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March 03, 2017

Out of the evicted houseguests

Neeley, Whitney, Shane and Danielle voted for Jason to win.

Nobody voted for Kryssie to win.

Alex, Shelby, Monte, Cornbread and Scott said they voted Morgan to win.

Justin says he didn’t get a chance to vote because he was just evicted. When asked who he would have voted for Justin says all three.

Kryssie comes in Third place Kryssie says she saw that coming. When interviewed by Julie Kryssie says she threw a lot of comps but was too ashamed to admit it. She says the reason she came in third was because she didn’t win competitions claims to be the puppeteer this season. goes on about her social game, says she would have felt awful if she won BBOTT and Jason lost because Jason loves the game so much. (LOL)

20K votes separated the first and second place

America Vote Morgan to Win

Morgan Wins Big Brother over the top $250k

Jason comes in second with $25k


That’s it folks ceya all for BB19 it’s been fun ;)



March 03, 2017

Morgan and Justin compete in the final HOH the winner advances with Kryssie and Jason to the final 3. the loser has to leave the Big Brother house after saying their goodbyes.

Morgan wins the final HOH

Final 3 Is Kryssie, Jason and Morgan

Justin was Evicted from the Big Brother House

Tomorrow at 4pm PST the houseguests get to plead live to America. For tonight they get some drinks.

7pm – 8:30pm Jason, Kryssie and Morgan sit in the living room reminiscing about the seasons. They move to the kitchen and continue talking about past events.

9:15pm – 11pm Jason and Kryssie lay in bed chatting. Morgan heads to bed.

11:50pm – 1am Kryssie and Jason chat about random things and then go to sleep.

1am All that house guests are sleeping..

Wednesday 30th 4:00pm Houseguests get to give us one last plea for the 250K award.

Jason says he’s grateful to being still in the house and thanks America for the help. Highlights him being a vet and having a huge target on him. Says he was pro active and went out and “Did it”.
Jason says Kryssie didn’t do much in the game and isolated herself to one side.
Says Morgan never did anything huge.
Jason says he’s a BB historian “I’ve had the steepest road to the top”


Kryssie – 9 weeks in 2 minutes here it is..
Says she worked with Whitney and won a HOH. Kryssie makes a bunch of stuff up like claiming she won the first HOH, working with all sides of the house etc etc … (Kryssie has a distorted memory of her time on Big Brother)
Kryssie says Shelby came on the show pretended she was a waitress and just looked dumb. Kryssie is a real waitress and those people skills she’s acquired is why she is still in the house.

Morgan – I don’t know how I’m going to follow both of those I’m terrible at speeches..
Morgan thanks America . says the experience was great.
Morgan – I’m the only America’s nominee to survive..
Morgan – a vote isn’t a vote for me it’s a vote for my alliance..

Morgan – for the last time ever Bikini Girl out.

4:12pm Final 3 chatting.. 
Kryssie pissed about Shelby being the most educated of all of them and telling them she’s a waitress. Kryssie is a waitress and this bother her.
Kryssie – just because I quit medical school doesn’t mean I couldn’t have completed it

7pm Jason tells Morgan and Kryssie about Corey’s goat burning story from last season. Morgan – wow! That’s worse than Monte’s squirrel story. Jason – that’s why all season long everyone chimed on it. Everyone was like are you f**king serious?! Animal activists… Monte’s squirrel story was nothing compared to this. You tried to burn a goat!? Like what the F**K is wrong with you!?! I had lots of reasons to dislike Corey. The conversation turns to talking about how Paulie was bragging about boning Zakiyah.

11:30pm Morgan is sleeping in the london bedroom. Jason and Kryssie are chatting about random things in the other bedroom.

1:40am The final 3 are all sleeping


March 02, 2017

9:20pm HOH room – Kryssie & Jason. Kryssie – if they want to air thanks giving dinner, I just hope they air it as it happened. Every time they asked him (Justin) to wake up he had f**king cotton balls in his ears and he was breaking the rules all day .. and he got away with it. Jason – just showing thanks giving makes it look like it wasn’t game related and that he was just a home sick baby! Kryssie – he’s a pouty little b***h and he’s mad at you. I touched on that as much as I could. More than once I used the phrase over the last couple of days “You’re butt hurt because you’re mad at Jason.” “You’re butt hurt because Jason didn’t pick you.” Jason – he is butt hurt. Kryssie – he’s text book butt hurt. Jason – I tried to put the shoe on the other foot .. yeah I would be a little hurt but would I be acting like this!? I can’t even fathom behaving as he has. Kryssie – sincerely hope you wouldn’t. Because I would be disappointed if you did. I didn’t think that was the kind of person he was. All he does it take, he never gives back anything thing.

9:45pm – 11pm Morgan and Justin are playing Jenga. They head to the london bedroom. Justin talks about living life care free… I don’t have any kids .. you know.

11pm HOH room. Jason and Kryssie are talking about random things. Jason – why couldn’t you have painted condoms before … when we needed a shallow person to stare at people. They talk about how Shelby was as “shallow as f**k”.

12:25am All the house guests are sleeping..

Monday 28th 3:46pm

GAmes.. Jason kicking a ball around…. Morgan and Justin are in the bathroom wondering why Big Brother wont tells them the time of the comp.

8:00pm Chilling in the Yoga Room

Pretty much just chit chat today.. Looks like Justin isn’t talking to Jason and Kryssie.
Tomorrow is the competition.

8pm – 9:50pm Jason, Morgan and Kryssie are studying for the competition.

Justin is reading the bible.

9:50pm – 10:25pm Kryssie and Jason head up to the HOH room. Meanwhile in the kitchen – Justin and Morgan are playing Jenga.

11pm Morgan goes to sleep.

12am – 3am Jason and Kryssie stay up talking about random things in the HOH room.


March 02, 2017

Jason – as the winner of the final HOH competition I have automatically secured my spot in the Big Brother over the top finale my last responsibility as Head of household is to bring one of you to finales..

Jason picks Kryssie to go to Final 3, Says he’s got a better chance to beat her and they’ve had a game long loyalty. This leaves Morgan and Justin to compete in the final HOH. The loser of that competitions is immediately evicted.

4:33pm HOH Kryssie and Jason hating on justin

Kryssie is saying that Justin had nothing to worry about all season that is why he’s been so happy go lucky singing songs and making pizza.
Jason says Jason shouldn’t be worried “If my parents owned a shopping mall I wouldn’t be here”
Kryssie agrees.
They go on about how financially troubled they are and how Justin doesn’t have to worry about that because his parents own a shopping mall.
Jason – I would go out and drink every day and have so much money and everything is just provided for me.. no wonder I can pay girls 300 dollars to be my girlfriend for the night (This is a story Jusitn told way back week 1 or 2)

Kryssie – the fact he (Justin) had 2 grand to throw down on a purse
Jason – then went and blew it all at a casino
Jason – he talks about it like he’s in these streets so much..
Jason and Kryssie now saying they don’t want the wealth that Justin has , “It must be nice but I don’t want that.. Theres too much important shit in life for me to go blowing money at the casino and bullshit”

Jason says Justin is irresponsible and dumb about money
They go over the rumors of Justin’s parents. Kryssie can’t remember if they own a shopping mall, use to own it or are just opening it.
Jason – irregardless .. Irr F**king regardless
Jason says they are all poor standing up against Justin, “You’re bless so much you’re a f****g a$$hole”
Kryssie – you’re an entitled little kid.. he’s not thankful he’s not once said thankful to me for the shit I did in here” (OMG she made it to final 3)
Jason says Justin is only thankful when “Mommy and daddy” throw him cash to blow and Nordstrom

Kryssie – I’m so disappointed with myself for spending so much time making sure he was ok
Jason says he’s disappointed that he thought Justin was his friend. Jason calls Justin a “Rich Prick a$$hole”
Jason – An arrogant prick.. because for once in his life he didn’t get what he wanted.. he’s not here for the money”
Jason says Justin doesn’t deserve to win Big Brother, “He lays in bed all day and talks to the cameras at night”
Jason goes on about how this is a waste of time because the “Live feeders” are sleeping

Kryssie says Justin told Morgan he never wants to see them again and he can’t wait for this to be over.
jason – Good because I can’t wait to see him

Jason says about Justin – that’s his job.. his job is to sleep with random girls and stuff.. like he is not worried about anything else other than fuc**g around and partying.. screwing chicks..

Jason – he doesn’t deserve this even if he played the best game because he’s an arrogant spoiled rich kids
Kryssie – absolutely

Jason – I will burn that shopping mall to the ground 
Kryssie – I will sh1t in the front vesitbule
Jason – I’m breaking my teeth on pavement to stay.. and like he’s the real underdog.. I have had the hardest road to the top of the mountain, I have had the steepest path by far (Wow..) 
Jason says Justin has never hit cardsharp in real life and in the game.
Kryssie – you’re right
Jason – he is f*****g trash he is f****g trash

8pm – 9pm Justin, Kryssie, Morgan and Jason are in the kitchen chatting about random things. Justin heads to bed.

9:15pm – 10pm Kyrssie and Jason are talking in the living room about Big Brother. Kryssie – so when we get out of here what seasons do you recommend I watch right away? Obviously yours. Jason – yeah you have to watch mine. Season 2 and 3 are fundamental BB and good. Season 4 is where they start bringing in wild twists. I’m not a huge fan of 4 but its fundamental. I’m a much bigger fan of season 5. I would say 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10…. you’ve seen 11 and 12. You want to finish out Rachel’s so you’ve got to watch 13. Basically all of them skipping 9.

10:30pm Morgan goes to sleep.

10:40pm Jason tries to cook a pumpkin…

11:30pm – 1am Kryssie and Jason are talking in the HOH bed talking about random things.

11:06am Sunday morning .. feeds zzzz…

4:00pm Nothing..



March 02, 2017

1:24pm HOH Jason and Kryssie Hating on Justin
(The Kryssie/Jason monster is a result of the twists now look at it what it has become.. LOL )

Kryssie says Justin threw a tantrum so their final 4 had to celebrate as a final 3. Brings up Justin never wanting to do what Big BRother tells them.

Jason – they have to show it.. They have to show thanksgiving it just depends on how they show it..
Jason says they might edit Justin to be sad..
Kryssie – he’s not sad he’s butt hurt
Jason agrees.
Kryssie – I’m sad I’m home sick..
Kryssie going on about everything she did yesterday pointing out everything Justin didn’t do
Jason accusing Justin of “Playing too America”

Jason brings up Justin saying he didn’t want the letter from home yesterday. (they all got a letter from family)
Jason – I’m not only disappointed in him as an ally, as a friend, literally as a person
Kryssie agrees “I hope his family at home is mortified”
Kryssie goes on about Justin not liking Thanksgiving..
Jason says Justin is “So entitled”
Jason – we may have created a little bit of a monster with him”
Jason – Clearly he thinks that the world is here for his enjoyment and everyone should just bow down to him the king of siam
Jason – I’m disappointed, I’m pissed, i’m disgusted

Kryssie going on about how Justin didn’t play the game. Jason agress says Justin never did anything to try and persuade people.
Kryssie wants Justin to make it to the end so they can beat him.
Jason – he doesn’t deserve a chance at it the way he’s behaving.. I would rather lose to Morgan who’s at least handled it with some class.
Jason – She’s taken the wins and the losses with class and on the chin (Morgan)
Jason – and he’s don nothing but be a complete dick bag (justin)


Jason says all of Justin’s life he’s had the entire world handed to him, “Must be nice to have the whole world handed to you”
Jason – Clearly he doesn’t work at the restaurant as much as he says he does
Kryssie – he doesn’t work at it he just owns it
Jason – he acts like he use to.. He does nothing he’s just chilling.. Must be nice to do nothing and then come here and do more of nothing and think you are doing everything
Jason – your work ethic is sh1t.. I came here and was working all the time
Kryssie says Cornbread and Justin had the same Big Brother strategy

Kryssie says she’s pissed she’s spent so much time on Justin and he turned on them.
Jason says they could have done so much more if they had dropped Justin during the double. Jason says Danielle is way more mature than Justin they should have kept her over him.
Jason – He’s an immature, Spoiled, entitled brat.. And I don’t care.
Jason – you’re a f***g walking mess (Justin)

Kryssie says Justin accused Danielle of having a baby with her boyfriend at the time because he played pro ball and she wanted all the money.
Jason calls Justin “Joshua” (from bb9?) says he went too far with what he said.
Kryssie accuses Justin of not playing the game at all.

Jason – we should have f****g kept Whitney ..
Kryssie – hindsight is 20/20.. I feel so stupid.. you guys were both ready to cut him and it was my stupid a$$
Jason calls Justin a stupid b1tch boast that he’s going to go up and tell him that today.
Jason – I’m pissed over the thought of evicting him .. now I want to hold banners like get the f**k out a$$hole
Kryssie – he’s lucky he’s still here..


Morgan enjoying the day


2:17pm Kryssie and Justin

Justin tells her he’s done.
Kryssie – you made everyone feel like sh1t.. everyone was really hurt
Justin – I wanted to be by myself
Kryssie- I know yesterday was part of the big brother experience.. that really hurt all of us
Kryssie – that turkey was for you
Justin – you did good it tasted really good
Kryssie – you didn’t help with anything.. you came out and ate and you f***g left.. you didn’t wear the silly outfit that Big BRother gave you.. as someone whose been trying to build a friendship it really pisses me off ..
Justin says he’s not mad at Jason
Kryssie doesn’t agree

Kryssie – you’ve written us off
Justin – I’m over it at this point..
Kryssie – you’re making me feel i wasted my time building a friendship with you
Jusitn – thats not true
Kryssie- I’ve been investing so much as a game player..
Justin about tomorrow “I just wanted to be alone”
Kryssie going on and on about how much work she put in building a relationship with Justin and he didn’t help them make turkey yesterday
Justin – I want to do what I want to do

Justin – you’re a great person and all.. I’m here to win
Kryssie says he’s not goign to win acting like this
Justin points out it’s not them deciding who wins
Kryssie starts to cry “You don’t give a flying F*** about any of us.. I’ve tried so hard to include you and protect you.. ”
Kryssie – what f***G thanks .. . you put out zero effort …. you blew us of.. you didn’t give a f*** about any of us.. you don’t care..
Jusitn – I’m in my own world
Kryssie – you don’t get to do that.. Why did you do that to ME..
Jusitn – I want to be alone
Kryssie – that’s not how it works..

Jusitn – I’ve lived the entire Big Brother experience.
Kryssie- no you haven’t
Jusitn – I didn’t have to cook the damn turkey
Jusitn goes on to tell her he wanted to be alone yesterday
Kryssie goes on about how “F***ed” up that was..
Jusitn – I just wanted to be alone YO


Kryssie won’t let up.. (how the hell did she get to final 3)
Justin – I’ve been cooking since f***g day 1 in this house.. You guys did great I didn’t have to be part of that (Turkey cooking)
Kryssie – You f***G abandon us you didn’t care.. I’m so f***g disappointed and hurt Justin.. I really thought this whole time I was building a friendship with you and you don’t f***g care about me..
Justin- I care about you
Kryssie- yesterday was about you
Justin – I just wanted to be alone I didn’t after about me
Kryssie crying and goes back to square one “You gave Big Brother the finger.. you don’t give a f*** about me ”
Jusitn – you’re summing up this whole experience to me not cooking dinner..

Kryssie brings up Justin telling Morgan how he was cast and how devastated she is that he never told her.
Justin says 4 years ago he applied for top chef but he was over qualified.
Kryssie – why couldn’t you tell me before
Justin – I didn’t think i t matter
Kryssie – mattered enough for you to tell Morgan
Jusitn – I don’t know how I got here
Feeds flip as Jusitn describes who contacted him to be on BBOTT

when we’re back Kryssie telling him they don’t have a relationship

Kryssie – I feel used..


2:36pm Morgan studying


4:14pm Jusitn, Jason and Kryssie
Jason says he doesn’t feel ill towards them and if Justin had won the first HOH he would have picked Kryssie to.
Justin – I just have to focus on my own game right now
Jason – there’s no game left it’s studying
Justin – I’m in my own head.. distancing myself.. playing my own game it’s me vs whatever.. it’s me vs y’all in the end
Jason says Justin has been acting like a a$$
Jason complains that Justin never read his letter in front of him but read it to Morgan and Kryssie..
Justin tells him it’s not like that
Kryssie starts barking about Justin not cooking the turkey yesterday.
Jusitn leaves.. “I don’t got to talk y’all i don’t got to pretend”
Jusitn leaves to the backyard..

Jusitn and Kryssie saying that Justin doesn’t need them anymore and is therefore not wanting to be their friends.
Kryssie – I hope you come to the final 3 with us and we destroy you
Kryssie and Jason hate Justin now.. constant bashing about everything he’s doing. Kryssie brings up Justin always talking to the cameras says that fans don’t like that they think it’s hurting him more.
Jason says Justin talking to the camera is bad game play.
Jason says in the live feeder world he would be annoyed by Justin but plenty of people won’t be.

Jason – he doesn’t know the audience he’s pandering too.. I know the audience. (Maybe Jason and Kryssie are playing this up in the case Justin gets to final 3)

Jason brings up Paulie “He’s a big d1ck”



7pm Jason, Morgan and Kryssie are in the bedroom talking about the things they miss and how they’re excited to seen the evicted house guests again.



9:10pm Jason heads up to the HOH room. He looks at the house guests photos and reminisces about the season.
11pm Jason and Kryssie are in the kitchen talking about what they wonder will happen over the final days of the season. They talk about how they had their final live DR.


12:45am – 12:55am Jason and Kryssie are in the HOH room eating ice cream.

1am Justin is in the kitchen talking about his family and life outside the house


March 02, 2017

8pm – 9:35pm The house guests are sitting around the kitchen table chatting. Jason talks about how Vanessa on his season was a professional poker player but he didn’t find out until press day after the finale. Jason comments on how he won’t be competing any more comps. Morgan – at least all of us one 1 comp … none of us are Victoria. Justin asks who Victoria is? Jason explains Victoria from Big Brother 16. Jason – when I cam in here I wasn’t going to squander this … I almost did .. but I didn’t. Kryssie – you’ve proven you can win when you had to.

9:45pm – 10:30pm They head to the bedroom and chat about random things.. the people they miss and the HOH competition.

10:30pm Jason gets his HOH room.

10:45pm – 11pm They all have one of Jason’s alcoholic “Not Your Father’s Root Beer” and cheers to being the final. Jason – Congratulations to all of us being in the final 4 and we’ll all be here basically till the last day. Jason tells them about how he got voted into the house. I kind of told Kyrssie and Justin but Justin didn’t comprehend what I was telling him. No offense against Jozea but I couldn’t have been up against an easier person. Kryssie – he’s probably hosting the Grammys right now.

12am – 1:30am HOH room – Jason, Kryssie and Justin are hanging out chatting. Justin – its been a good run and if I don’t win … f**k it. Jason – there is only one person left to go through. Today was pressurized and she (Morgan) didn’t do sh*t. She only had to play from when Alex left and on … before she was the floating .. chill sister.

1:45am Kryssie and Jason talk about Justin. Jason – you got me f**ked up if you think I came here to have you speak down to me. Oh hell no! And if you think its going to be that easy I’m going to give you a run for your money. I you think that I’ll put on the f**king Jason show. I can do that too. You’re not creating no new strategy .. you’re just being fake. We can all be fake and just tell America what they want to hear. Instead I’m just being real. Kryssie – I think America would like to hear a lot of different things from both of us. I’m sure the fact that we’re both sad self deprecating isn’t something that everyone likes. But I would rather be this. Jason – would rather be unconfident, self deprecating a$$hole… than be an overzealous, arrogant, think the world owes me something a$$hole. America doesn’t own him nothing. He owes all of us things 14 times over. I’m mostly mad at myself because in the last week I was like you know what Justin is showing his loyalty back … maybe I would take him. F**K HIM! Tell us more about how we were your servants playing into your hand…. not for a second b***h! You didn’t do sh*t around here … all you did was eat pizza. He was like lets all spit some tea.. his spilling tea was all of y’all are d**ks and I’m great. Like you’re f**king kidding me!? Kryssie – he is getting mad that we’re playing the poor card. Jason – poor is a loose term .. we’re not saying we’re homeless. Kryssie – I said I’m poor and he said I don’t believe in that shit. Jason – I’m tired of being nice to him and him being a c**t nine ways to Sunday.

3am Kryssie and Jason. Jason – nothing to do now. Kryssie – no… now you need to spend a week writing a speech.
4am All the house guests are sleeping..

3:08pm Houseguests get Turkey for thanksgiving.. Morgan, Jason and Kryssie go about preparing.. Justin lays in bed pissed that Jason won’t take him to final 3 he’s taking Kryssie.

4:26pm Happy thanksgiving

7:04pm Tokyo Morgan and Kryssie
Kryssie says Justin doesn’t deserve to win but her and Jason do because they’ve been playing the game since day 2
Kryssie complaining about Justin saying he didn’t do anything today expect for show up to eat.
Kryssie Burps
Morgan agrees with Kryssie lists off a bunch of things Justin didn’t do.
Morgan – He’s (Justin) is handed a lot of things he wants
Morgan says Justin was banking on them tossing the win to Justin.
Kryssie brings up Justin saying he was the underdog this entire time
Kryssie says Justin is fine if he doesn’t win Big Brother “He’s got his life taken care of.. he doesn’t need this”
They agree Justin is always playing up how Thankful, grateful and blessed he was all season but he didn’t act like it today. Kryssie points out that Justin doesn’t like what Thanksgiving stands for.
Kryssie – it doesn’t make me super happy either.. but.. the modern day tradition with it is to get together with your family and celebrate what you’re thankful for.. In Big brother we have to play it up.

Morgan – he could have at least helped with the turkey
Morgan – he thinks it’s the Justin game
Kryssie – It isn’t and I’m upset..

Kryssie wants them to drink the wine without Justin tonight.

Kryssie says she’s never seen one of the newer Big BRothers she only saw 11 and 12 before coming into the house.

8am – 9pm Bedroom – Justin, Morgan, Kryssie and Jason are laying around barely talking. The conversation turns to talking about periods, blood and tampons. Morgan heads to bed.

10:25pm – 12am Jason – maybe I should go wank off in the HOH bathroom. Kryssie and Jason stay up chatting about random things.

12am – 12:45am All the house guests except Jason are sleeping. Jason is watching the fish in the dark while talking to them.

1am All the house guests are sleeping.


March 02, 2017

Kryssie and Shelby give their speeches.. Shelby tells them she’s soon to be a lawyer..

Jason Votes to evict Shelby

Justin Votes to evict Shelby

Shelby is evicted

Julie says all 4 will play in the HOH. The winner becomes the final HOH and automatically advances to Finale night. This HOH gets to pick another houseguest with them to the finale. The loser of the final HOH goes home.

MOrgan tells them Alex was her sister.

Getting ready for the HOH. Final 4 high five.

7:07pm HOH Starts

Jason wins PArt 1 of the HOH. THis means he picks someone to go to final 3 with him. Chances are he’ll pick Kryssie. On The loser of part 2 is evicted. The winner joins Jason and Kryssie? to the final 3.


March 02, 2017

Jason uses the veto on himself. Morgan’s only option for a replacement is Shelby.

Justin and Jason will get to vote tomorrow on who they want to evict. (Hint it’ll be Shelby)

7:50pm – 9:20pm Bedroom – Kryssie and Justin are talking. Kryssie – I don’t know how I’m supposed to go in there and act like I’m super happy. Justin – yeah .. Don’t let this stress you out. Kryssie – if you catch him on the way out .. talk to him. Figure out what the f**k is going on. Justin – I’m going to talk to him but he is probably going to go back up there.. But there is nothing they could try to sell to him to make him turn. Kryssie – I don’t think there is anything they could do. There is no reason to get rid of me .. I’m not a threat in any possible way. Justin – maybe its that he knows if its between me and him … that you would probably pick me. But if its me and him up there and what-cha-ma-call-it has to pick … you know maybe he could be trying to convince her to pick him over me. I have no idea.. and that’s why is just important for us to win. Kryssie – if I’m even still here. Justin – why wouldn’t you. It wouldn’t make any sense for him to turn right now because .. what if he went over there it would be 3 against 1 if you’re gone. Whereas it would be 3 of us against Morgan. It doesn’t help that he’s been saying he’s going to vote you out this whole time. Kryssie – all week! Justin – I don’t think he would do that. I think he is a much better person than that. I think this house just makes you extremely paranoid. Jason joins them. Jason hugs Kryssie. Jason – please don’t be worried about anything. Kryssie says she’s just crying about missing her boyfriend. They hang out and talk about random things.

9:25pm – 10:30pm They head to the kitchen to make quesadillas. They talk about the house guest memory wall photos. Jason – Whitney looks older in hers. Danielle looks older in hers. Justin – I look like I’m about to paint my portrait. Jason talks about figuring out that Liz and Julia were twins last season.

11pm Morgan and Shelby go to sleep..

12:15am Jason and Kryssie talk about random things while laying in bed. Jason – I’m succeeding which I know is the best game move to do to stay loyal when I know that’s like the dumbest thing I could do. I’m doing that to be a good person and he’s still like well Jason’s not a good person. Kryssie – he didn’t say that. He just doesn’t like the way you talk to me. I think its an honor thing … the fact that I’m a female and you talk to me like that. Jason – oh f**k off! That sh*t’s dumb. I’m making decisions that are for his benefit and not mine. My benefit is to go with you and Morgan. And I’m going to f**king lose the game because I f**king bring him there. Kryssie – I don’t think you’re going to lose. Jason – and he’s been chirping this whole time about me. Kryssie – no he hasn’t. He said that to you today. Jason – why if he is so nice and deserving am I going to give him a chance. We could ensure we’re first and second … instead we’re playing for third because we’re going to bring santa clause with us. Kryssie – do you really thing he would win? Jason – I wouldn’t be surprised. Kryssie – that’s not who America wants to win. Jason – well I hope they wouldn’t respect that just like I hope they would respect the things we’ve done. That’s why I wonder if we’re making the wrong decision here. I want to win HOH so I don’t have to make the decision because if I win the veto .. I don’t know what the f**k I’m going to do. Kryssie – I think the game you’ve played is worlds different than the game he’s played. Jason – there’s going to be more naysayers that hate on my game. Jury members don’t respect floaters …but America.. I don’t know?! Justin joins them and they all talk about random things.

3:30am All the house guests are sleeping.


March 02, 2017

Justin up first, time = 1:56

Shelby Second, Time = 4:24

Morgan Third, time = 11:00

Kryssie Fourth, Time = 2:05

Jason last, time = 1:30

Jason wins the veto

3:20pm Girls are sad they lost the LNJ is happy they won.

(Safe to say Jason will use the veto on himself and Morgan will have to put Shelby up as a replacement. Justin has the care package and is therefore not eligible. Final 4 will be Justin, Morgan, Jason and Kryssie. As it stands now Kryssie and Justin sound totally fine with Jason going to final 3 with them. Voting should be interesting. Who do you want to win outta these 4? )

8:30pm – 9:15pm Kryssie and Jason working out in the backyard. Justin joins them and also start working out. After working out they head inside to the kitchen to make dinner.

10:30pm Morgan and Shelby go to sleep.

11:35pm – 2:30am Jason, Justin and Kryssie are in the bedroom talking about racism and other random things.

2:30am All the house guests are sleeping…


March 02, 2017

8pm – 11pm Morgan and Shelby are playing Jenga. After they head up to the HOH room. They go into the bathroom. Shelby puts on her bikini and sunglasses. Shelby – get ready America we’re about to do bath time with bikini girls. Only its just going to be me in a bikini. Morgan goes and puts her bikini on over her shirt. They start their Bikini Girls show called “Bubbles and Beef Cakes” edition. Morgan – our first beef cakes .. lets do some of out own. Shane Vs Justin. Two long haired boys with nose rings from BBOTT! Shelby – who do you want to take? Morgan – I’m going to have to go with Shane on this one. Shelby – I guess that leaves me with Justin. Morgan – Shane .. he looks like Jesus. When he shaves he looks like a five year old .. Shane keep the beard. He’s a little on the short side but his body is toned. Shelby – I’ll do Justin. Justin you can’t understand a thing he says. He sings all the time and if you’re into that that’s great but I find it a turn off. Morgan – if we take into account how annoying Justin is .. Shane wins. The next beef cakes are Paulie and Cody. Paulie was a little bit of an a$$hole but if you just stare at his abs and don’t listen to a word that comes out of his mouth I think girls would like him. Shelby – I’ll do Cody. He didn’t say anything overtly sexist on his season .. so who do you think won this round. Morgan – Cody wins. Shelby gets called to the diary room and when she comes back she tells Morgan that they (BB) might do a segment on Bubbles and Beef Cakes. Morgan gets excited.

9:50pm Justin and Kryssie talk about everything they miss. Jason comes into the room after pealing off his face and says all you guys talk about is everything you miss.

12am Morgan and Shelby go to sleep.
12am – 1am Justin, Kryssie and Jason head to the kitchen. Justin and Jason start making food. Kryssie is playing Jenga. Jason eats at the table and burps trying to blow over Kryssie’s Jenga tower. Jason heads to the living room and tosses things at the bowls on the coffee table. They head to the bedroom. Justin – luckily at this point in the game we don’t have to talk too much game. Kryssie – I know. Justin – because I would be tripping out. Kryssie – I love that we have 1 more day of playing nice and then we don’t even have to pretend to like these people any more. Justin – tomorrows really important to go through with the plan .. because then it will just be 3 against 1. Man, we’ve been the underdogs this whole time. Kryssie agrees. Jason – that changes tomorrow!! Because I’m going to kill this hoes!

Justin – I’ve been through a lot kid. I’ve been sexually abused too. I never told you that. Jason – I lied about it last time and then the psychologist asks… Big Brother switches the feeds to Morgan and Shelby sleeping.

Bikini Girl HOH pictures.

March 02, 2017

11:09am Bikini Girl HOH pictures.

11:51am Jason and Kryssie
Jason – that’s the nicest Shelby’s hair been all week .. Do they not know that we’re being films all the time
Jason going on about Shelby and Morgan looking “Fake” because they get dressed up for HOH pictures but the rest of the time they don’t
Jason – they see you the other days when you’ve worn the same pajamas three days in a row and your hair looks like a f***G rats nest on your head
Kryssie – even I didn’t get all gussied up when I won HOH
Jason – it’s silly.. everyone knows you look like sh1t they’ve been watching you look like sh2t
Kryssie – oh ya that selfie I took with them
Jason – people that watch the feeds don’t give a f*** about the HOH camera

Jason – no one gives a f*** sorry CBS..
Kryssie – I thin kit’s funny the other ones are like we’re all done up and I look like Vince Neil.
Jason – they do all this stuff wit their face and their hair but they don’t really try with their cloths
Kryssie – they feel like that’s enough .. they place a level of importance on that .. your face and your hair
Kryssie – and I’m over here trying to have a personality like a sucker..
Jaso – I make up for my face with my clothes though like my face will never look good
Kryssie – I make up for my face and Clothes with my personality

Kryssie – You want my d1ck
Jason – no I don’t want your d1ck
Kryssie – I’m sure there’s a line out the door with people wanting my d1ck
Jason – I am d1ck deprived .. so no
Kryssie – that’s alright I don’t actually have one
Jason – I know..

1:00pm Houseguests either sleeping or laying down in silence..

Morgan nominates Kryssie and Jason


March 02, 2017

12:53pm Justin, Kryssie and MOrgan
Morgan – Jambalaya gang.. Are we calling it quits? Just officially
Justin – Probably so
Morgan – OK… I just wanted to know.. I was taking it seriously
Justin – it was going quite good but then I realized that I was probably going to be PLAN B if this didn’t work out so it’s kinda pointless..
Justin – regardless i was probably going to have to go home if Jason didn’t
MOrgan – not necessarily but.. I get where you are coming from. Just Just wanted to check because when I shook on it I really meant it
Morgan – If it’s over now.. I’m already in the final 4
Morgan says Shelby knows they are targeting her.
Justin – why would I go to get Jason outta here.. Because if I keep Shelby she’s not taking me to the final 3, you know what i’m saying.
Justin – I know like you’ll take me to the final 3 over her.. I can’t really be worried about her..

12:57pm Jason, Kryssie and Justin
Kryssie – Good for you Justin… these hoes ain’t loyal..
Talking about taking Shelby out this week and going to the final 4 with Morgan.
Sounds like Kryssie and Justin told Jason everything Morgan and SHleby have been scheming since last week. The final4, Morgan taking Kryssie over Justin, Getting Jason out etc..etc..
Jason says Shelby and MOrgan are stupid.
When Justin wins the veto and is on the podium “I have a fat one for them”

1:00pm Backyard Shelby and MOrgan…
Morgan tells her that Jambalaya gang is over. Morgan adds that it really comes down to who wins the veto on Monday.

4:10pm Morgan working out..

8:10pm Backyard – Justin is BBQ’n. When the steaks are finished they all eat dinner in the kitchen. Kryssie – thank you for turning a really crappy piece of meat into a good steak. The conversation turns to talking about whether or not they would do survivor / amazing race.

8:40pm HOH room – Morgan & Shelby. Morgan – why did Justin get a huge glass of wine and two beers. I’m being really petty but… I was like fricken’ leave the wine for us.. the girls! Shelby – You know what I noticed… they’re all like we’re back together now.. and Jason seems sad because he realizes that he might have his alliance back … we left him with his weakest players. I have more comp wins than Justin and Kryssie combined. If you don’t count Justin’s default win, I have as many as Jason, Justin and Kryssie combined. You don’t count the slack line as a comp. Morgan – Jason has 2 vetos. Shelby – they have 2 vetos and 1 HOH between them. Morgan – he (Jason) knows there is a definite possibility that he is going home this week. The thing that sucks is they have more numbers. Shelby – well we’ve gone into comps with more numbers and lost so hopefully they do too. Justin was being super annoying tonight. Burping and farting, burping and farting. Morgan – Its funny how Justin’s mood changes when he realizes they… I just feel like they’re all fake. Shelby – I think he thinks they’re in power right now. Morgan – no, they’re not. That’s the frustrating thing. I just wish there was one more of us and 1 less of them. But if we win the veto, then noms stay the same. I just hope its not a crap shoot. Shelby – Kryssie kept trying to talk sh*t about Alex to me and I was like no! Morgan – I was expecting more young people. Shelby – well we do we have 27 year olds that act like 7 year olds. Morgan and Shelby start studying the days/events of the house.

10:45pm – 11:25pm Jason, Justin and Kryssie go to sleep. Meanwhile – Shelby and Morgan continue to talk about random things in the HOH bed. Moran and Shelby go to sleep.


March 02, 2017

Justin gets the last care package. Safe from eviction and go straight to Final 4 if he completes a challenge.

2:47pm Justin’s Care package challenge.. he gets 2 hours to practice. After that he’s got just 1 shot to make it across..

4:45pm Justin completes the challenge and will get to go to final 4

Morgan wipes out..

4:50pm Justin is thankful…

If Jason or Kryssie win Veto Shelby is going home, if Shelby, Morgan win Veto Jason will go home. Justin cannot be nominated because of care package.


8:30pm Morgan, Jason, Kryssie and Justin are in the kitchen. Justin – I’m just so glad its over. It’s done and I’m blessed. Kryssie – so if he is safe, does that mean we have one more safety ceremony? Jason – we must. Kryssie – whatever night we don’t have a safety ceremony I’ll make peanut butter balls. Morgan – yeah I’m assuming they’ll just do it Sunday. Jason – they could just do it Saturday, especially since we’re not waiting on Monday for America’s Noms. Morgan – maybe they won’t wake us up Monday. Kryssie – that’s the first thing I thought of when she read the card for America’s nom. No more getting up at 9 o’clock! Jason – those days are done. I was about to say thanks America for not making us America’s nom .. but then they did it to you Morgan.

9:35pm HOH room – Shelby & Morgan. Morgan – today Kryssie was like Justin .. that counts as a comp win. Shelby – no it doesn’t. Morgan – he didn’t compete against anyone. That means I get to count my America’s care package as a comp win … and I was not planning on doing that. Shelby – Kryssie is just a f**king idiot. Morgan – the thing is the odds of those three being in the final are pretty slim. She (Krssie) can act like she hates me but I am the epitome of everything she hates. I can just tell.. sorry! Shelby – well its probably more deeply rooted in jealous to be honest.

10:45pm Morgan and Shelby are sleeping.

11pm Justin, Kryssie and Jason are hanging out chatting about random things.

12:35pm Justin talks about how Shelby didn’t start playing until week 6. Kryssie burps. Jason – agrees. And then I took her HOH. Justin – we just need to win this veto. They talk about when the safety ceremony might happen. Justin – so she saves one person. Jason – She would just save Shelby. Justin – I honestly think if it wasn’t for us here .. there wouldn’t even be a show. Jason – there have been plenty of seasons with boring people near the end. That’s when they normally do luxury comps and stuff.

3am All the house guests are sleeping..




March 02, 2017

1:38pm Morgan in the bubble bath enjoying her HOH…
Morgan – I’m losing my mind but that’s OK because I have HOH
Morgan – I hope America you see I’m a competitor in this game.. I’m here for the next 2 weeks..
Morgan – So America, Hoping you’re enjoying bath time with Bikini girl
Morgan – I know I was America’s nom and I’m hoping I redeemed myself and got back in your good graces..
Morgan says she’s drowning in Student debt and owes her parents a lot of money
Morgan – I want to go back to school and finish my education,… Kryssie thinks I’m here to LAwdy daw around (that’s why Kryssie is here)
Morgan – she thinks I don’t need the money which is false.. I would love to start the business someday.. I might be just a bikini girl but I’m actually quite intelligent..
MOrgan – Bikini Girl for Final 3..
Morgan says she’ll take Kryssie to final 3 if she can.

3:40pm HOH Morgan and Shelby

Talking about how Kryussie, Jason and Justin were whispering in the bathroom today. They bring up Jason acting all sad and trying to get people sorry for him
Morgan and Shelby agree they don’t feel sorry for Jason he made that fake final 4 deal with them “Just to mess with us”

6:30pm Jason/kryssie found a dead rat..

7:22pm Still playing with the rat …

8pm Justin is laying in bed. In the kitchen – Morgan and Shelby are making dinner.

9:15pm The house guests are in the kitchen eating.

11:20pm – 11:50pm Bedroom – Justin and Jason. After, they sit around the kitchen reminiscing about the season. They head to the bedroom. Jason and Justin continue to talk. Justin – I ain’t trying to compete against you. You two are the ones I’m most loyal to. I pick their brains to see where they’re at but I really don’t give a f**k about them. I really haven’t won anything.. its been my social game that’s kept me in here. Jason – they think you’ve been throwing everything. Justin – I really haven’t thrown anything in here.

12:15am Morgan and Shelby go to sleep.

12:20am Bedroom – Jason, Kryssie and Justin are talking in bed. Jason – best case scenario is we’re able to help the person not on the block get the veto. But if it looks like that is impossible then its every man for himself. Justin – I just want us 3 at the end. Whatever I’m telling them… I’m selling them pipe dreams. Jason – oh I know.

3:30am All the house guests are sleeping..


March 02, 2017

8:25pm Jason talking to himself. Okay, so whoever doesn’t get nominated… HAS to win the veto. Like HAS TA, HAS TA, HAS TA! Thanks for the endurance comp that I asked for … that I tanked at! I should have know that do back flips over herself would have been able to stand on that sh*t forever. We’ve got to win the veto. f**king eh! I clearly can’t win anything. Justin joins him and asks if he’s okay. Jason – no, I’m f**ked. Justin – well I’m not too far behind you in the f**ked boat. Jason – hopefully the veto comp is something that we can help Kryssie win. Whoever isn’t nominated we have to try and help that person win. Justin leaves. Kryssie joins Jason. Kryssie – whoever isn’t on the block wins the veto. Jason – sh*t we couldn’t beat them at a 1 in 4 chance, how are we going to beat them at a 1 in 5 chance?! Kryssie – we’re going to go into it with a good attitude.. and pull it out. Jason – I went into this with a good attitude and I sucked. Kryssie – I really tried. Jason – I should have been great with my tiny a$$ feet. We just have to win the veto and hope that Justin doesn’t play into their hands. Kryssie – he won’t. I’m going to fight for you. We have to get that veto… it can’t come down to you or Justin.

Bathroom – Justin asks Morgan – you’re not going to throw me under the bus are you? Morgan – no, no, no… I want to carry out with what I originally said if possible. So no, no, no you’re good. I am just so excited. I’m excited because everyone saw me as such a none threat in this comp. Now I feel like I’m in it! Justin – you’re in it.. because you got yourself an HOH and you got two vetos.

11:13pm Morgan gets her HOH room. All the house guests head up to see it. Jason looks at one of her photos and says – is this your date? Morgan – that’s my dad. Kryssie – your dad is like really attractive. Morgan reads her letter from her dad and starts to cry.
11:22pm All of the house guests but Morgan and Shelby clear out of the HOH room. Shelby – yay you’re HOH! Morgan – we get the room back! We get the room back! We get the room back! Shelby – I get to sleep up here for 3 weeks in a row! Morgan – I’m so pumped! Shelby – I was down there and basically calling them out for trying to get me out the first week. You know that fight that Kryssie and Neeley got in .. it was about me .. because Neeley wanted me up. Morgan – she must have really disliked you then. Shelby – she hated me. Morgan – at the end of the day it just needs to be Kryssie & Jason together. Shelby – we might need to convince Justin to use the care package on me. It seems like they were trying to backdoor me this week from the way Jason was acting. Morgan – they definitely were. Justin joins them.

11:30pm – 12am Justin & Morgan. Justin – no matter what … I know that Shelby is going to try and change your mind at some point but I mean can I really count on you though? Morgan – yes. As long as we’re HOH we control a lot of things. Shelby joins them. Morgan – we’re talking about how we need to have Kryssie up on the block with Jason. Morgan – your care package.. Shelby – if you keep someone else safe it might have to be me so its not someone else that goes up. Morgan – we 3 just need to be on the same game plan that if Jason is up we have to vote him out this week. Shelby – I have no problem with that. Morgan – we have time. Your care package won’t even come till Friday and we don’t nominate people till Sunday. Shelby goes to the bathroom. Justin tells Morgan – I got you. Justin leaves.

12:10am Bedroom – Jason, Justin and Kryssie are talking. Jason – your care package might protect you though depending on what it is. It might be a buy in to the final 4 for you. Justin – that means Kryssie and I would be automatically nominated. If you get immunity, she would have to put up Shelby and then you and I would vote her out… BOOM KAKA! The best case scenario is your care package is immunity. Justin – I will take whatever it is. Jason – I want to make them eat dirt this week. I want to run them over. I want to grind these girls faces into dirt!

Danielle is evicted from the Big Brother Over the top house.

March 02, 2017

Jason and Danielle are nominated for Eviction

Danielle says it’s harder to stay in the block with Jason than Shane.

Jason misses his friends and family.. thanks the house guests for a unforgettable experience.

Justin Votes to Evict Danielle

Morgan votes to Evict Danielle

Kryssie votes to Evict Danielle

America Votes to evict Danielle

Danielle is evicted from the Big Brother Over the top house.

6:06pm No more America nominee and no more America vote. After the last care package no more America involvement until the finale.

7:03pm HOH comp called Keep you Posted

Jason and Justin out..

Morgan and Kryssie remain

Kryssie falls


8:20pm Ballsmashers celebrate


March 02, 2017

9:45pm – 11pm HOH room – Morgan & Shelby. Morgan – well we know who Kryssie is going to target if she’s HOH. Shelby – probably me. Morgan – yeah it probably would be you but now Jason will have an excuse to go after me as well. Shelby – Jason will probably still want me out if he’s smart. Morgan – see that’s the thing they’re not freaking smart! I can honestly see them be like … yeah Shelby has won more comps but lets get Morgan out because she’s going to want revenge for us getting Alex out. They’re so friggin’ emotional it BLOWS MY MIND! Shelby – but we’re the emotional ones!? If we were the emotional ones we would take out Jason, the ring leader of the fake final 5 deal. Morgan – exactly! If we were the emotional ones we would be like he lied to us about this deal… we’re going to get him out. No, its when you think logically in these situations. For some reason Kryssie can’t think logically… like why would you want to bring your friends to the end… to sign up and waste 70 days of your life to make some friends. To go to the end with them because they would be fun… just because they’re your best friends. Morgan – I really don’t think she (Kryssie) gets how this game works. Shelby – you didn’t tell her my test did you? Morgan – no. Shelby – we could probably convince Justin to leave Kryssie on the block. Morgan – I would nominate Kryssie and Jason. I don’t want to work with Jason. I have no desire to go to the end with him. If he came up to me and asked me I would be like no I don’t want to go to the end with you because I’m not stupid. Shelby – I hope I can get out of this funk soon. I’m winning comps but I’m still not happy. Morgan – its the house.

11pm – 11:30pm Backyard – Kryssie, Justin, Jason and Danielle are in the hot tub chatting. Meanwhile inside – Shelby & Morgan head to bed.

12am Bedroom – Jason, Kryssie, Justin and Danielle are laying around. Jason is studying the days / events of the season. Danielle, Kryssie and Justin are adding in as he goes.

12:45am – 2:30am Jason and Danielle are talking. Jason – he (Justin) is going to go with whoever has the power. Danielle – exactly. Jason – he’s going to use his care package to help. We just need to make sure… Kryssie knows these f**king numbers .. Kryssie knows then better than anyone. I really want to win HOH but if Kryssie wins … GREAT! Because I know she won’t come for me. Danielle – you guys just have to win HOH to get it back it line. No matter what I think I am going to be the one that goes tomorrow. Jason agrees. Kryssie and Justin join them again. Danielle – I can’t seriously watch her (Shelby) win. They start studying the comps of the season so far.

3am Kryssie – I told you I’d stay loyal. Justin – I already knew you really meant it. It will be me and you at the end I’m telling you. Kryssie – I am so ready for that. Justin – you and me both. Justin – the end is near. Kryssie – 17 days left. Justin – I really got a plan Kryssie. Kryssie – I trust you. Justin – no matter what… whatever my care package is .. I’m using it on you. Kryssie – thank you. That means a lot. You know how bad I need this. Justin – everything is going to work out. Kryssie – I trust you and have faith in you.


March 02, 2017

12:45pm Morgan and Kryssie
Morgan – Alex was my sister.. so… that was a big twist.. Jason got out my sister I’ve been targeting him.. that is why I want to be HOH..
Morgan – even if I go home.. I want to do something on a game and personal level
Kryssie – ok
Morgan adds that she broke her word to Kryssie earlier in the season and she’s hoping with coming to Kryssie with this truth now she can mend things.
Morgan is planning on talking to Justin as well.
Morgan – I want the 4 of us to make it to final 4.. I’m willing to get the blood on my hands..
MOrgan – the off chance he does stay he’ll be coming for me
Kryssie – if I end up throwing this thing it has to at least look like I’m not throwing it
Morgan – obviously I don’t want it to be obvious.. we need Jason to stay close to Justin.. saying I don’t need HOH I need the final one
Morgan – If I got HOH you, Justin and Shelby are completely safe

Morgan – I want the final 4 thing to work out
Kryssie – I do too

1:03pm Veto meeting… 
Shelby uses the veto on MOrgan. Since she’s America’s nomination there will be no replacement picked. Jason and Danielle nominated for eviction.

1:35pm Jason, Shelby and Kryssie
Jason – This will be interesting, America will have to vote for someone whose not their nominee..
Shelby – is this the first time this has happened..
Jason – ya
Jason – If they vote for me over Danielle I’m going to flip out
Jason laughs

4:30pm Storage room Morgan and Justin

Talking about going final 3 with Kryssie.
Justin – Yo.. I was thinking.. we gotta come up with a name..
Morgan – give me tonight I’ll have something for you by tomorrow
Justin – this could be a good thing for us.. I feel like I can really trust you
Morgan – out of everyone you’ve been the most genuine
Justin – no one will see it coming
Morgan – we get to final 4 we have options.. you’re close with Kryssie, I’m close with Shelby .. we got the best of both worlds going.. Plus you get the care package
Justin will use the power to save Kryssie if that’s what it does.

They hug..

4:54pm Kryssie tells Danielle
Kryssie – those girls came to me and pitched me a final 3 I was sure if it comes to that
Kryssie burps
Danielle says they might take Justin and dump her
Kryssie burps
Kryssie – that’s not going to happen.. they were right to not approach me about it (Final 4)
kryssie burps (and I’m not joking about the burps)
Kryssie – I gotta get him alone and I gotta figure out what the hell he’s got going on with them.. cause if that ones (Jason) in Jeopardy next week I gotta win HOH
Danielle starts talking about wanting her phone right away when she gets out
Kryssie burps

Kryssie – that’s the worst part of gettign evicted is not getting your phone..
Kryssie burps

5:28pm Bathroom Justin and Morgan

Jusitn says Kryssie told him “Don’t throw the comp”
Morgan – is she really
Justin – ya .. thats why I’m saying it’ll be really tough
Morgan – that makes me nervous that means she’s going to side with Jason
Justin – I already know .

They agree “To figure it out”

5:34pm HOH Morgan and Shelby
Morgan says Kryssie is siding with Jason. Thinks this is a dumb move for Kryssie.
Morgan calls Kryssie stupid for this, “Kryssie isn’t a huge comp threat.. which she’s proven”
Shelby – time and time again

Shelby about Kryssie – She thinks this is a friendship game and not Big Brother

Shelby brings up how dumb Kryssie is to want to take people she can’t beat to the end.

5:45pm Justin and Shelby HOH
Justin says Kryssie isn’t throwing the HOH competition but she’s not very good at them. Justin mentions how Jason is always talking about throwing this competition because he wants to play for the last one.
Shleby – MOrgan Vs Kryssie
Jusitn – if y’all stay true to me.. Kryssie is not goign to vote out Jason
Shelby – he needs to go why can’t she see that
Jusitn – she’s not that type of person
Justin says Jason has been throwing him under the bus, “He’s playing for his own sake.. which I understand it’s Big Brother”
Shelby says Jason has been trying to make final 4 and final 5 deals with her for the past 2 weeks and still Kryssie is being loyal to him.

6:13pm Kryssie and Justin Bathroom hard to hear because of hair dryer
Justin tells her he’s got a fool proof plan for them to make first second and MOrgan third.
Kryssie – Shelby needs to go before Jason RIGHT
Justin – If I win this week I’m going to be screwed next week..



March 02, 2017

8:30pm Morgan and Shelby made up a game tossing balls into pots. Meanwhile Danielle, Jason and Kryssie are sleeping. Jason and Kryssie start talking. Kryssie – I didn’t even say anything bad. That proves they don’t listen. Jason – its not about whether its good or bad. They probably think it was bad because I said ohh that’s terrible… like I was making it bad before you got to the silver lining good part. Kryssie – Whatever the case may be I am just done. I go days unnoticed in here. I say 1 f**king thing! Jason – well we notice you. F**k the rest.

HOH room – Shelby & Justin. Shelby – everyone is still good voting out Danielle right?! Justin – I think so. Shelby – I don’t know why you wouldn’t be. Justin – I’m going to go through with whatever I agree to you with.. Shelby – whatever you agree to.. I hope you remember what it was. Justin – I remember everything. Shelby – as long as you do it, Morgan will do it and America will probably do it too but even it they don’t… either way it would be a tie breaker as long as you vote Danielle out … and I would break the tie to vote Danielle out. Then you get the care package next week. Shelby – I’m so nervous about next week. Whoever goes next week will sit in a hotel room on Thanksgiving.

10pm – 10:45pm Justin – I know I made a deal with you… but I can’t guarantee Morgan’s safety over you. Its got to be one or the other. I know I made a deal with you but like if its you or her do you want to sacrifice yourself for her. Shelby – I don’t want to sacrifice myself for her. My best case scenario is that we both stick around. Justin – I already know. I am 100% going to fulfill my end of the deal. I am keeping you safe and if I did win I was going to take Morgan down. It’s going to be hard to protect both of y’all. Its either going to be you or her. Shelby – unless we can get Jason. its good for you because then you don’t jeopardize your relationship with Jason. Justin – I can’t trust Jason. Justin – I feel like I can kind of trust you. I’m going to do my best to protect you. Just know I am not going for you at all. Justin leaves. Morgan joins Shelby. Shelby – I know people are probably going to try to convince me to use it (veto) anther way but I will just laugh in their faces. Justin already thinks Jason is a snake.

11:20pm – 1am Kitchen – Danielle, Justin, Jason and Kryssie are hanging out chatting about movies. The conversation switches to reminiscing about the season. Justin – we did it, we made it pretty far. Jason explains how Shelby said she didn’t watch season 16 and then knew the reward/punishment veto from the season. Jason – she’s pretending to be a recruit but really I think she’s a superfan. Kryssie – if anyone takes Shelby to the end .. you’re playing for second place. Justin – you think .. even though she sucks personally!? Kryssie – it doesn’t matter. Jason – she doesn’t suck personally as people think. Justin – now she is here kicking a$$. She was probably the brains of all those girls. She is very smart. Its going to be a problem. Kryssie – you need to make her think that deal you made is good so she gets complacent next week. Justin – you don’t think I did!? I talk sh*t to her a$$hole. She thinks I’m going to sell you out but that’s why I had to come talk to you. I don’t have it in my heart. When I was going crazy your cigarettes are what kept me sane.
2am – 4am Bedroom – Justin, Jason, Kryssie and Danielle are hanging out.


March 02, 2017

Morgan is America’s Nomination

The Nominations are.

Power of veto order Competition

Jason Answers = Jeff, Veto For Sale, Veto Vault

Shelby Answers = Jeff, Perfect shot, Veto Vault

Justin Answers = Paul, Perfect Shot, Veto Vault

Kryssie = Answers = Jeff, Perfect Shott, Balance of Power

Danielle = Answers Jeff, Perfect Shott, Veto Vault

Morgan Answers = Paul, Perfect shot, veto vault


The correct answers were Jeff, Veto Shott and Veto Vault

Jason – 14:58
Shelby – 9:38
Justin – 14:18
Kryssie – 16:06
Danielle – 23:13
MOrgan – 19:37

Safe to say Shelby will use the veto on Morgan. Leaving Danielle and Jason on the block.

Who would you rather stay Daneille or Jason?

4:48pm Celebrating that neither will be going home this week.

Shelby – this feels good… this feels very good
Shelby – Not this time America… you’re not taking another Willett sister away from me.
Morgan wonders if Danielle will even try to campaign.

6:54pm HOH Morgan and Shelby
Morgan – first time ever we don’t have 3 up there..
Shelby – we have to make sure at least Justin votes out Danielle
Morgan – it’ll be me, Justin, Kryssie voting
Shelby – and America
Morgan – Justin for sure will vote Danielle.. America will vote Danielle they’re not going to vote Jason
Morgan – MY mind is going 8 million miles a hour
Shelby – I hope it slows down this is the only night we get top relax.
Morgan – I feel like Alex.. played the game so hard and got cut early.. She’s looking at me and is like What the hell are you doing.
Morgan – I’m trying so hard.. I keep thinking OK i’m goign to try so hard in this comp and it’s going to pay off..
Shelby – I know you wanted to win it for yourself.

Morgan sounds bummed out that she hasn’t done a lot in the game.
Shelby says she’s felt the same thing until recently.
Morgan – I have a fire to win it .. when is it going to happen
Shelby – next HOH hopefully
Morgan – Hopefully America can see I can work a deal with Justin and Kryssie to toss a HOH comp..
Morgan is going to tell Justin if he tosses the HOH comp to her he’s guaranteed the care package and final 4.
MOrgan – I’m targeting Jason I wanted him out week 2
Morgan is going to add to Justin that by throwing the HOH to her she can take Jason out saving Justin from having to do it.
Shelby – he’s already safe with the care package..
Morgan – exactly he’s already safe..

They talk about Kryssie going on about playing the “Loyalty game” she told them she’s loyal to them going to final 4. They will be the ones taking Jason out so Kryssie can keep playing the loyalty game.


March 02, 2017

7:40pm Backyard – Shelby, Justin and Morgan. Justin – this is crazy. Morgan – its close enough that people can see the light at the end of the tunnel. No point in going home now, we have 20 days left. If things go as I’m thinking .. which they normally don’t. Justin – no they normally don’t. Morgan – We worry about the veto tomorrow and then figure out a plan for Wednesday. Justin – I don’t like the way she tried to manipulate y’all to think I wouldn’t work with y’all. Morgan – that was the frustrating thing for us .. they were like we’re your only option. You are the two biggest liars in the house .. like you aren’t the only option. Justin – the only way to get Kryssie on board was to bring her up there. Shelby – I think if Danielle and Jason wanted to create this whole duos thing.. Morgan – then they’re getting it. They finish BBQ’n and head inside.

10pm Morgan and Shelby head to bed.

10pm Kryssie – I can’t believe those b***hes tried to take f**king group pictures without us this morning. Jason – they took like 900 photos. Kryssie – they held paper plates with paper towel on them up to their faces. I said it in front of all of those hoes! And they only said it when you said it. I hope they all get herpes. Jason – OOHHHhhh that’s a fun one. Kryssie – the gift that keeps on giving. See it won’t kill them so you can’t get mad at me everyone. Jason – lets hope Morgan is America’s nom tomorrow. Kryssie – I think its going to be me. I don’t think there would be any reason it would be me but.. Jason – Don’t do it America! Kryssie – Let these a$$wipes keep underestimating me. I thought about trying to talk to the girls but I feel like there is no point because I’m going to win that f**king veto. Let them keep underestimating me and let me take out the two of them the next couple weeks.

11pm – 1:20am Kitchen – Jason, Danielle, Justin and Kryssie are talking about random things while eating smores. After they head to the bedroom.

1:20am All the house guests are sleeping..

10:21am Monday morning..

Morgan is America’s nominations..


March 02, 2017

2:45pm Danielle Cam 3-4
Danielle – people think I have it easy.. Because of the circumstances in my life I share a room with my 3 year old son.. I want 6to be the one that give him his own space
Danielle – I want to be the one that gives it to him… ME
Danielle wants him to know his dreams are never out of reach.
Danielle – anything can happen.. I won’t let people that don’t know anything about this show win … I refuse..
Danielle – the only America’s nom to have survive
Danielle – I’m not ready to go..
Danielle – I wish I could tell you everything I’ve been through America but I literally can’t .. not allowed to America

Danielle saying she’s going to use the money to take her son on trips so he can experience the world.
(Kryssie has been spreading that Danielle wants to buy rims with the money)
Danielle – I’m not prepared to send Jayson home.

3:32pm Backyard…


5:15pm ZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

It’s been really slow today…


6:13pm Morgan and Shelby HOH
Morgan – I’m so nervous about tomorrow
Shelby – no offense but it’s probably going to be you no matter who I put up
Morgan agrees
Shelby – No matter what.. if I had done Justin and Kryssie could have been a risk… If Danielle was America’s nom and Jason won (Veto)
MOrgan – Right..
Shelby – pulled down Kryssie forcing me to put you up and they vote you out
Shelby – everyone is playing in veto there’s no point to back door anyone now
Morgan – how is more likely.. Kryssie or Danielle.. I feel like Danielle got back into America’s good graces
Shelby – who knows… what reason would they have to put up Alex

they hope America nominates Kryssie over Justin. Morgan says there’s a 90% chance she’s America’s nom.

Morgan – this will be the most Awkward Safety ceremony ever ..


7:05pm Shelby makes Morgan safe. Danielle and Jason nominated for eviction
Shelby – Fool me once shame on you Fool me twice shame on me…


Danielle mocks Shelby “She’s quite the gamer” Danielle goes on about how “Shocked” she is.
Kryssie – I wonder who America will nom..
Danielle – me and Jason will be the two most likely.. she can’t send us both home..

Kryssie – you look pissed
Danielle – I’m pissed for multiple reasons.. she better hop I don’t win the veto


March 02, 2017

8:25pm – 10pm HOH room – Justin, Shelby and Morgan. Justin – this has been a wild and crazy week. The last thing I expected was for Alex to go home. If you would have asked me … I would have told you. Morgan – yeah and I figured. After the blow up fight .. it was everyone just exploding. Justin – I was just like C’est la vie, C’est la vie! I don’t like none of that sh*t. I don’t like all that confrontational sh*t. I’m going to go kick it down stairs. One love! Justin leaves. Shelby – thank goodness I am HOH this week because it would suck if I wasn’t. Morgan – that it would. Shelby – our only saving grace would be convincing someone to take out the other care package. Morgan – what will be interesting is when all the care packages are gone. Shelby – there will be another twist at that point. I don’t think they’re going to let us play big brother at that point .. there will anther surprise. I’m glad they all underestimated that Justin is going to try and play the game. Morgan – I mean even we did. Shelby – fortunately we offered him something he couldn’t refuse. Do you want to go on the block or do you want to stay and also get a care package next week? By the way its being offered by two of the people you’ll have a shot against in the finale. Morgan – and it helps that Danielle is acting like the.. Shelby – brat! Morgan – yeah. She knows this is what got her in trouble in the beginning of the game. Don’t do it. Shelby and Morgan reminisce about the season.

10:30pm – 10:45pm Morgan – its going to suck for whoever goes home next Wednesday. Shelby – and it very well could be me. I’m the sitting duck with a big target on my back. At least I’m the one that can throw a big temper tantrum and demand to be taken to my family. So you better prepare for another temper tantrum from me if I go home big brother. Morgan – all I said I wanted was to win 1 HOH and make it to the finale. Shelby and Morgan go to sleep.

10:25pm – 11:40pm Kitchen – Danielle, Justin, Kryssie and Jason are sitting around chatting. Danielle is cooking. They head to the bed room to chat.

12:24am – 1:30am Jason and Kryssie. Kryssie – it seems like its playing out just like Justin said .. it seems like Danielle is their target. Jason – yeah, but you never know. Justin – stay positive. Jason – I am. I’m positive its more likely that its her but she’s already like I’m going to kill to win. Alright… I’m going to have to kill times two to win then I guess. Justin – you’ve got multiple people dawg. I’m going to be like a monster in that comp. Jason – well I hope so. Justin – I can’t take too much of them. I’ve got to do it. Jason – its about time. Justin leaves the room. Kryssie tells Jason – I know I never win anything but if I win you know I’m taking care of you. They want Danielle. Jason = I’m fine giving them Danielle. I just want to be as safe as possible. Justin returns. He says I just hope this works out. I made it clear if I win I’ll take you down. She’s made it clear she doesn’t like me. Jason tells Kryssie – they don’t even think you’re here doing strategy. Kryssie – let them think that. Jason – exactly and when you get to the end you say this is why I should win the game …’re going to have like 10 reasons and those girls are going to be like uuhhhh.. I won a veto once. I can’t imagine Morgan rounding up much of a fan base.


March 02, 2017

12:31pm Jason and Danielle
Jason – these b1tches itch (nicotine patch)
Danielle – it’s like you have a weave

12:34pm Justin and Kryssie
Talking about Jason or Danielle leaving this week.
Justin – one of those are leaving this week
Justin says even if Danielle wins the Veto and MOrgan goes up as a pawn Jason will go home.
Kryssie- NO.. why not vote out MOrgan
Justin – umm Ya i’ll vote her out
Justin is tired of Danielle’s half ass flirting Justin want Danielle out this week that’s what he’s focusing on
Kryssie tells Justin she would never f*** him over
Justin says likewise tells her he doesn’t trust Jason aor Danielle at all.
Justin – Jason is money hungry.. That’s not in the best interest of me..
Kryssie tells him if he goes to the end with one of those “Golden Girls” he’s not winning
Justin says Jason and Danielle have been running behind his back trying to get him out this week “those Girls” told him everything
Justin – “Straight up I’m cold hearted right now in this game.
Justin says he doesn’t trust Jason he knows KRyssie does.

1:51pm Jason and Kryssie Bathroom
Jason tells her they are all in pairs and Kryssie is really his pair. He’s trying to make the girls think that Danielle is his Pair and Kryssie is Justin’s .
Kryssie – it looks to me that he’s afraid that you and Danielle are selling him out .. you are but…
Jason – yeah..
Kryssie – I’ve been telling him if you are selling him out it’s to make it look that Danielle is more of a threat..
Kryssie thinks Danielle is the target this week.
Jason – we paid so much loyalty into Justin and he’s not paying us back
Jason – we keep investing in this stock that is never going to grow
Kryssie – he’s loyal to you and me but not Danielle
Jason – he’s never going to do anything with that loyalty.. He’s never winning anything
Jason – he’ll get to the end and say look all my minions helped me to the end and I did nothing for them
Kryssie – then he can take home 3rd place
Jason thinks Justin has a good chance to win the game.
Jason – he is a user.. He uses people..
Jason says Justin steps on people to make it to the top.
Kryssie – if he makes a deal with those girls he’s stupid because they’re not taking him to the end anyways..
Jason – no.. he’s using them this week.. Next week he’ll suck someone else’s sh1t

Jason – we’ve invested all this loyalty, time and energy into someone who’s never gonna f***g give anything back, he’s not even trying to give anything back he doesn’t even have an excuse for the mirrors.

Jason – he’s even done trying giving excuses on why he blows everything
Kryssie – running the days yesterday hurt my brain
Jason – he’s a leech he’s leeching loyalty and leeching power
Jason wants to take out Justin then MOrgan or Shelby. After that they go for Danielle.
Kryssie – Right
Kryssie says Justin won’t even talk to her.



2:10pm Jason and Justin
Justin – it’s Complicated but you shouldn’t worry
Jason – well I am worried
Jason – yeah I know but… I don’t know.. I don’t know what is going o happen to be honest with you I don’t know what the f** is going to happen.

Jason me ether.. That’s what I’m asking… you probably know more than I know
Justin – the mission is not for you to go
Jason – if i’m stuck up there with her and she wis I’m going
Justin – if that’s how it works out… but .. you just gotta believe man (HAHA)
Jason – mmmmhmmm
Justin – stay positive
Jason – mmmhhhmmm
Justin – best case you win the veto
Jason Yeah period.. Best case scenario

Justin – do I know truly their intentions … NO
Jason – nobody knows … or they’re not saying anything
Justin – you should talk to them..
Jason – I’m going ot but you know how people are … once they decide..
Justin – plead your case but I don’t know what they are going to do
Jason – right
Justin – he all know today’s first noms and she’s going to..
Jason – PIck MOrgan… nothing is going to happen today

Justin – one of us Gotta win the veto
Jason – right..
Justin – Shelby is way smarter than she portrays to be.. She’s very intelligent..
Jason agrees
Justin – best case you gotta win the veto
Jason – I know..

Kryssie says she doesn’t want to be the pawn.
Jason tells her him and Danielle are going up and Kryssie will only be used as a pawn in the event one of them come down.
Kryssie – i didn’t look at it that way
Jason – what I was telling them me and Danielle are a pair..
Jason explains they are a threesome and he’s trying to hide that from them and Making Danielle a target.
Jason tells them bu doing this it hides their threesome but puts him in some danger because he’ll go up.
Justin – they want Danielle gone and I want her gone too… so.. That’s the plan.
Jason – I’m fine with that plan
Justin – I farted… I’m sorry my nerves are bad. (And with that line Justin has a fan :) )
Justin says when Danielle goes he’s guaranteed the care package after that “you know how the deal goes.. So I don’t even have to speak on it”

Justin – they told me a lot of sh1t you said… and it looks like you and D were throwing me under the bus
Jason – that was D’s plan but I mean.. The plan was to get Morgan up they’re.. If Morgan was up there she was f***d…
Jason – D would be happy to see you go but I’m not in that position
Justin says Kryssie has been trying to convince him that Jason isn’t flipping on them.
Jason – I’m not..
Kryssie – I told him .. you’re making Danielle a bigger target
Jason – I know she’s coming after me and Danielle together so i’m making it that Danielle it the more viable
Justin – I’m telling you if I win the veto and y’all are up there I’m taking MOrgan down
Justin – I’m taking MOrgan down… BOOOM if she’s America’s nom
Jason – yup
Justin – Ya DIG…
Justin – I’m voting Danielle out of here..
Jason – ya .. that’s fine.. I don’t care..

Justin says the girls don’t trust Jason or Danielle
Justin doesn’t care if Danielle goers he’s never trusted her.
Justin says next week it’s all of them Vs Morgan
Justin – that’ll be a perfect time to get her outta here.. Or we get Shelby out.. Whatever way you want to do this
Jason – yeah.. Or get Shelby out
Kryssie agrees
Justin – we can cross that when we get there.. In order for me to make this deal with them I had to sell you all out

Justin says he made a deal with the girls this week to protect his own ass and get someone out in this game he doesn’t care about.
Justin – at the end of the day I’m going to cut that deal with them .. BOOOM D’s going to be outta here this week if everything goes well and I’m going to get the care package.
Justin – The only scary thing is you are going to be on the block against her (Danielle for POV)


Kryssie burps in some mocks about Shelby and MOrgan…

Kryssie – I’m not voting Jason out
Justin – the plan is to get D outta here..
Jason says he’s down with that

Justin says the only thing Danielle likes is D1ck … goes on a rant about her being the most complicated person.
Justin says he doesn’t want it to be him, Kryssie, Morgan and Shelby he’s never had any loyalty to those girls.
Jason asks Justin wants Happens if Danielle wins veto.
Justin – She deserves to be here.. that shit crazy (Danielle for VETO!!!)
Kryssie – “if she’s going to pawn Morgan we can just send Morgan home”
Justin – yeah

Jason – I’m obviously the plan B
Justin – you are the plan B you are the plan B


3:30pm Bathroom Jason and Justin
Justin – just trust me boo .. the only reason i’m here is because of you and Kryssie..
Justin – it’s us to the end.. no matter what ..
Justin – You’re not the target.. and I’m not voting you outta here..
Jason – Kryssie knew and KRyssie wasn’t telling me.. I talked to Kryssie this morning..
Jason feels like he’s the tag along with Justin and Kryssie.

Justin – she’s just probably trying to save her own ass
Justin – you’re not a tag along.. you’re my day one fool
Justin – I care about you as a person.. .actually… .D I don’t care about her


3:35pm HOH MOrgan and Shelby
Hoping the plan works this week and next week…


5:39pm Shelby and Morgan
Morgan is getting sketched out by Justin.
Shelby practicing her nomination speech..
Shelby – fool me once shame on me fool me twice shame on me.. OK I got it
Morgan – don’t screw it up..
Shelby – she can pull out her bibles, letters, and son’s toy all she wants… I’m not christian and.. .like I have something BIG I’m playing for too..
Shelby – so
Morgan – we’re all here for different reasons.. one reason’s not better than the others
Shelby – the way KRyssie put it she doesn’t even need the money she’s just proving this to her son
Morgan – ya .. well I could use the money


7:03pm safety ceremony

Shelby picks Kryssie and Justin to be safe.


March 02, 2017

8:30pm Backyard – Jason joins Kryssie to workout. Kryssie – he’s got little arms maybe I’ll give him the 10’s (10 pound weights). Justin – just imagine if you had been doing this since you got here .. you would be JACKED! Jason – I can’t get too jacked … I don’t have the money for a new wardrobe.

9:30pm HOH room – Shelby – we would not be in a good position if I didn’t win HOH. We would have zero bargaining chips right now. Morgan – like I literally don’t know what we would preach to Jason. We have nothing to leverage with .. no care package. Shelby – we would have nothing but Justin and Kryssie. This is just the power to make sure one of them gets care package. Plus a final four deal isn’t terrible. I think it works out great for all of us. Morgan – it literally helps all of us. First it gets Justin his care package. Then it gets him automatically to the final 4.. hopefully he will take us along with him. Once we do get to the final 4 its good for us 3 because we all have agreed that us 3 girls would take each other to the finale. Shelby – Justin knows that Jason and Danielle are coming for him. Morgan – so there is no reason why he wouldn’t want to work with us. He knows Kryssie is loyal to him. Its an even number of loyal people to loyal people. Nobody is out numbered. Its not bad for anyone. They must think you are taking this deal because they haven’t even asked you about it. Shelby – I never accepted it but I don’t care. If I want to f**king lie to them just so they think I’m taking them… But I will have to ask them again what the safety ceremony is going to be like. It would be so much easier if it was 1 then 2. Morgan – it just makes more sense.. save 1 …there’s only 1 obvious choice. Then let one worry until the next night and put up the other two. It would be way better for suspense. Shelby – I told someone and they said yeah that is a good idea.

10:15pm Kitchen – Jason, Danielle and Kryssie are studying the days and events of the house. Meanwhile – Shelby and Morgan are playing pool out in the backyard.

11:20pm – 12am Kitchen – Shelby, Jason, Danielle, Kryssie and Morgan are hanging out talking about random things.

12:40am – 1:15am HOH room – Justin, Shelby and Morgan. Justin – okay Kryssie isn’t here. Jambalaya gang! They cheers. Shelby – we just need to kill this veto comp. No, not we’re going to …. we are going to kill this veto. Morgan – we are! Justin heads out but says he will come back to hang out later. Morgan tells Shelby that he seems excited about it. I think its the first time someone has shown him excitement and let him have some kind of power. I feel like Jason and Danielle have been like Justin just do this. Do what we want. Shelby – right. I mean the deal is great for him. No one else wants him in the final 4. The don’t want him in the final 4. They want us to take him out for them. We’re giving him a care package. Morgan – and offering him people to work with to get there. Shelby – they might think he’s dumb and won’t work with us but.. Morgan – I knew if this was presented to him in a kind of way he would jump on it. Shelby – I know you’re putting me up … what if we don’t put you up, vote Danielle out and give you the care package?! He was like WHAT?! Morgan – I would rather have him in the house than her. Shelby – yup. As long as we kill veto. Morgan – yup. This is our best bet which solidifies us through next week. Jason and Danielle just guaranteed us next. Shelby – we can literally convince Jason to throw the HOH comp. I’m just really nervous about America’s nom. I really hope its Kryssie. I don’t want to lose another person on our side during my HOH. Morgan – no its about time someone on their side went. I just want this HOH to go smoothly. Can for once the worst case scenario not happen to us.

1:20am – 1:45am Justin joins Shelby & Morgan again in the HOH room. They talk about random things like music. Justin – I truly feel like

people don’t really know who I am. I feel more comfortable being able to come up here and talk to y’all. I want to do the best that I can to uphold everything that we agreed to. Shelby – just don’t leave this veto to fate. I knew eventually I would have to take her (Danielle) out. I will look really f**ked up if you’re (Morgan) America’s nom and I’m taking you down (using the veto on her). Morgan – if I am America’s nom .. hopefully I win the veto for myself and able to pull myself down and not have to worry about stepping on any toes. But as long as Danielle or Jason don’t get the veto, then we’re still in a good position. Shelby – you’re not just f**ker her over, you’re ensuring you get the care package. Justin – can I be honest with y’all!? I’ve never trusted Danielle. I just get that vibe from her. Morgan – that’s why we’ve wanted to take something from her… she’s presented things to us and then time and time again she backs out of what she presented to us. Shelby – its scary how fast she is ready to sell out her own side .. so obviously she would sell us out. Justin – its just nice to come talk to y’all. Y’all really do have souls. I’m going to fulfill my side of the deal.

1:45am – 2:30am Shelby – big brother is about making big moves.. and if you want we’ll do the stabbing for you .. it will be front stabbing. Justin – but how do I know you don’t want to backstab me? Shelby – we want Kryssie and Jason out. Morgan – we want them out one after the other. Shelby – And you get the care package which will probably get you to final 4. I’m not going to f**k y’all over. Morgan – the target next week has to be Jason. He even told me that he was planning on throwing the next HOH.. he wants to win the one after because he knows no one is taking him. We just need to get through this week first. Justin – I got you. Morgan – I have a ton of faith in us. Justin – I’m going to ride out with this. Justin leaves. Shelby – if this works, convincing them to vote out Jason next week is going to be hard. Morgan – I know people say we come off as soulless but that just means you haven’t taken the time to get to know us. Shelby and Morgan go to sleep.


March 02, 2017

12:12pm Danielle and Shelby in the HOH
Danielle is trying to get Kryssie or Justin out . Offers her a Final 4 with Jason, MOrgan and Shelby. Says if Justin goes home this week she’s fine with getting Kryssie out next week.
Shelby – I feel like I’m a target now.. Everyone said they were coming after me and now I’ve win 2 HOH’s I feel I’m a target now
Danielle – you’re a target with Justin and Kryssie ..
Danielle says Kryssie and Justin are together in this game.
Shelby points out they are close to Jason too
Danielle says their group is 2 couples.
Danielle – Justin’s game is vern translucent.. Whoever is head of household he gets really close to them
Shelby questions if Justin is even a threat in this game.
Danielle – Yes Socially
Danielle says Justin will use his Care package to their advantage

Danielle – the odds of us winning over Kryssie are high.. Next week I can give you and MOrgan protection then the 4 of us can go final 4
Shelby says she’s hesitate to get into a deal with Danielle
Danielle – you leave me off the block that benefits you.. Lets me know you’re serious about the deal
Danielle says Morgan will be America’s nom if Danielle is on the block.

Danielle accuses Shelby’s side to ignore her all season “Gamewise”
Danielle says she was getting rid of Alex so she would be able to work with Shelby and MOrgan in the future. Danielle explains that with Alex in the house they were never going to have that chance.
Shelby says that’s crazy

Shelby – you’ve become the BIG player.. You’ve won the most and I feel like I’m the second biggest target behind you..
Shelby – You broke the deal last week … You didn’t have to come to us with a deal so… I know I’m a sitting duck next week.
Daneille – My deal with you will be 100% solid they’re will be no faulty lines..
Danielle wants to get her and Jason through to the following week.
Danielle offers to shake on it now
Shelby says she needs to think about it.
Danielle says she’s willing to do whatever it takes to make it far in this game, “If that means cutting Justin and KRyssie so be it”
Shelby – I do believe you are going to make deals.. It’s just that we already had a deal

12:30pm Kryssie and SHelby HOH
Kryssie – I’m not campaigning against anyone… I’m the perfect person to leave because I have no blood on my hands..
Kryssie says Whitney leaving was all Danielle
Kryssie – with my HOH I sent home someone on my side of the house
Shelby – We’re in the same boat
Kryssie – you’re HOH got hijacked and we got lucky

Kryssie asks her what she wants Protection? “I’m open to anything at this point nobody has wanted to game with me except for when I was HOH”
Shelby – I know you guys aren’t going to turn on each other.. It doesn’t give me much wiggle room
Kryssie goes on about wanting to be in the final 3 with the strongest players, says she was “Grossed out” by Shelby’s side wanting to take out the strong players first.

SHelby says Kryssie is the most trustworthy of her side
Kryssie – I wanted to play the least icky game of Big Brother possible (ZOMG)
Kryssie says Danielle was ready to send Justin home last night she’s not loyal.
Shelby – so the deal you’re offering me is you’ll go after MOrgan instead of me next week
Kryssie- OK.,. I’ve only won 1 HOH no Vetoes

Kryssie says Morgan has broken deals before but Shelby hasn’t
Shelby says danielle has lied to her 2 times in the past week..
Kryssie says Jason probably isn’t coming up to talk to SHelby he saying he’ll just win the veto.
Shelby – OK so he doesn’t want to make any deals..
Kryssie says her and JAson agree that Justin is throwing HOH’s all season, “Justin’s not here to win Big Brother”
Kryssie says Justin isn’t her main she just started gravitating towards him when he was close to Whitney.
Kryssie – I don’t have a number 1 my number 1 was Neeley
KRyssie brings up Jason wanting her and Justin in the final 3, “Whitney said the same thing she wanted to take me and Justin”
Shelby – that little backstabber
Kryssie says Justin was attracted to Justin and she used that to her advantage.,
Kryssie – her being gone has made him gravitate towards Danielle HARD
Kryssie – I would be more concerned that him Daniele and Jason are doing something

KRyssie wants Jason to stay because early in the season their side agreed to bring people to the end that NEED the money not WANT the money.
Kryssie – He’s poor, so am I
Kryssie brings up a player saying they wanted to get Rims on their car if they won.
Shelby – who the f*** said they want rims on their car
Kryssie – I feel like I should say it..
Shelby – is it someone that’s still here
Kryssie – mmmmmhmhhhmmmmmmm
Kryssie – Danielle … I never said that..
Kryssie says the only thing Jason ever lied about was the final 5 deal they made last week with the girls, ‘They only did that honestly to f*** with MOrgan”

Shelby tells her she’s not coming after her.


1:02pm HOH Justin, Morgan and Shelby
Justin – I’ll do whatever I want to stay here.
Justin says he’s ready to make a big move..
Shelby and MOrgan sell the final 4 deal to Justin. Justin wants to do it with Kryssie. SHelby just talked to KRyssie and she told her she’s not selling out anyone on her side.
Shelby – that’s what this deal involves.
Shelby tells him Danielle and Jason broke 2 deals with them in 1 week.
Justin knows, “They can’t be trusted”
Shelby wants to put the personal stuff aside and move ahead with this deal
Justin says he’s ready to do it


1:11pm Morgan and SHelby HOH
Morgan and Shelby are say they are more willing to trust Justin and KRyssie.
Morgan – Danielle is FREAKING out
Shelby – Kryssie actually told me Jason’s her main so if we made this deal..
Morgan – Kryssie is so delusional
Shelby brings up KRyssie saying Justin has money and shouldn’t win
Morgan – we have a fighting chance against Kryssie and a fighting chance against Justin
They agree Jason and Danielle did a lot more in the game and have good arguments to win it.

MOrgan – I bet JAson and Danielle are just wishing and wishing that they took that deal with us
Morgan – Jason i’m sorry that’s what you get for being an ass
Morgan says Kryssie will take their final 4 plan when she finds out Jason is going around telling them it’s him and Danielle to the end.

Shelby brings up Danielle wanting to buy new Rim if she won the money.
They want to put JAson and Danielle up and take Danielle out.


1:17pm Justin and Kryssie
Justin says they want Danielle out and want to cut a final 4 with them.
Justin 0 I’m not I just had to say yes.. I don’t want to do it you know that.. but if that is what guarantees me another 2 weeks.. at least with that deal I’m good with that
Kryssie- OK ..
Justin – goes up there and talk to them
KRyssie – right now
Justin – at some point

Justin says in 2 weeks he can to whatever the f** he wants


1:28pm HOH Morgan and Shelby
They talk about Jason being a evil person and making up that deal last week just to f** with them.
Morgan – I wish Kryssie wasn’t a idiot
Shelby – I know
They talk about Kryssie thinking it’s “Disgusting” to take out eh strong players. Morgan and Shelby agree that’s going against the point of the game.

Morgan – Jason and Danielle you are stupid you should have taken the deal with us..
Shelby – guess what when you try and sell them out they’ll come talk to us..
Morgan – they must have really thought they are stupid too than if they think they won’t come talk to us..


1:29pm Justin and Kryssie
Justin – I got to win the f****g veto.. At some point she wants us to all shake on it.
Justin says Jason and Danielle were selling her under the bus
Kryssie says jason is only doing it because it’s a game.
THey seem convinced Jason is trying to get Danielle out

Justin – they are pushing me to get the f*** outa here.. Jason is going to have to stay up they’re..


2:13pm Tokyo Room Kryssie and Shelby
Shelby offers up the final 4 deal.
Shelby tells her both Danielle and Jason were up in the HOH trying to get her to take out Justin
Shelby – they want him out and they want me to do it for him
Kryssie – I have to go if they are going to win
Shelby – if you guys do take this deal what odds are in our favor..
Shelby – i know you are not willing to back stab anybody but they are more than willing to back stab you
Kryssie – there comes a time in this game you ahve to … 3 and a half weeks left this is make or break.
Kryssie says Danielle is ready to turn on them at the drop of a hat.

Kryssie – I want to protect me..
Shelby says Jason came to her on her last HOH and said that Kryssie was the person he’s closest to. Today he came to her and said he had lied to her and it was Danielle he wanted to keep safe, “Danielle is my number 1″
Shelby – we need us all to agree to take down the America’s nom.


Justin joins them.
Shelby – it’s best we put them both up .. so they can’t pull the other down
Justin – Ohh ya.. I’m feeling it.. I know this is a serious matter because all I care about are my muscles.
Shelby – my plan is for us to do this final 4 deal
Kryssie- I’m here to win
Justin – that’s my girl
MOrgan joins them.. “I’m on the same page”

Kryssie says Morgan lied to her face.
Morgan – I need Scott to stay just 1 more week.. I wanted to get a big threat out
Kryssie I get that.. I’m not playing this personal .. I though that was shitty that was week 4
Kryssie – If I make this deal with you guys does that mean I make it to the end..
Shelby – do you think we want to take Jason to the end.
KRyssie – he’s proven he’s a f****G dick.. at least to you guys he’s been great to us

Shelby – there’s no way I’m f***g you over over Jason … F*** Jason
Shelby – he told us you two (Kryssie/Justin) were playing personal games and there’s no way you would work with us and that’s why we had to work with him and Danielle
MOrgan – he said the only option was for us to work with him and Danielle
Shelby – he thinks you’re not playing this game.. and now it’s time for you guys to show him a big move
Kryssie – i have seen them palling around more

Kryssie – Jason is playing for Jason.. Jason is using Danielle.
Shelby – you guys need to be careful because Jason is good.. I’m sure yo know that.. he is so good at spinning stuff

Kryssie says Jason “lost his sh1t” when they almost lost Justin
Shelby points out none of them will beat Danielle and Jason in the final 3.

Shelby tells her they are taking Kryssie ti final 3 and Justin will take her to the final 3 so if their final 4 deal works out Kryssie is making it to the finale. (LOL Kryssie is winning this season the vote will be split)


5:10pm Kryssie and Jason
Kryssie says she’s worried about being a pawn this week. Kryssie says they need to get Danielle out this week it’s the only way to protect Jason.
Jason thinks the girls want Justin out.

Jason says it’s smart for them to take one of the girls to the end. Would prefer Morgan over Shelby.
Kryssie doesn’t think Shelby should get to the end she’ll have a good chance to win. Jason agrees.


6:55pm Justin, MOrgan and Shelby
THey talk about Danielle now being close to Justin after Shane left. Justin says he’s told them this in the DR “If you didn’t pick me first you didn’t pick me at all”
Justin – She’s the only one I never had any trust in my alliance.
Shelby – I know you and Jason are close but he’s being trying to get us to take you out so he doesn’t ahve to do it himself
Justin – I already know
Justin – I’m keeping to my end of the deal 100%

Justin – we gotta make it happen we gotta win the veto
Shelby – yup.. it’s 4 on 2


7:24pm Justin and Kryssie 
they both don’t want Jason to go home. They have to win the veto so that Danielle doesn’t
Justin says Danielle has to go home.
Justin – she openly told the girls she’s flirting with me for game.. I’m a southern playa baby
Kryssie says she knows


March 02, 2017

9:30pm Living room – Danielle, Jason, Shelby Kryssie, Morgan and Justin are sitting around the living room chatting about random things. At 10:35pm Shelby gets her HOH room. All the house guests head to check out her room. Shelby is happy that she got photos of her family and mom. Shelby reads her letter from her mom.

10:50pm Bathroom – Shelby and Morgan are talking. Morgan – coming into this house I wanted to make it to finale night whether I win or lose. If I win HOH next week I could keep us safe for another week. Shelby – I think they’re beginning to realize I’m not the idiot they think I was. Morgan – I we get Danielle out this week, then next week we will be against Kryssie, Justin and Jason. Jason’s not that good at comps. I mean he is okay. If we get her (Danielle) out there is a good chance I could get that.

11:55pm Jason is talking to Kryssie and Justin. – I’m sure I’ll be the casualty. It will be me and Justin next to each other. Then I am f**ked. Lets hope America’s nom is one of them. They’ve been keeping it spicy. Kryssie – I was thinking, what if they gave Shelby the care package to keep her safe but that they don’t like Morgan. Jason – you think the only person on their side they like is Shelby? Kryssie – think about it, what has Morgan done. She hasn’t done anything this entire game.

12am – 2am Justin, Jason, Danielle and Kryssie talk about random things. Meanwhile up in the HOH room, Shelby listens to her HOH music.

2:30am – 2:45am London room – Danielle and Jason are talking. Danielle – we need to sell to them that we’ll vote how they want us to vote. And I can sell them something about my care package. Jason – exactly. We’ll just see how this week shakes out. We just have to try and get those girls to not nominate us and make some kind of deal. I think that’s our best option. Danielle – when I put Shelby and Morgan up .. I told them it wasn’t because I wanted them to go … Scott was my target. Jason – we just have to go up there and make a deal. If they’re smart they’ll take it and if they’re not then they’ll have to fight us in the veto. Do they want us with them or against them. Kryssie and Justin are never going to give them that. Kryssie hates Morgan more than she hates Shelby. Which is weird to me because I find Morgan much more tolerable. We could even say that during the double Kryssie was freaking out that we were going to vote out Justin. If Kryssie is up there with him that means she won’t be campaigning for him to stay. He would be up there .. an easy target. Danielle – exactly. Jason – I’m down to shake hands and sh*t. I would be down to promise, shake on deals, pinky promise and whatever they want. I don’t think they would vote Kryssie out over me. Danielle – hopefully America’s nom is Morgan. Jason – that’s the best best best case scenario. Danielle – if they keep me I would be willing to work with them with my care package. Jason – they think we’re 4 but we’re not we’re to pairs and we need to convince them we’re breaking off from them (Kryssie and Justin). Lets tell these b***hes what they want to hear and keep it moving. Jason – we kind of have to get Justin out just to ensure you get the care package. This is going to work. Jason and Danielle go to sleep


March 02, 2017

2:14pm Tokyo room Kryssie and Danielle 
Talking being suspicious where Whitney’s loyalties lay. Danielle adds that Justin is not a big game threat to her. Danielle says she has the most comp wins so far this season and she didn’t win anything the first 4 weeks.
Danielle – I hope Jason wins this.. He’s thinking really negatively like she’s always catching a break.. (Shelby)
Danielle – I’m like HEY you don’t know that it could have been us catching a break she might have finished it faster than you..
Kryssie – I don’t think he (Jason) is in a good head space .. he’s not able to look at it like that, last night messed him up really bad because he was f** I was about to get rid of Justin.. I get it I’ve been in his position f*** this I’m going home.
Kryssie – He’s reeling
Danielle – the only positive to winning the HOH I guaranteed my safety and got a letter from home

Cams switch to Morgan and Shelby in the yoga room, they’re talking about Danielle not wanting to take Justin out last night.

2:16pm Yoga room Ball smashers
They have second thoughts about Justin being able to win this game because he has done so little in the game. Jason and Danielle are the ones that will win because they were involved in more things.
Morgan says Kryssie and Justin are the ones we want to take to end, those are the players they have a good chance to beat in a vote.

Morgan – If Jason wins HOH he’s putting us up
Shelby – then we have t win VEto and play a mad social game

3:06pm Tokyo Jason and Justin
Jason – me and Danielle are the only super fans left
Jason – I don’t even care about Julie’s chat today I’m wearing a outfit like I’m going to fight someone in a parking lot

Kryssie – I was disappointed in how I played in the comp..
Kryssie – at the same time I already won a HOH I don’t need to be greedy over here
Jason – I need to be greedy

Jason says he really has to win this HOH otherwise it’ll look like he never won a HOH this season.

3:20pm waiting around for Julie’s Q & A

3:24pm Shelby and Morgan Kitchen

Shelby – It has to be 1 and 1.. 1 HOh and 1 America nom.. there’s no way they are going to have 3 people on the block
Morgan – I thought they were going to end it all together
Shelby shakes her head, “I was freaking they said there’s still America’s nom there’s still veto”

Feeds cut to another room..

4:01pm Julie Chen tells them trump won the election.. Everyone but Danielle thought Hillary Clinton won. Sounds like they all wanted Hillary Clinton to win.
The 7th and final care package is delivered a week from tomorrow

They are all in shock with Donald Trump winning.
Jason – gay people where were you.. minorities where are you..
Danielle – the people that typically vote are older white males..
Jason asks if they can live in the Big Brother house for the next 4 years.
Danielle says it was a close race. they think something big was leaked.
Justin – I thin it was rigged
They joke about moving to Toronto.
Jason points out that Trumps VP is crazy he’s worried

Danielle reminds them there’s 3 branches in the government with checks and balances a lot of crazy thing Trump says he won’t be able to do.
Jason brings up the supreme court judges retiring and a lot or Republicans voted for Trump because they wanted to make sure a Republicans judge is picked.
They start saying that Monte was a big Trump fan.
Jason brings up having a conversation with Monte about Trump, “I had to leave the room”
Danielle says she’s a Republican but didn’t support
Shelby – good by uterus I will have no controls over you after this
Shelby and Jason say they don’t care about the emails and DNC corruption they didn’t want Trump to win.

Danielle tells them she’s not shocked, “I saw this coming”
Jason – I’m not shocked.. there’s a lot of people that have ignorant views
Danielle – a lot of people don’t like Hillary
Jason – I don’t like him so Hillary was my only option

Danielle – you need a double term to get anything done.
Jason says if he wasn’t in the house he wouldn’t have been able to vote because he didn’t register in time.
They joke about wanting Ellen DeGeneres or Kyane West to be president

Jason says he’s Republican but can’t get behind of Trump.
They bring up Hillary’s gun laws helping Trump
Justin – every America should have a right to have a gun
Jason – you don’t need a gun that does 30 bullets in a minute you don’t need an Iraq gun

Shelby and Jason now competing in HOH

Unofficial Shelby is around 4 minutes Jason was over 5 minutes


Jason finishes up the HOH at least 5 minutes behind Shelby.

Camera flips to the HOH 6:52pm Kryssie burps into her mic.

7:43pm Shelby and Morgan
Shelby – I’m in the final 5 .. I didn’t think I would make it this far
Shelby – they should have taken you out instead of Alex (Because of the care package)
Morgan – they are stupid

They start talking about Noms..
Morgan – it’s so imperative to get Danielle out so she doesn’t get another HOH
Shelby – we should try and work some deal with Justin
Shelby – like you are guaranteed this care package if we take her out
Morgan – right
Shelby – i’m going to let him come to me…

7:43pm Jason and Danielle
Jason – I’m a f***g idiot
Justin – you ok kid
Jason – no.. .. I’m such a f****g idiot
Justin – it’s OK.. we still participate in the veto
Jason – I know
Danielle – and if America noms Morgan
Jason – they just gave her a care package

Kryssie scoffs “what are they celebrating again”
Jason – I don’t care they deserve to with those times
Jason – I don’t deserve to be here..
Kryssie thinks Morgan will be America’s nom.
Kryssie – you’ve won more comps than me you’ve won more than Justin.. They gave you an HOH America likes you
Jason – no they wanted me to troll Shelby
Kryssie – they could’ve given it to other people.. Justin hates her
Jason – they’re saving the good one for Justin.. NO offense Danielle

Jason says Shelby deserves HOH, “I’m going home 6th place, I sacrificed everything to be here.. for a thousand more dollars than I made last year.. NICE”
Kryssie – it’s not over till it’s over..
Jason doesn’t think America will nominate Morgan it’ll be more interesting for them to see the LNJ break up.
Kryssie – we lost somebody last night
Jason – yeah.. theres only 2 of them.

9:15pm trying to figure out the Trump victory while they wait for the HOH room..



March 02, 2017

10:15pm Danielle gathers the house guests in the living room to read the Head of Household competition rules. Its time for the head of household competition. As the out going HOH, I will not compete. Tonight’s competition will be played one at a time in the backyard. At this time each of you will draw a chip to determine the order in which you’ll compete and what room you will wait in before being called to the backyard. The house guests then draw chips. Kryssie pulls her chip. She will go 3rd and will wait in the havenot room. Danielle laughs. Jason, you will go first and you will wait in the diary room. Justin, you will go 5th and you will wait in the yoga room. Morgan you’ll go 2nd and you’ll wait in the London room. Shelby, you’ll go 4th and you’ll wait in the storage room.

  1. Jason – Dairy room

  2. Morgan – London room

  3. Kryssie – Havenot room

  4. Shelby – Storage room

  5. Justin – Yoga room

10:45pm The HOH competition starts with Jason as he drew the chip to go first.

“You’ve been in the house for over 40 days and seen 7 house guests evicted and you’ve survived the dreaded double eviction. Now its time to reflect. The goal of this competition is to use 4 of the mirrors to reflect the laser beam around the obstacles so it hits the target. The house guest to correctly solve the laser puzzle and then hit the button with the fastest time wins. To begin press the button to start your clock, then you may enter the laser grid to begin placing mirrors. You’ll place a mirror by inserting it into any stand on the laser grid floor. To solve the puzzle the laser beam must reflect off all four mirrors and then hit the square target. Even if all the mirrors are properly placed, some fine tune adjustments might be necessary to get your laser beam to hit the target. Once your laser beam has the target you must hit the button to stop the clock. You’ll have 20 minutes to complete this competition. if you do not complete the competition in 20 minutes you will be disqualified.

Jason starts the competition and successfully completes it in approximately 8 minutes and 14 seconds.

Where the mirrors need to be to hit the target:

11:15pm Morgan starts the competition. Morgan struggles to get the reflectors lined up properly but eventually finishes at 11:27pm

11:40pm Krssie is up next. She takes longer than Jason and Morgan. At approximately 11:57pm Kryssie hits the target and then presses the button.

12:09am The house guests are waiting for Shelby to go next and then Justin after her. So far Jason is in the lead with the fastest time of approximately 8 minutes 14 seconds.

12:10am – 12:20am Shelby starts the competition. She has passed Jason’s time so Jason is still in the running to win the HOH.

12:40am We’re still waiting for Justin to start.

1:05am Still waiting … the house guests are quarantined in their respective rooms waiting for Justin to compete.

2am Still waiting…

3:40am Justin finally starts. At 3:50am he is still trying to figure it out but he hasn’t beaten Jasons time.

5:10am Danielle reveals their HOH times

Time reveal:
Justin – didn’t finish within 20 minutes and was disqualified
Kryssie – 15:05
Morgan – 12:49
Jason – 8:14
Shelby – at the 7:23 mark you experienced a technical difficulty when your mirror broke therefore we can’t determine the final time. That means you and Jason will compete again tomorrow night where the winner will become the new head of household.

1:41pm Thursday.. the HOH will be played tonight.
Danielle gets her HOH letter from last nights Double eviction HOH.


March 02, 2017

Tonight’s double has been a bit of a shit show as CBS tries to figure out how they will run the Care Package vote. We have 1 hour to vote the Double Eviction Care package. First they posted that all cast members are eligible then they posted that only ones that haven’t won are. They might have even gone back and forth a couple more times, we’ll find out when the vote goes live but I thin kit’s last settled on only allowing houseguests that have not won a care package to be eligible for the double eviction care package.

From what we’ve pieced together this is the schedule for tonight double eviction shit show.
After the eviction they play the first HOH
7pm the care package voting is open
No America nominee or America vote
8pm The second eviction

After today we’re down to 6 people, I’m hoping for something fun to come out of tonight but I doubt it..

Whitney gives her speech “I love and respect all y’all”

Alex “Hypocridiots all of you .. a lot of ya’ll are insufferable people”
She tries to say a Bob Marley quote but messes it up..

Morgan – Mom dad back in Texas I love Y’all”
“Message for y’all…”
AHHAHAH MOrgan lays out the speech they had planned yesterday.. 


First Eviction 
America votes to evict Alex
Danielle votes to evict Alex
Kryssie votes to evict Alex
Justin votes to evict Alex

Evicted houseguest is Alex

She wishes them all good luck. Jason says he loved Morgan’s and Alex’s speech. Alex hugs Whitney says no hard feelings. Jason compliments her on her game everyone seems happy..

Jason – MOrgan had the most lite speech of the season..
Justin – Too bad none of it is true..
Jason says it was still funny.

Head of household competition 
They get to watch the Big Brother Shopping Network in preparation for the HOH competition. They’ve seen this earlier today, there has been changes.

6:14pm Houseguests get some time to study
The last 2 Ball smashers Studying in the Yoga room. LNC + Whitney studying in the Tokyo room

6:25pm Rachel enters the house she will be the host of the HOH..

Q1 – All answered False all Correct
Q2 – All answered True all Correct
Q3 – Justin answered true and was wrong.
Kryssie, Whitney, Morgan, Danielle = 3 points
Justin = 2 points
Q4 – All answered True all Correct
Kryssie, Whitney, Morgan, Danielle = 4 points
Justin = 3 points
Q5 – All answered False all Correct
Kryssie, Whitney, Morgan, Danielle = 5 points
Justin = 4 points
Q6 – All answered True all Correct
Kryssie, Whitney, Morgan, Danielle = 6 points
Justin = 4 points
Q7 – All answered False all Correct
Kryssie, Whitney, Morgan, Danielle = 7 points
Justin = 5 points

Justin out.. the girls go to the tie breaker

Q – Add up the price of all 5 items with the shipping and handling cost what is the total amount.
Kryssie – $84.76
Whitney – $91.60
Danielle – $99.00
Morgan – $65.99

Correct answer is 100.40


Care package winner is MORGAN! She gets the power of Veto.
Morgan – the veto holder cannot be put on the chopping block and has the power to save someone during the Veto meeting

The girls are happy because they will both stay tonight.
Shelby – thanks America

(Safety Ceremony coming up… )

9:11pm Nominees are Whitney and Justin Danielle cries during the Safety Ceremony

Sounds like Justin is the target.. Everyone but Ball smashers crying.

Veto meeting..

Morgan doesn’t use the veto.

9:34pm Bathroom Jason, MOrgan, Danielle and Shelby are talking about who to evict. Shelby and Morgan want Justin out Jason wants Whitney out. Danielle does too but is acting like she’s on the fence.

Second Eviction results

Justin – “New Orleans.. Zamabam”

Whitney – “Sorry I’m a hot mess”

Morgan Votes to evict Justin
Kryssie Votes to evict Whitney
Shelby Votes to evict Justin
Jason Votes to Evict Whitney

Danielle breaks the tie.. Whitney goes home.

9:50pm LNJ crying…

Ball smashers in the tokyo room..
Morgan – we’re going into this one 3 on 2
Shelby – not the worst odds