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 Winner of BBCAN 2018

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Who Won Big Brother Canada 6?

May 10, 2018

The day Big Brother Canada 6 fans have waited for has finally arrived. By the end of this two-hour broadcast, one person will become the winner of the season. He or she will stand with Jillian, Jon, Sara, the Paquette bros, and Kevin as the newest addition to the winner circle.

On yesterday, we saw Kaela win the final Power of Veto competition. She then used her power to vote out Will, which left Derek, Paras, and Kaela as the final three players. This is truly one of those times where anyone could win.

Paras hasn’t won many competitions but her social game allowed her weeks without hitting the block. She also already has three votes locked (Ryan, Maddy, and Will). Derek came into the game completely clueless, but used his social game and competitive prowess to take him all the way through to the end. Kaela has been comp beasting her way all season, and she used her strategic skills to get out of tough situations.

Anyone of these players could win, and deserve to win, but who will get the final votes in the end?

BBCAN6 Final HOH Part 1 Competition:


Per usual, the winner of this competition faces off in the final round against the winner of part two. This competition is usually physical based, so it should favor Kaela or Derek more.

For this part of the competition, they had to collect three coins. Then they needed to use a boat to get across a ‘river’ to stack the coins on three different pillars. They could only collect three coins at a time. They had to keep stacking until they got 20 on each pillar.

The first player to stack all their coins advanced to the third and final part. Derek drops one stack of his coins, and then Paras. He keeps dropping his coins and gets frustrated.

Kaela also drops her coins. Paras starts to catch up again, but Kaela is not too far behind.

Paras wins the first part of the HOH competition!

BBCAN6 Final HOH Part 2 Competition:


This is the last chance to advance to part three. This competition usually combines memory and physicality, so it should favor Paras more.

The second part, Derek and Kaela faced off.  They had to fill out blocks of stairs with answers to match the trivia questions. They had to align the boxes so it matched all the answers by it. The player to do it in the fastest time won this part.

Derek’s time: 20:43

Kaela’s time: 17:06

Kaela won the second part of the HOH Competition!

BBCAN6 Final HOH Part 3 Competition:


The winner of part 1 and part 2 face off for the final Head of Household title. He or she then picks who to evict, and who to sit next to in the end.

They had to answer questions about the jury by picking a or b.

Question #1- Both got it correct.

Question #2-Both got it correct.

Question #3-Both got it wrong.

Question #4-Both got it correct.

Question #5-Both got it correct.

Question #6-Both got it correct.

Question #7-Paras got it right.

Paras is the final HOH!

BBCAN6 Winner Vote:


After nearly 70 days, we finally get down to one player. Paras decides to evict Derek. Kaela and Paras are the final two players.

Ryan VTW Paras

Ali VTW Paras

Olivia VTW Paras

Johnny VTW Paras

Maddy VTW Paras

Will VTW Paras

Derek VTW Kaela

Paras is the winner of Big Brother Canada 6!


Thanks for joining us all Big Brother Canada season. See you next year, and make sure to follow us for all the latest updates on the series.


May 10, 2018


Derek evicted

Paras won the season 6-1 - Derek was the only vote for Kaela. 

I post spoilers if and when I get them

May 10, 2018

 I post spoilers if and when I get them  

Good Thursday brother-lovers  

May 09, 2018

Good Thursday brother-lovers  
Day 69 down, only 0 to go
Oil Field Technician Will Kenny just missed out making the finale of Big Brother Canada as he was evicted in the penultimate eviction show of the season on Wednesday.

Wednesday’s show picked up with the Power of Veto competition, a maze that the houseguests had to navigate through blindfolded before solving the puzzle. With a time of 24:11, Kaela won the final and most important veto of the season, securing her spot in the finale.

Before the eviction, Kaela once again struggled if she should take Derek out at the final four. Head of Household Paras made a good argument that Kaela could beat Will and her in the final HoH competition.

At the meeting, Kaela used the veto on herself and Will took her place in the chair. This meant that Kaela would be the lone vote to evict.

“Derek, you are the biggest threat to me winning the game,” Kaela said. “But in order for me to be the best, I have to beat the best. I’m sorry Will but I vote to evict you.”

Following his eviction, Will spoke to host Arisa Cox and said he was proud to have gotten to the end.

“I feel good, I made it to final four,” he said. “I feel good I made it this far. At the end of the day, it is what it is. I hope the best winner wins.”

Will also said he feels that if Derek wins the last HoH that he will cut Kaela.

“100 percent he cuts Kaela if he makes it to final two,” Will said. “If he brings Paras to final two, he wins the $100,000 but if he brings Kaela? He might still win but I don’t know.”

Before the night was over, Arisa informed the final three that they each would get individual time with the past five winners of the five seasons and get advice on what to do when they face the jury.

Who will win Big Brother Canada Season 6; Kaela Grant, Derek Kesseler, or Paras Atashnak? Find out to night as the battle to become the final Head of Household begins, the jury votes, and we crown a winner in the two-hour season finale.

Derek chatted with the winners

May 09, 2018

 Royals had a deliberation after they talked to the final 3. I got a feeling that majority would like Kaela or Paras to win. Jillian wouldn’t mind Derek winning but Sarah wants a true invested fan to win the game


Derek chatted with the winners, talked about how he’s not a super fan but made this far and how that could help him secure his win. He said his heart tells him to take Kaela but his mind tells him to take Paras. He rather lose to Kaela than lose to Paras

Kaela came in hot to talks with the Royals, she basically admitted that she’d have to cut Derek bc jury might not vote for her to win otherwise. She thinks the jury will be bitter against her but more bitter against Paras for keeping her over them

Paras has her time with Jillian, Jon, Sarah, Nick/Phil & Kevin. She explained how she played the game and what she’ll say to secure her win if she made it to Final 2

After 64 days, Will left the bbcan6 becoming the 6th member of the jury!

May 09, 2018

After 64 days, Will left the bbcan6 becoming the 6th member of the jury!

The Race to Final Three !

May 08, 2018

Good Tuesday brother-lovers 
Day 66 down, only 3 to go
The Race to Final Three !
On Thursday, Maddy became the fifth place finisher on Big Brother Canada 6. This left Will, Paras, Kaela, and Derek to fight it out for the Big Brother Canada crown, and only a couple more competition remain until they reached the end. Thursday ended with the start of this week’s Head of Household competition. This one determines the first person in the final three.

The second member of the final three will be determined by the Power of Veto competition. This person then gets the sole vote to evict. Of course just for formality, whoever wins this Head of Household competition still gets to make their nominations.

It just won’t really matter because the Veto holder basically has all the control this week, because he or she determines who are the final nominees and who gets voted out. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait until Wednesday to see who becomes the second and third members of the final three.

For now, we’ll just get to see the rest of the Head of Household competition and the nomination ceremony.

BBCAN6 Week 10 Head of Household Competition:
For this week’s Head of Household competition, Derek, Will, and Paras got clues pertaining to an evicted houseguest. They then needed to buzz in and say which houseguest the clues were supposed to represent. If a player buzzed in with the wrong answer, they would not receive a point, and the other two players could try to guess.

The player with the most points at the end of the game became this week’s HoH. Thursday ended with Paras having two points to Will and Derek’s zero.

Round #1-Paras got a point.

Round #2-Paras got a point.

Round #3-Paras got a point.

Round #4-Paras got a point.

Paras wins. She is the new Head of Household!

BBCAN6 Award Winners:
There was a little twist with this year’s Big Brother Canada awards because it was a medieval dinner, instead of the usual red carpet. It also didn’t include the return of a former houseguest.

Most Epic Battle Winner: Johnny vs Kaela/Derek and Ali fight

Favorite Retching Winner: Olivia and her puking moment

Favorite Liplock Winner: Veronica and Kaela

Favorite Odd Couple Winner: Olivia and Ali

Favorite Jester: Paras imitating Olivia

BBCAN6 Week 10 Nominations Ceremony:
This week’s Head of Household winner must name two nominees, but the final decision will come on Wednesday.

Of course, Paras nominates Derek and Kaela for eviction!

Join us Wednesday to see who wins Power of Veto.

Good Monday brother-lovers 

May 07, 2018

 Good Monday brother-lovers  
Day 65 down, only 4 to go
I got nothingSpoilers, sorry 
We will report from BBUS in the BBUS group only IF you are intrested. So PLEASE report yourself ASAP into that group if you are intrested.


May 06, 2018

I post spoilers if and when I get them in our websites

Good Sunday brother-lovers  

May 05, 2018

Good Sunday brother-lovers  
Day 64 down, only 5 to go
The Big Brother Canada 6 Feeds revealed the latest spoilers for the Veto comp results for Week 10 of BBCAN6 the competition ended and now Houseguests are preparing for their next moves.

Read on to find out who won the Veto this week and what that could mean for this week’s nominees!

BBCAN6 Veto Comp Week 10:
Kaela won the PoV
Paras already won HOH, so she’s safe and moving on to the next round, but that left her with the opportunity to get out either Kaela or Derek if she or Will could win the Veto. Well they couldn’t. So now Kaela will save herself, forcing Will up as the only renom option available, and then Kaela will vote to evict either Will or Derek.

Kaela already told Paras she knows that keeping Derek gives her two chances to get to the end and she’s right. While she’s mentioned the idea of cutting Derek I just don’t see it happening. Will should be out of here next.

Feeds have gone down for the season at this point, which is hard tell from the rest of the season when they were seemingly down most the time anyway, but now it’s official. Season finale comes up next week and then we’re off to hopefully better things with Big Brother 20!

What do you think Kaela should do this week with the Veto? Should she evict Will or Derek?


Breaking: KAELA won POV!

January 01, 2020

 Breaking: KAELA won POV! Will just said to himself, “I’ve come to terms with it, Kaela is going to pick Derek over me”

Arisa- Hi everyone

May 05, 2018

 Arisa- Hi everyone. As you know, this season of heaven and hell has been so full of surprises at every single turn. Tonight is no different. Tonight one more of you will be sent to jury. Welcome to a special eviction

 Derek to Kaela- This is crazy. We're literally this close to walking on stage together

May 05, 2018

 Derek to Kaela- This is crazy. We're literally this close to walking on stage together. I think she (Paras) is nervous 
Kaela- I went into the bedroom last night. Will is like "oh you got at $100,000 decision to make". I was like oh yeah. That's all I said. Derek- I think everyone knows that we wouldnt cut each other, but they want us to
Kaela to Derek- If we are both in the finale, they have to vote for one of us 
Will- Is the ceremony soon? Paras- I think so. Big Brother didnt let her shower. Will- I will go get my bag packed I guess 
Kaela- Should I just tell him (Will)? Derek- Maybe dont tell him right away. If you are actually considering cutting me, it's a big decision. Kaela- Good idea. Maybe I will cut you. Derek- If you want to lose the game 
Will- Are you leaning towards keeping Derek? Kaela- I know I will cut Derek, but I dont know if it's now or the next one. It comes down to if I think I can beat him in HoH 
Will to Kaela- This would be your $100,000 move to make to cut Derek right now. If you had two chances to cut Derek, and didnt take either chance, the jury is probably not going to vote for you
Will to Kaela- Derek did come up and make a deal with me yesterday before the veto. He said "if I have to cut her at some point of the game, this is when it is" 
Will- I will give you my word and swear on whatever that I will take you to Final 2. Kaela- If Paras wins, she's not bringing me. If you win, it would be stupid to bring me. Will- I wouldnt win over Paras either
Will told Kaela that Maddy, Ryan, Liv and Johnny would vote for Paras to win over him
Will to Kaela- If you were in Final 2 with Derek, you probably wouldnt even get one vote if you brought Derek past this point and got to Final 2 with him 
Kaela to Will- If I'm in Final 3 with Paras and Derek, I feel like I have two chances. Derek will 100% win the game. If I win, I bring Paras. If Paras wins, she brings me 
Will- You are going to win $100,000 over me and Paras hands down. Kaela- I can only win one of two. We're facing off in an option thing that I know I cant do (in Part 3
Will to Kaela- If you have another chance to cut him and you dont, the jury is going to be like "let's vote for Derek or Paras"
Kaela to Will- Because I didnt cut Derek in the Final 5, it was actually a good move for me. If I get to Final 2 and I did cut Derek was actually good for my game cause I did get Final 2 and I did cut Derek 
Will to Kaela- If you dont cut Derek, it's going to be nearly impossible to get them jury votes. That's just facts. You would get Ryan's respect, Maddy's respect, Johnny's respect (if she cuts Derek)
Will- If you cut me, I cant vote for you cause I think it's a smarter move to take me. Kaela- What if I end up cutting Derek next week? Will- No, cause I think your best game move is to move forward with me
Will to Kaela- I dont vote for you if you dont take me. Maddy is not going to vote for you, Ryan wont vote for you, and Johnny more than likely wont vote for you. Me and Johnny are like this 
Will- I need you to take me to Final 3. If you dont, I am going to have to try to get in there and campaign so you dont win. That's just game. Kaela- No, I think that's more personal feelings
Will to Kaela- He (Derek) made the deal with me yesterday. He was like "this is a showmance. It's probably not going to be anything after". He swore on it and stuff
Will to Kaela- You get me into that Final 3, and I win, I'll bring you to Final 2. I know whoever I go to a Final 2 with now I am definitely not going to win 
Will to Kaela- This would be one of the biggest fucking moves in Big Brother Canada history. I swear over anything if I get into that Final 3 with you that I'd bring you to Final 2
Kaela- If you cut me in a Final 3, that would be your win. Will- If I'm giving you my word like that, I would not fuck you over
Will- Just think really hard on it. This is your biggest decision of the game. Kaela- If I dont get another opportunity, I screw myself. If I get another opportunity, it's a good move. Will- It's a gamble
Will to Kaela- I would take you over Paras. I am giving you my fucking word on that. I would swear over anything
Kaela- The only thing I am scared of is walking out third cause of whatever decision I make now. Will- I will give you my word on my son's life that I will bring you to the Final 2. We can beat Paras 
Kaela- I will think about it. Will- I dont know if you want to let us know what you are going to do beforehand. Whatever decision you make, it's okay at the end of the day. You are one of my fucking best buddies 
Will to Kaela- I know I cant beat either one of ye in the Final 2. I just want the money so I can go back to school. We can fucking get to the Final 2
Will- If he won that yesterday, he was going to send you home. Just think about stuff like that too. Kaela- Yeah, I know
Kaela- I just have to think. I cant think of something right now. Will- Follow your heart is all I can say to you. Kaela- Thank you for chatting, Will. Will- Of course. Thank you for listening to me 
Kaela to herself- I dont want to follow my heart. I want to follow my head

Paras- Are you keeping Derek?

May 05, 2018

 Paras- Are you keeping Derek? Kaela- I honestly dont know. I see it in two ways. Derek would win this game if he is in Final 2 
Kaela- Me, you, Derek. If I win, I'm not taking Derek. Paras- And if I win, I am taking you 100 
Paras to Kaela- Do you think he (Derek) acts more interested and into you when you are HoH or in power? Maybe I'm a girl that's looking to deep into it. I feel like he was even worried yesterday when you won. I think he knew he was going to cut you
Kaela- We are definitely not Ika and Demetres. We are not even 2% of that closeness. We have more of a friendship than a romantic relationship for sure. I just dont know what my better option is. Paras- You know what your better option is
Kaela- If I cut him now, I could still be that third place walking out. Paras- Look at all the other competitions. It's not going to happen. Kaela- The third one is options that I fucking cant do. Paras- You proved that you can 
Paras to Kaela- Derek is going to be winning that final HoH. Against me and Will, you have a better chance. If you dont do this, the jury is going to think that you are being an idiot
Paras- Would you take me over Will? Kaela- I think you have a better social game, so I dont know. Paras- He has more jury friends. Kaela- But I think those jury people are going to look more game than friend wise 
Kaela to Paras- If you and Will were in Final 2, you would win 100% 
Kaela to Paras- He (Will) said he would swear over his son's life, his grandparents' life that he would take me over you...but then he threw the vote in my face, which made me really pissed off 
Paras- Where is your head at right now? Kaela- I actually dont even know. The only pro to keeping Derek is I feel I have two chance to get to Final 2 
Kaela to Paras- In a Final 3 with you and Will, I am the only one that could win to solidify. If he cut me, he could beat you 
Paras- I think you are underestimating just how bitter girls like Liv and Ali are. To have somebody like me be the reason their game ends, they are going to hold that shit against me. Kaela- But they came in this house to play Big Brother 
Paras- Will has actually done a decent job. He just hasnt shown it. Kaela- I have no idea what he has done 
Kaela- In a situation with you and me, I dont know who would have Liv and Ali. Paras- You would. Mark my words. Kaela- You would have Ryan, you would have Johnny 
Paras to Kaela- I think that if Derek stays, you are really fucked. I think you go home third place 
Paras to Kaela- I believe Will that he wouldnt give you his vote if you cut him. I think last week not cutting Derek showed loyalty. This week, knowing that he would cut you, you are just going to look like an idiot 
Paras- They think you are in love and couldnt see clearly. Kaela- Trust me, I am not in love. I always said I wanted that epic feeling of cutting my showmance in the final to win. Paras- What if you dont get to?
Kaela- It's more of an impression on finale night if I send him through those doors. Paras- People are already going to know you are cutting each other. I dont know. Kaela- I dont know either 
Kaela- It's more of an impression on finale night if I send him through those doors. Paras- People are already going to know you are cutting each other. I dont know. Kaela- I dont know either

Kaela- He said he would swear on anything he had to.

May 05, 2018

 Kaela- He said he would swear on anything he had to. Derek- Of course. Kaela- He told me if I cut him now, no matter what he is not voting for me. Derek- That would make me want to cut him
Kaela- He was like "Derek has everyone's vote". Derek- People will vote who plays the best. Kaela- You did play the better game. Derek- The only reason I am here right now is because of you. Kaela- The only reason I'm here right now is because of you 
Derek- It was the biggest comp win of the season, the one you just won. Kaela- But if you win the final HoH, that's the biggest comp win of the season 
Derek- You have literally owned the last two weeks. Kaela- But you owned the whole game. Derek- No I didnt. Kaela- I didnt do anything socially though
Kaela- Would you actually bring me though? Derek- Yes. I want to bring you. Kaela- You were saying that to Will yesterday too, and you were very convincing. Would you have cut me? Derek- No. Never. That's why I told you about the deal right away. Kaela- Not before I won
Derek- I would never cut you. I wont cut you. Kaela- Will was saying "Derek would cut you cause it probably wont be anything after the show, and it doesnt mean anything". Derek- I didnt say it doesnt mean anything. I had to make it convincing 
Kaela- If you cut me, I would feel the exact same way you would. I would be fucking pissed. Derek- So would I 
Derek- I honestly hope that you dont doubt me. Kaela- I just dont really know if you would do it or not. Derek- I wouldnt. I wouldnt break a swear with you. Kaela- How do I know that? Derek- I will show you 
Kaela- You only told me (about the deal with Will) after. Derek- Did I tell you? Kaela- You told me because I won. Derek- I was going to tell you either way. It was still just me playing the game 
Kaela- You would have went against your word (with Will) to keep me, so you giving me your word right now means nothing then. Derek- Not on you. You also told me you would go against your word to other people
Kaela- I dont trust anyone like I trust you in this house. Derek- I dont trust anyone like I trust you. If you think cause I made that little deal that you lost trust in me... Kaela- No no no 
Kaela- I just really really need to know what's going to happen in a Final 3 situation with you. Derek- I am bringing you
Derek- If I win, you will be in the Final 2. If you dont believe me, cut me right now. Kaela- I dont want to cut you. I just want to know for sure. Derek- I am not going to do that to Kaela 
Derek to Kaela- You know me as a person. Do you honestly think me as a person even in a game situation like you think I would do that to you? Do you think I would embarrass you like that in front of Canada? I would never 
Derek to Kaela- You want to be here more than I do. I dont want to take that away from you 
Paras to Kaela- I am getting second place next to both of you (Derek/Kaela). I would rather sit next to you cause I have a little more hope

Good Saturday brother-lovers 

May 04, 2018

Good Saturday brother-lovers 
Day 63 down, only 6 to go
The Big Brother Canada 6 Feeds revealed the latest spoilers as these results bring us the nominations for Week 10 of BBCAN6 after the latest Head of Household competition finally gave us a little change in the guard of power in the season.

There were few options here for the new HOH. She had 3 HGs to pick from and obviously, her biggest threat came from 2 of them, so there ya go!

BBCAN6 Nominations Week 10:
Paras nominated: Kaela & Derek
Well, of course, she was going to put them up but the real decider here could be the Veto. If Paras or Will wins the Veto then Kaela and Derek will stay on the Block and they can decide which one goes home. All those results are coming up in the next day or so.

What do you think of Paras’s nominations? Who would you have put on the Block this week for Big Brother Canada?

Paras is not ready for veto comp

May 04, 2018

 Paras is not ready for veto comp "I feel so bad. I can't even think right now" Will tells her about the deal he just made with Derek: Both swore they will take each other to F3 and Derek told him Daela will not date afterwards. Paras & Will still want to evict Derek

Paras has a hiccup, she tries to hold her breath, but it doesn't help. She's also drunk: "I love being high, but I hate being drunk." Production: "Remember that Canada is watching. Please watch your language." Paras: "I don't know what you are talking about." 
Paras works on a ruthless middle-finger-version of her eviction speech: "Kaela, I nominated you because you're a stupid ass bitch. Derek, you're so full of yourself. I need you to fuckin go. Fuck both of you, good luck in veto, I'm gonna win this shit.

Derek talks to Will about making a deal with him if he or Paras

May 04, 2018

Derek talks to Will about making a deal with him if he or Paras wins veto(noms stay the same) that Will would vote for him to stay he'd take him to F2. Will said he'd could beat him over the end. He also brings up to Derek id he wins Veto he needs to cut Kaela 
"Final 3" Will swears on his family back home that he'll take Derek to Final 3, vote to keep him. Derek swears on his family too that'll he'll vote to keep Will too.

The screen says the veto competition is today 

May 04, 2018

 The screen says the veto competition is today 
Paras- Oh my God, you guys. PoV comp today! What the fuck?! Derek- Holy fuck. Is this some kind of a practical joke, Big Brother?
Derek- So someone is going home tomorrow. Kaela- Yep. Paras- Yep. Oh my God!
Paras- I need some food. I feel like puking. Derek- I feel so shitty. Will- I would sooner get it done and over with. Derek- It is what it is now. No sitting around thinking 
Will- So it's going to be down to three tomorrow. Derek- Ceremony will be in the morning or afternoon, and I bet someone is gone tomorrow
Paras- I just feel so sick from earlier, drinking on an empty stomach. I still feel fucked up 
Derek- If either of you two (Paras/Will) win, you have the only vote. You will have to pick between Kaela and me. I'll 100% bring you to the Final 2, swear on everything, if you keep me. Will- I'll do that
Will- If you win, are you going to bring Kaela? Derek- I have decided yet. Want to make a deal? Will- I will make a deal. 100% legit. Derek- This is it. It's fucking Final 3. Will- Your best chance of winning this game is with me 
Will- If you want to lock something down, and be 100% serious, I will lock something down with ya. Derek- Final 3? Will- Yeah 
Will- You dont want to fuck yourself out of $100,000. Derek- You are right. Will- If you are to win veto, take Kaela with you, and you make it to Final 2, they would vote for Kaela before they would vote for you. You had your chance to get your showmance out
Derek- Final 3. Will- Final 3. 100%. Want to swear on something? I swear on my family at home that I will take you to Final 3. Derek- I swear on my family at home too 
Paras to camera- This veto basically determines if I win second place or first place in this game. Oh my God, I cant even think right now. This is fucked up. I still feel buzzed 
Will- What do you think they are going to do if they win? Paras- I think we can work on it 
Will told Paras that Derek tried to make a deal with him. He said they swore on it 
Paras- If I win veto, you are going to have to cut him (Derek). Will- Obviously. 100%. He is the biggest threat. Me and you could sail right to Final 2

Derek tells Kaela "you & me final 3

May 04, 2018

 Derek tells Kaela "you & me final 3" Kaela tells him that they've planned for this! Derek says he knows everything & can feel the veto necklace over his neck. Derek tells Kaela his game winning move is them together in the Finale!

Feeds still not back 2:30PM BBT

May 04, 2018

Feeds still not back 2:30PM BBT
We have a new HOH in charge as we go into the final week of Big Brother Canada 6. There will be a special eviction episode on Wednesday which will give us our final three and then Thursday is the two-hour season finale! Although this week’s nominees may seem pretty obvious, keep reading to find out who I think will be nominated this week on Big Brother Canada 6!

With Maddy being unanimously voted out of the Big Brother Canada house last night, there are only four HGs left in the Big Brother Canada 6 house. The HOH comp results are also in and it looks like Paras is in charge this week and considering her close relationship with Will inside the house, he will not be an initial nominee.

Paras is most likely going to put up the power couple, Derek and Kaela for eviction this week and the only way they can save themselves is with the Veto. This week could get interesting if Derek or Kaela win the Veto. Will is the only person left in the house that hasn’t won a competition yet this season. The Veto comp is going to be very important for him to win because if he ends up a replacement nominee, there is only one vote this week and he will be the next jury member.

This just further proves that they should have split the power couple up earlier in the season. What do you think of the F4 in the Big Brother Canada house? Who do you want to see win the Veto this week? Who do you think has what it takes to be in the F3? Let me know in the comments

Will tells Paras that he "might have to make a F2 deal with Derek

May 04, 2018

 Will tells Paras that he "might have to make a F2 deal with Derek, but it's not gonna be legit". While the feeds were down, the awards took place. Paras: "Will, you look fuckin good on TV" Will: "Not as good as you" Production voice: "Heya Will, could you..." Feeds cut. 

Paras is going over with Will on what she'll say when she nominates Kaela and Derek!

May 04, 2018

 4.39PM Feeds return.
Paras is going over with Will on what she'll say when she nominates Kaela and Derek! Paras also assures Will that she, theyll win the veto!
No noms so far, Paras is practicing her speech: "Kaela, I've nominated you because you are very strategic and the definition of a comp beast. Derek, you won mental and physical comps and your social game is honorable."

Maddy Poplett Exit Interview!

May 04, 2018

Maddy Poplett Exit Interview!
After you told Paras and Will that you had told to Kaela they were still undecided about the vote even while sitting on the couches, what was going through your mind when they reacted so strongly to hearing that?

Maddy: Often times strong reactions in the house connects to feeling that your game is threatened. I know that they had a strong reaction due to my loyalty, but I know they had strong reaction out of fear going “oh my God, Kaela knows that. What’s going to happen to us now?”. I obviously felt really guilty. It got to me for doing it. Now that I have had some time away from it, I feel part of their reaction had to do with feeling vulnerable as well as feeling that I had betrayed their trust a bit.

You told Kaela that she was making a mistake by leaving Derek in the game. Did you truly believe that, when it meant she would be left outnumbered 3-1 in the veto competition instead of potentially 2-2 if Derek were to keep his word to her, or were you just trying to stay safe?

Maddy: I definitely understand that there was both angles of looking at it, which is what we argued about for about two hours. I do believe that that was her chance. She and Derek have played not only as a showmance but really together. There wasn’t a whole lot of separation between their games. When it game down to it, I think people did see Derek as a bigger, more impressive player. I think she had her chance to overtake him, and really come into her own as an individual in the game. By keeping Derek, she was banking on a maybe that he would take her, and also not taking her opportunity to stand out.

Paras told you she was concerned that you would tell Kaela all of the things that she was saying about the plan to convince her to nominate Derek. Did you ever consider doing that in attempt to save yourself?

Maddy: Not exactly, considering that our plan was similar. If I had thrown her under the bus, she could have done the same to me. Overall it wouldn’t have been productive. I think us having the same intentions of getting Derek put up as a nominee was a unified stance enough that it wouldn’t have made sense to throw her under the bus in the meantime.

You said to Paras that “you can get to the end whichever way you want but people have to decide that you deserve it”. In your mind, what makes a deserving winner?

Maddy: I have said preseason, and it holds true now that I have played the game, that the winner of Big Brother is the person who best manipulates their variables to get to the end. She is going to have to do the best with what she is presented with, whether that means in Final 4 she does win a competition, and is able to make a decision when it comes to who cuts who, or something like that.

Paras asked you for help in making her case as to why she should win the game. Why do you think Paras should win the game?

Maddy: I think Paras should win the game because she has played and understated and underrated game, which is hard to do in the Big Brother house. I feel that she was welcome in almost every room, which is a feat in itself in a house which everyone is suspicious of everyone. I think she has done a great job of managing her relationships, including her relationship with me. I feel like a Big Brother winner does not always have to be on the offensive. The fact that she has played defensively and strategically this whole time is very impressive to me.

Do Paras and Will automatically have your vote over Derek or Kaela if they make it to the Final 2?

Maddy: I told Paras and Will that they would automatically have my vote. Now that I have had separation, I do feel that I will vote for who I feel played the best game out of the Final 2. It doesn’t count Paras and Will out, but it also doesn’t mean that they will automatically have my vote. I’m very interested in what happens in the next handful of days in the house, and I’m very interested in how they present themselves in Final 2.

You said in a preseason interview with us that a showmance is “a tool I will do my best to utilize to be successful in this game”. If Derek or Kaela successfully use one of your strategies to get to the end, would you be able to justify voting against them?

Maddy: I think that that’s a great question. It is a tool, and they have done a great job utilizing it. It’s not the only tool though. I think that they have played such a strong game together. I think others have played strong games without that type of connection. It’s a tool that would definitely be on the roster for them to earn a win with me, but it’s not the only tool. I am impressed but just because I thought it would be a good strategy for me, it doesn’t mean I think it would be a game winning idea for anyone.

Kaela asked you what you would do if she somehow convinced Derek to take her to the Final 2. You said you would vote for her. Is that the case?

Maddy: If Derek brought Kaela to Final 2? Yep, I would vote for her.

Paras told you she hopes that the jurors don’t get into your head about her. Is your mind made up with regards to how you feel about the Final 4, or will you let what the jurors have to say influence your decision?

Maddy: That’s a good question. I feel like I can’t predict ahead of time. I said I would vote for Kaela. I want to backtrack a little bit and say it would depend on what they said. It’s kind of what the jury says, and my perception mixed together. Throughout the season, I do believe I held true to the fact that I made the decision with my votes that would be what suited me best. I do feel like my experience from the game, I will consider from my own perspective. In the end, I am going to do what I personally think is best.

You said in the diary room that “I’ll be the most mediocre winner of Big Brother Canada so far”. If you got to the end, what case would your argument have been as to why you should have won the game?

Maddy: I am so dramatic. It’s the whole variables thing. There is still a whole lot of game to be played. Despite me being out 5th place, and we are in the final stretch, there are still so many crucial moments to be played out. Should I have stayed in the house, it would have had a lot to do with this final home stretch. I definitely have been crawling uphill for basically this whole game. I’m sure it will be clear I have been targeted for the most part of this game. I have evaded quite a lot of people trying to get me out at one point or another, so that would have been part of it, sort of the underdog kind of play. As well, I have told a few lies that I have at least semi got away with, which I feel I could have presented, as well as had a fairly reliable alliance.

You told Paras you have known for years what you would say in your eventual eviction or Final 2 speech. Did you have enough time to express what you wanted to, or is there anything that you would like to add to that?

Maddy: I think that for the most part the message is what I wanted to get across. I had specific words that I was luckily able to say, and I hope that they kind of resounded. I definitely have spent a lot of my life being very confident in the person I was. I was wondering how it would come across in the house. If there was anything to add, it’s that a lot of people don’t understand the potential for their own happiness is theirs to figure out. It’s not about making somebody else feel very happy one day. I was told that I would make someone else happy one day. My response was “probably, but I will be making myself happy first. That’s the best way to make the people around you happy as well.” This is such a big goal that I accomplished holding those values, so that had to do with my speech too.

On your final night in the house, you stood by the doors to thank everyone. You said the experience was a dream come true. Was it everything that you imagined it would be?

Maddy: It was everything I had imagined it to be and more. It was unbelievable every day being in that house, looking around, and saying “I am in the Big Brother Canada house”. There were moments I would sit on the couch, and stare at the screen saying “Big Brother Canada” on it. It was unbelievable. I wish I had the vocabulary to describe how it felt to be in there. I am so thankful that this experience actually happened. It’s still very surreal as well.

After Paras and Will agreed on cutting Derek if they win Veto

May 04, 2018

After Paras and Will agreed on cutting Derek if they win Veto, Paras is now alone in her HOH room: "Oh Maddy, I wish you were here, Baby." Paras shows us her pictures and talks about Ariana & her other best friends and their relationship status

Kaela jokingly asking Derek if he'd vote against her in the end if she cut him. Derek said he'd would bc she made him a promise. K asked him if he'd be a bitter juror even if she played the better game. D told her yes! Kaela said she'd also vote against him if he cut her!

Good Friday brother-lovers  

May 03, 2018

Good Friday brother-lovers  
Day 62 down, only 7 to go
During tonight’s eviction episode, Maddy was evicted by a vote of 2-0. The HoH competition got underway. It was a mental competition in which the houseguests had to determine which houseguests a series of clues were about. At the end of the episode, Paras had a 2-0-0 lead over Derek and Will.

12:04 AM: Feeds returned. Paras is the new HoH. Derek told Kaela that this win does nothing for Paras. He thinks that either of them will beat Paras or Will if they are at the end together. Kaela said she isn’t sure which one of them Paras would take to the end if she had to choose. While Derek said it would probably be Kaela, Kaela wasn’t so sure. She pointed out that Paras always talks about being a guys girl, and she compared her to Erica today. Kaela said it’s not as clear cut as Derek might think. Kaela added that Paras wont win the final HoH anyway. As for this week, Kaela said Will is going to be up their butts if they win the veto, trying to get them to cut each other. Kaela brought up that Paras or Will would have two votes from the trio, and the vote of one of them if they cut each other, meaning that they would only need one more vote for the win. Derek asked if Neda voted for Jon. Kaela said she did. Kaela asked if Derek is saying that he will vote for her if she cuts him. Derek said he won’t. Kaela then asked if Derek would vote for her if she played the better game. Derek said no. He explained to her that she would have made a promise to him and then went back on it. Kaela said she knew that Derek would be a bitter juror. The two later discussed that they would be fine with getting second place next to each other but not next to anyone else.

 Paras is the new HoH! 

May 03, 2018

 Paras is the new HoH! 
Paras is enjoying her HoH room
Derek to Kaela- That win does nothing (for Paras). If either of them are Final 2 with us, they lose 
Kaela- I dont even know which one Paras would take if she won the final and me and you were there. Derek- Probably you. Kaela- I dont know. She always says she's a guys girl. She just related me to Erica today 
Kaela- I dont think it's as clear cut as you think it is (for who Paras would take to Final 2). She wont win anyway. We have got to get there first. Derek- One win to get there 
Kaela- If one of us wins, Will is going to be up our butts. Derek- Oh yeah, obviously. Kaela- He will be like "the game winning move. Cut the other" 
Derek- Did Neda vote for what's his name? Kaela- Yeah, she did. Neda voted for Jon. You saying if I cut you that you would still vote for me? Derek- No I wont 
Kaela- You wouldnt vote for me even if I played the better game? Derek- Nope. Because you made a promise, and you cut me. Kaela- So you would be a bitter juror? Derek- Yep. Kaela- I knew you would be
Kaela- I always said I wanted to come in and be the best player Big Brother Canada has ever had. Obviously that didnt happen. Derek- We can be the best duo ever. Come off the block again 
Kaela- I would even be fine with second place as long as second place was to you. Derek- Same 
Kaela- We have done a lot of things together. I think you winning is me winning anyway. Derek- It's both of us. I think it's a shared title

By a vote of 2-0 Maddy was evicted from the bbcan6 house!

May 03, 2018

 By a vote of 2-0 Maddy was evicted from the bbcan6 house!

Who Was Voted Off BBCAN6 Tonight? 5/3/2018

May 03, 2018

Who Was Voted Off BBCAN6 Tonight? 5/3/2018
Five become four on tonight’s Big Brother Canada 6 eviction. Only Derek, Kaela, Maddy, Paras, and Will are left to fight for the winner spot. Tonight, Maddy or Paras leave the game, which leaves the person not voted out and the remaining players (minus Kaela as outgoing HOH) to fight for the Head of Household title.

This Head of Household ensures someone’s spot in the final three. The Power of Veto will ensure the second spot, and the other two have to just hope that they aren’t voted out by the Veto holder. The last few days and episodes will be a fast paced run to the end.

Right now, Maddy seems one foot out the Big Brother Canada 6 door. However, with people always analyzing their game and others, there is always a high chance for a last minute vote flip. Paras isn’t that great at the competitions, but she’s much better strategically than Maddy.

Kaela and Derek may see the benefit in keeping Maddy around over Paras. Can Maddy say the right thing to save her Big Brother Canada 6 game?

BBCAN6 Week 9.5 Eviction Vote:
Now is the time to go big or go home. Will Paras and Maddy fight to the bitter end for their spot in the game?

Kaela VTE Maddy

Will VTE Maddy

Maddy is evicted from the Big Brother Canada house!

BBCAN6 Week 10 Head of Household Competition:
This is the second most critical Head of Household competition of the season. The only HOH comp that has more importance is the final one that determines the final two players. Of course, per usual, we won’t get to see the conclusion of this competition, but we will get to see the start of it, which should give us some insight in who it may favor.

Join us later tonight to find out who won this Big Brother Canada 6 Head of Household competition.

Legends of the Fallen: They received info on an evicted houseguest. They then had to buzz-in to guess the evicted houseguest. The player with the most points at the end became the newest HOH.

Round #1-Paras got a point.

Round #2-Paras got a point.

Mady talk to Derek

May 03, 2018

Mady talk to Derek
Maddy i dont care what those peole have to say i want to have my own opinions and i want to hear and understand your game
Maddy i feel taht my perception of you was you learning as you go. were there times you acted in yor own interests vs you and kaelas?
Maddy how you played it for your game

Derek i had to gain people's trust, and then win compos i did let Kaela play the game and i know she know the game and i she was super nice by the end of week 1 Kaela told me all these things that she has done and the game i've always been the guy that was pretty likable and chill i know that we were a target but i was creating Kaela as a shield and like good cop bad cop.and then Johnny was calling her slayla
Derek when i talked game with pepole it was me building on getting to know them i didnt want to ruin things i used Kaela as a shield and was able to pick her brain i didnt know i ws supposed to know days i used her as an encyclopedia 
Maddy the jury will ask you what was your move for you and not for you and Kaela.. 
Derek ok
Maddy when it comes to this week and my pitch still stands it sounds like a physical comp. if it comes down to veto and you win it or she wins it and you take her to F2 the jury will think that she did all the movs not you and she had the one opportunity to cut you and she didnt and if you want to win the the game. you will need to cut her. and i asked her in that room if she thought you were going to take her to F3 and she said yes
Maddy im not here to fuck shit up on the way out the door i think that it won't be a bitter jury and it will be who played their ass off and she make s a lot of points on how the structure of th game she did well. she explained it with more specifics and not good cop bad copp
Maddy the nail of in the coffin is that she thought she was playing you and she isnt if you were to cut her.. and that is what i want to see.. and it would resonate with me.. and im sure taht kaela talked aobut teh panel. the 4th place person walks into that panel. they haven't spent time with jury who walks into that panel. they will seal the deal on who wins it..
Derek you have been my closest competition this entire time
Maddy yeah.. 
Derek it could be running around and you will know things faster and i might need that second
Maddy yeah that's why i think i lost shaw(POV)
Derek i think that people saw that i was smarter than kaela and i didnt put my foot in my mouth like kaela has.. to be honest.. i think you are the strongest competitor.. and i think that you wouldnt cut will and you would cut me.
Maddy really? that's not the case but we can talk about that later I think that i would have Ryan Will Paras. in there
Maddy it doesnt's what happened now with you 3 and the jury talks for 5 days before that.. so give them a good story to talk about she didnt have it in her to cut you but i think you have it in you so do it derek..

Derek and maddy hug..

Maddy is now telling Paras everything about Kaela and Derek’s games they stupidly told her.

May 03, 2018

Maddy is now telling Paras everything about Kaela and Derek’s games they stupidly told her.

Maddy helping Will with how the Final hoh's work
Maddy and Will talked about her staying to go toalk to Derek. That derek is scared of Maddy in a mental comp
Maddy i'm going to talk to Kaela
Kaela and Maddy talking
Maddy im thinking about Derek. and i wanted to find out where you sit if it's a tie breaker
Kaela i think that you are a mental comp threat and this isnt about anything but that you scare me and you know everything
Maddy did you think that i would beat Derek in mental vetto comp. do you think Derek will take you to F3 
Kaela yes to both
Maddy did yo want to tell me more before going into jury you have given a couple of specifics before going into the house. iw ant to understand better and pepole will be hungry and waiting for information
Kaela im worried that you will say stuff
Maddy no i want to knwo for myself to get my vote in jury
Kaela i know that i wanted to pair with a male in the game that would be a threat in teh game. Derek knew nothing so i could could tell him what to do whow to do it when to do it. that is what my potions scurum is on the rugby fieldd and if they scored it was cuz of me
Kaela he was close to Jesse and Jesse went and he was close to Hamza and Hamza had to go and he was close to Will but will knew that he was a threat
Kaela week 3 me anad Liv had a big fight Maddy did that really happen
Kaela yeah i sat them down in the room me Liv Ali and Erica i said why are we fighting why dont we work together Repair 5 me derek ali liv and Erica i was ok witgh having that and Erica and me were close and Derek was another person closer
Kaela Erica under estimated Ali/Liv's closeness to me and they told me that Erica/Johnny was talking and targeting me for a while and that is why i was able to get her out 
Maddy dod you feel the jury is for or oppose yoru win
Kaela i think for it. cuz there are people in teh jury i was working with is in the jury
maddy derek was always a step away from what you were doing
Kaela yeah Derek was never the 1st person that kew infdormation and there is stuff that i did keep from him he didnt know that i was close with ali/liv and my hoh week i wanted to ruin Johnny's game
Maddy it didnt work cuz of the veto
Kaela yeah Ryan came in and told me a lot of information and i brought in peopole and said that there was a lot of information was said.. but it was just ryna
Maddy i knew that something didnt add up
Kaela i wanted to peel johnny away from everyone he was close with and his emotions were huge to play on i have a degree in criminology psychologhy.
Maddy oh cool
Kaela i become closer to you and never wanted to put you on the block and i wanted Ryan out and he knew who i was and he called who i was and i wanted him out no one else saw me that way i came in and played all the things i get judged for every single day
Kaela and ive been working with Paras since day 2 it was me Derek Jesse and her in the real deal and she brought me information and then she started to play me but she did what Errica did and she underestimated my relationship with Ali/Liv and then we knew that we couldn't trust paras.
kaela when i was on the block after Derek won veto and pulled himself down i told him to not campaign for me i wanted to stay and if i did it was my own work
Maddy i appreciate you telling me all that i wanted before walking into with a bunch of opinions. and i want to talk to Derek before i have to go and get ready , thank you i wanted to know fully
Kaela pepole see us about a strong duo but that is not the case Ryan know and said that im doing all the work and that Derek is sitting back and Derek is smart and he did that.. and im a huge superfan and there is nothing more than i want than to sit there at F2.

Maddy ok thanks cool

Game update!

May 03, 2018

Game update!
Kaela wants Maddy to be evicted tonight. it should be a 2-0 vote.
Kaela has made back up F2 with Will to cover her bases if Derek Kaela and Will are f3. 
This is the only thing that Paras has no clue about. If Paras wants to stay to F3 she will have to win either the HOH tonight or the POV on Saturday.
*Feeds will be down sometime this weekend for them to see the BBCAN Awards Show.
Ali evicted 4-1

Derek won HOH Name that speech

Derek nominated Johnny Olivia and Maddy in the Triple Eviction

Derek sat out for the POV

POV Players Johnny Olivia Maddy Will Kaela Paras

Kaela won POV Drawbridge to Veto

Kaela did not use the POV

Maddy was SAVED 3-1

Johnny and Olivia were evicted in the Triple Eviction

Kaela won HOH Previously on Big Brother

Kaela nominated Maddy and Paras to be on the block

Kaela won POV Stick it to me

Kaela did not use the POV

Maddy and Paras remain on the block and are up for eviction

 *** BBCan6 SPOILERS ***

May 03, 2018

   Maddy evicted 2-0 - Paras won HOH (by a landslide) .


May 03, 2018


EVICTIONS are taped a few hours early I post spoilers if and when I get them on Thursdays

Good Thursday brother-lovers <3 Eviction day <3

May 02, 2018

Good Thursday brother-lovers <3 Eviction day <3
Day 61 down, only 8 to go
While it looks like Daela will be sailing straight into next Thursday’s Big Brother Canada finale, will that actually not be the case at all?

Wednesday’s episode began by showing Paras and Maddy with their backs against the wall, needing to win the Power of Veto to keep the trio safe. Daela reminds Will that he swore on his son’s life to not use the veto if he won, preventing Derek from going on the block.

However, Kaela revealed to Will that she wants to cut Derek at the final three. So it looks like Kaela and Will made a final two deal

In the Power of Veto, it was Daela versus the trio. Paras, Maddy, and Will all were eliminated. Surprisingly, Derek did not throw it to Kaela, instead, she just outlasted him for the win.

With their backs against the wall, Maddy and Paras came up with an idea to try and convince Kaela to use the veto and put up Derek. Kaela then revealed she is possibly cutting Derek at the final three, knowing she cannot win against him in the end. Maddy worked hard to convince Kaela to cut him now, which would leave the trio in the game.

Kaela would decide to not use the veto, saying it is in her best interest if one of Paras or Maddy leaves this week.

But the biggest question out of the episode is, will Kaela actually cut Derek? We’ll have to wait and see.

Big Brother Canada continues Thursday night with the eviction show, leaving the final four of Season 6 to play for the Head of Household.

Paras to Maddy- I did everything I could to make sure you were here.

May 02, 2018

 Paras to Maddy- I did everything I could to make sure you were here. I hope you never believe the bullshit they tell you. I always had your back. I hope they dont get into your head there 
Paras explains that all she said behind Maddy's back was to downplay her and to deflect attention from her: "I always wanted you here. I had to go with every BS they were telling me about you, because I needed to know if they will put you up" She gives her examples

Maddy tells Paras she thinks she's going home. If it's her, she will campaign for Paras in jury. Maddy thinks Derek will win F4 veto and cut Kaela.

After Paras left, Maddy (to camera): "Part of me does feel like I'm going, but also part of me does feel like I'm staying"

Paras has a crazy moment - she starts laughing and crying at the same time and can't stop. Maddy: "Let us know if we need to call someone" Derek wonders what is happening, Maddy answers: "We will probably just never know" Paras "I'm OK", she is called to DR

 Paras- What are some points to convince people to take me instead of Will?

May 02, 2018

 Paras- What are some points to convince people to take me instead of Will? I have had a better game than him. They know that. Maddy- Talk about jury I guess 
Maddy to Paras- I honestly think Derek is going to win HoH and veto, and take you and Will 
Paras- What do you think is amazing about my game? Maddy- You were welcome in every room. In every grouping of people, you were welcome in the room. Andy Herren won season 15 like that
Paras- When they say "what's your biggest move?"... Maddy- Being loud in every room, being able to warn people when they were going up
Maddy to Paras- Dont tell them (the jurors) that they got you there. Tell them that they were part of the reason until they werent necessary anymore
Paras to Maddy- I think one of the most important things about my game is using information to get whoever was HoH to start targeting the people I didnt see fit for my game. That whole Johnny and Derek thing, I had a lot to do with that 
Paras to Maddy- A big part of my game was deflect and disassociate from the two people (Maddy/Will) I was loyal to
Maddy- Do you think it wouldnt be classy of me to stand at the top of the stairs and say "by the way, Derek, Kaela has said she controlled you this whole game. Good luck!"? Paras- I think he would cut her next. It would better my chances. I'd go into more detail 
Maddy- I'm pretty sure that I'm leaving. It just seems like it. Will- Just your gut feeling? Maddy- Yeah. If that's true, before I go to jury, I want to hear a brief overview of how you feel your game has gone so far
Will- I was going to have another chat with Derek to see where his head is at. Maddy- It's a shitty position for you to be in. Will- It's the hardest. Whichever one, it will break my heart. Maddy- It's all good 
Will- We are going to be talked about, the three of us, this season. Maddy- Oh for sure. It's the strongest alliance this season. This and the showmance. Paras- We made it all the way 
Will- I dont think we are floaters. Maddy- That's okay if other people do. We know the game, we were here, we played it
Will to Paras- I told her (Maddy) I am going to sleep on it. I didnt have the heart, honestly. I dont want her to go to bed upset 
Maddy- Can we talk in the morning tomorrow? Derek- For sure. Maddy- I dont know if before bed is a good time. We can talk tomorrow. Derek- Let's talk in the morning
Paras- I dont want Kaela winning this game. Maddy- She wont
Maddy- You can get to the end whichever way you want but people have to decide that you deserve it. Paras- Unless she (Kaela) wins that final HoH. Maddy- She wont. Derek is going to cut her...especially after I tell him all the shit that she has been saying 
Maddy- She (Kaela) will take him (Derek) to Final 3. She wants the epic Jon Pardy moment of cutting Neda. She is arrogant and she is in love with him. Will- I dont think he is in love with her. Maddy- He is not. He is doing a wonderful job 
Will- He (Derek) wouldnt bring her (Kaela) on that trip. Maddy- He cant wait to get away from her. She is going to watch this season back and feel like a fool. Will- He played her good
Maddy- Dont go anywhere without Paras if you can help it. You have got to go with her. Will- Oh 100%

Only eight days left of Big Brother Canada 6

May 02, 2018

Only eight days left of Big Brother Canada 6, and things are getting nasty. The once tight trio of Will, Paras, and Maddy, hit a major bump on Monday’s episode. Kaela won Head of Household, which meants that two of them would go up on the block. Instead of being ruthless, Maddy just answered Kaela’s question about whether Paras and Will were on board to keep her.

Maddy told them no (which was obvious to everyone because of the debating going on right before the vote). Paras saw this as a major betrayal. She wrote off Maddy as a game ally; it became a Will and Paras double team against Maddy.

Meanwhile, Derek and Kaela just enjoyed the madness while they edged closer to the final three. Tonight, it comes down to the trio versus Daela once more. It’s not a done deal for Kaela in the final four, because if Will wins Veto, and then takes off Paras, this forces Derek to go on the block.

There would be no way that Paras and Will wouldn’t vote him out over Maddy.

BBCAN6 Week 9.5 Power of Veto Competition:
With everyone playing in this POV, the odds are more even for this round of battles. Derek and Kaela need to win the Veto to keep the power in their hands. If Will wins it, then the power goes back to the trio.

This would set the game heavily in their favor, because with no ally and not playing in final four HoH, Kaela’s only hope of survival would be the final four Veto. The trio needs this win to save one of them from going out in fifth place.

BBCAN6 Week 9.5 Power of Veto Ceremony:
There usually aren’t many surprises this close to the end of the game, but that may just change with tonight’s Power of Veto Ceremony. Could a shocker replacement nominee shake up the endgame?

Maddy’s Pitch to Derek!

May 02, 2018

Maddy’s Pitch to Derek!
Maddy is working overtime in the Big Brother Canada 6 house trying to campaign to Daela in order to maybe stay in the house this week. She had some good points, but did it sway Derek in any way? Keep reading to find out!

As we know, Maddy and Paras are the final nominees this week and Paras has an ally in Will, where Maddy doesn’t seem to have anyone left since burning her bridge with Paras and Will. She decided to join Derek on his walk around and starts to chat about the upcoming Veto comp and how important that’s going to be to win. She tells him that if it’s a mental comp, like they all think it might be, she will not be able to beat Derek or Will. If the POV is a mental comp, that means that the HOH will most likely be an endurance comp and Paras is pretty good at those as well. Maddy also mentions that if the comp is one of those “holding on” comps made for a 100-pound girl it would be much tougher for Paras than Maddy.

She basically reiterated that for the majority of the comps, she would be easier to beat than Paras and that for their game it might be better to keep her instead of Paras. When Derek goes back to talk to Kaela about this, he mentions that Maddy made a lot of good points, but he would still feel better with Kaela’s chances against Paras. He said that he feels very confident in Kaela’s ability to beat Paras in a mental comp. He also mentioned to her that he did beat Maddy in every mental comp, but she knew all the answers where he did not.

What do you think of Maddy’s pitch? Do you think that she could be an easier player to beat in the F4 and F3?  

Paras me Ali and Liv never proposed a deal

May 02, 2018

Paras me Ali and Liv never proposed a deal and Will was asking aobut the 6 alliance and he was trying to name name. and im like what is he thinking
Maddy he doesn't care he;s going to the F4
Paras it was so cringe. so cringe
Paras he said that every time we walked past a camera we did this(hand gesture) he's so naive 
Paras anything that he might have had he coulda said in a F2 speech now he'd done he's got nothing
Maddy if it came to will and Kaela who would you vote for
Paras i'd really consider at that point i'll be talking about it in the jury.. 
Maddy we'd have to talk about it in jury i think Kaela will win but there is something legendary for someone who wins unanimously victory i dont think she deserves a unanimous victory.
Maddy if it came down to it. i might give my vote to will
Paras if i stay im taking will i have a better chance
Maddy yeah
Paras but it's a guy over a girl
Maddy it wouldnt matter you'd win.

Paras we should go to them tonight to ask them to let us know 
Maddy we are all close as people and they dont want us going around upset and if it's my last speech i want to save it for that of if im in F2 im going to save it for them. ive known what i wanted to say for years..and i dont want to waste it. and how i played suits what i want to say whether its f2 or fiction. 
Paras you have 2 different speeches though?
Maddy you will see. it wont be the only thing in the F2 but it would bewhat i finish it with
Paras im not the best at speeches

Good Wednesday brother-lovers 

May 01, 2018

Good Wednesday brother-lovers 
Day 60 down, only 9 to go
This week has been an interesting one inside the Big Brother Canada 6 house. Kaela is in the HOH and her noms are in place. The POV has been played on the feeds and the ceremony has been done. 

Kaela won the POV and kept the power in the HOH room. She had been going back and forth about how she needed to cut Derek soon, but she decided not to use the Veto this week. Looks like she is really putting all her faith in winning the final HOH comp. With Maddy and Paras on the block and everything that has been said and done in the house on the feeds, it looks like the house’s eviction choice is pretty set.

Maddy and Paras had been pretty close over the course of the game, but when Paras found out that Maddy was giving information to Daela, things went a little sour between them. Paras felt that Maddy had betrayed her and Will by giving Daela information about their gameplay. Even though Maddy told them that she was manipulated by them, Paras and Will didn’t want to hear her excuses.

She continued to try and explain to Will and Paras that Daela was feeding her information that wasn’t true and she felt as though she couldn’t fully trust Will and Paras. She told them that she had realized that everything they told her wasn’t true, but it’s a little too late to come to that realization.


Kaela to Derek- He (Will) is playing for $20,000.

May 01, 2018

 Kaela to Derek- He (Will) is playing for $20,000. He knows he didnt do enough in this game to win. He is going to do whatever it is if we can bring him further 
Derek- The only person that cant win veto is Paras. Kaela- Yeah. You can convince Will. Be like "I'm going to bring you but you have to bring Kaela (to Final 3)". Derek- We will give him a guarantee. Kaela- Yeah, cause at this point our words mean everything
Kaela to Derek- I dont have Ryan. I wont have Johnny. He already told me he would vote for you cause you have a better social game
Kaela to Derek- You are like Paras. You are good with everybody. That's hard. I had to step on people to get what I wanted. You still got what you wanted cause you let me step on people, which is fucking smart
Kaela to Derek- Attaching himself to me was the smartest thing he ever did. Taught him how to play the game, and he played it better than me. Without me in this game, you wouldnt have made it this far, but vice versa as well 
Kaela to camera- I want to win this game. I have done too much to not win. I can beat Derek. He was just good with everyone, but I got rid of the people that would pick him over me on purpose, so the people here would choose me over him 
Kaela- The only reason he (Derek) was good with Ali and Liv was cause I was good with Ali and Liv. The only reason he was good with Maddy was cause of me. I stayed closer to Paras over the whole game 
Kaela- Will is closer to Derek. He has got Will but I have proved trust to Will 
Kaela- Derek was only close with Merron cause of me. Derek was good with everyone, I gamed with everyone. Derek knew stuff cause people told me, and I told Derek 
Kaela- I pretend I didnt do a lot in this game, but I did a lot. "Derek, your social game is so much better than mine". You were nicer to people. This isnt the who can make the most friends kind of game. This is Big Brother, which you dont know about 
Kaela- Derek, I did use you as a shield in this game. It was a proven fact that if you and I were on the block together, and you didnt win veto, I wasnt going home 
Kaela- The reason I want Maddy gone is cause I want to win that PoV next week. The only person that's standing in my way is Maddy. If it's a mental comp, I might not win because of her but I think I can beat Paras and Will 
Kaela- Maddy is more my threat than his (Derek's). Maddy is more on my side than Derek's. Maddy is better for my game than Derek's game, but mentally Maddy is not good for my game
Kaela- Beginning of the game, I thought if he (Derek) kind of likes me, and I dont get annoyed with him, I could use him as a shield. The guy is always going to be seen as more of a threat than a girl 
Kaela- He (Ryan) saw right through me. That's why he had to go. I used Ryan in week six in my HoH. I knew what he was going to say about other people. My #1 goal was to ruin Johnny's game cause I saw him as the biggest threat other than Ryan 
Kaela- Canada actually did me a favour by saving Ryan that week, cause then I could backdoor Erica 
Kaela- I'm telling them all that my social game is shit. I think that my social game is pretty good. If Maddy goes home this week, I want to tell her some stuff that I have done in this game. If he (Derek) takes me, he's going to be able to explain himself better 
Kaela- I need to tell Maddy everything that I did, but not with extra time that she could tell Paras. I need to do it Thursday day 
Paras to Kaela- There might be a tiebreaker. Moving forward, there is one thing I know for fact. She is better than me at the comps that are going to come 
Paras to Kaela- There is going to be a certain level of bitterness towards me if I make it there 
Kaela- What would you do if you had to make a move next week? Paras- I would probably get rid of what I think is the best player in the house 
Paras to Kaela- In jury, especially if she can somehow convince Will and Derek to keep her, people are going to vote for her 
Paras- Ali, Liv and Johnny are just straight up pissed at me. Season 1 Jillian won every second comp. If it wasnt for that fuck up, she was going to lose. People are bitter. Kaela- Paul should have won but he didnt cause people were bitter 
Paras to Kaela- If she stays and wins that veto next week, she will 100% get rid of one of you two
Paras to Kaela- Johnny said to me quite a few times this season "Maddy is the mastermind. Maddy calls you and Will baggage. Maddy says you are idiots. Maddy has made a lot of moves that people dont know about"
Kaela to Paras- I need someone to pick me. I know Will is going to pick Derek, and I know Derek is not going to pick me
Kaela- If there is a tiebreaker, I will keep you. I will give you my word on that one. Paras- If I magically get to that point where I can somehow pull out that final win, you know who I'm going to choose 
Kaela to Paras- You said you are not good with the jury. I know I am not good with the jury. If you are not good, at least I have a chance. If Derek is in Final 2, he wins the game. I feel like Will is good with everybody 
Kaela to Paras- I am putting my loyalty out there since you have done it for me. Since the very beginning of the game, I have had your back. I will stay loyal to you, and keep you if it comes down to it 
Paras to Will- We have played this entire fucking game together. There has been times we had doubts about her (Maddy), but we always stayed loyal. If I can fucking pull out that Final 3 win, I am taking you
Will- You are not playing me, are you? Paras- At least I know I have a chance to say something against you. Me sitting next to Kaela or sitting next to Derek, they have had social games, won mental comps, won physical comps
Will- Did you say anything to them (Daela) about a Final 3? Paras- No. I swear to God. Bring them in here. Not a chance 
Paras to Will- There has never ever ever not once been a talk this entire week about cutting Will 
Will- Obviously I am going to vote for you to stay. Paras- I hope so. Will- 100 
Paras- My best chance at that Final 2 is with you. I'm not about to make any deals with anyone else that could come to bite me. Will- Your best chance is with me 
Paras- If I win that veto next week, you are not going anywhere. Will- Ditto. Paras- I need you here in Final 2. I'm going to make it my mission to really study the next little while 
Will- Kaela's biggest move to win her this game would have been cutting Derek this week. Paras- She had the chance. I'm going to be laughing if Derek wins and takes out Kaela next week. I'm going to be howling 
Will- He will cut her way before she cuts him. Paras- That's what happens every single time. Girls get played by guys cause they are so in love. No female has ever been able to cut a male showmance
Will- I'm going to feel sad saying that to her (telling Maddy he is voting her out). She is like the biggest fan and she is like our bestie. Paras- Know what it feels like pitching against her? Garbage. She would have been gone on Day 27 if it wasnt for me going to Erica 
Paras to camera- That went well. I hate having to pitch against Maddy. I feel like garbage but I gotta do what I gotta do. I need to study way more. This game could be mine. This game is mine. This is my year, this is my win, this my title, this is my $100,000

Summary Wednesday,Mai 1th

May 01, 2018

Summary Wednesday,Mai 1th
Live Feed Updates Wednesday,Mai1th
2:00-3:00 PM: Maddy told Derek the advantage to her staying is that she will not be able to win what would be a physical HoH competition against Derek or Will. Maddy said that will leave it all up to the veto competition, and Derek has beat her in all but one mental competition. Maddy pointed out that Paras has done well in endurance competitions. Maddy explained that she would not be able to take Will to the end since they have played very similar games, but Will has better relationships with the jury. Maddy told Derek he would have a better shot at beating her in the Final 2 as well. Maddy said a jury wants to feel like they have contributed to the winner’s game, which the whole jury has done when it comes to Paras’ game. Elsewhere, Paras told Kaela she is so nervous. Kaela told her not to be, cause she thinks everything is fine. Kaela pointed out that she isn’t voting though. Paras said she thinks that Maddy is telling Derek that Paras has a lot of friends, she would take Derek and Kaela, and Derek doesn’t need to get rid of her since she has beaten her in everything anyway. Kaela said they are at the point where someone has got to go. Paras said she will be the next to go if she doesn’t win the Final 4 veto competition. Paras told Kaela she thinks that she would want to take Will to the end. Kaela said not necessarily, and she and Derek are not on the same page. Paras said Derek’s biggest hindrance on a mental level is Maddy. Paras asked if Derek has said anything to her. Kaela said he was on board to get Maddy out, and he hasn’t said anything different. Kaela advised Paras to talk to Derek after he finishes talking to Maddy. Kaela said she will see if Derek tells her anything. After Paras left the room, Kaela said Derek tells her everything but she doesn’t want Paras to know that. Kaela said Paras should go fight for herself, cause it’s Big Brother and she doesn’t want it to be handed to her. Afterwards, Derek spoke to Kaela about Maddy’s pitch. Derek said Maddy makes good points such as that he would have a better chance to beat her in an endurance competition. Derek said Maddy talked about not wanting to bring Will to the Final 3 since their games are too similar. Derek said he doesn’t want Kaela to have to compete against Maddy in the veto competition, cause they have a better chance at beating Paras. Derek said it’s funny how Maddy said she wouldn’t bring Will to Final 3. He thinks it’s doubtful. Kaela said it’s probably cause she put it out there that whoever gets to Final 3 with them will be guaranteed Final 2.

3:00-4:00 PM: Paras checked in with Kaela. Kaela said Derek told her that Maddy made good points but he hasn’t talked to Paras yet. Paras said Maddy is a mastermind, and she will win the game, if she can convince someone as smart as Derek to keep her. Kaela said if she needs to, she will step in and explain to Derek that Maddy cannot stay. Paras then spoke to Derek. He said Maddy talked to him about keeping her from a competition perspective, and discussed what the competitions might be. Paras said the only thing she has been good at are HoH competitions where you just stand there, which will not be the HoH competition. Paras pointed out that she has performed poorly in competitions even though there is no way that she threw anything in the second half of the game. Paras called her performance embarrassing. As for Maddy, Paras said she has done well in all but one mental competition. Paras went on to say that the jury is bitter every single year, and she might have had jury votes up until a week ago. Paras said Maddy would win out if she stays in the game, and she would get the votes in jury if she is somehow able to convince Derek and Will to keep her. Paras then told Derek that he would have a better chance at beating her in the Final 2 than beating Will, cause the jury loves Will. Paras said girls are bitter over other girls too, so they will get over it when it comes to Will easier than they will with her. Paras said there is no way that she would have Olivia, Ali or Johnny’s votes. Paras said she also probably lost Ryan’s vote by keeping Kaela last week. Paras told Derek that he should also consider how infrequently females beat males in the Final 2.

4:00-5:00 PM: Paras spoke to the cameras. She said she is envisioning herself having nominated Derek and Kaela, and then winning the veto as well. She talked about not using the Power of Veto. Paras said it will feel so good to send Derek home on a game level. Paras said she cant stand Kaela on a personal level.

5:00-6:00 PM: Paras let Will know that she wants to make a pitch to him. She asked if he wants to hear it today, or wait until tomorrow. Will said they can get it over with today. He let Paras know that Maddy wants to talk to him as well. Will clarified that he will not be telling the girls what each other’s pitches were. Paras asked if Will is flip flopping on her. Will said he didn’t say that at all, though he said he would hear Maddy out since it’s Final 5. Will asked Paras how her chat with Derek went. Paras said it went well, and Derek realizes that Maddy is good at the type of veto that next week’s veto competition will be. Paras asked that Will let her know if he plans to vote her out. Will agreed to let her know.

9:00-10:00 PM: Kaela told Derek that Will is playing for $20,000 at this point since he didn’t do enough to win the game. Kaela thinks that Will would do what it takes to get them to take him further. Derek said the only person that cannot win the veto is Paras, as he has a chance to convince Will to keep them. They discussed that they can each guarantee Will a spot in the Final 2 if he brings them to the Final 3. The two then discussed jury votes. Kaela insisted that Derek would win over her if the vote took place today. She said Derek is like Paras in a sense that he is good with everybody. Kaela pointed out that Derek didn’t have to step on anyone’s toes since he was smart enough to have her do it for him. Kaela told Derek that attaching himself to her was the smartest thing he did in the game. She mentioned that she taught him how to play, and he played better than her.

10:00-11:00 PM: Outside, Kaela spoke to the cameras. She said she wants to win the game, and she has done too much not to win. Kaela said she can beat Derek. Kaela thinks Derek was good with everyone but she got rid of the people who would choose him over her. She did note that Will is closer to Derek than he is to her, though she believes that she has built up some trust with Will. Kaela said the only reason Derek was good with Ali and Olivia is that she was, and the same goes for Derek and Maddy. Kaela said she was also closer to Paras than Derek was. Kaela added that Derek was good with everyone but she was the one who gamed with everyone. While Kaela acknowledged she says that Derek has a better social game, she said she doesn’t believe it. Kaela said Derek was nicer to people but this game isn’t about making friends, it’s about Big Brother which Derek doesn’t know about. Kaela explained that she used Derek as a shield in the game. As for this week, Kaela said she needs Maddy to go because she wants to give herself the best shot at winning the veto next week. Kaela talked about wanting to fill Maddy in on the things she has done in this game before she leaves the house. Meanwhile, Maddy campaigned to Will. Maddy explained that the chances of the Final 4 HoH being physical are very high, and Will would likely beat her in it. She said that would give Will a better shot at securing his spot in the Final 3. If Will keeps Paras, Maddy said she will vote for one of them if they make it to the end. However, she said a lot of the moves that Will made were done together with Paras, making it tough for him to get the votes over her. Will said he has one question for her. He asked if she would take him to Final 3 if she wins the veto. Maddy said she has sworn that she would even though she lied to Derek that she would take him and Kaela. Maddy swore on family that she would take Will. Will said his only thing is that Derek and Kaela will likely vote the same way, and he only has one vote. Back outside, Paras joined Kaela. She said there might be a tiebreaker vote this week. Paras pointed out that Maddy will be stronger than her in the upcoming competitions. Paras also said that the jury will be bitter towards her if she makes it to the end. Kaela asked what Paras would do next week. Paras said she would probably get rid of the best player in the house. Kaela eventually gave Paras her word that she will keep her if it comes down to a tie breaking vote. Kaela said she is not good with the jury, so she will have a chance if Paras isn’t either. Paras then made her pitch to Will. She told him that they have played the entire game together, whereas they had doubts about Maddy. Paras said she will take Will to the end because it is her best chance. Will asked if Paras has talked to Daela about making a Final 3. Paras swore to God that she hasn’t. Will let Paras know that he will vote for her to stay. The two agreed that they will save each other if they win the veto next week.

Paras im disgusted with myself.

May 01, 2018

 Paras im disgusted with myself. im, embarrassed i didnt thrown that comp and Maddy was there . the only one she didnt do well waas skip the dishes.. and the next one would be mental.. i know you aren't the biggest fan of the show and only saw a few but the next hoh's are times and events in the house you saw how i was doing i lost and i was 1st out
Paras and you need the wins to get to the end. coming into the house. the speech Kaela gave to Maddy intelligence and mental that's what i want to do. i dont know if it spend too much time socializing and i haven't studied enough and im not proud of having sucked. but when your life is on the line it's who do you want to go against next week 
Derek the veto is the most important next week. and it will be a mix of social and mental
Paras and the veto chooses who goes and i wouldnt be surprised if this hoh will be mental and she might be down playing her abilities and the biggest hindrance of you getting to the end it's her
Paras if you get to the f3 you are winning the game. i think yuo are going to win next veto yo decide who goes home and i think you'd take will and you win the mental in F3 and akela wins the physical and what she has said to me and yo win that final part of HOH
Derek i dont know if i would win against Kaela
Paras and i see you winning it and she said she doesnt do well with options.. maybe she is smart and didnt do well on purpose

Kaela Paras wont take you in the end

May 01, 2018

 Kaela Paras wont take you in the end
Derek i dont want to reply on someone i want to win in the end
Kaela it's going to be questions it's been questions all season
Derek Paras was right after i was walking and talking to Maddy im like you want to chat right after i was chatting to Maddy? i said i want to go lay down for a bit
Kaela you said that to herParas is freaking out now
Derek yeah that's funny that i shut her down
Kaela she is panicking.
Derek im going to say this Maddy gave me some valid points to keep her 
Derek immediate though is yeah to keep her if it's a physical HOH but if it's a mental and long game no it doesnt benefit me to keep her
Derek if we win HOH and POV we're both in F3
kaela uh huh

Paras told Will she has a pitch for him

May 01, 2018

 Paras told Will she has a pitch for him. She asked if he wants to hear it today or tomorrow. Will said to do it today to get it over with. Will said Maddy wants to talk too, so he will see what's best for his game. Paras said not to worry her like that 
Will- I'm not going to tell each other what each other's pitches are. That's not my style. That's just out of respect. Paras- Of course
Paras- Damn, so you flip flopping on me eh? Will- I never said that at all. Paras- That's so scary. Will- I have got to hear her out. It's Final 5. I'm not going to be like "no Maddy, I'm not listening to ya" 
Will- How did your chat with Derek go? Paras- Good. He knows every single season there has been the same style of veto, which is like exactly what Maddy is good at
Paras to Will- He (Derek) didnt give me any indication. He's a smart guy. He knows how good she (Maddy) is at mental comps 
Paras- The one thing I do ask is if you feel like voting me out, let me know beforehand. Will- Oh yeah. I would never do that to anyone. Well...I'm not saying I wouldnt do it to anyone 
Paras- I didnt think you needed any convincing. I thought you knew I wanted to take you all the way to the end. Will- Oh yeah, I just wanted to make sure of that. Paras- I hadnt thought of any pitches. Now I have to go think of one

Good Tuesday brother-lovers <3

May 01, 2018

 Good Tuesday  brother-lovers <3
Day 59 down, only 10 to go
The results from this week’s Power of Veto Ceremony on Big Brother Canada are in and I have the spoilers for you below! Find out if the Veto was used, on who and who the final nominees are this week right here with my Big Brother Canada 6 spoilers!

It’s the Kaela and Derek show, featuring guest appearances by other Houseguests like Maddy, Paras, and Will. Today it was time to discover what move Kaela would make to get herself closer to the finish line and now we know. No big surprises here.

Power of Veto Ceremony 
Kaela did not use the Veto
Maddy and Paras remain the nominees for week 9
Maddy tried to convince Kaela that this was the time to flip on Derek, but come on, we all know she wasn’t ready to do that just yet. She’s still got a few more obstacles and Derek will have her back while the others know she’s a big threat to their odds of convincing a Jury for the win.

What do you think of Kaela’s decision? Should she have used her Veto to blindside Derek and make her big move there? Share your thoughts!

Summary Sunday,April 30th

April 30, 2018

Summary Sunday,April 30th
Live Feed Updates Monday ,April 30th
10:00-11:00 AM: The veto ceremony took place. Kaela decided not to use the Power of Veto. Maddy and Paras remain nominated. Maddy told Kaela she really thinks it’s best for both of them if she stays, but she thinks it’s the end of the line since it’s not up to Kaela anymore. Maddy said she doesn’t think it’s in Derek’s best interest for her to stay, though Paras would beat everyone in jury.

11:00-12:00 PM: Kaela told Maddy she should try to stay. She said Derek hasn’t really talked to her at all about what he wants to do this week. Maddy said she will try but she will give it a day. She said fifth place is still something to be proud of. Maddy said there isn’t much more of a pitch to make other than saying to consider who you can beat. Kaela explained that Will isn’t on the block since she is good at physical competitions even though Will is too. As for Maddy and Paras, Kaela said she doesn’t have the mental or social game down pat. Kaela said she doesn’t think that Derek is threatened by Maddy mentally, given that he is mentally capable. Kaela said she doesn’t want Maddy to think that this wasn’t her move, cause she knows that Maddy thinks Derek had a lot to do with it. Kaela explained that Maddy is threatening to her in the next veto competition. Out by the hot tub, Paras told Will she is scared since she knows what Maddy is capable of. Will said Paras 100% has his vote. Paras worried that Derek could vote the other way if Maddy has promised Kaela things. Will said Derek would never do that since he is threatened by Maddy. Paras said no decision has been black and white up to this point, and she thinks that Maddy will not go without a fight.

12:00-1:00 PM: After Paras said she didn’t want to go outside because they have sun at home, Will told Maddy that they should leave the grouch. They then headed outside. Once they were gone, Paras spoke to the cameras. She said Will should have some sympathy. Paras mentioned that Will was freaking out when he thought the veto might be used. Paras said Will’s comment really pisses her off. Paras said “f*ck you, Will” multiple times. Paras called Will a pansy. She said he could have won the veto, changing the trajectory of this game, but he jumped off like the pussy that he is. Paras said she is scared cause anybody can get into Will’s head with a five minute conversation. Paras said will is a prick for excitedly dancing around since he is in Final 4.

2:00-3:00 PM: Maddy told Paras it’s too early to campaign. Paras said she feels like people know what they want to do. Maddy said they have to prepare for Paras to stay then. Both agreed that they are likely keeping Paras at the moment. Maddy said if she is leaving cause she is a mental threat, she can make Paras one before she goes. Maddy suggested that Paras already is one but she lacks confidence. Afterwards, Paras told Will she said to Maddy that they are probably keeping her. Paras worried that Maddy will now freak out and start campaigning. Will agreed that she shouldn’t have said that. Maddy and Paras then spoke again. Maddy said she doesn’t think that they will be told who is staying until right before the vote. Paras worried that Kaela wants her out. Maddy said Kaela doesn’t have control right now. Paras argued that Derek will do what Kaela wants, and Will will do what Derek wants. Paras said she doesn’t want to campaign against Maddy. Maddy said she is going to try to stay, but not in a way that sets Paras up for failure. Paras asked if Maddy is going to keep it clean. Maddy said there is nothing to make dirty at this point. She pointed out that they should keep her since Paras is a social threat, and they have already proven that they can beat her in competitions. Maddy said it’s not about one of them going, it’s about how to make one of them win. Paras said she will be working the jury for Maddy if she leaves. Maddy said duh. She told Paras that people will respect her opinion if she is the one to go. Maddy spoke to the cameras. She wondered how she is going to make this happen. She said she does see the logic in keeping Paras, which his annoying. Maddy thinks that Paras would be easier to beat in the Final 4 veto competition. Maddy said she can’t really do her dirty, since everything Paras has done dirty, she has done dirty. Maddy thinks she could scare Will about how similar his and Paras’ games are, but Derek will be a harder sell. Maddy thinks Will is going to get to Final 2. In the red room, Paras told Will she feels like she may have been Kaela’s target all along since Kaela wasn’t even going to put Maddy up. Will said he thinks Kaela sees her as a social threat and Maddy as a mental threat.

3:00-4:00 PM: Derek told Kaela he doesn’t really know if anything will happen over the next few days, but from Thursday on is going to be crazy. He said they may end up having something going on every other day from that point on. Kaela said it will be so epic if they both get to the end. Derek said he honestly believes that there are no two people who deserve it more than they do. Kaela told Derek she needs to win Part 1 of the final HoH competition since she would not win Part 2. Derek said she would be able to beat Paras or Will. Kaela mentioned Maddy saying that Paras downplays how much she knows. Kaela also pointed out that Paras outlasts Will in the competitions. Kaela said Paras tries to play the dumb cute girl but she is smart. Derek said Kaela is right. Derek said endurance will be a toss up but Paras is likely to do better than Will. Kaela said she thinks it’s better to bring Will. Derek said he would be easier to manipulate as well. Kaela said all that matters is that they are facing off against each other in Part 3. Derek said they have to bring Will since he is legitimately dumb, and Paras just plays dumb. Once Kaela went to the diary room, Paras spoke to Derek. Paras asked if she should be checking in over the next three days to make sure that they are on the same page. Derek said she can play her game however she wants to. Derek said Maddy hasn’t talked to him yet. Paras said at this point her pitch is to Derek as an individual player, as opposed to when she would pitch to Daela together earlier on. Paras said she can see why Maddy would be useful for Kaela’s game since she was talking about wanting to take Kaela to Final 2. Paras said Derek and Kaela are their own players at this point, and Maddy would be a big hindrance to Derek getting to the end.

4:00-5:00 PM: Paras told Derek that Maddy will point out she is a social player, but there is no guarantee that she even makes it to the end. Paras said she hasn’t given up but she isn’t delusional. Paras said she would get second place next to either Derek or Kaela. Paras said she has already lost Ali, Olivia and Johnny’s votes. Paras suggested that Maddy would be the tougher competitor in the Final 4 veto competition. Paras said she feels like she will be going home next week if she doesn’t win. Derek said he hasn’t even thought that far ahead. Paras asked that Derek let her know ahead of time if she is going to be going this week, cause she would like to enjoy her time.

7:00-8:00 PM: The houseguests celebrated Kaela’s birthday. They had a cake, two bottles of wine, a pinata, and were played some music out by the hot tub.

8:00-10:00 PM: Paras told Maddy she thinks Will would have told her if she was for sure staying. Paras let Maddy know that she will not campaign against her even though it may be her demise. Maddy said there is no campaigning against each other, since it’s just pointing out the differences in their games. Paras said she cannot campaign against Maddy, and she will gun for her to win if she goes to the jury. Maddy said the same in return. She told Paras that whichever one of them stays will win the game. Paras asked Maddy to promise her Thursday morning to tell her everything about her game if she is going home, so she can tell the jury. Maddy told Paras to do the same if she is the one leaving. Paras said they have to promise not to use it against each other during their speeches. Maddy said what she says in her speech wont have anything to do with the game, cause it’s something that she has been waiting for five years to say.

10:00-12:00 PM: Derek told Kaela there is no way the others can beat them. Derek said he will study for hours. Kaela said even if one of them doesn’t make it, the other will. Derek said they are winning HoH and veto this week. Derek pointed out that his competition to win HoH is Paras and Will. Derek said he is beating Will unless it’s who jumps the highest, and he is beating Paras unless it’s who cries the most. Kaela said they are both in Final 3 no matter what as long as they win the veto. Derek said both competitions are do or die to him, because they both need to make it to the finale. Kaela said Derek would beat her in the Final 2 right now, though she has a chance if she wins another competition and he doesn’t. Kaela said Derek has the social game advantage over her. Kaela thinks Derek would have Ryan, Will and Paras. Kaela said Paras is a guy’s girl. Kaela also said she thinks that Derek would have Johnny’s vote.

Maddy and Paras do not want to campaign against each other

April 30, 2018

 Maddy and Paras do not want to campaign against each other this week. They agree that whoever goes on thursday will support the other one in jury and they assure each other that the one who survives still can win the game.

Happy Birthday Kaela!

April 30, 2018

Happy Birthday Kaela!

Derek to Maddy/Paras- I asked for some cake and balloons last night. There is something setup in the hot tub area for Kaela's birthday. Someone distract Kaela, and someone come to the pantry where the cake is to help decorate

A lot happened in the Big Brother Canada 6 house over the weekend

April 30, 2018

A lot happened in the Big Brother Canada 6 house over the weekend with the nominations being set and the Power of Veto being played. Here is a quick recap of some of the important things that happened on the Big Brother Canada live feeds this weekend!

Here we go! Friday we found out Kaela’s nominations for week 9 and no one was really surprised to find that Maddy and Paras were her choices. Clearly, she wasn’t going to nominate Derek and Will has been playing a pretty good social game with the power couple. I hate even using that phrase to describe them, but at this point, they have been able to get to the F5 so there really isn’t another way to describe them. This is exactly why the rest of the HGs should have split them up when they had the chance!

Also on Friday, there was a meltdown between Maddy, Paras, and Will. Paras felt betrayed because Maddy told Kaela that Paras and Will were the ones that were going back and forth on the vote the week before. She also spilled some other information to Kaela about how close Paras and Will are. Maddy tells Paras that she is sick of being the last one to know things and that she felt like Paras and Will were shutting her out. She assumed that it was because they didn’t trust her, but she doesn’t recall doing anything to them to show them that they couldn’t.

Paras reminds Maddy that they could have easily evicted her in the triple and kept Johnny so they could go after Daela, but instead they kept her. This goes on for over an hour and it’s a lot of back and forth and a lot of crying from Paras telling Maddy that she threw away her game to keep Maddy instead of keeping Johnny and going after Daela. Maddy is pretty convinced that she is the one that goes home this week and based on some of the other chats in the house, unless Kaela plans on cutting Derek before F4, she is probably right.

Saturday we had the POV comp and everyone played. According to the chatter on the feeds, Kaela made a deal with Will to bring him to F4 if he dropped from the comp. He wasn’t even a nom this week and had he won, he would have used the Veto and forced her to renom Derek, which would have made for an interesting week, but instead, he took her deal and allowed Daela to have all the power this week. Kaela has gone back and forth with when to cut Derek. She keeps saying she is going to cut him if she goes to F2, but if she doesn’t cut him while she has the chance, she might not make it to F2. She knows that in the end, she can’t be next to him because she won’t win next to him.

Maddy and Paras remain on the block and are up for eviction

April 30, 2018

 Maddy and Paras remain on the block and are up for eviction
Paras talking to derek and will outside
Paras saying taht maddy is very convincing and taht she can convince Kaela to keep her in a tei breaker
Derek no i dont think so. if Maddy wants to talk to anyone it's me and this guy Kaela has no power anymore
Kaela talking to maddy about how Ryan gave her a run down about each HG when she was HOH and now on point he was

Game update!

April 30, 2018

Game update!
Maddy had a talk with Kaela about using teh POV on her. Her points were that Kaela would be a legend in th game if she , while in power now, makes the move to nominate Derek and get him evicted. Maddy stroked Kaela's ego in saying no woman has ever cut their showmance 1st. it's always been the guy who cuts the girl. 
Maddy gave her promises to vote the way she wanted 
Kaela made her points to Maddy saying that Derek will take her to the F2 and that she will win POV to save herself. And that is how she wants to handle it and that's best for her game.

Ali evicted 4-1
Derek won HOH Name that speech
Derek nominated Johnny Olivia and Maddy in the Triple Eviction
Derek sat out for the POV
POV Players Johnny Olivia Maddy Will Kaela Paras
Kaela won POV Drawbridge to Veto 
Kaela did not use the POV
Maddy was SAVED 3-1
Johnny and Olivia were evicted in the Triple Eviction
Kaela won HOH
Kaela nominated Maddy and Paras to be on the block
Kaela won POV

Kaela to Derek- She (Maddy) goes "Derek doesnt want you to talk to anyone in this house

April 29, 2018

 Kaela to Derek- She (Maddy) goes "Derek doesnt want you to talk to anyone in this house. Every time he has been hanging around and making sure you are not talking to anyone"
Kaela to Derek- Paras slipped and was like "if you cut Derek, you are the strongest in this game". You are all fucking cutting me next week. She goes "no no no. I could never take them"
Derek- Both of us arent into a ton of public affection...unless I'm like fucking drunk. I hope you still feel that I like ya and everything. Kaela- I do 
Kaela- It doesnt stop after the game I hope. Derek- Of course not. Kaela- I wouldnt want it to. Derek- Especially if we win. I mean when we win. Whoever wins between the two of us, it's our win. Kaela- It's our win no matter what 
Derek- I wouldnt and couldnt win unless you were a part of my game. I literally came into this house and knew nothing. Kaela- That will get you the win. You came in here and you played my game better than me
Paras- I really really hope I didnt just screw myself. I have a weird feeling I might have 
Paras- That's her (Kaela's) best friend. Why wouldnt she tell him, just to be like "look how much I have your back"? 
Paras to Maddy- I casually kind of brought it up, and then laid it all out. I'm scared I did too good of a job convincing her that you and I wouldnt take each other. She was like "you think Maddy would take me?". I said yes 
Paras to Maddy- Now I'm thinking she's not going to use the veto but she might keep you cause now she has two chances. She is going to tell Derek I was gunning for him to go up 
Paras to Maddy- I think I did too good of a job being like "Maddy would for sure take you". I think she might go tell Derek "it was Paras' idea to put you up" 
Paras- I think I fucked myself. Maddy- I dont know. I dont think so
Paras- I'm being an insecure little fuck. I feel weird. You guys would tell me if I'm going, right? Kaela- How many times did I just tell you? You are being really paranoid. Paras- I'm new to being on the block
Paras- If your minds change, just let me know so I can enjoy my days. Derek- Enjoy your days, and dont worry about what's going on 
Paras- I just feel like she (Maddy) is way better at talking than I am. Kaela- Cause we talked for whatever you said, how long it was? Paras- Two hours
Paras to Derek/Kaela- I'm not good at pitching. I just know I suck more, which is not the best pitch either
Kaela- At last everyone has hit the block. Paras- True. We lasted a while without. Kaela- Are you mad that you dont have a clean record if you get to the end? Paras- No. I'm mad that I dont have comp wins
Paras- Are you feeling the same way as earlier in the week? Derek- I'm still on the same track. Kaela- Except he doesnt see the railroad changing courses up ahead. Paras- I cant with you. You are going to torture me. Kaela- Sorry. You tortured me a lot last week 
Paras- I have faith. I just want to know if things are changing, because Parasnoia. She's like "no, bitch. I'm going to torture you all week". Kaela- I'm not going to. The only reason I'm saying it now is cause this is like the 11th time you are asking me

Summary Sunday,April 29th

April 29, 2018

Summary Sunday,April 29th
Live Feed Updates Sunday ,April 29th
10:00-11:00 AM: Paras told Maddy they should go for it, referring to trying to get Derek on the block. Paras said if Kaela is not receptive to that, they can try to get Will on the block tonight. Maddy agreed. Maddy said she wants to say that if she leaves this week, it is Derek’s move, not Kaela’s. Paras said Maddy needs to tell Kaela that she will take her if she wins next week, whereas Derek might want to make it easy on himself by taking her out. Paras talked about wanting to point out that Derek is so much more into Kaela when she is in power. Maddy said Paras should not even sugarcoat that. Paras said they both need to stress that Derek made a call during Kaela’s HoH, and Will is so wrapped around his finger that he listened. Maddy said that even if Kaela does go back to Derek with everything they say, she will be the one to go anyway. Paras said the jury is going to be so bitter at her. Maddy said she will explain everything to them.

11:00-12:00 PM: Maddy told Paras that Kaela has got to be crazy if she is not considering putting Derek up. Maddy said she thinks Paras can talk her into it. Paras said she is going to try. Maddy said she would be so disappointed in someone for throwing away their chance for a boy. Paras said Derek has been giving Kaela a lot of attention over the past few days. Paras thinks the jury will be so upset if they see Maddy walk in. Maddy said she hopes that they don’t give Canada an underwhelming season. Paras thinks Canada is very disappointed that they made the call to keep Kaela on Thursday. Maddy said it was up to them to pull out a win, and they didn’t. Paras said that has happened so many times now.

2:00-3:00 PM: Out by the hot tub, Kaela told Will she just wants to get to Final 3. Will said they will do it. Kaela pointed out that it would be cool for the only two east coasters to make it to the end. Will noted that it hasn’t been done since Emmett and Jillian got to the Final 3, so they can make history if they get to the Final 2 together. Kaela continued to say that she cannot go to the end with Derek. Kaela explained that Derek has a good social game and he has won competitions. As for the two of them, Kaela said she has not competition wins, and Will has social game, so it would be a fair fight. Will asked if Derek would ever agree to making a Final 3 deal with the two of them. Kaela said she thinks he would but they would have to wait until after the HoH competition since Paras might win. If Derek wins HoH, Kaela assured Will that she will take him to the Final 3. Kaela said she thinks that Paras could beat her since she has a good social game. Will said her social game is good with those in the jury house too. Both agreed that Derek will win if he makes it to the end. Kaela said Paras would beat both of them as well. Will said she thinks it would be close if the two of them were to make it to the end together, but Paras would beat the both of them. Kaela said she would vote for Paras if she made it to the end.

4:00-5:00 PM: In the bathroom, Maddy and Paras continued to discuss the pitch that they will make to Kaela in hope of getting her to nominate Derek. Maddy said she will bring up that Kaela would be the first female to cut a male showmance partner, so she would not even need to say anything more in her jury speech. Maddy also wants to tell Kaela that she will pick her. They then discussed Derek making a move for Kaela by offering Will a deal. Paras wants Maddy to talk to Kaela first. She said she wants to know how they can get Kaela to come to her once she is done talking to Maddy. Maddy suggested that Paras come interrupt their conversation to ask for a minute with Kaela when she is done. Maddy said she only needs 15 minutes. Paras wants Maddy to question why Derek wouldn’t make it easier on himself by cutting Kaela next week, and then encourage her to make the move while she has power. Maddy and Paras said they think that they can make this happen. Maddy believes that it is the best move for Kaela to make. Afterwards, Paras spoke to the cameras to say she really hopes this works. She said the best part about it is that she is not getting any blood on her hands since Maddy is the one doing the talking even though she will be using her points. Paras said Derek is winning the game as of now, and she will be voting for him unless they can take him out this week. Paras worried that Kaela is so insecure in her position that she will tell Derek what they say. Paras thinks she can pull it off as long as Maddy lays the foundation, giving her the ability to blame it on Maddy if Derek finds out and gets pissed off about it. Paras said she still controls what happens in the house even though she is not winning competitions. Paras claims that she has had a hand in every eviction since week four.

7:00-8:00 PM: Maddy spoke to Kaela. She mentioned that it seems like Derek is making calls on her behalf, and her going this week is the best move for Derek. Maddy suggested that now would be the best time to cut Derek. Kaela said Derek is going to take her to Final 3. Kaela also let Maddy know that she cannot have all three members of the trio survive, or else it’s her against the three of them. Maddy said she understands but she will pick her if it comes down to it. Maddy continued to push that cutting Derek now is the best move. She said Kaela is getting played, and Derek will take her out next week if he gets the chance to. Kaela said she will be the next to go if she cuts Derek this week. Maddy reiterated that she will choose Kaela, but Kaela pointed out that just yesterday she was saying she is loyal to Paras and Will no matter what. While Kaela continued to say that she will cut Derek in the Final 3, she said she is not going to do it right now. Kaela explained that Maddy’s connection to Paras and Will is too dangerous when there are only going to be four people left after this week. Maddy said she is so worried because Derek is going to see that he can steamroll Paras and Will if he cuts Kaela next week. Kaela argued that he is confident that he can beat her too, so he will keep her. Kaela asked if Maddy will be like “Kaela knew what she was talking about” if she is able to get Derek out in the Final 3. Maddy said she guesses that she would have to be. Kaela then asked what Maddy would do if she convinced Derek to take her to the Final 2. Maddy said she would vote for Kaela.

8:00-9:00 PM: Maddy said Paras and Will are going against her, so there is no reason for her not to go against them by choosing Kaela next week. Kaela questioned why Maddy is fighting so hard for her to get rid of Derek instead of saying why she should stay over Paras. Maddy said that is something that she will have to do when it gets to that point, but the veto could still be used. Kaela told Maddy that trying so hard to make her go against her own ally is proving that Maddy is not willing to go against Paras or Will, making it more unbelievable that she would choose her next week. Maddy said the only thing she can say about Paras is that it’s riskier to keep since she would beat them in the end. Maddy said she will not go down without a fight if Kaela wants to leave her on the block next to Paras. However, Maddy said Kaela can kiss goodbye any help that she could provide her if that happens, cause Derek and Will are going to vote her out over Paras. Kaela said it’s more likely that she keeps Maddy over Paras than it is that she would put Derek up. When Maddy said Kaela wont be able to tell them how to vote, Kaela said she thinks she can tell Derek how to vote. Maddy then asked if Kaela wants her on the block at all. She pointed out that the other option would be to put Will up, and she could vote whichever way Kaela wants to prove herself to her. Kaela said it’s something to consider. She clarified that she will not be nominating Derek.

9:00-10:00 PM: After her talk with Kaela wrapped up, Maddy let Paras know that Kaela is not going to nominate Derek. Maddy revealed that Kaela asked her to make her pitch against her, so she mentioned the jury vote thing. Paras said the conversation was two hours long, so don’t tell her that that’s all it was. Maddy explained that they talked through every scenario. Maddy said there was a good bit of time that Kaela was considering it for, so maybe Paras can make a difference. Later, Paras spoke to Kaela. She said she is worried since Kaela and Maddy had a two hour talk. Kaela said they were talking about everything, and Maddy was pitching all different scenarios. Paras asked if she should be worried. Kaela said no. Kaela mentioned that Maddy wants her to pick what’s best for her. Paras asked if she means Derek. Kaela said no, just in general. Paras brought up that Derek might send Kaela home next week since it would make his path to the Final 2 even easier. Paras also suggested that Derek and Will have a Final 2.

10:00-11:00 PM: Paras asked Kaela if she is keeping the nominations the same. Kaela said yeah. Paras asked why she wouldn’t take a shot at Derek right now. Kaela pointed out that it would be 3 on 1 against her if she does that. Paras told her not to be so quick to think that they are all taking each other. Paras said she would cut Maddy, and Maddy would cut her. Paras explained that she wouldn’t want to sit next to someone who played such a similar game to her, or next to someone who has all of his friends in jury. Both agreed that Derek would also beat everyone in the Final 2, which led to Paras once again asking why Kaela wouldn’t take a shot not. Kaela said the three will not go against each other. Paras once again disagreed. When asked who the idea Final 4 would be, Paras said the ideal Final 4 doesn’t include Derek for anyone but Derek. Paras was eventually called to the diary room, ending the conversation. Afterwards, Kaela spoke to herself about how Maddy and Paras both came to her with the same idea to cut Derek, right after each other, even though they are claiming not to be good with each other. Kaela said she is not paranoid, and she can see BS from a mile away.

11:00-12:00 AM: Derek and Kaela caught up after Kaela’s talks with Maddy and Paras wrapped up. Derek said there would be no use in using the veto unless it was to get him out. Kaela let Derek know that Maddy and Paras were talking about that. She said they are convinced that he will get her out next week. Derek said they have no idea what their relationship is like. Kaela said she doesn’t think that Derek would take $20,000 away from her. Derek said he would never, cause he wants to make history by getting to the end as a showmance. Kaela said Derek has changed her outlook on how she wants to play. She added that she doesn’t think she needs to screw him over to do what she needs to do. Kaela let Derek know what she has been saying about how whoever gets to Final 3 with them is guaranteed to be in the Final 2 since neither of them will take each other. Elsewhere, Paras told Maddy she is worried that she just screwed herself by doing such a good job of convincing Kaela that they wouldn’t take each other. Paras said Kaela might keep Maddy to take her, getting Derek on board by saying Paras wanted him out. Maddy disagreed. Paras headed to the HoH room to ask that Derek and Kaela let her know if they change their minds about keeping her. Kaela said Paras is bein

Paras I hope live feeders, the real fans of this show

April 29, 2018

Paras- I hope live feeders, the real fans of this show, really see I had to make a move that was best for my game and the people I'm working with. I am sorry that I kept those two (Daela). I know that's not what you wanted. Maybe some of you that watch for the showmance

Paras to camera- I need this to happen. It's going to feel so good. Send Derek home! Send Derek home! Send Derek home! I want him gone
Paras- Shout-out Erica! Erica, my girl, you were right that I am indeed slithering. I'm surprised you picked up on that, cause I was acting so weak and insecure around you. I am also glad you are sitting at home, cause you are a badass bitch 
Paras- You (Erica) and Johnny, my faves this season by far. If I was watching this show, I would be rooting for you and Johnny. I love Johnny and Erica. They are a dream team. My perfect alliance would be with Johnny and Erica 
Paras- If I was a fan, Johnny and Erica all the way. It sucks cause I kept the person that got both of them out, the couple that got both of them out. I can totally see why Canada hates my guts, but I have got to play for the $100K 
Paras- I hope the fans forgive me. I hope I'm not hated for this for the rest of the time, cause I was the move behind both of those people (Erica/Johnny) getting out. I'm sorry. I had to do what was best for me 
Paras- I know you wanted me to break apart the showmance. That's exactly what I'm trying to do this week. I did it a week too late 
Paras- I'm so obsessed with the show myself. I sit there and watch for hours like a creep. I love when people address the cameras and address the feeders 
Paras- I hope live feeders, the real fans of this show, really see I had to make a move that was best for my game and the people I'm working with. I am sorry that I kept those two (Daela). I know that's not what you wanted. Maybe some of you that watch for the showmance 
Paras- I am going to do everything I can to make sure Derek goes home this week. If it backfires, and I go home this week, I will feel like an idiot but it's Final 5. If you want to make a big move, this is it

Maddy I think that I have to make her some promises.

April 29, 2018

 Maddy- I think that I have to make her some promises. It's easier than her coming up with some, and me showing hesitation. Paras- Still say all of those points first 
Maddy told Paras she thinks she needs to promise to vote how Kaela wants her to, and to take her if she wins the Final 4 veto
Paras- What a move that is. Nobody says Sindy got out Neda. Everybody says Ika got out Neda. It doesnt matter if I am not winning competitions. I still control what happens in this house. I have had a hand in every single eviction starting week four 
Paras- If me sitting on the block can convince the HoH to send her 1 home...I'm getting goosebumps. It would be so good. That's like an orgasmic thought 
Paras- Ika is a queen but she had Demetres keeping her safe every second week. I dont know if it's the same 
Paras- She is so into him. Maddy- She is going to look like a fool. Paras- We need to tell her that. Be like "you are so much more into him than he is into you". Maddy- You do this, not me. It's not going to work from me

Maddy- What do you think, Canada? Will she (Kaela) go for it (nominating Derek)? Text 1 for no, 2 for probably not, or 3 for I sure hope so. I'd be curious what people thought
Maddy- I hope they call him (Derek) to DR. Paras- Big Brother, if you want a really really really really good move to happen this season, please call Derek to the DR. Maddy- I know you dont have favourites, but come on

Paras to camera Oh my God, I really hope this works.

April 29, 2018

 Paras to camera- Oh my God, I really hope this works. The best part about this is once again I'm not getting blood on my hands. It's Maddy doing the talking. It's my idea, it's my points 
Paras- If I can save Maddy this week, if I can send Derek packing, oh my God I will feel good
Paras- Right now, Derek is winning this game. If It gets to Final 2, Derek has my vote unless we can take him out this week. I really hope it happens
Paras- I think the problem is she (Kaela) is so insecure in her position that if she hears this she is going to tell Derek 
Paras- I would feel so good if Kaela got Derek out of here...basically if I got Derek out of here. I really think I can pull this off. I just need Maddy to lay the foundation so if she tells Derek, and Derek is pissed off, I can be like "it was Maddy's idea"
Paras- I'm going to give credit where credit is due. Maddy is obviously a big part of this too, but the points I'm giving her to mention are my points

Kaela I just want to get to that Final 3. Will I know. We'll do it.

April 29, 2018

 Kaela- I just want to get to that Final 3. Will- I know. We'll do it. Kaela- I think it would be cool to be the only two east coasters the whole season, and we both make it there. Will- Last time that was done was season 1 with Jillian and Emmett 
Kaela- And they (Jillian/Emmett) didnt even make it to Final 2. Will- Nope. Could make history. Kaela- Exactly. You already know I cant take Derek. The only thing is if Derek wins HoH, he secures himself Final 3
Kaela- Derek and I are not picking each other. Will- It would be such a toss up. The two of you guys are tied in comp wins. Kaela- Everyone loves Derek. We both have comps, but he has social as well
Kaela to Will- If you are in Final 3 with me and Derek, you are guaranteed Final 2 no matter what, whether I win, whether Derek wins, or whether you win 
Will to Kaela- I know my chances of winning against the two of you are slim to none, but just to get there and win $20,000.
Will- Derek would never do that with me and you? A Final 3? Kaela- He would want a Final 3 with us. Will- Think he would make a deal to do it? Kaela- I think so
Will- I think he (Derek) would take you. Kaela- I dont think so, cause I wouldnt take him. If I cut him, that could win me the game. That's why I'm saying whoever is Final 3 with us is guaranteed Final 2
Will- He (Derek) wouldnt make a Final 3 with me, you and him? Kaela- He probably would but it really depends who wins HoH next week. Say Paras wins HoH. There is no way we can guarantee Final 3. You or Derek would have to win HoH 
Kaela to Will- If Derek wins HoH and guarantees himself, I will bring you 
Kaela to Will- With Derek, I know I just gave him the game. He has comps and a social game. I have comps, you have social game
Kaela to Will- Ryan hates me. I dont have Ryan. Johnny already told me he would vote for Derek. Ali and Liv, they are not the biggest fan of me. At this point, I almost feel like everyone would beat me 
Kaela- If Derek is in that Final 2, he is going to win. Will- 100%. Kaela- And that sucks. As much as I wouldnt want to cut him for a personal reason, you have got to look at game. Will- At the end of the day, it's a game
Kaela- Paras could beat me, Paras could beat you. Derek beats us all. It might be a 4-3 (Kaela vs Will). Will- It probably would be close. Paras would definitely beat both of us. Kaela- Hands down. If I was in jury, I would vote for Paras

Summary Sunday,April 29th

April 28, 2018

Summary Sunday,April 29th
11:00-12:00 AM: Kaela told Maddy she has to win the Final 4 veto, otherwise she is done. Maddy said Kaela has to give herself her best shot. Kaela said if Derek is in the Final 3, as much as he would hate her for it, she would do what she has to do. Maddy pointed out that Kaela has power now, and what she does with it will set up next week, so she hopes that Kaela is looking at what she has the capability of doing with both the HoH and PoV in her hands. Kaela said her only goal at the moment is to get to Final 3, which means she has to do what will give her the best shot in the Final 4 veto competition.

1:00-2:00 AM: Maddy told Paras she thinks that Kaela is thinking about taking Derek out this week but she is not yet sold on it. Maddy suggested that it might have if Paras pushes it and then she reinforces it. Paras said she hopes that Maddy isn’t screwing her over in the process. She talked about being hesitant to flat out say anything, out of fear that Maddy would spin it that she had a plan to get Derek out. Paras said if she feels that she got screwed over a second time, she will make it her mission to ensure that Maddy gets no jury votes, which she wouldn’t do right now. Maddy said she is aware that she will be the one leaving this week if nominations stay the same. Paras said she believes that Maddy would say what she needs to say in order to get her out this week if it comes down to the two of them. Maddy said she would hope that Paras would do the same.

Summary Saturday ,April 28th

April 28, 2018

Summary Saturday ,April 28th
Live Feed Updates Saturday ,April 28th
9:00-10:00 AM: Will asked Paras if she is going to gun for the veto. She said yeah. Paras said best case scenario is if Will wins, but she has to go for it since she is on the block. Will told Paras not to bring up anything with regards to him swearing not to use the veto if he wins it. Paras brought up that they can send Derek packing if Will pulls this one out. Will said he doesn’t think he can send Derek packing. He pointed out that he made a deal. Paras said taking Derek out would be a game changer, so it would get him all of the jury votes. Paras told Will to remember that one of them or Maddy are guaranteed the next HoH if Derek is gone. Will said he is a man of his word. Will thinks he would look so bad to the jury and to Canada if he ever did that. Will told Paras not to say any of that to Maddy either. Paras said their chances are slim if Derek and Kaela stay. Will disagreed. He said one of them is likely going to Final 2, and they both could be if one of them wins. Paras said she would rather be sitting next to Will than Derek and Kaela. Will reiterated that he made a deal to basically guarantee them Final 4, otherwise the two of them would have been nominated. Will said he would lose the jury votes but it would be alright for Paras. Paras argued that everyone hates Derek in the jury.

12:00-1:00 PM: Paras told Maddy she thinks that if one of them goes this week, the other will be gone next. Maddy said probably but she thinks that Paras could survive if next week’s HoH is an endurance competition. Maddy said Kaela has played a more impressive game than Derek but Derek is more likely to win out. Paras asked why Kaela’s game has been impressive. Maddy said she has burned the most bridges, and would have to win her way to the end. Paras said she would probably vote for Derek to win over Kaela. She thinks it is smart game play to have hidden behind Kaela. Maddy said the first time you hear boos will be if she walks out. Paras said Maddy is so wrong, and fans would be happy that Maddy did it to her of all people. Paras said she is such a huge reason that Johnny is out, Erica is out, Ryan is out, and Erica is out.

1:00-2:00 PM: Paras asked Kaela if she thinks she can win the final HoH against Derek, or if she thinks that he has to go before that. Kaela said she thinks that Paras and Will would take each other over her if she cut Derek any sooner. Paras said she doesn’t know how she would fare against Will in the Final 2. She said Will is going to have Johnny’s vote, and Ali and Olivia do not like her. She also said she has played too similar of a game to Will to go to the Final 2 with him. Paras told Kaela she would have Johnny, Ali and Olivia voting for her if she cut Derek. Paras said Kaela has four guaranteed votes if she takes her to the Final 2. Kaela argued that Paras’ social game would be the best in the house if she gets to the end without winning anything, whereas she just won a couple of competitions. Kaela said it’s harder to get to the end based on social game. Paras told Kaela she needs to seriously consider cutting Derek if she wins the veto next week. Kaela said she knows.

2:00-3:00 PM: Paras asked Maddy if she thinks her chances are better against Kaela than they are against Will if she ever makes it to Final 3. Maddy said no. Paras said Ali and Olivia will be so bitter that they would never vote for her. Maddy disagreed. Maddy thinks it would come down to which way Derek and Kaela vote. Paras said Kaela wouldn’t vote for her if she chose Will over her. Maddy thinks Ali and Olivia would vote for Paras over Kaela. Paras asked if Will would vote for her if she cut him in Final 3. Maddy said she thinks so. As for this week, Maddy said their best hope is that the nominations change so that they can both get out of the week. Paras told Maddy there is a 95% chance that she gets home if Maddy wins the veto. Maddy disagreed. Maddy brought up that Kaela wants to cut Derek. Paras said she brought up that Kaela might have to cut Derek sooner than the Final 3. Maddy said she brought it up as well, and Kaela was considering it. Maddy told Paras that Kaela will use the veto if she wins it, but she wants her to sell her soul to her. Paras said they have to make Kaela believe that they would both take her to the end, and Derek would for sure beat her. Maddy said they can survive the week as long as anyone other than Derek wins the veto. Paras said she thinks Will has promised that he wouldn’t use it. Paras said it will be the biggest move of the season if they can get Kaela to take out Derek this week. Paras explained that Kaela needs to think it was her idea. Maddy and Paras discussed that they might have to stage a blow up so that Kaela doesn’t think they would choose each other. Maddy thinks they can get Will to use the veto, but Paras said Will doesn’t want to seem to use it since he said he made a deal. Paras thinks they have to keep stressing that Derek is playing such a good game and he would win for sure.

8:00-9:00 PM: Feeds returned following the veto competition. Kaela won the Power of Veto. Kaela asked Derek what’s wrong. He said she beat him. Kaela asked if he is pissed cause she beat him. Derek said yeah. Kaela said she beat him cause her strategy was better than his. Derek said they are tied 4-4 now, and it would have been 5-3 had he won. Derek told Kaela he needed to win that since her social game is better. Kaela disagreed. She said everyone loves Derek. Derek pointed out that Kaela is the first person to win three straight competitions this season. In the pantry, Paras told Maddy they have to show Kaela how much it shows that Derek is controlling her considering Derek offered Will Final 4 during the competition even though it is her HoH week. Paras said they have to feed into Kaela’s ego. Paras told the cameras that she might be able to send Derek home. She said she and Maddy will have to fake a fight, then go to Kaela to say they want to take her to the end. In the white room, Will told Paras that Derek threatened him in order to get him to drop out of the competition. Paras said she thought he said to drop in order to get to the Final 4. Will confirmed that, but said they already had a deal so it was like a threat. Maddy came by and said it didn’t look like Will was going to drop. He said he wasn’t going to until Derek said that to him. Back in the pantry, Derek told Kaela they have all of the power again. Kaela said Derek is safe cause of her. Derek said it was partially him to since Will stepped off cause of the deal he offered him. Kaela asked if Derek is going to evict her next week. Derek said not to ask him that, or else he will. Kaela said they can make a deal in the veto competition next week if Paras is out of it, offering to take Will to the Final 3. Both agreed that they would bring Will. Derek reassured Kaela that he could never cut her. Derek said he also wouldn’t take Will over Kaela even if it was a guaranteed win. Derek said Will doesn’t deserve the $20,000, and he couldn’t take that away from her.

9:00-10:00 PM: Kaela pointed out that she told Paras not to worry. Paras said she is still worried, and she will be until Arisa tells her that she is safe. Derek said her two votes are right there. When Paras brought up that things flip, Derek said this is different. Once they were alone, Derek told Kaela he thinks that it might be better to bring Paras to the Final 3 over Will. Derek explained that she is not strong mentally, running, or agility wise, and Will knows the days better than she does. Kaela said they can make a last minute decision next week. Derek said he would even rather go up against Paras in the endurance portion of the Final 3 HoH competition. They agreed that they can see how Paras and Will perform in the HoH and veto competitions next week.

10:00-11:00 PM: Maddy asked Paras if they should approach Kaela separately to together. Paras said she thinks they should do it separately. Paras suggested that they plant the seed by saying Derek is good, and he will win the game if he makes it to the end. From there, she said they should point out that Derek is making calls for Kaela during her HoH. Finally, she wants to say that Derek will obviously not take Kaela to the end, and he might cut her next week. Maddy brought up that they can sell Kaela on no female showmance partner having cut the male. Paras thinks they can feed into Kaela’s ego by mentioning that Derek is way more into her when she is in power. Paras said the only thing that worries her is this backfiring. Maddy said she would be the one going home anyway. Maddy said she will probably tell Kaela that she would pick her, though she assured Paras that she doesn’t mean it. Maddy said she didn’t want to swear on something and then go back on it, but it’s a last resort. Meanwhile, Kaela talked out loud while alone. She said she would have to cut Derek in the Final 3 since she might not beat him. Kaela said it sucks since Derek is saying he wouldn’t do that to her, but he might anyway. She talked about Derek saying this is life, not just a game. Kaela said it has always been just a game for her. Kaela reiterated that she came there to win, and she will pretend that she is taking Derek so that he will take her.

Maddy to Kaela- I hope you are looking at the whole idea of what you have the capability to do this week with both of those things in your hands

April 28, 2018

Maddy to Kaela- I hope you are looking at the whole idea of what you have the capability to do this week with both of those things in your hands
Maddy to Kaela- If you use the veto on me, which I dont expect you to, communicate to me what your intentions are. I would be receptive to whatever you are trying to accomplish 
Kaela to Maddy- The only thing I'm trying to do is get to Final 3. That's my goal right now. The obstacle in my way is I know I cant play for HoH. What is my best chance of winning that veto? No one is going to pick me except for myself 
Kaela to Maddy- I wasnt putting you on the block. I needed that veto not to be used if it was won 
Paras to camera- If I can convince her (Kaela) that this is her only shot at taking out Derek, this can really work. That could be my game winning move. I'm a little afraid of doing it and having it backfire where I go home this week 
Paras- I have a lot of work to do the next few days. If Derek goes, I can do a lot of damage in this house 
Paras- I have got to make sure I win. Even if I dont, I have got to make sure Kaela is the one who takes me to the end cause Derek wont 
Maddy to Paras- I think she is thinking about it (taking out Derek) but she is not sold on it. I think if a push from you, reinforced by me, comes along
Maddy- I think it might actually be her plan. She was like "next week I have to win the veto. That's the only chance I have of getting to Final 3". Doesnt that kind of sound like she doesnt want him (Derek) to be there? Paras- I hope so
Paras- I just hope in the process you are not fucking me over. Maddy- We didnt even talk about anybody else
Paras to Maddy- If I feel like I got fucked over a second time, I will make it my mission to make sure you dont get any votes 
Maddy- If noms dont change, I am very aware that it is the end of the road. Paras- I think we can still do some damage. Maddy- I think it might be her plan (to target Derek)
Paras to Maddy- It's just weird how girls are always like "I'd cut my showmance in a heartbeat". They dont see the process when they are hooked. He is suddenly giving her so much attention
Paras- I feel like you would be willing to say what you need to say to get rid of me. If it has to be me or you, you'd be like I have to do whatever to make sure it's me. Maddy- I would hope it was the same with you
Maddy- What's this coming from? Paras- I think you say things that you dont fully share with me. My fear is I go lay it all out, then you are like "get Derek in here so I can tell you about this master plan Paras has"

Maddy isnt bald, for those of you who are still asking that

April 28, 2018

Maddy isnt bald, for those of you who are still asking that
Derek to Kaela- I might have to cut Jesse. Me and you Amazing Race is a lock 
Kaela to Derek- I went from off the block, almost to go home, to veto, HoH, veto 
Derek- I guess you have to look at strength of wins too. The veto I won was to save myself. You havent won a veto that saved yourself. Kaela- I won an HoH to save myself. If I didnt win, you and me were on the block. Derek- That's speculation
Maddy- Do we approach her (Kaela) unified or separate? Paras- I think separate. Maddy- I think unified is best cause she knows our relationship is severed right now 
Paras to Maddy- I think we plant the seed by being like "man, Derek is good. If Derek makes it, he is going to win". We move on to "he is making calls for your game. It's your HoH, and he is making calls for you"
Paras to Maddy- The third one we move on to is "Derek is obviously not going to be taking you (Kaela). He might not even want you at Final 3" 
Maddy- No female showmance partner has ever taken out the male. Paras- Be like "do you understand the resume you would have if you do that?". Feed into her ego. I noticed how much more into her he is when she is in power 
Paras- The only shit that worries me is this shit backfiring...her being insecure enough to tell Derek. Maddy- If it backfires, I go home though. If she isnt willing to put up Derek, maybe she is willing to put up Will. Paras- I say we work on Derek first
Paras to Maddy- We tell her (Kaela) if she doesnt take him (Derek) out, he is going to take her out before Final 3
Maddy to Paras- I think I am going to tell her (Kaela) that I pick her. I dont mean it. I pick you 
Maddy- I think she (Kaela) is going to get mad and tell Derek all the stuff that I say. Paras- Is it a risk we are willing to take? Maddy- I am going home anyways if we dont 
Maddy to Paras- I dont want to swear on something and go back on it, but I might. It's a last resort though
Maddy to Paras- I think we actually have a decent shot at this (getting Derek out) happening. I think Kaela came here to win
Maddy- I would sell my soul to her for her to think I am her #1. Paras- The scary thing is she doesnt change her noms, she has Derek as her backup, and she keeps you. Maddy- Derek would not keep me. Will would vote to keep you. I'm 100% 
Paras to Maddy- I'm very surprised at how shitty I did in that comp. I thought that was my comp to win
Kaela to herself- If it came down to me, Derek and anyone in the Final 3, I would have to cut Derek to win cause I might not beat Derek. I want to win 
Kaela- I didnt even know you (Derek) 57 days ago. I feel like I have known you forever
Kaela- I would have to do it (cut Derek at Final 3). If I had the chance to do it, I would. I know I would, which sucks cause he is saying he wont. Maybe he would. I really dont know 
Kaela- He (Derek) is saying this is not just a game. It's life. This was always just a game for me. We are not even there yet. Anything can happen but if I was the one who had to choose at the end cause I won, I would cut him. I came here to win
Kaela- I still pretend I am going to take him (Derek) 100% just in case he wins in the end, so he still takes me 
Kaela- I have to win that veto, or I'm dead. Maddy- I had to win the veto today. It's not always what happens. Kaela- I just dont want to walk into that jury. Maddy- Just give yourself your best shot
Kaela- If Derek is there (Final 3), as much as he would hate me, I would do what I have to do. Maddy- You have power now. How you set up your power this week will set up your next week

Paras to camera Maddy and I have to fake a fight

April 28, 2018

Paras to camera- Maddy and I have to fake a fight....then we each go to Kaela "Kaela, I want to take you to the end
Will told Paras that Derek pretty much threatened him by saying to drop if he wants to go Final 4 
Paras to Will- That was your comp to win, but it is what it is. You are safe
Maddy- It didnt look like you were going to drop. Will- I wasnt going to drop until Derek said that to me, and scared the shit out of me 
Derek- We have got all of the power again. Kaela- Your butt is safe cause of me. Derek- And me. He (Will) stepped off cause of the deal 
Kaela- You are mad I got another one on my resume? Derek- That's all it was. Why else would you stay up? Kaela- Cause I wanted to beat you. I didnt want you to get that 5 yet
Kaela- You are not going to kick me out next week, are you? Derek- Are you fucked? Dont even ask me, or I will 
Kaela- If it comes down to me, you, or Will (in PoV next week), we can make a Final 3 deal right there. I will bring Will to the Final 3. Derek- 100% 
Derek told Kaela he could never cut her. He said he couldnt do that in front of Canada, or do that to her, and he could never take money over a friendship 
Derek to Kaela- Even if it was you and Will, and I could guarantee a win by taking Will with me, Will doesnt deserve $20,000. Me and you do. We have fucking done everything. I would never take that away from you. I hope you wouldnt 
Derek- Although this is a game, this is also life to me. I would never do that (cut her). Kaela- Thanks. If I win $100K, I will come visit you. Are you going to be a sour apple when I win? Derek- Of course not 
Kaela to Derek- I am bringing Maddy to Hasbro. The only reason she is on the block is cause she had this master plan to get you out, and you are my 1
Kaela- I bet you so much they were going to try to convince Will to use the veto. Derek- I knew they would. Maddy... Kaela- And Paras 
Paras- If there is a Final 4 dinner, we could do a east (Kaela/Will) vs west (Derek/Paras). Kaela- I like the sound of that double date, actually. Derek- We can do that. Will- Let's do it. Kaela- Just dont talk about it when she (Maddy) is around
Kaela- Didnt I tell you not to worry? Paras- I am still fucking worried. Until Thursday when they say "Paras, you are safe"... Derek- Two votes are right here. Paras- How many times have we seen shit flip? Derek- This is different
Kaela- Do you think Maddy knows? Paras- She said this morning "Paras, I think I am going but I am just telling you now that I'm not going to give up campaigning"
Kaela- Do you think if Will won that she (Maddy) was going to try to get Will to use the veto? Paras- Umm I dont think Will would have 
Derek- I feel like Paras might be better to bring than Will. Kaela- Why? Derek- Her mental, running around, agility...I dont think she has any of it. I know he (Will) knows his days better than Paras. Kaela- We can make a last minute decision next week 
Kaela- We have got to focus on next week's veto mainly. A lot of studying. Derek- I still feel like I would rather go up against Paras even in endurance

Sounds like Daela are planning to send Maddy out

April 28, 2018

Sounds like Daela are planning to send Maddy out bc Derek feels like he can beat Will/Paras in HOH. Kaela tells Derek they can make the deal with Will in the POV again if he gives them the POV they will take him to F3. Both would like to have Will in the Final 3
Derek telling Kaela that it's Maddy, Paras, & Will then it will be them on stage for the "showmance showdown" Derek assuring Kaela that he will take her to Final 2. Derek said they deserve the money he'd never take Will

Kaela won the Power of Veto!

April 28, 2018

Kaela won the Power of Veto!

Paras to camera If it's reward or punishment, I'm going to be on slop for the rest of the season

April 28, 2018

Paras to camera- If it's reward or punishment, I'm going to be on slop for the rest of the season
Paras- I am not going anywhere this week. In fact, I have plans to send Derek home still 
Paras- I am going to make Kaela question everything. I'm going to be like "do you really think he (Derek) is going to take you to Final 3 next week when he can just steamroll through people like me and Will? Take your shot now" 
Maddy i felt taht i was loosing myself as a person and i have some moral regrets. and it;'s just a game.we are not who we define ourselves to be inside the house . I dont think we coulda done this with out each other
Kaela yeah i dont think you 3 woulda survived if you didnt ahve each other
Maddy i hope i make it thru the week but i hope it's noty at the game expanse.. and we all do what is best for us today i feel more at peace with it
Kaela every decision i made. i made it and i wont regret it i'll just move on from it. 
Kaela whatever happened to you will and paras it was emotional. and whatever they did it's game
Maddy i just thought that they never would. it got personal.. and it's all mixed up and i know you are probably struggling with the thoughts of derek
Kaela i have thought of it but i have to do it for the game and why i am here
Maddy i heard you yelling at me during fishermans barf.. "why are you hear".. i thought of that all the time. i walked in here with an objective and no personal reasons

Maddy "O Canada, I'm so sorry for everything that I've done

April 28, 2018

Maddy "O Canada, I'm so sorry for everything that I've done. I know this is what I said I would do, but the fact that I really did it does surprise me. I hope outside of this game people will understand that I had to behave in a certain way because it's a game"
Maddy "The human side of me does not want to win this veto, because Paras deserves more to be here. She piggybacked me through this entire game. And if I'm getting played, I'm just amazed honestly & more respect to her, she's the best game player in this house" 
Maddy "The way I behaved is despicable. I played a disgusting game. I'm very disappointed with myself in a lot of ways. Everybody who said I was a snake is right." She wants former HG's, who consider a friendship, to know that she is different outside the house. 
Maddy "Anybody who's watching and maybe cheered for me at some point, I'm sorry, I hope you've found another person." In her F2 or eviction speech Maddy wanted to say "stand up for yourself and who you are doesn't make you a bitch", now she can't say it anymore.

Paras- Do you think you can win that final HoH against him

April 28, 2018

Paras- Do you think you can win that final HoH against him (Derek), or does he have to go before that? Is your fear of cutting him before you get there is that you wont get to Final 2? Kaela- Yeah. If I made it with you and Will, you are taking each other
Paras- Keep this between us. Kaela- I'm not saying anything to anyone. Paras- Promise me. Kaela- I promise you. Paras- At this point, I dont know my chances against Will 
Paras- He (Will) has Johnny. Kaela- But what has he done in the game that makes him have them? Paras- The jury is going to be bitter. Ali was cussing me on her way out. Liv was so upset cause I chose Maddy over her
Paras- I have played too similar of a game to see myself in Final 2 with him (Will). Kaela- People are really mad at me. Ali and Liv are kind of pissed at me too. Paras- They are way more mad at me. Liv and Ali fucking hate me. Kaela- You would have Ryan 
Paras to Kaela- If you cut Derek, and you bring me, you 100 have Johnny, you 100 have Liv, and you 100 have Ali. That doesnt feel good to say out loud
Paras- I know for a fact Ali is the most bitter person. The only person I feel I would have their vote against you is Ryan. Kaela- That's guaranteed. I would have Derek 
Paras- You have four guaranteed. Kaela- You will have Ryan, you will have Will, you will have Maddy, and you just need one more. Paras- It's a 4-3. I feel like it's going to stay that way, unless I screw one of them (Maddy/Will) over. You might have 5-2 
Kaela- If you screw one of them (Maddy/Will) over, you might have Ali, Liv or Johnny on your side. Paras- No. You dont understand the level of hurt. They (Ali/Liv) full hate my guts. Johnny just wants drama. Johnny wants you to cut Derek 
Kaela- Your social game got you to where you are. If you get to finale just based on social game, you probably have the best social game in the house. Paras- The jury is going to be bitter 
Paras- What if you make it there, and he (Derek) is the one that wins that final HoH, and cuts you? Kaela- You guys (Paras/Will) are picking each other anyway. If Derek is in Final 3 with us, there is no way you can pick Derek 
Kaela- My social game, I cant argue that at all cause I have screwed that all over. Paras- I have now too 
Kaela to Paras- It's harder to get there with the social game. If you dont win any comps, and get there with the social game, that's pretty good 
Paras- If next week you are the veto winner, you are going to have to seriously think about it (evicting Derek) though. Kaela- I know 
Paras to Kaela- I dont know if you should be risking it (taking Derek to Final 3) if you end up winning the veto next week. I feel like I am your best chance being in Final 2 with you 
Paras to Maddy- If we can get into Kaela's head to get rid of Derek, that's the biggest move of the fucking season. We need to make her think it's her idea 
Maddy- Kaela thinks I would always choose you guys, and you guys would always choose each other. Paras- We could have another blow up. We could stage something good 
Maddy- Will is not going to like this. He is going to want to take Derek. Paras- Too bad
Maddy- If he (Will) wins the veto, I think we can get him to use it. He would use it on you though. Paras- I dont know if he would. Yesterday he was way more willing. Today he was like "Paras, I made a deal"
Maddy- Ideally today... Paras- Me, you, Kaela winning. Maddy- Will maybe. Derek is not good. Paras- Will winning is not good either
Paras to Maddy- I would very subtly imply it wouldnt look good for her (Kaela) to be sitting with him (Derek) in Final 3, that there are other people that would take her there. You can certainly throw me under the bus 
Paras to Maddy- I think the thing we have to keep stressing is "man, Derek is playing such a good game"
Maddy- I think Derek is in her (Kaela's) head. He is good. Paras- She loves him a lot. She is really into him. I honestly think he either has a girlfriend, or he is gay. Something is with him 
Paras- She (Kaela) is also savage. If we let her believe that she has all of us... Maddy- We are going to have to blow up. Paras- I hope to God it's me, you, or her (winning PoV). We can do something
Paras to Maddy- If we can trick Kaela, it would be golden. I would be the biggest fan of myself. If we can turn this week around where she sends her own showmance home.

​Live Feed Updates Saturday ,April 28th

April 27, 2018

Live Feed Updates Saturday ,April 28th
12:00-1:00 AM: Paras informed Derek, Kaela and Will that Maddy plans to shave her head to win the veto. Will said he will buzz in before her to do it, and he will take all of the punishments. Kaela assured Paras that she is safe if she stays on the block next to Maddy. Kaela said Paras can tell her that she cannot guarantee anything, but she said they would get to Final 5 together as well. In the pantry, Derek and Kaela discussed that getting Maddy out is the best move. Kaela spoke to Derek about convincing Paras and Will to take them over each other if they win the veto next week. Kaela suggested that they pitch they would take that person to Final 2 over each other. Kaela said she would be willing to swear on things again, and she thinks people would be more likely to believe it now that she kept her word when she swore on her cats the last time. Kaela pointed out that swearing on her cats on camera wont do anything to the cats.

Kaela spoke to herself in the HoH room. She said she wants this more than she has wanted anything in her whole entire life. Kaela said she is willing to do whatever it takes. Kaela talked about doing the impossible last week, as the showmance survived the block. Kaela mentioned really wanting to use the veto on Olivia yesterday, but she had to make sure that her word means something moving forward. Kaela told herself that she is better than everyone in the house, she can win, and she is going to win. Downstairs, Maddy spoke to the cameras about this likely being her last week inside of the house. Maddy said she is not looking forward to her reception outside of the house. Maddy apologized to her friends and family for behaving the way that she did.

Summary Friday ,April 27th

April 27, 2018

Summary Friday ,April 27th
Live Feed Updates Friday ,April 27th
9:00-10:00 AM: Paras told Maddy she is going to have to win the veto if she is not on the block. Maddy said she is quite sure that Paras will not be on the block. Paras said it will all be up to her then. Maddy assured Paras that she will choose her over Will if they are on the block together. Paras said she thinks that Maddy might be better for her game than Will is. Maddy said she has already given her word that she would take Paras to the Final 2. Maddy told Paras that a lot of things have been said that could make her feel alone, but she is choosing not to. Paras pointed out that she let Maddy know about the six, she let her know that people were telling her to distance herself from her, and more. Maddy said she knows.

12:00-1:00 PM: Maddy told Kaela she believes that Paras and Will would choose each other over her. Maddy said it’s daunting heading into the week as the fifth in the house. Maddy mentioned Paras and Will were very upset with her at certain points last week because they thought she made a deal with Derek and Kaela. Kaela let Maddy know that they asked her if Maddy had cut a deal. Maddy said even on the couches at the very last minute before the vote, she told Paras and Will that she is voting to evict Ali, and they can join her if they want to. Kaela said she was very aware of that. Kaela said she needs to decide who else she wants in the Final 3, because she knows that she cannot take Derek to the Final 2. Maddy said she is in a weirdly similar position except that it’s with two people instead of one. Kaela let Maddy know that Paras came up to her to say she is supposed to be her #1 but it’s looking like Maddy is Kaela’s #1. Kaela said she didn’t understand why they were voting as a three last week. Maddy said she knew that Paras and Will would always choose each other, but they would be even more so inclined to do that if she voted opposite from them if they didn’t want to keep Kaela. Maddy said she was vocal about wanting to keep Kaela. Maddy pointed out that if the person not on the block wins the veto and uses it, Derek has to be the replacement nominee. Maddy noted that she hasn’t won a competition yet. Maddy said she doesn’t think the third person would change the nominees if she is on the block. Kaela said she will have to deal with whatever she is left with after the veto plays out. Kaela brought up that she had told Paras she trusts Maddy so much, yet Paras told her not to trust Maddy. Kaela warned Maddy to be careful since she is not Paras and Will’s first choice. Kaela told Maddy that Derek is picking Will or Paras, so Maddy is not going to the Final 2 if she takes Derek over her but doesn’t win.

1:00-2:00 PM: Paras told Will that either Kaela is power tripping, or she made it seem like she is going on the block. Will thinks Maddy knows that she is not going up but she is not telling them. Paras agreed. Paras thinks that Maddy might have said some things. Will asked if they should question her on it. Paras said Maddy wouldn’t tell them anyway. Paras said Maddy will do it even more if she thinks that they are doubting her. Paras brought up Kaela questioning why she was going back and forth over whether or not to keep her. Will said Maddy probably told Kaela that it was Paras who was indecisive.

2:00-3:00 PM: Paras told Maddy that if she and Will are nominated together, her vote will depend on whether or not Maddy tells her truth right now. Paras asked if Maddy told Kaela that she was the one going back and forth on the vote. Maddy said she told Kaela that both Paras and Will were going back and forth. Paras asked if Maddy said anything else. Maddy said she mentioned that the two of them have better social games than her. Paras said it sounded like Maddy threw her under the bus. Maddy said she feels that Paras and Will would always pick each other over her, but she didn’t throw them under the bus. Paras asked if Maddy told Daela that she would rather go to Final 3 with them than her and Will. Maddy said no but she doesn’t think that Paras or Will would take her. She mentioned Paras hesitating when she said that she would choose Paras. Paras then asked if Maddy told Kaela that they were talking on the couch about changing their minds about keeping her. Maddy admitted to saying it. She said Kaela saw then whispering, and asked if that’s what it was about. Maddy brought up that Paras and Will said for hours that they felt stupid after last night’s eviction, which hurt her. Paras said she didn’t feel stupid about keeping Maddy. Paras explained that she made a call that was better for Maddy, not herself, and then they saved Maddy rather than saving Johnny to go after Daela. Paras said she thought Maddy had her back. Maddy said she does but Paras and Will have each other above her. Paras said she got played, since she stuck her neck out for Maddy four times. Maddy said she was played as well. She brought up Ali saying that Paras and Will talk crap about her behind her back. Maddy insisted that she answered a question, but she didn’t throw them under the bus. Paras left. Will came by. Maddy said Kaela asked her if Paras and Will were still on the fence after Kaela’s speech, and she said that they were cause it’s true. Maddy said Paras now thinks that she played her. Will said she kind of did. Will told Maddy he hopes that she feels alone in this game. He said she is actually such a piece of sh*t. Paras and Will then spoke in the red room. Paras said she made two calls to protect Maddy last night, and now she is going home this week because of it. Will said they don’t need Maddy since they have each other. Will said Maddy wont use the veto on them now since she has a deal with Daela. Will suggested that they could promise Kaela a Final 3 if either of them make it in order to get Maddy on the block. Will said they should have kept Johnny over Maddy. He also said they should move Maddy’s stuff over to the red room. Paras said they can’t be saying these things when Maddy could still use the veto on them. Will said Maddy will not be getting their jury votes if she makes it to the end. Will said they should offer Derek and Kaela a Final 4. Maddy joined them. Paras cried, saying she has never felt more betrayed in this house. Maddy said she is so sorry. Paras said Maddy is not sorry, and she is happy that she made this decision. Paras said she looked at Maddy as a sister, and she was always deflecting attention away from her. Maddy said she thinks everything that everyone said to her got to her head. Paras said she threw away her game for someone else, and now she will go home this week. Will said he hopes Maddy gets put up on the block, cause he knows they can offer more to Daela. Will said Maddy would be gone if not for them bringing her to the Final 5. Will let Maddy know that she will not have their jury votes, and he will make sure that no one else votes for her either. Maddy said she thought that they were playing her. Will said Maddy can’t win a competition, and she comes in second in every mental comp cause she sucks at them. Paras said she doesn’t care about any of that but she has never felt so hurt by anyone in her life. Will told Maddy she is really selfish, and everyone in the jury house will know. Paras said Maddy is proud of it. Will said it was a dumb game move since she is not going to win Big Brother. Paras called Maddy extremely manipulative. Will said she is not, and don’t give her that credit, cause he said yesterday that they should have kept Johnny over her. Paras said she is proud of Maddy for being such a shi*ty person, cause she screwed her. Will brought up Maddy’s plan to get Derek out by having whoever is off the block win the veto. Will said their only chance was if he or Paras were off the block, cause Maddy cannot win a competition at all. Will told Maddy she sucks. Maddy said she does. Maddy said she will take one of them off of the block if she is the one who is not nominated. Will said she is saying it just because she has to. Maddy said she is saying it cause she said it before. Once Will left, Paras congratulated Maddy for being the most manipulative person that she has ever met in her life. Paras and Will then spoke to Kaela. Paras said Maddy tried to make the conversation on the couch into something that it wasn’t. Will said Maddy was on board with keeping Ali as well. Will told Kaela he knows that he is going on the block but please leave Paras down. Kaela said it doesn’t matter who goes up since it all comes down to the veto. Will then let Kaela know that Maddy came to them with a plan to use the veto on one of them if she is not nominated, so they can get Derek out. Will suggested that they get Maddy out this week, and go to the Final 4 together. Will promised they will not use the veto, but Maddy gave her word that she would.

3:00-4:00 PM: Will swore to Kaela that he would take her to Final 3 if she doesn’t put he and Paras on the block today. Kaela said she wont be taking Derek to Final 2, so she will be taking whoever gets her to three. Will said Maddy will beat any of them in the veto competition if she gets to the Final 4. Kaela told Paras and Will to win the veto. Paras asked if that means that they are going on the block. Kaela said she hasn’t even chosen who is going up. Afterwards, Paras let Maddy know that Will told Derek and Kaela about the plan for the veto. Paras said they hadn’t even thought of it, but Will got emotional and let it out. Maddy apologized for not addressing her first when she felt played. Paras said she doesn’t believe it since she saved Maddy twice yesterday. Paras again said she doesn’t think that anyone has ever hurt her in her life this much. Maddy said she let people get into her head, and she cried thinking that she was played by Paras. Paras told Maddy to say whatever she needs to say to make herself feel better. Outside, Will told Derek that Maddy had a plan to get him out if she had won the veto while not on the block. Kaela explained that Derek has to go up if Maddy isn’t up and she uses the veto. Will said Maddy told them that she would do that in order to regain trust with he and Paras. Will swore to God that he will not use the veto if he wins it. Derek said that means a lot after hearing what Maddy said. Kaela said she can make something happen if he promises not to use the veto. Will swore on his son’s life that he would not use the veto if he wins it. Will pointed out that it’s on TV now for Canada to see. Will said he wants to put it out there that he doesn’t have a Final 2 with anyone. Back inside, Paras spoke to the cameras about how she looked out for others for 56 days but she should have only looked out for herself. Paras said she will be going home this week because of it. Paras said she would almost be guaranteed Final 3 if she had kept Ali and kept Johnny. Maddy came back apologize once more. Paras said they need whoever is off of the block to win the veto so that they can all be safe. Paras said Derek and Kaela were going to take prizes instead of the veto until Will spilled the plan when he got emotional.

4:00-5:00 PM: In the pantry, Will let Paras know that he swore not to use the veto cause it was the only way that the two of them don’t get nominated together. Paras said if she and Maddy are up there, and Will doesn’t use the veto, Derek and Kaela will vote her out. Will said they will vote Maddy out, but he wont screw Paras over if Derek and Kaela are leaning towards keeping Maddy. Paras said they will not let Will know that they are voting her out, but they will. Will said he will go back on his word if he has to. Paras said if the third person pulls off winning the veto, they can still do this. Paras said they have to make sure that they send Derek home this week. Paras thinks she and Maddy will now go up since they have Will’s word not to use the veto. Paras said she won’t give her word cause she wants to use the veto. In the HoH room, Kaela let Derek know that Paras was crying, saying that Maddy betrayed her. Kaela said she didn’t even tell Paras that, and it was Maddy who admitted to it when Paras had her suspicions. Kaela said Will was heated, and he told her that Maddy brought up using the veto on one of the nominees to get Derek out. Derek said Maddy has to go. Kaela said Will swore on his son that he wouldn’t use the veto, so she has to put Paras on the block. Kaela said Paras and Will are now pissed at Maddy, so they want to get Maddy out. Kaela said it would be perfect if they can get rid of Maddy this week. Derek asked if they would send Paras home if Maddy wins the veto. Kaela suggested that Will would be less capable of repairing a relationship with Maddy than Paras would be. Derek thought that Will might come to their side if Paras is gone. Kaela said Maddy needs to go, but Paras will go if Maddy wins the veto. Afterwards, Kaela spoke to Will. She said if he keeps his word, referring to not using the veto if he wins it, he and Paras can both stay this week. Will gave his word and pinky swore.

8:00-9:00 PM: Feeds returned after being down for three hours. Derek checked in with Will to ask if he 100% wouldn’t backdoor him if they keep him off of the block. Will said he swore on his son’s life, and he would never do that only to go back on it. In the red room, Maddy pointed out that what happened today didn’t change too too much game wise, but it changed their relationship forever. Paras said not forever, though it will take her some time to get over going home this week. Maddy disagreed that Paras is the target. Maddy mentioned that her behaviour was inappropriate today considering that she sold he soul, hurting people that she cares about. Kaela and Paras spoke in the HoH room. Paras brought up Kaela saying that she will piggyback Paras to the end if she saves her. Paras said she believed Kaela, but she doesn’t feel that her move ended up translating. Paras thinks that her indecisiveness made Kaela doubt her. Paras talked about not having made an impact on the game in a sense that she hasn’t won any competitions. She said it really hurts when the entire crowd cheers after you are called a floater, or when they boo after you vote to evict Ali. Paras said she knows she screwed up, and she obviously hasn’t played a good game considering the crowd cheered when she was called a floater. Paras brought up that she knows she and Maddy will be going up. Kaela said you never know. Kaela let Paras know there is a very particular conversation that they will need to have following the nomination ceremony.

9:00-10:00 PM: Paras told Will she thinks that Maddy is the target. She said Will still has to gun for the veto so that they can take out Derek. Will said he made a deal with him. Will said he will make sure Paras is safe but he can’t make sure that Maddy is safe. Paras told Will he might have to go back on the deal if the time comes, cause they could destroy Kaela next week if Derek is gone. When Paras said she feels bad for Maddy, Will told her not to after Maddy screwed them to a point where they would both be nominated if not for his deal. Paras said the game could be theirs if Will wins the veto tomorrow. Will told Paras not to say anything to Maddy about him using the veto. Paras said she feels bad for making Maddy feel the way she did. Meanwhile, Kaela spoke to Maddy who said she is hesitant to say anything right now after she really broke someone’s heart. Kaela talked about Maddy trying to backdoor Derek. Maddy said she just pointed out the math, and it was more about the three of them staying than Derek going. While Maddy implied that she would not choose Paras and Will earlier in the day, she said she now doesn’t know if they were playing her. Maddy didn’t know what to believe after seeing Paras’ reaction. Maddy told Kaela she really wanted her to stay last week, Kaela said she wanted to get Maddy to the end, but she now knows that Maddy wouldn’t pick her. Maddy said she doesn’t know what she would do, but she will have a hard time taking the veto away from Paras right now if they are nominated next to each other. Maddy said she is there because of somebody she played today. Kaela said she is there cause of all three of them, but mostly cause of Maddy. Maddy said she wishes that would still count for something, cause all she did was point out the math. Kaela asked if Maddy would use the veto if she isn’t nominated. Maddy admitted she cannot say she wouldn’t use it, and have it get back to Paras and Will. Maddy said she has done so much damage today that she cannot promise that, but she does know what would be best for her game.

10:00-11:00 PM: The nomination ceremony took place. Kaela nominated Maddy and Paras for eviction. Up in the HoH room, Derek and Kaela discussed that Maddy leaving this week is the best option. They don’t think that Will would go back on his word after swearing on his son that he would not use the Power of Veto if he wins it. Kaela told Will she cannot take Derek if she gets to the Final 3 with him. She implied that she and Will could go to the end together if the trust is built this week. Will said Kaela has got her word. Outside, Paras told Maddy she respects the game move that she made. She said she will be cheering Maddy on if she makes it to jury. Paras apologized to Maddy for not filling her in more, and making her feel left out. Maddy apologized, saying she really wants the money. Maddy mentioned that it’s messed up she is screwing Paras over when she would not be there if not for Paras. Maddy said tomorrow she is going to try to play for the veto that would take it away from Paras. Paras said that’s okay since it’s her life in the game. Maddy said she will shave her head to win the veto. She said nothing else matters except for the money, but she is done sewering Paras and Will.

Paras "I'm so sad" Maddy

April 27, 2018

Paras "I'm so sad" Maddy "I have to live for the rest of my life with this. I probably will not watch this season. If I'm on the block, I'll go home" Paras: "I strongly disagree" Maddy thinks veto is punishment & reward. The girls are studying, Kaela joins them.

Derek: "100% you wouldnt backdoor me if we kept you off of the block?" Will: "I swore on my son's life. Everything that gets me further in this game, I'll do now." He's willing to shave his head to keep the noms the same. Derek "I'm trusting you, bro"

Maddy to Kaela: "On a friendship level, I made a big mistake today, on a game level I don't know." Maddy crying: "For one of the first times I actually tried to play BB, but the game played me. I completely damaged my relationship with someone else in this house."

Kaela- Dont worry. Derek and Will are both keeping you

April 27, 2018

.Kaela- Dont worry. Derek and Will are both keeping you. Paras- If I'm sitting next to her (Maddy)... Kaela- You are here. Dont worry
Paras- I just dont know if I have the balls to shave my head like she does. Kaela- Will has the balls to shave his head. Will- I'm willing to take every single punishment there is
Will- If she (Maddy) shaves her head, that's fucked. Derek- I would die. Will- She wont shave her head. Paras- I think she would to stay. She said "I might go wash my hair one last time". Kaela- We dont even know what the comp is
Kaela to Paras- You are not going home this week. You might say I cant guarantee anything. When I'm pretty confident, I'm confident. Derek won HoH, I won veto. All 5 of us are here cause that's what I said we were going to do. You're going to be in Final 4
Paras- My hair is getting so frizzy out here. Will- Go wash it one more time before you have to shave it. Kaela- Paras is like I'm not shaving this. Would you? Paras- I dont know. Will- You'd be able to rock a shaved head 
Will to Paras- You get in her (Maddy's) mind. You tell her "I'm going to shave my head too". She wont shave her head if two of you are shaving
Derek- If we can get Will and Paras Final 4, we have got a good chance. Kaela- Yeah
Kaela- I want this more than I have wanted anything in my whole entire life, and I'm willing to do whatever it takes 
Kaela- I talked about it for so long how I wanted to be on Big Brother...just play it 
Kaela- Literally the impossible last week happened. How does a whole showmance survive the block? I'm literally going home. Within the last 20 minutes, I got them to pick me
Kaela- I really wanted to use the veto on Olivia. I didnt cause I knew my word would have to mean something going forward, so when I need to use my word again it means something 
Kaela- You are better than everyone in this house. You keep telling everyone Derek can win. I can win. I am going to win
Maddy- This is likely my last week in the Big Brother house. I'm looking at 5th place, which I feel good about. I am not looking forward to my reception. This game really makes you lose yourself 
Maddy- I feel like I showed a part of myself here that I didnt know to the extent that it was there. I cant even pretend that it was uncharacteristic. I chose to do those things
Maddy- I have waited so long to be here. The fact that this could be the conclusion is very very very disappointing. I'm so sorry to all of my family and friends that have seen me behave this way
Maddy- I think when I step outside these doors that I've got a lot waiting for me that I dont want to face, that I deserve to face. I chose to be the way I did. This is fully my doing 
Maddy- As of right now, I feel very defeated. I said earlier that I would keep doing anything I could to stay in this game. Somewhere in me, I mean it. Right now, I cant imagine ever being that way. This is not how I was raised. This is all me

Will "Yes, she's played you

April 27, 2018

Will "Yes, she's played you." Paras: "I feel so stupid. Everything I did in this game was to protect the 3 of us" Both think they will go on the block and Maddy won't use the veto. Will suggests to offer Kaela a F3 deal.
Paras crying: "Maddy, I stuck out my neck for you 4 times, I made 2 decisions to save you yesterday. I never felt more betrayed. I saw you as as sister. Everything I said to others about you was always deflecting attention away from you." Maddy: "I'm sorry" 
Paras can't stop crying, Maddy tries to apologize: "I think what everybody said to me about you got to my head. I had myself believing that you guys were playing me." Paras: "We saved you!" Maddy: "But you said it was stupid." P: "I never felt so hurt in my life

Maddy- If the non-nominee wins the veto and pulls one of them off

April 27, 2018

 Maddy- If the non-nominee wins the veto and pulls one of them off, Derek has to be the replacement nominee. Kaela- Yep. Maddy- If the person does not use the of those nominees goes home. I havent won a competition yet... 
Maddy to Kaela- I think that if myself and one of those two is sitting on the block, and the third person won, I dont think they would change the nominees
Kaela to Maddy- He (Ryan) told Derek "if you Kaela got to the final, you have my vote 100%". He hates me. He does not want me to win this game. Johnny said that too 
Kaela to Maddy- If Derek and I get there together, he is 100% winning. If I get there with someone, there is a lot of people that dont want me to win. I'm not taking Derek 
Maddy- We would have a pretty even chance against each other in that Final 2. Kaela- Paras is good with everyone in the game. That's a great argument in the final. Maddy- So is Will
Kaela to Maddy- Whatever happens after the veto is what I have to work with. If the veto screws up, I dont know. Go out there and win that veto if you can 
Kaela told Maddy that she and Derek agreed that nothing Ali said on her way out was a lie, referring to her saying Paras and Will talk shit about Maddy
Maddy- She (Paras) told me you said I was a huge mental threat. Kaela- I have never said that at all. Maddy- I didnt think so
Kaela- I wanted to get close to you. She (Paras) put a halt to it. If she was close to me as she said, why wouldnt she want me to get close to you cause you guys are close? Maddy- She wants to be my 1
Kaela to Maddy- I'm just saying be careful cause you are not their (Paras/Will's) choice. They have told me several times. They have tried to make a Final 4 with me and Derek

Kaela "if you could actually like promise you wouldn't use the veto

April 27, 2018

Kaela "if you could actually like promise you wouldn't use the veto, I could make something happen" 
Will "I swear over my son's life I will not use the veto if I win it"
Will will go back on his word, it’s not the first time LOL
Kaela told Will if he keeps his word, Will gives his word & they pinky swear. 
Kaela says he gave her his word they both(him/Paras) can stay this week..

Kaela and Derek discussing Will's swear - Derek said "great move Will, you kept yourself off the block, dude"
Kaela agrees to nominate Maddy and Paras. Will also has to hold up bis end of the deal 
Kaela/Derek think that Paras/Will possibly told the truth about Maddy. They think if it is a mental runaround next week, they should better not have Maddy around. Their current plan: Maddy/Paras will be the nominees, Maddy is the main target

Paras "Future houseguests, please take this advice

April 27, 2018

 Paras "Future houseguests, please take this advice: Please go with your gut, please play for yourself. This is what happens if you don't. My story in the BB house is gonna be a floater that got played."
"I look like Kim Kardashian when she has her cries."
Kaela tells Derek about her conversation with Paras/Will: "Paras was like, I feel so betrayed by Maddy, I had her back and she threw me under the bus. And I was thinking like, how did you know that?! I didn't tell you, I didn't tell Will."

Paras "That is your point? You don't take in consideration the fact that I made a call

April 27, 2018

 Paras- "That is your point? You don't take in consideration the fact that I made a call that saved you and that it was you we saved, not Johnny?" Maddy: "If you think I played you, I have not. I get 5th place." Paras: "I guess you made sure you don't."
Maddy says they were already divided, it's Paras/Will and herself. Paras saying it was a stupid decision, had proven that "I don't believe that you think I'm best for your game" P leaves, Will joins her in the red room. Paras crying: "I'm going home this week."
Will wants to know why Paras is crying, she says he should ask Maddy. Maddy tells Will that Paras thinks, she's been played. She confirms telling Kaela about them whispering. M: "In the End I don't think I'm everyone first choice" Will calls her "a piece of shit"

Paras confronts Maddy about her talk w/ Kaela

April 27, 2018

Paras confronts Maddy about her talk w/ Kaela. M: "I think you've done a lot for me in this game, I don't doubt that you want me here" P: "Did you tell them that you want to go to F3 with them?" M: "No. But I think that neither of you two are gonna take me to F2"
Maddy confirms she has told Kaela that Paras/Will considered to keep Ali when they were whispering on the couch last minute. M: "I just told her the truth, it's not throwing you under the bus. I know this is my last week in this house." Paras smiles: "Oh Maddy"
Maddy: "Why would you and Will keep me?" Maddy says, she knows that she benefited the most from keeping Kaela, but it hurts her that it took Paras for the last second to make a decision and that they were talking for hours about how stupid their decision was

Game update!

April 27, 2018

Game update!
Kaela wants to nominated Paras and Maddy so that Paras can never use the fact she wasn't on the block in a F2 if she gets there. Even though Kaela promised her that she wouldn't touch the block ever if she was HOH

Maddy Will and Paras know that if the one who is not on the block wins the pov and uses it that Kaela must put Derek on the block and they will vote him out.

Ali evicted 4-1

Derek won HOH Name that speech

Derek nominated Johnny Olivia and Maddy in the Triple Eviction

Derek sat out for the POV

POV Players Johnny Olivia Maddy Will Kaela Paras

Kaela won POV Drawbridge to Veto

Kaela did not use the POV

Maddy was SAVED 3-1

Johnny and Olivia were evicted in the Triple Eviction

Kaela won HOH

Maddy, Derek, Kaela, Will, and Paras are the final five players.

April 27, 2018

 Maddy, Derek, Kaela, Will, and Paras are the final five players.

Live Feed Updates Friday ,April 27th

April 26, 2018

 12:00-1:00 AM: Kaela told Derek she doesn’t want Paras to accidentally get to finale without ever having been on the block. Derek said he was just about to say the same thing. Kaela pointed out that Paras is using that as argument to win the game. Derek mentioned Maddy and Paras as potential nominees. Kaela isn’t sure that that makes sense for her, seeing as people know that she is closer to Maddy and Paras than to Will. Derek said it’s a new game at this point. Kaela admitted she wants to put Paras on the block due to the fact that she has not yet been nominated. Kaela wants to take that argument away from her. In the white room, Paras told Maddy and Will that they can pull out the veto win. Will said whichever one of them doesn’t go on the block has to work twice as hard as everyone. Will wondered who would go up. He expects that he will be one of the nominees. Maddy said it will be her as well. Paras said it would then be on her to pull out the veto win, which would mean Derek goes home. After that, Paras said they would automatically be HoH next week since Kaela cannot compete. Back in the HoH room, Kaela said they can get rid of Maddy this week if they get the chance. If not, she said Paras can go. Derek agreed. Kaela talked about nominating Paras and Will just in case Maddy wins the veto. She said there would then be no bad blood. If Paras or Will win, she said they can nominate Maddy. Kaela also brought up potentially using the veto to put Maddy up if they were to win it. Derek asked if she would rather Maddy go over Paras. Kaela said she doesn’t know.

Kaela- If we can get rid of Maddy this week, we can

April 26, 2018

 Kaela- If we can get rid of Maddy this week, we can. If not, Paras. Derek- I think so too. Kaela- Put Paras and Will on the block to begin with just in case Maddy does win the veto. No bad blood. Paras or Will win, we have to throw Maddy up anyway
Kaela told Derek she doesn’t want Paras to accidentally get to finale

 Kaela is the new HoH! 

April 26, 2018

 Kaela is the new HoH! 
Maddy, Paras and Will are a combined 0 for 44 in competitions.
Derek and Kaela are a combined 7 for 25.

Summary Thursday ,April 26th

April 26, 2018

Summary Thursday ,April 26th
Live Feed Updates Thursday ,April 26th
10:00-11:00 AM: The vote remained up in the air heading into the day. Paras said the question is whether they are scared enough of Derek winning that they would keep his girlfriend around. If they are, Paras said she thinks that they should explain to Johnny that he is going up in all scenarios unless the three of them win. Maddy argued that it’s a matter of covering themselves, not being scared of Derek. Maddy suggested that Olivia would nominate two of them. Paras disagreed. When Paras once again brought up telling Johnny, Will said that will blow up in their faces, and is a horrible idea. Will asked if they want to get to Final 5 with Daela. Maddy said no but they will take them out tonight. When will questioned if she would want to be Final 5 with Daela if they don’t win, Maddy said she is focused on getting to the Final 5. Will admitted that he doesn’t know what to do. After Maddy left the room, Will told Paras that Maddy 100% made a deal with Daela. Paras said keeping Daela is a tiny bit better for their game, whereas keeping Ali is better for Johnny’s game. Will reiterated that they cannot let Johnny know if they are keeping Kaela. Will said he is going to do what is best for the three of them, which Paras said is to keep Kaela.

11:00-12:00 PM: Will told Johnny that he will be going up 100% no matter who wins out of Derek, Kaela, Ali or Olivia, so they are thinking about what will keep them safe. When Johnny asked if people are still considering keeping Kaela, Will said he doesn’t know what people are going to do.

12:00-1:00 PM: Maddy and Will again explained to Johnny that everyone but the three of them will be putting him up. Johnny said Ali is feeling she is clearly going after having a conversation with Maddy. When Johnny brought up saying in front of Ali that he thinks Kaela is staying, Will said he probably has to send Ali home now that she thinks they are flipping on her. Maddy said keeping Kaela is their best chance. Johnny disagreed. Will pointed out that they have better odds if they all go against Olivia in the HoH competition. Johnny asked if they will even put Daela up if they win. Maddy and Will both said yes. Johnny said it still doesn’t make sense why they think that Derek and Kaela are the better bet than Ali and Olivia. Will said they swore on their families. Maddy said Ali and Olivia will likely gamble with two of their lives, but Derek and Kaela likely wont at this point. Johnny said Derek and Kaela are not idiots, and they will view Maddy, Paras and Will as a trio. Johnny went on to say that a strong showmance is capable of winning out, and they will win the game against any of them in Final 2. Johnny spoke to Will one on one. He explained that Ali and Olivia will work with Will if he is gone, but Derek and Kaela will not. Will said he has to go with what Maddy and Paras want, since they have the votes needed to make the decision. Paras joined the conversation. She said Johnny is only safe with the three of them either way, and the difference is that Derek and Kaela have agreed to only nominate one of them initially. Paras clarified that she has not yet told anyone that they are safe. Paras admitted that Derek and Kaela swearing to them worked to some extent. Johnny told Paras and Will that Maddy would always leave before them if Ali and Olivia are in the game. Maddy joined them. Paras told her it’s not cool that she has been voicing that she wants to keep Kaela to Derek in order to get on his good side. Maddy said she will not be on his good side if she evicts Kaela. Paras disagreed. Paras said Ali is now pissed off at them due to Maddy’s conversation with her. Maddy apologized. She said she will vote to evict Kaela then. Maddy said she doesn’t want to chance them thinking that she is trying to weasel her way around. Paras said Maddy made a deal with Derek. Maddy denied it. Will asked what they are going to do. Paras said she thinks that she will vote to evict Kaela. Will said Johnny’s paranoia screwed them today. Maddy said that’s what is causing all of this. They then discussed the need to figure out what gives them the best chance to get to the Final 5. Ali spoke to Will, reminding him that Maddy is saying this is best for the three only because she doesn’t know about the six that Paras and Will are a part of. Ali asked if she still has Will’s vote. He said yes. Meanwhile, Kaela told Paras she will not be going on the block if she stays. Kaela assured Paras that she will not go up if she or Derek win. Derek came by to let Paras know that she will not even go up if he needs a replacement nominee.

1:00-2:00 PM: Derek and Kaela both swore to Paras that they will not put her on the block today. Kaela promised that it will be the three of them if Paras saves her. Derek said they will have her back until the Final 3. After Paras left, Derek and Kaela agreed that they will not nominate Paras if they win. Ali spoke to Paras about the six. She said Paras and Will have her and Olivia. Ali mentioned wanting to get Johnny out if she wins, after he put her in this position. Paras then spoke to Will. She said Derek and Kaela swearing on things last night holds value to her. Will said his gut is telling him to keep Ali. When Paras asked if they should stick to that, Will said he doesn’t know. Kaela joined them. Will asked if Maddy made a deal with her. Kaela said no. Derek then asked to speak to Will. He reassured him that he has had his back from the start, and he was a part of all of the alliance that he made. Will said he doesn’t want to touch the block today. Derek said he is not going to straight up say it, cause he isn’t going to make deals with the three, but he asked if Will really believes that he would put him up. Will said he knows. Maddy, Paras and Will discussed the plan. Maddy said she will keep Ali if that’s what they decide. Paras said her gut told her to evict Kaela but she became convinced when they started swearing on things. They talked about doing what is best under the assumption that they win HoH. Paras said that would mean keeping Ali. Maddy said they should do that then. A minute later, Paras asked if they should keep Kaela and then gun for HoH. Maddy said that is their best chance. Will said he will be down if that’s what they want to do. Paras said she doesn’t know. Will brought up that they will look so stupid if two of them go home after keeping the showmance. Paras said that is her biggest fear as well. Ali spoke to Will to reiterate that she and Olivia will have his back and Paras’ back, whereas Derek and Kaela will have Maddy’s back. Will asked if Olivia would nominate Johnny. Ali said that both of them plan to do that. Ali said she would like to get to the Final 4 with Paras and Will. Paras joined the conversation. She gave Ali her word that she will keep her. Paras clarified that she wants to keep Maddy if she is up next to Derek and Johnny. Ali said they are on the same page. Maddy later asked Paras if Derek said that they had made a deal. Paras said Kaela told her that she would have the back of the first person to say they are keeping her, which she said was Maddy. Once she was alone, Paras spoke to the cameras about not knowing what to do. Paras said she wishes that she was more decisive. Kaela came by to reassure Paras that she and Derek have her back. Kaela said she will take Paras to the end of the game.

2:00-3:00 PM: Paras said her gut is telling her to get rid of Kaela, but they are offering good deals. In the kitchen, Will asked Johnny if he will use the veto on him if he convinces the girls to evict Kaela. Johnny said yes. He also said he would vote to save Will, and he would help convince Ali and Olivia to do the same. Paras asked Ali who she would nominate if Derek, Johnny and Maddy were up, and she needs a replacement nominee. Ali was frustrated that Paras put her in that position, but she said she would not nominate Paras. Will then let Maddy and Paras know that he thinks he is going to vote for Ali to stay. He said he is going with his gut. Paras said it might be best to rip the bandaid off, keeping Kaela, since Ali and Johnny are already mad at them. Will argued that it’s stupid to leave the showmance in the game. Paras checked in with Ali again. She asked if she is upset about her asking that question. Ali said no but it’s an awkward position to be in. Ali said Paras is better for her long term game than Will is. Elsewhere, Maddy told Will she cannot believe that she is about to vote to keep Ali. In the white room, Kaela told Paras she is making a mistake if she sends her home. Paras said she doesn’t think that she can beat Derek or Kaela. Kaela said she cannot beat Ali or Olivia. Kaela said she is nothing without Derek, and she will be easy to beat. Maddy, Paras and Will talked things over again. Paras said she doesn’t know what to do. She said she kind of wants to evict Ali now. Maddy remained on board with that. Will said to go ahead and do it then, cause he wont make them choose the other route. When Maddy left the room, Will told Paras the only reason that Maddy is so anti-Ali is because she will end up on the block if Ali wins. Paras asked if it’s bad that she believes Kaela. Will said they are full of crap. When Maddy rejoined them, Paras said she thinks she wants to evict Ali. Will said he will support that decision. Maddy asked if they are done, and agree on that. Paras said she wants 60 more seconds to run through the options one more time. Feeds then went down.

8:00-9:00 PM: The triple eviction episode went as follows:

Ali was evicted by a vote of 4-1. Olivia voted to evict Kaela.
Derek won HoH.
Derek nominated Johnny, Maddy and Olivia for eviction.
Kaela won the Power of Veto.
Kaela decided not to use the Power of Veto.
Kaela, Paras and Will voted to save Maddy.
Johnny and Olivia were evicted.

10:00-11:00 PM: When feeds returned, we found out that Kaela is the new HoH. In the HoH room, Paras cried while speaking to the cameras. She said she is so mad at herself for knowing the game so well but still making a stupid call. Paras said she knew it was not a good idea to keep the showmance, yet she did it anyway. Paras said she feels like she handed the $100,000 over to Derek and Kaela. Paras talked about having done what was best for Maddy’s game instead of what was best for her own. Paras said nothing hurts more than to think that Canada sees her as a floater. If Canada sees her as a floater, Paras said she wishes that she could go back in time to make some crazy calls even if it cost her her game. Paras mentioned that Erica is someone who is memorable even though she left earlier in the game.

11:00-12:00 AM: Will wondered who Kaela would nominate. Maddy said she thinks she can say for sure that she will be going up. Will said they should have a clean week, not badmouthing each other. Maddy agreed. They figure that Kaela already has her mind made up anyway. Maddy mentioned that they have one last shot, referring to the fact that Derek could leave this week if whichever one of them who is not nominate wins the veto and uses it. Will told Maddy to not even bring that up to Derek and Kaela. Maddy said they will figure it out eventually. In the kitchen, Kaela told Derek she cannot believe that they both survived. She said they are guaranteed Final 4 and a 50% shot at making it to the finale together. Kaela said next week’s veto is going to be the most important. Kaela said they have to make this decision together cause it’s at a point where they have to decide who could come close to beating them. Kaela said Derek had better take her to the Final 2. Derek said he would never bring anyone over her, and he has thought about what he would say when he takes her. Kaela said she wouldn’t take anyone over Derek either, even though she said she would at the beginning. Derek asked who they want to compete against in the final HoH competition. They discussed that Will could be the best option. Kaela thinks that Maddy could beat them in memory competitions, while Paras could probably beat them in endurance competitions. Derek said Maddy probably has to be the first to go.

Paras to camera- I'm so mad at myself for knowing the same so well and still making a stupid call.

April 26, 2018

 Paras to camera- I'm so mad at myself for knowing the same so well and still making a stupid call. I knew it's not a good idea to keep a showmance. I still did it 
Paras said she feels like she handed Derek and Kaela $100,000. She said she was looking out for Maddy instead of herself by keeping Kaela
Paras- Nothing hurts me more than to think Canada thinks of me as a floater. If that's what Canada thinks of me, I wish I could go back in time and make some crazy calls
Paras said she has only tried her best in 4 comps, so there is hope. She said she needs to realize she is 0 for 4, not 0 for 15 
Kaela is the new HoH! 
Maddy, Paras and Will are a combined 0 for 44 in competitions.
Derek and Kaela are a combined 7 for 25.
Will- I wonder who they are going to put up. Maddy- I dont know. I think I can for sure say that I'm going up. Will- One things let's not do is bad mouth each other. Let's have a clean week. Maddy- I agree 
Will- I'm sure she (Kaela) has her mind somewhat made up. Maddy- We do have one last kick at the can (if whoever isnt nominated wins PoV and uses it, Derek would have to go up). Will- Can you imagine if we pulled that off? Dont even bring that up
Maddy to Will- The jury is literally full of people who talked shit about me. The jury never wanted me here...ever 
Kaela- I cant believe we survived. Guaranteed Final 4. That's a 50% chance we are both in the final. Derek- Fucking crazy 
Kaela to Derek- Next week's veto will be the most important. If we win it, we are both guaranteed Final 3 
Kaela to Derek- We need to make this decision together on who goes this week. It's at the point where we need to get out who could even come close to beating us
Derek- We have won 6 of the last 7. Kaela- What?! Really? Derek- Yeah. Kaela- And I was HoH before you. Derek- The last 9, Johnny has won 2, we have won 7 
Kaela- You better take me to the final. Derek- I have already thought about what I would say to bring you to the Final 2. I would never bring anybody over you. Kaela- I wouldnt either. At the beginning, I always said I would. It's different 
Derek- Who do we want to play in that (Final HoH)? Kaela- As much as I dont want it to be Will... Derek- He gets so frustrated. Kaela- Memory, Maddy could beat us. Endurance wise, Paras could probably beat us 
Derek- Maddy probably has to go first. Might have to be a Paras and Will Final 4. What do you think? Kaela- Yeah. We will obviously talk to them all 
Kaela- I dont want Paras to accidentally get to the finale and have never been on the block. Derek- That's what I was just going to say. Kaela- She's using that as an argument to win the game 
Derek said he was thinking that Maddy and Paras should go up. Kaela said that doesnt make sense for her as HoH, cause they know she is closer to those two than Will. Derek said it's a new game at this point 
Kaela to Derek- I want to put Paras on the block for the fact she hasnt been on the block. I dont want her to have the argument she has never been on the block. I want to take that away from her 
Derek- She (Paras) probably already thinks she is not going up. Kaela- She probably thinks that she is not cause she is good with both of us
Paras- If we can pull out this veto... Will- We keep saying it. "This is our comp to win". Paras- This one really is though. Will- Whichever one of us dont go on the block gotta work twice as hard as everyone else 
Will- I wonder who goes up. It's going to be me and one of ye. Maddy- Me. Paras- If I dont pull this one out, it's on me. If I do, Derek goes home and we are automatically HoH 
Kaela- If we can get rid of Maddy this week, we can. If not, Paras. Derek- I think so too. Kaela- Put Paras and Will on the block to begin with just in case Maddy does win the veto. No bad blood. Paras or Will win, we have to throw Maddy up anyway
Derek- You would rather have Maddy go instead of Paras? Kaela- I dont know. We will figure it out

 Final 5 enjoying the outside area, recapping last week's & tonight's events

April 26, 2018

 Final 5 enjoying the outside area, recapping last week's & tonight's events

Paras says it hurts her to think that Canada's see her as a floater!

HOH came down to Maddy & Kaela. Maddy telling Will she shit the bed again. She's been in second a lot of times. Maddy says she thinks she's going up & Will will probably join her. They both are giving themselves the "we made top 5, we should be proud" spiel!

Derek & Kaela talking about getting the players out that can beat them moving forward. Then Derek brings up how they've won the comps the last few weeks, not counting Johnny's POV & HOH win!
Kaela tells Derek that he better ake her to the final. Derek said he wouldnt take anyone else over her. Kaela said it would be an epic finale!

Will & Paras talked about how the person who's off the block has to win to take one of the 2 on the block to make Kaela put Derek up