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 BBUK house 2016 

Jason Burrill has been named this summer’s Big Brother champion

July 26, 2016

Jason Burrill has been named this summer’s Big Brother champion, triumphing over Hughie Maughan in a shock win.

Jason left the house to a mixture of boos and cheers.

On being in the House with ex-girlfriend: “Me and Charlie have many chapters in our lives, that was just another chapter, hopefully we can be amicable.”

Any chance of reconciliation outside of house: “We could have grown stronger in there, we didn’t, I just hope she’s ok.”

On his friendship with Andy: “He was a game of two halves, he came out of his shell and we sort of reversed roles a little bit.”

On the repercussions of Annihilation Week: “I take responsibility that I didn’t get to know (Lateysha) her better, if I was to target as a game it would have been Alex, Jackson, Hughie.”

Hughie Maughan has come second in Big Brother 2016

July 26, 2016

Hughie Maughan has come second in Big Brother 2016, after being pipped to the post by fellow housemate Jason.

Hughie left the house to massive cheers from the crowd and told Emma: “I’m incredibly happy to be a runner-up, I’m really happy for Jason.

On his temper during his time in the house: “That’s me, you can’t act 24 hours a day, I wouldn’t have done what I done with Ryan if I wasn‘t being myself.”

“I didn’t need to do it anymore, I‘ve been on a journey, when I see someone like Alex, like me but older, I don’t have to get as loud at times

On Jason winning the show: “I’m really happy for him, if I’m honest, I don’t think one person would have thought he would win.”

On Ryan: “We were just friends then you all seen what happened…I’ve never met anyone with a tan like his in my life! On Ryan’s tattoo: “Why you asking me, I’m very shy? If we get together I’d be really happy, if we became really good friends…”

On Ryan saying that he wants be with him: “I would as well.”

Jackson Blyton has finished third in this years Big Brother

July 26, 2016

24 year old Jackson Blyton has finished third in this years Big Brother, leaving Jason and Hughie in the house to fight it out for the Big Brother crown.

When interviewed by Emma she asked about how emotional Jackson was in the House. Jackson: “Everything that I’ve learned…how I deal with situations, how I don’t deal with situations…you have to deal with the stuff that’s going on”

Emma asked Jackson if he found it hard to be himself in the House. Jackson: “For the first time in my life I could express exactly how I was”

On Georgina: “She is so beautiful…I love her”

Emma asked Jackson how he is in love after a few weeks. Jackson: “In there you see the best and the worst of a person in such a short time…and I saw everything of Georgina”

On the culture clash between Jackson and Georgina: “The way she spoke and her mannerisms…opposites attract”

Emma asked, what’s the plan? “I made a lot of promises in that house to her and I want to fulfil all of those promises”

Former BBC reporter Andy West has finished Big Brother 2016 in fourth place.

July 26, 2016

Former BBC reporter Andy West has finished Big Brother 2016 in fourth place.

Andy left the house to cheers and met Emma on stage.  When interviewed by Emma she asked Andy how it felt to finally be out.  Andy: “It was constant, I was nominated and nominated and nominated”.

Emma asked Andy how he mentioned on the way in that we would struggle without intelligent conversation.  Andy: “There were some good examples.  There was lots of conversations that were actually very interesting….I don’t need highbrow conversations but I just need conversations with people who like me…do I sound a bit arrogant and patronising?”

Emma asked Andy on how he was targeted by other Housemates. Andy: “There has to be an enemy in there…and I became that person…They are talking to me like I’m albert Einstein, I guess compared to other people in the house I was maybe a bit more educated”

Andy on being true to himself: “If you stay true to who you are it’s the best way to get the right friends”

Andy on Jason and Charlie: “I see a guy who is really struggling and he’s being strong”

Andy on Jason: “Jason is not an easy guy to shake…he’s earned my patience”

Jayne Connery and Evelyn Ellis have finished sixth and fifth in this summer’s Big Brother.

July 26, 2016

Jayne Connery and Evelyn Ellis have finished sixth and fifth in this summer’s Big Brother.

The business owner and Australian were the first two housemates to depart during tonight’s (July 26) live final, leaving the house hand-in-hand.

Jayne on making it to the final: “I’m absolutely chuffed cos I only packed for two weeks.”

On being pushed to her limit: “I came in with no expectations, for me time, but with Natalie, you know… the switch was when I suddenly thought, this is my journey, I’m not letting anyone spoil it, it wasn’t easy to confront her and I wish her no malice.”

On Jayne’s her rants: “I love a good rant, as my friends know, that was nothing.”

On Andy: “He saved me, I would have legged it again if I didn’t have him. When I got to know him, oh my God, what an amazing me.”

On Evelyn coming out of her shell: “I was cocky, I thought it would be so easy, then saw so many amazing confident people, was like a deer in headlights, was overwhelmed but then found my feet and though f**k it.”

Evelyn on Alex: “Obviously absolutely gorgeous, a genuine person.”

On her plan to ‘woo’ him: “Yes, but sort of went tits up.”

Why nothing happened? “To be honest I think in the house, stuck in bubble, everything magnified, problems weren’t really there.”

On Laura: “We could have clashed but we really bonded, I saw sweet misjudged girl.”

Evelyn said she would like Hughie to win.

On tonight’s show: The house has been transformed in to Big Brother’s Twisted Carnival

July 26, 2016

Housemates enjoy a day of fun games. In as shock TWIST two Housemates are immediately evicted from the house. The SIX finalists celebrate their time in the Big Brother house.

Housemates wake up to find that the Garden transformed into a Twisted Carnival. Jayne tells Housemates how much she loves fun fairs. Hughie and Evelyn are in bed together. Alex jokes that it’s time to get up.

Hughie: “Dad, I’m in bed with my bird.”

Alex: “It’s not a f**king knocking shop, take ’em in the toilets, take ‘em in the alley but don’t bring ’em into my house!”

Jayne is in the Diary Room talking to Big Brother about her love of fun fairs. “I’m a real kid when it comes to fun fairs…after yesterday, spirits needed to be raised especially for Andy and Jason.”

For the first part of Big Brother’s Twisted Carnival, Housemates take it in turns to test their strength. Housemates must swing Big Brother’s Strong Man Mallet onto the target, in order to ring a bell. If the bell rings, housemates must take a question from the Lucky Dip.


BB: “Jackson, who has disappointed you the most?”

Jackson: “Jayney. You left so many times, and I thought, for a woman with such strength and character…”


Housemates have chosen Jason to carry out the next task, Big Brother’s Coconut Shy. Each target has the face of each of the remaining eight Housemates. Jason has 30 seconds to knock down each one; those that remain standing will not receive a prize. As a result, Jason, Alex, Sam and Andy receive the winning prize of a McDonald’s meal. Hughie, Jayne, Evelyn and Jackson go without.


For the next game in the Twisted Carnival task Housemates hear some Truths from the public, delivered from Zoltar. Housemates are rewarded for being the Most Memorable, Least Happiest and Least Popular.


In a shock TWIST, Big Brother announces that the two least Popular Housemates have been evicted. The public has been voting for their Winner and voting has been frozen since Friday. These two Housemates received the least votes and must there for leave the house immediately.


Evelyn: “Is this a f**king joke?!”

The remaining Housemates are still surprised by Big Brother’s twist. “It just doesn’t make sense, we were all really comfortable with each other…it was so brutal.”

Housemates have been gathered on the sofa. Big Brother announces that all six of them are now finalists, “One of you will become winner.”

Housemates share a toast “Big Brother and all our fallen Housemates.” They all cheer as they watch a slide show on the big screen of their time in the house.

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