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Winner of Big Brother 19 is Josh

September 20, 2017

Winner of Big Brother 19 is Josh
Josh wins Part two 
Josh Wins Part three

Josh takes Paul to the finale. Cody is now not the stupidest finale 2 player Josh is.

Jury segment
Matt’s a douche and Raven is the puppet master.
Nobody thinks Christmas should win the game.
Dr Will – So Xmas’ biggest move is getting a broken foot
They’re all biter… some of them are f*ing the worst during this segment.

Jury Vote
The Jury laughs when they hear Josh took Paul to the end.

The questions begin..

Elena calls him out for bullying. He denies it.

Matt speaks but nobody cares

Alex calls him out on friendship.. Paul lies..

Cody asks him if he played Paul’s game or is own.
Josh mentioned owning a business but falls to mentions it’s a ebay storefront that sells cheap chinese hair products.

Jason calls Paul out for pour poor jury management.
Paul says he did everything he said he was doing. Blames the backstabbing on “the entire house”

Mark brings up Josh crying after he would bully people
Josh – one of my game moves is to expose people’s move
Josh now claims he’s a fan of the game and this insight allowed him to pull out the shady players.

Xmas speaks nobody cares

Votes go down

Cody – going to stay true to my word
Elena – cutscene there’s no jury management
Mark – congratulations both of you
Matt – I’m a idiot..
Jason – somebody has got to go
Raven – blah blah blah surgery i’m the worst
Alex – it’s just a game.. and we’ll just be friends afterwards I’m voting for who stab me in the front
Kevin – you played a great game
Xmas – I love you both…

Jessica calls them the jury out for being idiots and it’s glorious. She says they all have been quoted for saying they trust paul and want him to make it far.
Everyone but Cody feel like idiots.
Production shows cutscenes of them saying they trust Paul with their Lives (kinda)
The jury sans Cody feels stupid

When Jason was asked if he’s shocked that Paul played him. jason say yes, he forfeited his own opinion for Paul. Alex jumps in with this “that was my fault sorry” (THIS THIS THIS… Jason came to Alex many times and she told him to trust Paul because friendship. It sounds like Alex knows she made th9s mistake)

Cameron says everyone was playing for Paul or each other.
Cody says he’s been warned multiple times that he’s not allowed to run out and hug her.

They need 5 votes to win

Xmas – Paul
Kevin – Paul
Alex – Josh
Raven – Paul
Jason – Josh
Matt – Paul
Mark – Josh
Elena – Josh
Cody – Josh

Winner of Big Brother 19 is Josh
America’s Favorite player is Cody 
They had 15 million votes

Top 3 were Kevin, Cody and Jason

Tonight's FINALE

September 20, 2017

After a summer of romance, conflict and tears, three HGs remain but only will walk away with the half million dollar prize. Welcome to the live two hour season finale of Big Brother!

This season on Big Brother, with three power pairs in the top eight - The showmance, the Nomance and the Ho-ho-homance - Paul perfectly aligned himself with each couple. Deciding his true loyalty was to Joshmas, Paul orchestrated everyone to take shots at each other.

First, Jason took out the Silver Fox; next, Christmas clipped the Cowboy; then Paul ensured Raven flew out next. With only five remaining, everyone trusted Paul but Josh was starting to have second thoughts and he even considered taking a shot. But in the end, Paul, Josh and Christmas stayed loyal to each other. Together, they ended the Gamer's game, then took out the last one on their hit list. With only the potty mouth, the Fa la la lunatic and the meatball remaining, the stage was set for the final HoH competition.

Now, after a summer of intense confrontations, romance, and epic competitions, it all comes down to this. Who will become the final HoH and who will make it to Final Two? 14 HGs have departed and tonight, nine must make a difficult decision. Who will crowned the winner of Big Brother and walk away with the half million dollar prize and who did America crown their favorite HG? Find out tonight on the live two hr season finale of Big Brother!

Good evening and welcome to the live season finale of Big Brother. Christmas, Josh and Paul - they were an improbably trio who worked together to send every member of the jury packing. But tonight it's every person for themselves as they head into battle for the final HoH of the summer and the chance to be crowned the winner of Big Brother. So, who will reign as the final HoH; who will walk out of the house and who will be crowned the victor? We'll find out tonight.

#ButFirst, when last we saw the HGs, they were battling in out in a magical, beautiful rainbow wonderland.

Paul tells us that the rules of the competition are simple. They have to stand on a tilting cloud while holding the tail of a unicorn. Whoever hangs on the longest wins and gets to advance to part three of the final HoH competition.

Christmas tells us that she broke her foot week two coming into the BB house and she's had to sit out on a lot of physical competitions, so going into this last HoH series, she is pumped because she finally gets to compete and the timing couldn't be better! She needs to win this part not only to prove she can win a physical competition but also to ensure her spot in the third part of the HoH competition.

Josh tells us at this point in the competition, he needs to decide who to take to Final Two. He's been thinking all along it's Christmas, but the other night Paul gave him a pretty good case to be sitting next to each other.

We are shown them in the HoH room, discussing that sitting next to Christmas is bad because she'd be in Final Two with a broken foot. Her story would win the game. Josh tells us he's not sold yet, but he wants to make a decision about what's best for his game. To do that, he was to win HoH.

Paul tells us he's had people throwing competitions all season long and he's thrown a few himself. Now is the time to win. If he wins this HoH, he automatically advances to part three of HoH and is that much closer to the win.

Christmas tells us the unicorn poops are pretty bad but they're not as bad as Josh on slop. 28 minutes in, the clouds begin tilting. Christmas tells us her foot gets pissed off at her when the cloud tilts. She hasn't used it as an excuse all summer long and she's not doing it now. She's going to suck it up and hold onto the unicorn tail and win the competition.

Josh tells us he's holding on for dear life. His legs are trembling, his knees are locking up. Everything is sore, everything is in pain. Josh falls at 40 minutes. Josh tells us he's extremely disappointed in himself. He just couldn't do it. He wanted to win to secure his spot in the third HoH. It sucks.

Paul tells us Christmas is locked in tight. He has to hold on as tight as he can or the half million is slipping through his fingers.

When the clouds tilt extremely steep, Christmas can barely hold on. Christmas tells us her foot is screaming, her fingers are going numb and the unicorns tail keeps growing, adding slack to the rope, making it harder to hold on.

Paul almost slips but regains his balance. Paul tells us that was too close. He has to hold on tighter and solidify his win and place in Final Two. Christmas slips off at 54 minutes and Paul screams happily at the win. Paul screams in the DR as well, he can't believe it!

Christmas can't even feel her hands. Paul tears up in the DR, he's worked hard this season and put blood and sweat and tears into everything. And he's only one spot away now from Final Two. Christmas, also emotional in the DR, says this is probably one of the hardest falls she's ever taken in her life because she really wanted it. There's one more to come and she's going to give it all her heart because she knows that's what she needs to do.

Josh tells us it sucks that he has to compete against Christmas in the next round but he needs to secure his place in the last round so he's sorry, he loves her, but he needs to win the next HoH competition.

Julie reminds us that Paul has already won Part 1 of the HoH competition. Now Christmas and Josh will face off in Part Two. The winner of this round will move on to face Paul tonight live, and one of them will become the final HoH of the summer.

We see Christmas coming into a backyard decked out in castles and suits of armor. Christmas tells us she has been transported into another time. She's looking at all the evicted HGs. She's not sure what's going on but she's ready to get Medieval in this competition.

Christmas reads the instructions. The competition is called "Knock 'em down" and here's how it works. Press your button to start your timer and reveal your first scroll. Each scroll will tell you which evicted HGs you need to align with. Your job is to attack anyone you're not aligned with by knocking them down with the launching device. When you think that only HGs (life-size cardboard representations) that fit the scroll's description are left standing, hit your button. If you are incorrect, you will hear a buzzer and must try again. If you are correct you will hear a ding and the next scroll will appear on the monitor and you must reset all evicted HGs to their upright positions. The player who answers the three scrolls correctly and hits their button in the fastest time will win part two of this three-part HoH competition.

The first scroll says to align with HGs that have won HoH. 

Christmas tells us that she needs to win this competition to show everyone that even with a broken foot she's a competitor to be reckoned with, and she'll be one step closer to that $500,000 prize. 

The first question is pretty easy. Cody, Jessica, Jason and Alex have all been HoHs. She has to knock down everyone else. She accidentally knocks Cody down, so she'll have to fix that before she buzzes in. She won't be able to hit all of them with the cross bow, so she'll have to use all three weapons to get a clear shot at each of her targets.

Christmas knocks down Jessica when she meant to knock down Kevin. Once everyone is down, she goes to stand Cody and Jess up and the buzzes in. 

The next clue is to align yourself with the evicted HGs that were taken off the block with the PoV. Alex, Jason and Mark were all taken off the block with the PoV; they need to be the only ones left standing. 

Christmas tells us she knows Matt had the PoV but can't remember what he did with it. She thinks he used it on Raven but is incorrect. She then thinks he used it on himself, so she stands Matt up but knocks Raven over. She then decides to knock both over and buzzes in correctly.

The next clue says to align with the evicted HGs that were on the block on eviction night three or more times. Jessica, Cody, Matt, Kevin, Elena and Raven were all on the block three times on eviction night. 

Hopefully her time on this will be better than Josh's. The frustrating part is she knows the answer but keeps knocking down the wrong HGs. Her mind is scrambled, her heart hurts because of disappointment. She's just at a loss. 

Finally, she answers correctly and buzzes in. She's frustrated with her performance and thinks she could have done better. She hopes she did better than Josh so she can move to part three.

Josh is up next; he reminds us he wants control of his destiny in this game. He begins with the same clues as Christmas. 

Josh tells us he loves using the slingshot. He asks his mommy if he can have one of these at home. He accidentally knocks Cody over, fixes him and then knocks him over. The same thing happens with Jess. Josh wonders why he keeps hitting Jess and Cody. He finally buzzes in and moves on. He moves quickly through the second round and buzzes in. He then moves onto the final round. 

In the DR, he says he's lost in the sauce. He's going to do process of elimination by who he remembers not being on the block a lot.

Josh tries a significant number of times to knock Jillian over but is unable to do so for quite awhile. He buzzes in incorrectly two times and is frustrated trying to figure out his error. He buzzes in again - again is wrong. He finally buzzes in correctly. 

Josh tells us he doesn't feel so good about it - he has no idea how Christmas did. He hopes he did better than she did to move onto round three.

Paul reveals the results. Christmas finished with a time of 1 hour 39 minutes. Josh finished with a time of 1 hour 32 minutes. By seven minutes, Josh wins part two of HoH. 

Josh and Paul will face off in part three of HoH. Josh hugs Christmas, saying how brutal that competition was. 

Christmas tells us she wanted to be in Final Two, without someone taking her. 

Josh tells us he's this close and he can taste it. He can see the check for $500k signed in his name.

Paul goes into the blue lounge to speak to the cameras. He legit is in shock - he secured himself a spot in part three of HoH. 

In the last competition if he somehow loses, Josh will take him to Final Two. 

In the DR, Paul reminds us last year he was one vote shy of winning and that was heartbreaking. He's pretty sure he has Josh beat. The people in the jury house may not like him, but he knows they don't like Josh for sure. If he can win this time, he can take the money back to his family, relieve any financial burdens they have and put the rest of the money back into himself, his future and hopefully spread the word of friendship even more.

In the backyard by herself, Christmas also talks to the cameras. She's super disappointed in herself. She failed, she sucked at that competition. 

In the DR, She tells us she's worked so hard and tried so hard to stay positive and show people you can do whatever you put your mind to - even play BB with a broken foot. 

In the backyard, Christmas wonders if her broken foot and being in the Final Two would make her successful or the girl that got carried? Christmas tells us it overwhelms her with excitement thinking about being in the Final Two. Her mom is her hero and she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She wants to win and pay for her mom's medical bills and also buy her a log cabin on her farm down in Texas.

Who doesn't want to buy their mom a house? She adds. Josh is next to talk to the cameras in the blue lounge. Josh tells us winning BB has been his dream since he was 14 years old. He just has to win part three to decide who to bring with him to Final Two so he has the best chance of winning. 

To the cameras he says he really doesn't know who the best decision is. He thinks if he makes the big move and gets Paul out, that would bring his move full circle. He loves Paul but he's playing for his family. His family came from Cuba; came from nothing. He can win this for them and say thank you for all they've done for him. His life will be complete, he'll be the happiest 23 year old in the world.

Julie tells us that one by one each jury member entered the jury house and realized they had been played. With emotions running high, they gathered to learn who would be the next to join them and then to voice their opinions of the final three. We see the jury gathered in a semi-circle with DR. Will introducing himself as a former BB winner but also a former jury member, so he knows what it's like. They are going to discuss the final three, but they can't do that until they know who the final three are. 

Will asks who they think will be joining them and Cody immediately says "Kevin." Dr. Will asks why and Cody says because Kevin is more likable than the rest of them. Everyone laughs.

Elena agrees with what Cody said. Jason says "absolutely Kevin." Raven says she'd like to see Josh join them, but she thinks it's Christmas. Alex says she hopes it's Christmas and if Alex could break Christmas' other leg, she would. 

Dr. Will says, let's find out who juror number eight is.

Kevin enters to applause and Dr. Will welcomes him. Kevin does the round of hugs. 

Raven tells Kevin the she knew it would be him and Mark calls her out saying she just said she thought it would be Christmas... that just defines the "puppet master" this summer. 

Matt tells Mark he's sulking already... the "Incredible Sulk" has started already. Mark challenges Matt to name three things he was known for this summer, and Matt just calls Mark the Incredible Sulk again. Mark asks if anyone has cereal for Matt and tells Matt he did absolutely nothing.

Matt shrugs and Mark is incredulous that Matt is proud of it... that's pathetic! Raven calls Mark a drama queen and he fires back asking Raven to explain how she's a puppet master if she came in sixth place. Raven points out that he hit the jury house before her, and he points out that he never claimed to be a great player. 

Matt tells Mark to sit down (he already is). Mark's voice quickly escalates and he tells Matt to stop calling him Mr. Sulk - come up with something new! Matt just laughs.

Dr. Will welcomes Kevin to the jury and asks him what happened. Kevin says there were only four left. Paul was HoH, then won PoV. Paul didn't take Kevin off the block, which was the plan. Kevin was surprised, and now he's here. Jason looks miffed and Alex says "weird." 

Dr. Will asks whose vote sent him home and Kevin tells him Christmas... she didn't even have to leave the room. Alex asks why Kevin isn't mad at Paul when it's obvious Paul screwed him. Kevin asks what Alex wanted him to do... get up there and start screaming? Jason says he'd want to knock Paul's teeth out and Kevin says he's just not that type of person.

Dr. Will asks the jurors to discuss Josh. Raven says from the get-go people saw that Josh was emotionally unstable and people used that to their benefit. She thinks it's just pure luck that he's there now... he didn't play the best game. Kevin agrees, saying Josh was just loud and obnoxious and aggressive and then he would cry. 

Cody chimes in saying he doesn't respect Josh as a dude in general overall. Jason says Josh saw that his role was to be a non-violent psychopath that was extremely emotional. Everyone laughs and Jason elaborates that he doesn't want to reward bad behavior and Josh had bad behavior the whole time. Elena says she doesn't respect Josh as a human being. The only thing Josh has done in the game is existed.

Cody thinks Josh and Paul are both scum (Alex agrees) but at least Josh took action while Paul hid behind a closed door being a wuss. Mark agrees, even if Josh cried after the fact, he'd say what he felt to your face. Matt says anyone who can fight with pretty much everyone in the house and still make final three is pretty impressive. Alex agrees, Josh is willing to do whatever it takes to win. He didn't mind getting into fights or ruining his social game; he wanted to get to the end and he did whatever it took to get there.

Dr. Will asks why Christmas deserves to win the game. Kevin says he doesn't know, maybe they should ask Dr. Will that. Raven giggles loudly. She broke her foot and she's in the Final Three? Cody says she got carried. For him, Christmas gets the cripple pass. Elena says that's the only reason she's in the house. If Jason had broken her foot too then she'd probably still be in the house and not be mad about it. Dr. Will clarifies that Christmas' biggest move (according to them) is that Jason broke her foot. They all agree - except Jason. She took a tragedy into a triumph, Jason is quick to point out.

Alex adds that once she couldn't really use her body to win physically, she had to rely on her social game. Raven mentions she thought Christmas wanted to take her to final four with her and Josh. She is playing a good social game, she's there and they are all in jury so she has to be doing something right. Elena is frowning, looking completely confused. Matt thinks her best game move was aligning with Josh. When your alliance member is always a bigger target, it helps.

Dr. Will asks why Paul should win. Dead silence. Kevin says Paul's a veteran, a clever player. He outsmarted everyone in the jury. If it's a game of outsmarting, Paul should definitely win. Matt says Paul made it to Final Three without going on the block once; the only other player to do that was Derrick. Mark says the game was handed to him on a silver platter, Cody reminds that Paul had three weeks of safety to play as hard as he could. 

Dr. Will points out that Cody benefited from the Halting Hex - Cody says "barely" and then Dr. Will says he had an advantage in the Battle Back. Cody doesn't know how much of an advantage he really had in the game.

Dr. Will reminds his three weeks of safety ended early in the game. They had ten weeks to cut him off, evict him, blindside him.... they weren't taken. 

Elena said if she'd won an HoH and not been evicted, she would've taken a shot at Paul. Paul made sure those evicted were people who challenged him, feared their intelligence, was afraid could go after him. Raven shrieks "That's the game!" 

Mark says he wanted everyone to do his dirty work; he didn't count on people in the jury house talking about things he'd said. It was overplay. Dr. Will mentions there are a lot of duos on stage tonight; might they all have been willing to take Paul to Final Three?

Jason, Alex, and Matt and Raven agree, even Mark nods his head but Elena shakes her head. They were beginning to realize Paul was in an alliance with himself when they got evicted, she explains. 

Raven reminds again that this is Big Brother! Elena says he lied to them, backstabbed them and tried to get the duos to turn on each other. Some would say that's how you play Big Brother, fine. But there's also such a thing as a bitter jury. She's a bitter juror. Mark thinks it's poor jury management. 

Elena says Paul over played it, abused relationships. Alex thinks it's a personal attack by making sure every juror feels belittled by him. She thinks it's bad game play. Elena continues that Paul crossed the line that she's determining as a jury member. Jason says he over lied - it's unacceptable.

Raven again reminds everyone that this is the point of the game. Dr. Will asks everyone to raise their hand if they lied or backstabbed anyone in the Big Brother house this season. Every juror raises their hands. Alex was reluctantly. Dr. Will asks if she had anything to do with blindsides, she doesn't consider that lying. She doesn't consider fake crying lying either. Dr. Will rolls his eyes when Alex says she guesses she lied -by his standards. Mark points out she never did it to anyone's face like Paul.

Raven wonders aloud if they're playing Big Baby? They're all salty because they're in jury. But between Christmas, Josh and Paul, Paul deserves to win. She asks everyone to put up their hand if they were lied to by Paul. Everyone got played by Paul except Cody. He played a good game, Raven says. You are supposed to lie and manipulate. He did that! Matt says no one, including him, can tell him Josh and Christmas played a better game than him.

Dr. Will says no one is really giving the Final Three any real credit for making it to Final Three when they are in the house and the jurors aren't. Elena sees how Paul made it to Final Three, she feels the other two made it because they are non-threats. Mark doesn't respect how the season played out or the strategies. 

Dr. Will says they are just sore losers, the Final Three are just better than them. The rest look offended while Jason admits he is absolutely a sore loser. Dr. Will commends Jason for his honesty. Playing BB is hard work and with passion. Mark demands to know how Josh worked hard to be in Final Three. Matt says he fought with everyone. Fine, so he fought with pots and pans, Mark says. That's it?

Elena doesn't respect the way Paul worked. Raven thinks Christmas worked hard - she made it to Final Three after having had surgery. That's hard! She's had surgery and if someone told her to compete in BB (Cody mutters ohmigod) after that, that takes a lot of mental capacity. Alex says if Christmas felt she couldn't compete, she should not have made the choice to stay in the house. Jason says all three fit the bill of hard work and passion. Alex says they are the ONLY option, by default.

Dr. Will reminds them the final questions they get to ask the Final Two plus their discussion that night determines who will win BB. He suggests they make those questions count.

It's time for Josh and Paul to compete for the final HoH of the summer. This HoH will immediately have to decide whom he wants to evict and whom he wants to face off against for the half-million dollars. We head to the back yard to get things started.

Julie says hello to Paul and Josh who are on opposite sides of a giant scale, and explains the competition "Scales of Just Us" win they'll have to prove just how well they know the members of the jury. Julie will read the beginnings of statements made by each of the eight members of the Big Brother jury. For each, they will have a choice of two possible endings. They must decide how they think the juror completed the statement. The answer will be either A or B and they will receive a point for each correct answer. Whoever has the most points after eight questions will tip the scale in their favor and be crowned the final HoH.

Question 1: Cody said "my favorite moment in the house was A. Winning the Battle Back or B. Meeting Jess." Paul answers A, and Josh says B. Cody's answer was winning the battle back. A point for Paul. Question 2: Elena said "my biggest regret in the game was ..." A. not standing up for Mark more or B. Letting a showmance ruin my game. Paul says B and Josh says A. We see the clip of Elena saying her regret was not standing up for Mark more. A. is correct and a point goes to Josh. Tie score 1-1.

Question 2: Elena said "my biggest regret in the game was ..." A. not standing up for Mark more or B. Letting a showmance ruin my game. Paul says B and Josh says A. We see the clip of Elena saying her regret was not standing up for Mark more. A. is correct and a point goes to Josh. Tie score 1-1. 

Question 4: Matt said "the best thing about being in the house was..." A. all the free cereal, or B. Raven's cooking. Paul answer A, then B, then settles on A. Josh answers B. We see the clip of Matt saying the best thing in the house was Raven's cooking. The point goes to Josh, who takes the lead 3-2.

Question 5: Jason said "my most embarrassing moment in the house was..." A. letting Christmas ride on my back, then breaking her foot, or B. not being able to defend myself in an argument with Matt. Both Paul and Josh answer A, and the clip shows Jason saying that B is true. Neither gets a point and they reset.

Question 6: Raven said "the most annoying thing about the house was..." A. the gross nasty kitchen, or B. Cody. Both Paul and Josh answer B, and we see Raven saying the most annoying thing about the house was the gross nasty kitchen (A)...both get it wrong. Score is still 3-2 for Josh.

Question 7: Alex said "The HGs who I thought made the worst game decisions was..." A. Me or B. Jessica. Paul answer A and Josh says B. Alex says Jessica and Josh gets another point making the score 4-2.

With only one question left, Paul can't catch up. Julie says there is no need to continue.... congratulations're the final HoH!

Josh is shaking and crying as the scale tips and Julie reminds him it's now up to him to decide whom he wants to compete against for the half-million dollar prize.

Julie tells Paul and Christmas that in just a few moments Josh will cast the final vote to evict, but before he does, they each have one last chance to plead their case. Paul is up first. Paul tells Josh that he shook his hand on day 1 and he's worked really hard beside Josh in the beginning of the game and he's spent a lot of time. He has had Josh's back a lot of the time in this game and has kept Josh safe when he needed to. He hopes Josh will keep him safe in this moment. He thanks Josh and takes a seat.

Christmas is up next. She stands and turns to Josh. She says she doesn't know what to say. Josh is her meatball. Paul is friendship Paul. She loves them both dearly. She thanks them for an amazing summer. She's had the time of her life and is honestly walking out of here with so many things that she didn't expect to gain. So many friendships and an experience she'll never be able to relive again. She thanks them both for contributing to that and she loves them very much.

Julie reminds Josh that he his now guaranteed at LEAST second place and the $50,000 prize that goes with it, but he has a big decision to make. By deciding whom to evict, he is also deciding who will stay and sit next to him when the jury votes for the winner of Big Brother. This could be a half-million decision for he ready to make it? Josh says yes and Julie asks him to stand, go to the head of the living room and cast his vote to evict.

Josh stands and takes his place. He is emotional and starts by saying this is hard. He loves them both dearly and they have been the best and closest friends to him in this house. Without them he would not have made it this far. He loves them. He's been playing. He worked his butt off this season and he played his heart out. He thinks about jury and how many people are pissed off at him in jury and how many people are upset in jury. He thinks him crazy... that he has a better chance sitting next to Paul in the end. He apologizes to Christmas. He loves her so much. He thanks her for being his rock in this game, but she is a badass and one of the strongest, toughest competitors and she killed everybody with kindness and handled every eviction with grace. He just thinks he wouldn't win against her. It's a game decision... he's bawling... he's just doing it for his family.

Julie makes it official. Christmas is the last person to be evicted from the Big Brother house. The final three share a long hug together. Paul asks Christmas to throw her crutch at Cody. Julie cuts in to tell Christmas she has to leave.

Christmas whispers to Josh not to apologize and Josh sobs as she leaves while Paul reminds Josh he's soon going to see his family. Christmas runs out to see Julie, who comments on her running while inside the Big Brother house, Josh screams and cries while Paul tells them they made it! Christmas, crying on stage, says she's proud of Josh. Julie points out Christmas wasn't asking Josh to keep her. Christmas is proud that he always acts with his heart, but now he finally acts strategically truly. She doesn't know if he would've won over him but he made the ultimate game move. Christmas thinks he made the right choice for a game - he has a better chance of winning against Paul. Her mom told her to kill them with kindness before she came and she tried to act with integrity and she knows she lost it a few times but she had a good social game and Paul has a few more enemies in the jury than she does. He's a competition beast and a vet...

Christmas says if she had not broken her foot in the game, she would've had a very different strategy in how she played. She loves competing and pushing her limits. She was hoping people would realize when she stayed that there is no limit to what you can do in the circumstance you are given and there's no way she thought she'd make it to Final Three and she has two amazing friends and can show everyone that you can do whatever you put your mind to.

Julie welcomes the jurors on stage one at a time, allowing them all to get their cheers. The jurors are all smiles and waves while Julie tells them that the last HGs was just evicted and will be joining them shortly. Who does Jason think the next juror will be? Not hope, but will be. Both Jason and Mark think it will be Christmas, and she walks out to join them. Julie brings the jurors up to speed. The jurors are stunned that Josh chose to evict Christmas and kept Paul.

The jurors have three questions each for the finalists - they have all agreed on the questions. Julie greets Josh and Paul and tells them it's time for the jury to ask a few questions. Elena: Paul, some of us in the jury feel you orchestrated and participated in bullying tactics in the house. Why was that necessary and how did it serve your game? 

Paul: I definitely don't think I was orchestrating bullying tactics. I spoke up on behalf of a lot of people. Maybe what people didn't voice publicly they would tell me privately. I felt like I was the one who had to mediate or speak on everyone's behalf. It wasn't something I decided on - it was something everyone took part of.

Matt - Josh, the jury doesn't feel you had a strategy in the game. Tell us why we're wrong and explain your biggest game move.
Josh: Big surprise to you guys and to Paul. I'm actually a superfan and I've been one since I was 14 years old and this is my biggest dream; I've envisioned myself since I was 14 in this position and my biggest move was the strategic social game play that I had. I aligned with the outsiders, Alex and Jason and I aligned with Christmas and Paul in the nine person alliance I knew was going to break up.

Christmas was giving me the pecking order you guys decided on and I was keeping Jason and Alex calm since I knew you guys were going to split up. My other biggest move was evicting Alex, a huge competitor and one of my closest allies in the game. It was hard, but I knew she'd beat me in the end otherwise.

Alex - Paul, in your last season your gameplay was based on friendship. This season, why did you decide to go against that by creating friendship and alliances and then destroying them? (Her face hardens into a glare as her tone gets angry)

Paul: I don't necessarily think I destroyed any friendship or alliances. I tried to get friendship with everyone in the house but unfortunately a lot of people turned their back on me or I would find out they were having hypothetical situations about evicting me. I got everyone as far I could, but maybe the mis-conception was that I would toss my game for someone else's and I never said I would do that. I would help out where I could but I never said I would let anyone go farther than me.

Cody - Josh, some in the jury feel you played a bigger part in Paul's game than in your own. Tell us why we're wrong.

Josh: I actually played my own game. Being in the business industry, one of the biggest tips my dad gave me was to let your business partner have the control because then they'll invest more or feel safer with you. I didn't want to impose myself as a threat. I wanted to be an ally so I downplayed my intelligence and how much I knew the game. Paul was a great ally because I saw him play last season and I knew he wasn't going to change how loyal he was so I stuck to him and it worked.

Jason - Paul, it seems like you made moves throughout the game to avoid making enemies in the jury. Why lie unnecessarily to our faces days and hours before we were going to the jury? You had to have known that we would compare notes.

Paul: Of course there were points that I knew certain things were going to happen but at the same time, I did do and say everything I said I was going to. If I used the veto, I said I was going to. If I pulled someone off, I said I would. At the same time, if the house wanted a certain target out and I was outnumbered, I couldn't help that individual. I had to act a certain way and say and do certain things to keep myself safe. And I wanted to keep myself free to compete in the following HoH so if I had competitions thrown to take my targets out for me, I was eligible to compete the following week as a security blanket because I never knew what would happen.

Mark - Josh, it seemed like every time you had an altercation in the house, it ended with you crying afterwards, apologizing and proclaiming you wouldn't do it anymore. But it would inevitably happen again. How did this serve your game? 

Josh: One of my game moves was to expose people's game. I knew I was going to stay true to myself and stay loyal but being a fan, I can easily see people's shady gameplay so one of my strategies was to call out people and their game. I didn't always feel good about it because I like all of you but it was a strategy for everyone to see shady moves being made. It was part of my game and got me to this point.

Christmas gets to ask one question to either juror. Josh - Meatball - I'd like to know if you'd like to evict Peppy (her scooter) or crutches and why?

Josh (laughing): I'd rather evict Peppy because Peppy would storm around and chase me down with creepy Christmas hugs and drive me nuts.

The rest of the jurors look creeped out by this.

Julie tells us the jury is just moments away from casting their votes to determine who will win Big Brother. 

Before they do, let's check in with the final two. We go to the living room where Julie addresses Paul and Josh telling them they each have a chance to tell the jury why they deserve to win Big Brother.

Paul is up first. Paul tells the jury that "Houseguest" he knows that at one point each of them either wanted to, thought of, or tried to get him out of this game. From the second he walked in the doors he was put at a disadvantage. He was the odd man out. They all knew who he was and how he played, so instantly he had to play a different game than all of them. With his first HoH he used his social skills to get control of the numbers in the house. Then he made it a point to always set a house target in play. That did a few things. Because he had such strong control of the numbers, nobody was willing to take a shot at him, and everyone was asking his advice so he pretty much had a hand in every single HoH and he always set up a house target that would be in front of him. After surviving the first double eviction he had to change his strategy, so he position himself in a perfect place between three pairs: Jalex, Joshmas, and Matt and Raven.

His social game was so strong at that point that he didn't have to win anything. Instead he let the right people win, and while they started shooting at each other, he strategically maneuvered his way to the top until he was left with the final pair, Josh and Christmas. From that point on he knew he had to win himself to the end and he did. He won the most important HoH, which secured his spot in the final three and he won the most important veto, which controlled who came to final three with him. Then he won part one of the final HoH competition, securing his spot in part three, and he made sure that no matter what, he would end up in this position right here, and he did. He won a total of nine competitions this season. Every time he won HoH, he won the veto that came with it, which meant that when he had the power he had full control of his week. The other four vetoes that he won not only kept him safe but it was pivotal power moves that pushed him forward. From the second he walked in the door, he worked his ass off day after day after day making tough decisions and everyone wanted to know what he was doing and what he was thinking, and he still fought his way to this point right here without ever touching the block one single time this entire season, and that's not by luck. That's not by friendship. That's by playing the hell out of Big Brother, which is exactly what he came back here to do. Thank you guys so much.

Julie calls on Josh, who stands and starts by saying "All the glory to God for making my dream come true."

He's been a fan since he was 14 years old. He said when came into this house he would play fearlessly. He had to put targets on peoples' backs, expose some peoples' games so they could see the shady game that some people were playing. He aligned himself strategically with Christmas and Paul because they were in a big alliance and he aligned himself with Jason and Alex. Luckily he aligned himself with people who won most of the HoHs. He took shots when he was HoH and he made moves. He put all of his targets on the block... Mark, Elena, and Jessica... which ended up Jessica going home. He took a shot at Alex, who was one of the strongest game players in the house and she played a great game.

Not only that, he adapted to the game and he played fearlessly. He stumbles, saying he is nervous. He repeats that he adapted to the game, played fearlessly, and gave it everything he had. He had to play from day 1 when he DIDN'T get a friendship bracelet. He got safety and if it wasn't for that, he wouldn't have made it to day 92. He laid low and didn't let people know he was a fan or how intelligent he was. He was underestimated, which was his biggest strength. Physically, mentally and how well he knew the game and none of them caught on to that. They all underestimated him and that's why he's sitting there at the end. Not only did he take shots, make moves and get out strong players, but he played loyal sticking by who he is as a person. People saw that and kept him in this house. He played the hell out of the game and he hopes that's respected.

Julie thanks Josh and Paul then turns to the jurors telling them it's time for them to vote. One by one they will insert the key of the person they want to see win this game. 

Cody is first. Cody says he is going to stay true to his word, and he places his key. 

Elena is next. She says "Cut scene! There's no jury management!" and places her key. 

Mark congratulates both of them and places his key. 

Matt is voting for the person that did more in every aspect of the game and places his key.

Jason says they both aligned with him, someone has to go and places his key. 

Raven says she is voting for the person she thinks played the best game all season and places her key. 

Alex says "You said it was just a game so let's be friends afterwards. If that's true, let's be friends. Otherwise I'm voting for the person who stabbed me in the front instead of the back" and places her key. 

Kevin says he's proud of both of them, they played a great game, congrats to both - he means that. He places his key. 

Christmas says she loves them both and is proud of them both. It's been a long summer, this is 100% game move. Voting is now complete.

Julie asks us to say hello to the first five HGs... Cameron, Jillian, Dominique, Ramses, and Jessica. There are shouts from the audience, and we see Cody smiling across at Jessica. 

Julie welcomes them back and says it's good to see everyone all in the same room together. When each of the first five got evicted, they got to go home and watch the truth, the whole story of what happened. She knows they want to let the jurors in on what was going on that they are not aware of.

Julie starts with Jessica... they'll get to Jessica and Cody in a moment because she's sure they want to embrace and all that... they'll have that at the end of the show, but first let's talk game. Julie asks Jessica what she wants the jurors to know. Jessica says she tried to warn them but they didn't listen. Paul had an alliance with everyone except for Cody. Not one of them meant more to him than the other person. He quite often laughed at them in the DR, referred to himself as a puppet master, and he played them all. He did a great job at it, but they let him do it. The worst part of the entire season was that most of them have been quoted several times saying that Paul deserves to win, and that they have no problem losing to Paul. From a Big Brother standpoint, if they wanted to play like that, they probably shouldn't have come in the house.

Julie adds that the jurors also said, not to one another, about how much they trust Paul. They didn't compare notes in the house, but told all of us in the DR. We are then shown various clips of the HGs proclaiming their trust in Paul from the beginning of the show to Final Three as well as Paul's comments about being the puppet master.

Elena watches the clips with disbelief on her face. Mark smirks at his own comment, then sticks out his tongue. Cody's face in his hard stare, as usual. Julie points out that during that segment, everyone was laughing - except Cody. Which makes the HGs laugh again. Julie says she tried warning them.

Julie points out that Jess was one week away from making it to jury. Who would she have voted for between Paul and Josh had she made it? Jess says watching that Paul had something to do with everything from beginning to end, competitions were thrown in his name and if she was in jury, he'd get her vote. 

Julie turns to Jason - was he surprised that everyone trusted Paul as much as he did? Jason says he was good, he fell hook, line and sinker. He was super shocked. 

Julie turns to Paul - he had to do a lot of back stabbing, blind siding to get to where he was right now. Who was the hardest to betray? Paul says there were many - Raven, Alex, Jason. He was torn between friendship and winning the game. In order to survive, he had to make the moves he did. He couldn't satisfy everyone and he's sorry.

Julie tells Paul he wasn't the only sneaky one in the house. She turns to Josh and reveals his goodbye messages back stabbing. Clips are shown of Josh's goodbye messages blowing up Paul's game. 

Julie asks Josh's intentions as Paul shakes his head. Josh says he wanted them to know it was all for game. He gave Christmas and Paul his loyalty from week one and he stuck to it. It was his way to explain his game since no one knew what was happening. It was the only way to let them know he was sticking with his plan to the end. 

Paul honestly thinks it's cowardly to toss the blame in the messages but Josh gave him credit in of itself because he took Josh that far thinking he could beat him.

Cameron was most surprised by the amount of showmances - right away too! Seemed like no one was really playing for themselves, they were playing for each other or for Paul. Lack of motivation, maybe they all have $500k in their bank accounts? It was frustrating for him who wanted to stay in the house. The jurors joke about his strip tease status. 

Julie asks Alex about when Derrick entered the house and she announced her ride or die being Jason. Why announce it? Alex said it was obvious from day one. She's not ashamed of it - he's the best in the game!

Julie asks Cody how he feels about Jessica right now after not seeing her for five weeks. Smiling finally, he says "good", which causes everyone to laugh. He still wants to be a couple. He's waiting for this all to be over so he can go hug her. 

Jessica says everyone on the outside knows she's been his biggest supporter, rooting him on, cheering him on all day every day. She wants to be in a relationship with him even more so.

Julie is standing by the voting box and welcoming everyone back to the season finale of Big Brother. After what many are saying was one of the most dramatic and volatile seasons in the history of this game, it's finally time to crown the winner of Big Brother. 

She reminds Paul and Josh of the prizes and announces she will pull the keys from the box one a time revealing whom each juror chose to win Big Brother. They will need at least five votes to win.

Christmas voted for Paul. Kevin voted for Paul. Alex voted for Josh. Raven voted for Paul. Three votes Paul, one vote Josh. 

Both Paul and Josh are looking down with closed eyes as they listen to Julie. Jason voted Josh, Matt voted for Paul. Four votes Paul, two votes Josh. Mark voted for Josh, Elena voted for Josh to win. There are four votes for Paul and four for Josh. Josh is crying and covering his eyes, and Paul is shaking his head, looking pained.

Cody is the last vote... while we wait for Julie to announce his vote, Josh mutters to Paul "You won". Then Julie reveals the vote... He voted for Josh... JOSH IS THE WINNER OF BIG BROTHER 19!

Josh is screaming and shaking. Paul gives him a big hug and Julie tells them to come out. Josh comes out first to a burst of silver confetti and gets hugs from everyone. Paul follows him out and everyone is hugging. Cody and Jess finally get to hug and kiss.

Julie welcomes us back after the last commercial break of the season. Another season has come and gone but you won't have to wait until next summer to get your Big Brother fix. For the first time ever there will be Celebrity Big Brother and it is coming this winter on CBS.

Julie turns to Josh - from wanting to quit this game week 1 to winning, how is he feeling? He sobs, no words. He did it for his family, didn't do it alone - thanks Paul and Christmas. 

Julie tells Paul, a bridesmaid once again. He won nine challenges, wasn't on the block and had a hand in every eviction. How did he come up short? Paul says he doesn't know, he didn't watch. He did everything he could, he was in a tough spot. If people didn't see he had to fight his way through to get to the end, it's on them. 

Julie wonders if he thinks they voted emotionally; Paul doesn't know but the stats are there. He's going home with $50 grand, Julie says.

Julie announces the top three finalists for America's Favorite Houseguest - over 15 million votes, a record. The top three are: Jason, Kevin and Cody. The winner of America's Favorite Houseguest is... Cody!

Cody smiles as Jessica hugs him. He's going home with $25k! Julie asks Cody how he thinks he won AFH, Cody say, "I don't know, it doesn't make sense." 

Julie thanks all the HGs - it's been a long summer. From outside the Big Brother house, we'll see you this winter with Celebrity Big Brother!

Day 91 down, only 1 to go

September 20, 2017

Day 91 down, only 1 to go
Live Feed Updates: Monday, September 18th and Wednesday, September 20th

9:15 PM BBT Paul talking about how Raven could never make rice that every time she did it was crunchy but she says that’s the way she meant to do it, she liked it that way. Then they go on to talk about how they think she is lying about everything, especially having family that was on the titanic and her being in the Olympics, Christmas lets out a huge sneeze, and they switch to how she takes after her grandpa and can really let them out. Christmas ask Josh if this is why he wanted to have dinner together to smash on them, (laughing) Josh says I’m not smashing on anyone, Christmas says at least someone is smashing.Josh syas well y’all at this time tomorrow I will be drunk, Paul says no not at this time it’s still early,. Josh goes on to say that he is taking home Theodore (the OWL) and wants Paul’s hat for him to wear because he is going to have a bandana too.They all finish dinner and start cleaning up, Christmas says are they fixing to chill Josh says yes we are going to go snuggle, Christmas says she has to go to the DR. Josh heads to the BR and tells Paul to come on.Paul say “oh BB HOW I WILL MISS YOU SO) Josh says that he can’t wait for life outside of the BB house. He gets in the REDBr yelling about losing his fidget spinner, then finds it. Josh goes around the house looking for everyone, Which are in the BR, Paul says he was cleaning his nose Christmas tells him she’s getting ready for work, He says fine I will go talk to my REAL friends, and goes back to the RED BR, and goes to bed, Paul comes in and gets in bed, Josh says that he is sleeping in the bed with them, all three were going to snuggle on the last night in the house, Paul tells him Hell No. He goes on to tell him yes Christmas could sleep in the middle and jumps over in the bed with Paul, tells Paul that he is going to really miss him, and he needs to adopt him, as they start playing with their fidget spinners.
9:30 PM BBT Josh ask Paul if his had a f@#$ motor on his because it goes so fast Paul tells him he shouldn’t have dropped his he broke it. Christmas comes in says they aren’t ready for her in the Dr and gets in the bed with them. Paul tells her to get in the middle she tells him no she has to get up in a minute. Josh goes on to tell Paul that he is going to stay in his BR at his house,That he is going to bring some holy water. Paul says it won’t matter cause it will just evaporate. Paul tells him he couldn’t because his mom stages his room when he is gonna, Paul says he comes in and ask her why his room smells like church, She tells him cause you have been fu@#4 in it. Josh ask for a story and Josh starts telling about him and his band mates to the strip in either Memphis are Nashville, but were only 19 and couldn’t get in anywhere, Paul goes in to tell Josh he has a friend Timmy that reminds him of him (Josh). Says that he is always the butt of the jokes, works at subway and hates his life, Josh says omg I want to meet him.
9:45 PM BBT Paul continues with his story about them going to a bar that use to be a brothel, which was haunted. Says that the waitress started telling him about 3 women that died all in the same bathroom, Says someone bought it and redid it made the upstairs a lounge, But the bathroom was still there so of course he had to go in there and everything was there still the same.He said that there was a random room upstairs with an 80 yr old man playing blues music, around a bunch of unmarked liquor so he and his friend stayed up there with him getting drunk tipping him to keep playing because it was so creepy. He starts talking about his band members and how broke everyone is, and they have to sneak in the Motel 6, He says that they are nasty grungy guys that just don’t care, Josh says do they shower,Paul tells him sometime they just don’t care, Josh ask him how did you meet these people. He tells them I will tell y’all the story of how my band got together because you could write a book about it.Josh says ok but make it short.He starts telling them that he met one of the guys on Craigslist, and switches back and forth about his band mates, Josh ask him you don’t think they are going to care what you are saying about them,Paul says no not at all they want exposure.They are all crazy.
10:00 PM BBT Paul talking about a dog that he had come across, it was very friendly and how it followed them and chased after his band as they were driving away. Josh says why not take it but Paul says that it belonged to someone and it was like everyone’s friend. Paul says it was in Alabama and he was on a tour and was playing music. He mentions other states he had visited. One was Arkansas and Xmas mentions he can go see Raven. Josh says paul’s life sounds cool but seems like it’s very tiring. Paul agrees but says that it’s something he wants to do. Paul talks about a guy he meet on tour where a guy had all kind of rums made all over the world he said he got really wasted and played and the guy said to please come back by and see him whenever they came to town. He says he went to eat at a restaurant and they had a camera crew and filming a show and they were asked to eat Nutella waffles and be filmed. He said it was so awesome. Josh talks about listening to music when he was hoh and how he woke up thinking he was home. Paul says the real world is like 16 hours away. Paul talks about how he was on the candy crush game and played it on tv. He says that he lost and that the survivor guys won. They talk about their families and Paul says that he believes that his family has reached out to there’s and possibly went out to eat or something. Xmas says that if they talked about her , her mother will light them up. Josh talks about Toy Story and Lion King and how they are his favorites. Josh says that he is gonna be loved by his fans because of his DRs, they mention Johnny Mac and the have not room having dentist chairs his season. They talk about all the pillows in there this year and how Mark was greedy about them. Josh says he smells like steak and that they need to bathe. All three of them look to be asleep.
10:15PM BBT All three aging quietly and Xmas is called to the DR. Paul plays with his fidget and he asks Josh if he’s nervous. They talk about seeing their family and the jury. Josh says he is nervous and doesn’t know what’s he wIll say. Paul says he will not be able to talk to his family because they will be bombarded with fans.
10:30PM BBT Paul and josh talking about moving and opening a restaurant or cafe after they legalize pot. Josh says that his fidget is broken and he hollers out for a new one. They laugh and make fun of Mark laughing and saying stay he will push the button and reset the week.
10:45PM BBT Josh says that he walks in as someone and walking out as someone else. Paul talks about how he’s getting a tattoo on his hand that says he is not crazy. Josh says that he can’t wait to see people and they mention Ramses and Dominique. Paul says that she doesn’t think Dom will like them because she left salty. They talk about which way they think Jessica will be. they mention Jillian and Cameron. They think that no one will be bitter except maybe Raven. They mention that Xmas is just a little upset because gage didn’t do well in comps. Paul says he is going to go shower. Josh is left alone playing with his fidget. Josh says that he is going to pee, brush his teeth and go to bed. Paul is already headed to the bathroom and Josh gets called to the DR. Xmas heads back to the rose room, she folds up a couple of things and back out to find Paul, she stops and looks at the memory wall and she smiles at the pics of her and Paul besides each other. She hollers at Paul that she wants a snack and she grabs some chocolate and asks if she can come hang out as he showers. He complains that the water is cold, she tells him to wait.
11:00PM BBT He talks about a restaurant in LA called salsa and beer and how delicious it is. They talk about guacamole and they agree that it’s one of their favorites. He asks to describe the house in one word and she says bizarre and he says fascinating. She asks like what and he says that it’s the people. He says that last season he could connect with lots of them and this season he connected with just a few. She also throws in frustrating and they both say exhilarating. Xmas says that there is just nothing like this. And he agrees and says that he agreed to come back this season and he is an adrenaline junkie and he cannot find anything like this. Josh comes back in and dances around in front of the mirror and BB asks him to put his mic on. Xmas says that some people will be messed up after the house because if they have nothing to do they will be bored and have a hard time adapting. She says that they all have a job, career or things to keep them busy so they will be ok. She says the isolation, the unknown and the people you are thrust in there with is hard and kinda like being oversees and is easy for her to adapt. Xmas asks people were asking what she was gonna be like in the house and she didn’t understand because she can only be genuine, josh says that some of the others acting like they were something else and they played themselves.
11:15PM BBT Josh asks if they are ready to call it a night and she complains that she has to redo her DRs like five times and what is wrong with her and hers. Josh says that he thinks Jessica was real and Mark was forced, fake and not genuine. Kevin was a pleaser but he had a agenda. They talk about Dom being a real person but she wasn’t ready for this experience. Paul says when the heat turned on she gave up. Josh says he was a beast and wasn’t worried about the heat. Paul says he will be right back and the other two talk about whitening their teeth. Xmas says save has a lot on her brain, like the house, tomorrow and what’s gonna happen when they leave the house. She gets up to brush her teeth and he tells her that her hair is so long. Josh says that he wants a English bulldog and she talks about her dog and how good his health is. Josh says he will name his Theodore or meatball. Josh mentions again that tomorrow is the day. Paul comes back in and josh asks him to carry him into the bedroom. He tells him no, he can’t carry him. Xmas comes out of the stall and they all head out. Xmas and Paul get into bed and they talk about the shirt that kevin left, Paul says that he asked him to bring out with him. Paul says that he’s over it and Xmas says that he has been over it. Josh has been asked like 5 times in the past hour to stop singing.
11:30PM BBT Paul talks about his best friend who is a professor and is full of tattoos. Josh comes back into the room and asks for his blankets back. Josh lays down on top of Paul and says he can’t crawl in Xmas because of her foot. Josh sings again and they talk about the poor guy who is watching them has there hand glued to their buttons. Josh says he wants to sleep in the middle and he wants to cuddle, the other two say that there is no room and they will fall out. Josh says that it’s there last night in the house together. He needs to sleep with them. Josh says he needs in the bed and Paul takes off his shirt and says that it will get hot in the bed with him in there too. Paul ends in the middle and the discussion turns to how often they wash there hair. Josh asks about how they didn’t get alcohol this season and everyone was so crazy. Paul says that it is the reason they didn’t get it because everyone was so unpredictable. Everyone gets quiet and Paul says he is zoning out.
11:45PM BBT The three lay in the bed quietly no movement , Josh touches his face occasionally but nothing more. Josh gets up to turn off the lights and gets in the round bed but that just means Xmas moves closer to Paul.

Live Feed Updates: Wednesday, September 20th
12:00 AM BBT -12:30 AM BBT All HGs are in bed asleep.
12:35 AM BBT Josh got up and went into the bathroom. He used the restroom and then turned on the shower. He then started doing push ups. He then got up and got in the shower. 12:44 AM Paul asks Xmas where Josh is and she says she thinks he is in the bathroom. Paul asks why. She says he is probably freaking out. Paul said he will be freaking out tomorrow. Josh is out of the shower grooming in the mirror. Xmas and Paul get up to go check on Josh. He comes out of the bathroom and meets up with Xmas and Paul in the dining area. Xmas asked if he was ok. He looks surprised and he said he took a shower. Christmas said she hopes they turn on the air. Production says: “PAUL, JOSH AND XMAS PLEASE PUT ON YOUR MICROPHONES.” They all laugh. They head back to the bedroom together. Josh said he wants to get the bible. Paul tells Josh, “You need sleep buddy for tomorrow. You have read the bible the whole season. The bible says “Give me a break.” Josh laughed. He said then let’s leave on the light. Xmas asks, “In here?” He says yeah. Paul says no. They get back in their beds and go back to sleep at 12:50 AM BBT.
12:50 AM BBT – All HGs Sleeping
4:30 AM BBT Paul sits up in bed & gets Christmas to untangle herself from him. He lays back down & closes his eyes. Christmas turns away from him & closes her eyes again. Josh is asleep in the round bed. Looks like the serpent is keeping eyes on the chessboard while the hg’s are sleeping in the Rose BR.
4:45 AM BBT All the houesguests remain in dreamland. Paul maneuvers himself closer to the edge of the bed, away from Christmas.
5:00 AM BBT – All houseguests are asleep in the Rose BR.

9:00 AM BBT – Fish…Last #BB19 Wake Up Call!!
9:18 AM BBT Jason says he hates when the music plays and he is not ready to get up. Josh says the outside of the memory wall is blacked out. Christmas says they will fix it. Josh says this is it. It is the last day. Paul said that he wished they had another week. Paul said the wake up music didn’t include any morning messages. Josh just said thank you god for the blessings. Then Paul said if a lamp falls on your head. Josh tells them to scoot over because he is coming in. They both murmur NO. Paul said that Josh wished death on him yesterday and Josh says I did not. Paul said if I was dead you wouldn’t be able to see me. Josh sings a bit and BB tells him to please stop singing. Josh tells BB that this is the last morning that they will tell him anything. Josh tells them again to scoot over and that he is coming in. Christmas says she is so comfortable right now. BB tells Josh again to please stop singing. Paul asks Christmas to tickle his hair. They all seem to adjust and get comfortable to go back to sleep. BB tells the HGs to rise and shine and that there are fresh batteries in the SR. They say thank you but don’t move.
9:30 AM BBT All HGs are back to sleep. BB says in a stern voice, “I said, it’s time to get up for the day.” However, no one budges.
9:34 AM BBT FISH again.
9:37 AM BBT Josh is up and is encouraging the others to change their batteries. Josh heads to the SR. Christmas is saying it’s the last day, best day. Christmas and Paul get up. Christmas turns the lights on and, and they leave the room. They go to SR to change their batteries. Paul said maybe this will be my last battery change. He said that he said that last year though. Josh says where do we go. Paul says straight to hell. Paul sees the memory wall and says wtf, why is it all black? Josh says, “Hola, familia.” Paul tells him to stop trying to get attention. Christmas says that she wants to hug them so they all do a group hug. They say they are the Three Misfits. They turn so that they can face the camera and send shout outs to the fans. Josh says he is going to be crying the whole time and Christmas says we know! She says maybe she will get a break from being their F’in therapist for all summer. Josh and Christmas continue to talk to the live feeders. They don’t know if everyone likes them or not. Christmas asks who is making me breakfast. Paul gives a shout out to his crazy fans. Josh begins his da, da, da, da, da, da ,da song and grabs Paul to dance with him. He then goes and hugs Christmas because she says she is cold. Paul goes to end of counter and is playing with a stacking game. Christmas is looking in fridge to find what she is going to make for breakfast.
9:49 AM BBT FISH for a minute. Josh goes into the Apple Room to talk to the camera. He says that we know that he has cried all summer and will probably cry all day today. He says this is the best day of his life but he is excited to see his family. He says he is going to miss the two HGs left with him because he loves them both. Paul comes in and Josh says that he was just talking about him. He said because he loves them. Then Paul starts making fun of him and saying he was gonna cry. Paul said if you had fun watching us with the pickle juice and pots and pans, thanks for tuning in to the live feeds. He said love you guys and thanks for the second time of letting me come back into the house. Paul said he might come back in to do BB Over the Top. Josh said he doesn’t think he would come back for that. Paul says that he thinks BB Over the Top will start in about a month. They talk about Big Meech. Josh continues to do his shout out to all his family. Christmas is in the kitchen talking to the cameras and giving her shout outs, too. Christmas yells for the guys to come out and talk to her. Josh feels empty now that he thinks we can’t see him. Paul is counting the hours. Josh tells him to stop. Paul digs at Josh. Saying his mom is already in the front row. Josh says now that the feeds are off I can tell you both I hate you. Paul wants to know why the memory wall is dark and blame Jessica. FISH
10:00 AM BBT Fish feeds down. FEEDS return to Christmas saying breakfast is done. She wants to eat at breakfast table. Josh is happy they are real friends.
10:01 AM BBT FEEDS DOWN We have kittens.
10:08 AM BBT FEEDS go to a shot of Julie Chen and an ad for the finale.Feeds are down for the season


September 20, 2017

J – I’m trying to cook a home cook meal for us because we’re anxious and stressed..
J – I’m trying to figure out my speech… be able to explain my game in a minute
J – Hope I win man, this will change my life.. I mean it’ll change all of our lives
J – it’ll make our lives a 100 times better.. it would be great
J – i’m just happy.. it’s a lot of emotion it’s scary.. i’ve never felt like this.. ever
J – Paul’s kinda scaring me because he’s anxious and it’s making me anxious..
J – he’s been cool the whole game and now he’s spazzing.. What the f*
J – 1 more competition tomorrow..
J – I’ve been thinking about who to take to the end.. .to be honest with you as crazy as this sounds umm, I’m going with Paul to the end.
J – because… yeah he’s a vey and played a great game but I know jury doesn’t want to see a vet win
J – I know that Raven doesn’t want to see a vet win (zomg)
J – Matt doesn’t, Alex doesn’t, Jason doesn’t, Friday the 13th doesn’t, That’s 5 votes
J – that’s all I need.. I just gotta articulate my words.. is that the right word
J – I just got to make sure I break down my game and you know he’s played a great game, an aggressive game and he played 24/7 but so did I.
J – From day 1 hour 1, I got off the trapease and I had to save myself and get safety because it wasn’t going to be Camerons a$$ it was going to be me if I was up there.. So I’ve been playing since day 1
J – going from the golden apple to finale..
J – I’ve been on my toes, putting targets on people’s back, Winning HOH, taking shots, being a pawn, going up on the block being a target
J – being loyal.. picking my allies wisely, sticking with my allies..
J – Going against Jason and Alex
J – I f*ing played a great game .. either I’m gassed up on it or i’m ummm thinking I played.. it’s been a f*ing hurricane but I’ve played a pretty decent game.
J – To wear I feel good and confident enough to wear I’m standing.. if i’m sitting next to either or I could state my case. It comes down to who’s more liked in Jury.
J – I think with Friday the 13th if she’s sitting next to me in the end she’ll beat me .. i think that she’ll have cody, elena, marks, she’ll beat me in the end.
J – I have to go against Paul.. we’re kinda the most hated.. he played it safe he’s played an aggressive game but he also hasn’t made any moves (eck .. did Josh get dropped?)
J – I don’t know 1 move he’s made that’s like.. like I think me taking out Alex was a big move me taking out Jessica was a big move me putting a target on Elena was a big move .. me putting a target on mark the whole game was Big
J – me… you know having the house thinking we’re going after Kevin but we blindsided Jason was big
J – Picking my allies week 1 and sticking by them.. having their back and playing the game the whole way through.
J – putting the target on people’s back.. calling people out.. just calling people out putting a target on their back..
J – Winning competitions taking shots .. played the strategic social game.. was a team player.. targets on people’s back..
J – I played a fearless game.. played a mental game
J – Through Mark off his game, threw Elena off her game, threw Jessica off her game.. threw Cody off his game.. threw Kevin off his game
J – I was throwing people off their game left and right
J – when you play sports there’s always a person running their mouth..
J – they couldn’t zone me out this season.. they played themselves..
J – being underestimated..

 Paul practicing his speech 

September 20, 2017

 Paul practicing his speech 
p – had control of the numbers in the house nobody could take a shot at me
P – won 2 HOH’s .. f* I should talk about that..
P – It was easy to always to make a target.. it was easy to make a house target that wasn’t me
P – I pretty much controlled every HOH, the two that I didn’t.. I was the one that flipped the house for Groundhog and I was the one that flipped the house for Josh
P – I flipped the house for my game.. I flipped the house for Groundhog day and Josh
P – after that first double eviction I knew I had to change my strategy because there wasn’t a lot of house targets left
P – so I positioned myself between 3 pairs
P – my positioning was so perfect at that point that I didn’t even have to win any competitions.. instead I let others win and they took shots at each other while I walked my way to the end and they did all the work for me
P – They took shots at each other.. the pairs took themselves down and I ended up with the final group Josh and Groundhog day
P – then I had to win myself to the top, I want the most important HOH to secure myself in final 3 and I won the veto.. then I won part 1 and part 3 of the final HOH.
P – I secured my spot right here and I got to choose who came with me
P – total of 10 competition wins and every time I won a HOH I won the veto to go with it, every time I was in power I had full control of my week. (except for when the HEx was used)
P – the second I walked through those doors I worked my a$$ off day after day.. I was the biggest target and the most obvious threat.. I made it this far without touching the block one single time.
P – That’s not by luck and that’s not by friendship (it’s by productions help.. Kidding don’t worry ;) )
P – I dodged my way to the end..
P – I used my social game..
P – Houseguests I know at some point all of you thought about taking me out
P – the second I walked through those doors I was immediately put at a disadvantage
P – you all know who I was and how I played.. I had to play a completely different game
P – of course I didn’t want the first HOH i had enemies I needed someone else to win and start creating enemies of their own which they did, Sorry Cody
P – I used my social game to get control of the numbers and I made sure there was a house targets and from that point forward everyone asked for my advice and it was easy to make a target in front of meet..

 Live Feed Updates: Tuesday, September 19th

September 19, 2017

 Live Feed Updates: Tuesday, September 19th
11:45 AM BBT Paul says they need to clean house, pack,and lay down a little bit. Paul wants to see the northern lights, the Taj Mahal, Thailand. Paul talks about reality TV gatherings.They think about in 24 hours this will be over. They plan to sleep in tomorrow. Christmas feels totally unprepared for tomorrow. They complain about different body parts hurting. Christmas goes to lie down. Paul goes for his luggage. He hasn’t seen it all summer. They joke about how many times last year, Christmas throws some of Josh’s clothes around the room. She is annoyed Josh took her comforter. She throws one on him he is afraid it was Matt and Raven’s so he screams get it off get it off. Christmas complains she is freezing. She asks BB to raise the heat. Paul heads to pack. Christmas asks Josh what he is so nervous about for tomorrow.He hopes Paul will stay with them. Paul is walking out with Trejo. Josh sings again. PLEASE STOP SINGING. Josh asks why are you packing now. Paul says what else am I supposed to do. Paul is looking for his unicorn shirt. Christmas says it’s outside Josh go run and ask the DR to get them and not to put them in the dryer.
12:00 PM BBT Feeds are down but returns shortly after. At this time, we have Christmas walking in into the rose room and lays down. She tells them that she has brought back the shirts from the DR. In the meantime, Paul is also in the same room and is starting his packing for finale night. With only 3 HG left, the house is pretty quiet, only a few chit chat as Paul continues to hang his clothes. Josh is under the blanket whispering to himself. They might be packing but the house and the bedroom are still pretty messy and not everyone has packed. All silent, nothing to update as nobody is talking. Paul is complaining on how his back is hurting and is making comments about his favorite shirt and where he has bought them. He is also wondering if some of the outfits they used in competition, if he should take them or not?! Christmas and Josh are just watching him.
12:15 PM BBT Paul is continuing his packing and trying to figure out what to keep and not keep as Josh and Christmas napping. Just a words are being exchanged between the HG. CHristmas is telling Paul that his wardrobe is mainly black.
12:27 PM BBT Production is asking Christmas to go to the DR, so she gets up and is headed to the DR. And right after, Fish comes on. Feeds are only down a minute to return to see Paul is still packing as Josh lays in bed napping. At this time, we see Christmas in the HN room with some laundry that she is laying out in order to help them dry but then goes back into the other bedroom and lays back down in her bed. Not much talk is happening among the 3 HG left in the house. Finally Paul walks away from the bedroom and heads to the bathroom. The only noise that can be heard are those coming from the outside as BB is preparing the last competition of the season.
12:45 PM BBT After what seems like an eternity, Paul is flushing the toilet and eventually exits. He talks his mic back to walks out. Paul climbs on top of the cabinet in the kitchen to grab his cup back and then heads back into the rose BR. Both Josh and Christmas are sleeping as Paul searches for the rest of his belongings to pack. No one is chatting, no game talk, no whisper. A bit later, we have Paul grabbing a couple of bags and setting them in the SR. Shortly after, production is asking the HG to please stay awake as it is not time for sleeping. Paul is now in the kitchen getting something to drink. He is mumbling something that is hard to hear but sounds like it is his speech. Sounds like he is going step by step what he had to do in order to stay in the game and all of the moves he had to make with all of the HG.
1:00 PM BBT Feeds are down as Paul enters the DR. Then, comes back out and returns to the kitchen where he is practicing his speech for the finale night but very hard to distinct what he is saying as he is using the microwave to cover up his voice or/and uses it as a timer.
1:06 PM BBT Fish time and DR is calling Paul in and comes back out in less than a minute later and continues to use the microwave to time his speech as he is going over it over and over. He then pulls up a high chair right by the M-Wave and keeps on repeating his speech to make sure he has all of his points down regarding his game moves throughout the season. While he is busy doing this, Josh and Christmas are napping in the other bedroom.
1:15 PM BBT Paul continues with his speech in order to make sure he doesn’t forget any points he wants to mention as the other 2 HG are asleep. And he goes on and on and on…. Unfortunately, only a few words can be heard as he is saying it in such a low tone. His voice is getting a bit louder and he is explaining that he had to fight very hard from the moment he walked in the door as he felt he was automatically a target because he was a veteran of the game and all of his moves were properly made and only decided to win HOH when really needed so he could advance in the game. He is mentioning that he worked his A** off in order to stay in the BB house and not being put on the block nor being the target and feels like he has played a very good game, mostly social then he had to win comps in order to secure his safety. While he is working on his speech, Christmas and Josh are resting in the Rose Room.
1:30 PM BBT Beside Paul who is sitting in the kitchen reviewing his speech, the other 2 HG are napping. Shortly after, production is asking for the HG not to nap, but it doesn’t seem to affect Josh nor Chritmas who are continuing to sleep as they are ignoring production’s request.
1:36 PM BBT Fish time.
1:40 PM BBT Josh is still in bed and Christmas is up and putting some kind of outfit on as she walks out of the bedroom and goes into the kitchen. Paul says he is bored and tells Christmas that he is just reliving the season and sitting in the kitchen. He is telling her that tomorrow will be a very long day and will not get much sleep with the finale and the after parties that will happen. Paul is saying that he wants to get another tattoo with a skull and the 8 ball as Christmas wants an apple tattoo. Josh is still asleep and all 4 cams are in the Rose Room. Paul is singing that during both season he felt that he was the target and make it to F3 each time. DR has asked Christmas to wear one of her outfit.
1:48 PM BBT DR is asking Paul to go back into the DR. Christmas is drinking Paul’s coffee and looks like Josh is finally up and awake and hugs Christmas on the way to the kitchen. She is now talking to one of the cams and says that it doesn’t make her feel good to wear the outfit. Josh is in the kitchen getting some water and starts staring at the HG wall but then heads back to the Rose Room and is surprised that Paul is already all packed and that Christmas is pretty much done herself. Josh is saying that he will miss them very much.
Christmas has now been called into the DR. Paul is now in the kitchen where Josh is joining him and he is asking him if he wants to play Chess as there is nothing else to do,
2:00 PM BBT Josh: Why are you being so annoying? Paul: I’m annoying??! C’mon, let’s play chess! Paul dances a little jig and sets up chess. Christmas comes out of the DR and goes to annoy Josh in the Rose BR. Paul joins her in the annoyance. Christmas goes back to packing. Paul asks the cameras/production if they get to write a message to BBOTT again, and says that was cool. “Houseguests: Please report to lockdown in the HOH room.”
2:08 PM BBT Fish
2:30 PM BBT Here fishy, fishy, fishy….
2:45 PM BBT Still fishin’
3:00 PM BBT Fish are still showing on the feeds.
3:10 PM BBT Feeds come back up. The houseguests wonder aloud what the lockdown was for. They come downstairs from the HOH room. Christmas goes back to the rose BR and resumes packing. Paul and Josh are in the kitchen. Josh asks what if he is not packed, and Paul says that they will pack for you, that they know what stuff is his. Josh eats a bowl of corn flakes. Paul looks at the camera and says, “Can you tell us if it is finale?” They continue to pick at each other. Josh threatens to wake Paul up with the jazzaphone at 6 am and Paul says that he may not have to be woken up, that it may be the finale! They talk about how there is no eviction, no talking to Julie. They continue razzing each other. Josh says he is going to go to bed. Christmas is in the shower and Paul is in the bathroom talking to her. Paul goes back to the kitchen and they are talking about how they need to pack. Discussion turns to how to use the te
rm ‘gas’.

 Live Feed Updates: Tuesday, September 19th

September 19, 2017

 Live Feed Updates: Tuesday, September 19th
7:27 AM BBT Josh is up, going to shower.
7:45 AM BBT Josh completes his lengthy shower and brushes his teeth again at the sink. Then scrubs his face, moisturizes and goes to the restroom.
8:00 AM BBT Josh goes to Green Br and puts on his patriotic socks. He then stops at the mirrors in the hall to put some cream on his face. He puts on deodorant and then antiperspirant and more cream on his face. Josh goes to SR to throw away something that was no longer working. Paul and Christmas still snuggled up asleep. Josh then heads into the Rose BR and climbs on bed to get his drink bottle and his slippers. He goes back into the SR to change battery. He tells live feeders that he hopes everyone woke up to a good day and that they all good vibes. He says his stomach hurts from all the junk food he ate yesterday. He tells BB that he hopes they play good tunes today. He asks for chapstick. Josh walks around the house. He says it is day 91. He goes into Apple Room and begins to talk to his familia. He says he can’t sleep. He says he is anxious, hyped up, and excited. He says tomorrow is finale night. Then begins to name his family members. Says that he loves them all. He hopes they are here already. He says he will ball out when he sees everyone. He says that he hopes he made his family proud. He says he is in shock. He says he hopes he wins He says he loves Paul and Christmas. He says one will take first, another second, and the other will take AFP. He said that in bed last night he was telling himself that he can actually win this thing. He said he had this dream for so long and never thought he would even get the call to be on the show. He said if it wasn’t for God, he would not be able to be where he is now. He says he is happy with the way he played this game. He says he stayed true to himself.
8:15 AM BBT Josh continues to speak to the cameras. He says that he hopes that the fans see that he played well. He said he was the best newbie to play this season. He says thank you to the whole CBS family. He says that his family has struggled in their business. He said he always has wanted to take care of the business and his family. He says he wants to win and just give them the money. He would love to see Christmas and Paul win but he wants to win more. He talks about Christmas and Paul and how wonderful they are. He says that you all are probably sick of him talking but he still keeps doing it. He tells camera that he doesn’t know if the people love or hate him but that he doesn’t care. He says this was his 3rd time trying out for BB. He says he loves life and everything associated with BB. He gives respect to everyone who has played this game. Josh calls the three TEAM MISFITS. He then tells everyone to vote Christmas AFP. He then says that he will take Paul to final 2 because no one in jury wants a vet to win. He said he would also like Whistle Nut to win AFP but preferably Christmas. Josh says that he is afraid to walk out of the BB house. He says that during the outside interviews he is going to be gassed up and running around. He said that everything he did in the house was for game reasons.
8:30 AM BBT Josh says that he never meant to hurt anyone or anyone’s family because he only did everything to play the game. He said that a lot of people just played it safe in the game, and he didn’t like that. He said Jason didn’t play it safe, and he respects his game play. Josh said he chose his team players and his allies. He said he played a strategic social game. He said he chose the right allies. Josh says that he is thinking about his game play and the questions that the jury are going to ask him. He says he will try to be straightforward with them. He continues to talk about all the previous players. He says he missed Jason the most and gives a shout out to Jason’s wife and son. Then he gives a shout out to Alex. He talks about the Halting Hex girl and said that she shouldn’t have tried to have a spelling contest with him. He says he is in a chatty mood this morning. He says he wants to see how Raven votes. He said that Raven said that she would not vote for Josh or Christmas.
8:45 AM BBT Josh says that he is going to go clean the kitchen and then wake those fools up. He tells everyone to have a good day and to make each day a new day. He says he feels great and says that he is going to win BB. He leaves the Apple Room and says that he is done talking. He goes to kitchen and begins cleaning up. He asks BB if he can get some gloves. Josh is singing under his breath, and BB tells him to stop that. He goes to bathroom to change his shirt. He goes back into the kitchen and continues cleaning up. He gets all the trash together from all over the kitchen. The place is totally littered on counters, table, and floor with food, cans, etc.
9:00 AM BBT He goes to the SR and asks again for gloves to clean with. He is singing a song and BB tells him to stop singing again. Paul and Christmas wake up and wonder what Josh is doing. Josh is in kitchen washing the dishes as Paul and Christmas go back to sleep. Josh says part of his strategy this year was washing dishes and chuckles.
9:15 AM BBT Josh is still doing dishes. Christmas and Paul are still asleep.
9:30 AM BBT Josh is still doing dishes. He says he feels like shit for all the shit he ate yesterday.
9:45 AM BBT Josh is finishing up the dishes. Paul and Christmas are still slumbering. Josh asks BB for a broom. Josh curses the ants. Paul rolls covering Christmas. He keeps his arm around her waist.He keeps readjusting the covers to hide his hand movements. Christmas rolls to her stomach and they sleep.
10:00 AM BBT Josh wipes down the KT counters.Paul and Christmas are sleeping. FISH WAKE UP CALLS!!!
10:30 AM BBT FEEDS return Paul still in bed.Christmas and Josh in WR saying no mas. Give us something to dance to FISH flash and Christmas and Josh laugh at BB. Josh heads to the now clean KT. He then wanders to the DR. Christmas heads to the Bedroom and Paul says no about getting up. Josh jumps on Paul in bed. Christmas turns on the light. Christmas climbs back into bed,Josh moans for them to get up. Josh says he was going to wake Paul up at 8am. Paul says he would have killed him. Christmas says give me 5 minutes. Josh pouts and walks out. Christmas is still laughing.Josh told them he made breakfast. Paul asks her if he did. Josh has not made breakfast yet. Josh is starting breakfast. He takes practically everything out of the fridge and onto the counter. Paul says he will eat tomorrow since it is practically today. Josh now hits the SR for more food. Shouting you Fruit loop Dingus. Shouting he is pissed. Paul and Christmas mumble about Josh. Christmas gets up Paul says tomorrow. Christmas asks Josh if she should make potatoes. Paul is mumbling in bed CHRISTMAS PLEASE PUT ON YOUR MIC.Josh yells at Paul Josh tells the Camera he is pissed so stop following him. Paul is memorizing his speech. He whispers he is keeping Josh in his speech. Christmas asks Josh if Raven is still mad or has Matt calmed her down. Christmas says tomorrow we’re done. Let’s give BB a playlist. PLEASE STOP SINGING.Paul continues practising his speech.
10:45 AM BBT Josh and Christmas make breakfast. Christmas gives Josh cooking tips. She tells Josh he is going to love her shower.Josh hopes BB keeps the 3 of them together for Canada. They run and wake Paul who was covered up. He threatens to fart on Josh. Josh says look how many cups you got in here. Paul says so clean them. Paul complains his nuts are twisted up. Josh tells Paul all he has done today and asks if his Mom is in town yet. He says get up I’m bored. They talk gross guy stuff about Mark. Christmas is talking to the memory wall.Josh worries it is a wall comp and if so he forfeits.
11:00 AM BBT Christmas flips the potatoes. Both guys complain about their backs. Josh torments Paul with “can you do this”Josh asks Questions what happens after the show.The Jeff interviews and such. Paul says lets go she will beat the crap out of us. PAUL YOUR MIC NEEDS NEW BATTERIES. Josh keeps making noises to the camera. .All three are in the KT. They complain about the music. Paul sings a gummy bear song from last year. FISH FLASH. Josh goes on about english muffins. Paul hopes Josh hurts himself today. Christmas takes the fidget and shoves it in Josh’s face. Josh complains about the ants. All three pick at each other. Paul says maybe the comp is looking at family pics and the first person who cries loses. Josh says he won. Paul says you would lose before it starts. Paul complains about his nuts again.Josh sings FISH flash. Paul worries he has contortion.Josh shakes in the mirror. Christmas leaves WR Paul enters. She asks Josh why he is sad. He says he isn’t sad then says grace.Paul picks at his face in mirror. Paul says tomorrow doesn’t count. Today counts. Paul wants Josh to try something. Josh says he is really excited about hanging together outside the house. They are not like his friends at home. They have business interests want to travel,the kind of friends he always wanted. Paul mentions a wall comp Josh again says he forfeits. Christmas tries to boost his confidence.
11:15 AM BBT They discuss the different comps. Josh thought he would be good at shuffleboard. They argue about Jason’s choices and wanting to put up Matt and Raven. That Jason reacts like a child. Josh had thought he would put him up that week because they were bickering that week. Christmas rips into Josh for opening a new cream cheese. Paul finds 2 more open in the fridge. These 3 bicker and pick at each other. Both Paul and Christmas give Josh digs about everything.Christmas is trying to get Josh to open his mind. Josh says he will just follow the 2 of them this week Paul tells him you have no choice. Josh says well I’ll hang with Jessica, Paul says go right ahead. Now Josh wants a nap. Christmas talks about her pet peeves. They talk about food.

 Live Feed Updates: Monday, September 18th

September 19, 2017

 Live Feed Updates: Monday, September 18th
9:45 PM BBT Paul shows Christmas another card trick and she says she’s a wannabe magic nerd and wants to go to Magic Castle in L.A. Paul starts explaining a card game to Christmas and Josh.
10:00 PM BBT Kitchen They are playing a game of cards called Golf that Paul taught them. Not sure if he is playing right or not. Their brains are not up to counting now. Paul said to Josh “You Played yourself”. Josh not sure how to play but he Flips and locks game and he wins first round. Josh smells his shirt and says I have to wash this shirt again. Josh holds up his spinner on his thumb and asks Orvell if he can do that. As Christmas is throwing M&M into his mouth (or at least trying to and missing). Josh messes up the game and does wrong move. Josh says this game sucks. Josh asks Paul Why are you being so sober now? Christmas saying you guys are boning me. Josh says are you guys thinking what I am thinking “Hot Tub” Paul says no we are playing cards. Christmas says to Josh “You didn’t even know you won dickhead”. Josh says he is really good at this game and Paul says all you have done is flip cards. But I am still good at this game. Paul opens second beer as Josh has been done with both of his beers for a while. Christmas tells Josh to stop being a bitch. Christmas says you thought I was cute all summer until we started playing this game. Josh asks her how many points do you have and she holds up her middle finger and says count. Josh tries to flip Christmas’ cards and she said you would be shot in Vegas. Strapped up and hard core.
10:15 PM BBT Christmas tells Josh to check pizza and Josh says yes it is burned and Josh says should I let it burn more? Joking around. Should we play Texas Holdem and they they say about how Raven tried to play cards and wanted to play Poker with Paul and Paul asks her what kind and she could not name a game She couldn’t even set up chess board. Christmas says I wished they would have given us one more beer each. Josh remembers he never got the pizza out and says the pizza is going to burn and runs to get it out of oven. Paul plays out cards for poker and Josh says you guys have to teach me how to play. I never learned how. I have never been to Vegas but I want to go. Paul says I don’t want to be responsible for you in Vegas. Josh keeps asking what is this card worth over and over then he pushes his cards out like he wins all and Paul says do you have 21? Josh says YES. Christmas sasy I just want to let you know that my Family has had blow out over cards. You have to match him or fold to Josh. Paul says let’s just play for game not betting until he gets it better about Josh. Josh keeps turning over his turned up card and Christmas tells him to not turn that card over leave it upright. Paul asks where that little book is to see how to play Texas Holdem. Christmas says I know how to play 5 card draw let’s play it? They are going to play 5 card with 2 card draw. This is what we played in Iraq a lot.
10:30 PM BBT They are trying to figure out how to play the game and if they are going to bet or not. Paul raises 20 and asks if Josh is in and they are all in Paul raises another 20 everyone is in. Paul has 2 pair. Josh cannot figure out pairs and face cards and he loses all. Now he knows what they mean and wants to play again. I got the hang of it now. Christmas says everyone 2 in. Paul says can I make it higher 5 in. Josh says I want two card Paul and Christmas say you have to match the bet. Josh says I am broke I am out. I am not going to the ATM. Christmas folded and Paul says he Almost had a full house Christmas that does not count.Josh gets up and says I will get the pizza, Paul asks for Ranch. Christmas says she in not going to take either one to Vegas. Paul says I am good in Vegas I just don’t deal. Paul says he feels like a fat peice of shit. Christmas says ME TOO. Christmas tells Josh to look at his cards. Josh says ALL IN. Christmas says you have to know what you put in. Christmas asks Paul if wants to raise it? Paul says how can I raise it since he has no money about Josh? Josh flips and says he has 3 pair with 5 cards and they tell him he has 2 pair high queen. Josh is yelling at Orwell to go to the ATM and get more money now. Paul gives Josh enough to play but he is all in.Josh says I lost all my money and Orwell doesn’t want to give me any more money. Paul asks what time it is and and Josh looks at the clock and says it is 10:40. Christmas says it feels like it is 2AM. Josh still cannot figure out how to play.
10:45 PM BBT Josh wants to switch his card before buy in and Christmas tells him he has to buy in first. Paul says to production after he heard someone sneeze “Bless you”. Now they are trying to play 7 card and cannot figure out who wins so they are going back to 5 card draw. Christmas says she lost her money (her M&M’s fell to ground and she is looking to pick them up and Paul says what are you doing? Three’s are wild per Josh . Josh has three of a kind and Paul says no that is a three and Josh says the three is wild. Christmas is going to try and teach them how to play Rummy. Paul says he feels like shit and Josh and Christmas say same. Paul says no we are not playing that we are playing Bullshit. Josh says how do you play Bullshit again? Paul says I dealt out the cards and forgot to pull out the jokers. Paul is switching up the direction of the play now it is counter clock ways. Josh throw out three 9’s and they call gas then it come around to Paul and he throw our one Jack and Josh calls bullshit and Paul says eat it. He had it so Josh had to pick up pile. Josh says how may times did you throw out a card and bullshit? Christmas says you never called me on it.
11:00 PM BBT Paul wins that hand. Now they are locked in no backyard now. Josh starts to sing and Christmas says you had three Stop Singing in 5 minutes now. Josh asks Paul if he finished his beer or not Paul says no and Josh says CHUG IT. BB PLEASE STOP SINGING. Paul throw out one 6 and Christmas calls bullshit and Paul turns his 6 over and Christmas has to pick up the cards. Josh throw out and says two 10’s and Christmas calls bullshit and josh was bullshitting and he had to pick up the pile. Paul throw out and says one 5 and Christmas bullshit and Paul show it was a 5 and Josh says he does not bullshit. Josh and Christmas say that Paul is using magic on them and has another deck hiding. Paul finally got called on bullshit. This game has gone to bullshit now as Josh and CHristmas have most of the cards. Josh tried to throw out 5 cards and said 4 10’s and Paul calls him on it and counts the cards and throws them back at Josh.
11:15 PM BBT Josh says all this junk food is making me feel bad. Josh picks up the deck and says who bullshitted this one after looking at the deck. Paul feels the ground moving yells earthquake and they head out the backyard The pool is moving a little and Josh says he never felt one before. Josh says that is scary. Screen goes to fishtank at 11:24 PM BBT, 11:27 PM BBT back inside kitchen now Paul is showing Christmas him turning his wrist around on table. Josh comes out of RR saying my stomach hurts, then he notice that the bandanna was missing off of Orwell . Paul says I told we would have an earthquake. Christmas says I like in Indiana and we didn’t have them and says I am surprised that we didn’t have any alarms outside. We have two days and a wake up. Give us one more day. Christmas says she is sure Josh is going to just run back in house after show and Paul says no he will go crazy for his family. Christmas says her family is show used to her traveling all the time. Paul showing Christmas card tricks.
11:30 PM BBT Paul showing her fancy ways to cut the cards. Tells Christmas there are so many ways to cut the cards. Let’s say you have the Jack of Spades and you want to slide of hand turn and flip to switch up cards. There is some card players that can do it. There is one where I will put the 5 in your hand and you close it and I have the 4 here and tap you hand the 4 switches. Christmas says like you did to me with the Queens. Paul said that he has been able to get people’s watches off then ask them what time it is? And they would dy what the fuck. Josh come back from DR. Christmas said she is going to brush her teeth and Josh says we are playing bullshit anymore? Then he says I want to go out to hammock and Paul says he wants to feel the earthquake. Josh grabs pans and starts running around pounding them saying earthquake run to the backyard earthquake. Paul says I hope you have to feel a good one. Christmas comes back out and Paul asks Josh what his card was and then shows him it was a queen and Josh goes wild. Josh then grabs his spinner and spins it while saying can you do this? Over and over. Josh goes to window and says Joey do you want to go to hammock with us, you cannot sneak out on us you signed up for this Joey. Paul asks Josh if he know what three card monty is. RR Paul and Christmas and Paul says if we have an earthquake while we are sleeping it will be dank. Josh comes in and says do you want to go to the hammock with me? She says I want to but I want to go pee in peace.
11:45 PM BBT Josh says I thought you did go already? She says no you was yelling at me so I didn’t go yet. Josh goes into SR and Christmas waits outside of SR to scare Josh. Christmas sits on couch and Josh goes to pick her up and She says no don’t pick me up. BB says Don’t carry her. Backyard on Hammock Josh and Christmas sharing hammock she says only for 30 minutes then I am going to bed. This does not work without Paul. She says I have to get a hammock for my yard for when you guys come to visit so we can all sit on it when we get together. Josh asks will it fit. She says yes and Josh says how about a hot tub so I can sit in when I come there. We only have one day left her Christmas says and Josh says NO don’t say that . Josh and Christmas and CHristmas tells Josh to pick who he thinks he can beat not to worry about feelings she is good with what he decides. Josh says all he wants to do is take care of his family. Christmas says she came in here and then met two best friends now with you two. Paul comes outside and joins them on the hammock She tells Josh how proud she is of Josh and how is has grown up so much. Paul asks if they are having a moment. No we are just talking. Christmas says how she almost fell off the hammock because Paul was not there. Christmas says the race car is old style. Paul says he has a pair of panties on his shifter. Christmas says You have grown so much after walking in here Josh. It is not all about you, Josh says yes it is lol. Paul says we get to practise our final speech tomorrow. Josh says he is not sure how is going to do it? He is going to have to pray to get through it. Josh says we are going to have to get together at least twice a year after this. Paul says he wants to see the Northern LIghts. Josh says he is just packing his bag and traveling with them.

 Josh speak to the camera!

September 19, 2017

 Josh speak to the camera!
He tells live feeders that he hopes everyone woke up to a good day and that they all good vibes. He says his stomach hurts from all the junk food he ate yesterday. He tells BB that he hopes they play good tunes today. He asks for chapstick. Josh walks around the house. He says it is day 91. He goes into Apple Room and begins to talk to his familia. He says he can’t sleep. He says he is anxious, hyped up, and excited. He says tomorrow is finale night.Then begins to name his family members. Says that he loves them all. He hopes they are here already. He says he will ball out when he sees everyone. He says that he hopes he made his family proud. He says he is in shock. He says he hopes he wins He says he loves Paul and Christmas. He says one will take first, another second, and the other will take AFP. He said that in bed last night he was telling himself that he can actually win this thing. He said he had this dream for so long and never thought he would even get the call to be on the show. He said if it wasn’t for God, he would not be able to be where he is now. He says he is happy with the way he played this game. He says he stayed true to himself.
He says that he hopes that the fans see that he played well. He said he was the best newbie to play this season. He says thank you to the whole CBS family. He says that his family has struggled in their business. He said he always has wanted to take care of the business and his family. He says he wants to win and just give them the money. He would love to see Christmas and Paul win but he wants to win more. He talks about Christmas and Paul and how wonderful they are. He says that you all are probably sick of him talking but he still keeps doing it. He tells camera that he doesn’t know if the people love or hate him but that he doesn’t care. He says this was his 3rd time trying out for BB. He says he loves life and everything associated with BB. He gives respect to everyone who has played this game. Josh calls the three TEAM MISFITS. He then tells everyone to vote Christmas AFP. He then says that he will take Paul to final 2 because no one in jury wants a vet to win. He said he would also like Whistle Nut to win AFP but preferably Christmas. Josh says that he is afraid to walk out of the BB house. He says that during the outside interviews he is going to be gassed up and running around. He said that everything he did in the house was for game reasons.

paul out to hammock

September 19, 2017

paul out to hammock

paul ooo this is nice.. away from josh and away from xmas.. i can sleep peacefully without getting attacked.. i can practice my speech..

Paul's speech:
HG i know that some point everyone single one of you either thought of, tried to or wanted to get me out of this game. And it wasnt necessarily something that i did to you. but it was because of who i was. The unleashed punishment on the house, was the only vet of the entire season and the most obvious target thought out the entire game.

From the second i walked in those doors i was immediately faced with a disadvantage, I was the odd man out and i had to play an extremely different game than every single one of you . I knew i ahd to play immediately i had no time to lose . It started with the friendship bracelets. Everyone knew my game and my capabilities so i gave certain people bracelets so they can show their capabilities, their skills and their weaknesses. and that is exactly what happened.

Of course i didn't want the 1st HOH i already had enough enemies so i needed someone else to take power and create a few enemies of their own and they did. Sorry Cody.

immediately after that i had a seemingly perfect HOH. I set the example of always ahve a a house target and from that point on everyone looked at me for advice and i pretty much had control of every single HOH . And always made sure even though there were people that wanted to get me out i always made sure ther was a house target. The 2 HOh's i didnt control i flipped the house to keep xmas and i flipped the house to keep josh.

The 2 hoh's that i didnt control i controlled the outcome and i was the one who flipped the house to keep josh.

After surviving the 1st Double Eviction, the house targets began to get smaller. So i knew i had to switch my strategy. So i did! I positioned myself between 3 pairs Maven, joshmas and Jalex in such a perfect way i didnt ahve to win any comps from that point forward. i had them win comps and then take each other out. one by one they took each other out while i dodged my way to the top where i was with Josh and xmas. and from thee i knew i had to win myself to the end and i did . I won the most important HOH which secured my spot in F3 and i won veto which secured who i took to the F3 and i won part 1 of the HOH which secure me being here right now . and again i got to chose who came up here with me

Tallying me up to 10 competitions wins. And every single time I won hoh, I won the pov and that meant that i had full control of my week. the other 4 vetos that i won not only kept me safe but were pivotal wins that pushed me forward in the game.

From the second I walked thru that door. i worked my ass off day after day, not only as the most obvious target, not only as the biggest threat, but whether i was your friend, ally, target or mentor everybody either wanted to know what i was thinking or what i was doing. And i still fought my way to this point right here with out even touching the block one single time**

And that's not with luck. and that's not by friendship. That's by playing the hell out of Big Brother. Which is exactly what i came back here to do.

paul do you guys think that is a dank speech/ i dont know i ahd shitty luck before who knows i might have shitty luck again womp womp womp

Live Feed Updates: Tuesday, September 19th

September 19, 2017

 Live Feed Updates: Tuesday, September 19th
12:00 AM BBT Paul, Christmas and Josh are out in the BY in the hammock talking about traveling to Europe. Christmas is talking about a gorgeous hotel she stayed in in Europe. She said she went with a team of people for a Christmas special for a podcast. Paul asked if they have seen the Colosseum and they bot said no. Christmas said she hopes her friend’s wedding is put off so they can come for it and visit her hometown and friends and family. Paul said he’s down. She said her team is in place and they can go to Germany. Paul said, “Let’s go to Berlin Dude!” “But let’s go in the spring because it’s raining now.” “We need to rent a tent too.” “It’s so nice except the shower.” Christmas said, “Yeah you just get a stand up shower.” Paul said he thinks his band is playing at Coachella this year. Christmas said that is so cool. Paul asked her if she has ever heard of a band called Cobra Starship. She said no. He said that he hopes they go on tour. Christmas said, “We better not have to stand in line.” Paul said, “No way.” Christmas said she can’t wait to see if her supplement line is up and made it and how her book is doing. She said her supplement line samples went out to several places and book launched and she wonders how it is doing so far.
12:15 AM BBT Paul said there is a new ride out at Magic Mountain and it’s like the Superman’s enemy. Josh said, “Like the green guy?” Paul said. “Yeah like that and it looks gnarly!” Christmas asked what kinds of rides are at Disneyland. He said they have Harry Potter land and he went after the last season of BB and it was great. He said he was baked and the different things were live. Like there were things on the wall that go live. And he said that if you wave the wand and tell it to do something it will do it. Christmas said, “I want to do that one.” Paul said, “They have hogs meat and beer.” “And during Halloween they play like Rob Zombie music and stuff for that.” Josh asked if they have Universal Studios and Adventure land. Paul said they have Universal Studios and it is basically a movie lot (studio sets) that you walk on. Josh said he wants to see the Hollywood sign.
12:30 AM BBT Paul said, “We can.” They all just daze off and become quiet for a minute. Then Paul said, “It’s going to be lit.” “We can also do Malibu.” Josh said we gotta do Europe, NY and everything. He said, “I’m making us a group chat and I’m naming it GWHY.” He laughed. Josh said, “People can walk away with their followers and their fans but guess what we got?” They all say in sync, “FRIENDSHIP.” Then Christmas says, “Friendship Paul, Meatball Josh and …Creepy Christmas.” Paul smirks and says, “Creepy Christmas” at the same time. And Christmas said Creepy Christmas kept her here. Paul said, “You guys have to come to my halloween party.” “My cousin DJs and there are around 120 heads. There is usually a noose hanging from my balcony. It’s lit.” Christmas said someone needs to dress up her crutches. Josh said he will do and she said don’t tell me just make it a surprise. He said, “Ok.” Then Christmas said, “We have to get ready for finale.” Josh said, “I doubt we will have this bad boy tomorrow.” Paul said, “Nope.” Josh said, “What/ This is our last hammock night?” Paul said, “Yes.” Christmas said, “Dominique got called out out here.” Paul said something in a Christmas voice. Christmas said, “That was the first time you saw me get sassy with someone.” Paul shook his head yes.” Josh said something about someone talking about BB when they get out. Paul said, “At that point it is irrelevant. Why would you be talking about the game at that point. It is over.” Josh said, “My stomach is upset with me.” Paul said, “Mine too.” Josh said, “Yeah from candy, soda, beer and popcorn and not in that order.” Paul said, “Gross.” Christmas said, “Me too.”
12:45 AM BBT Josh said, “We need to get mani pedis when we get out of here.” Christmas said, “Yeah we do.” Paul gave a funny look. Christmas asked him if there is a place near his beard place where they can get mani pedis. He said, “Yeah in the mall.” Josh said, “I have never had it done before. My mom usually cuts my nails for me.” Paul said, “Your mom does it for you? You’re a 23 year old man fool.” Josh said, “So. I don’t know how to do it.” Paul laughed and said he needs to get his beard trimmed. Christmas said, “Ok. We will find a place close to your beard place and I will get doubled up.” Josh asked, “Doubled up on? What does that mean? Christmas said, “I will get done by two females at one time.” Paul snickered and Josh laughed. She said, “I like to be efficient with my time.” “It’s the same price so why not get it done at the same time?” She said, “And sometimes I get a little rub with it too. And a glass of wine.” Josh said, “My mom goes to a place way away to get hers done.” Christmas said, “She is getting away for her time to get a break.” Josh said, “Yeah.” Then Josh said he is excited to see his family. Josh started talking about his brother that is not his biological brother. But that his dad and family just took him in when his parents died and he works at the Royal Palm. “And I can’t wait to go see him. He just had a baby recently.” Then Christmas asks him where it is located there. He said he can hook us up with a room for a couple of nights and for drinks and food. Paul said, “That’s cool.” Christmas said, “Right on the beach?” He said, “Yeah, right on the beach.” Christmas said, “That is cool.” Christmas said, “I don’t have a hook up like that but I have a good hook up when we do the crossfit a palooza. I’m excited for you guys to come and do that.” “She said it’s healthy though.” Paul said, “I’m so there already. I always do crossfit.” She said, “yeah there are lots of hot chicks there.” Christmas said, “Yay I’m so excited. People to do things with.” “I have one friend but she is kinda boogey.” Paul said, “Like she always has to get a hotel.” Christmas said, “Yeah she has a plane on call.” Christmas said, “The girls in Thailand are beautiful.” Paul said, “My friend too a ladyboy home one time and didn’t know it until later.” “And he had already been making out with him all night.” He told me, “He felt some padding and asked him what it was for. And then the ladyboy said I thought you knew.” Then Josh said, “I am not getting drunk in Thailand.” Christmas said, “They are beautiful though. You wouldn’t know.” Christmas said, “It is completely accepted there. It is acceptable for there to be a lot of gender fluidity there.” Josh asked if they knew about “Tootsies.” Christmas said she has heard of it. Josh said, “Yeah it’s cool. You can eat wings and order a drink and get a lap dance there.” Paul said, “I don’t know how I feel about eating wings at a strip club.”
1:00 AM BBT Josh starts telling them about his cousin’s birthday party. He said his cousin has the hookup there and he gets four bottles. Paul asked, “What happened?” Josh said, “Blacked out!” He said, “My cousin went to the ATM and started taking out 20’s and just started handed the strippers 20s and they were not even doing lap dances so I went over there and stopped him from there.” He said then it gets worse. “The girls got mad and went and got the owner and told him I was taking their money. He comes over and offered us shots and my cousins were saying they didn’t have money and stuff.” “So he said don’t worry about it. But then I don’t know what was in those drinks but he got wasted and did something and fell and landed on the hooka and broke it.” “The boss came over and said we had to pay for the hooka because it was $400.” “My cousins said they didn’t have money for that. He said he was going to call the police. So we all got the money together and paid for the hooka. And we have never been back to Tootsie’s again.” Paul said, “Tootsie’s is pissed.” Josh said yeah they are. Christmas started talking about a time when her friend Beth picked up girls at the strip club. And a guy friend of theirs paid a stripper to go home with her. Then the feeds went to fish.
1:15 AM BBT Paul pulled his hat down over his eyes. Christmas is talking about good times with her friend Beth still. She said, “Whenever I was going somewhere she would just show up there.” Josh said, “That’s cool.” She said, “She has a really nice life and loves her family and going to the beach etc.” Josh said, “That is how my friend is. He likes the simple life. He just wants his truck and to go to the beach.” Josh asked Paul if he wants to go to bed. Paul said, “Yes. But it is nice though. I’m enjoying it.” Christmas starts talking about her best friend Lyndsay. She said, “She’s my rock. She knows what I’m capable of.” “Beth says “You’ve been going to hard.” “But when Lyndsay says it, I believe it. And Paige is like my shrink. She’s the boogie one.” Then feeds went to fish. Feeds came back at 1:28 AM briefly and then went out again. They came right back. Josh said, “Let’s go to bed guys.” Paul says, “I hope they let us sleep in long tomorrow.” Josh said, “Ok say something. It’s our last hammock night.” Christmas said, “You say something since you said that.” josh said, “No. It will be gumpy according to him.”
1:30 AM BBT Josh told Paul, “Let’s go then. Vamanos chocha.” Paul flipped Josh off. Then Josh said, “Will you carry me?” Christmas said, “I could probably back squat you.” And she started talking about working out at her gym and stuff. Then Josh said, “It’s been a nice summer BB. And now I have two best friends.” “And now you guys are stuck with me. This guy right here.” Christmas winced briefly. Josh asked, “What happened? Nerves? You still get them?” Christmas said, “Yes. I still get them like 20 times a day. This bitch ain’t done.” Josh said, “Let’s go to bed.” They are all yawning and Josh said he was going to go pee. He said he wanted to do a victory run around the yard. Then he said, “But then I will get all gassed up and not want to go to bed.” He asked, “We will still have the BY tomorrow won’t we?” Christmas said, “Probably in the morning we will.” Josh said, “Then let’s go to bed. I gotta go pee.” Paul moaned and Christmas just looked at him. He asked them again. Christmas said, “Go pee and find out what time it is ok.” He said, “Ok.” And he went in the house and to the bathroom. He came back out in the BY yard and started jumping around and then laid down on them on the hammock. Christmas said, “You are like a big baby.” Paul said, “A 220lb baby.” Then feeds went to fish again.
1:45 AM BBT Feeds come back at 1:46 AM and Josh and Paul are walking into the house and start saying “Molly and percocet” and then the feeds go to fish briefly and come back. They are in the kitchen and snacking on leftover food. Josh said the house is so messed up and he asked, “Who’s going to clean the house for us?” Paul said, “They will clean it for us.” Josh said to Christmas, “We will meet you in there.” Christmas is called into the DR. She said, “You guys are going to bed without me?” They got in the Rose bedroom. Josh got in his bed. Paul said, “You aren’t going to turn the light off fool?” Josh said, “No. after I get tucked in.” Paul said, “You’re going to turn it off after your tucked in?” Josh said, “No. Wait. I’m cold. I want to get tucked in before you turn it off.” Paul turned off the light. They start talking and singing and then feeds went to fish. Then the feeds came back on. Then they were chatting again and they both jumped and Paul said, “What was that? Did you hear that?” Josh said, “Yes. What was that? Paul turned the lights on. Then he looked around and didn’t find anything. Then he turned the lights back off. Then Paul said for Josh to come closer because he wants to tell him something. Josh said, “No. You come here. I’m not getting up.” Paul said, “Just lean up then to the end of your bed.” Josh said, “No.” Paul said, “Nevermind I will tell you tomorrow then.” Josh said, “No fool tell me now.” Paul said, “No nevermind then.” Then Josh got up and went to the bed with Paul. He told him he was coming to his bed then. Then Paul asked Josh if he said anything to Christmas. Josh said, “No. Why?” Paul said, “What were you guys talking about before I came out?” Josh said, “She just told me that if he decides not to take her then she understands. And she won’t have hard feelings. And she told me to do whatever is good for your game.” Paul said, “She came and told me about the same exact thing. She said she won’t have any hard feelings if she isn’t picked to go to the end. So I was just wondering if you said anything to her because she said that.” Josh said, “No.” Paul said, “We have made some awesome friends she said and that is all she cares about. It is ok. She is like giving us permission then. I take it as her way of giving her permission for it to be us two. And this doesn’t happen very often for it to be this way.”
2:00 AM BBT Josh said ok and goodnight to Paul and was going to go back to his bed. Paul then reminded him about that noise and said there are ghosts in the house. Josh said, “Forget that fool. I’m staying here now. Christmas can sleep in my bed then.” Paul said, “Let’s tell ghost stories.” Josh said, “No way dude!” Then they start talking about their family. Paul told Josh his family is probably already there. Josh said, “Your mom works close to here huh?” Paul said, “Yes she does.” Paul said, “They will give us a room and I will stay there. But yeah we don’t need to get a room because we are close.”
2:15 AM BBT Paul and Josh are speaking in their native languages and telling each other things to say to each others families when they see them. Josh said, “Ok I’m going to bed now.” He went to the round bed and started telling Paul that he woke up the other night to go to the bathroom and the owl was there and scared the crap out of him. Then Paul threw something and Josh jumped and said, “What was that?” And he got up and jumped over to the bed Paul was in and screamed. He asked if Paul threw something. Paul lied and told him no. Paul asked him what happened. Josh said, “You didn’t hear that?” Paul said, “I didn’t hear anything and all I knew you jumped over here and I thought you were horny or something.” Josh said, “I’m sleeping here with Christmas.” Josh said, “I’m going to sleep in the money room.” Paul asked, “By yourself?” He said, “No. I’m taking Christmas Joy with me.” Paul said, “Good luck.” Paul started talking about La Llona. Josh told him to stop it. Paul laughed. Josh said he was scared about Freddy Kruger when he was little. Paul said, “One two Freddy’s coming for you..” Josh said, “Stop it!” Josh said, “I’m for sure sleeping with Christmas Joy.” Then Josh finally got up and went to the round bed and turned on the light in the bedroom. Paul yelled at him for turning on the light.
2:30 AM BBT Josh put his eye mask on and covered up. Paul got up and went out to the Green bedroom and put on some lotion because he said he smelled bad. Then he came back in the bedroom and turned off the light. And he started messing around with Josh again and was talking about another scary movie. Josh started cussing and jumped up and got back in bed with Paul again. He got upset and asked Paul why he keeps messing with him because he was almost asleep. Paul told Josh he would stop and he could go back to bed. Josh said he was not moving. Josh said he didn’t feel good and he has a headache. Paul said it is because of all the junk we ate. Paul said, “I feel like going to yack.” Josh asked why. Paul said it will make him feel better. He said, “Let’s go yack.” Josh said, “No.” Then Josh asked if Christmas was still in the DR. Paul said, “Who knows what they are asking her to talk about.” Paul said, “She said she was crying during the comp out of frustration.” Then Josh started talking about Kevin and Matt. He was saying he doesn’t understand why everyone was so gassed up about Kevin and Matt and that they were bad competitors. He said he was better than either of them. Then Josh said he thinks Paul will like a girl his sister knows. Paul said, “Oh yeah?” And Josh started explaining who she is and the feeds went to fish.
2:45 AM BBT Feeds came back on at 2:45 AM and Christmas came back in the Rose bedroom from the DR. She turned on the light briefly to get ready for bed. Then she turned it off and got in bed and put her cold hands on Paul and he screamed because her hands were cold. Paul said she came back as an ice cube. She said, “That’s what you get for going to bed without me.” They all said their goodnights to each other and got quiet.Looks like all HGs have finally called it a night and are off to dreamland. Josh is still awake and is asking if our families are here. Christmas asks if they are getting to know each other.

The final 3 gather in the living room for Paul to read a card.

September 19, 2017

The final 3 gather in the living room for Paul to read a card. Paul – Dear house guests except for Josh… Josh is a B***h. …Dear house guests, You’ve played the game so well we want to see how you do with some others. Here’s tumble towers, dominoes and cards … but if you’d rather warm the bench sit out with this popcorn and candy. Your friends at POP! Josh and Christmas start screaming. They head into the storage room to find beer.

The final 3 sit around the kitchen table playing card games and drinking beer.
josh she's getting in her head
paul how do you know
josh she told me
poaul so not in a bad in her head
josh no.. jsut that she was disappointed she lost the comop
paul she didnt ask you anything?
josh no
paul i think she knows.. like if she won the comp at least she woulda had a chance to beat me in teh last one
josh i think she is fine she said she is living in the moment.. and that it wont be the same like it is now hanging out and that she is happy that she has a genuine friendship outside this house

paul no doubt.. she's awesome. she's really dope
paul im almost positive she will win america's favorite.. 
josh yeah no shit
paul then she will win like almost $40 we can go to BOA
Paul alex and kevin are banking on it

josh to the camera if you guys let kevin win AF. I liked them in the beginning hated them at the end. xms has to win it 
paul i see my mom in 2 days
josh i know
josh lets jsut run to our moms

paul i did that last year
josh did they get mad?
paul no. they wil probably run on stage.. WE WON DUDE
josh we crushed the whole season. they played themselves
paul how gased are they that they lost?
josh to the 3 of us. they are pissed we are F3
paul yep
Josh they're like we shoulda taken them out..
Josh i aint sleeping in that round bed.. im sleeping with you guys 
paul you can sleep with xmas.. let her koala bear with you. I could use the break.
josh i need more sheets it's cold in that room but i aint using the sheets that matt and raven boned in and i dont want to wash them
Xmas in the DR for almost an hour.

both back to playing with their fidgets
josh i hope they bring us all 3 back to host something
paul they wont fly everyone out
josh yeah but you will you live here
paul yeah down teh street.. 
josh i want to do the Me Myself and I 
paul i want to take my girl
paul whats the book writing like. i cant imagine you sitting there typing it all out

xmas i have a ghost writer.. we jsut sat down and i talked. and then we co write and a sample chapter.
paul i remember that moment i won that final HOH and i ahd to be rushed to the DR i was hyperventilating that was the weirdest feeling ever.. it was gnarly. and shaking .. i wonder if they ahve footage of that somewhere

Xmas do you think you will be able to adjust better this year?

paul yes and no. i'll already ready for the big brother stuff. i wasn't ready last year but i learned.. 
xmas im worried about josh with that 
paul im going to go back to my regular life.. but it it's going to be hard.. there were times last year that i was jsut crying at times.. it's just releasing emotions.. im worried about josh and i hope he wont ahve a hard time. im not worried about you.. you;'ve had way worse things to acclimate to..

paul i hope josh doesnt get overwhelmed and shuts down.. and in and out fishies..
paul i took a hard left turn in my life and it worked out. I believed in mysefl

xmas you were willing to do the work... some people dont do the work

paul the thing is i dont ever let myself down.. i might let others down but i never let myself down..

Live Feed Updates: Monday, September 18th

September 19, 2017

Live Feed Updates: Monday, September 18th
3:30 PM BBT- The house guest are all still in the bed having causal talk in the rose room. They joke around for a bit but eventually fall asleep.
3:45 PM BBT-The houseguest are all in the Rose room bed asleep.
4:00 PM BBT Josh, Christmas, & Paul are all still sleeping in the Rose BR. All are sleeping in the same bed, with Paul in the middle. Paul wakes up enough to take his jacket off & situate his microphone. He turns on his side & Christmas snuggles right up to him. HOUSEGUESTS THE LOCKDOWN IS OVER YOU ARE FREE TO MOVE ABOUT THE HOUSE. Christmas & Paul mumble a thank you.
4:15 PM BBT The final three houseguests are still taking an afternoon nap together. All are in the same bed. They all are moving around, trying to get comfortable. Josh is on the edge of the bed, while Christmas & Paul snuggle up to each other.
4:30 PM BBT All are still slumbering for an afternoon nap. Paul & Christmas readjust & are snuggled a bit more closely than before.
4:45 PM BBT Christmas sits up & removes her hoodie. She lays back down in the bed & continues to snuggle Paul. Paul readjusts a bit. Josh is moving around. CHRISTMAS PLEASE GO TO THE DIARY ROOM. Christmas complains. She says that she was just starting to dream. She gets up & puts her microphone on. She heads to the DR. Josh is awake & he fusses at Paul for all the cups left around the bed. Paul asks him where he is going & Josh replies that he is going to go pee. Josh heads to the bathroom.
5:00 PM BBT Paul is still in bed. Christmas is in the DR & Josh washes his hands after using the restroom. Josh is now in the kitchen getting something to drink. Josh heads back to the Rose BR. Paul complains about how hot it is, especially when Christmas snuggles up to him. Josh asks if she stays snuggled the whole time. Paul says yes. Josh says that they should got to the hammock. Pau says ok & gets up. Now Paul is looking for his fidget spinner & telling Josh to get up, as he said he wanted to go to the hammock. Paul thinks that Josh has his fidget spinner & tells Josh to give it back. Paul grabs his mug & heads out of the room & into the kitchen. Feeds cut to fish. Paul is in the BY, in the hammock. He says that this is great. No sharing with Christmas or Josh. He says that he can practice his final speech. He talks about everyone wanting him out at one point or another. How he flipped the house to keep Josh. How he helped maneuver people to take out the the showmances & how he won competitions & still had a great social game. He messes up a few times on what he wants to say. He asks if the speech is good or not. Says that he will have to see how it goes.
5:15 PM BBT Paull is in the BY, practicing his final speech. Christmas is in the DR. Josh is up & moving around. In Paul’s speech, he says that the 2 HOH’s that he did not control, he controlled the outcome. He flipped the house to keep Christmas & again to keep Josh. Paul thinks his speech is good & is sure that Josh does not have a speech prepared. Paul is worried about sounding bad. Paul going over his speech for a third time. Josh is in the kitchen fixing him something to eat. Paul talking to the cameras. He says that he really hopes to win this season. If not, then he will be really sad. He says that there is one more comp left. Paul starts to go over his speech a fourth time. Feeds cut to fish for a moment. When they come back up, Paul is still in the hammock in the BY going over his speech. Josh is in the SR getting food. Josh hollers to Paul in the BY about having tacos. Paul said no tacos & goes back to rehearsing his speech. Josh is in the kitchen talking to the cameras. He talks about his tacos tasting better than Taco Bell. PLEASE STOP SINGING Paul comes in & asks Josh if he made just one taco. Josh says yes. Paul asks why they don’t make steaks. Paul heads towards the bathroom when the feeds cut to fish again. When feeds come back, Josh is still eating his taco & Paul is out of the bathroom. He asks Josh where his fidget spinner is & asks Josh to be allowed to search him. Paul digs in Josh’s pocket as Josh is saying no. Josh says that he found it in the bed.

5:30 PM BBT Josh asks Paul to help with dishes later. Paul says that tomorrow they should clean the whole house. That they have nothing better to do. Josh asks why & Paul says that they do not want to leave it a mess for other people to come in & clean up after them. Josh agrees & he heads out to the BY to the hammock. Paul heads to the SR to see if his suitcases are there yet. Paul comes outside & tells Josh that he thought he was going to wait for him. Josh asks Paul about how he wears his microphone around his neck. Paul remarks it is just like wearing a choker. Josh says Christmas is stuck in her head. Paul thinks Christmas kind of knows she is not going to the final two. She knows that she did not win a comp, so she has no control. Paul says she is awesome. Josh says yeah she is & she said she is just going to enjoy her time there & live in the moment. They talk about how certain they are Christmas is AFP. Paul says Alex & Kevin would be so pissed. Josh says Kevin is banking on winning AFP. Josh looks at the camera & tells America if Kevin is voted AFP, then he will change his name. Paul says he cannot wait to see his mom in 2 days. Paul says that Josh’s mom is probably already in California. Josh says they should just run to their mom’s & not hug anyone else until they hug their mother’s first. Paul says that he did that last year. The talk turns to how pissed the jury might be that Paul,Christmas, & Josh are the final three. Josh says that they need to make food. Josh says that he will not sleep in the round bed. That he will sleep with Christmas & Paul. Paul says for Josh to sleep with Christmas, let her koala bear his ass. Paul says he needs a night of sleeping by himself. Josh says that he is not sleeping in Matt & Raven’s bed. He says they “banged” in those sheets & did not wash them. He says that he does not want to be the one to wash them. Feeds cut to fish again.
5:45 PM BBT When the feeds come back up, Josh is talking about how nervous he will be sitting there being questioned by the jury. Paul says he will keep him calm. Josh says that his mom will faint to see him up there. Josh tells Paul that he better take him to the Me, Myself, & I. Paul says that he will make sure that he goes, but he wants to take his girl. Feeds cut to fish again. When feeds come back, Josh & Paul are still in the hammock. Josh says that he wants to stay a few days in California & take his mom places. Josh says that he cannot wait to see his family. Christmas comes out from the DR. She jokingly says that this is now Christmas’s Big Brother House. She climbs into the hammock with the guys; just as everyone is situated Josh is called into DR. JOSH, PLEASE GO TO THE DIARY ROOM.
6:00 PM BBT Josh is in the DR with Paul and Christmas on the hammock. Josh comes out to change his shirt to the one worn for the comp and then goes back into the DR. Paul is playing with his fidget spinner. Paul wants to go to Australia; Christmas has been and she has some friends there. The last time she was there was just last year. Paul wonders what her book writing process is; Christmas says she has a ghost writer. Christmas talks and this writer puts it does in words. She continues through the process of publishing a book. Christmas’ first book as about 4 years ago and the most recent was just this past May. Paul tells Christmas on how his store works. Paul does not have to do anything. Paul has been closing out his stuff in the store so probably nothing there at the moment. Paul says it was good when it lasted, now he wants to do more of his own ideas. He’s thought about operating a bar, coffee shop, or real estate where he will buy a house and flip the property. The thing Christmas is wanting to do this fall is to find an IT guy and team to do what she wants. It’s just a matter of finding the right brainiac.
6:15 PM BBT Paul and Christmas give each other career advice. Christmas asks why he is so fascinated with the spinner. Paul hopes Jason is not messed up over his eviction, and Christmas (and Paul) hopes Raven is not pissed, too. FISH. Feeds come back 5 min later with Christmas and Paul still on the hammock. Christmas mentions how they are only 1 comp away. Paul says it’s scary; Christmas says it’s exciting. Paul recalls when he won the final comp last year. He was hyperventilating and shaking going to the DR. The decision had to immediately be made. Paul says he will adjust easier to the craze that happens afterwards. Christmas is fearful for Josh. Paul does say the re-acclimation period back to normal life daily routine is tough. FISH. Paul hopes Josh doesn’t get overwhelmed by it and shut down. FISH.
6:30 PM BBT Paul and Christmas are discussing money and holding Shares. Feeds cut again. If negotiations need to be made, he is willing to…but for now “that’s how it is.” His drummer doesn’t like to be known he wants to be in the background. Paul just wants stability and being a rock star. Christmas sees that as opposites. Paul explains how it’s achievable and realistic. He knows realistically it’s tough making money in the band arena. It’s not the lifestyle that his parents wanted or what he has been surrounded by. Once his band was signed, then he realized his dream might come true. Josh is out of the DR and changed back into his normal shirt. He grabs another blanket and heads for the BY after a side trip to the bathroom. Paul talks more about his band. Christmas is excited for him! Paul says he is happy, healthy, his image is his, a traveler, doing things good for the world, etc. He also would like to go back to law school and become an attorney eventually (would have to restrict tattoos…which he still can’t until his parents are dead). Paul says there is something in him that will never lets himself down. They continue to discuss how you have to be willing to put in the work to get to the place where you want to be. Josh comes out wrapped in the blanket. He brings out a snack for all to bunch.
6:45 PM BBT Christmas says that with it being cold today, it reminds her of North Carolina. They are all impressed with each other’s hussle. Each of their grind and motivation is inspirational and want to see each other’s places, gyms, coaches, etc. Christmas has trained all of her coaches. She says many of them and the athletes gets really nervous when she comes in and watches. Christmas owns and operates her gym; Josh says Christmas is so humble. Christmas says there is no reason to be arrogate. Actions for what you have accomplished will speak for yourself. Josh says BB is the best thing that happened to him since he was on the verge of burnout at his company. His work consumes him. Paul says he needs to stop that. Josh realizes that BB made him appreciate his accomplishments. This has been a chance for him to be a kid and make mistakes. Christmas tells them about the time she burned out last year regarding her career. She is still learning on how to take a day off. Paul says he will help them with that. They smell something cooking (on a grill). Paul mentions it smells so good! Christmas asks BB to maybe have food delivered to them for dinner tonight. Josh goes back talking about his business; Paul can help him by putting his merchandise in his shops.
7:00 PM BBT Christmas sighs on how that smells soooo good! Paul and Josh still talking about business careers. Paul gives his advice. Paul has 12 retailers throughout the world with his merchandise. Again Paul says he’s going to make a shirt for Raven and donate the sales to her and her new pacemaker cause. Josh asked what are they going to do for dinner. They pass around the potato chips! Paul says steak and potatoes or steak and eggs. Christmas volunteers to make hash browns. FISH. Paul says he travels at least once a month. Paul turns over as if to sleep in the hammock. Josh complains saying he’s falling off. Christmas tickles/scratches Paul’s back. Josh still talking about dinner food. Josh also adds on how he likes it how Christmas and Paul goes down their own path in life and not following any norms. Paul is going to show Josh the ropes. They talk about Matt’s life’s drive…live and let live. Whatever happens, happens…just don’t rock Paul’s boat. They wonder how Matt ever hooked up with Raven. They recall comments made by the past HGs and laugh.
7:15 PM BBT They talk about a party (Oct 17) Josh will be having at his house. They can’t wait to meet each other’s families. Christmas and Josh was the problem child of their family. They all say they will miss each other. Christmas wants to put up a hammock and fake camera at home, and have them over. Christmas and Josh says that they get along so nicely and they don’t get on each other’s nerves. Josh wonders if they’re considered a power trio. Christmas says, “Yeah, we steamrolled everyone, and they didn’t see it coming.” Paul is lying quietly facing the other direction. Christmas says strangely enough she connected more to Jess than anyone else. Josh recalls the heated conversation with Jess/Cody. They say Cody has some serious issues; they (including Paul) does not think he will reflect and get help. Josh also turns over to “go to bed.” They say how comfortable they are in the cool crisp air. They lie quietly, slightly swaying back and forth in the hammock.
7:30 PM BBT All three are lying in the hammock…lying quietly or sleeping. Only the sounds of planes going overhead..

7:45 PM BBT Everyone repositions on the hammock. Christmas on Paul’s shoulder. They continue resting/sleeping. Feeds go to FISH at 7:57 PM.
8:00 PM BBT Feeds return. All houseguests lying on hammock with eyes closed.
8:15 PM BBT Christmas, Josh, and Paul asleep on the hammock. Paul and Josh wake up and shift their weight. Paul comments that the breeze feels so nice.
8:30 PM BBT Christmas, Josh, and Paul asleep on the hammock.
8:45 PM BBT Josh gets out of the hammock and gathers some food to take back inside. He stops and looks at the camera and gives his signature “Gwhy?”. He goes inside, sits the food on the counter, gets a handful of M&M’s, then goes to the bathroom. Josh digs through the fridge but doesn’t find anything. He goes back outside and stops at the camera again to say “Gwhy”. Josh tries to get Paul up and Paul says he just wants to eat cereal and pass out. PAUL, PLEASE GO TO THE DIARY ROOM. Paul gets up to go inside and says the breeze is so nice and he’s so relaxed. Paul walks to the diary room and Josh follows throwing candy at him. Paul yells at him to clean that up.
9:00 PM BBT Josh heats up a pork chop in the microwave and dances in the mirror. Josh keeps singing while dancing and the feeds cut to fish. BB says PLEASE STOP SINGING twice in a row and Christmas yells STOOOP! Josh runs outside to ask her what she said. Josh asks her what they are going to eat and she says scrambled eggs, bacon, and Christmas toast. Josh finds ants on the counter and starts freaking out. Josh complains that he’s tired of cooking and cleaning, and wants his mom’s food. He starts naming all of the Cuban food he misses while he washes dishes. Josh begs BB for Chinese takeout, or Chipotle, or In-n-Out. He’s tired of Paul’s cooking. Josh says everyone should buy a dishwasher because washing dishes by hand sucks.
9:15 PM BBT Josh says he can’t wait to see his family and he’s going to run straight to his mom and cry like a baby. Christmas is still outside asleep on the hammock. Paul comes out of the diary room and calls everyone to the living room. Paul starts getting on to Josh for leaving Froot Loops all over the floor. Christmas gets up and walks inside asking if they sent food. Paul reads the card from POP announcing the games, snacks, and beer. Josh gets excited about the games and decides he’s going to make pizza. Josh pops the popcorn and Christmas opens the cards so they can all play a game. Christmas goes to the bathroom and knocks on the door out of habit, even though she knows there’s no one in there. Paul does a card trick for Josh and Josh runs around the kitchen freaking out saying “How did you do that?!” He asks Paul to teach him the trick.
9:30 PM BBT Paul sets up another trick and calls over Christmas and Josh to the dining table.

 Live Feed Updates: Monday, September 18th

September 19, 2017

 Live Feed Updates: Monday, September 18th
6:00 AM BBT Paul gets a drink from the nightstand and rolls back over for sleep.
6:05 AM BBT – 9:00 AM BBT All HGs sleeping
9:01 AM BBT Feeds go to FISH
9:33 AM BBT Cams return, HGs are still sleeping.
9:45 AM BBT -10:45 AM BBT Sleeping HGs, quiet house…
10:50 AM BBT BB asked nicely to turn on the bedroom lights. BB is really trying to get the SLEEPING HGS UP..Christmas jumps out of bed to turn on the lights..BB SAYS CHECK YOURSELF AND WOH WOH WOH. Paul wonders why they are so gassed up today.
11:00 AM BBT- 11:30 AM BBT HGs back to sleep after BB tried to get them up. BB Tries again to wake them up.
11:35 AM BBT Feeds comes back to Christmas being called to the DR. She stops in the SR to change her battery. Then she heads into the WR in her comp dress.To fix her hair and makeup. She tells BB she just needs 3 mins. Then she will be there. Then she heads to the DR. Paul and Josh still in bed.
11:45 AM BBT Paul and Josh still in bed and Christmas in the DR. After Christmas’s DR she goes back to sleep. Her and Paul are cuddled up.
12:00 PM BBT HGs are sleeping in the rose room. Paul wakes up, goes to the bathroom, and then goes back to sleep.
12:15 PM BBT PAUL! JOSH! THERE ARE FRESH BATTERIES IN THE STORAGE ROOM! Paul gets back out of bed and goes to exchange his batteries in the SR. Paul goes back to sleep.
12:30 PM BBT HGs are sleeping in the rose room.
12:45 PM BBT HGs are sleeping in the rose room.
1:00 PM BBT HGs are sleeping in the rose room.
1:15 PM BBT HGs are sleeping in the rose room. JOSH! THERE ARE FRESH BATTERIES IN THE STORAGE ROOM. Josh finally wakes up and goes to the bathroom. Feeds cut to fish. Feeds come back up to Josh brushing his teeth. Christmas is straddling Paul’s back and trying to pop it. Josh goes outside and gets a big bottle of gatorade and pours it out in the sink.
1:30 PM BBT JOSH! THERE ARE FRESH BATTERIES IN THE STORAGE ROOM! Josh goes into the rose room and lays on Christmas and Paul. They discuss how many days are left before the finale. Josh tells Christmas and Paul to wake up and come hang out with him. Josh wants to make food and go hang out outside. Josh goes into the SR to change his batteries. The HGs are in the kitchen making breakfast.
1:45 PM BBT The HGs are making breakfast in the kitchen. Paul and Josh start singing the Thanksgiving Song.
2:00 PM BBT– Josh, Christmas and Paul are all in the kitchen cooking together. It appears they are making breakfast. Cameras are on Josh peeling a tangerine while Josh and Paul joke around with each other. They plan to eat together outside. The remaining houseguest go outside to eat. BB “Houseguest this is a lockdown, please go inside and close the sliding glass door”. Paul says we played ourselves with that one and head back inside. They sit down to eat inside and thank Christmas for making breakfast. Josh says something to Paul and Paul asks why Josh is being grumpy and how he woke up on the grumpy side being negative. Josh and Paul both play with their fidget spinners as they eat. Paul and Josh continue their arguing/play fighting. Christmas says she is not in this.
2:15 PM BBT-The houseguests are still in the kitchen eating and having casual conversation. Paul points out the scratches on Josh’s ear and how he got them. Josh goes into a story about getting jumped by a group of people. They go back to having casual conversation as they finish up their breakfast. Josh asks Christmas if she want to hang out because he doesn’t want to hang out with Paul. Christmas say they act like step brothers. They have more casual talk. Josh compliments Christmas on breakfasts and he asks her for a cheers. Paul stares at him as they both continue to play fight.
2:30 PM BBT-The houseguests are still sitting around the kitchen after their meal. Josh says lets go to the bedroom. Josh picks up Paul to carry him to the room as Christmas follows. They get back in bed. Paul and Josh complain about how much pain they are in. Josh asks Christmas if she can rub his back. Josh jokes that Paul is spoiled as Christmas massages his neck. Josh asks why doesn’t he get a massage like this. Christmas ask Josh to tell him a story and he says no. He seems to be jealous that Paul is getting a neck rub. Josh continues to lay in bed as Christmas rubs Paul’s neck. The houseguest are quiet with casual chit chat here and there.
2:45 PM BBT-The houseguests are all still in bed in the Rose room. Christmas is massaging Paul’s neck as Josh lays in bed quietly. Christmas finishes rubbing Paul’s neck and asks Josh to tell her a story. Josh says no. They all talk about meeting each other’s families. They talk about the houseguests zings. Josh says that Raven didn’t understand hers and mentions how mad Jason was so mad about his.They talk about Alex and her hinky vote that her and Jason tried to pin on Kevin. They know that Alex was the one who voted to evict Matt.
3:00 PM BBT-The houseguests are still in the Rose room laying in bed. Josh joins Christmas and Paul in their bed. They joke around with each other and have casual chit chat. Christmas was called to the DR and leaves. Paul and Josh continue having casual talk. They both talk about the anxiety attacks they had this season. Josh says he would just Pray his would go away. He said he would be in the DR shaking.
3:15 PM BBT-Christmas returned from the DR and gets back in bed. It is Paul’s turn to go and Josh says he is cuddling Christmas. As they lay down and have casual chit chat, there appears to have been a production leak where Paul can be heard in the Dr saying what’s up dude and the producer saying he needs something for the part one HOH. It appears live feed watchers could hear it but not the houseguest. Christmas and Josh continue their talk and Christmas says she has been quiet lately and Josh says he has noticed and ask why. Christmas says she is just thinking about her life after the show. She mentions that she is disappointed in her performance in the last comp. Christmas feels like she done her best but not all that she was capable of doing. Josh says that she should be so product of herself. He tried to encourage her and tells her she should be really proud of herself. DR: Josh please go to the diary room. Josh leaves and Paul returned to the bed. Christmas says you know Josh is going to get back in on your side. Christmas mentions that Paul’s DR session was fast. They have casual chit chat as Josh returns from the DR session. Joh checks to see if th e yard is open for Paul but in the meantimes gets something from the fridge. Houseguest are having casual talk.

Josh and Paul talking about how Groundhog day has checked out and she really doesn’t want to win

September 18, 2017

Josh and Paul talking about how Groundhog day has checked out and she really doesn’t want to win. She’s got so much stuff going on. They talk about how established Groundhog day is.
Paul – this is like fun
Josh – yeah.. she’s winning AF for sure
Paul – I think so (LOL:0

Paul all of our votes are going to her..
Paul – it’s q acombingaiton o9f her fans. our fans.. I think she deserves oit
Josh – I think she deserves it too .. she’s been awesome
Paul -she’s dope

Paul goes on and on about christmas checking out “she was about to get married and some sh1t.. she’s gone through … we’re kids to her”
Paul – she’s a f*ing women fool..
Josh going on about how he couldn’t do Big Brother again..

Paul says it’s a blessing hat he was able to come back.
Josh – and you would do it again
Paul – yeah.. I would like to do it again against.. vets. . top rated… Dan., Derrick, Vanessa, Frankie …
Paul says he’s got a real love for this game.
Josh – I think you’re going to go down
Paul – I know Dr will has won first place and second place
Josh you’re going to go down in history
Paul – yeah as potty mouth

Paul – I didn’t sit back, I didn’t float.. I won comps made moves.. played the f*ing game so no know can say shg1t there (true Paul played the game hard)
Paul – I played harder this season… last season I weaseled my way around.. this season I was on top of sh1t

JOsh again says xmas has completely checked out
Paul agreeing.. “I’m happy for her she’s made.. i wish her the best”
Paul – we’re kids dude..

Paul – Canada will happen soon bro.. my manager will be booking stuff already… I told him to give me a couple months to chill then I’ll be ready

Paul going on about his business and all the money he spent on marketing. Says he paid 18 grand before coming on the show
Paul and Josh in the hammock. Christmas is in the diary room.
Paul – I am pretty certain she (Christmas) is going to get America’s favorite. Josh – I hope to god she gets it. Paul – she will, I am telling you all our votes are going to her because people know. We’ve been talking about it, people know. The people that vote are the f**king live feeders. The true fans are the ones voting for that sh*t. Josh – cool. I hope to god she gets it. Paul – I am telling you she will. Josh – if Kevin gets it, I will die! Paul – He already won 25K. Josh – yeah. Paul – He already cashed. They’re going to someone who… think about it she broke her foot, persevered, did some bada$$ sh*t (HUH?! like what?!). She is going to win it. Nobody else had that much of a rough journey and they like that underdog sh*t. And the fact that she came close to them and didn’t turn on us, I am telling you she is going to win it. Josh – good! Paul – then we all walked away with something and that’s exactly what she wanted. She wanted like 20K to help her mom with her cabin. And she gets she stipend with America’s Favorite, so really she gets 45K. Josh – she gets even more being a figure. She comes out with more than us. Paul – you’re right. I didn’t think about that. So she will get similar to what second place gets. That’s dope. At lease all the homies come out with dough. Josh – that’s how it should be dude. We earned it. Paul – I didn’t even get that. Different. Josh – you didn’t. Paul – shakes his head no. Josh – you didn’t even fight it?! Paul – no. Big Brother tells them not to talk about production.

 Live Feed Updates: Monday, September 18th

September 18, 2017

 Live Feed Updates: Monday, September 18th
2:00 AM BBT The conversation in the Kitchen continues between Christmas and Paulthe BR, Josh is done showering. Christmas exits the Kitchen. Christmas is explaining to Paul how her day goes , what she does. Paul says she is very ambitious , he tells her what he does. Big Brother is telling Josh to stop singing and to put his mic on. Paul has gone to shower. Josh is in the Green Room gathering up his belongings. Christmas is sitting in the washroom while Paul showers. Christmas tells Josh to please flush the toilet if he pees in it. Josh says it isn’t me. Paul tells him it was. Big Brother tells Josh to put on his mic. They are reliving some of the moments that they had in the house. Paul is saying his pet peeve was when Matt and Raven would use his personal stuff. He is saying he caught Matt going into his drawer and getting his stuff out. Christmas said Raven used her makeup all the time. Christmas says she liked Kevin’s birthday dinner where everyone sat down together. Christmas is massaging Josh head and Paul is drying off from his shower.
2:15 AM BBT The Hgs are all in the washroom still. Paul asks What your favorite top 3 moments were. Josh says his first HOH Whistle-Nut’s letter from home, Christmas deciding to stay. Josh tells them about walking in on Whistle-Nut crying. Josh is telling them about the time he seen Jason cry. Big Brother tells Paul to put on his mic. Josh says Jason was in the moment when he was talking about his son. Christmas asks Paul What is 3 moments were. Paul says one was when he got everyone to throw the running comp to Christmas, as he does not have his mic on yet it is very hard to hear him. Christmas and Josh are commenting on how Paul brushes his hair. Josh says we are going to bed Do you really need to gas yourself up. Paul says I sleep next to someone so I want to not stink. Paul says he hasn’t really thought about his top 3 moments. Josh says his all time favorite moment is when Kevin walked out and he realized they were final 3. Paul says that should be in all their top 3. Christmas says she kept waiting for something to happen as in real life nothing ever goes exactly as planned. Josh asks Paul How much would we have to pay you to shave your beard. Paul says 20 g’s. Josh says Let’s go to bed, he also tells Paul to stop looking at himself in every mirror. Paul says that is what you do. They stop in the kitchen have another snack and get something to drink. Christmas is in the washroom doing her face.
2:30 AM BBT It looks like they are all heading into the Rose Room to prepare for bed. Josh is complaining that they touched his luggage and made a huge mess. Paul has turned out the light but is still teasing Josh. They ask for 3 songs for the wake up call. Paul says Josh get up in the morning and clean the kitchen. Josh tells Paul to get up and clean the kitchen. Christmas laughs and says you two sound like an old married couple. Paul is sneaking over to Josh’s bed to scare him. He jumps on Josh’s bed and asks for a kiss. Big Brother tells them to stop that. They have all returned to their own beds. They are still talking, Josh tells Paul he bored him to death. Christmas is trying to cuddle with Paul and moves closer to him in bed. Paul asks Josh to tell him who gassed him up the most on the 3rd eviction night. Josh does not answer. Paul says he is on empty, no gas left. Josh says you are annoying. Paul tells Josh he is annoying. Josh says Goodnight to Christmas but does not say Good Night to Paul. Paul tells him to try and talk to him tomorrow. Josh is trying to get comfy in his bed.
2:45 AM BBT All Hgs are in their beds trying to go to sleep.Josh starts singing You Got a Friend in me. Feeds go to fish. Feeds come back with all Hgs in their beds and trying to sleep.Christmas is awake and staring at Paul sleeping. Christmas is up out of bed and on the move.
3:00 AM BBT Christmas has headed outside slowly making her way to the hammock, where she curls up under the blanket she has brought out with her. She looks deep in thought. Josh is still tossing and turning in bed.
3:15 AM BBT Christmas is still on the hammock in the backyard deep in thought, every once in awhile her eyes close but there is no movement or talking from her. In the Rose Room Josh and Paul are in bed sleeping, Paul more deeply than Josh it seems as Josh has been tossing and turning.
3:25 AM BBT Christmas gets up from the hammock with her blanket and slowly makes her way inside where she heads into the Rose Room and back into bed. She snuggles into Paul.
3:30 AM BBT – 5:45 AM BBT All Hgs are in bed visiting dreamland.
6:00 AM BBT Paul gets a drink from the nightstand and rolls back over for sleep.
6:05 AM BBT – All HGs sleeping

Christmas talking to herself.

September 18, 2017

Christmas talking to herself.
Christmas – I know one of those get to secure a spot and I don’t because I sucked at that comp. I really did try and my best was not enough. I know I talk about successful failure and I will learn something. Josh bugs her and then heads back inside. Christmas – I came here with a broken heart, I’m leaving with a broken heart. Super disappointed in my performance. I would not be having a pity party if I hadn’t broken my foot. I don’t know if I should talk to both of them separately and tell them to bring the other to final 2 and I’ll just take third. I honestly don’t think anyone else would have stayed with a broken foot.. so does that exceptional or does that make me the girl that got carried through because she has a broken foot. Josh joins her again. Paul comes out to sit in the hammock with them soon after. They chat about random things. Paul comments on how they get sequestered for 6 days after. Big Brother blocks the feeds.

Live Feed Updates: Sunday, September 17th

September 18, 2017

 Live Feed Updates: Sunday, September 17th
7:15 PM BBT Josh cooks. Christmas and Paul nap. Josh tells the cameras that Raven has messed up their taste buds for taco seasoning and they don’t even want taco seasoning, they just want plain meat! Then Josh comments that if you have OCD, check it before you come into the Big Brother house, cause you’ll go nuts in here.
7:30 PM BBT Josh continues cooking, and Paul continues napping. Christmas has gotten up and come inside. They chat about cooking. They talk about how Raven use to put an entire pack of taco seasoning into the meat. She shows him how to cut an avocado. They get drinks. Outside in the BY, Paul is talking to the camera about happenings in the house over the season.
7:45 PM BBT Paul is talking about how great he is and how he fought his way to where he is now. Josh comes outside and Paul hollers at him that he has to help him with the awnings. Paul asks him what he made for dinner and he answers taco salad. They put down the awnings. Josh says he is ready to go to bed, and Paul asks what time it is. He is surprised when Josh says it is only 7 something. Christmas brings their bowls of salad outside. Josh sings one line of Hanuka Matata and production says, “Please stop singing”. They keep
saying jambalaya papaya and guy. Josh spins a fidget spinner on his finger. They are again asked to stop singing. Christmas is working on getting laundry out of the machines. Paul goes inside to the storage room, then to the green bedroom. Josh and Christmas start to eat in the outside sitting area. Paul comes back outside. They ‘cheers’ with their bowls and start to eat. Josh plays with the fidget spinner again.
8:00 PM BBT The three continue eating and chatting. They begin discussing Rocky Horror Picture Show. Christmas starts describing where she watched it in Richmond, VA. They discuss whether Richmond is a rough city. She talks about living in the Fan part of Richmond, which may not interest many of you, but as a Virginian, I find it interesting! 🙂 Josh drops his fidget spinner into his taco salad. They talk about whether or not Paul really is a potty mouth. Josh goes inside.
8:15 PM BBT Josh comes back out with chocolate for Christmas. They talk about Christmas’s Christmas party she throws every year. Josh and Paul continue playing with fidget spinners. Josh says to get the pool table ready. Heads in and uses the RR and adjusts his bandanna, Paul and Christmas express the hatred they had for spinners when they first came out but now they have nothing else to do.
8:30 PM BBT Paul keeps playing and learning new tricks while Josh is changing to go play pool. Josh hollers at himself in the mirror. Josh goes out to BY to tell them the time is 8:33. Paul tells Josh that he wants to show him a new trick. Josh walks away & goes to the hammock. He sings a few versus. Paul teases Josh by saying everything is rigged against Josh. Josh says yep. Paul continues teasing by saying the fidget spinners won’t work for Josh & that he was supposed to get the hex. Josh says yep again. Paul tries to convince Josh to come play pool with him. Paul goes over to the hammock & tackles Josh. He asks Josh why he is ignoring him. Paul asks why he won’t play pool. Josh says that he is full. They horse around some more on the hammock. Paul says some things to Josh in Spanish & Josh tells Paul that is why he got the name “Potty Mouth” in BB Comics. Paul turns the faucet on behind Josh. He plays around with Josh again on the hammock. Josh asks if Paul just came to bug him. Josh tells Paul that he is annoying & Paul responds with, “ I’m annoying? I’m annoying?” Josh says yes. Paul walks away. Josh attempts to situate himself in the hammock & Christmas has gone inside to the bathroom. Paul comes over, with a croquet mallet, & playfully acts like he is going to hit Josh with it. Paul then plays croquet by himself. He hits the balls holding the balls with one hand. Paul jokingly tells Josh that when the jury starts asking questions, they should pull out the fidget spinners. They both laugh.
8:45 PM BBT Josh asks Paul if he thinks he is A Rod. Paul asks who that is. Josh cannot believe that Paul has no idea who A Rod is. Josh tells him that he is a baseball player. Paul says that is why he has no idea who he is. Paul says he does not watch sports. Paul says that he cannot wait to get out of there. Josh is spinning his spinner hard again, says it’s worn out because he been doing it for 5hrs. Now he and Paul are having a competition to see who can spin the longest. Josh says they gave him a F@# up one because Paul keeps winning.Paul telling Josh if he wouldn’t have dropped his so many times it would work.Josh ask where is she.(Christmas) Josh says she’s hiding, Paul, Dude she loves us….She is stuck with us.. Josh starts singing Why did you do this to me,Why did you do this to me..(laughing) Paul ask Josh why he gets up so early if he would just sleep till 2pm, his day would be done, Josh says he just can’t when he hears the music his mind is just UP… Paul starts talking about, What kind of questions they are going to ask in the Final HOH. Josh says who knows… They switch to seeing their families in the audience, Josh says he’s just going to run straight to his Mother, Paul continues with wondering if their families will like each other. Josh laughs, Paul says of course they will.
9:00 PM BBT Paul’s starts talking about Christmas and how she has already made it on the outside, Paul thinks that everyone will vote for her for AFP, since he and josh will be in the F2, all of their fans will just cast their vote for her, because they will already be in the money.Josh said he wanted to just go to bed, Paul says they can’t and they will probably start DRing them about 11:15pm to keep them up.Christmas gets out of the shower, has a near full nip slip…Josh tells Paul You seem gassed, Paul says dude i’m tired and I’ve been sitting here staring at a fucking 2 dollar toy from China. Josh tells Paul dude I’m done I don’t know how you did this twice. Paul says Dude I’ve been in shock for at least half of the game, He says it doesn’t feel real right now and he feels like he’s dreaming. He goes on to talk about how he couldn’t believe he came back so fast, and how he came in second place last year. Josh ask him if he would do it again, He said yes but ONLY if it was all just VETS, like the top 3 Vets, he would only want to play against the best. Christmas is in the BR putting on her makeup, by herself. Josh just ask again where she was, He thinks he’s ready to get out of the house and get back to her life, because she had a moment last night.Earlier Paul told Josh that she had a moment just like they all had, And she was upset about her foot and that she had lost.
9:15 PM BBT Paul now goes back to talking about the questions for final HOH, He says what am I supposed to do sit here and contemplate what they are gonna ask. He said that last year the hardest thing wa sitting in the house knowing that his Mom was right next door, Josh said his mom is going to freak out…and ask Paul if they get to walk out together. (PRODUCTION CHRISTMAS GO TO THE DR) Paul says yes we do because WE won. Paul telling Josh how much fun they are going to have when they get out, That they are going to go some really dope places, And have money, Paul told Josh is gonna be a blast because I won’t be a BROKE BITCH. Paul is telling Josh how much inventory he made up and that he made 18 different new items before he came on the show, and hopes he didnt gas himself and the stuff sold. Josh thinks it’s crazy how when you out of the house how much people are going to know who you are, Paul tells him that the airport is the worst place at least 10 people approach him there, Josh can’t believe it and can’t wait for it to happen, So he can make someone’s day and be nice. Paul tells him you better be nice.Josh is talking about how he thinks people are reacting to him on the outside, Because when Bobby walked in he had the POTS AND PANS, AND JOSH THOUGHT OH SHIT, Josh says maybe I’m just overthinking it but…Josh is worried about what people think about him. Paul tells him that’s the way I felt last year and this year
9:27 PM BBT CHRISTMAS has an announcement from BB/POP.. She comes outside AND tells Josh and Paul she has an announcement, They all go into the living room, And she tells them that POP wants them to play a game, by answering questions from people on the outside..The 1st question was if it was easier to lose weight are gain weight in the BB house, They all agree that it is gain weight. 2nd question was to Paul asking Who was going to be the 1st person he was going to call when he gets out of the house, He says his GrandMa because his parents will be there.3rd question is to everyone, wanting to know what food they missed the most in the BB house, Christmas says her breakfast at her table looking out her window and grilling, Josh said basically everything Mexican,
9:30 PM BBT 4th question was to Josh asking him if he played instruments outside the house are was POTS AND PANS his 1st, Everyone laughs and Josh says that h has never played any instruments and hopes Paul will teach him how to play the guitar.another question was to Josh asking which was harder eating slop are sleeping on the spike bed, Josh says definitely eating slop, They all agree that slop is the worst. Someone ask what they all missed besides their families on the outside of the house, Paul says his car and his hairless cat..another question for all of them was which houseguests they would want to meet, Paul says Will and Evil Dick, and gives Dick a shout out, Christmas says oh the dentist you know who Im talking about, No One could remember his name (Johnny Mack) but Christmas says he was her favorite. Someone ask the 3 of them who was going to take Orwell the Owl home, Josh says definitely him because they have been tight and best friends since day one, and goes and gets him from the APPLE R.
9:45 PM BBT Someone ask them If they missed a pen and paper just to write stuff down, Paul says NO, Christmas said oh YES because she was a lister,Paul admits that he misses drawing, but that’s it. Someone ask them to give them a description of how bad the house smelled, They all agree that it doesn’t smell bad, are they are just too it.But none of them smell bad, Christmas says she smells nice but her sheets don’t smell nice and they probably should wash them, Paul says why we only have a few days let. Paul got a question of how long has he gone without shaving his beard, Christmas tells him that his beard is awful now, Paul said yes it has a mind of its own right now but it has been 5yrs. Since he has shaved. A question for everyone was How bad was it to share the shower with all the house guest, They all agree that Raven was the worst to share with that her hair was everywhere, Josh admits that he had it even up his ass, while he was showering, Christmas goes on to talk about the shower was bad but all the guys being on slop and using the bathroom was disgusting and Mark was the worst, Her name for him was ELEPHANT ASS..
10:00 PM BBT Paul gets question about his socks. He gets weird socks because he likes weird socks. Paul goes to get his sock to show what he is going to wear on finally night. On finally night I am wearing Mom Socks hopefully Mom will be there. Everyone how hard is to be without your phone? Josh says he cannot remember his password so it is going to b hard when he gets it back Paul says you learn to forget about it and enjoy everything around your. Drop the phone and enjoy your friends. Paul’s question, Who do you miss from last years show. Glen as they went to a baseball game. Corey, Paulie, Bridgett, Bronte and DaVonne. He isn’t going to throw friendship into their faces. Christmas What is the funniest joke about your name? The old man man in bar that said he never saw a White Christmas. lol. Josh says Paul was going to say a dirty joke about Christmas. For Christmas if you could have one celebrity sign your cast who would it be? She says Mark Walhberg. She doesn’t have cast but if he wants to sign it she will get a cast again just for him. Christmas jumps on top Josh and Paul is signing out of big brother for tonight. lol . Josh grabs Orwell and Theodore and buts them back. Christmas sits where Josh was sitting and says this seat is so warm and Josh says it is because I sat there. Thanks POP they all say. Christmas asks is it bedtime yet? Josh says no but he is putting them away for tonight and giving them aspirin as Christmas gave them a headache. Josh says lets go to hammock and Paul says let’s play a game of chess. BB Christmas PLEASE GO TO DR. Paul says thanks POP now the next question is about gaining weight I am getting some carbs. They have to give the cards back but Josh wants to give a shout out to those that asked his and Christmas does same and so does Paul then Christmas has to take the cards to DR. They all go into SR and Josh asks if the Moose track ice cream is any good . He is going to make a shake. Christmas looking for glasses in kitchen and says where did all of the glasses go to? Paul says why don’t you eat the french vanilla? Josh says WHY.Josh grabs the whip cream and Paul says I want some too Josh says there isn’t enough in here. Christmas says I want some too.
10:15 PM BBT Kitchen Paul and Josh shut the fuck up to each other. Josh goes running in SR to get more ice cream or cool whip not sure which one. Paul comes back into kitchen and says to Josh Was you born that ugly like it was a question from POP and then also how are you going to deal with all the weight gain Josh? Paul grabs the box of Wheat Chex and says the ants go a hold of this box and throws them in garbage. BB CHRISTMAS PLEASE GO TO DR. Christmas comes back in to go to DR and Josh gives her a taste of his ice cream mix. And Paul jumps up and tries to scare her. Christmas comes out of DR and Paul asks her was that all? Josh and Paul goes out back to hammock and Christmas goes into SR and then goes out back. Josh jumps into hammock and takes the middle and Christmas asks why are you in the middle. She says if I don’t get any covers you are in for it. Paul says you are GUMPY. They are all fighting for space on hammock and Paul says this is what she does every night when she comes to bed. Paul asks why does the bigger guy have to be in the middle? Josh says because I balance it out. BB JOSH PLEASE RE ATTACH YOUR MICROPHONE.
10:30 PM BBT Paul says two days and a wake up. Josh says he is going to grab the dick beat and tangle your beard to Paul. Josh says Paul wakes up grumpy GUMP every day and Paul says it is because the BB play The Finale Count Down every day and I don’t like it. Christmas says You Josh wake up GASSED everyday and Josh says it is because I am happy to be here. Paul says this might be the last time we get to have on the hammock. Josh says don’t say that. Josh says why would they not let us have it? Paul says because they have to close it down to make to comp for our finale comp. Josh is playing with is fidget spinner. BB PLEASE STOP WHISTLING. Josh complains about the ants again and says why did he not get a question about the ants. Paul asks Josh why he is crying and Josh says I am not crying it is because you all have been picking on me all day. Christmas puts her cold foot on Josh and Josh says says he is going to tickle her. Paul says she comes back from DR and she’s always cold. Paul says tell us things you like about girls? Josh says eyes feet and Paul says not the chootch? Paul says Her voices her smell and her touch. Josh says you said we cannot talk about that. Paul said not one girl but all girls. Paul says all girls have a smell to them you should get to know. Josh says a woman touch. I cannot wait to get home. Josh humming and BB says PLEASE STOP WHISTLING. Josh asks Christmas what she likes about men? Voice, Josh says give us 5 she can only say VOICE and their individual body odor. The talk goes to Paul saying that if you are attracted to a person’s smell then you are more likely to be attracted to them physically. Josh says give us more and she says if they make me feel protected. Josh says you just stole Paul’s. Josh says he misses this girl and cannot wait to kiss her and her her voice. Paul says are we not going away from this stuff we talked about this. Walk away from it and leave it.
10:45 PM BBT Josh says he can just feel her and before they came here he was suppose to go on a date and he didn’t. Paul tells him has to get over her just like he did before. If she holds that over your head that you didn’t get over it she is not for you you are wasting your time and hers. Christmas says the same thing MOVE on. Don’t make that mistake again move on. Josh sniffs and said did one of you fart? Paul says no it is just one of the smells outside. Josh is scared of being vulnerable again. He doesn’t want to get hurt. He doesn’t want to show himself Paul tells him he has to very apparent about his feeling and let them know. You have be open about your feeling and trust yourself. Josh asks him if he is going to take his own advice? Paul says of course he is and does. Paul gives advice about your feeling getting taken advantage of. Josh says he doesn’t mind sharing and being open and expressing his feeling. Christmas says that is when you need to be open and true with yourself.. Josh says he hasn’t found the one girl. Christmas says it is because you are still hung up on that one girl. She says let me guess you have dated more girls like her since? Josh says yes like Elena really like Elena. It was crazy. Josh says his mom saw Elena on TV and said probable said Oh MY that is his old girlfriend. Josh says that when Elena would be massaging Paul head you could tell that Mark would get mad you could smell it on him. Josh says that on day one Mark and Ew she would tell Mark what to do all the time like go and get this and get that. Josh says it must have been brutal in the DR for him. Josh said that everything that Mark would say would come back with it is Paul that is going to do it. BB CHRISTMAS PLEASE GO TO DR. Paul says why are they so horny for Christmas? Paul asks did she go in and Josh says yes. Paul says what did I say about her she needs to be cuddle and wants it. Pal says he is 7 years youngler than her. Paul says he hopes his girlfriend understands that all he is doing is being friends not to mash her. He has dreams every night about his girl friend. Josh tell shi not to come off too strong on her. Josh says Christmas is BEAUTIFUL she is a 10 man. Christmas comes back out and Josh says is it a comp. She says YES and goes back in. Both boys still spinning their spinners and talking about girls. Josh says in here we start to bond and I don’t know about you two and that I care about you two. Paul says he cares about your two also. We are the three best friends Josh signings. Paul saying that he can only think about his girl. Josh says it not all about looks as he has dated bomb shells and gets dump Paul says you have to like the girls too not just looks. Josh says it is about intention and stuff. Josh says he has to go out and meet some girls after this just meet girls. We can have Christmas come out with us she would be great to have out. She is like a woman from the movies. Josh says when he first came into the house he laid eyes on her then Elana but it was Christmas first.
11:15 PM BBT Josh says my dad would be a person that can read someone’s persona just by looking at then he would tell me to leave a friend that he knew was no good for you. Paul asks if Josh’s dad talks in english or spanish and Josh says he speaks in spanglish all the time and can jump back and forth between them. Paul says about Natalie was not his type and Josh WHAT she was pretty and Paul says just not my type. Josh says this year we had great ones this year. Paul said we had great looking girls this year Dom, Christmas, Elena . Not jessica and Josh says yes she was good looking but her attitude made it bad. Paul said one time he had to sleep between Elena and Christmas and it was so hard (Josh says yes HARD) Yes her leg would hit your junk and then things go from there. Paul says he hopes his mom did watch that one. Paul and Josh talking about their dads and how they are that they don’t care what others think about them. Josh says he never showed others how smart he is like others did. My intelligence has never been question before like it has been in this house.He says that he is way smarter than anyone in the house knows except them (Christmas and Paul)
11:30 PM BBT Josh is telling Paul about his family and how his Grandpa owns 2 gas stations and a car wash, Paul says owning a car wash is Back, He thinks that Josh and his family are very much alike. Paul says that he is a the risk taker in his family but no one else is they don’t do crazy stuff except his dad he gets the way he is from him. Josh says the being in the BB house has taught him to respect his parents a lot more and he can’t believe some of the house guest and their manners, farting and burping at the kitchen table, he says he would have gotten bet, he just wasn’t brought up they way a lot of the people in the house were. He didn’t understand the selfishness, with the hiding the food and necessities like mouthwash and stuff in the house when they restock every week. Paul agrees and goes on to tell Josh that he the same person inside the house as outside the house if you respect him and talk to him nicely then he will do the same, He will talk to you just like he does his friends outside the house. Paul starts in about Cody and his attitude towards him, He says he has no respect for him because Cody went toe to toe with him, and he didn’t care (Paul) what show he was on his feelings would be the same towards anyone that did that. Josh brings up Mark and when he threw the mustard and ketchup on him, Josh says that if he wouldn’t have been in the house he would have clocked him, but he knew if he would have in the house his mother would have died. Josh continues to say that because he was in the house he was just set on driving Mark crazy, with the pots and pans, since he couldn’t do anything to him physically he would circus him till he self evicted, He says that Cody and Mark got played, two grown ass men got schooled. Paul says to use the word man loosely.
11:45 PM BBT Josh continues to bring up altercations between he, Cody and Mark.Josh now going on about an argument between Jess and himself. Paul said yes she was mean but you were crazy. They are both making fun about Jess saying that she knew Justin Bieber, Josh says bitch you served him a wine bottle you don’t know him, your just a bottle thrower that doesn’t know anything because that’s all you (JESS) can do. Paul goes on to say if he wouldn’t acted like Josh did the 1st week he would have been gone then (laughs) Then says that he is proud of himself for what he has done, He is going to make F@ two years in a row and being the only vet, and for all the haters out there if they have anything to say they can go fill out an application.Paul tells Josh that he is done with this game now that it is over all he wants to do was sleep for the next two days, and all he is thinking about is his Mom,a joint,a 40, his guitar, the girl he likes, and that’s it. He said he has had to play the game hard since day one and he’s over it. Josh goes on to say that he never liked Kevin because the 1st day Kevin told everyone that “The Miami kid wants all the showmances out of the house.Josh swears that Jason and Alex were teamed up with Cody and Jess, because Jason went to Josh and said to vote out Christmas. He didn’t give a fuck what Paul wanted

12:00 AM BBT Josh & Paul is in the BY talking & Christmas is in the DR. Josh believes that Christmas will get AFP. Paul agrees with Josh that Christmas will get AFP. Paul is happy that his alliance is getting rewarded for getting top 3. Production chimes in & says “stop that.” Josh looks at Paul & says production always would do this when it was 15 people. Josh & Paul believes that Alex or Jason could had won BB. While Josh & Paul is talking out on the hammett Paul is spinning the BB toy with his thumb & also Josh is playing with the spinning toy. Pauls says to Josh what are we doing right now. Josh laughs because they are playing with a toy with their thumb. They both are anticipating finale night. Production announces “you’re not allowed to talk about production.” Full of laughs about the things they both have done to get on people’s nerves in the BB house. Paul wants to go to the Rose rm. Josh says in spanish “let’s go.” Josh gets up & follows Paul. Josh asked Paul “do we walk out with a bag or something.” Paul responds no. Josh laughs out loud & yells “you played yourself.”
12:15 AM BBT Both Josh & Paul keep asking each other did Christmas come out of the DR yet. Josh laughs & says he felt he was mean and petty in the BB house. Paul agrees that they acted like they were in college. Josh thinks everyone is gassed. They both are in the Kitchen snacking & laughing about the evicted HG they brawl with in arguments or getting called out. Production announces Josh please go to the DR. Paul says why is Christmas joy ignoring us. Christmas says she had to put her stuff up. Christmas ask Paul what were they doing & Paul replies stress eating. Paul tells Christmas that he wants to take a shower. Paul goes & gets his BB bag & goes to shower. Christmas goes in the BY by herself & lays on the hammock. Christmas starts venting to herself on the hammock and taking deep breaths. Josh is out of the DR.
12:30 AM BBT Christmas talks to herself & to America about her loss that is a successful failure. Josh goes to the BY window & ask if she wants company or to be alone. Paul says to Josh, Do you know who was gassed up. Josh says no & Paul says Meagan. Josh is snacking & leaves the conversation to go in the BY to meet Christmas. With popcorn in hand Josh & Christmas gets comfy together on the hammock. Paul intervenes Christmas & Josh one on one time and crashes their party preventing them from talking. Paul is tired and wants to lay down but asks Christmas why can’t they go lay down & Christmas responds because she needs to decompress & have a moment in the BY. Christmas also don’t want to share everything that she is thinking about. Paul keeps asking Christmas why she doesn’t want to share. Paul takes the conversation & makes it about them 3 not Christmas so se can get her mind off of what she is thinking. Josh wants to eat avocados tomorrow but Paul’s tells Josh that’s its only 1 left. Josh sings to cheer up Christmas. Production asks Josh to “please stop singing.”
12:45 AM BBT Josh likes to act like he’s at work working late & can’t wait to see his wife when he gets off of work. Paul keeps calling Christmas “gassed up” but Christmas denies that she is not gassed up. The F3 HG are discussing finale night in the BY. Josh wants to hear meditation music when he wakes up. Paul says he wakes up to yelling and cursing rock music. Josh laughs & says no he needs Catholic church music when he wakes up. Paul says the music he listens too is probably why he is gumpy. Josh says yes, you don’t need to hear yelling to start your day. Josh wants to go to bed. No one’s moves on the