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March 25, 2020


Arisa, once again broadcasting from home, has a message for viewers. "When we started season 8 three weeks ago, they could not have seen the unfortunate events that would be coming up. "

"The provincial government has ordered all non-essential businesses closed because of COVID-19 and that includes Big Brother Canada production. They will be closing the season with two episodes: tonight's episode, which were recorded before the shutdown, and next week's episode for an emotional good-bye. "

Previously, on Big Brother Canada, Sheldon won HoH and Carol said she wants to go home. But she doesn't want to self-evict, she wants to be voted out. Susanne and Angie got frustrated by the lack of gameplay because of everyone being expelled or wanting to quit. Sheldon followed through with Carol's wishes on nomination day and put up Carol with Minh next to her covering his bases.

We pick up after the nomination ceremony on Day 21. Carol is relieved that Sheldon stuck to his word.

After the first PoV competition, she didn't think she'd last one more day. She's glad she lasted a full month and she's glad the house is going to honor her wishes and send her out the door to her family.

Sheldon says this is his second HoH and he can't get anything done because of the nonsense around the house. If Carol wants to leave, then she needs to self-evict. But he really wants Minh to go. Minh says she's been on the block twice now and they keep trying to get rid of her, but she's here to stay.

Carol says she's excited to leave in five days and see and talk to her daughter. She didn't think she'd feel this way because she's the strongest person she knows. Rianne says it's hard to sympathize with someone who takes the opportunity for granted. Rianne says she hijacked Sheldon's HoH and made herself a target. Rianne is going to head upstairs.

Minh goes to talk to Sheldon. Minh says they have a complicated relationship and she thinks he saw that she was a damsel in distress and she feels like Sheldon loves her. She thanks him for putting her on the block and allowing her to play veto. Sheldon says they are going through the process of trying to come together. Sheldon says if he was watching her on TV, he for sure would be cheering for her. Minh says diss me, then compliment me, then diss me. She said she knows he does it because she likes it.

Brooke comes in to get her water bottle and Minh spins as she walks by to leave and Brooke says style points! Brooke asks Sheldon what they are going to do this week? Sheldon is venting about Carol and wants to know why she won't just self-evict. He says people are getting behind her and are OK with honoring her wishes. Sheldon is regretting giving his all to win that HoH and Brooke says she hates to say she told him so. Sheldon says the only thing we can say is we are one person closer to making it to final two.

Minh is talking to Chris and she says he's so diplomatic and she is not. Chris says they aren't in the real world and they are playing a game. Minh says she's used to doing whatever she wants. Chris is going to coach her and keep her calm and under the radar, because you never know when he might need her. Chris says she needs to turn the knob down and she says sometimes it's good to have it turned up. Chris says she's a cool chick, but it's a marathon, not a sprint.

John-Luke is complaining about being on slop. He says this is his first time as a Have-Not and it sucks. Susanne is complaining about slop and Brooke comforts her and says John-Luke is doing much better than Susanne is.

Minh tells Rianne and Maddy that she wants Susanne out of the house because she's so whiny about being on slop and it's only been a day. Minh reminds them the others wanted them out. Maddy says Minh has lied to her before, but she has a point and if they can work together it would be good. Maddy says they could work together and Minh says Susanne needs to go next week.

Minh is talking to Sheldon and Brooke and she tells them she left home when she was 14. She tells us she feels like she has a tough exterior and it's because of things she's been through. She says she's ran away and then got put in foster care and ran away from that too. She's lived in group homes over the years. Brooke and Sheldon thank her for sharing and Sheldon says she's tough because of what she went through.

Rianne says there are two sides emerging in the house and people caught in the middle, like Angie, are becoming more and more important. They are talking in the Expedia room. Rianne asks her who she wouldn't want to win HoH and Angie says Minh. Rianne says Angie wouldn't be a target though if she won because Minh is mad at others. Rianne says she wouldn't want Vanessa to win. Angie says Vanessa could be a wild card.

It's Day 22 and John-Luke has two wooden spoons that he's hitting together and Rianne spells out Big Brother. It's time to draw players for the veto competition! Sheldon has decided not to play in the PoV competition because he doesn't want to make his target bigger. Minh and Carol join Sheldon. Sheldon draws Hira. Carol draws Chris. Minh draws Vanessa. The host will be John-Luke.

Carol and Vanessa are in the color comic room and Minh comes in. Minh says it's funny she chose Vanessa huh? They talk about Chris playing too and they have some strong competitors in this game. Minh says if she wins PoV, maybe she doesn't use it? Minh tells us who wins veto and doesn't use it? Of course, she'll take herself down. Carol and Vanessa both tell Minh she has to use the veto and make Sheldon get more blood on his hands.

Hira says he has to get Minh off the block. Susanne and Chris are there and Susanne says Hira should take Carol off the block and send Minh home. Chris says yeah, Carol. Sorry girl. Hira says he would do that. Get Carol out the right way.

They are dressed up like executioners and Minh says she's hoping there is a guillotine. Carol says this is a perfect costume for her because she's executing herself this week. John-Luke says they'll pick up a cannonball and walk across the draw bridge and rest a cannonball in one of the divots. But if a cannonball falls, they'll have to go back and try again. The first to get them all will win the PoV!

Minh says everyone tells her she's safe, but if she wins she can take herself off the block and force Sheldon to get more blood on his hands. Carol says if she can win, then she can keep nominations the same. She'll be the first person to win it and not use it on themselves.

Minh is working on her second cannonball. Vanessa is working on her first. She says last week she had to throw it. But she doesn't want to play that way and she wants to redeem herself and show she came to win. Hira says this may not be an important win this week for him, but he wants to build a resume and win as much as he can. Hira has four balls.

Carol is working on her second ball. Carol says she doesn't have it in her to just sit down and not participate. She's not a quitter. She will do her part. Chris is catching up with Hira and he says it's important to be seen as a strong, stable player. Hira has to reset and Chris has moved into the lead. Chris is struggling with his cannonballs and he loses one and has to reset also.

Carol is at 4. Vanessa has five but they roll around. She saves them. Minh has taken the lead, but her cannonballs are rolling. Chris has taken the lead again and he's up to 10 cannonballs. He says no one can match this Knight's heart or brain. We then see him lose all of his balls and he has to begin again.

Hira now has the lead again with 10. Minh is just behind with 9. She says she was on the block last week and she knows everyone was willing to vote her out. She needs to win veto because as long as she's on the block, she's never safe. Hira is doing well but is shaky. Minh is in trouble and we go to commercial.

We're back and Hira is in the lead with Minh right behind. Hira only needs three more cannonballs. He says he's so close to winning. He just needs to take his time because if he loses his balance it's over. Hira says everyone assumes the person with the biggest muscles will be a competition beast. You don't need big muscles, you just need a big heart. He is on his last cannonball and he places it and eases off the platform slowly. He makes it back to the start and Hira has won PoV!

Hira says he's king veto and he's the one to beat this season. Minh says she's happy for Hira, but she doesn't know what that does for his game. That was a useless win. Hira goes to the storage room and celebrates. He says it doesn't mean much this week, but something on the resume.

Maddy, Rianne, and John-Luke are in the bathtub together. Vanessa calls the HGs and she thinks it's between John-Luke and Susanne. Vanessa is at the front of the living room and she has the Have-Nots sit on one couch. Attention, for one of them life as they know it is about to change for the better. Canada has been voting to save one of the Have-Nots and they'll get a meal of their choice and they'll also get to skip slop for the rest of the week. The Have-Not Canada has decided to save is... John-Luke.

John-Luke says not on slop baby! It feels amazing to be voted off of the slop! Big love to Canada, his home and native land. Thanks guys! He gets his delivery and it's sitting on a podium. He says he could cry right now knowing he won't have slop anymore.

Sheldon is asking Minh what is going on? She says what do you mean? He says what's with the pretty cockroach look? She says she needed something to do today. He asks her to hand him something honey. She says she likes him better when he insults her. She is grossed out when someone is coming on to her and they are sweet. He says that's why he was sweet so she'd be disgusted by him.

Susanne is talking to Brooke and Sheldon and Susanne pitches voting out Minh. She says that would be savage. Brooke thinks it's a better move to send out Carol because the damage control they would have to do would be difficult. Sheldon says it's savage to hold the house hostage and tell them to vote her out. Sheldon says he has the chop a vote so he only needs four votes. He's with Susanne that they have to get Minh out, but he knows Brooke is right.

HG are all called to the living room. Eric Brock comes on and she has an update for them. As of today, March 21, she names the number of cases and how many deaths there have been around the world and around Canada. She says they have asked all Canadians to come home and they have closed the borders to all non-essential travel. They have continued to speak with their families and they are all family. Vanessa's family is home and self-isolating and Susanne's Italian family is safe and healthy.

Hira asks about sporting events. Erin tells them all major sports leagues are shut down or postponed. They say the world has stopped. They say they're safer in the house and they are fortunate to be in there. Hira says it's hard to hear the world is shutting down for a bit. He says being isolated from the world and not knowing what is going on is weird. Susanne says this all seems pointless now and Chris is comforting her and says she couldn't do anything if she were out in the real world. Chris says his life would be screwed if he were out in the world. Susanne says it's hard to get your head in the game when something like this is going on. Chris says they are in their own little reality there.

It's time for the PoV Ceremony. Hira says he has three options. He can take Carol off the block, take Minh off the block, or keep nominations the same. Carol is having a hard time in the house and he can leave her on the block and respect her wishes or take her off the block and stir some chaos. Taking Minh off the block would be unexpected and he's not afraid to do something unexpected because he's socially strong in the game.

Hira goes to the living room for the ceremony. He asks Minh why he should save her? She congratulates him and says he looks like the PoV king of the house, but she doesn't need him to use the veto on her because she's the roach. Carol says the HGs all know how she feels and she would ask that he not use the power of veto on her and send her packing.

Hira says he knows Minh tried to butter him with that great tofu dish, but it didn't work. He has decided not to use the power of veto. Everyone is hugging. Arisa says Season 8 has come to an early end. There will not be an episode tomorrow night, but there will be one next week. She says all the HGs are now out of the house and home safe with their families. This is NOT how they expected this season to end.

📢Good Wednesday Morning Brother-Lovers <3 📢It's Day 23 🍁 of 2

March 26, 2020

📢Good Wednesday Morning Brother-Lovers <3 📢It's Day 23 🍁 of 2

We are living in very uncertain times, and the current health crisis has impacted television shows all over the globe.I was looking forward to bringing you all the latest Big Brother Canada news, so this is a sad day for all. Hope to see you back next year and thanks for joining me. If the BBCAN8 episodes air on Wednesday March 25 and Wednesday April 1, and I’ll still recap those.

Is there going to be a chance to see a Big Brother Canada season 9 over at Global? We didn’t think that we’d be wondering about that so early. Yet, here we are. The news has come out that season 8 is over, with Global making the decision to end production early under the most unprecedented of circumstances.

Global already confirmed that there are no plans for production to continue down the road and with that in mind, the only thing to think about now is next season. That’s provided, of course, that everything gets resolved in the way in which we currently hope. The health crisis has overtaken much of the globe and, for the time being, there are a lot of things more important than a reality television show.

At the moment, we remain optimistic that there will be a season 9. We think that Global and Insight Productions did everything in their power to try and keep season 8 on the air but, in the end, they’ve made the right decision now. This franchise is just such a valuable form of escapism for people out there, and while it was at one point close to being over, the fans have since rallied and we do think it’s back to being an annual staple once more.

Are there some changes that should happen for season 9? Probably, and we’re thinking here mostly in relation to casting and getting a different group of interesting houseguests into the mix. But there will be a time to break some of that down further; for now, let’s hope that all of the season 8 cast and crew members get home safe. We’re all in this together, whether you are in Canada or some other parts of the world.

Do you want to see a Big Brother Canada season 9?

The End Is Near!

March 25, 2020

The End Is Near!

Big Brother Canada 8 ended early due the shutdown of all non-essential businesses. Despite the early departure, BBCAN8 will show two more episodes. One of them airs tonight and the other next Wednesday, April 1.

When BBCAN8 left off, Sheldon won Head of Household and nominated Carol and Minh-Ly. He wanted to eliminated Minh-Ly, but Carol insisted that the house respect her wishes and vote her out instead. She didn’t want to leave the game through self-eviction, but she felt that she could no longer continue playing Big Brother Canada.

Tonight, we’ll watch the week 4 Power of Veto Competition playout along with the Ceremony (possibly). The feeds went down before the Veto Ceremony when Susanne was trying to orchestrate a vote flip.

BBCAN8 Week 4 Nominations Fall-Out:

Minh-Ly is still Sheldon’s biggest threat, can he do anything to change Carol’s mind?

BBCAN8 Week 4 Power of Veto Competition:

Hira, Chris, and Vanessa were chosen to play along with nominees Carol and Minh-Ly. Sheldon still can’t play as HOH.

BBCAN8 Week 4 Veto Ceremony Results:

Will the Veto Ceremony even happen with the inevitable end near?

Join us next Wednesday for the final recap of BBCAN8.


March 24, 2020


Thanks to all of you for hanging out with us this season. It's always a blast interacting with you all. It's strange times, but we hope you all stay safe and stay home

Global and Insight Productions announced today that, in light of developments in Ontario on the fight against COVID-19, effective today Big Brother Canada Season 8 has ended production.

“Big Brother Canada is a labour of love for so many, and even though it hurts to say goodbye to the season, it’s the right thing to do,” said Big Brother Canada Host Arisa Cox. “On behalf of the incredible people who put this show together, thank you to everyone who started this journey with us. Please take care and be safe!”

At this time, Big Brother Canada has no plans to resume production at a later date. After a truly unprecedented season, the show will take its final bow over two episodes Wednesday, March 25 at 7 p.m. ET/PT and Wednesday, April 1 at 7 p.m. ET/PT.

We'll see you back here for the next BB

📢Good Sunday Morning Brother-Lovers <3📢It's Day 20 🍁 of 63

January 01, 2020

📢Good Sunday Morning Brother-Lovers <3📢It's Day 20 🍁 of 63

Who won the Veto within the Big Brother Canada 8 house yesterday ? While this wasn’t the most dramatic competition to date, we did enter it with a great deal of curiosity.

For those who hadn’t heard the news as of yet, Carol and Minh-Ly were nominated for eviction by Sheldon. The two competed against Hira, Vanessa, and Chris but Hira was the winner! He has the ability to change the nominations … but he’s not going to. The plan is going to be keeping the nominations the same, with Carol walking out of the house on Thursday because she wants it to be that way.

The real mystery that exists in the house at the moment is whether or not Carol is even going to stick around that long. There’s a reasonably good chance that she will walk early. As a matter of fact, Vanessa told Sheldon earlier of a moment where Carol was packing her bag. In her mind, she has a feeling that she’ll leave early and say “screw the conversation with Arisa” or the end to her journey. (We actually wonder what that conversation would even look like at this point.)

If Carol was to just leave the game, we wonder if it’d be viewed any differently from what she is actually doing which is her just riding the fence and not leaving even though it feels abundantly clear to everyone that this is precisely what she is planning to do in the end. It feels like such a stunt for show and for her to have her “moment” on Thursday night as opposed to some other point during the week.

What do you think about the Power of Veto winner in Big Brother Canada?

Be sure to share right now in the comments!

else for å fange besøkendes oppmerksomhet..

BBCAN8 Week 4 Power of Veto Competiton Results:

March 21, 2020

BBCAN8 Week 4 Power of Veto Competiton Results: Hira won it.

This Big Brother Canada 8 week could end up being irrelevant. Sheldon won the Head of Household power for the second weekfor the second week in a row after Jama and Kyle’s removals led to a reset week. Sheldon wanted to rectify the situation from last week by getting out Minh-Ly, his intended target . He still views her as a wild card and Sheldon doesn’t like unknown variables.

However, Sheldon’s hopes and dreams for this week immediately got dismissed when Carol decided that it was time for her to leave the game. Instead of making good on her many self-eviction threats, she decided to ask the houseguests to vote her out this week.

Reluctantly, the house has agreed to vote Carol out instead of Minh-Ly, making this week a complete bust. It really doesn’t matter who wins Veto unless Carol happens to win it and then the week gets a hit of excitement.

The players chosen to play in this week’s Veto competition along with nominees Carol and Minh-Ly are Chris, Vanessa, and Hira. As Head of Household, Sheldon is not allowed to play in the Veto competition.


March 21, 2020


JL and Vanessa join the HOH trio, Brooke and Minh finally get out of the bath

Hira has joined Angie and Rianne in the Expedia room. Hira says he loves beating Chris, he is a competitive threat to him. Angie says Vanessa is lonely, will be even worse when Carol leaves, and they can use that to their advantage. They also note that Chris is alone now

Brooke tells Sheldon again once everyone leaves the HOH that she is genuinely concerned about the season being cancelled. Sheldon brushes off her concerns, saying they can run away together and never be seen ever again

Sheldon says he just wants to win the game, Brooke says her too. Sheldon clarifies that when he says him, he means them. They say Sue coming up there "frothing at the mouth for Minh" makes this tough

Brooke continues to insist that Carol's Self-Eviction would mess up the "timeline." Minh claims Carol won't self evict because she wants Production to pay for her plane ticket home.

They continue discussing the why production would cancel the season and why they won't. Minh teases Sheldon that he used to flirt with her but calls her a roach and then put her on the block. Twice.

Minh, Sheldon and Brooke are discussing letting Carol self-evict before Thursday. And that she's talking about doing it before Thursday no matter what. Brooke is concerned that the season will be cancelled.

In the Expedia room, Madeline is telling Rianne, Hira, Vanessa, and Angie that she has gotten a rash (not the first one in the house) and she thinks it is from the hot tub. The girls look at it and try to determine the cause

In the manga room, Chris is telling Sue that he thinks she is into him, but Sue denied it. Chris says he will be lucky if he makes it a few more weeks with her in the house

Chris says he feels bad for who is watching this, this is how not to flirt with a girl, this is how you get friendzoned. Chris says he is happy with his and Sues "bromance" though

The HGs gathered in the Expedia room hope that it is bedtime soon, Angie and Madeline are almost ready. They joke that theyll hear the goodmorning chicken and goodnight messages in their sleep outside the house

Rianne says she and Susanne are swapping spots on the HN floor, Rianne hated sleeping on the side. JL says he bit the bullet and will stick to the side

Vanessa and Minh go outside to smoke, Minh says she thinks prodution doesnt want her to smoke. They have general chatter. Minh says Sheldon has been flirting with her. She says she and Brooke/Sheldon talk a bit of game but not much, they dont want to with her

Minh asks Vanessa if Carol packed her bags today, Vanessa says she didnt. Vanessa says she spends hours a day convincing Carol to stay but it is already hard enough in the house without having Carol dragging her mood now. Vanessa thinks Carol will last til eviction

Vanessa says she gets it, but if Carol cant last four days, come on, she needs to stay in the house til then. She says she needs to win next week. Minh says the comp today didnt feel like a comp

Hira is in the HOH with Brooke and Sheldon, Sheldon is telling him that he doesnt think Carol will last the week. Hira says that would be stupid, all that work and her speech for that. Sheldon laughs, saying all this BS has happened so far it wouldnt be a shock

Angie is telling Madeline and JL the history of her family and the tribal names used in Ghana, where her parents were born

Brooke mentions that they got another virus update. Hira says they should let the HGs do the veto ceremony tomorrow, the vote that night. Let them have four days of peace, theres no audience to plan for anyways. They all laugh, Sheldon says he wont watch the season back

Sheldon says Carol was concerned about leaving seconds after asking him to put her up. That was the first time in the house he talked directly to a camera, asking what the hell is going on. He says he knows they were all evaluated and equates her behavior to being insane

Sheldon and Hira joke about blindsiding Carol and keeping her this week, saying they could force it to be a double. Hira jokes about using the POV on her and watching Carol walk

Brooke is trying to wrap her head around four days of nothing. She says knowing what happens makes it boring. Theyll all sit around wondering if Carol will self evict beforehand, and if she doesnt they know she is leaving the house

Sheldon says if he ends up going home next week he is disappearing and literally wont speak to anyone ever again. He says all of this will have happened for nothing, he hasnt gotten to use his HOH's

HGs are still curious about what Chris does for a living. Hira tells Brooke and Sheldon that Chris is the first person he is googling when he gets out. The first goodnight message finally goes off

Carol is in the bedroom with a group of HGs telling stories about her life and relationships. She says her daughter was the best thing that happened to her. She says life is unpredictable but ends up giving you what you need

JL and Angie have joined Brooke and Sheldon in the HOH. They are laughing over JL throwing an egg at Hira saying "wake up, nap time is over." Theyre glad that production didnt ruin it. Brooke says that HIra had a great reaction to the prank


March 21, 2020


Brooke, Sheldon, and Minh are talking about next weeks HOH, saying that it cant be another crapshoot, they are due for a mental comp. Minh prays she can win HOH. Brooke thinks a Minh HOH would be drunk with power

Minh says that her hands have been dirty since Day 1 and shes never been in power. Sheldon says HOH isnt an easy task, people are always in your room making you question things, lots of visits to the DR

Sheldon says Carol might not make it to Thrusday, she was telling Vanessa and Sue she is struggling. Sheldon says they should all sit down and tell her to self evict. Brooke is worried if she does, the season will be cancelled or drastically affected by it

Brooke says its been a messed up season already and BB fans are a different animal. They are looking for gameplay and there has been none. Each week has been a wash since someone sends themselves home.

Sheldon says he doubts Carol can make it til the eviction Thursday, they gave her everything she wanted and apparently she was packing her bags this morning. Sheldon doesnt think theyll cancel the season though

RIanne comes in the HOH to do mic battery changes, conversation moves to Brookes first kiss

Conversation in the HOH with Minh, Brooke, and Sheldon goes to Jamar and how much he pretended not to care, but genuinely cared about Minh.

Hot tub group has broken up and is at the dining room table. Rianne coming to do a battery change signals that it is close to bedtime

Brooke and Minh plan that theyll start doing yoga together. Minh says she will see if Vanessa and Chris wants to join. Minh says Sheldon was supposed to train her, but he jokes that he wants to keep her weak

Angie and Rianne are talking in the Expedia room joking about Rianne having a crush on Chris, saying Rianne catches herself staring at him sometimes and he is pretty

Sheldon wonders why production is letting Carol stay if she is so depressed. Minh says Carol is probably only staying so production can pay for her ticket home, if she self evicts they wont do it

Brooke continues to believe that production isnt letting Carol self evict because if the timeline is messed up again, they cant have a season and it will be cancelled


March 21, 2020


Brooke and Minh are talking about how hard the alcohol hits them since they don't get it often in the house. Brooke thinks they didn't get alcohol in the beginning because production assessed who was in the house and didn't think it was a good call.

Brooke and Minh are talking about how hard the alcohol hits them since they don't get it often in the house. Brooke thinks they didn't get alcohol in the beginning because production assessed who was in the house and didn't think it was a good call.

Everyone but Brooke, Minh and Sheldon (who's in DR) are in the hot tub. The discussion is about toe licking - which they all agree Ri is the best at.

Chris is telling the story of his first kiss he thought he landed it but the girl laughed afterward.

Sheldon is out of DR the girls tell him everyone is outside.. Sheldon so Minh, final 3? Minh Ok They then come up with a F3 hand gesture. Minh tells Brooke she's always wanted to be with them but they were non committal. Brooke laughs and agrees.

Brooke and Minh have opted out of hot tub time to take a bubble bath in Sheldon's HOH. They're discussing future plans and who they think will join them.

Minh is telling Brooke about her convo with Sheldon - she was never coming for Shel, and yes things were tnse with Brooke, but Minh thinks that was people getting in her head. She wants to have their back, and they have hers.

Brooke says she's at the point now where she trusts Minh. She did right after the house meeting. Brooke's only hesitation is that working with Minh makes the target on Brooke and Sheldon even bigger. Minh is cool with not making it know, as long as they communicate.


March 21, 2020


Sue and Hira check in Hira say this week is over, Sue says she's thinking about that and wants to change it. Hira says it can't happen, start thinking about next week. Sue says their biggest problem is Minh, she cannot win next week.

Hira tells Sue that he's not comfortable with Chris, regardless of the control Sue says she has over him. He says you can't know what Chris will do - look what he did as HOH.

Sue says she gets the mental health aspect. But she can respect that and still play the game. Brooke: this is so greasy guys. Shel: to who though? What's savage is holding the house hostige and not letting us play.

Brooke unless we get the whole house together to do this, we can't do this socially. Shel wonders if he asks ppl what they think, will it hurt him socially? Brooke says it will. Sue: well maybe the game has to be played a little bit. Brooke: that's playing a lot.

Sue reiterates that she's so frustrated - Shel has won two weeks in a row and all their getting is 3 of their numbers out the door. Then next week someone else will win and we'll be out. Shel my heart is with you (Sue), but it will show our cards too much.

Sue is now pitching to Shel about evicting Minh and letting Carol self evict. Shel asks how many votes they would need. Sue says they have Hiras vote. Brooke comes in and Sue is now telling her the vote Minh out plan. Sue says Carol is leaving either way.

Sheldon explains that he's frustrated too but they just can't do it. He tells Sue to stop pushing that narrative. She says she will.

All of the HGs are in the living room playing the "murderer" game. You walk around, and if you're the murderer you wink at someone and they have to die - Chris is dead. Now everyone gets questioned to figure out who it is.

Vanessa was the first murderer.

Minh was the murderer! She made it to round 3, which earlier JL said is hard to do, unless you're good at lying.

The game is over, the BY is open and most are getting ready to go in the hot tub.


March 21, 2020


Minh she didn't understand how showmances could put a target on their back and spend all their time together but know she gets it. Minh says to Maddie maybe it was a blessing.

Chris asks Brooke if she laughed when his balls dropped. Maddie and Sheldon laugh. Chris said he could only get up to 16. POV comp

Carol explains to Hira what a Montessori school is because that is where her daughter goes.

Carol says she can't wait to get home. Angie says it will be some quarantine time. Carol says they can do a family vacation.

Brooke starts to tell Sheldon something that was "bad" but then they realize Maddie is in the HOH room.

Brooke is asking Sheldon how she can communicate with Chris he says he doesn't know, but Brooke points out that Chris and Shel had a good convo earlier that Shel wouldn't tell her about. Shel says the easiest way would be to flirt-Brooke doesn't have that in her arsenal

Vanessa and Angie are both in Expedia saying how dusty it is. They're wondering what production did in there. BB calls them out. Now they're hanging out in silence.

Chris has brought Maddie different kinds of nuts to give her nutrients. Maddie and Carol are selling Chris to Canada.. He's ambitious, a boss man, a nice car, has a cottage, he has no back hair etc.

Angie says they must know how they look to the rest of the house unless they're completely not self aware. Ri brings up Brooke telling her Shel is her #1 Ri assumed those 2 were working with Kyle/Ness but now that he's gone it doesn't seem like it.
Ri says the thing about Minh she wins shit. Angie agrees she thinks they should get her out now while she's alone. Angie says that Minh needs to go next. Ri: we've been doing the same thing for weeks, the audience must be so bored.

Ri and Angie are in Expedia talking about Minh and how they don't see her working with Chris. The subject turns to Brooke and Sheldon and how close they are Ri says she feels better knowing that someone else is noticing.

Sue and Ness are talking about Carol. Ness doesn't understand how Carol made it in, due to her back issues and mental health. Sue thinks Carol had no intention to win, she came for fame and experience. They agree they hate that Carol is so depressed.

Sue and Ness vent about Carol wanting to go this week. Sue wonders if they could just evict Minh, and Carol self evicts. She knows that sounds awful, but she's sick of not playing the game.

JL throws an egg at Hira and says Wake up, Hira Nap time is over


March 21, 2020


Sheldon tells Minh if it came to it he would vote Brooke out if it helped his game.

Minh and Sheldon talking in HOH. Minh asks him lots of questions. Was Brooke and Kyle working together? Would Brooke put her up if Sue wanted her too? Sheldon mentions he and Kyle barely talked game.

Brooke and Sue talking about how smart Chris is. Brooke doesn't want to take him far. They say he's a good target for Sheldon though. In this clip it's confirmed Hira won POV bc they say Chris said Hira is the King. He wins two POVs. I can't get him out.

Angie, Vanessa, Hira and Carol talking about the POV comp. Hira says it was fun to compete in. Angie says it was fun to watch. They say the costumes were hot.

Angie, Vanessa, Hira and Carol talking about the POV comp. Hira says it was fun to compete in. Angie says it was fun to watch. They say the costumes were hot.

Brooke tells Sue she's worried about Hira because he's close with JL, Rianne and Maddie.

Brooke & Sue talk about the order they want to get people out. Minh, Ri, JL then Maddie. Sue says if she wins next week she'd put up JL and Maddie as pawns and backdoor Minh. At the beginning she talks about her DR and mentions Carol wants to go home. BB stops her.

Brooke and Sue talking about if Minh wins. They think she wants both of them out. Sue says she's talking to Shel a lot. Brooke thinks she'll want to get her out so she can have Shel to herself. Sue says in her DR sessions she always says she's going to get Minh out.

Vanessa and Sheldon. They hope if the three (JL, Rianne, Maddie) win they also go after Minh. Then they talk about how great Hira is at comps.

Minh finishes they story and she got the guy to dm her job and say he lied and that she didn't send him unsolicited pictures.

She told him that is called revenge porn and she would press charges. He blocked her. When she got home 3 days later she had a voice mail from a manager. Here's her recap of her talk with the airline.

Minh is telling Rianne about an ex. He was hitting on another girl who sent her proof. So she broke it off. He claims it was photoshopped. She says it was new so she wasn't that gutted so she said they could still see each other but they're not exclusive.

Sheldon asks Hira who they are afraid of next. Hira tells Sheldon he's afraid of Chris because he'll probably put him up again. He doesn't think he'll put up Sheldon. He doesn't think he will but could on a double eviction.

Sheldon asks Hira who Maddie and Ri are after. Hira says they are after Chris and Vanessa. He says JL is still after him too because he thinks Chris will put him up too.


March 21, 2020


JL is hosting the POV. Sounds like Hira might be playing - he has started to study the Expedia information.

Maddie is in the HOH bed w/Angie. They discuss who would be good to put in jury and who might be bitter.

Carol, Sue and Vanessa are hanging out. Sue tells Carol she is going to miss her. Vanessa agrees - says she can't even speak of it. Carol says she will miss them too. Says she is going to try to have something to eat even though she has such anxiety right now

Angie says if Carol wins even $1 in the POV, she will be so mad and then she won't vote to send her out. She says if Carol doesn't want to be in the game, she shouldn't get the shot to win prizes. Says if there is a prize Carol should sit out.

JL has been called to the DR. He is the host for the POV so it could be time!

Sheldon tells Angie and Maddie that he is probably going to have PTSD from having back to back HOH's with nothing to show from them. He says it would be even worse if he went home next week. The girls assure him that they have his back and he won't go home.

Maddie Minh and Vanessa in the B&W BR. Vanessa says that JL was not called into the DR for the veto. Minh says she's been thinking of the relationships in the house.

Minh asks Vanessa who she would put up if she won HOH. Vanessa says Kyle was talking about going after the remains of the four, and that she would probably go that way. Minh says JL is the most dangerous because of the close bonds he is forming. Vanessa agrees.

Minh says she doesn’t think she would have the votes to get JL out. Vanessa says if he was put up against Maddie, Rianne, or Sue, he would probably go. Minh then says that Sue is dangerous, and Angie would also be a target for her.

Minh says the order of the strongest to the least is JL, Rianne, and then Maddie, because Maddie doesn't have the social game like Rianne, but JL has the social game and the strategy.

Vanessa asks if any of the three says her name. Minh tells her she thinks it's just JL who has. Minh says Maddie is the one they want to stay the longest, because she really wants to get Sue out. Vanessa is shocked that Maddie would want Sue out, she thought it was her.

Minh says she talked to Maddie and assured her Vanessa was okay for now. She says that Maddie told her she (Maddie) was concerned about Sue because she is in good with everyone. Minh and Vanessa agree that Sue is always trying to get info but not give it.

Minh tells Vanessa she is confident that they both can win HOH. She tells Vanessa she really needs to get Sue out, and Vanessa really needs to get JL out. Minh says they can deal with Angie.

Vanessa says she needs to after Rianne and Maddie first, after JL. Minh asks if she (Vanessa) would vote Sue out. Vanessa says she would have to vote with the house. Vanessa says that Sue is very close with Brooke and Sheldon. Minh says Chris has her back.

Vanessa tells Minh she is the only one she wants to hang out with. Minh says they shouldn't hang out that much, so it doesn't appear they are working together. Minh says she told Maddie and Rianne that Vanessa was a lone wolf, now that Kyle is gone.

Vanessa assures Minh that she is not attracted to Chris, that she is not interested in a showmance. Minh says she has no choice to trust Vanessa now. Vanessa says Minh can trust her, that she won't repeat what Minh says to her.


March 21, 2020


Brooke jokes with Hira and tells him that he can't be a master pranker and serious at the same time. He needs to pick a lane because it's confusing to people.

Angie says that it's so cold in the house and goes over to the stove to try and warm up. Chris joins Angie in the kitchen and they talk about the waist trainer that she's wearing.

Minh and Vanessa are in the pool room doing yoga. JL tells Ri and Maddie that he tried to get in the DR but they won't let him in.

Correction, Minh and Vanessa are in the LR doing yoga. Minh is helping her with her yoga form. There's still lots of slop talk in the kitchen with Ri and JL as JL makes some slop pancakes. Maddie says that she's the only one that eats slop for fun.

Maddie and Chris in the HN room. He's telling her that he doesn't hold anything prior to now against her. She says she feels the same way. He tells her he feels really good about her. Maddie asks him if he's concerned about anyone in the house right now.

Chris says that he's really good at reading people. He says that all of the lying that Kyle did was stupid, he didn't understand it and he ended up taking the heat for a lot of it. Chris says now that Kyle's gone that things have gotten more predictable.

He says that he's there for her. He knows that she's not at full capacity because she's on slop. He asks her if she could have fought more in the last comp. Maddie says that her hands were really sweaty and she knew she didn't have the strength to win it so she stopped.

Maddie says to Chris that she's a very loyal person. She's going to be herself ad play the most honest game she can until she doesn't have a choice. If you lie you get caught up in your lies eventually.

Maddie tells Chris that you don't usually see that kind of big game play that early in the game but she's over it now and moving on. She asks him if Vanessa and Sue are his 2 people. He says "well yeah". She says that she's close to JL right now.

Chris tells Maddie he wants her to try hard to win the next HOH. She asks him who he really doesn't want to see make it to jury. Feeds cut out as he starts to answer.


March 21, 2020


Sue & Brooke are still talking in the HOH bathroom with Sheldon there. They say that JL really wants to make jury. They talk about how JL was going to prank Hira by cracking an egg on his head (but couldn't due to timing).

Chris entertains Angie with a poem/rap about the days in the house. He talks about Jamar being a star (also because it rhymes).

Chris, Vanessa, Carol, Sue, Maddie, Rianne, & JL chit chat at the dining table. They tease JL who is a have-not but yet is exposed to the good food here.

Hira & Brooke are in the HOH bedroom, while Sheldon sleeps (off camera). They are all silent, & Brooke has earphones on.

Maddie & Rianne are in the kitchen. They had overheard Chris’s poem/rap to Angie and they say how much Chris knows about the days & the events (indicating that he is a mental threat). Rianne is making slop pancakes.

Sheldon, Brooke, & Hira are sharing the HOH bed. Sheldon is freezing. They joke that they are the final 3. They joke that they are so lazy they can’t come up with a final 3 name. Hira says that recently he’s started to believe in the “universe”.

Rianne & JL are talking in the kitchen. JL is eating the slop pancakes that Rianne made. Rianne’s first boozy drink was a Blue Hawaiian. She isn’t a beer girl but enjoyed yesterday’s beers. Rianne says that Vanessa felt hungover yesterday.

Sue joins JL & Rianne to eat the slop pancakes. Sue thanks Rianne for making the pancakes. Sue is later shown pouring some type of seasoning on the slop pancakes.

While Sheldon tries to sleep in the HOH room, Brooke & Hira do some funny dances (which also moves the bed). They start talking about raves.

Shel is in the DR while Brooke and Hira talk in the HOH room. Brooke says that she's glad that she's been able to elevate his "weirdness" in the house. He says that it should make for some good bloopers this season.


March 21, 2020


Sue, Sheldon, Brooke, and JL are talking at the dining room table. Sue says/jokes: “Don’t pick on me when I’m on slop!”

Angie, Sheldon, JL (shower), Chris (not shown), Maddie, & Rianne are all in the bathroom together, not talking about the game. Talking about their families, fun, & light-hearted topics.

Minh & Brooke continue talking about their outdoor adventures & travels outside the house. Minh says that she’s (herself) a very calm person as opposed to the friend she was traveling with. They talk about New Zealand. Minh also wants to go to London England.

Chris & Minh talk about Minh’s breakfast, in the kitchen. Hira is there too. They joke about how long the burners take to heat up. They talk about “big brothers”, & Minh says she called Kyle a “big brother”. Hira is there too.

Chris leaves the kitchen. Hira & Minh briefly start talking game, & about stabbing backs (figuratively). Minh says she’s annoyed when Sheldon says that she (Minh) “is a cat with 9 lives”. Minh says Sheldon thinks this turns her on but it doesn’t.

Hira & Minh continue talking game in the kitchen. Minh says that she & Sheldon have gotten closer since he put her on the block. Minh thinks there’s going to be more mental comps & says she’s getting to know everyone’s strengths & weaknesses & that social games are vital.

JL, Maddie, & Rianne are in the bathroom. Rianne says she finds conversations with Chris so “stiff”. Maddie says that Chris knows a few of her (Maddie) ex-boyfriends. Rianne says that Chris knows them because he’s on the lookout for other good-looking guys (competition).

Maddie & Rianne suddenly start talking game (whispers) while JL is shaving. Rianne mentions that Minh really wants Sue out.

Hira & Minh are still talking at the dining table. Minh says that she took acting in college, but that she’s an “experimental learner”, meaning she learns by doing. Hira agrees, & says that education is the “base” but you learn by doing the job.

Hira & Minh are still talking at the dining table, about Canadian universities. There is a lot of banging in the background, which means a competition is being built. There is a voice in the background that says: “Please stop talking about production.”


March 21, 2020


JL is playing would you rather game. Would you rather wear a plaid housecoat or plaid pj's. Ri said both.

JL going over future days if he won HOH. Day 34 Shelly out the door. Day 44 JL out the door. Shelly laughs.

JL telling the table crew that the morning slop is better than the later day slop. Shelly says he wants slop.

Minh alone is the br as the table crew is chatting about friends, food and their lives

Shell asks Sue if she wants him to stop picking on her about Dave (Sue's bf) Sue yes Shell ok... I haven't said anything bad about him. Sue I think you both would be boys

Angie and Chris preparing breakfast

The boy's are going to have a b-ball tournament when they get out of the house

The boys telling the girls that since they started the she devils the are cursed and they will all be evicted.

The table crew telling Shell he should've selected Minh as a HN. Sue say's it could've weaken her. The crew continues with who hasnt been a hn yet.

Chris and Brooke have joined the table crew. Light hearted bantering going on.

Minh is talking with Maddie in the bathroom, Rianne is hanging around nearby. Minh says she can’t stand that Sue is complaining about being on slop for only a day so far. Minh says: “Stick with me.” And says that Sue has to go.

Minh continues to talk game with Maddie and now Rianne, in the bathroom. Asks Rianne if she (Rianne) has been playing fully at comps, and Rianne says she has been, but just hasn’t been doing great at them.

Minh stops talking game with Maddie and Rianne (who are putting on make-up) whenever anyone else enters the bathroom. This had included Hira and Chris. Minh had earlier hinted how close Sue is to Chris (and doesn't like it).

BBCAN8 Week 4 Nominations

March 20, 2020

BBCAN8 Week 4 Nominations

Week 4 BBCAN 8 Game Stats Update

Sheldon nominated Carol and Minh-Ly for eviction.

Brooke, John Luke, Rianne & Susanne Are Have-Nots


March 20, 2020


JL says to Maddie that he would have been totally fine putting Carol up. They both agree that that would have just been another person out of the game for them.

Maddie is looking to Minh on how to use bleach to get a stain out of her clothing. She then gets bleach on her yellow pants and states "Oh My God! This is the worst day ever!"

Chris, Carol, Angie, Vanessa and Sue in Manga room. Carol says that she will be watching them all from home, She wants to do her makeup before the ceremony.

Carol is rallying up all of the HG's for a house meeting right now. The HG's are slowly coming to the LR.

Carol is at the head of the LR. She states that she has been up and down with her emotions since she entered the house. She immediately becomes very emotional and the feeds cut out.

Brooke talks about the different ways to make slop and says she could probably do this the whole time. Susanne asks if she would care if she was on two weeks in a row. Brooke says she doesn't think so. Then she adds it's only one day so she could be talking a big game.

Sue is yelling about being on slop. She says she was only kidding when she volunteered.

JL is also cracking under the slop pressure - he tells Brooke that if anyone puts him on it again they're going up! But not Shel - unless he does it again, in which case JL is BD him.

JL and Hira are chirping at each other JL tells Hira he's putting him up next week because Hira keeps torturing JL by eating in front of him. Hira says that's not happening JL tells Hira he's caught in his own "fahtah" he quickly realizes that's not a word.

Chris and Minh are chatting about their drive in life - Chris tells Minh that she's living on the edge. Minh says if she's not pushing herself, she feels like she's dying. She will get to her goals someway, somehow.

Sue and Chris are seeing "eye to eye" in the storage room. Chris says it'll be the only time they do.

Vanessa jokes that if Carol doesnt pick her for HG choice she will vote out Minh. Carol says as long as the votes against her are more than for, she will be fine

Everyone is pretty much in agreement that they are voting Carol out this week. Carol says she doesnt care if she has a sympathy vote, as long as she leaves this week. She mentions her meeting and that she cried a lot

Hira is talking about his first date with his now wife, she called him at 2AM that night because she wanted to see him the next day. Angie and Ri say that most guys would have noped out of a situation like that Minh joins Brooke and Sheldon in the HOH, saying she is bored. She went to the DR and said "you guys want to ask me questions?" but they didnt go for it. Minh says Kyle was the entertainment of the house. Brooke says the next energetic people are JL and Sue

Minh joins Brooke and Sheldon in the HOH, saying she is bored. She went to the DR and said "you guys want to ask me questions?" but they didnt go for it. Minh says Kyle was the entertainment of the house. Brooke says the next energetic people are JL and Sue

Carol says that she was bothered that she couldn't control her environment in the house and wasn't aware of what it would be. She also says she learned that Fame isn't everything, That family is and that money isn't everything.

Chris and Minh are talking. Minh wants to write a book. She says she has enough material for a drama show, all of the stuff she has been through, its so crazy she cant make it up. Chris is encouraging her to write more

Brooke and Sheldon are in the anime room talking, saying Brooke incriminated herself somehow and didnt realize it until immediately afterwards. She just incriminated herself to Sue. If she was going to drop the ball it should have been to him, Sheldon says

Brooke says she dropped the ball, just a small drop, and didnt even realize she fumbled it until she was asked. She says she is shocked that they havent been called out for speaking in code

Production finally says to stop speaking in code. Brooke says she is frustrated because she felt all the things she said outside and now she dropped the ball


March 20, 2020


Angie says she has not talked to Carol yet about how her leaving would affect others in the game. She says she doesn't think Carol would come after her.

Angie says everyone should do what Sheldon wants since he fought hard to win the HOH. Rianne says it's stressful to have Carol on her side because she never knows what Carol would do. Angie says she would be perfectly happy to talk to Carol aside from the game.

Angie and Maddie are in the storage room. Angie says there isn't much game to talk about. Maddie says she is worried about Sheldon but that she trust him.

Angie says she thinks Maddie can trust him (Sheldon) and she doesn't think Sheldon will put her (Maddie) up.

JL is now regretting telling Shel to take Ri to Wendy's instead of himself. He wants to take some time to chat with Hira today.

Sue brings her slop concoction out to the pool room and has JL try it. He said that it was like chewing on his own vomit. Sue lists all of the things that she put in it. When Sue goes back inside Maddie says that she tried it and it was really gross.

Angie, Maddie and Ri are talking about the different things that they can do with slop. Angie says that it takes strong things like mustard and ketchup to mask the taste of it enough.

JL says that his targets have changed every day that he's been in the house based on who's pissed him off. Angie jokes that you have to give people slop some slack because their minds aren't thinking right sometimes.

Carol and Minh are in the hot tub and Minh says that she has shown that she's not the tit for tat player that everyone thought she was. Carol starts telling Minh something that she makes her promise not to repeat.

Carol starts telling Minh that all of the talk was about getting her out this week and then the feeds cut out.


March 20, 2020


Brooke and Sheldon discuss their convo with Minh. They say that she mentioned that HOH ball competition and seemed to be saying they should be targeted but when they asked she said others. Also for our Toronto it raining that hard near the studio? It's LOUD.

Mid conversation, Brooke says "Is that a storm siren?" (You can hear a siren outside) Sheldon says he doesn't know he's never heard one in his life. Brooke says they are very scary. Sheldon/Brooke are discussing 2 pawns and BDing Minh or putting her up first.

Brooke and Sheldon are talking about planning for the reactions to nominations and who they can ask to be a pawn. Angie and Madeline are who he is planning to ask. He's worried about sketching people out

Hira joins Sheldon in the now open HOH room to discuss noms.

Chris tells Rianne that Carol offered to go up. He says she should talk to Sheldon to see what he's thinking. Rianne says she doesn't want to be a Block Star Chris says there's a low chance of Minh getting picked for POV.

Susanne and Brooke talking. Brooke wishes Chris had won HOH. She's worried about the social ramifications on Sheldon's game and by proxy hers. Sheldon comes in she's about to tell him what they're saying and Chris walks in. She stops.

Chris explains to Sheldon why he thinks he should put up two pawns. Minh has a good chance of winning veto and then could put them up if she won HOH next week.

Sheldon and Chris talking. Sheldon explains why he wants to put up MInh (the target) and Carol (the pawn). He doesn't want to get another person mad by putting up two pawns.

Sheldon tells Chris he thinks they are the only two who could tell people they wouldn't put them up but then do. He says others play with emotions not strategy. Chris says Minh could do that.

Sheldon tells Brooke that Chris is on board for putting up Carol and Minh. He doesn't want to talk to anyone else. Maybe just to fill them in.

Maddie put whites in with black bed sheets. They got tinged with gray. MaddieThis is the worst day ever. She says she just bought them for this. She says they weren't cheap. Maddie "It's not like some freaking Walmart sh*t". People are telling her to bleach them.

Brooke asks JL if he thinks his family is having watch parties. He thinks his family & ex might be watching together. He says his friends might (15 guys) but they're pretty lazy so they might not. Brooke says her mom will be. But her Dad was hesitant of her being on it.

Brooke tells JL she spent a lot of time convincing her Dad and Grandmother that BB wasn't salacious reality tv. And now their season has been like that.

Minh tells Carol she has to think of all the things she can do in her and not focus on the things she can't do. She has to stay positive.

Vanessa and Susanne talking. They are upset that Minh is going up because if she wins next week one of them is going home.

Chris and Sue meet up in Anime Bedroom. Sue says she is worried what Minh will do next week, if she doesn't go home. She says she is frustrated with Sheldon. Chris says he has urged Sheldon to use the back door on Minh.

Chris says Sheldon is afraid to get blood on his hands, that Sheldon won the HOH to build up his resume. Chris says in passing that Brooke is in Sheldon's head, and tells Sue Carol and Minh are already a done deal.

Sue doesn't understand why Sheldon won't put Rianne and Maddie up. Sue says they are alone and not a threat. She tells Chris that they should get with Vanessa to discuss the situation.

Sue says she thinks Brooke is in good with Minh but terrified of Rianne. They both agree and Sheldon and Brooke are probably more than just friends.

Sue says the Brooke is telling Sheldon that if Rianne wins, she (Rianne) will put her (Brooke) and Sheldon up. Chris says that why he's been talking to Minh, that she owes him. Chris does say, regardless, Minh is still a wild card.

Brooke and Sheldon talking about Carol. Brooke mentions that this doesn't feel like an obstacle they should be navigating.

Angie and Rianne are talking in the B&W room. They briefly discuss Carol, and how Minh is trying to convince Carol to go home, and Angie doesn't approve. Rianne says she hopes Carol can stick it out.


March 20, 2020


John Luke and Hira are working out in near silence, while the girls are getting ready in the bathroom. They are discussing Carol's keto diet.

Chris and Minh are talking about Chinese philosophy and Holistic medicine. Minh says she is into Holistic medicine and Chris tells her that she should do it as a career.

John Luke asks Hira what he thinks about this week. JL says that he feels like they should just give Carol her wish this week and everyone agree to go for Minh next week, because Carol will probably talk about self-evicting again next week. They also talk about Chris.

John Luke says he wants to keep Hira, himself, Madeline, Rianne, Brooke and Sheldon tight because that means that every week-worst case scenario-they have 4 votes. They feel like they are in a good place. They say that after Chris/Vanessa are out, it is how it gets messy

Minh, Vanessa and Carol are in the Anime room. Minh tells Carol about her/Vanessa having a clean slate. They think Kyle was the issue and "it's a whole new game now" Minh says perception is this game. That part of Carol's issue is not having a team.

Minh tells Carol if she wanted to stay that they can go far. She says that she/Vanessa are "comp beasts" and that Carol has eyes and ears everywhere but that they are considered outsiders. They start to talk about Kyle and feeds cut.

Carol says that she now has new strategies to combat the feelings she had about leaving, that she is excited to implement. Carol and Minh think that they will be the nominees. Minh says she does have good personal relationships in the house.

Minh specifically mentions that people with good social connections are the biggest problem. She specifically mentions Angie and Susanne.

They say everyone loves Sue. That she has a very good place in this house. They compare her to Paras.

Minh says if she had won HOH yesterday, she would have nominated Sue and Angie. She told that to Sheldon. Sue comes into the room and the game talk stops. They are discussing what day it actually is. Minh forgot that noms were today.


March 20, 2020


Carol, Susanne and Vanessa are talking about Minh. They say that Carol should still push that she wants to go home and that Sheldon is putting her on the block to go home. They feel like that might make Minh not gun for veto, but they agree Minh is not dumb.

Vanessa says if they "Can't change Shelly's mind about the noms" That worst case scenario they BD Rianne and get Minh next week. Vanessa has lots of injuries and a huge bruise on her back, every time she mentions them, we get feeds cuts.

Carol says her anxiety is tied to the length of time that they are still in the house. She says she now needs to focus on the day to day and that helps. To not focus 21 days down the road. She can show Canada about a real Mental Health crisis.

The girls are talking about their cell phones and different types of events that you have to give up your phone. They are talking about not wanting to have their phones after. Sue leaves and Minh says "did you tell her what we talked about?" She says that she's paranoid

Brooke and Sheldon are having casual chat on the balcony outside of the HOH. Susanne comes by and pinches Sheldon's nipple. Minh then comes by and asks if Sheldon thinks she is still a wild card. He says yes. She asks if he believed her and he says yes, but she's smart.

Minh is saying that all HOH comps are crap shoots, but that POVs are physical. She is now telling Sheldon and Brooke her social players are the real threat theory. Minh says she learned from that meeting that she was aligned with the wrong people.

Minh tells Sheldon she doesn't blame him for putting her on the block last week because it was best for his game with the knowledge he had. Minh says she didn't know that it would start a chain of events and she got lucky.

Brooke tells Minh that yesterday she said she wanted to target people that would have a vendetta against her in jury and are those the same people she's talking about now? After a long pause Minh says yes. Sheldon is locked out of HOH so he's considering where to meet


March 20, 2020


Hira, Rianne, Madeline, and Susanne are getting ready for breakfast. Carol says that the outside is closed. Vanessa is being called to the DR

Brooke now goes to the DR. A majority of the HGs are sitting at the table eating breakfast

HGs are talkng about their favorite things from Wendys. Madeline jokes if only she was able to remember the Expedia room as well as she knew the Wendys menu

Carol mentions to Susanne that she talked to the doctor last night, but feeds cut before we hear any of that conversation

Brooke and Sheldon talk the plan for the nominations in the anime room

Sheldon appears to want to put up Minh and Chris (saying there is something unsettling with Chris). Brooke is concerned about their alliance going for that. Everyone thinks Minh being backdoored is a better call. Brooke says either one is good for their game but its messy

Brooke tells Sheldon that they can get away with messy or shady things as long as they keep their allies pulled in tight

Brooke and Sheldon are still discussing what to do this week, Brooke telling him to go with his gut. Sheldon says his gut told him to let go of the bar but it’s too late for that now

While Sheldon and Brooke are talking noms and targets in the Anime room, Hira and Rianne are talking about their "Cookie Time" and about Chris.

Hira and Rianne are laughing because they are calling Chris the "Lone Ranger" They are talking about Chris' ego not letting him even say he was sore after the HOH comp until Sheldon admitted he was. Hira: Bros are gonna Bro.

Vanessa, Sue and Carol have joined Brooke and Sheldon in the anime room and are talking about a "slight hangover feeling" from last night.

Sue says that she didn't think Sheldon would be excited for the conga line last night (which was her mission to get them all drinks) Sheldon: You don't know me at all. Sue Week by week.

Carol and Madeline are talking about emotions in the BB house. They talk about being more emotional and crying a lot. Carol I legit don't like myself here. Madeline It's like PMS Carol: It's like PMSing 24/7

Minh is telling Hira that she thinks people now see she's not the actual threat. That they see who the deep personal bonds are. She calls herself a mirage. Hira disagrees that while people are social, they can't win comps. Minh thinks that those bonds are a threat.

Minh says it's not necessarily about getting both people of a strong bond out, but getting one out and bringing the other closer to you. Hira says that the combo of social/comp is what he sees as strong. That if you are a comp person and win HOH you can get more social

Minh tells Hira she likes this conversation, that they think alike. She says she has seen that he is competent and capable. Hira agrees. She says he flew under the radar to begin with. She wasn't able to because she won that first comp.

Vanessa and Brooke are talking about the noms (Carol and Minh) Vanessa says that Sue doesn't want that but it isn't her call. She says she understands that based on where Sheldon is socially, this is what he has to do. Brooke says she knows 2 pawns and a BD is easier.

Vanessa says personally that getting Rianne out is OK with her too. And that the others in the alliance just don't see it yet. They start talking about Kyle and how he would've loved that party last night and the comp was "his comp"

📢Good Friday Morning Brother-Lovers <3📢 It's Day 18 🍁 of 65

March 19, 2020

📢Good Friday Morning Brother-Lovers <3📢

It's Day 18 🍁 of 65

Yesterday's Big Brother Canada 8 episode contained a lot of difficult moments there was a segment about real-world events, and then there was also the expulsion of two different players. Jamar and Kyle are both gone, and now, we have to see how the game moves forward.

Well, here’s the crazy thing: The game moving forward right now is going to look a lot like the game that we just saw. The new Head of Household is Sheldon, which means that there is a chance that we could see something very similar to what we once had. There’s a chance that Minh-Ly will be in danger all over again. We know that Sheldon did bond with Minh recently in the game, but that was prior to recognizing that she would be staying in the game. There’s also been a lot of time we didn’t seen on the feeds.

In the end, there’s a chance that ALL sorts of stuff could happen over the next few days the game seems to be going for a fresh start here. They want to try and move forward from a lot of the controversy but we’ll wait and see where things go from here. Nominations should take place tomorrow, and there could be a lot of strategy conversations that happen over the course of the night.

Related News – Be sure to get some more news when it comes to Big Brother Canada right now

What do you think about the new Big Brother Canada Head of

Kyle Rozendal removed from the game

March 19, 2020

Big Brother Canada 8: Kyle Rozendal removed from the game

Kyle RozendalLeading into tonight’s Big Brother Canada 8 episode, we knew that Jamar Lee was gone … but what about Kyle Rozendal?

Let’s just go ahead and share the shocking news: Kyle is also gone from the game, at least per his social-media channels. You can see below via Instagram a message he posted announcing his departure, also noting how he’s interested to see “how they spin” the situation. More answers are probably coming tonight.

At the time of Jamar’s expulsion from the game, there was a great deal of blowback over how it was handled. Kyle had provoked him into much of the situation that unfolded, and there were complaints about some of Kyle’s prior behavior

At the start of the exit, show host Arisa Cox confirmed that there were two people who were sent home from the game. It was then clear that we were going to be losing Kyle, and we had to wait and see what the circumstances were.

What was surprising was that Big Brother Canada did not show tonight the entirety of the incident leading to Jamar’s exit … and there were things involved in the exit that were not shown on the live feeds. We just think the whole situation is sad, since this will stick with Jamar outside the game. With Kyle, all production said is that there was a “problematic” pattern of behavior and once again, there was some footage that did not air on the live feeds that was involved.

Sheldon is eligible to play for HoH again, and we’re left now in a strange position (without an eviction) where we wonder how the game’s going to move forward. We’re left to trust production on everything without any information, but we said when Jamar was ejected that if he should be gone, Kyle also should be gone. They’ve went in this direction and this is where we are.


What do you think about Kyle Rozendal exiting Big Brother Canada 8?

Be sure to share in the comments


March 19, 2020


Madeline tells Chris that Rianne has been having back issues and he should give her a massage. Madeline says that Rianne needs to take one for the team on this one and gets Hira, who is walking by, to agree with her

The first Goodnight Houseguests message plays overhead

Vanessa makes her rounds to say goodnight. JL, Brooke, and Sheldon are outside still. Rianne and Chris are with Hira upstairs

Hira joins the trio outside, saying he had a good birthday in the BB house

Chris has now put yogurt on his nipples to be licked off.. Angie: is this not a red light?! JL: I dunno this is more of a yellow light. Ness goes for it.. Angie: red light! red light!!

Chris is in the HN room with Sue, saying she is his favorite personality in the house.

Rianne joins Chris and Susanne. Chris says: "Rianne, you better watch tonight, because I might slither in on your side of the bed tonight."

Sheldon and Brooke were outside play fighting and accidentally break Brooke's mic

Chris joins Sheldon in the HOH, they discuss who to put up as pawns and see if someone is okay with it. They say backdooring someone is most efficient

Chris leaves the HOH and Brooke goes in to look for her water bottle, she keeps losing it. She tells him her mic is still broken and he hurt her nose a little the time before when they wrestled. They hug it out

Susanne, JL, and Rianne are in the HN room talking about Carol wanting to self evict. She could go far in this game, no one would target her

Susanne calls Minh the dumbest player in BB history. JL agrees with her, saying Minh makes some dumb moves. Susanne says that Mini is incredibly selfish. She says that Minh would make you do three weeks straight on slop if it meant she didnt have to

Sheldon and Brooke talk strategy for the week. Sheldon seems undecided on using a pawn and would much rather Minh go up from the beginning

Rianne jokes to Susanne that if theres no evictions happening, Cookie Time must be getting aired. They think production is having a hard time filling space, nothing interesting is going on

he lights are dimming in the HOH room on Sheldon and Brooke. They are talking about Brooke's two cats


March 19, 2020


Brooke and Sheldon are checking in - he says all he cares about is doing well in this game, and Brooke doing well (a little bit). He's so grateful to be there. Brooke tells him he's self assured.. He tells Brooke he's got nothing for her other than she cries a lot.

Carol told Sheldon today that she wants to be here.. Sheldon hopes it continues, she is always a little stronger after they have a session. Brooke says whatever works for her (staying or leaving)- Sheldon says why not, this season is already a shit show.

Sheldon tells Brooke that his brother told him to watch BBCAN in S2.. He watched 3 episodes and has been hooked ever since. He's watched every season multiple times.

Minh tells Vanessa that it is obvious who is together, and it is clear that she and Vanessa are alone. Sheldon apparently called Minh a cockroach, that people keep trying to get rid of her and she never leaves

Vanessa says that Minh is self aware, recognizing what her mistakes are and learning from them. Minh says she may have messed stuff up but it worked in her favor

Minh says she was so proud to see that Vanessa was the last girl standing and that she lasted longer than JL. Vanessa said she could have never lasted as long as the other guys. They say Sheldon is underestimated

Vanessa asks Minh if she thinks Jamar had anything to do with Kyle leaving, Minh thinks yes. Vanessa asks for more details on Kyle and Jamar leaving and Minh says that what she is sharing isnt facts, but feeds cut before we get details

Madeline and Rianne are talking about Sheldon. Allegedly he invited Madeline to his bed, but she said no. Madeline says her heart is with Micheal

and it sucks there isnt a battleback because there is no one to battle

Madeline sees Chris roaming the house. Madeline: "Chris, don't you own a shirt??"

Chris and JL have joined Brooke and Sheldon. Chris is shocked JL volunteered for slop since his sleep is already so bad.

HIra says that if the girls have an 8-person alliance, he doesnt think that they would last more than a week. Madeline agrees, she couldnt handle that

JL thought this week was a throw away week so he wasnt planning to try for the HOH. He assumed people were going to put out Carol for her comments of self evicting and that was it. He tells Brooke and Sheldon that he was fine with who was left when he dropped

Madeline and Rianne ask cams if there is a way they can tell them thatMichea

is watching. Madeline and Rianne talk future if Madeline and Micheal pursue each other outside of the house, but Madeline says he planned on going back in the military
JL says he tried to make a rhyme to remember the days. "Day 5, Nico self evicts and leaves the game, so he will not receive any internet fame."

JL says it kind of gets to him that Madeline keeps saying that she won the POV competition, as if he didnt help her a ton and do a lot of the legwork

JL says when he wins HOH, he has a speech for whoever was his pawn. "We're playing chess, not checkers, and you're a sacrificial piece."


March 19, 2020


Arisa is broadcasting from her home and she says she is fine, but is trying to protect her family. She continues that it was a very difficult week and production decided to remove two people from the house because emotions have been running high. This is no ordinary Thursday!

Previously, on Big Brother Canada, at an HoH free for all Sheldon was the bell of the balls. His KVBS earned the keys to the kingdom and lasered in on their top targets. After weighing his options, the wrestler put up Maddy next to his target Rianne. Not everyone was stoked with the methodical move, and while Sheldon protected KVBS, Vanessa started to stray. But once her three allies learned she was leaking intel to the enemy, they reeled the east coaster back into the fold.

At a pivotal PoV competition, it was all up in the air until The Evictors Maddy and John-Luke lip locked down victory. Faced with naming a replacement nominee, Sheldon had to put up a dangerous option. And even though Minh-Ly's main man Jamar didn't approve, Sheldon didn't flinch when showing Minh-Ly the backdoor. Tonight, how will the mischief-maker manage being on the block? With tensions rising, who's heading out the door next? Find out now on Big Brother Canada.

We pick up after the veto ceremony on day 17. Jamar says so weak, super weak. Minh-Ly says to Sheldon this is turning him on sitting her butt on the bench. Sheldon says Minh-Ly has no allies, so he has no blood on his hands. Minh-Ly is strategizing and she's thinking. The wheels are turning. Jamar is disappointed in Sheldon. Everyone is playing weak and no one wants to go after the big dogs. The only person that sees eye to eye with him is Minh-Ly. It's a weak move. Jamar tells Minh-Ly he had two big dudes on the couch and didn't take a shot at either. Minh-Ly tells Jamar how he needs to campaign for her about keeping the balance in the house. Minh-Ly asks Jamar to go to the Expedia room, or outside, or the swamp room because she needs a kiss.

Sheldon goes into where Brooke is showering, and Brooke is concerned Minh-Ly might throw some stuff her way. Sheldon says Minh-Ly thinks she has the votes, she doesn't know they are targeting her. Brooke feels pretty good about Minh-Ly being a replacement nominee. She keeps hearing rumors about herself and she doesn't mind Minh-Ly being out.

Kyle and Maddy our outside and Maddy thinks Rianne could have been beneficial for her. Kyle says he has to schmooze Maddy over so if she wins HoH next week she won't put him on the block. Kyle promises her that he isn't coming after her. He says she's so far from his hit list and he's not asking for reciprocation, he just wants her to know that. He says he's in a vulnerable position.

Jamar is in the color comic room and says he wants to turn up on everyone right now. He says everyone is playing scared to saying it's too early. Everyone is playing Kyle's game and just to get airtime. Minh-Ly comes in and says if she leaves this house, then he's next because he's rogue, and doesn't have a lot of allies. Minh-Ly says she needs to stay for his game as well. She says he's definitely going to touch the block, he can see what will happen if she goes. She thinks Kyle was behind this and Jamar says he was. He's been behind every HoH so far. Minh-Ly says it's not always good to be volatile. Jamar says when she's ready, he's there. She wants to do her investigation. They kiss.

The HGs are called to the living room on March 15, 2020. They have some news from the outside world. They are informed about COVID-19 and that it is now a pandemic and all of their caretakers are fine and healthy. As they know, the virus started in China, but it has now spread to the world. Most cases are China, Italy, and Iran. Susanne is concerned about her family in Italy, and Maddy is informed her parents canceled their trip. They want to send their love to their families and if their families need them, they will be there in a heartbeat.

Angie asks if BB will be impacted and the answer is they just don't know. They will get updates as they get them and if things escalate, then they will let them know. They want to give them an opportunity to decide if they need to stay or not. Have-Nots are canceled and they all get letters from their families so they can see confirmation from themselves. They all hug and pray. Rianne says it's a shock to hear, and it's overwhelming being cut off from the outside world. But the letters are a huge comfort for all of them.

Jamar is reading his letter first and he is getting emotional and they tell him no one has been infected and he can play in peace. Chris reads his, then Maddy, then Angie. Kyle reads his next followed by Carol, Hira, John-Luke gets emotional during his and Maddy and Brooke comfort him. Minh-Ly goes to give John-Luke a hug after he finishes. Everyone is emotional.

Hira and Brooke are in the HoH room and they are listening to music. Brooke says she has so much empathy for stars because they can't leave the house without getting pictures snapped, plus the tabloids. Brooke says she can't imagine what it would be like to be under a microscope like that all the time. She says just kidding.

Susanne is talking to Rianne and Susanne wants to know who she feels comfortable within the game? Rianne says she doesn't trust Kyle and Vanessa. She wants to be happy Rianne, but she also wants to plant seeds because she wants to take shots. Rianne tells Susanne that Kyle was in Chris's ear all week during his HoH. Rianne says if Kyle, Chris, and Vanessa stay a long time, then they will steamroll the house.

Susanne then goes to Chris and she tells him a lot of people have Kyle in their head and Chris says they need him in the house. Chris says read his voice when he tells the truth and when he lies. Susanne says he's a good liar. Chris says he's been watching him and he thinks he's close to figuring Kyle out. Susanne says she hasn't lied to Chris yet. Is that a lie? Susanne says she wants to build trust with him. She doesn't think Chris lies to her, but she thinks he doesn't tell her the whole truth. Chris says she's the only female he tells the truth to.

Day 18 and Jamar is talking to Angie. Angie says a few days Carol made a joke about the police would target Jamar if he were in PEI. Angie thinks it was harsh and Jamar says it was a bad joke and ignorant, but he doesn't think she's a racist. He says they don't really talk much at all. Jamar says it won't happen again. Angie thinks Jamar should talk to her and let her know that it wasn't OK so she won't do it again. Angie says Carol needs to understand the ramifications of what she said. She says it's never OK to just say it off the cuff and it's never funny.

Jamar and Carol talk and she says she thought they had a relationship where they could joke around a bit, but maybe she was wrong. Jamar says he's never been in trouble with the police in his life. He says the joke just wasn't that funny to him. Carol says fair enough. She doesn't feel that way about him and she doesn't want to present herself that way to anyone. She says she made a joke she shouldn't have made and she apologizes sincerely and he says he accepts it and they hug.

Sheldon is talking to Brooke, Maddy, and Rianne and he says people have been lying to him and he's not sure who. Sheldon tells us he put them both on the block and he needs to make sure if they are here next week they are good. Sheldon wants to make sure he and Brooke are good with them and maybe work with them. Rianne and Maddy go to discuss it in the restroom and they want to know if Sheldon and Brooke are working with anyone else so they ask and Sheldon says no. Rianne appreciates them wanting to work together. She says it's nice not to feel like public enemy #1.

Minh-Ly asks Vanessa in front of Susanne and a couple of others why Vanessa told her not to tell anyone that she was asked to throw the competition. Vanessa says she didn't do that, she said maybe they shouldn't win. Minh-Ly says Vanessa is snaking her right now. Vanessa tells Minh-Ly that Rianne is being nice to everyone and she doesn't think Minh-Ly will get the votes to stay. Vanessa says people are lying to her face. Minh-Ly decides to call a house meeting.

Minh-Ly is in the middle of the living room and everyone is there. Minh-Ly says she wants to get to the bottom of who's spreading rumors and who's creating lies and who's making her a scapegoat. She says she has heard that she said Sheldon was in a five-person alliance that he was in and that's not true. Minh-Ly thought she had a good relationship with Vanessa. Minh-Ly says Kyle was talking crap to him. Jamar says Vanessa are you playing me? Vanessa says yes, I'm playing the game. Jamar says you don't want to go against Kyle? Vanessa says we're together, she thinks that's pretty obvious.

Minh-Ly says if you want (the house), then she will go against Kyle and Vanessa and help them the house take them down. She says she's not afraid of whether she can win competitions or not and if they vote to keep her she'll go after the predators in the house. She says they need a balance in the house or Kyle and Vanessa are going to take them out one by one by one. She would bet on it.

Arisa is back and she says this has been an extraordinarily difficult week. She says it's important to know they didn't show the entire house meeting. Jamar was removed from the house for things that were and were not shown on live feeds. Arisa says here's the moment the house found out. Minh-Ly is crying and Susanne says it was not his fault. Rianne says Jamar is a really good kid. Brooke and Rianne are comforting Minh-Ly and says she needs to keep in mind he had her back.

Additionally, Arisa says production witnessed a pattern of problematic behavior from Kyle and he has also been removed from the game. Some of these issues were shown on live feeds, and some were not. They've decided to hit a reset button and Minh-Ly and Rianne are safe and since Sheldon's HoH was disrupted, he will be eligible to compete.

Production tells the HGs about Kyle being removed and they are shocked. Production says they didn't make this decision lightly and it was made with a very heavy heart, but they stand firm behind this game. They will NOT tolerate any behavior that they deem contrary to the spirit of the game. One of the great things about the game is it takes people from all walks of life and different places and gives them a chance to get to one another. This is a gift to be there and they can prove to everyone they can do better.

Vanessa says her heart hurts. Maddy says they all have to do better. Angie says we have to work together. Vanessa says let's reset right now and start over. The HGs are giving hugs and Brooke and Sheldon head up to the HoH room. Sheldon says it's very unsettling. She was aligned with Kyle and he had a lot of trust there and this is not how he thought his game was going to go and he didn't think this was how the season would start off.

The rest of the HGs are all downstairs hugging and Brooke says Sheldon just needs some time. They all say this takes work and they have to do their very best and hold their heads high. They are with Micheal, Jamar, Kyle, and Nico in spirit. They say they can start this season over again and make it an amazing season.

Rianne is just so happy she survived the week. Minh-Ly says she agrees. Rianne says it's like a whole new ballgame. Minh-Ly says if none of them touch the block, then they can do what they want. Minh-Ly says they are going to watch the show and talk about how much of a witch she is.

It's time for a new HoH! The competition is called snooze you lose. They will start out in sleeping bags. They will slide down and hold onto a bar and that's when the competition starts. If they let go, then they will slide down into the pillows. The last one holding on will be the new HoH!

Sheldon says all three people he put on the block last week are still here so he needs to win this competition. Rianne wants to win this so bad because she wants to make a big move not a weak move and she doesn't want to be on the chopping block again. Hira wants to win this he wants a letter from his wife and news about his daughter. Chris says this is HoH to lose. He wants to be a competition beast and win this. Carol slides down and she is the first one out.

Brooke is squirming around and she's super lanky. Her hands are slippery and she's not doing well. Angie is struggling and adjusting too. Angie is out. Chris says this is tough for someone big like him but he's hanging in there and it's going to take a lot for him to let go. Brooke is out. Maddy is struggling. Rianne is out. Minh-Ly says she's a cat and she has nine lives. She was almost out last week and she feels like this is her chance to take control of the game. Which HGs will hang on to win this pivotal HoH? Find out Sunday!


March 19, 2020


Looks like Rianne is making some slop pancakes.

The HOH comp starts. Carol, Angie, Brooke and Rianne all drop first. Next episode we will know who won HOH.

It looks like Sheldon is HOH. Vanessa said to Carol we'll have a talk with Sheldon this week. He is currently lying in the HOH room.

Vanessa and Chris are giving a Carol a pep talk that she will do better than she thinks she will. Vanessa mentions talking to Sheldon this week (he may be HOH).

Conga line for Hira's birthday. That ends with Beer and party food. All HG's can enjoy including have nots.

Everyone enjoying Hira's party.

This part of Cookie Time investigates Hira's habit of having 4 cookies with tea in the morning and 4 cookies with milk at night. Outside of the house.

Sheldon asks Hira what his biggest fear was coming in to the house?

They tried to get Hira to find his birthday shot in a bowl of whipped cream. Ri had to take one for the team.

The girls are giving the guys a hard time about their alliance name is since there's only 3 of them left they ask the girls what their name is it's the She Devils. Vanessa then jumps on Chris and everyone screams showmance! She then runs between Chris' legs.

BB has given them more booze. Everyone is pumped

Everyone's hanging out in the living room some of the girls were doing dance routines but they got shut down for singing. Ness smushed birthday cake in Hira's face. She is lit and having a blast.

JL has been asking people to tell their story of their first kiss Ness says hers was with Chris' dad. Now they're asking Ness to explain who her ideal man is at first she starts describing Chris but then says for real, a handy man... Who has crazy eyes.

Hira is trying to convince Brooke that she'll perform better tomorrow if she gets more drunk. She's not having it.


March 18, 2020


Previously, on Big Brother Canada, at an HoH Battle Royale, Kyle and Vanessa drop kicked two of the evictors sending Maddy and Rianne to the sidelines and Sheldon became the new HoH. Shrewd Sheldon went to work.

With his KVBS crew in his corner, the ring leader laid out his strategy. With their game on the ropes, the Evictors launched solo missions. Meanwhile, Jamar tried to sink Kyle's game not knowing Brooke was part of Sheldon and Kyle's alliance. Then Minh-Ly-ly tried saving her own skin, but when it was time to make his nominations, the champ went for the easy knock-out and put Maddy and Rianne on the block.

We pick up after nominations on day 14. Rianne says she's on the block beside her number one girl Maddy, which is basically the worst cased scenario. Maddy says wow Sheldon, what a move by putting up such big threats. Big move buddy. Sheldon says he's thinking about the long game and he believes Rianne is dangerous. He thinks she's strong socially, very smart, and he just can't read her.

Jamar is talking to himself and says "weak." He tells us everyone is playing weak right now. He wanted to see Kyle sitting on the block. Jamar and Sheldon are talking and Jamar tells him he thinks Kyle is lying to him and he thinks Kyle is lying to Sheldon too. Sheldon says he thinks if Jamar and he met before the show, then they'd be friends. They come from similar backgrounds, but for the game, he's been stringing him along because he's loyal to the KVBS alliance. Sheldon says Kyle is overrated. He's not smarter or faster and he's a perfect screen in front of them. Jamar says alright, I guess I'm tripping then.

Maddy wants to talk to Sheldon and Sheldon says he didn't want them up, but he had to do something. He says he's telling people whatever they want to hear to keep the focus off of him. Maddy says she never had him as a target in mind. Maddy says she thinks there are bigger fish to fry other than herself who is a little girl.

Brooke and Rianne are going to talk. Rianne says she wants to talk to Brooke because she knows she's close to Sheldon and she wants her on her side to stay safe. Rianne says she knew that Sheldon was going to do what was best for his game and hers. Brooke says she wants to be as fair and honest as possible and she thinks Rianne has a good shot at the veto, and even if not she has good bonds with people in the house. Brooke says this is a significant amount of lying. She sees her as a capable physical competitor and she's smart and she hopes if she doesn't win veto she goes home.

Minh-Ly-ly is talking to Vanessa and Minh-Ly-ly is surprised hasn't been on slop yet. Vanessa tells her to not volunteer for it. Minh-Ly-ly is hoping Rianne doesn't win PoV and she thinks Rianne would go home. Vanessa says she's loyal to KVBS, but she's also gotten close to Minh-Ly-ly. Minh-Ly-ly says Sheldon didn't count her as a backdoor option and Vanessa wonders if he'd put up John-Luke. Jamar comes in and wants to know why Minh-Ly-ly is in his bed.

Rianne is talking Angie and Maddy and she wants to know why John-Luke got off scot-free. Angie says this doesn't sound like the best move for Sheldon. Maddy says she's just as frustrated as Rianne, but she still wants to trust John-Luke. Maddy says hopefully one of us will win and Sheldon will put up a bigger target. Maddy says we have to win it.

John-Luke is laying on the couch talking to himself and says he's playing Big Brother and he hasn't seen his mother and all these people are making him feel smothered. That's what happens when you play Big Brother.

Time to pick players for the PoV! Today's veto competition will be different because they are competing with a partner. Both players will be safe. Maddy chooses John-Luke to play with her. Rianne picks Hira as her partner. She picked him because he won PoV last week and she knows he can compete and he's a trustworthy guy. Brooke is drawn by Sheldon. Maddy draws Minh-Ly-ly. Rianne draws Chris. Brooke selects Susanne. Brooke doesn't want to pick Kyle or Vanessa because she doesn't want to expose the alliance. Minh-Ly-ly chooses Vanessa. Minh-Ly-ly chose Vanessa over Jamar because they've grown close and she's a competition beast. Chris wants to know who wants to compete and Kyle does so he chooses Kyle. Carol will be the host!

Brooke says there are ten people playing in this veto and that makes it super messy. She thinks the teams are evenly matched. Sheldon meets with KVBS and says he doesn't want to ask them to throw a competition, but if Minh-Ly-ly wins the veto she'll do whatever will cause the most destruction. Vanessa goes and tells Minh-Ly-ly they want her to throw the competition and she pins it on Brooke because she knows there is tension between Brooke and Minh-Ly-ly and she doesn't want to out the entire alliance. She tells Minh-Ly-ly not to tell anyone and hopefully, she can trust her not to tell anyone. Hira comes in to look for some cookies. Vanessa leaves and Minh-Ly-ly tells Hira, and Carol who has come into the storage room that Brooke asked Vanessa to throw the competition.

Minh-Ly-ly then tells Kyle and he wants to know who told her that and she tells him that Vanessa told her that. Kyle then goes and talks to Sheldon and Brooke and Kyle says Vanessa is frustrated and Sheldon says Vanessa could blow them up. Kyle tells us, Vanessa, what are you thinking? Sheldon says we can't trust her. Sheldon says maybe we should confront her because she hasn't blown us up yet. Kyle says with Minh-Ly-ly, it will happen. She can't be trusted.

Sheldon goes downstairs to get Vanessa and Kyle tells Vanessa what Minh-Ly-ly said. Vanessa says she didn't tell her anything like that. She says Brooke never asked her to throw the competition. Vanessa says she's feeling like she's getting grilled and very intimidated. Vanessa hopes they don't trust Minh-Ly-ly over herself. Minh-Ly-ly is the most untrustworthy person in the house. She thought she could go far with Minh-Ly-ly but now she's getting her in hot water with KVBS. Vanessa tells them it hurts that she would do that.

It's prom night at the BB Canada house! Welcome to Big Brother's Spring Fling! Young love is in the air for this PoV competition. Together, they will have to move 50 balls across the dancefloor their glass on the bleachers. But they can only use their faces. Plus, they will also have to catch the ball while it's floating. Are you ready to get close to your partners...but not too close!

Maddy says she voted against the house last week and she wants to show she's a competitor. Rianne says she wants to win and be safe because she doesn't want to go home in week three. Chris says he expected to roll over the competition with Kyle, not locking lips with him.

Rianne says this is so difficult and they haven't figured the secret out. Minh-Ly-ly and Vanessa are struggling. Minh-Ly-ly and Vanessa finally get their ball, they walk through the obstacles, up the bleachers, and then to their glass but they dropped it. Maddy says she was never prom queen in high school so this might be her chance. They get their first ball. Brooke says she and Susanne should have a chance because neither of them have any shame. They get their first ball.

Rianne and Hira have two balls. Hira says he loves his wife, but it's prom night. All the teams seem to have gotten a hang of the competition, but Chris and Kyle are still struggling. Chris says it would be nice to win this, but he thinks he's safe with Sheldon and he's feeling comfortable. Kyle and Chris got their first ball. Minh-Ly-ly and Vanessa are in the lead. Minh-Ly-ly says if she wins she's going to take Maddy or Ri off the block and force Sheldon to get blood on his hands. Sheldon says this doesn't look like throwing a competition to him. Vanessa better get her act together.

Brooke says it's important for her to try to win so she and Sheldon can have all the power. Maddy has seen her and John-Luke are behind so they change strategies and they are catching up. Carol says all the teams are crushing it except one team is more interested in the cookies. Kyle and Chris are eating cookies. Kyle says the Have-Nots can eat cookies so he's going to take advantage of it since he's safe this week.

Maddy and John-Luke are neck and neck with Minh-Ly-ly and Vanessa. Rianne and Hira are close too. Rianne says it's so close she can't really tell who's in the lead but she needs to make sure she wins to ensure her safety.

There are three teams in this race right now! John-Luke and Madeline, Vanessa and Minh-Ly-ly, and Hira and Rianne. They are all staying focused. Vanessa and Minh-Ly-ly are still in the lead. Vanessa is thinking about her position in the game and she doesn't trust Minh-Ly-ly and she wants to show she's completely loyal to KVBS. Rianne and Hira aren't far behind and John-Luke and Maddy are now in the lead. Maddy and John-Luke are on their last ball and they get it and they have won the PoV!

Rianne is super frustrated, but she'd rather be sitting by anyone else. And since John-Luke is safe too, then they could all three be there next week. Vanessa says she was a Have-Not for the second week in a row and now she won PoV. Maddy says it's karma. She goes and celebrates and says she feels so nice. She would win a kissing contest.

Sheldon and Brooke are talking and he says well that happened. Brooke says they have to be super careful about how they play this. Sheldon says Minh-Ly-ly has to go up, but if she goes up, then she has to go home. Brooke is afraid of Rianne and if she stays and wins HoH she could target them since they put her up. Brooke says the only person they could put up is Susanne to ensure Rianne goes home.

Minh-Ly-ly talks to Sheldon and she says he's contemplating what the best move for his game is. Sheldon says yeah. Minh-Ly-ly asks if he wants to avoid repercussions or would he rather have respect. Sheldon says Minh-Ly-ly is very good at getting into other people's heads. Minh-Ly-ly tells Sheldon that he said the other day if she left the house no one would be upset. Minh-Ly-ly says that was offensive and Sheldon says yeah, he doesn't think it would upset anyone. Minh-Ly-ly says that's because you aren't aware of what's going on. Sheldon says or you aren't.

Jamar goes to talk to Sheldon in the HoH. Sheldon says he thinks he's getting rid of Minh-Ly-ly. He wanted to tell Jamar because he wants to maintain trust him and he wants to make sure they are good. Jamar says Minh-Ly-ly will come for him too because she'll want to know. Sheldon asks if Jamar is OK with that and he says he thinks there are bigger targets, but Sheldon should do him.

Jamar goes into the color comic room and Minh-Ly-ly is in there and she wants to know if he wants to talk. She asks who his favorite person is and he says her. She says she doesn't think he would backdoor her. She says she doesn't think it would be fun if she left first for him or vice versa. Jamar tells her that Sheldon doesn't like her. He tells her to ask him.

Maddy and Rianne are gathering clothes for laundry and Rianne says they might survive the week. Rianne says she's not going to get too excited. She says Sheldon is so sweet, but she just stroked his ego. Maddy says yeah you have to do that. Rianne says she knows Sheldon wanted her out this week and Maddy hates people lying to her face. Rianne says it's the game.

Minh-Ly-ly wants to talk to Sheldon and she wants him to keep it between them. Minh-Ly-ly doesn't want to go on the block so she's going to talk to him. Sheldon says he's made it clear to her on countless occasions that he doesn't trust her. He says he knows he told her he wouldn't put her up but he's thinking about it and letting the house vote. Minh-Ly-ly says she's upset. She worked so hard to be in this house and she didn't think he would do that to her, put her up. She's crying.

Minh-Ly-ly then says she's really upset and she's not crying and she says people want to see a big move and he's HoH. Putting her up is not smart. Sheldon says he respects her opinion, but he thinks it is smart for him because of his position in the game and he sees her as expendable compared to other HG. Minh-Ly-ly asks if people she's close with are people she can't trust? Sheldon says he doesn't think anyone trusts her. Minh-Ly-ly says no one trusts me? He says I don't think so. Minh-Ly-ly says she's going to go and Sheldon says he's sorry.

PoV Ceremony is today! Maddy is front and center. She has decided to use the power of veto on herself. She believes she was nominated this week because she was an easy target. Her life motto is get knocked down seven times, get up eight. That's what she'll be doing going forward. Sheldon must now name a new nominee. Sheldon says he has to make the best decision possible with the information he has and the replacement nominee is...Minh-Ly-ly.

Minh-Ly-ly says she's been put on the block because her name has been run through the mud. Someone has stirred the pot on her behalf and she will wreak havoc. Rianne thinks she has a good chance against Minh-Ly-ly, but she's also going to do what it takes to stay.


March 18, 2020


Maddy and susanne are chatting in the backyard. Susanne says she doesn't want to touch her or RiRi.

Susanne asks Maddy for her headband and say she only brought 1 and BB took it, Maddy says she brought a lot. Susanne says she thinks the next comp is going to be endurance and her legs her so much from her squat workout yesterday

Minh and Sheldon are chatting in the HOH, Minh is telling a story about how her older brother would wrap her in a blanket and swing her around.

Angie and Maddy are talking about the "time before" and how much more involved in the show they felt

Sheldon and Minh are talking about having kids and MInh says she wishes she could have 26 kids from 26 different nations. Minh asks Sheldon if he would have kids with her and he says no, he think their kids would be ugly.

Kyle and Van are in the Expedia room talking about someone not really being her , he says "she doesn't cook, she doesn't clean..." then Van asks about JL and Kyle says that it goes back to the Maddy thing that Van wouldn't be the target but might see the block

Kyle and van are talking about not getting pinned down by "the 4" and who Kyle wants to put up Hira and a few others were mentioned. Kyle says that why he needs to keep control of these people and why he want Hira out

Brooke comes into the HOH and Minh tell her that she asked who Sheldon who he could be with in the house and he said Brooke... Brooke leaves

Hira and Brooke are chatting about Religion and how people can be bullied because of religion. And that he was and that what he never wanted to change himself or lose his religious symbols

JL is thanking for Hira for talking to him and that he was afraid to ask Hira about his religion bc he wasn't sure if it was rude or not. Hira say it is def not rude and her really appreciates JL asking him about it.

Sheldon, Minh, Van, Brooke and Kyle are in the Expedia room talking about what animal they would be

everyone leave the expedia room except Sheldon and Kyle and they are talking about how RiRi is scared and that Hira is clueless that he is a target. They are laughing how the entire house is going to forgive them for putting them on the block

JL tells Hira he was nervous that he could be the first voted out due to his personality. He was relieved when Arissa said ony 4 house guests are up for leaving.

They said put up the bull and Hira, not Chris and Hira

Kyle, Sheldon, Vanessa and Brooke still talking. Vanessa and Brooke say they are good with Hira. Sheldon says he needs to go sooner rather than later.

Kyle, Sheldon, Vanessa and Brooke talking about next week. They think they're okay except Maddie may put up Vanessa. But they tell her she has the votes.

Carol asks Vanessa how her day is going. Vanessa says she's accepted it as funny now. Brooke says what? the sh*t? and asks if she's heard more. Vanessa says no. They tell her they know it's all sh*t.

Sheldon tells Brooke and Kyle about a one night stand that wouldn't leave his apartment the next day


March 18, 2020


Sue/Kyle/Hira talking about situations w/exes. Kyle and Hira are explaining that they don't believe you should remain friends with your exes. They both agree that there is too much history with someone you were so close with and it's better to cut all ties with them.

Brooke and Ri are chatting in the HOH room. Ri asks if Brooke talks game w/Kyle. Brooke says she feels safe w/him but she isn't sure what he would do if he won - says she knows he would put up Hira, but doesn't know if Sheldon is safe. Ri agrees.

Ri says it would be scary for herself or Brooke to take a shot at Kyle because they are close w/him and he would blow up their game if they took the first shot at him.

Brooke says she is cautious when talking game w/Kyle because she knows when a shot is taken at him, he will blow up whoever's game he has ammunition on

Brooke says Kyle was in a bad position before the house meeting and now he is in a worse position.

Minh joins Ri and Brooke in the HOH. She says she is lonely and has been talking the cameras alone for a long time. Says she is prepared for the eviction to be cancelled and also to walk out of the house.

Minh starts talking about Jamar and the house meeting. The feeds on the HOH room cut. Downstairs, Maddie and Sue are chatting about Micheal and how things stand in the house.

Minh, Ri and Brooke are talking about Carol's struggles that she has been having lately. Minh says Carol was talking about how good her life is outside the house and that she was thinking about self-evicting. Brooke says she (Carol) has been saying the same things today.

Minh, Ri and Brooke are talking about Carol's struggles that she has been having lately. Minh says Carol was talking about how good her life is outside the house and that she was thinking about self-evicting. Brooke says she (Carol) has been saying the same things today.

Minh wonders out loud if there will be an eviction or not. She says she thinks they production want both herself and Ri to stay. Brooke and Ri say they would be fine if Minh stays both agree that she is great TV.

Ri is getting a head start on packing while Kyle keeps her company. They discuss what he wants to do with his hair tomorrow. Ri is planning on straightening it for the eviction. They both agree that there will be an eviction

Maddie asks Sue where she's at game-wise. Sue tells her that she feels like she can trust Ri and Maddie. Says she trusts Sheldon and thinks he is straight forward and real. Maddie agrees, says she feels good w/Shel.

Maddie says she likes Brooke, but feels like she and Sheldon are too tight. Sue says she doesn't think Shel/Brooke are as tight as they seem, says she feels like she can trust them. Maddie agrees, thinks they straight shooters and wants to trust them.

Sue asks Maddie if she has talked game w/Shel and Brooke. Maddie says they have talked a lot about personal things, but hopes they can start talking game soon. Sue says she thinks they (Brooke/Shel) would be willing to work w/Maddie going forward.

Sue tells Maddie that she won't repeat anything that Maddie tells her because that would break their trust. Maddie says she wants to start talking more game and building trust w/Sue.

Brooke and Hira think they find a hidden room in the kitchen between the wall pannals. After Brooke tries to squeeze thru she gets a "stop that" from production and called to the DR


March 18, 2020


Sue & Ri are in the Expedia RM. They are venting to each other over Minh talking about Kyle and Vanessa, and all the things she is doing. Sue doesn't think that Vanessa would lie. Sue told Minh she cant even own up to her telling people to watch out for her.

They are talking about how Minh disrespected Sue by talking about family. Sue- she will say and lie about anything in this game.

Sue & Ri in Expedia RM. Sue & Ri are talking about how Minh was always Jealous when it comes to Jamar. Ri says that she didn't know that they had been making out.

The girls in Expedia . Sue tells Ri that she trusts her, and Ri says the same. They like that they can tell each other things and they don't get repeated.

Rianne & Sue are talking about Carol in the Expedia RM Sue whispering saying-Not really agreeing to the process we signed up for that she knows shes 44 and has a bad back

While Ri & Sue are in Expedia we check in on cams 3&4 with some of the HG eating some lunch. Carol shooting out to her daughter Carol

Maddie & JL talking about who they would put up if they where HOH and Minh enters. So JL starts naming of the city's on the board. Minh compliments JL after he names them all off and then wants to go over the ones she knows with them. Ri is in the RM as well

Keep me in the game, make it exciting, cancel Thursday’s eviction! Minh says to cameras while in the Expedia room with Maddie and JL. Maddie jokingly asks for a Battle Back.
Minh says to JL that she really doesn’t trust Kyle “not one bit”. He makes her laugh but people have told her (Minh) to not associate with Kyle b/c Kyle will try to reel her back in. Rianne is in the room, looks like she is lying down and is being silent.

Carol, Hira, Vanessa, & Angie are on the HOH couch while Sheldon, Brooke, & Kyle are in the HOH bed. They joke about their “new” alliance called "Solid". They debate whether it should be called Solid” or “Spread.

Minh admits to JL & Maddie that she’s made mistakes in this game. From now on, she will keep her mouth shut, & be more picky about who she trusts. Rianne is still lying down. Minh says that Vanessa has lied to her about Kyle, & about not knowing about the Minh backdoor.

Minh says to JL & Maddie that “if I get out Kyle, it will be for Jamar”. Minh tells them to not fall for it when she acts to be buddy-buddy with Kyle. Rianne is still lying down.


March 18, 2020


Downstairs, Hira, Kyle, Vanessa, Carol and Maddy are joking around about who they would nominate and take to Wendy's if they won HOH. Upstairs Sheldon and John Luke are chatting Men's league basketball and how cold they are in the house in the AM.

HGs are talking how well they slept last night and dreams. Kyle says Brooke is a good bed neighbor because she's fun. He says Vanessa isn't. She says "I hear your voice all day." Maddy asks why it is called Prince Edward Island. Vanessa isn't sure.

Rianne and Sue are also discussing how well they slept and dreams. Sue says she fell asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow.

They say the backyard is "shut off."

Sue is putting on her makeup and Minh is also nearby.

Apparently the other day Hira was "stuck" in the HOH washroom the other day for an hour. The HGs assume he was locked in. Kyle had heard him "moaning" But apparently he was out of toilet paper so he kept yelling. No one answered.

There was a loud thud in the backyard (they are constructing the next HOH). And the HGs have fun with it.

Chris tells Minh she needs to decide if she's with Kyle or against him. He says it could be confusing to other HGs when she spends hours hanging out with him. She says Kyle makes her laugh but that doesn't change her target.

Minh and Chris are in the storage room and she is asking him about his opinions on the dynamics of the house and what he thought of points of her meeting.

The HGs are discussing the NBA/NHL. They realize that they don't have an audience so the "Raps" probably don't have fans in attendance. They have no idea that all sports have been postponed or canceled.

Carol and Minh are talking about Kyle and Vanessa in the HOH room. Saying Kyle was telling each of them, specifically Carol was told Minh was talking badly about her. They say that they haven't about each other or Vanessa because they are supposed to be a F3.

Brooke, Carol, Susanne and Vanessa are chatting about Minh's latest conversations with the HGs while getting ready in the Anime room. About new convos with Minh... Carol You might want to take a notebook, they are getting convoluted.

Minh tells Susanne Vanessa made her feel that Sue and Jamar had something going on and you was on the outskirts. Sue says you can still have personal relationships. Minh says the people in your alliance shouldn't snake you.

Carol says she doesn't want to be here. She knows she can't do the final challenges. She'll have at least doubled her followers and she has thriving businesses outside of the house.

Sue tells Minh she does believe she got played. Minh says she's sorry she didn't trust her. She says she glad she figured out before she left instead of after she left.

Sheldon tells Brooke Minh was talking so much last night. He told her she can sleep there so she didn't sleep in the have not room by herself.

Sheldon tells Brooke he's burnt out and may follow her around all day and talk about friend stuff. He says they can talk game, it's inevitable.

Brooke tells Sheldon Carol wanted to self-evict. Sheldon says if that happens the season is over. Brooke says she hates production.

Minh tells Sue, Kyle told her she's good at taking pieces of information and mixing them and that's what he does. She says Vanessa didn't want her to have the house meeting bc no one was voting for her to stay. Sue says that's true. They talk about the eviction

Sue and Minh continue their conversation about lying. Sue says she's cut off Minh because she can't trust her. Minh says she can't trust others. Sue says if that happens she'll cut them off too.

Sue tells Minh she won't tell her stuff because she doesn't trust her. Minh says it's hypocritical because other people lie. It gets heated.

Susanne tells Vanessa that Minh was throwing her under the bus. Vanessa asks if there is something she should be doing. Susanne and Brooke says she's fine.

Chris and Vanessa say Carol needs to stay for at least 4 weeks because they need her as a number. Vanessa says she hopes she's handling it well. Chris says let Kyle take the heat.

Vanessa says Chris is the only she can talk to about Kyle because he knows what's going on.

Brooke tells Susanne and Sheldon that if Carol threatens to self evict every day they should just evict her

Carol and Chris are in the bathroom a moment and Carol tells Chris that she is all good now that she had an epiphany in the shower. you hear Sue say I don't know if she is packing she just took her toothpaste and stuff in the rm referring to Carol

Hira & Minh are in the manga RM discussing Kyle. Hira is telling Minh that Kyle has a friendship with the others and that's why they wont put him up. Hira says to Minh hope the veto is canceled and play for the hoh. Keep your plans quite.

Jamar Lee Removed From ‘Big Brother Canada’

March 17, 2020