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 Winner of BBCAN 2019

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Arisa congratulated Dane on his win!

May 09, 2019

Dane was super happy & happy he did it for his father!va handler elementet om? Hva gjør det interessant? Skriv en fengende beskrivelse for å fange besøkendes oppmerksomhet..

Finale BBCAN7 2019

May 09, 2019

Finale BBCAN7 2019

Three agents remain, but only one will pass the final test. Let's get started. Do you promise to tell the truth? All three answer yes. Kyra, do you think crying makes you a weak player? No, I think other people think crying makes me weak, but I used that to my advantage. Did you do enough to win? Yes. Are you sure? I said yes! Dane, does a Pretty Boy deserve to win? I've been on fire this whole season. Anthony, do you have any regrets? Not one. I'm the puppet master. I controlled every single vote whether I was HoH or not. Did you lie in this game? Anthony scoffs. The real question is which of you is the most worthy? Let's examine the evidence.

This season on Big Brother Canada 15 double agents assembled with one objective. But nothing could prepare for them for a wicked game of spy and they learned whether you're an enemy or an ally there's no difference when a target is on your back. From the start, while most of the spies in training were still tingling and mingling, there were four particular HGs that went straight to work. And even though all eyes were on them, little did the house know the behemoth of all alliances had just been born.

Among the pretty boy ranks was a hoser with a heart of gold, Dane who quickly flashed his brilliant social game to match his competition prowess. Standing behind him was his low key lieutenant, Anthony. A man of great leisure and a natural born talker.

While the jocks bro'd down, life in the house was a little more emo for Kyra and they quickly became a push over and a pawn. But after escaping an early eviction, Kyra learned a key lesson for any spy. Self-preservation over everything.

Meanwhile, the pretty boys eliminated their enemies one by one by one. The biggest threat to them turned out to Then an epidemic took hold of the house...the Anthony effect. Pulling the strings behind the scenes Anthony left Dane and Adam to take care of the competitions. The best of an alliance was on a roar, but control led to conflict like real brothers they picked on each other. Ultimately, loyalty was #1 and they protected their cover at every turn. But the power went straight to their hands and crafty Kyra spotted a slip. Though knowledge without power in this house was useless.

Despite the secrets and lies, throughout the season this house became a refuge for 15 strangers. Coming together from different worlds and diverse backgrounds. It was a microcosm of life without walls. Back in the game, Anthony pined for more power, so he stepped out of the shadows to claim Cory's HoH. The couching tiger became the lion tamer and with no regard for Adam's love life, Anthony tag teamed with Dane slamming Sam out of the game foWithout the distraction, the pretty boys were unstoppable even though Kyra saw through their act. It was to no avail. The pretty boys disposed of everyone leaving their easiest prey for last. Just one win away from the greatest final four in BB Can history, except Kyra wasn't playing and they earned a place among the giants alone, but not afraid. Knowing the dream of final four was over, the boys were feeling all the feels and with Dane's back against the wall he nailed down Anthony's loyalty. Saving his game and sending the first pretty boy out the door.

Then Dane went off and crushed two crucial competitions which meant an impossible decision for the boys...pulling the plug on their brothers game. And then there were three. Tonight, it's Anthony, the master manipulator vs Dane, the conniving competition beast vs. Kyra, the unrelenting underdog. But only one agent is worthy and nothing can prepare them for what's coming tonight, on Big Brother Canada, the finale!

The three HGs are all kneeling on a block of wood and Arisa tells them they have been apprehended for the most important mission for the season. Dane, Kyra, and Anthony it's time to face off in a three part operation to determine the final HoH. In the first competition, they are being held captive in a subterranean lair. The objective is to escape by any means necessary. They need to grab a crystal one at a time and slide under a cage in water and stack their crystal on a floating block. The first to stack 25 crystals will win the first part of the final HoH. But they have to be careful and not make too many waves or their crystals will fall.

Dane says he didn't start playing the game on day one, he's been preparing for this his whole life. All three have one crystal and they head back. Anthony is extremely confident going into this confidence. There are three people left in this game, two dolphins and a great white shark. He's not scared of Dane. He's not scared of Kyra. Kyra says winning this competition guarantees her spot in the final HoH and maybe the Final Two and she wants to prove that.

Dane has 8 of 25 crystals stacked. Anthony's waves knock his crystal's over. Anthony says this isn't about speed, it's about taking your time making sure your stack is steady and you don't make huge waves. Dane watches as his stack falls over and he starts again. He says it's so frustrated but all he can hear is his dad in his head. Kyra has 22 of 25 crystals stacked and she says stay and slowly makes her way out of the water and the stack falls over.

Anthony now has 21 of 25 and he's moving very slowly. He adds crystal 22 and moves on. Dane is at 23 of 25 and he's caught up and is placing 24. Anthony says people think he can't win competitions, but just because he hasn't been showing the juice doesn't mean he can't win. He's bringing the gold home. Dane's stack has fallen over again when he was one away. Anthony has 23 of 25 and he's moving very slowly. Anthony is shaking and his stack falls over and he clenches his fists and bends over.

Kyra has 13 of 25 and Dane is rebuilding his stack. Kyra places another crystal and her stack falls over and she catches it. Frustration is setting in for all of the HG. Kyra says they are holding their own in this competition and those guys aren't going to steam roll them. Kyra is proud to be here in the Big Brother in the house and they want to win for every person who has ever felt like an outsider or an underdog who just wasn't good enough.

Dane stack is almost rebuilt and he's moving slowly. Anthony and Kyra are trying to catch up. Dane is now on his last crystal. He puts it on and puts his hands up and Dane has won part 1 of the final HoH and will move directly to part 3. Dane says his dad has been with him every step of the way and he's going to see him win Big Brother Canada. Arisa says another HUGE win for Dane and part two is next with Kyra and Anthony going head-to-head.

Kyra is going first in part 2. On go, the doors will open and a question will appear and they must line up their answers. If they are correct, the doors will close and re-open with a new question. If they are incorrect, they will have to try again. The fastest HGs will move on to part three with Dane.

The first question is who won PoV on even numbered days. Kyra answers Adam, Cory, Dane, and Damien and they are correct.

HoH Challenge with even number HG. We need an answer, Ship 'til you Drop, Buzzkilled 2.0, Drunk speeches, and Pipe Dream. Kyra has two incorrect and they change two answers. They have Buzzkilled 2.0 wrong. Kyra calms themselves down and they realize Buzzkilled isn't correct and they change it.

HG with only one HoH reign in order. Kyra quickly answer Chelsea, Samantha, Cory, Mark, and Kyra. Kyra says they've been on the outside of an alliance the entire game and they want to win this so badly. Kyra finishes with the last question and says please be enough.

Anthony is up and he says he struggles with the mental competitions but at this point of the game the stakes are too high. This competition is his. He gets the first question correct.

Anthony is struggling with the second question and he keeps running back and forth. He says he's tired and ticked off. We see him running back and forth some more and buzzing in incorrectly. He says he doesn't know the answer. He says he's not going to keep playing this dumb puzzle. He's done with this. Elapsed time is 1 hour and two minutes. In DR, he says that was a tough one man.

Dane is revealing the results of part 2. With a time of 3:30, the winner is Kyra! Anthony hugs them and says congratulations. Kyra says they are going to the final HoH. Now they can give it everything they have to beat game. The third part, and oh so critical part, is coming up. Arisa tells us the jurors are taking their decision very seriously and they sat down with a BB icon to discuss their decision.

Ika Wong comes out and joins the 6 HG. Sam, Cory, Mark, Este, and Damien are all there and Ika asks how it's been going. Ika wants to know what Mark told the jury about the Pretty Boys and he says he broke down how they ran the game every week. Cory thinks Anthony is coming, but a few are saying Dane. Sam says Anthony, she doesn't want to see Adam.

Adam comes out and joins the jury and he goes straight to Sam for a kiss. Adam tells them Dane won HoH and PoV and Anthony sent him out. Sam says Adam deserved to win more than anyone.

Ika wants to talk about Dane. Este says Dane is a great liar and Cory says Dane is great at multiple parts of this game. Damien says Dane has won competitions, had a great social game, and had to sweat and pull himself off.

Ika asks who doesn't deserve to be there? Cory thinks Kyra. Sam disagrees and says that Kyra had to adapt every week and they did so without the support of an alliance.

Adam says Kyra adapted quickly each week. Mark says the only reason Kyra is still there is because the Pretty Boys decided to bring them along. That's the only reason Kyra is still there. Ika says who broke up the Pretty Boys? Kyra.

Ika asks who was the best game player, and they talk about how great Anthony is at the game. Adam says he's good at talking.

Ika says Cory you were pro-Anthony. Cory says it's a balancing act with Anthony. She is hurt but she also respects his game. Este says it's about more than the money, it's about who deserves to win. Cory says the speeches can sway her.

Ika says don't be petty, let the best player win. Arisa says in just a few minutes, that jury will make the final ruling and crown the Season seven winner.

It is now time for Dane and Kyra to face-off in part 3. Arisa greets all three HGs and congratulates them. It is time for the final part of the last HoH competition for season 7. Arisa wishes Kyra and Dane luck and has them make their way to the backyard. They fist bump as they walk out together. The winner will be named the last HoH of the season and will determine who they take to the final vote.

Since the jury will decide the winner, let's find out what you know about them. The answers will be A or B. If they are correct, they'll take a step forward. Whoever has the most points will win.

On what day did the secret assassin nominate Cory for eviction. Answer A for 38 or B for 45 and both are correct.

Ture or false, Adam only lost one PoV competition that he competed in this season. Answer a for true or b for false. They both answer b and are correct.

Mark was nominated for eviction three times. What day was he nominated the second time? Answer A for 43 or B 52 and they both are correct with B.

How many jurors played in the competition competition beast hall of fame. For three answer A or B answer 4. Kyra is wrong and Dane is correct. Kyra freaks out and says they just got the answers backwards.

Of the jurors, how many have never won an HoH competition. Answer A for two or B for 3. Kyra answers B and Dane answers 2. The answer is A and Dane is correct and Kyra is wrong.

Over the course of the season, how many times was a PoV used on a member of the jury. Answer A for two or B for 3. Dane answers B and Kyra answers B. Both are correct and Dane has won part three and he wins the final HoH!

Time for the final eviction. Arisa says Dane will now cast the sole vote to evict and by doing so will decide who sits next to him in Final Two. Dane says this was his dream for 20 years and he controls his own fate and he earned this power. Tonight, he gets to turn his dream and his vision into reality. Everyone knew about the Pretty Boys, but no one knew about the Dane and Anthony show.

Dane evicts Kyra. Kyra says what the hell Dane? Why did you lie? Dane says Kyra wouldn't have taken him. He says good job Kyra. Kyra leaves and Anthony and Dane celebrate.

Let's hear it for Kyra! Arisa says Kyra was so close and they looked so shocked! Kyra says they got played so hard by Mr. Poutine Papi. Kyra thought they might have been closer than they let on when Anthony changed his mind on getting rid of Dane. Arisa asks Kyra what they learned? Kyra says they learned no matter how hard it gets or if you think you aren't capable or as strong, you need to keep fighting.

Dane and Anthony are the final two agents standing this year. Time to bring out our jury! Arisa introduces Samantha, Cory, Estefania, Damien, Mark, and Adam! Arisa wants to know how things have been at the jury house and they say amazing.

Arisa wants to know what the most surprising thing about the game did you learn? Damien says all the stuff going on behind our backs. Without giving away their votes, how do they decide who should win? Adam says someone who represents the season.

Arisa wants to know who they think was evicted. Most think Anthony, but Dane and Kyra each also got a vote. Kyra comes out and Mark is shocked. Kyra hugs Adam and Mark and Samantha and says Dane got them. Arisa asks Sam how she feels seeing Kyra and she says her heart is broken. She says Kyra is a warrior and she loves them with all her heart.

The jury will get an opportunity to ask any question they want. Sam wants to know from Dane why he took lying to a whole new level? Dane says he never lied to the Pretty Boys or to Anthony. Dane says the only time he lied to the Pretty Boys was to get Adam out. It broke his heart, but he honestly was loyal to Anthony.

Cory says Anthony, I was 100% with them and he wasn't with her. She's bitter. So go ahead, finesse her. Why should she vote for him? Anthony says Cory, she was 100% loyal and they connected on a different level. He realizes there was no way he could against Cory because of her loyalty. Since she walked in the house the entire house had a pact against her and he protected her every step of the way.

Este asks Anthony in their conversations he often bragged about how he was so good in the game. What did he do in the game that made him so confident? Anthony says he laid on the house and observed and watched every person. He stuck with loyalty and that's why he never touched the block because he always brought the truth.

Damien says glad to see Dane's teeth are in. Damien says for 55 days he thought they were working together until he was blindsided. Why should he give him his vote? Dane says he wanted to bring him along to top 5, but the boys who he was loyal to didn't want him there.

Mark asks Dane what his manipulative move was. Dane says getting Kiki, Este, and Damien on board in a final four with them and he lied to them as much as he could to keep himself and the pretty boys safe.

Adam asks Anthony why he should vote for him when he wasn't loyal at the end? Anthony since day one everyone was afraid of him, but he didn't fight for his name he fought for someone else's name. He was upset that he was sacrificing his game for someone else and he had to act.

Kyra says Dane lied his way to finale. He knows for a fact he wanted to get them out during double eviction and he's one of the most sneaky players of all time. But he still gave Kyra false hope. Why does he get their vote? Dane says because Kyra gave him false hope too because Anthony told him that Kyra was going to take Anthony over Dane. Arisa says when we come back we'll hear the final pitches and then the jury will vote!

Just before the final vote of the season, both Anthony and Dane can plead their final case for the jury.

Anthony says in an ocean full of waves it almost impossible to tell where the current is going. He's been a great white shark since day one and he was loyal to the soil to his alliance. This is the greatest social experiment known to man and he's been the leader of the greatest alliance. Please reward him with MVP of the season.

Dane knew he was going to be a huge competitor. He says he works for a civil engineering company. He never felt threatened because of his social game. He won when he needed to and threw when he had to. He took out Adam, which was the biggest move of the season. Dane says he knows he's the most deserving player because of his social, physical, and mental game. Please vote with not just your heart, but your brain.

Sam is up to vote first and she says this decision isn't as easy as they might expect. May the best man win. Cory says is she voting with her head, her heart, or her gut? Yes. Este says she promised herself she'd let go of any bitterness. So here she is voting for the most ruthless player of the season. Damien congratulates both of them. They worked very hard for this.

Mark says he's voting for the second prettiest of them all. Adam loves them like brothers, and he understands they had to get out the biggest, baddest player in the game, but loyalty is a tricky thing. Kyra says let's just say they feel incredibly betrayed by both of them. They are voting for the person they think played the best game they possibly could. Arisa says with that the season seven winner has been decided.

Arisa says the jurors made the final decision, but there were six other HGs that were part of this season. We see clips of Laura, Maki, Kailyn, Chelsea, Eddie, and Kiera and they are on stage.

Arisa asks Laura what was the story this season? Laura says it was lit and it was great to be part of such a diverse cast and everyone can find at least one of them to relate to. Arisa asks Maki what was the plague and did it work? Maki says we'll find out shortly. He doesn't know what the plague is. Dane broke his word and broke his heart and one thing for the Pretty Boys and he puts up the L sign on his forehead.

Arisa says Kailyn and Kyra butted heads in the game. Has their opinion changed? She says no. She wishes she'd played Kyra's game and appealed to the powers that be. Arisa asks Chelsea why she couldn't convince the other women to go against the Pretty Boys and she says no one wanted to go against the power at that point. She gives it to the peanut butter and jelly boys.

Arisa asks Eddie if Adam is any cuter? Eddie says when he cries. He didn't see this final two coming and props to them for making it so far. Arisa asks Kiera what it was like to see Este get betrayed. Kiki says if you want to be the biggest snake you have to shed some skin and he shed her, Este, and Damien.

Arisa shows clips of some of the biggest meltdowns of the season. Kyra is laughing at themselves and Kiera looks annoyed. Arisa asks Anthony what it is about the game that makes them lose their minds. Anthony says people forget there are genuine emotions every step of the way. You're around these people 24/7 and there is no place to escape. It's a difficult game socially and even tougher mentally.

Arisa asks Kyra about their relationship with Anthony. Kyra says Anthony was a mentor all season. They thought he was manipulative but they needed a rock because they couldn't do it alone. Kyra says they knew they had to stand their ground with Anthony or he'd think he could walk all over them. All of the secrets from inside BB HQ will be revealed and some of the HGs will be shocked!

This season the Big Brother had more secrets than ever before. Time to reveal ALL of the top secrets. We see Damien being selected by Canada to get an opportunity to go in the house first. Anthony is stunned and Mark is shocked. Dane's jaw is open and we see Damien watched Adam make his alliance.

We then see Cory getting her mission to make three final two deals after being chosen by Canada as the HGs to enter. We see Cory making the alliance with Eddie, Kailyn, and then Damien.

We then see Damien get a special delivery with the clues and we see him searching for the clues and finding them and going into the Lounge and him getting to see highly classified files from two HGs. Mark is shocked too. We see Damien select Mark and Sam.

We then see Adam in The Archives and him finding the blacklight and searching for clues and finding the cassette tape and listening to it in the tape recorder and his choice for target as the secret assassin.

Arisa asks Damien, how hard it was to keep the secrets. Damien says Canada voted for both of those and he'd hear the boys guessing who Canada would vote in and it was never his name.

Arisa asks Adam what it was like as the secret assassin. Adam says him and Dane tried so hard to get Cory out and then he gets that and sent her out and it was great.

Arisa says they all enjoyed watching the showmance, Sam and Adam. But everyone enjoyed the epic bromance. We see the Pretty Boys and how they were formed.

We see all the clips of how they said they were smarter and stronger than everyone else. Arisa asks Dane about their emotion. Dane says they will be brothers for the rest of their life and they are legends in his mind and they've done something that will never be replicated. Arisa says not everyone liked it, but they did something beautiful. The results are next!

Will Agent Dane or Agent Anthony win this covert season of Big Brother Canada!

The winner wins $100,000, a $25,000 makeover from Leon's, $10,000 in groceries from Summer Fresh, and a trip for two to anywhere in the world from Contiki.

Time to find out the winner! Dane and Anthony are holding hands. Samantha voted for Dane. Cory voted for Dane. Dane is shocked. Este has voted for Dane. Dane is crying. Damien has voted for Dane. Congratulations Dane! He has won Season 7! They hug and head out.

We hear Arisa says Mark, Adam, and Kyra voted for Dane. Dane and Anthony pose one last time as they head out the door. Let's here it for Anthony, and the winner of Big Brother Canada Season seven Dane!

Everyone gives Dane hugs as the confetti falls. Arisa goes to grab Dane and says he outplayed everyone to win it all! What is going through your mind? Dane says it's a dream come true, he's been watching for 20 years and he doesn't even know what to think.

Arisa asks, what do you think your father would say right now? Dane says he knows he's proud of him. Mental health is a serious issue. It's OK to not be OK, but it's not OK to stay in that mind frame. Let's hear it one more time for Dane! It was a unanimous vote!

Arisa says Anthony is $20,000 richer. Can he believe he made it this far? Anthony says every single second of every day was hard. All glory to God and he thanks everyone for their support.

​🚨🚨🚨🚨Spoiler 🚨🚨🚨🚨 

May 09, 2019

 ​🚨🚨🚨🚨Spoiler 🚨🚨🚨🚨 

Congratulations to Dane ... won by a unanimous vote

Dane won Part 1 - Kyra won Part 2 (Anthony quit) - Dane won Part 3 and Final HOH - he evicted Kyra - Dane won the season on a unanimous vote

📢Good Thursday Brother-Lovers 

May 09, 2019

📢Good Thursday Brother-Lovers 

AND WARMLY WELCOME TO ALL OUR NEW MEMBERS <3 It's Day 69🍁 of Big Brother Canada 7

Yesterday, Big Brother Canada 7 aired a special eviction show - though it's really not that special, since something like that happens every single season at this time. It's really just about finding a way in order to create some "drama" at this point in the season.

Ultimately, the main crux of tonight's show, at least for us, revolved around Adam Pike and whether or not he could find a way to escape the difficult situation he was in. He entered tonight's episode of the obvious target, and was won a ton of competitions and was not involved in much back-stabbing as Dane. If you're Head of Household Dane, of course you're going to want to take him out. We hope that maybe he was bluffing on that idea, but he wasn't, and he also proved it tonight.

After Dane won the Veto, which was a particularly awesome challenge made into a giant video game, then had an opportunity to control the rest of the vote. He decided to let Anthony cast the deciding vote and following that, Anthony made the decision to evict him from the game. We do feel for Adam, given that he is such a big competitor.

The real winner for Adam going home now is Anthony, mostly because he's got a better chance of winning the final Head of Household now. Really, the same for Kyra. Really, to us the big loser tonight is Dane. If Adam stayed in the game, Dane would've had someone who'd take him to the final two. Now, he is going to final three with two people who would likely take each other.

Ultimately, the thing that shocked us was just how emotional all of the guys got over this decision - they really agonized over it, for better and for worse. Adam did some really good points, as well, making an argument to Anthony that he had, would take him to the final two because he had a better chance or beating him. We don't know if he actually meant it, but it was at least a good argument to present. It just, unfortunately, didn't work out for him and it wasn't enough to keep him in the game.

If Big Brother Canada does bring back returning players, you gotta think that Adam is a candidate for it. He really grew on a lot of people all season, really to the point where now, he is seemingly the most popular person in the entire Pretty Boys group.

Tonight's Show!

May 08, 2019

Arisa lets the big breaking news sit in that a special eviction will be taking place. We're going to catch up on what's gone down since Adam and Kyra have been put on the block. 

We pick up at the nomination ceremony on day 63. Adam says he's on the block but the boys are telling him he's a pawn to get Kyra out. But he has a feeling something is going on. However, if he wins the veto then he controls his own fate.

Kyra says they're on the block, but they know there's a plan to get Adam out and they hope they keep their word even though they've been working together. Dane says he feels bad, but Adam is too dangerous to keep in the game and there's no way he beats him in the final two.

Kyra asks Dane what he's telling Adam if they're the target and Dane says he's not telling him anything. Kyra says he hasn't asked? Dane says no. Dane says they need to make him feel comfortable because as soon as he doesn't feel comfortable that's when he becomes the marine. Kyra says they just want clear communication and Dane says that's what he's doing. Kyra says they don't have much of a choice other than to trust them. Right now, only Anthony can vote to evict someone. It comes down to this veto competition.

The veto competition is called Veto Hunter. They've stepped into a larger than life video game. They'll explore and find a question box and they'll have to search for the HGs faces to answer that question. When they think they are right they lock in their answer and if they're right they'll release a veto. If they collect five coins and put them in a box one at a time that will take one minute off their time.

Kyra wants to win so they can have the sole vote to evict Adam and have that on their resume. The first question to answer is Evicted with three votes. Kyra has found Cory, Damien, and Este. Kyra goes up in the first room and overlooks the box. They set off through the rest of the video game and they realize their error and go turn back. Kyra says it's essentially set up like a maze and it's easy to get turned around. Kyra makes it back to the room with the pink box and they don't see it again. They are in full panic mode and they cannot find this buzzer. They are back in the room with the buzzer and they are getting emotional and they say let's see how ashamed Kyra can be today.

Kyra goes back and says there is obviously no pink buzzer. They say they must be missing something big and they finally figure it out and find the buzzer and they release the first veto. Kyra says they are the dumbest player in BBCAN history. Kyra is on to the next question and they are getting frustrated. Kyra says surprise, surprise Kyra fails yet again. They finally buzz in and say they tried their best, but it wasn't very good.

Adam is up next and he says he's seen competitions like this before. He finds those evicted with three votes and releases the veto. He finds the questions nominated on day 27 and HoH's who nominated Damien. He is trying to work on two days at once, but he's forgotten about the second question. He finds the question evicted on an even number day. He buzzes in to finish and he is trying to figure out what he's missed. He's also answered the question sat next to Estefania on the block.

Adam goes into the box with nominated on day 27 and that's the question he missed, but he can't find the question. He keeps looking and says he can't find the right room.

Adam tells us he needs to answer one more question but he can't seem to figure out where it is. In the meantime, he's collecting all five coins to take a minute off his time. Adam finally finds the question he missed and he says omg, I forgot to go back to this question. He was HoH on day 27 so he knows the answer. He says idiot, he honestly feels stupid.

Anthony is up next and he finds the first question, evicted with three votes. He knows Adam and Dane will do well with this competition and he knows he won't be as fast, but he's still going to bust his butt out there. He has Este and Damien and he's wrong. He feels behind so he has to do two questions at once to go fast. He knows day 27 was a double eviction. He can't find Eddie and he finally finds him and takes him to the question room. He rings in and he's incorrect. Anthony says this video game is one of the hardest things he's ever done.

Anthony says he's sweating, he's panting, and he's struggling to move around. Anthony struggled to get into a new room and his time is up. He says that's OK, he can count on his number two player to make the shot.


Dane says finally! A competition geared towards small dudes, plus he knows his days. Dane has Chelsea, Kiki, Kyra, and Eddie for nominated on day 27. He answers Chelsea, Dane, Damien, and Mark on the next one. He answers Mark, Sam, Damien, Cory, and himself for those who sat next to Este. Evicted on even days he has Kailyn, Sam, Mark, and Cory, but he has one wrong. He yells Kiki! He goes to get Kiki and adds her and he's wrong. He says what the heck am I getting wrong? He realizes Sam is wrong and he remembers it's Laura. He finally gets Laura. He says all those girls that don't like him are coming back to haunt him. Dane says that's not good. Pikes got that one.

In last place, with a time of did not finish is Anthony and he smiles. In third place with a time of 54:05 is Kyra. And the winner with a time of 25:10 is Dane! Adam wants to know his time and he was four minutes behind him. Dane says he has all the power at this last point in the season. four HoH's and two Vetoes. He's not done yet!

The HGs all head inside and Adam says what he did wrong. He says he's such an idiot. Dane says now that he has control of everything, he won't use the veto and Anthony will have to send Adam home. Dane says with great power comes great responsibility. He's celebrating in the blue room and Adam comes in and he says it's the Adam and Dane show. He says he loves Adam as they hug. Adam says he's so glad he pulled that out. Anthony comes in and Adam says are we doing this? They pose and Dane says it's so damned hard being this damned pretty. Legends!

Adam is talking to Dane and says he doesn't have to worry right? Dane says no. Adam says he just wants them to make final three and Dane says that would be epic. Anthony comes down and Adam says this is by far the best alliance ever in BBCAN history. Adam says whenever an alliance has gotten this far, someone has always backstabbed someone else. Arisa says when we come back, we'll check in with all of the jury members.

The jury house got a little more crowded when Mark moved in to join Sam, Cory, Este, and Damien. We see them dancing and they are saying it's like a vacation. They do lots of fun things. Este and Damien spend morning playing the ukulele. Damien thinks they'll see Adam and Sam says Mark isn't part of the guys' alliance, but she's always wrong so she doesn't know.

Mark says he feels a bit let down and he says no one will be able to create what The Pretty Boys did. They are a legacy. Back at the jury house, they don't think Kyra will join them and Mark comes in. Mark says he has so much to share and he is excited to tell them how the season went down. This season wasn't called Big Brother, it was called The Pretty Boys evicted everyone. Sam is happy Mark is there, but she's also mad. Mark says they controlled the entire house and Sam says Mark was in the alliance with the boys. Cory is so angry with Anthony...he lied to her! Damien says he sees why he didn't fit in the four, they all have huge egos and Mark is clapping himself on the back.

Mark shows the footage of Kyra winning HoH and Cory thinks that it was great it was Kyra won that pivotal HoH. Sam knows Kyra is struggling and seeing them pull out a win, they love it. Mark says now that he's in jury he can sway the jury votes any way he wants. Which Pretty Boy does he want to win? We see them all in a hot-tub and they toast to the season and seeing who will be joining them.

Arisa reminds us the finale is tomorrow night. Everyone still inside has been busy plotting and campaigning. Adam wants to talk to Anthony. Adam says Arisa just told them there's a surprise eviction and it's time to talk to the boys and get to the bottom of things. Adam asks Anthony are we doing this and he replies I think so. Dane joins them in the HoH and Adam says it's all up to Anthony.

Anthony heaves a sigh and Adam is looking back and forth between Dane and Anthony. Anthony says this game...Adam says you aren't doubting anything, are you? Anthony says let's talk to him Dane and Adam says come on guys. Adam says that's all we talked about is us three going to the finals. Adam asks if they are evicting him? Adam says you know how much I wanted this. Dane says trust me, I know Pikes. Adam says are you cutting me loose? Anthony nor Dane will make eye contact.

Adam gets emotional and says I thought we were doing this. Adam says what happened to the prettiest three sitting in the finals? Adam says if he won he was keeping Anthony. 100%, he didn't care. Anthony says Adam is one of the greatest to ever play this game. There's no beating him. Adam says it hurts. He would never in a million years turn his back on them, he didn't care if he was winning or not. Adam stands up and fist bumps both and leaves the HoH room. Anthony and Dane both get emotional and Dane says he feels sick. He says this is the hardest move. He tells us he doesn't want to do it, but no one is beating him. He didn't come to finish in second or third, but his hurts. He's taking a guys dream away and he feels awful.

Adam says he feels hurt and betrayed, but he isn't rolling over. Since Anthony is casting the sole vote, he's the only one he has to talk to. They head to the blue bedroom and he says Anthony is better off keeping him because Dane will take Kyra because he beats them. Adam says if he stays he would take Anthony. He says Dane is phenomenal, he's played a great game and he can't beat him in Final Two. He tells Anthony if he keeps him, he promises to take him to Final Two.

Dane won the PoV competition and the house is full of emotion. It's now time for the veto ceremony. Arisa calls all the HGs to the living room. Arisa tells them they are all having a huge impact on the outside world and we hear from various fans who are saying they are inspirational in a variety of ways such as working out, being a strong black man, being a strong person despite what you go through in life, and seeing a non-binary person on television.

They all clap and say good job, guys. Arisa says we are about the shift gears. We're about to get to the biggest veto ceremony of the season. Dane can keep the nominations the same or remove Kyra or Adam for the block and Anthony would go up for eviction. Dane says this is the hardest decision he's ever had in the game and he has decided not to use the power of veto.

Adam and Kyra each have a final speech for Anthony. Kyra says they hope Anthony makes a game move that is best for his game. Adam says Dane will take Kyra if Anthony keeps them and if neither he nor Dane will take each other if he stays. Adam says he hopes he'll keep him and if he votes him out he respects the decision.

Anthony says he has played to defend his people, but now he has to make a decision for himself. He says Adam is the biggest competition beast of all time. He is a legend, a hall of Famer, THE marine and they will be brothers for the rest of his life. He's sorry brother, he has to evict Adam. Adam gives Anthony a hug and Arisa says Adam has been evicted from the Big Brother Canada house. Adam goes to give Dane a hug and Kyra gets a hug and Adam heads upstairs.


Arisa is with Adam and she says he's too pretty for this and he didn't think they were going to backstab him like that. He had a gut feeling, but he didn't want to believe it was true. He says this stings. It took him 20 minutes to create that alliance and he didn't think they'd do that to him. He's feeling the most betrayed by Anthony. He thinks Dane will win the final HoH and take Kyra and Anthony will regret that.

Arisa asks about his relationship with Samantha. Adam says it was very real and she definitely stole his heart. Arisa says what will she say when she sees him and he says she'll probably be upset. Arisa says Adam should know he's respected and loved and he accomplished his dream of creating a dominant alliance. Arisa can't wait for tomorrow night and either Dane, Kyra, or Anthony will win Big Brother CanadaSeason 7!

📢Good Wednesday Brother-Lovers <3

May 08, 2019

📢Good Wednesday Brother-Lovers <3

It's Day 68🍁 of Big Brother Canada 7 Week 10

Tonight, we watch the Big Brother Canada 7 week 10 Power of Veto competition play out. We will see one player leaving a surprise eviction, and this will take us to the final three players. We also see the start of the first part of the final Head of Household competition.

In reality, we are a few days behind because this eviction really happened on Saturday. We already know who won the Veto, Dane. This gift him all the power this week determine which two players would be with him in the Big Brother Canada 7 final. It's pretty clear that he wants to take Anthony along with him. This left Kyra and Adam on the chopping block.

Dane has been working with Adam, Anthony, and newly evicted market all season. The Pretty Boys claimed they wanted to go to the end together. However, Adam seems like a big threat — competition wise. They might have no chance of taking him out at the final three. Kyra has won one competition all season, so they don't seem like a competition threat.

Tonight pre-recorded eviction will come down to whether to be loyal to the Pretty Boys to the end, or increase their chances of winning the game. We expect Anthony and Dane to evict Adam.

Anthony will be the one to cast the vote, but Dane and him will agree to it. We expect Adam to be the fourth place finisher and a little devastated to get this far but not make the final.

Who do you think will leave the Big Brother Canada 7 house tonight?

Complete TV schedule for the rest of this season BBCAN 2019

Wednesday, May 8th A Special Eviction Episode 7PMThursday,

May 9th The Big Finale! 8PM


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Why Anthony Should Win Big Brother Canada

May 08, 2019

Why Anthony Should Win Big Brother Canada

We already covered the games of Adam and Kyra. Now it’s time for a look at Anthony’s Big Brother Canada game. Anthony was one of the dominant members of the Pretty Boys. What he lacked in competition wins, he made up for in his influence with other players. Many players trusted him or they wanted to be his ally, especially some of the early evicted players like Kailyn, Eddie, and Maki.

No one trusted Anthony more than Cory. Cory became his true ride or die, which was a good person to pick. She had the competition prowess that could have eventually matched Dane and Adam’s wins, which is why the Pretty Boys needed her to go. She was a major pawn in Anthony’s game, but a thorn in the rest of the Pretty Boys’ plans. Cory helped Anthony get out his biggest rival, Sam, but she made an enemy of Adam.

This turned out terrible for Cory, because she left the following week, but it helped propel Anthony closer to the finals. He formed an early bond with Kyra, which made it easy for him to manipulate her. This then helped the Pretty Boys get out some players like the Young Bloods Este and Kiki. Anthony played more of a mastermind-esque game all season. He was able to sit back and let his allies and others do all the hard work, while still getting his way most weeks.

Anthony has a few major game flaws. The first one is his lack of competition wins. In some of the older Big Brother seasons, competitions wins weren’t regarded with as much weight. However, modern Big Brother is all about the competition wins. If you don’t win enough of them, the jury doesn’t seem to take you as serious. So far, Anthony has only won one competition. If he ends up next to Kyra in the final two, then competitions become a moot point.

If he ends up next to Adam or Dane, then he’s not looking too good. The jury can easily see it as the Pretty Boys carried him along to the end. However, he could also argue that his social skills allowed him to never touch the block. If you don’t have the competition wins, then your social and political game could win you points with the jury.

Anthony’s second big game flaw is his arrogance and treatment of some of the jury members. They won’t be too enthusiastic to give a guy who talked badly about them, either behind their backs or to their faces, the prize money. He also talked a big game but didn’t win enough competitions to back it up.

His influence over others and how he made a lot of the major Pretty Boy decisions will help him argue his mastermind case. He just might have angered a few too many jury members to really have a fighting chance. He also can only say he did the behind the scene work, which the other Pretty Boys could easily dispute those claims if they feel like it.

Do you think Anthony deserves to win Big Brother Canada 7? Let us know in the comment section below.

Why Adam Should Win Big Brother Canada

May 07, 2019

Why Adam Should Win Big Brother Canada

It’s the end of Big Brother Canada 7 time. To honor the road to the end, we’ll have a few special posts to help move us towards Thursday’s season finale. This post starts a series of posts where we’ll access the game of the final four players. We’ll discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly of their Big Brother Canada games so far. Adam is up first. From now until we get through all four, we’ll be doing a post each day about the final four players’ games, and we’ll discuss why they deserve to win Big Brother Canada 7 and what might stop them from winning the game.


Let’s dive right into Adam’s game.


Throughout the season, Adam has been a physical beast, dominating one competition after another. Dane and him matched and broke some Big Brother Canada records with their competition wins. These wins helped secure that the Pretty Boys made it this far in the game. If Adam didn’t win so many competitions, then he would have probably been evicted way earlier in the game. The Pretty Boys would have also been targets, and they would have left the house never to have their names mention in Big Brother history.


Adam not only won competitions to keep himself and his alliance safe, he influenced his closest non-Pretty Boy allies, like Kyra, Sam, and Chelsea. This influence also helped keep the Pretty Boys in the game. The only reason Mark made it to fifth place was because Adam helped flip the target onto Kiki and off his fellow Pretty Boy.

And let us not forget that the Pretty Boys wouldn’t even exist if it wasn’t for Adam. On day one, he had a plan: He chose three guys that he believed would be loyal and had individual strengths. This created this nearly unstoppable alliance. Without having at least a decent read on people, he would not have known the right three to pick. Despite some talk, overall, they did stay loyal and each member had a major part in their game dominance. They also had an overall decent strategy of infiltrating other groups and making themselves seem loyal to others before the Pretty Boys.


Where Adam fell short was his loyalty. There were moments in the game where he should have cut a Pretty Boy, or picked the wrong one to cut. Last week, Anthony and Adam should have voted to evict Dane over Mark. It would have completely changed the outcome of this week, and likely ensured that Adam made the final two and very likely won the game. But Adam was too loyal to his boy Dane, who was nowhere near as loyal to him.


Adam also lacked some social skills, especially when Sam was in the house. He didn’t socialize with enough people outside his group. This helped him become the villain in the eyes of many of the other players (mainly because of his competition wins, and the Pretty Boys slandering him behind his back). If Adam made it to the final two, he would have had a hard time shaking his villainous reputation. Half the jury members were not Adam fans.

Adam made history with his competition wins, he formed the most dominant alliance in BBCAN history, and he showed a true passion and love for the game. Adam has also had one of the most interesting character arcs this season, so it would been a thrilling finale to see him make it to the finals and win– fulfilling his lifelong dream as a Big Brother Canada super fan.

Why Kyra Should Win Big Brother Canada

May 07, 2019

Why Kyra Should Win Big Brother Canada

Yesterday, we examined Adam’s Big Brother Canada game, its strengths and weaknesses. Now we continue our game assessment with Kyra. Kyra is one of the most interesting players to examine because they had the most growth during the game.

Big Brother Canada 7 started with Kyra as the emotional player that everyone wanted out of the house. They seemed like an easy target. However, their lack of competition skills made them a non-threat. They then grew from easy target to pawn star. As a pawn star, they were able to get comfortable with many of the heavy hitters, which made many targets before them.

At the beginning of the game, Kyra was able to show their observational skills; this helped them assess potential threats. Kyra was the first player to really laser in on the Pretty Boys, but their lack of competition wins made it hard for them to really make any major moves. Through the latter part of the game, they got close to almost all of the Pretty Boys, which made them a more useful pawn in the Pretty Boys’ games than any of the other players.

Kyra also won one of the most critical Head of Household competitions. They then became the first person to take out a Pretty Boy. We mean they only had Pretty Boys to pick from, but that might earn them a little credit with the jury.

Kyra’s biggest game flaw was how easily other players manipulated them. They were manipulated by the Pretty Boys into keeping Mark the first time, then they were constantly manipulated to do the Pretty Boys’ will. Additionally, Kyra seems to not quite understand that they really had no major part in the moves made this season. However, they believe themselves to be this great player. If they argue this in the final two, it could make the jury turn against them as a possible winner. They might see Kyra as too lacking in game awareness to be the winner of the season.

One of the main things Kyra has done is help play up them being a weak competitor, which increased their chances of becoming the final two goat. Depending on which Pretty Boy they’re up against, a bitter jury could easily award Kyra the win, for not being as offensive as the other choice. Kyra could also discuss their journey, where they were kind of on their own all season. They didn’t have a big strong alliance behind them to back them up. They had to get to the end by themselves. Every week was critical for them and Kyra had to survive multiple times on the block.

Of the final four, Kyra would have the hardest time convincing the jury that they deserve to win over any Pretty Boy, but stranger things have happened in the Big Brother world. And if the right variables come together, Kyra could definitely take home the crown.

What do you think of Kyra’s game? Do they deserve to win Big Brother Canada 7? Let us know by commenting below.

📢Good Monday Brother-Lovers <3

May 06, 2019

📢Good Monday Brother-Lovers <3



It's Day 66🍁 of Big Brother Canada 7 Week 10


Complete TV schedule for the rest of this season BBCAN 2019

Sunday, May 5th See The BBCAN Awards 8PMWednesday, May 8th A Special Eviction Episode 7PMThursday, May 9th The Big Finale! 8PM

The Final Four Battle for HOH

Week 10 Head of Household Competition

For this Head of Household competition, the houseguests must look at clues to figure out which Power of Veto competition is being described.

Round 1- Adam gets a point

Round 2- Dane gets a point

Round 3-Dane got a point

Round 4-Dane got a point

Round 5-Adam got a point

Round 6-Dane got a point

Round 7-Didn’t get that far.

Dane won Head of Household, and he made it to the final three.

Adam starts to cry about losing this HOH, while Dane is excited about it. Then Adam gets over the lost enough to congratulate him about his win. He tells Dane that he just has a feeling that he’s going this week. Dane tells him to just win the Veto. The say they can’t let Kyra win the Veto.

In DR, Dane says that he doesn’t really know if Adam is good this week. He needs to discuss with Anthony whether they’re getting rid of Adam or Kyra this week.

BBCAN7 Awards

Sara from BBCAN3 comes to dress the houseguests for the Big Brother Canada awards. It has a 70s theme attire.

Award 1: Best Caught in the Act Moment

Winner: Sam and Adam

Award 2: Favorite Bugging Out Moment

Winner: Have-Not meltdown

Award 3: You’re “How Old?” Moment

Winner: Cory is 29.

Award 4-Best Grooves Baby Moment

Winner Damien raps

Then they get to see a video tribute of their time in the house.

BBCAN7 Week 10 Nominations

With only three to pick from, who will this week’s HOH nominate for eviction?

Anthony asks Dane not to put him on the block, so he can go all season without hitting the block. During the Wendy’s date, Dane explains to Adam that Anthony doesn’t want to go on the block. He tells him that he needs to nominate Adam and Kyra.

Anthony and Dane then discuss if they should take out Adam or Kyra to the final three.

Kyra overhears Dane and Anthony’s conversation and kind of throws a tantrum. Anthony confronts them about it.

Dane nominates Adam and Kyra.

Do you want to see Adam win Big Brother? Let us know in the comment section below.

Tonight's Show!

May 05, 2019

 Previously, on Big Brother Canada, when Kyra put up Dane and blindsided Adam, the Pretty Boys stopped calling the shots and sta. With everything on the line at the veto competition, the alpha dog held on for his fourth veto win of the season. Then Kyra replaced Adam with Mark the pawn beside Dane the target. Facing sudden death, Dane turned on the waterworks and after Kyra bought the act, Dane made a monumental move by pulling on the guru's heartstrings and played the loyalty card.

With Anthony conflicted, Mark, the braniac made an epic error and after casting Mark adrift, the guru masterfully mastered Kyra to do the same. And on eviction night a 2-0 vote sent the first Pretty Boy to the jury. 

Tonight, who will win HoH and guarantee their spot in the finale. Will the Pretty Boys sweep the BBCAN awards? It's all groovy baby on Big Brother Canada!

We pick up on eviction night on day 62. The final four hug and they say BBCAN7! Anthony says one of the Pretty Boys had to go, this was the end of a great era and he had to let Mark go because he trusted Dane more. Dane says he used his strong social game and some crocodile tears to convince them he needed to stay. He can't believe he pulled that off! He goes to the blue bedroom and celebrates, and he says he's going, top two baby.

Adam says he's in top 4, but he's super stressed out because of a conversation he had with Kyra before eviction. We see Kyra telling Adam that they decided to keep Dane and he wants to know who that's coming from and he confronts Dane and wants to know if Dane and Anthony are planning something against him. Adam goes to Anthony and he wants to know if Kyra wants Dane to stay to take Adam out? Adam is afraid everyone is going to gang up on him and he wants to shake hands and agree to final three. Adam tells he's confused on what's going on right now and he doesn't know who to believe or to trust. But whoever wins this next HoH secures their spot in Final Three and he needs to win this.

We see the start of the HoH competition called Name That Mission. They will be showed HGs photos one at a time and when they can identify the veto competition those HGs played in, they hit their buzzers and name the competition. If they are correct, then they get a point. If they are incorrect, then the others will get a chance to buzz in for the point. The HGs with the most points will be the new HoH.

Dane says he needs to win this HoH because he was almost out the door last week. It's his dream to go to the finale and he's going to take himself there. The first mission is up and we see Chelsea's picture followed by Maki and Adam buzzes in and answers On a Roll and he is correct. Adam has 1 point.

Mission two is up and we see Estefania and Eddie and Dane buzzes in and he answers Spaced Out and he is correct. Adam and Dane both have 1 point. Anthony has 0 points. Anthony says he's put so much work in his social game so if he feels good regardless who wins. Study his days for what?!? He doesn't need to do that.

Mission three is up and we see Cory and Chelsea and Dane buzzes in and answers competition Beast Hall of Fame and he is correct. Dane has two points, Adam has 1 point, and Anthony has 0.

Mission four is up and we see Kyra and Damien and Dane answers Miner Delay. Kyra says they kept Dane to take out Adam and they can't believe they are saying this...but go Dane. Dane is correct and he has three points, Adam has 1 point, and Anthony has 0.

Mission 5 is up and we see Estefania and Adam buzzes in and says Wendy's challenge and he is correct. Dane has three points, Adam has two points, and Anthony has 0 points. two questions remain. If Dane gets this next one right he will be the HoH. Adam says his heart is beating out of his chest right now and he doesn't know who he can trust so he wants to win this. Dane says he needs this to secure his spot in the finale. He is so close to the finale he can taste it.

Mission 6 is up and we see Anthony and Dane buzzes in and screams and yells Balls Out and he is correct, and he wins the HoH! He is yelling and celebrating, and he gets emotional. He thanks everyone.

Dane says he can't believe it. He says one second he was going out the door and now he's going to finale night. He knew it was going to be a tough journey to get to Top 3, but his dream came true. The HGs all head inside and Kyra is in the storage room and says that's why we kept Dane and not Mark. Mark wouldn't have been as fast with the buzzer. Adam is in the bathroom area sitting with his head down. He says he could have won that. Anthony comes in and pats him on the back and he says he could have won that. Anthony walks back out and Adam sighs.

Dane heads into the storage room to celebrate some more and says Let's Go! He says you do need me, Anthony! Dane says season seven winner...Dane Rupert. He sits in the refrigerator and says he's so hot. He nods and smiles and Adam comes in and says he's not mad at him. Adam says he studied so hard and he's just and Dane says he loves him and he gives him a hug. He says the whole time it was between them. Adam says he feels like he's going home. Dane tells him he needs to win the veto. Dane says they can't let Kyra win. Dane says PoV means everything.

Kyra comes into the storage room and asks if Dane and Adam are hungry and they are quiet. Kyra leaves and Dane says he's proud of him. Dane says between the two of them they have seven HoH's. Dane says he's telling Adam he's good, but to be honest, he doesn't know if he is good. He needs to get with Anthony, his ride or die, and decide if Adam is good. Anthony and Dane are in the bathroom area and Dane says he has no idea what to do here and Anthony says realistically, it's his win, but at the same time he'd love to not touch the block for the whole season. Dane says they'll talk later and make up a game plan.

Dane says Anthony tells him he doesn't want to touch the block and if he makes Final Two without touching the block, that proves his resume and that's concerning to him. Kyra is downstairs with Adam and Kyra asks does it feel real we're the final four? Anthony walks by and says it's just a dream.

Who wants to see Dane's HoH room? Dane has a picture of Coco and she is the love of his life, but they are best friends and he misses her. Dane's video is from Coco and she says they knew he'd be killing it and everyone gets super psyched to watch him on TV and they are super supportive and he should expect a few chirps for some things they've seen him do on TV.

Adam heads out of the HoH leaving Kyra and Anthony with Dane. Dane step one? Anthony says stop one. Kyra says that's why kept you. Dane says I finally pulled my weight and Kyra says you always have, just against me. Kyra says they feel like Adam knows and Dane says they'll talk later. Kyra leaves and Dane and Anthony fist bump. Anthony says that's the biggest win of the season. Dane says he'll tell Adam he swore to Anthony that if he kept him he wouldn't put him on the block.

The final four are lounging and we hear a doorbell and Sarah, the Season three winner, shows up and says it's time for the BBCAN awards. She tells them they are a bit casual and they are about to get groovy. She takes them to the HoH room where they have new outfits. Anthony says he's going to look so wavy. He says you can't knock what he's wearing. Adam comes out and models his outfit next, followed by Dane and he takes out his teeth. He says he looks like a million dollars. Kyra comes out next and Dane says 20 out of 10 and Sarah says she got disco fever.

It's time for the Seventh Annual BB Canada awards and she introduces Dane, then Adam, then Kyra, and finally Anthony. The final four are in a big bed to watch the awards and Sarah made them a special treat that matches her outfit and she joins them on the bed. They have martinis and they cheer to the final four. Sarah takes a few snacks and heads out.

The nominees for favorite caught in the act moment are Este and Dane and Sam and Adam. We see a clip of Este and Dane making out and Adam walking in on them and Este saying nothing happened. Dane says this is so embarrassing to watch and he apologizes to his mom. Then we see a clip of Adam and Sam kissing and Chelsea walking in on them. Anthony is dying of laughter. The award goes to...Adam and Sam!

The nominees for favorite bugging out moment... Blood Veto gone and Have-Not Closing. We see the clip of Dane talking about nominations and him going into the lounge and seeing the blood veto is gone and going to tell Sam and blaming Adam for taking it. We then see a clip from the trivia from the quiz to close the Have-Not room. We see Kyra crying and Dane getting mad. The award goes to...Have-Not Closing! Dane says good prank Big Brother!

The nominees for you're how old moment? Cory is 29 and Kailyn is 45. We see a clip of Cory and Eddie talking about how old Cory is and her promising she's 29. Eddie tells her they think she's 40. We then see Kailyn introducing herself and saying she's 29 and Dane saying he doesn't know a 29-year-old who can cook like her. The award goes to...Cory is 29!

The nominees for most excellent groove baby...Damien raps and OMG! We see Damien and all the HGs in the HoH and he's rapping. Dane says this is sic. We then see Anthony singing OMG! And all the HGs doing it at their party. The HGs are all laughing and Anthony covers his face. They think it has to be OMG! The award goes to...Damien raps! Anthony says that OMG song was iconic. It's clearly going down in history!

Adam goes to get colas for the HG. They discuss they can't wait to watch the whole season now. The TV screen switches to show them entering the house and a few random clips from the season. They then have a picture of the HGs of the entire cast and they cheer to season 7.

Kyra and Dane are in the blue bedroom and they are talking about the veto. Dane says it's going to be days and he's just as sure Kyra would have been as good at the last competition as he and Adam. Dane is trying to manage all the relationships in the house and it's a juggling act. Dane tells Kyra that Anthony doesn't want to touch the block.

Dane is bringing Adam to Wendy's because when Adam was HoH he brought him. Dane goes down to pick up the food and he is served Johnny from Season 6. Dane heads back up and tells Adam it was Johnny. Dane tells Adam he thinks Anthony wants the Pretty Boys in the final three and Dane says it'll be us two in final HoH. Adam asks if Dane promised Anthony final two and Dane says no, but he did make a deal to keep him off the block so he'd have a perfect record. Adam says he doesn't want to go on the block and he will 1000% keep Anthony. Adam says if he goes home this week it will break him.

Anthony and Dane are talking about what they want to do for the final three. Dane says you know how it is. He says they have to keep Adam on their side and Anthony says if they're keeping it 1000 like they always have, he'll destroy both Adam and Kyra in final two. Dane says he'd kill them both and between them, it would be 4-3. Kyra walks in and Anthony says he's not going to do well with days. Kyra says they don't need to pretend they are talking about something else, just tell them to go away. Anthony says he's going to go put them in their place right now. That's the last time that happens.

Anthony goes to the blue bedroom where Kyra is and says that's the last time that happens, do you understand? Anthony says do you want to feel trusted? Kyra says I'm trustworthy. Anthony says if we're working together you have to be trustworthy. Kyra says they saw them in the mirror as they walked in and Anthony says so they have to wait for Kyra tell them when they can have a one-on-one conversation? Kyra says you act like you weren't talking game and Anthony says that's the last time you do that man and he walks out.

It's time for nominations! Dane says he's won four HoH's this season and this one is by far the most important. This secured him in the top three. There's not a lot of options left for who to put on the block, but the decision he makes will have a big impact on the rest of his game. He's a huge fan of Big Brother and he knows at this point he has to play with his head and not with his heart.

Time for nominations! Dane's first nominee is...Kyra. Dane's second nominee is...Adam. Dane says he nominated Kyra because why not make history. He's sorry, for the fourth time. He chose to nominate Adam because he is Mr. Veto and he bets his bank account on him winning his fifth veto of the season. Whoever wins veto this week is guaranteed top three and he wishes them all luck.

Kyra says surprise, surprise, guess who's on the block yet again via Dane. Adam says he's OK being on the block because he wants top three with the guys. He just needs to go out and win his fifth veto. Who will win the most important veto of the season? And who will be sent home in a surprise eviction? Find out Wednesday!

It's Day 65🍁 of Big Brother Canada 7 Week 10

May 05, 2019

It's Day 65🍁 of Big Brother Canada 7 Week 10

Complete TV schedule for the rest of this season BBCAN 2019

Sunday, May 5th See The BBCAN Awards 8PM

Wednesday, May 8th A Special Eviction Episode 7PM

Thursday, May 9th The Big Finale! 8PM

Yesterday Arisa appeared on the BBCAN screen and informed the HGs that within minutes the Final Four will become a Final Three.

Arisa "Hello everyone, as you can probably guess I have another major announcement to make. Tonight in just a matter of minutes the final 4 will be the final 3. This is a surprise eviction."


Week 10 Power of Veto

May 04, 2019

Week 10 Power of Veto


Dane won the veto

The final Veto is always critical, because it determines the final three outcome. Whoever wins this important Veto not only secures their spot in the final three, but they get to decide who takes the other spot. It’s essentially the most powerful position of this final week.


Everyone will want this win, even the Head of Household, because then he has a big opportunity to determine the final two people facing off against him. In the Pretty Boys perfect world, it would be them in the final three. However, Kyra messed up their plan of final four last week by winning Head of Household. They then ended Mark‘s game.

Are you happy with these results? Who do you think will get voted out at final four?


May 03, 2019

9:25 AM BBT Sarah Hanlon enters the house and greets the HGs. The feeds cut.
10:00 AM BBT – 4:17 PM BBT  Feeds Down
4:17 PM BBT Adam and Kyra are talking about when the feeds end. Kyra walks into the kitchen before heading into the storage room. Dane is in the kitchen cleaning up. Dane walks into the storage room with Kyra. Dane tells Kyra maybe you will pull out a win. She says if it has anything with days I don’t have a chance. Kyra walks back into the kitchen. Kyra comes and sits by Adam and says it should be fun to watch this season. Dane heads back into the kitchen. Kyra tastes Dane smoothie and tells him it is much better than Marks. Dane says that is because Mark adds bananas to the smoothie. Kyra said I am surprised they did not show the fights. Dane said well you and Anthony won that one. Adam asks what time is it? Kyra says I think it is 5 pm. ADAM IT’S TIME FOR A BATTERY CHANGE. Adam brings the battery box. Kyra says I think we all spent a lot of time in outfits.
4:30 PM BBT Dane says I can’t wait to I am able to go outside. Kyra says me too. Dane says can you believe we have literally been hanging out with each other for 24 hrs a day for 65 days. Kyra says yeah I am surprised I am not sick of you guys. PLEASE STOP TALKING ABOUT PRODUCTION!! Dane says what. STOP TALKING ABOUT PRODUCTION. Adam walks off. Dane heads to the couch and lays down. Adam goes into the storage room. Adam walks into the bathroom and lays on the couch. Kyra s stretched on the chairs, Dane is sleeping on the sofa and Adam is laying on the sofa in the bathroom. Dane is snoring.
4:45 PM BBT Dane is still snoring on the sofa. Kyra is looking at the walls. Anthony walks into the area where Kyra is sitting. ANTHONY CHANGE YOUR BATTERIES. Adam is still lying on the sofa. PLEASE RETURN THE BATTERY BOX TO THE STORAGE ROOM. Anthony looks in the fridge and says where are the muffins? Kyra asks Anthony if he is hungry? He says no I was just looking for the muffins. Kyra goes into the storage room and starts pulling out food to cook. Kyra preheats the oven and washes the pan she is going to use. Kyra starts humming. Anthony is going over who won and who played in the competitions. Adam is helping him with the HOH comps, who hosted them, and who won them. Anthony says you know that spider is still alive. Anthony said lets go over it again.
5:00 PM BBT Anthony leaves out. He goes downstairs by Kyra. Kyra looks at the camera and says I am so bored. Kyra asks Anthony why did they give us this if we don’t have wine. Anthony asks Kyra do you want a bite. Kyra tells Anthony that shirt looks good on you. THERE IS ONE HOUR UNTIL THE NOMINATION CEREMONY. THERE IS ONE HOUR UNTIL THE NOMINATION CEREMONY. Kyra walks upstairs. Anthony walks out the bedroom and asks Kyra where are the chicken fingers. Kyra tells him I am fixing taquitos. Kyra goes into the blue bedroom and starts looking for something to wear for the nomination ceremony. Dane is laying in the HOH bed. Kyra asks how does Dane get the wrinkles out of his shirt. Anthony says Wrinkle away. Kyra sticks the shirt in the dryer to get the wrinkles out. Adam asks why is the water different up here than down there. Kyra goes into the HOH room by Dane. kyra offers to bring up some taquitos Dane says no I will come down and get some. He asks Kyra how do you feel. Kyra says it is just a lot but I feel like I am going to win. Kyra tells the camera I am going to win this last veto.
5:15 PM BBT Anthony is going over the days again with Adam. Adam is trying to go by week and Anthony is confused because he wants to go by days. Anthony said it is too much. If I knew it was going to be like this I would have been gone a long time ago. Anthony says why are there so many mental comps. Anthony is throwing the bottle up in the air and catching it. Anthony says how weird was it that we were all right here when the bell rang. Kyra takes the taquitos out the oven to check them. Anthony is now in the kitchen as well. Someone yells in the background. They yell again. Adam is staring at the ceiling. Kyra checks them again. Ane is in the bathroom and says are you ready for the noms. He asks what is in the dryer. Adam says Kyra’s shirt. Adam says I need to pull out a win for tomorrow. Anthony is in the kitchen talking with Kyra. Kyra offers Anthony food. Anthony goes into the storage room to look for sweet and sour dip. Anthony yells out food is ready. Dane and Adam are walking downstairs. Adam comes and fixes his plate and adds salsa. Anthony says I hope they give us three hours outside.
5:30 PM BBT Kyra tells Adam he can take more he says I am good. They start making noises. Anthony and Adam start singing. Anthony goes into the storage room looking through the cabinets and fridge. He comes out and say there is no juice. Adam comes out the storage room and says we need more lemons. Anthony said remember kids would have lemonade stands. Adam said I did not have that but I used to go and sell toys I did not like to kids on the street the day after Christmas. Dane comes into the kitchen. Kyra tells the story about how toothbrush and the bristle was stuck in her throat. Feeds go down at 5:38 PM BBT. They come back at 4:40 PM BBT where Kyra and Adam are cleaning the kitchen. Adam says I am ready I supposed. Adam says I wonder who goes up Kyra says I know I am. Adam says so am I., Kyra says at this time I don’t care it is all about the veto anyway. Anthony is sleeping on the sofa in the bathroom. Kyra is wrapping up the remainder of the taquitos. Adam goes into the bathroom. Kyra heads upstairs to the HOH room and tells Dane I am just coming up here to get my hair stuff. Kyra tells Dane I am glad we kept you.
5:45 PM BBT Kyra said yeah we don’t get along but we do get along. Kyra said I mean what I said when I told you that I want to go to the final with you. Dane says that I meant it when I said it too. Kyra said Anthony played the best social game. Kyra said he would win if he made final two because he didn’t put any blood on his hands. Dane said yeah that is because he was in an alliance and for 8 weeks they all put up who he wanted. Kyra leaves out and Dane says that no they won’t take me to the final two or will they? Kyra, Adam, and Anthony are in the bathroom. Adam sings out BE CAREFUL FOR WHAT YOU WISH FOR DANE. Kyra tells Anthony when I cry my Bells Palsy shows. Dane walks in and Kyra asks him and Dane says no I don’t pay attention but next time I will. Dane says next time I will pay attention to it. Kyra laughs at him. Adam walks into the bathroom. Dane tells him you were a marine last time you got put up. Kyra says I told him to wait until the veto ceremony it is longer. This one doesn’t matter. Kyra says you all look clean and I am in my tracksuit. Anthony aks Dane if this matches. They both go into the HOH room.


6:00 PM BBT Kyra is in the blue bedroom changing from what Kyra had on. Kyra asks Anthony Sketchers or Vs? Anthony changes into a black shirt. Kyra and Anthony are finishing getting dressed. They both leave out the blue bedroom. They all head into the bathroom to brush teeth and do any final touches. Dane is sitting in the chairs under the stairs waiting on everyone else to finish getting ready. 6:07 PM BBT FEEDS GO DOWN they come back up with Kyra brushing Kyra teeth while Adam and Anthony are sitting on the sofa watching Kyra.
7:08 PM BBT Feeds come back. Everyone is in the kitchen area. Everyone is talking about past things that happened. Kyra says there is about 5 hours left. STOP TALKING ABOUT PRODUCTION. Anthony is talking about eating blueberries when he was younger. REMEMBER CANADA IS WATCHING WATCH YOUR LANGUAGE. DANE says hey its me.
7:15 PM BBT Everyone is still sitting around the counter. Adam is talking about when he was little and they would go and pick blueberries and strawberries. Dane says he has not done much in the last two weeks Adam says I have been doing push ups. Dane says he is going to enjoy this last week of vacation. Anthony starts talking about spring break. Kyra says my hair looked so good at the beginning of this season. Dane says yeah mine too. Anthony is sitting in the chair just watching Adam, Dane, and Kyra talking at the counter about different things. Kyra asks Dane and Adam if they want to watch the first episode together. Dane says I think they said they will show it to us. PLEASE STOP TALKING ABOUT PRODUCTION. They start talking about Kyra’s hair and the Wendy’s comp. Dane says we have a veto competition today. Dane says this is going way to fast today. Adam starts saying shit-fuck repeatedly. He then says someone will go home tomorrow. Adam goes into the blue bedroom and says this is the biggest one yet. Kyra walks upstairs and says this is a fucking crazy day.Kyra goes into the bathroom where Adam is laying on the sofa staring at the ceiling.
7:30 PM BBT Dane is in the HOH counting the days with his fingers while listening to music. Kyra comes out the restroom and leaves out the bathroom. Kyra leans over the balcony looking down at the downstairs area. Dane continues to go over the day


May 02, 2019

10:00 AM BBT As we start the day Adam has prepared breakfast for all the HGs. They are all getting ready to eat. You can hear the comp set being built. Anthony says That was good. This is the first time I ever had eggs with onions on this show. Anthony is putting things away in the fridge; Adam is doing the dishes. Adam says He remembers his dream from last night. It had hgs from last season in it. Anthony says Dreaming about Big Brother while playing Big Brother. Mark is making his egg. Anthony is playing the sock ball game. Dane has joined them and starts playing sock ball with Anthony. Anthony and Kyra are in the HOH Room. Kyra asks him if Anthony asks if he was talking to Adam about them. Anthony says No he is just being cranky. Kyra says We hate how we have to build up Adam’s ego. Anthony says You don’t have to. Kyra says We hate that we are going into Final 4 with the 3 strongest players. Anthony says We all are going into Final 4 with strong players. Kyra says Dane is going to take Adam out. Kyra says they are going to talk to Mark first then Adam. They say they are going to tell Mark that they need to move forward with people they trust and although they have been building trust with him they trust Dane more.
10:15 AM BBT Anthony asks When do they do that dinner you guys were all talking about. Kyra says At top 4. Anthony says Mark will talk to you then Dane; then Adam then me and that will be the end of it. Anthony leaves and Kyra says They are like this and crosses their fingers saying The Brotherhood. Anthony and Adam are in the washroom. Adam says They have no idea what is happening. Anthony says Well you have seen them talking with Dane. Adam says Do you think Dane told them. Anthony says No. He asks Adam if he has talked to Mark yet.Adam says No but I am just going to tell him Mark you never once campaigned to me so I know you want me out. He adds You know if we sit down together for longer it will get heated. Anthony goes to ask for the clippers. Dane and Anthony are playing sock ball. Mark goes into talk to Kyra. They tell him that moving forward they need people to trust and they trust others more than him. Mark says I don’t think this was made overnight. Kyra tells him that they have struggled all week which is why nothing was said until this morning. Mark says To them that he is their best for their game to win. Kyra asks him why he made Final 2 with everyone. Mark says You have had Final 2’s with everyone left. I have no Final 2 with anyone. Mark says I have never thrown out your name as someone to get out as a pawn yes. Mark tells them that week 2 I fought very hard for you to stay. Mark tells them Call everyone in. Kyra says they want to talk to Anthony alone. Mark says He knows that things changed because of how he has been treating me. Anthony comes in and Kyra tells him what Mark said. Kyra says We think have a group meeting. They say to Anthony when you told me Mark was throwing out my name and that never made sense to us because We are an easy person to beat in final 2. Kyra says We don’t want the one person we can possible win against out. Anthony is telling them that Mark has told him.
10:30 AM BBT The conversation continues with Kyra saying he is pushing me for answers. Anthony says We can’t let Adam know that we are using Dane to take out Adam. Adam comes in and Kyra says This week has been rough for us as you know. They continue with We think you Dane and Anthony are good players. They say I want to keep Dane. Adam says So is this you; Anthony and Dane to get me out. Kyra says No. Adam says I don’t believe you right now Kyra. Adam leaves and goes to the washroom where Dane is. Adam says Kyra wants to keep you now is that because you 3 want to gang up on me. Dane says No that isn’t true have I come after you yet in this game. Adam asks If he campaigned against me. Dane says No not until after you won Veto.

10:45 AM BBT The conversation continues with Dane saying No he hasn’t made any other Final 2 deals. Adam says If you did that will be it for me. Dane goes to Kyra. Dane tells Kyra that Adam just questioned him Kyra says We know he said he didn’t believe a word we said. Dane says Adam believes him and it breaks his heart but it is Big Brother. Dane tells Adam that Kyra told him they want to keep him because they don’t trust Mark anymore. Adam says I am stressed as f**k right now. Kyra calls Mark back in again. Mark says I will keep it short You do what you want today but I will tell you I will help you take out Adam if you keep me in this game. Mark leaves and heads into the blue room. Anthony and Adam are talking Where Anthony says I know Kyra will take out Mark. Dane is there as well. Anthony says Kyra is not going to win a hundred thousand dollars no matter what. Adam says Is this a real Final 3. They shake on it. Anthony said Would you tell them the most they can win is twenty grand. Adam says Yes I told them earlier this week. Anthony says That’s cold man I can’t do that. Adam says It doesn’t make sense that they want to keep him now when along they wanted him out. Dane says Do you think I didn’t know I was campaigning to an emotional player. He says I just told them I was smart; then they said You deserve to be Final 4 more than Mark does. Adam says I want them out bad man. Dane goes to talk to Kyra and make sure they are okay. Kyra says Who’s to say you guys aren’t playing us. They continue with since you guys told me to tell Adam that line. When we knew he wasn’t going to buy it. Dane says I told Adam that I played the emotional card.
11:00 AM BBT Dane says I have Anthony’s back 100% so that means I have your back. Kyra says We made this decision so why do you only have my back tied in with Anthony. Dane backtracks and says I have your back I just said it wrong. I have never lied to you in this game. Kyra says Stop Dane you have lied to us. Kyra says We just don’t want people to think that Anthony controls us We came up with this plan we know Anthony is taking credit for it. Kyra tells him that We are taking a risk trusting you. Kyra asks Does Adam believe you guys right now. Dane says Anthony is talking to him now. Dane says Mark tells me he is a fan of the show but I don’t think he is a biggest fan as I am. Anthony has been called to the DR. Dane leaves the room saying he will send Anthony up when he is finished in the DR. Kyra says They are going to tell Adam that the reason I want to keep Dane is we came to the realization that Mark would take one of you guys before us. Adam is telling Dane about his conversation with Mark. Kyra tells Adam that the reason why they want Mark out is because they are seen as a weak player as is Mark so they needed to increase their chance to get to Final 2. Adam says I am telling you right now if I have the choice in my mind I am not taking a weak player to Final 2. Kyra has gone up to their HOH Room to listen to music.
11:15 AM BBT Adam says I just don’t have time for them and their bulls**t right now. Adam and Dane are saying that they don’t think this will be a double but they do think that they will be mental. Anthony joins Adam and Adam tells him what was said between him and Mark. Adam says he told Mark he knows you don’t like me. Adam says then Kyra comes out of the pantry after talking to Dane and told me their reason for wanting Mark out. Anthony asks Where everyone is? Adam says Kyra in HOH Mark in Red Bedroom Dane in Blue Bedroom. Anthony and Mark are in the blue bedroom where Anthony is telling Mark about his conversation with Adam. Anthony says At the end of the day it is about us 4. Mark says Do I have your vote. Mark says If I don’t that is very shitty. Anthony says You told me you would vote Adam over me so that means you will vote Dane over me. Mark says That is not true man and you know it. Mark says Give me your vote make Kyra vote me out. Kyra comes in and asks to speak to Anthony. Anthony says When you went off on me the other day that hurt man. Mark says Can you give me your vote so I have my friend back.
11:30 AM BBT Mark says Anthony I need your vote man. Sorry if I sound heated. Anthony says No I get it man. Big Brother tells them 4 hours til Live Show. Anthony enters the HOH Room where Kyra tells him that Adam said he doesn’t believe a word we say. Kyra tells him about the conversation they had with Adam downstairs. Anthony says Very good very smart this is our only chance. Kyra says they told Dane this was their idea that Anthony had nothing to do with it. They continue with we just hope Dane is on board with this. Anthony says He is don’t worry start to get dressed and stuff. Feeds go down at 11:35 AM BBT
11:35 AM BBT Feeds come back 11:40 AM BBT With Mark packing up his bags. Adam comes in but no words are exchanged. Kyra moves make into the Blue room from the HOH Room. Adam has been called to the DR. Kyra comes downstairs and Anthony asks if they are okay. They answer with did you find the bearshit. We are scared shitless. Kyra says We have to remind ourselves it is just a game. They tell Anthony that he has his thinking face on. Anthony says He thinks he will be called back in. Kyra says the person that wins the most is gunning for us what are we supposed to do there is nothing we can do to change that. Kyra says You are admitting that if he wins he will take us out. Anthony says think about who Adam took out Eddie.
11:45 AM BBT Kyra says Adam has said all season He will take a strong player to the end. Anthony says that is because Adam seen you guys talking so he has to say things like that. Kyra says We have practised our goodbye speech for the last 3 days. Kyra asks Does Mark think you are going to vote for him. Anthony says Yes. Kyra heads back upstairs. Mark is still in the Blue Bedroom packing up his things. Adam is still in the DR. Anthony in his spot in the nook area; Kyra in HOH Mark in Blue Bedroom Dane nowhere to be seen. You can hear the comp set being built as well as the crew talking. All HGS are preparing for the Live Show today in 3 hours.
12:00pm-8:00 PM BBT – Feeds down
8:00 PM BBT-9:00 PM BBT Feeds Down for the Show by a unanimous vote Mark was evicted (2-0) Dane won HOH
9:15 PM BBT-9:30 PM BBT Feeds Down Feeds Return at 9:43 PM BBT
9:45 PM BBT Everyone is sitting in the bathroom talking about what it will be like to see themselves on TV. Kyra says sometimes they hear their voice on the clips and it sounds like they smoked 80 packs of cigs and they get horse. Feeds down again at 9:49 PM BBT For a quick second then return and Kyra asks Dane if Coco will be jealous of him flirting with Este and he says no she told him to and said if it got him further in the game it was fine. Everyone reminisces on some of their favorite memories of the game and different competitions along with talking about what makes them, “funny” Everyone continues talking and joking back and forth. Conversation switches to love and they talk about how Mark didn’t start dating or talking to girls until he was 21 or 22 and Adam wonders if it’s true that he only had a girlfriend for 3 weeks and Dane and Anthony say they doubt it.

Tonight's Show

May 02, 2019

Previously, on Big Brother Canada, against all odds Kyra slayed the four goliaths, and the Pretty Boys final four fantasy went up in flames. With Kyra's first taste of pure power, the underdog went into overdrive to take out the bromance. When it came time for nominations, it was a blockbuster blindside when Kyra put up the two biggest threats in the game. Spiraling from the betrayal, Adam exposed his Pretty Boys and the unstoppable alliance imploded. But in the end, they were loyal to the soil.

In a heist for PoV, Dane and Adam fought for their lives, but the great Dane's slip up cost him everything and the mighty alpha stretched his way to safety. Reeling from his loss, Dane suffered another blow, when Anthony crushed his hopes of salvation. Then at the veto ceremony, Kyra replaced the alpha with a pawn and Dane had lost all hope...or had he. Tonight, the stage is set for a Dane and Mark showdown and tonight a Pretty Boy will fall on Big Brother Canada.

Arisa says our massive two hour season seven finale is just one week away. Let's see what happened after the game-changing PoV ceremony.

We pick up with Adam's speech on day 58 and Kyra's replacement. Mark says there is about 135% chance he's staying this week. No way they keep Dane because he could win the competitions and win this game. Kyra says Dane has put him on the block three times and hasn't managed to get them out. Kyra says they put him up on their first try and they just sealed his fate.

Kyra is in the storage room with Adam and Anthony and they are saying they feel really bad, but it's a game move. Kyra says seeing him cry and this is his dream and he does care about him, but this is his dream and they are taking it away from him. Anthony gives Kyra a hug. Meanwhile, Dane is upstairs in the blue bedroom and he smiles and says he isn't going anywhere. Dane says he doesn't want to go home and he's been playing up his emotions to make people feel sorry for him and there's a chance he can convince people to keep him over Mark.

Kyra is outside and Dane comes out and he wishes him good and says everyone loves an underdog story. Kyra says he played a legendary game. Kyra tells us they know how it feels to sit on the block on eviction night and they feel sorry for him. Dane tells Kyra that he told Adam not to vote for him. Kyra says he can and they can break the tie. They say it's kind of poetic. Kyra says on week two Dane broke a tie to save them on week two and this week they could vote Dane out.

Dane is talking to Adam and says Kyra has a lot of nerve and recaps the conversation and he tells Adam he doesn't want Kyra to have the satisfaction of making the big move of the season. Dane says he needs to convince Anthony and if he can do that he will have the votes.

We see a flashback of Dane and Anthony making a Final Two deal on day three. Dane says they didn't see eye-to-eye sometimes, but they need each other. Dane says Anthony needs him because he can't beat Adam or Kyra in a mental competition but he can. Dane then shows Anthony his suitcase where he's been studying every day. He says he's been watching for 20 years and he loves this game and he can beat Adam and Kyra in the final competition. Dane says I need you Pappi, just like I know you're going to need me down the stretch. He says his back is against the wall. Anthony doesn't say anything but they fist bump and Dane leaves the room.

Arisa says in a few minutes, either Dane or Mark will be sent packing. But let's head back in for more fallout from the Pretty Boys falling apart. Mark and Anthony are in the hot-tub and Dane is getting in. Dane says he's dedicated his life to hockey and improving his skills. He says size did matter and being five foot seven was a difficult challenge and always hearing you were too small puts a fork in the heart. He is talking to Mark about hockey. Dane says when he had to quit hockey he was at a loss, but everything happens for a reason. He tells Mark and Anthony everything led him to here.

Mark says he's ready for eviction night to get here so they can get rid of Dane already. He and Anthony need to start thinking about next week and Adam is still going to be there and he can win PoV. Mark says if Adam and Anthony are in the Final Two, he'd have to give his vote to Adam. Anthony tells us excuse me?!? You have the audacity to say you'd vote for Adam over me in Final Two? He says Mark will never understand how loyal he's played the game.

Anthony goes to talk to Adam in the storage room and he says Dane deserves to be here more than Mark. Anthony tells Adam Mark told him he came to win and play. Adam says Mark wants to take Kyra to a Final Two. Anthony says he'll ask Adam once and then never again, will they go to the Final Two? Adam nods and Anthony seems to be on board with voting out Mark.

Arisa says the jury will decide in one week who will be the season seven champion. The population at the jury house doubled last week, let's see how they are getting along. Sam opens the door and says jury life has refilled her tank. She says it allows you some time to think about everything that has happened in the game. She doesn't think Dane, Adam, or Kyra will come next. She says it's hard to say. Cory says she's on her way to the jury and she's the reason Sam went home. They hug when Cory arrives and she says they are about to have the most satisfying I told you so. Sam says she's over the moon to see Cory because she was telling the truth.

Cory says there was a guy's alliance and she and Sam make the Pretty Boy sign. Cory says Adam is the reason she's there and Sam is over the moon her man is still there fighting for her. Este says she's nervous to see Cory and Sam and she doesn't think they are expecting her. Este comes in and says hey pretty girls. She's still processing everything and still trying to figure things out. They talk about the alliance and Este says she hates them all.

Damien says it's weird being out of the house. Dane putting him on the block was a surprise. Cory is very sad that it's Damien coming in. Damien is still mad, but he's moving forward as best as he can. Damien tells him Dane put him up and Cory says she can't handle it. Sam says The Pretty Boys don't want to make big moves. Este says she's talked bad about Dane all day and then she finds out Damien was the one who voted her out. Este says being a jury member gives them time to put things together and Damien says you can fill in all the gaps. Sam says may the best player win and they all say cheers.

Since Day one, the Pretty Boy alliance has had a massive stranglehold on everything in the house, but in a few minutes, that alliance will be broken up. Let's take a front row seat for some incredible gameplay. Anthony goes to talk to Dane and he says he needs Dane to understand some things. He says his loyalty was with him this entire game and Dane did some pretty disloyal things. He says he was in every person's head doing what he could for their game. His definition is ride or die is a little different from Dane's definition, but at the end of the day, he's a man of his word. Dane says he promises he never had a vision they wouldn't make it. Anthony says he wants to make it clear, him keeping Dane is not because he needs him. He doesn't need his puzzle, or his winning a mental competition. He says Dane's social game was great, but he had a huge assist. Dane says he's always been loyal to Anthony and he knows he's an intelligent guy. He promises he'll take him to Final Two and Anthony says his definition of ride or die is fight to the finish. Dane says he's still going to act like he's going home as he and Anthony hug it out.

Anthony says Kyra really, really wants Dane out but he doesn't want to the Prince of Kelowna to go. So he needs to get Kyra on board just in case he needs them, but he needs Kyra to think it's their idea. Anthony tells Kyra that Mark has been throwing mental competitions and Kyra says which ones and he says all but Drunken Speeches. He tells Kyra you know how Mark is always mumbling a song? Kyra nods. Anthony says it's a song about everything that has happened this season, HoHs, PoVs, and slop. Kyra says then why don't we get rid of him?

Anthony in the DR pauses, smiles, and shrugs.

Back in the HoH Anthony says we can consider that. Anthony says you need to talk to Dane.

Kyra calls Dane and talks to him and says they've talked to Anthony and they realize Mark is shady. Kyra says they also know Adam is going to be very hard to beat. Kyra tells Dane they can convince Anthony to keep him.

Dane cries and says he would do anything to stay and Kyra says they are looking at the game and who deserves to be here and they think Dane deserves to be here. Kyra says Adam is unstoppable and if he can help them, then they can help him. Dane says he can beat Adam and they hug it out. Kyra leaves the HoH and Dane looks at the camera and smiles.

Arisa says HGs should know never to get comfortable until the eviction vote. Just moments ago, Kyra hit Mark with some shocking news. Kyra tells Mark they have their reason not to trust him as much as they trust other people. Mark says you and I know that your best chance to win is with me. Kyra says then why have you been saying my name the last couple of weeks? Mark says he hasn't. He says Anthony can speak well and everyone buys it.

Kyra wants to call Anthony in and talk to him alone. Mark wants to talk to Anthony in the storage room and he wants to know if Anthony wants him in the game. Mark says what do I say to who? Anthony tells him to tell Kyra that if they keep him in the game, he has a better chance to take out Adam. Mark and Anthony hug and Mark says he wants a tie vote.

Mark and Kyra go back to HoH and Mark repeats what Anthony told him to say to Kyra. Mark says Adam can make anyone feel comfortable and Kyra says I know. Arisa says we'll be back with the vote in a minute!

Arisa welcomes us back and says we saw some very last minute drama play out. The vote could go either way. Let's check in with the final five. Dane takes the teeth out and says he hates sitting on the block next to Mark and what an experience and he feels like his time here isn't done and he knows he can help them moving forward. He is proud of what he did this season.

Mark says what a ridiculous experience he shared with Anthony, Adam, and Dane and cool HoH Kyra. Mark says the only question he has is who do they think they have a better chance of beating in a final two? The answer is him. He trusts them and hopes they'll do the right thing.

Time to vote!

Adam votes to evict Mark.
Anthony votes to evict Mark.

By a vote of 2-0, Mark has been evicted from the Big Brother Canada house.

Mark gives everyone a hug and heads upstairs. Mark says one more thing! Adam? It was Dane's idea to backdoor Sam during Cory's HoH. Arisa says Mark threw Dane right under the bus and he says it was all for Canada, he doesn't care.

Arisa says Mark was confident going into the vote. What did he miss? Mark says he probably should have campaigned more.

Arisa says Mark talked all season about making a big move and blowing up the alliance.

Arisa asks why Mark didn't take a shot during his HoH and Mark says he didn't have the numbers. Mark says what he should have done is put up Dane and Este and tried to backdoor Adam if he didn't get picked to play in PoV.

Arisa asks who has for the winner and Mark says he hopes Anthony does have it to the end and he has his vote.

Adam says they've done some great things this season and he knew Mark was plotting to get him out of the game and he never campaigned to him. Pretty Boys for life.

Anthony says if he could tell a short story about a guy named Mark, he'd say he is a Big Brother hall of Famer and a member of the strongest alliance in the game, but down the stretch, he couldn't trust he'd be loyal. Dane says Mark knew he and Adam were close, but he didn't know he and Anthony were closer. Kyra says they didn't think they could take out Adam without Dane's help.

We have a final four, now we need a new HoH. This challenge is to identify the veto competition based on who competed in. In front of them is a mission log and it will reveal five HGs one face at a time. When they think they know it they will buzz in, If they are correct they will get a point. If they are wrong, the other two will get an opportunity to buzz in and get a point, and the HGs with the most points will be the new HoH.

Our first mission is up and we see Chelsea. After a moment, Adam buzzes in and answers on a roll and we see a clip and Adam is correct and has a point.

Next mission we see Estefania... then Eddie. Dane buzzes in and answers Spaced Out. We see a clip and Dane is correct. Adam and Dane have a point each.

Who is going to win? We'll find out Sunday. Wednesday will be the special eviction and Thursday will be the 2-hour season finale full of Big Brother surprises.

​🚨🚨🚨🚨Spoiler 🚨🚨🚨🚨 

May 02, 2019

 ​🚨🚨🚨🚨Spoiler 🚨🚨🚨🚨 

By a vote of 2-0 Mark has been evicted

The New HOH is Dane

The comp was trivia based on previous POV

When Mark left he threw Dane UTB and said to the house that when Cory was HOH air was Danes plan to backdoor Sam .... Adam was mad ... and asked if it was true ... Dane told him it was either Adam or Sam that was gonna go

Special eviction will air on Wednesday

We will get Jury segment of all jurors joining Sam on tonight’s episode

In Danes GB message he told Mark that he was closer to Anthony


May 01, 2019

10:00 AM BBT – HG are all getting up. Anthony just went to the DR but is now in the kitchen with Adam, Kyra and Dane. Adam is eating breakfast and Mark is sitting in bed in the blue room studying days with mnemonic devices. Anthony is going to make a banana shake. The HG in the kitchen are just sortra sitting around. Kyra says they is not sure they are hungry or not and may shower first. The storage room door opens and Anthony & Krya go in. Anthony comes out with the blender with bananas in it. He makes a shake. Anthony says that it’s the best shake in the house so far. Dane tastes it and says it’s good. Adam asks what else he has in it. Anthony says it’s a secret but if he wants one he will take care of him. Sounds from production building things is in the background. Dane says they are going hard again. Kyra comes out of the storage room. Anthony says that day parties have already started in Toronto. DANE PLEASE GO TO THE DR. Adam says he feels like it’s too early. They talk about how cold it is this morning. Anthony goes into the storage room to clean up and Kyra leaves the kitchen to sit in the chairs. Adam gets up to wash his dishes. Anthony comes out of the SR and asks if someone threw out his banana peels. Kyra says yeah and he says he thought he had something to clean up but there was nothing. Anthony brings some banana shake to Kyra. Adam leaves the kitchen. Anthony is making more drinks.
10:15 AM BBT Mark gets up from the bed and heads to the washroom.You can hear BB production talking and drilling in the background. Anthony just walks around the kitchen drinking. Mark heads downstairs as Anthony begins to rinse his dishes and put them in the dishwasher. Mark goes into the SR and Anthony goes to sit next to Kyra. Kyra moves a chair over for Anthony to prop up his leg. He says the bruising is gone. Dane comes out of the DR and stretches his legs and says the sounds production is making building things sounds interesting. He heads to the kitchen and asks Mark how it’s going. Mark’s mic is not on so he is talking to Dane but it is not legible. Dane and Kyra talk about Dawson – Dane asks if he can listen to music, Kyra says yeah and tells him all of the music they requested didn’t make the cut. Kyra asks Anthony if he saw Mark go up the stairs. They laugh and Kyra says he is the strangest person. Kyra says they are scared to talk to Adam because they feel he is the strongest player in the game and that he will gun for them. Anthony said that Adam has tried to bully people and that Kyra has to stick up for themselves. Kyra says that what’s being built is for 4 players but there should only be 3 playing HOH. Unless they are prepping the veto stuff in case it’s back to back. Kyra says that he missed Mark’s story last night. Kyra tells him that the story was meant to lead to a punchline of a joke and the joke was better Nate than lever. Kyra says that the story was about a snake with an identity issue……Kyra continues to tell Anthony the story. Dane calls down and says the TV is gone. Kyra says that yeah they must have done it yesterday when the doors were locked.
10:30 AM BBT Kyra says that Mark likes chaos and likes to see people miserable. Kyra says that when they were upset or Sam was upset that he would smile. Kyra says that he is alarmingly good at days but he is not strong enough to help them. Anthony said imagine if I had won any comp in the middle. The whole game would be thrown off. Kyra says that a lot of people felt comfortable bringing Anthony with them because they felt they could beat him. Kyra says that it was the same with them, that they did not play well at comps. Sounds from production are getting louder. Mark is getting dressed in the blue room while Adam lays on the couch. All HG are in general conversation.
10:45 AM BBT Mark goes downstairs and sits with Anthony and Kyra. Adam is laying in bed still in the blue room. Kyra is talking about their hair and how often they get the color retouched. Sawing sounds are still heard in the background. Anthony has his hand over his face with his eyes closed. Kyra tells Anthony they want a matching tattoo with him. Kyra talks about Anthony’s picture in the main frame and says that he looks like a villain from a Bond movie. They laugh at it. Kyra says he looks bad but in a funny way like he is going to cause s&i^. Anthony says he is so tired. Adam comes downstairs.Dane is listening to music in the HOH room. HG downstairs are just sitting around being quiet. Kyra asks if Anthony farted, they say it was a bad one and puts a shirt over their face. Anthony tells them to embrace it and they say they don’t wanna, and he says that is not very nice.
11:00 AM BBT Kyra asks if Adam is going to make a sandwich but they are going to make scrambled eggs. Anthony asks Adam what kind of sandwich he is going to make. He says he will do it in about 20 minutes but he will have coffee first. Kyra tells Adam that there is a ton of bacon left. Anthony says the game last night was fun. Adam agrees. Adam says his chest is a little sore from the other day. Adam starts talking about how his chest got sore the other day and BB tells him to stop talking about production. Adam and Anthony talk about the game from last night. Mark and Anthony are playing a game with a pair of socks rolling them into a space. Kyra is making breakfast. Adam and Anthony argue about the scoring of the game. Adam says Anthony is a cheater.
11:15 AM BBT Anthony and Adam continue their game and continue to argue about who is winning and who is closer. Kyra is eating her breakfast. Kyra washes her dishes. Dane and Mark are cooking now.
11:30 AM BBT Adam and Anthony continue to play and argue about the game. Mark is eating and Dane is still cooking.
11:45 AM BBT Mark and Dane go and watch the sock game Anthony and Adam are playing. Adam and Anthony continue to smack talk and argue about who is scoring what and who is cheating. The boys come up with a game that bring pots that have a different point value. Kyra is in the HOH room getting ready. Mark and Anthony are now playing “sock ball” as sounds of construction continue in the background. DANE PLEASE GO TO THE DR. Adam and Anthony are in the kitchen now preparing to make some food. They are grabbing food from the SR. Adam talks about putting butter in his coffee. PLEASE STOP TALKING ABOUT BRAND NAMES. Adam says that adding butter slows the process of the caffeine down in the coffee. He says he did it when he was on Keto.
12:00 PM BBT Adam continues to prepare a sandwich. Dane comes out of the DR. MARK PLEASE GO TO THE DR. Kyra is in the washroom doing laundry. Dane talks to Adam about the TV being removed from the HOH. That means there will be no more videos. PLEASE STOP TALKING ABOUT PRODUCTION. Adam asks Dane if they are still good? That they are all going to stick to the plan? Dane says yeah I know. Mark comes through on his way to the DR and Dane asks him if he needs a chair. Feeds go down at 12:08 PM BBT.
12:24 PM BBT Feeds come back everyone is in the kitchen area. Dane heads up to the blue bedroom. Kyra says how are we going to get to the hot tub. PLEASE STOP TALKING ABOUT PRODUCTION. Kyra says it must be some type of memory shit. I don’t know. Kyra walks upstairs. Anthony and Adam are still eating. Anthony says I haven’t said anything. Anthony Mark says why am I nominated then. Adam said we have been playing this game together since the beginning put Mark has not talk game to me in two weeks and now he wants to talk to me. Anthony says this game is not about being loyal.
12:30 PM BBT Adam got up and start cleaning up. He tells Anthony something is up. They are not doing anything out there. Adam is cleaning up the kitchen area. Anthony has finished eating. Mark and Dane are in the blue bedroom. They are talking about their first impressions of the guys. Mark says he hopes neither of us won’t go home this week. Mark said that Canada does not like villains and he doesn’t think that they are villians. Mark is still folding his clothes. Mark and Dane are trying to figure out if this is going to be a double eviction. Mark said there is not going to be anymore HOH rooms. Dane leaves out. Mark starts talking to himself. Dane goes to the HOH room and tells Kyra that we need to tell Mark. Kyra said I don’t think we need to tell him when we are in the hot tub area because it is such a small space. Kyra asks where is Mark’s head at. Dane is talking about how he can beat Adam in a mental or physical. Kyra says after Dane leaves out I hope he is telling the truth. Kyra starts listening to music in the HOH room. In the bathroom Mark and Adam are brushing their teeth. Anthony asks Mark where something is and he says I put it right here on the counter. Mark finds it. Anthony says I am going to take a shower and then I will come get it. Mark heads back to the blue bedroom and asks Anthony what is wrong. Anthony says I am tired. ANTHONY PLEASE FIX YOUR MICROPHONE.
12:45 PM BBT Dane walks into the bathroom picking up all his stuff. He heads into the blue bedroom where Kyra, Anthony, and Mark are on the beds. Dane walks out.. Dane tells Adam guess what. Adam walks into the blue bedroom. Dane is looking for Adam. Kyra leaves out the blue bedroom. Kyra walk into the HOH room. Kyra says I am so sick of the boys gotta win. Dane heads into the blue bedroom and asks Mark how did you fit all of that into your bag. Kyra asks are you trying to drive me insane with this whole patriarchy thing. DANE PLEASE GO TO THE DR. Dane says oh I am popular today. Adam, Anthony, and Mark are laying in the bed of the blue bedroom. Kyra is in the HOH room listening to music.Dane runs upstairs and grabs something out the blue bedroom and then runs back downstairs. Mark has gotten up and started packing. Kyra leaves out the HOH room. Mark is still packing up his stuff. Feeds go down at 12:57 PM BBT

1:20 PM BBT Feeds are back with everyone in the hot tub area. They are talking about all the mosquitoes in the hot tub. They are all talking about all the things they have encountered in the hot tub area. Everyone is just sitting around no one is talking.
1:30 PM BBT Everyone is still sitting in the hot tub area no one is talking to each other. You can hear construction in the background. Kyra gets up and pulls the jacket off. Then sits back down. Dane gives Kyra a cigarette. Mark, Anthony, and Dane start talking about basketball and how Michael took the whole rim down. Dane tells them at the Olympics the puck went through the mesh. Dane tells them a story about one of his exes sisters playing hockey with the boys. Mark asks about a playing that went to play for another team. Dane said yeah he likes it because no one knows who he is. They are talking about different hockey players and how they were traded to another team. Mark asks about baseball. Dane says yeah we have a baseball team. PLEASE STOP TALKING IN CODE.. PLEASE STOP TALKING ABOUT BRAND NAMES.
1:45 PM BBT Dane gets into the hot tub. Anthony says if I get in there I am not going to want to get out. Mark says I am going to get in there with you. He then heads out the hot tub area. Dane starts saying stop looking at me swan. Dane says I am Adam and I am Sam and together we are Sadam and then starts making kissy noises. Adam says we never did that. Mark comes back out in his swim trunks and gets into the hot tub. Dane tells Kyra he forgot his teeth were in his pocket. Dane says my address is Ship it to Coloma this tub. Dane and Mark are sitting in the hot tub and Kyra, Anthony and Adam are all sitting around watching them in the tub.
2:00 PM BBT Anthony says he thinks Eddie took his socks as he had a 6 pack of black socks. Mark says he took my shorts. Dane says he took a shirt of Damien’s. Kyra says Eddie didn’t want to wear the same outfit 2 times in a week. Mark and Dane are talking about hockey teams and hockey players. Anthony has put his feet in the hot tub.Adam asks Dane if he mountain bikes. Dane says Yes Adam says When I come to visit I want to go mountain biking again. Dane gets out of the Hot Tub. There was a fast clip of other people in the house studying the fish tank. Dane says Night Night Jimmy. Kyra asks if they want to play the 8 game. Dane says I think he is asleep over there. Kyra says No he is going over his days. Adam says I am thinking in my head. The conversation between Mark and Dane is over washroom in various bars. Kyra says They are going over days.
2:15 PM BBT There is not a lot of conversation going on. The rooster goes off as Adam has his eyes closed. The conversation is now on silly sayings. Mark says What starts with FU and ends in CK He then says Fuel Truck. Feeds go down. Feeds come back a couple of seconds later with Kyra singing You are my fire. Dane says Eddie had a crush on Damien. Mark says Eddie’s HOH Basket would have been 20 eggs and bunch of bananas and a tree of avocados. Krya thinks that because they have been locked in for so long they allowed them to come outside for awhile. Adam thinks a possible eviction today. Adam and Mark put the cover over the hot tub. Anthony says NO more outside. Mark says it is kinda like being in jail. Dane gets called out for his mic. Feeds go down as they continue talking about jails and what you would get solitary confinement for.
2:30 PM BBT Feeds come back at 2:41 PM BBT With the HGs back inside the house. You can hear the comp being built. Anthony asks Adam to name all the POV Comps. Adam and Anthony are setting up pots and a taped up sock to play bucket ball.
2:45 PM BBT Anthony and Adam have set the rules. Anthony has 3 points. The points go close to the pot 1 point leaning on the pot 2 points in the pot 3 points. Score is 4-1 for Anthony. Dane and Anthony are in the Blue BR Mark is getting dressed. The score is now 7-7. Score is 12-10 Anthony 15-10 for Anthony 18-15 Anthony. Anthony 21-15 Adam went to retape the sock. Kyra and Dane are now playing a game. Anthony is going to cook some hot dogs. Mark is preparing his orange grapefruit smoothie. Anthony is boiling hot dogs for those who want some. Score is 5-3 Dane. Score is 10-4 Dane Anthony gets asked to arrange a house wide battery change. Score is 15-5 Dane. 18-5 Dane Feeds go down
3:00 PM BBT – 3:30 PM BBT Feeds down. Feeds come back at 3:40 PM BBT with Adam making a new sock ball They are now playing teams Mark and Anthony are one team Kyra and Adam the other team. Kyra tells them the rice is coming out of the sock. Adam tries to tie the tee shirt. Adam ays in a Newfoundland accent If it is anything like my shoes me will get it in a couple of times. Anthony has decided to safety pin the tie together. The score is 4-3 Anthony/Mark. Game is now tied. Mark just got a point as well but the points cancelled each other out so score stays the same.
3:45 PM BBT The game continues with both Anthony and Kyra scoring 3 points but they cancelled each other out. Score is 9-7 Anthony/Mark 11-7 Anthony/Mark 12-7 Anthony/Mark 12-8 Anthony/Mark Adam is rewrapping the sock as the rice is falling out again. They are switching sides Kyra is trying to push Anthony to the other side of the room. Adam has finished fixing the sock ball and the game continues. The score is 15-11 Anthony/Mark 17-14 Anthony/Mark and we stop for a sock ball fix.

8:00 PM BBT Feeds return post show to Mark Adam and Dane in the HOH room talking about the game overall and especially Kyra’s HOH reign. They all feel bad that one of them, (most likely Mark) Adam says he never went against the pretty boys and Dane says he didn’t either. Mark mentions being shocked Kyra put him up. Dane agrees and says he told them it was a good game move.
8:15 PM BBT In the bathroom, Adam and Anthony are talking about Dane and it sounds like they are discussing how much longer to keep him in the game. Anthony brings up how Dane is very, “what if.” and says that even though he was a pretty boy with them, his loyalty was all over the place because he had a final 2 with each of them, (Anthony and Adam) Mark, Este, and Damien, he then goes on to say that if things had gone differently for any of those people, Mark would have been long gone and Dane probably would have tried to snake one of the two of them.
8:30 PM BBT Anthony and Adam continue their conversation and Anthony talks about being unhappy with Kyra, he says he was upset that they brought up knowing about the PB alliance all season and says he doesn’t care what they knew, but their comments during the POV ceremony he thought were very disrespectful and he isn’t trying to preach to them that the pretty boys are the best alliance to ever come about. Anthony goes on to tell Adam that when Cory won HOH Este said that she had a lot to tell him but she couldn’t right away and then as he tells Adam he later found out that what she couldn’t tell him was that Dane had been throwing his, (Anthony’s) name out there and he says he’s had to play dumb this whole time, but that he doesn’t understand why Dane is throwing his name out there in the first place.
8:45 PM BBT Dane is singing in the Blue BR, PRODUCTION: “Please stop singing” and feeds cut to the bathroom where Adam is shaving and Anthony is taking a shower. Adam yells to Kyra to bring him his tweezers which they do. Adam trims the rest of his beard and he and Anthony discuss outfits for eviction night quickly before Adam leaves the bathroom and heads downstairs to the kitchen joining Dane and they joke that, “Kyra must have gave up on the house” as Adam says. Dane laughs.
9:00 PM BB In the kitchen Dane is washing dishes and Adam sits at the bar and tells him he would do anything to be able to watch TV and have some snacks right now. Dane agrees and tells Adam he would be willing to watch literally any sporting event even darts, but what he would really love to watch is some playoff hockey. Adam says he also would love to watch some playoff hockey and they start talking a little bit about playoff beards. Dane says he hasn’t shaved his at all in weeks. Adam asks if it bothers him having a little bit of extra scruff and Dane says he can barely even tell the difference. Dane leaves the kitchen but Mark joins Adam and they make pickles and cheese which Adam hasn’t tried until now but says is really good. Mark says it’s a good snack and says he really likes cheese, he says when he travels and goes to France and The Netherlands, he gets some, “really solid cheese there.”
9:15 PM BBT Anthony comes into the kitchen where Mark and Adam are still eating snacks and saying something about eating frogs and asks if they can start playing a game. Mark and Adam say sure and Anthony can’t find his bottle and says he’s really getting sick of everyone hiding his bottle. Kyra is in their HOH room laying in bed snuggling their stuffed dog and then goes downstairs where the boys are all playing a game with the sock ball. Anthony and Mark are both taking turns throwing it across the room to each other and trying to land it in a pan.
9:30 PM BBT Mark and Anthony continue their game and discuss scores. Dane walks through on his way upstairs and Adam is watching them play and making what looks like another sock ball. They are arguing back and forth playfully about the game and change up the rules a little bit before they keep playing. Kyra is aying on the couch in their HOH room playing with their stuffed dog and talking to themselves saying that they’ll be forever known as emotional after this and their friends and family will never let them live it down.
9:45 PM BBT Downstairs Mark seems to be on a roll with the sock ball game and winning every round. Anthony can be heard playfully yelling, “aggghhh” and Dane tells Anthony, “Don’t let this idiot win again” meaning Mark and they start another round of the game. Anthony says next round they’ll play in teams and Kyra asks Dane what he’s making for food. Adam is playing the sock ball game against Mark. Dane jokes that he needs to be in DR shape in 2 weeks.

Tonight's Show!

May 01, 2019

Previously, on Big Brother Canada, after the Pretty Boys formed in secret on day one, they took out every single threat to their game. The least of their worries was Kyra, so the boys carried them to final five and with Big Brother Canada history on the line, the Pretty Boys were one win away from becoming the first alliance day one to final four. But the underdog destroyed the Pretty Boy dream and crushed their first HoH win of the season. Just like that, the Pretty Boys were denied their shot at history. Then the giant slayer confirmed their loyalty to Adam and Dane.

Sensing a threat to his ally, the guru crafted a pitch for mark, then mark threw to Kyra, and then Anthony went in for the kill. But the only voice Kyra heard was their own. Then in a stunning blindside, Kyra put up the two strongest players of the season. 

Seething from the hit, Adam exposed his own Pretty Boys. Tonight, will the pretty boys each other alive? Can Adam or Dane get a grip on the power of veto? There's a mother load of surprises on Big Brother Canada!

We pick up after the nomination ceremony on day 56. Adam can't believe Kyra put him on the block. He's been their closest ally since Sam and now they screwed him. 

Dane says he isn't surprised he's on the block, but he IS surprised he's there with Adam. Big move Kyra. Kyra says no way could they beat both Adam and Dane, and this was the only way they couldn't take each other off the block.

Kyra explains their decision to Dane and Dane says there is still veto. Adam heads upstairs and interrupts and Kyra explains to Adam their decision. 

Adam tells Kyra they won't beat any of them because they've been an alliance 20 minutes into the season because they ran the house and made sure everyone voted the way they wanted them to. Kyra says even if they don't win, they have to set themselves for the best chance possible. Adam says they are the best alliance in BB history and Kyra won't beat any of them because there will be three Pretty Boys on the jury. Adam tells Kyra that Anthony threw them under the bus the previous week and so much for loyalty. Adam is upset and walks out of the room.

Kyra asks to talk to Anthony and he comes in the room. Kyra says they knew there was an alliance, they didn't know it was made 20 minutes into the game. Kyra asks Anthony if he told Adam to put them up the previous week. Adam walks in and says yeah, Anthony, did you tell me to put up Kyra. Anthony is denying it and said he never said that and Adam says you said it when we were in the hot with Mark. 

Anthony still denies it and Kyra decides to get Mark in here. Mark comes in and Anthony says did I ever say to Adam to put up Kyra and Mark says that never happened.

Kyra says they've worked from outside the alliance and if that doesn't win them some respect from the jury?!? Adam leaves. Anthony and Mark hug Kyra and then head out too.

Kyra talks to the camera in the bathroom area in the HoH and says he is a bitter child. Look at it from the outside buddy! This is the best game move so far... roll the tapes! He's been loyal to Dane. They don't want his loyalty. 

Adam goes to talk to Dane in the storage room and Adam tells him Anthony and Mark were in on it. Dane says one of us win veto and we got this. Adam says they are denying these conversations.

Adam and Dane head to the kitchen and Anthony and Mark are upstairs looking downstairs, and Adam says are you going to tell me when they aren't around that conversation didn't happen? Mark says it didn't happen. Adam tells Mark he needs to man up and Mark says he's not the one stomping around. Anthony says he never said to put up Kyra and Adam says you do all the talking. Anthony says the plan was to take out Damien though, right? And you and Damien had talked of final threes with Dane? Did you or did you not, since you want to talk facts?

Adam says they need to stop arguing and they hug it out and they say they love each other. It's all good. Adam goes and gives Mark a hug too. Adam says no matter who sits in that final chair, one of them is going to win. He promises. If it's not him, then it will be one of them guys. They ran the game and planned it perfect. It is what it is and what they have here and what they've done this whole season is unreal. Dane says this season is so exhausting and all he's going to do is focus on the next PoV competition.

This competition is called Jewel Heist. Everyone will play including the HoH. Each HGs has a wall filled with Jewels. The goal is to steal as many as they can. The green ones are worth 1 point, the blues ones are worth 2, and the red ones are worth 3. But it's not so easy! They can only steal jewels when the laser beams are off. At the end of the competition, the HGs who has stolen the highest value of jewels will win the PoV!

Dane says he has to win this. If he wins he stays, and if he loses, then he probably goes home. Adam says he hates being on the block with Dane, but he wants to win and ensure he makes it to final three. Kyra says you have to be careful which jewels you pick and you have to be fast because the lasers don't stay on long. Dane says this is more difficult for shorter guys. Adam has the lead with 13 and Anthony has 8.

The HGs get another pull and Dane falls off after losing his balance. Dane says he falls and he feels like he let himself down, he let a lot of people down. He thought he could win this challenge, it's frustrating. Mark feels like he's in a movie. Mark says winning this PoV is not necessary and everyone knows Dane or Adam will be going home. So even if Adam wins, he's OK not going for this competition. The lasers go off again and the HGs reach to pull jewels. Adam and Anthony both have 25 Kyra has 11 and Mark has 8.

Anthony wants to pause so he can go to the bathroom area and Adam says seriously? Anthony says no. Anthony really wants to win this PoV because Adam has won a bunch and he needs to let the house know he can take him down when he wants. Anthony is struggling to reach a jewel lower on the board. Anthony has 27 and Adam has 25.

Kyra tells Adam that he was never meant to go home. They ask how the others feel about giving Adam the veto? The other guys don't answer and Adam says give it to me. He laughs and looks at Kyra and they says sorry bud. The lasers go off and they grab again. Anthony has 28, Adam has 27, Kyra has 21, and Mark has 18.

Adam says the red ones are the hardest to get but he knows he and Anthony are close so he has to get those jewels. Anthony gets a blue one and Adam is reaching for a red one but struggling. We go to a commercial.

We're back and Adam is saying he knows he and Anthony are neck-and-neck and he needs to get that red jewel. The lasers go off and everyone stops. Kyra falls and is now out. Kyra says this is their final round and Anthony and Adam both have 30 and Mark has 20. Adam asks Anthony how many he has left and Anthony says 8. Adam is talking to himself and says he needs this win. With 39 points, Adam has won PoV. Anthony finished with 34.

Adam says number four. He's feeling amazing right now. He's guaranteed final four and his safety. Dane says he failed and Adam succeeded. Great job Adam. Now he has to figure out what he has to do to stay in this house. Adam thanks his mom for his long, lanky body. Adam goes into the storage room and celebrates and Dane heads upstairs. Adam says he's not going nowhere.

The HGs are all in the lounge chatting and laughing. The frames on the wall all come on again and everyone wants to know what's happening. They see the door and they say someone is walking in. We see four women and a guy enter and it's their mothers and Mark's best friend. Anthony says he thinks about his mom a lot and seeing her in the house is mind-blowing. The mothers start looking around and they are discussing the disarray the house is in and underwear laying around. Adam's mother finds Sam's heels in his bag and Anthony's mom found his pink doo rag. They are now all in the HoH talking. Anthony's mom says she's waiting for a grandbaby and Adam's mom says Sam might take care of that for her.

The mothers all head downstairs and they want to know if they ever clean up. They clean the kitchen for the HG. Anthony's mom says when he was by himself he'd ask her to come help clean, and she says it does not help, it's her doing it for him. Anthony's mom lays on the couch as Anthony does. Their mothers are mimicking them. Dane says all he wants to do is give his mom a big hug, but he can't because he's stuck in this room. Anthony's mom is playing pool and Adam's mom is dancing on a table.

Judy, Kyra's mom, says exploring the house was awesome and sitting in the DR was great and she says Kyra should enjoy the hot-tub more. two moms get in the hot-tub and the others sit around. Sharon, Adam's mom, can't believe she got the opportunity to do this. They say the HGs will always be their kids. Mark's friend says Mark says he's six feet, but he's really five eleven. Judy says watching the show you forget everyone has a life and they all have a family and to see they are real and how wonderful they all are is great.

Since they are all getting a taste of the BBCAN house, it's only fitting they are faced with a difficult decision. Only one of them will get face time with their loved one and they must decide. They are trying to figure out who will get face time. Mark's friend steps out and Dane's mom says he's had HoH's and he's seen her and Adam's mom steps out too. Anthony's mom wishes he'd won an HoH but she gives it to Kyra's mom and tells her they only have two weeks and they can tell Kyra they're playing a good game. Kyra comes out and hugs their mom. Kyra tells Anthony's mom she has an amazing son and then hugs Dane's mom, followed by Mark's friend and Adam's mom.

Anthony is then called to the living room and the HGs are shocked. Anthony's mom is shocked and they hug and are crying. All the HGs are emotional. Anthony's mom introduces him to the other mom's and Mark's friend. Mark is then called out, followed by Adam, and Dane is last. Dane's mom says they watch him all the time and everyone is doing so good. Dane tells his mom he loves her. The HGs do a group hug in the lounge and the mom's and Mark's friend thank BB in the DR.

Kyra says seeing their mom really reminded them of the outside world. It reminded them they are there to win and they have to get out big players and that's why the target is Dane. Kyra goes to talk to Anthony and they are talking about Kyra being emotional, but they don't want to let their emotions affect their game decisions. Anthony says they did something legendary. Kyra says they are reminding themselves it's not a popularity contest and they're a people pleaser, but you can't always do that when only one can win.

Dane says in order to have a chance to stay he needs Mark on the block next to him. In order to do that, he needs to make sure he has Anthony and make sure he can get in Kyra's head. Dane asks Anthony if he has his vote. Anthony says he was under the impression there were pushes to put him and Mark up. Dane says no, it wasn't like that. Dane says so if Mark goes up, you still have to think about it? Anthony says we were supposed to be ride-or-dies? He says I need to ask you something, did you make a final two with Adam and Dane says Adam did mention it to him. Dane says if he had a chance to choose between Anthony and Adam it would be Anthony. He says so I don't have you and Anthony says I don't know bro.

Mark is talking to Dane and Mark says people will try but it will never happen. He's happy to be part of history. Adam and Anthony come out with Dane and Mark. Adam says we knew we would have to take shots at each other at some point. Kyra comes out next and it's quiet. Kyra says did I come out at a bad time? Dane says no, just saying goodbye. It's a fun season. Dane wishes everyone luck and Anthony is crying. Kyra says they had power for the first time and they couldn't waste that power and Dane says they made a great move. Kyra says they're proud to have gotten to know all of them. Adam says we did good boys. Mark says we did good.

It's time for the PoV ceremony. Adam comes in and says the Prince of Kelowna and the Man that found new land have been nominated. He gives Dane a chance to tell him why he should use the veto on him and Dane salutes and says please don't use the veto on me.

Adam has decided to... use the veto on himself. He says it was hard to get nominated by someone he trusted, it was worse to sit next to Dane. Kyra says they knew Adam would likely win the veto, and that's why they had to do what they did. Kyra nominates Mark and says even though they've made amends, this is the only game move they can make to ensure a strong player leaves.

Kyra says this game really takes its toll. Even though things went their way, it's still really hard and they have to keep on fighting and do what it takes to get to the end.


April 30, 2019

10:00 AM BBT Kyra and Mark are sitting on the chairs outside of the kitchen and Kyra is talking about her dry skin on her hands and that they peel. She goes upstairs to put cream on her hands. Dane is sitting in the hOH room and Kyra tells him that Mark told them the chairs they were sitting in were the watching chairs.Kyra grabs some lotion and heads back downstairs. She goes to the kitchen where Adam and Anthony are talking about love. Kyra weighs in about her views on love.Adam talks about Sam and that he has not seen her for two weeks and that he wants to see her but that his feelings have changed since she has not been in the house. Mark comes and sits at the bar with them. Kyra says that working for Big Brother would be a cool job. They say Happy Day 60. Anthony brings two more eggs out for Adam to make. Kyra talks about the number of days left and that the finale is usually on Weds and are live. Anthony says they are RECORDED live. PLEASE STOP TALKING ABOUT PRODUCTION. The HG are laughing and making fun of Kiki about asking to winning HOH and winning veto. Mark said that he asked her about using the Veto. They talk about the upcoming comps and that they are hoping it will be a cool one. They are saying they hope it’s an endurance comp. They talk about last season and who won the first HOH. They are in general conversation. Adam goes back to talking about Sam and Mark asking if Sam loved him that he would have take her to final and vice versa. He says that it would not have mattered at that time who won the 100K then it would be both of theirs. He says that when he is in with a girl he is all in. Adam says that Mark asked him if Sam was the one and how he knew. Kyra said that it’s because Mark has never felt that so he wants to know.
10:15 AM BBT Mark talks about people he sees that are in relationships that go on trips and how they act when they travel together. The eggs that Adam made are done and he cuts slices for everyone. Dane is now in the kitchen. The egg omelet looks like a pizza. Anthony is cutting english muffins. Dane is getting coffee. Kyra asks for half an english muffin. HG are now eating breakfast. HG are talking about live feeds and BBAD. They are talking about using VPN’s and how people can watch outside of Canada. They talk about how they have used different methods to watch programming in different countries.
10:30 AM BBT They all thank Adam for the breakfast. He says “Wait Until You Have My Meatballs”. Adam says – now we can just sit and wait for 17 hours, my favorite part of the day! They say it will be a long day. Kyra is walking around and looking in the file room. They sing if there is another secret power in here I am gonna find it. Maybe not today though. Anthony and Adam are reviewing days. In the blue room, Mark and Dane are getting dressed and are in general conversation. Dane is going through his bags and walking around the blue room.
10:45 AM BBT Mark comes in and they engage in general conversation. Dane is trying to pack up his stuff. He was looking for his ring and found it in the garbage.
11:00 AM BBT Anthony and Adam are talking and Anthony is talking about Kyra and how much they hate Mark. Adam says that Kyra really thinks that they can put up the biggest players in the game and really get one out? Adam says Kyra is not going to be happy especially since Kyra can not play in the next HOH. Anthony says that the greatest 3. Adam says the greatest 3 in Big Brother Canada ever. Anthony says he is going to tell Mark that he loves him and that he played a great game and he is a legend but he feels that Dane deserves to be here more and he knows that Mark have tried to venture away from what was supposed to happen and he is sorry. Adam says that Mark will blow up and it will be a sad moment. Dane comes down and the boys stop talking. They are in general conversation. Mark is preparing to do laundry.
11:15 AM BBT The three boys and Kyra talk about Mark and how he talks about love. Adam says he has no clue. Kyra talks about different kinds of love and how it differs. Mark goes past them above working on laundry and Dane yells up “Any more questions about Sam?” Adam says to Mark that he was getting him in trouble last night by asking him deep questions about Sam and if Sam was not in the house who else he would have hooked up with in the house. They talk about Chelsea and that she would have been Adam’s choice. Adam says that he never said that Chelsea was a girl he would go for. Mark says you win. Mark asks another question. So Sam is here and wants a runner up? Adam says he doesn’t like to share. Mark says that Adam told him yesterday that he would experiment. Adam says he would not do that on television. And not just a new relationship that he would not experiment. Adam says he can not wait to see her and can not wait to move forward with their relationship. He says he will meet his family, move in with her, have a dog named Veto and Dane says he will be the groomsman. Mark says he will be the uncle. They say that Mark is Uncle Lerch. Mark says Uncle Lyle. He wants to be introduced as the jokester. Adam says that Mark is the villain of the season because no one liked him. Mark says that no one hated him for an extended period of time. The talk about brand names and they say Batman and production warns them to stop talking about brand names. Mark says that the word penguin could be used in many different ways but that if he used the word Joker he would maybe get called on it so it would have to be Jokester. They talk about who really was the villain. They talk about being considered villains during people’s final speeches on eviction or POV nights. DANE PLEASE GO TO THE DR. They are talking about different HG speeches. Adam teases Mark that he needs to get on social media so people can reach out to him. He says that he agrees that keeping it private for the first little bit but that superfans deserve to have an email to get questions answered. Adam goes into talking about Sam again and talks about having sex and at the beginning that’s what is is all about. He says he fell for Sam in the house without that part. Mark talks about that happening to him also and that he wanted the girl around him. Adam says that it was nice not having the physical and getting to like that person without that, and then you have that intimate relationship then it will be more intense. ADAM PLEASE STOP TALKING ABOUT PRODUCTION. Adam asks what they are going to do all day because they just can not sit there all day. Kyra said they can do the board game that Corey created. They said no. They say a bubble tourney. They say that they win by keeping their bubble floating. Kyra suggests the hot/cold game. They say no. Kyra says that they have to play the boys games. Adam says he doesn’t want to be blindfolded. Kyra leaves and Adam asks if they were upset because he didn’t want to play blindfolded.

11:30 AM BBT They suggest sock golf. Adam talks about the HOH room and BB tells him to stop talking about production. They talk about playing rock paper scissors. They say no. Mark asks who they think the biggest villain of the season is? Anthony says he doesn’t think that villain is the word. Mark asks what it would be then? Anthony says it’s not oddball, it’s not villian….he says that people didn’t like Mark’s game. Mark asks what about it. They go through the HG who have been evicted and how Mark’s relationship was with them in the house. Anthony asks who in the house does Mark think he didn’t get along with the most and Mark says Momma. Then he says Chelsea. Mark said that he didn’t have side deals with anyone and that was his mistake. Mark says after that would be Kikki. Mark says that he has no idea why that would be because they sat on the block together. HE said he didn’t have a connection with Eddie either. He says maybe because he was a floater. Anthony says it’s more a wildcard than a floater. Anthony says if they started the season all over again, what would they do different. Mark says he would actively search them out. Mark says that he was a shield for Sam and Anthony. Adam says that Kyra also played a part in that. Anthony said that Sam insinuated that he and Mark needed to have conversations. He says that Sam was unsure about Adam’s relationship with him. Sam knew about his relationship with Corey but knew that he was loyal to Adam. He says that he had conversations with Sam where she told him that she would need to get Adam out. She told him that Adam was messing up her game. Adam says that she came to him and told him they needed to distance themselves in the house. She said that they can continue their relationship outside the house but Adam says that she really wanted to but also didn’t want to. Anthony said that if they had actually distanced themselves that Sam would have been a much stronger player.
11:45 AM BBT Mark talks about day 28 and asked what Adam would have said to her. Anthony said that he would have humiliated her. He said that Kyra would have used the power, Kikki would have gone home and then Sam would have gone home the next week. Anthony said when you have power, you don’t abuse it, you go to your alliance and firm things up. Instead, Sam took all the information people brought to her and she tried to make deals. Mark says that the same thing was with Damien and that he had little deals with everyone. Anthony said that Damien really never said much maybe only to Este and Dane. Mark says that it’s easy to say you don’t have deals when you are not an HOH. But when you are HOH you do break deals. Adam asks who had the best HOH. Mark says week one with Adam sending home Laura. Anthony said that was a bad idea and that they could have worked with Laura. And if Damien would have won things he would have been a problem. Also, Damien aligned himself with Este who was the weakest player in the house. They say the next biggest was when Dane got out Maki. Mark said that Momma was able to convince people in the house to do things. She convinced 4 people vote the opposite side. That put a target on her back. Mark asked who Sam would have put up if she won Buzzkill 2.0. Anthony said that Este was already flirting with Dane and would have seen that Este and Kikki were getting closer to Dane in power. Mark said that the house looked like Team Dane and Team Adam. Anthony said there were not two sides, there were three, that Anthony was also considered a main. Mark said he was talking about after Momma left. Mark said that he feels he gravitated towards team Adam and Damien was more team Dane. Adam said that he felt Mark was more with Kikki and Este. Mark says that Kikki and Este was dead set about putting both Adam and Sam up. Then he said in Kikki’s speech that she had nothing against Adam, Mark was like woah!
12:00 PM BBT The conversation continues in the Nook Area about HGs who have been HOH or who other HGs targets were.Anthony says I could have gotten Sam out during Chelsea’s HOH. Mark says Chelsea told him that her big plan was to BD Momma. Kyra comes down Anthony asks What they are doing? They tell him have a shower. Anthony yells lets play a game. Mark says If Eddie had won Would he have put You and Adam up? Dane says No because I had a deal with him. Mark says Yea I would say Adam and Sam. The conversation goes to the tie vote in Week 2. Dane said He asked Maki in the Archive Room who he was going to put up. Dane says Este was there and he said me. The conversation continues around the tie vote. Anthony says Eddie said I want to vote with the house that week so I tell him and he votes against the house. Dane says on Adam’s HOH s we got Laura Eddie and Este out on mine we got Maki Chelsea and Damien out. Anthony says Laura didn’t lie. Anthony says All Laura said was Sam wasn’t in her bed most of the night which was the truth but Sam spinned it differently. Anthony says Laura told her you are putting the target on your back. Dane says Laura would have been cool for us. Anthony says Laura would have been gang. Mark says She had no finesse power. Anthony says I couldn’t campaign for her because I would have painted a target on my back. Mark asks Who had the craziest week. He continues with I had to put up 4 people. Dane corrects him and says No Pike put up Cory. Anthony says We should have named ourselves the Death Row or Darkside. They give the signal in the mirror and say All of Canada is probably doing it. Anthony says My Mom would be awful in this game because she doesn’t understand but she would have been loved. Dane says Mark your friend must be on the feeds a lot he knew where everything was. Adam comes out of the DR and the conversation continues with the boys saying Adam your mom always smiles a lot. They ask Dane if his Mom will come to finale. Dane says probably not because I will be in Jury; then again she might because she will want to meet everybody. The conversation goes to who will be back from the cast. Mark says all the cast has to be there.
12:15 PM BBT They wonder how much intel Cory had before she entered the house. Dane says She never knew about us so maybe not a lot. Mark thinks she may have seen footage but not sound. They start talking about using some WD40 on a couple of doors and get called out for talking about brand names. Dane starts talking about his job and how he prevented potholes. Dane is explaining about fixing potholes on the runway of airports. Anthony says He hates when he hits a pothole in his car he actually stops driving and goes home. Mark is saying that the 401 through Toronto which is the busiest highway in the world. Dane is explaining how you could repave the Don Valley Parkway. Anthony says There are a lot of Red Light Cameras in Toronto. He asks Adam if they have them in Newfoundland. Mark is giving a vocal tour of the Don Valley Parkway Hwy 401; 427 and Gardiner Expressway. Anthony says I love how Este wanted Dane to do some traveling and was planning their trip.
12:30 PM BBT Dane is telling another trip plan Este had. The boys are all laughing about it. Mark asks Who do you think outside of us would be fun to have a road trip with. They agree Sam and Damien. The conversation goes to hangovers and bars they have gone to. Adam is telling them about a game that they play over Christmas called 12 Bars where you have to go to different bars and complete a drinking task at each bar. Adam says He was wasted by 9 pm. Mark starts telling a drunk story that he participated in. He tells them about 2 girls he met where one of the girls was into him but he wasn’t into her. He says the girl he dug but she ditched him. Mark explains why he just went to bed. He says he was drunk both Anthony and Adam say You said 3 drinks. The stories start going to strange places they have made out with ladies they picked up at bars.
12:45 PM BBT Adam starts telling about a trip to Mexico where he and his ex seen some guy beating up his girlfriend and the police coming and throwing him in jail. Big Brother tells him to remember Canada is watching. Mark says It would bother him if his best friend didn’t like his girlfriend . Anthony says It would depend on what you have told them because they won’t know the details of your relationship. Adam says What are we going to do. Mark says Curls for the girls. Anthony goes to get some cake. Mark says Adam you have a big heart you should hold your head high. Adam says That’s because of my Mom; she is very loving and caring and would do anything for her kids. Dane comes out of the washroom stall and forget to wash his hands. Adam is getting some yogurt Dane says cake buddy. Anthony has taken some cake up to Kyra where he asks them if they are okay. Kyra tells him that they don’t like being talked down to; they say they don’t put up with it in their real life. Anthony says Don’t let 1 stupid comment Adam made ruin it. We all had fun yesterday. He says He is going to leave that there and for them to listen to a couple of tunes and come chill. They ask when he is going to tell Mark Anthony tells them. Anthony says You are a hall of famer you have been playing for 60 days outside your comfort zone. Kyra cries We got here by luck. Anthony says You didn’t get here by luck you are getting stronger every day.
1:00 PM BBT Kyra says this is so far from what we are use to? Anthony says And you are doing it and why. Kyra says Because this is Big Brother. Kyra says We can’t sit down there because I am not one of the boys. Anthony says We are talking about getting drunk on the beach. Kyra tells him they can’t relate to that. Anthony says there is only 10 days left you came out hard and you need to keep it up. Anthony says Take the time you need listen to your music. Anthony tells them that no one downstairs is talking bad about them. He tells them you are a Hall of Famer. Anthony says When I go downstairs I am just going to say they are napping. Anthony eats his piece of cake and Kyra’s piece as they told him they weren’t really a fan of chocolate cake. In the HOH Room Kyra is listening to their music and trying to get their emotions in check. Adam is lying down in the Leon’s Lounge going over his days in his head. Kyra is trying to decide if they want to go downstairs. They finally leave the HOH Room. Anthony says He is going to have a shower wash his body then f**k all. Mark heads into the pantry. Kyra puts their mug in the dishwasher. Mark gives them a hug and says Sorry they are down. Kyra says They are just missing their mom that it was sad to see her go. Adam borrows Dane’s hat as he was called to the DR. Dane heads upstairs. Grabs another hat and heads into the HOH.

1:15 PM BBT He asks Kyra if they are okay. Kyra seems to be having a hard time breathing. Dane runs to get their water and feeds go down to the HOH Room. Mark is in the kitchen making his 6 orange smoothie for himself. In the background you can hear the construction for the next HOH Comp. Mark is still peeling his oranges and grapefruits. Feeds to the HOH Room are still down so we have no idea how Kyra is doing. Adam joins him in the kitchen. In the washroom Anthony is telling Dane about Adam not wanting to play a game that Kyra wanted to play. Dane says I just went in there and they are bawling. Anthony tells him that when he took them cake they were crying. Anthony says Adam was so blunt with Kyra when Adam said Go play the game with Mark and I’ll go into a different room so I don’t have to hear either one of you. Mark joins them and says Yeah Adam said the same thing to me but I’m not upset why is Kyra upset. Both Dane and Anthony say Yeah they are. Dane says I am not into playing games especially with the backyard closed down it is not a good thing for Dane Rupert.
1:30 PM BBT Dane says he needs to shave and get a haircut. Anthony is in the shower. Kyra is in the HOH Room talking to the cameras saying that sometimes it is just easier to give into her emotional side. There is a lot of beautiful things in this game and in life so we can’t give in to our emotions. They say they know that they will be talked about outside this house as being very emotional but they are more than that. They continue with We are emotional but we don’t want to be seen as weak. They tell Canada if we knew everything we would know that they are not weak. Kyra says Good talk Canada but you all know someone who feels the same as me You have to make the decision to like yourself make the decision to be strong.We know it is hard when our whole life we have been told we are weak and a nothing. They tell Canada that they will believe in themselves for the next 10 days their whole life but they will try for the next 10 days. They continue with there are a lot of strong players in this game and we are the underdog. Everyone loves a good underdog story. They continue with we all just have to keep doing it we have to keep reminding ourselves that we are strong. Kyra continues with we have to let our weakness become our strengths. Kyra continues with I turned my weakness into a strength and look at us we are top 5. Kyra says We never thought someone with my gender my mental health would ever be on a show like this but here we are. I am intense. They thank Canada for the good talk; they feel like they are getting a hug. They hope that this rant reached one person who needs to hear this. They say this is for you. They continue with We are going to make it to Final 4 than Final 3 Final 2 and then I am going to win. They say this game by winning comps you need to adapt We have had our back against the wall since week 2. They continue with if any of our friends and family we love you but you have to realize We are trapped in a house with 4 alpha males 4 alpha straight dudes; this is not something we usually do and this is hard. Feds go down. At 1:43 PM BBT. Feeds come back a minute later with Kyra says Canada don’t forget believe in yourself be proud of who you are. Kyra says We are going to go and be the self we can be. They leave the HOH Room saying We love you.
1:45 PM BBT Anthony is brushing his teeth, Mark is checking the dryer. Dane and Kyra are sitting in the nook area. Kyra is telling Dane it is really hard to talk with Anthony. Dane says Everywhere I go Mark asks where Anthony is. Kyra says Now might be a good time you go to my room. Kyra goes and says Anthony now is a good time. Anthony says Mark is folding clothes. Dane and Kyra are waiting for Anthony to come in. Anthony enters. Kyra says We have felt good with you and Dane feels good with you. We need to talk about next week We need to get Adam out. They continue with Mark has been shady. Mark comes in and says Can I listen to music after. Kyra says Shit just tell him you caught me in a panic attack but I am good with mental; Anthony you are good physical; Dane is good physical and mental. Kyra says there is no point taking out the second strongest player when the first strongest player in the game. Dane says My mom told me yesterday to do what I had to do to get to the end. Dane says At the end of the day I came here to win and solo. Dane leaves saying he is just going to tell Mark he walked in on a panic attack. Anthony decides to leave too. He says to Mark and Dane one HOH and they panic. Kyra comes out of the HOH Room and explains to Mark that Dane found her in the washroom having a panic attack. They tell them all that they are fine. Anthony says Is it food time.
6:00 PM BBT Dane, Adam and Mark are in the kitchen. Mark and Adam are playing with some cheerios. Dane is called to the diary room. Kyra tries to scare Dane on his way to the diary room. Mark and Adam are stacking cereal. Kyra goes into the kitchen and leaves after a couple of minutes.
6:15 PM BBT Kyra and Anthony are in the kitchen. Kyra knows that they will never get Mark’s vote in the end. Kyra says that this season has so many physical competitor. Kyra and Anthony start going through their days. Mark comes in.
6:30 PM BBT Anthony is studying the days. Kyra i helping him. Mark adds in every now and again.
6:45 PM BBT Adam is making burgers or meatballs. Dane is back from the diary room. They discuss Mark. They say Mark hasn’t talked game in 2 weeks. Kyra comes down. Adam is actually making meatballs. Anthony and Mark are napping in the HOH.
7:00 PM BBT Kyra, Adam and Dane are sitting on the couch. Adam, Dane and Kyra played a little game for awhile. Adam is preparing supper for everyone. Dane is sitting around the island. Kyra was sitting against a wall in the kitchen. Kyra asks if Dane wants to play the blindfold water game. Dane said maybe later. Kyra says it’s okay they are just bored. Kyra says they have smoked 2 packs of cigarettes in a row. They said that alcohol played a big factor in that.
7:15 PM BBT Anthony comes out of the HOH. Kyra said they had a teacher who was french. The class was all laughing because the teacher said something and they all took it in a dirty way. Adam wishes they would give them all alcohol tonight. Kyra doesn’t think they will. Dane and Adam are going over their days. Dane is repeating a poem over and over to help him remember the days. Anthony is napping on the couch. Adam starts to whistle. Kyra is sitting beside Dane.
7:30 PM BBT Kyra is now laying on the couch. Dane is in the HOH listening to the iPod. All of the houseguests are quiet. Mark came downstairs. He is sitting around the island. Anthony is moving around now. Adam’s meal is done cooking.
7:45 PM BBT Everyone thanks Adam. They are all eating now. Adam made barbeque and sweet and sour meatballs. They are talking about what would happen if they blindfolded them and took them hostage. Adam asks if anyone wants the rest of the rice. They are doing the dishes now.

10:00 PM BBT Mark, Anthony, and Dane are baking a cake. Mark is doing a minute by minute commentary of Anthony pouring the batter in the pan. Mark says now we need to make the icing.Dane heads into the HOH room where Anthony is listening to music. Anthony leaves out.Dane is whispering to Kyra. Kyra tells Dane if anyone asks me why I changed my mind then I will tell them I change my mind all the time. Kyra goes into the bathroom and starts flossing. Mark feeds Dane brownies in the storage room. Adam says 10 minutes until countdown. Mark is counting something. MARK PLEASE GO TO THE DR. Dane starts laughing. There cake comes out flat and they are trying to decide how to get it out the pan. Adam says I was trying for brownies but it came out more like cake. Dane starts counting whatever Mark was counting. He says I am at 100. Adam says it should be about 500.
10:15 PM BBT Dane is spreading icing onto their cake. Adam shows Dane how to ice the cake. Mark comes out the DR. Adam is now decorating the cake with sprinkles. Adam is decorating the cake with BBCANADA . DANE PLEASE GO TO THE DR. You hear in the background Hey Dane. and then the sounds cut off. Adam shows the cake it say BBCAN 7 TOP 5. Adam fusses at Mark about leaving an empty tray in the fridge. Dane comes out the DR. Adam asks where is everyone and Dane says they are probably sleeping.
10:30 PM BBT Dane is putting the sprinkles back into the container. Mark is talking to Dane and Dane is not paying attention to him. Dane tells Mark just talk to everybody. Dane and Mark are playing beer pong with the sprinkles and the bowls. PLEASE STOP SINGING. Kyra comes down and asks where is everybody. Dane is telling Kyra the story about the cake. Kyra is looking for Adam. Mark says Abe Lincoln says half of everything you read is true. Kyra said oh you are quoting Abraham Lincoln now. Mark starts singing THIS IS THE GAME THAT NEVER ENDS. Mark says that I can see trying to explain this to my siblings later on about how I went into a house to live and wanted to leave but couldn’t leave. Adam comes back into the kitchen. They all start calling Anthony so they can all blow out the cake and say top 5. They laugh saying the camera is following them. They all yell out BBCAN 7 TOP 5. KYRA PLEASE GO TO THE DR. Adam cuts everyone a slice of cake. Adam says cheers to Mark, Adam, and Dane invention. They all start laughing. Anthony says this ain’t it chief. They all talk about how awful the cake tastes but are still eating it. Dane says the cake looks like a yoga mat. Dane says we tried but it was an epic fail. Mark says this cake reminds me of my past relationships they look good but taste bad. Adam says it doesn’t matter it is our top 5 cake. Anthony says it tastes good they ask him if he wants more he says no I am full thank you.
10:45 PM BBT Adam goes and put the cake in the fridge. The guys are cleaning up the dishes. They are trying to see how much time they have until they can go to sleep. Kyra comes out the DR they all talk about how great the cake tastes. Kyra says it tastes good just have a different texture. Dane and Mark are washing up the dishes. Kyra is still eating the cake while Adam is sitting there. Kyra asks what time is it. Adam says I think Damien would ask for a second piece of cake. They are talking about everything that you can add to the tea. Kyra said Chelsea would not talk whiny to me but when she was in a group she would talk whiny. Adam is cutting up ginger while everyone else is watching. They are all sitting around talking about different messages they hate hearing. Dane tells them that he really liked watching Dawson’s Creek and he really liked Dawson. Kyra said Dawson was the whiny one. They are talking about another show that they used to watch. Adam said I guess I should have watched more TV before I came here. Dane said what did you do he said I read, worked out, and started writing a story. They ask Adam what was it about he said story about my life and my ex girlfriends. Dane said you actually like let people read it. Kyra asks Dane who did he like better Dawson’s Creek or the OC.
11:00 PM BBT Kyra tells Dane I loved that you are showing your other side. They all laugh. Adam starts talking in a foreign voice. They all said we should get snapchat. PLEASE STOP TALKING ABOUT BRAND NAMES. Kyra said I knew when you guys were talking about how great it was then it had to be made. Kyra said tomorrow I will make us dessert crepes. Dane says yeah I knew something was wrong when we had to flatten the cake. They start going over what they had in the fridge. Adam says if it was good then you would be thanking Adam, Dane, and Mark. Dane and Mark said we are not putting our name on that cake. They all start playing a game. They have to guess the name. Mark keeps changing the rules.
11:15 PM BBT Kyra tells Mark his game is annoying. Adam is winning with 9 points. They are playing to 10. Mark says ok lets go to 15. Mark said that was way to quick and then he says lets go to 20. Anthony guesses everyone on the first try until he gets to Kyra. Dane goes into the storage room to make some tea. Anthony is about to win the game.
11:30 PM BBT They are still playing the game so far Anthony is still in the lead. Kyra calls Anthony a comp beast. They are all trying to decide how many points each one has.


April 29, 2019

10:00 AM BBT HG are outside smoking. They are all in general conversation. Anthony is asking about the cigarettes and flavors and additives. Kyra and Dane are explaining what is inside the cigs. As HG talk about cigs, feeds cut out on all 4 feeds at 10:01 AM BBT. Feeds return at 10:11 AM BBT. Dane is washing dishes then heads upstairs. Anthony and Kyra are sitting at the bar eating breakfast. Adam is in the blue room where Dane comes in. Adam is flossing his teeth. Dane and Adam change clothes. Kyra is now in the HOH room listening to headphones. Anthony comes in and they go into the HOH bathroom area to talk. Kyra says they don’t know yet but they don’t think it’s smart to evict the one person they can beat and it’s less about them beating in him in the last comp and the final 3 and more in the second round. They say with Dane or Adam – they have a very low chance.
10:15 AM BBT Kyra says they know they want to take out Adam and they want that too. Anthony is talking about the HG in the Jury House and no one dislikes Adam more than Dane except for Sam. He says that Dane at this point is indebted to Kyra. Kyra says it doesn’t matter because they can’t not beat them.Anthony says that Dane is the worst at wordplay. Kyra says that Anthony is good at word play and how does they know that he isn’t playing them. He says when the time comes, he will give Kyra ammo. He says Kyra has a lot of ammo. Kyra says in the past when they have trusted people it’s bit them, and they have learned from it. When Anthony comes to them and tells them things, they don’t know if it’s true. Anthony says he can not beat Adam, but he knows Dane can beat Adam and Anthony has a better chance of beating Dane and if Dane is in the final 3 they can beat Dane. Kyra says they are worried about the second comp. Kyra says it’s better for Anthonys game to keep Dane. Anthony says that Dane will not bring him or Adam. But Adam would bring Dane. He says that in Dane’s mind he can beat Kyra and in the Jury he will not win. Anthony said that he can beat Dane in the final, he thinks he can beat Kyra but he doesn’t think he can beat Adam. He says that the boys have not been loyal to him. Kyra says that in the video they have not said much and that what they did talk about they have already fessed up to. Anthony said he can argue Kyra against Dane and that they do not realize what they have done. Kyra says getting out Dane is the bigger move and that they can beat Adam. Anthony says Mark can not beat anyone at this point. He says the power is in Kyra’s hands and they decide to take one off, use that person to beat the bigger person and take them out. He says that Kyra doesn’t know them as good as Kyra does. He tells Kyra that Adam will take anyone else over them. He says Mark’s best shot is 20K. Anthony says that Mark has had talks with Adam. And it’s been that way the whole season. Kyra says that the only way to feel comfortable about keeping Dane that they need to talk to Mark about saying their name. Anthony said that remember when they were talking about saying Kyra’s name. He tells Kyra that they didn’t want them in the house. Dane convinced Mark keeping Damien would take them to the end. Mark was campaigning get Kyra and Este on the block instead of Damien. But he never spoke loud about sending Este home. Anthony said it was just a discussion and not that it was happening. Kyra said that yesterday Mark said that they needed to get out. Anthony said if they start to talk about it that they will start a shit storm and if Kyra doesn’t trust them then just to tell him now. He said that people in the house has said his name but he kept people in the house that helped his game. Kyra said if Mark brings them to final that they will win and Anthony said that he will do that. Anthony said people has different shots if they are up against different people. Anthony said that Adam didn’t do anything for the first 41 days and all he did was cook dinner. Against Kyra, they wouldn’t have a chance. That Kyra could say they knew there was an alliance and I didn’t care about it or how strong you were and it was not strong enough to get me out. He says the issue Kyra is having is because they do not know all the stuff the boys have said and done to each other. He says Adam would be afraid to take them now. Then you used Adam in the game to get further, then you got him out and used someone else to get further. Kyra says this makes sense and they know it but it’s risky. If they want 20K that it will work, if they want to win, they need to get Mark with them in the final 2. Anthony tells Kyra that Mark will not take them but he is telling them the truth. He has been on every single side since day one and Mark will not take them to the final. But Dane is simple minded. Dane will not take the boys especially after now. If Dane wins he will take Kyra hands down. He tells Kyra that they can beat everyone except Adam in the final it will come down to word play. He tells Kyra that they did more than he did but Kyra says that he had his hand in everything. Anthony tells Kyra that they did it without an alliance.
10:30 AM BBT Anthony says that Mark knows that the highest he can get is the 20K. He says that with them playing pool all day they are talking game. Kyra says that now Adam is not playing into the hate Mark and Kyra says that it is weird since before the was in agreement. He tells Kyra that Mark will take Adam. It makes sense to him but now he knows that he has 100% loyalty from Kyra. He said he can not beat Adam but he can beat Dane. He says Dane’s mind will be that Kyra is on board and keep him in the game and they are all going to take out Adam then Kyra and Dane can take out Anthony but that Dane does not know that Kyra will have the ammo to beat Dane in the final. He says that they know that if he wins he will take Kyra and if Kyra wins they will take Anthony. He says that Adam 100% will take out Dane. He says in the HOH room that they should pull candies and that Adam looked at Damien and Este and said they should have been gone last week. He says that Adam will not take Dane to the finals after this. Anthony says that Kyra has to trust him and that he needs to trust them. That they need to make a calculated decision. They hear noises and Kyra says that they think this room is haunted. Anthony again says they need to take out Adam before Dane. He says they will win and go to final 2. Kyra says they hope they do not look back and regret this decision. He says when they hold hands and stand at the podium they will understand. Kyra says that Anthony can beat Dane in a physical. Antony says that they have been getting stronger every single comp. He tells Kyra that if they are in final 3 with Dane that they both can beat him. He said he will come out angry and be doo rag Duggie. Kyra says part of them is telling themself that it is very dumb but the other part says that Mark doesn’t deserve to be here and having a wild card in the final 4 is too dangerous but having an army in the final that is indebted to them sounds good too. Kyra says that they have looked back and realized all the stupid things they have done in the game and that in 2 weeks they do not want this to be one of them. Anthony said that he has the same regrets in the game. He said that they are the only one who knows what’s in his head and that he is 100% loyal. He says the only way is to put 100% in one person and go for it. He says that he had that with Corey. He said Corey had her own things going on. He said that he has found out the brotherhood was not loyal that he said that there was a time he could have gone on the block and they didn’t tell him. Kyra asks who would put him up and he tells them that it was all the way back to week 3. That the boys have not been fighting for him and being loyal it was all about the boys themselves. He said that Kyra needs to do one thing and stop not believing in themselves. He tells Kyra that they won a mental comp – then feeds go down on all 4 cams.
10:45 AM BBT Feeds down at 10:45 AM BBT Feeds return at 10:50 AM BBT. Kyra and Adam are sitting in the chairs next to the kitchen. Kyra says that they are hesitant to drink water because they will be locked up for the day. Mark fills up his water and heads to the bathroom. Anthony goes into the washroom to brush his teeth. Adam and Kyra talk about how many more days and episodes are left before finale.
11:00 AM BBT HG are all in general conversation as all feeds go out again at 11:01 AM BBT
11:15 AM BBT – 11:43 AM BBT Feeds Down Feeds come back at 11:43 AM BBT with the HGs preparing food for an HOH Lockdown.
11:45 AM BBT The conversation is over the fact that Anthony hasn’t had a bowel movement in roughly a week. They are saying they have 20 minutes until Leon’s Lounge Lockdown. Adam tells Anthony to make a watery protein shake with 3 scoops of protein as that helps him move his bowels. There no conversation going on. Mark says He hopes that they can watch television while in there. He hopes he can see the Toronto Maple Leafs play hockey. He says He hopes they are still playing in the playoffs. Dane says there maybe another Lockout in 2020 because the players want more money. Kyra says it is not fair that they lock you out of a washroom for a few hours. Kyra says The mother in us is coming out it has been 7 days since you have had a bowel movement. Kyra asks him not to have his first bowel movement in their washroom. Kyra thinks they will all have to watch something on the televisions and remember them for a comp later. Once again all conversation has stopped while they await instructions from Big Brother.
12:00 PM BBT Kyra joins Adam and says Poor Anthony. Kyra says I don’t think it is a comp for the whole house because last time we got told to clean. It has to be something to do with that room. Dane says it could be a comp about the breaches. Mark comes down from using the washroom. Adam says Good thing I didn’t make that omelet it would have taken an hour. Kyra states they think it has been 2 hours. Dane wonders why the backyard area is closed off. Kyra thinks because they don’t want us going outside when they call us. Adam thinks there is people walking around. Dane says there is a lot of mirrors in this house I won’t want this many mirrors in my house. Mark states he would want some in his bedroom. Mark is telling them that his brother always took toys apart to see how they worked; walking into this house he wants to do the same thing. Kyra says working here with us might be pretty boring as we don’t do a lot of stuff. Adam states they probably know us better than we know ourselves. Feeds go down at 12:05 PM BBT
12:15 PM BBT Feeds down Feeds come back at 12:23 PM BBT with all the HGs in the Leon’s Lounge. They are watching a television when all of a sudden Anthony Kyra say that is my Mom!! Mark says That is my friend. They are asking for volume to be turned up. Dane’s and Adam’s moms are there as well. They are having a tour of the house. All the moms all have Big Brother bags. The Moms are trying on clothes. Dane’s Mom has his boxers on. Adam’s mom has found the kiss that Sam left Adam. Adam’s Mom pulls out high shoes from his bag.
12:30 PM BBT Back in the Leon’s Lounge where all the HGs are watching their moms and Mark’s friend go through their things. They are still asking for sound. The family is in the HOH room and sitting in the bathtub. They sit in a circle and say they are planning a final 5. Dane’s mom goes to look for Dane’s teeth and are complaining they do not have any booze. They go downstairs and ask if they should eat all their fruit. They say that the kitchen is messy. Anthony’s mom goes into the storage room and sees all the beer. Feeds go down at 12:37 PM BBT but come right back up for a few seconds and go back down as Mark’s friend asks what they have to eat. They try slop. They say there is an aftertaste to it. They go out to the kitchen as they say they would have set up their kitchen so much differently. Adam’s mom finds the tin foil cat and she names it Prince Charles. They say that there is a lot of cleanup to do and that the dishwasher is not magic. They see the butter is out and they cover it. They go out to the living room and see a sign. It reads, “Hello and welcome to the BBC House. BB wanted to give you a taste of what your loved ones have been up to for the last 59 days. So for the next few hours make yourself at home and have fun”. Anthony’s mom lays on the couch on her stomach like Anthony as the family laughs. They head to the backyard and they lift some weights and go to the pool table. Adam’s mom gets up on top of the circle couch and does the jig like Adam and Sam did. Anthony’s mom picks up a pool stick and lands the first ball. They head outside to the hottub. The HG are watching their families going through the house, all have smiles on their faces. They are still asking for sound. They finally get sound.
12:45 PM BBT The family is talking about finding the secret room. Anthony’s mom said she wants the BB house after they are done with it. She is saying that she will rent out the other rooms in the house and that the HOH room would be hers. Marks friend asks who is crying. They all say Kyra for sure and that they are all crying. Anthony’s Mom said if they were in front of her that she would cry too. The family talks game talk and the sound goes out again. They see BB tell the family to stop talking about production and they laugh. Sound returns. Adam says my mom was watching live feeds then? Anthony’s mom asks if everyone is legit about …… then sound goes out. Adam’s mom asks if anyone knew when the HG got the call to go into the house. Anthony’s mom said right before. Adam’s mom said they emailed her when he was already in the house. BB tells them again to stop talking about production and they blame it on the alcohol. They talk about Slop again and what they can make with it. Kyra’s mom gets up to do something in the mirror and they told her not anything about production. They head inside again. Kyra’s mom puts on Kyra’s sunglasses. They try doors and they are all locked except for the bathroom in the hallway. They go into the house and try more doors. Feeds go down at 12:57 PM BBT
1:00 PM BBT Feeds return 1:07 PM BBT. Anthony’s mom says she wants to do cleaning. They see Adam’s hat and glasses on the end table next to the chairs in the kitchen area. They say it is warm in the house. Anthony’s and Adam’s mom begin to clean the kitchen. Marks friend is washing dishes. He offers to make a slop smoothie. They say that it is quiet and they say that it is because they are thinking. Marks friend is in the storage room getting slop ready to make smoothies. They talk about what will happen when the HG get out of the house. Adam’s mom is sweeping, Kyra and Anthony’s mom work on starting the dishwasher. Dane’s mom is wiping down the counter. Mark’s friend puts the slop smoothie on the blender and says he kinda wants it to be gross. The mom’s still work on getting the dishwasher to start. They say how many mom’s does it take to turn on a dishwasher. Dane’s mom is in the storage room looking for garbage bags. Mark’s friend goes to look at the dishwasher and they say they need the man to fix it. He gets it to work. He chugs the slop smoothie and says the aftertaste is what gets you but the first taste is not too bad. Dane’s mom takes a spoonful and says it’s nasty.

1:15 PM BBT They say they can not imagine eating that for a week at every meal. The HG continue to watch their family on the television. Dane’s, Kyra’s and Adam’s mom go into the storage room. Dane’s mom says they are gonna talk in secret. They continue to look for garbage bags and feeds go out at 1:18 PM BBT – Feeds return at 1:20 PM BBT. Mark’s friend goes upstairs to the blueroom, lays down and says he wonders if he is on the live feeds right now. Kyra’s mom heads upstairs. Anthony’s mom says it is too cold to go into the hottub and she doesn’t want to get sick. Kyra’s mom looks in the blue room where Mark’s friend and Dane’s mom is. She asks them what they think about the hottub. Dane’s mom passes because of her foot but she said she can go outside and start smoking. Kyra’s mom says she will go and change in the HOH room. They talk about towels and if they should throw some in the wash. Anthony’s mom talks to Mark’s friend and she asks how long they have known each other and he said since they were like 4 or 5 years old. He says that when they were little they would play Survivor and Big Brother. Adam’s mom find another Tin Foil figure. The family is on a quest to find garbage bags. Anthony’s mom is on a cleaning spree. She talks about Anthony asking for her to come and help him clean and she says Help? No, it’s mom doing it for you. She talks about a Sr in her building she helps and feeds cut out at 1:26 PM BBT
1:30 PM BBT Feeds down – Feeds return 1:34 PM BBT and everyone is in the HOH room looking at pictures. Anthony’s mom finds the earphones. She puts them in and says she is going to be like Anthony. Mark’s friend said it would be mean to eat all their snacks. They eat some. Kyra’s mom finds the bubbles. Anthony’s mom says the HOH room is sexy. Mark’s friend asks Anthony’s mom what it will be like when she sees him. She says she will cry. She says she cries when she watches him on the show and that she misses him bad. She calls him everyday. She said she calls him until he calls her back. She said she can tell when he has had a bad day at work. She talks about where he works and feeds cut out for a few seconds. Anthony is wiping his eyes as he watches his mom talk about him. She says that they are best friends. Kyra’s mom says that all her kids live close to her and that they have family dinner every Sunday. She says she is blessed. Anthony’s mom says she wants one grandbaby. Adam’s mom says that Sam can make that happen for her. Anthony’s mom says she just wants to see her son happy and married with one grandbaby. She says when your children go through things and feeds flip off for a few seconds and return to mon’s talking about their kids relationships. Feeds out at 1:40 PM BBT
1:45 PM BBT The moms and Mark’s friend are leaving the HOH room and heading downstairs, They have brought the bubbles and head outside to the Hot tub area. As the Hgs watch their families they are enjoying laughs and giggles as they struggle with the simple things they first did, like the Hot tub cover, and aqua packs. Feeds cut again as the loved ones are getting into/sitting around the Hot tub. Once most of the loved ones are in the hot tub feeds come back and they all start having chit chat about random things like the HGs would, bagel shops and food places. Dane and Anthony’s moms have stayed out of the hot tub but still part of the conversation. Just like without regular HGs our loved ones are asking each other to hand things to them.
2:00 PM BBT The loved ones are talking about how tall the Hgs are and sharing life information and then Anthony’s mom almost falls out of a chair when they realize the leg is broken. Feeds cut out 2:00 PM BBT
2:07 PM BBT The Loved ones have moves Seats and are back to talking. They are saying how much so many of them look to their children and one another. The loved ones are going over where they are from and accents. Mark’s friend says when he left Isreal he was a year old and moved to Yellow knife in Canada. Someone else says they were there too and left at like a year and half. Feeds cut out again as they are talking personal information. When they return the HG are watching the loved ones getting out of the HT and heading inside. Kyra points out that Adams sister found a new guy and they were just talking about it the other day. Kyra comments how much like Mark his friend is. Dane thinks his mom will collect and begin doing the towels since they were used. Most of the loved ones are in the Sr getting supplies to cook a meal. The HGs are trying to decide what is being made Poutine or lasagna, as the Hgs watch on the monitors they speculate if this is a comp or if they will get to see/touch them.
2:15 PM BBT They Hgs are having a great time watching their loved ones go digging for items and searching all over, Kyra feels like Danes mom must be watching feeds at home she knows mostly where everything is and has made a few comments only known by feeds in Kyra’s opinion. Feeds continue to cut in and out meanwhile the Hgs are discussing how they are always on Tv and all the crazy things they have done. Adam mentions about the Bathroom and what do they do if they need to go since they will be in the room for a long time. The HGs comment on the outfits and shoes of the loved ones. They Debate of if the stove is on or off and how confused the loved ones will be when food isn’t cooking. They ask what the go to meal is for the loved ones at home. The Hgs speculate if maybe they will get to eat a meal with the loved ones, but there is a liability of them saying or asking a question that gives away game, maybe even with glass between them, feeds cut out again 2:26 PM BBT.
2:26 PM BBT- 3:38 PM BBT Feeds are out
3:38 PM BBT All the loved ones are gathered in the living room with one of them reading a card about seeing the loved ones. The card says only one of them will get one minute with the loved ones but they have to make a decision between themselves, a few of them bow out leaving it between Mae and one other person. The HGs are all rooting for Anthony’s mom to get the time. Several of the loved ones say they have had opportunities to send in videos and Anthony hasn’t gotten a video or HOH. Dane and Adams mom have bowed out Marks friends has bowed out so its between Kyra and Anthony’s moms, Kyra is pleading in the Leon’s lounge for Mae- Anthony’s mom to get the time. Anthony’s mom is in tears saying for Kyra to get the visit and pass on how much they all love their kids, She will see her son in 2 weeks, the other moms are saying how proud they are of their kids and how important this is but for Kyra’s mom to give her a hug and pass on how much they all love their kids/family. Anthony’s mom has gone to the kitchen to get paper towel and clean her face and other moms have followed to give hugs n support. In the lounge Kyra is saying no Mom let Mae have it, The HG are trying to tell a crying Kyra its not her fault her mom isn’t just bowing out easily. Feeds go out.
4:00 PM BBT- 4:15 PM BBT Feeds Down Feeds return at 4:16 PM BBT to Mark, Adam, Anthony and Kyra eating a large meal at the kitchen table which looks like lasagna and salad. Anthony says it is such a blessing. Kyra says they feel guilty even though they know they shouldn’t because it’s their mom and not them but Anthony deserved to see his mom. Anthony tells Kyra they deserved to see their mom too and they say it was less about them wanting to see her, they know Anthony’s relationship with his mom and Kyra’s mom has everyone at home. Adam says he’s been away and hasn’t seen his mom in 7 months. Kyra says they wonder what Anthony’s mom was saying when she was folding his laundry. Anthony says it’s her OCD tendencies. Kyra asks if she really does have OCD and Anthony says yes. Dane reemerges and tells everyone that their friends and family are all beautiful people and he can’t wait to meet them all again. Mark asks Kyra what everyone’s family members told them to say if they don’t mind him asking and they say it was all somewhat of a blur, but they all said that they love them and they’re so proud. Anthony laughs about his mom’s impression of him lying on the couch and Mark says it was hilarious. Kyra says Dane’s mom was hilarious. Everyone jokes about Anthony’s mom folding all the laundry.
4:30 PM BBT Kyra is pacing around the storage room crying and saying they can’t believe they got to hug their mom. Feeds cut to the kitchen where all of the pretty boys are still eating and Anthony is saying how his mom was asking what PB meant and he said brotherhood. Dane and Anthony start cleaning up the kitchen and Dane says that his mom said Coco has a crush on anthony as well as Dane. Adam, Anthony, and Dane are all out in the hot tub area talking about the family visit. Kyra comes outside and paces around and the boys are talking about one of their many pool games. Dane says everyone has a different strategy when it comes to that.
4:45 PM BBT Adam asks if the top cover is n the hot tub and says he wants to get in Dane says he wants to get in too and he thinks the cover has been off for a while. Anthony adjusts the temperature. Dane says it was nice to hear from his mom that Coco was watching him. Kyra says they didn’t even talk to their mom they thought they had to just hug and run but they had so many things they wanted to ask her like is their dog ok and how their uncle is. Dane says his mom told him that Coco goes over his mom’s house and watches all the shows and the live feeds with her. Kyra says that’s really sweet and Coco will more than likely get back together with him. Kyra asks Dane if his mom knew he was on the block and he says he doesn’t know. Kyra gets up yo go see if Adam will let them have one of his cigarettes. Adam and Mark join Anthony and Dane outside and they continue talking about the family visits. Dane again says he might go in the hot tub. Mark says his buddy left his bathing suit at the BB house and Anthony says he can probably give it back to him. Mark says he definitely will. Conversation switches to everyone wondering about the travel for their families.
5:00 PM BBT MArk says he blacked out he had so many things he wanted to tell his buddy but he was just so excited to see him and that everyone’s mom’s were really cool and he enjoyed getting to meet Adam and Dane’s mom. The boys all agree that their pretty boy alliance must have been highlighted quite a bit this season because all of their moms were talking about it. Adam is in the kitchen making brownies and says he’s never baked before a day in his life, so this will be the first time, then narrates everything he’s doing. Anthony, Dane, Mark, and Kyra are talking about a night earlier in the season where everyone was messing around with Adam in the hot tub. Kyra says everyone looks really good on TV and they’re glad about that and say they’re glad they look tall. Kyra starts talking more about the family visit and says they’re glad they got to hug everyone’s mom and Anthony says they should have let everyone go hug the parents. Kyra says they’re in such a good mood now and tells Mark they’re sorry his mom couldn’t come. Mark says it’s ok and he’ll see her soon but he’s glad he got to see his buddy Ty. Kyra says Ty was funny. Dane says that the two of them and anthony will be final 3 and Dane says he’s going straight for that HOH and he has Kyra’s back. Kyra says they don’t really want to go to the finals with Mark anymore and he knows he’s not going to win, so if he goes all the way to finals, he’ll say he came up with so many different plans. Kyra says they’ve heard a lot of shady things about him throughout the game and that he was one of the first people to say they needed to get Maki out and it will be easier to get to final three with the 3 of them against one of Adam
5:15 PM BBT Mark and Anthony are whispering back and forth in the Blue bedroom discussing the plans for next week saying that they both need to gun for the POV and make it clear to Dane that the pretty boys alliance is still a very real thing. Dane and Adam are in the kitchen Adam is still baking and Dane tells him he’s so full. Anthony leaves the room to go make coffee for everyone and yells to Dane to ask if he likes sugar in his coffee, dane says yeah one scoop and anthony says ok and yells back, “you too Adam?” and Adam says no sugar. Anthony comes out and sits at the kitchen table with 4 jars mixing up everyone’s coffees for them, Adam asks which one has no sugar in it and Anthony says none of them yet they just have milk in them so Adam grabs one and takes a sip. Dane runs into the room and says, “It’s so fucking nice to hear that Coco is watching. She goes to my mom’s house for every epie” Anthony says, “nice man” and Dane grabs his cup of coffee.
5:30 PM BBT Kyra is laying on the couch in their HOH room crying and listening to their music, then they eventually let out a sigh and get up saying they guess it’s time for them to go downstair and hangout with everyone. They grab their coffee cup and leave the room saying, “Ugh what a day.” before heading downstairs. Everyone is now in the kitchen talking a little bit more about the mom visits. Dane says Mark’s friend bowed out first because he thought it would be more special for the moms to see their kids. Anthony says his mom bowed out too but he could tell she didn’t want to. Mark says it would have been a little bit easier for the Dads to bow out, but he says there’s something like a mother and being told that their child is right behind a door but they can’t see them.
5:45 PM BBT Everyone is outside in the hot tub area talking about the mom visit. Mark asks Anthony if his mom has traveled at all and he says a little bit and lists off the places she’s been. Adam says she’s been more places than he has. Mark says it’s crazy to hear how Newfoundland is closer to Ireland than British Columbia. Dane says it was crazy ehn all the parents showed up because he saw them come in and wondered, “Who the hell are these people?’ and then he saw his mom and got so excited.Kyra says Anthony’s mom told them she was so proud of them and says she’s a special lady and so is everyone else’s mom. Dane says he can’t wait to go over Anthony’s house and see her and Kyra agrees and says they’ll all make a mess so she can clean it up. Dane says they can all have her make them some poutine. Kyra says, “Day 59” and Dane says best day ever! Kyra agrees.Mark says tomorrow is April 30th and then it goes to MAy
6:00 PM BBT Kyra, Anthony Dane and Mark are in the backyard by the hot tub. Kyra went to check on the cake. They went to the pool table and challenged Adam to a game. Mark says that Kyra was trying to start a fight between himself and Dane. They said that Dane was talking about him behind his back. Mark said he didn’t believe Kyra. Dane wishes he could smoke little left handed cigarette. Mark and Dane think that Damien had an alliance. Dane said that Cory was always complimenting Damien saying how loyal. Dane said that when he went to kiss Cory on the cheek, she turned and he kissed her on the lips. Mark said Dane is the kind of guy to just laugh it off. Mark said that his friends always criticized him for kissing his mom on the cheek. He said “sorry I am normal and have emotions.” Dane said he wants to go to San Fran and go to Alcatraz.
6:15 PM BBT Mark said it’s really cool but going at night is cool because it makes it more spooky. Dane asks if it was just the worst of the worst. Mark said it was just people who were high risk to escape. They discuss the three people who tried to escape. Dane said he would think the water would be warm but Mark says it is super cold. Dane asks if people can walk along the Golden Gate Bridge. Mark says yes but it would take a really long time. Mark is playing a game of pool by himself. Kyra, Dane and Adam are in the kitchen. Dane remembers a time when Big Brother locked the fridge. Mark got bored and joined the rest of them in the kitchen. He eats some sprinkles.
6:30 PM BBT The cake finishes baking and cooling. Dane immediately takes a small sample. He thinks it tastes good.Anthony is in the diary room. They all take large pieces and thank Adam for making it. Dane loads sprinkles onto his piece. Adam makes it clear that the dishwasher is ready to be loaded. He says it drives him crazy when people just leave their dishes in the sink and expect it to be done. Dane says that the veto is very important.

6:45 PM BBT Kyra said they can’t believe it’s all going to be over in 11 days. Dane replies “it’s fucked!” They are both smoking cigarettes. They are going to play 40/40 eventually. Kyra confirms that Dane and them will have a talk. When they leave the backyard, Dane looks at the camera and says he can’t believe that worked. Mark was listening to music in the HOH. Kyra goes up to the HOH and they start chatting. Kyra says that themself and Mark are equal. Mark says he apologizes for not revealing the guy group’s name. He says he was having an emotional moment. He says that he will reveal it by the end of the week. Kyra is convinced that the other guys will tell them. Kyra asks if Mark is going to play 40/40.Mark says not but asks if everyone is playing. He changed his mind when Kyra says that everyone else is playing. Adam states the rules. It seems very similar to kick the can.
7:00 PM BBT They decide that Kyra is it. Kyra doesn’t take too long to find them. Adam is it next. Dane’s next hiding place is under the bathroom sink. Adam can’t find Kyra and Dane.
7:15 PM BBT The houseguests are still playing 40/40. Kyra got mad at Mark for cheating.
7:30 PM BBT They are playing 40/40 still. Kyra is getting frustrated. Dane is doing well and hasn’t cheated.
7:45 PM BBT They are still playing the game. They finally finish the game.
8:00 PM BBT Anthony , Dane, Kyra, and Adam are all hanging out in the living room trying to come up with some more games they can play, dodgeball being a possibility. Kyra asks Adam if he wants to go out for a cigarette and he says Dane needs to go to the bathroom first. Kyra says he’s a fast pooper. All the houseguests wonder why the day feels so long and Kyra says probably because they went into Leon’s Lounge so early and instead of going from room to room, they all just sat there and watched their friends and family members explore the house for 3 hours. Adam says usually they’re all up for about 16 hours. Anthony and Mark are laying on the couches in the living room not much conversation is happening at all between the two of them. Kyra, Adam, and Dane are all out in the hot tub area smoking cigarettes and once they finish they head back inside. Adam is breathing into the glass on a door noticing how he can see his own breath. Adam has joined Adam and Anthony is the living room
8:15 PM BBT Everyone is in the living room reminiscing on the season and talking about love. Anthony says he wishes they all could just watch a movie and fall asleep. Adam says they basically watched a movie today. Dane says yeah they watched a thousand sobbing moms and Ety in the DR. Adam says he can’t believe fish sleep which sparks a conversation amongst the other houseguests about the fish. Adam wonders if they’re really sleeping or if itjust so dark in there they can’t see. Mark says he thinks he saw a butterfly or a moth or something. Mark is wearing a neon orange beanie and Adam asks him if it’s his favorite hat and he says, “it is now” Dane says it probably looks really bright on TV. Anthony asks what they should do to stay awake and they all say they might go out to the hot tub later.
8:30 PM BBT Anthony and Kyra are in the kitchen and Kyra whispers to Anthony that they are going up to their HOH room and ask him if he wants to come with them he says he will after he finishes heating up some of the lasagna from earlier. Mark yells to them all that he’s going out to the hot tub and asks them if they want to go out and both Anthony and Kyra say not just yet. Kyra tells Anthony to meet them in their room and then they can talk. Kyra yells out, “My mom was here! That was Judy! She looks good for 65 ay?” Then they say that she is their little munchkin mommy. Anthony is sitting at the counter eating his lasagna and says he would’ve given Kyra’s mom a hug. Kyra says their mom would’ve loved to give him a hug and asks if Anthony remembers if she said she was proud of them. They say they don’t remember because they were too busy crying. Anthony says he was too and Kyra says that Anthony’s mom did say that she was proud of the both of them. Kyra tells Adam that his leg looks so long and skinny Adam says it’s because he’s jacked.

8:45 PM BB Kyra starts talking about the finale and says how it will be exciting to see everyone. They say Adam’s jaw will drop when he sees Sam because she’ll probably wear a nice dress.
9:00 PM BBT Adm is lifting in the lounge and MArk comes in and starts singing, “curls for the girls.” Adam says that that is what, “Judy Pitudi” Kyra’s mom said when she came in the house earlier. Anthony and Kyra are in the kitchen whispering about someone. Anthony says that Mark told him he wouldn’t vote for him in the end and Anthony told him he probably wouldn’t vote for him either, but if Adam goes to the end, he’ll probably win. Kyra says that Adam hasn’t talked game to them yet at all. Dane and MArk are outside in the hot tub area. Dane is smoking a cigarette and Mark is swimming. Dane says the cat is out of the bag since Adam got nominated. Mark says he saw Dane’s mom on TV and it was cool to see her walking through the house. Dane joins Mark in the hot tub and they continue their conversation on the friends and family visit.
9:15 PM BBT Mark says that his buddy Etay who came to the family visit for him knows the game really well and knew all about the archive room and where everything was in the house. Mark says he probably even knew right away when Kyra came out that they had all been watching from inside Leon’s Lounge. Mark asks Dane what his mom told him and he says she told him that she was proud of him and she was watching every episode and that Coco was also proud of him and she’s been watching every episode with Dane’s family. Mark says it seemed like everyone had really been watching the live feeds except for Anthony’s mom. Conversation switches to Mark telling Dane about one of his buddy’s dogs and how smart it is. Kyra joins them outside and they start talking again about the moms visit. Dane wonders if his sister was busy and that’s why his mom came and tells them that his sister was his CT. Mark says that his mom was his CT but it was his buddy that came to see him. Kyra says that their mom was also theirs but they don’t think it was just their CTs who came. “You are not allowed to talk about production”
9:30 PM BBT The conversation about the family visits continues and Mark says they probably made it like a mom’s trip and he says that if it wasn’t passover, then there might have been a possibility that he mom could have been there, but she probably wouldn’t have eaten anything and what not because of her strict diet, then he says maybe she wouldn’t have even come anyway because his dad probably wouldn’t have wanted her on TV and then the topics of conversation like politics and religion would have made her a little bit uncomfortable. Mark and Dane switch the conversation to sports and more specifically soccer. Mark says he likes soccer but it’s very hard to make it playing professionally in Canada, you have to go to Europe. Dane says that he went to a Vancouver whitecaps game with one of his buddies and their were people walking up and down the road chanting “Whitecaps” Mark says their fans are probably very loyal because Canada is a pretty small country compared to the US.
9:45 PM BBT The sports conversation switches to hockey and the best ways to get tickets cheap and/or last minute. Dane tells Mark about a time where he had two different sets of tickets and he watched one game until the half and then went and watched the other for the second half and sat at the bar. Mark says that if you wait around until about 10 minutes after the game starts, then you can end up getting tickets for dirt cheap. He tells a story about a time where he went to see the Canucks and he waited around until after the game started and went outside and said if anyone was selling tickets, he was willing to buy and he ended up meeting a family from Seattle and there were 8 of them there, but they had 2 extra tickets because they had originally planned on having 10 of them there, so Mark asked if he could buy just one and they told him that they were only selling the two of them together, so he ended up buying them both and tried to invite a friend last minute but she couldn’t come so he ended up having an empty seat beside him and ended up explaining hockey to the family throughout the game.
10:00 PM BBT Kyra and Anthony are listening to music in the HOH room. They start talking about different types of music player. Anthony hits Kyra with a pillow. Kyra tells Anthony the HOH room is creepy at night. Anthony says he is going to be sleeping here next week. PLEASE STOP TALKING ABOUT PRODUCTION. Kyra says Anthony is like a big brother to Kyra. Kyra said that I have massaged a lot of people this season. Kyra tells Anthony we need to go shopping with our prize money. Kyra says my girlfriends are not fun to shop with because they don’t like going to the mens section. Mark and Dane are in the blue bedroom. Mark said that Damien told him my girlfriend signed me up for the show and then I went on the block. They both head to the bathroom. Mark goes into the shower. Dane goes into the other shower. They are talking about their moms. Anthony is laying on the HOH bed listening to the music. Kyra is sleeping. Mark asks Dane does he still have his apartment or is he subletting it. Dane said he still has it but he thinks he is going to go and stay in his mom’s basement for the summer so he can save up some cash. Anthony has now started blowing bubble at Kyra. Kyra is trying to block them. Kyra tells Anthony the bubbles taste disgusting. Anthony leaves out and heads into the kitchen where Adam is using the blender he tells him I am preparing the omelets so when tomorrow comes we will be ready. Adam asks Anthony if wants to smoke a joint outside. Mark said they finally fixed the sound. Anthony says they talk like they despise Mark. Anthony says that he is trying to do something. Anthony says he is going to sit Mark down and tell him why he is leaving and we are not going to do it in front of Dane.
10:15 PM BBT Adam says we still have the burgers in there. Adam says Burgers with the omelets. Anthony starts signing burgers with the omelets. PLEASE STOP SINGING. Adam and Anthony are playing basketball in the storage room. Adam and Anthony are trying to see if that is green onion or asparagus in the fridge. Anthony says it is green onion. Anthony tells him he needs to cut out the sugar so he can get abs. Adam said yeah that is why you don’t have abs. Dane heads into the HOH room. Kyra said has he said my name to you. Dane said no but I can probably get it out of him. Kyra said I can tell when he lies. Kyra said I have Anthony on board. Kyra said I have not officialized it so don’t talk about it yet. Kyra tells him when they call bed time come to my room and I will get Anthony. Kyra said I have made up my mind. Kyra says I am lowering my chances at winning but I don’t want to take Mark until the end. Kyra said I would rather than go against the best then try playing against Mark. Mark walks past the HOH room. Kyra said Mark does not play well. Kyra tells Dane he is a legend. Dane says I did not bullshit you last night. Mark says he is looking for Adam Pike the man who found land in Newfoundland. Adam says you should have said that in you pov speech. Adam is chopping up chicken and putting it into a container. Anthony is outside in the hot tub area. He is saying that he has been worried about his mom the whole time he was in here. It meant so much for him to be able to see his mom and know that she is ok. Dane leaves the HOH room. Kyra is whispering to Kyra trying to decide the best situation. Mark, Adam, and Dane are in the kitchen. Adam asks Dane if his mom was a huge fan of the show. Adam ask Dane what else do we need.
10:30 PM BBT Dane says we have bacon, egg, and tomato. Adam says he is going to add the burgers to it in the morning. Mark is making a smoothie. Adam is adding the bell pepper to the stuff for the omelets. Dane heads out to the Hot tub area where Anthony is sitting. Dane says he is so inconsiderate. Anthony says yeah. Dane says the beauty of it that Mark is not going to campaign. Anthony says that i am going to go to him man to man and tell him I am voting against him. Anthony says I am not going to leave it to a tie I trust Kyra and all but I still don’t want to chance it. Dane say he is going on and on about it. Anthony said I was still on a high from seeing my mom and Mark comes to me and asks me what are we going to do about Adam. he said I tried to get away from him and he followed me and asked me again what are we going to do about Adam. Dane said it was awesome to see our mom’s consoling each other. Dane said I wanted to talk to her. Anthony said we don’t want to startle Dane or Mark when the time is right we will. Anthony tells Dane to double check the door to see if anyone is watching. Kyra joins them out in the hot tub. Anthony says it was so good to see my mom. Dane said yeah it was so good to see our family. They are all talking about how much taller Kyra is from Kyra’s mom. Kyra drinks some of Anthony’s tea and says that it was really good tea.
10:45 PM BBT Dane and Adam are in the kitchen they both head to the storage room. Adam tells Dane his mom make him sick. Adam says my mom says we are going to make it to the end. Adam says yeah me and you. Adam starts talking about past houseguests. They are calling the previous houseguests legends. Dane is making him and Adam some tea. Dane says we are almost out of milk. Adam says may be we will have some tomorrow. Anthony and Kyra are still in the Hottub area talking. Kyra is whispering. Dane and Adam comes out and joins them. Kyra tells them that the days go by faster since it is then end. Mark come out and joins everyone. Adam says since Sam has gone then his farts have gone down.

11:00 PM BBT They are all talking about their mom’s being there. Adam says my mom looked so beautiful today. Adam tells them she just got it cut recently. Anthony says that he is number one in the house. Kyra and Adam leave out to go play pool. Kyra said we she said today is going to be a good day my heart just melted. Dane come in from the hot tub area. Dane asks what are they doing. Kyra says Adam is practicing his break. Mark and Anthony leave the hot tub area. They said we are going to play tourney. They decide who is playing first, second, and third. Kyra and Anthony are the first to play. Mark says so I play the loser of this game. Mark and Adam are still trying to figure out how the game needs to be played. Mark says it doesn’t matter I will still beat you. Adam says that’s fine I can still beat Anthony and Dane. they are all laughing and having a good time watching Kyra and Anthony play. Anthony scratches and says it is Adam’s fault. Mark starts asking Dane about his teeth. Dane starts telling him that he is now on his fourth and fifth set of teeth. He tells Mark what happen to his previous teeth and how they went missing.
11:15 PM BBT Anthony wins the game. He goes inside to put socks on. Mark says so Kyra I am playing you next. Kyra says yeah. Adam and Dane set up to play. Mark says the pool table is not lined up with the mirror anymore so he can’t watch it tv style anymore. Anthony comes out and says Dane is killing you man. Anthony says Kyra let me borrow your glasses for a minute. They all start laughing. Adam wins. Mark and Kyra are now playing. Adam says Mark gets into his head when they play. They are all trying to help Kyra beat Mark. Mark says when he plays Adam and Anthony he legitimately plays Anthony says what about when you play Dane you just let him win. They all laugh. Adam is coaching Kyra. Mark wins. Anthony and Dane set up to play.
11:30 PM BBT Mark is whispering to Adam. Anthony tells Dane you are not going to get any balls in. they are talking about who is going to play next. Anthony says I am so mad I was wanting Dane to have four balls on the table when I beat him. Dane calls his next play but didn’t make the shot. Dane for the win. Anthony blows on the last ball. Adam and Mark set up for the next game.
11:45 PM BBT Kyra keeps yelling out Adam’s name. Adam tells Mark I just literally gave you the game. Anthony says Mark pulled out a Dane on Adam. They all start talking about Mark and his orange hat. Anthony asks are you guys hungry. Dane and Kyra say yes. Someone says we will eat soon. Anthony asks do we have any eggs. Kyra says there are a few eggs left we can possibly get some more tonight. Mark wins. Adam gets upset Adam plays Anthony. Mark says Adam would not shake my hand. Kyra says I ca go make something. Kyra says I am going to have some leftover lasagna. Anthony says wait and we will all eat together and make fun of Mark. Anthony says wait we can have the burgers tonight. Dane and Kyra are in the kitchen. Dane comes out to watch the guys play. Dane said I told you no negativity in Leon’s lounge Mark heads upstairs. Dane is watching Adam and Anthony play. Looks as though Adam is winning but Anthony does something to distract him. Anthony misses the hole. Anthony and Adam are having mor fun distracting each other. Anthony wins. Mark tells him Adam you said that you would shake my hand when the tournament was over. They all yell WAKE UP CANADA.


April 28, 2019


10:00-11:00 AM: Dane told Anthony that it has been the two of them since Day 2. He said “just like Kobe and Shaq, we didn’t see eye to eye but we made it”. Dane pitched that Anthony needs him just like he needs Anthony. Dane told Anthony that he cannot beat Adam, Kyra or Mark in a mental competition, but he can. Dane then revealed his cheat sheet that he has been using to study since the beginning. Dane insisted that Anthony will need him since the mental competitions are going to come, and he can help Anthony study too. Dane said the others will be scared of Anthony but he is not since he had a vision since Day 2 that they were going to be in the Final 2 together. Dane promised on his dad that he will take Anthony to the Final 2. Dane said he will not campaign against Mark if he goes up, and the only thing that he will say is that Anthony needs him. Dane again brought up that Kobe and Shaq didn’t agree on things but they went to the finals and won. Dane mentioned that everyone brings up how Anthony is such a good talker and he would be impossible to beat. Dane said he can beat Adam in the mental competitions that take place in Part 2 and Part 3 of the final HoH competition. Dane said he will persuade Adam to give him his vote, but he needs Anthony. Dane added that he will tell Adam to take Anthony if he wins, but he does not want Kyra to have the biggest move this season. Anthony listened on in silence and Dane continued to pitch. When Anthony broke his silence, he said “let’s meet up in one hour”.

11:00-12:00 PM: Anthony spoke to Adam about the situation at hand. He said Dane and Mark were in the middle of the alliance all season long, saying things to the two of them about each other. Anthony said those two painted the picture that Adam and Sam were trying to get him out. Adam denied it. Anthony told Adam that Dane was pushing to get Sam out since Day 1. Anthony said he figures that Dane was painting a picture that he hated Sam. Adam said he thought that Anthony was gunning for Sam the entire game, which Anthony denied.

12:00-1:00 PM: Adam brought up Anthony saying that he wants to get to the end with people that deserve it. Adam said it’s not good for him if Dane goes, since both Kyra and Mark will take him out. As for Dane, Adam said he is focused on getting Kyra out. Adam let Anthony know that he will not be doing a split vote. He doesn’t want Kyra to have the satisfaction of breaking the tie and making a speech to Dane. Anthony agreed. Anthony then talked about how he was always loyal to the boys, yet Dane and Mark played for themselves. Anthony said he doesn’t care what happens this week as long as they come to a collective agreement. Adam said he doesn’t think that Dane would put Anthony up. Anthony said Adam is 1000% not going if Dane stays, and he doesn’t think that he would go either. Adam said Mark is 1000% going to keep Kyra. Anthony agreed. For that reason, Anthony said Dane deserves to be there more. He suggested that Mark doesn’t care about loyalty. Anthony called Mark a savage that would stab him in the back. Anthony guaranteed Adam that he will not put him on the block. If Dane or Kyra win, Anthony said he would finesse them into keeping Adam. Adam said he would not nominate Anthony if he wins either. Anthony asked Adam if they are going to go Final 2. Adam said from everything that he has told him, yeah. Adam questioned if they are doing the same thing that they are talking about Dane doing in regards to the Final 2 deals. Anthony said no since Dane and Mark were plotting against them the entire time. Adam said Dane loves the show with a passion, whereas Mark doesn’t care about the people. Adam believes that Mark is pissed off at him due to not using the veto on him. On top of that, he doesn’t think that Mark likes him. Anthony said Mark is going to go on the block, and then the only way that this will work is if Adam acts surprised when Dane stays. Adam said it will be the best season ever if Kyra is blindsided after wanting to be the one to break the tie to evict Dane. Anthony said that he will tell Dane to pretend that he is going home.

2:00-3:00 PM: Anthony spoke to Dane. He said Dane needs to understand that he doesn’t fear anybody. Anthony brought up that Dane did some disloyal things, including taking out Cory. As for him, Anthony said he was loyal to Dane and put the two of them ahead of the Pretty Boys. While Anthony said his definition of a ride or die is different than Dane’s, he told Dane that he is a man of his word. Anthony clarified that him keeping Dane has nothing to do with beating anyone else. He said he is keeping Dane because he gave him his word. Dane told Anthony there was never a doubt in his mind that they wouldn’t be the two of them. Anthony said his definition of ride or die is that no matter what, you fight to the finish. Dane assured Anthony that that’s what he is going to do for him. Later, Kyra told Dane that they are going to do whatever they can to win, but they have to remind themselves that it’s not just about winning. Dane said he is doing that right now. Kyra told Dane that he played a good game and his dream may not be over, since he will get called back if there is an all star season. Dane brought up that he told Adam to vote him out since there is no point in not making it a 2-0 vote. Kyra said that they can break a tie since it’s poetic and would make for great TV. Dane said he wont tell Adam anything. Mark chatted to Anthony about not giving Kyra the opportunity to break a tie. Anthony agreed. He said he is not going to let Kyra humiliate Dane.

3:00-4:00 PM: In the kitchen, Dane told Adam that he really needs his vote. He mentioned that Anthony is leaning a certain way and he thinks that he can get his vote. Adam told Dane that he is not going anywhere. Dane said he can’t believe that Kyra had the nerve to tell him that they want to break a tie. Adam said he will jump for joy when Dane stays. While Dane said he would be sad for Mark, he thinks that he deserves to be there more. Adam agreed. Later, Anthony spoke to Kyra about Mark. He let them know that Mark will push the guys to stick to the alliance in order to get Kyra out next. Anthony brought up Mark saying that he is not there to make friends. Kyra said they have known that Mark was shady for a while now. Anthony accused Mark of being the first one to talk about going after the guys. Kyra believes that Mark wants to take them out because he knows that he can no longer beat them after the big move that they made this week.

6:00-7:00 PM: Feeds went down at 6:33.

9:00-10:00 PM: Feeds returned at 9:01. Adam used the Power of Veto on himself. Kyra nominated Mark as the replacement nominee. Kyra told Dane that they have been thinking a lot, and Mark is someone who is shady whereas Adam is someone that will be tough to beat. Kyra suggested that they could talk to Anthony in order to convince him to keep Dane. Even if that doesn’t work, Kyra pointed out that they would have the tie breaking vote. Kyra told Dane that he deserves to be there more than Mark does, and they can help him if he is willing to help them get Adam out. Dane said he can beat Adam in a competition. Kyra mentioned that Anthony will need to trust that Dane has broken away from Adam in order for this to work. Kyra added that they do not need to take Dane out if the two guys are no longer together.

10:00-11:00 PM: Kyra told Dane that he cannot let Adam catch on to the fact that they want to keep him. The two agreed to make a truce. Dane swore that he will not go after Kyra. Kyra said they have to be honest with each other moving forward, letting each other know when their names come up. Kyra advised Dane to continue to act mopey around the house. Afterwards, Dane hugged Anthony and told him that he loves him. Anthony let Dane know that he has got his back.

Tonight's Show

April 28, 2019

Previously, on Big Brother Canada, with the Pretty Boy machine in full throttle, the bros worked every angle to make sure they'd weather every storm. First, they roped Kyra into a final five. Then Adam and Dane doubled down and made a final three with Kyra, while the other half plotted a final two of their own. And on eviction night, the Pretty Boys dumped another sidekick to jury. 

Then Big Brother opened the trap door with the second double eviction of the season. Things got rolling when the Great Dane cued up another celebration making the Pretty Boys eighth win of the season. 

Then Dane put up Damien and Kyra on the block and the pretty boy lieutenant bagged a PoV win and dashed Damien's hopes. 

Then a unanimous vote sent a fan favorite to jury sealing the final five. With the Pretty Boys one win away from perfection, they are ready to write Big Brother history? 

We pick up after the double eviction on Day 55. Adam says the Pretty Boys just survived the double eviction and he can't believe it. It's been their plan to take Kyra to top 5 because they'd be easier to beat to make Final Four. 

Adam and the guys talk about how they convinced Damien to evict his ride or die and then they sent him home. Kyra says they are beyond relieved and they are thrilled their final five deal made earlier in the week became a reality. 

Anthony and Dane are in the bathroom area and Dane says he can't play HoH, but he knows the common goal is to get Kyra out. He says he did his part to get the Pretty Boys to top five and now the others need to finish it out and beat Kyra.

It's time for the HoH! The competition is called 'We Need an Answer.' Dane will ask a series of answers about the season, then they'll race to find the answer on their walls and hit their buzzer. But take too long and it will cost you because only the first three to ring in will get a chance to answer. The player with the most points will win HoH. Mark says he knows his days and he's been studying all season so this is his challenge to win. 

What was the name of the only PoV competition Eddie competed in? Mark rings in first, then Kyra. Adam and Anthony seemed stumped and Adam finally grabs an answer and buzzes in. 

They all say spaced out and they all get one point. Kyra, Mark, and Adam each get a point and Anthony has 0. Anthony says he didn't even know he was supposed to study days until week 3. But hey, at least he won't be seen as a mental threat. 

How many HGs were evicted without having been a Have-Not? Is the answer A. three or B. 4. Adam, Mark, and Kyra each ring in and Anthony is out again. Dane says Anthony, were you sleeping the whole season. Mark and Adam answer A and Kyra answers B. The answer is B and Kyra now has two points. Adam and Mark have 1 point. Anthony has 0. 

Kyra says they've been studying all season long and they feel really good about this competition. Next question: On what day was a HG evicted becoming the first member of the jury. Anthony, Kyra, and Adam ring in first. Kyra answers 41, Anthony answers 34, and Adam answers 41. The correct answer is 41 and Kyra has three points, Adam has two points, Mark has 1 point, Anthony has 0. 

In what PoV competition did a nominee win for the first time. Anthony is the last to buzz in. Kyra answers spaced out, Mark answers after, and Adam answers 36. Dane says what are these guys doing?!? The answer is Spaced Out and Kyra has four points, Adam has two points, Mark has 1 point, and Anthony has 0. 

Who was the first HGs to be Have-Not in back to back weeks? Adam, Anthony, and Kyra answers first. They all answer Samantha and they are correct. Kyra has 5 points, Adam has three points, and Mark and Anthony have 1 point each. 

What day did the very first PoV competition take place? Mark is very quick to ring in with Kyra right behind. Adam is stumped and Anthony rings in. Adam is repeating the question and he is still stumped. Adam is confusing PoV with HoH and can't find a number 1 and Dane keeps saying PoV. Everyone answered 8 and they are correct. Dane says Adam is very wrong. Kyra has 6 points, Adam has three points, Mark and Anthony have two points each. 

Which HGs won a PoV competition on day 22. Kyra, Adam, and Mark ring in first. They all answer Cory and they are all correct. Kyra now has seven points, Adam has four points, Mark has three points, and Anthony has two points. 

If Kyra answers this next question correctly, they'll be the next HoH. Which HoH competition took place following Kailyn's eviction? Adam rings in first, with Mark right behind. Kyra and Anthony are both looking. Kyra finally hits the button. Adam and Kyra answer Buzzkilled 2.0 and Mark answers Secrets and Spies. The correct answer is Buzzkilled 2.0 and Kyra is the new HoH! 

Adam goes and hugs them and says Samantha would be so proud of them. The guys all give hugs. Kyra can't believe it, they finally something. Kyra says the timing is perfect. It couldn't be better. Dane says this was three against 1. He would have killed this competition and those boys let him down. The greatest story ever written is the biggest fail of the season. 

The HGs head inside and Kyra says they've never been so grateful and proud. Adam and Kyra head upstairs and Anthony, Mark, and Dane are all in the kitchen talking about Adam. 

Adam says now that Kyra is HoH, one of the Pretty Boys has to go home. Now he has to push the final three he and Dane made with Kyra. Adam asks Kyra if they are down with this and Kyra says yeah. Kyra says he has Adam's back 110%, but they need to think. Adam says he has their back too. 

Mark says to Anthony and Dane, who would have thought? Dane says day 55, the end of the Pretty Boys. Kyra says now that they have some power, they can actually make a big move and big moves look good on a resume. Kyra likes Adam, but he's way more loyal to Dane and that causes them to doubt the final three. Kyra says Anthony and them had a rocky week last week, but they still are close to him. Kyra says Mark is annoying, but they have to think about this decision.

Anthony says maybe there will be a secret assassin who can evict the HoH. Who wants to see Kyra's HoH room! Kyra misses their family so much and they've wanted this room for so long. Kyra's video is from their nieces and nephew and they are proud of them and tell them to keep up the good work. Their nephew says they miss them so much and Kyra is their favorite Auntie! Kyra says seeing their faces made them even stronger for the final push. 

Anthony says last week Kyra and he had a bit of a disagreement, but he smoothed it over and they are tight again. Anthony and Kyra are in the storage room and he says they didn't just win the competition, they crushed it. Kyra says they'd take him to Wendy's and heads upstairs. 

Adam comes into the HoH room while Kyra is listening to music and they sit down to chat. Adam says they've basically had power now for two weeks and Kyra says Adam won't touch the block. Kyra says if they don't nominate Dane, then Anthony will know they're working together. Dane comes in and Kyra tells him if they don't put him up, Anthony will know they are working together. Kyra says they are considering putting Dane up as a pawn. Dane says he won't get mad about it just like Kyra didn't, but what if Anthony wins veto and pulls down Mark. Adam feels like they would keep Dane or Adam over the person. They tell Kyra to enjoy their music and head out. 

Kyra calls everyone to the living room. "HGs, Big Brother knows they are all tired of being Have-Nots and are sick of slop. They will now have the opportunity to close down the Have-Not room for the season. Since they've all spent a lot of time in The Archive room, they will now be quizzed on the contents." They will be given 30 minutes to study the room now. If they pass the quiz, they will close the Have-Not room for the season. If they fail, then they will ALL be Have-Nots for the rest of the season, including Kyra. 

Dane says he's tired of being a Have-Not and he wants to win. They all head into the room and decide to divide and conquer. They are reading the boxes and moving some around and doing some counting. Kyra gives a 15-minute warning and they are still studying. Dane says he can't reach the top shelf. Time is up! They must get 5 of seven questions correct to close the Have-Not room for the season.

Question #1 True or False: There were three pink binders on the desk. They answer True and they are correct. They have 1 point.

How many boxes said evidence on it? Anthony says seven before Kyra answers the question and they are correct and have two points.

On the emergency plan binder, what color what the Evacuation strip? They discuss red and green and Mark and Adam says red but Dane answers green. They have three points.

How many boxes in total were on the top shelf? Mark does some convoluted math and they answer 31 and Kyra says the answer is 35. They still have three points.

On the bright green folder standing on the shelf, what did the label say? They are all stumped. Anthony says the bright green folder? How the heck are we supposed to know this. Dane answers evidence. They are wrong, it says Heat Up Procedures for Glass Furnaces. They are still at three points. They must get the next two correct.

On the bingo card on one of the boxes what number was circled. Mark says I-24, he saw it. They answer it correctly. They must get the final question correct.

How many red binders in total were there in the room? Anthony says there weren't any red binders. They decide on 0. The answer is 2. 

It gets very quiet. Dane is waiting for the joke. Kyra says that means we're all Have-Nots for the season. Dane throws the board down. Kyra walks away. Dane hits the pool balls and Anthony says he can't do slop again. Kyra is crying and says they don't even get to sleep in the HoH room, they didn't even get to play. Kyra says being on slop sucks. It's unbearable to be around these people and these guys are going to be even more upset when they put them on the block. All the HGs are very upset. 

Kyra comes out of the DR and Dane calls everyone to the living room. Kyra reads since they have not taken this news well they'll be happy to hear Big Brother was pranking them! They all scream and celebrate.

Dane wants to play pool with Adam. Dane tells him he has a secret. He went to school and he's an engineer. He wanted everyone to think he was so dumb. Adam laughs and says designing buildings. Dane says he fooled everyone and Adam says he fooled him.

Anthony is talking to Mark in the blue bedroom and Anthony doesn't want Mark to touch the block because he's been loyal to him. He needs to give Mark so mojo to spit to Kyra so he can stay off the block. Anthony says his best shot to stay is to throw the other two guys on the bus. He says they just aren't smart enough and he needs to put jets on the plan.

Mark says Anthony has given him a plan and he needs to talk to Kyra and make them realize he is the best final two for them. He goes to talk to Kyra and Kyra says you're an option. Kyra says they are close to Adam, but they are going to run this HoH. Mark says he is a better position for Kyra in a Final Two as well as Anthony over Adam and Dane. Kyra says everything Mark says is true and noted. It's a lot to think about it.

Arisa comes on and says it's time for the annual Big Brother Canada awards and Canada can help decide the winners. Tune in next Sunday to see the BBCAN Awards, and visit

Kyra is bringing Anthony to Wendy's because even though they've had a rocky few weeks, he's still someone they want to work with. They say it's their first date and laugh. Kyra heads to get the food and it's Erica from Season 6. 

Erica congratulates Kyra and they get their food. 

Kyra tells Anthony they were leaning towards Dane and Mark up. Kyra says Adam and Dane want them to put up Anthony and Mark. Anthony says they've done so much sneaky stuff, and to Kyra, and that's disrespectful. Anthony says if Kyra wants Dane gone, that's fine. Kyra says even though they trust Anthony, no one else is going to tell them how to run their HoH. They are going to choose their own path to the end. Kyra says they are down with a Final Two and Anthony says they ARE the final two. 

Adam goes to talk to Kyra and Kyra says they are feeling good and going to do what they need to do. Kyra says they had some thinking to do and Adam needs to trust them. Kyra says no worries man. Adam says he's worried and he knows Anthony is really good with talking. Kyra says they made up their mind without Anthony. 

Kyra says my decision is my decision. Adam says fine, I'll win HoH next week and we'll be sitting in the finale laughing. Adam leaves and says Love ya and Kyra says love ya back. Kyra gets emotional after Adam leaves. We see shots of each of the HGs getting ready for the nomination ceremony.

Kyra heads to HQ and they say they finally have power in this game and they can't be called weak anymore. Kyra says they need to make a decision that will not only keep them safe next week but for the finals. Kyra says with only four people left, it's not really about ruffling feathers because either way, people will be upset. They need to think about what's best for their game moving forward and that means making hard decisions. Kyra says they are about to make the biggest move this season and they know they are about to make some people mad, but it's their decisions and they feel really good.

Time for the nomination ceremony! Kyra's first nominee is Dane and the second nominee is Adam. Adam says they could have put Kyra up last week and they'd have been walking out of this house. Kyra says they know Adam is loyal to them, but he's more to loyal to Dane. 

Adam says you know what? I'm loyal to this and he motions to all the guys. Since day one. He says Kyra is lucky they are here right now. Kyra says they know they are and that's why they need to play smart. Kyra says they know, everyone knew. Adam says no one did anything about it. 

Kyra says they nominated Dane because he won HoH three times and put them on the bock every time. Dane is a strong competitor and they couldn't beat him in the end. Kyra says they nominated Adam so he couldn't take Dane down or save him. Kyra says they'd be insane to go to final three with him and Dane. Kyra says they didn't come to play for third, they came to win. 

Adam hugs Dane and heads into the storage room very upset. Adam is mad that Kyra put him on the block. Adam says he did everything he could to keep them safe and this is how they repay him? Adam says he just blew up the Pretty Boys, but he doesn't care. If he's going down, then they're going down with him. Who will win the Pretty Boys showdown? Find out Wednesday, on Big Brother Canada.


April 28, 2019

8:00 – 8:44 AM BBT HGs still sleeping; lights still down.
8:45 AM BBT First wakeup call, followed immediately by the rooster. Mark asked to do battery exchange. Dane up and offers to do it. He tells Kyra the tv says the ceremony is today. Dane gets coffee brewing. Alarm clock rings at 8:51. Adam called to the DR, he’s off-cam but on-mic; he says he had just told them he was going to look at his injured toe and shower and they call him into the DR. Anthony joins Dane in the pantry and they discuss the fact the ceremony is today and what it may mean.
9:00 AM BBT Mark lounging in bed in the blue br, as per usual. Anthony in the kitchen preparing his coffee. Kyra calls down to ask Anthony if BB had said something sthey’d missed and he says no and they get called out for talking about production. Adam asks (off-cam) if they think the ceremony today will be followed by an instant eviction. Dane outside having a smoke and his coffee. Mark and Anthony talk in the blue br; they think it’s going to be an instant eviction followed by a battleback. Mark tells Anthony that they need to beat Adam because he’s a freak of nature. Down in the kitch, the ‘freak of nature’ is preparing everyone’s breakfasts again. Adam and Kyra talk about the possibility of it being an instant; then Kyra and Anthony discuss the same. Kyra joins Mark and Dane around the hot tub. They talk about Dane’s schooling; Dane says that Coco is just finishing her second degree, and she’s the reason he got through school.
9:15 AM BBT Mark, Dane and Kyra out by the hot tub, drinking coffee and chatting. Anthony and Adam in the kitchen while Adam prepares breakfast; Anthony says that this is the time of the game where people are going to talk to him about Adam. Anthony says that Adam already knows where it is, and Dane joins them in the kitchen. Adam says he doesn’t plan on campaigning from here on out, he’ll just play hard and it’ll be what it is. They talk about the lights coming on in the bedroom. Dane says he did 2 years of college for civil engineering, worked a bit and didn’t like it so he tried to go back to school to become a physiotherapist. His current boss agreed to help him through his degree and then he could buy the company. Mark joins them in the kitchen and Anthony is called to the DR; he thinks that is sinister. He’s back quickly, and the guys settle in to eat breakfast.
9:30 AM BBT Everyone in the kitchen/dining area, eating breakfast and chatting. Kyra heads up to the HoH room, but tells the guys they are welcome to come listen to music if they like. Adam says it would be crazy if it was an instant today, and the guys agree. They finish eating and clean the kitchen. Up in the blue BR, Dane is packing his belongings. Mark joins him, but only stays long enough to get dressed and tells him he’s heading outside. Dane continues to pack and says it’s been quite a ride.
9:45 AM BBT Anthony, Adam and Mark around the hot tub, soaking up rays and talking about past HGs and how and when they talked to them about the PB. They think that Kyra is lying about knowing about he PB all along, and that they’re asking questions but claiming they already know the answers. Anthony says they all speculated about the alliance but no one knew for sure. They keep talking about how great they’ve played, and how they’ve had everyone fooled all this time.
10:00 AM BBT Out in the HOT TUB area Adam, Anthony and Mark are still talking about Damien and his game play. Kyra has joined the guys in the backyard. Dane is there as well. They are now trying to figure out when they left their homes. Dane and Adam say they left on February 18th Kyra and Mark since February 22nd Anthony says the same. Kyra says my battery is full if anyone wants to listen. Adam says I may but Mark the hog over there. Kyra says Mark listens to everyones music the most out of everybody. Mark says No Este did. Adam says This was the first comp I never got an scars in. Anthony decides to go shower and brush his teeth
10:15 AM BBT In the Blue Bedroom Dane is talking to Anthony telling him that he needs him in this game. Dane shows him his calendar and says I can teach you. Dane says I can beat Pike in a physical and I can beat Kyra Mark and Adam in a mental. I swear on my Dad that I will take you over Adam or Mark. Dane continues with Everyone is scared of you in the final. I love you man. I have been watching the game for 20 years. I am not campaigning man I am just saying You need me. I think you can’t beat them in a mental. Dane explains how is calendar works. Anthony is just listening. Dane says I am showing you this because as you will need me down the stretch as I need you. I don’t want Kyra to have made the biggest move this season and right now they have. I am sorry we never seen eye to eye this season but we need each other. Dane tells him he was going to show you this at Final 3 but if I leave this is yours. I run every day and go over the days while I am running. I have been watching this game for 20 years I will take you over Adam I will convince Adam that it is him and me at Final 2 but I will take you. If Adam beats me I will convince him to take you. I got this game. Dane says that he never wanted to go against him. He doesn’t want to leave it to chance for someone to win the mental. Anthony says lets meet up in one hour. Dand says again “I got you man” and leaves the room. Anthony sits on the bed putting his head in his hands. Dane heads to the washroom and is pulling clothes out of the laundry. Anthony leaves the blue room and goes to the washroom. At the pool table, Adam and Mark are playing pool. Dane heads back downstairs and joins them at the pool table. Mark tells Dane that Adam had a ball that rode the edge of the pool table and went in the hole. Mark ends up winning the round and Dane plays him next. The boys are just in general conversation about the game of pool.
10:30 AM BBT Adam goes to the storage room. He comes back. Something happens with the pool table and they tilt the table to put something under it to make it level. They talk about playing pool outside the house and how they never had time to play. Dane says he is getting is a@@ handed to him in this game right now. Mark wins again. Dane heads outside to smoke. Mark talks about playing pool where he put cups in the holes so that he could play more games.Adam and Mark do rock paper scissors to see who breaks. Adam calls Mark scissors McGee. Mark says that’s because Adam always does paper. Dane is in the bathroom. Anthony is brushing his teeth. Dane heads to the blue room and says under his breath “Please put up Mark and give me hope”. He says that if they put up Duggie he is done. If they catch wind he is close with Anthony he is f%c*ed. He says he is not dead yet. He takes his towel and heads to the bathroom. Anthony is still in the bathroom getting ready.
10:45 AM BBT Dane is getting ready for a shower. Anthony heads to the blue room for a few seconds to grab lotion and heads back to the washroom to the mirror to apply it He finishes and heads back to the blue room, puts his socks on and makes his bed. He heads to the kitchen and fills up his water bottle. Anthony goes to the pool room. Dane is done with his shower and he is doing his hair. Anthony heads outside. Dane is brushing his teeth and spraying his hair.
11:00 AM BBT Mark and Adam are still playing pool. Dane heads downstairs. He watches Mark and Adam play pool. Mark is calling the balls. Mark wins again. Adam says he beat him 3-5 and he is going outside with Dane to smoke. Dane says it’s a nice day and Anthony says it’s beautiful. Dane lights a cigarette. Mark comes outside. Adam is in the storage room. Kyra come sin the storage room. She grabs some coffee. She tells Adam that the music player is free if he wants it. He says maybe later. She adds some milk to her coffee. Adam is eating fruit. Kyra leaves the storage room. Adam fills a glass of ice with water, grabs the broom and takes it to the pool table and brushes it off with the broom. Dane comes in and Adam asks him if he talked to Anthony. Dane says yes, he tells him what he talked to Anthony about this morning. He says that Mark will pull the strongest player off and then he will have a great chance of winning HOH. He said that he told Anthony if they are going to let Kyra pull the biggest game move of the season. He says that Anthony told him he has to think. Dane heads to the storage room and sees there is no more coffee. He rinses out his glass and fills it with water. He goes into the storage room and grabs a lemon out of the fridge. He goes back into the kitchen and squeezes lemon into his water.
11:15 AM BBT He heads back outside where everyone is. Anthony says he was supposed to bring something to the pantry and he forgot last night. He heads back inside as Adam says he guesses they will workout. Anthony heads upstairs leaving everyone else outside. He grabs something from the blue room and takes it to the storage room and leaves it on the counter. He goes to the DR door and presses the button. The Green light glows and he goes in. The HG outside are talking about a past season where a HG got so heated he pulled a door off the hinges. Mark says he is going in to get a muffin and he can split it with someone. He heads inside. The HG outside just sit in silence. Adam says he thought he saw a spider. Anthony sorta freaks and says where? Kyra says what a big man and afraid of showers. Adam talks about his house being infested with earwigs. Feeds go down at 11:29 AM BBT The return 2 min later at 11:32 AM BBT
11:30 AM BBT Dane is sitting in the kitchen with Mark. Outside, Kyra asks why they feel so guilty for playing a game. Anthony says it’s because they are emotional like he is. Kyra says that now they see they can have emotions and not play with emotions, except with Chelsea. Anthony tells them that they did something legendary. Kyra says that they have to remind themselves that it’s not a popularity contests. They like it when everyone is happy but you can’t make everyone happy when only one person wins. It’s goes against how they are. Kyra says in 14 days they can see their family again. They say they will miss it in the house but that they are almost at the end, They say it’s actually 12 days left. Kyra says they home their mom is at the finale for sure. Anthony says they came hard this week but it has to be harder next week. Kyra says it will be hard to beat Adam, Anthony says real hard. Kyra says he has won almost every comp. They say if he did win veto and choses who leaves, that he will win final two. They say that Adam will not take them or Mark because they are good with their days. Anthony says that he only feels safe with Kyra and that he can not trust the truth from anyone but them. Kyra says that they think he can trust Mark. They say now it will come down to hustle and luck. The loyalty thing got everyone here now it’s hustle and luck. Anthony says still loyalty. Kyra says they ahve to go against Adam and that they were loyal to him the last few weeks. Anthony said that they will take him down and not to worry. Kyra says that Adam has a God complex and that they have to play into it. They say he plays a bad social game and without comps he would not be here. Kyra tells Anthony that Corey propositioned her in the file room to a final two. Kyra said that she was not going to be in the house and she didn’t want to lie to Corey. Kyra said they didn’t even have a final two with Chelsea. They didn’t want to make a commitment and break it. Kyra said that because Anthony knew so much in the game they thought Anthony had some sort of breach or spy access. Anthony said it’s because he was observant. Kyra says that some things he guessed Kyra only said in the DR. Kyra said that it took them some time to learn how to center themselves. Kyra says that this week would be so much harder if Anthony was not still in the house. They say that they need someone to have their back. Kyra says that their family has dinner every Sunday and they think that they sit and watch together and that this is their episode. They are proud to make their family proud because they are the screw up in the family big time. Kyra says they saw their potential but they didn’t see it in themself and that was frustrating to them. Kyra feels that the jury house will be shocked. No one will think that Kyra had it in them. They said only Corey would. One thing Kyra says they regret that they should have been a friend to Corey the day after Sam left and that they owe her an apology and that it wasn’t fair. Kyra says Sam will be beyond impressed because Kyra has wanted Dane out since week 2. They talk about Sam being alone in the Jury House for a while. They say that BB would give her things to do and that she has a chance to unwind. Kyra asks Anthony who he thinks is following him the closest. He says his mom is not tech savvy and refuses to get a phone. He tells Kyra about his mom. He talks about getting her a cell phone.
11:45 AM BBT Dane and Adam play pool. Mark watches. Kyra and Anthony are still outside. Anthony is still talking about his mom and the cell phone. He says after two hours on the phone getting her a phone she called and canceled the order for the phone. He says his mom is afraid of technology. Then he tried it again to get her a phone. They talk about a bruise on Anthony’s leg. Anthony gets up and stands in the shade. Anthony said if he works out his legs, he would never find nice pants to fit. They talk about Anthony’s mom and a cell phone again. Dane is upstairs in the bathroom. Anthony heads back inside. Mark and Kyra are left outside. Anthony goes into the store room with Adam. He asks Anthony what he is thinking. Adam tells Anthony that Dane says that he talked to him. Adam says it’s a big decision for sure. Anthony says his issue is he doesn’t understand why Dane came to him and tells him all these things about Adam but that he doesn’t see it. Anthony says that Dane and Mark are saying things to Adam about him and to him about Adam and it didn’t make sense. He says that knew that by the way Adam was talking and acting that what Dane and Mark was saying was not true about Adam and Sam wanting to get him out of the house. He tells Adam that Sam wanted to get Adam out and that’s why he didn’t like Sam. He said he didn’t think it was a problem because Adam could have worked it out and that they could have used Sam. Anthony says that Dane told him that he made a deal with Adam that he wouldn’t get out Sam and Adam would keep Este. Adam says yes that conversation happened.
12:00 PM BBT Anthony said that he had Corey on lock and that she would have been loyal to the boys. Anthony continues with Why did Dane want Sam out so hard. Why did Dane paint the picture to you that I wanted Sam out.He says his biggest issue with Sam was she started throwing Mark’s name and Dane and my name out I decided she needed to go. I had enough votes to keep you over her. Kyra enters and Anthony continues with I even told Kyra that. Kyra says I hated her Anthony says No you loved her almost as much as Adam did. Kyra agrees saying Sam is their best friend. Adam put a band aid on Kyra’s arm and they leave. Adam says to Anthony whatever you decide. Anthony leaves he comes back after he checks to see who is around. Adam says If Dane goes home and if anyone else sits on the block beside me I am going home. Adam says Dane says he told me he was going after Kyra but you let me know if you are voting to keep Mark and I will do the same because I am not giving Kyra the chance to break a tie. Anthony is explaining how he played this game by not lying to anyone. He says I played to keep PB safe. He is explaining How many times Mark and Dane have brought up his name. Anthony says I don’t care f you had a final 2 with Dane because Dane is a What if type of guy and I don’t care. Anthony continues with I almost slipped out there with Mark because the whole Damien thing was Dane. Anthony says I don’t know why they kept telling you that you were safe with Damien. He continues with I set up the whole fight with you and Kyra to get to Este and you know what she said She would get you out then Dane then it would be me and her to the end. Anthony says I spent the whole game trying to keep safe Yes I had to do to keep Dane safe too but mainly it was to keep you safe. Adam says I never even see it that way. It is crazy. Dane made Final 2 with everyone. Anthony says Why did Dane always bring up getting Adam out same as Mark Why did they keep bringing up getting you out. My loyalty has always been my downfall but that’s how I ride.
12:15 PM BBT Anthony says The only thing that I do know is you never once came to me and said let’s get Mark or Dane out. Adam says I know Mark is 1000% keep Kyra. Anthony says Dane will go after Kyra not us. Anthony says Mark told me I am not here to make friends I came here to win I don’t care about any of you. He continues with Mark will stab me in the back because he has no loyalty. But if you switch Dane is always a what if type of guy. Anthony says then there’s you and me you have been the most loyal. Anthony says When Kyra won I knew what to say. Anthony says Kyra didn’t lie. Anthony says It was easy to take over Kyra’s HOH Anthony says There is one thing I can promise you I will not put you up and I can finesse Mark and Kyra if they win that you will not go home. Adam says Dane told me I don’t want to go home on Kyra’s HOH so if we keep him he will target Kyra. Anthony says I am going to ask you once and take your word because I have never lied in this game. Do we have a Final 2. Adam says After everything you told me Yes but we just finished talking about all of Dane’s final 2s aren’t we doing the same. Anthony says No because we are doing it late in the game. Adam says Dane loves this game same as me.Dane has watched every single season from the states and here. Adam says Mark hates me and he told me if he had won the double I was going up. Anthony says You need to tell Dane that we talked and it is in your hands. Anthony says Just tell Dane that I told you that I had to think about somethings. Adam says I know Mark will put me up in a heartbeat. Anthony says Go to Kyra and tell them that you are giving your vote to Dane. Anthony says I am going to say to Dane that I want the people who worked the hardest to get here.
12:30 PM BBT So then I will tell him I am going to vote to keep him. Adam says I am a huge fan of this show and the both of us staying will be great. Adam says All season long that you have done things and everyone in the jury knows that. Adam thinks that if him and Anthony are Final 2 Anthony will win. Adam says I don’t care if I win I want to go to the end of the game with someone who is loyal. . Anthony says I give you my word I will not put you up and if someone else does I will finesse it so they don’t because that is what I do. The conversation ends and Adam goes to workout saying Wild man Wild. Anthony has joined Kyra and Dane in the Hot Tub Area with Kyra saying It has been a journey. Kyra says Tonight’s show is going to be a shocker. Dane leaves and Kyra starts telling Anthony that Dane told her a lot of things and said he is sorry. Kyra says they all know that we are close. They continue with We told him Mark is the replacement nom. They say he tried to tell us that we would win against Adam and it is nice that he tried to set up his friend. Kyra says that They are proud and thank Anthony for having their back this whole game but especially this week. Anthony asks them what they think will happen to day. Kyra says Well at first I thought an instant but it isn’t going to be late and we have another HOH. They continue with or someone goes home this week and then an HOH then fast noms and POV Ceremony and someone goes home next Sunday. Then we have 3 days for 3 comps. Inside Adam is working out and Mark and Dane are playing a game of call shot pool.
12:45 PM BBT Back outside Anthony and Kyra are talking about how they felt when they thought they were going to be HN for the rest of the season. They tell Anthony that they feel that Anthony will win HOH. Anthony says No matter what happens we will discuss it. Kyra says They are grateful that he showed them all his cards. Anthony says I knew I could always trust you but you were so close to Sam. Kyra says they never thought that Sam would betray them. Kyra says Dane thinks Adam’s social game got so good after Sam left but both of them think it didn’t improve. Kyra says No matter what happens now We are proud of the game we played. Kyra says This game is about getting out of your comfort zone. Adam tells Anthony that he feels guilty because I am doing the same thing as Dane has done. Anthony says No you are not I told you. Adam says to Kyra and Anthony that it would be good if Sam was still here. Anthony says to Kyra after Adam left I am so sick of the Sam thing. He tells them that Adam is like you he doesn’t want to believe Sam would turn against him. Anthony says if Adam and Sam were on the block together he would take Sam off the block if he won Veto.
1:00 PM BBT Mark and Dane are playing pool. Anthony is telling Adam that he told Kyra that they were talking about Sam. He continues with You were just as loyal to the PB as me and that is who I want to sit next too. When we sat in that HOH Room and I told you I think I can beat you and Dane and Mark I was being honest. Back in the kitchen he is telling Kyra that he told Adam he was sorry for saying what he did about Sam but it was the truth. Mark joins them and Anthony says Adam is mad at me now because I told him Sam wasn’t really into him. Mark went to see if there was another can of tuna. Kyra is cutting up strawberries to put in the tuna salad. Mark comes back saying I knew when I came into the house I wasn’t getting in a showmance because you have to have someone like you first and that wasn’t going to happen.
1:15 PM BBT Dane is making a smoothie Anthony and Mark are watching Kyra make a tuna salad. Dane is heading outside with his smoothie. Mark has made a new game of spinning the mayo lid and running a finger around the spinning lid without touching it. Dane is outside saying to himself I ain’t going home I’m not going home. The salad is made and Kyra Anthony and Mark are eating it. Outside Adam and Dane are talking Adam is telling Dane what he said to Anthony. Dane says I told him that he needed me. Dane says My bags are packed and I am walking around sad. Adam says I told him Mark isn’t going to take you. Adam says he never said anything. Adam says I told him that Anthony worked his ass off all season. Adam says Next week we just have to win the Veto. Anthony joins them and Dane says Mark’s favorite player is Kevin who cut the strongest player at the end. He isn’t going to take either of you to Final. Adam says That if Dane goes this week and I don’t win Veto next week I’m gone. Mark has joined them so the conversation changes to Dane telling them that they need to fight hard to get Kyra out next week. Dane says You have to do it for me. The Pretty Boys made all these moves but Kyra made the biggest move. The conversation switches to if the HOH at Final 4 wins Veto they take someone down and that person decides who goes home. The conversation switches to lasts year top 4 POV Comp.
1:30 PM BBT The conversation is on food Feeds go down at 1:35 PM BBT They come back with the boys in the backyard asking each other questions about days.Dane asks If they think he is going home today and should he wear his suit or not. He is shaving his beard off because he says his mom will kill him. He continues with F***ing Kyra. All I want is for you 3 to be in Final 3. In the kitchen, Kyra tells Adam about the dishwasher and that the dishes were clean and that Mark put a bowl of tuna that he rinsed in the clean pile. Kyra asks if Mark has ever lived alone?? If he did for a bit his place was probably a mess. Kyra says she she would be grossed out if they used a dish for cereal or yogurt and it had tuna in it. Adam is grating something. Kyra is making Iced Tea. Outside, Mark and Anthony are talking about taking out Kyra. Mark said that Adam may take him out because he is good at mental and that he would take Anthony out because he has played a good social game. Mark says if it’s them both in the final two that he would win 5/2. Anthony says he doesn’t think so. Anthony had never been on the block or won HOH so didn’t piss anyone off. Anthony tells Mark about all the scores that he had in the game. Mark said that Dane told him he would not campaign. Anthony says no he will not. Mark says he looks different today. Anthony says he told Dane that Kyra made this move and it sucks and that we wish we could have made final 4. He says Dane asked if he had his vote and Anthony said no and said it was a big move by Kyra and eventually we were going to have to start thinking about this and that he is sorry. He says that Dane said wow what a game. He says it sucks to see someone go. Mark asks if Adam will vote for the tie. Anthony says no. Mark asks if Anthony respects Dane or Kyra more. Dane comes outside. Mark asks 50/50 and Anthony shakes his head. Mark says take it or leave it then. The stop talking.
1:45 PM BBT Dane says he drives a truck at home. That he needs to get ready for the hockey season. Dane’s mic is not turned up so it’s hard to hear what he is saying but he is talking about his job. Mark asks if his job is hard work. Dane says the fieldwork is hard but as a lab guys are not too hard. Dane says he will work every Saturday but that he is hungover but he will work. They ask if he is hungover every weekend he says yeah. He talks about some of the people at work. He talks about the equipment he uses. Mark asks if he makes good money. Dane says he has been working for a year in June. Anthony gets up to go inside and says he doesn’t want to get too dark. Dane says he makes $25 an hour. He said if he goes up to an engineer he will make a lot more. Dane says that he works for his step dad and that he owns the company but that he will need to go back to school to get degrees to run the company. They talk about schooling. Anthony is in the kitchen with Adam alone as Kyra goes outside. They talk about Mark’s conversation with Anthony and Adam talking to Dane. Adam says that Mark said he was not here to make friends but he was here to make money. Anthony said it hurt his feelings a bit and that he said it with a certain tone. Adam said he asked Dane that question too. Kyra told Adam that Dane is getting ready to go that his bags are packed and that he gave Kyra back Sam’s glasses. Adam said that it could twist. They say it is a crazy game. Adam said that two guys have never sat in the finals in BBCAN. Adam goes through the seasons who were the final two.
2:00 PM BBT The conversation in the kitchen between Adam and Anthony continues with the only time there was two guys was in the states. Anthony went to ask for lettuce and tomatoes. Anthony says he has 4 or 5 friends that he talks to everyday. Adam says He has 3 friends like that. Adam says his friend Danny and him are like that his friend Terry was the same. Adam is making burgers for everyone. Anthony says F***ing Este man so sneaky. Adam says Sam too I guess. Adam says Do you think that she is like that in real life. Anthony says No I don’t think so it was game. Anthony says She was a genius really because she would tell people yes I have Adam but I need to play my own game. Adam says Your Social Media is going to skyrocket. Dane has joined them. Anthony shows How much of a tan he got in 10 minutes outside. Anthony goes to talk to Dane for a minute. Anthony goes into the Blue Room and says I wanted to talk to you but I need you to understand something. I don’t fear anyone on this planet I don’t fear Adam in a physical or mental comp. My loyalty has been with you but you did some shady things. Anthony says the whole thing with. Cory you went behind my back and never came to me. You were the target when Cory was HOH but I changed it. If I decide to keep you is not because I need you it will be because of my loyalty. My boys are watching this at home and they know what is going on in my head. Dane says Throughout this whole season I never thought of anything but us . Dane says At first Este was saying your name and I changed it so she would think Adam and Kyra.Dane continues with but my goal has never changed my vision was always you and me at Final 2. Dane says I never wondered away from that vision. Anthony says My vision of Ride or Die is you fight til the end. They hug it out. Anthony leaves and Dane is crying. Anthony comes back in and says I am going to tell Adam that I am still thinking.
2:15 PM BBT Dane says I am still go to act like I am leaving Kyra told me they were putting up Mark. My vision is still there and Adam knows nothing about what is between us. In the kitchen Mark is watching Adam cook burgers. Dane is wondering if he should wear his suit if it is an instant eviction. He says his bags are all packed all he has to do is bring it down. Mark and Anthony are going to play a game of pool while Adam finishes preparing burgers. Outside by the Hot Tub Kyra and Dane are talking and sharing a smoke. Kyra says At the end of the day it is we have to do what we have to do to win. Dane says It is just hard to thinking of my game is over. Kyra says You played a good game. They continue with If there is an all stars season you will get called back. Dane says I am going out with my head held high. Kyra says We know we can’t beat you. Dane says My bag is packed but I want to wear my grandma’s suit if I go out right away but if it is a normal ceremony I will wear regular clothes. Kyra says Your one mistake was winning the double. Dane says I thought Mark and Adam would have won it. Kyra says We don’t think that Mark is as smart as me so he would have put up me and Adam. Dane says Adam is good with both physical and mental.
2:30 PM BBT Kyra continues with Adam needed to win because he always had a target on his back. Dane tells them that he will vote with his head. Kyra says Mine is the underdog story. Dane says Everyone loves the underdog. Dane says I knew Este was going home but I feel bad for the lies I told her. Dane says I told Pike not to vote for me. Kyra says Well he can vote for you and we can break the tie that would be poetic. Dane says I saved you on a tie. Dane says The love of my life is Coco even though we broke up 3 years ago I have been trying to get back with her. They both head inside.In the kitchen Adam Mark and Anthony are eating hamburgers. Kyra has joined them for a hamburger. Dane has joined them. They are all exchanging their batteries for the 2nd daily battery exchange. There is no conversation at all as all the HGs are eating .
2:45 PM BBT There is still no conversation as all the HGs are still eating. Adam says Do you know what we never did but talked about is pancakes. Anthony says That was amazing Thanks Adam. Anthony asked if there is shade in the backyard. Adam says Yup it is smoke time. Anthony is helping Adam clean up the kitchen. Anthony heads outside. Dane offers to clean up but Adam says I would rather it get done now. Kyra comments They always get tired after they eat. Adam says I hate crumbs and I hate clutter. Kyra asks him if his roommates are clean. Mark and Anthony are talking Mark is saying we can’t beat Adam. Anthony says It is what it is. Mark says Next week is going to be crazy I hope you or I win. Kyra has joined them. Mark asks Kyra how they were when they started smoking. They say I had my first cigarette when I was 11 but became a smoker when we were 17.
3:00 PM BBT Dane & Adam talk game. Dane says that he’s going to act defeated. Adam says to Dane that he’s got his vote. Dane & Adam walk outside to the HT area. Anthony says that he doesn’t like the sun. Anthony says “black people don’t like sitting in the sun.” Kyra says “ever?” Anthony confirms. Kyra says that they’re opposite. Dane says that portuguese people love the sun. They chat for a while.
3:15 PM BBT HGs are relaxing outside. BB says “Please wake up. Nap time is over.” Mark & Anthony say that they weren’t napping, just enjoying the sun. After laying on his back for a while, Adam lays on his stomach. Mark gets up and goes inside.


3:30 PM BBT Dane is playing Pool. Kyra says that the veto ceremony is weirdly late than usual. Anthony agrees. Dane enters outside, and Anthony leaves, saying “to grab my water.” Kyra asks Dane if he’s going to go in the hot tub. Dane says that he might. Kyra leaves, saying that they’re going to get changed. Mark goes back outside. In the BlueBR, Anthony says to Kyra “Mark is being so weird.” Anthony says that Mark said that they need to get out Kyra. Anthony says that if they take out Kyra, they’re still be PB. Anthony says that he’s being shady. Anthony says to keep this between them, saying that Mark said that he loves snakes in the game, mentioning Kevin. He says that Mark said “I don’t give a fuck about you. I’m here to play a game.” Anthony says that he said that on week 3. They both go to HoH. Kyra says that Mark is psychotic, and talks about something he did before. Anthony says that after Dane won the second HoH, Mark was talking about taking out Adam. Anthony says that it was too early. They talk game. Anthony says that he’s psychotic. Kyra says that Mark isn’t winning Jury. Kyra talks game, then Anthony says to Kyra “keep doing what you’re doing.”
3:45 PM BBT Anthony enters BlueBR. Anthony says that Mark is acting really weird. Anthony says that he hasn’t said anything to Kyra. Anthony says that Mark made a F2 with Kyra. Dane says that Kevin did that too in a previous season, making deals with people. Dane says that he wants to see the look on their face when Dane stays with a unanimous 2-0 vote. After Anthony leaves, Dane says “you think we’re stupid, Mark?” Kyra enters. Dane says that “it all fit” (in his suitcase). After a while after Kyra leaves, Dane says “bags are packed. Stay in the house.” Before they get back outside, Anthony tells Dane to not make people get suspicious and Mark will tell people “to put up Anthony. Mark’s smart like that.”
4:00 PM BBT Adam jokes that he’ll keep counting the days when he leaves the BB house, like when he goes to the grocery store. The chat for a while. They laugh about studying in the archive room. They all chat for a bit.
4:15 PM BBT Adam asks “when’s the ceremony happening?” Mark asks “doesn’t it usually happen early in the day?” Adam says that it’s usually later in the season. After a while, Mark asks Kyra “you good?” Kyra says “yeah. Just tired.” Dane gets called to the DR.
4:30 PM BBT After a while, Kyra says “I miss sex and women and orgasms.” Kyra then realizes that her family’s watching and says “I was just kidding.” They all continue to relax. Mark leaves to get dressed in RedBR. Kyra says that it’s weird that the veto ceremony is so late, and predicts that the next eviction is an instant eviction. Kyra tells Adam to go ahead and give Dane his vote because “that’s his boy.” Kyra asks Anthony what his mom is doing right now. Anthony says that his friends are probably keeping her busy to keep her mind off of things. Kyra tells Anthony that he has good friends.
4:45 PM BBT When they’re alone, Kyra & Anthony talk game about Mark. Anthony says to Kyra “don’t worry.” Mark enters. They change the conversation to food. Dane enters a while later. They chat for a bit. Kyra gets called to the DR. The HGs continue to talk about family.
5:00 PM BBT Dane & Adam talk in SR. Adam recalls what Kyra said to him. Dane says “what a fucking bitch.” BB tells Dane to “watch your language.” Dane leaves after a while.
5:15 PM BBT Kyra, Dane, and Anthony are relaxing outside. Adam is playing Pool. Mark & Dane chit-chat.
5:30 PM BBT Feeds go down for a few minutes. Mark, Dane, and Anthony head back inside. Adam goes in the shower. Kyra asks Dane what hat to wear. Dane whistles at Kyra as they come out of the blueBR. Kyra laughs. Kyra & Anthony chat outside for a bit. Kyra asks how he’s trying to sell it. Anthony says that he’s delusional and “doesn’t like you in the game” Anthony says to let him think and say whatever. Anthony says that if Adam wasn’t such a big player, then “we might have to get out Mark next.” Kyra says that they can’t beat Adam in mental, but not physical. They both continue to talk game. Anthony leaves to get ready.
5:45 PM BBT In the blueBR, Dane says to Mark & Anthony “whoever it is, I’m not campaigning.” Mark says that it’s a brotherhood. All the HGs continue to get ready for the veto ceremony. Adam & Mark play Pool.
6:00 PM BBT Dane is in the blue bedroom getting ready. He leaves out to head into the bathroom. Mark , Adam, and Kyra are outside Kyra is watching Mark and Adam playing pool. Mark is telling Adam about how he tried to explain what happened when he was trying to play one time and it did not go into the right hall. Kyra calls Dane handsome when he comes outside. Dane and mark are now setting up to play a game of pool. Adam and Kyra are watching them. Anthony comes out and joins them. Kyra and Anthony has moved inside and are sitting on the chairs under the stairs.
6:15 PM BBT Kyra is telling Anthony it’s hard to do it all the time. Dane heads upstairs and Kyra asks him if he is going to wear the blazer he goes and picks up the blazer. Kyra asks Anthony if he is ok he says yeah. Kyra says he definitely understands that. Kyra is telling Anthony about wear Kyra leaves. Dane comes downstairs and puts on his microphone. Dane asks Mark and Adam when is it going to starts Adam said they told us 15 minutes. Kyra is telling Anthony about a previous relationship and how the girl stalked Kyra on facebook. Kyra said the girl would bash Kyra on facebook. Kyra said she was the one at the time however Kyra does not know if she is the one that Kyra wants to reconsider a relationship with because the girl would enable Kyra.
6:30 PM BBT Dane is sitting on the sofa. Dane walks to the DR. Kyra tells Anthony that I am a very emotional person and people try to take advantage. 6:34 PM BBT FEEDS GO DOWN


April 27, 2019


6:00-7:00 PM: Feeds went down at 6:24 for the veto competition.

10:00-11:00 PM: Feeds returned at 10:01. Adam won the Power of Veto. Dane told Adam that they have got to get Mark up on the block. Kyra came by to bring Dane some pizza. They told him that it’s just a game. After Kyra left, Dane said that he should have got Kyra out in week two. Later, Kyra told Adam they knew that he would win the veto. Adam said they didn’t know that for sure. Kyra explained that they had to put Adam up or else he would have used the veto on Dane once they got an inkling that he was the target. Adam said it’s clear that Anthony, Kyra and Mark are working together since Kyra told them that they should all drop once Dane was eliminated from the veto competition. Kyra said that Adam is being presumptuous. Adam headed upstairs to vent to Dane about what Kyra said to him. Dane said he cannot stand Kyra right now. Dane said it’s not over yet, since he will be able to get Anthony’s vote as long as Mark goes on the block. Dane said he has a weird feeling that Kyra and Mark have had a Final 2 deal. He pointed out that they were celebrating after the competition. Dane asked Adam if he has his vote. Adam said yeah. Kyra then spoke to Adam, looking to clear the air and explain their move. Kyra said it’s the only way they thought that they could get Dane out. Kyra suggested that Dane only made a truce with them because it was good for his own game and he viewed them as weak. Kyra added that if Dane was willing to turn on Este, he would turn on them. Adam asked who Kyra is thinking of nominating. Kyra said Mark will be going on the block. Kyra also let Adam know that their mind is not budging about evicting Dane.

11:00-12:00 AM: Dane asked Anthony if he has got his vote. Anthony said he has been wanting to have a talk alone with Dane. He asked if there were talks about putting him up next to Mark. Dane denied it, saying the only thing that was mentioned is that Anthony might use the veto on Mark, and then Adam would go up. Anthony said he was under the impression that there was a push to put him up, and then he would have went home. Dane insisted that he didn’t push for Anthony to go up. Anthony said Adam must have done it then. Dane once again asked if he has Anthony’s vote. Anthony brought up that Dane knew they were supposed to be ride or dies yet he evicted Cory when Cory was detrimental to his success in the game. Anthony said Cory was good for Dane’s game and had agreed that they should have a Final 3 together. Anthony accused Dane of evicting Cory for Adam. Dane said it was done because he felt that he would have a better shot at beating Damien and Este in competitions. Anthony then brought up that Dane had a Final 3 deal with Adam and Damien, as well as others with Este. Dane pointed out that he took Damien out, which he wouldn’t have done if he was thinking about himself and not the alliance. Anthony circled back to Dane targeting Cory. He said it really bothered him since Dane was supposed to be his guy but he did not come to him about the talks to backdoor Cory. Anthony questioned Dane about having a Final 2 deal with Adam. Dane said Adam approached him about one but it was only 2-3 weeks ago, and his loyalty lied with his Final 2 deal with Anthony. Anthony let Dane know that he has felt left out of things of late, seeing as it has been Adam and Dane together. Dane said there is no question that he would have chosen Anthony over Adam if it came up. Dane asked if this means that he doesn’t have Anthony’s vote. Anthony said he doesn’t know.

12:00-1:00 AM: After his talk with Anthony, Dane went to the bedroom alone. He said that he is going home for sure. Dane then joined the guys in the kitchen. When Adam asked if everything is alright, Dane said that he is going home and he only has five days left in the house. Kyra later told Dane that he played a remarkable game. Dane wished the houseguests the best of luck moving forward. He said that they all played a phenomenal game. Dane told Kyra that he really respects the move that they made.

1:00-2:00 AM: Before heading to bed, Adam asked Dane why he is saying that he is leaving. Dane mentioned that Anthony is pissed about Cory leaving. Adam asked if Anthony gave Dane a clear answer on his decision. Dane said no. Dane wants Kyra to think that he is for sure going home, as he wants Mark to end up on the block next to him. Dane told Adam that he will continue to work on Anthony as long as he has his vote.


April 27, 2019

8:00 AM BBT BR lights still down; HGs still sleeping.
8:30 AM BBT BB being exceptionally generous and allowing the HGs to sleep, slowly bringing the br lights up. Anthony up and heading out to do the battery exchange. Rooster sounds at 8:40; no HGs stir. Anthony alone in the kitchen/pantry making coffee and starting his day.
8:45 AM BBT Kyra sitting alone in the HoH room, nobody moving in the blue BR. Kyra heads downstairs. Anthony says that he had a good chat with Adam last night and Adam admitted everything to him. He says that Adam was shocked at the things Anthony knew all along; he tells Kyra is something should happen to him, he wants them to be safe. He tells them to talk to Adam today and tell him that the intended target was Dane. He tells Kyra to take a step back with Mark and tell him that their best shot is against Mark and they want to work together. Kyra takes Anthony’s advice and agrees to do both his suggestions. Dane joins them downstairs, followed by Adam. Mark called to the DR. Adam sets about making breakfast for everyone.
9:00 AM BBT Everyone in the kitchen/dining area, trying to wake up. Adam’s sausages frying are the only sound to be heard. Kyra heads up to use the WR but even that doesn’t get the PB talking. Once alone, Dane tells Adam it’s going to be a good day and Kyra’s going to regret their decision.
9:15 AM BBT Everyone, except Mark, in the kitchen area cooking and/or cleaning before eating. Kyra called to the DR. Everyone finishes their breakfast. Adam asks Kyra what they think the comp will be, and they say they think physical, but it couldn’t hurt to go over the days. They agree that the build for the comp sounds like a big one. Kyra heads into the blue br and chats briefly with Mark about how they slept and tells him that his breakfast is waiting downstairs.
9:30 AM BBT Mark alone in the blue BR, Adam and Dane sitting silently downstairs. Dane asks if Anthony and Adam spoke last night, and Adam confirms they did. Adam says he feels he’s going home this week if he doesn’t win PoV; Dane tells him to win. Mark finally comes downstairs to eat and thanks Adam for making his breakfast. Adam being called to the DR breaks up the monotony of no one speaking. Anthony rejoins the rest of the boys in the living room. Dane says Adam’s going to be really hard to beat today and Anthony agrees. Anthony talks about streaking towards a lake to skinny dip, and jumping into the lake and it was only two feet deep and the bottom was nothing but rocks and zebra mussels. He says that’s what the scars on his body are from.
9:45 AM BBT Anthony continuing to tell the story about being injured by zebra mussels while skinny dipping. Mark asks when Anthony stopped his passion for basketball; Anthony says that he was too good, got too cocky and had too many injuries before college. Mark asks if he was at a level to play NCAA in the States; Anthony says when he was in grade school everyone (everyone!) thought he was going to the NBA but then he went to a crappy high school. Mark asks if he was the best in his school and he says he was the best in his high school in grade 8; he says that he started grade 9 playing varsity. He claims that everyone knew they were going to win the championships because Anthony joined the team. Mark asks if it’s too late to pursue his dreams now and both Anthony and Dane say it’s far too late.
10:00 AM BBT Anthony is still telling Mark about his basketball dreams as a teenager. He is explaining how he learned to dunk the ball. He is now talking about winning the Regional High Jump when he was in grade 8. He says it was one of the greatest moments of his life. He continues with I never felt so on top. He asks Dane what his best goal ever was. Dane starts telling them about a goal he made where he faked the pass. Dane continues with there was a midget league hockey game where he got a goal while playing in Quebec. He says he played defence at that time. Mark asks You watch goalies as a kid how do you know that they are going to grow up to be the best. Mark says it is amazing how the players know how to tip the puck so it will go in the net. Dane says I think Kyra is afraid to come downstairs. Anthony says he should put shorts on and ice his knee properly. Mark and Dane are wondering what the upcoming comp is.

10:15 AM BBT Mark says the yard will probably be opened much later tonight. Dane thinks the comp will be around 3rd battery change. Mark is explaining what to day means in the Jewish Religion if you are the first born and male. He says you have to fast all day but if you are under 13 your father has to do it for you. The conversation goes to What they think the POV Comp will be and when. They think it will be late. Mark and Dane are going over the nights from day 42. Mark says Day 55 we made history. Dane says But now it is a fail. Dane says I have choice words but I will keep them to myself but it is a great game move. Dane says If Adam wins You go up; if I win you still go up. Mark says I know it sucks. Dane says We should have kept Sam as they lied to my face every day. Dane is telling Mark what Kyra said to them yesterday. He continues with Now they can’t even hang out downstairs they are so scared. They asked me to talk to Adam as they are scared of him. In the backyard you can hear production building the set for the comp. Mark wonders how much each camera cost. Dane guesses a couple of thousand.Anthony has gone upstairs to check on Kyra. Anthony is telling them about the first time Sam talked to them. He is telling them that Sam approached him about working together. He says Sam wanted to backstab everyone they were both close to. Anthony says Sam is a good liar and good at manipulating people. Anthony is blaming Sam for every move that he was involved in. Kyra is saying Well she had us fooled.
10:30 AM BBT He continues with Mama went down to talk to Chelsea where I joined the tail end of it. He says Mama said to him She thinks we are going to trust her after she told us she was working with Sam. Anthony says He defused the conversation. Anthony said Someone asks me a question about Chelsea and I made her look like a G. Anthony says that is when Chelsea told me about you. Kyra asks Did Chelsea say she was loyal to us. Anthony says Yes she was trying to tell people that she wasn’t close to you to protect you. Anthony says When you both were on the block the first 3 days you two were hooked at the hip. Anthony says Sam tried to paint you as a liar to Cory but Cory didn’t buy it which is why Cory was so hurt but what you said to her the next week. Anthony says Sam has been gone since day 41 and is still in everyone’s mind. Kyra says Sam will be a friend of ours for a very long time. They continue with I knew Sam and Chelsea weren’t as loyal to us as we were to them. They continue with I still stayed loyal to them so it proved I was loyal it is like Dane who has turned on people he was loyal too. Anthony says Mama was very upset with me after the Maki vote. Anthony continues with What Mama did to Dane she tried to do to me. Kyra brings the conversation back to if Chelsea campaigned against them. Anthony says Chelsea was telling everyone that you were following her and that is what it looked like.
10:15 AM BBT Mark says the yard will probably be opened much later tonight. Dane thinks the comp will be around 3rd battery change. Mark is explaining what to day means in the Jewish Religion if you are the first born and male. He says you have to fast all day but if you are under 13 your father has to do it for you. The conversation goes to What they think the POV Comp will be and when. They think it will be late. Mark and Dane are going over the nights from day 42. Mark says Day 55 we made history. Dane says But now it is a fail. Dane says I have choice words but I will keep them to myself but it is a great game move. Dane says If Adam wins You go up; if I win you still go up. Mark says I know it sucks. Dane says We should have kept Sam as they lied to my face every day. Dane is telling Mark what Kyra said to them yesterday. He continues with Now they can’t even hang out downstairs they are so scared. They asked me to talk to Adam as they are scared of him. In the backyard you can hear production building the set for the comp. Mark wonders how much each camera cost. Dane guesses a couple of thousand.Anthony has gone upstairs to check on Kyra. Anthony is telling them about the first time Sam talked to them. He is telling them that Sam approached him about working together. He says Sam wanted to backstab everyone they were both close to. Anthony says Sam is a good liar and good at manipulating people. Anthony is blaming Sam for every move that he was involved in. Kyra is saying Well she had us fooled.
10:30 AM BBT He continues with Mama went down to talk to Chelsea where I joined the tail end of it. He says Mama said to him She thinks we are going to trust her after she told us she was working with Sam. Anthony says He defused the conversation. Anthony said Someone asks me a question about Chelsea and I made her look like a G. Anthony says that is when Chelsea told me about you. Kyra asks Did Chelsea say she was loyal to us. Anthony says Yes she was trying to tell people that she wasn’t close to you to protect you. Anthony says When you both were on the block the first 3 days you two were hooked at the hip. Anthony says Sam tried to paint you as a liar to Cory but Cory didn’t buy it which is why Cory was so hurt but what you said to her the next week. Anthony says Sam has been gone since day 41 and is still in everyone’s mind. Kyra says Sam will be a friend of ours for a very long time. They continue with I knew Sam and Chelsea weren’t as loyal to us as we were to them. They continue with I still stayed loyal to them so it proved I was loyal it is like Dane who has turned on people he was loyal too. Anthony says Mama was very upset with me after the Maki vote. Anthony continues with What Mama did to Dane she tried to do to me. Kyra brings the conversation back to if Chelsea campaigned against them. Anthony says Chelsea was telling everyone that you were following her and that is what it looked like.
10:45 AM BBT Kyra says We came into this game as a viewer made mistakes but we learned from them. They continue with We have proven we are smart because of the moves we made this week. Anthony says I could not of told you then because you would have blown up. Kyra says Now they don’t know how they will act with her. Anthony says She is your friend and you need to remember this is game. Anthony says Chelsea did try to paint a bad picture of you. Kyra says The one thing I liked about her is the fact that she never campaigned against me. Kyra says I tried to help her with her campaign. Anthony says I kept telling her to pick the biggest target in the house and say you are going after them. Kyra says We tried to help her but because we wanted to help her fight to stay because we knew we would put up a better campaign. Kyra asks Why did these people think Chelsea was stronger. Anthony says Because of the emotional thing. He tells them don’t let anyone tell you that you are not a strong player. Kyra says We have proven we are the strong player we just made the biggest move in this game. Anthony tells them when Sam pulled him into here for Wendy’s she wanted me to know that she wasn’t aligned with Kyra or Adam. Anthony continues with Everyone knows I don’t lie. Kyra says the only thing we left out was the boys alliance but I did tell Cory after. They continue with that is the one thing we lied to you about. They continue with that is when I told Cory if I won I would put up Adam and Dane Dane because we don’t trust him. Adam because he would be a vote for Dane. Kyra says We don’t want Canada to think badly of us. Anthony says Canada loves you you are favorite player. Kyra says Everybody threw out my name but we had to choose who we wanted to work with even though they threw out my name. Anthony says That is why Sam is such a great player. Anthony says Sam did tell Cory but said that it was your plan. Kyra says We wanted to work with Sam you and Cory our number one goal was to get Dane out. Kyra says the people who told us they were loyal to have not been loyal to me. They continue with You are the only one who has been loyal to me. Anthony says That is what hurts me the fact I really liked these guys and they lied to me. Anthony continues with last night Adam admitted everything that him and Dane had going. He continues with he even told me some stuff about Mark.
11:00 AM BBT Anthony says in this game I have never lied to anyone I have played a honest game. Anthony is telling them about how upset Mark got when Adam didn’t warn him Sam was putting him up. Anthony says if you me or Mark win we are sending Adam home. Kyra says What if Adam wins Anthony says He isn’t going to win. Anthony continues with Adam said after Cory left he wanted us to talk. Kyra says He wanted to protect me. Anthony says He did the same thing to you he did to Sam when you won. Kyra says If Adam wins Veto this week and stays and wins Veto next week he will send us home. Anthony says I won’t allow that I have a lot more info to use against Mark. Kyra says My goal in this game has always been to get Dane out. Kyra says We will probably go next week. Anthony continues with I said you ain’t going so you ain’t going.
11:15 AM BBT Kyra says Even after we had that fight we knew when you came up after that we would be okay. Anthony says Even though I directed it at you I was watching Adam. Anthony is telling them that right after I leave call in Dane and tell him that he is liked in this house but you put me on the block 3 times so if you are going to hold this against me that is wrong. We can continue forward if you don’t have to. Kyra says I am going to get a strong player out this week I am going to get a strong player out this week if you win the Veto and pull yourself off congrats. Anthony says He won’t go to Adam he will come to me. I will tell him I don’t even like Kyra you seen the fight we had. They hug. Kyra goes looking for Dane. Dane and Anthony are in the washroom brushing their teeth. Dane heads into the Blue Bedroom where Mark is saying he has to wake up. Dane says I have to go talk to Kyra. Mark says What do you have to say. Dane says I have nothing to say. Mark says I have been asked. Dane says All I can do is hope Adam doesn’t win Veto. Dane goes to talk to Kyra.
11:30 PM BBT Dane walks into the HOH Room. Kyra asks him how he is doing. Kyra repeats exactly what Anthony tells them to say. Dane agrees that it was a good game move. Dane tells them that if I win Veto I have your back if he wins then it will be what it is. Dane says if someone else wins and noms stay the same then the game starts. Kyra says Well we just wanted to have that quick chat it is going to be a fun one we all get to play. Dane leaves. Kyra goes to get their laundry. In the Blue Bedroom Anthony is holding court with Dane and Mark. Anthony is repeating some of the conversation he had with Kyra. Anthony said Everything Adam said yesterday cut Kyra very deep. Anthony says It is what it is. Mark asks How his talk went. Dane says they just told him they wanted to get out a big player. Dane says Adam last night made is easy for campaigning. Mark says Last night two to 280 pound men crying it out. Dane says Did you and Adam make up last night. Anthony says Yes he came and said he was sorry. Dane says I have to beat Adam today. Mark says We all have to. Anthony says He needs to ice his knee. Mark says I need to do my workout. Dane says have a cold shower just before the comp. Dane is going to eat a bowl of cereal. Mark is showering Anthony went to use the toilet. Adam is downstairs working out. Adam says He is bored Dane says one of us has to win after that f****ing talk. Adam asks Dane what did they say to you. Did they say the same shit. Adam says I think if either you or I went to Finale the whole jury would be pissed off with us. Dane says They will be in trouble if we both leave they think they are safe with Anthony. Adam says Biggest blindside of the season and pulled off by Kyra. Dane says I knew I was going up but not against you. Adam says Did Mark throw that comp was this all planned. Dane says Mark put after for one of the questions in the comp for HOH. Adam says he could have thrown it. He adds Who knows it is going to be a long ass day. Anthony joins them. Adam says I am going to make ground turkey. Anthony says Everytime you make it I have been on slop. Adam tells him he is going to make it in a half hour to an hour.
11:45 AM BBT Adam is doing push ups Anthony is in his normal position lying down on the couch in the living room. Dane is sitting in the nook area. Mark is showering Kyra is in her HOH Room. There is no conversation at all. They hear a noise and Anthony says that is the noise a subway door makes when it is closing. It seems that neither Dane or Mark heard the noise that Anthony heard. Anthony starts laughing and says you know I think it is very funny that Este and Kiki thought they were going to go far and called themselves Young Blood. Dane is saying that they have some friends in common that Kiki had a thing with a girl he use to date. He says he really thinks she is 23 now because he knows her best friend who is dating a friend of his and she is 24. The house goes quiet again while they wait for the comp to start.
12:00 PM BBT Dane is doing push up while Anthony is watching on the sofa in the living room. Dane is asking Anthony if he is good he says yeah. Dane says what if he pull himself down. Anthony does not respond. DANE STOP SINGING!! Dane is doing something in the kitchen. Anthony is laying across the sofa. The cameras are doing different angles on Anthony to see if he is sleeping. Anthony has an ice pack on the back of his knee. You can hear Adam and Mark in the background but unable to hear what they are saying. Mark is in the storage room looking through the fridge. Mark is whispering to Anthony. Anthony tells him that Dane is trying to get Mark put on the block. Anthony says no matter what you are not going out. Mark said you can do whatever you want I am voting Dane out. Anthony said that the only reason for the tie breaker is so that Kyra can give the speech to get Dane out. Mark said well then you can vote Adam out then. Mark said I figured something like this would happen. Mark said he is a good liar. I mean he lies so much that he can even convince himself what he is lying about. Anthony said I did not believe it Mark said yeah we should have reconsidered what who we worked with. Mark tells him I know why you told me to throw the comp.

12:15 PM BBT Anthony said what are you talking about. He said remember balance of power and I was on the block and you told me to throw the colmp. Anthony says I never told you to throw a comp. Mark said yes you did so we can balance power. Anthony says I think you have me confused with someone else because I would never tell you to throw a comp. Mark says no it was you he says why would I say that because Este would have taken your place and she would have went home. Mark said no the reason to was to get rid of KIkki. Mark says well maybe I misheard what you were saying. Anthony said that it doesn’t make sense because I would have wanted Este out. Anthony is whispering to Mark. Mark said why would we keep Kikki. Mark said my biggest regret is not getting close to you earlier. He said oh yeah I know you were sleep most of the time. He said that you opened my eyes up to alot of things that were going on. Anthony said Dane said that Adam was the bigger target. Mark said Damien did not know anything that was going on,. Mark said I only have one lie that I haven’t told anyone he says the necklace I have been wearing and that I told people a friend gave me I actually bought it from the dollar store. He said I was the one who was in Dane’s HoH room telling him Maki needs to go. Mark said Kyra did what we wanted her to do. Mark tells Anthony yeah what they don’t realize is we orchestrated everything. They may have won the comps but we were telling them what to do. Mark said we did good keeping Cory around. Mark said Adam slipped up and told me he was the secret assassin. ANTHONY PLEASE GO TO THE DR. Anthony says oh man.
12:30 PM BBT Kyra comes down Anthony comes back from the DR. He asks Kyra who has the music player Mark asks if he can have it after Anthony. Kyra tells them that Kyra is making grilled cheeses since they have time before the comp. They start talking about food. PLEASE STOP TALKING ABOUT BRAND NAMES. Dane is sitting in the chair below the stairs. Mark and Kyra are playing a game with their hands. Anthony is sprawled out on the sofa. Adam asks what was the pool tournament called? They say right on cue. Adam starts asking about the other comp names. He asks what was the boxes called. They all yell out ship til you drop.
12:45 PM BBT Mark is telling Kyra how to play the card game that they are playing. Adam yells out what day did you win HOH. Mark said who me. He says yeah. Mark says Day 41. Mark said I won Kyra said why do I always lose. Mark says do you want to go first. DANE PLEASE WAKE UP NAPTIME IS OVER!!! Anthony asks Mark about the game he is playing. Dane says Bob the button hates me today. DANE PLEASE STOP TALKING ABOUT PRODUCTION. Kyra finally wins. Kyra lays on the other sofa and asks where is Adam. Anthony says I don’t know. Mark is in the storage room looking in the fridge eating a pepper. He leaves out and heads to the kitchen. Kyra asks Mark what is our game called he says um I guess fingers. My buddy taught it to me but never gave me a name. Kyra said I think we should name the finger game. Kyra said Finger Knockout. He says yep we can do that. Mark goes and lays on the sofa. Kyra comes up with other names. They come up with some crazy names. Mark said that well I mean I went on national TV and got the math wrong. Kyra said so much for our human calculator. .Kyra said I feel like it is going to be a really big one. It is going to be a cool set up. Mark said yeah were everyone wins 5,000 dollars. PLEASE WAKE UP NAPTIME IS OVER. Mark said who is sleeping. Kyra said we are not sleeping. Dane said if everyone got a quick 15 that would be nice. Kyra says I want to cook something just so I would have something to do. Kyra says I need a cigarette. Mark is playing with the sofa.
1:00 PM BBT Kyra is in the storage room looking through the shelves to find something to cook. Kyra comes out the storage room with a package of chicken breasts. Anthony says I just found a strand of Momma’s hair. Kyra said how do you know it was Momma’s hair. Anthony says its Momma’s hair. Mark has his arms over his eyes. Kyra said hey Mark do you want to play a game where you hide something and I got to find it. Kyra said I am going to get the blindfold. I am so bored. Mark said I am going hide the water bottle. Kyra said ok do hot and cold and you can hide it upstairs or downstairs. Kyra is making up a song so Kyra doesn’t hear Mark. Leaving the blindfold on Kyra searches for the water bottle. Kyra is feeling around the wall and is really close to the water bottle. Mark has put it on the bridge going to the nomination room. Kyra has completely walked passed it. Kyra is right by it but keeps going passed it. Kyra knocks it over with Kyra’s foot. Kyra finds it. Mark is now blindfolded and Kyra is hiding. Kyra says since this is your first time I will not hide it upstairs. Mark says Mark is blindfolded a normal Tuesday for Mark. Kyra has it hidden. Mark is trying to walk around but afraid he is going to walk into something. Kyra said I will let you know when you are close to something. Mark said why haven’t we played this game earlier since it is so much fun. Mark is still trying to figure out where he is walking. Kyra has it hidden behind one of the pilings in the kitchen on the floor. Mark is close to the bottle.
1:15 PM BBT Mark ask Kyra how can it be warmer and colder at the same time. Kyra is holding the counter so that Mark does not hit the counters ledge. Mark finally finds it. Mark said I knew it the whole time I was messing with you. Mark asks Kyra to show him where he was walking. Kyra says it gets boring here. Kyra said that it was funny that the camera kept going from you to where the water bottle was hidden. Mark had hidden the bottle again. Kyra is again trying to find it the bottle. Mark is trying to direct Kyra. Kyra is in the area where the bottle is located however can not find it. Kyra finds it. Anthony tells Kyra that he is going to put the timer on for 10 minutes. Mark starts signing while Kyra hiding the water bottle. Mark hits his head. PLEASE WAKE UP NAPTIME IS OVER. Mark said I have a really good hiding spot for the next one. Mark is walking all way around it. Mark starts doing push ups. Mark has completely moved away from the water bottle. Kyra said ok lets start with directions. Mark kisses the camera. Mark is getting confused because Kyra says warm and cold. DANE PLEASE WAKE UP NAP TIME IS OVER. Mark finally finds it. Anthony is sitting at the kitchen counter. He gets up and moves away from the counter.
1:30 PM BBT Mark and Kyra are still playing their game. Mark put it in the center of the floor and Kyra finally finds it. Mark tells Kyra that he was holding it the whole time and he just wanted to see Kyra walk in circles. Adam is in the kitchen cooking. Mark asks Kyra did I show you the game with hand eye coordination that I showed Sam. Kyra says no you can show it to me. Adam is cooking Kyra tells him that Kyra needs to get there for a moment to put spices on the chicken. Adam continues seasoning something. Adam tells Kyra that Kyra is putting too much butter on the chicken. Mark is in the storage room walking back and forth. Mark is whispering to himself while holding a container of cereal. Kyra is in the bathroom asking Anthony if he could flip the chicken. Kyra puts on a hoodie that was in the bathroom. Anthony tells Kyra I am going to hop into the shower real quick. Kyra brings clothes into the blue bedroom and starts folding them. Mark is in the storage room eating cereal. Adam is still cooking. Mark heads upstairs to the bathroom. Adam is still in the kitchen. Kyra is still folding clothes. KYRA PLEASE GO TO THE DR.. Mark is going over the days in the red bedroom. Mark is going over scenarios in his head. Mark is whispering to himself. He then says that is what I thought. Mark leaves out. Mark says no luck today huh. Mark is in the bathroom where Anthony is showering. Mark then heads into the blue bedroom going over the days again.
1:45 PM BBT Kyra is downstairs talking to Adam as he is plating his food. Adam is now making a second plate of food. Mark is still in the blue bedroom going over his days. Adam checks the chicken. Adam sits down to eat his food. Mark is now going over the last few days in the house while banging his water bottle against the bed. Dane comes into the blue bedroom by Mark. Mark pretends to be asleep. Adam is at the counter eating alone. Mark is in the room alone now.
8:00 PM BBT- 10:01 PM BBT Feeds down for POV competition
10:00 PM BBT Feeds return at 10:01pm. Dane is resting in the BlueBR, and Kyra, Mark, and Anthony are eating pizza. Mark is jokingly telling Anthony that it’s good when you fail because you know what your weaknesses are. Kyra says that they’re only friends with women. Kyra tells Mark that he’s only allowed to say “you know what I mean?” up to 5 times a day because BB told them (Kyra). Adam is getting dressed in the BlueBR. BB tells him to put on his microphone. Adam goes to the DR. Kyra is frustrated about not being able to use the iPod because BB won’t give it to them. BB says “you are not allowed to talk about production.”
10:15 PM BBT Houseguests are lounging around. Dane is eating a piece of pizza. Kyra is doing the battery exchange. Adam & Dane are eating pizza in the kitchen. Adam asks Dane what day it is. Dane answers and Adam says it’s Sunday and goes over the days.
10:30 PM BBT Kyra tells Adam that there was no intention of getting him out this week. He says okay. Adam says that he suspects that Kyra is working with a couple of HGs. Kyra strongly denies it. Adam says that it’s done with. Adam goes up to the BlueBR. Adam tells Dane that Kyra said “I told you you’d win.” Adam vents to Dane about Kyra. Dane says that Kyra won’t put up Anthony. Dane & Adam are mad about Kyra. Adam says he “bust his fucking ass” to get off the block. Dane says that he thinks Mark & Kyra have been working together. They vent some more about Kyra, then talk about the comp. Dane says to Adam that Anthony was neck in neck with him. Dane says that he wants to make Kyra’s HoH look stupid. Dane says that Kyra would put up Anthony to make sure he (Dane) goes home. Adam says that he’s “right out the door” next week if he doesn’t win HoH or veto. Dane says that if he survives this week, he’s not letting Kyra get final 3. Feeds cut at 10:42pm.
10:45 PM BBT Feeds return at 10:53pm. Adam is resting on a bed in the BlueBR. Kyra enters. Kyra says “I’m sorry. It’s the only way I could get Dane out.” Adam says that he thought that them & Dane (Kyra & Dane) had a F2. Kyra says that there was a possibility that they would’ve been taken out week 2. Kyra says that they never intending on getting him out, and wanted to give Adam a chance to take himself down. Adam asks who the replacement nom will be. Kyra says Mark. Kyra says that they’ve been wanting to get Dane out all season. Kyra says that Dane is a great competitor this season, and is glad that he (Adam) won the veto. They both talk about the comp and the upcoming days. They both wonder what might happen. Kyra tells Adam that he’s the strongest player in the house. Adam says “comp beast.” Kyra thinks that Adam has more wins that anyone else from previous seasons. They both talk about former HGs. They both say that they didn’t expect Mark to get that far. Kyra says that they had to make a big move and be able to look back and be proud of making a big move in the house.
11:00 PM BBT Kyra says that this game brings out the best and worst of people. Kyra says to Adam that they felt like a terrible person for putting him (Adam) up. Kyra says that the game made them realize stuff about them.
11:15 PM BBT Mark enters to ask Kyra something. After he leaves, Kyra says that that’s a different Mark. Adam says that there’s 7 different Marks. They both continue to talk game. Adam tells Kyra about the Pretty Boys getting together. In the HoH room, Anthony & Dane are talking about something that happened before in the game. Anthony tells Dane “they’re not putting me up.” Anthony says that he didn’t like Sam. Anthony says that the week Cory left, that Sam & Adam blamed Kyra.
11:30 PM BBT Anthony tells Dane that Kyra isn’t putting him (Dane) up. Anthony asks if there was talks of putting up him & Mark. Dane says no. Anthony says “there were pushes” to put them both up. Dane says no. Anthony says that he probably wouldn’t have taken himself down. Anthony says that Adam said that he would’ve taken him down if he went up. Anthony says that if he and Mark were to be put up, that he (Anthony) would’ve gone home. Dane says that he never pushed for his name. Anthony says that if it wasn’t him, then it was Mark. Anthony says that he thought he was the target. Dane says “so I don’t have your vote now.” Anthony says “that’s not what I’m saying.” Anthony says that Cory leaving was detrimental to his game.


11:45 PM BBT Anthony asks Dane why he was making final 3s with Adam and Damien & Este. They talk about the past. Anthony asks Dane if he had a F2 with Adam. Dane says yes. Dane says no. Dane gets annoyed. Dane says to Anthony that he made a ride-or-die deal with him (Anthony). Anthony asks if it’s been since day 1. Dane explains himself to Anthony, but Anthony won’t answer him. Dane says “come on man.” Dane says “so I don’t got you.” Anthony says that he doesn’t know. Dane says that he didn’t think he needed to talk about it. Anthony says it’s about sending home Cory. They continue to talk game. Anthony tells Dane that Cory would’ve never gone after him. Dane says Cory would have beat him (Dane).


April 26, 2019

10:00 AM BBT Kyra (HoH) showering before talking to other HGs about their plans. Mark and Anthony talking basketball in the dining room. Adam and Dane playing pool in the backyard. Anthony called to the DR, Mark makes his way to the blue br and recites his poem. Anthony comes in and starts coaching Mark on things to say to Kyra to try and secure his safety this week. The PBs have splintered into Mark and Anthony vs Dane and Adam. Mark says that Dane and Adam aren’t smart enough to take them out. He says that he and Mark are still going to be sitting together in F2. Anthony says that Dane had F2 deals with everyone and he is only still in the house because he had the PBs backing him up; he says that Mark is the only person who has stayed true to Anthony the entire game. Mark says it all really comes down to who wins the PoV this week; Anthony agrees and says it’s do or die time. He leaves to go shower and Adam comes in to make his bed.
10:15 AM BBT Mark alone in the blue br, lazing on his bed, Dane collecting garbage around the house, Adam brushing his teeth in the WR, Anthony in the WR and Kyra showering in the HoH room. Kyra camtalking in the HoH room. They say they don’t want Adam going home on their HoH; they head out to the blue br briefly and then to the WR. Chit-chat in the WR between Kyra and Adam about Cory and Sam and how they’re getting along in the jury house. They joke about who the secret assassin was; Kyra heads back to the HoH room.
10:30 AM BBT Mark and Kyra talking in the HoH room. Kyra says this week is hard because there’s not a lot of people to choose from. They say they’re close to Anthony and close to Adam and they’re trying to figure out what is best for their game. Mark says that Kyra’s best shot at winning $100K is to be sitting with Mark and Anthony in the F3. He points out that Adam and Dane are the two strongest players in the house; he reminds Kyra that they can’t play in the HoH next week and their only hope is to win PoV. Kyra says they’re deciding between two different paths, and they’re not going to tell anyone before the ceremony because they want to make good tv. Kyra points out they’re their own person and have their own opinions and have been playing their own game. Kyra says they think Dane threw the comp last night. Kyra says no one is going to make their decision for them; they’re in a house full of boys and no one is going to change their mind. They say people are going to be angry with them this week, and there’s no way around that. Kyra asks Mark to act like he’s going on the block; Mark leaves and Kyra settles in to listen to music. Mark makes his way to the WR and Kyra shows up to bring him back to the HoH room; they want to clarify that they didn’t tell Anthony they weren’t going up. They tell Mark to go ask Anthony and that they’re not happy and they feel like Mark is trying to put words in their mouth. Mark leaves and Kyra camtalks about people putting words in their mouth. Mark heads back to the blue br and settles into his bed. Adam and Anthony grooming and talking in the WR; Anthony says he’s been loyal to the boys but it comes down to who deserves it, who busted their ass and who brought a lot to the squad. Adam agrees and says they’re very very close to $100K. Anthony called to DR. Anthony tells Adam that respect goes a long way and he respects Adam in many different ways.
10:45 AM BBT Anthony and Kyra called to the DR for the start of the Wendy’s lunch. Adam makes his way to the archive room hoping to find another secret power and rummages through boxes. Dane outside in the backyard soaking up rays. Adam finally comes to the realization that there’s nothing new in the archive room. In the WR, Anthony and Dane are talking while Anthony brushes his teeth. Anthony says that Kyra is taking him to Wendy’s for one of two reasons: a) to put him on the block or b) to ask for advice. Anthony says whatever Kyra says, he’s got a way to spin it away from both Mark and Dane. He says it will come down to analyzing the words they use and responding accordingly. Dane talks about Mark still talking about their worth and he can’t explain to him that they failed.
11:00 AM BBT Dane and Anthony talking in the WR; Anthony says that Mark only talks about what’s going to happen after they’re out of the house and he rarely talks gameplay. Dane says he figures that it will be Mark and Dane on the block and Anthony says he wouldn’t count him out. Dane says Mark doesn’t perform well under pressure and tomorrow will be a big day. Dane leaves and Mark comes in. Anthony asks how Mark’s talk with Kyra went; Anthony says that Dane and Adam are sewering Mark. He says that they’re even trying to convince Anthony that Mark should go. Anthony says he’s going to paint a picture and Kyra will believe it. He tells Mark to play dead in front of Adam and Dane. Downstairs, Kyra and Adam are talking in the secret room; Adam says that he was talking to Anthony and told Anthony that if it comes to Anthony and Mark on the block, Anthony is safe. Adam says that Anthony said he was closer to Dane and Adam than he is to Mark, but Adam thought it was the opposite. Dane joins them in the secret room. Adam says that Kyra should do whatever they want; but they’d like to maintain their F3. Adam tells Dane about his earlier conversation with Anthony in the WR.
11:15 AM BBT Anthony joins the rest of them in the secret room; they tell him they can see a screen from in there that shows the date and time. They tell him it is 11:15 on April 26. Kyra says they want to go have a smoke before the Wendy’s luncheon, so they all head outside. Dane says he’s happy HNs is over and Adam says they haven’t said that, and they usually do. They talk about the comp last night’ Adam says it wasn’t that he didn’t not know the answers, he just kept messing up the responses.Kyra says they knew when they only had a one point lead that they couldn’t miss anything else. Adam heads inside. Anthony says it feels like it will be a nice day; Dane says he’s going to workout, hot tub and shower. They talk about Damien. Kyra heads in to play a game of pool.
11:25 AM BBT Feeds cut
11:30 AM –  Feeds Down for Wendy’s lunch
12:04 PM BBT Dane and Mark are playing Pool discussing if they would ever play again and if it would be Canada or US BB they would try to apply for. They finish the game and re rack for another round. Mark stars asking Dane about Hockey and Goalies. They begin to make trash talking comments about the pool game. Mark asks about the alliance Damien made with him during the second HOH Dane had.They laugh about Este and Kikki having an alliance and how they don’t get to hang out in Jury. Dane wins and wants to go work out, so he heads in to get water and Mark follows just mousing around the Kitchen looking to munch on something he is bored and then heads upstairs. Adam is downstairs next to his Foil GF napping
12:15 PM BBT Mark comes down and grabs something to munch and heads out to play pool alone while Dane works out. After shooting around some balls Mark lays down on the couch and plays with his facial hair while mumbling and studying in his head.
12:30 PM BBT Dane heads into the house takes a quick moment then grabs weights and heads back out. Dane takes a small break and comments a heart attack at age 28 guaranteed, don’t make it to 30 guaranteed. then grabs a weight and starts working out again. He heads back into the house and towards the kitchen. BB calls out the HGs for sleeping, Adam comes over and sits at the bar. Dane says he saw them go into the DR, They are waiting for the Wendy’s lunch to be over so they can have the left overs, Dane starts singing about no more HN’s They want to get into the pantry so they can make food. They get called out twice for talking about Production. Adam tried to get into the secret room, and sees Kyra and asks if there is food left over and can they go up yet. NOPE. Adam and Dane head in to sit at the kitchen bar.
12:42 PM BBT – 1:17 PM BBT Feeds Down
1:17 PM BBT Adam and Dane are in the blue room, Adam thinks he has a strand of Sam’s hair on him, Kyra is in the HOH with music on having a dance party. Adam wants to go work out, while Dane is changing saying he doesn’t want his butt out and Adam tells him its out. Adam begins a warm up workout, Mark and Dane are playing a new version of pool. They are setting up just a few balls and using the cue ball trying to only make a few shots to get them all in. Dane is getting over the game and wants to play a real game and then HT. Mark says he might join him after the game, Adam is working out in the background. Kyra is laying in her HOH still listening to her music.
1:30 PM BBT Adam is called away from his work out for a house wide battery change. Anthony has not been seen since feeds came back. Dane mentions how Anthony doesn’t look happy, and they are not aware of where he is after lunch. Adam comes by and does the battery exchange for them as Mark and Dane keep talking pool mixed with Hockey. Adam points out the HN room is still open. Anthony comes out and checks in on them, they say they are heading to the tub. Anthony fully dressed heads outside, Dane heads out in his suit while Mark heads up to change and come hit the Tub. Anthony decides he is going to change and get in as well. Mark and Anthony whisper in the blue room about what Mark needs to do to follow Anthony and how to stay off the block. Anthony says be down and look just boost them up and point out how much you respect their game and getting here. Mark leaves and Anthony has a huge smile as he changes. Mark finally makes it back outside, Dane comments the real game starts tomorrow, Mark chuckles and says it was 55 days of warm up. Mark enters the HT, Dane finishes a smoke and they begin to talk about Danes job and how his oss it probably mad.
1:45 PM BBT Dane says that May June is the busy season right after winter everyone is building now, Mark asks him why he decided to go to engineering. He shares how his step dad owns the business and is willing to give it to him if he gets his full degree. He tells about all of his schooling and how he loves where he is at and isn’t sure he wants to complete the 2 years left for it. Anthony joins them and forgot a towel, Mark finds Sams bobby pin. They boys talk about taking the HT and keeping at their houses and then onto friends from back home. They ask Dane about his hockey career and why he didn’t play on a professional team. Dane tells more about being a big city boy and and losing his scholarship and not getting a career but he still loves to play. He moves on to how to get more exposure and get an agent. Feeds go out as the are talking about agents, and the top agent to get right now. 1:56 PM BBT
2:00 PM BBT Feeds Down Feeds return at 2:06 PM BBT PRODUCTION: “Attention houseguests the hot tub is now off limits” Dane wonders if that means the backyard is closed for the season and then tells Adam he needs to talk to Kyra and goes inside.
2:15 PM BBT Mark and Anthony are playing pool and rock paper scissors. All houseguests are called to the living room and Kyra says they each get their own individual couch. The screen in the living room says “Nominations today” Kyra stands in front of the houseguests and says they have some news that the houseguests will find out very soon. Anthony jokes that he has to scrub the floor with a toothbrush and Adam asks if they get to eat Wendy’s everyday for the rest of the season. Kyra repeats that they will find out very soon and Adam yells up to Dane to bring down a black Adidas shirt.
2:30 PM BBT The houseguests are all in the bonus room looking through all of the boxes and sorting through them starting with first name and then by number. Everyone continues their sorting with broken files, and empty working files. MArk makes a spot for the empties. Kyra says they don’t want to interfere and they don’t know the questions. Mark wonders what if this is all a game and there really aren’t any questions. Dane says they’re probably easy questions.
2:45 PM BBT Kyra tells everyone to start counting and th they all count each box by category and try to find ways to remember how many there are and of each number. They count homicide and St. John’s files next followed by Chicago, Seattle, and Philly.

3:00 PM BBT Adam finds 16 files and Dane says theres 16 shelves, 3 homicide and 3 New York and 12 names. Dane says if they go back on slop for the rest of the season he’ll lose his mind and Kyra says they hope the questions have nothing to do with the contents of the boxes because they didn’t really pay attention to those. Adam reminds everyone that there are only 12 minutes left in the room and they count off everything they’ve found. Feeds go down at 3:05 PM BBT feeds return at 3:10 BBT and Kyra tells the pretty boys to close down the have not room they need to get 5 out of 7 questions right. Kyra asks the first question which is a true or false, they answer correctly and need 4 more to close down the have not room. Kyra asks the second question which is, “How many boxes say evidence?” they answer 7 which is correct.
3:15 PM BBT The boys haven’t gotten any questions wrong yet Kyra asks another which they discuss a lot and Kyra says they need an answer right away, they answer 31, unfortunately the answer is 25. Kyra asks another question they get it wrong but only need to get two more right. Kyra asks the final question and says if they don’t get it right they fail. Mark answers correctly with I24 and then they get the very last question wrong and are put on slop for the rest of the season. Everyone is very upset but Kyra says that they all did really good and nobody should be mad at themselves. Dane says he hopes they came out and say it was all just a joke.
3:30 PM BBT The mood is very somber in the house after losing the no slop challenge. Dane is upset because he has been on slop for 3 weeks. Anthony says maybe they’ll get a pizza party and Mark says no theres 2 weeks left it’s the very end of the season and they’ll keep them on slop. Kyra is very upset and crying saying that now they don’t even get to sleep in their HOH room and didn’t even get to play the answer the questions game which they sat isn’t fair because they knew a few of the answers and now they don’t get to enjoy their bed in the HOH room. They are also upset because the backyard is closed and they can’t go and smoke a cigarette. Almost as if on cue, production announces that the backyard is open. Everyone goes outside and discusses how hard the questions actually were. Kyra is very upset because now they have to be a have not for the last two weeks of the season and as they said earlier can’t enjoy any of their treats because their HOH basket is gone. Mark says good thing they already drank their booze.
3:45 PM BBT Kyra is laying in their bed in the HOH room crying to Adam telling him that this isn’t fair. Adam tells them that they have to look at it like, they are all on slop and it sucks, but they’re still in the running for the 100K. Downstairs in the kitchen Mark and dane are saying that this has to be some kind of sick joke Adam says he’s going to make this show the least interesting one all season and just sleep all day and not care what production says. Dane says it’s shitty for any HOH because they won’t get to stay in the room or eat any of the food in their basket and will have to take a mattress to the HAve Not Room.
4:00 PM BBT Adam Dane and Mark are sitting at the kitchen counter talking about the fact that they are all on slop. Dane says We are going to be told all day to wake up. Anthony is sleeping in the nook area. Adam says I can’t believe I had that right and never said anything. Kyra is sitting outside having a cigarette saying the test was not a fair test at all.They are yelling saying You guys just don’t understand how hard it is to eat slop and sleep on the floor for 2 weeks. Anthony is still asleep in the nook area. Mark Adam and Dane are still at the kitchen counter watching Dane make slop pancakes. Kyra has now come back inside and is sitting down. Kyra says We should have taken the time with the math instead of just believing Mark. Kyra asks if they get notice for when Noms are so should they just be ready. They comment well We haven’t got the couches yet so I guess it will be awhile. Adam and Dane are going outside for a smoke. Dane yells to Kyra to join them but they are in the DR. Adam says Why did we trust Mark he isn’t as smart as we thought he was. Dane says 3 F***ing weeks of it. He does the math in his head and says more than half the season on slop.
4:15 PM BBT Adam says back on the sugar diet. Dane says This has to be a joke. Anthony is awake and has made his way to the washroom. Adam comes inside and meets up with Kyra who says This is not a prank we asked. Everyone is going to be more cranky this week. They ask Adam if he has gone over the days. Dane has joined them. Adam says that they should have been able to answer in the test. Kyra says I got the best sleep last night in that bed since I got in the house. Kyra says I asked you guys if you wanted to go with Mark you all said yes but I knew the math was wrong. Kyra says I don’t know yet if it will be you or Anthony to Dane. Adam says Well are you scared that Anthony will freak out. They tell him No I just need to weigh my options. Kyra says I’m going for coffee. After they leave Dane says What options. Adam says I think something was said at Wendy’s. Dane says Put Anthony and Mark up if one of them wins one of us go up we go home. Dane tells Adam to talk to them. Adam says He will try but he doesn’t know if they will listen. Dane leaves the HOH Room. Mark is lying down in the Blue Bedroom. Dane is in there as well but there is no talking.
4:30 PM BBT Anthony comes out of the DR and says he wants to talk to Kyra. They tell him Adam is in their room. Anthony and Kyra go outside. Anthony tells them Adam says that he would use the veto on him if he was on the block. Kyra says They are telling them that they don’t need to look at options as they would have strong people protecting them. Kyra continues with We don’t want to waste our only HOH to not make a move. Anthony says If anyone yells at you I will say something. I am on your side. He tells them that you go into a room I go in the room. Kyra says I would be stupid to go to a final 3 with them. Kyra says During Chelsea and Sam HOH Dane and Adam made sure someone against Dane left. Kyra gets called to the DR. On the way there Anthony says After the ceremony just say to them I am not allowing you guys to cut me at Final 3 Let’s have a house meeting or get out of my damn room. Anthony and Mark are in the washroom where he tells Mark to stay cool. He tells Mark he has his back. Dane is in the kitchen flipping his slop pancakes.
4:45 PM BBT Kyra comes out with a card all HGs are called to the Living Room. Dane says it is not good news Kyra is crying more. Kyra says Hey Everyone seeing as how you have not taken this news well Big Brother has been pranking on you. Mark hugs Kyra saying Well Done. They are all clapping and saying Well Done. Adam asks Kyra Did they know all along. They tell everyone NO. Anthony is getting ready for the shower. Mark says It was set up for a fail and we almost got them all right. Feeds go down at 4:52 PM BBT
5:00 PM BBT -5:45 PM BBT Feeds still down
5:53 PM BBT Feeds come back with Mark sitting in the lounge area as Adam starts to prepare to cook. Anthony is talking to Kyra in the HOH Room He is telling them congratulations. Anthony is telling Kyra that Mark says that he doesn’t think that Kyra likes him. Anthony is telling them that there is no way he would pick Mark as final 2 over them. Kyra says One of us is going to win. They tell him that he needs to practise his days. They tell him that they will help him. Anthony says He is going to listen to some music.Kyra says they have butterflies they are so excited. Anthony tells them they are looking around for them.
6:00 PM BBT Adam is cleaning in the kitchen. He takes the slop pancakes out of the oven and says Bye Bye slop so good. He takes a couple of bits say So Good throws the rest in the garbage. Adam peeks in on Kyra. In the washroom he says to Adam I just asked her when they wanted to eat. Adam says I think they are going to listen to him because he has been in their ear all season long. Big Brother tells them there is 2 hours until the Nomination Ceremony. I had people tell me if he makes it to Final 2 they will vote for him.Adam says Well we won’t have touched the block either if he hadn’t of gotten into Mark’s and Cory’s ear. KYRA S PLEASE GO TO THE DR.Kyra goes to the DR and Anthony stays in the HOH listening to music.
6:15 PM BBT Dane is in the HOH room with Anthony. Anthony is telling Dane about Mark telling him that he feels like he is going up and that Kyra doesn’t like him. Dane says that he needs to come up with something. Anthony said he better but he will not do anything after the ceremony anyway. Anthony says he has to worry about himself at this point. Dane says if he goes up that he has his back. Anthony said that Adam said the same thing.Anthony says we can do anything we want at this point and not to worry. Anthony asks Dane if Kyra said she was putting him up and he says that Kyra said Mark but didn’t know who else. Anthony said that is exactly what he heard to. Dane said that Mark can not win POV. Dane says he is not too worried if he goes up, and that Anthony should not either. Just to worry about the veto more than anything. Dane leaves the HOH room and Anthony is alone. Dane goes to the blue bedroom and lays down on the bed on his stomach and looks like he is thinking. He gets up and heads downstairs and goes to the DR. Anthony heads downstairs as well and passes Mark who is sleeping on the chairs. He goes into the storage room and looks like he is making a smoothie. Kyra is laying on the bed in the HOH room. Adam is in the blue room and lays on the bed and goes over days talking under his breath. All the HG appear extremely bored. Anthony is talking to Mark and tells him that anyone can win HOH. Mark tells him that there are two votes to keep him. He says he hopes that he doesn’t go up against him.
6:30 PM They go into the storage room and further discuss the noms. Anthony just walks around the living room. He goes to sit on the couch upstairs. HG are beginning to get ready for the nom ceremony. Anthony is working on laundry.
6:45 PM Anthony and Dane are sitting on the couches upstairs in silence. Not too much happening in the BB house. Everyone is waiting for the nom ceremony.
7:00 PM Mark goes into the blue room and lays down talking under his breath. Adam is preparing food in the kitchen. Adam asks Dane if he has talked to Kyra. Adam says he feels like he doesn’t want to. Dane tells Adam they can not let Mark win the veto. Adam eats his salad. Dane says that they need to win the veto. Adam says that everyone is moping around. Dane says he hates that energy. THERE IS ONE HOUR UNTIL THE NOMINATION CEREMONY. Anthony comes and joins them at the bar in the kitchen. Anthony asks if they did the our thing yet, they said yes and he gets up to grab something to eat. He says he will get some fruit. He grabs some strawberries and a banana. Kyra asks if he has to wear her skechers and they tell her no, just for player picks.
7:15 PM BBT Adam asks Anthony if he talked to Mark today. Anthony said a little. He said he told him that he can still win the POV. Kyra is getting ready for the nom ceremony. Mark and Dane are also in the blue room with her KYRA S PLEASE PUT ON YOUR MICROPHONE. They talk about being able to see the room. Kyra leaves the room. Dane asks about the conversation he had with Anthony. Mark tells him what they discussed. They talk about Anthony never touching the block once. Mark says he played his game. They talk about Damien and that he didn’t get the magnitude of how people mess you over in this game. Mark asks if Dane got a chance to talk to Kyra yet. Dane says no and Mark says is it a what’s the point kind of thing? Dane says that they have their mind made up. He said he doesn’t want to talk to anyone about it. Mark asks if he always told people when he put them up. He said everyone except for Chelsea. He says he did Chelsea and Kyra because they were a duo. They talk about when Dane nominated Chelsea and when her picture never came up and then he had to say it again. PLEASE STOP TALKING ABOUT PRODUCTION. They talk about past comps. They say that the POV comp should be a good one with what they are doing in the backyard. They talk about Sam and what she did in the game. Mark asks if Dane thinks that Sam and Adam will be a thing outside of the house. Dane says yes. Mark asks if Dane thinks he would go gung ho with Este after the house. Dane says that Este is not his cup of tea. He talks about her telling him that he an not smoke and has to become a vegetarian. Dane goes to the bathroom.
7:30 PM BBT Adam comes in and asks if he is ok, Mark says he is ok. Adam says he looks like he is down. Mark says he may look like that but he really is ok. Mark talks to him about what Dane and him were discussing about Sam. Adam says that after the show he will probably stay at her place. Adam changes his clothes and leaves the Blue room. Dane comes in to get his bottle and goes downstairs. Adam tells Anthony that the boys should sit on the couch like they did the last time but Damien was in it. Dane says, lets see if I’m going up. Adam says that they haven’t had a nom where they didn’t know who was going up. Dane says that Chelsea didn’t know. Adam says that Mark probably knows he is going up. Dane says it is what it is. Mark comes downstairs. Kyra is in the HOH room getting ready and doing their hair. Dane goes up to the HOH room. Kyra says that right now they are not saying names for noms because they may make up their minds last minute. They say either way a friend will be upset with them. Kyra says they will all find out in 20 minutes. Dane asks if Kyra is still leaning towards Mark. Kyra says yes. Dane says that they can not let Mark win POV. He tells her that he and Adam has their back. Kyra says they appreciate it. He leaves the HOH room. Kyra says under their breath, he doesn’t know. They have no idea, I think they are suspicious but…. As they walk around the HOH bathroom looking at the camera. What is about to happen is going to be ….. And they take a deep breath. It will be a tad explosive. Kyra says they are beyond anxious right now. Kyra practices her speech. She talks about Dane and what she is going to say during her speech.
7:45 PM BBT Kyra practices her speech saying “Dane i have decided to nominate you and you have won 3 times this season and you put me up every single time, it’s only fair. Also, you are one of the strongest players in the game and I can’t risk you winning. Adam I have decided to nominate you for the exact same reason Dane put me up beside Chelsea week 4 – you made it very clear how powerful this veto is this week and I can’t risk you taking Dane off the block. I know you are loyal to me but you are more loyal to Dane.I know you guys were hoping I was stupid enough being in a final 3 with you gus was good for my game but I didn’t come to win 3rd or possibly 2nd place, I came to win 1st place and the odds of that happening with both of you in the house are very slim, I hope you understand. It’s just a game and I am here to play. Kyra looks out the HOH room doors and goes back inside. She walks around pounding her fist into her hand. She walks out of the HOH room and goes downstairs. Krya goes into the storage room and takes a drink. The boys are talking about a battle back. Kyra comes out of the storage room and says they don’t like how creased the shirt is so they are going to try another option. They head up to the HOH room to change. They change into a black shirt and blazer but keeps the black hat on.Then Kyra heads to the washroom and works on their hair. Meanwhile, the boys are downstairs talking about past comps and Mark is laughing.Kyra comes back downstairs and says they would love a smoke right now. They ask how long until noms? Anthony says 15 minutes. They are all now sitting at the table. They are talking about a previous season where there was heaven and hell.
8:00 PM BBT They talk about past seasons. They talk about production and BB yells at them to stop. Kyra says they are bad at walking down stairs that they will make them do it a million times. PLEASE STOP TALKING ABOUT PRODUCTION. Adam says he needs to trim his beard. Anthony talks about a company that sent him things for his beard that they wanted him to take a picture with the products. Adam says he gets his haircut every two weeks. Anthony says he goes every Thursday locked in. Kyra asks if they should do Salmon and stir fry for dinner. Adam says he can do that. They talk about eggs and bacon.They pick on Mark and his math. Kyra says they are excited to see the room. Adam says to see Samantha’s little face. PLEASE STOP TALKING ABOUT PRODUCTION. DANE PLEASE ARRANGE A HOUSE BATTERY CHANGE …. Kyra and Dane put some things in the storage room.
8:15 PM BBT HG are all sitting waiting. KYRA S PLEASE GO TO THE DR. Kyra gets up and says see you in a bit. Kyra says there is a sock ball on the floor and it may be in the camera view.The boys say it is one last ride and it was a good run. Feeds go down at 8:18 PM BBT for noms.
8:30 PM BBT – 9:30 PM BBT Feeds Down
9:37 PM BBT Feeds back Anthony and Kyra are talking to Anthony and they are talking about if Anthony said to put Kyra on the block? Adam says that he said Este and DAmien. But Anthony said that he never said to put Kyra up. Kyra says lets get Mark. They go to get him. Mark comes in. He says if the level of conversation goes down then he will talk. Anthony asks Mark if he said to put up Kyra? Mark says never. Adam says that in the hot tub that the conversation happened. Mark said that the conversation didn’t happen. Anthony said that Adam can not look him in the face. Anthony said this conversation can go on for hours but that Anthony never said to put Kyra on the block. Kyra tells Adam that they put him on the block for the same reason why they were on the block against Chelsea because that he would take Dane down. Kyra tells him that he is the reason that he is up there because he told her that this POV is very important and that they can not take that chance. Adam says that if he leaves that the boys have a chance of winning. Anthony said that it is not for him to decide that’s for the jury to decide. Kyra said that they have not been involved in this alliance, that they have been in this house alone and that they have to get credit for that. Anthony says again to Adam that he can not look him in the face and say that he wanted Kyra on the block. Anthony says that this is a game move and that he didn’t put him on the block. Kyra says that they do not care at this point but the fact that he is telling them they have no chance of winning. Kyra says that they were on the outside of this alliance from the beginning and if that doesn’t earn them respect then it’s fu84ed. Kyra says if they didn’t feel alone before they sure the hell do now.
9:45 PM BBT In the kitchen, the guys are still going at it. Mark is telling Adam that it’s all discussion. Adam walks away and goes downstairs to the storage room where Dane is. Adam tells him they are in on it. They hug. Dane says do not worry, it’s not over with. Adam asks Dane about the plan to put up Kyra and Este that was brought to him at the hot tub. He said that he didn’t want to put up Kyra. Adam says it was not his plan. Dane said that Adam told him he wouldn’t put up Kyra. Adam tells Dane about what they said about Adam taking Dane off the block which is why they are both up on the block. Adam comes out of the storage room and he yells to the guys upstairs about the discussion in the hot tub. Kyra is going off on the camera in the HOH room. They say that they are still in the game and has made the biggest move of the season, and for Adam to say that they have no chance of winning is BS. Kyra says that Adam is a bitter child and that this is the biggest game move so far in the game. They say they f&c(in called it with the Boys Alliance. Upstairs outside the HOH room, the boys are talking and Kyra comes out of the HOH room as Adam says he is sorry for blowing up. Kyra sais this is a game. Kyra said they were an outsider this whole season. Adam says that he will be going to the jury house telling them every single conversation that has happened. Kyra says that they are happy to be left out of it like they have been all season. Kyra turns around and goes back into the HOH room. Adam said that they were not expecting this. It was supposed to be top 4. He said that speech really stung. No matter who goes to Jury that there are 3 votes so that one of the boys is winning 100%. Adam says he will not blow up anymore. Mark heads downstairs. Kyra comes back out and says it is not personal but it’s part of the game. Putting him up was the only thing that would give them the best chance. Kyra says that both them and Chelsea knew week two that there was an alliance. Kyra says the boys thought they were stealth and secretive. Kyra tells them they had blood veto and saw more benefit taking out blood veto and that they knew that Mark was aligned with them. Kyra said that they thought Mark would be better in the house. Adam says they do not need to keep talking about it. Kyra goes up to the DR door and slams the button. The DR has a red light and they go to try the outside door. Kyra slams into the storage room hitting Mark with the door.
10:00 PM BBT Kyra begins to cry and Mark goes to hug them. Kyra says that this whole game they have been an outsider and that they have earned the right to be here. Kyra says they beat the odds and that they were not a part of the PB. Kyra says they need to come down. Kyra said that they wanted to shock for television. Mark said they shocked him. Kyra said that they have never played this game emotionally and that they have known about the alliance since week 2. Kyra asks Mark when did the working together stop? Kyra asked was the situation with Adam real? He said they will talk about it later. Kyra is alone and talking to the camera again saying they are about to take out one of the head honchos. Anthony comes into the storage room and goes to hug Kyra. He tells them to be strong. Kyra says again that they knew they felt like an outsider for a reason. Anthony said he felt great and was close with them but one thing he never once told them to take Kyra out. He says he has his way with the truth and that every scenario in this game is honesty. Anthony said that these guys are not honest. He said he watched the people on his side and they were not honest. Kyra says that they know the guys were not honest. Kyra said that they had to play dumb because that’s what kept them in the house. If people want to say that Kyra got there by luck by all means but Kyra says they played to their strengths. Kyra says they were never stupid. Kyra knew there was an alliance. When they heard about Corey they jumped at the chance to crack the foundation. Kyra said that they want to go final two with Anthony but that they feel that he lied to them. Kyra asks if Damien was part of it and Anthony said no. He tells them that they are strong and it doesn’t matter what people say. Dane comes in and gives her a hug. Dane says that they know how Adam is and that he blew up. Kyra says they earned their place here and no one can say it was by luck. Kyra says she proved they play the game by the move they made. Kyra says they hope BB sees that they need a fire exit and a cigarette. Adam comes in and gives Kyra a hug. Dane and Anthony leave the storage room. Adam says he is sorry and that he is a hot head and he should have not said what he did. He says that there was a plan for the boys to be top four. He says that when Kyra is up as the last final 2 they can say they took either Dane or Adam. Adam says they both may stay if either Dane or Adam win and pull themselves off. Kyra says to him again that they are not here by luck. Adam says that Kyra deserves to be here like everyone else and it was not right of him to say that. He said that they won fair and square. He says sorry again. He says he was not expecting it. Kyra said all season that there has not been one shocking nomination so they did it for TV. He says he is going to cook the salmon. Kyra leaves the storage room. They go sit on the couch next to Anthony. Adam tells the camera he was not expecting this today but it is what it is. He says now I gotta win. The fight after noms has settled down in the house and Adam is going to cook dinner.


April 25, 2019

10:00 AM BBT Big Brother just informed the HGs that they will be going into rehearsal in 20 minutes; then good bye messages. Adam Este and Mark are preparing their breakfast. Este and Mark are sitting at the counter eating and Este tells Mark it is their last meal together. Adam is washing dishes. Adam finishes and heads upstairs. Anthony asks him if he his headed to the washroom. Adam goes into the HOH room. In the washroom, Anthony and Dane are talking about a triple. Dane says there are only 15 days left. Dane says that Mark asked him if he staying. Anthony asks if he should tell Este now or after the rehearsal? Dane says after. Anthony tells Dane what he told to Este when she campaigned to him. He says that he will tell her that it is not advantageous for him to keep her. He said that she told him she would be willing to stab anyone in the back, including the people she works with and he said he does not want to see her just slide into 20K. Anthony says his beard has grown fast and that he is excited that he has a beard. He tells him that he didn’t start to grow a beard until college. Damien comes in the washroom. They talk about their facial hair. Dane talks to Damien about him passing gas all night. Damien says it’s the slop for two weeks. Damien talks about production saying his name when he is asleep. He says he tries not to fall asleep all day then he goes to bed and can not sleep. Dane says the same things happens to him. They are just in general conversation. Downstairs, Kyra and Este are talking. Este tells Kyra that no one telling her anything. Kyra says that the only one who would flip their vote was Anthony. Kyra says that it really does not matter. Este tells Kyra what she is going to wear.
10:15 AM BBT Este tells Kyra that her dress is very tight and vavoom so she is only going to wear dainty. HG PLEASE GO TO THE LIVING ROOM. Este runs to the bathroom and Adam lays down on the couch next to Kyra and they ask if he enjoyed his breakfast. He says he did but he gets tired after he sleeps. Mark comes to sit down followed by Anthony. Still no Dane, Damien or Este. Kyra tells Mark that production may ask him to put on clothes as he is still in his bathrobe. Dane and Damien join them. The television says LIVE EVICTION TODAY.
10:19 AM BBT – Feeds Down for Live show today

9:00 PM BBT Feeds Down for the live show. In the double eviction Este was evicted 3-0 with only Dane voting to keep her. Dane won the second HOH and nominated Damien and Kyra Anthony won POV and didn’t use it Damien was evicted 3-0
9:15 PM BBT Feeds return at 9:17 PM BBT and Kyra is the new HOH and they and the boys are celebrating in the living room.
9:30 PM BBT Anthony and Kyra are whispering back and forth in the storage room. Kyra mentions taking Anthony to Wendy’s then goes into the kitchen to make tea. Kyra yells up to Adam and asks if he wants any. Adam says he wants a crazy tea and comes into the kitchen where Kyra already is and they say they don’t like crazy teas, (ginger and lemon) but they’ll make him one.
9:45 PM BBT All of the houseguests are in the kitchen and Kyra is talking about being excited about winning HOH and jokes that now they can evict themselves on their own and not feel bad about it then say they were only joking.
10:00 PM BBT Mark, Anthony, Adam, Damien, and Dane are all in the kitchen talking about Batman, Spiderman and other comics. Kyra joins everyone in the kitchen and the conversation switches to breakfast foods. Everyone is now reminiscing about who would cook over the course of the season. Dane is pacing back and forth in the storage room.
10:15 PM BBT Kyra says when they get their HOH room they want to drink the full bottle of wine they get in their basket. Anthony says if they do that, they’ll be “in the shitter” Mark says to drink the mini bottles. Kyra is called to the DR probably to get their HOH room. The pretty boys are all alone in the kitchen talking about how they wish they could hit the reset button on the season. Mark says he wishes he could go back to day 6 and they should have kept Laura. He asks why they even voted her out anyway and Adam says because she was talking smack and was going after Sam. They all joke about all the different moves they could have made over the course of the season. Adam says the best part of HOH is the video sketchers and Wendy’s. Dane jokes to stop talking about brand names.
10:30 PM BBT Feeds down at 10:29 PM BBT Kyra is getting their HOH room
10:45 PM BBT Feeds return at 10:43 PM BBT everyone is in Kyra’s HOH room Anthony says he wants to get a dog when he gets back home. Kyra is drinking their wine. Mark congratulates Kyra on the win and leaves the room. They say they need to figure out what to do they’re going to put up Mark. Feeds go down at 10:48 PM BBT Feeds return at 10:54 PM BBT
11:00 PM BBT Feeds return at 11:02 PM BBT to all of the pretty boys in the kitchen discussing all of the things Kyra has said about possible noms and deals throughout the season.
11:15 PM BBT Everyone is out in the hot tub area talking about the double eviction. Kyra says tomorrow they’ll talk game with every single one of the pretty boys and they say it’s hard because half of them will have to go up no matter what. Mark says the veto is where the money is. Everyone is sitting around the hot tub going over all the evictions of the season thus far.
11:30 PM BBT Dane is in the blue BR making his toothpaste calendar and then heads into the lounge to play rock paper scissors and pool with Kyra and Mark is watching them. All three wonder if they played the most pool this season. Kyra says probably every season plays a lot of pool.
11:45 PM BBT Mark and Dane are playing pool in the lounge Kyra is watching but leaves soon after and Mark and Dane talk about who Kyra will nominate for eviction. They both agree that it will be one of them and Anthony and say that if someone comes down with the POV, then whoever of the two of them wasn’t already up will go up and they would all vote to keep Anthony. In a tie, they say that Kyra would go with whatever Adam wanted

Tonight's Show !

April 25, 2019

This season, it's been a picture-perfect existence for the Pretty Boys. They've dominated the game like no other alliance in BBCAN history. Anyone who stood in their way was disposed of, but now are they too cocky? Are the cracks becoming too big to cover up? 

Tonight, it could all fall apart in the panic of the double eviction. Can the Pretty Boys continue their total domination, or will a new contender rise and take control? Tonight, it's anybody's game on Big Brother Canada!

Arisa welcomes us to the 200th episode and tonight is a double eviction. Tonight, either Este or Mark will be headed to the jury and as we've seen in double evictions in the past, anything can happen. Let's check in to see what happened after another dramatic PoV ceremony.

We pick up at the PoV ceremony on day 52. Mark says the entire trajectory of this week has been masterminded by The Pretty Boys. This is perfect and it throws suspicion off the alliance and he's just coasting along in the game. Este says being on the block sucks and she knows for a fact she has Dane and Damien's vote. Now she just needs to make sure she has Kyra's vote.

Kyra says they'd been working closely with Adam, but they were pulled into a 5 person alliance with Adam, Dane, Anthony, and Mark so it's good to keep Mark and get rid of Este. Kyra then makes the sign of the Pretty Boys and says they are part of something. Adam says he is in an alliance with the Pretty Boys, but he wants to go to the final two with Dane. Dane and Adam talk about getting Damien to vote Este out. Dane says Este is going this week, but he doesn't want to be one of the votes to get rid of her.

Adam says he's been in the house for 52 days and they get bored and creative and he's created a doll out of aluminum foil and her name is Angela. Kyra says Adam has gone a little crazy. Adam says she likes soccer, shopping, and she likes beer. Anthony says Adam has had his highs and lows, but since Sam has been gone he's completely lost it.

Este is talking to Kyra and Kyra says being a Have-Not has taken a toll on them. Este says they are struggling. Este asks Kyra if the plan is the same because she hasn't talked to Adam. Kyra thinks the plan hasn't changed and Este says for the following weeks she does have Kyra's back. Este says she knows she has Dane and Kyra, and she thinks she has Damien. Kyra says they think Este is alright and they go to the bathroom.

Adam and Dane are talking to Damien and Adam says who do you want out and who are your ride or dies and they laugh. Adam says they need to make sure the boys are safe next week so he wants to get close to Damien. Dane says let's say we keep Mark how can we make that happen? Damien says he doesn't trust Mark, he's lied to his face, and he's legit tried to get him out of the house. Adam is pitching an all guys final and Damien says it would be cool. Este comes in and says she needs to change and Adam and Dane say bedtime. Este asks if they were talking about her and were they trying to get her out. Dane and Adam say yeah and Damien says you better start campaigning and she says stop. It sucks being on the block three times in a row.

Arisa welcomes us back to double eviction night. Yesterday, we finally saw Damien pull himself off with his first competition win. Damien has a ton of support back home in Nadleh Whut'en. We meet Sue and Johnny, Damien's mom and dad. Emma is Damien's girlfriend and she says the prettiest boy is not part of the Pretty Boys. She's been watching the feeds and she misses him.



Sue says seeing Damien being the first HGs voted in was really fun. Johnny says this game is going to learn a little more about honesty from Damien. Sue says when he was first on the block, she was like omg and him being on the block for the fourth time she's tired of it. Emma says he's been on the block four times and he hasn't' had a single vote against him and that speaks to his social game. Clearly, he's doing something right.

We see his brother and he says it's great to see Damien playing with integrity. Tamar and Pamela, Damien's sisters, are in a huge crowd of people to cheer for Damien. We hear someone drove four hours to be there. Charlie, his niece, thinks it's awesome to see him on TV. We see the crowd from home watching Damien win the PoV competition and they all cheer. A local child says Damien shows him he can do anything. Emma says in her dream scenario is Damien wins HoH and puts up Adam and Dane and one goes home. And that's what's happening!

Arisa says let's head back inside where BB gave the agents a chance to let loose a little. Este says it's been a stressful day and they all head out to the hot-tub. Anthony says BB has put food and drinks in the backyard and most of them are on slop and he's going to eat half his body weight. Dane says they've been in the house too long, it's time to party!


All the HGs are in the DR and they are chanting party! Damien hears his song by his band, Kedah Clan, and he tells everyone. Damien says watching the HGs dance to his music, let's just say the game was chilled.

Este and Dane are in the DR hugging each other. We then see Este in bed in the HoH room and Dane joins her and they are making out. Adam goes into the HoH bedroom and says be careful what you wish for Dane! I See that Estefania! They tell him to shut up and nothing happened and Adam leaves.

Mark is outside with Anthony and he motions Anthony over. Mark says Adam and Dane are snakes, does Anthony think he's still good. Anthony says he doesn't have to worry. If he catches a whiff that someone is going to be disrespectful or someone will approach him with such a question, he'd flip the house upside down. Mark says honestly, he only trusts Anthony. Anthony says the plan was four to the end, but along the way, two of them did some shady crap. Anthony says no one is going to do dirt if they do he's going to flip the house upside down. If they're going to take Mark out, they might as well take him out.

It's Day 54 and Dane and Este are talking. Este says if she goes home this week she will be so mad. Dane says you aren't going home, Mark is. Dane says he knew this day was coming and it's not easy letting her go and Canada, it's not easy to see someone you like go. Dane says when Este finds out that he hasn't been 100% upset with her then she might be upset with him and never want to talk to him again. Este tells Dane it just sucks that people might be lying to your face.

Time to get to the first eviction of the night! Este says the person next to her put up three people last week and didn't care if any one of them went home and he's been playing for himself and hopefully they are sticking to the plan to get him out. Mark loves each of them and he wants to know if they really think he's an impediment in them winning the prize then can they raise their hand. No one raises their hand and he says I didn't think so, do the right thing.

It's time to vote!

Anthony votes to evict Este.
Damien, unfortunately, votes to evict Este.
Kyra votes to evict Este.
Dane votes to evict Mark.

By a vote of 3-1 Este has been evicted from the Big Brother Canada house. Este hugs Mark and Adam and Damien and then hugs Dane as she heads up the stairs. She says she loves them and blows a kiss and heads out.

Arisa asks Este if she was blindsided and she says yes. 100%. She had no idea. She was nervous yesterday and today. When she heard the numbers she thought maybe it was OK. Arisa asks why she didn't campaign harder and she says she was just worried she was just paranoid. Arisa asks if maybe she depended on Dane too much and she says yeah, but she felt like he had a say in the house.

Damien says he has no idea what's going on in this house, they can't stick to a plan. Dane says she has one of the biggest hearts he's ever seen and he knows their friendship will last. Dane says he was 99% loyal to her and he did keep a secret and he makes the Pretty Boy sign and he says it did mean something. Mark says the backdoor plan was his and Adam says the backdoor Mark plan was never a real plan and he tells her he was in an alliance with The Pretty Boys with Dane, Mark, and Anthony.

Este is on the way to the jury house and it's time to let everyone know it's another double eviction. Arisa lets the HGs know about the double eviction and instructs them to go to the backyard for the HoH competition!

Time to get to the HoH competition! 

Each HGs will take a shot on a giant pool table and their ball will land on a score. The HGs with the highest score will win HoH. Mark is first and it lands in 2. Damien is up next and he scores a 6.

Dane is up and he says a big cue for a small guy. Dane hits 13 and is now in the lead. Kyra is up and they score 3. Anthony is up and he says I love you mom and scores a 9. Dane has won the HoH!

Dane and Kyra talk and Kyra says if he needs to put them up as a pawn, it's OK but they don't really want to go up. Damien comes in next and hugs Dane and he says, Mark or Kyra. Adam is next and says there is no reason for a Pretty Boy to go up. Dane says Adam needs to win veto. Dane says if he puts up Damien he will be mad at him. Pretty boys though!

Arisa calls the HGs to the living room . Everyone comes in and Arisa says she knows it's happening quickly but they need to know who he's putting on the block. Dane nominates Kyra and then says it's really tough and he nominates Damien. Damien does not look happy. Damien says how did you guys swindle this one? The PoV competition will be up next!

So far tonight, Este has been evicted, Dane won HoH and nominated Kyra and Damien. It's time for the PoV competition. This challenge is called Balls Out and on go, they will race to get all of their gumballs out of their gumball machine by pushing them out the door. Once they are all out, run out and hit your button. The first one to empty their machine and hit their button will win PoV!

They all seem to be making decent progress. Damien seems to be a little behind. Adam is close. Kyra has the least amount of balls out. Anthony has most of his balls out. It's between Adam and Anthony. Dane is cheering them all on. Anthony has his last ball and is out and beats Adam by a few seconds. Anthony and Adam and Dane celebrate. When we come back, we will find out what Anthony will do.

We're back for the PoV ceremony. Anthony stands and he has decided NOT to use the PoV. Kyra says if they think they're beneficial in the game to help them survive their second double eviction on the block. Damien says the boys have talked about it a lot and they have a chance to make history. Whatever happens, happens...cheers!

It's time to vote!

Adam votes to evict Damien.
Anthony votes to evict Damien.
Mark says he got lucky last week, not this week. He votes to evict Damien.

By a vote of 3-0, Damien has been evicted from the Big Brother Canada house! Damien looks a little shocked. He says he doesn't know what to say and accepts a hug from the boys and Kyra hugs him and says it's not a gender thing man. Damien says there's been a lot of talk. Damien heads up the stairs and exits the house.

Damien is welcomed very warmly by the Big Brother Canada crowd. Arisa says she knows he's smiling, but there is no way he could be happy. What is he feeling? Damien says he didn't see that happening. He feels betrayed by the boys and his hockey brother.

Arisa says you must know you're a fan favorite because Canada voted for him to get two advantages. Damien says he's so flattered and he'd keep on speaking, but he's a little choked up. He says this is wild. Arisa asks what he's going to remember from this experience? Damien says he's a First Nations kid and they can dream big and have them come true. Arisa asks who he thinks will win and Damien says Dane will win.

​🚨🚨🚨🚨Spoiler 🚨🚨🚨🚨 

April 25, 2019

 Este evicted 3-1 (Dane was the 1) - Dane won HOH and put up Damien, Kyra - Anthony won veto and didn't use it - Damien evicted 3-0


April 24, 2019

10:00 AM BBT Kyra gets called to the DR. Boys are outside smoking. Este is in the HOH room listening to music and singing in her head dancing. Adam goes back in the house leaving Damien outside. He is going over comps and who won. Dane and Anthony are in the bathroom. Anthony is brushing his teeth and Dane is wetting down his hair. Mark is getting out of the shower. Anthony says he is going to sit in the tub. Kyra and Adam are sitting in the chairs next to the kitchen and are talking to Este about music. Kyra and Adam talk about how high Mark wears his towel. They laugh about it. Damien comes in. Mark comes out and they call him high towel boy. Anthony comes downstairs. The HG are just in general conversation. Damien goes back outside. Mark is washing his bed sheets for the first time this season. He offers to do Anthony’s. Kyra says she is so excited to not be on slop. Adam talks about the POV that Kikki won and that was luck. Adam and Kyra go over days. Este is making a smoothie. Damien is outside alone.
10:15 AM BBT Adam talks about a dream he had. He tells Kyra and Este that there was a secret room with pull outs in it. Este says that she never had dreams before the house but that since the house and her drinking banana tea she dreams. Mark is sitting at the bar drinking a smoothing. Este says she thought Mark was a HN and she felt bad eating in front of him but they say he is not a HN. Kyra says that last night was the worst night ever for them and it was painful. Adam is preparing breakfast.Este is sitting at the table eating. Este tells Kyra that she will give them a massage later. Kyra says it’s so nice to finally drink coffee. Kyra asks if the coffee was too strong for her. Este says that she had to make a new batch. Este asks who made the strong coffee and Kyra says Dane. Este says that Kyra looks like they are crying. She asks whats wrong? Kyra says that they are just sore and hungry. Kyra is laying their head on the dining room table and has the hoodie over their head.
10:30 AM BBT Outside in the backyard, Anthony is in the hottub and Damien is sitting on the couches. They are not talking. Anthony is singing to himself that it is another boring day with no food and he is in a bad mood. Mark joins them outside and all three are in silence. In the kitchen, Adam is still making breakfast. Adam, Kyra and Este are just in general conversation. Kyra head outside leaving Este and Adam in the kitchen. They are talking about Sam and her raspy voice. Este talks about Sam and how close she thought she would be with them but that when she saw the relationship with Chelsea that she didn’t. She says she wanted to have one person in the house. She thought it would be Sam but it was Kikki. Adam says if the girls would have gotten together and made a strong alliance that they would still be in the house. Adam says so she knows that he tried to make an alliance with 8 people. Este says that is too big of a number. Adam says that they didn’t need to be best friends 24/7 but as long as they all voted together and had the same mind set they would have made it all the way. Dane comes in and Adam tells him what they are talking about.
10:45 AM BBT Adam says that they were good for a while with that 8 person alliance. Adam says that Sam regretted some things she did. They are in general conversation about different things. Adam and Este talk about production things and production yells at them 4 times to stop. Adam finally says ok. Este says she hates being in trouble. Este leaves the kitchen. Damien comes back in the house and goes upstairs. Mark and Anthony are outside now talking. Adam is washing his dishes. Mark is saying that he has tried to talk to Damien. Marks asks how the campaign talk with Este went last night. Anthony tells Mark that Este tells him that she felt sick because she was hung over and that she wanted to talk to him tomorrow but then sit and talks to him for an hour about random stuff. Mark says that Dane will give a pity vote and Anthony says probably. Mark says that he is relying on Kyra not to mess him over. He says he will put his trust in that for now. Mark says that Adam wants a 4-0 vote. Mark says that Adam doesn’t want Damien upset with him. Dane and Adam come out. Mark says that he needs to chat with Adam and tells him to have a seat. Mark asks if Adam wants him to chat with Damien. Adam says that Damien told him that Mark has not talked to him yet. Mark says that if he goes to chat with him but that if he does it will be bashing Adam and Dane. Because Damien knows that he will not win against them.
11:00 AM BBT Mark says that he will need Adam in the room to tell Damien to keep him. Adam says that Damien said that he pittys the first guy that goes to the Jury house with a bunch of women. Adam said that Damien told him that he went to Mark when he was HOH and talked about final 5 and that Mark didn’t like what he said. Kyra and Este are playing pool while the guys are all outside talking. They say that Damien does not want to go against Dane. Mark says that he prefers that Dane be in the room when he talks to Damien. Adam tells him that they pulled Kyra in last night and that they are all in agreement to get them out so Damien changes his vote. They said that Kyra was fine with it. Mark says that Damien doesn’t understand the game enough to know that next week that everyone will automatically play. Mark asks Dane if he is going to throw a pity vote and Dane says yes but that he doesn’t want to go against the PB. Este comes out. They stop talking and Adam makes it sound like they were talking about a possible double and what the comp could be. Dane says that it will be mental. They are now in just general conversation and talk about the pool game she had with Kyra. ESTE PLEASE FIX YOUR MICROPHONE. Mark is in the kitchen now then goes to play pool with Kyra. They tell Mark that there is really no one in the house they trust. Kyra says that they have a good gut with him, Adam and Anthony. Mark tells Kyra that they are good. They say that they do not want to see the guys cover their ass and get her out. Mark says that she should be good. They talk about the chairs being removed and the numbers that are left. In the storage room, Dane and Damien are talking. Damien tells him that Adam told him that when he was HOH that he would put up a big player and he lied and put up Este. They talk about the votes and who is voting for who. Dane tells Damien that he felt good with Mark. Damien says that he felt good with Mark to until he put him and Adam up. He asks if Adam forgot that. Dane says that if Este stays, that they know she will go back up. Dane says that he will go talk to Adam about it. They leave the storage room and go into the kitchen. They say the smoothies they are eating taste likes chalk.
11:15 AM BBT They talk about Anthony and that he is loyal. Dane tells him that the next person that needs to be out is Kyra. Damien says that it is a mental game going forward. They talk about comps and how you need to stack days. Dane says that Mark is not good under pressure. Kyra runs through and runs to the bathroom saying she was holding it all game. Damien goes to sit on some chairs. Kyra says they are so dehydrated and gets some water. She goes back to the pool room Dane comes back up to Damien and tells him that it is a 2/2 vote regardless. Dane says that they should just say they are good with a 2/2 vote and that it sucks. Damien says then they need to make Kyra the target. Dane says he has already told that to Adam. Dane says that even if they say tomorrow it is different that Dane is not going to change his vote for Este. Kyra is talking to Adam while they are playing pool about how she feels about Dane taking her cigs and chain smoke from her pack. Kyra wins the pool game and asks Adam how it feels to be beaten by them. They say that Adam was the only one in the house they didn’t beat yet.
11:30 AM BBT They play another game. Outside Mark and Dane are in the hottub. They both don’t have mics on so it’s hard to hear but they are talking about the votes and Damien. Anthony is sitting in the sun on a chair. Dane talks about the conversation with Damien in the storage room. That Mark put him up. Dane says that if it’s a 2/2 vote that their votes really don’t matter anyway. Dane says that Damien is annoyed with Kyra. Dane tells them that he told Damien that no one is talking to him because they know that he is voting for Este. Dane says that Este can not go 3 weeks without campaigning. Mark asks what are they going to say? Dane starts to tell him and Damien walks out. Damien is getting ready to go into the tub. Dane says that the jets are so strong. Anthony gets back in the tub. Adam and Kyra are still playing pool. No game talk with the two of them.


11:45 AM BBT The boys in the hot tub outside are silent as well. No game talk or talk of any kind is going on right now. Dane gets out of the tub and says he is going to get coffee. Damien asks if he will come back and he says no so Damien gets into the tub. Damien says he has been sleeping on the floor for two weeks but the jets hurt. Dane says that’s what he was talking about. Damien resets the jets that turned off. Anthony gets up and goes inside. Damien and Mark are left outside. They are not talking. Inside, Anthony is getting ready to boil water. Dane is back outside but not in the tub.
12:00 PM BBT Dane is sitting out sunning. Kyra asks him if he heard anything yet. Kyra said that I am going to make a slop smoothie in a bit. Mark and Damien are in the hot tub. Dane is picking up towels as he leaves out. He comes back out and sits in the sofa. Damien and Mark get out the hottub. Dane and Damien are sitting on the sofa. Mark leaves out the hot tub area. In the storage area making tea. Mark comes into the storage room.Mark tells him he knows how Kyra is voting and Anthony voting. ANTHONY PLEASE PUT ON YOUR MICROPHONE. ANTHONY PLEASE PUT ON YOUR MICROPHONE. Mark is eating breakfast. Dane is sitting counting his days quietly. Anthony is laying his head on the counter. Feeds go down.
12:14 PM BBT – 12:19 PM BBT FEEDS GO DOWN. Feeds come back with Anthony having his head still down on the counter. Mark and Adam are playing pool while Este is running around in the backyard. Mark wins the game. Damien and Dane are still in the hottub area. Dane says we only have to worry about is Adam I know Anthony gonna win. Anthony comes out to the area and Dane says we were just talking about you and that it would take you a month to figure out the days. Dane asks Anthony how does he feel he says I am not made for this. Damien says we get to vote tomorrow. Dane says it feels weird not to vote. Dane says remember me I am Damien I won power of veto.Damien says the clouds should be coming soon. Kyra is in the shower. Mark and Adam are playing another game of pool. Where Mark wins. Mark says rematch. Este is sitting in the corner on the couches watching the guys play pool. The boy in the hot tub area are just soaking in the sun not doing any talking.
12:30 PM BBT Dane leaves out the hot tub area leaving Damien and Anthony out there alone. Mark and Anthony finished their game where Adam won this time. Mark says it is because the table is curved. They set up for a new match. Dane goes into the kitchen. Adam yells to him come play me when you want to play in the big leagues. Adam is losing and blaming it on the table. Mark wins again. Adam says we are doing the best out of 7 right he says sure. I mean we can do the best out of 9. Mark says I need to take a dump pretty badly so we will need to make this a quick game. Mark says he is going for stripes. Dane is in the kitchen. Dane says that Damien told him that Mark has not came and talked to him at all. Adam says Damien wants it to be him, Anthony, Adam, and Dane in the final four. Adam says well I will talk to him at a later time.
12:45 PM BBT Dane is putting the slop on the sheet to make the slop pizzas. Adam says he would have talked to Damien earlier but he got called to the DR. Adam says Este is not even campaigning to stay. Dane says if it is a 2-2 vote.Adam says he is going to bring up the assassin thing today. He tells Dane act like this is the first time you heard it when i tell everyone. Adam says Mark used the whole pack of fruit and two bananas. I don’t think he ever lived with other people. Dane said no he probably just went out. Dane says Este has diarrhea in the middle of her workout. Adam starts talking about how Este runs. Dane puts the slop in the oven. Adam asks where is Damien he tells him outside and Anthony is out there with him. Dane starts cleaning the dishes. Adam asks him if he wants to play pool or go for a smoke. Dane tells Mark he need to actually talk with Damien. Kyra comes down and Dane says hey Kyra. Kyra tells Mark that I bet Adam 3 times in case he didn’t tell you. Adam said well yeah Mark bet me too. Adam changes his mind about drinking coffee. Kyra says well I am going to make iced tea. Dane tells Adam let me finish this and I will go for a smoke. Mark starts whispering to Dane and Dane is agreeing with him. Dane says you need to talk with Damien with me around. The guys are headed out to the hot tub area. Mark says so you are telling me I don’t have your vote.All the guys are in the hot tub area while Kyra is making tea. Dane starts singing. PLEASE STOP SINGING. Adam says well I guess I am going to go beat Marko now Dane and Adam come from the hot tub area.
1:00 PM BBT Dane is calling Mark’s name. Adam starts playing pool with Dane. Dane tells Adam he is so sore and he doesn’t know why. Este tells Kyra when I think of you now I think of the pink dragon. Mark asks Kyra how do you make the tea? Kyra explains the process. Dane says why is that room still locked we need cardboard. Este brings out the stuff to make a smoothie. Adam says there comes mark. He says yeah I was just getting dressed. Dane heads into the kitchen. Kyra goes outside to the hot tub area and asks Damien if he wants some ice tea. Dane, Mark, and Adam are still outside playing pool. Kyra is still talking to Damien about random stuff. Kyra tells him I can’t believe he wears an XL. He tells Kyra it all depends on the clothes. Kyra and Damien are sitting in the hot tub area while Dane and Adam are playing pool.
1:15 PM BBT Mark is laying on the sofa playing with the pool triangle. Damien is sleeping as well as Kyra. Adam sets up for another game of pool. Adam is trying to find out where the curve is located on the table. PLEASE WAKE UP NAP TIME IS OVER. Dane starts talking about Anthony. Kyra sits up. Damien is still lying there but has his eyes open but is having a problem keeping them open Anthony sits up and then starts talking to Kyra. kyra doesn’t respond back so he just looks up in the sky.
1:30 PM BBT Damien has turned his face towards the sofa so no one can see he is sleeping. Dane and Adam are playing another game of pool. ANTHONY TAKE OFF YOUR SUNGLASSES. Damien gets up and heads out the hot tub area.Mark comes out and sits next to Anthony. Anthony sits up they both are just staring at the sky. Dane says he really don’t want to be stripes but. The camera zooms in on Mark. Dane and Adam head inside. Adam says he needs to play Anthony. Dane is in the kitchen.
1:45 PM BBT Dane is cooking something. Mark, Anthony, and Kyra are still sitting outside. Dane is eating his slop pizza. Este walks in the kitchen.
2:00 PM BBT Kyra heads in from the outside to use the RR, Anthony says its getting too warm he is heading in, Damien is working out, Dane enjoys his smoke on the couch with Mark and Este. Anthony has brought in some dishes from their afternoon slop Dane just made for all of the HN’s. Este heads in to the SR. Kyra thanks Dane for the slop pancakes as they were all just talking how hungry they were. It was a nice change of pace. Este and Anthony are talking about the plan that was made beginning of the week. She gives her small pitch about how she feels Kyra will vote with Adam’s wants, she feels she has Dane and Damien’s votes but she will confirm later. She tells how she is willing to let past be past and move forward and wants to stay and asks for his vote. He tells her that he is still kind of indecisive as they have been getting closer and he thinks plans are still the same. Este says she feels she has been loyal to those she had promised it to and that Mark is alone because he looks out for Mark and no one else and that has caused him to be in this sticky situation. Anthony says he has heard all game about Final 6’s, 7’s, 8’s and lately hasn’t heard any of them so it makes him think. He says he needs to think about who really has my back and who is going to tell me what’s going on. He claims his social game has been his biggest strength, and it doesn’t matter what Adam wants he will vote what’s best for him. Mark walks in and Anthony still keeps talking and Mark grabs food and heads back out the door. Este says it’s funny you bring up Final deals as I have been hearing alot especially last week with Corey and 2 different sets of people but she was not in either one. He says he is trying to put thought into it and will chat with people and let her know as soon as he knows. With a hug they end the conversation and exit the SR.
2:15 PM BBT Kyra heads up to HOH and finds Adam working out and jamming to music, so They head elsewhere finding themselves in the WR together Este asks how Kyra is doing and gives Them the Pitch to keep her. She says she has been thinking alot since the truce and truly she would not put Kyra up and how unlyoal Mark is and how its made the game hard for her. Este gives Kyra the promise of her Vote if she is here and not on the block with her. They both fear there is alot of strong players and others need to go. Este explains how Anthony took the conversation and did his round about not giving any answers. Este says I need to make sure Adam knows I really like this truce and trust it, then with Damien since he has been mad at Mark and closer to her. They both share how everyone has had rough week with Slop and Hangovers and now is the time to talk. They are worried about tomorrow and what to expect but expecting the unexpected. They start talking about Damien and how he is a quiet dude and who would put them up, who would feel they were the target with. Now it’s Veto and HOH to keep you safe that’s it. They mention how there is only 70 days in a season and there’s 16 days left after this eviction. Will there be a double and an instant, will it be a triple this week? They explore the options as they think about it. Take turns going potty, meanwhile down in the nook in the BY Mark and Anthony are talking Anthony is trashing about Dane and his actions in the house.
2:30 PM BBT After hearing about the conversation Mark wants to point it out to Damien that Este just inadvertently said she is putting him up if she wins. They figure its best to let Anthony go in with the information, Kyra walks up to check in as she heads towards the BY. They don’t want to make a big scene so they leave and Mark says we can chat later. Anthony says the entire game he has been finessing both sides for the boys but the others haven’t and instead were trash talking him and so Damien isn’t going to trust Mark. Anthony points out he has never been in on a Dane/Damien convo and he wants to set up a situation later and see how it plays out this week. Anthony gives pointers to Mark on how to talk to Dane and how to go about it and how he has been loyal to him since day one. Anthony wants to go shower and put in work just to follow up and make sure everyone is on target and has the right plan still on track. They don’t feel the Sympathy vote is needed. Mark asks Kyra to play pool and how They feel about tomorrow. Kyra says good about the plan they have ( Keep mark Vote out Este) but nervous about the unknown twist. He asks what they mean and whats uncertain to them, they are just nervous someone could be playing them. They agree they like that no matter the conversation they don’t BS each other. They discuss how they haven’t made F2’s and how they are playing. Meanwhile Out in the BY Anthony is chilling with Dane and Damien who are sun tanning. Damien asks how close to May is it, Dane jokes with him.
2:45 PM BBT The Silence and Sunbathing continues as well as the pool games between Mark and Kyra. Dane heads in from the outside and says nothing as he passes by. Kyra says at this point in the game, unless I win a comp ill take 2nd because I won’t win against anyone in the game. Dane and Este in the Kitchen, Este is cooking, Adam grabs a broom and is sweeping upstairs around the HOH door entrance. Dane heads up the stairs and says he was called out yesterday for something and then BB calls him out about his Mic a few times, He heads into the HOH room and tries to fix the mic, Este asks about the stir fry thing Adam made the other day. Pool game continues with little bits here and there of talk. They continue to compare themselves against the other HG and if they think they will win or lose if taken to F2. Anthony is sent on a Battery replacement trip.
3:00 PM BBT They start a new game of pool, Adam is still sweeping around upstairs, and no one is talking. Anthony Grabs clothes and then asks if he can soak them in the tub. In the HOH room, Adam says how he is cleaned up the room for the next boy. They only worry about about the Double and the POV. Dane has moved Downstairs and is vacuuming in the SR, They figure out how to plan to keep Mark and talk to Damien without pushing too hard. Anthony tells how Este tried campaigning to him today and shares how that went. Este and Kyra are at the Kitchen table talking and sharing how they feel and who they trust especially Mark , then only what they feel the Final 3 comps will be. They feel that there has to be more than one person leaving this week. Kyra compliments Este’s necklace with the shirt, they talk about it for a moment and then Kyra asks if Dane is grumpy. Este says no, and comments how good her meal was. She hates eating alone and knows Kyra would have eaten with her. Kyra says she should get a free meal for cleaning up after Este monday night. They move onto the olympic themed comp and how that was a hard day.
3:15 PM BBT Kyra felt like Chelsea had it in the bag, and she was doing well but not good enough they go back to how old Corey really is. They move onto the fall Kyra had from a comp and want it shown. Up in HOH Anthony is still trying to help Adam know how to “paint the picture” when he talks to Damien and keep him in the “boys” but not push too hard. They decide to let Anthony talk to Damien, and then later tomorrow Dane and Adam will go to him and back up what Anthony says. Kyra heads in they tell her the plan. Kyra tells them they are being smart and no hard feelings them using her name. They are not planning to tell Este at all and letting her be blindsided when the vote is read. Kyra tells them the pitch Este gave her and how she asked about Marks campaign. Kyra asks is Dane actually okay with it or is he upset, they say no he is okay with it, and points out how Dane took out Este’s Ride or die and she then turned around and made out with him and started a romance.
3:30 PM BBT They keep talking about how Este has “played” not playing the game just trying to stay safe and clinging onto power. Este is calling out Mark for doing this but she has been doing the same thing except she hasn’t been trying to play the game while doing it. It’s all been flirtatious. ALL Feeds go out 3:33PM BBT for a moment and when they return everyone is leaving the HOH room everyone is headed out to the backyard/outside. Dane is called to the Dr, Este is eating a snack, Adam and Kyra light up a smoke while Anthony jumped straight into the HT with his feet, Damien is playing pool by himself. There is lots of general conversation. They try to come up with Kyra and Anthony’s Showmance name, Kyruggy, Shankthony, Anthankyra, .. Anthony says he almost dated a girl names Antonia. After a few more names Anthony jokes “THEM” Adam asks about the weather and if it’s been like this all day, he is bummed he missed it. Anthony comments how hungry he is and wants BB to take care of them tonight, Kyra says probably not. They discuss how last year they got their special poutine request. Este is called to the DR and heads in. then Dane comes out Anthony tosses a little water towards Kyra and they say they know it was him.

3:45 PM BBT Anthony points out all the mosquitos in the HT, BB gives them a 15 min warning for the Outside to be closed off. Anthony gets out and sits on a couch. It’s quiet and still outside, Kyra is called to the DR. ending their time in the sun. Este is back out to enjoy the last few minutes of Fresh air the HGs will have till after eviction. Dane throws out one liners from a Fight between Kyra and Anthony, and then they take turns throwing out other one liners and laugh about it. Damien can be heard laughing with them but was not seen coming out. 3 MIN WARNING, Dane jumps up and the others start to mingle about collecting items and things that need to come inside. Dane and Damien are the last 2 cleaning up and closing up the BY. With that everyone has made their way inside and lockdown inside has begun.

8:00 PM BBT Feeds return after the show to Dane and Este in the BlueBR talking about the past houseguests and who would vote for who in jury. Este changes the subject to talking about Mark and how he shoved popcorn in her mouth earlier.
8:15 PM BBT Feeds cut to Adam and Kyra in the HOH room talking about why they both think Este should be voted out this week. Both Kyra and Adam agree that Este doesn’t know how to make any decisions for herself and that all she really knows how to do is flirt. Adam wonders if her little showmance sorta thing with Dane is real at all and says he really does think that there has to be something there, he thinks this because he says all it took was a couple of drinks for the two of them to start making out with each other. Kyra says it’s also more than 50 days of not making out with anyone and that they would make out with someone too if there was a girl there that they found semi attractive. Adam says that’s also true, but all she really does is ride other people’s coattails and that her, “ride or die” is always different depending on who is in the house saying first it was Maki, then Kiki, and now Dane.
8:30 PM BBT In the kitchen Damien is telling Adam about the company he works for back home. Mark says it’s cool how Damien had the chance to go anywhere in the world from playing pro hockey, and still decided to build a life back in his home province. He says it’s not like he’s moving back home and living off of his parents. Damien tells Mark that when he came back he knew some things needed to change around there and even though he says he sees the good in people, he realized the people he truly needed in his life. Conversation switches to Mark asking Damien what would happen if in a group of friends in Damien’s hometown if there was someone dealing illegal substances and Damien says it would be immediate banishment, he says, “do whatever you gotta do in your house but don’t be out there selling things illegally” and asks Mark, “Can you imagine losing somebody because of something so preventable like that?” Mark says it’s awful and all it takes is one wrong dose and you’re done.
8:45 PM BBT Damien and Mark talk a little bit more about the rec center Damien is opening up back home and Damien tells Mark about how he got everything ready to go and was so close to having it up and running and then the pipes froze, he didn’t know and turned on the water and they flooded and went everywhere. Mark says, “Rookie mistake” and Damien laughs. Marks tells Damien that his parents and the elders of the community must be really proud of him for doing something like that for the community and Damien says it’s been received pretty well.

9 PM BBT Kyra is blindfolded and searching for something. Mark you have to find the door to the backyard. Kyra I don’t want to touch a pen!s. The feeds switch to Damien and Adam in the secret room off of the file room. Damien I don’t think he is into the 5 as much as he says he is. Adam you don’t think? Damien just about the way I chatted with him he’s about winning the 100k right. So I was like what would you do if you won next week? Would you go for it and try and build your resume? And that’s basically what he said. He said he would swing for the fences again because that’s the only way I am going to win the 100k. He wants to go up against people he can win against. Adam did you talk to Dane? Damien I haven’t said anything to anyone except you. Adam F**k! So he would probably put you and me up again. Damien MMMhhhhmm. I was like who can you beat? Now between the two? You can beat Este more than Mark right? Because I was like would you put up Kyra? And he started going off about these million scenarios. Who would I win 100k against? Am I going to win against Adam? No. Am I going to win against Dane? No. Adam maybe he is trying to build with you? So if we do get to the final he is on your side or something. Damien its good for me but it makes me wonder where his head is at. He is more about the individual but will do what he has to to get to the next level. Adam f**king Mark. I feel like Dane could get in his ear. Damien but you guys got in his ear before and it didn’t work. Adam true. Maybe let Dane know. I’ll talk to Mark and they report back. Adam leaves.

11 PM BBT Mark they wanted to know what I was going to do. Adam asked me the most loyal guy in the group what I was going to do next week if it was a double evict. Would I put him up again. Is he a f**king idiot? Anthony I hope you win it. Mark honestly I will need you. If its a double because there will be three votes. Anthony were going to be alright. Mark I can’t believe they questioned my f**king loyalty in front of everyone. I am so fired up! Honestly dude! Anthony you’re sick but I love it. Mark if I send Adam home the people in jury would love it. Kyra joins them.

12:23 AM BBT Kyra Its either going to be 3-1 or 2-2 and Adams going to vote to keep you. Mark I don’t know about Damien. We had a conversation and he just walked away. Adam’s going to vote to keep you. Kyra we’re going to try and keep you safe. Either way you’re safe. Nothing is going to change. We’re trying to get Damien. I’m not but Damien is.

Tonight's Show!

April 24, 2019

Previously, on Big Brother Canada, when the secret assassin's cold-blooded handy work put Anthony's ride or die on ice, the grieving guru was ready to lash out! But at the HoH competition, it was a bare-knuckles boxing blow out and when Anthony tried to cut a deal in the final round Adam stung like a bee. Then Anthony collapsed and Adam delivered his third HoH win of the season.

Reeling from the knockout, the raging bull called out Kyra to reassert his power, but Kyra kept the heavyweight at bay and Adam was torn between opposing forces. Then the alpha dog checked in with the boys about targeting Damien, but the guru had an entirely different idea all based around a phony plan to backdoor Mark but Adam struggled to sell the story to Kyra, so he called for Pretty Boy back up.

Then the bros worked their magic and at the nomination ceremony Damien and Este hit the block and the Pretty Boys had struck again. Tonight, who's got the nuggets to haul in the game's most precious metal. Will anyone see through the PB BS before it's too late? It's going to ha get "hairy" tonight on Big Brother Canada!

We pick up after the nomination ceremony on Day 49. Damien says here we go again, that couch is still warm from last week. Damien says they had a house meeting where everyone wants to backdoor Mark and hopefully, he can space for Mark on the couch and win that veto. Adam says backdooring Mark isn't going to happen. Ideally, Mark wins the veto and nominations stay the same. But if Damien or Este win veto he doesn't know what he'll do.

Damien is talking to Este and Dane and he says he's been on the block four times and three of them he was also a Have-Not. Mark is talking to Adam and they are talking about Dane hopefully not getting drawn. Mark says for this plan to work they really need the plan to go their way. As long as Damien or Este don't win the PoV, they can do what they want because they control the house.

In the Have-Not room, Damien is alone talking to the camera. He says he's in a pickle and he loves and misses her a lot. He has a girl back home, her name is Em, not being able to hear her voice or see her face, it's tough. He says it's a tough day, but he's playing this for her. He says he's sorry he hasn't won anything, he's trying. He's been away before playing hockey and it gets harder every time. Damien says when it gets hard he thinks of her and he loves her.

Adam, Anthony, Mark, and Dane are in the blue bedroom and Mark says if Adam gets HGs choice he should pick him. Adam asks Dane if he wins PoV will he use it. Dane says he kind of has to use it on Este. Dane says he has to think about jury votes and he might have to save Este if he wins.

Kyra says they've been in the house for 49 days and it's the most mentally and physically exhausting than they imagined. Kyra goes to sit alone in the storage room and they say the game is more difficult than they predicted. They thought they'd just find their people and stick with them. They didn't think what would happen if they lost their people.

Kyra says they know they are annoying and they get emotional. Kyra says they're just human, it doesn't change whether they are in a game or real life. They are proud they made top 7. Kyra says they are not a quitter, they get right back up and keep on fighting.

Damien is drumming against a table and chair and entertaining himself. It's time to pick players for the PoV competition! Adam says this player pick could derail the boys plan. Mark needs to get picked, win the PoV, and keep nominations the same so the plan doesn't get exposed. Adam gets HGs choice and he chooses...Dane. Dane says thanks Adam, now he's stuck in the middle of all this. Damien draws Kyra and Este draws Mark. Este says OMG, I pulled out Mark's name. Are you kidding me? She could have easily pulled out Anthony's name. Anthony will host.

Anthony wants to know if he is in the woods and a black bear was chasing him, would Damien save him? Anthony wants to know if Damien thinks he can take a bear and he says no. Anthony thinks he could. Mark is talking to Kyra and he says he likes to play ahead in the game and he wants to get Kyra on his side. Mark says they both know Adam can't play next week and he'll be looking to Kyra to win. Mark is trying to explain to Kyra that he's a loyal guy and he can help Adam and Kyra. Mark says they can take someone with them who can win HoH's or go with someone who hasn't won and can flip-flop. Kyra says they know the plan is to backdoor Mark, but Mark is making some great points. Kyra tells Mark he's a smart guy.

Anthony and Mark are talking. Anthony says Adam and Dane are sneaky and he found out Adam promised not to put up Este and Dane promised not to put up Sam and they are snakes. Mark says what if I win veto and take Damien down and Dane goes up. Anthony says he wants to win Big Brother and he wants to take people who have been loyal to him and who have been appreciative of the things he's done.

Adam and Dane are talking about the veto competition. Dane tells Adam he shouldn't have won this HoH. Adam says if he Dane, Este, or Damien win veto and he doesn't put up Mark, then Este, Kyra, and Damien will all be mad. Dane says what if one of them wins? Adam says I should just put up Mark and send him home.

There are minecarts, train tracks, and gold nuggets and they are back in the wild, wild west. Anthony says the only thing finer than a stack of gold is himself. 

On go, the HGs will start fixing their track by replacing the broken planks, then they can jump in the cart and go mining. They will then send the cart for gold and then stack them on a scale, but they'll only fit one way. If it doesn't fit, then they send their nugget back and get a new one. First to finish wins HoH!

Este says she's on the block for the third time and she needs to win this to keep her and Damien safe and prove to herself and others she deserves to be there. Mark says he doesn't want to win this...he NEEDS to win this. The house is living in two realities where one half thinks he's a backdoor target and the other half knows there isn't. Mark says the best way to continue fooling the house is for him to win.

Anthony tells Este to hurry, that track won't build it'self! Anthony says Damien is looking confused. Damien says they all know how great he is at puzzles...but he has to keep moving. Dane says he loves to compete but winning this would not be smart. Anthony tells them they can't go mining until their track is done! Dane says he hates puzzles and Anthony says Dane is struggling.

Adam tells Kyra they can do this. Damien has finished his track and he says holy crap, he actually completed a puzzle. Mark says Damien of all people has just finished his track and he cannot win or he's going up! Mark finishes his track. Mark says he needs to get mining for this PoV!

Mark, Damien, and Kyra are now on the second part of their puzzle. Mark has his second nugget in. Dane and Este have finished their tracks. Kyra falls out of their cart. Kyra says the second part of this challenge is way more physical and they are competing against a couple of jacked dudes and Mark, but they are strong and smart and great with puzzles. Kyra has taken the lead and Mark says what?!?

Este is struggling and Mark is a little. Kyra gets another piece and now has five.

Damien says they are giving it a go and he cannot lose this competition. His goal is to stay calm and not panic.

Kyra brings the wrong piece and has to go back. Damien now has five. Mark has two and Adam says what is he doing?!? Adam says they had so much hope for him, but watching him perform it's not pretty. Kyra has eight pieces and Damien also has eight. Kyra and Damien are neck and neck and on the track.

Damien takes a slight lead. Kyra is right behind and they have brought back the wrong piece and Damien now has the lead. Damien says he's been in the house for 50 days and he doesn't have a single win. He wants to win this for his friends and family, his girl Em, and mostly he wants to win this for himself to prove he's not just a blockstar and he deserves to be there. Damien is on his last piece and he completes the puzzle and has won the PoV!

Damien says holy crap! He mixed in a win! He says it feels amazing, he's finally going to pull himself off the block.

Mark says losing is never fun, but what's worse he may have to go on the block and the possibility of going home becomes very real. Kyra tells Este how they fell out of the cart as the HGs head inside. Kyra tells Damien good job.

Damien, Dane, and Este are talking, and Este says they are here for another week! Este says they are three, that's half the house.

Anthony heads to the HoH room to talk to Adam and Adam asks if Mark even tried? Anthony says I'm not sure he understood. Adam says he has to put up Mark and take out Este and make sure the Pretty Boys are solid. Adam says how stupid will he look if he doesn't follow through with the plan. Anthony says they have to find a way to bring it to him because he will lose his mind.

Kyra goes to the HoH with Anthony and Adam and Adam says he has to put Mark up but they have to convince Kyra Mark is worth saving. Adam tells Kyra that Este told him if she won HoH she wouldn't nominate Adam and Dane.

Anthony says Este has been running to power. Kyra says Mark talked to her in the pantry and he got through to them. Kyra says they tried to win veto so maybe they can keep Mark safe. Kyra says they want to be seen as a valuable player and Anthony says we need you right now. Kyra leaves and Anthony smiles and he fist bumps Adam and says that couldn't have gone more perfect.

Este is standing over Dane with her hair as his and everyone is laughing. Este then stands over Damien. Este moves around to Anthony and he says he looks like a black Jesus. Everyone is laughing.

Mark heads to the HoH room with Anthony, Dane, and Adam. Anthony says he had a conversation with Kyra and they said they wanted to win to keep Mark safe. Mark says so you want me to go on the block? Adam says after the story and the plan, he'd look silly not going through with it.

Mark suggests Dane going on the block and then he doesn't have to vote Este out and he still gets her jury vote. Dane says Mark is making sense and Dane says OK, put me up. Adam says are you serious? Adam wants to know if they should tell Kyra this is the plan and Dane says to pull them in and say they want to talk about it.

Kyra comes in and Adam pulls them into the bathroom area with the rest of the Pretty Boys. Anthony tells Kyra they look incredible and asks them what they think about the top five. Kyra says deal. 

Kyra says that has to stay very quiet to make sure Dane doesn't lose a jury vote. Dane says they might be going up instead and Kyra is on board. Damien comes into the HoH room and Mark and Dane run to hide in the bedroom and shut the door.

Kyra and Adam head into the bedroom area and Damien says he just wants to make sure everything is the same. Adam says the plan is still a go and Damien sits on the couch. Mark comes out of the bedroom and heads out of the HoH and Damien says that was awkward. Dane stays in the bedroom.

Dane is outside alone and says "Morning Dad." He says got to get there, final two. He really, really doesn't want to go on the block. It's a stupid plan. He says Mark, be a frickin' man about it. He says he'll probably get fed a lot of crap from Anthony and Mark. Kyra heads outside. Dane asks how they slept and Kyra says not that bad. Dane says feeling pretty good. Kyra says when they walked in they felt like they had a final four, but they feel good with a final five.

Dane says Mark has to stop being a baby and Kyra says it would just stir up chaos if Mark didn't go up. Kyra says when Este feels comfortable she doesn't campaign. Dane says Este wants to hang out with Kyra a lot.

Este and Damien are talking about Mark. Damien says they have to win from now on and control their own destiny. Kyra is talking to Dane in the bathroom area and Kyra says when it comes to putting Dane up instead of Mark, what's the explanation? Dane says it has to be Mark. Kyra says Adam will look ridiculous if he doesn't put Mark up. Dane says if Este goes out mad at him, then he'll lose her vote and he can't have three jury members mad at him this close to the end.

Adam comes to talk to Dane and Kyra in the bathroom area and Dane says he doesn't feel good with going up and it needs to be Mark. Dane says he feels good with Kyra and maybe it should be them three against Anthony and Mark. Kyra leaves and Adam goes to the bathroom and Dane does a little dance. Arisa comes on and tells us the HGs don't know it yet, but tomorrow is a double eviction!

It's time for the veto ceremony and Damien says today is the PoV ceremony. Damien says after being on the block four times he's won the PoV. Don't worry Canada! This is the only beginning. He says it's good he won something, but it feels better that he has control over his own destiny. Damien says he feels good with the backdoor plan of Mark. He's good friends with Este, but he's going to use the veto on himself. He hopes Adam sticks to his word and puts Mark up in his place.

Damien heads to the living room and he decides to use the power of veto on himself. He says he's been on the block four times and he hasn't been able to pull himself down until now. Damien says Adam, we were on the block together last week and the person who put us there didn't care if either of us went home. I hope you do the right thing. Adam says there was a plan in motion and he thanks Damien for making it happen and he chooses Mark as the replacement nominee.

Mark says he tried his best to get Dane on the block, but it didn't work out in the end. He feels like he's taking one for the Pretty Boys and they better keep him safe. Adam says he didn't feel good putting his boy Dane on the block. Este says she is still on the block, but the person with the fewest allies is on the block with her and hopefully, she's there for another week.


April 23, 2019

10:00 AM BBT – 12:24 PM BBT Feeds Down this morning. Prior to feeds going down we got a shot of this….Wonder what it means.

12:25 PM BBT Feeds come back with Anthony Kyra Dane and Adam in the HOt tub area discussing the chairs. Adam says I thought we were going to see something special but no. Damien is there as well. Adam is talking about doing a cannonball in the Hot Tub. Adam tells Anthony his impression was very good. Adam is thinking of going to have a bath with a bath bomb and some music. Mark and Dane are heading into the house to play pool. They are going to help Este up to her bed. She seems to be sick a possible hangover maybe. Dane is walking her up to bed and she tells him that she doesn’t feel good when she walks. Back outside by the Hot Tub Anthony and Damien are relaxing.
12:30 PM BBT – 12:45 PM BBT Feeds go back down.
12:46 PM BBT Feeds come back with Dane talking to Este who is in bed. Dane says something to her behind his hat and she says Oh and covers her mouth. They get called out for talking about production. Dane has made Este a bagel and she is eating it. Este tells him she has a lot of grandmother clothes but she left them at home. Dane says Mark will eat what she can’t. Este asks if anyone is talking about eviction. Dane tells her no not that he knows about. He suggests When she feels better to go talk to Adam and Anthony. Este is telling him that Anthony said he knew she wasn’t going home but he was butt hurt that his best friend was going home. Dane says We have spent 53 days in this house. The only cameras up are on Dane and Este . Dane is saying he wants to eat the other piece of bagel. He says I think the only reason I got a hangover/ headache is because I am hungry. Este says Water grosses me out after drinking. Dane says He remembers falling but doesn’t remember why. Este asks What his plans are for today. He says the chairs are gone well 7 are gone. Adam joins them. Adam says He is showering but they should have kept the mop upstairs. Dane says We will get it back.
1:00 PM BBT Este says Mark was being so funny yesterday. Este says they both kept waking up and talking during the night. Dane says this morning he noticed the chairs. Dane says Adam admitted doing it. Este says That makes sense. Mark checks in to see how Este is feeling. He tells them he played pool against Kyra and beat them 3-0. Mark and Dane head into the washroom. Dane is using the stall and Mark says Dane you crack me up bro. In the workout area Damien is lying down. Mark is setting up the pool table to play a game of pool. Big Brother says Damien get up. Dane and Mark are playing pool. Dane says go eat something and have a water. Damien is watching the pool game. Kyra is standing in the kitchen. They are saying something to themselves and heating up a slop pancake. Adam is telling Este that he doesn’t feel hungover. He leaves telling Este to feel better. Dane and Damien are now going to play a game of pool. Dane says it is pouring out. Mark says We have gotten all seasons here.
1:15 PM BBT The pool game between Dane and Damien continues. The conversation is on an actor from the movie Star Wars who didn’t like acting and quit. Adam has joined them saying you are going to lose the next game. He asks Dane if he wins this is it a two game winning streak. Dane says Yes. Adam again says You are going to lose the next one. Anthony has joined them. Anthony says He has retired from playing basketball with the Toronto Elite Team but he is replaying his best move from when he played. Adam gets called to the DR but says I got next game. Dane and Anthony head outside. They all head outside as it is thundering and lightening out. They are going to bring the cushions in. Big Brother tells them to stop that so they put the cushions back outside. Damien Dane and Kyra are outside where Dane says he thought today was Wednesday and only had one more night. Kyra says We have no idea what is coming Thursday. Dane says We all should have agreed to take the letters then whoever didn’t take it target. Adam joins them. Adam and Dane go in to play their pool game. Kyra asks if they can play the next game. They say to Damien they can’t believe it is Day 53.
1:30 PM BBT They continue with it has been one hellva game. Damien agrees with them. Mark is watching the pool game. Kyra comes in and Adam says it is peeing out there. They tell him it sounds way worse than it is. Damien agrees with them. Anthony is there with them but walking around. Kyra says When you guys say Mark’s shot it sounds like Marsha. They ask Dane if he seen Marsha with his teeth. Dane says NO . Kyra wonders If they will get Marsha this season. They hear the thunder and say Whoa. Adam wins the game and Kyra is up. In the kitchen Dane is making some slop pancakes Damien is eating one Anthony is just sitting there.
1:45 PM BBT Dane says Every time he is on slop he has had 2 days of drinks. Este has finally come downstairs. Kyra and Adam are still playing pool. Dane has joined them. Dane says Long Game. Kyra tells him we have played 2. Kyra could win the game but missed sinking the 8 ball. Adam won the game. Adam and Dane are now playing. At the kitchen counter Mark and Este are talking about the fact that if Este became a billionaire and not tell anyone. Mark says he would be impressed if she did and no one knew. He continues with the government would know. Este says Mark you don’t understand not in my world. Mark says you can create the stock market to fall and not pay the military but he is pretty sure there are back up plans so you will never own the states. Mark says Do you want to own the country or the people. Este says the country. Mark says well if you ever become a billionaire you can buy an island. She says she wants the laws to be her laws. Mark tells her okay you have to start a war.
2:00 PM BBT In the kitchen, Este is talking with Mark about the different countries and the difference and how each one can recognized it their own way. Kyra is sitting in the Living room with Anthony who is napping at this time. Adam and Dane were in the jacuzzi area and now they are leaving it to go in the Play area and into the kitchen. Dane fixed himself his bottle of water. Este and Mark are continuing their discussion about politics and how it would be to politics their own island or whatever country they are in. Adam is sitting in the kitchen just listening to them as they continue their chat on how to govern their town or country. In the HN room, Dane is talking to himself or the feeds saying what moves would be the best for him and who to keep in the game vs who to vote off in order to stay in the game longer. He is reviewing also all of the comps and who has been winning and put on the block and what days that those things has happened.

2:15 PM BBT Kyra is joining in the conversation that Este is having again on what she would do if she did own her island and how much she would charge for certain things. In the meantime, Dane is still in the HN room and going over day by day of what has been happening in the house like who has been winning comps and any other special days in the house. Anthony is continuing to nap and get comfortable in the living room as Kyra seem to be doing the same. Este is staying silent in the kitchen. No other words are being spoken for the moment. Dane in the HN room sitting in one of the dental chair mumbling or just not talking. The house at the very moment is pretty quiet. Danes going thru all of the different scenarios and what would bring him closer to win. Kyra is getting up and heading into the kitchen and is asking Anthony if he prefers a sausage more than another one as she is about to start cooking. Dane says he need to go socialize. He says he is going to tell Adam he is gunning for the next HOH and not get it. Hed says if he does that the Adam will be pissed. Dane says he doesn’t want the money just wants the title of winner. Feeds go down.
2:26 PM BBT-2:37 PM BBT FEEDS ARE DOWN. Feeds come back up with Dane and Mark playing pool. Damien is watching them on the sofa. Anthony is in the kitchen. Dane tells Mark he plays the game with integrity Mark says I play the game with finesse. Este comes out and sits by Damien. Anthony walks out then heads back into the kitchen. Anthony heads to the hot tub area where Kyra is located. Dane won the game so he heads to the hot tub area. Dane said when he said the backyard would be closed I know something is going down. Kyra asks Anthony if he is feeling better. THIS IS YOUR 15 MINUTE WARNING THE BACKYARD WILL BE CLOSED ALL HOUSEGUEST MUST MOVE INSIDE. Dane. ‘Kyra, and Anthony talk about farting. Anthony says he is starving. He says he wants a burger. Anthony says why can’t have Wendy’s. PLEASE STOP TALKING ABOUT BRAND NAMES. Kyra said top 7 left of season 7. Adam comes out and joins them.
2:45 PM BBT They are speculating about why the chairs on in the circle. DANE PLEASE GO TO THEE DR. Kyra tells Adam we will go over our days later. Adam and Kyra leave the hot tub area. Mark is putting all the pool balls in the holes. Adam says one houseguest must make sure the sliding glass doors are closed. Kyra tells Anthony to play Adam in pool. Este and Kyra are talking quietly. They tell Adam he never kissed anything like that Kyra said I am pretty sure he kiss Sam like that. Mark is in the HOH room walking around. He starts whistling. Este tells Adam she is sorry for putting her fingers in his mouth yesterday. Adam said you were a little flirty last night with everyone. Este said I was just counting teeth. Kyra said yeah you were flirty yesterday. Anthony says Sam is in everything Adam does. Mark comes from the HOH room. Adam says those are his shorts but he doesn’t know if they are in the HOH room. Anthony says this is your final warning. THIS IS YOUR THREE MINUTE WARNING. ALL HOUSEGUEST NEED TO HEAD INSIDE. Anthony says that this is not the normal warning. Damien said I am trashed today maybe I will go take a shower if I have some clean clothes. Everyone heads inside. Anthony says this is your final warning all houseguests must massage Anthony’s feet today. THIS IS YOUR FINAL WARNING ALL HOUSEGUEST MUST BE INSIDE AND ONE HOUSEGUEST MUST ENSURE THE GLASS DOOR IS COMPLETELY CLOSED.
3:00 PM BBT Anthony, Damien, and Este are sitting around. Anthony starts singing. He stops singing and says he is hungry and he did not get to eat anything. Anthony starts singing Popcorn chicken. Este leaves and heads out to storage room. Este and Kyra head to the bathroom.. Este is handing out batteries. Este says alcohol poo is the worst smelling kind. Mark says we have 17 days left. He says wait it is 19 more days. Este is looking for Dane. Adam is in the HOH room laying on the chair. Este says where is Dane. Mark heads into the HOH room to get his hat. Anthony asks her whose Hoodie does she have on she says mine. Este said everyone asks me that. Mark is laying down on the sofa in the living room. Kyra walks down the stairs and Anthony starts calling Kyra’s name. Kyra goes and lays opposite Mark on the sofas. Damien says we are just relaxing. Kyra walks off. Este is in the kitchen with Kyra.
3:15 PM BBT Damien and Anthony are laughing. Kyra says I have to feed my boys and make sure they are nice and strong for what is about to come. Kyra is frying up something. Anthony says yeah Mark. Kyra tells them dinner is served. Damien says he is so ready to eat. Damien said he would not have made it without Kyra. Este says it is so good.Kyra said yeah it doesn;t taste like slop. Kyra said you know they must be good if someone is eating them this fast. Dane comes out the DR. ESTE PLEASE GO TO THE DR. Dane asks if he can have some slop Pizza. Kyra tells Dane to clean the big bowl and Kyra will mix up another batter of slop to make more pizza.
3:30 PM BBT Feeds go down for two minutes they come up with a closeup of Anthony sitting in a chair. Dane and Kyra are in the kitchen. Kyra is mixing up slop and Dane is washing a pan for Kyra to use. Kyra tells Dane thank you. Mark tells Anthony yeah they want full eyes open and he walks off. Este comes down with a new outfit on and Kyra says oh you look cute. Dane asks what is Adam doing listening to music, Kyra says yes. Mark goes and sits next to Anthony. Dane asks Kyra if Kyra wants coffee Kyra tells him I am going to have a tea. Dane says what are they doing. Kyra says probably setting up for Thursday. Adam comes downstairs and starts talking about music. He and Dane are in the storage room. Dane asks him what is up you big squidward. Anthony and Damien are sitting in the chairs staring at the walls. Adam is looking for the bagels. Adam says maybe I won’t have bread it looks so gross. Dane is playing with his hair before getting the milk out the fridge.
3:45 PM BBT Dane, Adam, and Kyra are in the kitchen. DANE PLEASE CHANGE YOUR BATTERIES. He yells out I did. Kyra said I am making for the slop party. ANTHONY PLEASE WAKE UP NAPTIME I OVER. Anthony said what my eyes were not even closed i was sitting here looking at all the dirt on the floor. PLEASE STOP TALKING ABOUT PRODUCTION. Adam see some food in the fridge and says I still have the food I forgot about. Adam is eat