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Goodbye BBCAN8! Going to miss you 

April 01, 2020

Goodbye BBCAN8! Going to miss you  

Big Brother Canada 8 came to an abrupt end when Toronto shutdown all non-essential businesses due to the spread of the coronavirus. BBCAN8 fell into that nonessential category. This left fans with a somber conclusion as there was no real resolution to the season.

The season already had a lot of drama and controversy around it due to a self-eviction, threat of another one, and two houseguests being removed from the game. It was enough to cause stress for viewers and houseguests.

The unpredictable season became even more unpredictable when the show was shut down. Big Brother Canada left us with a few things to look forward to in the final days of BBCAN8. The show extended the final two episodes from being back-to-back to pushing one episode to the next week. It was also leaked that the producers wanted to do something special with the prize money, and this would be revealed on the final episode.

We now know what will happen to the $1,000 grand prize money. Host Arisa Cox announced that the prize money will go to a Covid-19 relief fund.


April 01, 2020


On February 29, 2020, 16 people entered the house and this game became their whole world. But then suddenly the real world became surreal and just as they were getting started it was over. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is the right thing to do. Now, these 12 will walk out of the house and into the unknown together... just like all of us.

March 23, 2020, at 4:47PM BBT:, we see clips of the HGs playing the game and them being called to the living room. The executive producer of Big Brother Canada, Erin Brock, addresses the houseguests, saying they have difficult news to share and informed them the government of Ontario ordered a total shut down of all non-essential businesses and they have to end the production of the show this year.

The HGs are very quiet and emotional. Erin thanks each of them for being a part of this season and they realize this must be crushing, but they have been a distraction for Canadians and they should be proud of that. They will spend one last night together. They need to bring them back to the real world and they'll always be part of the Big Brother Canada family.

Hira says this sucks it's a dream and Brooke is crying and being consoled by Sheldon. Rianne says she's sick about it that this is the way this ending. She's nervous to go out in the real world and she's nervous to hear about her hospital. Her heart goes out to nurses. Brooke is so upset and she walks away and Sheldon goes to the HoH room.

Chris and Susanne are talking and they are glad they met each other. Angie hugs Minh-ly and Angie says the time for games is over and that's OK. Vanessa says a million things are running through her mind right now. She comes from nothing, and to be the first person from her province brings her so much pride.

Vanessa says something she didn't tell anyone in this house, four days before she left her captain who fishes side-by-side with every day took his own life and she almost didn't come. She's proud of herself for even just being here. She hopes she made him proud.

Hira is emotional and crying. He says he never thought he would have gotten this opportunity and he's proud of himself for fighting hard and he hopes people don't let anything change them. It was hard leaving his daughter, but he wants to keep things in perspective.

Sheldon and Brooke are in the Have-Not room. Brooke says there are bigger things happening, but this is the biggest dream she ever had in her life. She's wanted this since she was a little kid and she gave everything to be here. She's grateful that she was here, but it's just too soon.

Sheldon says she can't find the silver lining. He really did commit to this. He's a tough, stoic guy, but he doesn't know the words. This was something he really, really cared about and it's going to take a while to recover from this. Sheldon says there are definitely worse things going on and it's tough to imagine it.

March 23, 8:22PM BBT: Maddy says this was a dream to be part of this show and it's crumbling before her eyes. She's going to miss the game and the people in it. Rianne comes in to comfort her in the Have-Not room. They are all gathering to eat Chinese food. John-Luke says he was holding back that he was very smart and was valedictorian. Vanessa tells everyone about KVBS. Sheldon reveals he's a pro-wrestler.

Hira wants to know what Chris does and he says he's a neuroscientist and works in hypnosis. Minh wants to tell some stuff to Vanessa after they leave and she can't wait. She says they're too incriminating to say on TV. Sheldon is sitting by the wall where it says One Hero Will Rise and Brooke says that's disappointing. Sheldon says he will really miss all these people. The HGs are getting ready for bed and Maddy is giving hugs.

7:27AM BBT: The Final Day Chris says waking up today is really surreal. The house was starting to feel like home and now they will all be leaving. Vanessa looks out into the backyard. Vanessa says Carol and her were talking and they only had one eviction. Brooke asked Carol what her biggest take away is and she says that they are all human. Carol says she's truly blessed to have met and learned from all of these individuals. Hira says having no sense of time made him value time. He says you learn not to take advantage of the little things.

John-Luke is in a pink and black short outfit and Rianne says, beautiful dude. Sheldon tells Carol that regardless of how the week was going to turn out, it was just a game. They open the doors to the nomination room and they all go look at their busts. Minh says it looks like a wax museum. Sheldon is explaining what their process was to nominate people. Vanessa wants to know if they can keep them.

March 24, 2020 12:24PM BBT:. Arisa comes on the screen and she greets them and tells them she's at home. She knows it's been a trying few days and very emotional. She knows this isn't how they wanted the season to end, but it was one percent the right thing to do. Arisa wants to leave them with a look at some of their good times and she shows them clips of themselves moving in. Of Maddy meeting Micheal, of Jamar kissing Minh, Chris not recognizing his mom. Arisa says they must be wondering about the grand prize. Obviously, there is no winner of Season 8, so they've decided to donate the prize money to pandemic relief.

Arisa says their families are all safe and healthy and she wants them to hear it from their families and they all get clips from home. John-Luke says it's a bittersweet day in this house, and it sucks to have this taken away. Rianne says it feels so so weird right now.

March 24, 2020, 1:36PM BBT: Carol is told it's time for her to leave the Big Brother house and she has time to say her goodbyes. She hugs everyone and says this was a huge dream that so many people don't get to experience. And regardless of any trials and tribulations she experienced, she would never trade the friends she made in this game. She heads out the door. "

2:13PM BBT: Rianne, Maddy, and John-Luke are all told they can leave the house. Maddy says Evictors Assemble. Hugs begin. Rianne says it's been a crazy season. What a weird season of Big Brother. She just can't even. Maddy says this has definitely been a journey for her. A once in a lifetime opportunity. They are just a group of people who have their differences but at the end of the day, they love each other. She thinks that's what Big Brother is all about. She's not ready to leave though. John-Luke says it is kind of scary to step out into the real world when you've been in quarantine for 24 days. But he has faith in Canada and the world to fight COVID-19.

Chris says he's going to miss his girls Susanne the most. She's a sweetheart. Susanne is going to miss Chris the most. He says he was a cool guy. Susanne says Chris would have won this game and says she never won an HoH and Chris says they didn't get many chances. Chris says they'll be close outside for sure. Susanne says she has his back in life and in here. Angie comes in and Susanne says this was your dream too right? Angie says she quit her job for this.

Angie is told it's time for her to leave. She says this game is not what people think it is. She says you need strength and confidence in yourself and people just don't understand how difficult it is. This was a true dream and she's proud of herself for just doing it. Angie walks out the door.

March 24, 2020, 4:47PM BBT: The remaining HGs are just waiting to be the next. Hira asks Minh if she thought she was a hero or a villain and she says the villain. Hira says he was the hero. He feels like he represented himself the best he could. He's super Hira and he's proud of it. Hira is told he can leave. Hira gives hugs to everyone and he heads out the door.

Chris says he was one of the people in the game who got a chance to leave his mark. He was in danger week one but he just started moving up. Chris and Susanne, it's time to go. They give out hugs. Susanne says it's super sad to see a dream of her' to come to an end. She's sad she couldn't see this through, and she'll never know if she had a good game or not. They head out the door.

March 24, 2020 6:18PM BBT: Vanessa is the next to leave. She goes down to give hugs and get her bag. She heads upstairs and says Big Brother, goodbye, I love you. Minh can't believe it's over. She thought about backing out of this. Brooke says she's a tough chick and doesn't take crap and she's kind too. Minh is told she can leave next. She says she is so impressed by them. She doesn't want to leave.

Sheldon and Brooke sit on the nomination couch. Sheldon says he wanted to be here for so long. This was literally the dream. Sheldon says this feels like this is where they were supposed to be. Brooke keeps looking at Sheldon and they hug and comfort each other and it's now their turn to leave the Big Brother house. They sit there a bit longer. Brooke says she would say she is so proud because she tried so hard. This is the biggest heartbreak of her life. But as much as she's upset about the missed potential, she's grateful to have this opportunity. Sheldon says this is really going to be tough to get over. He fell in love with this game a few years back and he truly believes he could have stayed another 1000 days.

Brooke doesn't know what her relationship with Sheldon outside of the game looks like but she absolutely cares about him. They give a very long hug at the door and look at the house. Sheldon kisses his hand and then pats the floor and they exit through the door and we get shots of the empty house.

Goodbye BBCAN8

March 26, 2020

Big Brother Canada is a labour of love for so many, and while it hurts to say goodbye to the season... it’s the right thing to do. To close us out, there are 2 last episodes,

TONIGHT (7pm et/pt) and a Goodbye BBCAN8 episode coming next Wed night. Enjoy the shows Black heart staysafe

Big Brother Canada 8 is officially over.

March 24, 2020

Big Brother Canada 8 is officially over.

The BBCAN8 producers made the official announcement that production has halted on the series and the houseguests are going home. We suspected this might be the case We’re sad to see the series go, but completely understand their decision.

The health and safety of the Toronto citizens, the BBCAN8 cast and crew comes first. This season has been plagued with bad luck from the start and this is just the cherry on top. We’ll continue to update you guys on any important post-BBCAN8 action, like possibly doing a shorter version in the fall, or something else of that nature.

I was looking forward to bringing you all the latest Big Brother Canada news, so this is a sad day for all. Hope to see you back next year and thanks for joining our group . If the BBCAN8 episodes air on Wednesday March 25 and Wednesday April 1, and I’ll still recap those.

I’ll try to bring you guys exclusives like interviews with houseguests if possible. Stay safe everyone.


March 24, 2020


Thanks to all of you for hanging out with us this season. It's always a blast interacting with you all. It's strange times, but we hope you all stay safe and stay home

Global and Insight Productions announced today that, in light of developments in Ontario on the fight against COVID-19, effective today Big Brother Canada Season 8 has ended production.

“Big Brother Canada is a labour of love for so many, and even though it hurts to say goodbye to the season, it’s the right thing to do,” said Big Brother Canada Host Arisa Cox. “On behalf of the incredible people who put this show together, thank you to everyone who started this journey with us. Please take care and be safe!”

At this time, Big Brother Canada has no plans to resume production at a later date. After a truly unprecedented season, the show will take its final bow over two episodes Wednesday, March 25 at 7 p.m. ET/PT and Wednesday, April 1 at 7 p.m. ET/PT.

We'll see you back here for the next BB

The feeds have been down for over 11 hours.

March 24, 2020

The feeds have been down for over 11 hours.

Will BBCAN8 Be Forced To Stop Production?

The Big Brother Canada 8 game continues despite the coronavirus and covid-19 pandemic, but recently, cases and the severity of the situation have escalated in Toronto. On Monday, Premier Doug Ford announced an official shutdown of non-essential businesses. It would start on March 24 at 11:59 pm EST.

Technically, the production of Big Brother Canada is a non-essential business, essential businesses usually mean hospitals, grocery stores, etc., so there is a major chance that the production team will be forced to stop recording the series, forcing all the houseguests to go home and completely halt the game.

Additionally, The Logic published an article claiming that many Big Brother Canada staff members resigned on Sunday due to fear of the coronavirus and losing benefits. This led to Insight Productions (the company that produces Big Brother Canada) to offer strict guidelines as precautionary measures to keep everyone safe and healthy.

This season has already had a series of bad luck, but we would still like to see the game finish. However, this might not be the case if they’re forced to stop production on the series due to the Ontario decree. Earlier today, a major vote flip plan was taking place and then feeds went black and have yet to return. It’s been hours, so of course the spinning wheel of worry has creeped up. Hopefully, it’s just a feed outage for a party or something, but we’ll keep you updated if BBCAN8 really does shut down.


March 23, 2020


Minh says that Sue is nervous around her and sucks up to her. She doesn't see her as authentic because she is insecure and cozies up to power.

Minh asks Sheldon if he's thinking "I can't believe you did that last night". Sheldon says no. He was but now he's thinking game.

Brooke tells Hira likes Survivor and she's sorry she's missing it. She says she won't watch this BB season for years. Brooke-I love you Betty Hira-I love you Elle. Hira says on Survivor they don't self-evict.

Sheldon tells Brooke and Hira when the first came in the house, Chris winked at him and "I didn't know he was weird" so I winked back and then he winked again.

Carol and Minh continue their conversation. They think Sheldon and Chris wouldn't put up MInh. Minh says Angie is obsessed with her.

Carol tells Minh that Angie was telling her that Minh needs to go this week.

Carols says she'll think about it. Sue says next week will be better because she'll have the HOH room. Carol asks Sue to convince BB to give her a family picture.

Sue tells Carol she could make a big game move and then have the full experience of BB and go out. They big game move would be to get Minh out.

Sue is making a pitch to Carol to stay because she says her game is messed up if Minh stays.

Sue tells Brooke and Sheldon about her talk with Carol.


March 23, 2020


Sheldon is asking Maddie how hard it is to play tennis like she does. She says that she could do more with it but she wasn't willing to give up her social life. This is the only conversation that can be heard clearly.

Hira talking to the camera saying that he needs to stay mentally and physically strong. He thinks things look good for him right now. He says "Let's do it. Let''s go!". He gets back to lifting weights. Maddie still talking to Shel about playing tennis.

Hira says that things are going to get really hard in a while. He's going to have to pick a side and pick who he wants to go to F4 with. He says at some point "You gotta do what you gotta do. We'll see then I guess."

JL listening to Shel's Ipod. Maddie starts singing a song and BB tell her to stop singing. Sue and Chris head downstairs. Sue asks Ri if she's going to shower after working out. She says it depends on how sweaty she gets.

Hira and Ri whispering game. It's hard to hear what they are saying. Hira says "if worse comes to worse just take out Vanessa." Maddie comes into the workout room. Ri shows her frustration w/ Carol wanting to leave this week. Hira says that she came for the wrong reasons

Ri says that Carol keeps talking about wishing that they had motivational speakers in the house for them. She wants Carol to stop complaining. Minh, Brooke, Vanessa and Carol in the HOH room. Carol is frustrated that people are giving her a hard time about leaving.

Carol tells Minh that the sex between her and Jamar would have been amazing and she hopes that they can explore that at some point. They are talking about Jamar being a Cancer. Minh says that Jamar is emotional and she's sure that he has fire inside him.18

Angie and Sue in the Expedia room. Sue says that Chris impresses her. Angie says that first impressions are probably not his thing. Sue says he's a great dude and "you can't judge a book by its cover." Sue has so much respect for him.

Minh, Carol, Vanessa and Brooke are in the HOH room talking about horoscopes. Minh is giving them in-depth information about their rising signs and planets.

Minh is talking to Carol, Brooke and Vanessa about moving to Australia and how it was difficult for her but she made it work.

Sheldon and Susanne are playing pool and discussing Carol leaving. They hope Carol will stay one more week so they can get Minh out.

Susane wants to flip the vote on Minh but explains she needs to get Carol on board first.

Brooke joins Sheldon and Susanne at the pool table and all talk of vote flipping stops.

Susanne says that Carol told her she would let her know Wednesday night about voting her out.

Carol talking about jobs and working on the outside. Says she's able to go on business trips and work away from the home but Big Brother is a different beast. She can't stand the boredom and repetition.

Carol asking Vanessa about the Anne of Green Gables stuff in PEI. Vanessa says she's about an hour and a half away. Vanessa says the best time to go to PEI is late July.

Minh says that Sue is nervous around her and sucks up to her. She doesn't see her as authentic because she is insecure and cozies up to power.


March 23, 2020


Good morning everyone!

Rianne is the first house guest up.

Vanessa is doing battery changes. Brooke gets called to the diary room.

Sheldon says good morning to Carol and Rianne.

Sheldon tells Brooke that he thinks Minh slept in his bed but he doesn't know. He doesn't know if it was a dream. She said she had a nightmare but when he woke up she wasn't there. Brooke says that would be weird to ask about.

Brooke So are the only people we're not in a named alliance with Minh, the girls and Angie. Sheldon yah

Sheldon says his instincts are to not make a fake alliance with Maddie and Rianne. Brooke agrees. She mentions his flirting with Maddie will probably keep him safe.

📢Good Monday Morning Brother-Lovers   📢It's Day 21 🍁 of 62

March 22, 2020

📢Good Monday Morning Brother-Lovers   📢It's Day 21 🍁 of 62

We’ve known for a quite a while on Big Brother Canada 8 that Carol Rosher wanted to quit the game. This week, it made it to the show.

So why does Carol want to depart the show this time around? She claims that she wants to be around her family, and that this environment just isn’t altogether good for her. On the feeds, she’s also referred to the house as a “hellhole” and doesn’t seem to be a fan of the whole experience. She also have claimed that she feels like she’s built up her social-media audience to a level that is satisfactory for her.

What frustrates us about Carol’s decision to quit is how she’s basically making the whole house try to find a way to cater to some of her whims. That includes her wanting the houseguests to evict her on the show rather than her just quitting early. They would rather get rid of Minh-Ly, but in the end, it’s hard to imagine Carol staying. We also don’t want that, given that it does feel like Carol just doesn’t care about the show.

We do understand that the Big Brother Canada house is not for everyone out there, but it’s just hard to watch the show when there is someone routinely so apathetic about the process. It’s harder to watch Carol than Nico at the start of the season, mostly because Carol’s been there for SO much longer and we’ve just heard the familiar refrains time and time again.

What do you think about Carol Rosher wanting to quit Big Brother Canada 8?

Do you just wish that Carol would eventually leave? Be sure to share right now in the comments below!


March 22, 2020


We pick up with the "Snooze You Lose" HoH competition. They are holding on to a bar while laying at a slant in a sleeping bag. Last to hold on wins HoH! Carol is the first out, followed by Angie and then Brooke. Rianne falls next. John-Luke says it's bonkers how last week and this is a must-win HoH. Sheldon says he has three targets he put on the block still in the game and he has to win this. Minh says this is her chance to take some control and have some power in the game.

Vanessa is saying it's no secret she was close with Kyle. But with him gone, RIP to KVBS and her, Sheldon, and Brooke have brought in Chris and Susanne to start a new five. Chris says this is his competition to lose. We see Minh fall, followed by Maddy and Susanne. Chris is readjusting and says it's great to have these useless biceps. John-Luke, Hira, Chris, Vanessa, and Sheldon are remaining and we're 20 minutes in.

Hira says he wants to win and get rid of Chris or Minh. John-Luke says his palms are sweaty. He needs to hang on, he can't fall right now. We then see him fall. Vanessa is readjusting. Minh says she's the only girl and Vanessa starts to cry and her grip slips and she's out. Brooke and Susanne go to comfort her. All that's left is Hira, Chris, and Sheldon. Hira says he wants to outlast Chris because he put him up week one and he wants to outlast him. Sheldon wants to win this.

Sheldon tells Chris that he's good, that Chris can hold on if he wants, but Sheldon is good. Hira finally slips and slides down and he says it's a disappointing feeling. He feels like he let himself down. It's down to Chris and Sheldon and one hour is passed. John-Luke says Sheldon looks so relaxed. Sheldon tells Chris to let him have it and he wants to go ten more minutes.

We have 1 hour and 15 minutes by and Chris keeps saying ten more minutes and says he feels better. Sheldon is just waiting for him to drop. John-Luke doesn't know if Chris will ever let go of this bar. Chris says he's convinced that Sheldon should win, but he just can't let go of this bar. He's giving the HoH to Sheldon so he can build loyalty and let him get more blood on his hands. Chris let's go and Sheldon has become HoH!

Sheldon says Chris finally lets go of the bar and let's go of his ego and he's the back-to-back HoH. He has to pick the four Have-Nots for the week and he selects John-Luke, Brooke, Susanne, and Rianne volunteers for it. Chris hugs Sheldon and Susanne and says he had to swallow his ego for that and it was difficult. He needs Sheldon by his side. Minh says she feels a little insecure because Sheldon put her on the block and she thinks he could do the same thing because he's not the type of person to get more blood on his hands. Sheldon says his goal is to get out one of the three targets he had last week.

Brooke says Chris was going to win that and would have gone after one of their three targets and got the blood on his hands, and she doesn't think this was best for them. Sheldon and Brooke are talking in the Have-Not room and Sheldon realizes he's a huge target winning back to back. Brooke would have preferred for Chris to be the one to take the shot.

Carol says she's been really struggling in the house. She says you have nothing but time and you get in your own head. It's been difficult to be away from her family. When Sheldon wins HoH, she knows she has to go and talk to him. Carol goes to talk to Brooke, Chris, and Sheldon, and she asks him to put her up and she'd like to home. She doesn't want to self-evict, and she wants to go out with her head held high. Chris says he and Sheldon made a deal and they've been wanting Minh out. Sheldon says he'll put her next to Minh ask a pawn and send her next week. Carol says she'll tough it out as long as whoever wins next will send her home.

John-Luke is struggling to eat slop and Minh says he needs more spice. She says it tastes like dog food and John-Luke says it is dog food. Minh says the spices will make it taste so much better. Who wants to see Sheldon's HoH room? He gets new red Skechers. His letter is from his mom. She congratulates him and says she's so proud and his tenacity and strength is empowering. She thanks God in Nigerian and says she loves him.

Susanne heads to the storage room and she gets a card and says since it is Hira's birthday, Big Brother thought it might be fun to celebrate. They have music and they do a Conga line. Hira thanks them and says it's the most memorable birthday of his life.

It's day 21 and the HGs are doing ADLs. Minh says she's a target again and Carol is pitching to go home so she's going to talk to everyone and make sure Carol gets what she wants. She goes to talk to John-Luke and he says he could see any of the three targets last week could go up again, or maybe Carol. Minh asks if John-Luke thinks Carol will go home? John-Luke says he personally would, but he doesn't think the house is thinking that way. Minh says it stinks to feel like her ass on the line constantly. John-Luke says he likes her and he hopes she stays.

Minh goes to talk to Sheldon and says they should all vote for Carol to leave so it's a neutral week. Sheldon says everyone is going to push for her to go up. Sheldon says Minh is good at manipulating people and twisting their words so it might be better to convince her she's a pawn when really she's the target. Sheldon says if he targets her, it's not his intention for her to go. He calls her a cockroach and says you can't get rid of her. Minh says Sheldon is calling her a cockroach because she can survive anything. Which means she'll be the last person standing in the house, not him. She tells him she thinks of herself as a cat with nine lives, but like a cockroach, she'll survive an apocalypse.

Angie is going to the Expedia room and she is staring at the boards and it looks like she's about to nod off. She does nod off and then wakes back up. Then she sits up and her eyes droop again. She gets up and leaves the room and sighs.

Rianne is going to Wendy's with Sheldon. He says he can't read her and she has been a target so he needs to manage this relationship. They order and Sheldon heads down to get his food and he gets a tablet with another message from home. He heads back upstairs and his message is from his brother. He says Sheldon is his teammate, his brother, and his best friend. He tells him to stay focused and keep working hard. Sheldon says he misses his brother so much.

Rianne and Sheldon eat and Rianne says she misses burgers. She asks if he's going to put Carol and Minh up. Sheldon says that's most likely what's going to happen because no one will want to be a pawn. Rianne says she doesn't want to be a pawn. Sheldon says he's worried Carol might self-evict. Sheldon says it's frustrating the game is going this way.

Brooke and Carol are talking and Carol says she can't promise to not self-evict. Brooke says they really need to get Minh out, but Carol is struggling. Brooke tells Carol that Sheldon is in a tough spot. Carol says she's OK now, but she doesn't know if she has seven days. She wants to go out on her terms with her head high and if she self-evicts she won't get that. Brooke says she'll talk to Sheldon and discuss it with him. Brooke says things aren't going according to plan. Carol is deteriorating quickly and she needs to let people know.

Brooke talks to Susanne and Vanessa about her conversation with Carol. She says Carol is going to self-evict if they don't send her out. She says it's frustrating because they came here to play. Susanne is getting emotional and she says if Carol leaves this week then Minh has a chance to win HoH and she could be in danger. Susanne and Brooke go to the Have-Not room so they can talk. Susanne says she doesn't want to go home next week because of Carol. She says it's ridiculous this is week four of the game, and they've only evicted one person.

John-Luke is talking to Rianne at the table and Maddy is upset and whining because all of her white clothes turned pink. She's crying and she can't figure out why it turned pink. She says something was expensive and it was pure white. She said it was a pure white t-shirt that cost sixty bucks. This is the worst day ever.

Carol wants to call a house meeting. She wants to let them know how serious this situation is for her in her head and her heart. She didn't think the Big Brother experience would take such a toll. She tells them she's been up and down with her emotional mood. She has learned when she loses her coping mechanisms she uses at home, she can't give anything to the game. She says they are all hungry to be here and they are all fierce competitors physically and mentally. She came into the game to represent gay and lesbian families and show how normal they are, plus represent chubby people who think they can't get there. She thinks she's done that and she's reaching out to ask them to help her and give her what she needs. She has asked Sheldon to give her what she needs and end her stay here.

Susanne says at the end of the day, everyone's mental health is extremely important. But she's so frustrated because it's a game and she's losing more and more people on her side. Carol asks Sheldon again to let her leave. Sheldon says he understands on a human level, but this is a game. This is the second time he's won HoH and he feels like he can't get any of his plans accomplished. He tells Brooke he made a terrible decision by winning this HoH. He's trying to understand what his rationale was for winning that competition. Brooke says there's nothing we can do for now. She says the best we can do is try and set themselves up going forward considering the circumstances.

Angie talks to John-Luke, Maddy, and Rianne, and she's feeling some kind of way. She doesn't like the way the game is going. She thinks if Carol wants to leave, then she should just leave. Angie says she's not going to promise to vote her out because it's not fair. She says she doesn't want to play the game this way and it's not fair. She says this is a democratic game and they don't get a choice, they just have to do what everyone says it feels like.

Sheldon goes to the HoH room and there is red buzzing light and something raises from a column. It's got a red necklace with a Wendy's power necklace. He can choose between two powers. He can chop a vote, and cancel one vote, or he can spice up the veto competition and play in the veto competition. The HGs will not know until the power is revealed.

Sheldon says it's difficult to navigate the game after the reset and then after Carol's action. He came to play a game and he doesn't want to waste his HoH on that. He can affect the vote. Just taking away one vote, he's not sure if that will help him. He could play in the veto competition and help solidify the week. He's thinking about his options and he's trying to come to grips with sending someone home on his HoH that he doesn't want to send home. He has 24 hours to decide. He can't tell anyone about this, so he has to figure out the best plan on his own.

Sheldon says his goal coming into the house was to be one of the best players who has ever played. Last week he put three specific targets on the block and one of them go home and it didn't happen. But the motto of the game is to be adaptable and that's what he's going to do. Sheldon says this house has been crazy and people can't get their emotions in check and it's affecting his game.

Sheldon says Carol is really throwing a wrench in his game this week. He can't believe she's holding them hostage like that. He wishes she respected them instead of putting them in a chokehold. Minh will do whatever it takes to further herself in the game and he will also do what it takes. He doesn't think there is room for both of them. Rianne, he has a good read on everyone except for her and that makes him feel uncomfortable. He doesn't want to waste his HoH when he could target someone who is coming after him. He doesn't necessarily believe in big moves or small moves, but strategical moves.

It's time for nominations! Sheldon's first nominee is...Carol. Sheldon's second nominee is...Minh. Sheldon says he's nominated Carol who is a strong independent woman and an inspiration to everyone and he wants to respect her wishes. He nominated Minh because she is a cockroach in the game and built to survive anything. Good luck in the veto.

Minh says she's on the block for the second time. She'd doing her duty and being a benchwarmer and she gets to sit in the spotlight a bit. But Carol wants to go home and she's not worried. Sheldon says this isn't the move he wanted to make, but it's the hand he was dealt and the week isn't over yet.


March 22, 2020


Hira and Minh are talking about if she wins HOH and someone goes through her ipod and hears a song that she made. She says she can't tell him about it, because she doesn't want anyone to talk about it. She's worried about what people will say if they hear it.

Hira and Minh are talking about Angie and if she will even go into the HOH room if Minh wins HOH. Minh thinks she might come into the room and "suck up" to her.

Sheldon and John Luke do Fruit Loops math to figure out how many hours they have been in the house. They come up with 552 hours.

Carol is talking to Chris, Susanne and Vanessa. She is saying once again why she plans to leave. She can't follow the rules.

Chris, especially, but Susanne and Vanessa too tell Carol that this is what she signed up for. That listening to production is part of the game. Chris says that so many people would kill to be there. "I'd eat dog shit to be here"

Chris asks Carol what the difference is to her between being voted out and Self-Evicting.

Hira, Minh, Sheldon and Brooke are talking in the HOH room. They are laughing about Angie and Minh targeting her in the ball HOH comp. She says as HOH she would evict Angie and on her way out scream "You were not my target!"

Hira asks Minh if she feels guilty about Jamar leaving because of her house meeting.

Meanwhile...Downstairs Chris and John Luke are talking baseball and now men's league softball. Both guys say that they played, JL still does. They are playing pool while Rianne and Angie watch.

Carol, Sue, Minh and Ness were in the HT. Minh tells Carol she looks grateful. Carols says she is.. She just sat a table where people offered her TNA, the HOH room, $100k if she would stay - and that means a lot.

Brooke Minh has good reads but she also has bad reads and it's pretty easy for me to convince her into a bad read. Shel can't go over the fact that they could make this week a double and they can't he's frustrated.

Brooke and Shel are in HOH talking about getting the votes to get out Minh this week Shel wants to do it but Brooke pushes that it will kill their game socially. Shel keep saying she's not supposed to be here! (Minh)

When Hira leaves Sheldon tells Brooke he's wasn't listening and wants to know why Brooke gave him a strange look she explains that Hira was talking about getting targets out. Shel thinks Hira was just making sure B wasn't going to put Hira up.

Hira telling Brooke and Shel that he's not worried about winning HOH and pissing ppl off he can easily put up Chris and Minh. Brooke thinks the game is about to get cutthroat. Even though this week is a wash, they'll only be left with 11 people afterward.

Sheldon asks if they make something fake with Minh, like they do with everyone else. Sheldon points out he did it with Chris right before Chris won HOH and Shel didn't hit the block.

Brooke and Sheldon agree that Minh will come after them since she'll most likely find out they wanted her out.Brooke thinks they'll be able to talk their way out of it. Worst case - Minh wins HOH this week. B thinks Minh responds to the truth so maybe they go with that.

They're all giving each other love and hugs now that they're out of the tub. They're also thanking each other for sharing their stories. (the cams on them were down for the story time)

Chris, Carol, Ness and Minh are chatting about family while in the HT. Chris says was closest to his Mom and Omi growing up they gave him lots of love and that's why he has a lot of love to give. They're now telling Chris how intense his eyes are.

If anyone is a fan of "cookie time" the season finale is happening tonight. Season 2 will begin two days from now. Everyone's dressing up for it.

Brooke is now with Sue in HN saying how annoyed she is right now but she can't talk about it. Sue starts naming ppl off that could be annoying her and it lands on Sheldon. Brooke again says she can't talk about it.

Sheldon asks JL to tell them something they don't know about JL.. JL says he was employee of the month 3 times out of the 6 months he was working at DQ. He's a 6x medalist in soccer. JL says they'll learn something else when the show is over. *Cliffhanger*

Sheldon, JL, and Minh are talking about previous season comps. Brooke and Hira are outside talking about what Brooke is going to do post season

Vanessa, and Minh are in the kitchen. Chris says to Minh that he wants her in the game. Vanessa says she would love if one of the three of them won BB

Madeline and Angie head outside, joining Brooke and Sheldon on the couches. Madeline is telling them how she played matchmaker and got Chris to give Rianne a massage in the manga room

Brooke and Sheldon are once again talking alone on the outside lounge area. They discuss the idea again of Minh being evicted this week, socially they cant be the ones to flip a vote

Brooke and Sheldon try to figure out the logistics of Susanne leading the flip. It would raise a lot of questions that might lead back to them and Brooke says she has no plausible deniability

Sue, Angie, Carol, and Vanessa are in the anime room, just general chatter. Hira and JL play pool while Brooke and Sheldon continue their talk. They need the right person to win HOH next week and they should be good

JL interrupts and asks what Sheldon and Brooke are talking about, Sheldon starts saying that they were talking about Brookes travel stories

The first goodnight message goes off and several HGs break away from conversations to head to bed

Brooke and Sheldon are still sitting outside. Sheldon says he doesnt want to talk game so much that they start to overthink things. Brooke says she needs to socialize all day every day for a while to transition into next week.

Brooke and Sheldon head inside and say goodnight to everyone that is ready. JL and Rianne are in the HN room making up the bed

Rianne is in the swamp with Sue telling her about her massage from Chris. Sheldon is up in the HOH with JL and Brooke

JL is wandering the house with his hair parted differently if he should get bangs. We hear Minh and Chris say yes before the cams go down to just Rianne and Susanne in the HN room

Lights are dimming in the HOH where Brooke, JL, and Sheldon are discussing music and their favorite songs by Eminem and other artists

Brooke and JL have left the HOH to go to bed, leaving Sheldon alone to get ready himself. Rianne and Susanne in the HN room are talking about their opinions on other HGs.


March 22, 2020


Sheldon says he is super indifferent about it. (marriage) Brooke says she kind of just wants to dress up. Sheldon says she can do that in he room.

Brooke wonders why Sheldon is not as keen on Sue as she is, and asks what his order is. Sheldon says it's Brooke, Minh, JL, Hira, and then Sue's in the conversation.

Angie comes in the HOH and puts the headphones on., Brooke tells Sheldon that Sue is her #2. She likes that Sue is OTP, and ridiculous. "I like that she has a completely underdeveloped capacity for shame, it's endearing."

Maddie, JL and Hira in the HN Room. They agree that if Sue wins, she will go after Minh. Maddie thinks Sue might put her up as a pawn. Hira is worried she Sue might want to back-door Minh

Hira says he is worried that Minh will just get dragged along further in the game. Maddie tells Hira would not be Minh's target, should she win. Hira asks if they are sure, and Maddie and JL tell him his name has never come out of her mouth.

JL says Chris, Vanessa, and Angie are also on Minh's list. Hira is surprised she is targeting Angie. He says that he feels pretty good with Angie.

All agree they would not care if Minh wins HOH. Maddie says Sue is good with everyone, and JL says Sue is closest to Vanessa and Chris.

Maddie telling JL and Hira what Minh told her when she thought she was going home. Minh said her, Kyle, Chris, Vanessa and Sue were behind getting Mike out. Then they compare what they were told by Chris and other people.

JL tells Hira and Maddie that Kyle, Chris, Vanessa and Minh all admitted they had a hand in sending Mikey home. Sue hasn't admitted and got away with it without blood on her hands.

JL, Hira, and Maddie discuss how much better it is now that Kyle is out of the house. They said he always made things uncomfortable. Hira and Maddie say they wish they could have gotten him out though.

Hira leaves "so people think we aren't working together". Maddie and JL say what a great guy he is and they don't think he's playing them. They say at the end they want Sue out because she wouldn't vote for them if either of them were in final two.

Maddie says she trust Minh for next week but she's not sure after that. JL agrees. JL says they have to remember when they vote out Angie it's a throw away week.

Sue and Rianne are talking about Angie being a good pawn. But you'll burn a bridge with her if you put her up as a pawn.

Maddie and JL tell each other that neither of them made a final two with Micheal. They think he was waiting. They say his sacrifice helped them. Maddie-typical military man.

Rianne and Chris are making small talk while they go for a walk around the back yard.


March 22, 2020


Carol joins Angie & Vanessa in the Expedia RM. They are discussing how Hira is going after Chris and that he is a worry for down the line. they discuss splittin up Jl Rianne & Maddie. They agree JL is the most dangerous. Carol checks the door.

Vanessa, Angie, Minh, Carol in the Expedia room. Vanessa says she feels the upcoming HOH will be mental. Carol tells the others to keep Chris close, that he’s the most dependable possible ally.

Cheldon and Brooke are playing pool in the BY. Brooke says someone told her she is a mix of both self-deprecating and cocky. Sheldon: You're pretty overconfident for someone that has no belief in themselves. They both laugh.
Brooke says she is self aware and knows her weaknesses. She says she is confident that she can work within her strengths.

Back in the Expedia room, Minh has left. Carol tells Vanessa and Angie that Sue is Minh's next target and that Sheldon is just doing the dirty work for the rest of the house. Carol says they should consider back-dooring Sheldon, that he is a beast.

Vanessa says he was surprised Sheldon beat Chris in the HOH. Angie says she thinks Sheldon is doing himself a disservice being so obvious with Brooke. Carol says she's seen Hira and JL going in and out of the HOH room.

Caro Sheldon's very diplomatic and I think you'll weaken his game if you take out his side-chick. Angie She's not, other than mentally...she is not getting him any further in this game. Carol disagrees and says Brooke is doing all the social stuff.

Minh and JL in the KT. Minh says she is the kitchen queen and JL is the kitchen king. Both agree that's it's nice to have something to do.

Rianne enters the KT and ask JL if he is okay being on slop. JL says he is getting used to it. Rianne Just another day in the books, get it over with. That's literally what this whole week is for us. Rianne leaves and goes to BY.

JL comes out to the BY with the slop cakes. Brooke hugs him. Brooke Your're the best, JL, you're sucha powerful slop provider.

All 4 feeds are on the couches outside. No game talk. I'll keep my eye out, and tune back in when game talk resumes.

Sheldon and Brooke go the room. Sheldon said he just couldn't listen to Carol anymore. Sheldon It's killing me. Brooke She's in high spirits, though. Sheldon Whatever.

Sheldon and Brooke practice their days. Brooke says her internal clock is messed up, and Sheldon says he never knows what time it is. Sheldon: I think they know I have no idea, and like they're worried about me, cause I'm worried about me.

They continue to study their days and then Sheldon asks: Would you ever get married?

Brooke says she doesn't know because she would not like to get the government involved, but at the same time, she really likes weddings.


March 22, 2020


Hira & Minh are talking game in the kitchen. Minh says that ever since Sheldon put her on the block, she’s been getting closer to Sheldon. But despite perception, Minh says she can easily put Sheldon on the block since he put her on the block.

Hira & Minh are still talking game in the kitchen. Minh asks Hira if he trusts Sue, & he says he does. Minh asks Hira if he could put up Chris if he won HOH, & Hira says yes. Minh asks if Hira trusts her (Minh) over Sue, & Hira says he’s close with Sue.

Hira & Minh continue talking. Hira says it is a tough question to answer (whether he trusts Sue over Minh), and that Minh & Sue are similar. Minh says that this answer makes her (Minh) trust Hira b/c Hira is being honest. Minh says if she is HOH, Hira is safe.

Hira & Minh continue talking. Minh warns Hira that Sue is close with Chris, & that’s why she (Minh) doesn’t trust Sue. Says that Sue is a floater, & is another reason she (Minh) wants Sue out. Minh says she “sees weeks ahead (Mystic Minh)” & sees Hira as making final 5.

Sheldon & Brooke talk about Vanessa in the anime room. They say she’s a badass, but that she also says “really ditzy” stuff. They both laugh at this. They say Vanessa probably feels uncomfortable in the house, but that so do they (Sheldon, Brooke).

Sheldon & Brooke talk about Rianne in the anime room. They say that Rianne says stupid stuff, but that they still think they are under estimating her, & that she's more scary with her guard up. They say that unintentionally, Rianne is well liked. Sheldon & Brooke continue talking about Rianne in the anime room. Sheldon says he plans to talk with Rianne more now that “her guard is down”. Brooke starts to sound like she’s mumbling, & production tells her to fix her mic.

Sheldon & Brooke continue talking. They say that Kyle was entertaining & was a gamer (Big Brother game), and that he had an “animalistic need” to win. Sheldon says that himself & Brooke also want to win the game & play well, & not have the “cast cancelled”. Feeds are cut.

Hira & Minh are still in the kitchen. Sue comes in. Minh asks Sue what she was doing, & Sue says she was meditating in the have-not room. Minh asks Sue if Sue was with Chris. Chris comes in. Minh says she is making tofu stirfry.

Hira, Minh, Sue, & Chris are in the kitchen. Minh jokes that they all need to look good for the cameras & TV. Minh says she may start dressing up every day (she was also earlier complimented on her dress by Sheldon).

Brooke & Vanessa are in the anime room. They aren’t talking. They’re about to talk (sounds like non-game talk). Production asks Vanessa to put on her mic. The feeds are then cut.

Cameras are on, but HGs are currently not talking game. Chris & Sheldon are in the pantry, talking about how fun some of the comps are. They talk about the most recent HOH comp & how it must have looked great on TV.

Maddie, Minh, Sheldon, & Chris are in the kitchen. Sheldon jokes with Minh that he’s going to pursue her (Minh) outside the house now that Minh is “coming onto him”. Minh says this isn’t true. They both sound like they’re teasing each other.

Minh & Sheldon talk about Jamar. Sheldon says that Jamar is “passive” with him when he (Jamar) is upset. Minh says she told Jamar: “If you want to flirt with the girls in this house, fine. But I’m going to distance myself from you. I’m not going to be disrespected”.

Hira & Angie talk at the dining table, about personal light-hearted stuff. Including who they spend time with in their real lives. Angie talks about relationships being stressful & how she's single. Hira says that the stress is worth it.

Sheldon, Minh, Vanessa, & Maddie are talking fun in the kitchen. Minh says she’s really fun outside the house, but is a “nun” inside the house, other than with Jamar. Sheldon says that they are all restricted within the house.

Sheldon, Minh, Vanessa, & Maddie continue talking fun in the kitchen. Sheldon jokes about how he called Angie a cockroach. Minh says all this is good TV. In the background, production says: “Angie, please stop talking about brand names”.

Sheldon, Minh, Vanessa, Maddie, Rianne, & Hira are in the kitchen. Minh wants to save some of the food she just cooked (which is “good dipped in mayo”), for Carol. Vanessa wonders where Carol is.

The pool game in the BY is Ri anne & Sheldon. They are wondering if Carol self evicts would they possibly cancel the season. Rianne thinks he is right. That there would be no more twists, etc.

Hira & Brooke are discussing a comedian Hira knows they are calling "Dirty A". Brooke refers to herself as "Saucy B" shouting him out, playing around with Hira

Ri- that move is for that she would like to put her up with Ang cause its time for a floater to go. I am not worried to say who I am willing to take out. Shel- thats intresting & Ri agrees and says yes this is the first time Sue has shown her cards.

Shel tells Ri that since Kyle left he hasn't spoke to Vanessa, except to congratulate him on his HOH and to say that carol wants out. Sheldon has no clue where Chris's head is in the game.

Chris & Vanessa are talking about how Hira would put them up. If they win HOH next week Chris says they need to get Minh under control Vanessa agrees. Lots of game talk between the 2 . they agree that one of them has to win HOH

Rianne Maddie I want them all gone says Vanessa out on the couch by the hot tub with Chris. Chris is doing a lot of whispering. Vanessa says she can't trust Minh for anything. Chris and Vanessa talking about how much they want the $.


March 22, 2020


Sheldon & Brooke continue talking in the anime room, Rianne & Carol are in the room too (not shown). Rianne thanks Sheldon for “taking the best shower I’ve had in 2 weeks”. Carol says that if Canada wants a show, they should bring her family to eviction night.

JL enters the anime room. Sheldon & Brooke are still lying in the bed. Sheldon tells JL that he didn’t realize how “built” JL is. Carol leaves. JL says that he thinks the 3 of them (JL, Sheldon, Brooke) are in a good spot. Sheldon doesn’t want to be too comfortable.

JL, Sheldon, & Brooke continue talking in the anime room. They all say that they don’t know Vanessa well, & talk to her the least. They say they don’t know where she hangs out in the house during the day.

JL, Sheldon, & Brooke continue talking in the anime room. JL says he didn’t think he’d have to rely on mental (and not physical) comps for his game. JL says this is the most game he’s discussed in days.


March 22, 2020


Carol and Minh discuss Maddy and Ri being loyal to each other. That Maddy won that POV thanks to John Luke. Carol says to take them out the next 3. Minh disagrees. She says her plan is floaters "I can't have Angie in that jury house"

Minh and Carol's conversation breaks up. Elsewhere in the house, the first group that worked out are eating and changing. A second group is now working out.

Chris and Carol talk about Vanessa about how loyal she is. Carol tells him that Minh is not a threat to him/Vanessa as she is to the rest of the house. She's also not a threat to Sheldon. She says that people tell her lots of info because she's "inconsequential"

John Luke and Susanne head outside to the hot tub. She asks him how he's feeling today. They agree they are irritable and want to have more alone time now that they are on slop. They say the eating/sleeping isn't the worst part.

Rianne and Madeline are talking about how frustrating this week is since there is no game talk. They are planning to further their friendships with Vanessa and Chris this week.

Minh tells Sheldon she is not a cockroach but a chameleon. They discuss who they think Jamar is rooting for and banter about if he is going to watch the show.

Sheldon calls Minh "Honey" and says she gets different names when she is dressed like she is today. She tells him to stop, it's creeping her out.

Minh and Sheldon discuss that she looks different today and if she had dressed like that from the beginning people would've perceived her differently. They discuss early conversations that they had.

Carol & Vanessa talk in the HOH room. Carol says she has been under-estimated. But she doesn’t want to waste her time in jury and be away from her family. She says she has no idea how a 3rd place finisher can take it (not winning anything).

Carol & Vanessa talk in the HOH room. Carol says that she can easily make $100,000 (what the winner wins) doing what she does for a living, and doesn’t want to stay in the game (in the jury) and waste her time away from family.

Hira, Sheldon, & Brooke were talking game in the anime room as Vanessa comes in. They suddenly talk/joke about Minh ‘stealing’ one of Sheldon’s sweaters. Vanessa leaves. Hira says that of all persons, he’s uncomfortable with Chris. Brooke says she’s in the same boat.

Hira, Sheldon, & Brooke talk in the anime room. They talk about whether they target Minh or Chris first next week. Sheldon says that the second Chris is gone, they are in trouble, because he’s a good shield. Hira says Minh will target them as soon as Chris goes.

Hira leaves the anime room. Sheldon & Brooke continue talking. They talk about JL being “off” this morning, & not giving direct answers. They say it may also be because slop has thrown him off. They say that they can now work closer together, now that Kyle is gone.


March 22, 2020


Hira in the Expedia room talking by himself out loud and running through the days in the house.

Hira now talking to his family and telling them that he's alright and what his plan is for the day. Maddie says to Minh that she feels comfortable with Hira. Minh says that if Chris won veto that he would take Sue off of the block.

Minh says that if she doesn't put Chris on slop that maybe he wouldn't take Sue off of the block. Maddie and Minh are running through all of their options of who Minh would put on the block if she wins.

Maddie asks who she would put on the block first. Minh says that Vanessa snaked her but she thinks that she has a good personal relationship with her. Ri enters the room and Minh starts in on Ri with her campaign. She tells Ri that she wants 2 floaters on the block.

Minh tells Ri that when people win HOH that she wants noms to stay the same. Maddie is honest with Minh and tells her that she doesn't think that anyone wants her to win HOH. They don't feel comfortable with what she'll do.

Ri tells Minh that she doesn't feel that the floaters are dangerous. Minh says that if she wins POV she would use it. Ri reminds her that if she's HOH she can't use it. Minh changes her story and says that she meant that if Chris won HOH she would use POV to save them.

Ri says that Carol told her that she's heard Sue's name a lot about who people want out. Ri says that she thinks that Carol was trying to make her feel more comfortable for the week. Minh tell Ri that she's taking slop and being a HN like a champ.

Ri says that she's going to try and get as much out of Carol this week before she leaves. Ri is so afraid that Vanessa will come after her because she's on the other side of the house. Minh thinks that she thinks that Vanessa would take out JL first.

Minh says that she thinks the men want the women out so when she campaigns to the men it would help telling them that her 2 targets are women. Minh says that she needs to work her relationships with Chris & Vanessa. She doesn't think that Vanessa and Chris are close.

Chris enters the room with Minh, Ri and Maddie and game talk stops. Chris says that it's so hot in that room so he will just take his clothes off.

JL asks Hira if he saw the BBUS season with Josh and the pots and pans. Hira says that he does remember that.

Ri, Maddie and Minh are in the BR getting ready. Ri says that she really needs to work on her Chris time. Minh tell her to just flirt with him. Ri says "I know. But it's so hard." Chris enters the BR

Chris is singing in the kitchen. BB comes overhead and tells him to stop singing. Carol says "and that's what I won't miss." and laughs.

JL and Hira still playing pool, no game tallk. Sue, Shel and Brooke are now out in the pool room exercising, also no game talk.

Carol and Vanessa in the Manga room. Carol says that a lot of the people can fluff off their families but the 2 of them can't.

The HGs working out in the back yard are challenging the fact that Hira is 5'10" The girls are measuring themselves against him. He's barely taller than Brooke and Rianne. Who are almost 5'9.

Minh has straightened her hair today. Minh says that she needs Vanessa in the game. Carol says that they need each other but "Nessie" is struggling to trust Minh still. Carol says she'll be watching and will be upset if they snake each other before F4

Minh says she and Vanessa can't be seen together like they were before because people already don't trust her. But her pitch about Ness to others is that she's vulnerable, she's a lone wolf. "Carol's leaving, she was Kyle's henchwoman and he's gone"

Minh tells Carol that Carol reminds her of her Mom. Same body type, funny. That when she was little and bullied outside of Montreal that her Mom was upset but her Dad (who is Vietnamese) was more passive and she didn't feel protected by Him. Carol says that is her/wife

Carol is telling Minh about her childhood. That she is fiercely loyal to the people she loves, that there is no love lost with her Mom, but she would fight to the death for her. She starts to tell a story about her Mom, a strict teacher, and some kid on the playground.


March 22, 2020


Minh in the Anime room talking with the camera about who she thinks she can convince to vote for her this week. She said that the strong people have left, now she needs to get the floaters. She wants to convince everyone that its beneficial for her to win HOH next week.

Minh says that this is her time to work all of the relationships. She needs to look good to go and campaign to everyone.

Minh heads off to the showers. Hira, Angie, JL and Shel in the Expedia room talking sports. Carol. Chris, Vanessa, Maddie and Brooke talking HN's for the upcoming week. Sue says that Chris will be very moody on slop. He says he will be fun on slop.

Chris, Brooke talking about tree hugging. They go out to the HN room and start hugging trees. Chris says that it's good for grounding them. They thank the trees for helping them for the day.12

Hira, JL and Shel still talking sports. Ri, Maddie, Carol, Vanessa and Brooke talking about sleeping in the HN room. They say that it's the best it's going to get but it's so cold out there. Carol says that she feels her best and sleeps her best when she's in ketosis.

Brooke and Chris talking about how they are feeling really good this morning. Chris says that he's glad that someone else is too. Brooke tells Sue that she's really trying hard with Chris and that she just went and hugged a tree with him.

Brooke tells Sue she's being a goofball with him. She's trying to lean into what he's doing. Brooke says that Chris is the smartest person in the house and it makes her nervous. Sue says that Chris is going to win every other HOH. He will win this next one.

Brooke says that she has never met a person like Chris and likely never will again. Sue says that he's a goddess. Brooke says that she's overwhelmed with him. Sue says that she thinks that Chris and Shel may end up in the final 2 unless they kick one out.

Brooke says that they can easily bury Shel in a speech and that she can shamelessly do it. Brooke says that JL threw an egg at Hira's back this morning and yelled "wake up Hira. Nap time is over". Hira says prank time isn't over.

Hira wants to be Prankmaster. Brooke tells him that putting orange peels on Ri's face is not a prank and that he needs to do better. He wants Sue and Brooke to let him know when JL falls asleep so that he can try and prank him back. They agree.

Brooke says that they didn't get a lot of sleep last night. Hira says that he feels that they woke them up earlier than normal this morning. Brooke and Sue say that their all girls alliance, the She-Devils are coming for all of them.

Brooke telling Shel that she thinks she's found an angle with Chris. He asks what it is. She says that she just needs to stick to him with his goofiness. Sue and Brooke want to go and shower.

Shel says that they need to bring Maddie and Angie as far as they can. Brooke disagrees with Maddie. She wants Maddie out because she thinks she's coming for her. Shel say that Minh and JL are good at comps

Sue, Chris. Brooke and Shel in the HOH room talking game. They say that they just need to start getting out the people not in that room. Sue says that this group is solid.

Minh talking to Maddie in the Anime room. She's telling Maddie that she thinks she's good for the next few weeks. Minh tells her that it's most beneficial for her to win HOH next week. She wants to get the strong players that have picked sides out.

Minh says that if she wins power she gets the blood on her hands and the rest of them can relax. Maddie tells her that she feels safe with her and that she would give HOH to her if she can. Maddie says that if Minh wins it would stir sh*t up in the house, in a good way.

Minh says that she would be doing everyone a favor by winning. She's going for the floaters this week and that Sue is her target. She doesn't want anyone to know. She wants Maddie to gun for the veto so that Sue can't win. Minh's targets would be Sue and Angie.

Minh says that when you talk to your people, Maddie interjects and says "I don't have any people. I think I'm really close to you though". Minh wants Maddie to campaign for her to the house to win HOH.

Maddie tells Minh that she needs to tell Chris that he should throw the comp because it would look bad if he won another HOH because it's going to make him look like a comp beast and a threat. She wants to tell him that he's already ruffled feathers.


March 22, 2020


"Good morning house guests. Time to wake up"

Sue has gone to the Expedia room because the hg's have all agreed it is the warmest room in the house

Brooke has joined Sue in the Expedia room to get warm.

Maddie is doing the battery exchange this morning. She first goes to the Expedia room where the hn's have all gone to get warm

Battery exchange with Shelly. Hg's slowly getting up

It's another episode of "THE HG'S Slowly Rising" I'm sure we will have more hg's start their day shortly

Brooke and Sue are still in the Expedia room with Ri Maddie has crawled under the covers in the HOH room

JL and Ri have moved to the living room

Minh and Hira in the kitchen. Just chit chatting. Minh telling Hira that her cousin was supposed to go to Asia. Hira doesn't think they did. Hg's in the kitchen preparing coffee and cooking

Nessie and Minh have joined the other's in the Expedia room to try to get warm. They all agree that it's really cold

Maddie is under this pile an talking but it's so muffled you can't hear what she's saying.

Maddie Canada just really wants to see a showmance. She wants them to bring Mike back. She wants him to walk through the door with a dozen roses. She would be so grateful if they did bring him back.

Maddie says Sheldon has a crush on her so, Brooke has been going for JL. She says that Sheldon is cute but she wants Mike back. She is then bargaining with BB to bring him back. From doing battery changes every day to shaving half her head.

Maddie is still pleading with BB to bring back Mike She say's Canada hashtag bring back Mike.

We leave the lovesick Maddie to join Hira and JL at the table. Just chit chatting. No game talk

Shelly has told the group in the Expedia room that the HOH room is cooled too Brooke tells him she will believe him when she sees him with 5 pairs of pj's on, gloves and a hat.

Chris has joined Hira at the table. They are talking about what they are going to wear to the POV ceremony. Chris say's he might wear all leather. Hira says he has clothes he hasn't broke out yet

Many of the HG's are at the table eating breakfast and chatting. They are talking about slop and how they don't think they will be able to eat syrup anymore after the house. They put lots of syrup on their slop to kill the taste.

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