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 Winner of CBB 2017 
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Coleen Nolan WINS Celebrity Big Brother 2017

September 04, 2017

Coleen Nolan has been crowned Celebrity Big Brother 2017 WINNER!

For the final time, Emma addressed the house and congratulated this year’s winner COLEEN, a short while earlier she announced that JEDWARD were runners-up.

CBB’s tearful champion Coleen told Emma:

‘I’ve never won anything in my life! I feel really really lucky and thankful. Just thank you. I didn’t deserve to win it, I’ve been boring!’

Coleen added: ‘I haven’t gone out there and started rowing, You can’t out play Big Brother, Big Brother is in charge. Horrendous experience, much worse than last time. Big Brother were brutal, the way some people left…so unpredictable.’

She continued: ‘It meant such a lot. I do care what people think.I never once said I was going to leave. All the arguments happened around me, I wasn’t going to jump into arguments.’

On Kim: ‘She won’t listen. You can’t confront her. She was the hardest housemate to figure out and to live with. I thought I won’t be around her.’

On James C: ‘He was the one bit of sanity. He was my winner! I don’t know what I would have done without him, he kept me grounded.’

Winner Coleen concluded: ‘One of the best things in my life, means so much to me!’

Jedward are the Celebrity Big Brother 2017 runner ups!

September 04, 2017

JEDWARD are the Celebrity Big Brother 2017 runner ups!

‘We are so happy we came second! Last time we came third.’

They add: ‘This series was housemates and Jedward. It was good to be an All Star, we came in later and everyone had formed a bond.’

Jedward stated: ‘We’ve always been free spirited, happy with the experience. We were innocent last time, we were bad ass rock stars this time! We were fully committed in the house!’

On Nicola: ‘She’s a Tara Reid lookalike! We were always cool to her. We were always giving her compliments.’

Finally they said: ‘Everyone in the house is cool. We’re always ourselves!’

Kim Woodburn leaves Celebrity Big Brother 2017 in THIRD place

September 04, 2017

How Clean is your house star Kim Woodburn has finished Celebrity Big Brother 2017 in third place.

On being out of the house, “I’m delighted, I thought I’d be out in about two days.”


Emma asked Kim if she would have liked to have won: “I haven’t got a competitive bone in by body, I’m third, I never thought I’d get that good.”


On how she found being in the house during the final week: “I don’t like gang-handed; before you know you’re surrounded by the mob, I found it cowardly and disgusting.”


Emma asked if Kim thinks things would have been different if she was in the house from the beginning: “There’s bonding and there’s cowardice, when I’m told my lovely Nicola that we ‘talk it out,’ I was like, I don’t know these people…. It was clear to her I was not going to tow the line, I was going to be crucified by the lot of them.”

James Cosmo has finished Celebrity Big Brother in fourth place

September 04, 2017

James Cosmo has come FOURTH during the Celebrity Big Brother 2017 final.

Emma asked James C about his time as “possibly the most rational man in the house in the house: “I was absolutely sure I’d be gone the first nomination…. it’s touching for people to be so supportive.”


On why he chose to do Big Brother: “Obviously there’s a financial aspect but I wanted to come in an be part of something that very few people experience. For an actor, it’s great.”


James C on his friendship with Coleen: “If you still get time to vote, vote Coleen, she such a lovely woman and so normal, you would just cling onto someone who just sounded sane.” 


James C told Emma how he managed to stay calm while in the house: “Partly it’s my nature, I process things rather than react to things, if it got too much, I do a bit of personal meditation.”


Emma asked if James C had made any genuine friends: “Coleen, James J and Jamie, such lovely people. It’s like a long friendship compressed into a month,” he hopes to see some of his Housemates again apart from Kim, “I never want to see her again.”

Nicola McClean has finished in fifth place

September 04, 2017

Nicola McClean has taken the fifth place crown during the Celebrity Big Brother 2017 final.

Fifth place, I’m so happy! It was harder but better this time around. I just loved it! Made some really good friends.’

On Kim: ‘I don’t want her to win! She hated me. I was trying to be sweet. I did like her and then she used moments like the tasks to have a go. She argues a point that’s not a point!’

She added: ‘I genuinely really liked everyone, I don’t argue for no reason believe it or not!’

On Jedward: ‘They loved pushing my buttons! I should have rose above it. I’ve had two great days with them, I’m definitely an Edward fan not a John fan! John is the bossy one.’

Bianca Gascoigne finishes Celebrity Big Brother 2017 in sixth place

September 04, 2017

Bianca Gascoigne has come sixth during the Celebrity Big Brother 2017 final.

In her post eviction interview with Emma, Bianca confirmed:

‘So surreal, I was scared coming back out! I’m just pleased to be in the final.’

‘It was definitely a handful! I knew it was going to be tough. The tasks were quite nasty. I think I’ve coped well and felt I was the most chilled. I’ll miss it.’

On Jamie: ‘It’s not been the same without him. It was difficult. It wasn’t a showmance. I’d like to see how it goes. Hopefully we’ll go on our first date.’

On her situation on the outside: ‘Things weren’t right before. There was someone but now there isn’t. I never expected to feel the way about Jamie. It was the weirdest situation I’ve been in.’

She adds: ‘I’ve always wanted to do Big Brother!’

On Nicola: ‘She was my rock in there! I really got along with her.’

Bianca concludes: ‘I have enjoyed it. James C to win, he’s so lovely. Kim has been awful.’

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