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 Winner of CBB US 2019

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America's Favorite Houseguest.

February 13, 2019

The winner is...Tom Green. Tom says that is amazing and thanks America! He loves everyone and it was so much fun

Tom Green as their favorite houseguest and he took home a $25,000 cash prize.

Tamar Braxton crowned winner of Celebrity Big Brother Season 2

February 13, 2019

 Media personality Tamar Braxton has been crowned the winner of Celebrity Big Brother Season 2, taking home the $250,000 grand prize.

Tonight's final ShowAfter 29 days of crazy drama, unexpected twists and epic competitions. Celebrity Big Brother comes to an end.

February 13, 2019

Previously, on Celebrity Big Brother, after the first four celebrities were sent packing, the house was divided. Tom, Kandi, and Dina on one side, and Tamar, Lolo, and Ricky on the other. But it seemed Kandi and Tamar were most loyal to each other.

A double eviction first body-slammed the wrestler out the door, then canceled The Tom Green Show, leaving only five.

Now, after a crazy season, it all comes down to this. Who will rise to power? Who will be evicted? And who will ultimately be crowned the winner of a quarter of a million dollars? Plus, all 12 celebrities will return tonight and one will win America's favorite!

Julie Chen-Moonves greets us from the Celebrity Big Brother finale. Tonight, Ricky, Dina, Lolo, Kandi, and Tamar head into battle as three competition and two vetoes decide who will make up the final two. Plus the rest of the cast will be returning to decide who is the winner.

But first, when last we saw the final five, they were soaring to become the final five in a competition hosted by last year's winner Marissa Jaret Winokur.

Tamar recaps the rules of putting together the puzzle and she wants to win so she can control who she can keep safe and who goes on the block. Lolo can't play and she's hoping Ricky or Tamar will win.

Kandi rushes back and tries to hit the button to give herself more time and she just misses it. Kandi is tired of being on the block and she wants to win, but this competition is tough.

Dina was a gymnast and the acrobatics is so easy for her and finally, she's in a competition she can win. We see her timer running out and her board demagnetizes. She can't figure out why the puzzle isn't sticking up there and her time runs out and Lolo informs her she had to hit her timer. Lolo doesn't want to be excited, but go Tamar and go Ricky.

Ricky feels like he's the most athletic person. He's not worried about swinging, he's worried about recognizing the colors and putting them together.

Kandi has finally gotten the hang of the competition, but we see her timer running out again and she heads back. Lolo on the side is chuckling. Kandi is hoping Tamar will win because Ricky won't hesitate to put her on the block. Ricky has just a couple of pieces and Tamar has a little over halfway. Ricky has his finished and he heads to back to hit his timer and Ricky is the new HoH!

Ricky says there is a new HoH time and he's going to final four. He shows us his excited face. Tamar is happy Ricky won, but she's a little upset she didn't win. But she's playing both sides of the fence so she's in a great position. Kandi says she'll be back on the block again, same bat time on the same bat channel.

The HGs head inside and it's immediately time for the nomination ceremony. Everyone gathers around the table and Ricky has his nomination block. Ricky's first nominee is... Dina. Ricky's second nominee is... Kandi. Kandi says she's going for the world record. Ricky nominated them and everyone knew the deal.

Dina says she guesses they were good players. Dina says she's happy that was the deal.

Ricky says he nominated Dina and Kandi because they don't sleep with him. He says but there's still veto and the game begins now. Dina says you have to get rid of the best players so she's happy. She has to win this veto to make it to the end.

Kandi says when she first got there she just didn't want to go home first, but now she's top five and she can see the light at the end of the tunnel. She needs to win this veto.

Tamar and Ricky are talking and Ricky promises a Final Two to Tamar. Tamar says the veto competition is very important. Ricky says he'd put Lolo up if Kandi or Dina won veto and Tamar says maybe it's time to get rid of Lolo. Tamar says she needs to give herself every chance she can to win the game. So bye Lolo!

It's now time for the final veto competition of the season. We see a security-themed competition. Their mission is to steal four artifacts in the museum in the fastest time. They'll be instructed to steal a specific item. They grab the item and take it to the case and if they are correct, they'll be given the next clue. But it's not that simple. They have lasers in the room and if they trip a laser it will set the alarm off and they'll have to go back and reset it. Are you ready to play Veto Heist?

Ricky is first and the first clue is to grab the artifact from the competition the first female HGs won. Ricky knew it was Natalie in the football competition and he grabs it. He trips a laser, but he gets the football in and he's correct.

The second clue was to grab the item from the competition that Ryan. Ricky goes and grabs the blocks and he's correct. The next clue is to grab the item won by a time of 3:07 and Ricky knows it was slaughterhouse and he grabs the bunny mask. The final clue is to grab the item from the first competition Natalie played in and Ricky knew it was the Rockstar one. He hopes his time is good enough.

Lolo is next and she wants to win the veto not only to guarantee her spot in the final four but also to keep nominations the same. She seems to be moving fairly quickly and she's staying focused. She finishes and says she hopes she did good enough.

Dina is up next and she's strategically good at navigating, but then we see her trip the lasers four times in a row. She grabs the football and again trips the lasers. Dina says crime doesn't pay but winning celebrity big brother does.

Tamar says the pressure is on her because she has to win this competition so she can secure the final four. Plus she can backdoor Lolo and she can go go. Tamar drops the football and Tamar starts screaming and we see the HGs inside can hear something. The football trips the laser.

Kandi is next and she says she doesn't have time to be tripping no alarms because she's competing against an ex-football player and an Olympian. She seems to be doing OK, but she's taking her time. She thinks she did pretty good and she didn't set off the alarm much. She's hoping she pulled it off.

Dina finished with a time of 5:34. Tamar finished with a time of 13:22. Tamar is currently in the lead. Kandi has a time of 9:53 and she is now in the lead. Kandi is hoping she can win this thing. Ricky finished with a time of 9:21 and he takes the lead. Kandi doesn't look happy. Lolo's time is next and she finished with a time of 5:08. Lolo has won the PoV! This veto secures her safety and ensures she'll be competing in the final four.

Kandi says, of course, Lolo won the veto, but this is her fourth time being on the block. She's survived three times and she's not giving up. Tamar says that competition was hard. Anthony will be joining Julie next for his thoughts on the HG.

Lolo holds the final power of veto. Will she use it and put Tamar's game at risk. Lolo goes to talk to Ricky and Lolo says leaving Kandi in the game makes her nervous. Ricky has a hard time imagining people voting for someone who hasn't won. Lolo pitches taking Dina down and putting Tamar up and creating a tie and let Ricky vote out Kandi.

Lolo tells Tamar her idea and Tamar doesn't look pleased. Lolo says or she just wants Tamar to vote for Kandi to leave. Tamar says she doesn't want to go up. Tamar says what?!? Is Lolo really thinking about putting her up? She is NOT going on the block. Tamar pitches taking Dina out because she could be a threat. Lolo says she has to think about her end game because she's so close. Lolo says she's going to think about it.

It's time for the veto meeting. Lolo has decided not to use the power of veto. She values both of them in the game and she thinks they are both amazing players and she wouldn't know who to save. Lolo says using the veto wasn't worth upsetting Tamar. Whoever leaves the house could determine her win or loss. She'll be mad if she came this far just to lose.

Tamar says she is voting Dina out of the house, she can go meet her catfish. Ricky says he might need to be the one to break the tie and it could potentially make someone mad. But he's not scared, he's ready for anything.

Julie welcomes back Anthony Scaramucci. Julie talks about the twist and she wants to know how hard it was to be in there and not compete. Anthony says the only time he let up was in the horseshoe competition. Anthony says watching Marissa, the slower you play the longer you last and that's Dina.

Julie asks if it was hard to hide it from the HGs and Anthony says yes, he got very close with Ryan. But he needed to keep it to himself. Julie wants to know Anthony's thoughts on the HG. Anthony says Ricky is an assassin and he's a competitor. Anthony says Tamar is OMG! She is so out there and so much fun to watch. Anthony says you can read about people, but you don't know them until you meet them.

Anthony says Lolo is such a competitor and he loves her emotion. Anthony thinks Kandi is one of the smartest people he ever met. They taught her how to play chess in the first 24 hours and now she's beating them. Julie asks Anthony if he thinks Donald Trump has a chance to survive his first term. Anthony says he does, especially if the economy continues to do well and he'd like to see him succeed. Anthony says we need to work together and get it together as Americans. Anthony says people want change, they don't want an establishment president. Anthony will not vote for a winner, but he will be reunited with his former housemates.

It's time for the night's first live eviction. Kandi says it's been a pleasure to be in the top five. She loves Lolo's honesty, she's so happy she had this time with Tamar to get things together and she hopes it continues.

Kandi says Ricky is the one who kickstarted her in the game. Kandi says she loves Dina and she thinks she'd beat anyone because she is so wonderful. She asks to stay because she wants to make Celebrity BB history for surviving the block.

Dina says this has been an amazing journey and she's gotten to know them so much more over the last week. She loves Lolo's determination and her spirituality and she's such a good, good girl. And she's going to find her a husband. Tamar just makes Dina laugh and Ricky, she has learned so much about astrology and he taught her how to be more verbal. Dina can't say enough about Kandi and she loves her. She says Kandi beat her in a lot of games of cards. Julie has to cut Dina off.

It's time for the voting to begin! Ricky will only vote in the event of a tie.

Lolo votes to evict Kandi.
Tamar votes to evict...Dina.

We have a tie and now it's up to Ricky to cast the deciding vote. Julie informs them with one vote each, they have a tie. And now Ricky will decide who will leave the BB house tonight. Ricky stands and he votes to evict Kandi. Kandi goes and gives hugs and heads out the door. Kandi and Tamar share one more moment at the door.

Julie says the live audience openly gasped when Ricky evicted her, is she surprised? Kandi says she's a little surprised, but she knew they wanted to get rid of her. Julie says game wise did Ricky do the right thing? Kandi says no. Kandi says she's a woman of her word and she promised she would take him to the end if he saved her. She didn't think she'd even make it this far. Julie asks if she enjoyed it and Kandi says yes, she made great friends and she plans to stay in touch with everyone. Julie says and she buried the hatchet with Tamar and Kandi says they needed this and they turned it around and they really supported each other.

It's time for the final HoH and this HoH will immediately evict two HGs and choose who they want to sit next to. They are judges for a show called Celebrity Lookalike Junior.

They see videos of kid look-alikes of the final five. Julie says she will show them seven videos, each featuring a celebrity lookalike. During each, the junior will make three statements and they need to identify the false statement. They get a point for each correct answer. The player with the most points wins the final and most powerful HoH.

They get their first look-alike of Tom Green and he says he was the second HGs saved by the PoV, he won a competition in a tiebreaker round, and he was nominated three times. Everyone answers A and they are all correct and they all get a point.

Time for the second video of Ryan Lochte. He says he was on the chopping block for three days, he nominated four HGs during his HoH, and he played in the same number of competitions as Jonathan. Ricky and Tamar answer A and Lolo and Dina answer B. Ricky and Tamar have two points and Lolo and Dina have 1.

Next is Natalie Natalie Marie. She says she was nominated on day 21, she didn't play in the first three veto competitions, and she won exactly two kick the competition battles. Tamar, Lolo, and Ricky answer B and Dina answers C. Tamar and Ricky have three points, Lolo has two points, and Dina has 1 point.

Next, we have Kato Kaelin. Kato says he won the first two competitions he played in, he was the first HGs to use the power of veto and he lasted more than 21 days in the house. Lolo, Ricky, and Tamar answer C and Dina answers B. Tamar and Ricky got four points, Lolo has 3, and Dina has 1.

Anthony Scaramucci is next, and Anthony says Mooch's veto was the first veto to be used on a nominee, he was in the house for over 150 hours, Kevin Frazier announced he wasn't a real HGs on day 6. Ricky, Lolo, and Tamar answer B and Dina answers A. Ricky and Tamar have 5 points, Lolo has 4, and Dina has 1.

Jonathan Bennett is next and Jonathan says Joey, Ryan, and he were all evicted with 6 votes, in his eviction plea he said he was an ally to every person there, and he was the first player to picked to be a power pair. Tamar and Lolo answer A, Ricky answers B and Dina answers C. Ricky is correct and he has 6 points, Tamar has 5 points, Lolo has 4, and Dina has 1.

Joey Lawrence is last and he played in exactly two competitions, he was nominated on days 8 and 13, and he scored $25 million on the worldwide rollout. Tamar and Lolo and A and Ricky and Dina answer C. Ricky and Tamar are tied with 6 points. It's time for a tiebreaker.

In hours, how long was it from when Kevin Frazier announced the first breaking celebrity news alert until Julie told them Kevin had delivered the final news alert. Tamar answers 15 and Ricky answers 185 and he is the new HoH!

It is now time for Ricky to decide who he wants to send to the jury and who he wants to face off against.

Dina says she loves him and they'll be friends and she's learned so much for him to grow and go to the gym and to take care of her.

Tamar says he's one of her favorite people in the house and she wants to see him do good and she wishes him the best of luck. Lolo thanks Ricky for pulling everything out of her in the competition and she's grateful to have played with him and she's enjoyed being on his team and she hopes he takes her to the end.

Julie tells Ricky he has a big decision to make. Julie asks him to go to the head of the room and select the final two HGs to be evicted. He loves getting to know Dina and he evicts her and he enjoyed working with Lolo and he evicts her as well. There are hugs all around and Tamar can't believe it. Lolo is saying her bag is heavy and Lolo and Dina come out.

Julie says the place is in shock and she asks Lolo if she's in shock. Lolo says yeah, she saved Ricky multiple times throughout the game, she could have sided with Tom and Kato. She felt like it was a very one-sided deal and she wanted to honor the alliance they had.

Julie asks Lolo if he made the right move for the win? Lolo says it's hard to tell, but yeah, she would have had more votes for him. Lolo isn't sure she'd want to continue a friendship outside of the game and she feels like he crossed the line.

Julie asks if Dina is upset and she says no. Julie says are you just so happy you made it this far and she says yes. Dina says the experience was amazing and she loves Lolo and she made 11 friends. Lolo says second place gets $50,000 and that's not much after agent fees and taxes. Julie says you think Ricky will finish second and Lolo said maybe.

It's now time to welcome the jury. Jonathan Bennett, Ryan Lochte, Joey Lawrence, Kato Kaelin, Natalie Natalie Marie, and Tom Green. They all take their seats. Julie brings out juror #7 and Kandi comes out. Juror #8 comes out and it's Dina. And juror #9 and they see Lolo. They are all giving out hugs. Julie tells them to sit down and she brings them up to speed.

Julie says a little bit later they will cast their vote for who they think should win, but first, they get to question the finalists. Julie goes to Ricky and Tamar and Tom gets the first question. Tom asks Ricky what was his biggest game move? Ricky says his biggest game move was not freaking out on the block and having faith he had allies to keep him safe. Tamar's biggest game move was gunning for the two people who were going to take the whole competition, Tom and Kato.

Natalie congratulates them both and asks what their biggest regret in the game is so far. Ricky says his biggest regret was not winning Slaughter House. He said it sent a lot of things tumbling and a lot of things came out. Tamar says her biggest regret was getting too emotional. She sometimes let her emotions overshadow her trust and she might have made more friends in the house and she would have seen more clearly.

Ryan asks why they should choose Tamar over Ricky? Tamar says Ricky is an amazing human being and she is a huge fan of the show and she believes she played the game to the best of her ability and she did what she had to do to be in the chair she is. Same question to Ricky and he says he played the game hard and at the same time he tried to give good advice to people he spoke to even if it was against his best interest.

Julie says it's almost time for the jury to cast their votes, but first, they get a closing statement to explain why they deserve to win. Tamar gives honor to God and thanks CBS. She says coming into the BB house turned into a spiritual journey for her and meeting them all was a blessing and she doesn't doubt for a second it wasn't meant to be. She lost her job publicly, she lost her husband and her home, and she lost some friend, but she made a promise to herself to never give up and always be kind and she's asking them to be kind to this girl and help her be the best person she can be. She says she's so nervous and she loves them all.

Ricky says he's thinking of things he said to make them mad and he apologizes. He wanted to show the world who he really was and it's been a struggle and the whole time he's tried to honor and be himself, his moody, quirky, nerdy self. He has a couple of sayings he likes to live his life by, keep it real, and keep it moving. He remembers a conversation with Ryan and Joey about being a perfect role model and he thinks the winner models all of their experience.

Jonathan is up to vote first and he says hello, first of all, he'd like to say something... Julie, you look really pretty today. He's going to vote for someone that had his back as much as they could. Ryan is next and he wishes them good luck and that's all he has.

Joey is next and Joey says congratulations and he said from day one it was one person's journey to win. Kick butt! Kato is next and he steps up says congratulations and he says Tamar, sorry about slipping on shrimp and they played fantastic and he considers them friends.

Natalie is so excited to see them both and she loves them both and she hates that she has to do this. She loves them. Tom is next and he says this is a tough choice for a lot of reasons, but he does congratulate them both and he's going to vote for the one who made him laugh the most. Congrats guys.

Kandi is next and she says this was life-changing for the both of us, glad both of us made it. Dina is next and she'd like to pull a Metta now and say she doesn't know which one. She loves them both. Lolo says in this game you can make decisions based on deals or based on your heart...that's how she will cast her vote.

Voting is now complete! Up next, we'll get some jury reactions and take on the season!

Anthony has joined the jury. Julie asks Jonathan as he was watching, what surprised him the most? Jonathan says one of the biggest surprises was that everyone thought he was a threat and he's never been called a threat in his life. Jonathan says he didn't win anything, the only thing he won was because he was teamed up with an Olympic gold medalist. He says the more he watched, the more intense it got and people got into the game.

Julie draws attention to Anthony and no one is mad at him. Julie asks Joey about the bromance between him and Ryan. Joey says it's a crazy journey and it was an amazing ride and you meet unexpected people and Ryan is such a genuine guy and they text late at night. Joey says he knew of Ryan Lochte, but didn't know him as a human being and he is a genuine person.

Julie goes to Ryan and asks if he feels he got to show who he was and Ryan says yeah. He says people see headlines, but people who watched got to see the real Ryan Lochte. Julie asks how surprised he is to walk away with these friendships. Ryan says he's walking out of the house with two really good friends he'll have for the rest of his life.

Julie goes to Tom and says after leaving, what kind of perspective did it give him to see things outside of the fishbowl. Tom says he didn't realize how intense it was. He expected it to be competitive and he would have to let off steam at night and when he came out he felt some stress and felt strange and he went online and seen all the amazing comments and he felt better. He says the Big Brother community is such a great community.

Julie turns to Kato and asks what surprised him the most about playing Big Brother. Kato says people don't understand. He says he's a guy who needs sleep and Tom would snore, and then Jonathan, and then Kandi, and he was going crazy. That was the toughest part. But the friendships were great and his life used to be soundbites and it's not anymore.

Julie says something that remains a secret is who won the Power of the Publicist power. She let Natalie reveal and she asks Tamar how hard it was to keep it a secret. Tamar says after she won, she tried to talk to Tom and he refused to talk to her so he felt like it was out of order to tell anyone else in the house she had it. Tamar says she didn't have to use it and she wasn't going to use it because she was worried it would build a wedge between her friendships. Up next we'll find out who will be the winner of Celebrity Big Brother.

After a jampacked 29 days, it's time to reveal the winner of Celebrity Big Brother. Julie will now reveal the votes. Jonathan voted for...Tamar. Ryan has cast his vote for...Tamar. Joey has cast his vote for Tamar. Kato has cast his vote for Tamar. Natalie has voted for Tamar. Tamar is shocked! Ricky gives her a hug. Julie tells them to come out. The jurors go to celebrate with Tamar and Ricky's wife runs up and jumps into his arms. Tamar's son tackles her.

We're back and Julie reveals Tamar won unanimously. The only other time BB had a unanimous vote was season 10 when Dan Gheesling took it home. Tamar says she's so grateful and she thanks, everyone. Julie congratulates Ricky.

It's time to reveal America's Favorite Houseguest. The winner is...Tom Green. Tom says that is amazing and thanks America! He loves everyone and it was so much fun. Julie thanks them all for an amazing season. Don't forget regular Big Brother is right around the corner, I'll see you then.

Live Feed Updates Wednesday, February 13th(1)

February 13, 2019

Live Feed Updates Wednesday, February 13th(1)

12:00 AM BBT Ricky coming in and passes Tamar a drink and leaves again. Dina is still preparing for bed. She is looking for her hat Lolo and Tamar are just lying in their beds not talking. Lolo says What has be the hardest being away from Beans? Tamar says By far more than anyone. Ricky has joined them in the bedroom and gotten into his bed. Tamar takes a sip of the drink Ricky made her. She says it is good but she can’t put her finger on what it taste like. Lolo says Christmas. Lolo says You guys want the heat or fan on. Ricky tells her fan. Tamar is rereading her letter. Ricky is rereading his letter as well. Dina is in the SR looking for something. She then heads into her bedroom and continues to look for something. She goes out to the kitchen opens the fridge puts something in the fridge and heads into the washroom. Tamar is now reading her Bible. Kandi is in bed reading her Bible. Lights have been turned off in the Gold Bedroom. Kandi is playing cards in bed. Kandi gets out of bed and puts 2 pillows down by the door. It looks like she is using the cards to study the dates in the house

12:15 AM BBT It looks like most of the HGs are in bed asleep. Kandi is the only one awake on camera; it looks like she is using the deck of cards to study the dates.

12:30 AM BBT Cameras are on sleeping Hgs and Kandi who is still studying the dates with the cards in her bed.

12:45 AM BBT Kandi is still in her bed with the cards. All other cameras are on sleeping HGs.

1:00 AM BBT Kandi gets out of bed and heads to the washroom. Kandi uses the stall washes up and heads back to her room where she removes her mic and settles in for the night. All lights are now off and all HGs are asleep or going to sleep. As we close out for the night all HGs are in bed asleep resting up for a busy day.

 Live Feed Updates Tuesday, February 12th(9)

February 12, 2019

  Live Feed Updates Tuesday, February 12th(9)

8:00 PM BBT All the houseguests except Ricky are in the kitchen talking about the red light district and Kandi mentions the blue light district. Lolo yells, “Hey Alexa what’s blue light district mean.” Kandi talks about getting recognized by a producer with her husband.Conversation switches to everyone’s respective trips to Amsterdam which seems to be a place everyone except Dina has been too. Everyone talks about the not so nice parts of the city and Dina asks if they whole place is like that, Kandi says no only one part of the city is like that.
8:15 PM BBT Now only Lolo and Tamar remain at the kitchen table. Kandi has gone over to the sink. Tamar seems to be doing some type of project since she has two cups of make up brushes in front of her and has two cups of water for herself and four for Kandi and the two of them are washing their make-up brushes. Tamar says she likes the beauty blender cleanser better than regular soap and Kandi says she does too and the two of them clean their makeup brushes together.
8:30 PM BBT Lolo heads upstairs to the gym and as she walks excitedly yells, “YES!!! IT’S MY LAST WORK OUT IN THIS BITCH!” before jumping on the treadmill. Lolo straps herself in and says, “I’ll be on a real track soon instead of this hamster wheel and I can breathe outside air, she starts running on the treadmill and then finishes up and starts running in place. Ricky joins Lolo in the gym and she sits down on the treadmill and asks Ricky how his meditation was and Ricky tells her it went well. Lolo says she doesn’t really know what she wants to do with her workout today, if she wants to go hard or just do something small because she doesn’t think it’s going to be a physical HOH competition.
8:45 PM BBT Lolo is laying on the floor in the gym breathing heavily and holding a piece of paper she sits up and continues breathing heavily. In the hotel bedroom, Dina is sleeping and Tamar is laying in bed, but wide awake. Ricky comes into the hotel bedroom and Tamar whispers something to him, he tells her he’s looking out for all of them. Tamar says she knows and she is too.
9:00 PM BBT Ricky has left the hotel bedroom and Tamar is laying in bed by herself looking somewhat upset. Feeds cut to Lolo in the gym looking at a piece of paper with descriptions of her work outs on it. Tamar enters the gym and Lolo asks if she talked to Ricky and Tamar says she told him she wanted to “be around Kandi to be able to feel it.”
9:15 PM BBT Lolo tells Tamar that Kandi told her that she would take Ricky with her to final 2 and Tamar says that she told her the same thing, and “Ding dong the bitch is dead” Lolo asks Tamar why she doesn’t want Kandi to go and Tamar says because she’s not a hater. Lolo says she understands that but last time when they all voted with her was when Joey got evicted and they regretted that and now they can’t have that in the final 2 because there are no second chances.
9:30 PM BBT Tamar says if Dina wins it “fucks up everybody’s opportunity up for winning because she would win over all of them” Lolo says that Dina winning is much less of a chance then Kandi because Kandi knows all of the days perfectly and she’s been studying everything and Dina is good only if it’s a speed thing and she’s not counting her out, but Kandi has already told everyone that she’s taking Ricky with her to final 2 and that will mess up everyone else’s game even more than Dina winning the final HOH competition. In the upstairs lounge, Dina, Tamar, and Kandi are all on the tablet and seem to be reading some type of horoscope thing.
9:45 PM BBT Ricky is asleep in the hotel bedroom along with Lolo, while Dina, Tamar, and Kandi are all upstairs in the upstairs lounge playing on the tablet and they are all looking up their horoscopes, Dina is talking to Kandi about the real housewives show. Kandi and Tamar talk about how tonight is the last night.
10:00 PM BBT Tamar was called into the DR downstairs by Production. She goes downstairs but says, “I have to get an eyelash and fix myself first.” Dina and Kandi are upstairs still talking. Dina says she wants to see his reaction to something. Then Production says, “Dina, knock it off!” Dina says, “That was mean. He probably doesn’t know what I am talking about.” She gets up and goes downstairs. Kandi asks her what time it is. Dina tells her it is 10:17 PM BBT. Dina says the oven is on and asks, “What are they cooking?” Kandi says that they are probably preheating it for some food. Dina says that the BY is open also. Downstairs in the Gold BR Tamar is getting ready to go in the DR but is also talking with Ricky a little bit. She says she talked with Lolo some about Kandi again. Ricky asks what she said. Tamar said, “Lolo says that she has to go.” Ricky says, “If it makes you feel better if you don’t want to do it I can take care of it for you.” Tamar says, “Well thank you for that.” Ricky says, “That’s what we are here for. We got each other’s back.”
10:15 PM BBT Tamar goes into the SR and she gets some items and comes back out and yells, “Guess what everybody, we got some great things from our friends at POP TV; some chocolate covered strawberries, cheese and crackers and Champagne.” She read the card to them. They all say, “Thank you POP.” And they start eating the strawberries. Lolo asks if that is real champagne. Kandi reads it, “No. It’s sparkling cider.” Lolo says, “That will work. We can make a toast with that. The cheese and crackers are better though.” Kandi goes to look for Tamar and asks where Tay is. Lolo says, “She is in the DR I think.” Kandi went and told Ricky. Ricky came out and said, “Who cut the cheese?” Lolo said, “Haha, very funny.” Ricky said, “That’s for you Kato.” Ricky then asked, “Where is the bottle opener?” They said they didn’t know. He used something else. Ricky danced a little in the kitchen. Kandi said, “Look at that. Who knew the big silent guy could dance? Did you used to dance in the end zone?” Ricky said, “No. I just put the ball down or give it to the Ref. Plus we weren’t allowed to.” Kandi asked if they should make a toast with Tamar. Ricky said, “I’ll go and get the champagne glasses.” Tamar comes out of the DR. She says, “I don’t like cider, blech.” She makes some vomiting noises. Then Ricky brings the champagne glasses out in the kitchen. Tamar said, “Those glasses are dirty.” Lolo says, “I will wash them.” And she starts washing them. Dina heads into the DR. She asks them to wait for her for the toast. Tamar says, “Y’all look like that you all got a pep in your step. What’s going on?” Lolo says, “It’s that cheese. Thank you, Pop.” Ricky says, “One more sleep. That’s why I got a pep in my step.”
10:30 PM BBT They ask Ricky if he wants to make the toast. He says, “Yes, I will.” He says, “To all our fallen housemates that came before us. And to Big Brother, Thank you.” Kandi then asked if they were going to go to bed. Kandi started playing cards. Ricky, Lolo and Tamar went to their BR. Ricky got in his bed. Tamar then left the BR. Lolo said to Ricky, “That was a good toast.” Tamar went to the bathroom and started the shower. She then prepared to get in the shower. Lolo left the BR and went into the kitchen. Dina is outside in the BY. Lolo is putting makeup on at the dining table while Kandi is playing solitaire. Lolo tells Kandi, “I will tell you the same thing I told Dina earlier, that I will let you know beforehand what we decide so you are not shocked.” Kandi says, “Ok, I appreciate that. Are you still trying to decide?” Lolo said, “Yes.” Then Kandi says, “Oh she is singing back there.” And you hear Tamar singing from the bathroom but it is not totally clear. Lolo asks, “Who? Is that Tay?” Kandi says, “Yes, it’s Tamar.” Then they stop talking. Meanwhile, Dina is sitting outside in the BY by the fire pit enjoying the fire alone. She then gets up and comes back inside the house. She says, “It’s so nice out there.” Kandi is shuffling the cards. Dian asks, “Does anyone want to play?” She looks at Kandi and asks, “Wanna play?” Kandi laughs and asks Lolo if she has to go back into the DR. Lolo says she does. Dina sits down at the dining table and they start playing a game of cards. Lolo got up and went and got her pizza out of the oven. Tamar is out of the shower and sees Lolo and asks her what happened to her pep.
10:45 PM BBT Lolo says, “I just want to eat this pizza and go to bed but I have to go in the DR again. Ricky comes back out in the kitchen area. He asks Lolo, “Is your pizza good?” Lolo says, “I added some feta cheese and jalapenos to it and spiced it up some.” Then Ricky asked Dina and Kandi if they were playing gin rummy. They said yes. Tamar walked through the dining area and then came back. Ricky then went back to bed. Tamar came back in the kitchen area and asked where Lolo went if she went back in the DR? Then the girls said that she left. Kandi asked Tamar if she wanted to play cards. Tamar said, “No. I am going to save all my game playing for tomorrow.” She was putting some moisturizer on her face also. Then she left the room. She went back to her BR and got in her bed. Lolo was actually in there but left right after Tamar came in. Tamar asked Ricky was going on. Tamar says, “You and Lolo are awfully giddy tonight.” Ricky says, “Why? Do you think something is going on?” Tamar asks, “Do I think? Do you want to put me to sleep?” He gets up and goes over to her and tells her to show him the right spot. He begins rubbing her back. She says, “It’s called Big Brother.” Back out in the kitchen, Kandi and Dina are talking and playing cards. Dina tells Kandi, “If we had more time we would crush it.” Kandi says, “I cannot be away from my family another month.” Dina says, “I just can’t tell what Lolo is going to do. I can’t read her.”
11:00 PM BBT Kandi asks, “Did they all go to bed on us?” Dina said, “I just want to know who had that power.” Kandi says, “I want to know that too.” Dina says, “It had to be Tamar or one of their groups.” Kandi says, “Well I am going to go and take a shower.” Dina says, “I am going to take a shower too.” They go to their BR and start preparing to go take a shower. Dina asks Kandi, “So is there a first prize and second prize?” Kandi says, “No. Just the one.” Dina says, “Oh that is what I thought. And then there is the Americas winner.” Lolo comes in there and asks Dina if she has any Tums. Dina tells her yes and where they are. Lolo gets some and thanks her. Then Lolo goes to her BR. Dina goes to the bathroom. She says, “I’m hungry. Dina, why I am so hungry all the time?”Dina is in there and she is taking her makeup off. Lolo comes in there and asks Kandi if she already took a shower. Kandi says, “No I haven’t even gotten in there yet.” Dina asks Lolo if she is going to wash her hair. Lolo says, “No. I was going to but since the towels came so late I decided not to.” Lol jumps in one of the shower stalls and begins taking her shower. Dina prepares to get in the other shower. Kandi goes into the restroom to prepare for her shower when one of the other HGs is done. Dina and Lolo are talking about taking showers up in the HOH and down here in the main bathroom. Lolo gets out of the shower. Dina starts wondering if they have time tomorrow for her to do her hair tomorrow.
11:15 PM BBT Lolo begins brushing her teeth. Dina starts asking Lolo what her schedule will be for the future. Lolo tells her where she will be going overseas. Lolo gets dressed in her sweats and then takes her makeup off. Kandi comes out of the restroom and she gets in one of the showers. Lolo says goodnight to them and heads out of the bathroom. They tell her goodnight. Kandi says that the brown towel has some weird red dye in it. Dina says she is using the grey towel. She gets out of the shower. Dina is spraying product in her hair. She then runs out of the bathroom quickly. Back in the gold BR, Lolo, Tamar and Ricky are all in their beds getting ready for bed. Lolo put a facial mask on. She tucks the Natalie doll in. Tamar says, “Can I get some of that melatonin.” Tamar asks if Dina knows she is staying. Lolo says, “No. Should we tell her?” Tamar says, “She is going to cry. I don’t want any part of that.” Lolo says, “Maybe we should just let that be the natural reaction then. It will be good for America to see that, a 52-year-old woman making it that far.” Ricky laughed and said, “She is not 52.” Ricky says, “She is 56.” Tamar says, “I don’t want no part of that.” They start talking about tea. Tamar asks Ricky if he would go get her some of that tea he made. He said, “Do you want some?” Tamar said, “Yes. Would you please get me some?” He got up and said he would go get it.
11:30 PM BBT He got up and left the room to go get the tea. Lolo says, “See I told you that Ricky liked you. He went and made tea for you. And he was in bed already.” Tamar says, “He just got in there because he was massaging my back.” “I didn’t get no massage,” Lolo exclaimed. Then Tamar said, “One more sleep girl.” Lolo says, “I know.” They start talking about visiting each other. Tamar then asks, “Are we on live feeds right now? One more camera shake please.” Production says, “Yes.” Tamar asks Lolo, “Do you think we will stay friends outside of here after this?” Lolo says, “I sure hope so because I don’t have many friends.” Tamar says, “Me neither. But we came a long way since the beginning.” They begin reminiscing. Lolo says, “I think you made a lot of people laugh on the show.” Tamar says, “You think so?” Lolo says, “I do.” Lolo asks Tamar something about when Kato was on the block and all cameras went to the Living Room. Lolo says, “You were essentially the Ross on our show.” Tamar said she came into the house with a lot of distractions especially one big one.”
11:45 PM BBT Dina and Kandi are out of the shower and in the Pink BR. Kandi asked Dina if she wanted to play cards. Dina is straightening her hair. Kandi then says, “I am going to go ahead and go to bed. Dina said she is falling apart. She said she lost one of her eyelashes. Her and Kandi look for it but cannot find it anywhere. Kandi says she has an extra pair that Dina can have. Dina goes into the SR briefly. Kandi comes walking back through the Pink BR and goes back to the other BR. Dina is still doing her hair. Back in the Gold BR, Lolo and Tamar are still chatting. They are talking about how long it takes to travel from Atlanta to the French Quarter.

 Live Feed Updates Tuesday, February 12th(8)

February 12, 2019

 Live Feed Updates Tuesday, February 12th(8)
3:00 PM BBT Feeds cut to Kandi in the kitchen staring at the memory wall, Ricky walks by and Kandi says something to him under her breath before heading over to the table and grabbing a bite to eat. Ricky says that it’s 3pm and Kandi asks him why it feels like the day has gone by very slowly. Ricky says probably because they got up so early. In the hotel bedroom, Ricky and tamar are each sitting quietly in their respective beds and Lolo is in the room with them silently folding her clothes and packing but eventually breaks the silence and asks Tamar, “The outfit you’re wearing is it casual or is it a dress?” Tamar says a casual high waisted pants outfit and Lolo asks if their tight and Tamar says that everything is tight. Ricky asks Lolo if it’s hard for her to find tight clothes and she says yes it is because she’s like a pencil and a lot of jeans don’t fit her right. Ricky says a lot of jeans don’t fit him right either. Lolo asks the name of a company that makes jeans specifically for athletes and Ricky says they make jeans that look good on his thighs but not waist. Tamar says to Lolo, “You better go to Fashion Nova girl” Lolo says that fashion Nova is for “big girls” Tamar says “No it isn’t” Lolo says every person they sponsor on instagram is “thick” Tamar says their jeans are the best and she’s not kidding. Lolo continues with Tamar’s advice trying to pick out an outfit to wear tomorrow night for the finale.
3:15 PM BBT Lolo, Tamar, and Ricky are all still in the hotel bedroom, as Lolo packs and tries to find something to wear tomorrow night Ricky tells the girls a story about a time that he got in trouble when he was coming back from italy and he bought 2 bottles of some type of alcohol and he asked for ice to chill it on the plane and they told him he wasn’t supposed to do that, so he waited until no one was looking and went and grabbed a bag of ice, hid it under his seat, and chilled it himself, Tamar says that’s so funny and Ricky says he was going through a celebratory time in his life. All cameras cut to the pink bedroom where Dina is doing her makeup and whispering to herself and soon starts to curl her hair.
3:30 PM BBT Lolo is talking about a conversation with Dina the other night, telling Tamar and ricky that she pulled her (Lolo) aside the other night and told her about the stipend that they each get for every week that they remain in the game and Lolo says that she told her she would use that to pay for her health insurance. Ricky says, “I love Momma Dina.” Feeds cut to the kitchen where Lolo and Dina seem to be discussing the finale and jury votes. Dina says when she tried to talk to Kandi about it before upstairs with Tom, she couldn’t give her a straight answer and Dina says if it’s her (Kandi) and Tamar, she doesn’t know how she would vote. Lolo says she is going to talk to Tamar later and says she probably did tell Dina everything she says she did, but she’s probably going to to what the house says so Lolo wants to talk to her about it. After both women leave the kitchen Dina goes back to the pink bedroom and continues her beauty routine and Lolo goes back to the hotel bedroom to converse with Ricky and Tamar. Tamar says that Dina needs to go. Lolo says she hates seeing people fight and that she should have had some conversations either last night or a few days ago, but she wasn’t feeling well.
3:45 PM BBT Lolo continues to pack in the hotel bedroom and shows Tamar some of her clothes. Ricky and Tamar are laying in bed, no conversation at all. Downstairs in the living room Dina is painting her nails and then goes into the bedroom to do more of her makeup and is now taking off all of the nail polish she just put on, and heads into the storage room to write something on the list. Dina after leaving the bathroom runs into Kandi in the living room who asks her to help her adjust her microphone so she does, Dina asks Kandi if their mics on “Real Housewives” are the same as the ones they’ve been using here on BB or if they’re clip ons. Kandi says they are the same as BB.
4:00 PM BBT Feeds down at 3:58 PM BBT feeds return almost right away and Dina is once again painting her nails. Kandi grabs an armful of water bottles and heads into the storage room.Tamar and Ricky are both asleep in the hotel bedroom. Kandi is in the pink bedroom stuffing some things into her pillowcase. Dina comes into the bedroom also and they discuss Dinas nail polish which is something called “mineral nail polish” which she says has oil in it. Dina paints her nails at the living room table near the DR door again. Says she knew everyone’s walks in the middle of the night and how the evicted HGs must be on their way by now for finale tomorrow. Kandi is slowly packing her stuff in the Pink bedroom. Tamar laying in the HOtel bedroom awake not talking to anyone. Dina begins to look for something in her bag and thinks she left it upstairs in the HOH. She finds some earrings and says she found them and puts them on. She mentions not being able to pack make up till tomorrow. Dina is worried about press and the interviews that will come after what will they wear. Dina thinks the laundry bags are good for travel. Tamar exits the bedroom walks by them and says nothing. Dina walks in to get shoes she left in there at the foot of Ricky’s bed.
4:15 PM BBT Dina is excited to have fresh air and goes over the time of tomorrow’s events, 6pm-8pm the show and 9pm the party. They are curious as to when they get the other suitcases or have the guys sit on them to close them. Tamar colmes back and has her jacket off and crawls back in bed. They head towards the kitchen and get food, Dina has Tamar’s salad as she wont eat it because of the ingredients. They debatte what a few of them are but Dina appears to like it so she gets a bowl to help mix it better. Dina spills the soda as it fizzes over the top when she opens it. It appears that Kandi made a yogurt parfait for herself. Dina grabs cards and shuffles then deals them out to play a game.
4:30 PM BBT The ladies continue eating and playing a game of cards while the Hotel room is still silent. Ricky is up and begins to move about the room then out of of the room. Ricky entres the kitchen and asks about them playing cards then heads to the fridge. Dina wonders about her dog and the Kennel, Ricky has joined them and asks about the salad. Dina tells about Gluten free beer and how her son drinks it, because it doesn’t bloat the belly. Dina and Kandi joke about the game. Lolo and Tamar are still relaxing eyes closed in the room. Ricky helps Dina pick something to place down it helps Kandi’s hand.
4:45 PM BBT Ricky continues to help give suggestions. The ladies continue to try and go out before the other one while silence fills the Hotel room.Kandi wins the round and Dina hands the cards off to Ricky and says he is going to play the next round. She gets up and does her Salad dishes. Dina mentions being able to see the Night time tomorrow in person, she asks Ricky if his wife and kids are coming. He says his wife and one kid the others live in TX. They comment how they can hear something being built. Dina reads off the time as 5:05pm (4:57pm) if anyone is interested.
5:00 PM BBT Dina is preparing a tea and wants the good Licorice tea, Ricky helps guide her to the right box and amount. She says those cramps hurt she thought it might have been a clot she wasn’t sure. She offers them tea or anything but they politely decline. She disappears from camera and the only sounds heard are breathing and cards being moved. After about 6 min Dina joins them at the KT table again. Kandi explains a move that could have been made that wasn’t. Dinas thinks a color is on Kandi’s nails but its clear. The water begins to whistle, Dina tends to the hot water and comments she loves the smell of the licorice. Feeds flash quickly and back in 2 seconds. Game ends 155:140. Dina is loving the tea and says she will need to pick some up, Ricky mentions needing to get his work out in and shuffles then hands them over to Kandi to deal. Dina mentions needing to talk to her Dr about menopause. Another card game begins between the Ladies.
5:15 PM BBT Dina decides to dump her soda and drink the Tea to help her. Ricky is in and out of the Hotel room to grab items quietly while the ladies continue to sleep. Dina and Kandi begin to have a conversation about the tea being Caffeine free and how she needs to start drinking more. Then about maintenance of hair and nails. Ricky heads upstairs. Dina looks up and the Caricatures of the past CBB and wonders how old Keisha is. Lolo gets up heads out to the KT, they tease and tell her it’s wednesday now. She asks about the Salad in the fridge she decides against it and goes for chicken nuggets. Dina heads to the RR.
5:30 PM BBT Lolo comments the Ginger beer is non- alcoholic, Lolo’s food finishes heating up she disappears off camera and Dina is called to DR. Ricky is upstairs and heads downstairs. He crosses paths with Lolo who has brought out here bible and ricky asks if she found anything good in her reads today. She tells about the verse that she has been meditating on today. It quickly goes to cookies and homemade verse what they have there. Kandi asks about Tamar, Lolo says shes sleeping hard hasn’t been feeling well. They laugh about when everyone sleeps it’s better not wondering where everyone is. They joke about when kids nap you nap and being the favorite aunt. How many siblings does Lolo’s brother and sister have. They begin to think about Dinner and how they don’t want to cook. As Lolo prepares to bake, Kandi mentions that they have been in the house for over a month and how much things have probably changed. She says she missed the superbowl the last time it was in Atlanta because she was out with a guy in the Bahamas. Tamar has made her way awake and into the kitchen area. She asks where everyone is at, Dina in DR, Ricky is upstairs chillen. Kandi says BB has told them they are getting up at 8am they are excited it will be finale day.
5:45 PM BBT Tamar is waking up at the table, while Lolo reads her bible, Kandi hangs out silently they begin to talk about the crazy dreams they have. They discuss the tweets they have been putting out this week. She is always called first and sometimes wonders why. They discuss how crazy the weeks have been and Jonathan would be at the end if he hadn’t had been picked by Ryan in that first comp. BB gives us a tribute shot of Jonathas greyed out picture. They discuss how much he shared about being a fan and athletic. Kandi says they must have a lot to talk to Dina about she’s in there longer than normal. Lolo wonders about a face challenge but being live it won’t be very quickly. They are discussing the end to the show and Kandi is shocked to hear there is Jury, she is lost that they get to ask Questions. She says she missed the questions part of the finale. Dina is finally out of the DR and then they discuss the keys in the box and how voting goes. TAMAR PLEASE GO TO THE DR DOWNSTAIRS. Feeds cut shortly and come right back to lol asking if it’s Gin rummy they are playing. Dina thinks she knows Kandi’s moves based on her card taps and sound effects.
6:00 PM BBT Lolo, Kandi and Dina are sitting at the table in the KT. Kandi says basically they are watching you and they cannot ask you anything they see. Dina and Kandi are playing cards at the table. Lolo is eating. Dina calls out to Ricky, are you up there? We have no more cards left in the deck and don’t know what to do. They finish playing cards where Kandi wins. She comments that it was a very close game. Dina says, I think this game is going to get more popular and more popular and they will make lots of money. They start talking about Dancing with the stars and how they are making lots of money. Kandi says I think it is very cool to be part of this game. This is my first time being part of a competition show. Tamar asks, what do you think. Kandi says, I don’t know, it is very interesting. Dina and Kandi start another card game. Lolo reading the bible. Dina asks what version. Lolo says old King James version. Dina asks, what denomination are you. Lolo says she is non-denominational. Dina says he grandfather was Roman Catholic.
6:15 PM BBT Dina and Kandi are just sitting around playing cards, and only talking about each move they make. Kandi asks Tamar is she does makeup of does someone else do it. Tamar says she just does the hair and someone else does the makeup. Dina comments they are playing crazy eights. Tamar comments about packing. Lolo says she only has her red bull bag left. Lolo and Tamar are now in the bedroom, packing and talking. Lolo comments to Tamar, you are pretty much packed. Tamar says, no I’m not, I still have that one to pack. They start talking about the second place person and not sure how much they will take home. Tamar said, I am not sure what they make, but I am thankful. Tamar says, I have been truthful to everyone. Lolo says that Ricky seems to be nicer to her. Tamar says, she feels close to Ricky, because of something that happened in her past. You are not a sitting duck. Lolo, real talk, what do you think these games will be hard? Since it is the last day. Dina is trying to cause trouble. Dina says she has a two man deal with Ricky. Tamar says he has a two man deal with her. She does not care who is in the final two. Ricky says he doesn’t care who he goes against. Dina says she will win against anyone, since she is the mother hen.
6:30 PM BBT Dina says Lolo would have the best chance to win against her. Jonathan said that Lolo has the best chance to win against anyone else in the house. Tamar says that if Dina wins HOH, then everyone else is a sitting duck. Lolo asks, What do you think Kandi’s chances of winning HOH. Tamar says that she has not won anything, but Dina has not either. I know one thing she is not taking me. Ricky knows all the colors of the game, so he has a good chance of winning. Lolo asks, what time is lockdown. Tamar says that lockdown is at 10am tomorrow. Live feeds go down at 9am. Lolo says she is ready to go home. I am ready to not have to change clothes in the bathroom. Are you gonna watch the show. Tamar says, maybe the comps, it depends on what my family says to me. Lolo asks, who your shout out will be tomorrow? Tamar says her babies. Lolo says they will be right across the door. It is gonna be so weird, so weird, getting back out in the public. Worried about her other half cheating on her. She said her letter was 4 weeks ago, are we still together. Tamar is stacking up her luggage and still packing what she cannot get in her luggage in black trash bags.
6:45 PM BBT Tamar says she still needs to clean her brushes. Lolo asks, did you ever see them packing on the show. Tamar says yes, where do you think I got the idea about trash bags. Lolo said she never seen them packing. Lolo says that Tom told her that Kandi was with her (Tamar). Tamar said think about that, she is definitely not taking me. Lolo said, Rick told her that noone is taking her to the final two. That is what is motivating me to play hard tomorrow. Kandi and Dina are still in the KT playing cards and talking about their card game. Tamar and Lolo leave the bedroom, Lolo tells Tamar to not forget her other bag to take to the Hotel room and then takes her bags to the store room. They then meet in the KT. Lolo mentions that Ricky is working out in the weight room right now.
7:00 PM BBT They start talking about the questions that should be asked. Making fun of what should be asked and laughing about it. Tamar starts talking about her BF and how he was talking about his friends. Tamar said, no they are not your friends. She said that is before she knew him. They are talking about how girls think different about relationships. Dina said some girls don’t think the same, they don’t care. Dina, Tamar, Lolo and Kandi are sitting at the bar in the KT talking about relationships. Kandi says that a lot of time guys that have been married before and then become single, usually get back married again, they don’t want to be alone. Kandi asks Lolo about guys she is interested in that are also athletes. Lolo says she is not interested in guys that also run track, because you see them all the time and that could be awkward. I did not see any coaches that seem interesting and not really interested in dating coaches either for the same reason. Maybe agents, they would be ok to date. Kandi asks her if she is thinking about moving to LA and training? Lolo says, I had several teammates that left Louisiana and moved to LA and had bad experiences, saying it was too expensive to live and train here.
7:15 PM BBT Living in Louisiana has ruined my rep. People think of it as a family town. People who go to New Orleans are just using it as a pass through. They are always there to party and have some fun, so the guys are really not interested in dating while there. They are all just talking about dating and meeting guys. Kandi talks about how funny it is to see people when they meet for the first time and how nervous they are. Tamar asks Lolo if she ever went to Birthday parties. That is a good place to meet someone. They start talking about HIV and the cities that have a high rate of them in it. Kandi says that she went to a seminar about it. She said it is amazing how many people don’t know a lot about it and how to prevent it. That is why we had the seminar, to educate them about it. She said they gave self tests for HIV to them to take home. She said she wants to do another one, because she thinks it is very important. She said the fastest rate of STDs in nursing homes. Tamar yells out, I am excited, because we are going back into the world tomorrow.
7:30 PM BBT Tamar said she can’t wait to kiss my little bean pie. I hope we are still together (referring to her BF). Kandi says, after that letter he gave you. Tamar says, that letter was old. I want to catch up on what is going on. Kandi says she already missed over a month of housewifes. I am ready to see what they said about me. They are always mad about something on that show, they could be mad at me and I am not there to know why. Tamar said he son has to text someone before he goes to bed at night. I feel like I never see him, I am always working and on the road. They are talking about the expense of flights to and from LA how expensive they are. Kandi said the most expensive flight was to Dubai, last minute, costing around $5000 each. Lolo said that they pay for your flight if you won a medal. That she had a gold medal and they paid her flight from Dubai and it was really expensive because it was last minute.
7:45 PM BBT They talk about different place they traveled. Fiji was mentioned and Ricky said there is not really anything to do there unless you like nude beaches. They then start talking about places they like to visit, like Egypt, Rio, and go on a safari. Lolo said she went to Rio in South America and loved it, the food was great, the culture was great, and the people are great. All 5 of them are just sitting around the table talking about places they visited and things they did while they were there and how much fun they had. Tamar said Jamaica is one of her favorite place to visit. Kandi said she went to Nickelodeon park and had a blast, she did everything that they could there. Lolo said she went to Disney in Paris. Kandi said her husband took her to Amsterdam for her anniversary and they went everywhere and tried to see everything. There was always something to do there.

 Live Feed Updates Tuesday, February 12th(7)

February 12, 2019

 Live Feed Updates Tuesday, February 12th(7)
2:15 PM BBT Feeds Down at 2:15 PM BBT Feeds return at 2:21 PM BBT to Tamar and Dina in the lounge/twitter room having what sounds like somewhat of a heated conversation, but they hug and make up. Tamar says she’ll let Dina know about something because she doesn’t want her to be blindsided. Both women leave the room Tamar heading to the kitchen and Dina to the pink bedroom to do her makeup quickly. Tamar eventually joins Dina in the bedroom and asks where everyone else is. Dina doesn’t say anything about Lolo, but tells Tamar that Ricky is in the other bedroom and Kandi wants privacy. Tamar tells Dina to come to the hotel bedroom and talk to her because she is going to lay in her bed. Dina does so. Tamar hops into bed and says she hates when she doesn’t feel good and says, “How many times have I gotten sick in this house?” Dina says, “I know me too I’ve had three episodes of bring sick; first one 20 minute episode, 2nd and 3rd one stomach.” Dina says she thinks it’s probably a lack of fresh air and that the producers need to find a way to pump in some from the outside. Tamar says she thinks it’s probably more allergies than anything else because it’s strictly in the house. Dina asks tamar if her ear is better and Tamar says it’s a lot better.
2:30 PM BBT Feeds Down
2:30 PM BBT Feeds still down return 2 minutes later to Dina and Tamar still talking in the hotel bedroom. Dina is talking about her kids and is saying that she would drop anything for them, she says it’s hard especially when Lindsey says, “come to Dubai” but she did so anyway and sometimes she’ll say, “come into the city mommy” when she can’t sleep at midnight.” Dina says sometimes the other kids will tell her to stay home, but tells Tamar she has 4 kids and you know which one needs you most and you just need to drop everything and go. Tamar says absolutely and Dina says she’ll realize if she has more than one child. Feeds down at 2:36 PM BBT
2:45 PM BBT Feeds return around 2:45 PM BBT to everyone except Lolo in the hotel bedroom, but Kandi says she’s hungry and leaves to head to the kitchen. Ricky also leaves shortly after. Tamar is talking about her son pointing to different things and Dina asks if he’s right or left handed and Tamar says he’s actually left handed and Dina says her brother is too but she’s ambidextrous. Dina tells Tamar that her brother is also double jointed and Tamar says her son is so funny and she can’t wait to see him and that now when she has to go away for 24 hours she’ll tell him that the difference this time is he can call her and facetime her and that that will make a big difference. Dina tells her that she was also just telling Ricky, she doesn’t miss her phone at all and she started to not use it, but in her business there’s no way that could work, plus she has kids and Lindsay will call her all the time especially if she can’t sleep. Tamar says the bedroom is disgusting but she still doesn’t want to get up to clean it up. Conversation switches to last season and who had what bedroom before Dina says she’s curious as to who will be on next season and says maybe the two people who cancelled. Tamar says she didn’t hear about that and Dina says that Kandi found out last minute that she would be on the show so she thinks she must have been a replacement and somebody else who she thinks was Joey also found out last minute and says that she knew for a long time that she would be on the show and Tamar says her too

Live Feed Updates Tuesday, February 12th(6)

February 12, 2019

Live Feed Updates Tuesday, February 12th(6)
1:15 PM BBT Dina tells Ricky that she tried to be part of the groups but with everyone always yelling and stuff. Ricky said well that’s all strategy. Lolo and Kandi are talking. Lolo tells Kandi that she always liked her because she was like her. Kandi tells her I am not taking Tamar to the final two. Lolo tells Kandi everything Dina said. Kandi tells her that Tom didn’t care who they voted out and Kandi told them lets vote out Natalie. Kandi tells here that they all played you because every time that we tried to talk to you then one of the others would always be around. Kandi tells her that she has tried to be honest with everyone this whole game. Lolo said if Dina is in the final then that would be a nightmare. Kandi tells her I never said I was taking Tamar to the final.
1:30 PM BBT in the other bedroom Dina and Ricky are discussing the win. Dina tells him our strategies were kinda the same because we were both watching everyone. She said like Jonathan he was so excited about being on slop. Dina goes into more details about Jonathan Ricky tells her who cares. Ricky said the only thing I heard was that you were not going to vote to evict Jonathan.
Kandi and Lolo said Tom probably dvr’d all the episodes and is going to be pissed. Lolo said it might not be as bad as we think it is outside. Kandi tells her who she would have that would vote against her. Lolo asks her if we are all equal why wouldn’t you take Tamar. Kandi said that if I don’t pick Tamar then everything that happened in this house will end. Lolo said that so you don’t think Ricky would have a good chance. She said I am not sure. Kandi tells Lolo you all have built in votes. Lolo said you would have Tom, Kato, and Jonathan would vote for you. Lolo tells her that she could win because she showed she was a true warrior. Lolo and Kandi are still trying to decide who would vote with who. Ricky tells her no one expected you to go this far.
1:45 PM BBT Dina is telling Ricky how much like he is like her dad. Lolo tells Kandi to get Ricky and tell him what she told her. She said that if you go with someone outside of your room you are splitting votes. Lolo tells Kandi you really don’t need this money. She said I told yall that. Lolo tells Kandi that she wanted to buy a house before a car. She said all her teammates bought cars and stuff and I bought property. Lolo said that someone told her last night about the stipend she said yeah that is my health insurance. Lolo says yeah I have a nice car but that is because of my sponsor. Lolo tells her she has a better shot because they would split the vote. Feeds go down. She tells her that Tom is going to win fan favorite. Kandi says she wants the best for everyone. She tells her when she saw her on the treadmill she said Lolo has to go. Dina said she had no idea who anyone. Dina said it should be interesting how they edit the show. Dina tells Ricky she was never the aggressor.
2:00 PM BBT Kandi and Lolo are having a conversation in the kitchen in the finale, they are trying to decide who they would take with them to final 2 if they are able to make that decision. Lolo is looking very closely at the memory wall and going through every single houseguest on the jury along with each of her remaining housemates who could possibly be up against her in final 2 and trying to guess who each jury member would vote for in any of the possible situations in an effort to figure out who she would/should take with her to final 2. Lolo thinks she may have the best chance with Kandi, but she’s not really sure who some of the earlier evictees would vote for. Lolo says she hopes the final HOH competition is just a game that they all can have fun at and says the last time they, “counted cats or something.” Dina joins Kandi and Lolo in the kitchen and Lolo wonders what to make for dinner. Both Lolo and Dina leave the kitchen and head to the lounge twitter room where they discuss situations with Tamar and Ricky. Lolo says that Tamar is in the diary room and when she comes out they need to let her just figure things out. Dina says that Ricky kept giving scenarios of “different equations” and she told him that since he’s the only guy left that it would be kind of cool if he was there in final 2. Dina also mentions something about herself “winning now” and says that Ricky told her he never would have thought that she would last as long as she did. Lolo says it’s all about the money for Ricky and Dina says she tried to explain to Ricky who she thinks needs it the most.

 Live Feed Updates Tuesday, February 12th(5)

February 12, 2019

 Live Feed Updates Tuesday, February 12th(5)
12:00 PM BBT Dina is talking to Ricky. Lolo is was laying down she got up and left out the room. Kandi is in the other bedroom sleeping. Dina goes by Lolo in the kitchen and Lolo tells Dina to go into the twitter room. Lolo tells Dina that she was really tired after she had coffee. Dina tells her that she used to clean the vents and that the vent in the bathroom needs to be cleaned. Dina runs into the bathroom. Lolo is in the Lounge trying to get twitter to reload. She leaves out. She calls Dina into the Lounge. Dina is in the kitchen making her coffee so she can head into the lounge. Dina asks her if Twitter is back up. Lolo said yeah it is back up. Dina said she has been trying to send tweets but she does not know anyone’s names. Dina said yeah well we will get out phones back. Lolo said yeah I told them to please charge my phone since it was almost dead. Dina said this has been an experience she said she did not know anything about the show and did not want to know anything when she signed up. She said everyone was laughing and then all of a sudden everyone got into their own games. Dina said she would get upset with people’s behavior. Dina tells her yall had your own room and I could not go and bust up in your room. She tells her I bonded with Ricky at first. Dina said she just watched people. Dina said like yesterday Kandi asked her what do you think about Ricky? She said that he is just a gentleman and observes everything. Dina tells Lolo that she and Natalie are a lot a like just she had kids at a young age. Dina tells her she got upset when Kato was banging the table at Lolo. Dina said it made her uncomfortable since she came from an abuser. Lolo asks her did she think Tom was genuine. Lolo asks her what do you think about his game play? Dina said I wanted to see you with out Natalie and Tom without Kato. DIna tells her that Tom and Kato did not what her to tell them what they had planned. She said she really did not understand what was going on. Dina tells her that she does not needs this for your game. She tells her Natalie and Ricky came and asked her what did want to do. Dina is telling her that Tamar and Kandi where having a discussion into RIcky came in the room. Lolo said she wished she would have talked to her before. She said then she would have used the veto and put Tamar on the block.
12:15 PM BBT Lolo goes in and bring Dina some tissue. Lolo tells her that I should have listened to Tom. Dina tells her that I have been trying to talk to you but it was hard with all the people around. Lolo said she wished that she could have been spent more time with some of the other houseguests. Lolo said that she was spending most of the time with the power players of the game. Dina tells her that you can’t let that determine how you move forward. Lolo said I have heard twice now that Ricky and Tamar don’t want me here. She asks Dina who are you taking to the final two she said I don’t know. I have thought I would take you. Dina starts talking about her book. Lolo asks her is your book out yet. Dina said that it was trying to be released but her ex husband kept fighting her in court. Dina said I am worried about putting it out since it is my past. She said that her kids are behind her. Dina said yeah I have always been there to protect my kids. She tells Lolo when you find that person do not let them determine who you are. She tells her that is why when I heard you talking about dating i wanted to tell you to be careful. Dina tells her if it is not working with that person then you need to move on or you will become stagnant. Lolo asks her so what else where they talking about today. Lolo tells her she like Kandi is that she is still straight up with you. Dina said that Kandi and Tamar came in fighting and now they are like best friends. Dina said yeah she said that Kandi told Tom one time she said that she and Tamar need to look out for each other Dina said so basically an alliance. Lolo said if you would have told me this earlier today then I would have saved you and Tamar would have been on the block and then one of them sent home and you would be in the final. Lolo said that Kandi has played fair in this whole game. Lolo tells her she needs to talk to Ricky and then he may consider keeping Dina. Dina tells her that Tamar and Kandi’s bond are bigger than this house. Lolo tells Dina that Ricky likes to talk about game. Lolo tells Dina you should have pulled me to the side and I would have saved you. Lolo said she is frustrated because Dina should have came and told her.
12:30 PM BBT Lolo heads to the HOH room leaving Dina by herself. Lolo comes back in the lounge. She tells her she can’t find Ricky. They both go looking for Ricky. Lolo said he must be in the DR. Dina said I think Natalie knew. Lolo said Ricky will think Kandi is jealous of Tamar and will not take Tamar to the end. Dina said Kandi will win between her and Tamar. Lolo said she doesn’t believe that Ricky will believe Dina. Lolo said that I can always plead with you and Kandi depending on who wins. they are trying to see who would vote for who. Lolo said that is why the conversation she had with Kandi made her mad because she told her she would get more votes. Lolo said now Ricky and Tamar have now been acting funny towards her. Dina said that they were bullying Tom when silence and that is better than regular bullying. Lolo asks her what did they say. She said Kandi told Tamar that we need to vote Natalie off because she is strong player than Tom. Tamar said but Lolo is more competitive. Lolo said she is over that conversation and that if you really believe that Kandi and Tamar are final two then you need to let Ricky know because he thinks that Kandi is going to bring him to the final since they have been playing chess together. Dina is telling her what to tell Ricky. Tamar gets up and walks around the house. Tamar is listening to the conversation in the lounge outside the door. Tamar is making faces at the information she heads into the bathroom. Dina heads towards the lounge door then comes and sits back down.
12:45 PM BBT Tamar is in the bathroom sneezing. Dina tells Lolo she thinks Ricky is intimated by Lolo. Dina said that Tom said he was telling them that we need to break up the room. Tamar is back at the door listening in. Lolo said Tom said he saved Ricky because Ricky told Tom that it would look bad for his image if he did not save Ricky. Dina said Ricky told her to talk to people. Tamar is back at the door listening. Lolo tells Dina Ricky plays chess so you have to find out a way to talk to him about it. Tamar is listening hard to all that is being said. Tamar is running to the room and wakes up Kandi. Lolo walks out the lounge as Tamar heads into the kitchen. Tamar heads back into the bathroom. Lolo goes back into the lounge she tells Dina to talk to the lounge. They head out and she says I am glad twitter is back up. Dina asks Tamar is she about to go into the DR and if she feels any better. Lolo is in the kitchen trying to find something to eat. Dina is in the bathroom talking to Tamar while Tamar is putting on makeup. Lolo comes into the bathroom. Lolo ask her what did Ricky say about the veto. She said he said that it was funny. Tamar asks her what is wrong. She said she just needs to figure somethings out. Dina is back in her room doing her hair. Lolo is in the kitchen. Tamar comes out in the bathroom she asks Lolo again what is wrong. She tells her I just want to read my bible and pray. She tells her she wants to have a conversation with her and Ricky later. Tamar runs into Kandi’s room and whispers to her that she can’t trust Dina. Dina tells Tamar she has only taken one shower downstairs. Tamar is looking at the food like she wants to say something to Dina. Dina speaks to Tamar but she walks out. Dina comes into the room where Lolo is eating and tells her how Tamar is acting. Kandi comes out the room.
1:00 PM BBT Lolo asks Tamar if she took an allergy pill. Kandi asks where is Ricky. Lolo tells her that he is in the DR. Lolo asks her how was her rest she said I was sleeping good. Lolo asks Kandi if her family flew in today. Kandi says I hope so. Feeds go down. Feeds come back up with Dina and Ricky are in the bedroom. Ricky asks her who she has talked to and she tells him well Lolo. Dina tells Ricky she tried to talked to Lolo before Natalie went home but Natalie was glued to her. Dina tells him that Tamar and Kandi are going to take each other because they have 30 years together. Ricky tells her that is just thought I have had actual conversations with her. She said well I have sat back an observed he tells well I have to and I know for a fact that this is not going to happen. Tamar walks into the room. He tells her well i have talked to everyone in the house. Ricky said you are basing your information on what you observed I am basing on what I know. Ricky said well she has not won anything. Ricky said what is your end goal here. Dina tells him that I mean everyone wants to win but I am here for someone who wants to win…feeds go down. Feeds come back and asks her what are you here for. Dina said she felt as though she has been watching instead of having conversations with everyone. Ricky said I have been myself in here.

 Live Feed Updates Tuesday, February 12th(4)

February 12, 2019

 Live Feed Updates Tuesday, February 12th(4)
8:58 AM BBT – 11:41 AM BBT Feeds went down. Soon last year’s CBB episodes being shown.
11:41 AM BBT Feeds return with Dina in the bedroom with Lolo, Ricky, and Tamar in bed. Dina looks at the wig on the manikin in Natalie’s old bed. They talk about making coffee and how well they slept….Lolo reminds them 1 more day! They talk about packing and if their bags were over the weight limit. Kandi is lying across her bed reading.
11:45 AM BBT Dina tells them the variety of tasks she does career wise with her daughters and son. Since the kids are older now, they can make many of their own decisions. Lolo asks Dina to wake her up in like 40 minutes. Ricky is swinging around a ring of streamers. Lolo decides to get up to use the bathroom; Lolo says how the bathroom seems so far a away especially in the middle of the night. Dina talks about her mother and other family members growing up. She says how her mother does not remember a lot of things, being 95 yrs old. She doesn’t remember Dina’s birth year. Lolo comes back saying Twitter is down…since last night.Ricky says how to reset. Dina says she can’t sleep in the middle of the day. Kandi has turned over and appears trying to sleep. Tamar also appears to be sleeping.

 Live Feed Updates Tuesday, February 12th(3)

February 12, 2019

 Live Feed Updates Tuesday, February 12th(3)
8:00 AM BBT Everyone is moving slowly, but waking up and getting ready.
8:15 AM BBT Dina, Lolo and Kandi are applying makeup in different rooms. Ricky is just sitting on his bed watching Lolo.
8:30 AM BBT Tamar, Lolo and Ricky are in bedroom discussing styes. Tamar grabs a blanket and announces it isn’t even 9 am yet, as she settles back into bed. She says her ear hurts.
8:48 AM BBT Kandi is done with her makeup and heads to the kitchen. Dina finishes also. Back in the bedroom, Lolo and Tamar are discussing all the things they will find out tomorrow at the finale. Like the Government shut down, the Grammy’s, the Super Bowl winner. Lolo says she doesn’t even care who won the Super Bowl now.
8:58 AM BBT – Feeds went down. Soon last year’s CBB episodes being shown.

 Live Feed Updates Tuesday, February 12th(2)

February 12, 2019

 Live Feed Updates Tuesday, February 12th(2)
6:00 AM BBT – 6:30 AM BBT All houseguests are sleeping. 6:39 AM BBT Tamar is getting up out of bed. She is blowing her nose and headed to the restroom area. She sets her microphone down, and uses the restroom.
6:45 AM BBT All houseguests are sleeping. Tamar is washing her hands, and continues to sneeze. She is heating up some water in the microwave and looks to be adding some tea to it. Tamar looks at the camera, and say I am sick. She goes back to the restroom and blows her nose again. And back to the kitchen, waiting on her drink in the microwave. She goes back to the restroom area, grabs her microphone , looks in the mirror and starts rubbing and looking at her face. She is making sure all her eyebrows are in place. Headed back to the kitchen, she starts to drink her drink and continues to sneeze. She throws the tea bag away, blows her nose again and walks back to the SR. She is looking through the medicine drawer. She leaves the SR and goes back to the kitchen. She is adding a mix to a bottle of water. She continues to drink her tea, and sits down at the island in the kitchen. She is drinking her bottled water mixture. She holds her head , shakes it and puts what appears to be a cough drop in her mouth. She throws away the empty bottle, grabs her hot tea, and goes back to the bedroom. Lolo looks up and asks Tamar if she is ok. Tamar says, “ I am sick” and Lolo responds” I know”. Coughing and grabbing a tissue, Tamar lays back in bed. And Lolo goes back to sleep.
7:00 AM BBT – 7:30 AM BBT All houseguests are in bed.
7:30 AM BBT – 7:45 AM BBT Feeds go down
7:45 AM BBT Feeds back up, houseguests are laying in bed with the lights on. Dina is getting up and out of bed She is brushing her hair and put on a hat. Lolo is getting up and out of bed. She is putting on her microphone. Dina goes to the restroom and the door is locked. Lolo lays back in bed. Dina is brushing her teeth. Ricky is getting up and out of bed. Dina is upstairs and goes into the hoh room. She is going to use the hoh restroom. Lolo and Ricky say good morning to each other, as Lolo gets up and goes to SR. She is changing her batteries. Lolo goes back and lays on bed, and Tamar says her ear hurts. Lolo says she is trying to get up but she doesn’t feel good. Tamar says me neither. Tamar gets up and leaves the bedroom. Tamar is in SR with Ricky. They are changing their batteries. Dina is leaving the hoh room and headed back downstairs. Ricky says good morning to Dina. Kandi and Tamar are in the restroom area. Tamar is whispering to Kandi, but I can’t hear what she is saying to her. Ricky comes in and goes to the restroom. Dina is packing her suitcase. Lolo says whenever she gets up, she feels like throwing up and lays back down. She asks Tamar who is up, and Tamar says her ear is killing her. Tamar says it is cold in here as she rubs her arms. Tamar asks Lolo is she wants her to get the medic and Lolo replies no. Lolo says it is only when she moves too fast. Lolo is putting her coat on and sitting on the bed. Kandi leaves the bathroom area. Ricky is in the kitchen having a drink. Tamar is making her bed. Tamar is still complaining that her ear hurts. Tamar grabs her garbage from bedroom and throws it away in the kitchen. Tamar is asking if anyone had dayquil and is asking what it feels like to have a ear infection. Dina says she needs to talk to them. Dina is trying to fix her microphone. Tamar and Kandi are in the bathroom whispering , but audio is not coming through. They said something about Ricky, and Tamar says but I am not, do not tell them that. Tamar is putting on her makeup.

 Live Feed Updates Tuesday, February 12th(1)

February 12, 2019

 Live Feed Updates Tuesday, February 12th(1)
12:00 AM BBT Dina and Kandi are still playing Gin Rummy. Lolo is sitting in the backyard by herself. Tamar has gone to bed. Ricky is still in the DR. Lolo has come in from outside and puts salads in the fridge. Dina says her hair kept making the bells go off. She says At least I look good losing. As the card game continues Lolo goes into her bedroom where she is dressing the Natalie Eva dummy they made. Tamar says You got 2 Vetoes baby girl. Lolo says They mean nothing if you don’t win the last HOH. Lolo says to her You won the last memory game. Ricky enters and the conversation continues about what comps maybe left. Lolo says her lungs are really messed up she says I felt like I lost a lung. Lolo says I guess we pack tomorrow. They are talking about just putting their stuff in trash bags and then sorting it out at the hotel. Lolo says Early wake up call tomorrow and lockdown. Ricky says Why tomorrow and not Wednesday for lockdowns. They get called out for talking about productions. Tamar goes 2 more sleeps. She also says I am grateful for this room. Ricky says He would have been miserable in a room with Kato and Tom. Ricky is applying pressure to Tamar’s back.
12:15 AM BBT As there is no conversation there we head back into the kitchen where Dina and Kandi are still playing Gin Rummy. Kandi and Dina stop playing cards and go into Dina’s room Dina gets called to the DR. She says You got to be kidding me I wanted to take a shower. Lolo says When will they tell us who is coming to the track meet. I don’t want to get my hopes up and no one comes. Lolo walks by Kandi and asks if they are done playing cards. Kandi goes into the storage room and asks Is there a reason you guys haven’t given us any clean towels What is happening here. Kandi is preparing to shower. Lolo is in the shower; Kandi says to her They haven’t given us any clean towels. Lolo says No they haven’t I am using 2 small towels. Kandi heads up to the HOH Room to shower saying she hopes Ricky didn’t get rid of the towel she used last night. She stops at the pool table to shoot a game of pool with herself.
12:30 AM BBT Ricky has crawled into his bed. He is rereading his letter. Kandi is still playing pool by herself. Lolo is in the shower Dina is still in DR. Kandi finishes the pool game and heads into the HOH washroom where she says Oh my goodness. Lolo is out of the shower and doing her face cleaning routine before bed. Lolo has finished up i the washroom and heads into the SR to deposit her dirty laundry. She goes into her bedroom drops somethings off and heads back out. She goes to get the rest of her stuff from the washroom and heads into her room. She crawls into bed. Ricky claps for the lights to go out of which they do not. A few seconds later the lights go out. Tamar,Lolo and Ricky have all called it a night.
12:45 AM BBT Kandi is in the HOH Shower. Dina is in DR. All other HGs are in bed asleep. Dina has come out of DR; grabs her bag and heads to the washroom. She drops off her bag and heads upstairs to the HOH looking for Kandi. She finds Kandi in the shower tells her she just got out of DR and heads out of the room to the downstairs washroom. Once there she turns on the hair blower the shower and heads into the stall. She comes out of the stall turns the hair blower off and heads into her room looking for something; finds some clean towels and heads back to the washroom to shower. She changes her mind turns off the water grabs her bag and heads upstairs to the HOH Room. She listens to music while she awaits her turn for the shower.
1:00 AM BBT Dina is still waiting for Kandi to finish in the shower. Kandi finally comes out of the washroom where Dina tells her the song is so pretty. Kandi leaves and Dina goes in to get ready to shower.
1:15 AM BBT All HGs are in bed but Dina who is showering in the HOH Washroom. Dina has gotten out of the shower and continues with her nightly routine. Dina finishes in the HOH and heads downstairs into her bedroom where she applies lotion to her arms. Dina heads into the washroom where she blow dries her hair.
1:30 AM BBT Dina has finally finished blow drying her hair. She heads into her bedroom where she continues her nightly routine. Lolo gets up and heads out looks like a potty run, she searches in her bag for sunglasses tries on a couple of pairs and heads upstairs to the HOH Room looks through her HOH basket grabs a couple of things and heads back downstairs. She prepares a bowl of cereal. Dina makes her tent crawls into it Big Brother turns her lights off. Lolo is eating a bowl of cereal. Lolo has started talking to Orwell telling him he needs to exercise his muscles, that he will be fine. She grabs Orwell and heads upstairs. She holds him over the rail saying open your wings and flies. She then drops him and says Orwell is dead. He is so dead. She leaves him on the floor and gives an evil chuckle. She fills a glass with ice and water then heads into the lounge to tweet. Orwell is still on the floor where she dropped him from the second floor. Dina seems to be having a hard time sleeping as she keeps getting out of bed. Lolo can’t get the iPad to work so she heads back to bed leaving poor Orwell on the floor. Dina is still up searching for something. All cameras are now on sleeping HGs.

Summary Tuesday, February 11st

February 11, 2019

Summary Tuesday, February 11st
8:00-9:00 PM:: Feeds returned at 8:57 after being down for nearly five and a half hours for the veto competition. Lolo won the Power of Veto. Dina asked if there is anything left for her to do. Ricky said the veto ceremony will be tomorrow, at which point Lolo will decide what to do with the veto. Dina said Lolo is obviously going to keep it to herself, then she will be the one who is evicted.

9:00-9:30 PM: Up in the HoH room, Lolo let Ricky know that she would like to talk game with him. She said she doesn’t want to do it right now because she is not feeling well. Lolo added that she would like to talk to Tamar as well. When Lolo headed to the bathroom, Tamar asked if there is a plan to backdoor her that she doesn’t know about. Lolo asked what she means. Tamar mentioned that she just saw Dina and Kandi slapping hands. Lolo assured Tamar that she is not backdooring her. Lolo brought up that she does want to talk with Tamar and Ricky though, because she did not like a conversation with Kandi last night in which Kandi essentially told her that she would not take her to the Final 2 if she wins. Lolo questioned why she would save Kandi if that’s the case. Ricky then joined the girls. When Tamar brought up what she had seen, Ricky said Dina and Kandi have basically given up and said that they are happy to have made it this far.

9:30-10:00 PM: When Lolo headed to the diary room, Tamar asked Ricky who they should get rid of. Ricky said it’s up to her and Lolo. Tamar pointed out that Lolo is not feeling Kandi anymore. Ricky asked if Tamar is going to vote her out too. Tamar said she wants to talk to Lolo about the vote, because she would not be able to swallow Dina winning the game. Ricky explained that Lolo will want to keep Dina since she is the only one she thinks that she can beat in the Final 2. Ricky suggested that Lolo also is unlikely to be happy about Tamar suggesting to evict Dina if she really believes Dina is her only shot to win. Tamar said she just wants Lolo to think about the options. Ricky said he is looking forward to the conversation between Lolo and Tamar. Tamar asked if Ricky thinks that Lolo is going to go off, and he said he does. Tamar said she has already saved Kandi once and does not owe her anything. Ricky said he can almost guarantee that Lolo will vote to evict Kandi. When Tamar asked Ricky what he would do if it’s a tie, Ricky said he would have something to think about if that happens. Ricky also brought up that the fact that Lolo wants to speak to them shows that she isn’t going to use the veto. He clarified that the only way she might is if she and Tamar get into an argument.

10:00-11:00 PM: Kandi talked about not having any control at this point. Ricky said he doesn’t understand that though process, since she can talk to people. Kandi agreed but said she cannot control what they do. Ricky said it’s still better than nothing, at which point Kandi said she is not giving up if that’s what he is getting at. Kandi told Ricky that she needs to think things through before speaking to people. Once Lolo got out of the diary room, she spoke to Ricky about her concerns surrounding keeping Kandi in the game. Lolo explained that Ricky has played chess with her, and Tamar has worked on her relationship with her, so there is no benefit to keeping her. Ricky said Lolo would need two votes to get Kandi out. Lolo mentioned that she could use the veto on Dina, but then she realized that Dina would vote to evict Tamar. Ricky told Lolo that she could make a deal in which she uses the veto in exchange for someone agreeing to take her to the Final 2. Lolo pointed out that Dina and Kandi don’t have great odds of winning the final competition, and it may not be worth breaking up what they have. Ricky didn’t think it would go over well with Tamar if she had to go on the block. Lolo said the other option is to leave it the same but send Kandi home. Ricky said he thinks that Kandi is the bigger threat but it’s not saying much, so it’s on them either way if they lose to Dina or Kandi in the HoH competition. Ricky brought up that Tamar gets upset when she doesn’t have her way, but it will come down to two of them when there are three of them still left in the game, so someone is going to be upset no matter what.

11:00-12:00 AM: Tamar eventually joined Lolo and Ricky in the HoH room. Lolo reiterated her concerns with keeping Kandi around. When she listed off the two options, one of which involved Tamar going on the block, Tamar said she does not want to go on the block. She mentioned not having a problem voting Kandi out. However, Tamar told Lolo that Dina seems to have come closer to winning more times than Kandi has. Lolo argued that Kandi knows the days better, so she is the bigger threat in the final competition. When Tamar asked how Lolo would feel about Dina being in the Final 2, Lolo asked if Tamar could handle Kandi winning. Tamar said she couldn’t handle either of those two winning. Lolo said she is going to pray on it then talk to them in the morning. Lolo let both Ricky and Tamar know that she is leaning towards not using the veto, and then they can decide as a team who they want to evict.

 Live Feed Updates Monday, February 11th (5)

February 11, 2019

 Live Feed Updates Monday, February 11th (5)
3:35 PM – 8:30 PM BBT Feeds down for Veto comp. Feeds show last season Celebrity BB
9:00 PM BBT Feeds come up and in the Living room Dina, Tamar, Kandi, Lolo, and Ricky are talking. Kandi tells them that she enjoyed it. Lolo tells them there are things you can do to calm yourself down when you are having a asthma attack. Ricky tells Dina that tomorrow is the veto ceremony. Dina said don’t we have a competition tomorrow. Ricky tells her no all you do tomorrow is sit here. Dina said what’s going on out there. Dina asks Kandi did she eat her chicken she said yeah. Tamar starts sneezing. Kandi is telling Dina about the chicken having feathers sometimes when they cook. Tamar tells them that is why she doesn’t eat chicken. Kandi is eating a cookie while Ricky is sitting in the chair. Dina tells them she was playing cards today by herself. They are all wondering if they have interviews tonight. Lolo tells them she has to take proair for her asthma. Dina tells them about one of her cousins almost died of asthma. Lolo tells her that her niece has all those machines(nebulizer, breathing machine). Tamar starts coughing. Dina tells them the doctor told them to give her black coffee if they do not have any type of machines around. Lolo is coughing. Dina told them about her uncle who died of legionnaires disease. Dina tells them she needs to take a shower she was dripping sweat. Lolo leaves out the living room. Tamar goes into her bedroom. Tamar asks Kandi if she is good. Kandi says well it’s 9:00 what are we going to do. Tamar yells out let’s get this show on the road. Tamar is in the kitchen with Lolo. Dina leaves out the Living room.
9:15 PM BBT Tamar starts walks into the storage room. Dina comes out and tells Ricky that his cupcakes are in the storage room. Tamar comes out and asks him will this work he tells her yes. Tamar walks through the house still sneezing. In the storage room Dina tells Tamar that all her nails are off, she tells her that her nails are so short now. Tamar comes back out the storage room. Ricky asks her does she need anymore plates. Tamar starts putting silverware in the cups. Lolo is eating her salad. Ricky comes into the kitchen by them. Ricky asks Lolo if she got the dressing she told him she did and it is really good. Tamar tells Ricky there is still some left if he wants some. Ricky asks her if that is all she is going to drink. Ricky tells her she needs to be drinking at 500 calories instead of 300 where she is at. Kandi is in the living room filing her nails. Feeds go down. They come back up where Dina and Kandi are sitting on the sofas in the Living room. Dina tells Kandi that her nails are so short Kandi tells her at least they look neat. Ricky heads up to the HOH room. In the HOH room Lolo tells RIcky she wants to talk game to him but she doesn’t feel good right now. Ricky said he understands. Lolo said I am glad one of us won. Ricky said yeah I beat Kandi by 30 seconds. Lolo tells him thank you for letting me have the HOH room. Ricky leaves out then comes back to tell Lolo they are going to call her first to the DR. Ricky walks back downstairs Lolo heads to the bathroom. Feeds cut out. Feeds come back Lolo is in the bathroom. Kandi is still working on her nails.
9:30 PM BBT Ricky walks past Kandi in the living room. Tamar comes into the bathroom Tamar is asking Lolo what is she going to do. Lolo tells her she wants to talk to her and Ricky. Ricky tells them Dina and Kandi are just happy they made it this far. Tamar asks them what time is it. Feeds go down. Feeds come back up Lolo is putting on makeup while Kandi is still filing her nails. Dina comes into the bathroom looking for something. Dina walks out the bathroom. Tamar comes into the living room. Tamar asks Kandi what she is wanting to do this weekend. Kandi tells her she wants to go home. Tamar tells Kandi next time she will come out here they need to double date. Kandi tells her she is tired of wearing the same stuff over and over. Tamar tells her she doesn’t even know if she is going to talk. Kandi says that Lolo’s time was amazing 5 minutes.. Tamar said that was her competition if she would not have won I would have been worried. Kandi tells her she put the timer on before they started the competition. Tamar told Kandi she took 2 benadryls so she should be alright. Lolo is still getting herself ready to go into the DR. Dina is walking around in the kitchen. Tamar tells her that she can’t believe she sucked so bad at this competition. Kandi tells her she did her best.
9:45 PM BBT Tamar asks her if it was dark in there when she went. Kandi tells her not really. She asks Tamar was in dark in there when you went in there. Kandi goes back filing her nails. Lolo is putting on her earrings. Tamar leaves out and goes into the kitchen by Dina. Tamar is staring at the memory wall. She heads back into the living room. Lolo heads out the bathroom. Kandi asks Tamar where is Ricky. Tamar tells her in the HOH room. Lolo is in the kitchen by Dina. She leaves out and heads into the living room. Kandi leaves out to check the oven. Lolo asks Tamar about the DR. Kandi comes back and sits on the sofa. LOLO PLEASE GO TO THE DR DOWNSTAIRS. Lolo says she is going to go get some caffeine so she can be peppy for them. Dina comes into the living room and then heads into her bedroom. Ricky is laying down in his bed. Kandi said we made it through and I was wondering about going home on the first eviction. Lolo comes out and grabs the veto then heads back into the DR. TAMAR PLEASE REATTACH YOUR MICROPHONE. Tamar heads into the bedroom with Ricky. Ricky tells Tamar it is up to you guys. Tamar said that she did not go all this way and have Dina wins HOH. Tamar said that she is going to talk to Lolo. Ricky said I am playing devil’s advocate for a minute. Do you think if Lolo think if Lolo thinks she can beat Dina in the final then why would she want to get rid of her. Tamar asks him who do you want to keep. Ricky said it doesn’t matter. He tells her it based on your votes. Ricky starts laughing. Tamar said what funny. He tells her Marissa did not win anything until the end. He tells her that is why it is called Big Brother you never know. Ricky says it all comes down to the final HOH. Tamar tells him that she has saved Kandi once before and she does not owe her anything. Tamar asks him who is he voting for he says I only vote if there is a tie. She said and who are you voting for. He tells her again that I only vote if there is a tie. She said if there is a tie then who are you voting for he said well I guess I have a lot to think about. Ricky said if she is smart she will use it. Ricky said I don’t understand why Dina and Kandi just sit there. He said when I walked out there earlier I wanted to ask them why are you here if you are only here to play cards. Tamar said wouldn’t be funny in the end if Tom and Kato had to pick between us. Tamar and Ricky walk out the room and head into the living room by Dina and Kandi. Ricky asks them are they worried about tomorrow. Dina and Kandi both said no. Kandi said that we made it to the final 5 I am happy about that.
10:00 PM BBT Dina is walking through the house looking for the cane. She enters the lounge and says, “Oh I found my glasses. Where did Tom put that cane?” Dina heads into the storage room. She said she is looking for the key. Tamar says she wants to take a shower with steam. Ricky asks her if she is going to use the shower in the HOH BR. Tamar says she is waiting to go in the DR because she will take all of her makeup off when she showers. She tells Ricky she is trying to be patient. Al HGS are sitting on the sofas in the living room talking. Ricky asks everyone if any of them will miss this house. He says, “Not for a second.” Dina says she will miss some of the games and stuff. Kandi says, “I want to have a BB Themed party when I am home. It would be fun.” Tamar tells her she want to come. Dina laughs. Kandi is filing her nails. Tamar says, “I wonder what sparked my allergies?” Dina says, “The dust here and stuff around here.” Kandi says, “I am surprised I am not coughing.” Dina asks Ricky what he is in deep thought about. Kandi says, “He is always in deep thought. He has been during the entire game. He is playing chess.” Dina says, “I think he is just like that. Huh Ricky, You’re just like that.” She gives him a high five.
10:15 PM BBT Kandi says she wishes her nails weren’t so thin. Tamar asks Kandi to quit making that noise she always does in this house. Kandi asks Ricky, “What is your take away from this game?” Ricky says, “My family. Just realizing that we have something so special that can be so much more special.” They all agree. Tamar says, “I need a steam shower. I can’t talk like this anyway.” Kandi sighs. Then she laughs and says, “There I go again. I didn’t mean to do that.” Lolo is still in the DR. Production tells Tamar to reattach her microphone. Dina says, “This show makes me want to go try more physical things. Like Lindsay always go and tries things.” Kandi says, “I just do not want to do that one thing, skydiving.” Tamar asks Ricky if he would do it. He says he would. Dina then starts talking about a President that did it for his birthday. Kandi says she wants to go to Cancun. Dina says she has been and it was fun. She says that she went to one of those all inclusive places. Kandi starts discussing traveling to places with the RHO Atlanta crew. She says there are pros and cons of those trips though. She said, “They want drama for some of those trips and you don’t get to see much of the place.” Ricky says, “If you all ever want to bring an astrologer let me know.”
10:30 PM BBT Tamar said, “Orange County keeps a psychic and an astrologer.” Production says, “You are not aloud to talk about Production.” Kandi says she is confused. Tamar says, “This is a completely different show that has already aired. Continue.” Kandi tries to continue and production says, “No.” Kandi says, “It’s ok. It’s not that serious.” Production says, “Thank you.” Tamar says, “Y’all are being too extra.” She gets up and walks out of the living room. Lolo comes out of the DR and says, “Who’s next?” She and Dina go to the kitchen. Ricky and Kandi stay in the Living Room and discuss his astrology company. Lolo eats her dinner. Dina is making tea. Lolo asks Dina if she tweeted yet. Dina said she did to her kids and some of her friends but that she doesn’t really tweet. And she said she wants to have someone do it for her. Then Dina and Lolo talk about the POV competition. Dina said it was fun. Tamar is called to the DR. Lolo yells, “Tay.” Then she goes into the bathroom and gets her. Tamar was adjusting her costume. Lolo says, “It looks good.” Tamar leaves the bathroom and goes to the DR. Llo leaves the bathroom and goes upstairs to the HOH BR. She lies down on the bed and puts the headphones on. Back in the kitchen, Dina poured herself some wine. And she is cleaning up some. She goes over to the dining table and straightens up the cards. Dina asked when or if they are going to open up the backyard. Ricky asks her, “It isn’t open yet?” Tamar came out of the DR. Kandi said, “Tamar are you done? Whose next?” Dina asked, “Are you playing?” Kandi said, “I gotta see who they are gonna call first.”
10:45 PM BBT Kandi went back to her bedroom to get ready and Dina followed her. Ricky went upstairs to the HOH BR. He and Lolo are talking game. Lolo is telling Ricky that she doesn’t feel comfortable keeping Kandi. Ricky tells her, “It you feel uncomfortable it is up to you what you decide to do. But you need 2 votes to get her out.” Lolo says, “I just feel that Kandi would have more votes to win. And you have played chess with her and Tay has a relationship with her. And I was shocked last night that she would not take me to the final two. I was pissed last night. I don’t want to blow up what we have built up.” Ricky says, “I understand and agree that Kandi is a stronger player than Dina.” Lolo said, “The other scenario is that I do not change the noms and keep them up there but then I need to convince you and Tay to vote off Kandi.” Ricky says, “Literally I could flip a coin. But you have to realize if you don’t do what Tamar wants then she is going to be upset about it.” Lolo says, “I like that you say that it doesn’t matter to you. But then I have to convince Tay. But I don’t think she will vote Kandi out. And then it would come down to a tie.” Lolo says, “But like you said, it is down to one day and I don’t have another chance to get her out..” Ricky says, “So for you when it comes down to it Kandi is the most threatening to your game. So you need to choose what’s best for game.” Lolo keeps asking him if he thinks that keeping the noms is the best decision.
11:00 PM BBT Tamar knocks on the door. Lolo says, “yeah come in.” Lolo then begins to tell Tamar what they have been discussing. Lolo tells Tamar the same thing about Kandi’s discussion last night about her. She says she has a better relationship with her and Ricky. And she says what her options she feels she has. She says, “Option one would be to pull Dina off and put you up and reassure you that I just want Kandi off. And option two would be to just keep the noms the same and have you guys vote Kandi off.” Tamar says, “I feel I just do not want to go on the block. How do you feel about Dina being in the final two? I already told Ricky that too. And they already said that they are content with being final four.” Tamar says, “I will be able to support whatever you decide to do.” Ricky says, “But you know you though. If you make the wrong decision you are going to beat yourself up.” Lolo says, “Yeah. I just wanted to talk game with you guys because we haven’t in some time.” Tamar says, “I really want us three to beat it out in the finale.” Lolo says, “I really appreciate you both and Ricky keeping it real with me.” Then they start talking about the comp and then LSU. Lolo says she will talk with them about it again tomorrow. Tamar says, “I came in here to listen to that music. Lolo asked, “Are we going to go into the spa tonight?” Ricky said, “No. I am going to take a hot steamy shower for sure.” Lolo said, “Yeah, that steam saved me for sure.” Then her and Ricky start talking about the comp again. Production said, “Please turn the music down.” Dina is downstairs in her BR packing things up again. Kandi is in the DR.
11:15 PM BBT Lolo says, “We’re almost done y’all. Two more sleeps.” “I gave Natalie the Veto, she says. I need to give her a new outfit too. Maybe I’ll give her a burglar hat.” Ricky said, “She’ll like that.” Ricky says, “I am going to go and take a hot shower.” He leaves the HOH BR. Lolo says, “I am going to make some tweets.” She asks Lolo if she is going to stay up here as she is leaving. Lolo asks her if she is hungry. Lolo says she is not going to cook anything because she doesn’t want to do any dishes. Tamar asked about the chicken nuggets. Lolo said, “Yeah, I can preheat the oven.” She leaves the HOH BR. She goes down to the Lounge/Parlour to tweet. Kandi comes out of the DR. She and Dina go to the kitchen. The tea kettle whistles. Kandi starts putting the clean dishes away. Dina says, “I want to get this raw honey from Trader Joes when I get home.” Dina says, “There is something smelling a little funky in there.” Kandi says, “I cannot believe I survived this.” Dina says, “They never opened the outside. At least I don’t think so.” Then she checked it and the door opened. She said, “It is opened. It’s so nice.” Her and Dina then start cleaning the kitchen. Dina says, “That was weird when they said ‘this is the last veto challenge.’” She says, “I have to be honest, this production company has been the best. They work hard. I am going to tell them that when I talk to them.” Tamar comes downstairs. Kandi asks her if she feels better. Tamar says, “No.” Dina says she needs to get a big jar for the grease at her house instead of running outside all the time to dump it. Dina leaves the kitchen briefly and comes back. Lolo is still in the Parlour tweeting.
11:30 PM BBT Dina starts talking about the family videos and seeing her daughter. Dina tells Kandi that she is normally the glue that holds her family together. Kandi says, “Well now my husband is the glue. I just pray everything is going to be ok.” Dina says, “Everything is fine.” Kandi says, “We only have two more days. Not even, just a day and a half.” Dina says, “But it is going to go fast. Wednesday is going to be fun. Come on let’s go play cards.” Dina says, “I have never got in a fight in here.” Kandi says, “You did with me.” Dina says, “That was not a fight. That was love.” They begin playing cards. Dina tells Kandi that she played by herself and was practising and pretending that she was playing with Kandi. She says, “You even beat me a couple of times. But I was trying to think, what would Kandi do?” Dina says she doesn’t know how Lolo does it, lift weights with her sports induced asthma.” Then Dina starts talking about plastic surgery to her face and wrinkles. Lolo comes out of the Parlour and walks to the sliding back door and looks outside. Dina says it’s nice out there. Lolo says, “It’s cold.” Lolo leaves the dining room and goes into her BR. Tamar is in there in her bed eating chips. Then Lolo tells Tamar that she prayed on her decision. She says, “I have decided not to use the Veto so at least you are not going on the block.” Tamar says, “Praise Jesus.” Lolo says she is glad that they discussed it with her. She then asks Tamar if she is feeling any better. Tamar says, “Hell no.” Lolo asked her if she took a shower yet. Tamar said she did. Lolo said she is going to go outside because she needs some fresh air but that it is very cold out there so she is going to dress warm like a bum. Then she starts putting a hat and glasses on a wig head in the bed where Natalie was. Lolo then goes outside. Dina then stops her to tell her something unrelated to the game.
11:45 PM BBT Lolo grabbed a snack and goes out in the BY and sits down by the fire pit alone. Kandi and Dina are still playing cards at the dining table. Tamar comes into the kitchen and grabs a cup. She says, “It’s twelve o’clock y’all.” Dina said, “I think we should do fun things tomorrow.” Tamar says, “I think we should pack.” Then Dina starts talking about her wardrobe. Tamar is getting something to eat. Tamar says, “Ok well I am going to go lay down and hope this goes away.” Dina tells her, “With your head up or on your side.” Tamar said, “Ok.” She left and went to her BR.

Live Feed Updates Monday, February 11th (4)

February 11, 2019

Live Feed Updates Monday, February 11th (4)
2:45 PM BBT BB tells Tamar to fix her mic. She said she was going to change her shirt. Dina asked if it was Nike? Tamar said it was Fashionova. They talk about the finale. Dina said she wanted to see Anthony. Tamar said everyone was going to be there, even Omarosa. Dina asked Kandi if she wanted to finish her game. She said she didn’t touch it, she left it there on the table. They leave to go finish playing. Tamar goes to her room. Lolo is in there brushing her hair. Tamar asked how she keeps herself from being sexual. Lolo said that she was sexual, she was just a virgin. Tamar says No, i mean how do you keep yourself from being sexual. Lolo said that it was just her lifestyle. She said that she’s had her heart broken, but that she just hasn’t felt that connection spiritually or physically yet. She told Tamar a story about a guys reaction to her not wanting to have sex. Ricky came back in and made a comment to Lolo about not being able to find magic if she is going to guard her heart. Lolo freaks out on him. Saying that she doesn’t need him judging her. They argue back and forth. Tamar said for them to stop.
3:00 PM BBT Dina goes into her room and puts on her pink Adidas jacket. Lolo and Tamar read in their beds. Ricky gets up and leaves. Tamar reads bible passages to Lolo. Ricky goes to the kitchen and talks with Dina. She tells him that she wants him to meet a friend of hers named Craig. She said that he is a basketball player and he mentors to kids. Dina then asked Kandi if they were still playing a game. Ricky goes back to the hotel room. Tamar asked him when the last time he read her chart. He said the last time she asked him to. He explains about her cycle and that it is a 30 year cycle. He said that if she resolves her issues, at the end of her cycle she would feel like she got it right. Kandi and Dina are in the kitchen. Dina said that chicken feels like it’s not as hard on her as red meat since being in the BB house. Kandi is making some food. Dina said “ for the record, they brought so much bacon in here.” She said there was 3 packs of bacon in the storeroom. Kandi asked when they ate breakfast. Dina said they didn’t get up until 10, so probably around noon.
3:15 PM BBT Kandi brings out a drawer of rotten veggies from the fridge and shows Dina before throwing them out. Dina said that it was really gross. Dina said that she missed the environment in the house at the beginning. She said before the 3 alliances came to blows. Dina said it was exciting and all laughs. Now it’s all chill. In the hotel room, Lolo is reading and Tamar is laying quietly in her bed. Ricky, Kandi and Dina are talking about Astrology. Kandi asks if anyone in the house was a Scorpio. Dina asked what sign Anthony was. Ricky said he was Capricorn. Dina told them about what months her kids were born. Kandi said that 33 was her brothers football number in highschool. Kandi made a reference to roulette. Dina said that she never played roulette when she was in vegas. She said even if she had a gazillion dollars, she wouldn’t gamble very much. Dina said that she really appreciated her life since being in the BB house. She said that it was hard to not be able to call or write letters. Dina asked if Kandi thought anyone was watching them on the feeds at that moment. Ricky is called to the DR room downstairs. Dina said “uh oh, do you think it’s time now?”
3:30 PM BBT In the hotel room, Lolo is still whining about her argument with Ricky. She said that he isn’t there on her dates. He doesn’t know what she is like. Feeds go down for Veto
3:35 PM – Feeds down for Veto comp. Feeds show last season Celebrity BB

Live Feed Updates Monday, February 11th (3)

February 11, 2019

Live Feed Updates Monday, February 11th (3)
11:00 AM BBT Dina and Kandi are getting themselves ready for the day. Ricky has just left the bedroom and headed towards bathroom where Tamar is in there fixing their makeup Tamar says Kandi and Dina are the only 2 people that need 2 hours to get ready. Lolo asks if she has attitude and Tamar says no. She was just saying they were the only 2 that need to be dressed up for a comp. Lolo and Ricky are in the kitchen. Lolo said she has a cinderella type dream as she is talking to Ricky. Ricky and Lolo are discussing whether big brother puts up picks of castmates every season. Lolo Ricky and Tamar are discussing TSA lines.
11:15 AM BBT- Lolo and Ricky are talking about the airports she has been and how they switched over airplanes and had same crew. Kandi is now in kitchen. Tamar is back in bathroom putting on her makeup Lolo Ricky and Kandi are talking about passports and her experience with them putting the stamps on her book.2:21 feeds went out and came right back on. Ricky is talking about he has lost weight. Kandi and Lolo says he really hasn’t been eating. He says he has been extremely stressed the whole time in the house. Kandi is surprised Ricky says lack of stress is boredom. He says stress does not have to be a bad thing. Lolo is sitting at table reading the bible.
11:30 AM BBT- Ricky and Lolo in kitchen talking about taking classes. Kandi is eating fruit and Tamar are talking about her secret membership club she is making called Beautiful Bosses with her friend. It is going to be motivation events They are going to be doing events nationally. It is going to be lifestyle things for women. Kandi says they hope they continue to work on it while she was in the house.Dina and Tamar say 2 more sleeps. Dina says she will be glad she won’t have to make the bed anymore. All HGs are in kitchen.Tamar and Lolo are talking about Mooch saying how hip and younger he looked then his picture. Kandi Tamar and Ricky are talking about business casual. Ricky says they are being racist. Tamar says they should not be in jeans and a t-shirt. Ricky says he read a book called Don’t Judge A Book by It’s Cover. Ricky says you should take time to get to know them. Tamar says you should dress the part. Ricky says nothing will ever change if people don’t change their standards. Dina told Kandi that Ricky is so closed minded and he just showed his real stuff when he said Dina we are having a conversation
11:45 AM BBT- All HGs are in the kitchen talking. They are talking about the Getty Family Movie about kidnapping of the Patriarchs 16 year old grandson. Tamar is telling Lolo how she could give her hair an 80s or 90s hairstyle. Ricky said he was to have a pair of levis. Lolo said she wore her brothers clothes. Lolo asked what thing did they wanted in high school they wanted or got. Lolo and Ricky both said Doc Martens. Tamar asks Ricky if he is cold he says yes. Lolo said what was their top 3 cds Tamar said they really didn’t buy cds. Lolo said her favorite in elementary school was Mariah Carey. Tamar said she loved En Vogue and Mariah Carey. Lolo said he favorite album in High school was Lion King. feeds go out when Tamar starts singing.They say Beyonce is doing the new lion king soundtrack. Lolo and Tamar are talking about the New Coming to America 2 movie. They are wondering who the child belongs to. Feeds are down. They are back on.
12:00 PM BBT HGs are still all talking in kitchen except for Kandi. Kandi went back to bed. Lolo and Tamar went back in their bedroom but Tamar is getting something out of SR. Lolo is back out at the kitchen table. Dina cleaned up the kitchen and is now in the Lounge doing her twitter. Lolo is at the kitchen table, reading her Bible and it looks like she if fixing her hair extensions. Tamar comes from the SR and goes back into the bedroom and lays down to read. Ricky comes downstairs wrapped in a red blanket and puts playing cards on the table in front of Lolo. He grabs a sponge and cleans off the counter.He collects the garbage from the can in the kitchen. Dina comes out of the lounge. Lolo continues to work with her hair and keeps scratching her scalp. Ricky goes into the bedroom with Tamar and lays on the bed. Lolo also goes into the bedroom.
12:15 PM BBT They talk about how the POV will not be played until later tonight even though they woke them up early. Tamar says that she is up late all the time because she is thinking about things. Tamar says she has problems with her face. Tamar and Lolo talk about makeup removing cloths. Tamar says she uses 5 a day and Lolo says she only uses one every few days to remove her eye makeup. Tamar says that people watching will see how Hocus Pocus she is. Ricky says that she is like that because of her sign. Lolo is brushing her hair again. HG just sit in silence as camera 2 does close up shots on the flowers in the kitchen where Dina is. Camera 1 is on Kandi sleeping. Dina goes to the SR to write something on the list.She is requesting more makeup products. She writes on the list directly from the bottles. She takes the bottles back to the bedroom and puts on some powder makeup then goes to sit on her bed. All HG are quiet again.
12:30 PM BBT All cameras in the bedrooms where HG are all laying in bed. Only Kandi is sleeping. All others are just laying there. Dina gets up and says she just can’t keep hearing Tamar and Ricky in the other room. She goes into the room with Kandi and tells her that. Although, the HG in the room were not really saying anything. Ricky and Tamar are talking about someone outside of the house that they know. Tamar says that she hated having to leave her kids for another day.
12:45 PM BBT All 4 cameras go to Dina and Kandi laying in their room. During this time – Ricky gets up to head to the HOH room shower.
1:00 PM BBT Cameras split again to both bedrooms where all HG are still in bed just laying there.Kandi moves a bit and turns over. Other than that, no movement from the HG.
1:15 PM BBT No movement from the HG – all still laying in bed. Finally at 1:28 PM BBT – Lolo wakes up and Tamar says “Hey Boo”. Lolo says that this is a game of numbers. And that she argued about numbers last night. Tamar says she has to pee but doesn’t want to get up. Lolo says that she can not do coffee to stay awake, it puts her to sleep. She says tea is fine. Tamar says that tea makes her bloated.
1:30 PM BBT Tamar gets up to go to the bathroom and says that she needs an advil. Lolo goes upstairs to go to the bathroom but someone is in the shower she says. (Ricky was in the shower) She tells Tamar it’s prob Dina because she isn’t in her bed. But they don’t know she is in the bedroom with Kandi. Tamar tells Lolo that Kandi is still asleep. Lolo goes and peeks into the room where Kandi and Dina are. She goes into her bedroom with Tamar and tells her that she woke Kandi up when she opened the door. Kandi is sitting on the edge of her bed now. Tamar is now back in bed again and Lolo is sitting on her bed with her Bible. Kandi leaves the bedroom and heads towards to the bathroom. Lolo is telling Tamar that Kandi thinks that Lolo has all the votes. And that Kandi says she would have no votes from Jury. Tamar says that Kandi can win against Ricky if she goes to the end. Lolo says that everyone loves Ricky as Ricky walks into the room from the shower. They tell Ricky what they are talking about Kandi taking someone to the end. Lolo asks Ricky about coffee and if it makes his body tank. He says that she should listen to her body. Dina heads to the bathroom where Kandi is fixing her hair. Back in the bedroom, Ricky says to watch animals in nature – they always know what to do for their bodies. Not pets because they get messed up by humans but animals in nature. Ricky puts lotion on his feet. Kandi leaves the washroom and heads towards the kitchen. Lolo is reading. Tamar is still just laying there and Dina is still in the bathroom. Kandi sits at the table and goes through the deck of cards shuffling them.
1:45 PM BBT Kandi plays solitaire at the table. All HG are quiet again. Dina joins Kandi at the table. Dina talks about her mom with Kandi and feeds go out for a few seconds and all cameras go to the HG in the bedroom. Kandi and Dina are playing Hearts. KANDI PLEASE GO TO THE DR DOWNSTAIRS. Feeds cut out for about 45 seconds. When feeds return, Dina is pulling clothes out of her suitcase. She says she is looking for a pink jacket that has stuff in the pockets.
2:00 PM BBT Dina packs and applies some makeup. Ricky and Tamar are napping. Kandi is in the DR room. Lolo is reading. Tamar is called to the DR room. Kandi joins Dina in her room. They return to the kitchen to play cards. Ricky is called to the DR room downstairs. Lolo starts to brush her hair. Tamar asks Y’all playing cards again to Dina and Kandi. Lolo grabs a towel and heads to the bathroom. Tamar is ironing some clothes. Lolo goes to the kitchen and roots through the fridge. Tamar starts to put on her makeup. Ricky leaves the DR and goes into the kitchen. Lolo grabs some food and takes her jacket off the chair and goes to the lounge to tweet. Kandi said to Dina that she wished they were playing the other game at the moment. Kandi starts shuffling the cards and deals a new hand. Ricky sits at the table with Dina and Kandi.
2:15 PM BBT Kandi said that everybody stayed in their pyjamas today. Ricky asked them how they felt about today. Kandi said she was trying not to think about it. She just wanted to relax. She asked him how he felt about the overall game. He said he felt the same as always. For the last 20 years he’s just went out and competed. Dina and Kandi start a game of gin rummy. Lolo tweets in the lounge. Dian and Kandi discuss Kandi’s hand and why she still had so many cards. Kandi said that she never played so many card games in her life. Kandi said that when she went to vegas, she would sit and learn a new game each time.
2:30 PM BBT Dina said that she hasn’t been to vegas since her show. Kandi said that she tries to always catch a show when she went, so she wouldn’t gamble as much. Kandi asks Ricky if he wants to play. He declines. Ricky gets up and leaves. Dina finds 2 cards on the floor. Kandi jokes that she is trying to cheat. Tamar, Ricky and Lolo go to the kitchen. Ricky mixes a drink. Lolo asked him where some of her clothes were. Ricky said that it was beside his bed. BB tells Tamar and Lolo to put on their mics. Kand is called to the DR room again. Dina goes to the store room. She writes something down and then goes to her bedroom to touch up her makeup. Ricky sits at the dining room table and starts to shuffle a deck of cards. Tamar and Kandi join Lolo in Dina’s bedroom.

 Live Feed Updates Monday, February 11th (2)

February 11, 2019

 Live Feed Updates Monday, February 11th (2)
8:00 AM BBT – 10:00 AM BBT All HGs sleeping
10:15 AM BBT– The HGs are starting to slowly wake up. Ricky is in HOH bathroom. Lolo is sitting up in bed saying that it is cold. Lolo is up in SR changing her battery. Lolo heads to bathroom, Kandi is in there she says Good Morning Lolo says it back she tells her there is no toilet paper would she like some tissue. Kandi finishes brushing her teeth heads out of bathroom. Lolo is now in bathroom washing her face. Kandi just left kitchen and now in the SR getting toilet paper for the bathroom. Dina is still covered up in bed asleep. Lolo takes her whole bag of make up and heads up till HOH
10:30 AM BBT – Lolo is in HOH listening to music and fixing her face. Kandi is in the hallway fixing her face. Dina is now waking up and getting out of bed. Tamar is now out of bed also. Ricky is laying down in his bed in the bedroom. Dina is in her room putting on her makeup and talking about how happy she will be to see her family. Tamar just came back in bedroom is laying down. Kandi is still working on her make-up.
10:45 AM BBT– Ricky and Tamar are in the bedroom saying Thank you Tom . Tamar has left the bedroom. Kandi is still fixing her makeup. Dina is asking what they might be doing today and she says she has no idea. Dina is back her looks like she is trying to get ready. Kandi tells Dina she thought she would be extra tired this morning. Dina thought maybe she was still not feeling well from last night. Dina said she didn’t intend on staying up so late. Then she just crashed.

Live Feed Updates Monday, February 11th (1)

February 11, 2019

Live Feed Updates Monday, February 11th (1)

12:00 AM BBT Kandi and Dina are still playing Gin Rummy. Tamar is still changing her bed. Ricky is lying on his and Lolo is lying down as well. Kandi and Dina finished another game of Gin Rummy with Kandi saying she is done for the night. Lolo comes out and they start talking about the little cupcakes that are there. Dina says she is going to wash her face. Lolo is asking Kandi about her show; whether or not they show Kandi taking her kids to school. Kandi says they probably have a couple of me taking them to school but they don’t show their school stuff. Tamar has joined them in the kitchen. Kandi dropped something out of the fridge. Lolo said she put them in like that. Lolo says I don’t know why but when I want to go to bed I get hungry. Tamar says I can not wait to get a facial and a manicure and pedicure. Kandi says she can’t wait for the mani and pedicures. Kandi has decided to get ready for bed. Tamar says she is excited to play on the veto. Lolo says I started out eating right but I the wheel fell off. She starts telling them how often she eats certain things in her real life. Ricky gets called to DR.

12:15 AM BBT Dina is saying she has a very bad stomach ache again tonight. She says she has had this her whole life. Tamar is complaining that her skin is f**ked up from wearing makeup to many days. Lolo is opening a bottle of wine so Tamar can have a glass to help her sleep tonight as she says she slept all day. The conversation goes back to a certain church where people line up to go. Lolo asks her about some celebrity bible study where no one can take pictures. Ricky has gone to bed. Lolo says You will like the songs on my iPod; they gave it to me for 24 hours. Lolo says she hopes Big Brother doesn’t show her when she was praying because that was her being one with God. Tamar says She has caught the Spirit here. She says She doesn’t care if anyone sees her. Tamar is complaining that she has cellulite on the back of her legs. Lolo is trying to see if the cameras will race with her. Lolo tries to beat the camera down the stairs. Ricky comes out and says he wants to go to bed. Tamar says in a half hour. Lolo is racing the cameras again. The camera has won both races.

12:30 AM BBT Lolo says she is going to eat some chicken nuggets then go to bed. Lolo says I have beaten the cameras before. She has decided to race the cameras one more time but starting from the bathroom. Lolo says I am sad they don’t want to race me. Tamar complains That her butt is as big as Kandi’s now. She says her boobs are like a white girl which she thinks is crazy. Tamar says she feels fat. Lolo is pissed she is not allowed to race. Dina has joined them in the kitchen. Lolo is trying to remove a knot from her hair while she waits for her chicken nuggets. Tamar starts to sing and feeds go down. Tamar and Lolo are going to review the days with the cards.

12:45 AM BBT Tamar has gone to check their chicken nuggets. Lolo is going over the days as she remembers them. Dina pipes up with on day 10 Jonathan went home. Lolo and Tamar are confused about what happened and when. Lolo says the one to ask is Ricky because he knows all these dates. Lolo says Kandi thinks she knows the dates but Ricky knows them better. Tamar tells her that chicken nuggets are done.

1:00 AM BBT Tamar says This season is crazy. She starts to laugh really loudly saying Tom put Kandi on the block and she was making him chicken wings. Lolo decides that they are just going to do the HOH Lolo says I want to do this with Ricky because we are just f**king ourselves up. She tells Tamar that Ricky puts this to numbers in the NFL like jersey numbers. Lolo says This is driving me crazy. Tamar says Tom knew he was going as soon as the double eviction was announced. Tamar says Yup that’s why he grabbed his jacket. They go back to what the comp maybe tomorrow. They think that it maybe a spelling comp. Lolo says she would like to go listen to her music but it is late and she only gets it for 24 hours. They are now comparing the pictures to how they look in real life. Lolo asks if they are watching in the UK. Tamar says Yes they are. They start discussing who was on the UK one. Lolo says Kristie Allen was on that one. Tamar says I didn’t watch that. Tamar is yelling that Lolo doesn’t think their spat made television. Feeds go down as Kandi asks if they interviewed her on it.

1:15 AM BBT Feeds come back after several minutes with Lolo Tamar and Kandi talking about going to church. Lolo says She expects a lot of backlash over saying she is still a virgin. Kandi says You will have lots of guys on you when you get out. Kandi says She thought Anthony was surprising. Tamar says She never thought Joey would be so cool. Lolo says I thought Ryan was the same. Dina has joined the group. Tamar says Ryan is very cool. Lolo agrees. The conversation goes to the rules of the Olympics feeds cut. Lolo says Dina is what I expected. She then changes her mind and says Dina is a savage and goes right in. Kandi says she bonded with Mooch Dina and Joey. Kandi says My relationship with Tamar changed for the better. Kandi says Lolo you look like a vixen in that picture. They all agree that Ricky was not what they expected. Lolo is telling them she flipped off Jonathan and Ryan picture day 1.

1:30 AM BBT Kandi says your room will always vote together. Lolo says Kandi you have Tom and Kato and possibly Joey. Dina asks if they can do Celebrity Big Brother Family Feud. Tamar says she isn’t coming. She starts to talk about someone involved with Family Feud and feeds cut. Lolo wonders if all the guys will vote for Ricky because he is the last guy still here. Lolo starts talking about how this house is and feeds go down. Lolo and Kandi are talking about votes. Lolo says You have never won anything and you are saying I have more votes than you. Kandi says She started the conversation and she got mad at me I don’t even know how it started. Dina tells her to let it go; what they don’t realize is all the guys are watching now. Dina says I am going to help Ryan get endorsements I love everybody. In the bedroom Lolo and Tamar are discussing what happened. Lolo says I didn’t realize that she was saying she fought with no one. I never should have said what I said. Tamar says We have 72 hours left I am already back. Lolo says Ricky waited until the last 3 days to play the game. Lolo thinks that the discussion was that if Lolo and Kandi are on the block Joey would vote to keep Kandi not me. Ricky says He had words with Joey too. Lolo says but Ricky you pointed out a character flaw I called him a liar. Tamar says Kandi wants to win, this is Vegas for her it’s about winning. Lolo says It ruins my day. Lolo is going over how many votes Kandi will have at the end. Lolo says And she wants to complain about my 3 votes. Ricky said Don’t think about it. Lolo says We were talking about memories she didn’t have to make it game play. Tamar tells her it is all game play. Ricky says You are talking about it now and you are upset. Tamar says I just want you to not be upset what you said is the truth and we all know it is the truth.

1:45 AM BBT Lolo says Marissa won last year and she had no fights with anyone. Lolo tells her Ricky said Ross was the better player but he had a fight with 2 people. Tamar and Lolo are talking about Tom. Tamar says She thinks Tom was on a power trip saying he wanted to talk to everyone. Lolo thinks he just wanted to do things differently. Tamar is laughing really loud. The lights in the rest of the house are off but in their room. Tamar says This one over here has steam coming out her ears. Lolo says There is I am so upset but I will calm down. Lolo says She is going to ask her if They are cool now. Tamar is trying to say something Natalie Eva said but she is laughing so loudly and hard that we can’t figure out what she is saying. Tamar says 3 more sleeps. Tamar says We had everybody in this house from last years final 5. Lolo says Maybe Brandi will host the Veto Comp tomorrow.

Live Feed Updates Sunday, February 10th (7)

February 10, 2019

Live Feed Updates Sunday, February 10th (7)

6:30 PM BBT Dina and Kandi are still playing cards. A while later, Dina cleans up around the kitchen, and Kandi goes to the downstairs lounge to tweet. Lolo finds a way to plug in a radio, but BB tells her to stop that. Lolo goes into the bedroom to tell Ricky. He asks if any music played. She says that it was just static. Lolo wonders what to do. Lolo says that Plan B is to start packing. Lolo jokes that the Windex is in Natalie’s bed since she was the one who’d always clean the mirrors.

6:45 PM BBT In the downstairs lounge, Kandi and Dina are talking. Kandi says that she’s the the one that usually handle the bills. BB calls Dina to the DR. In the gold bedroom, Lolo is resting. Dina returns to the downstairs lounge to join Kandi. They talk about Kandi’s daughter. For her career, Kandi laughs and says that she wants to be the person that tells what people to do. Ricky joins Kandi and Dina. The conversation goes to the game Dominoes briefly. Kandi says that the more people leave, the days get longer. Ricky plays with a pair of dice for a while, then leaves. Kandi suggests laying back down. Kandi leaves to check the time, and sees that it’s only 7, so she decides not to go to bed yet.

7:00 PM BBT Ricky and Kandi go upstairs to play Chess. In the downstairs lounge, Dina is tweeting. Downstairs, Lolo tosses Ricky something. Lolo is cleaning the floor in the kitchen. Kandi and Ricky are playing chess upstairs. Kandi tells Ricky her move was stupid. Ricky asks her where is her mind at she said I don’t know. Ricky asks her do you want to keep playing she asks him what you want to start over he said you just don’t seem to be in the game. She tells him no I just made a really dumb move. Lolo is fixing herself something to drink. Lolo goes into the storage room and then sits down at the table with the deck of cards.

7:15 PM BBT Kandi and Ricky ares till playing chess upstairs. Kandi is trying to figure out what her next move should be. Dina goes to the table and asks Lolo is she wants to play cards. She said that we can play Crazy Eights. Lolo said she is going go to the spa later on and sit by the fire pit. Dina said that she is going to go to bed early tonight since she did not do any napping today. Lolo said yeah Tay has been napping all day. Dina said that it is so funny since she say Alliana that she knows Lindsey is traveling and Cody is.. She started talking about the card game. Dina said maybe they only could call one of my kids. I think Cody is in LA though. Tamar comes into the kitchen and Dina says there is sleeping beauty. Dina wins the game. Lolo walks out the kitchen. Dina is in the fridge. Dina goes into the lounge to send a few tweets. Lolo is at the kitchen table reading the bible. Ricky and Kandi are still upstairs playing chess. Lolo is looking towards the memory wall.

7:30 PM BBT Kandi and Ricky are both deep in thought while playing chess. Dina comes into the kitchen to wash a dish. Dina tells Lolo she is going to do great she said on what. Dina says on the comp tomorrow. Lolo tells her that it will be fun doing something tomorrow. Lolo says I guess I can go and start packing. Dina said I don’t have a lot. Dina said yeah Wednesday is going to go so fast. Dina said I really thought Julie was going to come on like she did for the other guys. Dina then walks out the kitchen area leaving Lolo to sit by herself. Lolo is still studying the memory wall trying to get all her dates and houseguest together. Ricky and Kandi are so into their chess game neither of them are talking. Lolo is now playing with her hair. Kandi is deciding on what move she should make. Ricky has made his next move. LOLO PLEASE GO TO THE DR DOWNSTAIRS. In the gray bedroom Tamar is covered up and sleep.

7:45 PM BBT Lolo goes into the HOH room. Tamar gets up to readjust her head-wrap. Ricky walks into the HOH room and turn the lights on. Dina is walking around her room then heads out. Tamar heads into the storage room and then into the lounge to starts tweeting. Ricky tells her Checkmate. Kandi tells him he got her good on that one. Kandi tells Ricky that was a good game. Ricky asks her you did not see that unfolding. She tells him that I knew it wasn’t a good idea to leave him in the corner so long. Ricky starts telling her where she could have changed her moves. Kandi said that was a good game and she is happy she did not give up just because she lost her queen. Ricky walks off. Ricky heads downstairs looking for everyone. He asks Dina if the glue was hers she said yeah that is mine. Did it work he tells her yes. .Tamar is looking for Lolo Ricky yells out that she is in the HOH. Dina tells Ricky that all that stuff is Kandi’s she talks about what I brought she brought more than me.

8:00 PM BBT Kandi, Ricky, and Dina are all in the upstairs lounge Kandi and Dina are playing pool and Ricky is laying on the couch sleeping and Dina and Kandi aren’t really talking much. Tamar is sitting by herself in the lounge/twitter room, she is sitting on the couch wearing a giant oversized hoodie and looks like she might be sleeping because she is sitting at the table where the tablet is with her head thrown all the way back.

8:15 PM BBT Dina and Kandi are eating dinner at the kitchen table. Dina is talking about her sons and how they play a lot of video games. All cameras are on the bathroom before switching back to Dina and Kandi in the kitchen Lolo heads downstairs and joins Kandi and Dina in the kitchen briefly before heading into the storage room. Feed cut to the hotel bedroom where Tamar is laying in bed and Ricky is standing over the bed whispering to her and they are talking about son. Ricky says the beauty in having children is they see literally every side of you and yet they still love you.

8:30 PM BBT Ricky tells Tamar that the worst thing she could do is feel bad and teach her son to judge and she should just love on him. Tamar says she appreciates the advice and she’ll be ok in a minute. Ricky says he knows she will be and to let him know if she needs anything before leaving the room. Tamar can be heard sobbing and Dina is asleep in the bed across from her. Tamar continues to be heard sobbing. Kandi is sitting alone at the kitchen counter before getting up to grab something off the kitchen table and sitting back at the counter.

8:45 PM BBT Lolo joins Kandi at the kitchen counter and Kandi is humming a song.Lolo is talking about what it’s like being the only single friend at her age and how whenever she would go out with her friends they were all married with kids and it was awkward for her not having any kids and being the only one with no significant other so she just stopped hanging out with them, but she has nieces and nephews that she sees all the time.

9:00 PM BBT Dina is passed out facing the foot of her bed with a book face down by her bed, she is sprawled out. Tamar is in the bathroom and looks like she is about to start her hair and makeup routine. Ricky walks by sweeping up the bathroom.

9:15 PM BBT Lolo and Kandi are in the kitchen. Lolo is washing dishes and making herself something to eat. Kandi leaves the kitchen, leaving Lolo alone washing dishes. Ricky is alone in the bathroom cleaning, he finishes sweeping and joins Lolo and Tamar in the kitchen. Tamar leaves the kitchen to change her microphone and heads back into the kitchen and tells Lolo that she’s going to clean up her room.

9:30 PM BBT Lolo, Ricky, and Tamar are all in the kitchen and wondering where Dina is. Lolo says she doesn’t know and asks Tamar if she wants to try some sprouts. Tamar says yes, but later and Lolo tells her they’re only good when they’re hot. Kandi joins everyone in the kitchen and asks Lolo what the recipe is for the sprouts. Lolo says just balsamic and some seasoning, then after it’s done, basil, salt and pepper and asks Kandi if she wants to try some; Kandi says yes and asks Lolo if she put them in the broiler and Lolo says no she just baked them at 400. Kandi asks Lolo how much oil she put in the Brussel sprouts and Lolo gives her a bite.

9:45 PM BBT Kandi asks for a little bit more salt to go on her Brussel sprouts, Lolo sprinkles more salt on Kandi’s Brussel sprouts.Lolo tries her Brussel sprouts and says she thinks she should have kept them in longer because she likes them a little bit crispy, Kandi says she likes them crispy too and asks Lolo what time it is. Lolo says 9:39 and asks if anyone went outside today, Kandi says it was too cold and Lolo says yeah because it’s winter in California. Kandi says she knows but she just doesn’t like the cold. Ricky finishes his Brussel sprouts and gets up to wash his plate, Lolo and Kandi continue eating theirs and Lolo says she probably shouldn’t have washed them before baking them because she would have liked for them to come out a little crispier. Lolo asks Kandi if she’s had any weird dreams while she’s been in the house. Kandi says she did a little bit earlier when they first got there. Lolo says she feels like every night she has a weird dream and goes to help Ricky wash the dishes. Dina has woken up and come downstairs to join Kandi and Lolo in the kitchen and the three of them seem to be practising for one of the upcoming competitions by analyzing the diamond apple in front of the stairs.

10:00 PM BBT Lolo, Ricky and Tamar are all in their BR talking. Tamar starts singing. Then Ricky says, “Wait for it. Please stop singing.” Tamar says, “Ricky I am grateful for you.” Lolo leaves the room briefly and comes back with a bowl of something to snack on. It looks like cookies. Tamar says, “Let me do one thing I said I was going to do today. I m going to the pool.” She asks, “Are you guys going to go to the hot tub?” Lolo asks, “Right now?” Tamar says, “We need to get a good night’s sleep tonight because we have a big day tomorrow. Let the ass kicking begin!” Lolo and Tamar discuss how messy they have been in the BB House and how they are not like that at home. Production says, “Tamar, Please put on your microphone.” She says, “I’m about to change my clothes.”

10:15 PM BBT Kandi comes to their BR. Tamar tells her that they are about to go in the spa. Kandi says, “Dina says it’s all wet out there.” Tamar says, “But not in the spa.” She asks Kandi if she is going to go and get in the spa with them. Kandi says, “No. I’m not trying to get sick before I leave this house, right at the end.” Dina is out in the kitchen alone looking around. She looks outside in the BY to see if the other HGs are out there and asks if she can stay out there or no. She then walks back inside the house and goes back to the bedrooms. Kandi came back out of the other BR and began talking with Dina. Dina tells Kandi the BY is open but she doesn’t know why they asked her to come back inside. Kandi says, “Let me aks.” And she goes into the DR. Feeds go off at 11:23 PM BBT. Feeds came right back. Kandi came back out of the DR. She brought some laundry out with her. She says, “These aren’t mine. They look like they are Ricky’s.” Dina then said some of those things are Jonathan’s and the belt is Tom’s. And she took them into the SR. Lolo came out of her BR and went to the bathroom. And so did Tamar. Tamar went into the restroom to change into her bathing suit. She comes out of the restroom and Lolo goes in. Tamar says, “I have so much cellulite, Jesus.” Lolo comes out and washes her hands. Then they both go out to the BY and get into the hot tub.

10:30 PM BBT Dina and Kandi are in the pink BR gathering their belongings to pack them all up. Kandi says, “The question is, what am I going to do with my dirty laundry though?” Dina said, “You can always leave it. Or stay until Thursday.” Kandi said, “No thanks.” Dina is complimenting Kandi’s clothes. Ricky comes out of his BR and goes to the BY and peeks out at the girls. Lolo and Tamar ask him why he looks so sad. He didn’t say. He went back inside. Tamar tells Lolo to move because there are a ton of ants behind her. Then she starts splashing them all. Tamar starts running on the treadmill in the hot tub. Lolo says, “Tay Watch.” And Lolo is playing with the sailboats. Ricky comes back outside and gets in the hot tub with them. He said, “One of the boats floats.” Lolo asks if either Tamar or Ricky is a bath person at their homes. They tell her no. She says, “When I have a long flight home I like to take a bath with Epsom salts when I get there.” Back in the pink BR, Dina and Kandi are still talking and packing. Dina is saying that she has missed all of her daughter’s shows on MTV. She says it has been like 4 shows. All cameras go back outside to the BY.

10:45 PM BBT Lolo, Tamar and Ricky are just relaxing in the hot tub. Tamar begins running on the treadmill again, slowly. Tamar gets off of it then. Lolo gets on it and pretends she is going really fast and laughs. Lolo is talking about her family video chat she had. They get quiet and relax again. Meanwhile, back in the pink BR, Dina and Kandi are talking about the art competition. Then they start discussing Lolo’s family. Dina says, “She said she has three sisters and one brother. But how are they related?” Kandi asks, “What do you mean, are they related?” Dina says, “Well because she said she had foster parents.” Kandi says, “Yes but she has three sisters and one brother biologically.” Then all the cameras went outside to the BY. The three of them are practicing for the competition. Feeds come back to the pink BR. Kandi says, “My hands are getting all cracked from all of the dishes I have washed in here.” Dina said, “I stopped. I did them all the time and just decided to stop.”

11:00 PM BBT Kandi says, “I am going to go see what time it is.” Dina says, “Wait. I will go on the walk with you.” Dina says, “It’s 11:11 make a wish.” Kandi says, “Why is it we always come in here when it is double times?” Then Kandi goes up to the Apple and starts counting the Rubies on it. Dina says, “I counted 70 of them.” Dina goes into the bathroom and says, “I am going to get Orwell because he doesn’t need to be in that bathroom when it is a mess.” She brings him out to the dining table. She says, “We are calling her Orwella now because there is a majority of women in the house now. Kandi is counting all of the rubies on the apple still. Dina was helping her but then left to go to the restroom. Dina comes back out from the restroom. Feeds go down at 11:10 PM BBT. Feeds come back on at 11:12 PM BBT with all cameras on the HOH Bathroom, where no one is at. Then cameras 3 & 4 are on the BY with the three in the hot tub still. Actually, Lolo is not there in the hot tub. Tamar is laughing and talking to Ricky.

11:15 PM BBT Tamar is rubbing on her leg and says, “I didn’t know this was going to be too much.” Ricky says, “There is no such thing as too much. I don’t believe in too much.” Tamar says, “I believe I played a good game.” She gets out of the hot tub, grabs her towel and goes into the house. She says she will see him inside. Ricky then goes under the water for a few minutes. Cameras then go inside. Tamar and Lolo are in the bathroom. Lolo is putting on makeup. Kandi and Dina are in the dining room playing cards. Tamar is getting in the shower. Lolo says she has gained a lot of weight in the last few days and she can’t figure out why. Then she says, “Oh it’s because I stopped working out.” Tamar says, “That’s why.” Feeds go down at 11:24 PM BBT because Tamar starts singing in the shower. Feeds come back at 11:26 PM BBT. Kandi asks Orwella, “What is going on with your headband Orwella?” Lolo comes out of the bathroom and tells Dina and Kandi, “You forgot to deal Orwella in.” Dina says, “No she is just watching us.” Lolo kept walking and went into the kitchen.

11:30 PM BBT Tamar gets out of the shower and is grooming at the bathroom sink. She asks Kandi from the bathroom, “What are we supposed to do with these eyebrows?” Kandi says, “I just need mine waxed really badly.” Dina asks, “I wonder what we look like in all of these costumes to people? There are a lot of people watching.” Dina randomly says, “Just think about those poor girls in jail that don’t have any makeup or wigs.” Then she focusses back on the card game with Kandi. Production says, “Kandi, please do not obstruct your microphone.” Kandi says, “I am not obstructing my microphone.” Production says, “Kandi, please move your microphone closer.” She then moves her mic up closer to her mouth. Tamar comes out of the bathroom and says, “Dina said, I am not going to play any more cards until I go to Vegas.” Dina says, “I am on my way to Vegas.” Tamar continued to walk back to get dressed. Then she went into her bedroom. She got up on her bed and starts to groom her feet. She says, “When you are in the BB House you have to give yourself a pedicure, which is disgusting.” Ricky comes into the bedroom. He gives Tamar something. He gets in his bed. Tamar says, “They must have put Epsom salt in there.” Ricky asks, “In the hot tub? Why? Do you feel better.?” She says, “Yes I do feel better.”

11:45 PM BBT Back out in the dining room, Kandi and Dina are still playing cards. Dina wins. Kandi says, “Are you serious?” Dina says something about somebody removing a door stopper to the camera. Lolo comes into the bedroom. She asks Tamar if she is packing. Tamar says, “Packing so I can make my bed.” Lolo says, “Mark said he had PTSD coming back here. Would you guys come back for one of those competitions?” Tamar said, “Yes. I sure would.” Lolo says, “Yeah you get a free hotel and airfare. You guys would be invited because you live here in CA.” Tamar said, “Omarosa isn’t from here.” Ricky says, “She is from Ohio.” Tamar starts taking her bed apart to put clean sheets on it. She tells Lolo she has some clean sheets in the SR also. Lolo says, “I am not making my bed with two days left.” Lolo is packing.

Live Feed Updates Sunday, February 10th (6)

February 10, 2019

Live Feed Updates Sunday, February 10th (6)
3:00 PM BBT Dina and Kandi continue cooking. Ricky is still doing yoga in the gym. Dina asks Kandi if Tamar had a blood clot. Kandi says that Tamar said she had a blood clot, but after her mother prayed over her, the blood clot disappeared. Dina says, “She still had a rib removed? I’m so confused.” Dina starts telling a story about her ex-husband’s sister. FISH. Cams all cut to Ricky doing yoga.
3:15 PM BBT Dina and Kandi sit at the kitchen island eating and talking about the last few days in the house. Tamar comes into the kitchen to check on her food she has in the oven. Tamar complains that her body hurts after the competition. Dina tells Kandi about her dad, who passed away 15 years ago. Lolo comes into the kitchen and starts looking in the fridge for some food. Dina finishes eating and starts doing dishes at the sink. Kandi finishes eating and cleans her plate. Dina asks Kandi if she is going to stay in L.A. with her family for a few days or go straight home. Kandi says if everyone is flying out here for the finale, they will probably stay through the weekend at least to visit family.
3:30 PM BBT Dina finishes cleaning up in the kitchen and heads to the bathroom. She turns on the blow dryer for some privacy and leaves it sitting in the sink. Dina finishes in the bathroom and goes to the bedroom to lay down.
3:45 PM BBT Kandi is in the lounge tweeting. Lolo is in the bathroom. Kandi finishes tweeting and goes into the bedroom to talk to Tamar where she is laying in bed. Dina is back up and out of bed. Tamar whispers to Kandi if Dina approaches her with a final two deal, what is she going to do? Kandi says Dina does not expect to make it to the final 4. Tamar asks how Dina feels about that. Kandi says she’s trying to predict what would happen if one of them comes off the block. Tamar says it’s not really a good thing for most of them if one of them does come off the block. Kandi wants to make sure if Dina were to win veto and take herself off the block, that she and Tamar would not end up on the block next to each other. She says she is going to keep thinking and asks Tamar if she needs anything else. Tamar says no, and thanks her for bringing her medicine. Kandi goes into her bedroom and lays down.
4:00 PM BBT Ricky finally finishes his yoga workout and puts away the mat. He heads downstairs and into his bedroom where he asks Tamar how she’s feeling. She says not good and asks him how he is. He says he feels great after working out. He says hello to “Natalie” in her bed. Ricky heads into the kitchen to make a protein shake. Ricky walks around the house looking for Lolo. Lolo is in the bedroom telling Tamar that Dina and Kandi are asleep. Tamar says she is going to have to figure out how to put her face on. Ricky comes into the bedroom and asks if they are sleeping again. Lolo says everybody is just chilling. Ricky asks Lolo if she’s going to workout. She says she’s going to eat first and then see what she can do. Ricky asks her how long she waits
after eating to work out. She says about 30 minutes. He says he can’t work out for at least 2 hours after eating. Tamar says the most she can have before working out is coffee.
4:15 PM BBT Lolo tells Ricky and Tamar about learning German words from being in track and field. She talks about the prize money for winning some of the races she’s been in. She asks Ricky if they get bonuses in football. He says there’s different incentives that they can earn throughout the season. She asks him if he’s glad he played for multiple different teams. He says it didn’t matter to him. Lolo says Dina is passed out sleeping beauty right now. Tamar says she wonders why Dina is so tired, and she should be glad she didn’t do that competition. Ricky says that Dina used to be a ballerina and a leaper, so she may have been good at the competition since she is lighter than them. Lolo tells Tamar that she was landing so hard during the competition that she was knocking down her puzzle pieces and Marissa was trying not to laugh. Lolo says she can’t believe they slept almost all day again. Ricky says he didn’t and Lolo says she, Tamar, and Natalie did. Ricky says Natalie has been sleeping for a couple days now. HOUSEGUESTS, PLEASE GO TO THE LIVING ROOM. Tamar groans in pain as she gets up and tries to get dressed. Dina and Kandi both wake up and get out of bed. Lolo says it’s probably videos from their family. Tamar can barely walk into the living room. Ricky asks Kandi if she is sore at all from landing in the competition. She says she has a couple bruises, but otherwise feels fine. Dina puts on a hat and Lolo tells her she looks like a style icon. Tamar has a hoodie pulled up and sunglasses and Lolo tells her she feels that this is how Tamar looks when she is in the airport. Tamar says never.
4:30 PM BBT Family videos start playing from the friends and family of the HG’s. They play in a loop showing each video twice. Dina is emotional when she sees her daughter Ali, and Tamar is bawling at the sight of her son. Everyone was happy, but no one else got emotional at the videos. Kandi asks Lolo if she is ok because she says her face looks upset. Lolo says she knew it wouldn’t be anyone from her family, but she was happy to see her training partner. Ricky was surprised to see that his wife cut her hair short. He says she looks cute, and has been talking about it for awhile. Dina says Tamar’s son was so handsome and Kandi’s daughter is taller than when she watched her on Housewives. Lolo says that them showing only one of her training partners makes it seem like they are setting her up to look gay instead of showing the rest of the girls in her training group. She says that her sister probably influenced her mom to not appear on the show, and her mom is afraid of the spotlight. The HG’s say that Ali seems so peaceful. Dina says that she is, and she is very spiritual. RICKY, PLEASE GO TO THE DIARY ROOM DOWNSTAIRS. Kandi says seeing the video just makes her happy that she will be seeing her family in a few days. Kandi goes to Tamar and gives her a hug to comfort her. Lolo tells her not to hug too tight since Tamar is hurting today. They tell her that her son is so cute and well-spoken. Lolo says Kandi’s husband is attractive and she needs to book a flight to Africa to meet a guy. Kandi says she met him in Africa, but he was on the production crew, so Lolo needs to be looking at the crew when they get out of the house.
4:45 PM BBT Lolo talks about being on Dancing With The Stars and how she didn’t enjoy her experience. She says she wanted to actually learn how to dance by going on the show, but then she ended up getting voted out on the first episode. Tamar talks about the season that she was on of Dancing With The Stars. Kandi says she would go on the show, but she’s not a good dancer so she probably wouldn’t get far. Dina says she would like to do it since she’s a former dancer, but she has no experience dancing with a partner, so that would be something new to learn. Tamar says that when she got sick she was in the top 4 and probably would have won the show. They talk about how much money you get for being on the show. Lolo says she probably won’t have any of her family fly out for the Big Brother finale. Kandi says her kids might come, as long as they don’t have any tests. She says if not her kids, her husband will definitely be here. Lolo says she knows why she is still single, a lot of the girls she trains with are also single because of their travel and training schedule. Kandi says Lolo’s family must be so proud of her. She says her relationships suffer because she never gets to see anyone. Kandi asks Lolo what her type is. She says funny, believes in God, is ok with her Olympic dream. She says she has dated every race, and doesn’t have a specific look. She says she cares more about hitting it off personality wise, but she still wants to be attracted to them. Kandi is thinking about who she can set up with Lolo. Dina thinks about her son’s friends for Lolo.
5:00 PM BBT Lolo makes a plate of food in the kitchen. Ricky comes out of the DR and tells Tamar she should go get on the elliptical to loosen up her muscles. Lolo takes her food into the lounge to tweet. Kandi says they are all just sitting in deep thought happy and thinking of their families. Dina asks if anyone wants to play cards. Kandi says yes but Ricky and Tamar stay in the living room. Tamar says production did the right thing by playing the videos for them at this time, rather than waiting to play it right before a competition, because she would have been toast. Dina says she definitely doesn’t think Ali has been watching her on the show at all, she’s probably busy with her music. Dina tells Kandi and Ricky about her children and how old they are and what they are up to. Dina tells them that Michael kind of took over the father figure role for her younger son growing up since his dad wasn’t around. Ricky takes out the trash in the kitchen.
5:15 PM BBT Ricky is in the bedroom comforting Tamar as she lays in bed crying. Ricky tells her that this experience will help her to be a different person and a different mom to her son. She says it’s a lot of her to process. Dina tells Kandi that she wished someone was with Tamar’s son in the video so she would feel like he is ok and being taken care of. Lolo comes into the bedroom with Ricky and Tamar. Lolo tells Ricky that his wife seems so wise. He says he can tell from the video that it has been hard for his wife while he has been gone, handling his 15 yr old son and because of the big fight they had right before he left for the show. Dina and Kandi talk about the videos from last season. Ricky tells Lolo and Tamar about he and his wife’s spirit animals. Lolo asks how you find out what your spirit animal is. Ricky says his came to him in a dream. Lolo tries to figure out what her spirit animal could be. Lolo complains that they still didn’t tell them who won the Super Bowl. She says she would have been more pumped for that than the video from her training partner. Ricky asks if they are close. Lolo says they are but they don’t hang out outside of training, they are just coworkers.
5:30 PM BBT Lolo says she wasn’t that excited to see her video and Kandi could tell. She says that she understands that she is single due to her work schedule, but then she sees that Kandi works a lot and she is still married and has a family. Tamar says yes, but she works with her family, so it’s different. Dina and Kandi try to figure out the family dynamic with Ricky and which children he has from which women. Lolo tells Tamar that her son is well-spoken. Tamar says he’s and adult, and it’s not fair to be 5 and have to be an adult. Lolo asks Ricky why he thinks his kids weren’t in the video with his wife. He says she only has one of his kids there with her, and it looks like she filmed it at night. He says whenever he isn’t at home, his wife rearranges everything so he’s expecting to come home to a totally different house. Lolo says she wishes she could see Natalie’s video or Jonathan’s video. Lolo says if they had shown the videos earlier in the season, people would have been a little more sensitive towards each other in the game. Lolo says production should play the videos again so Ricky and Tamar can see them. Tamar says she doesn’t need to see it again. Ricky says he wasn’t that moved by his video. Lolo asks if it gave them any energy in the game. Tamar says it gave her guilt for being away for so long. Lolo asks Ricky if he feels guilty. Tamar says his situation is different. Ricky says he doesn’t have a 5 year old so it’s different for him. Lolo says it’s crazy that it’s making everyone feel different things, she thought it would be encouraging for everyone. Dina tells Kandi that Mark made a comment about her and Kato and she replied saying she and Kato are just friends and he has a beautiful girlfriend. Lolo says that not having a loved one or significant other in her video made her think about her past relationships and how they fell apart.
5:45 PM BBT Lolo says they need a purple wig to put on the fake Natalie, and then it would look just like her. Lolo reminds Tamar of her pork chops she’s cooking. Tamar gets up to go check on them. Dina asks Tamar if she’s feeling better and reminds her that she only has a couple days left until she sees her son. Lolo heads to the bathroom to change into her workout clothes. Ricky stays in the bedroom laying down and deep in thought. Dina says one thing she learned from the house is that she needs to join a gym or get a trainer. Tamar stands at the kitchen island and eats some of the pork chops she made. Lolo gets a water and heads upstairs for her workout. She stops at the keyboard and plays for a minute. She goes into the gym and starts her workout. Lolo realizes she left her microphone by the bathroom downstairs and goes down to retrieve it. Tamar comes into the gym to get on the elliptical. She tells Lolo she doesn’t have a desire to workout, but she’s trying to stretch out her muscles a little bit.
6;00 PM BBT Dina and Kandi are at the kitchen table. She is teaching Dina a new card game. Ricky is up above them watching them. Kandi asks her how many cards does she have left. Dina tells Kandi that they should be one the same team if it was a couples contest.

Skriv en fengende tittel...

February 10, 2019

 Live Feed Updates Sunday, February 10th (5)
1:00 PM BBT Lolo says that she has to be careful of what she puts in her body because she gets drug tested. Lolo and Kandi talk about hair removal. Lolo says that it will be a long boring day. Tamar comes into the room, complaining that she is hurting still. Kandi has a big bruise on her side from the competition, Tamar is cooking some pork chops. Lolo is going to make the sea bass to go with the pork chops tonight. Lolo said she wakes up between 9-10 am and eats 3 eggs with fresh OJ some days oatmeal. She then trains from 11-1, and a treatment after that. She then goes to sleep till 5 or 6 and get up make dinner and chill after that. Lolo wants to partner with LSU but they are hard to work with. Ricky got up and is headed downstairs. Ricky says good afternoon to Dina who is making her bed still looking like a ghost with her had and pink robe on. We lost feeds to the room with Tamar, Kandi and Lolo but I can hear them talking in the background. All 4 cameras are on Dina making her bed still.
1:15 PM BBT Tamar, Kandi and Lolo are talking about when Kandi visits her cousin in prison. All 4 cameras are still on Dina packing and cleaning the the room. I heard Lolo say she only saw her dad twice because it was too costly to take the bus to visit him.
1:30 PM BBT Kandi is talking about a dude she was talking to and she was really liking him. She said she came home from Sweden and he was in jail. He was in jail for 3 months and every weekend she went to see him and taking calls. Kandi says without the physical you get even closer to someone. Tamar said Kandi was thirsty for the dick LOL. On the last day of him being in jail she is waiting to hear from him, later on a friend calls from jail looking for him and told Kandi he had got out. Next morning he calls her and tries to lie and says he just got out. Dina is heading upstairs to the HOH room. Dina heads in to the bathroom and gets ready to take a shower. Back to Kandi’s story about her ex jailbird BF and she left him because he was lying. Kandi and Tamar talking about the guys being lying and having their mommas’ lie for them too.Ricky is laughing at their conversation, Lolo is in the storage room getting a banana and sits in the kitchen eating it. Lolo is now tweeting something, all cameras on her.
1:45 PM BBT Dina is in the HOH bathroom brushing her teeth and is now doing her hair.and now we watch is she does her makeup. Back to Lolo in the other bathroom doing her makeup now. Tamar says her body feels like it was ran over by a truck. Dina comes in with Lolo now to blow dry her hair. Ricky tells Tamar to drink water.
2:00 PM BBT Lolo comes in the bedroom and Ricky asks her what she’s been doing. She says she ate something and put on her makeup in preparation of being called to the DR. She says she’s trying to get motivation to go workout, and is planning on making it her final workout in the house. Kandi is in the hall doing her makeup, and Dina is in her bedroom doing the same. Lolo and Ricky talk about the athlete schedule. Ricky gets out of bed and heads upstairs. Dina is in the bathroom styling her hair. Lolo and Tamar are laying on their beds with their eyes closed. Ricky is in the gym upstairs setting up the yoga mat. For a second the camera shows the fake Natalie that the HG’s made and put in Natalie’s bed. Ricky lays on the yoga mat with his eyes closed in a meditative state.
2:15 PM BBT Dina finishes her hair and walks back to her bedroom. Kandi is still working on her makeup in the hallway. Dina grabs Orwell on her way back to the bathroom. He keeps her company while she does her makeup in the mirror and flat irons her hair. Ricky stands up and starts doing some yoga. Dina finishes her hair and heads back to her bedroom.
2:30 PM BBT Dina goes in the storage room and looks for food. She then heads back to her bedroom to put on some more makeup. Kandi is still doing her makeup in the hallway. Ricky is still doing yoga in the gym. Kandi comes into the bedroom and asks Dina to borrow her tweezers. Dina tells Kandi that she’s starving but doesn’t know what to eat and doesn’t want to wait to cook anything. Kandi says she is going to make breakfast, and it won’t take long. Dina says it’s coming down to the wire and she feels emotionally tired. Kandi says luckily they all slept in late today and got some extra rest. Dina says production is probably exhausted at this point too. Dina goes in the kitchen to start making some food.
2:45 PM BBT Kandi starts preparing breakfast in the kitchen. Dina and Kandi go through the fridge and clear some things out. Dina finishes cooking her sausages and offers one to Kandi. Dina says hello to Tom in the camera. Kandi asks Dina to make eggs and gets the eggs and spinach out of the fridge. Dina says she usually eats before taking a shower in the morning. She didn’t do that today and started feeling dizzy.

 Live Feed Updates Sunday, February 10th (4)

February 10, 2019

 Live Feed Updates Sunday, February 10th (4)
12:00 PM BBT Tamar and Ricky were talking about how hard it is to get a dispensary and then they call Tamar to the diary room. Ricky is working on a deal for a dispensary called the Highsman Club. Sports theme dispensary and then franchise them. Lolo is mentioning about CBD oil and how good it is for all kind of health issues. Ricky and Lolo are talking about how stressful the veto comps are, Ricky said in this game there is a time to lose and a time to win. Lolo asked Ricky what time the game would end on Wednesday. Then Lolo remembers her dream it was getting her phone back and then it blow up LOL. Lolo is talking about when she was out of town and her mortgage got into default and she hadn’t paid her house note. Kandi is up and in the bathroom, and then headed up to the HOH room.Ricky is about the time in the NFL and that they can’t leave. They would sneak to other floors to see people. Lolo is talking about her friend from the Saints and when she hung out with him at one of his games and they walked into the prayer room by accident and it was awkward.
12:15 PM BBT Ricky said that the night before the games coach will bring someone in to talk to them and pump them up. Lolo said she feels drained when she has to talk between flights and meet and greets. Ricky said today is clean and pack day. Lolo wants to work out first. Ricky is talking about just being in the room is better than being alone. Lolo said this house has gotten rid of every pair. Tamar is in the bathroom looking at her back in the mirror. Lolo said that Kandi and Dina don’t know anything about her, yet she feels like she knows them well. Ricky said that Kandi and Dina feel like outsiders. Lolo and Ricky have decided to leave their door open to be nice and sanity sake. Lolo leaves to get something to prop the door open. Tamar said something to Lolo that she won’t be able to plan and Lolo said yes you will. Ricky and Tamar are in the kitchen and she said she is sore. Ricky tells her to get in the elliptical, Tamar said us regular people are not like you athletes banging up your body.Ricky is opening a package of his clothes and Lolo is brushing her teeth right now.
12:30 PM BBT Lolo is brushing her hair while Ricky goes upstairs to the HOH room. Ricky leave the HOH room and comes back downstairs. Lolo gets back in bed and starts to read her Bible.Ricky comes out of the bathroom, washes his hands and then goes back upstairs to the HOH room.He lays on the bed and puts on the headphones to listen to some music. Tamar comes into the room with Lolo then heads right back up to put the heating pad in the microwave. Production tells Lolo to please change her batteries, she goes and gets it and then back to the bed.
12:45 PM BBT House is quiet everyone is in a different room just chilling. Tamar is in the kitchen looking in the fridge. Tamar is making herself something to eat.Dina is up saw her walking through the house. Kandi is up and walked out of the HOH bathroom, told Ricky she is feeling good today. Tamar is making a salad.Dina now walks through the kitchen looking like a ghost as she walks through and says nothing to anyone. Kandi comes into the room and talks to Lolo about needing to do her makeup before she gets called to the DR. Lolo says it takes 15 minutes to do her makeup.