaela- He was like "Derek has everyone's vote". Derek- People will vote who plays the best. Kaela- You did play the better game. Derek- The only reason I am here right now is because of you. Kaela- The only reason I'm here right now is because of you 
Derek- It was the biggest comp win of the season, the one you just won. Kaela- But if you win the final HoH, that's the biggest comp win of the season 
Derek- You have literally owned the last two weeks. Kaela- But you owned the whole game. Derek- No I didnt. Kaela- I didnt do anything socially though
Kaela- Would you actually bring me though? Derek- Yes. I want to bring you. Kaela- You were saying that to Will yesterday too, and you were very convincing. Would you have cut me? Derek- No. Never. That's why I told you about the deal right away. Kaela- Not before I won
Derek- I would never cut you. I wont cut you. Kaela- Will was saying "Derek would cut you cause it probably wont be anything after the show, and it doesnt mean anything". Derek- I didnt say it doesnt mean anything. I had to make it convincing 
Kaela- If you cut me, I would feel the exact same way you would. I would be fucking pissed. Derek- So would I 
Derek- I honestly hope that you dont doubt me. Kaela- I just dont really know if you would do it or not. Derek- I wouldnt. I wouldnt break a swear with you. Kaela- How do I know that? Derek- I will show you 
Kaela- You only told me (about the deal with Will) after. Derek- Did I tell you? Kaela- You told me because I won. Derek- I was going to tell you either way. It was still just me playing the game 
Kaela- You would have went against your word (with Will) to keep me, so you giving me your word right now means nothing then. Derek- Not on you. You also told me you would go against your word to other people
Kaela- I dont trust anyone like I trust you in this house. Derek- I dont trust anyone like I trust you. If you think cause I made that little deal that you lost trust in me... Kaela- No no no 
Kaela- I just really really need to know what's going to happen in a Final 3 situation with you. Derek- I am bringing you
Derek- If I win, you will be in the Final 2. If you dont believe me, cut me right now. Kaela- I dont want to cut you. I just want to know for sure. Derek- I am not going to do that to Kaela 
Derek to Kaela- You know me as a person. Do you honestly think me as a person even in a game situation like you think I would do that to you? Do you think I would embarrass you like that in front of Canada? I would never 
Derek to Kaela- You want to be here more than I do. I dont want to take that away from you 
Paras to Kaela- I am getting second place next to both of you (Derek/Kaela). I would rather sit next to you cause I have a little more hope

Good Saturday brother-lovers 

May 04, 2018

Good Saturday brother-lovers 
Day 63 down, only 6 to go
The Big Brother Canada 6 Feeds revealed the latest spoilers as these results bring us the nominations for Week 10 of BBCAN6 after the latest Head of Household competition finally gave us a little change in the guard of power in the season.

There were few options here for the new HOH. She had 3 HGs to pick from and obviously, her biggest threat came from 2 of them, so there ya go!

BBCAN6 Nominations Week 10:
Paras nominated: Kaela & Derek
Well, of course, she was going to put them up but the real decider here could be the Veto. If Paras or Will wins the Veto then Kaela and Derek will stay on the Block and they can decide which one goes home. All those results are coming up in the next day or so.

What do you think of Paras’s nominations? Who would you have put on the Block this week for Big Brother Canada?

Paras is not ready for veto comp

May 04, 2018

 Paras is not ready for veto comp "I feel so bad. I can't even think right now" Will tells her about the deal he just made with Derek: Both swore they will take each other to F3 and Derek told him Daela will not date afterwards. Paras & Will still want to evict Derek

Paras has a hiccup, she tries to hold her breath, but it doesn't help. She's also drunk: "I love being high, but I hate being drunk." Production: "Remember that Canada is watching. Please watch your language." Paras: "I don't know what you are talking about." 
Paras works on a ruthless middle-finger-version of her eviction speech: "Kaela, I nominated you because you're a stupid ass bitch. Derek, you're so full of yourself. I need you to fuckin go. Fuck both of you, good luck in veto, I'm gonna win this shit.

Derek talks to Will about making a deal with him if he or Paras

May 04, 2018

Derek talks to Will about making a deal with him if he or Paras wins veto(noms stay the same) that Will would vote for him to stay he'd take him to F2. Will said he'd could beat him over the end. He also brings up to Derek id he wins Veto he needs to cut Kaela 
"Final 3" Will swears on his family back home that he'll take Derek to Final 3, vote to keep him. Derek swears on his family too that'll he'll vote to keep Will too.

The screen says the veto competition is today 

May 04, 2018

 The screen says the veto competition is today 
Paras- Oh my God, you guys. PoV comp today! What the fuck?! Derek- Holy fuck. Is this some kind of a practical joke, Big Brother?
Derek- So someone is going home tomorrow. Kaela- Yep. Paras- Yep. Oh my God!
Paras- I need some food. I feel like puking. Derek- I feel so shitty. Will- I would sooner get it done and over with. Derek- It is what it is now. No sitting around thinking 
Will- So it's going to be down to three tomorrow. Derek- Ceremony will be in the morning or afternoon, and I bet someone is gone tomorrow
Paras- I just feel so sick from earlier, drinking on an empty stomach. I still feel fucked up 
Derek- If either of you two (Paras/Will) win, you have the only vote. You will have to pick between Kaela and me. I'll 100% bring you to the Final 2, swear on everything, if you keep me. Will- I'll do that
Will- If you win, are you going to bring Kaela? Derek- I have decided yet. Want to make a deal? Will- I will make a deal. 100% legit. Derek- This is it. It's fucking Final 3. Will- Your best chance of winning this game is with me 
Will- If you want to lock something down, and be 100% serious, I will lock something down with ya. Derek- Final 3? Will- Yeah 
Will- You dont want to fuck yourself out of $100,000. Derek- You are right. Will- If you are to win veto, take Kaela with you, and you make it to Final 2, they would vote for Kaela before they would vote for you. You had your chance to get your showmance out
Derek- Final 3. Will- Final 3. 100%. Want to swear on something? I swear on my family at home that I will take you to Final 3. Derek- I swear on my family at home too 
Paras to camera- This veto basically determines if I win second place or first place in this game. Oh my God, I cant even think right now. This is fucked up. I still feel buzzed 
Will- What do you think they are going to do if they win? Paras- I think we can work on it 
Will told Paras that Derek tried to make a deal with him. He said they swore on it 
Paras- If I win veto, you are going to have to cut him (Derek). Will- Obviously. 100%. He is the biggest threat. Me and you could sail right to Final 2

Derek tells Kaela "you & me final 3

May 04, 2018

 Derek tells Kaela "you & me final 3" Kaela tells him that they've planned for this! Derek says he knows everything & can feel the veto necklace over his neck. Derek tells Kaela his game winning move is them together in the Finale!

Feeds still not back 2:30PM BBT

May 04, 2018

Feeds still not back 2:30PM BBT
We have a new HOH in charge as we go into the final week of Big Brother Canada 6. There will be a special eviction episode on Wednesday which will give us our final three and then Thursday is the two-hour season finale! Although this week’s nominees may seem pretty obvious, keep reading to find out who I think will be nominated this week on Big Brother Canada 6!

With Maddy being unanimously voted out of the Big Brother Canada house last night, there are only four HGs left in the Big Brother Canada 6 house. The HOH comp results are also in and it looks like Paras is in charge this week and considering her close relationship with Will inside the house, he will not be an initial nominee.

Paras is most likely going to put up the power couple, Derek and Kaela for eviction this week and the only way they can save themselves is with the Veto. This week could get interesting if Derek or Kaela win the Veto. Will is the only person left in the house that hasn’t won a competition yet this season. The Veto comp is going to be very important for him to win because if he ends up a replacement nominee, there is only one vote this week and he will be the next jury member.

This just further proves that they should have split the power couple up earlier in the season. What do you think of the F4 in the Big Brother Canada house? Who do you want to see win the Veto this week? Who do you think has what it takes to be in the F3? Let me know in the comments

Will tells Paras that he "might have to make a F2 deal with Derek

May 04, 2018

 Will tells Paras that he "might have to make a F2 deal with Derek, but it's not gonna be legit". While the feeds were down, the awards took place. Paras: "Will, you look fuckin good on TV" Will: "Not as good as you" Production voice: "Heya Will, could you..." Feeds cut. 

Paras is going over with Will on what she'll say when she nominates Kaela and Derek!

May 04, 2018

 4.39PM Feeds return.
Paras is going over with Will on what she'll say when she nominates Kaela and Derek! Paras also assures Will that she, theyll win the veto!
No noms so far, Paras is practicing her speech: "Kaela, I've nominated you because you are very strategic and the definition of a comp beast. Derek, you won mental and physical comps and your social game is honorable."

Maddy Poplett Exit Interview!

May 04, 2018

Maddy Poplett Exit Interview!
After you told Paras and Will that you had told to Kaela they were still undecided about the vote even while sitting on the couches, what was going through your mind when they reacted so strongly to hearing that?

Maddy: Often times strong reactions in the house connects to feeling that your game is threatened. I know that they had a strong reaction due to my loyalty, but I know they had strong reaction out of fear going “oh my God, Kaela knows that. What’s going to happen to us now?”. I obviously felt really guilty. It got to me for doing it. Now that I have had some time away from it, I feel part of their reaction had to do with feeling vulnerable as well as feeling that I had betrayed their trust a bit.

You told Kaela that she was making a mistake by leaving Derek in the game. Did you truly believe that, when it meant she would be left outnumbered 3-1 in the veto competition instead of potentially 2-2 if Derek were to keep his word to her, or were you just trying to stay safe?

Maddy: I definitely understand that there was both angles of looking at it, which is what we argued about for about two hours. I do believe that that was her chance. She and Derek have played not only as a showmance but really together. There wasn’t a whole lot of separation between their games. When it game down to it, I think people did see Derek as a bigger, more impressive player. I think she had her chance to overtake him, and really come into her own as an individual in the game. By keeping Derek, she was banking on a maybe that he would take her, and also not taking her opportunity to stand out.

Paras told you she was concerned that you would tell Kaela all of the things that she was saying about the plan to convince her to nominate Derek. Did you ever consider doing that in attempt to save yourself?

Maddy: Not exactly, considering that our plan was similar. If I had thrown her under the bus, she could have done the same to me. Overall it wouldn’t have been productive. I think us having the same intentions of getting Derek put up as a nominee was a unified stance enough that it wouldn’t have made sense to throw her under the bus in the meantime.

You said to Paras that “you can get to the end whichever way you want but people have to decide that you deserve it”. In your mind, what makes a deserving winner?

Maddy: I have said preseason, and it holds true now that I have played the game, that the winner of Big Brother is the person who best manipulates their variables to get to the end. She is going to have to do the best with what she is presented with, whether that means in Final 4 she does win a competition, and is able to make a decision when it comes to who cuts who, or something like that.

Paras asked you for help in making her case as to why she should win the game. Why do you think Paras should win the game?

Maddy: I think Paras should win the game because she has played and understated and underrated game, which is hard to do in the Big Brother house. I feel that she was welcome in almost every room, which is a feat in itself in a house which everyone is suspicious of everyone. I think she has done a great job of managing her relationships, including her relationship with me. I feel like a Big Brother winner does not always have to be on the offensive. The fact that she has played defensively and strategically this whole time is very impressive to me.

Do Paras and Will automatically have your vote over Derek or Kaela if they make it to the Final 2?

Maddy: I told Paras and Will that they would automatically have my vote. Now that I have had separation, I do feel that I will vote for who I feel played the best game out of the Final 2. It doesn’t count Paras and Will out, but it also doesn’t mean that they will automatically have my vote. I’m very interested in what happens in the next handful of days in the house, and I’m very interested in how they present themselves in Final 2.

You said in a preseason interview with us that a showmance is “a tool I will do my best to utilize to be successful in this game”. If Derek or Kaela successfully use one of your strategies to get to the end, would you be able to justify voting against them?

Maddy: I think that that’s a great question. It is a tool, and they have done a great job utilizing it. It’s not the only tool though. I think that they have played such a strong game together. I think others have played strong games without that type of connection. It’s a tool that would definitely be on the roster for them to earn a win with me, but it’s not the only tool. I am impressed but just because I thought it would be a good strategy for me, it doesn’t mean I think it would be a game winning idea for anyone.

Kaela asked you what you would do if she somehow convinced Derek to take her to the Final 2. You said you would vote for her. Is that the case?

Maddy: If Derek brought Kaela to Final 2? Yep, I would vote for her.

Paras told you she hopes that the jurors don’t get into your head about her. Is your mind made up with regards to how you feel about the Final 4, or will you let what the jurors have to say influence your decision?

Maddy: That’s a good question. I feel like I can’t predict ahead of time. I said I would vote for Kaela. I want to backtrack a little bit and say it would depend on what they said. It’s kind of what the jury says, and my perception mixed together. Throughout the season, I do believe I held true to the fact that I made the decision with my votes that would be what suited me best. I do feel like my experience from the game, I will consider from my own perspective. In the end, I am going to do what I personally think is best.

You said in the diary room that “I’ll be the most mediocre winner of Big Brother Canada so far”. If you got to the end, what case would your argument have been as to why you should have won the game?

Maddy: I am so dramatic. It’s the whole variables thing. There is still a whole lot of game to be played. Despite me being out 5th place, and we are in the final stretch, there are still so many crucial moments to be played out. Should I have stayed in the house, it would have had a lot to do with this final home stretch. I definitely have been crawling uphill for basically this whole game. I’m sure it will be clear I have been targeted for the most part of this game. I have evaded quite a lot of people trying to get me out at one point or another, so that would have been part of it, sort of the underdog kind of play. As well, I have told a few lies that I have at least semi got away with, which I feel I could have presented, as well as had a fairly reliable alliance.

You told Paras you have known for years what you would say in your eventual eviction or Final 2 speech. Did you have enough time to express what you wanted to, or is there anything that you would like to add to that?

Maddy: I think that for the most part the message is what I wanted to get across. I had specific words that I was luckily able to say, and I hope that they kind of resounded. I definitely have spent a lot of my life being very confident in the person I was. I was wondering how it would come across in the house. If there was anything to add, it’s that a lot of people don’t understand the potential for their own happiness is theirs to figure out. It’s not about making somebody else feel very happy one day. I was told that I would make someone else happy one day. My response was “probably, but I will be making myself happy first. That’s the best way to make the people around you happy as well.” This is such a big goal that I accomplished holding those values, so that had to do with my speech too.

On your final night in the house, you stood by the doors to thank everyone. You said the experience was a dream come true. Was it everything that you imagined it would be?

Maddy: It was everything I had imagined it to be and more. It was unbelievable every day being in that house, looking around, and saying “I am in the Big Brother Canada house”. There were moments I would sit on the couch, and stare at the screen saying “Big Brother Canada” on it. It was unbelievable. I wish I had the vocabulary to describe how it felt to be in there. I am so thankful that this experience actually happened. It’s still very surreal as well.

After Paras and Will agreed on cutting Derek if they win Veto

May 04, 2018

After Paras and Will agreed on cutting Derek if they win Veto, Paras is now alone in her HOH room: "Oh Maddy, I wish you were here, Baby." Paras shows us her pictures and talks about Ariana & her other best friends and their relationship status

Kaela jokingly asking Derek if he'd vote against her in the end if she cut him. Derek said he'd would bc she made him a promise. K asked him if he'd be a bitter juror even if she played the better game. D told her yes! Kaela said she'd also vote against him if he cut her!

Good Friday brother-lovers  

May 03, 2018

Good Friday brother-lovers  
Day 62 down, only 7 to go
During tonight’s eviction episode, Maddy was evicted by a vote of 2-0. The HoH competition got underway. It was a mental competition in which the houseguests had to determine which houseguests a series of clues were about. At the end of the episode, Paras had a 2-0-0 lead over Derek and Will.

12:04 AM: Feeds returned. Paras is the new HoH. Derek told Kaela that this win does nothing for Paras. He thinks that either of them will beat Paras or Will if they are at the end together. Kaela said she isn’t sure which one of them Paras would take to the end if she had to choose. While Derek said it would probably be Kaela, Kaela wasn’t so sure. She pointed out that Paras always talks about being a guys girl, and she compared her to Erica today. Kaela said it’s not as clear cut as Derek might think. Kaela added that Paras wont win the final HoH anyway. As for this week, Kaela said Will is going to be up their butts if they win the veto, trying to get them to cut each other. Kaela brought up that Paras or Will would have two votes from the trio, and the vote of one of them if they cut each other, meaning that they would only need one more vote for the win. Derek asked if Neda voted for Jon. Kaela said she did. Kaela asked if Derek is saying that he will vote for her if she cuts him. Derek said he won’t. Kaela then asked if Derek would vote for her if she played the better game. Derek said no. He explained to her that she would have made a promise to him and then went back on it. Kaela said she knew that Derek would be a bitter juror. The two later discussed that they would be fine with getting second place next to each other but not next to anyone else.

 Paras is the new HoH! 

May 03, 2018

 Paras is the new HoH! 
Paras is enjoying her HoH room
Derek to Kaela- That win does nothing (for Paras). If either of them are Final 2 with us, they lose 
Kaela- I dont even know which one Paras would take if she won the final and me and you were there. Derek- Probably you. Kaela- I dont know. She always says she's a guys girl. She just related me to Erica today 
Kaela- I dont think it's as clear cut as you think it is (for who Paras would take to Final 2). She wont win anyway. We have got to get there first. Derek- One win to get there 
Kaela- If one of us wins, Will is going to be up our butts. Derek- Oh yeah, obviously. Kaela- He will be like "the game winning move. Cut the other" 
Derek- Did Neda vote for what's his name? Kaela- Yeah, she did. Neda voted for Jon. You saying if I cut you that you would still vote for me? Derek- No I wont 
Kaela- You wouldnt vote for me even if I played the better game? Derek- Nope. Because you made a promise, and you cut me. Kaela- So you would be a bitter juror? Derek- Yep. Kaela- I knew you would be
Kaela- I always said I wanted to come in and be the best player Big Brother Canada has ever had. Obviously that didnt happen. Derek- We can be the best duo ever. Come off the block again 
Kaela- I would even be fine with second place as long as second place was to you. Derek- Same 
Kaela- We have done a lot of things together. I think you winning is me winning anyway. Derek- It's both of us. I think it's a shared title

By a vote of 2-0 Maddy was evicted from the bbcan6 house!

May 03, 2018

 By a vote of 2-0 Maddy was evicted from the bbcan6 house!

Who Was Voted Off BBCAN6 Tonight? 5/3/2018

May 03, 2018

Who Was Voted Off BBCAN6 Tonight? 5/3/2018
Five become four on tonight’s Big Brother Canada 6 eviction. Only Derek, Kaela, Maddy, Paras, and Will are left to fight for the winner spot. Tonight, Maddy or Paras leave the game, which leaves the person not voted out and the remaining players (minus Kaela as outgoing HOH) to fight for the Head of Household title.

This Head of Household ensures someone’s spot in the final three. The Power of Veto will ensure the second spot, and the other two have to just hope that they aren’t voted out by the Veto holder. The last few days and episodes will be a fast paced run to the end.

Right now, Maddy seems one foot out the Big Brother Canada 6 door. However, with people always analyzing their game and others, there is always a high chance for a last minute vote flip. Paras isn’t that great at the competitions, but she’s much better strategically than Maddy.

Kaela and Derek may see the benefit in keeping Maddy around over Paras. Can Maddy say the right thing to save her Big Brother Canada 6 game?

BBCAN6 Week 9.5 Eviction Vote:
Now is the time to go big or go home. Will Paras and Maddy fight to the bitter end for their spot in the game?

Kaela VTE Maddy

Will VTE Maddy

Maddy is evicted from the Big Brother Canada house!

BBCAN6 Week 10 Head of Household Competition:
This is the second most critical Head of Household competition of the season. The only HOH comp that has more importance is the final one that determines the final two players. Of course, per usual, we won’t get to see the conclusion of this competition, but we will get to see the start of it, which should give us some insight in who it may favor.

Join us later tonight to find out who won this Big Brother Canada 6 Head of Household competition.

Legends of the Fallen: They received info on an evicted houseguest. They then had to buzz-in to guess the evicted houseguest. The player with the most points at the end became the newest HOH.

Round #1-Paras got a point.

Round #2-Paras got a point.

Mady talk to Derek

May 03, 2018

Mady talk to Derek
Maddy i dont care what those peole have to say i want to have my own opinions and i want to hear and understand your game
Maddy i feel taht my perception of you was you learning as you go. were there times you acted in yor own interests vs you and kaelas?
Maddy how you played it for your game

Derek i had to gain people's trust, and then win compos i did let Kaela play the game and i know she know the game and i she was super nice by the end of week 1 Kaela told me all these things that she has done and the game i've always been the guy that was pretty likable and chill i know that we were a target but i was creating Kaela as a shield and like good cop bad cop.and then Johnny was calling her slayla
Derek when i talked game with pepole it was me building on getting to know them i didnt want to ruin things i used Kaela as a shield and was able to pick her brain i didnt know i ws supposed to know days i used her as an encyclopedia 
Maddy the jury will ask you what was your move for you and not for you and Kaela.. 
Derek ok
Maddy when it comes to this week and my pitch still stands it sounds like a physical comp. if it comes down to veto and you win it or she wins it and you take her to F2 the jury will think that she did all the movs not you and she had the one opportunity to cut you and she didnt and if you want to win the the game. you will need to cut her. and i asked her in that room if she thought you were going to take her to F3 and she said yes
Maddy im not here to fuck shit up on the way out the door i think that it won't be a bitter jury and it will be who played their ass off and she make s a lot of points on how the structure of th game she did well. she explained it with more specifics and not good cop bad copp
Maddy the nail of in the coffin is that she thought she was playing you and she isnt if you were to cut her.. and that is what i want to see.. and it would resonate with me.. and im sure taht kaela talked aobut teh panel. the 4th place person walks into that panel. they haven't spent time with jury who walks into that panel. they will seal the deal on who wins it..
Derek you have been my closest competition this entire time
Maddy yeah.. 
Derek it could be running around and you will know things faster and i might need that second
Maddy yeah that's why i think i lost shaw(POV)
Derek i think that people saw that i was smarter than kaela and i didnt put my foot in my mouth like kaela has.. to be honest.. i think you are the strongest competitor.. and i think that you wouldnt cut will and you would cut me.
Maddy really? that's not the case but we can talk about that later I think that i would have Ryan Will Paras. in there
Maddy it doesnt's what happened now with you 3 and the jury talks for 5 days before that.. so give them a good story to talk about she didnt have it in her to cut you but i think you have it in you so do it derek..

Derek and maddy hug..

Maddy is now telling Paras everything about Kaela and Derek’s games they stupidly told her.

May 03, 2018

Maddy is now telling Paras everything about Kaela and Derek’s games they stupidly told her.

Maddy helping Will with how the Final hoh's work
Maddy and Will talked about her staying to go toalk to Derek. That derek is scared of Maddy in a mental comp
Maddy i'm going to talk to Kaela
Kaela and Maddy talking
Maddy im thinking about Derek. and i wanted to find out where you sit if it's a tie breaker
Kaela i think that you are a mental comp threat and this isnt about anything but that you scare me and you know everything
Maddy did you think that i would beat Derek in mental vetto comp. do you think Derek will take you to F3 
Kaela yes to both
Maddy did yo want to tell me more before going into jury you have given a couple of specifics before going into the house. iw ant to understand better and pepole will be hungry and waiting for information
Kaela im worried that you will say stuff
Maddy no i want to knwo for myself to get my vote in jury
Kaela i know that i wanted to pair with a male in the game that would be a threat in teh game. Derek knew nothing so i could could tell him what to do whow to do it when to do it. that is what my potions scurum is on the rugby fieldd and if they scored it was cuz of me
Kaela he was close to Jesse and Jesse went and he was close to Hamza and Hamza had to go and he was close to Will but will knew that he was a threat
Kaela week 3 me anad Liv had a big fight Maddy did that really happen
Kaela yeah i sat them down in the room me Liv Ali and Erica i said why are we fighting why dont we work together Repair 5 me derek ali liv and Erica i was ok witgh having that and Erica and me were close and Derek was another person closer
Kaela Erica under estimated Ali/Liv's closeness to me and they told me that Erica/Johnny was talking and targeting me for a while and that is why i was able to get her out 
Maddy dod you feel the jury is for or oppose yoru win
Kaela i think for it. cuz there are people in teh jury i was working with is in the jury
maddy derek was always a step away from what you were doing
Kaela yeah Derek was never the 1st person that kew infdormation and there is stuff that i did keep from him he didnt know that i was close with ali/liv and my hoh week i wanted to ruin Johnny's game
Maddy it didnt work cuz of the veto
Kaela yeah Ryan came in and told me a lot of information and i brought in peopole and said that there was a lot of information was said.. but it was just ryna
Maddy i knew that something didnt add up
Kaela i wanted to peel johnny away from everyone he was close with and his emotions were huge to play on i have a degree in criminology psychologhy.
Maddy oh cool
Kaela i become closer to you and never wanted to put you on the block and i wanted Ryan out and he knew who i was and he called who i was and i wanted him out no one else saw me that way i came in and played all the things i get judged for every single day
Kaela and ive been working with Paras since day 2 it was me Derek Jesse and her in the real deal and she brought me information and then she started to play me but she did what Errica did and she underestimated my relationship with Ali/Liv and then we knew that we couldn't trust paras.
kaela when i was on the block after Derek won veto and pulled himself down i told him to not campaign for me i wanted to stay and if i did it was my own work
Maddy i appreciate you telling me all that i wanted before walking into with a bunch of opinions. and i want to talk to Derek before i have to go and get ready , thank you i wanted to know fully
Kaela pepole see us about a strong duo but that is not the case Ryan know and said that im doing all the work and that Derek is sitting back and Derek is smart and he did that.. and im a huge superfan and there is nothing more than i want than to sit there at F2.

Maddy ok thanks cool

Game update!

May 03, 2018

Game update!
Kaela wants Maddy to be evicted tonight. it should be a 2-0 vote.
Kaela has made back up F2 with Will to cover her bases if Derek Kaela and Will are f3. 
This is the only thing that Paras has no clue about. If Paras wants to stay to F3 she will have to win either the HOH tonight or the POV on Saturday.
*Feeds will be down sometime this weekend for them to see the BBCAN Awards Show.
Ali evicted 4-1

Derek won HOH Name that speech

Derek nominated Johnny Olivia and Maddy in the Triple Eviction

Derek sat out for the POV

POV Players Johnny Olivia Maddy Will Kaela Paras

Kaela won POV Drawbridge to Veto

Kaela did not use the POV

Maddy was SAVED 3-1

Johnny and Olivia were evicted in the Triple Eviction

Kaela won HOH Previously on Big Brother

Kaela nominated Maddy and Paras to be on the block

Kaela won POV Stick it to me

Kaela did not use the POV

Maddy and Paras remain on the block and are up for eviction

 *** BBCan6 SPOILERS ***

May 03, 2018

   Maddy evicted 2-0 - Paras won HOH (by a landslide) .


May 03, 2018


EVICTIONS are taped a few hours early I post spoilers if and when I get them on Thursdays

Good Thursday brother-lovers <3 Eviction day <3

May 02, 2018

Good Thursday brother-lovers <3 Eviction day <3
Day 61 down, only 8 to go
While it looks like Daela will be sailing straight into next Thursday’s Big Brother Canada finale, will that actually not be the case at all?

Wednesday’s episode began by showing Paras and Maddy with their backs against the wall, needing to win the Power of Veto to keep the trio safe. Daela reminds Will that he swore on his son’s life to not use the veto if he won, preventing Derek from going on the block.

However, Kaela revealed to Will that she wants to cut Derek at the final three. So it looks like Kaela and Will made a final two deal

In the Power of Veto, it was Daela versus the trio. Paras, Maddy, and Will all were eliminated. Surprisingly, Derek did not throw it to Kaela, instead, she just outlasted him for the win.

With their backs against the wall, Maddy and Paras came up with an idea to try and convince Kaela to use the veto and put up Derek. Kaela then revealed she is possibly cutting Derek at the final three, knowing she cannot win against him in the end. Maddy worked hard to convince Kaela to cut him now, which would leave the trio in the game.

Kaela would decide to not use the veto, saying it is in her best interest if one of Paras or Maddy leaves this week.

But the biggest question out of the episode is, will Kaela actually cut Derek? We’ll have to wait and see.

Big Brother Canada continues Thursday night with the eviction show, leaving the final four of Season 6 to play for the Head of Household.

Paras to Maddy- I did everything I could to make sure you were here.

May 02, 2018

 Paras to Maddy- I did everything I could to make sure you were here. I hope you never believe the bullshit they tell you. I always had your back. I hope they dont get into your head there 
Paras explains that all she said behind Maddy's back was to downplay her and to deflect attention from her: "I always wanted you here. I had to go with every BS they were telling me about you, because I needed to know if they will put you up" She gives her examples

Maddy tells Paras she thinks she's going home. If it's her, she will campaign for Paras in jury. Maddy thinks Derek will win F4 veto and cut Kaela.

After Paras left, Maddy (to camera): "Part of me does feel like I'm going, but also part of me does feel like I'm staying"

Paras has a crazy moment - she starts laughing and crying at the same time and can't stop. Maddy: "Let us know if we need to call someone" Derek wonders what is happening, Maddy answers: "We will probably just never know" Paras "I'm OK", she is called to DR

 Paras- What are some points to convince people to take me instead of Will?

May 02, 2018

 Paras- What are some points to convince people to take me instead of Will? I have had a better game than him. They know that. Maddy- Talk about jury I guess 
Maddy to Paras- I honestly think Derek is going to win HoH and veto, and take you and Will 
Paras- What do you think is amazing about my game? Maddy- You were welcome in every room. In every grouping of people, you were welcome in the room. Andy Herren won season 15 like that
Paras- When they say "what's your biggest move?"... Maddy- Being loud in every room, being able to warn people when they were going up
Maddy to Paras- Dont tell them (the jurors) that they got you there. Tell them that they were part of the reason until they werent necessary anymore
Paras to Maddy- I think one of the most important things about my game is using information to get whoever was HoH to start targeting the people I didnt see fit for my game. That whole Johnny and Derek thing, I had a lot to do with that 
Paras to Maddy- A big part of my game was deflect and disassociate from the two people (Maddy/Will) I was loyal to
Maddy- Do you think it wouldnt be classy of me to stand at the top of the stairs and say "by the way, Derek, Kaela has said she controlled you this whole game. Good luck!"? Paras- I think he would cut her next. It would better my chances. I'd go into more detail 
Maddy- I'm pretty sure that I'm leaving. It just seems like it. Will- Just your gut feeling? Maddy- Yeah. If that's true, before I go to jury, I want to hear a brief overview of how you feel your game has gone so far
Will- I was going to have another chat with Derek to see where his head is at. Maddy- It's a shitty position for you to be in. Will- It's the hardest. Whichever one, it will break my heart. Maddy- It's all good 
Will- We are going to be talked about, the three of us, this season. Maddy- Oh for sure. It's the strongest alliance this season. This and the showmance. Paras- We made it all the way 
Will- I dont think we are floaters. Maddy- That's okay if other people do. We know the game, we were here, we played it
Will to Paras- I told her (Maddy) I am going to sleep on it. I didnt have the heart, honestly. I dont want her to go to bed upset 
Maddy- Can we talk in the morning tomorrow? Derek- For sure. Maddy- I dont know if before bed is a good time. We can talk tomorrow. Derek- Let's talk in the morning
Paras- I dont want Kaela winning this game. Maddy- She wont
Maddy- You can get to the end whichever way you want but people have to decide that you deserve it. Paras- Unless she (Kaela) wins that final HoH. Maddy- She wont. Derek is going to cut her...especially after I tell him all the shit that she has been saying 
Maddy- She (Kaela) will take him (Derek) to Final 3. She wants the epic Jon Pardy moment of cutting Neda. She is arrogant and she is in love with him. Will- I dont think he is in love with her. Maddy- He is not. He is doing a wonderful job 
Will- He (Derek) wouldnt bring her (Kaela) on that trip. Maddy- He cant wait to get away from her. She is going to watch this season back and feel like a fool. Will- He played her good
Maddy- Dont go anywhere without Paras if you can help it. You have got to go with her. Will- Oh 100%

Only eight days left of Big Brother Canada 6

May 02, 2018

Only eight days left of Big Brother Canada 6, and things are getting nasty. The once tight trio of Will, Paras, and Maddy, hit a major bump on Monday’s episode. Kaela won Head of Household, which meants that two of them would go up on the block. Instead of being ruthless, Maddy just answered Kaela’s question about whether Paras and Will were on board to keep her.

Maddy told them no (which was obvious to everyone because of the debating going on right before the vote). Paras saw this as a major betrayal. She wrote off Maddy as a game ally; it became a Will and Paras double team against Maddy.

Meanwhile, Derek and Kaela just enjoyed the madness while they edged closer to the final three. Tonight, it comes down to the trio versus Daela once more. It’s not a done deal for Kaela in the final four, because if Will wins Veto, and then takes off Paras, this forces Derek to go on the block.

There would be no way that Paras and Will wouldn’t vote him out over Maddy.

BBCAN6 Week 9.5 Power of Veto Competition:
With everyone playing in this POV, the odds are more even for this round of battles. Derek and Kaela need to win the Veto to keep the power in their hands. If Will wins it, then the power goes back to the trio.

This would set the game heavily in their favor, because with no ally and not playing in final four HoH, Kaela’s only hope of survival would be the final four Veto. The trio needs this win to save one of them from going out in fifth place.

BBCAN6 Week 9.5 Power of Veto Ceremony:
There usually aren’t many surprises this close to the end of the game, but that may just change with tonight’s Power of Veto Ceremony. Could a shocker replacement nominee shake up the endgame?