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Big Brother Canada "hiatus" is over - they'll be back for 6th season in 2018

July 30, 2017

 Big Brother Canada "hiatus" is over - they'll be back for 6th season in 2018

Finale Show

May 17, 2017


Finale Show The episode starts with the Odyssey soaring through Space. We are given voice overs from each HGs of their statements throughout the episode stating their desire to be Final Three and the ultimate winner of S5. Each HGs is walking towards the bridge and placing their hand on the wall, their eye being scanned. They ask the Odyssey to show them how they got this far, if they've done enough to win, make enough big moves, redeem themselves, make their family proud. Then they ask Odyssey to show them everything and....

This season on BBCAN, new players collided with veterans. BB tore open the fabric of space and time and nobody was safe from devastating shockwaves that rocked the HGs to their very core. 

On day 1, 8 eager new recruits boarded the Odyssey and they had zero clue who was about to invade their space. Eight BB legends burst in, hungry for a second chance, desperate for redemption. While most of the newbies were starstruck, there was one war horse in the rookie ranks who came out guns blazing. Hellbent on winning the first battle, Karen showed her medal as BBCAN's oldest HGs ever.

Instead of head hunting the vets, Karen's blood lust for big bucks had her nominate two newbies, including Adonis Demetres. With two studs on the block, everyone got hot and bothered but the fiery Ika saw promise in the cool headed hunk and she put a stop to his early exit. 

Then after proving himself to be a competition force, their unlikely partnership was born and she swooped him straight into the nest of vets creating the most formidable alliance in the house - The Six. While Neda's shield of immunity protected them, crafty Kevin went dark and then completely ghosted. Kevin's undercover strategy kept him out of the barrage of blow ups and battle royale's.

In the fog of war, vet after vet was sent packing but during war time, love bloomed. Ika Wong met Mr. Right. But not all showmances were created equal. For Kevin, it was strictly game. 

While Kevin laid down with William, his loyalties still laid with The Six. But Demetres was fed up with all the Neda-tivity. So when the opportunity to turn on Neda presented it'self, Ika pounced and the Beauty and the Greek trounced their rival. 

With the vets' head strategist out of commission, Captain Karen led the charge and the newbies launched a revolution against the returning players. Karen kept her knives the sharpest for Kevin Martin. Her disdain was so vile, she could hardly contain it.

As much as the game pitted the HGs against each other, it also brought them together. Feeling the love, the competition wins mounted for Demetres and the King and Queen were on cloud 9. 

The royals ramped up their mission to dismantle The Six and it looked like Demetres had Kevin's number but the Odyssey catapulted into the unknown after Kevin's friend with benefits played a secret veto bomb. The near death experience gave Kevin new life in the game and his new life's purpose was payback. But Demetres fought his way off the block and then in the triple eviction, he shot right back.

Kevin dodged the bullet and rewrote history. As allies became collateral damage, the card shark countered with another HoH win. After winning veto, Kevin figured that to slay the beast, he had to save the Beauty. Looking to ensure her survival, Karen doubled down with Demetres and Ika and she smashed Kevin's hopes when she ditched her ally Dillon. 

With the trio pitted against him, Kevin's only route to Final Three was to dominate the PoV competition and he came up clutch when he needed it most.

For Demetres, it was rock bottom. With the sole vote in a special eviction, Kevin ripped Queen Ika away from her King. And then, there were three. 

Tonight, in a showdown written in the stars, it's a cataclysmic clash between newbies and vet. Demetres the competition beast, Karen the straight-shooting survivor, and Kevin the lone soldier. Only one will claim ultimate victory. Three competitions remain. Who will make it to Final Two? And who will win it all? Find out now on Big Brother Canada, the Finale!

We see the Odyssey firing three shots as the Pod Evacuation Sequence is initiated. On the planet surface Arisa tells us we are finally here. 

The Odyssey has now completed it's monumental mission across the galaxy. After 70 epic days, our final three have crash-landed here, back on earth. But for Kevin, Karen, and Demetres, their journey is far from over. The final HoH of the season will be determined by a grueling three-part competition. Whoever wins the first round is guaranteed a spot in the final round. There is no moment bigger than this. She counts down...3 ... 2... 1... Initiate Final HoH!

The HGs head into the backyard, decorated like an Indiana Jones type mission. As bug noises happen, Karen covers her face. "What am I thinking?" "HGs," Demetres reads. "You have left the Odyssey behind and now find yourselves in a lost Ancient ruin for the fight of your life! You will first climb the ruins, grab a gold bar and slide down into your mud pit. Then you will carefully place your bar on the platform, making sure it is secure before heading back to grab the next. 

Your goal is to build a pyramid of gold while keeping your platform balanced. But be careful, if your pyramid collapses, you will have to rebuild. The first HGs to win will go directly to the 3rd round of competition while the other two HGs will battle it out in round two."

Kevin tells us he can't believe he's in the final three of BBCAN. He's poured his heart and soul into this and now he has to give everything to this final HoH. Demetres tells us this HoH is huge. He doesn't want his and Ika's hard work all season to be forgotten. He has to win. Karen laments to us that it's another physical competition and this one is brutal. It's pouring rain, she has mud up her rear and she's competing against two big bucks. But she'll do whatever it takes. She earned her way there and she's there to win this.

Demetres tells us he's ripping through the jungle. He knows this competition he's won this type of competition. This is his to lose. Kevin tells us when he sees Demetres a couple bars ahead of him, he's not going to panic. He want to keep his heart rate down. This challenge is about slow and steady. 

Demetres is on his last brick, trying to keep his platform steady. It wobbles precariously and part of it falls as he starts to back up. Now he has to take the bricks that fell back to the top. Now he and Kevin are neck and neck. Karen tells us people discard her because she's old but she's going to give them a run for their money and be there till the end.

Karen's pyramid falls next. Demetres reminds us he and Kevin have been going at each other for weeks and it's finally time to settle the score. Both Kevin and Demetres place their final brick and start backing up. Kevin's pyramid topples. He tells us it's devastating. He was THERE and now he has to rebuild. Demetres is still moving very slowly and drops some bricks again. He's upset, he can't believe they fell again.

Intense music plays as all three HGs race to complete their pyramid. Demetres tells us that he is on the verge of collapse here, but if he doesn't make this, there's a good chance he's not making final two. He places the top gold brick on his pyramid and slowly works his way back, placing the twine in the holder, winning the first round. 

Demetres is emotional as he tells us that winning this round is such an overwhelming feeling he can't put into words. He knows his family back home is so proud of him. He tells Ika he isn't going to let her down, and even though she said he couldn't win them all, he is sure going to try!

We see the jury members arrive at the studio two at a time in the sexy red Toyota 86 we've seen all season. They have an important job tonight - awarding someone $100,000 and changing that person's life. It's a big job! We'll hear from them a bit later.

Arisa tells us it's Kevin vs. Karen in part two of the final HoH. Their fate is written in the stars. We see Karen come into a room a room filled with stars. She reads the card. Welcome to part two. 

In front of you is a galaxy made up of all the stars of the season. Your job is to map out five constellations based on questions relating to your time in the Odyssey. 

Using the rope provided, you will determine the stars make up the constellation for each question. When you think you've mapped out the right stars, hit your button. If you're right, the stars will illuminate and you can move on to the next question. The HGs who finishes the fastest will win and join Demetres in part three of the final HoH competition.

Karen tells us she hasn't won an HoH since night one. She's ready to win this and show that she's worthy of being there. Karen starts the competition. "Won HoH on an even day in order". Karen tells us the competition has five constellations. Each one will only work with one piece of rope. 

They have to figure out which one works with each question. "Sat next to Jackie on nomination block in order. For this, Karen tells us they never got along so she remembers everyone Jackie sat next to. Karen guesses correctly and moves on. 

On day 55, they have to name the nominees in alphabetical order. This was the day of the triple eviction. Karen guesses incorrectly twice. Karen tells us it's taking her so long to figure this one out. She finally figures it out and moves to the next one. She tells us she needs to make up time and hunker down. We see her moving quickly through the rest.

When the competition is done, Karen tells herself she's pathetic and starts crying. In the DR, she's crying. It's frustrating. When you are a strong person, it's hard to be a weak person. She doesn't want to be a weak person. She's disappointed in herself.

Kevin tells us that in season three he got eliminated way earlier. He failed. He didn't make it. But he got a second shot and if he lets it slip through his fingers, he'll be devastated. Demetres has earned his spot in part there already. 

Kevin wants to put himself right beside Demetres and take him down. Kevin begins the competition and tells us that rope management is going to be key. He lays out all the ropes from start to finish and now he knows how long each rope is... it's easier for him to guess which constellation the rope is going to work with.

Kevin breezes through the first constellation but then finds the rope too short for the second constellation. He checks himself and then changes ropes. He gets it right. Kevin tells us he studies every single second of free time he gets. He knows everything that's happened in this house. He's found his groove and is flying through these questions. He knows he has this.

Kevin breezes through the first constellation but then finds the rope too short for the second constellation. He checks himself and then changes ropes. He gets it right. Kevin tells us he studies every single second of free time he gets. He knows everything that's happened in this house. He's found his groove and is flying through these questions. He knows he has this.

Kevin tells us that he's dreamed of getting to the final two of BB Canada, and right now it's in front of him. He finishes and celebrates, saying he likes that time. He tells us he has no idea how Karen did but he hopes his time is better. He wants this so badly. If he can't face Demetres on finale night, he'll be devastated.

Demetres gives the results. Karen had a time of 41 minutes and 39 seconds. Kevin finished with a time of 12 minutes and 13 seconds. Congratulations Kevin! You'll be moving on to part three of the final HoH.

Kevin celebrates in the DR. He did it! He aligned the stars the quickest and will be there against Demetres. One more round!

Arisa reminds us that the season started with 16 big-time personalities in our outer space, and while some left way sooner than they wanted, each of them had stellar moments in the house.

We see highlights of Mark's time in the house.... HGs remark on how hot he is, and that he's a stud. He has youth on his side and would easily get into a showmance. We see highlights of some of Dallas's wild and colourful times in the house.

Cassandra is highlighted next and we see HGs commenting on her skill and deviousness. Then we see Gary in all his fabulousness... Gary extraordinary. He owns who he is and that is worthy of respect. Emily is a firecracker who isn't afraid to make big moves... she says "that's a hard no" a lot. Arisa introduces the first five to the studio audience and welcomes them back.

Arisa interviews Mark first, since he had the dubious distinction of being the first to be evicted. Mark says it sucks to be voted off so early but it was fun to watch Demetres' story develop. 

Arisa goes to Dallas next, asking him about where the vets went wrong. Dallas says they were very egotistical and didn't work together. He says "Demetres all the way!" Arisa asks Cassandra if she saw this final three coming. Cassandra says not at all... she thought she would be in the final three. Let the best bitch win! 

Arisa asks Gary who has been the biggest surprise for him this season. Gary gives his legendary status to Karen. She's had huge moments in this game, and that's the true tea! Arisa asks Emily if it was hard to watch everyone play from home. Emily says she missed Dillon but enjoyed watching him. It was bittersweet.

Arisa tells us that Kevin and Demetres are about to go head to head to find out who is guaranteed a spot in the final two. 

We go to the HGs who are seated on stools in their best finery. She asks them to each give a highlight. Demetres says walking in and seeing the vets roll in was the best moment. Kevin says his highest high was winning the veto in the triple eviction. Karen says pushing herself to the limit just to absolutely be here and be such a fan and love it and try. It's just been great.

Arisa tells us that it's time for the final part of the final HoH. The season started with half vets and half newbies, and here we have Kevin and Demetres facing off for a spot in the final two. She asks them all to head to the back yard.

Everything is dark and we see cubes lighting up and then honeycomb shapes lighting up alternately with faces of different jurors. Two cubes remain dark, and then we see Demetres appear in one and Kevin in the other. Arisa gives instructions. The winner of this part will get to choose who they want to take to the final vote. Since the jury will ultimately decide the winner, lets find out how much they know about the jurors. Arisa will read questions about the jury. The answer will be A or B. Each correct answer is worth one point. Whoever has the most point at the end of seven questions will be the winner.

Question 1: What day was Neda evicted, becoming the first member of the jury? A: 34 or B: 35? Both answer A, and are correct.

The next question is A. true or B. false. An equal number of male and female jurors won a Power of Veto competition. Both answer B and are correct. three male jurors won and only two female jurors did. The score is two all.

Next question: how many jurors were harnessed to the Odyssey for the very first challenge "dropped in space"...was it A. three or B. 4? There is a long delay as they both consider. Arisa prompts for an answer. Demetres says B and Kevin says A. Kevin is correct. Dre, Dillon and William. The score is 3-2 for Kevin.

Next question: A. True or B. False... Jackie was only ever nominated on an even-numbered day. Kevin answers B and Demetres answers A. The answer is B. False. Kevin is correct and the score is 4-2 for Kevin.

Question 5: How many of the jurors received at least one nomination vote from the house during backwards week? Is it A. four or B. 5? 
Kevin rings in first with the answer B. Demetres selects A. The answer is B. 5 William, Bruno, Jackie, Dillon and Dre. 

Kevin wins the final HoH of the season!! 

He is guaranteed a spot in the final two and must choose who to bring with him.

Arisa asks Kevin to choose to evict either Demetres or Karen, and to explain why. Kevin evicts Demetres, telling him it's because they have battled every single step of this game and Demetres has dominated. Demetres hugs both Karen and Kevin and wishes them good luck. He leaves the Odyssey.

The studio crowd is on it's feet, hooting and hollering as Demetres joins Arisa on stage. She asks him how devastated he is and he says he honestly can't think straight, like he couldn't think straight in the booth (in the final part of the HoH competition). Arisa asks him how surprised to find something real. He smiles big and says he was absolutely shocked. He wasn't looking for it, and you make some real relationships in there.

Arisa asks Demetres about the final two... is it an easy choice or harder than people think. Demetres says it IS harder than people think, especially for him, because he had a really good relationship with Karen. He respects both their games. They played differently and had different paths. It will be a tough decision. Arisa concludes the interview and the crowd cheers Demetres

Arisa tells us the members of the jury hold all the cards. We move to the round table discussion hosted by Tim, from BBCAN4. 

Before he enters, the HGs discuss how this was the most "lit" season of BBCAN. The audience is cheering wildly in the background. 

Tim says he thought they smashed it last year but this year they knocked it out of the park! He's been watching from Down Under with his gummy koala's. 

Everyone thinks Kevin will be filling the last chair, although no one wants it to be him. Ika joins them, "Hello peasants!" and Jackie gives her the finger. Ika catches them up to the events surrounding her eviction. 

Dre still wants a newbie to win, Dillon says they rocked it. Everyone is impressed with Karen, the oldest player in BB history to be in the finale. Dillon recounts her loyalty, her intelligence. Bruno wants her to give them enough ammo as to why she should win. 

They think Kevin was purposelly not winning in the first half the game, Dre says once he was alone, he had to win. Ika thinks they put too much into Kevin's game, he hasn't played a better game than the other two. 

Neda defends Kevin, Ika disagrees and a cat fight starts. Ika says she's voting for Demetres, Sindy is pro Kevin and Demetres. Ika's attitude right now is going to affect Demetres chance of winning. Jackie applauds, Ika tells her to shut up. 

Tim says BB is a game, you either play the game and win or the game plays you. It's about relationships. A true worthy winner is someone who walks out a better person than when they walk in. Tim wishes them luck on their decision.

The jury is then introduced and brought on stage. The audience is told to settle down so Arisa can introduce the last juror - Demetres. Arisa welcomes the newest member of the jury and Demetres comes out. Ika stands and he goes straight to her and then greets Dillon and Bruno who extend their hands to him. Arisa invites the jury to ask the final two their questions. 

Neda is first. She congratulates both of them and tells Kevin she had his back one million percent in that game from day 1. She asks him if he was ever actually loyal to her. Kevin says absolutely. When Neda left it was a terrible moment for his game. He knew he was in big trouble and so was Bruno. He went up to Sindy and told her not to put up Neda. He fought for her life that night. He did.

Arisa invites Sindy to ask her question. Sindy tells Karen she was really paranoid in the house and secluded herself from a lot of the HGs. Did she really think she was the target every week? Karen smiles and says the "Karenoia" lived long before she got into the house and it will live long after, and yes. She did.

Bruno is up next. Bruno tells Karen and Kevin they both look really great tonight. He tells Kevin he is so proud of him and asks Kevin what he thinks his biggest move was this season. Kevin says his biggest move was when he won the final five PoV. Everyone thought he would leave Ika and Demetres on the block, but he used the veto on Ika even though he hadn't talked to her for four days. He needed to put himself in a good position to win the final four PoV. Kevin tells Bruno he misses him so much.

Jackie is up. She addresses Karen, saying that in her final four plea she said she carried Ika and Demetres to the end. She asks for specifics. Karen says she didn't say she carried them, but that she had opportunities to take them out. They were both still in the game because of moves that Karen made.

William's turn. "Hey Kevin!" Everyone laughs, including him. William asks if he thinks he'd be there if William hadn't used the secret PoV on him. Kevin admits no, he'd have fought against Bruno but his social relationship with William and William's using the secret PoV is what kept him in the game. He thanks William for that.

Dre addresses Karen. She mentions being the oldest player a lot. Was that used to her advantage and her strategy? Yes, she couldn't change that she was the oldest player and her body couldn't carry her a lot so she used her mind.

Dillon asks "Kare-bear" to provide a specific move she made to get to Final Two other than her first HoH. Karen says having the closest allies she made in the beginning of Demetres and Ika, as well as making a friend out of Kevin when he was an enemy. As Dillon knows when he was evicted.

Ika gets loud cheers when it's her turn, especially from Kevin. She addresses Kevin, asking for a move he made as the mastermind he claimed to be. Kevin denies claiming to be a mastermind but he never gave up. One of his biggest moves was making a fake Final Two with Dillon when they were at final five. He had to make the best out of situations since he was playing alone. Dillon threw the PoV to him because of the fake Final Two deal he made.

Demetres also gets loud cheering. Kevin, why should I give you a hundred grand when you started playing on day 48 and I started playing on day two? (The audience cheers loudly) Kevin says his strategy was to lay low for the first half the game. Give him his vote because he got Demetres out. Demetres was a beat and Kevin took him out. Demetres bows his head and grins.

Time for the final pleas as to why the jury should vote for them. 

Karen: I know that in life and in BB, you can only work with what you have. I came in here with determination, will, perseverance and a lot of luck. But most important what got me here was people and the relationships that I had with a lot of you that got me to that place. I'm grateful I've lived a dream, and I'm grateful for the opportunity.

Kevin: I got a second chance to play BBCAN and it was a dream come true. I came here for a reason. Every single day I woke up and I strategized and had to make relationships to get me there. I haven't had an ally the second half of the game but I woke up every morning by myself, I strategized and studied. I went into that backyard multiple times alone and I won when I needed to. I want to win this game more than anything. Please! This season has been epic. Let me represent this season for all of you. It has been a dream come true playing with all of you. Amazing. (He teared up a bit during the speech)

Time for the vote. Arisa instructs the jury clearly and carefully (TWO TIMES!) that they are voting for who they want to WIN. (Seems the Topaz error from S1 is still forefront in everyone' minds as the audience chuckles the second time she repeats it) 

Neda is up first. All she asks in favour of this vote is that the winner gets her a lifetime supply of cat food.

Sindy follows. People forget how important jury management is. That includes goodbye messages.

Bruno's vote is for the best BBCAN player to ever play.

Jackie's vote is for the most well rounded player.

William says since he couldn't vote for his #1, he'll vote for the next best thing. 

Dre says since she couldn't vote for herself, she will vote for his next best thing. 

Dillon wonders how to follow that up. Good game buddy, big time, well deserved.

Ika gets cheers again as she heads to vote. Her vote is for the person who fought the hardest after Demetres. 

Demetres, with a huge grin, gets lots of cheers as well on his way to vote. He must give credit where credit is due. Good game!

Arisa tells us that season five started like no other with eight vets and eight newbies. The lines were immediately drawn, then they were erased and drawn again. From the very first night, it was a theme that played out over the course of the 70 days inside the house. 

We see clips of the newbies reacting as the vets enter the house, then of vets scheming to stick together to target the newbies. 

The newbies talk about targeting the vets. Then we see Demetres as the only newbie brought into the vet alliance. 

We see clips showing how the vet alliance crumbled and Cassandra and Gary leaving the house, then Neda and Sindy. The triple eviction changed things, moving targets onto the newbies. The final question is whether a vet or a newbie will win.

Arisa asks Dre what the newbies brought to the table for season five. Dre says they brought freshness, new faces. They brought game. The newbies were lit! Arisa asks Bruno what the vets bring. He says they bring experience and knowledge, game play, big personalities. He adds that the new players were great and Big Brother hit it out of the park. They did a great job!

Arisa points out to Cassandra that they are right back where they started with a newbie and a vet on the block. Cassandra says she can't believe and wonders who will take it home... she doesn't know and turns to Emily asking what she thinks. 

Arisa says Cass was one of the early vets out and it was a shock to a lot of people. Cass said it was a shock to her too, but she loved going home and watching from home, screaming at her TV every week.

Arisa asks Karen if she expected to sit beside THAT vet? Karen replies that she nominated him during backwards week. She figured Kevin and Demetres would be at the end. Arisa jokes that she just knew that Karen and Kevin had a secret final two all this time. Kevin joins in the joke saying Karen was part of "The Fortress" the whole time.

Arisa tells us that this season was full of independent, opinionated and very strong women. 

Between big moves and blow ups, our queens not only left their mark in the house, they actually ruled this season. 

We see a clip of Dre and Ika where Dre asks Ika if she wants to be a legend and Ika says she IS a legend. 

We see Ika talking from the DR and pointing out that people will talk about the Queen but not about the King because women ran this house. Karen winning the first HoH set the tone for the season. 

Karen is the first person in BB Can to send a guy home first. Karen wasn't afraid to get blood on her hands. The women were fearless. 

We see clips of Ika, Cass, Neda, and Karen. The women were beautiful and very smart. Even sneaky and deceitful. They wanted to play the game and they played it hard. Ika is proud to be on a season that represents strong women. Karen says that at the end of the day they loved and cared for each other and they had each others' back. It was cool to play in this season with all these bad-ass bitches.

Arisa asks what women brought to the season. Neda says they proved their the boss of BB. They don't need men, they're good at the game and they're opinionated. Demetres is asked what it's like living with eight strong women? Slightly terrifying but fun. Need a lot of patience. 

Kevin has a strong woman beside him. What's it been like with Karen? Their relationship started off badly but has been amazing the last three weeks. What she did the first week, putting two strong men on the block, set the tone for the season. The season was lit because of Karen; he really does think that. Karen is asked about all these young women looking up to her. She thanks Arisa (for calling her a bad ass) and says she does what she can.

Arisa turns to Gary and asks if there has ever been a season with this much Tea. Gary says no one can say they were ever thirsty because there was so much Tea, but it he enjoyed every last drop. And that's the true T! 

Arisa asks Ika how much the drama, gossip and hurt feelings will affect the vote tonight. Ika thinks they all want a great winner, they played a great game. She's a logical player, they all are and they all want a great player to win. Dallas' most dramatic moment of the season was the double eviction. He was pulling for Ika and Dillon to go, and they escape unscathed. Sindy says her alliance was hard when everyone was spilling secrets everywhere. She wanted to be the peacemaker but as you can see, it didn't work.

Arisa tells us that one of the best secrets of the year was eventually discovered by William. She tells Karen that Karen thinks she knows how it all went down, but Karen doesn't know the half of it. They all watch a clip of William finding the clues to the secret PoV, including pressing the blue star in the storage room and having the robotic arm come out, and then William finding the black hole and following it. We see William emerge from the trap door that hid the black hole. Arisa asks William what that was like to see it the way the audience saw it. He says it was crazy and mind-blowing living that in the house. Arisa says it was so much fun to watch.

Arisa tells us the jury has voted and the results are in. We are moments away from finding out who will win $100,000 cash, a new Toyota 86 sports car and a $30,000 home furnishing makeover from The Brick. She addresses Karen and Kevin in the house, telling them it's time. 

The winner has been determined by the nine jury votes. One at a time, she will let them know who the voter was and how they voted. If they hear their name, that's a good thing. Remember, they need five votes to win. Good luck to both.

Arisa moves to the voting platform and tells us Neda has voted for Kevin. Sindy has voted for Kevin. Bruno has voted for Kevin. three for Kevin. Jackie has voted for Kevin. One more vote and Kevin will make Kevin the winner. William has voted for Kevin. 

Congratulations Kevin! You have won Season Five of Big Brother Canada. Kevin is crying as he hugs Karen. Karen is all smiles as they both go up the stairs to leave the Odyssey.

Karen and Kevin say goodbye to the Odyssey... waving, Kevin says "love you" and Karen says "see you never!" Kevin comes out first and the crowd is standing. Kevin leaps to Bruno for a hug and then does the rounds, hugging each of the HGs. 

Confetti is flying as Kevin moves next to Arisa, who asks him if he can believe this is happening. He says no and she tells him that he just won the season with a unanimous vote. Kevin says OMG, thank you so much! This was Kevin's final redemption. 

Arisa thanks all the amazing HGs who made this another unbelievably amazing season. They will be on the morning show on Global at 9AM Eastern. She thanks Kevin, and Karen, who won $20,000. 

Thanks to everyone who works on the show, Arisa loves being on this incredible ride. She thanks fans for all being here all season. Goodnight for now 


May 17, 2017


Kevin won Part 2, so Part 3 will be Demetres vs Kevin.. results when I get 'em


Kevin won Part 3 and final HOH - he evicted Demetres

Wooooow....... Kevin Won 8-1......... DILLON VOTED FOR KAREN

Tonight's Show!

May 17, 2017

Tonight's Show!
Arisa tells us that we are about to drop a stunning shockwave on the HGs, and they have no idea. Tonight is a special surprise eviction and in less than an hour, our final four will become the final three. Who will make it to tomorrow's massive finale? It's time to find out!

Previously on Big Brother Canada, after HoH Kevin won the veto, he shocked the house when he used it to save Ika, then put up Dillon as her replacement. The card shark gambled that a split vote would let him decide Demetres' fate. But when Karen voted Big Country out the door, Kevin's big play became a big bust!

At the HoH competition, with Kevin on the sidelines, Demetres, Ika and Karen squared off in a battle of the X's, and the Greek made history when he nailed his record-setting fifth HoH of the season. With the road pointing toward an epic showdown, the two titans brace for a brawl. With the stage set, Demetres kept his eyes on the prize, and nominated Kevin as his target, and Karen as the pawn.

Tonight, who will survive Big Brother's parallel universe and win the most important PoV of the season? Whose final four pitches will hit home runs with the jury? It's all happening now on Big Brother Canada!

Arisa welcomes us to a special eviction and tells us how things stand now.

Demetres is HoH, and Karen and Kevin are on the block, but tonight's all-important PoV challenge could change absolutely everything. Let's get started and tell the HGs about this special eviction.

Arisa calls the HGs to the living room and they scramble to get seated on the couches. Arisa makes the announcement that in less than an hour one more HGs will be evicted. Tonight is a surprise eviction. Ika says "Oh Lord" and Karen says she is shaking.

We flash back to the nomination ceremony. Demetres tells us he is HoH is week and that's great because it guarantees his spot in the finale. Now he just has to get Ika there with him and it just comes down to one of them winning the veto or else there's a good chance that Ika will go home.
The HGs are in the kitchen. Demetres asks Ika if he said something wrong. Karen and Kevin note that there will be no more nominations. Kevin tells us that he is playing alone in this game. No one is going to take him to Final Three. If he wants to see the finale night, he HAS to win this PoV. It's the most important one this season. If he wins, he can take himself off the block AND decide who goes home.

Demetres and Ika talk in the storage room. Ika is upset that Demetres gave Kevin credit in his nomination speech. Demetres says he was trying to undermine Kevin's "underdog" story.

Demetres and Ika are laying down in the HoH room. Ika tells Demetres that she's glad he made final three. She apologizes for hurting his feelings and being mean. She tells him he played a good game...he won seven competitions. Demetres says he has to think about veto, and after this it will be 8. He can't let Kevin win. They talk about being final two together and walking out together hand in hand.

Kevin sits on his bed in the blue room and talks about the veto competition being his shot to get to the finale. If any of the others win, he's done. This competition is one of the biggest moments of his entire life. If he wins, he is in finale night. It's right there! So much pressure.

Arisa reminds us of the two-hour season finale tomorrow night, starting at 7PM BBT: Eastern. Arisa reminds us of the importance of this veto competition and we return to the house for the PoV competition, where Big Brother has turned the HGs' world upside down.

Kevin reads the card and tells us how the competition "The Down Under" works. The HGs have stumbled into the multiverse where parallel worlds and timelines don't always make sense. They will have a max of 45 minutes to chronologically place clues on the buildings in the upper world (on top of the platform) and place the answers on the corresponding buildings in the world below (on the bottom of the platform, accessed via a ladder). The HGs who can align their two worlds the fastest will win the PoV and be guaranteed a spot in the finale.

Kevin tells us this veto is the most important moment of his BB career, potentially his lift. In one universe he loses and goes home, in the other, he wins and can win this entire game.

In this challenge there are two worlds. We find clues in the upstairs level, and the answers to those clues are on the downstairs level. Kevin reads the clues and tells us his strategy is to first focus in the world up top, find the clues and place them in chronological order before he places them on the buildings.

Kevin tells us he knows there were 6 HGs who were never Have-Nots, so he places the clue on a building in the top level, runs down the ladder, and puts the answer on the building directly below. He says these clues are easy for him. He knows the correct matches, but it's hard to put the answers on the upside-down world below. It's disorienting, and very difficult.

Kevin tells us he has no friends in this house, so he studies whenever possible. His job is to be more prepared than the rest of these "hooligans". Kevin buzzes in and we see he has 8 incorrect. He scrambles to move clues around. Kevin tells us that every second he wastes is one step closer for him being a second-time loser in this game. He buzzes in and has four incorrect...again, and two incorrect. He tells us he doesn't know what's wrong. It all looks perfect. Then it hits him! The triple eviction! He knows it's day 55... he can never forget that. He buzzes in and gets the green light. The irony of the triple eviction costing him that much time. If it means he leaves, he'll be devastated.

Karen is up. She tells us she is dreaming of winning this PoV to be the sole vote to evict Kevin. Robert. Martin. Karen struggles using the ladder back and forth. She tells us that she knows that for her slow and steady hopefully can win the race. She won't win by running up and down those stairs, getting winded and frying her brain out.

On the lower level, Karen is struggling, and even knocks her head on one of the upside-down buildings. In the DR, Karen quotes Ika Wong "Big Brother, you are trying me!"

Karen buzzes in and has 10 incorrect. Karen tells us her brain is just jumbled. She buzzes in and has 6 incorrect. She doesn't understand what she's doing wrong.

Karen tells us that things are not going well in this challenge but she gives herself a pep talk from the DR: she has to hunker down, stay focused and stay in it. She didn't come here to give up. She has to pull up your bootstraps and get at it. She buzzes in again and gets the green light.

Demetres is up. He tells us that he is HoH this week and therefore safe, but he needs to win to keep Ika safe and send Kevin home. Straight up, it's do or die. He has been studying every day all season, waiting for this competition. He knows it's his brain that will help him win this competition and not his body. He buzzes in and has 10 incorrect. He goes back and checks clues and answers. He doesn't know what change to make.

In the DR, he tells us it's so frustrating. It feels like he's been doing this puzzle forever. He needs to snap out of it and pull through!

Demetres continues making changes. He buzzes in and still has 8 incorrect. He reaches the maximum time. Demetres tells us that when BB told him that he hit the max time, he was soooo disappointed in himself. It feels like he got punched in the gut. The fate of Ika's game is now in her hands, and if she doesn't pull out a win, there's a good chance she's going home.

Ika is up. She tells us it all comes down to this veto competition. She moves quickly to put clues in order. Ika tells us that she has not won a single competition all season and it has shook her to her core. She moves to the lower level to place answers and finds it very confusing. She goes back and forth between levels to check.

In the DR she complains that BB is tripping her up! She buzzes in and has 6 incorrect.

Ika tells us this competition is trying her, but all she can do is tell herself that she's got this, she can do it, stay focussed and get it done. She knows her upstairs events are in the right order. Then she realizes the answers for the triple eviction and the ice bath are the wrong order. She fixes it and gets the green light but she feels like time is against her and it's SO frustrating.

Karen reads the results.

The winner of the Power of Veto, with a time of 19 minutes and 15 seconds, is Kevin!!! Kevin drops to his knees in gratitude as Demetres and Ika congratulate him.

Kevin is overwhelmed. He tells us that he has poured his heart and soul into this game, and to come through in the clutch when his life is on the line, he earned his spot at finale night. No one has taken him through the final end of this game. No one has been his friend for the last half-month. They have all wanted him out, and look who has the veto at the Final Four!

Demetres and Ika talk after the veto. Demetres is upset and Ika tells him it's OK. She really sucked at the competition and knew Kevin would do really good. They go to the HoH room and Ika says it's good that he didn't throw the HoH competition to her.

Ika is trying to reassure Demetres that it's OK. He has won seven competitions... he can't win everything. If she had to choose someone to have her back and fight for her, she would choose him every single time. Demetres feels terrible that he didn't win. Ika doesn't want him to beat himself up.

In the storage room, Kevin is in shock. He can't believe he won. It means so much. Karen comes in and congratulates an emotional Kevin.

Arisa reminds us that the jury will have the final say tomorrow night, and that over the past few weeks, the power has slowly shifted from inside the Odyssey to up in the jury house. Dillon joined the jury this week and BB sent a big bombshell with him. We see the jurors having a vets vs. newbies game of bean bag toss.

Bruno, Neda, and Sindy sit together and Bruno tells us that time in the jury has been great, and they went from three to 6 with the triple last week. They have a lot of info and a lot of thinking to do. Neda says she can't wait to see who is coming through the doors next. Bruno is hoping it will be Ika or Demetres, but suspects it will be Dillon.

We see the car carrying Dillon to the jury house zoom by.

In the house, the HGs are sitting all together in the living room . Neda just wants it to be someone who is chill .... no fights... fun.

They speculate as Dillon comes in saying "The Champ is here!" Neda tells us they all had a weird gut feeling it would be Dillon but they were hoping they were hoping they were wrong. Dillon gives them the recap.... they are all shocked that Kevin won veto and used it on Ika.

Bruno tells us he thinks Kevin wanted Demetres to leave and thought the house would get rid of Ika instead of Demetres, so replacing her with Dillon on the block would guarantee a big player getting out of the house. Neda says that's probably where Kevin was coming from, but it wasn't the right move.

Dillon reveals that he has a note from Big Brother. He tells them that members of the jury have the power to choose this season's BBCAN winner. To help them with their decision, BB has sent them a very special message from the Odyssey. We see a clip of Arisa talking to the HGs and letting them know they can speak directly to the members of the jury. They will each record a 60-second message that will be shown at the jury house. This is the HGs' chance to tell them anything they want and really give them something to think about. This message will be on top of the plea the final two will deliver on finale night.

The jurors discuss the message. Neda is stoke that the HGs will get this chance to explain their game. Bruno thinks it's a game-changer. They will get insight into what the HGs are seeing and understand their moves better.

Demetres begins with "Beloved members of the jury" and goes on to say he won't lie...when he walked into the game he didn't know what he was doing, but he quickly realized he had to use his ability to win competitions to navigate his way through this game. We flip to Karen saying hi and telling the jury she wanted to be the first HoH and thanks to Sindy for helping her do that. Being HoH allowed her to talk to everyone and determine who she could work with and who she couldn't.

Kevin's pitch begins with saying since they all left he has been by himself in this game. The only reason he is still there is because he won the PoV during the triple. He's alone, isolated and targeting. Ika begins with saying she knows she has had a couple things with people but if they look at her game everything she has done has been logical and strategic and she has taken the emotions out of it.

Demetres tells the jury that he knows that a lot of them he's been controlled all this time, but he has made every decision for himself and a lot of those big moves landed big players in the jury house.

Karen tells them that she wanted a power couple ...she found them. Day 1 Ika, and Day two Demetres. Boom. The jury members might think that the couple dragged her along, but spoiler alert! They are there because of Karen. She could have taken Ika out as 8th, and Demetres out as 5th.

Demetres points out that his stats speak for themselves. He's won four HoHs, two PoVs, he's been on the block four times, and after every single time on the block, he won the following HoH and put his enemies on the block.

Kevin tells the jury "guys, I want this more than anything I've wanted in my entire life and I'm working so hard for it.

Ika concludes, telling the jury she hopes they respect her as a player, and not hold any hard feelings toward her because the goal is to crown the best player in this game. Demetres concludes that he thinks he should crowned the BB5 Canada champ. Karen says "that's my game. Thanks guys!" and Kevin says "See you on finale night!"

The jurors discuss whether any of the messages change their opinions. Bruno is skeptical that Demetres is not a lapdog. Dillon and Jackie were expecting a lot more from Kevin. Neda is impressed by Karen's speech and Bruno is interested to hear more. They want to crown the best player for their season.

We see the reaction to the news of the surprise eviction. Ika tells us that Kevin won the veto, and he's obviously going to use it on himself, so he will vote out either Ika or Karen. She tells us that Kevin is obsessed with not looking like he's a bad player. He wants to be a great player who is respected. If there is any chance of him keeping her safe, she has to play on his ego.

Ika tells Kevin she can't leave without trying. Her pitch to him is that a Final Three with Kevin, Ika, Demetres, they are all deserving people who deserve to win. A Final Two of Kevin and Karen is not a good Final Two.

Ika tells us that she has to convince Kevin that it's a weak move to take Karen to the Final Three. He has to fight against Ika and Demetres at the end to prove what a great player he is. Ika presses her point with Kevin and he seems to consider it.

Kevin tells us that Ika deserves to be here. He truly thinks she is one of the best. Her ability to manoeuvre and socialize week by week... she has been in some terrible situations but has found a way to survive. He respects Ika's game more than anyone else in here. Ika points out that she can't beat him in a competition and repeats that she Demetres and Kevin are all deserving.

They hug it out and Kevin says he loves and respect her so much. Ika says she respects him too. After Ika leaves, Kevin says to himself that out of everyone here, she deserves it more than him.

Demetres tells Ika that he doesn't want to be in the house without her. They talk about being a good team.

Ika tells us that Demetres has been so strong for her this entire game. He has been her emotional support and every time she needed him, he was there. She tells Demetres to make sure he gets to the end. His job isn't done.

Ika tells us that right now she needs to be strong for him. If she does leave, she needs him to know that he is so close to the end and he can win this. She wants to give him that extra boost to get him there.

Arisa calls the Final Four HGs to the living room and the gather. Arisa asks them if the special eviction news has sunk in yet.

"It's time to get down to business. Kevin, with the PoV, holds all the power tonight." He stands and announces that he will use the veto to save himself. Since Demetres is HoH, Ika is up for eviction. Kevin has the sole vote. Karen and Ika each plead their case.

Karen stands and addresses Kevin directly. "Kevin Martin, I've made no secrets that I have gunned for you continuously, so I can't be anything other than real and say I wanted to walk amongst the giants not lie with ants and wanted four strong people at the end. As fate would have it, Kevin Martin, you hold my fate now.

Ika stands and faces Kevin saying that the last time she told him to shove something up his butt, he saved her, so.... she's joking, she isn't going to say that. She asks him if she has considered his legacy on this season. She suggests that his legacy will be that he was too scared to fight amongst the best, so he took the easy way out. In order to BE the best, he has to BEAT the best.

Kevin stands to cast the sole vote. Kevin tells Ika she is the baddest bitch to ever step foot in this house. She is one of the best players ever. For those reasons, he has to evict Ika.

Ika says it's OK and she still respects him.

Arisa makes the official statement and Ika says a tearful goodbye to Demetres. She says goodbye saying they are all great players and she will vote for the best person who deserves to win this game. She adds an extra assurance to Kevin that she respects him. She says goodbye to Karen as Ika goes up the stairs, and goes through the door. Demetres is very emotional and goes upstairs to the HoH room to cry.

Arisa welcomes Ika out onto the stage. Ika says "Arisa darling" and Arisa says they both know that a queen deserves a crown. Arisa tells Ika she began the season already a legend, and she is now considered one of the best Big Brother players ever. Ika is surprised.

Arisa asks about Ika's headspace coming in. Ika says she wanted to follow her gut and just take things week by week. She knows what it's like to leave the house with regrets, and she didn't want to do that.
Arisa wants to talk about Demetres. Ika tells her that it's like having your best friend who you know will never never stab you in the back. Arisa says it seemed like a true authentic relationship, and Ika agrees. Arisa asks if there is a chance or is that the end of the fairy tale. Ika says that she would not say it's the end, but she says she has to keep her personal life personal.

Arisa asks Ika about three people left. Ika says that Karen has saved her and Demetres a lot and has played the best game she can play.

She says she respects Kevin. He's a good player, but she doesn't think he's better than her or Demetres. She respects his hustle and his game, he's come a long way, and he deserves to be there. To win the game, Demetres will have to win the final HoH because Kevin will not take him. Ika thinks Demetres has worked hard and deserves to win. He's a great guy and she hopes he wins the game. Arisa thanks Ika and sends her off to jury.

Ika leaves the empty studio, saying goodbye to Arisa. Arisa says what a night, what a season, and it all comes to an end tomorrow. Either Demetres, Kevin, or Karen will win over the jury and win it all! Be here at 7PM Eastern for the two-hour finale which will feature all 16 HGs and a ton of other surprises. Remember... someone is always watching!

It's day 67 in the BBCAN5 Odyssey.

May 15, 2017

It's day 67 in the BBCAN5 Odyssey. 
Only 3 day to Grand Final BBCAN 2017!

** BBCan5 SPOILERS 1**

Ika was evicted Saturday

** BBCan5 SPOILERS 2** 
Demetres won Part 1of 3, final HOH late last night, jungle theme

We will be here for you until the last day :)
Feeds are over for the season.
Wednesday and Thursday :)
Weds 9pm veto comp, eviction (likely Ika)
Thurs 7pm
2 hour finale

Tonight's Show!

May 15, 2017

Tonight's Show!
Previously on Big Brother Canada, as HoH, Kevin nominated his arch rivals Ika and Demetres. With the Greek as his target, Kevin renewed the feud and lit Ika's fuse.

At the PoV competition, the HGs stormed the beach. Demetres and Kevin went toe to toe but at the last second, the Greek stayed puzzled while Kevin rode the wave to victory. With no clear way off the block, DemIka was devastated but a conversation with Karen gave the card shark second thoughts.

With Kevin betting on a split vote, he used the veto to save Ika and replaced her with the champ. With the battle lines drawn, all the power was in Karen's hands and on eviction night, Kevin's big gamble went bust and Big Country took the big trip to jury.

Tonight, in a battle of the Xs, who will win HoH and ensure their spot in the FINAL THREE? With Niki Graham working the red carpet, who will shine brightest at the BBCAN Awards? It's all happening right now on Big Brother Canada!

We pick up after the live eviction show. Kevin tells us he's frustrated. Ika and Demetres were up on the block two weeks in a row and they're both still in the house. Using the PoV on Ika and putting Dillon up was supposed to be an awesome move. Karen was supposed to vote to keep Dillon but Karen is not playing for herself. She's strictly playing for vengeance against Kevin. He won the HoH and the veto and it's frustrating that what he wanted in the Final Five didn't happen.

Demetres tells us he cannot believe he and Ika survived the block a second week and are both still there. Kevin's plan for a split vote didn't work because he did not see the connection that Karen has with he and Ika. Karen is his BB Fairy Godmother. She's his secret PoV this season.

Karen tells us she feels heartbroken. Bittersweet because Demetres stays but she loses her friend Dillon.

In the bathroom area, Ika comforts Karen. Karen wishes Kevin was gone and Dillon was still there. Karen tells us she came in hoping to win the game this season. But if she can't do it, the people she wants in first and second are Demetres and Ika. She does not want Kevin Martin to win.

Ika tells us it's amazing they're still there another week after having been on the block. Now she just was to win HoH.

We fast forward to the HoH competition, picking up at round 3. Demetres tells us this HoH is super important because it guarantees him a spot in Final Three and the chance to play in the three part HoH.

They are looking for the HoH in this round, both Ika and Demetres have a point. Karen buzzes in with the wrong answer of Demetres. Demetres buzzes in with the correct answer of William, giving him two points.

Kevin tells us he's studied harder than anyone in this house, he would kill this competition. It kills him that he can't play.

Ika buzzes in correctly for the fourth round. Demetres tells us he can't help but think of maybe giving this one to Ika. She wants it so badly but he has to separate game from emotion and doing what's best for his game. Demetres gets the answer to round 5 correct and has three points. If he gets the next answer right, he is the new HoH.
Round 6 - Demetres buzzes in correctly and is the new HoH!

Ika tells us she's not happy right now. She's not thinking about his win, she's thinking about her loss and it's devastating. She's not guaranteed Final Three which she worked hard for.

Demetres tells us he feels horrible - he knows he took this from Ika and she wanted it so badly. He took away her last chance for a legit HoH and all the perks that go with it. At this point in the game, you're playing more individually rather than a pair and it's difficult to work as a pair when there's only four people left. At the end of the day he wants to take her to the end and is going to work hard to do it.

In the kitchen, Demetres vents to Karen about how badly he feels. Ika joins and follows Karen into the storage room. She vents to Karen about how angry she is that Demetres didn't throw the HoH to her. Karen consoles her - Demetres will win PoV and take Ika to Final Two. Ika doesn't want a handout, she wants to earn it.

Kevin is in the blue room, miserably muttering about Demetres being the new HoH. Kevin tells us his road to the Final Two is significantly more difficult. He's seen this before - they win power and survive, repeat. It's unbelievable. How do they do it?

Who wants to see my HoH room? The HGs fake excitement as they join Demetres in his HoH room.

Demetres tells us having the room is unbelievable. You get all your treats, your video from home. This far in the game you really need that push from family. His video is from his sister Vaseliki, it's so good to hear her voice, he says. She misses him and would love to give him a big hug. Congrats on winning his 4th HoH, she bets he did it so he could watch a video from his awesome big sis. She greets the other HGs, hopes he hasn't driven them too crazy. One time he gave her a saying "Be comfortable with being uncomfortable". That's what he's doing with this game. Keep going, they love him.

Demetres tells us right now this game is getting uncomfortable and he needs to get used to it. Kevin goes into the blue bedroom by himself while the rest of the HGs are in the bathroom area.

Demetres tells Ika he brought her good luck and she says lucky for him. Ika tells us she feels irritated with Demetres right now for some reason.

Karen says long day, might be another long day tomorrow. He leaves, Karen says that was hurtful. Karen reminds her he's still a person. He came to play and win, he didn't come to lose his heart to a girl. So did she. Not his fault he can't separate it. Karen coaches her to encourage him, make things right with him.

Ika heads to the HoH room. Ika tells us she's always been 100% honest with Demetres in the house. If she's feeling bitter or irritated, she should tell him. She doesn't want to be less honest with him. He deserves the truth. Demetres says he know she wanted it badly. Ika says she's not angry at him, just disappointed in herself. It's embarrassing she can't win anything. Demetres feels bad, Ika doesn't believe him. Ika says they're all individual players, he's guaranteed himself Final Three, nothing to feel bad about. She doesn't have to feel happy for him all the time. She can feel upset with herself. Demetres offers to let her have the HoH room, she says no - he won and should enjoy it. She congratulates him and says great partnership. Demetres questions that and Ika admits she feels it's been pretty one-sided.

"Hey guys! I'm here to style you for the BBCAN Awards!" Nikki Graham enters with a flourish. "I'm back!" she says in the DR room.

Kevin tells us he loved her last year. They give Nikki a tour. They head to the HoH room after to try on clothes, shoes and accessories for the BBCAN Awards.

Ika ends up in a stunning gold dress, so Demetres get a gold sash to match her. Karen is in a silver and black evening dress while Kevin is in black and white with a hint of silver.

Nikki heads for a nap in the HoH bed before the awards ceremony.

Time to walk the red carpet! Nikki is the host on the carpet and greets HGs as they come in. Demetres tells Nikki he never thought he'd make it this far. He thinks his chances are about one in four. Good answer, Nikki grins.

Karen is next, and Nikki tells her she's the oldest person in BBCAN history to make it this far.

Kevin is next and he tells us he feels like a celebrity walking the red carpet. Kevin thinks a couple kissing scenes stand out. He can't wait.

Ika is last and tells us she feels amazing. She loves the dress Nikki put her in, it's gorgeous. She hopes to bring an award home.

First Award - Favourite Makeup Malfunction. Gary does Bruno's makeup or Gary does Ika's brows. The winner is "Gary does Ika's brows". Demetres thinks Ika's going to clean up in the awards.

Second Award - Favourite Foodie. "Dillon During Buzzkilled" or "Karen on Slop". The winner is "Dillon during Buzzkilled". Karen tells us she didn't want to be rewarded for her bad behaviour.

Third Award - Favourite Blow up. Dallas vs Dillon or Ika vs Neda. The winner is Ika vs Neda. Karen says "history made" in the DR. Kevin thanks her for back dooring Neda; he appreciates it.

Fourth Award - Favourite kiss. Demetres and Ika or Kevin and William. Ika covers Demetres' eyes during their scene. Demetres screeches, he wants to watch. Ika screams she's so embarrassed.

After Kevin and William's scenes, Karen quips "Young Love, so cute". The winner is Kevin and William. Karen warns him not to break William's heart. Ika's ranting about how embarrassing.

The HGs are then shown clips from the season. Demetres feels this season had more good players than any other season.

Karen, teary eyed in the DR, says she's lived such a surreal moment in the house. She'll never come back, but thank you. Kevin tells us it's been such a journey. They should all be very proud of themselves for making it to final four. When it's over, they toast to final four.

Karen jokes that Kevin on day 62 is still slithering around the house. Karen tells us they don't often talk about how they got into odds in the house.

Week one she was HoH, she, Kevin and Bruno had a conversation in the blue room where they said she'd be loyal to her. On day 6, they attempted to flip the vote and save Mark after they promised her to evict him. After that day, they were blacklisted.

Kevin tells us she's making her decisions at final four based on something that happened two months ago. That's ridiculous. Karen tells us she's never a fool twice. Hell no.

Demetres heads into the storage room where Kevin is sitting alone. He startles Demetres. Demetres tells us they get along pretty well, they have a weird rivalry going and have for about half the game now. The last HoH that wasn't either of them was Dillon.

The two of them have been HoH for a month. They're waiting to see who the last man standing is. It's a sick rivalry, they agree (sick being awesome).

Kevin tells us Demetres has an amazing social player, a competition beast and is his biggest threat. His replacement nominee might have been a $100,000 mistake.

Ika tells us at this point she's over being angry at Demetres. They've been together and no one fights for her like he does. They've come a long way and are together in final four.

Ika joins Demetres in the HoH room. They were dreading the days of being together on the block all season long and now they've survived it twice. Ika apologizes for being not happy for him. Ika sees Kevin standing in their way of getting to Final Two. Ika thinks it will come down to her or Kevin with Demetres and Karen. Demetres says they'll win the PoV.

Time for the nomination ceremony. Demetres tells us there's not a lot of people in the house and not a lot of strategy into these nominations. He's going to put up the two people he does not want with him in Final Two. In his mind, Kevin beats him every time in an Final Two scenario. Karen hasn't made many enemies, hard to tell if she was in Final Two.

Demetres nominates Kevin and Karen (no big surprise there). Kevin is nominated because he will likely beat any of them in an Final Two scenario and is the biggest threat in Demetres' game. He's nominated Karen because there's not enough people to choose from - he doesn't want her to go home.

Kevin tells us if he doesn't win the veto, it means congratulations, 4th place Kevin. He will beg, plead and offer scenarios but he doesn't see one that will keep him there.

Karen tells us Demetres really didn't have a choice but to put her on the block after she just saved him. It was her or Ika, he'd be horrible if he put Ika up. She's hopeful she'll make it to Final Three.

Feeds just recently returned…Kevin won VETO!  He thinks he needs to evict Ika

May 12, 2017

12:00 AM BBT Feeds Down
6:00 AM BBT Feeds just recently returned…Kevin won VETO!  He thinks he needs to evict Ika. If this year is any thing like last year and IF Kevin holds true and evicts Ika…Tonight will be her last night in the BBCAN house and probably the last night of feeds. Al HGs are in bed now.
7:00 AM BBT – 9:59 AM BBT All HGs sleeping
10:00 AM BBT  Karen is awake and changing the batteries Good morning HGs time to wake up Good Morning HGs time to wake up
10:15 AM BBT Karen is making Coffee please put on your microphone good morning HGs time to wake up the rooster was going off Ika is talking about BB all stars
10:30 AM BBT Ika said i would have loved it if it was an endurance comp Ika said Karen is probably down stairs by herself Karen and Kevin are in the WR area showering
10:45 AM BBT Karen in the WR area showering Kevin is getting dressed in the blue room Kevin is in the kitchen cooking
11:00 AM BBT Kevin is eating Kevin is cooking
11:15 AM BBT Ika said good morning Kevin Kevin and Demetres are in the kitchen talking Kevin said how is Ika Ika and Karen are in the WR area Karen said what does the back of my hair look like Demetres is talking about what he should cook a bacon egg sandwich and asked Kevin if you would be down for that Demetres is talking about how they stocked the fridge
11:30 AM BBT Karen is putting on makeup in the WR area. Karen said i was so tired. Karen is telling Ika what she did in the comp. PLEASE STOP TALKING ABOUT PRODUCTION. Karen said i can’t wait to tell you stuff in the outside. Ika said he didn’t start playing his game on day 48. Ika said William is the reason why he is here. ika is putting on her makeup. Karen said i get your opinion but everybody has there own opinion. Karen said and the people that do hold it against you are not your true friends to Ika.
11:45 AM BBT Karen please put on your Microphone. Ika said i don’t want to talk to Neda. Karen said i can’t wait until Karen and Demetres are out of the house. Feeds cut out. Ika said hey you to Demetres. Ika said i have to go into the D.R Feeds cut out. Ika and Demetres are in the WR area.
12:00 PM BBT Ika and Demetres saying they are both disappointed in themselves. Ika telling Dem that he can’t win everything, that she should have won this for herself. It is ok! Ika saying after they revealed that Kevin won she said the first thing that came to her mind was she is so happy that Demetres did not throw that comp yesterday. (the HOH comp) Ika telling Demetres that Karen said “ do you think he will keep you and stay here with strong players?” Ika said no, she told Karen if you ever should feel safe in the house it is today. Ika saying everything happens for a reason and she wasn’t meant to be in final two, she tells Demetres he was meant to be there, she reminds Demetres that he always said that only one of them was going to be there. Ika tells Demetres that Karen is going to tell him a story because she has to go to the DR. Ika asks Demetres to grab her comp clothes for her. Meanwhile Karen is in kitchen cleaning up. Ika reminds Demetres to tell Karen she wants her to tell him the story. Ika is continuing to get ready for DR. Kevin is called out by BB to wake up. Demetres and Kevin go to kitchen and Dem says he is so exhausted. Kevin says he is going to sleep for a week after this season, he says they have been through so much. Karen says she is too, they are both mentally and physically exhausted. Karen starts talking about the banging outside the bedroom and BB tells them to stop talking about production. Karen says when she woke up she felt like she got hit by a mack truck. Karen telling them she got a big bruise from the challenge. Karen tells Kevin she just wants to go over the answers from the POV for herself. Dem and Kevin review them with her. Karen saying everything she knew. She says that at 3 o’clock in the morning her brain is fried. She says she felt so much pressure. She said she was freaking herself out. Karen said she went up and down the ladder eight times, Dem said he probably went up it like 30 times. Demetres said he fell off it. Karen complaining about BB making them do the POV so late at night. BB tells them to stop talking about production, Karen continues and get’s called out personally for doing it. Karen apologizes.
12:15 PM BBT Karen/Kevin and Dem continue to talk about the POV comp and how hard it was. They compare strategies. Karen basically said she was just too tired. Kevin says the final vetos are no joke, Karen is fried and Demetres says yesterday was a long ass day. The day ended at 5am.
12:30 PM BBT  Karen is talking about your value in the house is different, strength, brains, social. Talk turns to The Walking Dead and Kevin asks how many seasons there are. Karen says when she came in it was six. Karen talks about Fear the Walking Dead and how much she loves the Talking Dead. She explains what it is to Kevin and Demetres. Karen telling Kevin that she likes the show because you wonder what you would do in this kind of world. Kevin talks about a video game he likes about saving a girl who is immune to the zombie apocalypse. Karen’s favorite characters in The Walking Dead are Carol and Daryl. Kevin says when he was on twitter one day he saw people were freaking out about Walking Dead and saying it was so brutal. Demetres says he is a zombie right now and Kevin says we are the walking dead right now. Karen saying how she would not buy the shirt she has on normally but she is trying to embrace it. Demetres says the same about his shirt. Karen is surprised and says guys like him look good in Camo, he is like a real life GI Joe. Karen talking to Demetres about the next HOH comp and Karen says remember when they asked them questions about the houseguests and what they would rather be? Karen is talking about past final HOH comps. Kevin left the kitchen before this comp started. Demetres says they need to win that comp so bad, Demetres tells Karen that Ika said you had a story for me. Karen tells Demetres whenever she goes into situations and she asks herself why things are happening and things didn’t go the way she planned. Karen tells Demetres the story she told Ika about the women who had nothing when she grew up, no electricity. Demetres asks he if it is a true story and she said yes, they are Canadians. Karen tells Demetres they got really wealthy, worked hard their entire life. She tells them how they lost everything in the 80’s and had nothing. Bruce asked her how they went from everything to have nothing, and she told Bruce that she grew up with nothing, she has her kids and husband and says what did I really lose. I gained, I have things that money can’t buy. Demetres says that is true you didn’t lose 100k. Karen says it is not over, you are still in the arena.
12:45 PM BBT Feeds down. 12:50pm Feeds come back and Dem and Karen are still sitting in the kitchen sighing how tired they are and how disappointed in themselves about not winning POV. Karen goes to put on makeup. Demetres sleeping on the couch.
1:00 PM BBT Kevin in the blue room moving pillows around. He puts a empty drawer on the floor. Kevin doing laundry, brushing and flossing his teeth.
1:15 PM BBT Kevin still brushing his teeth. Karen and Demetres laying on couches. Karen is asking him if Sindy told him about the time…and she is repeating all of Sindy’s stories. Kevin tries to go in the DR and Karen tells him he can’t go in there, Kevin asks if Ika is still in there. Kevin asks them if they have ever watched American Ninja Warrior. Talk turns to the Celebrity Apprentice. Kevin asks Karen how the show works and Karen explains it to him. Karen is enjoying herself telling Kevin all about the show and who has been on it before.


1:30 PM BBT They are still talking about Celebrity Apprentice, Demetres says Canada should do a version with O’Leary. Kevin tells them about a time Scott Baio retweeted one of her tweets. Karen says Nancy Sinatra tweeted her one time, the person who sang”these boots are made for walking” Frank Sinatra’s daughter. Kevin thought Jessica Simpson did that song. Demetres tells him it was a remake. Karen calls herself OG. Kevin and Demetres are barely keeping their eyes open and Karen is rambling. She reminds Kevin they get to watch Survivor soon and they are both excited. Karen says she could eat rice every day over slop. She talks about back in the day when BB had PB and J instead of slop. Karen says it sucks the life right out of you and it took Bruno’s soul away. Karen says her Karanoia is thinking Ika got kidnapped. Demetres says she is in the DR and he is sure she is fine. Karen gets up to go to the bathroom, Kevin and Demetres are sleeping. Big Brother says “ please wake up nap time is over” Demetres says that was a long nap, thank you but I am exhausted. Kevin rolls over and keeps sleeping. Karen is cleaning the railing on the stairs and Demetres says she has to be the first person that has done that all season. Demetres says there is an avocado on the shelf above the tv and it is there. Kevin gets called to the Diary Room and Ika has not come out. Kevin says here she comes, Ika comes out and Kevin goes in. Ika asks if they missed her.
1:45 PM BBT Ika out of DR Ika says she is pretty sure the POV ceremony is happening today or tomorrow. Ika asked if they ate and she said they should put some wings in the oven. Ika says she is going to try and juice the tangerines because no one eats them. Demetres called Ika beautiful and she makes him look good all the time. Ika asks Karen if she is doing the wash and Karen so no Kevin Martin is.
Ika wonders where they got the wings from, they are amazing honey garlic. Demetres asks Ika how she is not tired. Ika says come one guys, I want to have fun before I leave. Ika asks if Karen told him the story. Demetres says seriously she runs on no sleep, no food. Demetres says she is like and electric car and he is a gas guzzler. Karen saying she just shovels in meat. Ika says come one guys let’s get up. Karen says I am up princess. Karen asks Ika if she wants her to twerk, they all laugh. Demetres tells Karen they are going to twerk their way to the final two. Demetres likes Ika’s shirt. Ika tells him he looks so tired but she wants to keep him up until she leaves. Ika cutting tangerines to make juice. Demetres says he can’t wait to get out of the house, Ika says ya the winner. He says he didn’t care before but now he does. Ika says please don’t let Kevin Martin be the winner. Ika telling Karen she has made a lot of records for the next old person to break. Karen saying how she doesn’t think she has been kept this so much at night since she had babies. Ika tells Karen if her last night is today they are all sleeping in the pink room so they can keep her up for old times sake.
2:00 PM BBT Karen tells Ika she can never feel the pain unless it’s one of her kids.Dem is making some fruit juice.Kevin comes out of the diary room and Karen says speak of the devil.BB says Karen please come to the diary room.Dem tells Ika they already did the jury questions in the Diary room.Kevin is getting his clothes together to wash them.Kevin is in the blue room taking a nap .
2:15 PM BBT Ika tells Dem if Kevin really thinks the best player should win then he should take Dem to the final 2. Ika tells Dem their games will run circles to Kevin’s game.Ika tells Dem if Karen really thinks a good player should win that Karen should leave and let Ika stay.Ika tells Karen she looked so tall coming in the house.Karen is talking to Ika about the first night when they all came in the house.Karen says she loves strong women in the game.Ika tells Kevin he’s slithering around the house.Karen tells Ika she didn’t have fun in the house with people she didn’t like.Ika ,Karen and Dem are eating wings for lunch
2:30 PM BBT Karen is talking to Ika about face time on her phone.Ika tells Dem and Karen she is really bad at checking her messages so just text her instead.Karen tells Ika that Kevin and Ika are different people then when they played before in her eyes and she likes Ika but not Kevin.Ika tells Dem can you imagine if they were morphed into the same player.Kren tells Ika that Dem and Ika need to do amazing race together.Ika tells Karen and Dem she doesn’t think she can do amazing race.
2:45 PM BBT Ika is explaining to Dem how amazing race works.Ika is explaining how Jill and Emmett did on the amazing race and how hard it was.Ika tells Dem Jillian lost it on the amazing race because she was having a hard time with the challenges.Dem tells Ika he doesn’t have a issue with heights.Ika tells Dem and Karen theirs no way she can do the show cause they make you eat things she couldn’t do it.
3:00 PM BBT Dem tells Ika she could win a lot of money if she does amazing race with him.Dem tells Ika he thinks he can do amazing race a lot better.Ika tells Dem he has to win the next few comps to win the game.
3:15 PM BBT Ika is talking to Dem about the awards they did yesterday.Ika tells Dem if he doesn’t win and then Dem says shut up don’t say it.Karen tells Ika she’s on the crazy train all the time. Ika doesn’t want Dem to go in the Dr and she laughs and tells Karen BB took Dem away from her.Karen tells Kevin bb was so loud in the room when they were taking the comp down from last night.Karen and Ika were talking to Kevin about when they will do the ceremony.Karen tells Ika she was so scared of scary movies she needed a night light in her room.
3:30 PM BBT Karen is hollering at Kevin and asks him what he’s cooking.Karen tells Ika and Dem they the real life barbie and Ken.Karen is just laying down on the couch looking at the ceiling.Karen tells Ika Ken is probably looking for barbie cause they been apart too long.Dem has to go to the diary room again and Ika is trying to keep Dem from leaving her again.Karen and Ika are talking to Kevin about when the first time it was when Ika and Dem had their first kiss.


3:45 PM BBT Ika and Karen are talking about William and Kevin when they kissed one night.Kevin tells Ika Nikki was grilling him hard yesterday about his showmance with peeley and William this season.Karen tells Ika they all have had crushes in their lives.Ika tells Dem to behave himself.Ika is telling Dem Kevin and William kissed on day 6.Feeds cut
4:00 PM BBT Feeds out. Feeds back. Ika and Demetres are in the HOH room. Kevin is heading to the washroom. Kevin is alone in the washroom. Karen is talking to Kevin. Karen says that Kevin would make final two if Demetres is gone. Kevin is throwing a hypothetical out saying if he’s in jury and Ika, Demetres and Karen are in the finals will they cut each others throat. Karen said she’s not sure. Karen tells Kevin that Dillon was playing for second place not first place. Feeds out.
4:15 PM BBT Feeds down
4:45 PM BBT Feeds return. Arisa calls housegusts to the living room. Arias tells the Houseguests,  In less than a hour a surprise eviction will happen tonight. Feeds are over for the season.

 Ika Kevin and Demetres talking about Jackie

May 11, 2017

12:00AM BBT Ika Kevin and Demetres talking about Jackie and how much they wanted to vote her out when she was on the block but it was not the best game move at that time Demetres said his plan coming into the house was to lay low for the first few weeks but that didn’t happen Kevin said Sindy laid low for awhile and so did Dre Kevin said that he did not respect Dre’s game Ika said the hardest person to work with was Dillon Demetres said he made Dillon a Dillian in his mind right from the beginning.
12:15AM BBT Karen and Ika talking about Kevin Karen said that he trying to be really nice with her because if she goes to Jury she is vote Demetres is wondering how the final week will work they discuss how difficult the HOH comp Karen said there brains work much faster than hers Karen asks Demetres if Kevin thought he would have beat him Demetres said Kevin told him he probably wouldn’t have won that one Karen said it has been a long day and tomorrow might be another one
12:30AM BBT Karen is mad at herself because she didn’t get one question right in the HOH today she said she would never come back because it’s a kids game and she is having a hard time keeping this schedule going BB goodnight HG sleep well
12:45AM BBT Karen tells Ika and Demetres that Dilon tried to get her votes but she told him that she has been with them since day 2 Karen said she could never lie cheat or steal to win the game since she wouldn’t do it it in real life and she would be able to live with herself if she did Karen is mad that kevin told her she is below Jackie Demetes goes to bed Ika feels bad for not winning anything Karen told her to tell Demetres how she feels and it’s ok to have these feelings
1:00AM BBT Karen tells her to go and talk to him now and not wait till until tomorrow and then she needs to go to bed Ika goes to talk to Demetres and Karen goes to bed Ika waits for Demetres to get out of the shower so she can talk to him Ika and Demetres listening to music Demetres tells if she doesn’t want to say anything right she doesn’t have to and he understands that she really wanted this HOH Ika said she just annoyed with herself and is embarrassed Demetres said he feels bad
1:15AM BBT Demetres asks if she wants him to stay with her in the bedroom she said no he got his room he should stay in it and she is happy that he won and that she is not mad at him she is mad at herself
1:30AM BBT All HG in bed
7:20 AM BBT Dem and Ika talking in the HoH room. He’s saying he sees where she’s coming from but he wants to get to the end with her. He says that he’s going to stop talking because anything he says, she shuts down. He then says, “They told us to go to sleep because the PoV is tomorrow,” and they go silent.
7:30 AM BBT – 8:23 AM BBT All HGs in bed silent.
7:45 AM BBT All HGs sleeping
8:00 AM BBT All HGs sleeping
8:15 AM BBT All HGs sleeping
8:24 AM BBT “Good morning Hgs, time to wake up.” Karen jumps out of bed. Kevin asked to arrange battery exchange. Ika leaves the HoH room and heads to the pink BR where she jumps into bed. (she has had an hour’s sleep…yikes!)
8:30 AM BBT Kevin and Karen up and downstairs. Ika in bed in the pink BR. Karen makes coffee, fills the ice cube trays, heads to the DR and then upstairs to the WR. Rooster crows. Karen heads to the pink BR and says coffee is on. Ika says she woke up and went and apologized to Dem. She says she told him she’s not angry at him, she’s angry with herself. She says she thought about the season, and she’s feeling resentful towards Dem. She thinks he didn’t do anything for her this season. She says he said winning the comps was for her. She says Dem said if it wasn’t for Ika and Karen he wouldn’t be here, so maybe taking the win was selfish. Karen says that Ika is allowed to have her own opinions and feel the way she feels and no one should take that away from her. She says it doesn’t make her a bad person, it means she has her own mind and feelings. Karen says as long as she was honest, they’re allowed to have different opinions. Ika says she doesn’t feel like Dem would have done for her what she’s done for him in this game. She says she asked Dem what he’s done in this game for her or Karen that wasn’t beneficial for him and he had no answer. Karen says this is the ruthless part of the game because Ika is right.
8:45 AM BBT Ika says she’s never had these thoughts before, but after Dem’s win she’s been looking back on the game and she feels he hasn’t made any selfless move for them. Ika tells Karen she feels like no one would have done what they’ve done for the people in this house. Ika says maybe she’s just reflecting back because she’s F4 and she feels like people are going to give Dem the credit for all her moves. She says that she was in a position where if she didn’t win, she was going home; if Dem knows it means more to her than him, why didn’t he throw the comp? Karen says because there’s a prize involved. Karen leaves to use the WR and get some coffee. Ika called to the DR. Kevin gets the rooster again. Ika prepares coffee for her and Karen on her way back from the DR. She says they told her she needs to get up and get ready for the noms. She and Karen head back to the pink BR to talk and feeds cut briefly as they’re told they need to get ready right away. Karen and Ika head to the WR. Karen again tells Ika that she’s allowed to feel the way she feels, that no one can tell her how she should feel. She and Ika both head into the showers. Dem still in bed in the HoH room. Feeds cut.
9:04 AM BBT Feeds back. Karen out of shower. Dem on couch in living room. Ika steps out of the shower and gets called to the DR. She heads down wrapped in her towel. Karen heads to get another coffee.Feeds cut.
9:11 AM BBT Feeds back. Karen and Ika whispering in the WR saying “He wants to listen.” Ika says Kevin and Bruno would just lie there listening to other people’s convos. Karen says it didn’t get them very far. Karen says when things don’t work out the way she wants, and she’s heartbroken and crushed, it always turns out better in the end. Karen says everything that Ika’s done will result in good things for her; if not at the end of the game, soon afterwards. Ika says she wishes she and Karen lived closer to each other. Karen says that technology makes the world borderless. She promises to tell Ika stories when they’re out that will make her points clearer. Karen says she’s not worried about other people’s shit, she’s living her life. Ika says it bothers her that people judge her; Karen says it’s not going to stop, what can stop is Ika letting it bother her. Karen says that she, Dem and Ika have played the best games. She says Kevin didn’t show up until day 48 when Bruno left.
9:20 AM BBT Ika and Karen talking in the WR as they get ready for the day. Karen says Ika needs to pull it together and be darling today because the game ain’t over. Karen says that Dillon quit at the final 5; that he’s out the door. Karen starts blowdrying her hair. In the kitchen, Dem is making himself a shake. He drinks it and washes his glass. Back in the WR, Karen is telling Ika not to do tit for tat. The game has changed, gloves are off, and it’s a new game. She says if Ika gets vengeful, she’s done. Ika says that everything she’s done in the game was to get her to the end; she never played thinking that she’d take someone with her to do her dirty work. Ika asks if Karen thinks the PoV will be something they had to study for. Karen says as a fan she’s never paid attention to what comps happen when. Karen speculates that it will be a physical comp, aimed at the guys winning.
9:30 AM BBT Ika says that yesterday Kevin said he’s come too far to go home. Karen says that’s how everyone feels, but two people are going. Ika says they’re waiting for her in the DR, so she’s not going to do her eyelashes. Talk turns to eyelashes, and the drops Karen used to get some. Feeds cut on them. Dem again laying on the couch, this time upstairs; sounds of construction. Karen comes out and tries the HoH door but it’s locked. She tells Dem she’s going to leave her stuff there because she’s a long way from being ready and she needs in the HoH room. She heads down to the kitchen to make herself something to eat. “Please get up,” probably aimed at Dem sleeping on the couch, but possibly at Kev who’s not on cams. Karen heads back upstairs with her coffee, toast and toilet paper for the WRs. She then goes back to get her makeup bag that she left by the HoH room to continue putting her face on.
9:45 AM BBT Dem joins Karen in the WR. He says he’s not feeling it today; Karen says she’s so done, that the game sure wears on you. She says they’re so close to the end, though, that they need to just get through. Dem says he wishes he could speak to his family, and Karen says she wishes she could talk to Bruce. Talk turns to what the comp may be. They start talking about the comp last night, and then running numbers from the season. The discuss number of wins, then who was havenots when.
10:00 AM BBT Karen and Demetres continue going over the Have Nots. Ika and Kevin join them in the washroom. Karen tells Kevin he may not have time for a shower he should go in the HOH one. She says they said 30 minutes and it is almost up. Ika says she should grab something to eat. Demetres says he thinks he had too many shakes because the one this morning did not taste good. Ika and Karen continue to put on their make up. Kevin is in the shower. Ika leaves the washroom and Karen and Demetres go back to the Have Nots for the season, Kevin is in the shower. They are now going over the names of the HOH Comps and who won them. Karen says she has trouble remembering weeks 6 and 7. Demetres tells her it is a lot to remember but once she sees it she will remember. Demetres says the pizza has him feeling sick. Demetres tells Karen that one day he was laying there and thought he was losing his mind because the pipes were moving. He says the pipes are shaking so he wasn’t going crazy. Karen looks at them and agrees with him. She also says we are all crazy for being in this house. Kevin gets out of the shower and Ika reenters the washroom. Kevin leaves to go get dressed. Ika is listening to Demetres and Karen go over the names of the comps. Demetres says week 8 was the triple so tells her she has to remember 2 HOH Comps. Demetres says weeks 8 and 9 are Kevin’s week. He is telling her the names of the HOH Comps and who won. Demetres says he just figures out the week and who was HOH then you can figure out what the POV was. Kevin has been told to put on his mic. Karen says he is the snake from the movie Jungle Book. Kevin leaves the washroom. Ika is just listening to Karen and Demetres list the HOH. Demetres tells Karen that the more you go over it the faster you get at it. Karen says it costs her brain power. Karen leaves the washroom, leaving Ika and Demetres in the washroom. Ika takes clothes out of the dryer and starts to fold them. There is no other conversation between them. Karen comes back and says she is going to put these in the washer and put the ones in her other hand on. She goes in to change. Kevin is in the kitchen by himself.
10:15 AM BBT Ika is still folding clothes Demetres is lying in Gary’s spot but they are not talking. Karen comes out dressed and starts her laundry. Ika says Karen’s shirt looks nice but she thinks it would look better with jeans. Ika passes Demetres his top, he thanks her says he is cold and puts it on. Karen comes back in with her jeans. Ika says she is sure that, that top will go better with jeans. Karen says she looks tired because it has been hard to get here. Ika agrees with her saying this has been the most emotionally draining thing in her life. Ika and Karen are now talking about seamless underwear. Ika says she likes them, Karen says she doesn’t because they don’t go over her butt. Karen and Ika are in the bedroom Ika says she hissed at Kevin when she went by. Karen said he is loving being called the snake. Ika says to Karen remember in week 1 when Sindy followed you around and you hated it. She says now I’m doing it. Karen says at least you have conversations. Demetres says Sindy only talked about herself. Ika asks Karen What was the best vacation her and Bruce went on by themselves. Karen tells her they have never gone on vacation alone they have always gone with the kids. Ika then asks her the best date, then says the best 3 dates. Karen starts to tell her about their first date but the conversation goes to Ika helping her with her top. Ika pinched her and now Karen is teasing her about pinching her. The conversation goes back to Karen’s first date with Bruce. Ika says she wants all the details. Karen starts her story. Karen gets told to fix her mic. She says it was like a small bar, there was no waitresses you ran the bar by yourself. She is telling them that a friend of her boss’s got stabbed. She won’t take him to the hospital but took him up the street to Denny’s so he could call for himself. She says the next night a young girl comes up to her and orders beer. The feeds cut.

10:30 AM BBT – 7:22 PM BBT Feeds down.
7:23 PM BBT Ika Demetres and Karen are sitting at the table Ika said what time is it Demetres said that the Pov ceremony is late Ika said they are waking him up
7:30 PM BBT Demetres is in his HOH room Karen and Ika are in the WR area ika said i am so nervous Ika said to Karen are you nervous Karen said i didn’t think that the POV was going to be today Ika said to Karen you played in how many HGS please go to the HOH
7:45 PM BBT all Hgs are locked down in the HOH Ika and Demetres is going over days Karen and Kevin are napping Ika said what do you think the POV is going to be
8:00 PM BBT Ika asked Demetres how did you do in the Toyota challenge he said he stayed calm Ika please go to the DR Karen and Demetres are going over the Days Demetres is asking Karen qustions Karen said i am so tired Demetres said everyone is feeling like that Demetres said i wonder if it’s going to be a timed one or is it going to be individually Demetres said i hope it was going to be an endurance and me and ika can beat him
8:15 PM BBT Karen said just tell Ika Karen said what do you think it is Demetres said i think that’s what they did last year the HOH room is now open Demetres said where is Ika and what is going on
8:30 PM BBT Kevin stop that Kevin said just looking for an advance for the POV Demetres please go to the DR Karen said that Kevin is funny Karen said how long of a wait do you think we have to wait around Kevin please go to the DR Demetres said i know how the boxes work ika asked Karen if your nerves
8:45 PM BBT Demetres is talking about last year’s final POV. Karen got called to the DR. Ika told Demetres keep me final 2. Kevin is in the kitchen .
9:00 PM BBT Kevin is in the kitchen. Ika said Demetres is crazy. ika Demetres Said please be an endurance comp. we will be up there for days. Karen said i can’t wait to get out of here. Ika said i can’t wait to get out of here and gain some weight. Demetres said i love the callus nothing hurts my hands. Karen asked before you worked for the car dealer what did you do. she said recreation. Karen said what was that .
9:15 PM BBT Ika said i don’t want to touch my skin. Ika said hi crazy to Demetres. Demetres said i think i am going to listen to some music. Karen said i can’t tell you how excited that i am. Kevin is practicing the days. Kevin is talking about the final Veto .Kevin said it should have been Dillon in the final 4. Kevin said i messed up. Kevin is in the storage room looking around . Ika said being in the house has changed me as a person. Kevin is in the WR area.
9:30 PM BBT Ika said casual fan. Ika said i don’t tell my friends about my feelings. Kevin walks into the storage room and going over days. Karen said you’re going to have to do hair splitting. Karen said nobody should tell you that you should not feel like that and you should not to. Ika said you know what you told me about the bruce story. Ika said i am gaining respect and friendship. ika said you have taught me a lot about myself. Ika said i am going to be know as a great strategic player and an entertainer. ika said what a blast. Karen said i think about the fun people that i met . Ika said i am so happy they kept Demetres. Ika said i just want kevin to go.
9:45 PM BBT Ika said i am tired i want to see my husband ika said thursday night you will or call them Thursday night Ika said i am thinking about outside of the house Karen said what time are we doing this Karen said Kevin the HOH is lock Ika said Karen can he keep that
10:00 PM Ika and Demetres in the pantry talking about the comp saying they don’t care what happens as long as one of them win. Demetres mentions Kevin always sitting in the pantry and Ika says he was probably talking to the cameras. Ika thinks it’s a timed comp where they play by themselves and the best time wins. Demetres asks if she thinks one of them will leave tonight and she says I don’t know. Kevin is laying in the blue room, he’s alone and not talking. Maybe he is going over things in his head. Ika talks about Demetres getting teary eyed in the house and he says it really was hard when dillon’s mom came in because he wondered what it was like if he saw his family. They hug for awhile and then they go look for Karen. Ika says that she is so tired and wants to sleep, she starts talking about what Demetres thought of her when she first came in the big brother house. Ok lays down with Karen as Demetres paces back and forth. Ika and Demetres say that Kevin was making fun of the bed that Kevin jumped on yesterday. Karen says anyone that sleeps in that bed will go home and Kevin showed it disrespect. Demetres calls him a smug a**hole.
10:15PM BBT production tells Kevin to stop that and Karen rambles over and over “what is he looking for”. She says that she should be depressed because she is on the block and that no one has asked her how she feels? Kevin is called to the DR, Karen said she has been in the block twice and Demetres says I’m just padding your stats. Karen says she would like to be taken down and he put Ika up and says then she would have the power to evict and send Kevin home. Demetres says something about Ika having doubt in him and he says you don’t have to say it I already know. She whispers it in Karen’s ear and she won’t tell him. He tells her that he never doubted her. Karen says she doubted him day 6 and Ika on day 45. Kevin is in the bedroom talking about the pressure as he hears Ika and the others laughing and hollering through the walls. He says that he has studied everything so hard and hopes that he can pull this off. He says that he has never wanted more than this F4 veto in his whole life, he says that if he walks out to the jury house he will be so upset. He thinks that there might be a small shot to get Karen on his side. He says that he has made himself sick going over all the info.
10:30PM BBT Kevin talking to himself saying that if Ika wins pov if maybe he can get her to keep him. He laughs and says it’s worth a try. Ika tells Karen that Sindy told her that her and Demetres were having a connection and Ika was coming in between them and that they kissed. He says that they kissed on the cheek and they were not cuddling he was laying down and she threw her arms over him.
10:45PM-12:00AM BBT feeds down.

Yesterday's show!

May 11, 2017

Yesterday's show!
It's hard to believe that we are one week away from our massive Season Five season finale. The lines have been drawn in the house and tonight, the Fab Five will become a Final Four. Welcome to eviction night here on BBCAN!

Previously on Big Brother Canada, after the triple eviction slammed the Odyssey off course, Jackie and the French Connection were sucked into the black hole of jury and only five remained. To fill the vacuum of power, the HGs faced off for HoH but nobody could match Kevin's memory and the card-shark reclaimed the HoH crown but with no allies to speak of, it was a party of one. While Ika and Demetres prepared for the worst, Kevin confirmed their fears and booked their spots back on the block. With her back against the wall, Ika erupted.

With tensions high, the HGs took their fight to the beach in an oceanic PoV where Kevin rode the wave to victory.

Then Big Brother served up an ice breaker. With the HGs flash frozen, they were toured and skewered but when Dillon's mom showed up with a special guest, the champ melted on the spot. Things heated up when Kevin went back to business and tried to nail down Karen's vote.

At the PoV ceremony, Kevin had all the power and turned the game on it's head by saving his rival Ika and naming Dillon the replacement.

Tonight, how will the HGs react to Kevin's risky move? And who will be evicted? It's all happening now on Big Brother Canada!

Hey everyone and welcome to BBCAN. This week started with a sense of deja vu. HoH Kevin nominated Ika and Demetres for nomination - again. And when Kevin also won the PoV this week, his poker face stunned everyone when he took Ika off the block. Let's see what happened after that stunning move.

Demetres tells us this is the first time he's been legitimately speechless in this house. Kevin tells us this week there are only two votes; hopefully this move will create a split and he can break the tie and send Demetres home.

Ika probes for more details from Kevin, who tells her this move is best for his game.

Kevin tells us Demetres is a competition beast and could win the final competitions. Ika is apologetic with Kevin for her speech and as he heads to HoH, she tells him she kinda did something to his room as well.

Ika tells us before the ceremony, she and Demetres got very petty and messed up Kevin's room. They unfold all his clothes, spread glue on the taps in the bathroom. They jump on his bed and then hung his stuffed pig in a noose. Ika tells us she thought she was going home so she acted very petty. She rushes to clean Kevin's room and tells us of all the things she could've done, they killed the pig. Who does that? She calls herself horrible while cleaning, saying she deserves the evil coming her way.

In the DR, she "prays" to the BB gods apologizing for what she did and asks them to get her to Final Two. After cleaning, Ika apologizes again. Kevin reminds her it's 4-1, very clear lines drawn. It's fine.

Demetres tells us Dillon being beside him is best case scenario. He just needs to swing Karen's vote and he's staying. Dillon says to everyone in Kevin's eyes Karen will vote for Dillon, Ika will vote for Demetres and Kevin will make the final decision.

In the HoH bathroom area, Kevin tells his pig they'll get them. Karen joins to talk to Kevin. Karen tells us before Kevin pulled the stunt in the PoV ceremony, she'd decided to keep Demetres over Ika. But with Dillon on the block, she has a new dilemma.

Karen asks Kevin what he was thinking. Kevin tells Karen he's thinking it's 4-1. It's in her hands whether Dillon goes or not.

In the DR, Karen calls Kevin a slithering snake. He thinks she'll do HIS dirty work? Kevin admits to Karen that he'll vote Demetres out if it's a tie beaker. Karen tells us Kevin is convinced that "little old" Karen won't make a decision that will weigh against her heart. News flash: he's wrong.

Kevin tells us he's never been more determined in his life to win anything. His one brain will beat their four.

In the HoH room bath, Kevin says it kills him that they're willing to let Demetres win the game. They can't win against Demetres. Kevin tells us he's worried about Karen. He thought it'd be a no brainer for her but now he's scared he'll get burned.

Karen goes to see Ika in the storage room. She tells Ika she'll never vote to keep Dillon over Demetres. Karen tells us it will suck to go against Dillon but a girl has to do what a girl has to do. Ika tells us Karen is good. She is a guardian angel.

Dillon tells us he feels blindsided and is pissed off. What is Kevin thinking? Why not just take one of the duo out?

Dillon approaches Kevin. Kevin explains he didn't want Ika to be voted out. Kevin says Karen might flip on Dillon but if it goes to a draw, he'll evict Demetres.

Dillon tells us his BB life is in Karen's hands and that makes him nervous. In this house, things change in an instant.

Karen tells Dillon she'll vote for him to stay. Dillon asks her not to flip on him. She's the only one who can keep him safe. Karen retorts that Kevin will flip on him.

Kevin is searching the living room for hiding spots. Upstairs, Karen and Ika are watching. Ika tells us Kevin is so sneaky. Karen tells Dillon about it. Ika tells us Karen is convinced Kevin is looking for a secret veto.

Kevin tells them he's looking for his glasses that he lost in week two, which none of them believe. Kevin says the Kar-anoia is strong right now. Dillon says he's tried the glasses on and there's no prescription in them, he doesn't need them. Kevin tells us he really is looking for his glasses. Ika tells us the Kar-anoia is spreading in the house!

Dillon and Karen head to the backyard to watch the Baywatch movie. There's candy, popcorn and soda with a big screen TV. Karen and Dillon sit on one side while Kevin sits alone on the other.

In the DR, Karen drools over Zac Efron. Dillon tells us the movie is hilarious and amazing. Took him away from the stress of the game. Thank you BB!

Ika and Demetres are playing pool discussing Karen's vote. They're both wondering if Karen will change her mind and keep Dillon.

Ika tells us the thought of losing Demetres is completely devastating. All season she's had a hand in everything, not having a hand for the most important moment kills her.

Ika tells us Demetres has come a long way in the house. He's learned a few things - today is his final exam. She tests him on the slang she uses, and he passes both of them. He doesn't get how the "weaves" of her hair work, but that's OK.

Kevin chats with Dillon; who's a little dragged down. Kevin tells us his new plan is to make Dillon hate him. If he does, Karen might keep Dillon just to spite Kevin.

Kevin tells Dillon Karen's been his final two pick for awhile and he was just playing Dillon.

Dillon feels his time is up. Karen's body language has changed towards Dillon. Kevin thought they were so close for a long time. Kevin explains he only did it because he thought Karen would never vote against Dillon. It comes down to Karen hating Kevin more than she loves Dillon.

Kevin reveals his ploy to Dillon and says he has to make Karen think he hates Kevin so Karen will keep him.

Dillon heads to the living room to chat with Karen. He asks her for honesty. Karen says she's at a crossroads thanks to Kevin. She can't save him like she wants to. Dillon thought they had a better relationship than that.

Dillon tells us he was there for Karen when no one else was. Dillon, in tears, reminds her of this. He was there when everyone turned their back on him.

Karen tells us she has a heart. It comes down to, does she screw Kevin Martin or does she stick with the person she's loyal to?

Time for a peek at the jury house, beginning with Jackie's entrance. Bruno tells us the weather hasn't been that great, so they've been playing a lot of board games. One of their games is Guess Who with the pictures being the HGs. Demetres is referred to by Neda as a lap dog.

They think there is a double eviction happening for the next entrance and that there will be two HGs coming.

Jackie tells us she's proud she made it that far in the game by herself. It was mixed emotions and adrenaline when she left. She's excited to let the jury know what happened when she left. She's excited to see them and hopes they're happy to see her.

Neda is bummed to see Jackie; she loved her in the house and doesn't feel it was in anyone's best interest to get her out.

Dre sends William in by himself next to fake a double eviction. Bruno probes for information as Dre slips in and announces triple eviction. Jackie is speechless.

Bruno tells us he's happy Kevin survived the triple and saved himself. Dre says it's three vets and now three newbies have joined. Dre tells us she's happy and sad. At least she's with William.

Time to check in with the HGs. Arisa shows the HGs clips of their iconic tasks from the week. Marsha the Moose, Time Warp. Dillon says he teared up again seeing the clip of his mom. It was the best moment. Time for the live vote and eviction.

Final pleas:
Dillon - As HGs living here we experience a lot of highs and lows. It's nothing compared to what people outside the house go through. This is a shout out to them. Depression or mental illness are not your fault. There are people who love you and care for you. Stand up, Canada!

Demetres - Week 1, I was so close to being evicted and it changed everything for me. I appreciate every day in this house. If it wasn't for this house, I never would've met any of you. The relationships in this house made this experience for me. I love everyone in this house and I couldn't ask for a better group to be with.

Ika votes to evict Dillon.

Karen votes to evict Dillon, earning a loud "Boo" and negative reaction from the audience.

By a vote of 2-0, Dillon is evicted from the BB Odyssey.

Dillon tells them to kill it, Karen says she loves him. He loves them too. He says goodbye to the Odyssey and heads into a very loud, cheering audience. We see his mom and niece Hailey in the audience.

Dillon says BB is a tough game, he gave it his all and here he is now - no regrets. He doesn't know why he couldn't convince Karen to keep him. She had other plans, he guesses. What are you going to do? He hopes not Kevin wins.

Goodbye messages - 
Kevin: It's too bad Karen turned on you. I didn't want you out. You're super likeable and could've won the whole thing.

Demetres: I know we started off wrong this season, wish I'd worked with you from the get go. You're trustworthy and honest and it sucks you're leaving.

Ika: *teary* It sucks to see him go. He's well liked in the house. Just remember you are a champ, keep your head up high.

Karen: You're the true representation of don't judge a book by it's cover. You came in as a man beast and I need to make the huge decision to send you out the door. I'll miss you.

Dillon is teary eyed by the end of the messages. He gets a huge final applause.

Time for the HoH competition!

This competition is called "Solve for X" and here's how it works. In front of you is a monitor that will slowly reveal information about the Odyssey's space log relating to a specific week of your journey. Your job is to solve for X based on the information revealed to you. The tough part is some of the details are the same for multiple weeks. The first to buzz in will get to answer will get a point if correct. If incorrect, the others get a chance to buzz in for the point. The HGs with the most points wins HoH.

First equation is revealed. They are looking for the HoH. Ika buzzes in first with Neda as the answer and is correct. Second equation - looking for PoV winner. Demetres buzzes in first with Dillon and is correct.

Kevin get called to the DR Ika and Demetres whispering to each other in the bedroom Kevin is back from the DR and goes into the HOH room

May 10, 2017

12:00AM BBT Kevin get called to the DR Ika and Demetres whispering to each other in the bedroom Kevin is back from the DR and goes into the HOH room Kevin studies and explains to the live feeders how he is studying for the next pov comp Demetres tells Ika that he has never thought of what people might think on the outside Kevin takes a break from studying and is sitting on the couch in the HOH room having a drink and talking to the live feeders about how Karen walked by the HOH room and heard him talking tomorrow when she walks by the HOH room he say that he doesn’t want a split vote and use her hate towards him to get her to change her mind.
12:15AM BBT Kevin said he will also say that he wanted Dillon out this entire week he is hoping that out of spite she will vote out Demetres he said if he goes out 4th he will hold his head up high he has but his heart and soul into this game Kevin brushes his teeth Demetres and Ika are lying in bed and whispering to each other Demetres rubs Ika arm as she falls asleep Demetres apologizes to Ika for having to down play her game for him and he never wanted to be that person and if he wasn’t for her he wouldn’t be here
12:30AM BBT All HG asleep except for Demetres and ika still whispering in the bedroom He tells Ika that if even if he has take second place he would be leaving a happy man he just wants them to be the last 2 leaving the house demetres said he scared to find out what it will be like after the show
12:45AM BBT Demetres and Ika still whispering and kissing in the bedroom while the other HG are sleeping Demetres tells Ika he likes her because she is the best of both worlds Ika tells Demetres that she was also worried about making the decision and affecting his game
1:00AM BBT Ika said that she hates when your given names in the house Ika thinks that it is cool that there relationship is fully documented Demetres tells Ika that he is surprised that he even had the guts to talk to her out of the fear of getting rejected Ika said that she hates showmances she said her favourite showmance is Emmett and Jillian Topaz and Alex are the ones that made her never want a showmance
1:15AM BBT – 7:52 AM BBT ALL HG in bed sleeping
7:53 AM BBT Karen awake and heads to WR.
8:00 AM BBT All HGs except Karen sleeping.
8:08 AM BBT Karen in the kitchen pouring coffee, makes her way upstairs and joins Ika in the WR. Karen asks Ika what they were doing last night when they got told to go back to bed. Ika says that she wanted bacon and Dem said he’d go make it for her, and they immediately got told to go back to bed. Karen says that she was trying to sleep, and they kept getting blasted; “it’s like living with two seventh graders.” They laugh about Karen telling them not to talk to her last night because she didn’t want to wake all the way up. Apparently she told them, “Good night, houseguests!” Karen says she’s used to sleeping with noise because she raised kids, and her bedroom is in the basement. She says she was prepared for the noise, but she wasn’t prepared for the construction that happens while they try to sleep. They discuss the differences between girls and boys.
8:20 AM BBT Karen and Ika make their way down to the kitchen to get more coffee. Ika talking about her kids’ friends. She says she lives in a very Jewish area. She says her son’s best friend is jewish and his mother had a child out of wedlock, and they became very close friends because of it. She says that Ethan has now moved away, but they make sure the kids still spend time together. She says they’re 10 years old now, but they’ve been best friends since they were 1. She says that they couldn’t be any more different, but they love each other. Karen then asks why they don’t allow women in the NBA.
8:30 AM BBT Karen says her son got her to be a fan of MMA. She says Dillon hates MMA but she loves it. Ika asking if parenting gets easier as your children grow. Karen lies and says that once they’re seventeen you worry less. Karen talks about a car accident her son was in; he wrote off a brand new car by hitting a tree while driving with a tea in one hand and a doughnut in the other. Karen says that IBC writes off vehicles with very little damage. She circles back around to boys do reckless things and Ika should be ready. Ika talks about being a first-time mom, not eating properly, down to 98 lbs when she stood up with the baby and passed out. She says she came to and there was blood everywhere. The baby had split his lip in the fall. She says her friend’s mom told her to stay with them for a few weeks while she got her strength back. They talk about how tough it is to be a first-time mom.
8:45 AM BBT Karen and Ika in the showers on the only feed. Karen, out of the shower, makes her way down to the pantry, grabs another coffee and heads back upstairs.
9:00 AM BBT Ika still in the shower, Karen starts applying her makeup. Ika finally out of the shower, Karen singing Bruce’s praises. He always tells her the truth, but he makes her feel good about herself. Karen and Ika talk about diets; Karen says she’s tried them all and her body weight has been more stable the last 10 since she quit dieting. She says it’s about portion control and a well-rounded diet. Ika talks about what her diet was like in Jamaica; lots of unprocessed food, and she still prefers to eat like that. She says her mom is overweight, but her dad’s side is very tiny. Karen says that Ika probably has a good metabolism. Ika says that she can’t eat when she’s stressed. Karen says Ika’s not starving herself; Karen has lived with her for 60 days and can attest to it.


9:15 AM BBT Karen says life is too short: eat the ice cream, drink the Bailey’s. Ika says that’s the alcohol she had down for her to receive if she wins HoH. Ika says Dem was outside last night listening to Kevin talk, he realized how lucky he was to be with Ika and Karen all season. She says Dem said people think she’s mean, but she’s really one of the nicest people he knows. She says Dem just figured out how horrible most of the HGs are. Karen says that it’s about time he figured it out. Ika says yesterday Dillon was on the couch and told Dem that he had dragged Ika all the way to the end. Karen says Dillon told her that she was lucky to have been with them all season to get to the end. Karen talks about how you have to be fake nice to some people to ensure your safety, but she never lied in the house. Karen says Bruce always tells her some things don’t need to be said; she disagrees. Karen says after today they’re officially in the F4. She says she’ll probably cry from embarrassment at the finale. She says she hasn’t represented her family well. Ika says people love to hate them. Ika says they played their game and never lied to each other and they’re at the end.
9:30 AM BBT Karen says that on night one, she swore to Ika on her kids’ lives and here they are at the end. She says the others all spent the game lying and they’re all gone. She says she knew Sindy was a liability from the get-go. She says she never spoke to Sindy or Neda because she can’t be that fake. Ika says there were times where they thought Dem was the nice one (which he is) and Dem would have to tell her to be nice to that alliance. Ika says one of the reasons they’re still there is because they let people target them without befriending them. Karen talks about how scary Dallas was in the house and how Ika said she liked him and Karen told her she could like him in person, but he was a nightmare as a player. Ika says that he’ll apologize to Karen at the finale; Karen doesn’t think so.Ika says she’s the most-hated person with the jury; that they all trashed her on the way out. Dem comes in with the battery box; Karen says they already changed theirs and Ika says she hasn’t. Talk turns to the differences between Ika and Dem; Karen tells Ika she should watch Green Acres as it depicts her and Bruce and Ika and Dem’s relationships. Karen talks about how there’s always enough jobs in the world if you want to work; and how staying on the same road is not always the best path. She says all five of her family members have been born in different cities. She says she and Bruce call themselves gypsies. She says she did everything she could in the real estate arena, so there is no challenge left. She says part of the excitement is the challenge presented, and once you’ve conquered it there’s no sense staying. Karen says there is a long list of people who have betrayed her; Ika says she’s met a few of those herself. Ika says that she learned about truly fake people after season 2. People had a preconceived notion of what she’s like because of it.
9:45 AM BBT Karen says Ika is like her; once you’ve been burned by someone, you just write them off. Karen says she’s Ika 21 years in the future. Ika says it’s different if someone hurts you by accident; she will look past it once. Karen tells Ika to always trust her gut; she’s going to go through pain in her life that the journey isn’t always easy. Ika asks what Karen was most afraid of when she was 32. Karen says caring for her children; making sure that she could provide and protect for her children. She says that Bruce shared those goals. Karen says you will always protect your children no matter how old they are. There comes a time where you have to know that you’ve done your best and they need to live their lives, but you will always want to protect them. She tells Karen that she’s 4 years away from her oldest moving out and Ika says she’s not ready of that. Ika says she’s afraid her kids will leave and she’ll never see them. Karen says there’s no one more fiercely loyal to her than her sons. Karen says, no matter distance, family is all you have. Ika asks Karen if she should forgive her mom, and Karen tells her unless it’s reciprocated she shouldn’t. Ika says her mom robbed her of her childhood and Karen says maybe they should have this conversation outside the house and feeds cut.
9:55 AM BBT Dillon and Dem in the kitchen. Dillon has made a shake for them. Rooster goes off to wake Kevin.
10:00 AM BBT Karen and Ika still applying makeup in the WR. Karen talking about how she managed to get Dillon to turn on Kevin. Karen says she likes Kevin as a person, but not as a player. Karen talks about how they trusted each other, and how people thought they could pit them against each other but she’s not like that. Ika agrees with Karen that this is a social game more than a physical game. Karen says the people who engage in the bs manipulation are the ones who go home. Ika says that’s what happened. Karen says she looks back at the jury and thinks Sindy shouldn’t have been playing both sides; had Sindy stayed with them she would have made it further. Karen says that Sindy was plotting against Ika the entire time. Ika says they never turned on anyone until they turned on them. Talk about how loyal they were even to people who were working against them. Ika talks about how she used Jackie to trick Kevin into thinking he was working with them. Karen says some of the worst times were the family dinners. Talk about Kevin and his desire to get them out. Karen leaves to go get something to eat, leaving Ika alone in the WR.
10:15 AM BBT Dillon and Dem talking in the kitchen. Karen asks if they would like scrambled eggs. They say they would. Dillon talking about helicopters. Dillon says he was close to buying a yacht, moving to Greece and renting the yacht out. He explains it would be essentially operating a hotel on the water. Dillon says it’s an awesome idea. Dem talking about all the nice yachts he’s seen. He says he saw Madonna’s boat and tried to get on for a tour but was shut down. Dem talks about the worst hostel he stayed in; Dillon says he could never stay in one. Dillon leaves and Karen and Dem talk about how nerve-wracking today and the rest of the game will be. Karen says she hasn’t said it to Ika, but they don’t stand a chance against Dem. Dem says it depends what it is.
10:30 AM BBT Dem says that in the beginning, after the first HoH, he thought Karen and Sindy were getting so close, until day 5 when Sindy dropped Karen. Dem says they’re going to get out of this house and not believe a word anyone says. Dem says his weakness in the game was he believed the best in everyone when he came in. He says if he and Ika hadn’t hooked up he’d have been lost. Karen also says it’s because Ika is the loyal person she is. Dem said people were lying and scheming before they were even on the block. Karen says they had a strong alliance and they turned on each other and that shows they won’t make it far in life because of it. Karen says Dillon is loyal but he gets caught up in the bs because he wants to believe in the good. The eggs are ready and Karen calls Dillon down and offers Kevin some. They all sit down to eat. Dillon says a part of him is excited about this evening. Dillon turns the talk back to hostels and Dillon says he just doesn’t understand why someone would choose it over a hotel. Dem explains that it’s a lot cheaper, and you get to meet all sorts of people. He explains how in one hostel he met a girl from Edmonton, and they toured the city together. He says he also met a girl from Whitecourt. Kevin says he’s been there when he was tree planting. Dem says he used to hate it, but that was when he played hockey against them.
10:45 AM BBT Karen and Dillon in the WR. Karen says that she’s not going play this game as a snake, that he’s still going tonight unless Ika changes something and she doesn’t know why that would happen. Dillon goes in the shower and Karen goes to the pink BR where Ika is studying. Karen tells Ika no one played in the same number of PoV’s and HoH’s. They start naming who won how many. Dem and Kevin talking downstairs; Dem saying he can’t wait to get back to the gym. He says how Sarah roasted him, but she was pretty on-point. Kevin tells Dem if he wins-out, Dem will have the most wins in BBCan history. Dem says he’s just going to take it one at a time. He says he didn’t think he’d get as lucky as he did when he walked in. He says some comps just came at the right time. The both agree they didn’t think Dem had won the Toyota challenge. Kevin says he hasn’t played an amazing game by any means; Dem says so much of this game is timing. Kevin says the triple was the perfect time to throw him up. He says that day was crazy going from 8-5. Dem says that they were saying they were going to save Kevin but in hindsight he wouldn’t have had the votes.
11:00 AM BBT Kevin and Dem talking in the kitchen about past comps. They agree that the game has been fun. Kevin points out that the last time someone other than them has won a comp was day 43. Dem says they make up a lot of the winners for sure. Kevin asks Dem if he’d do it again, and he says he would because he’d regret it if he didn’t. He says he would play it differently than this season. They talk about the differences between BB and Survivor. Dem and Kevin agree that $100K tax-free would be nice. Kevin says that it wouldn’t change his lifestyle, as he’d just invest it. They agree the Toyota 86 would not fit in in Edson. Dem agrees that he’d probably invest it as well, but he’d probably spend about $25K of it as it’s just money.
11:15 AM BBT Ika, Karen and Dillon talking in the pink BR. Ika says how the others tried to get her to turn on Dem and there’s no amount of money that could get her to do that. Dillon says that it’s that kind of trust and loyalty that’s going to get them to the end. Ika again explains how they used Jackie to suck Kevin in. They all agree that William saving Kevin with the secret power of veto truly saved Kevin. Karen says how angry she is/was with Kevin for how he played William. They all agree that Kevin wasn’t loyal to anyone. Kevin is in the kitchen. Ika said we were comfortable with people coming after us. Kevin and Dillon are talking. Ika said they might have us change. Demetres please go to the DR. Karen said Kevin hasn’t fought. Karen said i am so glad i have not made any deals with him.
11:30AM BBT Karen said i can’t wait to see it on tv Karen said i wonder what the viewers thought you got 4 hours until eviction you have 3 hours to pack your bags and put it down stairs Karen said no matter what i will bring it to my grave karen said that better been in the footage about blood on his hands feeds are out
11:45 AM BBT Feeds Down  ( Live eviction show tonight at 8pm Est on Global)
11:45 AM BBT-9:03 PM BBT Feeds Down ( Live eviction show tonight at 8PM EST on Global)
8:00 PM BBT (Live Eviction show Recap) Kevin used the POV on Ika and replaced her with Dillon. After the POV ceremony Ika tells Kevin that his HOH Rm was messed up (by Demetres and Ika before the ceremony). Since she was taken off the block, Ika apologizes and goes to straightened up his HOH Rm. Everyone is shocked that Kevin used the POV; if he didn’t use it, others were going to vote out Ika. Karen and Ika plan to vote out Dillon–despite Kevin’s plan of ultimately taking out Demetres. Dillon and Demetres remain on the block.
8:15 PM BBT Dillon is afraid Karen might flip on him and vote him out. They all are sketched out with Kevin looking at everything around the house. Paranoia spreading throughout the house! Kevin, Karen, and Dillon on a movie date in the backyard–with popcorn, soda, and candy! Ika now tells Demetres that Karen might vote him out; Ika is devastated and frustrated that she doesn’t have a hand in voting out someone.
8:30 PM BBT Seems like Karen’s vendetta against Kevin is stronger than the love for Dillon. Karen has a heart, but also would like to screw Kevin! Jackie joins Neda, Sindy, and Bruno in the Jury House. William then walks in…followed by Dre–last week was the triple eviction! The Fake Mission is played so the HGs can watch. The HGs laughs when they also get to see the Rewind, Freeze, and Fast Forward Mission.
8:45 PM BBT Dillon and Demetres give their speeches and on to voting. Ika and Karen both votes to evict Dillon. Demetres remains in the house. “Big Country” leaves the Odyssey. TV show ends as the Solve for X Competition is underway (the equations are made up of the HGs in what capacity they played that week, such as HOH, nominees, POV winner, etc). Ika solves the first equation, and Demetres answers the second equation correctly. Who will be the new HOH? Kevin, Karen, Demetres, and Ika are the Final 4 of BB Canada, Season 5.
9:00 PM BBT-9:25 PM BBT Live feeds remain down.
9:25 PM BBT Feeds come on with Ika laughing on how Kevin was slithering around. Kevin is heading upstairs with Karen and Ika in the kitchen. Kevin said he told BB that he put the veto necklace around the enemy’s neck because they (Karen/Dillon) wanted to send her home. Karen tells Ika that is a lie. Demetres is in the pantry looking for something to eat. No more bacon. Karen says how she was a nervous wreck today. Feeds go out again at 9:29PM.
9:33 PM BBT Feeds back on with Karen and Demetres in the kitchen. Ika and Kevin still talking about slithering around. Ever since Day 3 Karen says she could not trust Kevin. Kevin says the days of untrustworthiness was on Day 6. Kevin says he is going to bed….and announces they have only a few more shots to get him out! He goes to slither up the stairs. Kevin is in the WR, and we can still hear Ika screaming about Kevin Martin…playing around. They all make their way to the HOH Rm, where Demetres–THE NEW HOH–offered everyone another round of shots. Karen has mentioned that Tequila Katie is coming out in Ika. Kevin says it’s an understatement to say that Karen does not like him. They all take another shot–Final 4! They all talk about how weird relationship each has with Kevin. Ika doesn’t like him because of Kevin’s jury friends.
9:45 PM BBT Kevin tells them that he feels that Ika/Demetres has played a slightly better game than him, but there is a little more of the game left. Kevin respects their game, but still wants to win if he wins his way to Final 2. Kevin feels that if it wasn’t for the Secret Power of Veto (Thanks, William!), he would not be here now. Kevin is truthful in saying he would have preferred Demetres out over Dillon, but there was not that much of a difference in them. They talk on how far they have made it. Karen wants people who played the game well to win. The ones remaining played to win; Dillon was playing for second place. They talk about going on The Amazing Race. Ika and Karen have something to tell Kevin…but they will wait until after the POV. Kevin knows he has to win to stay in the game. Karen and Kevin expect to be put up on the block. Demetres jokes on doing the Gummy Bear thing (like Tim did last year).
10:00 PM BBT Karen, Kevin, Demetres and Ika all talking about how they are all about the game but that it’s so cool that they can get along like adults. Karen says she cannot play bb again, she is too old and it’s mentally draining. Ika says she agrees but. Kevin and Demetres say that they will come back and play if asked and Ika makes fun that they can work together. Ika talks about when she left last time she was liked but she really felt like a joke and that people hurt her. Kevin asks what’s happening next for demika? He asks about amazing race and she says no, Karen says she will do it with Demetres. She says she doesn’t eat rats and roaches and power bungees! She says that black folk don’t do stuff like that. Karen asks if Kevin has just checked on his pig? He says he gave it back to big brother, Karen says that she told Dillon to hold it for ransom and she says “it was all my idea”! She tells him that it is so possible that Dillon has it. Ika asks Kevin if he likes her more than Jackie? He says yes, Karen says what about me? And he says no. Karen asks what did I do, Ika says what about Demetres and he says that he really liked Demetres and then they all give him hell. Karen starts being mean and saying as she smiles that she likes him out of the house and that he gets a good edit and is so mean. Ika is bragging about how her and Demetres trashed her room.
10:15PM BBT Karen says she tried to go in his room and the door was locked and what was he doing he smiles and says that he was doing nothing. Demetres laughs and says he is the sneakiest person he knows. Ika says he does it on purpose to mess with them. They ask Kevin are you the same person at home as you are in the house. He says he is a little different, but it’s the cameras and mics and such. They say that Bruno is a different person than he was in the house. Karen and Ika still going on about how much Kevin likes others than them. Kevin says Jackie played a poor game and he feels sorry for her. He says she had a hard time and no one liked her. Kevin says that he makes shots at Karen and even when he doesn’t it must seem like it because she gets mad. Ika says she thinks Karen really does like him and she gets mad that he doesn’t like her.
10:30PM BBT Kevin, Demetres and Ika talking about when they sent Bruno home. Ika and demetres bragging about how they got Dillon to work with them. Kevin says that he is okay with the way the game went because he is in F4. Karen comes in and shows the house pretending that Ika and Demetres are married and pregnant And ask if Kevin’s wife or husband is joining them.
10:45PM BBT. During the tour she mentions that the one bed is bad and they should steer clear and Kevin lays down on it and relaxes. They all sit down on the outside of with hoh rooms and talk about the kids that Ika and Demetres will have. Kevin was missing and they ask where Kevin is. Kevin is in the blue room putting up some clothes and then to the bathroom to brush his teeth. Karen goes into the bathroom and talks with Kevin about how close her and Ika were and she was more with her than with Dillon. She says Dillon was more honest and sweet but she was Ika since day 1. Kevin tells her that he thought Karen was closer to Dillon. Kevin gets pulled to DR and Karen tells Demetres and Ika what they said. The three talk about how dumb they think he is.
11:00PM BBT Karen says Kevin thinks he played a better game but he did not play a better game then the three of them and again she says that she can’t believe he likes Jackie better. She says he is only saying that to hide how much she played him and then says it’s ok because all of Canada can see it. Ika and Karen taking their makeup off. Karen says that Kevin is unaware of Karen’s and Ika’s relationship and Karen says that he tells me over and over again that she looks so bad on the show. They say that he’s trying to justify himself in the game. They say Kevin got tricked and that Karen screwed with his mind in the game and that he’s trying to convince himself otherwise. Ika says that if Kevin would have put Karen up would have ended up Demetres out because Ika wouldn’t have let Kevin’s deciding vote to send Demetres home. She wouldn’t have let Kevin do that. Kevin comes in and says goodnight and the girls mention where Dillon is and if he goes straight to jury or in a hotel. Production says to stop talking and they start talking about make up. Kevin laying in bed kicking himself about not putting up Karen. He says that it potentially bad for Karen’s game because Ika and Demetres will not take to the finals. He says that he has to win pov and that he will probably look at this as a regret and that it wasn’t his best move. Production Calls him to dona battery switch for the house. Kevin in the pantry talking to himself about how bad his last move was. He says that Demetres and Ika are better at this game then he but if he can win the pov and take Karen to f2 he still has a chance. He says he would feel so much better if Dillon was here instead of Demetres. He finally says that if Karen would have went home instead then he would have two big guys instead of two women who can’t and don’t win anything. He didn’t know!
11:15PM BBT Karen and Ika in the bathroom talking about movies and Demetres shows up and tells Ika she is probably next in the DR. She asks if there is any food left because she is hungry. They talk about Demetres eviction speech and how it was good, Demetres says he had to work hard not to cry. Demetres says that it’s only six more days till the end and it will be bittersweet to leave. He and Karen talk about future career changes they both will start and production tells Demetres to change his battery. Kevin still in the pantry and he comes out when Demetres shows up for battery.
11:30PM BBT Kevin and Demetres in the pantry talking about how Ika makes big brother a great show. Kevin asks about his future with Ika, he says he’s not sure. Demetres tells him that they live pretty far apart and that they are way different. Demetres says that Karen has played a very good game and Kevin says I can’t see it because I can’t see what she’s done because I haven’t worked with her. Kevin asks if it’s a fair assumption that he, Ika or Demetres would be the winner. Karen walks in but they only are talking about this last comp. they start talking about how they have been putting each other the past 4 evictions and are both still here . Karen in the kitchen alone, Demetres walks out and says he doesn’t know why Kevin is sitting in the pantry. Karen Says that it’s probably so he can hear them talking. Demetres says I doubt it and what is there to hear? They talk about having something to drink and Kevin laughs and tells Karen he is broken and tired. She laughs that she is old and tired, she says she can take a lot of mental crap because she is strong especially if she doesn’t care about people.
11:45PM BBT Karen talks about fighting with Kevin and the argument out by the hot tub. She says that he took off his pants and started sunbathing and she says that started it. Karen talks about calling him a slithering snakes. She goes in about disagreeing with him and how his generation has different opinions of people her age. He said that he has learned and grew from that. She says she has tried to get along with him and he says he has too. She says that she shouldn’t have to try that hard, but if it doesn’t work then send them home. She says that if people don’t like her or whatever than who cares. Kevin says that he is genuinely worried about his pig. Demetres says that it’s so weird how much he loves it. Karen tells the story about how “she told Dillon to ransom the pig”. She then talks about how she washed and dried the pig. Kevin says piggie is on his face book, and how he should open his own account.

Yesterday's Show!

May 10, 2017

Yesterday's Show!
Previously on Big Brother Canada, with Ika on the block as the target, the game savvy vet struck a deal with HoH Kevin that sent the scarlet starlet packing. Then BB unleashed a massive shockwave - the triple eviction.

But when Demetres won the HoH, Kevin felt relief until DemIka shredded the deal. Despite a bad case of block shock, the second timer crashed the PoV competition to rewrite his history in the game.

Reeling from the betrayal, the lone wolf threw in the howl and planned his payback.

At the most important HoH of the season, Kevin 2.0 aced the memory test and redemption king was in the drivers seat. Then Kevin got back to business and nominated Demetres and Ika for eviction.

Tonight, who will sink and who will win the PoV? And how will Kevin handle the wrath of Ika? It's all happening now on Big Brother Canada!

We pick up after the nomination ceremony. Ika is very upset by Kevin's mentioning broken promises during his speech. Everyone has broken promises this season; just say he's scared. Kevin tells us they are in the final stage of the game where competition wins mean everything. If he can get Demetres out, he can win the final few competitions and win it all. Ika tells us it's one thing to put her and Demetres on the block. But don't lie and talk about broken promises; just say you're scared! She rants to Demetres about it. Demetres takes her to the pink bedroom. Demetres tries to calm her down, he says everyone knows he's scared and it's good she called him out on it. Light him up, Demetres says. He heads down to the kitchen and joins everyone else. Ika joins and there is nothing but awkward silence.

Ika tells us Kevin thinks he's logical but he's very emotional. Everyone in the house would've put him on the block. She's not holding back, she doesn't care. Ika rants to Karen and Dillon about the broken promises comment. Karen says Kevin is rattled. Dillon tells her she needs to try and calm down. Ika says all she's stating is facts.

Kevin comes down, admits he has broken promises. Kevin says he thought what they had was legit. Ika points out that everyone else he broke a promise with thought it was legit too. Kevin was giving his reason for his nominations; the reason should be legit, Ika counters. Ika says tell the truth.

The fight quickly escalates and it's hard to make out what Ika and Kevin are saying. Demetres shrugs when Kevin tries to explain himself.

Kevin says he's not scared, he's not running anywhere. Ika says she said their game scares him, Kevin admits that. Ika tells him he better pray to God she leaves this week. She tells Dillon and Karen that they'll lose if either take Final Two because the jury is bitter and will award Kevin. Her game is way better than his but he'll win because they're bitter. Kevin says that's their decision, not his.

Time for the PoV competition!

The HGs are dressed like Baywatch actors and the backyard is decorated like the beach. The HGs get a promotional "trailer" for the PoV, the movie.

"Lifeguard's, in this PoV competition, you'll be put to the test in this Baywatch movie inspired lifeguard training course. On go, you'll first scan the beach for trouble. You've each been assigned a colour. When you find the dummy that matches your colour, you'll race to untie your buoy before climbing up and over the wall. You'll then race through water to rescue one of your five dummies, bringing them back over the wall to safety. You'll do this five times. Once everyone is safe, you'll search the beach for your puzzle pieces and assemble them to spell Baywatch in the shape of a surfboard. The first HGs to correctly solve the puzzle will win the PoV. As well, the winner will get to see an advance screening of Baywatch, coming to theatres May 25."

Kevin tells us he needs to win and keep all the control. Demetres tells us the knots are not easy and he needs to win the veto to give him and Ika a chance at staying this week.

Ika tells us if Kevin wins the veto, he'll keep nominations the same. The HGs are not leaving them in the house together; it's not going to happen.

Dillon tells us he may not be the Baywatch lifeguard seen on TV but Big Country is here to save some lives!

Karen tells us she's in it to win it. It might look like she's cruising, going up to the bar at a Mexican resort, but she's trying her hardest. If it was up to her, the challenge would be something multi tasking or ultimate gardening.

Kevin tells us the challenge is tough; so much going on and he's exhausted. Ika tells us in this challenge they can help each other out. She tells him his dummy is by the boat.

Demetres catches up to Kevin, who is in the lead. Kevin tells us the sand is thick and heavy and there are a ton of puzzle pieces.

Demetres tells us everyone in the house thinks he's just muscle but he's got mental too. He can go toe to toe against anyone in a mental challenge.

Kevin tells us puzzles are his thing, and this is his time to shine.

Karen tells us the kids are way ahead of her but she's not giving up. Dillon encourages her as he starts his puzzle, telling us three horses racing to the end.

Ika tells us she's way behind the guys. No catching up. Her best bet is to help Demetres. Kevin tells us the fact Demetres has a second set of eyes helping him is a huge advantage.

Demetres tells us all the pressure is on him when Ika starts helping him. Demetres thinks he has it, yells check but doesn't. He realizes he's missing a piece and goes looking for it while Kevin frantically puts his puzzle together.

Demetres thinks his is correct but has four pieces incorrect. Kevin thinks his is correct but has two pieces incorrect. Demetres thinks his is correct but has two pieces incorrect. Kevin thinks his is correct and... is right! Kevin wins PoV!

Demetres tells us he can't describe how he feels right now. He was so close. All he had to do was flip two pieces and he had it. He's devastated and it feels like all their hard work all season just went down the toilet. Kevin gets to pick two people to join him for the screening of Baywatch. He picks Karen and Dillon.

In the pik bedroom, Demetres sits on the bed, looking devastated. He tells us he feels so defeated. He and Ika are Kevin's targets this week and one of them are definitely going home, Kevin won't use the PoV on them. Ika joins him, and Demetres says that was his competition to lose. Ika wonders which of them they'll keep in the house. Demetres says they'll do what's best for their game. Ika tells him not to beat himself up.

In the storage room, Kevin celebrates, muttering no one wants him to win. It's like a funeral in the house when he wins something. Kevin tells us he can do whatever he wants. He's going to put himself in the best position to win the game. Let's get started. In the storage room, Kevin decides to mess with them a bit.

Karen joins Ika in the pink bedroom. Ika starts crying and Karen hugs her; Karen's as disappointed as Ika.

Ika says she's going to walk into jury and everyone is going to cheer and be so happy to see her there. It sucks. Karen says they had to try so hard to take her down. Sometimes evil wins, but not in the end.

Ika says if Demetres leaves, she'll leave after him. Demetres has a better chance. Ika begs Karen to keep Demetres, she says she will.

Demetres calls HGs to the living room . "HG's, the BBCAN Odyssey's time regulator has been malfunctioning and over the course of the day may experience some glitches. If you hear a command from BB, you must obey or the entire house will be punished."

The HGs groan. Ika says BB is so petty. Karen tells us they're at the mercy of BB. Out of nowhere, BB will order them to rewind what they were doing or fast forward to speed things up or pause to freeze completely. Karen tells the HGs she thinks it's a fun task.

The first task is to fast forward. Karen was eating, so Ika tells her to eat faster. Ika is working in the kitchen and speeds around. Karen says it's too hard sitting and she can't eat that fast so she starts washing dishes. The next task is for the HGs to pause. (Demetres is in the middle of putting a shirt on).

In the midst of the pause, Trevor Boris, Akitchen area Marsha the Moose, enters the hoouse leading a tour group. Everyone does selfies and poke Demetres' muscles. The HGs faces crumple with stifled laughter.

Ika tells us she literally cannot move, don't try it! What is this, a zoo?

Dillon, in the backyard by himself, smirks as the tour goes at him. The tour guide says he's champ - his last fight was against a buffet and he lost.

There is a comment about how smelly the house is, and how bad the cleaning is. Once they leave, BB says play and they all react.

Kevin says that was amazing, Ika cannot believe that just happened. Demetres says it's weird to see other people. It was priceless, Kevin says.

BB orders the HGs into slow motion next. Dillon and Karen playing pool, Kevin coming in from the hot-tub. After going back to "play", the HGs go back to normal until the next pause. This time, Sarah enters with a joker costume and a cream pie. She puts it in Kevin's face while Demetres and Dillon try hard not to laugh. Sarah pies Dillon next, then moves onto Demetres. Ika screeches "Sarah!" Sarah pies Karen next, saying in space you don't have to respect your elders. Ika cannot stop laughing. Sarah says she doesn't miss when she shoots, unless she's trying to win a competition. Sarah misses Ika's face. Ika mutters "love her". After Sarah leaves, BB says "play" and they all scream they love Sarah. Demetres cleans the backyard where the pie fell when the HGs are told to rewind. Kevin swims backwards.

The HGs are told to pause again. This time, Dillon's mom enters, ordering him not to break the freeze. Dillon's face crumples and he begins sobbing. She's brought his dog, Jake, who comes over to him right away.

Dillon's mom kisses his cheek, she loves him so much, he's done so amazing. She's trying to be stoic and doesn't want to cry. Hailey's watched every week and is proud too.

BB says "play" and Dillon hugs his mom tightly. Dillon tells us his mom is the strongest woman he knows, he'd give his life for her. This is the best moment in the BBCAN Odyssey.
Dillon takes his dog into the backyard to play. Dillon tells us his mind is blown. The HGs pause as Dillon's mom and dog leave with one last encouragement. The HGs hug Dillon once BB announces play again.

BB orders the HGs into slow motion next. Dillon and Karen playing pool, Kevin coming in from the hot-tub. After going back to "play", the HGs go back to normal until the next pause. This time, Sarah enters with a joker costume and a cream pie. She puts it in Kevin's face while Demetres and Dillon try hard not to laugh.

\Sarah pies Dillon next, then moves onto Demetres. Ika screeches "Sarah!" Sarah pies Karen next, saying in space you don't have to respect your elders.

Ika cannot stop laughing. Sarah says she doesn't miss when she shoots, unless she's trying to win a competition. Sarah misses Ika's face. Ika mutters "love her". After Sarah leaves,

BB says "play" and they all scream they love Sarah. Demetres cleans the backyard where the pie fell when the HGs are told to rewind. Kevin swims backwards.

Karen tells us Kevin won the veto; stick a fork in her eye. Worst case scenario. What's best is to keep Demetres in the game to get Kevin out. Dillon thinks they need to get Demetres out.

Karen thinks they only get Kevin out by keeping Demetres. Demetres will be more loyal to them. Dillon says they're not worried about loyalty.

They need to get Kevin and Demetres out so they can get to Final Two. Kevin is their biggest threat, they both agree. If he stays he wins the game. They need him out, and Demetres can do that, Kevin pushes.

Kevin goes to see Dillon and Karen in the bathroom area and asks about their eviction vote. Karen admits she wants to keep Demetres, which Kevin tells us he does not want.

It's a huge red flag for Kevin. Maybe it's time to make a big move so Karen doesn't get that choice. Karen heads to the pink bedroom and tells DemIka as a fan, she wants someone to win who deserves to win. She starts crying and they hug her. It's not about the money, she wants the right person to win.

Karen tells Demetres she wants him to win, he deserves it. Demetres says that's the nicest thing. Karen encourages him not to give up or get defeated. When you're at the lowest, you need to dig deeper and claw your way back out.

Ika loves Karen, Demetres loves Karen. They all hug.

Time for the PoV ceremony. Kevin tells us after talking to Karen, he's convinced he needs to do something drastic and flip the house. Every move from here on out determines if he will be a second time loser in the game or if he can win the whole thing. Demetres tells us they're sitting ducks, he feels so defeated. He knows Kevin isn't going to save either one of them. They are given the chance for a plea.

Demetres: I know you're not going to use it. You're scared to play me in next week's veto. You should be, I don't think you can beat me twice in a row. Don't use it.

Ika: You've always told people you're a logical. All season you've been anything but logical. Last week when we tricked you, instead of playing us like a logical you got emotional and started spilling everything like the Queen that you are. So take the veto and shove it up your ass.

Kevin uses the PoV on Ika. She rolls her eyes and Dillon's mouth drops open. He puts Dillon up as the replacement nominee. Ika wonders what is going on. Dillon laughs and says "What?"

Ika tells us she's never ever speechless. (speechless)
Kevin tells us he took Ika off the block because Karen and Dillon were going to vote to keep Demetres and he wants him out. No one saw that coming and hopefully this is the final piece for him to take home the prize.

Demetres tells us that's a great resume building. In the last two weeks he had both Demetres and Ika on the block and he'll only get out Jackie and Dillon. Kevin is the worst mastermind.

Who will be evicted - Dillon or Demetres? Find out at the live eviction

Demetres and Karen talk about how Jackie was coming after her for no reason

May 09, 2017

12:00AM BBT Demetres and Karen talk about how Jackie was coming after her for no reason. Ika looks for something to eat in the SR. Karen tells Demetres that she will try to make the best of any situation. Karen tells Demetres a story about a donkey. Karen and Demetres talk about how sexy the outfits have been this season. Ika ask karen why Kevin is moping around . Karen said he figured out what was going on that Karen is voting to keep Demetres.
12:15AM BBT Karen said she feels funny.  She thinks she ate too much suga.r Ika said they need to find another way to study because the gummy bears are not working for her. Ika wonders if Dillon said something to Kevin HOH room. Kevin talking to himself.  He says that if tomorrow the house is voting to keep Demetres , then he will try something with Karen.  He has nothing to lose.
12:30AM BBT Ika is trying to make a board to help her study Ika asks Demetres what is up with Kevin Dillon is asleep in bed Karen in the BR getting ready for bed Karen joins Ika and Demetres in bedroom and studies using gummy bears
12:45AM BBT Ika still cutting letters out to help her study tomorrow they will go over the POV and make sure they know everything so them they can beat Kevin Karen goes to bed
1:00AM BBT Ika gets ready for bed and Demetres goes down stairs to fill their water bottle Ika helps Demetres with the pimples on his chest Demetres said she cannot wait to get back the gym when he gets out ika and Demetres get into bed and talk about their family growing up Ika tells Demetres that she remembers a lot about her younger years and not much about her high school years
1:15AM BBT Ika tells Demetres that she likes him more and more each day she said this relationship has been different than any other one she has been in and maybe that is why she is not as scared Demetres tells Ika what he will say when asked about their relationship outside the house he said he will tell them he has true feelings for her but for their future they live very far apart and will have to see what happens
1:30AM BBT -8:30 AM BBT All HGs sleeping
8:34 AM BBT Karen gets up, makes her bed and heads to the kitchen to make coffee. She changes her batteries, gets ice and refills the ice cube trays before heading to the WR.
8:45 AM BBT Karen is the only one up; all others still sleeping. Karen sitting in the kitchen drinking coffee.
9:00 AM BBT Karen is up and getting ready for the day (I assume, she’s not on cams.) Everyone else still in bed.
9:03 AM BBT Lights on and cams off.
9:15 AM BBT Feeds back. Dillon called to the DR. Dem sitting on the edge of the bed, after organizing the battery exchange, saying he doesn’t want to go back downstairs. He and Ika discuss his showering habits. He says he showers three times a day when he’s at home. He says guys stink, and he likes being naked and wet. He leaves to bring the battery box downstairs and Ika gets dressed and makes her way to the WR. Karen out of the shower, Ika into the shower. Dillon gets in the other shower. Dem goes to make omelets.

9:30 AM BBT Karen, Dillon and Ika getting ready for the day in the WR. Dem alone in the kitchen making omelets.
9:45 AM BBT Dem finishes eating his omelet and starts making Karen’s on the only active cam.
9:48 AM BBT Karen telling Ika in the WR that she hopes the editing shows that Kevin was prancing around like the king of the house only to show them defeat his plans in the end. She leaves to get a coffee. Ika cam talks about working with ‘stupid Kevin Martin’ before Dillon comes in. She goes back to applying her makeup.
10:00 AM BBT Dillon and Dem talking in the kitchen about Dem’s week as HN. Ika and Karen in the WR talking about Bruno. Karen says she doesn’t like him as a player, but she likes him as a person. She says it’s like he’s two different people. Ika says that the reason the awards show is so important to her is that she didn’t make it. Karen talking about how they’ve made F4; she says Dillon had said it to her earlier in the week, and he was counting his chickens before they hatched. She says he made F5, she’s made F4. Ika says for the number of people who have left, the number of big personalities, they’re lucky to have made F4. Karen says there’s one more that has to go, the slithering snake in his natural habitat. Ika says it’s bizarre the number of times Karen was able to predict what was going to happen. Dem comes in and asks if Bizarre is a rapper; the girls shut down that line of conversation. Ika complaining about Dem watching her put her makeup on, she asks Karen to make him stop. Dem says she made him put her makeup on one day and Karen says she’s knows; it was really bad. Dem gets in the shower. Ika complains about Sindy giving Dem instructions when he was applying her makeup and that sets Karen off again about how much Sindy talks, and how it’s always about her. Karen goes on to say she can’t believe that Sindy keeps track of everyone she’s slept with and is happy to share that information with everyone. Karen says the idea of boasting who you’ve slept with is unnatural to her. Feeds finally cut on them, leaving us with Dillon lying on the couch breathing heavily as our only feed.
10:15 AM BBT Feeds back in the WR. Karen and Ika talking about the different dating apps. Karen says when you’re on Tinder it means you’re DTF. Ika says she’s not on any of them; that they’re geared towards younger people. She says that her grandmother raised her that she should be able to walk into a room and no guy has anything to say about her and she’s carried that with her through her life. Talk turns back to makeup. Karen says last night Kevin was trying to tell her that Demika was one of the strongest couples in BB history. Karen told him that they are the strongest couple; even stronger than Jillian and Emmett. Karen says she resisted telling him she’s been with them since the beginning. She says that they are the power couple she was hoping to align with. Talk turns to whether or not Bruce is coming to finale. Karen says if he doesn’t, she’s not going to Niagara. She’s worried he’ll be bored the day they have to do press; Ika says, “I’ll tell you what happens that day.” and feeds cut.
10:30 AM BBT Feeds back, and Karen is talking about makeup again. Ika says she thought Dre had a crush on Dillon. Karen says that Dillon thought Neda had a crush on him and she was jealous of Emily. Dillon figures he reminded Neda of Big Jon. Ika says that she wishes she had trusted Emily. Karen says that trusting Emily and Dillon helped her make it through the season because she had Dillon and Emily on one side of the house and Demika on the other and Bruno keeping her posted about what was happening. Meanwhile Dillon is talking to BB in the kitchen area saying how he wishes they could go outside to break up this boring day. “It’s 30 feet away and you can’t make that happen. It’s unbelievable.” Kevin comes downstairs. Dillon says he feels like he’s been up for hours and it’s only been an hour. He says it’s going to be another long day in the shitbox. He asks Kevin if he can listen to music and Kevin says it just died and he should bring it down. Feeds cut on them.
10:40 AM BBT Dem, Ika and Karen in the WR. Dem (wrapped in a towel) says he’s just going to air-dry. He says Neda has been in jury since day 34; almost a month. Karen says every week she’s getting more bitter; that she is waiting for Dem or Ika to walk through the door. Ika says she thinks she really wants to see her. Karen says Ika’s rival was Neda and hers was Kevin Martin. Karen says she’s been visualizing evicting Kevin, just like he’s visualizing evicting ‘one of us.’ Karen says one of her anxieties before entering the house was people touching her stuff. She says she’s not a good sharer.
10:45 AM BBT Ika saying she feels bad and that she feels like she’s giving Dem hope where there is none. (Dem is sleeping on the bench in the WR.) She says she can’t wait until they’re out of the house and they can talk freely. She says there’s lots she wants to tell Karen but there are people watching. They both go into the pink BR to get dressed. Feeds cut briefly and Karen is saying she’s got a bad story to tell Ika once they’re out of the house. Karen again talks about how she doesn’t like people touching herself. She says that one of the worst days was when the people from the tour came in and they were frozen and she couldn’t tell them not to touch her or her stuff. They talk about how that episode will air tonight. Ika says she couldn’t believe Sarah came in…and feeds cut.
10:52 AM BBT Kevin in kitchen working on his breakfast.
10:54 AM BBT Feeds back in pink BR. Ika saying, “In real life, she’s very very nice.” Ika saying she (don’t know if it’s still Sarah) took jabs at every one of them, except Kevin. That’s why he feels like he’s the king. Karen talking about all she had for her to pick on was her age; Ika says she hates when people talk about a woman’s age. Feeds cut on them again. Kevin still preparing his breakfast in the kitchen.
10:58 AM BBT Ika telling Karen she thinks people think Karen is brave. Ika says she complains every day about the costumes she has to wear. She says if they do one closeup on her butt, back fat and cellulite she’s going to die.
11:00 AM BBT Ika asks, do you remember when dre said emily threatened her, do you think that was a lie? Karen says yes that she feels Dre was trying to be maniacal. Dem comes in and lays in the bed in just his towel. Says the washing machine woke him up this AM. They both say then need to do laundry, Karen heads out to go folds her laundry. Ika asks if Dem is tired he says you never get enough sleep. Ika folds her clothes while Dem lays there talking, Kevi down stairs alone eating breakfast. Karen enters the pink bedroom fully dressed talking with Dem about studying.. HOH, POV, who was on the clock, the votes, HN, Ika getting dressed while they study.
11:15 AM BBT Dem Helps Karen make acronyms to remember the study info. Feeds cut a moment and now Dem is up getting dressed. Karen reminds Ika that she is not on the block she doesn’t have to pack today, Ika says I know but I want to pack, but they both say they would rather be packed. Being packed shows you are not totally comfortable. Ika says how superstitious the two of them have made her they go back to studying. Karen talking Pov’s while Dem helps to correct her. Kevin has finished Breakfast and is now sitting in the corner drinking his Coffee. Ika says after she eats she wants to come back up and study and Karen says ok it will be all day she needs to be rapid fire and she isn’t there yet. They briefly take a moment quiz each other. They talk about laundry a moment. Karen points out that they haven’t practiced who hosted the comps. Karen and Ika head to the Wr, Ika putting clothes in, aren says we just gotta keep going over it. Ika heads back into the room and talks about the bed being a mess, Ika tries to put lotion on while Dem tries to Cuddle. Ika says she is too busy for Dem today she has arts and crafts to do today. He steals a few kisses from her, and asks what would he do without her in the house. Dem says they will be studying all day. Ika says she needs to go eat and then begin working on her arts and crafts, she needs to do something when she studies. Karen enters the room and says he is sitting below us cuz he can hear us when we talk at a normal level. We have to talk low, Ika heads down to the Kt area.
11:30 AM BBT Kevin asks Ika what she is up to, she says she is going to eat and do laundry, asks where Dillon is and Kevin says he doesn’t know. Kevin says the Final 4 award show will be fun, it’s been a dream of ika’s. The Final 4 will be awesome. They say how it will be one male returnee, one Female returnee, One male newbie, one female Newbie. It was an awesome season. They discuss who they think will be the host for the awards as it’s usually Gary. Kevin gives Ika and Dem credit for the strong game they have played. They both say they feel bad for Sindy in the alliance as she was the glue and everyone should have trusted her but no one did. Kevin said he and Bruno were buds but had the agreement that at some point they would have to cut one another to get farther, Ika says her and Dem never went there it was always the 2 of them. He did have the 100% loyalty with Pili though. Ika keeps cooking as they talk, they discuss something they did yesterday for Finale night. Ika says of all the vets that walked in, she is not surprised that Kevin is there but she is surprised she is there. Kevin says this season he has done just about everything. He admits that he was able to get into Neda’s but not hers. Ika tells Kevin the conversation that ruined it for her and him “thank you for that advice” in week 4 from Kevin to Ika. Kevin says that social game he sucked but everyone likes Ika/Dem.
11:45 AM BBT Ika explains how she and Dem didn’t trust Dre as much as the house thought they were all close. She explains where things made her shady and how Ika couldn’t let Dre see that but she felt that way for a long time. Ika and Kevin discuss how they wanted to work together but there were other things in the way, Dre and Bruno. Karen and Dem Break up the Study session for a bit, Karen heads to the WR, Dem clears off his bed. Karen heads down to the Kitchen area, Kevin tells Karen about the BB awards show and Karen is all nonchalant about it. The ladies both head to the SR where ika tells Karen what the Convo has been. Ika says Kevin is still lost as to the fact that Karen is a major reason Ika and Dem are still here and that they will both be here next week. Karen exits the Sr and Ika stays looking for more to eat. Kevin and Karen are talking about the Award show and how both returnees are all about it. Dem heads down the Kitchen area too, the only one missing is Dillon who has been missing all morning. Karen brings up Jeffrey Dahmer and Feeds cut.
12:00 PM BBT They discuss how Neda is responsible herself for not having fun. Dem and Ika in the Kt cooking, Kevin still sitting in the corner, Dem says if he as asked back he would do it again next season or Amazing race but not in like a month. Dillon heads downstairs and joins the kitchen people. Karen comes by and mentions that ika says she sucks but atleast she won a task and the first HOH ( it was given to her) She heads to the pink room then back downstairs. Ika talks about the comps she won in her last season and how she hasn’t won anything this season. Ika throws a jab at Kevin “just goes to show you don’t gotta win comps to stay here unless you are you Kevin.” Ika says she threw a few comps. Karen comes back down and asks if Ika made a whole pack of chicken, she says yes it said best by 5-9 so she didn’t want it to go bad. They Discuss Sindy throwing a comp and how mean Neda is. Kevin DR. Ika offers to share the Chicken with Karen. Dem and Ika at the kitchen table talking quietly. Karen swaps laundry, Dillon lays on the couch in the living room. Ika and Dem talk quietly at the table while she eats her chicken. Karen comes down and hollers at Ika for not closing the baby wipes they are drying out. Dillon and Karen in the SR Karen is Ironing Dillon’s jacket, Dillon says that today is a shitty day, there has been days that he wanted out the house so badly but not now. Dillon says Kevin hasn’t said anything to him since 2 nights ago. Dillon asks Karen if she saw Kevin’s Sprinkle thing she says yes.
12:15 PM BBT Ika and Dem at the table talking about their games, how Dem has done so well, a social game and won comps, but Ika only had a social game. They feel they are the 2 most deserving people in the house. They then discuss a past season and the instant eviction. Dillon heads up to the Blue room to put the jacket away then to the Wr, Karen heads up to the WR, Ika alone at the table silently.
12:25 PM BBT-12:30 PM BBT Feeds cut
12:34 PM BBT Ika and Dem at the Table talking about wife and marriage material how sweet someone is, feeds cut aback out for a few moments. Dem is talking about Jp, Kevin is in the Kitchen, Dillon and Ika sitting at the table with Dem. Ika DR. Karen joins the table in place of Ika, Karen says that after living with him, Kevin is nothing like his season 3 Character. Karen asks do people’s opinions about players come from the DR? Dem and Kevin say ya that’s where you can be yourself and it’s not game play. They talk about past season DRs. and who was good in the DR. They discuss Dre and her game and how rude and crappy she was at one point in the game before a HOH. Dem says that Dre was manipulating and Dem thinks she was sly about it but Karen says no I saw it. They discuss how Dre acted the day she was going home before knowing she would be on the block.
12:45 PM BBT “ The tourist Group” ( the people involved in the task from Monday airing in tonight’s episode) roasted Jackie. They talk about how well Jackie could play when she needed to win. Kevin says that Jackie was actually considering not using the POV that she won when Neda was replacement and went home. Karen heads up to change her top but BB says STOP THAT Karen. The boys talk about Golf and Karen just sits at the table listening. They discuss 2 irons as it’s not common anymore and how Dem loves his makes amazing shots with it.


1:00 PM BBT Dem is talking about how he used to play Golf competitively but is glad that it’s all recreational now. They say how they don’t even know who won the masters this year ( Sergio Garcia in playoffs against Justin Rose) Karen brings up the Indy 500. Dem says he has never been able to get into watching NASCAR. Karen points out the big ol table with no one at it.. There’s 12 chairs and 5 Hgs left. Dillon says the house that lies built, slithering and Beyond. Dillon says every time they sit for a ceremony she yawns, Dem says it’s a nervous thing, He used to do it all the time. Dillon says he does yawn before fights, they all start yawning talking about it. They talk about comps and when they did or didn’t play and wish they had played. ( lots of building in the backyard) Dillon says how cool/nice would it be to go outside scale of 1-10, Dem says 6, Dillon says 10, Karen says it’s not happening, he refuses to ask Kevin. They talk about JK Rowling and how she went from living on welfare and food stamps in her van when she wrote the 1st harry Potter and now is a billionaire. They talk about the Universal Studios Harry Potter world.
1:15 PM BBT They begin talking about theme parks and rides and where they are all at and the coolest rides. They talk about a mall with a huge boat and submarine and it used to have a dolphin show now it has sea otters. Karen asks don’t you remember the big scandal with the West Edmonton water park. There were 6 families who came forward about mistreatment, but it happened in a mall. Dem says that there is a full amusement park inside the mall, there is like 20 rides, 2 large roller coasters, water features. The same people who own Mall of America are supposed to own this mall in Canada. Karen gets up to make a sandwich and will share it with Dillon. Dem says he wants to hang out in the area for a few days after the season is over. They begin talking about sports the Blue Jays specifically. Karen hollers to Dillon his food is ready. Dem is telling a story about how he built something and climbed up the building and tried to reach Terminal Velocity. Dem and Dillon head to the Bar area to eat, Ika comes out of the Dr, Karen is called back into the DR. They go back to roller coaster conversation with Ika.
1:30 PM BBT Dem says what things he wants to do after the show, Blue jays game, Hockey hall of fame, a CNTower ( it used to be the tallest freestanding building in the world), Sky walk outside the tower, Canada’s wonderland, Raptors in the playoffs? Ika calls him a tourist. Karen exits the Dr. and joins the Kitchen Kevin is the only one missing now. They discuss the aquarium, Karen says he needs to go to Niagra on the lake, Niagra Falls. They tease Ika for not knowing that Canada is super huge for Hockey. Ika heads to the Wr to potty, Karen heads to Brush her teeth, Dillon follows her upstairs, Dem is alone in the Kitchen. Dillon asks so tomorrow is a 2-0 and he’s okay he has made peace with leaving. Karen says he is not letting Kevin decide and force her vote. Dillon joins the ladies in the WR. They explain to Dillon the reason it’s going down the way it is. He says he is powerless and it sucks but he knows it. Dillon says Kevin told him yesterday when he walked through the door he left his morals and integrity at the door. Dillon says Kevin swore he would take Dillon F2 and he knows it was a lie. It’s just hard Knowing how bad he wanted out of the house at times and now that it’s time he doesn’t wanna leave. Dillon says he has nothing to talk to the Jury members about. When he hits the Jury house all the game talk is done.
1:45 PM BBT Ika tells Dillon how Kevin admits to trying to be a snake and it didn’t always work. Ika wanted to change the persona of a good game player and have fun and not be so stuck in the game. Karen gets help to change her shirt. They joke about how Dillon was going to buy 2 pair of lours Vuitton when he won his cash. Karen says Ika your clothes are done in the dryer. Dem enters the Wr asking where Dillon got his floss pick he says in his room offers him one Dem says no. Ika and Dillon agree there are a handful of people who they will never talk with or hang out with outside the house. They discuss Kevin’s glasses that he lost and how they are missing more than ½ the season. Dem heads into the Pink room alone, sits on the bed, and stares. Karen freshens up her brows and make-up, They talk about how they have had a chance to fool Kevin and how he tries to make deals with everyone. Dillon says “Kevin is a lying sack of Shit” they keep talking about Kevin and how people weren’t believing Karen.
2:00 PM BBT Karen and Demetres as well as Ika are chatting together about putting each other up and how the game has been played so far. Demetres says that people need to stand by what you say. Demetres says that Kevin told him that everyone threw him and Ika under the bus. Ika says that Karen is a riot by the way she doesn’t put up with other HG and that she doesn’t understand Kevin’s logic on his game. Karen thinks that it is because of her that ika and Demetres are basically safe and didn’t want to say anything to Demetres so he would not get false hope. They are talking about one of the HG was very competitive and very schedule when she has something in mind. They are all walking out of the WR at this time and are going into one of the bedroom in order to get some “learning” time for the next comp. In the meantime, we have Ika getting stuff out of the storage room and is headed to the kitchen to make something to eat.
2:15 PM BBT Ika is telling Kevin that she does not want anything from him, no food, no nothing from him, not even a sympathetic smile. NO other conversation is taking place between them. Kevin is in the SR searching something, not sure what but he is looking all over the place. Kevin is saying that he is surprised how Dillon is giving up so easily especially for him to be an athlete and that the others are fighting to stay in the game. We have Ika trying to make a protein shake as Dillon is walking into the kitchen area and then helps her with it. Ika is saying that they are spoiled in the house as they do not have to go out and do any groceries shopping or anything. While, in the background, you can hear all the noise BB is making to get everything set up for the next comp. Dillon took a glass of the shake and is telling Ika that it is pretty delicious. In the upstairs bedroom, we have Karen and Demetres reviewing all the dates and everything that has been happening in the house since it has started. Demetres now understand how paranoia can take place in playing this game and how Dillon has been flip flopping throughout the season. Karen is saying that they have dragged Jackie too long and that after being on the block 4 times, it was time for her to go.
2:30 PM BBT Ika and Dillon are downstairs chatting a bit while eating his shake. Dillon is saying that a couple of girls liked him while he was in Michigan. And we have Kevin walk into the kitchen and setting up to make a fresh pot of coffee. No more chats from anyone else. Back in the bedroom, Karen and Demetres talking. Karen is saying how she was able to realize who was actually true to their alliances and who was fake. Demetres is saying that it bothered Bruno a lot if people did not like him and that how hard some of the HG were playing the game. Dillon is saying that he moved to Florida when he was about 15 yrs old and had to learn really quick how to be street smart as he had to live in the ghetto and that he used to live in a large trailer. Demetres is saying that when him and Ika were put up on the block, they did not freak out. HE believes that leaving Kevin out of every conversation was the best move and how he likes to throw everyone under the bus.
2:45 PM BBT In the Living room area, Kevin with Ika and Dillon are all chatting together but not game. Dillon is saying that asking hotel manager to see their presidential suite or junior suite. They are discussing how some hotels can be very dirty and in nasty. Ika says that one time, she ended up staying at a cheap hotel and how awful it was that she used a blanket to cover everything just to lay on the bed. Dillon is mentioning that he also had to stay at a bad hotel because he was so broke. His girlfriend was also leaving with him there and that things did not work out as she thought he was cheating on her. And to her, it didn’t matter what he was doing, she did not trust him talking to other girls. Demetres and Karen are still chatting together about all of the events, conversation that has taken place and that he is telling her that she needs to do her thing just to go as far as possible, and here, we go again… Karen is patting herself on the back for being 53 yrs old and making it so far into the game and truly believe that they are things she did to make sure she has a right path to make it far. She is also saying that she almost turned against Ika and Demetres but s very glad that she didn’t.
3:00 PM BBT Kevin is talking to Dillon about Poker and how much he loves the game then camera goes out but comes back shortly as they continue to talk poker. Dillon and Kevin are realizing that there is about only 8 or 9 days. Dillon is asking what happens when you leave the house so KEvin is telling him that the HG gets to talk to Irisa and at a certain point, BB will ask you to talk to a psychiatrist to make sure you are ok mentally after your eviction before being sent to the jury. With that information, Dillon gets up, washes his glasses to return back to his seat. As today is day 61 and still counting is what Dillon mentioning to Kevin. Ika has returned back into the bedroom where Karen and Demetres are. Karen was saying that when she was put on the block one time, she went and sat having no reactions. All 4 cameras are showing the bedroom. Karen was wondering how she was above Jackie and she played the game. Karen is saying how she went off on Kevin for being put on the block.
3:15 PM BBT Ika leaves the room and heads downstairs to clean up the glasses and from there, into the storage room, opening the freezer and fridge but ends up taking the box of cereal out. She is munching in the kitchen all by herself, while Karen and Demetres are talking in the bedroom and their conversation is turning around Nada, Kevin and Bruno. Ika is returning upstairs. Ika with Demetres and Karen are studying. They are talking about the dates for POV and HOH and who was playing and the Have Nots. Ika is using cereal and tin foil to study with Karen. Dallas was the first one gone. And who were the Have nots and in what order and using acronyms is the easiest way to remember.
3:30 PM BBT They are going thru the order of who went out and what the votes were. They are saying that week 6, sindy went home. All cams are showing the bedroom where Karen, Demetres and Ika are studying and how was put on the block each week throughout the season. Demetres leaves the room shortly after to get more foil to use for their review.
Counting each week and who was on the block.. Who went home on week 5 and they are questioning each other back and forth in order to learn all they need so they can win the next comp. Ika and Demetres with Karen are going week by week with every comp to make sure they do not forget anything that has happened in the house since the season has started. Karen is laughing that it will be only 3 person playing in the next comp and that Kevin would need to win the final veto in order to win and get to at least F3.
3:45 PM BBT Karen is saying that she is not a strong player and doesn’t see how she would win the next comp and how excited she is feeling now. Karen is saying that both Ika and herself are so weak and she is mentioning that it could be a repeat of week one and could be making a deal to win hoh like she did before at the beginning of the game. They are discussing that what options Kevin has if he wins POV. Ika is saying that Demetres can have a big ego in the game. Ika thinks that Demetres should give her the HOH if it is them only left on the comp. She is calling him and Ass****. She thinks Demetres should just throw it to her as he has already won so many. They are all realizing that it all comes down to the Veto this time. They are thinking that William will be the swing vote on the jury and may favor Kevin if he is F2. Demetres, Ika with Karen are going over and over the dates and all the comps that has been played and what were the names of each competition.


4:00 PM BBT Karen, Demetres are going over the dates of who went who and backwards week. Feeds out. Feeds return. Demetres, Ika, and Karen are remembering dates. Not much else is going on. Karen is downstairs to use the restroom. Kevin is upstairs alone in the HOH room. Karen is cleaning the freezer.
4:15 PM BBT Karen is waking Dillon up. Naptime is over. BB tells Karen and Dillon to stop talking about production. Karen and Dillon are talking about splitting the vot.
4:30 PM BBT Karen said that Kevin is proud at the way he’s playing the game. Dillon said that he won’t hang out with Sindy after the show. Karen says to Dillon that he is funny. He doesn’t believe her. Dillon said he had a dream playing softball. Dillon and Karen call Kevin evil. BB Called someone to DR. They are having veal for supper. Dillon found a spider in the kitchen. A tiny spider. Feeds out
4:45 PM BBT – 5:00 PM BBT Feeds out
5:00 PM BBT Feeds out Feeds back. Ika is sleeping and Karen is cleaning the house.
5:15 PM BBT Karen is leaving the bedroom. Ika and Demetre are in the bed remembering days. The house is quiet. In the living room, Kevin and Karen are talking about family.
5:30 PM BBT All of the houseguests are in the living room chatting about their family. Not much else is going on. Karen is talking about Arlington Cemetery in Virginia and the War one memorial. Kevin called to the DR. The houseguests are just lounging around.
5:45 PM BBT Kevin is in the HOH room alone walking around. Feeds down Feeds back at 5:58 PM BBT
6:00 PM BBT Ika and Dem are talking in the pink room. Ika said that they are two different players. Ika said it’s stupid to throw her game away for some guy. Dem asks that if she feels like they are not playing as one anymore – she says no. Dem tells her she can feel anyway she wants. Dem says he doesn’t want this HOH to break them apart. He said that is why he is studying for POV cuz if he loses the POV then he doesn’t deserve to go any further in the game. Ika said when it gets to final 4 that everyone thinks about themselves. Dem says that he is thinking about the end with her. She said she does not believe him. He said does she think that he will take karen? She said that he should do what is best for him. Dem said that if this relationship is one sided that she needs to know that he will do his best to take her to the end. Karen comes in and tells them that there is a 7 min timer for bread and that they are going outside for an hour. Karen leaves – Dem says that regardless if it’s good for his game that he is taking her to final 2. Ika says she doesn’t understand why he is turning it around. He said he isn’t but she can feel however she wants. When she says that whatever is best for his game to him it means they are not good. He said he is letting her know where he stands. Dem leaves the room and Ika closes her eyes lying down. PLEASE WAKE UP NAP TIME IS OVER. Ika says geez BB – you don’t want me to live. She runs down the order of evicted HG. Karen yells for her to come and eat. Ika grabs a jacket and leaves the room. Downstairs in the kitchen, HG are preparing food. They take their plates to the dining room table. Ika is still in the WR.
6:15 PM BBT Ika says that being in the house is tiring – that she forgot how tiring it is. They talk about a joke that they played on Karen for $10,000. They talk about Kevin and Sindy being a possible showmance. Kevin says no thank you because he wants to stay in the house because she is a black widow in the house. They talk about Jackie and how she went crying and Karen talking to her about it. They talk more about Jackie and feeds go down at 6:25 PM BBT
6:30 PM BBT Feeds come back at 6:35 PM BBT – HG are outside and they are talking about Cass and Jackie and that there was a situation that happened after a competition when she had a melt down. They talk about Jackie and the alliances she made and that when the HOH changed she was flipping and was happy when she was not on the block. Ika talks about a time that Jackie walks in on her and Dre and asks about being thrown under the bus to Kevin. And that Ika got all of her friends out of the house. Kevin asks if Jackie ever fought back to Ika and they say no. Karen does say that there was a situation where Jackie interjects with a conversation with Karen and Iak where she said that Ika been mean to her. Ika says she was mad. Kevin said that after that Jackie ran to him and told him. 6:45 PM BBT They say that they think Jackie is like that in real life. Feeds go down at 6:50 PM BBT. Feeds return 6:54 PM BBT. They are talking about how the game would have been different if there were different HOH’s and if different HG would have been evicted. Karen says that this season had 80 different alliance names and not one of them made it to the end. They talk about Mark and that he would have done anything that Kevin and Bruno would have told him to. Dem talks about how it would have been had he been evicted first. That he would have been the butt of jokes for years. They talk about Survivor and a contestant that was on the game twice and evicted both times first.
7:00 PM BBT Ika said that she would rather not be in the house at all then go out of the house first. They say that they always remember the first HG voted out from previous seasons. Ika said that she was disappointed in vets in this season because they didn’t have fun. They said that the birthday party was more like a funeral. Dillon said that he cried at the birthday party as soon as Bruno opened the box. He said he cried too much this season. Dem said that he cried with Dillon’s mom came. They ask Kevin is there would have been a showmance with him and Mark. Ika said she cried more in this house then on season 2. They talk about Dillon’s dog Jake coming in. They say that they knew it would get to him. They talk about Gary leaving and Ika said she cried in the DR. Dillon said in hindsight that they should have kept him but Dem said that if he did stay that he wouldn’t have done stuff for them. They said after Gary left that William got HOH which made it ok. They were happy when William won because if they sent home Dre that William would have put them up.
7:15 PM BBT They talk that there is no right or wrong way to play the game. That everyone plays differently. Kevin says that his word in the house is no good. Dem says that he has stuck to his word. Kevin says that he would do anything to win the game. They talk about Bruno being shady. Kevin says that they all were shady in the game. Ika said that she really doesn’t know what Kevin did for the first half of the game. Dem talks about Neda getting mad at him for the whole house vote. He said he didn’t care for her after that. Kevin said that him and Bruno knew that Dem and ika would always choose Dre and William over them. Ika tells Dillon that he was in the right alliance. Dillon says “I was?” Dillon and Ika talks about Bruno — that Bruno told her that Jury management was important. They talk about the Beauty and the Beast alliance on day 5. They talk about the “Leftover Alliance” Karen says that there was too many alliances. THIS IS YOUR 15 MINUTE WARNING THE BACKYARD WILL BE OFF LIMITS IN 15 MINUTES. Kevin said he was proud of his alliance names. Kevin says that Gary had a final 2 with everyone. Ika said that Gary never said final 2 but that he was working with her. They ask if he did that in season 1 and no one talked about it. Dillon says that Gary made a final 2 with Emily and then 10 min later made a final 2 with him. Dem says making an alliance with everyone is the same as working with no one. Karen says that Gary told her that he was lying with everyone except her and she knew that he would have stayed with her. Dem said that all he wants is a fake final two – is that too much to ask? They talk about a Bragade alliance.
7:30 PM BBT Karen said that she didn’t talk to Neda and Sindy after day 5. They say that some people wanted certain people out of the house to get further in the game. They said they never realized that. They talk about slop cookies and Gary calling someone thin. Feeds go down at 7:41 PM BBT
7:45 PM BBT Feeds return at 7:53 PM BBT. Dillon is in the blue room and going through clothes. Ika Dem and Karen are in the kitchen. Dem tells Ika that he didn’t know how shady the house was after hearing all the alliances. Ika said she had no idea they all existed. Karen said she knew. Dillon joins them in the kitchen. Dem tells them that Cass told him that they could be a team and that Dem would be the brawn and Cass would be the brain. Ika and Dem go into the storage room. Dem asked Ika if she believes that people were more loyal to the other side of the house then them. Ika said that she is glad they were loyal to each other. Dem leaves the storage room and Ika grabs chicken wings. Ika tells Dem and dillon that it is one thing to lie but if your lies don’t get you to the end. She said maybe she is just blind but she didn’t see it. Dillon said that he hopes that it is either Dem or Ika in the final 2. They say that Kevin is giving himself way too much credit.
8:00 PM BBT Dem and Dillon talk about when Dillon put Dem on the block. Dem said that he deserved to be put up. Dillon said that he would have looked like an idiot if he didn’t. Ika said that Kevin wants a villain edit in the house and Ika said that he has not done anything to deserve it. Ika said that the people in the house that she hated Canada also hated. She said if he comes in saying he is a snake that he has embraced it. Karen said she meant it and wasn’t trying to be funny. Dillon says that Kevin is not being himself in the house and that how he was in season 3 isn’t close to how he is now. Karen said she liked him on his season. Ika said that she asked him that he is acting this way in the game is on purpose and he said yes. They say that he thinks he has all the jury votes. Ika says that William is in Jury with others telling him that Kevin really cares about him getting him to vote for Kevin. Ika calls Dre a bitter player and that she will give her vote to Kevin because of it. Ika says that she never played this game with Kevin. They say that Kevin is upstairs right now diagramming everything with Skittles or Sprinkles. Karen says that he is having fun.
8:15 PM BBT They talk about how the POV show will end and making it a cliffhanger to make people want to watch more. And that the episodes usually end when the box closes or when the veto is given and Karen thinks they will end it before that. Ika says that she hates victim people and those who cry for attention and karen says that she does too. She said that Bruce told her that she will feel bad when she watches it back and sees her beating them up. Kevin is in the HOH room studying. Ika talks about the Jury house and how people hook up. Feeds go down at 8:25 PM BBT.

8:30 PM BBT Feeds return 8:42 PM BBT. HG are still in the kitchen and are talking about Neda and her talking about John from her season. Feeds go back out at 8:43 PM BBT.
8:45 PM BBT Feeds in the HOH room return at 8:47 PM BBT and Kevin is studying. Feeds in the kitchen return at
8:48 PM BBT and the HG are talking about Bruno. They say that they didn’t feel bad with certain evictions. Dem said he felt bad for everyone who got evicted pre jury. They say that William really didn’t deserve to be evicted. Karen said that Ika was a lot different this season then she thought she was. They eat the chicken wings that Ika made. They are talking about Queen’s Language. Kevin joins them in the kitchen. Dillon says that there is no one else like Ika in Canada. Karen uses the word Unique. They talk about first impressions.
9:00 PM BBT They talk about spray tans. Ika talks about Karen giving everyone names. Dillon is telling about the 9-11 attacks. They are discussing how some people were able to call family members. Feeds downstairs go out Kevin is still upstairs in HOH WR studying with his pig and Sprinkles. Kevin finds some of his sprinks in the Jar are not good/ broken. Feeds return and Dillon is telling more about the Pentagon and the attacks. Dillon tries to explain how money is rotated and how the banks control the recession and how the families own the money and wealth and the Government is always in debt to the families that started the Federal reserve’s.
9:18 PM BBT Dillon says the only reason 9-11 happened is so the Government could get the whole country behind a war against terrorist. Ika asked about the Boston Bombing and Dillon says “terrorist” and it’s for Oil and money. Why do we always target the one part of the world and not anywhere else? Oil and money We never talk about Africa where genocide is and caused so many problems. Ika says she didn’t even know about Africa because no one talks about it she thinks it was gone. They discuss Donald trump and his ban and how stupid it was. Dillon Ika Karen and Demetres are in the washroom they are flossing. Karen is saying she needs all their cell phone numbers so that when she thinks of random stuff she can text them. While they are in the washroom preparing the the night Kevin is in the HOH Washroom studying the days and speeches that people have made, the order the other hgs were out in certain comps. Back in the washroom Demetres is in the shower. Dillon Karen and Ika are still doing their nightly routine. They talk about watergate and Ika is asking questions. Karen says it’s just deception.
9:45 PM BBT Dillon talks about oil and how we are running out, Karen talks about more power, more money and how it’s all for the government. Dillon talks about how if we all stopped buying gas for one day that it would ruin them, Karen says the next day they would raise the prices. Ika is in the bathroom asking questions about the government and Demetres is in the shower. Karen is talking politics and government with Dillon chiming in from time to time. They start talking about medical and car insurance and how much it is, Dillon says that he doesn’t know why you would have to pay more for car insurance just because your car is red. Dillon talks about fighting at some of the casinos and other places that want him to fight there. Dillon says that it’s crazy that Kevin stays to himself. Ika says that he wants it like that. Ika says that if Kevin, Bruno and Neda were on the block they would throw each other under the bus and that they are so not loyal. They say that when Dillon was hoh they drove him insane. Ika says that they tried to blame things at that part on Dillon. Ika says that they threw out Karen’s, Dillon and jackies name, because Karen was everyone’s f2. That Dillon was a liar and they were going against Jackie because they knew that Ika and Demetres hated her so much.
10:00 PM BBT. Ika says that Kevin and Bruno would go between the two and try to turn against Karen, Dillon and Demetres and. Dre. They were floating between the two. Karen finds a card that talks about there toothbrush instructions. Demetres says he knew early in that Kevin and Bruno could not be trusted. Demetres and Dillon talking about how Kevin is a worthless pos and that he’s lying. Kevin is in the kitchen makings some food,he alone.
10:15PM BBT Ika talking about going clubbing and Dillon makes a comment about getting a bbcan5 tattoo. Demetres says he’s down for it but he talks about how his last one hurt him. Demetres talks about how bad his last one was he says the girl did a bad job and how he had to go back and get Simone involved. Dillon and Demetres talk about pain and how he reacts. Ika says she’s hungry and Karen says she smells bacon. Kevin is in the kitchen making food.
10:30PM BBT feeds down.
10:45PM BBT Ika sitting on the bed back at work with her study guide and eating chips. Demetres in the bathroom with Karen, she is talking about Ika and Demetres going to F2 and Karen says that it won’t be good because Ika wants to win and it won’t be good. He says if he has a choice he’s taking her, he says they both have a good chance and he’s ok with that. Karen says that it won’t be easy for some of the bitter jury but he isn’t there for them and he shouldn’t worry about it. Karen says it’s a toss up and she doesn’t know how they all feel till she gets there. Karen says she can’t believe that she will be the F3 with him and Ika.
11:00PM BBT Karen goes on and on about what a great feeling this is. She says she has anxiety in a lot of these comps and she says she knows she looks so stupid in the comps. She again says that Kevin has played a stupid game and that she really wants him to go out the door. Demetres says that the hoh tomorrow only makes sure he is in the final 3. He tells her that the pov is the one in power. He tells her that the hoh and pov winner will guarantee there spots. Karen tells him he cannot sacrifice his spot and cannot let someone else(Ika) win, he has to try and not give it away. Demetres says that he can tell there will be a fight tomorrow. Demetres says he would never ask her to let him win, and that she hasn’t but he knows she wants it. Karen talks about Jon and Neda and how he didn’t take her till the end and how she still stayed with him. Karen tells Demetres about her conversation with Kevin about him and Ika being a big power couple. She says she said he was the best power couple and Kevin had backtracked and said well one of them. She makes it sound so much ruder than it was. Kevin comes in and Demetres and him talk about where he’s lived before and home. The conversation goes to cell phones and texts they will get when they turned their phones back on. Karen talks about how she grew up in the US and she moved to Canada since 1995 from Arizona and has never adjusted to the cold. Ika comes in to see what everyone’s doing. Demetres and Kevin are talking about work and how the finale is like a week away.
11:15PM BBT Kevin is talking about losing stuff and trying to find his glasses. They tell him that they aren’t falling for it and think he was looking for a special twist or a special immunity. Karen says the only thing I have down is being guilty of messing with your head. He says yes Karen I agree you sure have messed with my head. They all laugh. Demetres is going to bed and he says to himself that he has a horrible feeling about Ika and that she can’t even look at him. He moves her study stuff and lays down for sleep. Ika and Karen in the bathroom talking about going to bed , Ika asks Karen questions about the hoh/ pov plays, and says she was studying but needed some help with Dre and William. She goes away and Ika goes to the room.
11:30PM BBT Ika, Karen and Demetres take off their mics and lay down for bed. In the hoh Kevin is working on studying and no talk at all in the hoh room.
11:45PM BBT All houseguests in bed except for Kevin who is in hoh alone studying for the comps. He can’t even play in the hoh so he’s prepping for the whatever the pov brings because he will be literally “fighting for his life”! Kevin coming downstairs to make something to drink, he does a shout out to Canada. And says he is going to miss this place. He disappears into the DR briefly and is right back out.

 Ika said that Kevin just wants to confuse them and wants the title of Dr

May 08, 2017

12:00AM BBT Ika said that Kevin just wants to confuse them and wants the title of Dr Will Karen thinks that Kevin made the stupidest move by taking Ika off the block and not putting her up instead Demetres tells Karen that Kevin was hoping she would keep Dillon Karen said that Kevin is all about ego Ika said she doesn’t understand why Kevin did what he did and why now he is saying he wants her gone.
12:15AM BBT Karen said she feels bad about Dillon and that Dillon told her that Demetres and Ika will not take her the end she said she knows that but Kevin won’t take her anyway because of his ego he will want to take the bigger player to the end Ika said she is confused by Kevin because Kevin is confused by Kevin Karen said she doesn’t want to talk to Kevin anymore and he looks like a fool Karen said she has been trying to play the game from a fan perspective and when she gets home she will watch it while eating ice cream
12:30AM BBT Demetres thinks what got to Kevin was they never campaigned to him and he has no one to bounce ideas off of Ika said maybe he wanted everyone in the house to think that he was working with Ika and Demetres Ika said that he told her he wanted to take Dillon to the end Demetres doesn’t understand why Kevin did what he did and he screwed up
12:45AM BBT Ika tells Demetres that she is not happy about what he said about Ika game while he is still on the block and walking around comfortable. She said that Karen has a lot of doubt and that they shouldn’t have even spent this much time talking about it. Demetres said they should have shut the down the conversation a long time ago. Karen said she can’t wait to see how this pans out
1:00AM BBT-9AM BBT All HG in bed
9:00 AM BBT Feeds go Down, Wake up Call?
9:20 AM BBT- Feeds Back- Houseguest are getting up. Demetres is in the shower. Ika is getting coffee. Karen and Dillon are out by the hot tub drinking coffee. Kevin comes out to sunbathe. Ika and Karen are in the hot tub talking about home.
9:30 AM BBT Karen and Ika are in the hot tub. Karen said, “You’re asking me and I am new here. Kevin said, “Does that just mean DR?”
9:45 AM BBT Demetres is in the kitchen. Karen and Ika are in the hot tub where Kevin is sitting nearby. Feeds went out; they come up now and then for short period of time and back down again.
10:00 AM BBT Ika and Karen are in the WR area; they both are showering and then getting themselves ready for the day. Dillion is smoking in the HT area. No talking from anyone.
10:15 AM BBT Feeds continue to go out for short periods of time. Ika and Karen are talking in the WR about how she met Bruce while she was in cosmetology school…and got married 4 months later. Karen just realized Mother’s Day is this coming Sunday! Every Mother’s Day she writes a letter to each kid and Bruce saying how she’s proud of them and how much she loves them! They continue talking about being a mother. Dillon sits quietly near the hot tub (he could be sleeping…). Feeds went out at 10:28 AM.
10:30 AM BBT Feeds were out for 10 minutes and then shows Kevin walking upstairs. Ika and Karen are trying to come up with nice things they’ve done for each other. They ask Kevin to join in. They can not come up with many things for many of them. They all agree…the three of them are not nice. However, they can come up with many nice things Demetres and Dillon has done. From the 3 of them, decide Kevin is the worst not nice person remaining in the house. Kevin says he’s going to go tell BB thing discovery. Karen tells him to go tell on himself–”He is not nice.” All feeds out again around 10:34 AM.
10:45 AM BBT Only Karen and Ika remain in the WR. Karen blow drying her hair. They are still talking about how mean the HGs have been. Karen says when Ika walked through the doors on the first day she asked herself, “Why is this demon child on my season?!” Other feeds come on showing Kevin walking around the BY. It appears he is counting the hexagons on the wall. Feeds again down but comes on shortly before BB announces the BY is now closed. 11:00 AM BBT Karen quickly finishes in the WR and runs down to get something to eat (yogurt). Ika complains that Kevin ate her shake after she told him those were hers. He told her he will eat them even more now that he knows she wants them. Can see Dillon come upstairs and head towards the BRs then into the WR to brush his teeth. Kevin went into the HOH Rm. Two feeds remain down; the other two feeds show the WR. Dillon says he wishes that never happened. It messed him up more. Ika says, “Doesn’t it remind you more of why you are here?” Dillon talks more about his home life. Feeds go down again around 11:07 AM.
11:12 AM BBT Feeds come on; all cameras are on the WR. Dillon says there is no point of him trying. It is what it is. He had a good run. He feels like he is going either way. Ika feels as if only Kevin had to do it, Demetres would be going. Dillon thinks Kevin doesn’t care which person is voted out…they both are strong competitors. Dillon says he has a wicked speech prepared; it’s uplifting for Canada. Ika can not believe what Kevin did; he just wants to be the one to say he personally got these strong people out.


11:15 AM BBT Karen comes into WR asking what they were doing…talking. BB calls Ika to the DR. Ika quickly goes to put on her clothes. Karen says that BB did let them sleep in a half hour. Karen tells Dillon about the conversation she and Ika had about being nice. Demetres and Dillon are nice, then is Karen and Ika who is occasionally nice, lastly is Kevin Martin who is not a good person. Karen mentions she needs her hair trimmed and colored–she likes to look younger. Dillon says she does look younger than her age. She is the same age as his mother. Karen states she will not get Botox. Feeds go out for 3 minutes. Dillon and Karen are still talking in the WR. Karen is attempting to trim her hair. Dillon mentions on how JB, his dog, is such a good dog. He’s only 3 years old. Karen still says how she needs to eat some yogurt.
11:30 AM BBT Dillon says there are no words between him and Kevin. When he goes into the HOH Rm it’s only to listen to the music. Karen says she’s going to go get some yogurt and Dillon goes to listen to music in HOH Rm, but is called into the DR. It sounded as if Kevin as taking a shower in the HOH BR. Ika and Karen are together in WR. Ika whispers that Dillon was talking to her on if she would vote to keep him. Karen says she is going to get a coffee and yogurt and will be right back. Kevin sits quietly in the corner chair on the far side of the dining room. [He is wearing 2 different types of flip flops.] Karen is unloading the dishwasher.
11:45 AM BBT Karen talking to Ika in WR. Karen is telling how Kevin is sitting and his expression. She thinks…”haha, we got you again.” Karen and Ika are laughing on how he will also have Demetres to compete against. They talk about how Karen is playing–makes moves as she feels is right and plays like a fan. They relive past conversations and evictions involving other HGs. Karen does feel bad today since Dillon feels as if she turned on him. Dillon is fixing himself a sandwich in the kitchen.
12:00 PM BBT Karen fixes her lashes while Ika gets her curling iron, they discuss how Kevin feels that Ika is going home and she was laughing at how he says he will cry tears of joy when he leaves. Karen says that Kevin thinks karen is the biggest liar in the house and is tricking Ika when really it’s Kevin getting tricked. Karen explains a Gomer Pile to Ika. Dillon quietly eating his food at the bar. He gets a glass of water and leans on the counter. Ika feels that Kevin really did play William the whole season and that it ruined his game and Dre ruined Will’s game as well. Karen says her hair is bothering her and ika says me too I can’t wait to get out and just re do her hair. Dillon heads upstairs and Kevin hollers out asking about something to eat. They say well yea he does it cuz he wants a Jury vote. Dillon lays in the HOH room couch listening to music. Karen and Ika agree Moms get it done and they don’t get credit for all the work they do.
12:15 PM BBT Karen teases Ika because she hasn’t seen Dem in like an hour but it’s been 70 days since she saw Bruce. Ika says she thought her and Dem were being super discreet about being together with each other but Karen says no she heard it from way early in the season. Ika says she is motified and then they tease about nicknames. Kevin walks around the HOH getting ready looking for items, Dillon stays quiet on the couch listening to music. Back in the Wr they are talking about Dre and nicknames and how she wanted to get rid of all the bad and negative. They discuss the things they wish that would have gone different. There were people they liked as people but not gamers. Karen likes Bruno and Ika feels that way about Dallas.
12:30 PM BBT They both really liked Emily and said that she was a nice and genuine girl. They feel Dillon cost her the game. Ika says the week they had Dillon and Emily on the block is the week that caused Ika and Neda to blow up. Ika explains to Karen about how Neda thought she was working with Emily. Ika then tells about what happened with Neda and how the fight exploded. Meanwhile as Ika talks Karen is cutting hairs from her hair.
12:45 PM BBT Meanwhile in the HOH room, Dillon takes the ipod off and starts to rap so feeds cut, Dillon heads to the WR to lay with the ladies. Karen says she has a bad headache, Ika says they need to eat. They talk about how hair is processed and get split ends, then floss how often they go to the Dentist. Karen uses the RR then says she will put on her Jewelry and then go eat something. Ika says she feels she hasn’t seen Dem in hours, she doesn’t know where he is. Karen heads down and Dillon follows, Kevin was in the KT having an allergy attack. Karen rinses dishes and puts them in the Dishwasher while Dillon finds more dishes that are laying around. Kevin exits the SR and heads away from the KT.
1:00 PM BBT All Cameras are on the kitchen. Dillon comes out of the SR and gets some raisin bread and warms it up, Karen said she is thinking of making a sandwich with the bread. Karen adjusts the silverware in the Dishwasher, while Dillon helps prepare the stuff for the lunches. Karen cleans a spot on the bar for them to sit. They finish eating and clean up, Karen said she was going to go brush her teeth, They both head upstairs to the WR.
1:15 PM BBT Dillon grabs laundry to wash the sheets while Karen continues her oral hygiene care. Kevin is in the HOH talking to himself creating a monologue. Using Sprinkles and tweezers in the bathroom Kevin begins to study. HOH comps, days, evictions, Pov’s, etc. meanwhile Ika still in WR curing her hair.
1:30 PM BBT Ika still in WR alone Curing her hair, while Kevin is in HOH WR using sprinkles to remember the days, comps, and evictions. Kevin decides to use the other Yellow blocks to make a barricade that will help alert him to someone coming in. He decides to go make coffee first before going back to studying, heads down stairs and Karen Hollers his name Feeds cut. Karen enters the WR, Dillon in the Blue room organizing clothes breathing very heavily.. Kevin is back in the HOH WR behind his fort. Kevin studying hardcore with himself. He begins studying HN. HOH and POV’s again.
1:45 PM BBT-1:50PM BBT Feeds cut
1:51 PM BBT feeds return for a brief moment, All Hg in the kitchen talking about the task from yesterday. They tease about going through all of Kevin’s stuff to find the Secret power of Veto. Dem called to the Dr. They discuss how no one was ever really going after Will except Dre. Ika explains that Dre says her #1 target was Kevin and now Ika isn’t sure what she said was true. Karen says Dre was always telling people they were scared of Ika when in reality Dre was scared of Ika. Kevin goes upstairs to pretend to be Dre and how she was yelling at everyone to go hide. They all laugh about it. They say they think Karen made a lot of new BB terms #flipflopfloaterville #Karinoia #QueenIsa.. They discuss about Hooterville a city in a show Karen used to watch. Kevin Back up in HOH Wr studying.
2:00 PM BBT Downstairs they continue talking about speeches and past HGs, feeds cut at 2:03 2:07 PM BBT Karen and Dillon are sitting by the rock plant, Karen is removing all the rocks so Dillon can have something to do later. Dillon says Karen you know they aren’t taking you to the end right. Dillon says he would take her if he had the chance. She asks if Kevin has said anything about knowing how the votes are going. He is up there making himself crazy with pots of coffee. Karen tells Dillon about how she didn’t feel good about Kevin or Bruno from week one. She tells about the story of week on the bed, and how she saw how Bruno realized it trying to get back in good. Karen reiterates how many times she has said she needs to send him home.
2:15 PM BBT Karen says Dillon is like Bruce you give the benefit of the doubt and then you are part of the shots fired. Karen says Kevin is a PAB “ Punk @$$ B!tch”, if he wanted Demetres gone he would have put Karen up on the block not Dillon. Karen says she is not going to give Kevin the satisfaction of doing what he wants therefore she is voting out Dillon. Ika comes over and says i’m just waiting on them to call me, do i look okay? They say yes, Feeds cut briefly. They come back and talk about how Kevin is studying so hard for the Pov. Kevin is still upstairs studying so hard. Karen heads upstairs to go file her nails. Demetres heads toward the table with Ika and Dillon, Ika says she is going to bed soon and Dem is clueless. He says so you missed me eh, she says a little. Dillon is in the Kitchen, Kevin comes down and joins him, BB says IKA and feeds cut.
2:27 PM BBT- 2:39 PM BBT Feeds out
2:39 PM BBT Kevin pacing in the HOH WR talking out loud studying. karen , Demetres, and Dillon in the Kt area talking about movies. They ask about aliens, Dem says he has never seen it, Demetres says he isn’t big on movies, Karen asks about E.T., Karen asks about Gremlins, Dem says he has never even heard of it. ‘Silence of the Lambs’- yes. They discuss Jeffrey Dahmer. Compilation videos of old tv shows like the ‘Simpsons’ and ‘Married with Children’ because they are not appropriate anymore.
2:45 PM BBT Feeds cut for a few min, Demetres is cleaning the counter while dillon messes with the stove, Karen still at the bar talking and listening to life stories. Kevin still up in HOH alone counting votes now. There has been 75 votes casted this season. Meanwhile downstairs Hgs are still talking about how mean Kevin Martin is. Karen tries to go over who is nice and not and how she has done so many nice things for others. They begin talking about Hitler and feeds cut downstairs. Kevin still playing with his sprinkles and studying.


3:00 PM BBT Kevin is alone in the HOH suite restroom using candy to figure out the odds. Figuring who he could beat in the finals. The other houseguests are downstairs chatting about life after BBCAN 5. Now Kevin is laying down on the bed tired. Demetres is making something to eat. Dillon is telling a story about miracle grow. Demetres and Dillon are alone in the kitchen talking about Karen behind her back. Feeds go out downstairs. Kevin is playing with his stuffed pig. Kevin said the the stuffed pig has been in the house for three weeks. Same as Dallas. Kevin is sitting by the HOH door having a talking too. Telling his stuffed pig about calling out all the houseguests voting out their friend. Doesn’t want a split vote. Kevin said that he is trying to evict Demetres, but if Dillon goes, he will beat Demetres in the finals. The house is quiet.
3:15 PM BBT Kevin is going through the days remembering who won competitions, who used the veto, and who is evicted. He says that five people did not use the veto. Kevin went downstairs to the kitchen with the others to grab something to eat. Demetres is telling Karen, Dillon, and Kevin that when he is in town, he crashes at his sister’s place. Everyone figured out that this Sunday is mother’s day. Kevin said that he injured himself during the “Baywatch” challenge. Feeds go out.
3:30 PM BBT Feeds still out. Feeds return. The houseguests are talking about animal cruelty in Canada. Feeds go out again.
3:45 PM BBT Feeds return. They are figuring out how much sugar is in a plastic bag. They think it’s 3 cups. Kevins pain is getting better. Feeds out again. They measured it and it’s close to three They want BB to have a final ruling. They are talking about different movies. They are talking about Mad Max movies. They are talking about epic movie. Karen said Kevin and Dillon need to see more movies. Kevin called to the Diary room.
4:00 PM BBT Karen, Demetre, Kevin, and Dillon talking about their favorite movies. Dillon and Karen are talking about movies and doing laundry. Dillon is walking around the house. In the bedroom. Demetres and Karen are using gummy bears to go through days. Feeds going in and out.
4:15 PM BBT Karen and Demetres are still remembering dates in the house. Karen and Demetres are going through nominations, events, and competitions. Demetres is telling Karen what the days have been and what went on. They want to study everyday from here on out.
4:30 PM BBT Karen is trying a new way of learning the days. Dillon comes in the room and said just talking about life. Demetres wants to start a sock collection. Feeds out.
4:45 PM BBT The one thing that Dillon, Demetres, and Karen miss when they get back home is their cell phones. Karen said she is really tired. More tired than at home.
5:00 PM BBT The houseguests are talking about Hockey. They are talking about the Dallas Stars. Karen called to the Blue room. Now Demetre and Dillon are on boxing.
5:15 pm BBT Dillon said the MGM is tinny. Crammed people in.
5:30 pm BBT Feeds out.
5:45 PM BBT Feeds down Feeds returned at 5:51 PM BBT.
6:00 PM BBT Ika said she thinks she is funny. Demetres said i don’t think this steak is good anymore. Ika said she couldn’t find her drink pitcher. Demetres said we have to study tonight. Demetres said can you believe there was only 10 days left? Ika said i hope we win the POV. Ika and Demetres are talking about Dillon’s HOH. Demetres said that they are soft. Ika said it’s because we didn’t deep fry them. Ika said if he wasn’t in this house i would feel so amazing. Ika said i just want him here. Demetres said i like the cheerios. Ika said she is nerves. Demetres said we better have some champagne if that happens.
6:15 PM BBT Demetres is talking about a game board that was in Ika season. Ika said there are no more HN for the season. Feeds are out. Feeds returned at 6:30 PM BBT Ika said Kevin wants to win so bad.
6:30 PM BBT Demetres is eating the wings that he made. Demetres said at least i saw her plan. Ika said it was a dumb move. Demetres asks have you eaten this? Ika said no, it’s disgusting . Demetres said it’s the best part with the skin. Ika said my legs are so skinny. Ika asks Demetres have you seen hurt bay? Ika said i prefer somebody to be honest. Ika said i am always selling cars.
6:45 PM BBT Ika said I don’t tell my friends. Demetres said you don’t want a pity party. Feeds are out
7:00 PM BBT Feeds are down
7:15 PM BBT Feeds returned. They are eating. Karen asked if they watched the video. Karen said is he up there. Karen said he is so obsessed over money. Demetres said he will know everything. Karen said we made it to day 59 that was the coolest shit ever. Big Brother said, Kevin please put on your microphone. Karen is talking about a crushing her dream. Demetres said it’s super nice to have a clean kitchen. Karen asks where is Dillon? Karen is in the WR area. feeds are out
7:30 PM BBT Feeds are down feeds returned 7:37 PM BBT. Karen Demetres and Ika are going over days. Demetres said that the HOH is going to be tough. Karen asked do they ask you that? Ika said he knew all the questions even the tricky ones. Ika is asking karen and demetres questions as they study. Karen asked what are we doing for HOH? Ika said it probably is an endurance comp .
7:45 PM BBT Demetres said there are 16 cheerios . Demetres is telling Karen and Ika about the column that they set up. Ika said is there more 5? They are talking about competitions. Demetres said that this one is going to be hard because it is all spread out .
8:00 PM BBT Karen, Ika and Demetres in the bedroom going over comps and house guests hoping to get the up in the next hoh comp. Demetres says that it’s his goals for the night is to know the hoh/pov’s. They say that Kevin is studying so hard that he will probably go crazy. Ika tells Demetres that he could have won the last pov because he was only behind a few moments behind. Demetres says that if Kevin moves any of his gummies or cereal he will know, but it doesn’t matter because he will have it memorized by the end of the night.
8:15PM BBT Karen going over weeks, who was hoh, noms, pov winners and the evictee. She says you have to remember the double and the triple eviction. Ika says that we need to go over weeks first then all the rest. Demetres agrees and says that we need to walk before we can run. Dillon pops his head into the hoh and asks Kevin if he was hungry and wanted to eat, Kevin says he’s “good dude” and Dillon goes to the kitchen to get himself something. Demetres, Ika and Karen are taking a break from studying and talking about hers and Kevin talk yesterday. They talk about Kevin studying that Kevin was oblivious of the game and the things that he has done. Karen and Demetres say they liked Kevin was in his season but that he is nothing like that. Ika says that they edited him like that he has even said that he didn’t deserve to look that good. They talk about multiplication and they dissolve to get something to drink.
8:30PM BBT feeds down.
8:45PM BBT Demetres talking to Ika about him playing golf and looking at his ex’s snap chat and she’s running around partying. Ika talks about what they will do when they are apart. Demetres Laughs and says she is petty. Ika says she wants him to do things and have fun and to do things together and do things with his friends and vice versa. Dillon in the kitchen eating something, Karen was in the kitchen briefly but says she has to leave and leaves him alone. The only camera on shows Dillon alone. Karen show back up and asks Dillon if he wants to go to the movies? They both laugh and tell Bruce that they are going. They go upstairs and say they need to laundry, Dillon asks if she will iron his exit shirt. (Remember the plan is that Dillon is going home )
9:00PM BBT Dillon talks about a time he had a accident in the water and busted his eardrum and that the doctor said he would be lucky to get 25% back of hearing in that ear if any at all. Dillon asks if anything has changed in the house? Karen says no the snake is still slithering and her and Dillon make fun about Kevin leaving his clothes in there bathroom when he has his own room and own bathroom. Demetres is in the bedroom alone, Karen walks in and they study again about the hoh’s in the house.
9:15PM BBT Dillon in the hoh room moving Kevin’s pegs around. Dillon is called into the DR, cameras back on Karen and Ika and Demetres going over plays. Demetres goes to the kitchen so he can make Ika a fruit smoothie.
9:30PM BBT Ika and Demetres talk about the next hoh and pov. They are nervous and say that they think the pov will be about the days and not endurance. She says that if it is endurance she will hang on for dear life but she doubts it will be. They say that William was a fool and a embarrassment to the season and that he was “lucky” and that is why he made it as far as he did. Dillon in the bathroom doing laundry he is alone so no conversation there.
9:45PM BBT Demetres in the kitchen cooking wings, Ika comes in with some non stick spray he says he has not cooked wings before but they will do this. Ika says she is scared that Karen would change her mind and he tells her not to worry. They talk about going to some award show if they are both still here. Ika and Demetres talking about the weather vs where they are now and where they live.
10:00PM BBT Demetres talks about his boss and if he’s watching and what he would think. He says that he probably is saying how hot Ika is and she says that he is probably saying that she is crazy. Ika says she has to tell him something and then she says she will tell him later. She laughs and says after the show, he says ok. She wonders if that freaks him out. Kevin comes out and gets something and he asks where Dillon is. They say something about studying and how now would have been a great time now. They say well we can study later with Karen , since they are waiting to eat there wings, but Ika says ok but when we work with Karen it takes a lot out of me to keep her on board. Ika says that her and Demetres game is so great because there social game was the best in the house. Demetres says that if we both make it thru this week it was because Karen was selfless. Ika says that again is because our social game. Ika says that if we win the POV next week, then that will tell us if we make it to f2 together.

10:15PM BBT Dillon in the kitchen eating cookies and milk. Demetres and Ika in the bedroom she is putting lotion on her legs and going over the details of some pictures that they were shown.
10:30PM BBT Karen, Kevin and Dillon are in the kitchen talking about drinking a bottle of wine. Kevin leaves the room and go in the pantry to look for something to eat and the others wanna go and see if is looking for the red wine. Kevin says what is up and why are you two laughing? Everything Kevin pulls out Karen says it’s gross! They pull everything out because there is so much stuff shoved under things and Karen asks why are you so paranoid? Dillon tells Kevin not to fall inside the freezer. Kevin has decided to eat fish and a baked potato. Dillon and Karen back in the house just hanging out.
10:45PM BBT Karen says she found out ( guessing from Ika ) that there was a lot of stuff that went on in the jury house during season 3. She runs off to whisper stuff in Dillon ear. Ika is sitting with Karen and Dillon eating lunch meat and cheese. Dillon says he wants to watch a movie, Ika says you already watched a movie. They ask if bb can play clips of the show for them. Production comes in and says for them to stop talking about production.
11:00PM BBT Kevin in the kitchen making his food, he is alone and no conversation with the camera. Karen and Ika talking about big brother people and how some people have get togethers for people in their area. Ika says she doesn’t like many of the people especially from her season. Ika says when she gets out she will not talk to Neda, Jackie, Dre, Bruno,Dallas,and Cassandra. Karen asks do you think that you will feel different when you see Dre? She says no because her move was personal and not game and she would say she loved me and behind my back she was saying that she hated me. Ika says that she told Dre personal stuff that her best real friend doesn’t even know. When Ika mentions her friends name, the feeds cut out.
11:15PM BBT Kevin figures out that the noise that sounds like a screw falling is dillons rock plant settling. Karen and Ika talking about Brendan and Rachel and laughing saying they love Rachel. Ika is called to DR and Karen saying she is tired and is happy that it’s almost midnight. Karen hollering at Dillon if he wants some of the wine that she has. She said it’s like the wine they had earlier, they lied to Kevin and said they had a bottle and drank it all before anyone saw it. Karen and Demetres in the living room flossing. Ika in the bathroom prepping for the DR, Karen going to brush her teeth, Kevin eating, before long Demetres ends up in the bathroom too. They talk about what they would list the house at if they were putting it up for sale.
11:30PM BBT Kevin in the kitchen washing his dishes and pans. Dillon in the bathroom talking to Demetres about someone he was talking to and they were so sure that the earth was flat. And the whole world was wrong and they said it was a conspiracy.
11:45PM BBT Demetres in the bathroom talking to Karen and Dillon about food. Kevin was in the kitchen cleaning. Kevin in the hoh laughing and saying that the other house guests messed with his board and how he thinks that it’s hilarious. Karen and Demetres talking about packing.

Yesterday's Show!

May 08, 2017

Yesterday's Show!
Previously on Big Brother Canada, after Demetres won the PoV and saved himself, HoH Kevin put up pawn star Jackie as insurance that his target, Ika would go home. So Ika went to work until even Kevin switched his target. At the eviction vote, the scarlet starlet headed out, but not before a blue goodbye.

Then Big Brother unleashed a massive shockwave... a triple eviction. After separating facts from fiction, Demetres won the first HoH, then nominated Dre, William and Kevin.

Then in a A-B-"see saw" PoV competition, Kevin bagged the win and took himself off the back, so Demetres immediately put up Dillon as a replacement nominee, and when the vote to save went down, the French Connection said "au revoir" to the Odyssey.

Tonight, who will win HoH and lock down a spot in the final four? With $10 Gs on the line, will Karen shred everyone's game? (we see a plaque that says "Can't play Final Four veto"). It's all happening now on Big Brother Canada!

Kevin tells us it was a crazy night in the BBCAN house. Dillon tells us the house was rocked by the triple eviction. Kevin tells us, "just like THAT, Three HGs gone!" Ika tells us that all the madness started the night before the triple. Dillon came to her and fed her information about Dre, who Ika thought was loyal.

Dillon tells DemIka and Karen that Dre has been flip-flopping about keeping Ika or sending her home. We see a replay of Ika's speech from the block. Ika tells us that Dre thought she could double-cross Ika and keep Jackie? From the DR, and using her own name as a verb, Ika tells Dre that she can't "Ika Wong" Ika Wong. She has the numbers. We see a replay of the eviction.

We see a recap of the commercial break following Jackie's eviction. Dre is angry about Ika's speech. She is super angry at Dillon and calls him out for not being trustworthy. She tells him that he does exactly what Jackie does. Dillon points out that she has flip-flopped every day. She shouts that she told him she can't be a bad person and vote Ika out. Dillon and Dre shout back and forth.

Dillon tells us telling Ika that Dre was gunning for her was definitely all strategy. He thought it would tear those two up. He thought it would tear that two up and put Demetres and Ika vs Dre instead of Demetres and Ika vs Dillon. Dre is livid and screaming at Dillon. Dillon tells her she is just mad because she got called out. She twerks and tells him he can kiss that ass. Dillon asks why everyone has to be so crazy. Arisa then calls them all to the living room for the triple eviction announcement.

Dillon tells us telling Ika that Dre was gunning for her was definitely all strategy. He thought it would tear those two up. He thought it would tear that two up and put Demetres and Ika vs Dre instead of Demetres and Ika vs Dillon. Dre is livid and screaming at Dillon.

Dillon tells her she is just mad because she got called out. She twerks and tells him he can kiss that ass. Dillon asks why everyone has to be so crazy. Arisa then calls them all to the living room for the triple eviction announcement.

Kevin tells us he is terrified. He went home on a triple eviction in season three and has never gotten over it. It's haunted him for two years. He can't play in the HoH, and he really doesn't have many friends in the house. There is not much he can do to survive this.

We see a recap of Demetres winning the triple eviction live HoH competition. Kevin tells us that he knows that Ika and Demetres and he have been after each other for awhile, but three days ago they made a deal to work together. We see a clip of Ika and Kevin shaking hands on the deal.

The next clip shows DemIka and Dillon discussing nominations, saying they should get rid of Kevin. Ika tells us that she and Demetres want Kevin to believe they want him in the house, but they don't, so they have to manage him until they can get him out.

They tell Kevin they are nominating Dre, Will, and Kevin, and evicting Dre and Will. Kevin tells them he is having flashbacks.

Kevin tells us that he's pretending to be OK with being nominated while Dillon is standing there, but he is NOT OK with going on the block. Kevin pleads with them after Dillon walks away.

Demetres tells us that Kevin is a huge player and great at competitions...he has to take a shot at Kevin now. We see the triple eviction nominations, followed by Kevin's PoV win.
Kevin tells us "YES! I saved myself from the triple eviction! This is amazing!!!" We see Kevin telling Dillon his plan to save them, and then he goes to talk to Karen, telling her they can't save William and the two of them control the vote. He tells her they have to save Dillon.

Ika asks Karen what Kevin told her, and Karen tells her... Ika clarifies that Kevin is evicting William and Karen confirms.

Kevin uses the PoV and Dillon is nominated. Dillon tells us "Big Country" is sitting on the block, but because of the relationships he has built in the house, he feels like he's going to be OK. We see the eviction replayed, and Dillon is safe.

After Dre and William leave, Ika points out that they told Dillon they thought Kevin should play because they thought he was the better player. Dillon pipes in and says they told him Kevin deserved it more. Kevin blows up their alliance, telling Karen and Dillon about their final three called "The Business People."

Kevin tells us that he tells Karen and Dillon, right in front of Ika and Demetres, about their deal. He wants to expose everything at this point. He knows Demetres is not playing the next HoH. He needs to befriend Karen and Dillon for the best chance to survive the final five.

It's time for the Final Five HoH competition. Demetres is hosting. As outgoing HoH, he will not compete. This competition is called "Drunk Speeches." They have heard all types of speeches this season, some dramatic, some hilarious, and others plain desperate. Now you are about to hear what those speeches would sound like IF they said them while drunk. Your job is to listen and identify the day each speech was given using the numbered cards in front of you. The HGs who answers the most answers correctly will become the new HoH.

Kevin tells us that he NEEDS to win this HoH challenge. He just survived the triple eviction by the skin of his teeth. These people do not want him in this house anymore. Ika tells us this is the most important HoH of the season because whoever wins it is guaranteed final four. If she doesn't win it, she and Demetres are in danger once again.

We hear the first speech is from Bruno. Karen tells us that this is hilarious. Big Brother has taken famous speeches from HGs and made them sound drunk. It's hard, because she has to figure out who is saying it and what day it happened on?

Kevin tells us that as a second-chancer, he knows how important it is to have everything memorized and he has done hours and hours of studying. Simply put, he worked harder than these other HGs for a competition like this. The answer is day 48... Karen, Kevin, and Ika get it right.

Dillon tells us he hasn't spent a lot of time studying his days. He feels like it's going to bite him in the ass.

The next speech is Cassandra. The correct answer is day 20, and they all got it right.

The next speech is from Dallas. The correct answer is day 10, and Kevin is the only one who gets it right. Kevin tells us this is a trick question from Big Brother, because Dallas wasn't on the block. He wasn't supposed to make a speech but he did anyway, and Kevin knows it's day 10.

The next speech is from Neda. Karen tells us that she can't tell if it's Jackie, Cass, or Neda. Who the hell's voice is that? Ika tells us that she knows this is Neda...she remembers her use of the word "decipher". She knows for a fact it's day 14. Demetres tells them the correct answer is 14. Everyone but Karen got it right.

The next speech is Gary. Dillon tells us that he knows this is Gary, and he knows it was backwards week, but he's not 100% sure his answer is right. The answer is day 22. Kevin is the only one who gets it right. Kevin is in the lead. Ika is two behind and there are only two questions left. If Kevin gets the next one right, he will be the new HoH.

Jackie is the next speaker. Ika tells us that Jackie has sat on the block so many times, and it's confusing to her...she doesn't remember what day it is. Demetres announces that the correct answer is day 17. Kevin is the only one who got it right.

Kevin is the new HoH! Kevin is elated as he tells us that he wins HoH after the craziest day ever! He can't believe it! All the studying paid off! He had to execute and he did!

Ika tells us that Kevin wins HoH and she feels upset, sad, hurt. Final four was right there... she could taste it! It's depressing.

Demetres, Ika and Karen talk in the kitchen, agreeing that this was the worst outcome.

Meanwhile, Kevin is celebrating alone in the wash area. In the DR, he tells us that he won HoH... feels amazing! He knows Ika and Demetres just lied to him and put him up in the triple eviction, but he can't be emotional. He has to see them as game pieces and figure out what is the best move for him.

Karen, Dillon, Ika and Demetres are eating supper and talking about having their bags packed all the time from now on. Kevin comes out asking who wants to see his HoH room. Kevin tells us that he was just in the HoH room, but it feels great again. He loves his dresser from the Brick.

Kevin gets a message from Pili. She tells him if he's seeing this, he has won HoH for the second time and he's also survived the triple eviction.

Yayyy! Final Five Kevin! Kevin tells us that he met Pili in season three and fell head over heels for her in that game. She knows the emotions, the highs and lows that he's going through, and it feels great to have her cheering for him.

Pili goes on to tell Kevin he has an amazing amount of love and fans in the outside world. She tells him "I miss you, Babe." Karen teases Kevin about being called Babe and they all toast to final five.

Ika tells us that Kevin winning HoH is quite devastating. It is. She thinks he will put her and Demetres back on the block and this time he will want to get one of them out. She talks it over with Dillon and says that she is not going to talk to Kevin. Mostly she feels bad about not pulling out the wins she needed. Ika tells us it's a pattern. Every single time they're in trouble, he saves them, and every single time he needs her, she fails. It just sucks.

Ika asks Dillon if he thinks that she ruined Demetres game. He says no, but she feels bad and starts crying.

Karen is called to the DR. They make a big fuss, teasing her, and Demtres says it just "adds to the Karenoia." Karen says she's not telling them nothing.

Karen goes into the DR hall and is greeted by Marcia the Moose. Karen is excited and wants to know where Marcia has been all season. Marcia has a mission for Karen. Her mission is to scare the crap out of the rest of the HGs.

Marcia asks if she watched Ika do the letters, and Karen says yes. It's Karen's turn to turn up her acting skills. She is to go to the bridge and assign game-changing punishments to other HGs. She has to milk it because they'll all be watching. If she succeeds they will close down the Have-Not room for the rest of the season and she will tell them it was all fake and a secret mission from BB. Karen is thrilled and can't wait!

Karen tells us that she is SO EXCITED to do this. She's waited all season to see Marcia and she picked Karen! Karen has always wanted to be an actress and this is her opportunity. She really has to lay it on thick!

Karen goes to the bridge and the HoH screen shows her. Ika screams Kevin's name to wake him, and all four watch as Karen reads the card from BB: "Karen, in a season of big moves and bigger moments, BB would like to give you a chance to make your mark and earn $10,000. Your job is simple. To earn the money, you must assign one game-changing punishment to each HG. We see the punishments: Lose 1 juror vote, solitary 48 hours, never vote again, can't play final four veto. Ika shouts to Karen to shred it!

Karen keeps reading...if she assigns the punishments, she wins the money. Karen's voice wavers as she reads that it's not an easy choice and she should take her time. Ika notes that Karen is so scared, "aww, she's crying. Aww Karen. Poor Karen."

Karen sounds tearful saying she can't do this, they have come so far. This could change of their games. Dillon says it will. Karen keeps talking it through tearfully as the other four HGs as Ika notes that Karen is scared. She says money isn't everything, and Dillon approves, saying "good job Karen."

Karen then notes that 48 hours in solitary wouldn't be that bad. She focuses on the ten thousand dollars and then says "what would Ika do?" and notes that Ika shredded the letters.

They are all watching fearfully as Karen begins assigning punishments, giving Dillon the "solitary 48 hours." Ika and Dillon are freaking out. Karen speaks to Ika's picture saying not to give her that look, because Ika would do it too. She takes Kevin's picture... "you think you have the jury votes, so you can lose one." She assigns Kevin the loss of a jury vote.

Karen keeps talking to Ika's picture as she places Demetres picture on the "can't play final four veto" punishment, and Ika's on the punishment of never voting again. She finishes with a statement that she came to play, and they're still playing.

This game is still on and they know it. Yup, she is this big a bitch.

In the DR, Karen says it's going to be so fun to see these HGs sweat!

Karen leaves the bridge and is greeted by Dillon and Kevin. Dillon tells her they saw everything. Ika has gone to the HoH shower and is crying about not having a vote. Demetres follows Ika trying to calm her as she has a meltdown.

Kevin hugs Karen and tells her she had to do it. Kevin congratulates her. Karen goes to the HoH room where Ika is bawling. Ika says that she is not mad at Karen, she swears, but she is very upset that she has worked so hard and now she doesn't even have a vote.

Karen tells us that she thinks she's done a really great performance. Hopefully it's done the trick. She reports to Marcia and says she thinks it went pretty well, but Ika is pretty upset.

Marcia asks if she went for Ika's edges, and Karen says she thinks she ripped Ika's heart out, she's having a complete meltdown. Marcia ask if there is a bit of Karen that thinks it was fun. Karen says that when Ika finds out, yes!

Marcia tells Karen she has succeeded in her mission... great job! Karen tells Marcia she loves her. Marcia replies "love you too. See you never!" Karen tells us that now it's time to break the news to the HGs that it was all fake.

Karen addresses all the HGs in the LR. She tells them BB wants her to inform them that once again they have all been played. That was a fake mission that Karen was tasked with. She doesn't get ten thousand dollars, they don't get punishments, and the Have-Not room is closed for the year. They are all relieved.

Dillon tells us that Karen pulled a fast one on them. She got them all fired up. He has to give it to her... she's like a Hollywood actress. Ika tells us that BB is the pettiest of them all. They tried her... they didn't have to do her like that.

Demetres tells us that he's almost 100% sure that he and Ika are going to be on the block again this week. They are going to have to rip through some scenarios and figure out how they are going to get out of this mess.

Demetres and Ika talk in the bathroom area speculating on what Kevin wants. Ika advises Demetres to take Karen to final two if he is left in the game without her. Demetres tells us that he and Ika haven't campaigned to Kevin and Kevin hasn't spoken to them. Somehow they are still here, but getting out of this this week is going to be difficult.

Karen tells us that there is a bed in the pink room, the third from the door, which they have named the third bed revenge. Every time a HGs sleeps or lies in that bed for over an hour, they go home.

This morning, Ika popped down on that bed and they were all in shock and told her she had to get those clothes off and get in the shower immediately.

Even though she didn't lie down on the bed, at this point in the game, they can't risk it. Kevin lays on the bed saying he is not superstitious. Karen tells us that it's going to suck him into the spell, then says "fingers crossed."

Kevin tells us that nominations are coming up, but he needs to go deeper into the game. The competitions coming up in this game are EVERYTHING. Whoever gets these final pieces of power will make the final two.

In the HoH room, Kevin tells Dillon to run scenarios with him. He uses pillows to run through scenarios. Kevin tells us Dillon has a chance to win some of these competitions, so he needs to make sure that if power does fall in his hands, Dillon will keep Kevin safe.

Outside the HoH room door, Karen overhears Dillon telling Kevin he doesn't mind taking Kevin to the final.

Karen reports to Demetres and Ika that she can hear Kevin running scenarios in the HoH room.

They talk about whether Dillon would listen to Kevin and take Kevin to Final Two, and that Kevin has all the jury votes at this stage. Ika says Dillon will promise anything he has to... she knows what Dillon is doing. Dillon is playing.

It's time for the nomination. Kevin tells us that there are only five people left in the house. If he names a target, he has to hit. He has to figure out how he can set himself up for these final steps in the game. Kevin goes to the bridge and sits in the chair.

Kevin tells us that at this point in the game it's not just about his relationships with the HGs. He has to think about who these people have friends with in the jury house. Who could possibly vote for who in final two situations.

Kevin selects Demetres and tells us the guy is an absolute force. He's won four HoHs and two PoVs. If Kevin wants to take out a competitor this week, it should be Demetres.

He selects Ika and tells us that she's a threat to win this whole thing. He respects her game and he thinks the jury house does as well.

Karen. She's gotten a free ride and has been coasting for a long time. If he wants to sit with strong players at the end, Karen has to go. Dillon. He's a super likeable guy. If he gets to the end, he could have a lot of support in the jury house. Kevin tells us it's the final five. It's business time. The people on the block this week should be terrified. He makes his selection and leaves the bridge.

Kevin addresses the HGs gathered in the living room . As HoH, it's his duty to nominate two HGs for evictions. He asks Odyssey to show him his first nominee. It's Demetres. Demetres takes his seat on the block and Kevin asks Odyssey to show him his second nominee. It's Ika. Ika moves to sit on the designated seat.

Kevin explains his nominations. To Demetres he says that Demetres promised to go to the end together but then put Kevin up in the triple eviction. Demetres is an amazing competitor and Kevin has to fire back. To Ika he says she is an amazing player in this game.

They both survived the block this week and that doesn't happen with dynamic duos very often. Kevin says good luck to both and that it's just a business decision. Ika responds with a challenge, asking how many business promises Kevin has broken this season. They have all broken promises... she tells him that he should just say he's scared and that's why they are sitting there. Kevin says the ceremony is complete.

Ika tells us that she and Demetres stand in Kevin's way of getting to an easy road of final two. It's a good game move, but don't stand there and talk about broken promises, because Kevin has broken the most.

Demetres tells us that he and Ika are not campaigning to Kevin at all. There is no more game to play with this guy and they have burned bridges continuously. Right now, they just have to beat him in the competitions, and that's it.

Dem is cooking bacon Karen is heading to bed

May 07, 2017

12:00 AM BBT – 1:00 AM BBT Feeds down
1:01 AM BBT Dem is cooking bacon Karen is heading to bed Dem tells Ika she looks good in her swimsuit.  Ika tells Dem she’s had enough of bacon. Ika tells Dem Dillon likes a girl to build him up in a relationship. Ika tells Dem she feels horrible how she talked to Kevin during the veto ceremony. Ika tells Dem they have to keep things going so Karen keeps Dem. Ika tells Dem she’s going upstairs to hang out with Karen.Dem tells Ika he will finish his bacon. Ika tells Karen she still don’t understand how Karen made Kevin put up Dillon and Karen says watch the tapes you’ll see.Karen tells Ika she will tell Dillon last minute and tell Dillon she’s been with Ika and Dem all Game and she’s sending Dillon home.  Ika tells Karen she feels bad Kevin is all alone and Karen tells Ika that it’s not their problem Kevin has nobody.Karen tells Ika William got played by Kevin and William doesn’t know cause he’s young.
1:15 AM BBT Karen tells Ika the jury will be shocked Dillon will walk in jury and not Ika. Ika tells
Karen they booked her husband’s flight already.BB tells Karen to fix her microphone. Ika tells Dem she will shower in the morning she’s too tired. Ika is talking to Karen about the trip to Niagara falls and  telling Karen about different alumni that all go.Karen asks Ika if she will talk to Dre and Ika says no.then Ika asks Karen if she thinks it was game or personal to with Dre. Ika tells Karen Dillon is all mopey and he’s just wanting Karen to save him.Karen tells Ika Kevin is just all game and that’s all he thinks about and it consumes Kevin.
1:30 AM BBT BB says goodnight house guests Karen tells Ika she’s in the same position as she has always been .Karen tells Ika Kevin is scared to make moves and he will not win that way.Karen and Ika are talking about Jeff and Jordan and they got married and had a baby boy.BB says goodnight house guests.Karen goes to bed and Ika and Dem are heading to bed to. Ika asks Karen if her and Dem will make it together after the show.Karen tells Ika goodnight.
Kevin and Dillon are sleeping.Dem goes downstairs to get some apple juice.Karen asks Ika when Dem’s birthday is and Dem comes in the bedroom and says march 5th.Dem has a cramp in his leg so he’s stretching it.Dem says his leg feels weird and he needs to work out more.
1:45 AM BBT Ika tells Dem she feels bad what they did to Kevin today .All house guest are going to sleep.Dem tells Ika he’s ready for it to all be over. Ika tells Dem that veto will be hard .Ika is explaining to Dem what the pov would be.All houseguest are quiet and in bed sleeping.
2:00 AM BBT -8:00 AM BBT All HGS are still sleeping
8:00 AM BBT All HGS are still asleep (8:04 AM BBT) Feeds have gone down looks like it is time to wake up HGS.
8:15 AM BBT Feeds are still down (8:18 AM BBT ) Feeds come up with Kevin still in bed in the HOH Room Ika is doing a house wide battery change. Karen is making coffee. Karen and Ika are in the pantry. Ika is saying that we need to study the HOH Comps and POV comps and who went where. She says Kevin knows this, and we have to be fast. Karen says I have been thinking about this That I truly believe that no one can say that the final 4 no one can say they don’t deserve to be there. Karen says the fans won’t understand because they haven’t lived it with us. She also says Kevin’s best move would have been to put Karen on the block, then Demetres would have left. Karen says each BB player has always taken the weakest to the final as they know they can beat them. She said I am the weakest. Ika says she honestly thought Kevin and Dillon were cashing the cheques and you can’t do that. Karen and Ika are going to go in the hot tub, they are going upstairs to change into their swimsuits.. Ika has gone into the bedroom to get her swimsuit. Demetres is still in bed. She leaves the bedroom and heads into the washroom to change. Ika and Karen have been told to put their mics on. Ika says she feels lucky and can’t believe she is final 4. Big Brother tells her again to put on her mic.
8:30 AM BBT Karen says she never stays up past 10:30, but now she stays up til after 1 am and gets up at 8:30. Karen has grabbed towels for them and gone to get coffee. Karen is asking someone off camera if they want to go to the hot tub. Karen has entered the hot tub area in the washroom Ika and Demetres are there for a minute than Ika leaves heading to the hot tub with Karen, she says good morning to Kevin and Dillon. Ika says today is Monday, do you think we have something to do today. Dillon says yesterday was a busy day. Ika says Karen said we will have a task on Tuesday, they both laugh and Ika heads out to the hot tub. Demetres enters the kitchen they say Good Morning. Demetres is having a protein shake with Dillon, he has a towel with him. He asks Dillon if it is nice out. Dillon says yes. Demetres tells Dillon you have to rinse the protein cup out or it is hard to clean. Demetres says all the stress here has his chest breaking out and he has never had that before. Dillon agrees that it is a stressful lifestyle.
8:45 AM BBT Out by the hot tub area Karen Ika and Dillon are sitting. Ika says I can’t believe that they got all set up to enjoy the hot tub but it has been cleaned so they can’t go in. Ika says she wants to go in now that it has been cleaned. Karen says it was a good thought but not happening today.That feed goes down. Back in the house Kevin is lying down trying to get some more sleep in the backyard. Both cameras working are on Kevin snoring away. Big Brother has told Kevin to wake up that naptime is over. One of the feeds come back with Ika and Karen sitting outside in the hot tub area but goes back down. Looks like all HGS but Kevin are out by the hot tub with Ika is telling Demetres that they need to study the POVs and HOHs. Demetres says in Season 2 was a board game, he says that the players were walking on the board. Then they had to answer 3 questions. Ika thinks it maybe questions like How many times the POV was used. Demetres is trying to remember what past POV’s for final 4 was. Ika says so we have to take every single hgs and what they did and when they left. Karen says you do it by HOH that way you know who left. Karen says you know how many times people played in the POV Comps. Karen says everybody has to do what they do to remember because this is how I remember. Ika says who has never been a have not. Dillon Dre Neda Dallas and Mark. Karen is telling them that they have to stay calm because Kevin knows they are all after him. Ika says Kevin is studying for the exam of his life. Dillon has rejoined them in the hot tub area.
9:00 AM BBT Dillon leaves and Karen says Dillon does not think I would do that. Ika says they talked to Dillon upstairs, Karen says Dillon told her he could have beaten Kevin but he felt safe. Karen said she told him you do not throw comps. Ika said Karen gave them a speech about lying. She says her husband will tell you she loves giving speech. Karen says to Demetres I was in a burning building and you panic and threw me back in the fire. She goes on to tell them that William told her about a dream he had where we were on a roller coaster, she said your hair was awful. She said that people will say why is she keeping him. Ika is saying Karen has always had a pecking order since week 1. Ika said the game started with the Neda thing. Karen said Dallas got in your head you hated me. She says look it Neda threw my name out right away when Sindy was HOH. Karen and Ika said Kevin told them both that he told Sindy not to put Neda out. Karen said that she doesn’t understand why they didn’t vote to keep her, the vote would have been 5-3, instead of 7-1. Karen says if she didn’t go (Neda) then Ika would of went the next week. She thinks the final 4 would have been Bruno Kevin Sindy and Neda. She says you go with the devil you know not the one you don’t know. Karen says it is like her and Kevin out at the hot tub that time, but that is how I talk.


9:15 AM BBT Karen is telling them a story about the rabbit. Karen and Demetres are talking about why people are scared of blood. Karen says she is wearing it like war paint. Looks like feeds have gone down again. The only feed up is on Kevin sleeping in the backyard. Feeds for the hot tub area look like they are up and running again wrong they are still down. They come back on with Ika asking Demetres if he had anything to eat this morning. He says a protein shake. Demetres says he is so tired lately that he can’t think, Karen says she can’t remember after day 48, so they are going over those days again trying to see if they can help each other remember as they go over days in other parts of the house Ika and Dillon are in the washroom. Dillon brushing and flossing his teeth, Ika doing makeup.There is no conversation. Dillon leaves. The only conversation is out by the hot tub where Demetres and Karen are still going over dates. They are going over the POVS. Karen says if we just keep going over it again and again, it will make us remember it better. Karen is talking about a comp where she could not tell the difference in the voices she didn’t know if it was Neda Cass or Jackie. They are now going over the days of the Veto. Karen says the 21 st and 29th were the screw up ones.
9:30 AM BBT Demetres says he is going to have to rearrange his gummy bears up stairs. Ika has rejoined them in the hot tub area. Karen says most of the tasks are on a Tuesdays. Ika says Dre and Karen won the advantages. Dre first then Karen won. Karen says she will tell people on the street that it is real. Ika says she has been thinking of how long Dre has not liked her in the game. They are saying that she would not play calling Ika Queen so they could win a pizza party. They are saying she would not play. Ika said that is why she ate the slop dry so they could have pizza. Karen said she knew Dre was not going to call Ika Queen, Demetres said she told us well I don’t like pizza anyhow. Demetres said he knew that Ika would eat the dry slop. Karen says she felt insecure ( Dre ) about Ika. Karen is saying it was like Cass and Neda. Ika says she went on social media during season 4 that Cass is the best female BB player. Karen says Cass’s problem was she worked both sides to early to hard. Karen said the only thing is she should have pushed harder to get rid of Dre. Ika says Gary was good for the show. Ika said for the show it would have been good for the show but keeping Dre was good at that time. Karen is again teasing them about them putting her on the block.
9:45 AM BBT As we check into other parts of the house Dillon is in the HOH Room listening to music. Kevin is not on any feeds. It looks like Dillon is alone there so we head back out to the hot tub area where the only conversation in the house is happening. Ika says Kevin thinks that Karen is going to vote to keep Dillon so he can cast the deciding vote. She says she isn’t going to let him do that. Karen says I’m still here. Ika is asking them what their biggest game move. Karen says identify threats and working with people to get them out. Karen says Bruce asks her what she has to offer, she said her honesty and trust. She is telling them that although you are the biggest threat but you are also my biggest alliance. She said you two have been here for me. Karen says she doesn’t feel she has made a mistake yet because I am still here. Ika says she has never seen anyone play the game like her. Karen says I have always know what floor I was on and how to get higher. Karen is telling them a real story that happened to her in real life that her husband gave her. Demetres has been called to the DR. Karen decides to tell Ika the rest of the story and the feeds go down.
10:00 AM BBT All feeds are down at the moment. Feeds come back with Karen saying What have I lost. She says nothing I have lost nothing, what is important can’t be bought. Ika said why they had everything and lost everything. Ika says Karen you don’t live for money you make and spend. Karen says her kids say to her all the time , save some money Mom you and Dad could retire. Karen says that would not make her happy taking a trip with her husband would make her happy. Karen says I know how to make a lot of money but you can’t give up your family, your sanity, she says what has it cost you to get there. It is always you have to give up something. The conversation gets personal about Ika and her son and the feeds cut. In other parts of the house Demetres in in DR. Dillon listening to music in the HOH and Kevin still sleeping in the backyard. All feeds have gone down again. Feeds come back with Karen saying remember when you throw me in the burning building. She says Bruce said I could have murdered someone and been out of jail and you are still bringing it up. Ika says I think I am going to be like you in 21 years, Karen says okay. The conversation goes back to Ika’s son and the feeds cut.
10:15 AM BBT Dillon has finished listening to music and is headed downstairs. He is walking around the kitchen looking bored. Kevin is still sleeping. Dillon is swinging punches at the camera. Still only feeds up and running are Dillon pacing in the kitchen and Kevin sleeping. Dillon has moved into the washroom to lay down. Feeds are still down on Ika and Karen. All feeds have gone down.
10:30 AM BBT Feeds have been down since 10:20 AM BBT and are still down. Feeds come back with Dillon in the hot tub area talking to Demetres about going golfing in Niagara. Dillon says he can get his manager to bring his clubs. Demetres says all we really want to do is just drive the ball. Ika asks if there are golf courses there. They tell her golf courses are everywhere. Dillon has been called to the DR. Ika and Demetres are applying sun lotion on. Ika says the white lotion looks ashy on her skin. Demetres is telling Ika a story about a story about ashy skin, that he heard. Ika says the reason black people look younger is because black people use lotion our skin, because we don’t want cracking ashy skin. She says the key to looking young is lotion. Ika says you will never walk into a black person’s home and will find lotion. Demetres says so say you came into the house and you could only have something for your hair or lotion. She says I will take lotion. Demetres says okay I will use lotion whenever you do. Demetres says here is the problem I like having dry hands. He says he doesn’t wear gloves at work. He thinks that if you have soft hands that even at the gym your hands will hurt, so you have to wear gloves. Ika says she has lathered her body in this lotion as moisturizing is life. She says her skin is soft because she moisturizes all the time. She says applying lotion is habit like drying off after a shower. Demetres says he doesn’t go down the lotion aisle because he thinks it is a waste of money. Ika says if you don’t moisturize you will have cracky skin when you are older. Demetres than says we have to study, as we have been given a miracle.
10:45 AM BBT They are trying to decide what is the best order. Ika says it is best to go by the people first. Demetres says we have to make this happen. Ika says Karen has been like a fairy godmother to us. Ika says Karen has been like a real mom to us. Ika says I feel bad for all the times we left her alone. Ika says how does she know this game, she has played a great game. Demetres says whoever wins that HOH we can not put her up. Ika says no we have to put each other up. Demetres says whoever wins this HOH is going to final 3. If Kevin wins this POV he will send one of us home. Demetres says we have to hope he just worries about the POV. Dillon walks in the hot tub area Ika says we are talking about lotion and black people. Feeds go down.Feeds come back with Ika asking Dillon if he put the sunscreen are. Ika is saying her legs are thinner than Dillon’s arms.
11:00 AM BBT Demetres says we were all laughing at you and the bunny. Dillon says it was cute. Ika says it had red eyes, she doesn’t think red eyes are not natural. They are telling her that she will never live down the red eye bunny. Demetres says his 4 year old niece loves bunnies. He is telling them about his pet snake that is a rescue snake. He says he booted his neighbors door down and rescued them all. How funny would it have been if I acted like that and won that comp. Ika is saying that Big Brother has been trying for her every time. Demetres says so you think that Big Brother planned to bug you. Karen and Kevin are missing from the feeds. All feeds are on the hot tub area. Ika is saying she has never spent this much time outside. Demetres says he is going to shower than lotion. He says he had a girlfriend that lotioned and he thought it was just her but he has learned all women lotion. Dillon says yea they like their skin to be soft. Ika says Dillon your standards have lowered. Dillon says I am going to still be picky, maybe not this first one. Ika says don’t guys take a break, Dillon says maybe some guys but not this guy. He lists when he would like to get it, morning afternoon delight night. Ika says she would date someone for 3 months before she has sex with them. Dillon says move on. Demetres says I’m rethinking my whole Big Brother strategy. Ika says if I gave you orange juice everyday you will want apple juice. Ika says I will give you freshly squeezed orange juice every day and you will go buy store bought apple juice. She tells Dillon she would withhold the orange juice, Dillon says I will move on. Demetres says he thinks the problem is you do not want to squeeze the orange juice out. Ika says you are not turning this on me. Dillon says Demetres nailed it. The feeds go down during this conversation
11:15 AM BBT Feeds come back with Karen deciding what to wear. Kevin has finally woken up from the backyard and is sitting in the HOH Room sleeping. In the kitchen Dillon Demetres and Ika and the feeds go back down. Feeds come back with Ika and Demetres talking in the kitchen. Ika says there should be a 2 week period where there is no sex. Demetres says when does the 2 week start. She says whenever I say. Karen enters the room and Ika says Karen would you give Bruce fresh orange juice everyday, Karen says yes you should not hold out. Karen asks someone to make her a sandwich for when she comes out. Dillon said Karen understood quite well and gets it. Demetres and Dillon are discussing the best way to defrost fish. Ika says to Karen I am too busy today. Demetres says everyone is entitled to their own opinion and you just happen to be wrong. Ika says this is coming from a guy who is afraid of commitment. Dillon says why would a guy commits to orange juice when he never gets it. Dillon says wait you have had orange juice in the house. Demetres says no other oranges.
11:30 AM BBT Demetres says I will say this I have never taken apple juice, when I have orange juice. Dillon and Demetres are talking about all the orange juice they have had. Demetres says he has never had Apple juice but admits that he has some commitment issues. Ika says these boys are the perfect example of what she’s talking about. The only feeds up are on Kevin sleeping in the HOH Room but you can hear the other HGS in the house who are not on camera.
11:45 AM BBT All cameras are down at the moment.
11:50 AM BBT Ika and Dem in the Kitchen saying that he was caught and that the truth came out, They agree to disagree, Karen enters the Kitchen begins making food, where Ika and Dem are in the Kitchen cooking as well Dillon in the living room talking with them. Dillon comes in and grabs a fish burger to enjoy with Ika and Dem. Ika asks if they asked Kevin if he was hungry, they don’t know where he is but Karen goes to find him. He heads down and asks what was the OJ conversation they all say let’s not go back there. Dillon and Karen are looking for Pitchers to make purple drink. Dillon says the salmon burger tastes processed, Ika says that they should be used to processed things. Ika asks if Karen believed in with holding Orange Juice she says NO! With holding means deprivation and punishment. Ika asks Kevin about it and he says a girl should have it when she wants it. Feeds cut!
12:00 PM BBT – 12:25 PM BBT Feeds cut
12:25 PM BBT Karen in the Kitchen cleaning dishes, Ika Cleaning up the stove, Dillon is leaving the WR and headed downstairs. Ika says that BB is so petty then will do this to us all day, Karen says she likes the task. All feeds are on the Kitchen area, Ika is looking for the pot cover so the chicken doesn’t dry out, Karen is sitting down to eat.
12:29 PM BBT-12:45 PM BBT Feeds go back out.
12:50 PM BBT Ika and Kevin at the table eating lunch, Karen in the Kitchen area talking about pictures that were taken and how Karen always says his full name. Kevin says it’s funny though how I called it, Ika says ya you did. Feeds cut 12:51 PM BBT
12:54 PM BBT Demetres in the livingroom end of the KT table, They talk about how the Hg and what jokes or comments were made about them. It was unreal to see real actual people. Dem says that he was ½ dressed when he was called to the DR. They speculate how long this will last, they think all day. HOUSEGUEST REWIND all hgs have to go backwards of what they were doing. Karen and Ika up stairs, Dillon working out, Dem in the WR… HOUSEGUEST PLAY.
1:00 PM BBT Dillon and Karen begin to play a game of Pool, Demika up in the WR talking about potential comps coming up. Ika makes a comment about Oj, Dem says he feels he can’t even have a conversation with her when she’s taking it outa context and she will use his words against him. They go back to discussing potential questions for upcoming comps. Ika said they said something like… Dem was a stud of the house and a comp beast Ika was a fiery angry don’t try her, Dem says ugggh this game never ends he is flustered that this Task might be part of a comp. They will know if they keep rewinding and bringing other people in. HOUSEGUEST SLOW MOTION. Ika and Dem kissing, Dillon and Karen are playing pool and talking super slow with Kevin asking about something. Demetres heads to the bedroom and back to WR. HOUSEGUEST PLAY Demika in the WR ika doing make-up and Dem cracking jokes about things they have talked about. Dillon and Karen head out to the Jacuzzi area, Karen wants the doorbell ring again to see people come into the house. They head back into the house/backyard to play pool.
1:15 PM BBT Karen hollers out to Kevin if he found his goggles or if he waited 20 min before getting in the pool, he says no to both. Demika in the WR still talking about jury votes, They feel the only people who can and will win this game are them or Kevin. Days, houseguest, challenges, and there are no distractions for Kevin and so they need to work hard it will be a battle. They talk about Karens game and how well she did playing her own game. They discuss how they need to study and what to study to get them farther. Dem heads to the Pink room to rearrange the Gummy bears. Dillon and Karen still playing pool, Kevin in the pool swimming. Ika joins the pool game and asks whos winning. Ika goes to grab her food. Ika says do you think they will bring their families in? They talk a moment and Dillon says he would lose he would move and the entire house would be punished. Ika says she would cry and freeze, they agree that the 4 year old wouldn’t understand that they can’t move so it would be his mom if they brought in family. Dem sits quietly on the upstairs landing couches. In the backyard they discuss what edges are and explaining some slang to Karen like turn-up, edges, etc..
1:30 PM BBT Demetres heads out and joins them out in the backyard, Kevin heads to the Jacuzzi area from the Pool. Ika and Karen heads to the jacuzzi area with Kevin, Neda Thought she was the head of the 6 alliance but Kevin said he was leading it.
1:39 PM BBT-1:51 PM BBT Feeds cut
1:51 PM BBT Karen, Ika, and Kevin in Jacuzzi area laughing about the portion of the task that just happened and how Kevin had 2 cans sprayed on him, Dillon got a smiley face, Ika and Dem are dark enough they got nothing and Karen is in long sleeves and pants so she wasn’t sprayed either she says it’s cuz she is dark enough as it is. . Dillon heads inside to try and clean up, Feeds cut back out 1:55 PM BBT feeds return Dillon is changed into a new shirt and headed back down stairs. They are talking about the end of the comp and how Will was coming out of the wall and what he shared with Kevin. They discuss about how Karen caught Will and then she got on everyone about cleaning properly. How Ika and Dem didn’t believe her about anything and they should have. feeds cut again briefly


2:00 PM BBT Conversation about OJ and old OJ comes up again. Karen heads to the restroom Ika calls after her. HOUSEGUEST REWIND, HOUSEGUEST PLAY Dem and Ika are talking. BB calls Ika to the DR. Dem tells her to walk there backwards and keep her eyes open and watch for people. Dem sets the pooltable up, Ika comes back out just a minute later and asks Dem if he thinks Karen is getting a liking toward Kevin. He says he doesn’t think so but is acting weird. Ika says its just a Monday. Dem says that she has gotten along with Kevin and says that they just can’t get to paranoid. Ika says that she knows how he felt when she was on the block. Ika said she was most stressed and Dem says he is more stressed when she was OTB then while he is there. They are saying that they are not entitled of Karen’s vote and is hoping for her voting Dillon out. Ika says she just wants Thursday to come and Dem still there. Ika says she is just scared. Dem says to her it’ll be ok. Dem says that he feels like he can handle him being on the block more than worrying for her. Karen comes in and Ika tells her about them counting out the people that has come into the house. They are talking about why Kevin is all of a sudden being friendly Karen says its all an act. Ika says Karen is good at picking up on things and they say that it is because of her Sales job that helping her. They are talking about relationships, and looks. Karen says she has a cat at home that meows at the door to come in and Bruce says beg me to come in and Karen slams to door on it, she says that’s Ika. Dillon joins in the convo. Dem is playing pool by himself.
2:15 PM BBT HOUSEGUESTS FASTFORWARD.Karen and Dem rerack the balls and play. HOUSEGUEST PLAY. They are talking about when the time Ika was drunkie and Dem was carrying her up the stairs he had to carry her down the stairs when BB said houseguests rewind. BB calls Ika to the DR Dem runs towards the door thinking someone is coming in. Ika says they are all going crazy. Karen tells them that Kevin is playing this game hard and they are figuring him out. Karen says that Kevin is being manipulative and they think that he is telling them his game moves. They are discussing why Kevin is lying and they have him all figured out. Dem says that Karen has flipped Kevin’s game. Ika is saying that Kevin is calling out Dillon’s game and they are not buying it.
2:30 PM BBT In the Blue room Kevin is by himself talking out loud his game plan. Kevin is wondering what else he can do that’s fun during this challenge. Kevin is saying that he had to put up Dillon to guarantee Dem going home he says that if he put of Karen she’d be going home. Kevin is talking about other seasons and other players game play moves. Back to the convo at the pool table they are discussing Jackie’s game and how she came to Ika and calling her a bitch for putting her on the block and Ika says that Dem is his own person and can make up his own mind. Ika asks Dem if she is mean to him and he was quite and then says he doesn’t think that when they were talking about orange juice. Karen says she knew she’d be here from the beginning because of her winning the first HOH. Ika wondered why they were still there.
3:04 PM BBT FEEDS BACK to Karen washing her face off from whipped cream and says now BB she has to redo her hair and makeup. Dem and Dillon got it in the face. They missed Ika’s face but got her in the arm. BB says for Ika to put on her mic. Ika is laughing. They jumped into the shower. Ika says BB you didn’t get your way this time. Dem says that was fun. They are talking about what SHE Sarah-(the lady who came out and pied them) said. Ika says that (Sarah) told her that no one can hear screams for outer space unless you’re Ika Wong. Ika wondered if she really did scream that loud and Dem said yes. And hopes that everyone listening in the other end (feeders) don’t hate them for being so loud. Karen says that she has to go get a new mic that they messed up her mic. Dillon is in the blue room changing. As Dillon coming downstairs asks who’s cleaning up all this sour cream or whipped cream up and someone say they have to. And goes into the pantry. Camera goes into the Pink room where Karen is getting stuff. And goes into the bathroom where Ika and Dem still are getting cleaned up
3:15 PM BBT Everyone is trying to get cleaned up after getting pied in the face by BB. During this task. Camera’s goes to Kevin and BB says to put on your mic so he goes back up into HOH room and gets it and cleans it off. Kevin is talking about what Sarah said to him for encouragement. Kevin goes into the WR where Karen and Ika are they are talking about memes about them. Ika and Karen are talking about what Sarah told Kevin about his game and said that he acted super happy. Karen says that she wants to hurry up and get her makeup back on before the next task. She doesn’t want to go walking around looking like she’s dead or something. Dillon asked where the mop was and Ika told him to us a wet towel. Ika washing the towels and dirty clothes. They are talking about Sarah. And what they were like before this week. How they were crying all the time and now able to laugh. Karen wants to tell Ika her story but can’t until the show is over. They are talking about Ika being on the same season as Karen and Karen started calling Ika the Queen Isis.
3:30 PM BBT They are talking about cookies, and makeup. HOUSEGUESTS SLOW MOTION Karen is putting on her mascara in slow motion and speaking very slow. Kevin is walking into the room slowly with the towel and Ika says how Kevin Martin slithering around. HOUSEGUESTS PLAY. They are talking about his name. Dillon talking about what Sarah said to him. Kissing everyone in the house. Says to him his hairline is in outer space. Karen is blowing her hair Kevin gets called to pantry for the mop bucket. Ika is touching up her makeup. Karen asked Ika from a show perspective what will the show be perceived. Downstairs Dem and Dillon in the Kitchen Dem is wiping off the pool stick and Dillon is fixing a sandwich.
3:43 PM BBT Feeds Down
4:15 PM BBT Feeds returned Dillon is crying ika and Karen are out by the pool Feeds went out
4:30 PM BBT Feeds returned Kevin said his grandma made his robe Karen said it was such a good day
4:45 PM BBT Kevin said his grandma is watching the live feeds Dillon is talking about the secret power of veto Karen said he was gloating i was so mad Kevin is cutting up a tomato in the kitchen Karen is talking about the bruises that she has on her legs Karen said it was super fun yesterday Karen said i go to the movies once a week Karen said that there was a lot of good movies lately
5:00 PM BBT Karen said can you believe you haven’t seen your mom in 59 days Demetre said i haven’t seen family since March 1st Kevin said he is the middle child Ika said you are going to see them soon PLEASE STOP SINGING Ika said did you see the flintstone the movie Karen said i told the dentist i want my teeth to look like halle berry she said the dentist asked who is halle berry they are talking about the battery change Feeds went out Feeds returned stop that Ika said i can’t believe this is it
5:15 PM BBT Karen said your mother came into the house today Dillon said there is so many things that i should have said Karen said i can’t wait until people call ika and demetres demika Karen said how did you come up with that name can you tell me Karen said his fans are loving me now ika said i didn’t know they said hi insert your name here Demetres said i don’t get it what am i supposed to say Demetres said i am the loudest one ika said was your other sister laughing Demetres said i must’ve been asleep and they tossed out my hacky sack please wake up nap time is over
5:30 PM BBT Karen said that was so fun Demetres said i don’t remember how she said it Demetres said i am definitely going to call my sisters Karen asked what the Hot tub temperature at Ika said can we go in there Karen said that the banff hotel was beautiful castle ika said is it in vancouver karen said it’s in alberta Karen do you remember spring bank Karen said that there is a lot of money in calgary
5:45 PM BBT Please stop talking about brand names Demetres is talking about the photoshoot that they did last night Ika said i am saving room for the chinese food Karen said i am so excited the Chinese food guy is finally going to show up Karen said that she was the shield that’s what she said and that he even admitted it today. Feeds went down 5:54 PM BBT – Feeds back on 5:59 PM BBT. Feeds come back and the HG are talking about what Ika said to Kevin about screwing himself. Karen asks what the viewers are going to think.
6:00 PM BBT Feeds go down at 6:00 PM BBT. Feeds return at 6:06 PM BBT. HG got Chinese food. They are all sitting at the dining room table eating. They are in general conversation about things that HG have said in the house. They talk about Jackie telling Ika that she has been nothing but cruel to her all season. Ika says that Jackie did like Dem.
6:15 PM BBT Ika said that Jackie told her that she didn’t want to leave the house before her. Then Karen said then they sent out William and Dre. Ika said that people cheered when Dre went out. Kevin said it was a lukewarm cheer when he won the veto. Ika said that the cheer when Dre went out showed that she was betraying her. Kevin tells them that William was losing it that morning of the triple eviction. Ika says that Dre ruined his game. Ika tells them when she told William about Dre and her intent to put Kevin up and then put William up next to him and that Dre walked in. Then Dre told him that it would be the logical thing to do. And that William started crying. That William said that he has been loyal in the house. They talk about Sindy and Kevin said that he started not to trust her when he thought she threw the endurance comp.
6:30 PM BBT They talk about the time Sindy threw the double eviction comp by saying she erased the 0. Ika says that Sindy came to her about an hour before the live eviction and Ika told her that she went around trashing Ika. She says she told her that she should have spent the 3 days trashing Jackie and not her if she wanted to stay. She said she would not save someone who trashed her especially if she was not on the block next to her that week. They say that anyone who aligned with Jackie went home. They talk about week one and they ask Karen if she liked the first week. She said no. She said that she didn’t know anyone so she tried to sum up people as best as she could. She said you don’t understand the show unless you have not done it before. Kevin says that William was so upset that he made an alliance without him and Kevin says that he didn’t realize how emotionally invested William was. He told William that after the show that there would be no relationship and that William was hurt. They say that they told William that Kevin didn’t like him as much as William liked him. And that William was so blinded by liking Kevin. Ika said that it made Kevin look bad. They tell Kevin that he was William’s first real crush.
6:45 PM BBT They talk about Bruno and that he would have thrown Kevin under the bus. Dem said he tried really hard to trust him. Ika said that he didn’t play a very good game. They talk about Neda being very toxic and Kevin said that she was known as the best BB Canada player and that it was weighing on her. They said that she was a feminist but that she talked bad about women. Feeds go out at 6:52 PM BBT They return 6:54 PM BBT. When feeds return the HG (all but Dillon) talk about the goals they had in the house and who they could go with on the block or who they would save to get the goals done.

7:00 PM BBT Karen said that Cass needed to go because she was a liability because she was loyal to Dallas and Jackie. If she would have stayed with them she would have stayed in the house. Ika says that outside the house she liked him but she hated him in the house. She said she could tolerate Kevin but she hated Bruno. Kevin said that Bruno was strictly business and didn’t care for air time. Dem said that he was 100% himself and didn’t care about the cameras. Ika said that he was fake to her. She thought that Gary was better for the show and that she thought he should stay. She said that the big show people left like Dallas, Cass and Gary and that they left Neda and Kevin. She said that they got rid of all the big personalities early. They say that Karen is one of the best cast. Dem said they found a Gem with Karen and that she added so much to the show. Ika said that she was real and raw. Karen shakes her head no. Ika says when Karen said “That Kevin Martin slithering around” Karen asks if Kevin knew that before. They talk about her making up names like Damika. Karen tells Kevin that she has more names for him. Ika said that they hated Jackie and Karen says that she just wanted Jackie to shoot straight with them one time. Karen tells them when Dre told them that Jackie was the only person in the house they could trust. She said at that time she knew Dre lost it. They talk about Jackie playing the victim and Kevin said that he didn’t realize it until later in the game. Karen says that she doesn’t dislike Kevin as much as everyone thinks she does. But that some of the things she says can be seen as mean spirited. Kevin says that he hopes that Neda is ok in Jury since she had something bad happen after season 2. They ask what happened after season 2 and the feeds go down at 7:12 PM BBT
7:15 PM BBT Feeds return at 7:18 PM BBT and the HG are talking about the goodbye messages they left for the evicted HG. PLEASE STOP TALKING ABOUT PRODUCTION. Kevin said that he didn’t care for Emily. That he likes Dillon better. Kevin says that he is the last remaining Blue Room member. Ika and Dem say that Dillon is a blue room member. Karen asks Kevin how he thinks he is perceived in the house. Kevin said at the beginning that he was a no one player. He said that then he won the Veto and didn’t use it. He said that he was more recognized with the secret power of veto. Dem said that he is scared to watch the season back because he doesn’t know what people think. Ika says that he is likable. Ika says that they need to thank Dem because if he was not in the house she would have been worse. Kevin said “so we got the edited version?” They talk about Dre and that she was in Ika’s shadow.
7:30 PM BBT Ika said that they can sit at the table and break bread together but in comps it’s all in. They talk about speeches and BB says PLEASE STOP TALKING ABOUT PRODUCTION. They talk again about Ika telling Kevin to go screw himself when he had the veto. And that after that happened they didn’t speak to each other for 3 days. Kevin says that Ika is a common denominator for the reason this season and that season 2 was good seasons. That she brought out the best in karen and Dre. But he said he wants her out. They ask for more beer from BB. Ika says she thinks she is funny. Karen says that she liked Bruno but she thought he played a bad game. She said that she didn’t trust Kevin and that is what kept her from working with Bruno. The clean up the table. They talk about Kevin and Karen and the things she has said about him. Kevin says that Karen called him a snake on day 7. Ika says that when Karen says things that she thinks is mean that it comes off funny. They talk about Kevin using the veto on Ika and that he asked if someone could reject it. He said the veto ceremony when he gave it to Ika was the weirdest one ever. Kevin leaves the kitchen Ika and Karen are whispering but too low to hear.
7:45 PM BBT They talk about Dillon wanting Karen to go home. Ika says that Kevin flip flops though. Karen says they can’t trust Kevin ever. Karen said that Dillon is different. Karen said that she thinks his mom whispered something to him. Ika said that seeing him mom that he realizes he should have fought harder. Kevin comes back and they stop talking. THE STORAGE ROOM IS NOW OPEN. They scream when they go into the storage room and they walk out with beer. Karen says let’s sit at the table and be human beings. Dillon comes and gets beer. Feeds go down at 7:54 PM BBT Feeds return 7:57 PM BBT. Ika talks about a time on her season that she had where she was rambling for 45 minutes at the camera and shredded letters. She said that a fan re enacted the entire scene of her shredding papers. She said on Season 2 was a season that if you don’t like someone you don’t talk. Kevin asks if this season has been more tense? She said season 2 changed every week but this season changes every hour.
8:00 PM BBT- Ika talking through the process of her talking aloud before she shredded the letters on S2. She says she thought for the opportunity to get the money, production “deserved” to hear her thoughts. She doesn’t regret it because she knew by the time the vote came around, they’d evict her anyway. They make fun of Andrew saying “hold me back” from beating on Ika. Karen says there’d be no empathy from her, she’d shred them immediately. Ika says she had Adel who wouldn’t leave her side. She says her and Sabrina had a huge fight. Ika says she could tell the minute the first 5 let Alison win the Veto, that she was being backdoored. Karen wonders what they’re doing in jury? Kevin says bitching. He says he had to segregate himself because his season wouldn’t stop talking game. He said on S1 people were getting so crazy with game talk that they were threatened with slop if they didn’t stop talking game.
BB tells them to stop talking production which they ignore so feeds cut.
8:15PM BBT feeds back up. Karen/Ika/dem talk about Sindys awful gas. Silent but deadly. Dem says she’d pass wind and leave the room so everyone suspected someone else . Kevin said William never had a boyfriend. Karen said he was a total tease to Will and it was painful to watch.
8:30PM BBT-8:48PM BBT feeds down
8:49PM BBT feeds come back as Ika is in WC with Karen. They’re both talking about Kevin dissecting their games. They’re annoyed at Kevin. Ika says she doesn’t think Kevin knows how close they are. Karen says non of them do. Karen thinks Kevin’s mom whispered something to him. Feeds cut again. As feeds return, Karen whispers that Kevin said congrats on final 4. Karen says everything he does is a ploy. Ika says Kevin’s trying to figure out all their games so he’ll know what to say in finale.Ika says she doesn’t like Bruno at all. Karen says the whole gang was a drag, none of them had any fun. Karen says they wasted all that time studying for nothing.
9:00PM BBT Karen and Ika say they can see Kevin’s shenanigans but the boys just don’t get it. They think Karen’s being paranoid for thinking it’s all game with Kevin. Ika loves Sarah and says Sarah loves strong women and likes Kevin because they were on the same season. Ika asks Karen what Kevin said after the Veto ceremony. Karen lies and again tries to take all the credit for deceiving Kevin. Kevin tells both her and Demika that she had no influence and he knows he’s all alone. Karen says he’s all ego. That’s why. He doesn’t want to give her any credit. Karen says she saved Demetres week 1. She took all the credit. She is doing lots of work these past few days to try to get Demika to see how much influence she had. Karen say she almost self evicted Day 18. Karen now trying to take all the credit for Sindys eviction. Says she got her with one bullet. [Not sure if Karen deserves an Academy award, or a room at a mental institution.]
Ika wonders if they’ll get questions about Sarah coming to visit. Karen says no, then says she doesn’t know. Ika says they did season 1 that’s why she was wondering.
9:15PM BBT Ika tells Karen if they don’t win that POV they’re screwed. Karen agrees. Karen thinks Kevin will take Ika because of his ego. Ika says no way, NO WAY he takes me. Ika brings up Demetres. Karen says the fans want Demetres to win, she’s sure of it. Karen asks if Ika thought Canada liked her in her season? Ika says no. Ika says she won lots of comps her first season and now she can’t win to save her life. Ika tells a story about home and working hard and how hard it was. Ika says she needed money to take care of them because she feels financially dependent on their dad. She whispers that even now she had to move her stuff in with her kids’ father to be able to come back on the show
On another feed, Dillon is eating toast alone in KT and silent. He finishes his toast and goes to lie down on inside loungers. Feeds back to WC. Kevin is there and says the HOH suite has never been so tidy because he had nothing else to do. Kevin says the stuffed pig means everything to him. He gets called to DR and they immediately resume strategy talk. Demetres comes in and Karen tells him exactly what she told Ika about how Kevin was trying to do everything to GT ammo for finals. Dem says there’s no scenario where Kevin takes Demika to finale. Karen says it’s an ego thing with him. Demetres thinks that’d be a stupid and risky move. Karen says nothing is genuine with Kevin. Karen says Kevin obsessed about every minute detail.
9:30PM BBT Ika repeats what Karen says about Kevin taking credit for his move and not give any credit to Karen. Karen says Kevin played right into our hands. Ika says if Kevin was smart he would’ve put Karen up and not Dillon because he didn’t know how close Karen and Demika is. (And didn’t think Karen would lay down her game for Demetres ). Karen says Kevin says let’s get it out on the table to get info. Karen says she told Kevin what a shitty game he played and he wants to have some credit and solid points. Dem says Kevin’s going to take one of us to the 2? Karen says yes I do [wrong again]. Karen says whoever Kevin brings he will lose and she will make sure of it. He wants to make sure he has giants at the end so it won’t look like he was fooled. Ika believes absolutely everything Karen is saying but Demetres looks a bit hesitant to believe her. Karen says Kevin thinks she’s a complete idiot. Good she says. Karen says Kevin thinks he’s smarter than everyone else. Demetres says if Kevin thinks he can beat Demika he might as well ride with it. Karen says exactly. Demetres says we just have to focus on the Veto. The Veto is everything in final 4. Demetres tells Karen as long as Kevin doesn’t win Veto he’ll let her evict Kevin. [ That would mean Ika would be on the block? Hmm ] She says she’s been waiting for week 1 to get rid of him.
9:45PM BBT Demetres says we should pump his tires and tell him he’s got it in the bag , Karen agrees and says she’s been doing that all week [she JUST got finished saying the polar opposite- that Kevin had a shitty game and will not win over anyone]. Karen tells Demetres William won’t vote Kevin. Dem thinks Sindy would vote for Ika but not Demetres over Kevin. Demetres doesn’t know Dre would vote for him. Karen back beating the ego drum for Kevin. Demetres says if Kevin wins final Veto he will evict Dem and take Ika. Karen says Kevin said today he wants Ika gone [then why did he just save her with the Veto Karen?]. Demetres says Ika gave him the eye. He said she’s mad at me, again. It’s so frustrating because I never get mad at her, I overlook it. Karen agrees and says the stakes are high and it starts to weigh on people differently. The only reason Ika was pissed at Demetres is because Karen kept fanning the flames telling her Demetres is blabbing to Kevin downstairs. Karen says every single thing he says , is thought out. Karen says Day 17 was when Kevin asked Karen why she hates him? She said you know what Kevin? Not today. He pressed and she said you really want to know? It’s because you’re a fake ass bitch and you’re disingenuous. She said we had the same convo on Day 38 when we had to clean together, and she gave a new set of reasons why she has no respect for his game. Demetres tries to change the subject by asking a question about days. Karen answers and then goes immediately back to trashing Kevin again.
10:00PM BBT Karen and Demetres talking about how real Karen is and how everything Kevin says is fake. Demetres says that Jackie was like that too and he says that it is so much happening that you start to overlook the small things. He says that they just need to slow down and just thinks about it. She talks again about the bay watch comp and she had to stop. Demetres talks about the car comp and he didn’t know any of the signs and he only had the first two right and the last and he had the other six right. He did he had to adjust two at a time until he fixed it 100 percent. Kevin and Dillon talk in the hoh about Karen and dillons talk about how she is gonna vote him out and not to worry she is gonna be behind him. Kevin says that he didn’t want Dillon to win the pov and risk him taking Demetres down. He said that sorry Karen has been my final two pick for a while now. Kevin asks do you think if Karen makes f3 with Ika and Demetres who will Demetres take? Kevin says he is a competitor Demetres will take Karen. Dillon says that this yr since last game yr. is a completely different Kevin. Dillon talks about how if Kevin’s mom is ok with what he is done in the house, he says I’m sure it’s fine she knows it’s a game.
10:15 PM BBT Dillon leaves the room and kevin says that if Dillon tells Karen there is a chance she keeps him. He says that he thinks that if he would have put Karen up he thinks Dillon would have sent her home. Dillon asks Karen to be honest with her and tell him the truth where her heads at. Karen says that from day one she was with Ika. She tells him the story of the back and forth between what was happening, she says that he has put her in the worst place and she is gonna be in fourth place with either one she works with. She says since she can’t win she has to be true to someone and she’s suing it’s Ika. Dillon says that Kevin is a snake and he can’t stand his game. Karen says that by putting up Dillon she is trying to make Karen look bad by sending Dillon home. Karen says you are probably going to the jury and Kevin did it. Dillon says yes I know it. Dillon thinks that he thinks Kevin, Ika and Demetres are together. Karen says no, they are not. She says that if she has anything to do with it Kevin will go home.
10:30PM BBT Karen says that this is a game to kevin and that he did this on purpose to mess with them. Dillon asks if there is no shot. She says that she thought she was going on the block and he didn’t because he wanted to send Dillon home. He says he gets it but it’s a tough pill to swallow. She says it’s hard for me to do it but I gotta stay true to them. Dillon says he is trying to take Karen to final two and she says that it’s a lie because if it was true why is he keeping Ika and Demetres. Karen says why did you take Ika off the block and he said so that you would decide who goes home. Karen calls Sindy and Neda a piece of garbage. Karen says she is keeping demetres so that Kevin doesn’t have the satisfaction of sending him home. She says you said that yourself. Karen says it’s not easy for me to send you out. Demetres and Ika going over comp wins and loses, details about houseguests and who we have nots. Karen says if Kevin really wanted Ika and Demetres to go home he would have done it already and again tells Dillon that if there’s a tie Kevin will send him home.
10:45PM BBT Karen says that she has a problem with turning her back on ika and Demetres even though they had she cannot do it. She again blames Kevin. Dillon smiles and says no hard feelings. She says I do and that makes it hard. They both laugh and talk about going to the jury house. Karen says if I act funny it’s because I have a heavy heart but it’s this jerks doing and he did this. Dillon says that when he put him up he is going after a powerhouse and wants one of them gone. Dillon says that Kevin told him to work on Karen about keeping him that she is his saving grace. Dillon talks about how tortuous these people are. Karen calls Kevin a pos. Dillon says that Kevin is planning on taking Demetres or Ika, Karen agrees. Ika talking with Demetres still about house guests and they are going thru each one, one at a time.
11:00PM BBT Dillon laughs and talks about stealing Kevin’s pig. Karen tells him to threaten to negotiate after the show. Dillon says that Karen is so gangsta. They think that it would be hilarious. Dillon says that it’s been a emotional rollercoaster and he’s ready to shower and go to bed. Karen says that she invited Kevin to eat with them because she felt sorry that he is always alone. Dillon in the pantry getting a snack. Kevin comes into the kitchen for a drink and mentions to Dillon about spring rolls, Karen walks they and tells Kevin she is going to bed and he says he has been there for like a hour but the lights were on so no luck. Ika appears and starts looking for some food, Karen mentions leftover Chinese. Kevin eating a sandwich and Demetres comes in and they discuss how focus he looks and they say he must be studying.
11:15PM BBT Karen in the bathroom cleaning her face and Dillon taking a shower. No conversation from them. In the pantry, Kevin looking from food to eat while he’s talking to Demetres and Ika. They are just playing around about how much longer in the house they have had so much in the house. They laugh and talk about they made it and survived in the house. Ika and Demetres talk about Karen
And wonder if she is sincere and that now since Ika is staying Demetres won’t take Karen to final two.
11:30PM BBT Ika gets a bunch of alphabet cereal and says she wants to write things out. Ika laughing and tells Demetres that she called Kevin a queen in there fight the other day and she laughs. Ika, Karen and Dillon in the bathroom talking about skin care and lotion. Ika and Karen discussing makeup Karen calls Ika “gary” because she has used all her eyelash glue.
11:45PM BBT Karen tells Ika that Kevin is evil and that you will not believe what Kevin told Dillon. Karen says she had to tell Dillon the truth so that he will stop going over it all over and over. Karen tells Ika what her and Dillon talked about. Karen says that Kevin said that when he entered the house he left all his morals outside. And that if he has to steal, lie or cheat he will do whatever it takes no matter what. They all say that it’s horrible that Kevin told him that he played Dillon.

Kevin in kitchen with Dillon and Karen. Karen asks Kevin if he thinks tomorrow will be the day they watch the movie

May 06, 2017

12:00AM BBT Kevin in kitchen with Dillon and Karen. Karen asks Kevin if he thinks tomorrow will be the day they watch the movie. He has no idea. Karen wants time beforehand to get looking nice for it. They talk about putting their puzzle together. Ika and Demetres lying in bed. Demestres makes a comment that he is not sure if he will be able to live with it, if he does not win (the comp). They continue to go through different possible scenarios on who might keep who to the Finals. Ika has to win the HOH; she does not know what the comp may be and talks about Season 1. Kevin was in the pantry talking through possibilities of using the POV. He wonders if Ika can refuse the POV being used on her….leaves wondering what the rules are. Karen and Kevin talking about the comp while putting things away in the kitchen.
12:15AM BBT Ika does not see Kevin choosing her in any scenario. She coaches Demestres that he has to win HOH and POV to guarantee his position. He does not believe that Dillon can beat him in back to back comps. A comp yet coming up might be how well do they know HGs. They try to agree on what answers they might give to go with the opposite from the truth…on second thought, they agree it might screw themselves over trying to throw the others off. Ika and Demetres agree Demetres has a better shot of getting to Final 2; Ika is not throwing her game, but being a realist. As Karen comes into the Living Rm, Kevin asks her to tell a story. She talks about one of Sindy’s many important jobs while working on the cruise ship. Karen exaggerates (and makes fun of) how Sindy liked to talk and talk…about herself. Play by play of a day on the cruise ship–one of Sindy’s many stories! Kevin and Dillon laughing! During Karen’s funny story, Demetres goes into the DR.
12:30AM BBT Karen continues telling Sindy’s important jobs saving the groom’s life on the cruise ship. Ika is in bed sleeping by herself. Kevin tells the story of Sindy Starring in the Muskoka. A friend tells her a huge job opportunity at a hospital setting for the next 4 hours, but she was a little apprehensive about it. Demetres walks by and verbally congratulates Kevin (mentioning after his second cooldown); Kevin follows him into the pantry for a quick hug and says it was a tough one and returns to the Living Rm to continue with his Sindy story. Sindy was met by a “doctor” and served as a Patient Intake person at a desk in the front of this “hospital”. She was to record all the important details of patients coming in.
12:40AM BBT All feeds go down soon after Demetres is seen heading upstairs. Too bad we won’t be able to hear the results of Sindy’s job.
12:47AM BBT Dillon joins Kevin in the HT area–staying dry under the little shelter in the room. It’s raining on the HT cover. Kevin states Karen wants to keep Demetres, but as long as Dillon votes against it, they are okay with it since Kevin will have the final decision with his tie-breaker vote. Dillon is cool with it. If in the end Kevin goes to jury, he will plea Dillon to the jury. Kevin believes the jury respects Ika’s game though. Kevin wants to celebrate in the winning of the most recent comp. BB comes on giving the final warning that the BY is off limits. Kevin and Dillon heads inside.
1:05AM BBT Feeds keep coming on and off. Karen brushing her teeth in WR. Ika is walking around in the BR and gets dressed. Demetres is preparing to fry bacon in the kitchen. BB tells the HGs goodnight–sleep well. Demetres sits to think; he sure wishes he won the comp! We can hear Dillon telling Karen and Ika goodnight.
1:15AM BBT Demetres saunders back upstairs to see Ika and Karen. Karen tells Ika and Demetres that she does not want to keep Kevin here. She tears up more saying she feels so bad. She knew it was the W but didn’t say anything. Demetres also knew it was the W, but didn’t know how to fix it. Demetres says that will literally haunt him the rest of his life. Feeds go out again at 1:17AM.
1:20AM BBT Demetres and Ika come downstairs holding hands, They are talking about turning on their phones again. She says Demetres should go since it’s his first time. Ika doesn’t want to face these people again, but Demetres only wants to go only if Ika goes, too. She sits watching Demetres frying the bacon. Demetres says he is sorry since he made Ika’s life difficult. Demetres wants to change the subject,but can’t of anything else to say. Ika is wondering if she should not have come back since this game will haunt her the rest of her life. She was at a point where BB was out of her system–why would she do this to herself again? Demetres is happy she did. Demetres wonders what happened to the fun-loving, positive guy he once was when he first came into the house. Too much stress! to be positive.
1:30AM BBT Ika felt she was an entirely different person this time around. She didn’t even win a comp. They both are upset with the situation they are in. Ika talks about the interviews they HAVE to do, then she wants to get just away. Pre-jury has it’s advantages. She says working all season playing the game and not winning is not worth it! Demetres tells her they did do really good, she adds, “but not good enough.” Ika is still hung up without winning a single comp. Ika feels like they did other people’s work for them, and now they will win. They do not feel Kevin deserves to win. Ika believes Kevin might have thrown the comps earlier but because money was involved, he won. They sit to eat the rest of the bacon. Demetres is positive on what all they accomplished in the house. The best player rarely wins the game. Ika knows she is next to leave–5th place. Both agree that neither one of them will go back and watch the show. They want to, but know it’s best if they don’t. Demetres tells Ika that he loves her name! Ika also likes his name–it sounds like a Greek God.
1:45AM BBT Ika gets a glass of juice ready to take upstairs. BB tells the HGs again goodnight. As they head upstairs, Demetres points out how it’s funny she lost weight while being here and he gained weight. They go to WR to get ready for bed. Demetres is confident that if he gets to Final 2, without a doubt he will win. Karen walks into WR to go to the bathroom. Before long they all go to bed. Two feeds turn off. Ika and Demetres talk a bit more. Ika wonders if Demetres’ family will not like her since she was bad for his game. Eventually, they talk so very quietly most words can not be heard. Ika is reminded to put on her mic. They relive many times in which they helped or hurt each other’s game. Especially, Ika is so down on herself and the idea of always hurting Demetres.
2:00AM BBT The same talk between Ika and Demetres. Ika is so negative and Demetres is trying to cheer her. Who knows how the game would have played out if they were not a couple. She feels she has always let Demetres down every single time. Talk continues for a while between their cuddling/kissing. Feeds cut out around 2:50AM with Ika straddling Demetres. The feeds have clearly been picking up much hammering going on in the BY. Feeds come back on showing Dillon sleeping and of the HOH bed where Kevin is sleeping. According to the feeds, the house is all quiet. I would assume Karen is also asleep. It’s unclear if Ika and Demetres are sleeping yet….?
8:00 AM BBT The HGs are all asleep
8:15 AM BBT Lights are coming on and the feeds cut.
8:30 AM BBT The HGs are up and getting ready for their day.
8:45 AM BBT Dillon and Karen are in the kitchen Karen says that yesterday was exhausting for her. Her back is sore and she is old. She would like to sit in the hot tub. Karen says she used to have to retrieve dummies when she was doing her lifeguard training. She explains how to pull someone in from the water. Ika and Dem are still laying in bed. Karen has joined them in the Bedroom. They are going over how the finale will work. They are trying to figure out when finale will actually take place.
9:00 AM BBT Ika is strategizing with Dem. She says that she is leaving on Thursday and the Dem has to get HoH and put up Kevin and Dillon. She is schooling him on how things need to play out in each scenario of whether she goes or he does.
9:15 AM BBT Dem is saying that Kevin is not going to be happy if he stays. Ika says that if she stays, Kevin will make it to final 3. Ika says to Dem that they have played this game as a team, so now they have to think about which one of them has the best chance to get to final 2. They agree that Dem is the best shot to stay in the house to take Kevin out.
9:30 AM BBT Ika tells Dem that he needs to take Karen to final 2. She says that if Dillon has the chance, he will take Karen as well.
9:45 AM BBT BB calls out to Dillon to wake up. Dillon and Dem are still talking some strategy while laying in bed. Karen is doing her make-up. Kevin is cooking breakfast and Dillon is still napping,
10:00AM BBT Karen is talking about Thursday how that is going to work Karen said but it’s not 2 weeks left Karen said I want to talk to Bruce and my kids I have not talked to them in 57 days Dillon said delicious thanks buddy Karen said I’m sure they want to talk to me as much as I miss them Kevin is talking to Karen about baywatch Karen said you look so young and smaller on season 3 Karen said my kids are bigger than this Ika said I swear to god if I go the jury and anyone of them say anything to me I will rip them a new asshole Ika said that Bruno and Kevin are annoying Ika said season 2 was the best season Ika said William shouldn’t be here Ika said that William was the worst part and that William ruined the game
10:15 AM BBT Dillon said it’s going to look so good on tv Karen is in the kitchen Ika said Kevin is the worst showmance and pele was the worst showmance ever Demetres said his lips are so dry Ika and Demetres are laying down and napping Dillon and Kevin are talking about boxing Kevin said have you ever had a guy throw a fight Dillon said Mike Thompson was an animal Kevin said he was not a nice guy Dillon said he had bad things happen to him when he was growing up
10:30AM BBT Dillon said you have to train to the fullest Dillon said Larry Holmes was his favorite boxer Kevin said you spoke to Muhammad Ali Daughter Dillon said I have about 6 years left Dillon said I only have 12 professional fights Dillon said I had happy career if I were to retire tomorrow Kevin said the last person that slapped me was my mom Karen said I played the mom card a lot Karen said you set yourself for success
10:45 AM BBT Karen said they are going to have fits. Karen said Bruce and I feel very blessed. Karen said I met Bruce when I was 29. I got married 30. I got pregnant on Halloween and had hunter in July. Dillon said I used to say I wanted 13 kids with 14 different women. Dillon said that was a joke. Kevin said I don’t want kids right away. I want 2 kids. Karen said I have a headache and I feel that my head is spinning. Karen said when do you think we will be able to watch the movie? PLEASE STOP SINGING. Karen said have you ever had vertical? It feels like vertical . Karen said Vertical is more common than you think. Karen said I wonder what my Bruce is doing? please fix your microphone… Karen said my neck hurts .
11:00 AM BBT Kevin is laying down. Karen said she is interesting she is not boring. Karen said they look like they should be in a fitness magazine. Karen said I do love to eat ask any of my friends. Karen said we go to the movies today I will change. Karen said gotta love vegas. karen said a house and good kids very bless. Karen said I think you and me on amazing race would be good. Karen said for sure I can run. Feeds cut out
11:15 AM BBT feeds returned Ika and Demetres are in bed. Demetres said why do you feel bad? Ika said I should just stayed at my job. ika said I can’t get up physical move .Ika said just me sleep the entire day. Ika said you should eat something to Demetres. Demetres said I’m going to make some food if I make some bacon will you eat it? Demetres said you should talk to her feeds are out. feeds returned ika is crying. Karen is massaging. Karen Ika said thank you so much karen, I am happy that it’s you and me. Demetres is in the kitchen. Ika said Kevin don’t care. Demetres is in the WR. Karen said Demetres has our best chance to get Kevin gone. Karen said they have not been alone I have been with them.
11:30 AM BBT Ika said go away Demetres. Ika said we don’t want to leave Dillon and Kevin alone. Karen said Dillon can’t win anything. Karen said we are telling Dillon that he is saying. Karen said the POV is so hard. Karen said you have been honest this entire time. Karen said I have never made final 2 deals with either of them. Karen said Kevin is the problem and you are the only one that can take him out. Karen said I did know who the people are that was going to be targeting me. Karen said i know who should win this game. Karen said i know who played the best game. Ika said Karen there is still one more. Karen said i have 1 more job today and that is to clear him out of the house . Karen said it’s the hardest thing is your ego.

11:45 AM BBT Ika told Karen you look good in the swimsuit. Karen you said that west coast doesn’t watch this show. Ika said that they do at different times. Karen said I didn’t want to look laughable. Ika says Kevin will go home. Ika said we are the biggest targets in the house. Demetres asked Kevin did you guys go outside yesterday and what was it like? Kevin said it was rainy. Demetres is cooking bacon. Ika said he needs to win the veto to take out Kevin.
12:00 PM BBT Ika and Karen in BR talking about Neda and how much she mistreated them. Demetres frying bacon with Kevin looking in that direction from the couch. Frying bacon without a shirt on…using high heat–not the smartest thing to do with all the oil popping. Kevin and Demetres backs are sore from the comp. They say this house tears you down. Kevin adds,”no wonder we fight.” More comp talk and all feed go out momentarily. Ika talks about other people from her season and how they are in real life. Karen knows people in here has to do what they have to do, but then she looks deeper into their hearts and can figure them out. She dislikes most people in the jury! Demetres comes into the BR with bacon and spring rolls for himself and Ika. Karen said that many of them tried to fake being nice to her; Kevin can not be nicer to her now–but it’s all fake.
12:15 PM BBT Ika, Demetres, and Karen does not know if Kevin knows that Dillon has a Final 2 with Demetres. Demetres does not want to throw Dillon under the bus yet since he needs his vote. After Ika leaves, Demetres says that he can see Dillon voting him out. Karen will not be happy if that happens. Demetres feels that Dillon will be in the Final 3 no matter what. Karen has tried to drill it into Dillon’s head that Kevin is untrustworthy. Demetres is playing out different scenarios with Karen. Ika is in the WR getting ready to shower. A while ago Dillon had asked Karen if she is really trying in the comps. She has always tried her hardest, but that showed her that Dillon has not given his all. She does not respect people like that. Except for one comp when Neda was HOH, Demetres says he has tried his hardest.
12:30 PM BBT Karen leaves Demetres alone in the BR. He, too, leaves to take the dirty plate back to the kitchen. Karen talking to Ika in WR. Karen says she has no chance against these guys. From Day 1 she wanted to get all the big guys out early. She feels like Kevin is using her speech that she made in her first HOH saying wanting to be here with the people who are playing the game. She calls Kevin and others a liar. Ika thinks others will take Karen. Karen says they all are trying to play each other. They also talk through different scenarios while Karen folds towels and Ika starting with her make-up routine. Karen leaves. Demetres is seen going into the DR. Dillon is listening to music in the HOH Rm (appears could be asleep); Kevin lays on bed after showering and getting dressed. BB wakes up Kevin and Dillon. Kevin leaves to go to DR (I believe Demetres is still in there.)
12:45 PM BBT Karen comes downstairs and chuckles how someone has again cooked more food–”We are the cooking family!” Dillon soon comes down and Karen and he comment on what time it is. Karen says her stomach was hungry. She remarks, “When isn’t she hungry?…when she needs to get into a Baywatch swimsuit! Outside of that she is eating ice cream sandwiches and Oreos!” Different feeds keep going down for short periods of time. Feeds show Ika applying make-up and Karen eating at the kitchen bar. Dillon is sitting at the far end of the dining room table before sitting at the kitchen bar munching on the leftover bacon while Karen is once again cleaning up the dirty pans left behind by others. Again, some of the feeds are down.
1:00 PM BBT Dillon gets up and walks around, and Kevin comes into the kitchen and helps himself to the few spring rolls and bacon. All feeds go down. Feeds come on 9 minutes later. In the kitchen, Karen is telling Kevin a real story about a company making it big. Kevin states for every success story like it, there are thousands of failures. Kevin is questioning if Cola started as a cleaning product; she assures her the start was from a pharmacist. They are talking about Coke (but not saying the name); her story was how it started with a $500 investment and now known around the world. Kevin mentions “the blue one” (Pepsi). Karen can not stand “the blue one” and feeds are cut again. Meanwhile in the WR Ika is still wrapped in a towel putting on her face.
1:15 PM BBT Karen is talking about her aches and pains from the comps while her, Kevin, and Dillon and lying around in the LR. They talk about going into the pool and getting something out–must be a part of the comp. Karen keeps saying that she just didn’t want to look stupid and laughable. Dillon says how BB is so good to them. Karen wants to know in what aspect. Karen feels like she should always have a handicap in all these comps. She does not tee off from the men’s tee. They say Karen’s advantage in this most recent comp, was to wear knee pads. They knew she would not be able to get over the wall without crawling. Karen felt as if the dummies should have been in proportional to individual’s body weight. Dillon doesn’t like that idea; Demetres comes down and he agree with Karen. Karen makes mention that that is why she like him! Those dummies were heavy! Demetres heads back upstairs. Feeds go out momentarily when they mention the GoPro (brand name) that was a part of the comp. Feeds again periodically coming on and off.
1:30 PM BBT Feeds come back with the 3 still in LR; Dillon making noises making Karen laugh. Kevin appears to be sleeping on bench under the stairs. Ika is now dressed, but still in the WR doing her hair. Demetres talking about the movie they will see and who plays in it. Ika says she really doesn’t care! Demetres still wishes he won and it was him who choose who to go see it. Ika says that Kevin is not thinking right. He should be keeping them and getting rid of Dillon. Demetres knows that he knows no one is planning to take him to Final 2. Demetres says that he is banking that he will win the comp to make it there. Ika thinks Demetres needs to talk to Dillon about keeping him. The POV ceremony has not happened yet; Demetres doesn’t want to push too early. They leave to chat in the Pink BR. Ika wants to know what Demetres is thinking….he doesn’t know what to say to Dillon. But there is still time.
1:45 PM BBT It’s somewhat quiet in the LR. Kevin is a awake and goes into DR. Dillon only saying a little with his eyes closed, then snoring. Karen picks up the conversation about Pamela Anderson. She is Canadian and wonders if maybe they will meet her at the movie preview. It sounds like Dillon keeps falling asleep with saying a few words to respond if asked a question. Ika and Demetres back lying in bed. Demetres tells Ika about the red dress he likes on her. Ika likes to torture Demetres when he misbehaves…early in the game she wore the red dress to spite him. Demetres felt like that is something he will never have. Ika says it worked then. They talk how they do not want Kevin to win. Ika talks about the comps she should have won–Demetres replies with a “could’ve, should’ve, would’ve, but they didn’t.” Ika discounts any thought of Demetres going to Jamaica with her. Ika thinks it funny of her going to Greece. There are not many blacks in Greece.
2:00 PM BBT Demetres looking for something to eat in the store room. Ika and Karen consoling each other. Karen is crying. Karen talking about Dillon making fun of her and she is upset she hasn’t won when she tries so hard. Ika is telling her she only has one more thing to do to say she has done everything in this game. She only has to win a pov. Karen keeps saying she wishes it was different. Ika saying she didn’t think she would make it past pre-jury anyway. Karens says it just drives her crazy that someone is playing for second and they are there over Ika/Dem. (She is talking about Dillon) Ika says Kevin did not play a better game than her, she says Kevin and Bruno did not convince her to keep them in the house but she was able to convince Kevin to put up Jackie. Karen says how can he be that dumb, Ika says maybe I am just that good. Ika is now crying and she tells Karen “I played a really good game Karen’ Karen tells her just because she goes does not mean she is defeated. Demetres walks in with a drink and asks Karen if she wants one. Karen says it is a sad day and they are just scheming to get Dillon to go. Karen is saying they should tell Kevin that they are keeping Demetres and would he rather have two big guys or one big guy coming after him. Demetres says that he would just tell Dillon that he will go up unless he votes to evict Demetres. Ika says what if Kevin takes me off and puts Karen off to make sure Demetres goes home. They all stop for a second and Ika says is he that smart? They all decide they need to keep their mouths shut about keeping Demetres so he doesn’t do that. Karen brings up that Kevin never said he was going to keep the noms the same and Karen says maybe he will do that to make sure Demetres goes. Ika says if Kevin really wants Demetres to go he will take Ika down and put Karen up. Ika says we don’t know if Kevin is that smart, Karen shh’s Ika. Demetres says well it is out of our control. Karen says we will find out tomorrow. Karen said it is so risky because if we try to get Dillon up there he will catch on to Karen’s loyalty and it will screw everything up. Ika talking about how Karen tells Dillon what to do, he didn’t play a good game, Karen played the game for him. Ika/Dem/Karen keep running scenarios for POV.
2:15 PM BBT Ika keeps saying Kevin is not smarter than she is. Karen tells Ika to say to Kevin that she is upset and it is hard to know your game is coming to an end. Karen telling Ika/Dem saying they are at the top and everyone is trying to take them down. Karen tells them when she was at the top in the real estate game she didn’t understand why people would try to do that to her and Bruce told her that people always want to take down the people at the top. Karen telling Ika she goes into that jury house and snap her fingers and be her! Demetres says they are just mad because we dismantled them, he tells Ika if she was them she would be mad at herself too. Ika doesn’t think people know that game she has played, Karen says they do. Karen asks the jury or the fans in Canada? Karen says based on those applause Canada knows the game you are playing and they want you here. Karen tells her this was her redemption season, you took down the ego’s, Canada lived for that. Karen says Neda couldn’t have been on a better painted white horse that she rode in on and sat on for six weeks and then fell. Sindy and Bruno where Neda’s followers. Dre used you. William was played for two people that used him and that was disgusting. Karen talking about Kevin and how disgusting he is to her. Ika tells them they need to sit there and think of different scenarios
They are now talking about whether Dillon would tell on Karen to Kevin. Demetres thinks he would, that he is just like Jackie. Ika saying Kevin is a very emotional person, Karen says he wants to be likes where she doesn’t care if she is liked. Karen says with certain people I don’t want to disappoint but with others I don’t care. Ika says she thinks it is Canada, he wants Canada to like him. Ika says when they played him with the Jackie thing he was embarrassed. Ika says Kevin will not rest until one of them leave. Karen says in the kitchen Kevin was comparing himself to Demetres like baseball stats and he thinks he is better than Demetres.
2:30 PM BBT Karen/Ika talking about Kevin. Demetres laying there joining in once in awhile. They think Kevin wants Ika gone more. Karen says in his mind Kevin thinks he is at the same competition level as Demetres. Karen wonders why Kevin was fighting so hard during POV, because he has something to prove. Karen says he is HOH he is not in jeopardy of going home. Karen says Kevin keeps getting played, he got played when Ika/Dem convinced him to put Jackie up and he got played during the Sindy deal. Karen says we have a delicate balance to not set off any alarm bells. Karen said she is not even going to talk about Demetres. Karen keeps questioning why Kevin fought so hard in POV and Ika keeps going back to taking Ika off and putting Karen up so Demetres will go home. Ika tells Karen during the awards show she has to give Ika a toast, Demetres says he will. Ika says she is so mad about Dillon going to final four and he flip flopped all season. Karen says we hate flip flop floaterville. Karen says I never flip flopped, not one time. Ika talking about how when Dillon told her in front of Kevin she should have congratulated him on his POV win, Karen says that is not something you say in front of Kevin, Ika says if you are my friend you say it in private. Karen gets called to the DR so she goes to fix her makeup. Ika/Demetres kiss. Demetres telling Ika the only reason he thinks Kevin will not take Ika off is because there is a slim chance we both stay. Ika says no, if he pulls me off and puts up Karen, you will go home. Ika is reminding Demetres that he has a better chance at getting to final two than she does because he will likely win HOH and POV in final four. Ika says what sucks more, you leaving then me leaving at final four or me leaving and you making it to final four.
2:45 PM BBT Ika saying that John blew all his winnings from season 2 and now he is working as a server. Ika says John/Neda rented an apartment that was $2000 a month and blew all his money. Demetres says he would never do that, he will invest it or give some to his Dad. Feeds cut. Camera on kitchen where no houseguests currently are. Kevin comes out of storage room and is in kitchen whistling to himself. Ika/Dem whispering. Ika telling Demetres that Canada likes him, Demetres say they like me because of you. Demetres says they likeus because we are not that typical shomance and it did come off extremely genuine and they appreciate the work I put in! Demetres says he masterminded the mastermind, he reverse psychological the mastermind. Ika says she just wants to gains some of the weight she lost and Demetres tells her don’t worry he will fatten her up. Ika says Karen thought all of my ‘upsets’ were valid, Demetres says ya I know, because she is just as crazy as you are. Ika says why didn’t we protect Karen all season. Talk turns to everyone knowing Demetres had feeling for Ika, at least all the girls and Gary. Demetres says the guys don’t see the way I look at you, girls see that. Ika says so Sindy had to have known. Demetres says Sindy is too busy thinking about herself. Ika says she did confess to Gary one time. Gary told her that Ika/Dem have something beautiful and pure. Gary told her that he didn’t want to be in a season where he was the third wheel again. Ika says she told Neda and Neda told Dillon and Dillon thought him and Emily where the Jillian and Emmett of the season and that is why Dillon wanted to target Gary. Demetres says he wants to play again but when he walked in here didn’t know what he was doing.
3:00 PM BBT Ika/Dem back to kissing. Demetres asks how she is so flexible, Ika says because she is all bone. Demetres says he can feed her. They flirt for awhile. Kevin and Dillon talking in the kitchen while cooking. Ika saying how while they were going on the block they were imitating people, they are just funny. Ika says she got a crazy person edit, Demetres says that is not an edit Ika, that is who you are. Ika talking about when she cried. Ika talking about how much of a pain she has been to Big brother over the past few days, not wanting to wear wardrobe. Ika tells Demetres he remembers the time he came in the have not room and was ranting about doing what was best for his game. He apologizes. Back in the kitchen Dillon and Kevin eat their sandwiches. Kevin does a shot of the flavor shot. He says he likes it better than the purple drink. Kevin asks Dillon if he saw the new Jurassic Park movies, Dillon says oh ya, the one where they make the park. Kevin now asks if Planet of the Apes is a good movie, Dillon says yes all of them are. He thinks that is more believable than Jurassic Park. Ika/Dem talking about what they would say to the jury when they ask questions. She says you don’t have to come to Big Brother and play the game by yourself. Ika says this is the time when people like us would turn on eachother but we sat and discussed it. Dillon and Kevin talking about the effect mentally being in the house comparing it to prison. Dillon wants to hug his dog so bad. Kevin says he is not going to go back to work until he feels mentally ready. Dillon says he will probably take at least a month off. He can’t wait to see something real.


3:15 PM BBT Ika talking about what she did different for each person. During Dillons HOH she knew he had a big heart and she had to make it hard for him to put her up over Sindy. So Ika stuck to Dillon day and night. Ika then says with Sindy she gave her compliments and attention when no one else would. Demetres says you have to create a profile on each person. Ika says Sindy’s profile was she wants to talk about herself and compliments. Neda thinks she is the smartest person and wants everyone to stroke her ego. Dillon wanted loyalty, family, 100. Demetres asks what about Bruno. Demetres says Bruno’s profile should say “ Do not trust at all” Ika says she made him feel like she had a soft spot for him and played into it. Demetres talking about something that happened with Dillon, when he was going into the DR and give Jackie’s goodbye message Dillon told him to say “ flip flop floaterville” and Demetres knew everyone was doing it so he went in there and gave her a really nice goodbye message. Ika tells him that was smart. They laugh about it and BB calls them out for talking about production. Ika talking about the first day she met Demetres and she didn’t like his hair. Demetres and Ika talking about the first night and how he thinks Dre saw her and wanted Ika to be her #1 and he took it away from her. Demetres left the bedroom to get some more to drink. Ika tells him to come back.. Demetres goes downstairs and talk about the movie they are going to see. Karen tells him that Kevin/Dillon had lunch without her. Karen tells Dillon to be nice to her today. Dillon says he is always nice. She says you better be. Demetres goes back upstairs. Karen and Dillon whisper, Karen asks Dillon to tell her his points of view. Karen says Kevin is getting in your head, it is that final two deal. Dillon says there is no deal, the only way for them to get to the finals if they have to take Dem/Kevin out. Karen says they will keep going after each other. Dillon says it is too late for that. Dillon says he can beat Kevin, they don’t need him to beat Kevin. Karen says two against one is better. Dillon says then I have to get him out too (Demetres). Dillon says the best way for them to get to the end Demetres going this week and Kevin going next week. Dillon says they need him, her and Ika in the final three. Dillon says the only way for him to win this game is to get Demetres out this week and Kevin out next week. Dillon says it is not about loyalty and alliance anymore. Karen said she never had alliances, she had relationships. Karen says who is the biggest threat to win this game, Dillon says Kevin.
3:30 PM BBT Karen and Dillon continue to argue over what to do this week. Karen tells him the mission was to get Kevin out then go after Demetres/Ika. Dillon says if you think I am going to keep Demetres right now it is ludicrous. Dillon says he was throwing the veto and taking it slow, if he would have went full force he would have beaten Kevin, he can beat him. Karen says you have only won one veto can you win it. Dillon gets annoyed, he says winning that veto was not smart for his game yesterday. Karen asks Dillon if he thinks Kevin will use the veto or keep it the same. Dillon says he will keep it the same. Karen asks him if he trusts Kevin and Dillon says it is not about trust anymore it is about doing what is best for your game. Karen says she wants to get Kevin out because she knows if he gets to the end he will win the game. Dillon tells her this vendetta needs to end. Karen says if Kevin stays he will win the game. Karen tells him she doesn’t want to talk out in the open and she has to brush her teeth so for him to come upstairs. Dillon tells Karen that yesterday gave him a lot of confidence because if he wanted to win the veto he would have. Karen tells him he should have. Dillon says he didn’t want to come in this game and be the big competition beast, he is threatening enough. He says Kevin underestimates him already and during the comp he was three pieces away and instead of putting his pieces away he sat there. Dillon says he is one of the best athletes in the house, him and Demetres. The only way for him and Karen to get to the finals he needs to get Kevin/Dem out before the final three HOH. Dillon says next week he wins POV Kevin goes home and it is him, Ika and her in the final three and he feels confident he can win it. Dillon says what if Demetres doesn’t win it next week than all this is a waste of time, but the best way for him to get himself to final three and them to final two is to get Demetres out. Karen says Yes for your game but she needs Demetres here to get Kevin out. Dillon says you would rather keep Demetres because he deserves to win. Karen says I would rather keep two guys to go after Kevin because he has every flipping vote in that jury. She says she needs two guys to get out the guy that does not deserve to win this game. Karen says two is better than one. Karen brushes her teeth and the Dillon/Karen argument take a break. Kevin is in the kitchen putting dishes away. The TV screen says POV CEREMONY TODAY. Demetres walks in and asks Kevin if he saw the tv. Kevin says ‘OH SHIT” Kevin says that is so weird that it is a day after. Karen back to arguing with Dillon. Dillon says what is the difference if Demetres won then he stays if Kevin wins they Demetres goes home. Dillon says I am not thinking about anyone else winning this game other than me winning this game. Karen says I can appreciate that. Karen says I am doing the same and I am thinking about getting the person out that has guarantee to win this game because of the bitter f’in jury. Karen trying to make Dillon think that Demetres would not necessarily take her to the end because people would feel sorry for her. Karen says think this one out, BB jury votes on bitterness, do you think they are going to give it to Demika.
3:45 PM BBT Dillon says no, they will vote for who had the best game. Karen says Kevin is betrayed at an underdog and the jury likes him the best. Dillon sighs. Karen says listen, Kevin has the final say in the vote. So you and I are not going to vote the same so he will get the final say. Dillon says he has a chance to get a stronger player out and he has been thinking about it for three days. Karen brings up the fact during the triple Demika could have sent him home and they didn’t Karen says you were the stronger player but they kept you, because you are a better ally than enemy. Karen is trying to convince Dillon they they need Demetres to better their odds to get Kevin out because he will win if he makes final two against anyone in that house. Meanwhile Kevin is doing dishes and Demetres is talking about Dwayne Johnson being cool, he says there is no one that doesn’t like that guy. He says anyone that doesn’t like the rock, he is not okay with. Kevin goes upstairs. Dillon and Karen are still arguing. Karen tells Dillon she doesn’t want him to tell Kevin anything she is saying. Karen says he is not trustworthy. DR LEAK 3:51 pm Ika is heard. Producer says “ so you kinda rule the house” and Ika says ya, ya I do. Feeds cut. Feeds come back Karen is telling Kevin he can’t win if Ika is there in the end. Kevin says she is but Demetres is the biggest comp threat and the comps he won. Karen is praising Ika (Kevin has said he will take Ika down with POV and Karen is trying to convince him Ika is the biggest threat) Karen asks him if he is going to keep the noms the same and Kevin says yes. Kevin says Demetres is an animal, Karen says they are going to say Ika is the brains.
4:00 PM BBT Demetres comes into washroom. Dillon asks Kevin if they are testing the speakers in the backyard for the movie, he says yes. Karen talking about getting popcorn and candies and maybe a sundae bar. Kevin asks them if both Ika and Demetres want to stay. Karen says yes. She tells Kevin that Ika thinks she is going home thursday. Dillon says he doesn’t understand why it is so devastating to everyone, we are blessed to be here. Karen says you are telling me you want to go out with nothing but a good game. Dillon says in his eyes he has won for being on the show for this long, 20 episodes on prime time. Dillon wants to make some money too. Karen says everyone comes in here and you are playing for first but honestly she never thought she would make it to fifth position, but once you get so far you just want to finish it. Dillon says you want to finish first but chances are slim, Karen says you have to play for first. Dillon says he is not tucking his tail and rolling over. Kevin says there is still game to play. Kevin says at the start of the week he thought Demetres was his biggest threat and Ika Wong, Karen says is a feather in your cap. Dillon says he feels if they get Ika out Demetres will crumble and be broken down. Dillon gets called to the DR. Kevin again says to Kevin that at the start of the week he though Demetres was his biggest threat to winning the game.Kevin asks Karen if she thinks Demetres was making more of the decisions. Karen and Kevin talking about they have no deals and Kevin says he has no allies in this house. Karen thinks she is going before final three. Kevin says if someone wins veto they are voting him out. He thinks no one will take him to the end.
4:15 PM BBT Kevin asks Karen if you were Kevin Martin who would you target, Karen says Ika is going to give you the biggest run for the money. Karen is telling Kevin about all the stupid moves everyone has made during the season. Kevin asks Karen if she would vote against DIllon, she says she thought she wouldn’t but she doesn’t know now. Kevin asks Karen who he should get rid of. Karen says you have got two people. Karen tells him Dillon is going to make it a tie so Kevin can be the deciding vote. Karen is telling Kevin it will be a tie vote over and over in this conversation. Karen just tells Kevin she is not with Dillon anymore and she thinks Kevin has a final two deal with Dillon. Kevin keeps asking questions to see where Karen’s vote is going to go and where Dillons will go. Karen basically assured him that Dillon will vote out Demetres and she will vote out Ika and it will be a tie vote. Kevin has no reason now to use the veto. Feeds cut at 4:25 pm
4:30 PM BBT -8:30PM BBT Feeds down
8:37PM BBT Feeds back. Demetres / Ika and Karen are all laughing and so excited. Ika says Karen is a witch. OMG Kevin must’ve used the Veto to save Ika.
Confirmed: Kevin saved Ika and put up Dillon. Even after Karen admitted she might vote Dillon out. Ika and Demetres are still in shock. Karen tells them she knew it. She says she spilled the tea. She says how the weak people who don’t deserve it always get to finals, and the strong people who deserve it most end up leaving 3rd and 4th. Karen cares more about it being a good season for fans than actually getting to finals. She keeps saying how it was her dream to be Shelly to her Jeff and Jordan (Demika). Ika says she can’t believe Kevin used his veto on her when she told him to stick it up his ass.
Meanwhile Kevin is downstairs sipping a drink, speechless.
8:46PM BBT Kevin and Dillon are both sitting, speechless. Dillon goes to Karen and asks her not to flip on him. Karen says you think he won’t? Dillon says you’re to only one who can keep me safe. Karen leaves. Dillons a dead man walking.
Kevin is upstairs now calling someone petty. He’s talking to his stuffy. Kevin tells himself they didn’t expect that. Karen comes in and asks what he was thinking. Kevin says he thinks it’s 4-1 and he still has to fight for himself. HE WAS NOT FOOLED. He says he knew they would vote out Ika but he wants Ika in final 4. Karen asks if he wanted make Karen make the strike and he says yes. She says she could tie it and make him to make the move. Karen asks if he’d prefer Dillon or Demetres in F4? Kevin says he pleads the 5th, and says it’s in Karen’s hands. He does say if it was a tie he would send out Demetres so if Karen wants Dillon to stay she needs to save him.
Ika comes upstairs to help clean off the honey. She says she feels bad for her speech since he used it on her. Kevin says it was good TV. Kevin reminds Ika he knew it was 4-1 since the triple and knows he has to win out. Ika says Dillon’s fuming.
9:00PM BBT Demetres is upstairs with Ika and Kevin. Kevin says he knew since before the POV that he was going to save Ika. Demika says they would’ve been easier on the speeches if they had any inkling. Demetres says his was cocky too. Apparently Dem said “you beat me once, you won’t beat me again, don’t use it on me”. Kevin said it was solid. Kevin asks Dem what he thought Kevin would do. Dem says he thought Kevin might use the Veto on Ika and put up Karen.
Ika and dem says the Dillon was lying about giving Kevin a tiebreaker. But they both would’ve voted together. Kevin says he could tell Dillon was lying. He says Karen tried to pitch that would add to his resumé (breaking the tie) but Kevin is showing that he shows what’s up and Karen actually had no influence over his decision whatsoever.
Ika and Karen now downstairs with Dillon. Ika reveals everyone is against Kevin and Kevin is bothered Dillons not in his corner. Karen pretends she heard her name [in the KT with them in the HOH suite???]. Dem reveals that Kevin knew from go that he was going to make that decision. Why would he listen to someone who’s been vitriolic to him all season. Showing that Karen had nothing to do with it. Karen shrugs it off, and says she’s going to sweep up. Dillon says show much he likes meal replacement. Ika tells him to stay out of them- BB brought them in for her because she wasn’t eating. Ika in the SR alone says she feels so bad and is speechless for the first time.
Demetres wonders why Kevin didn’t just put up him as Dillon right away? Dillon is acting like he knows he’s going. He says he’s glad he made it so far. Dillon wonders what the jury house is like? Karen says she’ll be right after him. Dillon says he knows he’s getting sent home and he feels like an idiot for not trying during the Veto. He says Kevin wanted him comfortable. Karen is feeding into it even though she knows it’s a lie and that Kevin would vote out Demetres. She’s trying to pit Dillon against Kevin.
9:15PM BBT Karen is trying to take all credit for “dismantling his game”. Karen says it’s all about the money to him. Dillon says that’s what the game is, but he’s going to try to trash him to everyone at jury. Dillon says he doesn’t want to talk to Dre or Jackie (he moans) Ika reminds Karen it’s the POV winner who sends the person to jury with the only vote. Karen says she would never come back. She says she hasn’t talked to her kids in 58 days. Ika says more than that because of sequester. 69 days.
Karen reiterating Kevin needed a big move and Dillon, you’re his big move (not Demetres? Please) Karen’s playing to Dillons ego. Dillon says, get the champ out. Karen says that exactly right. As Karen and Dillon go upstairs, Demika is downstairs and Ika says she feels bad for Karen. Demetres says Canada hates us now. Ika says for sure. They both say how mean they were. Ika says he honestly does deserve final 3. Demetres agrees. Dem says Kevin knew he was gonna use Veto for several days. Ika says if we hang out with Kevin, Karen will get mad and won’t give you her vote. Demetres says we just got caught up in the game too much.
9:30PM BBT with everyone around, Ika suggests they go to the pink room. Ika feels bad for calling Kevin a coward. They get to pink room to talk alone and Karen’s already there.
Feeds switch to Kevin in the tub . He says Demetres deserves a good shot of winning the game. “He’s an animal”. He says if he put Karen up he couldn’t rely on Dillon to make a logical move. He’d probably keep Demetres just to f with Kevin’s game. He laughs as he says the four of them are in a huddle with shock wondering what just happened. He keeps saying how hilarious it is, that Ika made 2 rude speeches and wouldn’t talk to him for 4 days, and he still used the Veto on her. Kevin says Ika and him would never sit beside each other. They think he’s stupid. He say in 3, both him and Ika would take Karen. He says it’s getting fun, there’s no more deception he can just do whatever he wants. He says even if he loses and gets 4th or 3rd he’s had fun and a great time. Last time he was depressed for two months because he thought his one shot. He wonders why BB chose him over Arlie or Mitch.
He says they would’ve convinced Dillon to flip on Karen. He keeps topping up the water with hot as he thinks.
9:45PM BBT meanwhile, Karen/Ika/dem in pink room. Karen says this is her biggest game move. Karen says Kevin thinks he put her in a moral dilemma where that’s exactly what she was planning to do. Karen says it’s good that he thinks it’s his idea. She says 3rd, 4th or 5th place she gets no money anyway. She thinks no one will take her to finals [updater note; Kevin WILL take her to finals, that’s the irony. She worked him against her own benefit.] She says she hasn’t lost anything , she’s at third now. Demetres says she keeps blowing his mind. Karen wants a little prize for getting third , pretty much asking Demika for a cut. BB slaps her wrist. Dem says he and Ika would “come visit her in Shuswap”. Karen says she’s fatigued and can’t win an endurance. Dem reminds Ika she said the other day, this wasn’t the right way to end our story. Karen mocks Kevin and Ika says she feels bad that Kevin has no friends in the house. Karen says she knows people at home won’t get it, but she explains she has no shot at top 2 it doesn’t matter if she’s 3rd or 5th. She would rather help someone else get ahead. Karen says if dem and Ika are both in finals, she just might win. If Demetres is there without her it’s a slam dunk. She says if Kevin is there with Ika, she thinks it’s too close to call. Karen thinks she’ll have lots of clout with Neda in jury. Does Karen remember the 3rd place doesn’t see jury? Ika says this is the third time Karen saved me. Ika says Karen’s set the tone of the season. Karen says she doesn’t want a bunch of weak ass pieces of shit at the end. Karen’s taking all the credit for everything.
10:00PM BBT Karen says that she was going to give them the whole mother speech about not giving up and fight. Karen says that she’s going to go off on that bitter jury. Ika says that she can’t believe that just happened. Karen and Ika say that Dillon thinks he played a great move. Ika says that he thinks the votes will be split, and the power will be in his hands on who goes. Karen says that Dillon thinks he’s playing them and is 100% convinced that Ika and Demetres are working with him. Karen says that he thinks that Ika is lying to him. Karen says that if starts to backtrack, she’s not going to let him. Ika compliments Karen. Karen says to Demetres that he better win veto, ‘cause he’s (Kevin) going to fight like never before. Karen says that her next career should be an actress. Ika says that she needs to be on the Canadian version of The Talk.
10:15PM BBT Karen says that Dillon got too comfortable in the game. Demetres says that jury will be so confused, considering that he took off Ika and put up Dillon.
10:30PM BBT Karen recalls when she told Ika and Demetres about William coming out of the wall, and how they thought she was crazy. Ika says that it’s crazy how Karen predicted that people were going. Karen tells a story of when she told Dillon a story about when she was in Arizona, predicting something about Backwards Week. Demetres recalls a time when he was so paranoid that he’d count the breaks between songs. Ika is called to the DR. In the kitchen, Kevin asks Dillon “If I kept the noms the same, you’d vote out Ika, right?,” then the feed cuts to the pink room. After a while, karen says that both sides of hre ass hurts. Karen realizes that it may be from going up the sandwall with the dummy.
10:45PM BBT Dillon and Karen are making food in the kitchen. Demetres asks Karen something, and Karen said that it was overwhelming to be around all the other HGs, saying that usually when there’s so many kids around, she’ll just go out with her husband.
11:00PM BBT Demetres and Karen talk about previous comps. Karen talks about when Dillon said that it’s just a bunny, when Ika freaked out. Demetres recalls when he didn’t understand that he was supposed to say his name during the Toyota comp. Karen talks about the feeds, saying that she knows that her husband watches the feeds, and says that she didn’t watch the feeds when she watched the show. Demetres says that he didn’t either, and wonders if people watch them. Dillon says that they do, around 1.7 million per episode (he’s probably confusing ratings and live feed viewers). Demetres is surprised by this. Feeds cut at 11:08pm.
11:08 PM BBT-12:00 PM BBT  Feeds cut.

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