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Jackson Michie​ crowned winner of Big Brother Season 21!

September 26, 2019

Jackson Michie​ crowned winner of Big Brother Season 21!

Jackson Michie has been crowned the winner of Big Brother Season 21, taking home the $500,000 grand prize in Wednesday night’s season finale.

Wednesday night’s finale saw the final three battle it out to grab the final HOH win and win over the jury. Dr. Will Kirby led the jury roundtable, where it was debated who should win the entire season.

The second part of the final HOH competition saw Nicole and Holly battle it out. The ladies had to correctly identify which events from the season happened on which day. Nicole finished in 14 minutes but Holly won after completing the competition in 10 minutes.

Holly and Jackson faced off in the final competition in a question and answer session. Jackson got all eight questions correct as he won the final HOH of the season. To no one’s surprise, he evicted Nicole.

Nicole spoke to host Julie Chen Moonves about her time and said she is grateful for the experience.

“I have learned so much about myself,” she said. “This has been such a transformative experience. I have learned so much about myself and who I am.”

The jury questioned the final two and both Holly and Jackson gave their final pleas before the jury locked in their votes. Before announcing the winner, Julie needed to clear up some controversial moments from the season.

Many fans found Jackson’s behavior to be racist and sexist in the house, including his fellow housemates. The fans also pointed out when Jackson won Camp Director, he banished Jessica, Cliff, Kemi, and David. Fans felt this was due to race and Julie gave Jackson the chance to respond.

“Absolutely not,” he said. “I am not racist. It had nothing to do with race or gender ever.

It was finally time to crown a winner, Julie revealed Jackson won by a 6-3 vote, taking home the $500,000 prize. Holly was the runner-up with $50,000. A stonefaced Jackson exited the house and spoke with Julie following his win.

“I did it for my family. I did for my mom. I did it for my dad,” said Jackson. “At the end of the day, what matters more to me than half a million is that they’re proud of me, and I just hope that everything’s alright.”

Big Brother 21 Finale

September 25, 2019

Previously, on Big Brother, with only the showmance and Nicole left in the game, the stage was set for the final three-part HoH competition and Michie conquered part one. Now, after a summer of epic competitions, intense emotions, and crazy confrontations, it all comes down to this. Who will become the final HoH and who will ultimately be crowned the winner of BB21 and walk away with the half-million-dollar prize. Find out tonight on the finale of Big Brother!

Julie greets us and says it's been a summer of powerful duos and Holly and Michie have managed to make it to finale night. Standing in their way is Nicole, who may have lost her partner, but she didn't lose the will to win.

Dr. Will Kirby introduces himself to the jury and he asks who they think will be joining them. Nick thinks it will be Cliff and Jess thinks it will be Michie. Jack thinks it will be Cliff and Christie thinks it's Michie. It's time to find out who it is... Cliff comes in.

Dr. Will asks Cliff why he's here and Cliff fills them in. Nick says you thought he would keep you over Holly? Cliff says Michie always talked to him about the value of a handshake and he fell for it. Dr. Will asks what the most important factors of determining a winner? Nick says competition wins and Kat says it has a lot to do with social game. Nick says 9 competition wins is massive. Jess thinks the social game is just as important. Kat says Michie is loyal and Sis disagrees. Kat says he screwed up her game from day one, but she saw a lot of facets of his game.

Cliff doesn't think Michie was loyal. Dr. Will asks if it was impressive that Michie talked them into keeping a showmance. Cliff says it was and that was his best game move. Jack says everyone did lie and he can't fault him. Cliff says lies are fine but don't say you're honorable and you played with integrity. Dr. Will says he could be a Jekyll and Hyde and he could be condescending and arrogant. Christie says this is Michie's world and we're all just living in it. Tommy says he's heard Michie talk aggressively to Christie and Kat. He has to separate game from personal, does he vote with morals or his love of the game?

Holly was part of a powerful duo and Nicole was a non-threatening outside. What does the jury think of them? Dr. Will asks Tommy what he thinks about Nicole and Tommy would love to give her vote to Nicole. Kat says she's underrated and she's playing a social game. Christie says she would drop a seed to create enemies and it was brilliant. Cliff says Nicole had some competition wins at the end. Sis is confused with her gameplay and she doesn't know if it's strategy or just luck. Nick says he doesn't know if she played the whole game and Jess and Kat says she was playing the game and laying low is what no one else was doing. Jack says if it was a strategy to float through the game and Kat says she was part of an alliance.

Dr. Will says Holly and Michie are an alliance, who's the brawn and the brains? Jess thinks Michie is both. Christie doesn't respect Holly's game if she just hid behind the biggest target. Kat says Holly did hold Michie back and that helped him get further. Nick says she did win some HoH's. Tommy says she showed up when she needed to. Kat says Holly went after the bigger targets and Michie went after the bottom feeders. Cliff says Holly developed a lot of relationships with other HG. Jack says Holly was never put up as a threat and that's impressive. Dr. Will says there is still a game left to be played and they'll be able to question the final two. He suggests they get their questions down.

It's time for part two of the HoH competition. Nicole says she needs to go balls to the wall. They need to match the day number to a memory on the giant brain. When they think they have all 12 memories labeled correctly they need to buzz in. The player who finishes the fastest time wins. Are you ready to play Foggy Memory?

Nicole sees the memory of Jack signing up for his Whacktivity and he knows that's day 6. She's been studying the days all summer. She sees the memory of Kaycee and she knows the Food Fight veto was day 9, and Otev was 35. We then see her getting the rest of her memories. She says she's not an athletic beast, but she is a memory person. She locks in and she has one wrong and she changes the alien one and now she as two wrong. She realizes it's the clown and she switches back and buzzes in and she's correct. She says please be good enough.

Holly is up and she wants to build up her resume before she stands in front of the jury and pleads her case. She knows a lot of the days right off the bat, even though she's not sure on all the days. She puts several up and she says this competition is exhausting. She's never been rock climbing and she's regretting it right now. She buzzes in and has the clown wrong. She tries another day and it's wrong. She stops and says what is she getting wrong. She switches the clown memory again and this time she is correct.

It's time to reveal the times for the competition. Holly finished with a time of 10:38. Nicole finished with a time of... 2:38. Holly has won the second part of the HoH competition! Michie says Holly brings home a W. She had a job to do and she got it done. Nicole says she should have beat her, she would have. She would have loved to pull out an underdog win for every single underdog in the world. She's so frustrated.

Nicole and Holly are talking and Nicole tells Holly to make sure she advocates for herself. Nicole says she got to this point because of her social game and she just needs to navigate this final three and get to the end. Nicole tells Holly she might have a better chance of beating her over Michie because of competition wins and Holly can own her game and the jury would appreciate that. Holly says it's such a big moral dilemma. Holly worries about walking away with second place and she knows taking Nicole could give her a better shot of winning. But can she do that?

Holly and Michie are now prepared to play part three of the HoH. The competition is called "The Jury is Out". They will watch a series of videos and in each video, the juror will make three statements about the summer and they have to figure out which statement is false. Whoever has the most points will win the final HoH!

First, we have Kat. Holly and Michie listen and they answer C. The correct answer is C and they both get a point.

Jack is next and Holly and Michie both answer C. The correct answer is... C. Both are correct and they both get a point.

Cliff is our next video. Holly and Michie both answer A. The correct answer is... A. Both are correct and they both have three points.

Next is Tommy. Holly and Michie both answer B. The correct answer is... B. Both are correct and have four points.

Analyse's video is next. Holly answers C. Michie thinks about it and Julie asks them to lock in and Michie chooses A. The correct answer is A. Michie has five points and Holly has four points.

Next, we have Christie. Michie immediately answers B. Holly hesitates and she answers A then switches to B at the last minute. The correct answer is... B. They both get a point.

Nick's video is next. Both Holly and Michie answer C. The correct answer is C. Michie has seven points and Holly has 6.

It's time for the last video and it's Jessica. Both answer A. Michie wins the final HoH!

Now Michie must choose to evict Holly or Nicole and ensuring the remaining HGs a spot in the Final Two. Time to get his decision. Holly says it has been an honor to play the game alongside him and she's loved being his teammate and ride or die. Playing with him has been an incredible experience and she goofed on Sis's question and he earned the right to decide and she would love to duke it out with him.

Nicole says she respects his game so much and whatever he chooses to do she respects. She says he's her brother for life and hopefully, blood is thicker than water and Michie says everything comes full circle and hopefully he'll take her.

Michie says he loves them both and he can honestly say they are two of the best things to happen to him in the game both inside and outside and he loved spending the last week with the two best women in the house but he's sorry and he votes to evict Nicole. They hug and Michie says he's sorry and she says it's a game!

Nicole joins Julie on stage wearing Cliff's hat. Julie asks Nicole what her thoughts are. She says she's not shocked, but she stayed hopeful and had faith. She says it's a game and she doesn't get hurt. Julie asks what she's taking away from this experience. Nicole says she's learned so much about herself and this has been... she sees her family and she gets emotional. She says she's learned about who she is and she loves herself and she's learned to love herself.

We're back and 8 members of the jury are on stage. Julie tells them juror #9 was just evicted and Nicole enters. It's now time to question the Final Two. They've been asked as a group to come up with three questions each.

Julie goes to Michie and Holly and they are ready to ask questions. Cliff asks Michie, about jury management. Michie says he was forced to be in a position where he was on his own and he had to take shots directly at people and everything he did was game-related. He was honest when he didn't need to be, loyal when he had to be, and only lied when he had to. Everything was game and well thought out and strategic.

Christie asks Holly what her strategy was coming in and how it evolved. Holly says she had plans A-Z and she didn't know what she was going to do until she got there. She laid low until she learned about people and then stepped up when she had to. She didn't talk about her academic or professional achievements. She spoke little and listened and won when she needed it to and didn't show her cards. She adapted to conditions as they were thrown at her and she went through all plays A-Z.

Tommy asks Michie about his degrading and condescending to women and they aren't sure they should reward that type of behavior. Michie says he's an intense person and he gives 110%. He has never degraded a woman's character or physical attributes. He respects women more than anything, his mother raised him right. He knows himself and he did not ever mean to be degrading. He didn't make jokes or slanderous remarks towards women ever.

Sis asks Holly how she played her own game. Holly says they never had a Final Two and they played different games and they had different targets. She says he took out Sis to disarm herself, Tommy, and Christie and she went after bigger targets knowing it wasn't the best move for Michie. She says people will thinks she rode coattails, but she argues she held on and dug her heels in to hold him back because she needed him as a teammate and a tool as well. She says she played a very different game.

Jess asks Michie why he deserves to win over Holly. Michie says his strategy was there are always bigger fish and he wanted to leave targets in and disarm the people around them so the targets were removed when he needed to. Everything he's done was strategy and well thought out and that's what got him to the chair.

Jack asks Holly why she deserves to win over Michie. Holly says there are a lot of ways to play the game and she chose the hardest route. She wanted to play with integrity and honesty and she was a straight shooter and she flew under the radar and she doesn't think anyone was ever targeting her. She thinks she managed her relationships well and authentically. She was able to rely on her social game and her wit and she was calculated and thoughtful with all her moves.

Time for final statements. Michie stands and says he wants them to vote for who played the best version of Big Brother. Michie recaps his game on throwing rogue votes, vetos, HoH's, been a have not, he's won a luxury competition and he's done everything in a very powerful showmance and it's been game and he's kept them alive and he hopes they vote on game and not personal emotion.

Holly says she's lived a life of being underestimated. She capitalized on that and she's from the middle of nowhere. She didn't show her cards in mental competitions like beating Nicole in a memory competition. She knew her social game was strong and she was the last person to see the block and that was only because she had to. She's small, but she won arguably the hardest physical competition and she's been on Michie's heels in many other competitions. She's been a confident female force and she says they can vote for the front line soldier or the sniper and she's proud of her game.

Time to vote! Jack votes and wishes them both the very best. Kat votes next and says if it isn't the conspiring b*tches. Sis is up to vote and she says good luck to them. Nick is up and says they both deserve to win the game.

Jessica says they are a beautiful couple and it's hard to choose just one. Christie is up and she says her head and her heart are in a fight but this vote was earned. Tommy says congrats and he loves them. Cliff says respect to them and he's voting for who he thinks played the best overall game. Nicole says living with them for a week has been informative and her vote goes accordingly.

We now have the first five evictees of the season. Julie asks about some controversial items. Julie asks Ovi about Nicole being shut out by the Gr8ful alliance. Ovi says it was really hard and disheartening and they made an agreement the actions in the house would be based on game, and those actions were not about game and they were bullying and they need to call it out when they see it. They can't be bystanders and he hopes they realize the actions they took in that room. Julie asks Nicole about it and she says she was frustrated and a lot of people in the room were bystanders and she wasn't allowed in the room to advocate for herself. She's a firm believer in forgiveness and she plans to do that and move forward.

Julie goes to Kemi. Kemi says it was disappointing and she mentions Jack, Christie, Michie, and Nick and their obsession with her. A lot of things that were said to and about her are inexcusable and unforgivable and she hopes they leave the experience as better people they came in as. Jack says the comments he made and he says they came from a place of ignorance and he'll never be able to apologize to her enough and it's not fair to her.

Christie says she doesn't know specifically know what was said but when she watches she will get a personal phone call from her she will apologize and she'd love to discuss it with her. Michie isn't sure what this is in reference to, but the only issue he had with Kemi was the cooking level. On a personal level, he loved her to death and he's not sure what the reference is to. He does apologize to her and says he's sorry and he does like her as a person. Kemi says it's important to understand what you're apologizing for before you apologize.

Julie tells Michie that as Camp Director he banished David, Kemi, Jessica, and Cliff, and he says it wasn't about race. Michie says he picked David and Jessica because of them wanting to be Camp Director as well and Kemi only spoke to him once and he says race, age, gender, none of that had anything to do with it. David understands the gameplay move and he had two weeks to think about it and he thought it was game. But as David watched he's seen some implied biases and he hopes they talk about it.

Julie asks Nick about Bella and the showmance and then the jurymance. Nick says he takes responsibility for his actions and he realized he had feelings for Kat and he didn't want to hurt Bella. Bella says Nick, you made a commitment to me and please don't make me look stupid and you made me look stupid and she was hurt by that and no one deserves to feel that way.

Time to reveal the votes! Nicole voted for Holly. Cliff has voted for Michie. Tommy has voted for Michie. Christie has voted for Michie. Jess voted for Holly. Nick voted for Michie. four votes Michie and two votes for Holly. Sis has voted for Michie and he has won Big Brother. Michie and Holly holds hands as they walk out.

Julie reveals Kat voted for Holly and Jack voted for Michie. It's now time to reveal America's Favorite Houseguests. The top three HGs are Tommy, Cliff, and Nicole. The winner who got more than 1 million votes was... Nicole!

Nicole says she feels amazing. She didn't expect this at all. Julie says Michie got his confetti how is he feeling and he says he did it for his family and all that matters is they are proud of him. Holly doesn't feel too shabby and her family is here from Wyoming and that's greater than any dollar amount. Michie and Holly say they are taking it one day at a time outside of the house.

Julie thanks them all! From outside the Big Brother house, we'll see you next summer.


September 25, 2019

12:00 AM BBT Nicole and Holly are outside the RV talking Nicole tells her that she keeps forgetting she is in the finals and she doesn’t believe she deserves anything extra and if she isn’t picked she will be OK and will be objective when it comes to the votes. FEEDS GO TO FISH. Nicole says she doesn’t want to do the dishes since tomorrow is their last day but also doesn’t want to be rude. Nicole tells her that she might go into the DR for a while. Holly goes and wakes Jackson up out the bathroom both head into the kitchen. Jackson asks Holly where has she been. Holly says the DR. Nicole is in the bathroom. Jackson asks Holly if she is ready for tomorrow. She says about what. He says well we have to go against each other. Holly washes up the dishes while Jackson starts eating cereal. Nicole comes back into the kitchen and tells her that I was going to wash up the dishes. Nicole says hey guys its Finale Day. FEEDS GO TO FISH. They all grab the Lucky Charms and eat a bowl of cereal.
12:15 AM BBT Jackson starts banging on the bowl with the spoon. Jackson asks Holly who ate all her marshmallows out of her Lucky Charms was it Kat or Sis? She says both. Holly starts banging on the counter. Holly starts eating ice cream. Jackson offers ice cream to Nicole she says no. He says I need y’all to help me finish it off. Jackson heads to the bathroom. Holly and Nicole are in the kitchen still eating different items they don’t want to leave in the house. Jackson is brushing his teeth. Nicole and Holly start picking out the marshmallows out of the Lucky Charms. Nicole follows Jackson into the bathroom. Nicole tells Holly he has locked himself in the bathroom and that it is so unfair. Jackson and Nicole start horse playing in the bathroom. Holly comes into the bathroom. Holly and Nicole hug Jackson. Holly tells Nicole and Jackson about her dream she had.
12:30 AM BBT Jackson says is it bedtime. Nicole says no I am going to the DR for a while. Holly starts dancing as Nicole and Jackson starts beating on the stool. Holly jumps in the shower. Nicole cleans up from their cereal and heads into the DR. Jackson watches Holly as she showers. Jackson goes to the showers and starts talking to Holly. Jackson goes back to the couch. Holly says something about being cold Jackson says well as soon as you get out you can wrap up into something warm. He continues to watch Holly shower. Jackson asks Holly why do people call you Holls Balls? She says cause it rhymes.
12:45 AM BBT Jackson continues to watch Holly shower. Holly tells Jackson she is cold. Jackson watches as Holly puts on tanner. Jackson asks Holly if Julie has a boss or is she the boss. Holly says isn’t she an executive producer. Jackson says he can’t wait to see Robin after this. FEEDS GO TO FISH. Jackson starts imitating the production guys. Jackson tells Holly he is ready to walk out of the house.
1:00 AM BBT They continue imitating production. Jackson tells Holly well don’t you look tan. She starts brushing her teeth. Jackson asks Holly if she is going to stay in the sheets tonight. Holly climbs up next to Jackson and tells him not to do that. They start whispering. Jackson and Holly start comparing what Nicole has told them. Jackson says that I have my points down in case someone wants to question my social game. He tells Holly I think I will beat you but there is a good chance you might beat me. They try to figure out how Sis and Kat would vote. Holly and Jackson are concerned about Christie and Nick’s vote. Nicole comes out the DR and heads to the RV. They start wondering if the jury will be bitter. Nicole goes by Holly and Jackson.
1:15 AM BBT Holly starts dancing again. Holly bites Jackson’s finger when he puts it into her mouth. Holly says I am off to bed. Jackson says good night Nicole and hugs her. Holly is in the kitchen. Jackson and Nicole head into the kitchen and start taking dishes. Nicole heads back into the bathroom. Jackson starts playing with a stuffed carrot. .Jackson asks Holly if she is ready for bed. Jackson and Holly climb into the bed in the target room. They place the cover over their heads as Jackson says for old time sake.
1:30 AM BBT Nicole is still in the bathroom getting ready for bed. Holly and Jackson whisper to each other under the covers. All cameras are on Nicole in the bathroom. Nicole talks in the mirror saying BB better not be using high def tomorrow. She then tells them they need to burn those towels. Nicole says OK time to get acne cream and then to bed. She heads into the direction of the bedrooms. Nicole goes into the RV and grabs the acne cream. Nicole talks to herself in the mirror. In the target room Holly and Jackson are still whispering to each other. They start kissing.
1:45 AM BBT They stop kissing and start whispering. Nicole heads into the target room and tells them goodnight. Nicole tells them she is going to go to sleep in the RV. They go back to whispering. Nicole says she feels so disgraced. Holly gets out of bed. Jackson follows. She gives him an allergy pill. Nicole is laying down reading her Bible. Jackson and Holly head back into the target room. Nicole starts staring at the ceiling. Jackson and Holly are talking about how much of the bed they are taking up. Nicole starts praying. Holly tells him that everyone who left did not leave on bad terms with him. Nicole is still praying. The lights in the target room are off but Jackson and Holly are still talking. Nicole has gone to sleep.
2:00 AM BBT Jackson and Holly are discussing the finale and votes for tomorrow.

8:00 AM – 9:00 AM HGs sleeping
9:05 AM BBT Fish Wake up call
9:18 AM BBT Feeds return.

9:30 AM BBT Jackson heads into the washroom and uses the stall. He comes out and washes his hands. He heads into the RV Room where Holly and Nicole are . Jackson says I think there maybe something going on today. I think we lose another person. Feeds go down. Feeds come back with Jackson saying Day 99. Nicole says I am in the same outfit because everything is packed. She continues with I remember when feeds started and now they are ending. Feeds go down as Production says there will be. Feeds come back with Jackson saying I have done things to get to the end. Jackson tells his parents they have a new addition my little baby sister. Nicole says Mom and Dad I hope you are proud of me. I also hope I didn’t embarrass you. Oh and here is our new brother. They call for Holly. Nicole says America it has been a journey I have laughed and cried. I hope all girls who are quirky can see you can do anything if you put your mind to it. She continues with 99 day ago I was a girl today I have grown up. She says Whether I am 3rd 2nd or 1st I am glad to have played this game. I have been real I have been me. She leaves to go make tea. Holly and Jackson are in the kitchen. Jackson yells to Nicole Can you get some egg whites. Holly grabs some half and half that has expired. She yells to Nicole to see if they have any. Jackson and Holly hug and giggle to each other. Jackson then starts banging a spoon on different things. Holly is dancing.

9:45 AM BBT Holly is telling Nicole she checked the date on the half and half and it was expired. Nicole tells them feeds will be on for another 20 minutes. Holly goes into the outer bedroom where she says she wants to talk to her parents. Holly starts to talk to the feeds. She starts with seeing as how the feeds are going off any minute and I realize I haven’t talked to you all. Jackson comes in and Holly says I came to talk to the feeds. Jackson says I came to talk to them with you.Holly says She is scared to leave this house because she doesn’t know what the real world holds. She says She is excited to get back to her family as she knows they will support her. She says She doesn’t get to see some of her family. She wonders if it will be her Mom and little sister or her Mom and Dad. Holly says My family means everything to me There are the reason I am what I am. They are also the reason I played the way I have with honesty. She starts talking about her friend Amber who is like her. She starts telling us about the rest of her friends. Out in the kitchen Nicole is dancing around and Jackson is preparing breakfast. Jackson says Tomorrow morning I can workout. Jackson says When you assume things you make an ass out of you and me. Nicole starts listing the hgs saying they get to see them all later. Nicole says Family I miss you and Love you. Holly continues to shout out to all the people she knows. Nicole and Jackson continue to be silly and sing songs. Nicole is giving a play by play of Jackson making the omelette. Nicole says there is something about Jackson that reminds her of a hedgehog. She says Holly is a deer. Holly says she is so ready to get back to her life and to her friends. She says she is overwhelmed because today is a big day.
10:00 AM BBT Feeds go to FISH. When feeds come back, they quickly go back off and are down for the season.


September 24, 2019

7:07 AM BBT All three remaining HGs in a dark Target BR. Nicole is in the Target bed. and Jackson & Holly are in the left bed.
8:23 AM BBT Main House Lights go on. The Final Three House Guests remain quiet in their beds.
10:00 AM BBT All HGs are asleep
10:04 AM BBT- 10:15 AM BBT Wake Up Call Feeds come back at 10:17 AM BBT with Holly and Jackson cuddling Nicole is still asleep.
10:17 AM BBT – 12:00 PM BBT Feeds come back at 10:17 AM BBT with Holly and Jackson cuddling . Nicole is still asleep. Big Brother has not tried to wake them up. All of the lights are on in the house.
12:00 PM BBT – 1:45 PM BBT HGs sleeping
2:00 PM BBT*FISH* All HG’s are awake.
5:15 PM BBT Feeds return. Holly is in the bathroom applying her makeup. We see Nicole and Michie going to feed the fish. Nicole goes downstairs and Michie watches the fish eat their dinner. Michie and Nicole start a game of chess.
5:30 PM BBT The BB house is quiet with only the final three in the house. Holly is primping in the bathroom while Nicole and Michie enjoy a game of chess to pass the time. Nicole loses the chess game against Michie. Holly decides to take her shot. Nicole is in the RV bedroom packing.
5:45 PM BBT Nicole is crying as she packs. She is talking to the cameras saying that her bad choices and lack of comp wins had cost her. She says that she is more worried about her family’s financial situation. She says if she would have been just a little faster she would be in a better position. She just keeps crying saying that she is sorry for letting them down and she is not as smart as she thought she was. She says that this sucks.
6:00PM BBT Nicole is talking to the cameras in the RV bedroom she says that she is so excited to see her family but she is so worried that she has disappointed them. She starts telling herself to relax and that it is not a big deal. She says that she doesn’t know if the feeds are even on but she shouts out her family and tells them she is so ready to come home. Holly and Michie are cuddling in the Treehouse. 6:10 PM Feeds cut to FISH! Feeds come back up to Holly and Michie. Holly tells Michie that he has to at least stay with her to binge watch Sheldon. They both sit in silence.
6:15 PM BBT Michie tells Holly that he is scared to get out of the BB house. Holly tells him that she is too. He tells her that whatever is done is done now. Holly lays on top of Michie and tells him that she loves him so much. He tells her that he just hopes she means it. Holly tells Michie that she never tells men that she loves them. She asks him if they are okay. They start making out. In the RV bedroom, Nicole is still trying to get her clothes to fit into her bag. Michie and Holly start talking about how when they get out of the house there won’t be any cameras or mics. Michie says that they were not doing what it looked like they were doing. They both die laughing. Michie tells her that between them they are going to have $560k. Michie asks her who she thinks is going to win and she tells him that she thinks he will win. He tells her that he is terrified that she is going to win over him and she tells him gee thanks. They start talking about the jury votes. Nicole is trying her damndest to get all of her stuff in her suitcase but she tells Big Brother that she doesn’t think everything is going to fit in there.
6:30 PM BBT Michie tells Holly that he is not sure what will happen tomorrow and that he doesn’t know where Kat’s vote will lie. Holly and Jackson are talking about their videos from home. Holly is talking about her family with Jackson. Holly starts talking about her family going Elk hunting and Jackson asks her if she thinks he could go. She tells him that he has the “in” now. She starts talking about how the horse ride into camp is 5 hours. She tells him that it is real roughing it. Jackson continues saying he is just thinking about everything. He tells Holly that he hopes his parents still love him. Holly tells him that he is her son and his parents will always love him even if he embarrassed them on the show. Jackson asks Holly is she is going to take Nicole to f2 and she tells him no. She says that would look really bad on her part if she did that. She tells him that she doesn’t think her family or his would be happy. Michie tells her that he would be pissed and it would sever some wings between them. She tells him that he better not screw her over either. They both agree that they would never do that to each other. They hug it out.

6:45 PM BBT Holly and Michie head down to the bathroom together. Nicole is still trying to get all other things in her suitcase. Michie comes into the RV room and is giving Nicole advice on how to fit more of her stuff in her suitcase. He asks her if she plans to use her BB house bag as a carry on. Michie asks Holly if she is going to use hers. Holly laughs and says that she doesn’t have to fly anywhere. Michie tells her that he has to fly back to Nashville. Nicole is so confused and says that she is overwhelmed. She doesn’t know how to check her bags and she does not fly much so she is not well versed in traveling. Nicole decides to put all of her shoes in a trash bag as Michie suggested. Michie tells Big Brother that he has a request for the season’s last taco Tuesday. He heads into the DR. Holly is starting to pack her things. Nicole keeps saying her packing is a disaster. Michie comes back out of the DR and yells “TACO TUESDAY!”  Nicole is freaking about all of the luggage she is going to have to travel with. Michie offers to drop her off at the airport and help her make sure she gets on her flight okay. Holly tells her that her and Michie can both take her. Nicole asks Holly if she thinks BB will give her a PA to fly home with. Holly laughs. Nicole tells us that she is a creature of habit and needs things to be in order. Jackson brings Nicole an industrial trash bag for her shoes.
7:00 PM BBT At the moment the 2 HG that are packing up are Nicole & Holly. Nicole is through packing & making sure she’s not forgetting anything & finding things in her suitcase she could have worn. Jackson enters the room with Holly in the target room & laying back on the bed. Nicole says she’s not getting far in her packing & walks to the KT. Holly walks in the KT & Nicole asked Holly did she take a mug & Holly said no & Nicole responds that she needs to wash the dishes. Nicole yells Jackson’s name to confirm that he wants a red BB mug. Holly & Nicole are looking for souvenirs to take home from the BB house. Jackson falls back & lays in bed looking at the walls with his hands crossed on his stomach & taking deep breaths. Nicole tells PRODUCTION that she’s taking a stein, mug, & a cup & apologies for taking them.Nicole goes in the SR to find more mugs to take home & only finds a blue one & yells to Jackson does he know where the other mugs are. Jackson says “no,” & he only drinks out of the red mugs & Holly says she only drinks out of the green mugs. Nicole yells for Jackson to come to the KT to choose his souvenirs. Holly asked about the mugs that were in the BB house. Nicole says the evicted HG must of took one. Jackson picks up Holly from the living room & carries her to the target room to chat & pack. Nicole tells PRODUCTION she hopes its ok that they are taking signs & cups. Nicole is cleaning the dishes, cups & mugs in the KT.
7:15 PM BBT Jackson is in the RV room taking paper off the shelves. Nicole tells Jackson that she thought that he was taking Nicole’s letter. Jackson & Holly says to Nicole PRODUCTION let you keep your letter. Holly & Jackson are shocked that Nicole got to keep her letter. Nicole says because she was depressed probably. Nicole starts singing & PRODUCTION says, “stop singing.” Nicole says “oh, my bad,” while washing dishes. Jackson gets back in the bed in the target room & watches Holly pack. Nicole heads pack into the the RV room to pack again again & again. Nicole asked can she take glass on the plane & Jackson says no & Holly chims in & says if it’s packed its ok but not the carry-on. Jackson says I thought she was talking about carry-on. Both Holly & Nicole are packing very properly. The HG are are in a zone getting all there things together. Holly is sitting on the floor packing as well as Nicole packing up. Holly tells Jackson that she doesn’t know what to wear for Finale Night or Press. Jackson tells Holly to dress how she dresses in evictions & don’t over do it.  Jackson calls Nicole & ask her if Julie tells you who votes for who.
7:30 PM BBT Nicole tells Jackson how the order goes eviction night with the voting sequence. Nicole asked “when we doing tacos.” Jackson says he requested some ingredients for the tacos & hopefully they get it then it “TACOS TUESDAY.” Nicole tells Both Holly & Jackson she’ll be back when it time to cook & goes back into the RV room to pack & Holly is still packing also. Jackson is in the target bed with his hands behind his head & eye’s closed. F3 HG are quiet as one rest & two packs. Jackson keeps taking deep breaths possibly thinking about tomorrow night since he keep asking Nicole about the voting order. Nicole is perfectly packing & very neatly, she makes sure that she packs the tie-dye shirts tidily. Jackson is counting his votes on his hands. Holly is done for now packing & goes to Jackson on the bed & start kissing. Both Holly & Jackson are holding each other on the bed whispering in each others ears. 
7:45 PM BBT Jackson says to Holly you go 1st. Holly says she doesn’t know whos going 1st. Jackson is holding Holly on the bed breathing very hard looking at the ceiling with his hand on Holly back. Nicole is still on the floor packing her suitcase in the RV room. No chatting to much & Nicole looks at the ceiling as well as Jackson. A lot of thoughts going through the HG minds. Holly asked Jackson what time do he think it is. Jackson gets up & walks to the KT & Holly follows Jackson. Jackson says to Holly do you want to hear my speech & promise not to copy me. Jackson starts telling Holly his speech with hand signals. Holly is drawn in on the speech. Jacksons says what do you think & Holly says “got damn” to Jackson. Then Jackson starts banging on the counter a beat & Holly starts dancing to it & Jackson yells for Nicole to come to the KT & Nicole walks in dancing. The HG are ready to get “TACO TUESDAYYYYYY,” ready. Nicole goes back to the RV room to pack some more. Jackson wants cilantro from PRODUCTION & waiting for it to arrive. Holly & Jackson are getting what they have for the tacos prepared. Jackson is getting the season together to cut it up on the cutting board.
8:00 PM BBT Jackson is sitting at the kitchen table chopping up onions on a cutting board and throwing what looks like the skins in the trash He says he doesn’t have a knife and then runs over to grab one and continue chopping up onions getting ready for Taco Tuesday.
8:15 PM BBT Jackson is still in the kitchen getting ready for Taco Tuesday. Nicole is packing in the RV Bedroom, Jackson and Holly are in the kitchen making dinner for Taco Tuesday
8:30 PM BBT Nicole is still packing in the RV bedroom and Jackson and Holly are making dinner for Taco Tuesday. Everyone is now in the kitchen prepping for Taco Tuesday, Nicole and Holly are dancing
8:45 PM BBT Dinner is almost ready, so everyone starts setting the table and preparing for their final Taco Tuesday together FISH feeds return to Jackson serving Nicole her tacos. Everyone sits down to dinner and they enjoy their tacos
9:00 PM BBT It’s the last night of Big Brother 21 and Nicole, Holly, and Jackson are having their last family dinner and Taco Tuesday together and now it’s time for their final gratitude circle of the season. Jackson says he’s grateful that they are all their in the final 3 together.
9:15 PM BBT Everyone is in the kitchen enjoying their tacos and telling stories, they reminisce on all of the crazy times they’ve had in the BB house this past summer. Holly and Nicole head into the bathroom and start packing all of their toiletries, Jackson joins the girls in the bathroom and they all 3 play cards
9:30 PM BBT Everyone is still playing cards in the bathroom
9:45 PM BBT They are still playing cards in the bathroom
10:00 PM BBT HG are still playing cards in the bathroom. All three are in general conversation.Nicole takes off her nail polish. She tells Holly that she can just be herself. They go and talk and Nicole tells her that if she wins part 3 that Holly will make a smart decision. Nicole says she can not make a big offer at this point, but going forward, who does she think she can win against. She tells Holly that those in the jury house will see Holly more if Nicole is next to her in the final two and she knows that her and Jackson had a final two together and are loyal but at this point it comes down to who she can win against. Holly tells Nicole that she is her at Nicole’s age. Holly says at 24 it was the hardest part of her life. She tells Nicole they are the same person. Nicole says that people do not give her enough credit but that Holly did in the house. Holly tells Nicole about her life before she was Miss Wyoming and then she went and competed for Miss USA. Holly tells Nicole that it has been cool to see Nicole come out of her shell during BB.
10:15 PM BBT Nicole tells Holly that she respects the decisions that Holly or Jackson would make. But she would like the consideration to take Holly to final 2 because it means a lot to her. She says that as a potential juror it will flip or flop depending on the speeches and where the Jury’s head is at. She says that if Holly would sit next to Nicole that the jury would go towards Holly. Holly says that their games are similar and that her and Jackson’s games are different. That Nicole has really been under the radar and has played a great social game so that she doesn’t know how that would play out with the jury. Nicole says she just wants to be considered. Nicole says that it would come down to who won more out of the final two. Nicole says that Holly needs to think about the jury and their personalities and what they would think if Jackson started rattling off all the comps he won and how he was a better competitor sitting next to Holly but that if Nicole was sitting in final two that Holly can take credit for Nicole being there. Nicole says that she will respect her decision but would be disappointed obviously if she was not in the final two. Holly says another thing she is going to take into consideration is what her parents would want her to do and what they would respect along with the rest of the country. Nicole says that she doesn’t know where that will direct her. Nicole says that this is it, there is no more deals going forward or damage control, it is just going to be it. She tells Holly that as a pre-school teacher, she doesn’t make any where near the money that some of the other HG say they make. Holly says that Jackson is already talking about being the winner. Nicole says that yeah, she said to him what if Holly wins or that she wins.
10:30 PM BBT Nicole says Humility and being a good winner is important. Holly says with a lot of money and with it comes responsibility not just bragging rights. Nicole says that this money would help her family so much and that she could do things for her pre-school with the money. Holly says that she understands the value of a dollar. That she worked for everything she had and was financially independent in HS and paid her own way through school. Nicole says that she is freaking out about how much food is left in the house and that she can not take it with her, because they do not waste anything in her house. She repeats how it means to her to be in the final two and that she would love to be considered and be honored to sit next to her.
10:45 PM BBT Jackson comes in and says that he has not started packing yet. They talk about what they are wearing. Nicole says that she has not dressed up yet. She says she did not ask for a strapless bra so she hopes everything stays intact. She asks Jackson if she wants to talk. Holly leaves and Jackson and Nicole alone to talk. She begins telling Jackson the same thing she told Holly about how much it means to her to be in the final two. She doesn’t know where Jackson’s head is at right now about who he would take if he won part 3. She tells him that she wants to be considered. And not to tell her if they have a final two so she at least can sleep with some hope. She talks to him about if he thought about jury votes. She talks about what the jury would do with the duo being in final two. She says that she respects the game too much and his game to say things are not fair. She says it would mean the world to sit in those final two chairs. She tells him that she just wants to be considered. Jackson says that this will be the first time ever that he would campaign against either one of them in the house. He says if he wins that his decision will not be made until the last minute. They hug it out and leave the room. As they leave, Nicole says thank you for letting me campaign. They go to the bathroom where Holly is sitting. Jackson lays down and puts his head on her lap. Now the HG are in general conversation. Nicole says isn’t it weird that people have been watching them for the last 100 days and that they are going to meet people that have watched them change their underwear. Holly and Jackson start singing about Scottish Stool and production tells them to stop singing. Jackson says why? It’s a made up song.
11:00 PM BBT Jackson asks if they should try to go to sleep. Nicole asks what they do with all the supplies? Do they save it for next season or do people take them home? HG just maintain general conversation.
11:15 PM BBT HG maintain general conversation. Holly does go to grab some water. While Holly is getting water, Nicole and Jackson talk about what the Jury thinks about them. Nicole says it depends on what the jury values, if they value wins or how people treated each other in the house or if promises were broken. Nicole says that it’s hard to say if the jury is comparing notes or if one person is taking the lead on who they want to win and is trying to sway the jury. Nicole says to Jackson that most likely the jury is going to compare them as a Duo as opposed to individual play. And how the showmance will play into it. Nicole tells him that she says that she feels that either one of them would win against her. She would just be grateful to sit in the chair. She goes on to say that at this point, it’s all an individual game and what is best for them as individuals and not as a duo.
11:30 PM BBT They talk about past seasons and who took people to the end and that some regretted the choice. Nicole says that she realizes that this is a journey and that they all have paths and if her path is to be 3rd so be it but if it is to be in the final two chairs than she would appreciate it. She says that to go with your gut but if it ends up being the wrong decision, it’s a wrong decision….no one is dying. She says to be prepared to answer why they evicted the person they did and why they chose to sit next to the person they take to the final two. Jackson is falling asleep on the bench in the bathroom. Nicole still sits there and Holly never returned from getting her water. Nicole leaves Jackson in the bathroom sleeping and she goes to the kitchen to look at the photo wall.
11:45 PM BBT Jackson is still sleeping in the bathroom and Nicole is staring at the photo wall. Holly is not on the cameras. Nicole leaves the wall and goes to find Holly who comes out of the DR. Nicole tells Holly that she has been telling herself it’s OK and that Holly and Jackson will pick each other and it’s OK but then she says no, I want it so bad. Holly tells Nicole that it was good to just go to the DR to voice her thoughts. Holly says that this whole thing is making her physically ill. Holly says that she is gutted with indecision and the weight of this is hard on her. She says that she deserves this but that she feels the weight and the importance of this decision. Nicole tells Holly a little bit of the conversation with Jackson when it comes to the social game. That Jackson says he feels he played a good social game but that Nicole did also and that Nicole says you don’t know what the jury will think. She says she just wants to sit in that final two chairs. Holly says it’s something that all season they didn’t want to sit in the chairs but that they now want to sit in them. Holly says that she is a ball of nerves. She says what the time is for the eviction speeches. That it is very short. Nicole talks about the double eviction and that she made her decision quickly and that she feels the same thing will happen tomorrow that the decision will be quick. That it forces your gut to make that decision. Nicole says that is the toughest part of the game that you want to stay but that this is the final thing and there is no deals to be made or consequences after an eviction because this is it. Nicole says that earlier when she was packing that she was thinking of who she would vote for but she had to say that she was still in it and she didn’t know if she would be the next evicted or would be final two that she had to stop discrediting herself.


September 23, 2019

12:00 AM BBT Holly answers with It is just a big moral dilemma I want my parents to be proud. Nicole says It will depend on what Tommy said going into the jury house and then Cliff walking in. Nicole says I believe I will come in second against either one of you but with you and Michie there it will depend on what the jury things. Nicole says I know I lost my shot and that is on me. She says I am saying the same thing to both of you. Holly tells her that it has been on her mind, which is why I didn’t sleep last night. Nicole says I want to be in the final 2 chairs but I blew my chance. No matter what I will walk out holding my head high. Holly says To be so close. Jackson rejoins them. Nicole asks if he is okay. He tells her he is just thinking. Nicole says When she gets out of here she is going to write the producers and say It should go from 4 to 2 better still night 1 16 people walk in 14 leave that first night. The conversation has stopped while Holly and Nicole munch on candy. Holly says Someone didn’t like me and started eating my food. She says Twice someone ate half my ice cream. Nicole tells them that Bella hid her cup and Kat felt so bad she went and got it. She says Kemi hid Nick’s HOH key and she felt it bad. Nicole says That is the worse kind of prank to play you are hiding and no one comes to find you. She says YOu feel bad if you are the person being pranked but laugh when it is someone else. Nicole throws a cookie at Jackson trying to get it in his mouth. She misses and he throws it into a cup. Nicole asks If there are bikes in LA that the 3 of them could ride. Holly says there are bikes with sidecars. They start to joke about the 2 of them will be pedalling and Jackson will be sitting in the sidecar dressed as Snoopy. Holly goes into the washroom leaving Nicole and Jackson. Jackson says I am wondering what the damage is done out there.
12:15 AM BBT Jackson tells her That he never had the conversation with Tommy. He explains He was in the HOH Room by himself seen Tommy heading into the HN Room. He says I listened to Tommy’s pitch. Jackson says My goal was not to make you think Tommy was lying. He said The goal was to place a bit of doubt in your head. Jackson says I told Holly and she told me to keep my cool. Jackson said No one ever said He could have overheard us in the HN Room. Nicole says Cliff and I decided to keep Holly. Tommy came in to talk to us and that is why I called the House Meeting. She says I knew you were BSing us. He says I have been sitting outside outside of a conversation for hours I am just trying to fit into the conversation. Nicole says Cliff decided the night before he was leaving he knew you were lying. Holly says I think that is Why Tommy just didn’t fight. He has spent most of the time going after Cliff. She tells Nicole She never would never stab Cliff in the back. She says That is why I was so upset in the washroom. Holly says I know my speech was awful and I get why you were doubting me. Nicole says Tommy was telling them that you guys were going to get rid of one of us. She says In my mind I thought you were going to keep Cliff for Final 3. Holly says I also Don’t fault Tommy for that pitch at all.
12:30 AM BBT Nicole says If Tommy had stayed and Cliff still left at 4 or would he have kept his word and sent Jackson out. With Tommy Cliff and I had gone to Final 3 I would have a better chance. She tells her This morning I was reflecting and wondering if America thinks I am the dumbest player keeping the showmance. Holly say I tried to play a game where I didn’t have to adjust my morals. Nicole says That is when I knew you didn’t deserve to go out that way. It wasn’t your lie or your fight. Holly says I know this is a game but I didn’t want to have to explain myself outside of here. Nicole says I came in the game trying to be truthful. Maybe too truthful to everyone. Nicole says I couldn’t keep up with the lies; I would not be able to sleep. Holly says You know what scares me is going against that ( she looks over at Michie) Nicole says I think if you did the jury would be closer. Holly says I don’t know why he got mad. Nicole says I didn’t mean to cut him off but I wanted to let him know he didn’t have to. Holly says He is always talking to me about winning; and what he will say to the jury. Holly says It is like he forgets there are still 3 of us here. She says We all came here for the same reason. Nicole says It was like When he said to me How dare you take the money away from me. She says I told him It isn’t yours let. Holly says the money will be good for all of us.
12:45 AM BBT Nicole says I feel bad when he tells us what he has gone through and his eating disorder but we all have gone through things. Holly starts to tell her that With the money I can start my clothing line for the homeless which is something that I can start small. She also says I want to have property to rescue dogs and animals. She says My roommate and I rescue and foster dogs. The conversation goes to What they wanted to be when they were little. Nicole says I had a dream about one of my students last night; as she says the name Feeds o to Fish. Nicole says Until she started working at the pre school she didn’t want kids. She starts talking about another child Feeds Go Back down. They come back with Nicole and Holly still talking and Jackson is sitting over by the weights by himself looking at them. Holly says She has gone to go to schools and talk to the kids about being outdoors and the benefits of being outdoors. Holly says Some of the teachers had the kids send her Thank you notes. She tells her about one that she saved. She says The student said Thank you for talking to me about the outside and for me to get my butt off the couch. Nicole says I didn’t want people to know that I was a fan. She says I don’t say I am a Mega Fan because a super fan can rattle off the evictions, who left and by so many votes. The conversation goes to in the house, Holly says the days are so long. Nicole says Life is hard but also easy. She says People make it harder than it is. Holly says She doesn’t chase pre schoolers but I chase drunk adults all day.
1:00 AM BBT Holly is telling her about some of the party tours she has done. She says They come with penis straws; penis confetti; penis crowns. Nicole jokingly says I know what I want for my next birthday. She then says If I went to a party with a penis theme I would be uncomfortable. They start talking about Sam and the fact that they both miss him. Holly says I put him up because I knew he would go far in this game. Holly says I put him up because I knew he would make it far. Nicole says Same as Tommy he danced around everything that he was asked. Nicole says Tommy and Christie both would say You are part of my perfect alliance but not right now in the future. Nicole says He told me Michie was his White Whale but I knew he was going after Cliff. Holly says I also knew Nick was a good player. She says He could get people to go from being mad at him then loving him. Nicole says I always had a wall up at first about all the hugging. She says The only time I allowed him to hug me was when he was on the block and he was going. Nicole asks If he is mad or just working out. Holly says I don’t know. She gets up to change the laundry. Nicole says I will be leaving the house with a basket of snacks. Holly says You can throw them in the audience. Nicole says I bet Family Videos aired tonight. Holly says Is it Tuesday and Wednesday or just Wednesday. Nicole says I always watch the show. They are trying to figure out How it goes on Finale Night. Nicole says I wish they would do a Tuesday night show that shows everything then Finale night can be a 2 hour show where they interview the first 5 then the jury then 3rd place then 2nd then the winner and AFP. They are worried if Jackson is mad. Holly says I don’t know if he is just in his head or because he feels left out of the conversation ; he is use to being the center of all conversation.
1:15 AM BBT Nicole says Do you think he is mad because we were talking game. Nicole says Whether or not I am next to you Holly advocate for yourself. Nicole says Nails on Tuesday. Nicole says I am done with tie dying i just have Michie’s tee shirt. Nicole says I can’t believe we slept to 4 PM today. Holly goes over to the dryer. Holly checks her tie dyed shirt. They figure out who owes what pair of shorts. Nicole walks around the yard and asks What is up with the hot tub. The girls are checking out the hot tub but it is foaming . Holly goes over to talk to Jackson for a minute. Nicole goes to check the time. Holly says I am taking your clothes in Babe and putting them in the Target Room. Nicole thinks that they do have red dye to do Michie’s tee shirt. Holly starts putting the biscuits in a bag. Holly heads back outside. They are using the pool table as a hanging rack. Holly says There is some red. They are trying to decide how to do it and if it should be all red or red and blue. Big Brother calls Jackson out for his mic. Jackson is in the Target Room folding his clothes.
1:30 AM BBT Nicole heads back out into the kitchen where her and Holly are trying to figure out how to finish tie dying the tee shirt. Jackson walks by Holly tells him they are doing his shirt. He mumbles something and heads outside slamming the door. They are trying to figure out What to use to get a pattern on the tee shirt. Holly has wrapped the rolling pin in cling wrap and is trying to wrap the tee shirt around it.
1:45 AM BBT The girls are still doing some tie dying so not talking much. Jackson is outside by himself sometimes doing weights sometime sitting down deep in thought. Jackson is working out but also moving his eyes around to see what cameras are on him. Back inside the girls are still doing the tee shirt. Holly decides to wet the tee shirt. She says Oh No now it is looking really big. She says I am making him a pink shirt. Nicole says Oh No now he will be really upset as he is already upset. Jackson comes back in with an armful of laundry. Jackson walks back through Holly is saying I am trying to fix your shirt. Nicole asks her if she knows why he is mad. Holly says He is mad at me but I am not sure why. Nicole says You have the right to think about your own game. The prize money is not in any of our suitcases. Holly is telling her about how her ex treated her for not working out. Holly says When I did the mental comps I held back but the physical comps I didn’t because I enjoyed them so much. Holly says The last comp we did was so fun and I was so proud of myself for how good I did. Holly says I am wondering why now why I doubted myself.

10:00 AM BBT Jackson is in the kitchen eating out of a bowl of watermelon. He puts it back in the fridge and then heads back to the bedroom where Holly and Nicole are sleeping.
10:11 AM BBT Feeds go to FISH. Wake up call. Feeds come back after 5 minutes with no change evident in the house. All HGs are still asleep. Feeds go to FISH again shortly.
10:30 AM BBT Feeds are back showing Holly in the bathroom and Nicole and Jackson still in bed. Holly boils some water for tea as she bypasses the mess on the kitchen counter. Nicole gets up and goes to the SR to change her battery. Nicole then goes and climbs back into the bed saying she is so cold. Holly makes her tea and then goes back to the bathroom to pop pimples in the mirror. BB tells Holly to please reattach her microphone. Holly moves to the bathroom couch and begins putting on her makeup.
10:45 AM BBT Holly continues to put on her game face as Jackson and Nicole snooze in their beds.
11:00 AM BBT Nicole and Jackson are still asleep. Holly is still doing her make-up in the bathroom area. FISH comes up again for about a minute.
11:15 AM BBT Nothing has changed in the BB house. FISH again for a quick time. Still no movement in the bedroom, and Holly is still putting on make-up.
11:30 AM BBT Holly finishes her make-up and hair then goes in the bedroom to change clothes. Nicole and Jackson are unfazed and continue to sleep. Holly then goes to the DR.
11:45 AM BBT Holly is still in the DR. Other two HGs are in their beds asleep.
12:00 PM BBT  Jackson and Nicole are still asleep.  Holly is in the DR. 12:12 Holly comes out of the DR and goes straight to bed with Jackson.  Nicole and Jackson are still sleeping.
12:15 PM BBT All three HGs are sleeping.
12:30 PM BBT All HGs are still sleeping
12:45 PM BBT 12:42 Jackson gets up and goes to the bathroom.  Nicole and Holly are still asleep. Two minutes later he comes out and rinses his hands and heads to the DR.   Nicole and Holly are still in dreamland. Jackson comes out of the DR at 12:47 and goes back to bed. Holly wakes and mumbles something to him, he asks her how it went, she mumbles something else and he rolls over and snuggles up to her.  Back to dreamland they go!
1:00 PM BBT In this time stamps update we bring you more of the HGs sleeping!
1:15 PM BBT Up next on BB21’s live feeds we have more sleeping HGs
1:30 PM BBT Mr Sandman must have given them a little too much sand when he visited because they’re all still asleep.
1:45 PM BBT I guess when you have nothing better to do sleeping all day is a good option …they’re still snoring away.
2:00 PM BBT I wish I could sleep as much as they have today.  Still in sleepville!
4:00 PM BBT Nicole is packing her things. Holly and Jackson are snoozing.  Nicole is giving Jackson and Michie some lunch. Jackson said in 48 hours they will be doing a live show. Nicole is shocked that it’s day 97.
4:15 PM BBT Nicole wants to take some mugs and blanket after the finale. The houseguests are talking about the luxury comp from a few days ago Nicole says she packed her comp clothes. Jackson is called to the diary room up stairs. Nicole is glad that she packed her regular clothes and not anything fancy she had on twice.
4:30 PM BBT Nicole and Holly are talking about what clothes they packed and what they had on during evictions and finale night. Holly was not a fan of Nick in the beginning. Holly is called to the downstairs.
4:45 PM BBT Nicole was surprised that Kemi was mean to people. Nicole and Holly is talking about the Whacktivity comps. Nicole is going to feed the fish.
5:00 PM BBT All the houseguests are feeding the fish. Nicole is now excited to clean the kitchen.
5:15 PM BBT Nicole is still doing the dishes.
5:30 PM BBT Holly & Michie are sleeping.
5:45 PM BBT Not much happening in the house.
6:00 PM BBT Everyone is hanging out in the kitchen. Michie is talking to Nicole about his lie that sent Tommy to jury. He tells her that he didn’t care if her or Cliff believed him or not. He tells her he just wanted to create enough doubt for them to evict Tommy. Holly smiles. They continue talking about the game thus far.
6:15 PM BBT Michie is eating chunks right out of his huge slice of watermelon. Holly tells him that she doesn’t even know he is right now. He tells her that he doesn’t even care at this point. FISH! They talk about not being able to sleep in on Wednesday “Finale Night.”
6:30 PM BBT The HGs are all sitting around the table in the kitchen talking. Michie is telling Nicole about his dream last night. He tells her that she really wanted to backdoor Michie. Nicole tells Michie that he is going to be known for telling Tommy to own it. She says that fans will remember him for saying that now and not Brett. He laughs and tells her that he didn’t even mean to say that. They start talking about Tommy being overly dramatic and over the top. Nicole tells them that she feels like she is going to death row right now.
6:45 PM BBT The HGs are enjoying some wine coolers and reminiscing about life outside of the house. Holly is bragging about her rich friends. Michie asks Holly what she thinks the questions will be for the final part of the HOH comp. She asks him what he thinks the jury is going to ask them. Michie is eating and the girls are unrolling their Tye Dye. They are very happy with them. Michie tells Holly that he likes the shirt she made him because she made it for him. She asks him if he would wear it.
7:00 PM BBT Holly and Nicole are checking out their tye dye shirts. Michie tells them that in 48 hours they are going to be through the finale and one of them will be a half million dollars richer. Nicole advises that they should let their Tye Dye dry well so they do not get mildewed. Nicole adds especially if you’re  rich and leave your stuff in your suitcase for a while. FISH! Nicole goes back to the blue BR to relax. FISH! Jackson tells Nicole that he requested that his parents looked for his suit and bring it for him. Holly tells Michie she wants to go try stuff on right now. Michie tells her that she should wait until tomorrow and she tells him that she wants to go do it now. He tells her that she doesn’t have to be rude about it. He goes into the LR to sulk. “He says that he is so sick of this house,” under his breath.
7:15 PM BBT Holly and Nicole are getting their outfits to possibly try on and have Jackson give his opinion on them. Holly is having Nicole barrow some high heels to wear on finale night. The girls are trying on their first finale outfit choice. Nicole says that her outfit is beachy boho and Holly is in something sexy. Nicole tells her that they don’t match. Holly is expecting a better response from Michie regarding her sexy see thru dress.
7:30 PM BBT Holly second dress choice leaves nothing to the imagination. Her and Nicole agree that it is probably too racy for CBS and would be better left for the after party. Nicole and Holly are checking out outfit number two in the full length mirror that is in the DR hallway. Nicole asks Holly if she thinks production would get her a strapless bra. Holly is hanging out in her dress that she is basically naked in. Michie yells for Nicole and tells her that she was called to the DR upstairs and that production played it in the wrong room.
7:45 PM BBT Nicole was called to the DR upstairs and walks up the stairs in her high heels. She is excited once she reached the top without falling. Holly is still sitting in the bathroom in her see thru dress and is picking her hair. Jackson is laying the couch in the LR. They are both thinking. The BB house is quiet. Holly gets in the shower and Michie jumps up. He walks back to the BR and “goes to the toilet.”
8:00 PM BBT All cameras are on the bathroom where we have Jackson who washes his hands and stops to say hi to Holly who is showering. Jackson lays on the couch and picks up Holly’s make up, he asks her if NYX is a good brand and she says yes, he then asks what her most expensive brand she has is she says her Marc Jacobs foundation and Jackson grabs an eyebrow pencil and says, “What about Anastasia Beverly Hills?” Holly says it’s definitely expensive but an eyebrow pencil and only $20.
8:15 PM BBT Jackson is still on the couch Holly continues her shower and Nicole is in her finale outfit pacing the living room, then heads into her room to change.
8:30 PM BBT Everyone is in the bathroom Holly’s shower is still going strong, finally she finishes and Nicole goes in to take hers, but instead changes again and she and Jackson decide to go pack. Jackson ends up in the kitchen and is eating watermelon out of the fridge, he says it’s 8:30 PM BBT and within 48 hours they will know who won. Nicole looks like she has gone to bed and Jackson and Holly and Jackson are whispering back and forth in the bathroom.
8:45 PM BBT Jackson and Holly are talking about the finale and Jackson is basically coaching Holly on how to answer the jury questions saying that she needs to sell herself.
9:00 PM BBT Holly and Nicole are in the RV bedroom, Holly is brushing her hair and the two of them are reminiscing on the game overall and talking in general about the finale tomorrow, Jackson has joined them and they all seem to be getting ready to go to bed. Nicole is asleep.  Jackson and Holly are laying in bed together, all 3 are in the RV bedroom
9:15 PM BBT Nicole decides to give Jackson and Holly some privacy in the RV bedroom and heads into the Boat Room to sleep by herself. And with that, our final 3 are all fast asleep at 8:20 PM BBT
9:30 PM BBT All of the houseguests are sleeping
9:45 PM BBT Twas the night before the finale when all through the Big Brother house, not a zingbot was stirring not even an Orwell. The houseguests were nestled all snug in their beds while visions of $500K danced in their heads

Full coverage of tonight's Big Brother show

September 22, 2019

Previously, on Big Brother, fighting to keep his showmance in the game, Jackson offered Cliff and Nicole a Final Three deal. So they brought Holly to the final four.

With Nicole in power, she put the lovebirds on the chopping block, but it all came down to the final PoV of the season and Michie secured his fourth veto win.

Cliff assumed Michie would stick true to his word, but at the veto meeting Michie saved himself giving him the sole power to evict and he sent Cliff Hogg to the jury. Now, only three remain in the battle for the half-million dollars.

Tonight, part one of the three-part of the HoH competition plays out.

Who will win and inch closer to the BB21 crown?

Plus, last year's final three JC, Tyler, and Kaycee return. Right now on Big Brother!

Julie greets us and it's day 96 inside the BB house and the Final Three are ready to push their way towards finale night. Whoever wins part one will advance to part three that will play out live on finale night. But after the last eviction, Nicole is faced with her worst nightmare... being left alone with Michie and Holly.

Nicole says she's sad Cliff is gone and she now finds herself in a Final Three with a showmance, but she's going to fight. It's an uphill battle, but she's going to fight. Michie came to win and he came to beat 15 other people and he's not going to let his family down. Holly says she feels like she's dreaming, but she's been playing in the shadows and she wants to prove she's here to fight and she deserves to be here at the very end.

Nicole is sitting and looking at the memory wall. Michie joins her and says only three left. Michie says his speeches didn't come out as personal did they? Nicole says jury management! Michie says Sis hates him, he's dead to her. Jess hates him, Tommy hates him, and he just sent out Cliff. Nicole asks about Kat and Michie says she probably hates me.

Michie says he's trying to convince Nicole the jury hates him and maybe she'll take him to Final Two if she wins. Michie thinks he could get Nick, but not sure about Jack. Nicole says Michie is playing the no one likes me card. She sees through it and she's over it.

Nicole and Holly are talking and Michie is praying. Nicole says she doesn't expect either of them to take her, but she hopes they think about the Final Two on a game level. Holly says Michie killed it at competitions and Holly says it crosses her mind all the time.

Nicole says if I'm Holly I'm thinking Michie's my guy, but I'll lose and I might have a better shot against Nicole. Michie joins Nicole and Holly and Michie says I love you to Nicole and she says I love you more. Nicole says Michie is good and he says what do you mean.

Nicole tells us Michie has mastered the art of manipulation, but she sees through it. Nicole says she doesn't think either of them will take her to Final Two and she has nothing to lose so why not rattle his cage a little bit.

Michie keeps saying what do you mean I'm good and Nicole just says you're good. She doesn't wish to elaborate.

Julie says Michie has muscled his way to the end. He says it's a dream to make Final Three. He knew walking in he'd be seen as a social threat and a physical threat. Michie says he knew he needed Camp Director for safety. Michie says winning Camp Director allowed people to come to him and he could form relationships and eventually form an alliance of eight. He knew it was best to play his game in the shadows and it worked because of Gr8ful.

We see Ovi, Kemi, and Sam evicted. Michie says Jack was a useful ally for his game and he was on the block twice with Jack and he wasn't the target either time.

Michie says on day 44 Jack turned his back on him and blew up his game. Michie says when everything blew up he realized he had no bird and no bush and he didn't have anyone in his corner except for Holly. He says it's nice to have a partner in crime, but also a support system. Everything he's done in this game has been to keep her safe right there with him. She's his #1 priority. They had to win competitions to stay alive.

He has ten wins to his name and that allowed him to play the BB game he wanted to play and he locked in a final four with Cliff and Nicole and ultimately it paid off.

When Nicole won HoH on double eviction it sent Christie home. Cliff and Nicole were loyal, but it didn't last when he heard their deal with Tommy. He has no problem lying in the house and doing what he has to do and he had no problem telling the lie on Tommy. On a game level, it was a no brainer for Nicole and Cliff to break up the showmance and the fact they didn't? He's speechless but he's glad. He now gets to bring Holly with him to finale night. His family and parents deserve this and he wants to do this for them.

Nicole wanted to view the house as a classroom and she wanted to assess and adapt weekly. She knew she'd have to focus on her social game. Very early she saw something with Cliff that resonated with her and she formed a Final Two with him. One by one a lot of her friends were taken out of the house. She lost Ovi and Kemi.

There was a huge group running the game. Her and Cliff were very patient and they saw the little cracks here and there and they were just waiting for them to burst and then her and Cliff teamed up with Jess and Kat and they became Cliff's Angels and they were able to take out a huge threat in the game, the nucleus Jack.

Moving forward she lost Cliff's Angels, it was tough to lose Kat, but Michie approached her and Cliff for a final four. Nicole says you do not turn down an alliance, especially someone like Michie who might get angry and come after you. Luckily, it paid off. Double eviction day was insane and one of her most notorious moments she decided to pay back Michie and Holly for all the weeks they kept her safe and sent a big target out of the house.

The following week Nicole won the BB Comics veto and with Cliff off the block, Michie was forced to put up Holly. Cliff and she were faced with a big decision and they decided to vote out Tommy because they were able to make a deal with Holly which allowed her to secure a spot on the Final Three. Unfortunately, Michie won the veto which sent Cliff out the door and now here she is in Final Three with a showmance. She doesn't think anyone quite understands what it means for her little family. This whole thing has been a dream and she wants to sit in that chair and it can happen and it will happen.

Holly has said she's more than just the girl in the showmance. Holly says the second she walked in she knew she had to play a very careful, calculated game to survive to the end. Joining a big, strong alliance was a great way to ease into the summer and if you're surrounded by bigger targets, they usually go before you do. She certainly wasn't expecting to get into a relationship with someone, but Michie wasn't the only one she was close to. Kat and her ran in similar circles, so yeah she knew her and Kat not being in the majority alliance helped to have a number on the other side. Holly says she had to separate herself from Kat in order to save her.

That's when they knew the house had turned completely against them, but she still had Michie and that's when their relationship started to blossom because they worked so well together. So flying under the radar went out the window. They had to compete and earn their own safety or their game was dead. Her goal coming in was to stay off the block. She lasted 83 days never seeing the block, then her worst fear came true. She saw the block as a replacement nominee and it was during Michie's HoH and Nicole and Cliff started going back on the final four deal.

Michie and she had to pull out all the stops to play in the game. She threw a competition that was made for her, but Michie won the lost veto so he had the ability to keep her safe. She came here to win BB and after the game she's played, she feels like she deserved to be up there in the Final Two chairs. And if she gets to plead her case to jury she has a shot at the half million.

Julie is joined by Kaycee, Tyler, and JC from last year's Big Brother. Julie asks if anyone is surprised to see this Final Three and Kaycee says yes, she didn't expect Jackson and Holly would make it. Tyler says anyone who follows him on social media knows his predictions skills were bad, he thought David would win. JC says he never thought Jackson would make it to the end because he was a huge target.

Julie asks about Cliff and Nicole's decision from last week and Tyler says Cliff was dumb. JC says you always take out the showmance, you destroy them. Julie asks how do they think about Nicole's gameplay. Kaycee likes her social game and Tyler says he likes someone who went through adversity. Tyler thinks Michie does well under high-pressure situations but he's abrasive. JC says he maybe played too aggressive, but it worked for him.

Kaycee likes Holly, she doesn't like the showmance, but she wouldn't mind if she won. JC says avoiding the block is really hard. Tyler feels like she went with the flow and hid behind Michie, especially when he let Jackson fight for her with Tommy. Kaycee thinks Nicole should win. Tyler thinks Michie will win. JC thinks whoever wins deserves it, but he thinks Holly will win.

Julie says every former HGs will tell you that you have to keep your emotions in check, but there's one place where you can let your emotions flow. Jess doesn't want to vote for anyone. Kemi wishes people were smarter and would use their brain. Sis asks what's an adjective. Nicole is pissed off and then she says she's sorry she cursed. We see Jess crying because she feels played. Ovi is crying. Sam is crying because he had dreams about his wife. Christie is crying and she's terrified and scared and she doesn't know who to trust and she's hormonal. Jack is crying but he'll be fine. Christie is not fake crying. Jack is still crying and it's homesickness. Nicole says she has a runny nose and Bella says she's an ugly crier. Christie is starting to feel like America hates her. Jess truly never felt this alone in her life. We see Tommy and Kat crying. Kat says she stole her man and she'll still her tissues. Michie has tears and says here's some tears for you. We then see the agent chasing down Zingbot emotional too.

It's now time for part one of the final HoH competition. This competition is called Raiders of the BB Relics. On Julie's go, they'll have to cross a rope bridge and jump across rotating pillars and once there they have to complete an ancient BB puzzle. Once they complete the puzzle, they have to take 25 gold coins back to their crate one at a time. The first to do it will win part one and automatically advance to part three on finale night.

Holly is struggling and she says she's out for blood and no throwing this one. Michie says this HoH is the most important and it all starts here and he has a job to do. He has to get it done. Nicole says this will be a doozy. She's in the Final Three with a showmance and the only way she sees herself in the Final Two chairs is when she wins herself. Michie gets to his puzzle and puzzles are not as easy as they look on TV, but he and his mom love doing puzzles. Holly is working on hers and Nicole isn't far behind.

Nicole says she's a puzzle person, but this puzzle is hard and it's the most bizarre shapes. Holly seems to have a couple of pieces in. Nicole is panicking a little bit and she has to pull it together. She knows she can do it.

Nicole is still concerned and Michie finishes his puzzle and he's off. Holly finishes her puzzle and Nicole says this is embarrassing. Nicole finishes her puzzle and she gets to start transferring her coins. Nicole says she's behind, but not far. All she has to do is pick up the pace and make up for lost time. Holly has caught her stride and she's really flying and she might be the leading lady of an action film. She wants to build her resume as much as possible.

Nicole knows she's behind and she feels like she's falling apart, but she needs to keep moving. Michie says from day one he's never let himself feel comfortable in this house and he needs to push through so he can make it to part three and the Final Two. Holly says Nicole is falling behind so it's down to her and Michie and she wants to win. Michie says it's between him and Holly and they are going to duke it out to the finish. Michie finally finishes and rings in and Michie has won part 1 of the HoH!

Michie just won part 1 of the final HoH and it's awesome and he's happy so he won't celebrate. He still has a job to do. Holly is happy for Michie, but she wanted this win and now she has to go against Nicole and she's the only thing standing between her to the Final Two seat. Nicole says she lost to Michie, but she can beat Holly in part two and she won't be bringing Michie. She's going to bring Holly to the Final Two and it will happen!


September 22, 2019

12:00 AM BBT Jackson says Whenever my Mom and me talked about Big Brother we never thought I would win. I have a chance to win half a million dollars. Holly says for me it is weird because I am the only one in my family that watches the show. Feeds go to fish. Feeds come back with Holly and Jackson still preparing food. Holly asks if there is any lime. Jackson tells her yes. Jackson is waiting outside the SR door to scare Holly when she comes out. She comes out he says Boo. She tells him to stop that he is so mean. They go back to continuing to cook. Jackson says I don’t feel like doing dishes tonight. I am over it. Jackson is eating the corn that was left on the cob. He says I can’t stress enough is the fact, I am so proud of ya. Feeds go to fish.
12:15 AM BBT Feeds come back with Jackson says You know what I can’t wait for is to walk in Rick’s house and say First and Second. Holly says I just love us. Holly says At first I just wanted to kick your ass so bad. They start to hug and kiss; Jackson gets called out for his mic. Jackson says You are the type of person that will throw me into the spotlight but fight me for it to. Jackson goes upstairs and tries the door to the HOH Room. He says Hey Big Brother and Feeds go Down. Feeds come back with the finishing touch going on supper. Jackson calls Nicole to come eat. Holly goes to clean up the table from the tie dying. Nicole comes out and says something Jackson says What the F**K and feeds go down. Nicole joins them in the kitchen. Feeds go down again.
12:30 AM BBT Feeds come back with Holly and Jackson preparing their plates to eat. Jackson tells her that the corn is his favorite thing she makes. Jackson gets told to move his mic higher. Holly says Nicole did really really good too. Jackson says How do you think Cliff would have done? Holly says I don’t think those 2 comps where his comps so once he sees the comps he will feel better about how he went out. Jackson says I studied those faces so much. Holly agrees with him. Jackson says I just want to pick you up and run around this house. Holly starts to explain more of the comp to him. Jackson says I can’t wait to make an omelet out of this corn. Jackson gets called out to move his zipper away from his mic. Holly says I want a bit more corn then I will get my face. Holly says I think I could have done better. Jackson says Were you afraid? She says No. He says Did you hesitate? She says No. He said see all the things you said you were worried about you just went out and did it. He continues with I am so proud of you. Holly says Final 2 together. He gets her some ice cream says I am having one bite then it is all yours. Holly says We have been a showmance who has had guns drawn at us for the last 55 days. Jackson says Ever since Day 44. Jackson says Since Day 58 you and I have had control of this game the entire second half. Holly says I know. Jackson says I was happy to win part 1.

12:45 AM BBT Holly says I won a memory comp. They start talking about a memory comp that Jackson didn’t do well in. Holly said I would have done well in that. The conversation goes to how some of the others would have done in that comp. She says None of this is going to air until Wednesday right. Jackson says Tuesday. Jackson says Your mom will see it while she is in LA. Jackson says Sunday will be Part 1. Jackson says Our parents are packing their bags taking care of things and boarding a plane to LA to see us in Finale. He says Baby Girl we did it. The conversation goes to what they should wear Finale Night. Holly tells him wear your blue one. Jackson says Brad will not be able to find it. Feeds go to Fish. Jackson looks in the mirror and says Oh I need a haircut. Nicole has not been seen except for a few minutes early. Jackson says I have to prepare myself for their questions; this is where those law classes will come in handy. Holly says How long do we have. Jackson says I am not sure but I will go over if I have to. Holly says I am not good at public speaking. Jackson says I have to sell myself to a jury of my peers. I have said all along that Big Brother is a sales game.
1:00 AM BBT Holly says it is 1’Clock and we still have to DR. Jackson says You do. Feeds cut for a minute. They come back with Jackson and Holly staring into each other’s eyes. Holly says We have a pinkie promise to take each other. Holly says We never had a final 2 with each other. Jackson says My goal was never to take out the biggest target but to take out those closest to them first. Then take the kill shot. Jackson says We did it Holly. It feels like a dream. Holly says It does feel like a dream. Jackson is trying to figure out what the questions will be. Jackson says We did it baby. Holly says These last 2 comps were the hardest. Jackson says Can’t wait to watch it back. Feeds cut. Feeds come back with Holly heading to the washroom to put her makeup on. She asks if she can do her DR tomorrow as she is so f**king tired. Jackson says I can’t get over it I can’t say it enough We did it. We got 4 more nights of sleep here. Jackson is asking her questions about her makeup. Jackson says HOw should I ask for my suit? Do they have Brad’s number? Feeds cut for a second. Jackson says Just think of all the things that you and I did not do right we would have been split up. He says we have 12 comp wins between us. He is listing the comps that he won. He says Let’s do it this way which ones haven’t we won. He says Holly there may be only 4 things we didn’t win. Holly says You mean you I only won 2 things. Jackson Once again says I am so proud of you. I can’t say it enough. He tells her we are a team. Jackson says I hope Nicole is okay.
1:15 AM BBT Holly wonders Who from her family will come She thinks her Mom and Jessie. Jackson says I hope my Mom comes. Jackson says I had a long nap upstairs so I am wired. Holly says I am tired. Feeds go down as Holly is trying to figure out how long they took doing the comp. Feeds come back with both Holly and Jackson in the washroom. Holly is applying her makeup. Jackson says I was nervous because they were promising me a part in the final 2. What if I had turned it…. Feeds cut. Feeds come back. Jackson says If someone faults me for my loyalty to you, there is nothing I can do. He says I have never gone against you. Holly says When jury finds out they are going to be salty. Jackson says Christie, Tommy and Sis will be so salty. Holly agrees with him. Jackson says I can’t wait to do things outside of here. Jackson says I want to go to Nashville and Knoxville. She tells him not to want to leave LA so fast. He says I want to see my buddies. Jackson once again says I am so proud of you. I just want to pick you up and do circles. Jackson asks If a showmance has ever made it to Final 2. Holly says I don’t think so. Jackson says Future Big Brother players it is possible to get to final 2 while in a showmance. Jackson says She has been in there awhile. Holly says I know if I am in there that long I ill be… Feeds cut. Feeds come back with Jackson starting to say something and he gets told to stop that.
1:30 AM BBT Jackson is using her makeup brushes. Holly says You got some on you. Jackson says I am so glad I am a guy. Jackson says The tip of your nose is missing it. Jackson says Hey Holly; you need to be more respectful to Nicole. Jackson says I think between you and me the jury is going to be a split vote. Jackson says I think they will be very bitter. Holly says I don’t think they will be. Jackson says I hope so. Jackson says Did you think you would get this far in a showmance. Holly asks him the same thing. He says I don’t celebrate anything until I get it. Holly says Once I got into the house every night I would think about sitting in the Final 2 chairs. Jackson says When I walked in on move in day and saw all the people I thought I can do this I really can do this. Holly says I use to wonder What I would say to Julie if I got evicted. Jackson says We will never see the jury house. Holly says I am so sleepy. Holly says It is crazy she is taking so long. Holly goes to the stall. Jackson heads out to the kitchen and eats some more steak. He has moved over to the corn now. He washes his hands and goes into the fridge to eat something. Holly comes out of the stall. They hug and head to the kitchen. Jackson says He has to pee. He also tells Holly he can’t get enough of the corn. Jackson comes out of the washroom. He sits down and stares at the memory wall. Holly joins him and says I can’t believe we are next to each other. They head into the bedrooms where Jackson asks Is she really not out yet. Feeds go down. Feeds come back on with Jackson in the Target Room saying it is cold. He gets changed for bed. Jackson says We can sleep where we want and when we want for the next 5 days. Holly says I know your place or mine.
1:45 AM BBT They get in bed and start to cuddle. Holly says I get to go to Final 2 with you. Jackson asks If they can go on lockdown and have the lights out. Jackson says I was nervous because I was like how long before our winning streak goes cold. He says my biggest fear was walking out on that stage and having to cast a vote. He tells her, I am never going to turn my back on you. Holly says My body is sore sorry even from the last comp. Holly says At one point I was climbing up the wall and my shoulder gave out it was so sore. The conversation goes back to the fact that Nicole has been in the DR for 2 hours. Feeds go to fish.
2:00 AM BBT Feeds return and Jackson and Holly are cuddling, trying to go to sleep. Nicole is still in the DR. Nicole out of the DR; Jackson greets her return and she asks if they ate. Fish. Feeds back. Jackson and Nicole in the kitchen, Holly getting changed and putting her hair in for the DR in the WR. Nicole heads to the living room to eat. Jackson heads to the WR and tells Holly she could be going into this DR session as the winner. She says she’s too tired to be excited. Jackson says he’ll wait up for her because he’s not going to let her go to bed alone. Jackson rejoins Nicole in the living room. Feeds back to fish.
2:24 AM BBT Feeds back. Jackson telling Nicole that no matter what happens, one of them has to cast a vote. Nicole says that’s true and she’ll let him know what it’s like. She says this sucks, she’s seen herself sitting in the final 2 chairs. She starts to break down and catches herself. Jackson tells her not to make assumptions. He says he loves her and everything he’s told her is genuine. He says that no matter what happens, she will always be the best thing to come out of this experience. He reminds her they probably have a visitor coming tomorrow. He reminds her her parents will be boarding a plane in NY to come and see her. Nicole asks if the feeds are on, so her parents will know and Jackson says they are. She says her sister reads updates, so she’ll tell their parents. Jackson tells Nicole how proud he is of her. Nicole says she’s a perfectionist; Jackson says that they’re very similar.
2:30 AM BBT Nicole says this comp is killing her because she’s questioning whether or not she gave it her all in it. Nicole says that she was the kid in school who got 99 on a test and would persevere on the 1 she missed instead of the 99 she got right. Jackson says that’s the way he is, too. The say the game has taught them a lot about themselves. Nicole says she had a nice speech prepared for her F2 with Jackson. Again he says he’s proud of her. Nicole says she’s proud of both of them, both individually and as a couple because they’ve been kicking ass and taking names. Nicole says she always wants to prove something, to everyone and to herself. Nicole says she cares about everything so much; she’ll even obsess over writing on an envelope because it has to be perfect. Jackson says he’s the same. Fish. Nicole is saying someone told her she’d never make it in the game, because she’d never leave mommy, but she showed them. She says she’s cried about missing her family, but she’s never felt like “I need my mom!” She says she had another person who wasn’t nice to her and told her she wouldn’t amount to much. She says that was a very bad semester. She says those are the people she’s proven wrong. Jackson says he had someone in his life that found out he was going to the casting call and they went out of their way to….feeds cut to fish. Feeds back. Jackson says for weeks he’ll be watching BB. He says he was sick of playing Christie and Jack’s game. He says he tried to get Holly to join in him the rogue vote so they could pin it on Nick and Bella, but she wouldn’t. He says everything he did in this game was to get him to the end. Nicole says the mouthwash and cookie dough didn’t bother her; she says applauded David for all his little pranks, too. Jackson says he knew walking in he’d have a target on him, his strategy was to always listen to his dad who told him there is always a bigger fish. He decided to make sure there was always a bigger target than him around the house. He’d fuel Jack’s ego to make sure he was as annoying as possible.
2:45 AM BBT Nicole says Jackson is impressive. He says he couldn’t get rid of Christie or Tommy because they were bigger targets than him. Nicole asks who Jackson thinks Tommy would have nominated if he had won the double and Jackson says him and Cliff, without a doubt. He says Tommy used to go on tangents about getting Cliff out. Jackson says everything he’s done in this game was to get him to this point. He says he went squirrelly when the vote almost went sideways on Holly over Tommy, and that he knew he had to do everything he could to try and save them. Jackson says that it killed him to go back on his word, but if loyalty isn’t reciprocated, it’s broken. He says if he told Cliff he was not going to take him to F2, Cliff would have taken Holly instead of Jackson, and while it killed him to go back on his word, he had to protect himself. He says his speech when he evicted Cliff was for the jury, not America. He wanted them to have a bit of an understanding of how it went from Holly and Michie on the block to Cliff being in jury. Nicole says she’d be delusional to think she has much of a fighting chance to be taken to F2. Nicole says that every vote she made, no matter how emotional she was, she made to better her game. Jackson says they’re playing Big Brother and Nicole says some of us are losing Big Brother. Jackson says it’s true though; even David played Big Brother. Jackson says in four or five days, she’s going to be with her family and her pets, having a nice shower and a home cooked meal. He says he’ll buy her an iphone, if he has to, to ensure they can facetime daily.
3:00 AM BBT Jackson and Nicole talking in the living room while Holly is in the DR. Nicole says she’s disgusted with herself. Jackson says that’s a horrible thing to say and asks her to explain. She says there’s not much to explain; she had an opportunity and didn’t do as well as she should have and here she is. Fish. Jackson says tomorrow is Sunday and they only have half of one week left. Nicole starts to break down and Michie goes to cuddle her. She tells him not to, but he doesn’t stop. She says she’s not angry with them at all, she’s sad and disappointed with herself. Jackson says he understands, but he’s proud of her and he knows her family is, too. He says she’s an angel. She says one that couldn’t win a comp to save her life; he says she’s proved otherwise the last few weeks. He asks her not to cry and she says she’s not crying, she’s leaking. BB asks they not obstruct their mics and Nicole tells them there’s nothing to hear except her crying again. She says she worked so hard, through the whole process and she came up short. Jackson tells her to think of the people who didn’t make it to F3. She says it’s not about the money. She says she’s not a sore loser; Jackson says she wins hard and loses hard because she’s so passionate. He tells her to never lose her fire, and not to stop being her for anyone. He tells her to care too much, love too much and sometimes cry too much. He tells her to always give her best and everything works out as it should. He says God has a plan for them. Fish. Feeds back, Nicole crying saying she had a rough day. She keeps asking why and Jackson says everything happens the way it should. She says she’s been on borrowed time since week 4; Jackson says she’s been on earned time because she earned this. Nicole is worried that her family is going to be worried about how upset she is.
3:15 AM BBT Nicole and Jackson talking in the living room as Holly does her DR session. Nicole says she wants to campaign, but if it’s a done deal they should just tell her because she doesn’t want to look like an idiot. He says he loves her and she’s the sister he never had. She tells him not to say that as it makes her sad. He tells her she has a heart of gold and it lights up the room. Nicole says it’s been a rough couple of years with a lot of people saying the opposite to her. He tells her she doesn’t need them if that’s how they are. She says she appreciates that. She says she doesn’t want them to think she doesn’t respect their games; obviously she wants to see them succeed, but she wants to succeed too. She says she’s cried for every person who’s been evicted, but it’s a tougher pill to swallow when the evictee is yourself. She says she’ll be okay. He asks if she wants to go check the tie dye and she says yes. He asks if she wants ice cream and she says she doesn’t eat ice cream when she’s depressed. They head to the kitchen and Jackson starts unwrapping the tie dye shirt. Jackson unwraps his shirt that is barely colored and they kill themselves laughing. Jackson says he was never good at arts and crafts. Jackson says this sucks and it’s a BS tie dye kit. He starts unwrapping his second shirt, hoping to redeem himself. He says he sees a lot of white. The second shirt is much better than the first, but still mainly white. Nicole asks Jackson to unwrap hers, and he starts but she immediately says she sees a lot of white already. He holds it up and one side is awesome and the other side is white. He starts unwrapping her second one and she exclaims it’s perfect. She asks him to unwrap Cliff’s. He does the first and they say it’s not horrible, but there’s still a lot of white. The second shirt (using the tube method) is again just half tie dyed. Nicole says she’s going to redo those half done shirts tomorrow and Jackson asks if she’ll do his too. She says she will. Jackson starts snacking on cereal. Nicole says she ate popcorn off the floor today and then says today was not one of her better days in the house. Fish. Holly comes out of the DR and they show her their shirts. Holly agrees that the tube method sucks. Nicole volunteers Jackson to unroll Holly’s shirts so she doesn’t get dye on her sweater. They tell Holly that Nicole had a cry and Jackson comforted her. Nicole says she respects them and their game, but she’s sad. Jackson unrolls Holly’s first shirt and they like it.
3:30 AM BBT Holly and Nicole discuss the comp while Jackson unrolls Cliff’s bandana. He places it on the counter and Holly freaks that he’s going to dye the counter and his hands. She moves the bandana and they try to clean it. Meanwhile, Jackson goes to the bathroom freaking out about meeting Julie with purple hands. He asks where gasoline is because gasoline would get it off. Nicole tells him to try nail polish remover. Jackson says he’s going to the DR. Holly puts on gloves to continue unwrapping their tie dye creations and feeds cut to fish. Feeds back and Jackson is scrubbing his hands. Nicole tells him to leave it, it will fade. Jackson says he feels like Barney. Holly is inspecting the creations, Jackson is still obsessing about his hands. Nicole suggests they try vinegar, so he soaks his fingers in it. Holly asks Nicole if she ate and she says she did. Holly sits beside Nicole and they start comparing scars from the game. Fish.
3:44 AM BBT Feeds back. Nicole says, “after what happened my memory was pretty foggy.” Fish again. She says once she saw Holly’s time, she knew she was sunk. She says she knew that Holly had done it pretty quickly so the first time she heard the incorrect buzzer, she figured she was done. She was worried it was going to be “Holly: 9 Min; Nicole: 90 Min.” Jackson finds an old fruit loop in the couch and asks if they should eat it. Jackson says it’s 3:45 and asks if they can please go to sleep. Nicole says she had a nap earlier and we get fish again. Feeds back and they’re complaining it is cold. Jackson says they’ve all been havenots and they’ve all slept up there and Holly corrects him that she slept up there but not because she was a HN but because they were shunned. Jackson asks them to take off their makeup and head to bed. Nicole says she’s just going to brush her teeth. Jackson heads off to the bedroom and Holly and Nicole examine the tie dye creations again and discuss how Nicole could fix them tomorrow. Jackson is praying in the bedroom and begging production for privacy. The camera doesn’t leave him and he gets angry. He speaks directly into his mic asking for privacy. The camera keeps following him. He asks if privacy is too much to ask for. Camera pulls out, but stays on him and he thanks them. He finishes praying and says production is so pesky and so needy, almost like he just figured out he’s on a reality show. He heads out to the WR and molests Holly while she washes her face. Nicole comes out of the stall and they discuss the comp. Nicole says it’s been real and Jackson says they’re all leaving the same day; they’re all there until Wednesday. Holly asks if she’s told them her Canadian joke, “Do you know how to spell Canada? C-Eh-N-Eh-D-Eh.” She says it’s her favorite joke. Jackson is trying to gargle and Nicole is chasing him to prevent it. He heads into the bathroom stall and she asks how he knew she wouldn’t follow. He dares her to, and she declines. Nicole says she may wear this outfit on finale night because she has no shame and no standards. They all laugh. She starts peeling off her nametags and sticks them on Michie and Holly, asking who they’re going to bring to F2 and telling them that’s a good choice. She says that’s her campaigning.
4:00 AM BBT Jackson, Holly and Nicole are finishing getting ready for bed in the WR.

10:00 AM BBT All HGs are asleep.
10:03 AM BBT Lights come on and then feeds go to FISH. Wakey, wakey, HGs!
10:18 AM BBT Feeds back with the HGs still in bed with the lights on.
10:30 AM BBT All HGs are still asleep. Holly gets up and goes to the SR to replace her batteries. She then heads to the bathroom. Holly goes to the kitchen and walks around looking at the shirts they have dyed. The shirts are all hanging on all the chairs in the kitchen. After wandering around a bit, she soon finds her way back to the bed.
10:45 AM BBT All HGs are asleep.
11:00 AM BBT All HGs are asleep. Michie soon gets up and goes to SR to change batteries. He goes to bathroom and then quickly heads back to bed. He and Holly exchange a smooches and then drift back to sleep.
11:15 AM BBT BB calls Holly to the DR upstairs. After about 10 minutes she exits the DR and BB calls Nicole to the DR upstairs. She tells Holly it will be a great DR session considering how depressed she is. BB tells her that she is not allowed to talk about her DR session with other HGs. Nicole stops into the SR and replaces her batteries. This leaves Holly and Jackson cuddling in bed. They quickly drift back to sleep.
11:30 AM BBT Holly and Jackson are asleep and Nicole is continuing her DR session. Camera zooms in on the Memory Wall. Only 3 pictures left in color. Nicole comes out of the DR and checks the time before heading straight back to bed. Now all HGs are asleep again.
11:45 AM BBT – 1:30 PM BBT All HGs are asleep.
1:45 PM BBT All HGs are asleep. Cameras move and zoom in on Nicole. It sounds like Nicole is crying.
2:00 PM BBT All houseguests are asleep, while the houselights are still on.
2:15 PM BBT Nicole is awake, laying in bed in the RV bedroom. All other houseguests are asleep
2:30 PM BBT – 3:00 PM BBT All houseguests are resting.
3:00 PM BBT Holly gets up and takes out some clothes. She then goes to the toilet. She then gets out of the toilet to brush her teeth and wash her face, while running the water non-stop. She turns it off, dries her face, then ties up her hair. She then goes to the kitchen to do dishes.
3:15 PM BBT BB asks Holly to put on her microphone. Holly says “sorry. I forgot.” She then cooks some food.
3:30 PM BBT Holly continues to cook food, as Jackson & Nicole are still resting in bed. Holly bangs a tube of rolls on the counter to open them.
3:45 PM BBT Holly continues to cook breakfast.
4:00 PM BBT Jackson gets up. Holly tells Jackson that she was going to bring him breakfast in bed. Holly goes to the bathroom to ask him if he can go back to bed so he can bring him & Nicole breakfast in bed. Jackson comes out of the bathroom, saying that he “got tagged by a mosquito.” Jackson is about to serve himself, then Holly says that she was going to bring it to him, so he puts the plate down and walks back to bed, but Holly asks him to come serve himself, saying “I know that you’re picky.” Holly says that she forgot the coffee, so she heats up yesterday’s coffee. Holly prepares a tray for Nicole & Jackson. Nicole gets up. Holly brings Jackson & Holly breakfast in bed.
4:15 PM BBT Holly joins them a while later. They talk about what people might think of them. They talk about if they’d play BB again. They joke about if Holly brought them burnt food. Holly mentions when Jackson started eating when Holly was preparing breakfast in bed. Nicole thanks Holly. They talk about the morning music. The first one was from Chris Brown. Jackson says that he didn’t like that song.
4:30 PM BBT Holly says that she met Chris Brown during one of her safari tours, and says that he came up with a song and then heard it on the radio 6 months later. Holly can’t remember the name of the song, so Nicole mocks checking Google with her mic pack. Nicole thinks that the feeds are off. Nicole says that she wants the backyard to open. They talk about the HoH round 2 comp. Holly says that there was a 90-minute limit. Holly says that she was 6 minutes faster than Nicole. Nicole says that when she kept moving her slingshot, she kept hitting the same spot. Jackson says that he blacks out and does better when his “ass is on the line.”
4:45 PM BBT They continue to talk about the comp. Holly says that she’d love to play that comp again. Nicole says that she was worried that the comp wouldn’t hold her body weight. Jackson says that it can hold her 100 pounds. They check, and the backyard is open. Holly says that it’s really warm. Nicole says that it’s such a different vibe when they’re out in the backyard. They’re all in the backyard now. Jackson says that this is their last time in the backyard. They talk about if “deluded” and “delusional” are words. Nicole worries about life after BB. Jackson says that they’ll get their phones back after BB takes off their mics.
5:00 PM BBT Holly says that she was getting anxiety in the buck room as Nicole was competing in the comp. Feeds cut for a while. Jackson isn’t in the backyard. Holly talks about what she wants to do after BB, and says that Jackson wants to do “crazy stuff with the buddies.” Holly says that she understands that.

5:15 PM BBT Feeds cut for a while, then come back. Jackson is back in the BY. They talk about the slime hitting them during Camp Director.
5:30 PM BBT They chat for a while. Holly leaves. Nicole asks how he feels about part 3 of the HoH comp. Jackson says that it’s tricky, because it relies on True/False. Nicole says to do your best. Nicole says that it’s frustrating that she’s not playing in part 3. She says “such a weird situation.” Nicole says “Day 96. Wow. Wow!” She wonders what the jury’s doing. Nicole says that it’s weird thinking that they’re being asked how they feel about them and what they’d do if it was a certain F2.
5:45 PM BBT Nicole & Holly go back inside, and Jackson goes in a little later. After a while, Nicole relaxes in the hammock, and Jackson & Holly relax on the couch in the BY. Nicole
6:00 PM BBT Jackson and Holly are cuddled up on the couch, Nicole is hanging out in the hammock. It’s been transformational, a learning experience. I’ve learned so much about myself. My hang ups and quirks. As much as I want to be in the final 2 chairs, as much as I desire to be there, as hard as I have worked to get there. Its ok. SOmetimes in life you can’t get what you want but you get what you need. And AMerica it’s not about the money. My family lives comfortably. We aren’t in search of the almighty dollar as my dad would say. It’s about the title. As a mega fan sitting in those chairs would mean so much. I have been racking my brain about my choices in this game. I said a few weeks ago that the whole game I have gone based on my gut, my intuitions and I know based on my gut the best thing for my game was to break up the showmances and keep Tommy. But I wasn’t willing to do that because at that point it wasn’t just about my game it was about trying to further myself and Cliff and I know you shouldnt sacrafice yourself for someone else but I have no regret in that sense because I wanted Cliff in final 3. We did what we felt was best to get us both there. And yes I know had Tommy gone through with what he said and threw the HOH i would have won it and Jackson or Tommy won the POV and Jackson would have either gone after Tommy or Cliff and Tommy would have gone after Cliff or Jackson. And I would be in the final 3 with Cliff and Jackson or Cliff and Tommy or Tommy and Jackson. I’m aware that with all those combinations, Im almost positive all those guys would have brought me to the final 2. Would I have won against Cliff, would I have won against Jackson. Would I have won against Tommy. I don’t know. But I would have had a spot in those final 2 chairs. But at the same time you don’t know that. And I said at least going into theses comps I had the best chance at beating Holly. But I didn’t. She’s a bad ass and she did a phenomenal job and I’m proud of her. I’m proud of both of them. THey’ve fought and played hella games and if they’re sitting in the final 2 chairs I’m going to be very very proud. Like I said this game has taught me a lot. As a perfectionist with anxiety who wants to win and be the best and conquer all I am learning it’s ok not to. You don’t have to be the best, you just have to do your best and that’s what I’ve done. This game is social and its competitions and it’s also some luck. So if I go out third as frustrated as I might be, I’ll be proud. I still have fight left in me. I’m still going to campaign to both of them but I know what I’m up against.”
6:15 PM BBT “I know that it’s not just two people that are friendly, I know that are in a showmance. There’s no harm in trying. I’m not going to be on those final 2 scales which is hard to accept. But I’ll be sitting on the sidelines. A very large part of me expecting to walk out 3td but I will have been in this house from day 1 to 99. THe whole road. Mom, dad I know you’re not upset with me or mad at me but I know you know how much winning and succeeding means to me so I know you’re going to feel bad because I feel bad. And I do feel bad and I’m probably going to cry on your shoulders when I get home. But i’ll be ok. THis game and journey has been so much more than money. It’s been a learning experience and I am so thankful for it. And for those that really know me really really know me like my family you know that I have had a rough couple of years and I lost myself and my light. I know its back and I’m just so happy to be me. Whatever happens I’m sorry if and when you guys come out here and hope to see me on those final 2 scales or hoping to see me win. I’m sorry in advance if that doesn’t happen. I”m sorry I am not meeting expectations or disappointing. I’ve done my bes. It’s so frustrating I’ve gone with my gut. I always voted for my game. I tried advocating for people. I always did what was best for Nicpoles game. I know it would have been best to keep Toimmy. But at the same time you never know and you don’t know what will happen. Like Cliff said, he didn’t come to play for 3rd. I didn’t come to play for 2nd. I thought my best chances of winning were against Holly. So perhaps if we had kept tommy I would have come in 2nd. That’s not to downplay Jackson or Holly at all. They have dominated the competition. THey pulled out wins when they had to. In the grand scheme of things it’s just a game. Life is so much bigger than this game. What kind of an educator would I be if I said coming in 3rd was not enough. That you should hang our head or be upset.And America I know its a lost cause but I worked too hard to get here and get this far. I am at least going to say my piece to them. I always did my best navigating this game. If there was a big group here or there I navigated to it. I wanted to fall in the middle in the numbers. That’s why it bothers me that I didn go with my gut and instinct and what I knew to be smart. I still know it to be smart. Something so obvious because of the paranoia and stress isn’t obvious. What’s black and white can be seen as grey and that’s what sucks. Even if tommy went after Jackson Cliff would have brought me. I have faith that things happen for a reason so I believe there is a reason why. This is the path my journey was meant to take. I can’t believe it’s late September. It’s like the last 3 months have flown and at the same time they have dragged. I feel like I have been here forever and I feel like I just blinked and arrived at this day. To want something so bad and watch it slip away really sucks. I’m not saying I deserve it and they don’t and they didn’t fight to get here. Its just I know how bad I want it. I have seen myself in those final 2 chairs. Thas what is driving me insane. But it’s not enough to want it. We’ve all wanted it. It’s not dream about it, we all have. It’s not enough to see this show as your world, because we all do. It’s funny because I honestly do feel that together it’s a toss up which would win. But next to me either of them would win. If they sit next to each other either could win. It depends on what they jury is looking at. I don’t mind 2nd. I just want to sit in those chairs. I don’t see myself walking out on stage as last juror. It’s scary to think that’s the way it’s going. I under 16 people walk into the house and only 1 wins. Three to finale, two to the chairs, I get that. I will admit because of the pressure and anxiety. I don’t have to freak out about Thurs. My potential fate lies in the hands of 2 people that I doubt would bring me.”
6:30 PM BBT “It sucks so bad. Such a weird feeling because it’s just a game but at the same time it’s not just a game. To devote 3 months to something and 2 and a half years to wanting it I’m just frustrated with myself.” Jackson comes over and gets into the hammock with her. The conversation is about how he’s taller than her. She says in her mind she’s taller. She says they are almost there. He asks how many days she thinks they have left. She says like 3 and a quarter. He tells her that the last day isn’t a full day so it’s really like 3. She says they can make it 3 more days. HE asks if she wants to stay up late with him tonight. She says yes, she’s going to stay up all night until they kick her out. This is BB to her. He says aw man. *FISH* just a clunker of a Jeep. That way if it gets hit it’s not a big deal. He might drive to Nashville and just stop at little hotels on the way there. Drive with the top off. She says it’s going to be cold soon and he tells her he forgot that it’s not like it is here everywhere. They talk about the weather in Cali. Holly joins them. Jackson asks Nicole what the hardest part about being against a showmance is. She says that its a showmance. It sucks game wise. But we won’t get into that. She likes being the 3rd wheel. Its teaching her a lot about herself. Holly says earlier Nicole said her fear is her family being upset about her being upset. She thinks once they see how much growth she has had they won’t be upset. Holly tells them she was just talking to the camera about it. Jackson says he saw her wiping her eyes and he came over to check on her. Conversation changes to how it sucks to only have 3 for so long. They talk about last seasons final 3. Nicole says she can’t believe they’re almost there. Jackson says all of their perks are done. Nicole says home videos was awesome. Jackson says they came way later than he expected. Holly wants to know how long ago they were recorded. She thinks they were recent. Nicole says the way the yard looked makes her think it was earlier in the summer. Maybe they did it for like final 6 or something. Then the people who get to finals get to see it.
6:45 PM BBT Holly feels like they wouldn’t put families through all that knowing three of them wouldn’t….Nicole says some of the things her sister said makes her think it was recent. Jackson says based off of his parents expressions he thinks it was after a long long summer. Nicole says what are we walking into when we leave here. Jackson says something…that is the 5th or 6th thing that has clued me into something *FISH* Jackson doesn’t care if people dislike him. Hes had people dislike him his entire life. Most of them don’t know him. He doesnt care what people are posting about him. What he worries about is what people will say that will effect his family’s lives and his life. He can deal with what they say about him, but not his family. That look is one he has seen far too many times. He knows what that look means. Kinda used to disappointing people so its nothing new but it still sucks every time. Never hets easier. Nicole says she doesn’t view any of them as disappointments. They are final 3 on BB. Holly says she is so estatic with them. She is thrilled she is there with them. Nicole says she is too. Jackson says same. *FISH* Nicole says regardless of how things go she’s going to say she loves them. If she goes back in time she wouldn’t make any different decisions.
7:00 PM BBT Jackson says he’s in such bad shape. Hes disgusted with how out of shape he’s in. Nicole says she’s even more out of shape. Her anxiety doesn’t help her. Jackson says for a long time fear fueled him. Then one day he just embraced it and he stopped living with fear in a sense that he wasn’t letting himself be afraid and challenging himself to not be afraid. Nicole says like yesterday she told herself its a game but she told herself she was going to be ok. She was shaking and worried. *FISH* Nicole says she’s proud they all got there. Holly says she was so mad at Nick when he came to talk to her right before he went home. Nicole says of the 8 she was really comfortable with them and Nick. She was never really close with Jack and Sis. When it came down to it and this group of 6 got together she knew her and Cliff were just we’ll bring them along.
7:15 PM BBT Christie, Tommy and SIs never wanted to work with her. She went down the line and asked herself who she would work best with. They talk about how Christie and Tommy wanted them out and how they wouldn’t take the shots themselves. Jackson says Christie got very close when they were going 7 to 6 and for good reason, she needed something from him. Conversation turns to the games they’ve played this season. They agree that the puzzle was really hard and its not as easy as you think it is on tv. Jackson remembers they need to feed the fish. Holly asks Nicole if she wants to do face masks. Nicole says they need to clean the kitchen, she wants to finish the tye dye. Holly wonders if they have to be pretty tomorrow and thats why she wants to do face masks tonight.
7:30 PM BBT They all get up and head into the house. Nicole is getting her laundry together. Holly and Jackson are in bed and he asks why they have slept there so much if she doesn’t think the bed os comfortable. She says thats because she was younger then. Jackson says he is the biggest child. She says shes aware. Holly starts singing three days. Jackson whispers something about final 2 and a showmance (mostly inaudible). Holly says I know. He says it could have gone a lot of different ways the last 2 weeks. She agrees. Nicole is still collecting laundry downstairs. Conversation changes to food when they leave these house. She wants to watch the season quickly so when people are talking to her about things she can keep up and not be confused. She says her roommate is going to be annoyed and shes a brat. Jackson tells her she is the biggest brat hes ever met. She tells him its not that shes a brat, its that she tells it like it is. Holly asks Nicole if she’s a brat. She tells her shes not, maybe a bit scootchiie at times, but not a brat. Jackson says he told her she was going to agree. They agree that Jackson is a bigger brat. THey talk about laundry.
7:45 PM BBT Jackson starts blowing farts on Holly’s arm while her and Nicole are trying to talk abot laundry. She wants them to go out in one of their competition outfits. Nicole leaves the room and they go back to laying there cuddling. Nicole is in the backyard yelling to herself about them. She says this is a game and she cycles through phases. She is in the “this is just a game phase” if this was a board game she wouldn’t get too upset about it. In the grand scheme of life she wouldn’t get worked up about it. She has come to peace with things. She realizes she is going to be walking out 3rd. In this world there are people out there fighting for our counrty, losing limbs, people going through cancer, there are people going through worse. If the worst that can happen to her is coming in 3rd then she will be ok. She is excited for what the future holds and get home. She stops talking to the camera and starts with her laundry. Holly and Jackson are still hanging out in bed. They’re talking about her dogs and that it will take awhile for them to warm up to him. Jackson tells her hes proud of her. She thinks her sister is going to watch the show and call her an idiot


September 21, 2019

12:00 AM BBT Feeds go down. They come back with Jackson looking for something in the Target Room. Holly is in the washroom still removing her makeup.Holly goes and gets the Windex and paper towel and cleans the washroom mirror over the sink.She comes out of the stall, washes her hands . She goes into the outer bedroom searches through a bag applies some cream to her face. Jackson is in DR. Nicole is asleep. Holly heads into the Target Room where she gets into bed.
12:15 AM BBT Jackson comes out of DR and heads to the kitchen. Feeds go down and come back a minute later with Jackson hunting in the fridge for something. Feeds go back down. Nicole heads into the DR. Jackson heads to bed; where him and Holly continue their kissing and cuddling. Nicole comes out of DR and heads back to bed in the Target Room. Nicole asks What time Holly says Around 12:30 Nicole says Good Night Both Jackson and Holly say Good Night and Love you.
12:30 AM BBT Holly and Jackson are awake and continuing their cuddle session with Nicole asleep in the same room.
12:45 AM BBT All HGS are now asleep.

8:00 AM BBT 9:00 AM BBT All HGs sleeping
9:15 AM BBT All HGs are asleep. Lights have come on in the LR and Kitchen area, but no one is in there. The three remaining HGs are all asleep in the Target Bedroom.
9:45 AM BBT All HGs are asleep.
11:15 AM BBT Holly is doing her makeup in the bathroom while Michie takes a nap. FISH! Orwell is chillin’ on the couch in the living room.
11:30 AM BBT It is pretty quiet in the BB house this morning. Holly is still perfecting her makeup in the bathroom as Michie naps next to her. Holly is sitting and thinking in the bathroom next to Michie. FISH!
11:45 AM BBT Nicole brings Michie a cup of coffee to the bathroom. Her and Michie are hanging out on the couch in the bathroom. Nicole is eating lucky charms. JACKSON! PLEASE DO NOT OBSTRUCT YOUR MICROPHONE! He tells Production sorry and moves his mic.
12:00 PM BBT Nothing much going on in the house, everyone is resting and Nicole is juating a bowl of cereal in the bathroom while drinking a cup of coffee. Michie is sitting beside her. Holly is getting dressed in the meantime. Holly is now in the bathroom with Nicole and they are talking about what the next competition may look like. The other 2 cams are showing the owls in 2 different places of the house. They are amazed now on how close the game is over.
12:15 PM BBT Nicole and Holly are reviewing the dates and events of comps. Holly is wondering if the feeds is showing the viewers that some of the HG are only showering in the HOH bathroom so they don’t think that they do not shower at all. Holly leaves and Nicole is alone in the bathroom laying down on the sofa as Holly returns back with a blanket. Michie is joining them and jumping on Holly for some love. A few moments later, Nicole gets up and gets her own blanket to come back into the same spot she was laying down in the bathroom. Michie, Holly and Nicole are all cozied up now. Not much talking going on as they are about to nap.
12:30 PM BBT All 4 cams are facing them resting.
12:45 PM BBT Michie woke up and went to use the restroom and then left the bathroom and is in the kitchen cleaning up. No one is talking, Nicole and Holly sleeping.
1:00 PM BBT Michie is still in the kitchen catching up on all of the dishes and cleaning up as Holly and Nicole napping in the bathroom on the sofa. But all is quiet tho. As Michie done with the dishes, he is looking around for something to cook.
1:15 PM BBT Michie is alone in the kitchen cooking something. And while its getting ready, he is playing cards in the dining room. No talking. House is quiet.
1:30 PM BBT Not much going on in the BB house. Michie is still in the kitchen cooking something to where Nicole and Holly are napping away in the bathroom on the sofa. He is now sitting back at the dining table to continue his card game.
1:45 PM BBT Michie is eating alone at the dining table. The girls are still sleeping away.
2:00 PM BBT Michie is finished eating and is now taking care of his dishes as both Nicole and Holly asleep so he decides to join Holly by laying down beside her. Cameras are on Nicole resting. Jackson, Holly, and Nicole are sleeping on the sofas in the bathroom. HOLLY PLEASE GO TO THE DR DOWNSTAIRS. FEEDS GO TO FISH. Jackson moves to let Holly out. Holly heads to the DR while Jackson starts playing solitaire in the kitchen. NICOLE PLEASE GO TO THE DR DOWNSTAIRS. FEEDS GO TO FISH. Holly says it is so cold in the house.
2:15 PM BBT Jackson continues to play solitaire. Nicole comes sits by Jackson at the kitchen table. Nicole reads her Snapple top. Holly joins them in the kitchen. Nicole offers them her chips Jackson says no thanks he just had an omelet. Nicole asks Holly if she kicked her. Holly says I don’t think so. Nicole tells them Cliff left one ice in each ice tray. Nicole takes the paper towel rolls to the storage room. Holly and Jackson start to talk but then Nicole comes back in. Nicole asks them if anyone wants to tie-dye. Nicole asks if anyone wants pizza and Holly says sorry I don’t ever want to eat Digorno again. Nicole says this is our last Saturday in the BB house.

2:30 PM BBT Nicole says well we are a lively bunch. Jackson tells Nicole she was out. Nicole says yeah I know I tried but I was out. Holly tells them that from the double until Tommy going home she was not able to go to sleep. Nicole says every week it starting to go from bad to worse with people leaving. Holly says she likes three but it is so quiet. Nicole says that there is nothing we can do about so let’s be cheerful. Feeds go to fish. Nicole is in the RV room going through what shoes belong to her and what shoes are comp shoes. She asks Holly if she was looking for hers. Nicole goes into the storage room and says OK BB I really like these shoes I won in them. Holly comes in and says I think these are the ones. They head back into the kitchen by Jackson. Nicole tells them there are some lights out and it is freaking with my brain. Jackson says yeah there is some out They talk about there are still 4 days left. Nicole walks past the living room and says this is driving me crazy looking up at the lights. Nicole tells them about one of the lights being out she then says that means there are going to be 6 more weeks of BB. They all start laughing. They all start talking about their comics.
2:45 PM BBT Holly says the walls are laughing. Jackson talks about his game. Nicole says we need something to do. Jackson says you want to play chess. Nicole says yes. She then says I need to eat my pizza rolls if you guys want to play. Jackson says well that sucks and he says me and Holly are going to play chess. Nicole says ok give me the cards. Jackson says I am going to get the fish food. Nicole says you are going to feed the fish without me. He says no I am going to let it thaw out. Nicole and Holly start talking about who in the house has an accent. Jackson asks Nicole which light is it. They start talking about their “fancy” paper towels. Nicole says Michie you are my hero. They all start laughing. Holly says that was the only time I got loud with Christie because I told her people have lives outside of here. Nicole and Jackson start yelling back and forth at each other and laughing. Holly and Jackson are looking at the fish. Nicole says the fish feeding ceremony begins. Nicole and Holly start feeding the fish. Jackson starts screaming Holly, where is Holly, Holly dinner is ready talking to Holly(fish). They are trying to figure out why Holly(fish) is hiding. They laugh saying Jack(fish) just bit Michie(fish) the girls both say good. Nicole says I hope these fish don’t represent this season because if so I am dead.
3:00 PM BBT Nicole says let me get my pizza rolls. Jackson tells Holly she is breaking out on her face. Nicole goes to the treehouse by Jackson and Holly. She says can I join you or are you guys bonding. Holly says well we haven’t been able to bond all season. Nicole starts playing solitaire as Jackson and Holly are playing Chess. JACKSON PLEASE MOVE YOUR MICROPHONE. The three houseguests are so got up in their games that none of them are talking. Nicole is trying to help Holly play chess. Jackson says Nicole let her play.
3:15 PM BBT Nicole goes back to playing solitaire. FEEDS GO TO FISH. Jackson goes by Nicole and he starts asking about women. Nicole says I don’t know do you want a pizza roll? Jackson helps Nicole play solitaire. FEEDS GO TO FISH. Nicole finishes her game of solitaire. Nicole asks where is Holly he says she went into the DR. They start talking about Christie chewing. Nicole says be nice he says I am being nice. Nicole says she is so glad she came. They laugh because Holly(fish) is going after Nick(fish) and Michie(fish) bit at Nick(fish). Jackson yells at Holly. She says I can’t find my climbing shoes. Nicole says you didn’t get them because you didn’t participate in the wall comp. Holly tells her yeah I got it but never used them. Holly replies smartly to Jackson and Nicole tells him don’t say anything just take one for the team. Nicole says she is going to miss the fish. Jackson says is that Michie(fish) is so fat and twice the size of Holly(fish).
3:30 PM BBT They start talking about fish and how they are born. She tells Jackson so do babies if you have a water birth. Jackson says so I came out swimming. Jackson asks Holly if she is coming up. She says yeah I am right here. Holly goes to the fish tank and says Holly(fish) so nice of you to join us. Holly and Jackson go back to playing chess. Nicole watches as Jackson and Holly continue to play chess. Nicole says she will be back she is going on an adventure. Nicole gets up to leave and says you know Tommy requested these couches. Nicole starts placing cards on the floor going from the backyard door into the living room to the target bedroom. She looks at the camera and says I am trying to entertain myself.Nicole heads up to the treehouse. Nicole watches them play chess. Nicole says what happened to Backgammon. Nicole asks Holly if she is playing again? Jackson and Holly start-up a new game.
3:45 PM BBT Nicole starts humming. Nicole says I am going to play checkers. Nicole is still playing checkers by herself while Jackson and Holly are playing chess. They are still playing their games. Nicole gets up to look downstairs. Jackson says what? She says I am entertaining myself.
4:00 PM BBT Nicole rests on one of the chairs. Holly makes a move, then says “that was dumb.” As they play, Holly struggles to make a good move. Jackson says that it’s about to be checkmate. After the game ends, Holly says “this game is so fun. I love losing.” Jackson hugs Holly. Jackson finds a piece of chocolate chip cookie. Jackson rubs the “sex stool” on Nicole. BB calls the HGs to the SR. They run to the SR. BB gives them hair products. Holly thanks BB, and BB says “you’re welcome.” Jackson goes to take a shower, but Holly & Nicole ask him if he’s not going to tie-dye with them. He reluctantly turns off the shower.
4:15 PM BBT Holly tells Jackson that she bought the wrong shade of makeup because of bad advice, so Sis gave her her makeup, but there was only a little left, so she used it sparingly throughout the season. Nicole prepares the table for tie-dye. Jackson isn’t thrilled about doing tie-dye. Nicole asks him when in his life he’s going to tie-dye. He says never, so she tells him that now would be the perfect time so he can experience it once in his life. Jackson & Nicole leave to go change into different shirts. BB tells Nicole to re-attach her microphone. She says that it fell, then readjusts it. BB says “thank you.” Nicole and Jackson are now in black clothes. They all are. Holly offers to get blue gloves for them. She brings back blue gloves from the SR. Jackson asks for the purple gloves they use for the bathroom. Nicole says that Cliff asked for them to tie-dye something for him.
4:30 PM BBT Jackson asks for a lockdown. Jackson says that that’s probably why he can’t sleep, because he’s “backed up.” Nicole asks them to stop. They say that Nick was disgusting too. Nicole jokes that she should press the panic button and self-evict, so Holly & Jackson can have sex. Something happens that makes a loud thud, so Jackson jokes that something bad would happen 45 seconds before the finale. Jackson mentions that the sex stool is still there. Jackson says that she’s been actively avoiding it. Nicole jokes that the sex stool will have a segment on the show.
4:45 PM BBT Time to begin the tie-dye! Nicole says “Let the tie-dye commence.” Jackson says that he had a dream that he got his x-ray back, saying that he broke his bones in 3 different places. Nicole reads the instructions. She asks Jackson if he’s going to tie-dye. He says that he’s going to watch her first. Holly & Nicole sing about winging it.
5:00 PM BBT Jackson is entertaining himself by stacking cans on top of each other.
5:15 PM BBT Jackson says “I’m over it and I haven’t even started dying.” Nicole finishes a shirt. Jackson says “these instructions are very vague.” Nicole & Holly agree. Nicole says that she considered doing this again tomorrow, but then said that they probably won’t. Holly agrees. Jackson finishes his shirt. BB calls Nicole to the downstairs DR. Nicole says that she’ll be right there, just wants to finish her shirt.
5:30 PM BBT While Nicole’s in the DR, Jackson says that he noticed that Nicole was campaigning. Holly says that that was weird. Holly says that she (Holly) is SOL. Jackson tells Holly that if she wins the next one, he’s guaranteed to sit next to her. After Jackson puts something away in the target bedroom, he tells Holly that they technically each have their own bedroom now. Jackson goes to the bathroom to take a shower. Nicole gets out of the DR, then BB calls in Holly.
5:45 PM BBT Nicole prepares another shirt. Nicole asks Holly if she’s done. Holly says that she still needs to do her bandana. Holly goes into the DR. Jackson picks up the cards that Nicole put on the floor. Nicole follows him, jokingly sings “pick up the cards if you want to play them.” Jackson looks for an ace as Nicole laughs. After Jackson finds the card, Nicole says “that was so fun.” She goes back to her tye-dye, and Jackson plays cards in the living room.
6:00 PM BBT Jackson is playing cards in the living room, and Holly & Nicole are tye-dying in the dining room. Jackson sits in the dining room. Holly notices that there’s dye on the floor. Nicole says that there’s dye on the cushion.
6:15 PM BBT Jackson says that he had fun with the tie-dye. Holly suggests making dinner. Jackson says that he’s not hungry. Holly says that she smells fish. Nicole says that it might be the tie-dye. Holly is grossed out by that. They talk about the wall comp. Nicole says “there’s another comp I fucked up.” Holly says “you got third, girl.” The HGs hear someone in Production cough. They say that he needs a cough drop. They joke about the camera crew watching them.
6:30 PM BBT Nicole and Holly talk about their family. Nicole says that she asked her family to make her an agenda, so she can read what happened on certain days. Holly asks Nicole if she asked BB about laundry. Nicole says “I don’t think so.” Holly says that she thinks that BB would let them do their laundry. Holly cuddles with Jackson in the living room. They talk game. Holly says that she worries for his sake. Holly says that they already went through the worried phase. Jackson says that it’s getting worse. Nicole asks Holly what colors to use. Holly gives some suggestions. Holly asks if today’s Day 95. Jackson says yes. Holly says that they have 3 full days left. Feeds go down at 6:44pm.
6:44 PM BBT – 7:45 PM BBT Feeds down possibly for HOH part 2
8:00 PM BBT – 10:00 PM BBT Feeds Down for HOH part 2

10:30 PM BBT Feeds return. Holly & Jackson celebrate in the bathroom, and Nicole cries in the bathroom. Holly talks about how she did in the comp. Jackson says that he’s going to comfort Nicole. He goes to the RV bedroom and hugs Nicole. Feeds cut shortly after.
10:45 PM BBT – 11:00 PM BBT Feeds are still down.
11:07 PM BBT Holly helps Jackson get a berger out of his nose. Feeds cut, then return shortly after. Holly talks about the comp. Jackson says that he has a 50% chance at half a million dollars. Jackson says “we made it to the final 2.” Holly says that no showmance has made it to F2. Holly says that Nicole would’ve known the day of the clowns, saying that it wasn’t a fair comp. Feeds cut shortly. Holly says that she was going back and forth and wanted to push the panic button. Holly says to Jackson “you went last.”
11:15 PM BBT Jackson says that he would have not won that comp. They hug. Holly talks about the comp, so feeds go down shortly. Jackson says that the only time they’ll campaign against each other is in the F2. Jackson says “you did it!” Holly says that she should’ve won the first round after seeing what the round two was. Jackson says “we did it baby girl.” Jackson tells Holly that he’s so proud of her, saying that he hasn’t been proud of a girl in his life. Feeds cut shortly. They discuss if they should discuss having a F2. They talk about possible F2’s in the house. Jackson says that he’s frustrated that people accused him of having a F2 with her. Holly says that she’s always wanted a rock-climbing comp all season. Jackson talks about jury votes, saying that he won’t have Cliff’s vote. Holly tells Jackson that him and Cliff are the same person, but he’s much older.
11:30 PM BBT Jackson wonders if the jury will see the three HoH rounds. Holly says that people have said to not get in a showmance because it’ll ruin her game. Jackson tells Holly “I can’t believe you won.” Jackson says “we made it through 14 evictions.” Jackson says that 5 people in Jury have something against him. Jackson says that half the country is ecstatic, and the other half is thinking “fuck!” He says “we have just as many haters if not more.”
11:45 PM BBT Holly & Jackson cook dinner. Jackson tells Holly that one of them is now a half a million dollars richer.


September 20, 2019

12:00 AM BBT Michie comes out of the stall and washes his hands. Nicole is changing her top in the shower. Michie is back in the kitchen preparing food. Nicole is telling him What her and Holly talked about. She continues with It would have been Cliff and me who would you have picked.
He tells her it would depend on who had the best campaign. He says I also know that I won’t win against Cliff. He says He wanted to go into Final 4 fair and square. I wanted the best 2 to win HOH and Veto and the one who won Veto pick who is best for their game. He says I hope Cliff is not in jury raking me over the coals but I don’t know. Michie says I would love to sit next to you in those 2 chairs. He says I just want to sit in one of those chairs. That is why I have to win the 3 rd part. Michie says My jury management is shit. He says I am looking at your position with jury and Holly ‘s relationships. He says He thinks Nick and Jack will vote for the best game and nothing personal. Nicole tells him not to sell himself short. Nicole says Her goal since the beginning was to sit in one of those 2 chairs. She says You should see my knee. He asks Her what she thinks the next 2 comps will be. They head upstairs to play chess or war. They decide on chess. Jackson says I love you and would be honored to sit next to you. Nicole says Like I told Holly I will be honored to be thought of between the 2 of you. They start playing chess. Michie takes one of her men and she says No No No that was not thought out at all. She takes one of his men.
12:15 AM BBT The chess game continues while Holly is in the DR. Looks like Jackson is winning the game right now . Nicole says Oh Okay I am up shits creek. She makes a move saying It doesn’t help much but at least it is something. Michie won the game. He says Want to go downstairs and play Backgammon. She says See. He asked her again she says Yes now see how nice it is to ask someone instead of tell them. He says I am learning. In the kitchen He asks her to try the dish he made. She says No it is to spicy. He keeps at her to try it. She says Ask Nicole would you please try this dish. He does and she says Yes.
12:30 AM BBT She says I know when you have been in the fridge because everything is lined up. He is rearranging her sodas in the fridge she tells him to stop. She asks him Why does my soda have to be moved. He says IT makes me happy. Holly has come out of the DR. Nicole gets called to the DR. Michie says I am not allowed to talk about my DR sessions with other HGs. Holly goes over and sits on his lap. Michie is trying to get Holly to try some of his dish. She says She is going to make eggs with it. She says She is freezing. She says I am so mad at you leaving me hanging. He repeats He can’t talk about the DR sessions. She says That is not what I am talking about. He asks her when she is making more corn. She says tomorrow I will tonight I have to do my makeup and go on a trip. He says I am worried about jury. She says She shouldn’t worry. He asks Her if that is what he said to Nicole. She says No I told you not to worry. The conversation goes to food. Holly says She is so disappointed in myself. She says she wants to talk to Nicole more. She says I think most of the jury will vote game. She says I think the only one who would vote emotional is Sis but she will go along with the rest. She says I won’t worry about it. Michie says We got a job to do we are done part one 2 more parts to go. Holly says You got the job done to day not me. He says Holly we are a team. Holly says Do you think we will have a visitor tomorrow. He answers Yes so do I. She asks him if he would be mad if she ate before yours is ready.
12:45 AM BBT He says No I only have been waiting for you, But excuse me for 45 minutes while I go f**K myself. He repeats it several times. Holly says You know the HOH Room is closed. He says he doesn’t need privacy to f**k himself. Holly says She liked the outfits today. He says He did too and that comp was by far the best one he has done. Holly is listing her favorite comps that she played in.She says She wanted to win the Free the Zing and was disappointed in herself. He tells her We are a team. You have always had my back when I couldn’t compete. Michie says This is our last Thursday Night. She thanks him for all this yumminess. He thanks her for all the good cooking for him she has done. She says DO you like the cooking for you in me or the competing against you. He tells her He likes the competing because she makes him do his best. Jackson says My omelets are not regular omelets.
1:00 AM BBT Jackson continues cleaning up. Holly says She had a very good conversation with Nicole while you were in DR. She says She was talking about the deal to get us out. She says She said that things with Tommy didn’t add up. She says She was noticing little things that didn’t make sense. She says We haven’t been playing together all that long so it was interesting to hear what someone else had to say. Jackson says She explained to me What she meant by saying I was good. Holly says She has told me twice that she has not given me as much credit as I deserve in this game. Holly is checking out Jackson’s ankles as she thinks there is something wrong. Jackson has started eating his omelet. He asks Holly to bring him some paper towel. Holly says She is on the Lucky Charms thing now. Both are eating and not really talking. Jackson asks her what she thinks part 2 will be and when. She says She doesn’t know. He says He thinks tomorrow. Holly says Is it 1 o’clock. Shit I want to drink so I can sleep well. Nicole is still in the DR.
1:15 AM BBT Holly says I was so mad, I couldn’t find a way to get across that bridge quick enough. She says I did the last 3 steps backwards. She says I kept looking at her puzzle and she said she was looking at mine. Jackson says No one was looking at mine. He goes over to hug her. She says You are heavy. She then says Do you know why you are so heavy? She says Because You are so dense. She starts to laugh and says that was a sick joke but I laugh at it. He looks at her leg which is bruised. She says Shit I need to put my makeup on. She says I have never done anything like this in the real world. I never even went to the gym. I didn’t know I liked competing so much. She says The comps are so much harder than they look on television. Jackson says I hate the damn puzzles. They are tricky the angles and everything about them. Holly is complaining that her teeth are hurting because of her white strips. She says I have all the pressure to win part 2. Holly says I just talked about how I threw the comp to Nicole Yeah I was bitter as hell. She says I wanted jurors to know how Nicole got the last HOH. I know Cliff will fill them in but I don’t know how he will say it. Holly is repeating that she Nicole didn’t give her enough credit in the game. She says That has been my fear and she made it real. Jackson says I won’t be here without you. Holly says I believe we both worked to get here. Feeds cut to fish. Holly has gone into the outer BR to do her makeup. She says Come back here with me J. Jackson continues to sit on the kitchen sofa staring into space.
1:30 AM BBT Holly calls out to Jackson again to come join her. He comes in and checks the RV for Nicole. Holly says She is still in the DR. Jackson goes over and they start kissing. He says to her You got a job to do.He is playing a hand of solitary with the cards while she does makeup.Feeds go to Fish. There is no conversation going on. Holly says I really like the comps and the outfits. She says I thought coming in I would hate them but I loved them. She says I may change my mind when I see it on Television. I love playing dress up. Jakson yells out for Nicole who is still in the DR. Nicole comes out of DR and goes to the living room couch where she is drinking her soda. Nicole gets called back into the DR. Jackson says What if Cliff took one card to mess with me. Holly says You are Food OCD. He asks What do you mean? She says You love food you are obsessed with it
She asked if he knows what she means. The conversation goes to the jury. Holly says I think most of the jury took things personal with me. She says I think they think they were betrayed by me. Jackson says I sent half of them there. Holly says But with you it was game. She says I threw my game away for you. Nicole comes out of DR and Holly gets called in. Jackson asked if Nicole has taken some advil. She says Before Jackson says It is 2 am. Nicole says No it’s not it is like 12 something. Why am I drinking a Mountain Dew at 2 am. The conversation is about all the food stains on the couch. Nicole says You scare me about jury. She says pre jury all left on good terms. Jackson says No one left on good terms after day 44. He starts to list all the jury members. Jackson says The jury is on my mind but to be serious I never really thought about jury because I never thought I would make it this far. Jackson says You can’t take shots and not have people pissed off with me. Jackson says I think you like to mess with me to get in my head. Nicole says I am just having conversations with you You are putting me in your head. She says I am in there like swimwear.
2:00 AM BBT Holly is in the DR. Nicole heads to the RV bedroom. She tells BB she loves her costume from the comp. She grabs a snack from her basket and climbs into her bed. Jackson joins her in the RV. Nicole examines her bruise; Jackson tells her it’s swollen and they’ll probably have to amputate. He tells her to think positive in the fact she’ll save money on razors. She says she doesn’t know if he’s kidding or not. He assures her he’s kidding. She sas the DR told her to put an ace bandage on it, and Jackson says there’s one in the WR and he’ll get it for her once he’s done his game of solitaire. They discuss what they’re most looking forward to once they’re out of the house. Jackson says most importantly he’s looking forward to seeing his family, and that he hopes he made his mom proud. Nicole tells him that there’s no way she couldn’t be proud of his performance. He says he’d be lying if he said he wasn’t terrified that he won’t make the final two chairs. Nicole says she’s nervous about the second part of the comp because it’s only her and Holly; if she loses, she couldn’t even beat one person. Jackson says he’s afraid to compete against Nicole in the final comp, if she wins the next one. Nicole says she doesn’t believe him. He continues talking and she finally says she’s flattered because he’s her biggest fear. Nicole says she doesn’t know what’s going to happen, but she’s scared. They discuss what the next comp will be.
2:15 AM BBT Holly is out of the DR and changes her shirt. Jackson calls out for her to come in because he’s needy. Holly joins the others in the RV and they discuss the time and the fact Nicole didn’t realize it was that late when she started drinking a Mountain Dew. She says the caffeine is making her crazy. Holly asks if they should do a brunch tomorrow. Holly says she should request biscuits; she heads off to the DR, but they won’t let her in. She returns to the RV and raids Nicole’s HoH basket goodies. Holly talks about how Ghirardelli is made in SF and she used to walk past the factory all the time. Jackson gets jealous that they both have something to read (the chocolate bar wrappers) and he has nothing. They talk about places they may like to visit. They discuss what things that happened this summer that may have made the show. They agree the clowns and Day 44 were featured for sure. They talk about how David could win every staring contest he challenged people to. Nicole and Jackson have a staring contest and she wins; she challenges Holly and beats her too. Jackson takes her on again and beats her. They discuss how the walls in the RV look like green vaginas, and Jackson says that they’re the grossest vaginas ever.
2:30 AM BBT Holly tells a story about her roommate Jess. She says that they didn’t share a room, they shared a home, so they referred to each other as homies. Holly asks if they should go to bed and Nicole says they should, but nobody makes a move to actually do that. They pull finger guns on each other; Michie pulls the imaginary trigger and Nicole calls out to BB that Michie threatened them, and that’s grounds for eviction! Jackson says he feels like they’re going to lie to him about who won the comp; they try to figure out if it will be an individual comp or head to head with Jackson watching. Holly says that Nicole doesn’t like hot things like jalapenos because she’s spicy enough. “Maybe you were a bird in your past life,” Holly says to Nicole. Nicole says that she’s always thought that. Nicole says buzzards eat carrion; neither Jackson nor Holly know that word. Nicole tells a story about a woman whose car was attacked by a turkey; she says she’d have to call her boss and tell them that she wasn’t coming to work unless someone came and got rid of the turkey. They say they’ve lost the HoH room and the backyard. They talk about the comp; Nicole says she had to learn how to jump and land on her feet because of the damage she did to her knee with the first few jumps. She says she was never an athletic kid and can’t control all her limbs at the same time.
2:45 AM BBT Nicole, Jackson and Holly in the RV room talking about the first part of the HoH comp, which Jackson won. Nicole says that she’d like to see 100 average Americans participate in that comp so she could figure out if she’s as bad as she thinks she is, or if Jackson and Holly are just bionic. Nicole says she’s officially ‘that girl’ in the final 3. She says they’re going to show Michie and Holly beasting the comp, and her butt-scooting like a dog with a rash. She says it wasn’t one of her finest moments and begs her family not to watch the episode. Holly says they’re all very self-critical; Nicole says she’s her own worst enemy. Holly again says they should go to bed, and the others agree. Holly leaves to wash her face, taking Jackson with her because she doesn’t want to be alone. Nicole decides to follow and brush her teeth. Holly tries to request food in the DR again, while Nicole checks the time in the kitchen and tells them it’s 4 AM. They head to the kitchen to check the clock for themselves. Jackson tells a story about walking home from the bar, ordering $44 of McDonalds and eating it on the walk home. He then put a pizza in the oven and passed out on the couch, waking up hours later to burnt pizza. Holly says he’s like her old troll of a roommate.
3:00 AM BBT Holly says that her ex-roommate used to drive home blackout drunk, leave the keys in the door and the door open and then make a feast. She says one time she woke up to smoke alarms going off at 6 AM because she had burnt a pizza, and boiled ravioli dry. Holly says she couldn’t do anything about her roommate drinking and driving because she wasn’t actually there when it happened because she’d come home between 4 and 7. They discuss how wrong it is to drink and drive; Jackson says he can barely drive sober so could never imagine driving drunk. Holly says it was a common occurrence for her to come home drunk and block Holly’s car with hers and then lose her keys in the house. She talks about how there was a crack den beside them. BB reminds them to enjoy themselves because these are the good old days; they group hug. Nicole asks if they could have picked a better third wheel, and Holly says yes. Nicole pretends to storm off and they all laugh. Nicole says she’s a unicycle and they’re just the training wheels. Jackson says he has a pair of wheelies in his garage and he’ll ram their shins; Nicole says she never owned wheelies because they’re too dangerous for Nicole. Holly talks about trying to ride her Razor scooter on the ranch; she says that they got it from an auction they made their parents bid on it. Holly asks if they ever had a Bongo board growing up and Nicole and Jackson both look puzzled. Jackson says maybe it’s a generational thing and they’re too young; Holly is not amused.
3:15 AM BBT Jackson, Holly and Nicole sitting in the WR talking. Jackson says he never enjoyed fairs. Nicole says they’re sketchy. Holly gets up to wash her face. Nicole claps her hands twice and says that’s her effort to teleport. They discuss the show tonight and agree that it seemed really long, but their part seemed really short. They agree they wish they could have seen the jury footage that was shown; Michie says there must have been something juicy to have taken that long. Jackson says that was the last Thursday they’ll have in the house, and today is the last Friday. They discuss the possibility of there being another visitor to the house. Nicole says she’s going to head to the RV, but then remembers the ace bandage and sits back down and asks them how to use it properly. She asks if she should put it on top of her pants or underneath. Holly says that she’d put it under. Nicole says there’s too much and asks if she can cut it; Holly says it’s easy to tear. Holly and Jackson head off to the RV, leaving Nicole to try and figure out how to use an ace bandage. She ends up wrapping it around her leg, under her knee, and heads off to the RV.
3:30 AM BBT Nicole settles into her bed while Holly and Jackson finish getting ready for bed. Holly joins Nicole in the RV, followed by Jackson. Jackson removes the top quilt from their bed, hugs Nicole and climbs into bed. Holly thanks Nicole for welcoming them to the RV. BB announces he loves them; Jackson says that’s the first time he’s heard that. They all say they love Big Brother. Nicole says, “We’re final 3, guys, and Big Brother loves us.” They all settle back into bed, and Holly gives Jackson his sleep mask. Holly says that maybe she’ll do a Hot Takes with Hols tomorrow; she says it was really fun doing it with Tommy. Nicole says she’ll participate in them for the next 5 days. Nicole says, “Big Brother we love you more” into her mic. Holly says she’d also love sausages and flaky grands biscuits. Big Brother turns out the light and they say thank you. Jackson has to adjust his shorts because they’re bunched up and apologizes to Nicole for making noise. She says noises don’t bother her unless they’re weird noises, and in that case they should just ask her to leave.
3:45 AM BBT All HGs settled into bed, all lights out.
4:00 AM BBT All HGs sleeping.

8:00 AM BBT – All three HG’s are sleeping
9:00 – 9:17 AM BBT – Fish
9:17 AM BBT – In the RV room, Jackson and Holly are discussing how she kept him awake with snoring! Nicole just lying there. Jackson leaves to go get batteries. Nicole asks Holly if she thinks they will get a warning before the next competition, fish briefly. When the feeds return both girls are lying in bed. BB announces fresh batteries, they both get up.
9:25 AM BBT – 10:00 AM BBT Feeds cut to kittens & puppies. Lockdown 10:05 Am bbt feeds are back and they are having the final 3 breakfast. Michie opens a bottle of champagne for everyone. They do a toast, and are having french toast etc. They can’t believe the breakfast spread they got. Holly said even a real napkin. Michie asks if they should drink all the bottles of champagne now. Nicole and Holly are worried they may have to play a comp today, and he doesn’t have too. 10:09 AM BBT feeds go to fish and come right back. Holly is explaining a dream she had about her grandma and players in the house. Nicole asked Jackson to open the bottle of cider for her. Jackson opens it, and pours all of them some. They are talking about the comp they had to do. They all liked it. Jackson tells Holly she looked like Laura Croft. There is french toast, eggs, fruit, muffins etc. They are looking at the face wall excited they are the last 3 . Holly and Nicole say it makes sense they are the last 3 on the wall.
10:15 AM BBT They are eating the final 3 breakfast. They are talking about the comp last night, and Jackson can’t believe the engineering that went into it. Nicole asks them what is one thing they will miss. Holly says always having people around. Nicole says she will miss the voice when they call her name. Jackson says he will miss being off the grid. Holly says she doesn’t even remember how her phone works. Nicole says she forgot how to text. Production tells them they love them, they scream and say it back. They thank them again. Jackson is looking forward to getting out and going to brunch with Holly. Holly starts talking about going to brunch with Brad and the feeds cut to fish at 10:19 AM BBT and come right back. Holly is so excited. She wonders who will come with her mom. She wonders if it will be her sissy. She doesn’t know if her dad can leave. Holly says her sister is the nicest human you will ever meet. Jackson said he would not saying anything while Cliff was still here, but he is trying to get Sharon here and feeds cut to fish and come right back. Holly says ditto. Nicole says please…1 seat. Jackson says if just his mom can come , than so be it. Holly and Jackson are ok giving up a seat for Cliff wife. Nicole says she can’t because her parents won’t fly alone. Jackson is saying how his parents are probably wondering if he is going to actually win a half a million dollars. Nicole says she does not like the word manifest. She is so sick of that word. They are speaking in regard to Christie. Holly says it was weird that Christie did dream her being hoh, and Jackson says and the one about him and Cliff. Nicole is joking around and says she let them win last night. Holly says Christie was the most dramatic person in the house. Jackson feels the house changed her. He feels it has changed all of us. He hopes for the better but he won’t know until he gets into the real world. He says he is so full. They are going to have leftovers., and Jackson says they don’t have much Tupperware left, and Nicole says we can use ziplock bags. They are laughing about how funny Nick was. Jackson says there was no way he was taking his deal over Christie.
10:30 AM BBT They continue to sit around the kitchen table , eating the final 3 breakfast Big Brother made for them. Holly and Jackson are telling Nicole about the deal Christie did to keep her. Nicole says how good Christie was in the game. They are talking about sis. Jackson says her opinion on him isn’t good. Nicole doesn’t feel Jack cared for her in the game. Jackson and Holly tell her he buttered up to her at the end. Jackson says we have something to do for the next 30 minutes at least. We can put the food up and do dishes. Nicole says or we can put the food up, and leave the dishes. They all laugh. Holly asks if they think someone is coming today. Jackson says no. But tomorrow might be nothing or a comp. Nicole says the platform from last nights comp was shaking. Production tells Michie to move his necklace away from his microphone. They all laugh because he isn’t wearing one. So he adjusts the zipper. Nicole feels tomorrow will be the comp. They are wondering when the visitor will be in the house. Nicole wonders if there is not going to be a visitor because the all rememenced. Feeds go to fish at 10:37 AM BBT and come right back, Holly says I thought I was really smooth on that one, sorry big brother. All 3 are looking at the wall, wondering who could have made it to the final 3. Nicole is telling them how David scared her on day one when he hid behind a door and scared her. Nicole feels Jack showed all his cards. Holly wonders if they are bored as heck at jury or if they are having fun. Nicole thinks they are having fun. Jackson says it could have been Jack, Kat and sis sitting at the table. Nicole laughs, and wonders who would be the third wheel. Nicole asks if they seen themselves ever walking into jury. Jackson says he didn’t even know if he would make jury. Nicole says she never seen herself walking in there. Jackson says him too.
10:45 AM BBT Holly, Jackson and Nicole are sitting at the table, eating the final 3 breakfast talking about the game. Holly feels she would have maybe have been the first out of the house. Jackson grabs the fruit bowl, and gets himself some more fruit. Nicole is telling them how she felt when she met Swaggy and Bailey. She didn’t look at them for being losers. She was happy to see them, they made an impression on people. Nicole feels poison ivy was very impressive. Jackson asks if they can move to the living room, he was to get a blanket and cuddle up on the couch. Nicole says thanks for asking. Nicole says she wants to finish her drinks first. Nicole slams the rest of her drink. They all go to the living room. Nicole wonders if Cliff is going into the jury house today. Jackson says he is not bragging, but wonders how many people are going to ask Cliff what happened and think f’ing Michie. Nicole says you are good. He says I am not saying that. She says, do not defer it. You are good. He says he hates it when she says that , it sketches him out. Nicole says I am the last little duckie. Holly and Jackson snuggle up on the couch. Nicole asks why they looked at her and laughed. Holly laughs and says not everything is about you. They all laugh. They are laughing about the tv playing a movie. Nicole states out loud what the rest of the game will be in what order. They all thank Big Brother again, for breakfast. Michie says 5 days left. Michie asks what they would do if Derick walked in the door right now, and Nicole says she would piss herself. Holly says she doesn’t look good enough for it.

11:00 AM BBT All 3 are laying on the couch, Nicole asks them if they heard that noise. They think it was a door. They are talking about the different comps. Nicole tells Jackson he is good. She tells him and Holly they both impress him alot. She says wow. He wants to know what that means. She tells him he could have done better in the puzzle and he agrees if he really needed it he would have. Holly says she hates to watch comps she knows she could have done well at. She was upset she couldn’t play the wall comp. They talk about the veto comps Bella played in. They agree she played froggy style. Michie says she was next to me. They all agree, that was the only comp she played. Holly tells Michie to stop grinding his teeth. Nicole talks about how many times Nick and Bella asked over and over who she would put up, and who she is aligned with. Nicole tells them she wants to do Tye dye one night. If they don’t, she is taking one of the kits home with her. Nicole says how amazing Julie is, and how beautiful she looked yesterday. Jackson says she is an angel. They all close their eyes, and are laying on the couch unders blankets. They hear a noise, and Nicole and Jackson look up, and he says lots of loud mice today. They lay back down and close their eyes.
11:15 AM BBT Jackson and Holly lay one one couch with eyes closed. Nicole on the other couch, eyes closed in the living room. Jackson is snoring. Nicole and Jackson hear a noise and look up and the feeds go to fish at 11:18 AM BBT. Feeds right back on, and Nicole is saying how tired she is. Holly and Jackson are moving around on the couch. Jackson calls out to Sam. Holly says don’t use real names. They are laughing. Jackson is trying to get Holly us, and she is acting like a limp noodle. She sits back on the couch, and he says he tried to get her up and get ready. He said she called me in the Dr and you are up next and she needs to get ready. Jackson goes to the DR, and Holly says she is so tired. Nicole says you look good, you still have makeup on. She says it is crusty mascara. Holly is complaining that it is cold in the house. She goes to the restroom. She is having a hard time getting hot water in the sink in the bathroom. Nicole is laying on the couch, by herself in the living room and appears to be deep in thought. Jackson comes out of the DR and Nicole says that is it? He says yes. He calls out to Holly. Holly is now called to DR. He goes into the restroom area and says good morning to her, she says stop it! He says WTF did I do. I just said good morning. She is washing her face. He goes back to the living room and lays on the couch. He said DR is not going to be long, it is just touch ups. Nevermind I can’t talk about it. She says Last night? Feeds go to fish at 11:28 AM BBT and comes right back up. Nicole tells Jackson to be nice. He says he is. Jackson and Nicole are talking about the lights. Jackson tells Holly to lose her attitude today. She says you are being a pest today, Nicole tells him to say he is sorry. Nicole is called to the DR downstairs.
11:30 AM BBT Jackson is on the couch in the living room. Holly is in the bathroom doing her makeup. Jackson apologizes to the feeders because there is nothing exciting going on in the house. He puts his hat over his eyes. Nicole comes out of the hoh room, tells Jackson she should get ready. She asks if he has to go back , and he says he is done. Holly is called to DR downstairs, she tells them she is coming. She continues to put her makeup on. Nicole lays back down on the couch.
11:45 AM BBT Jackson is sleeping on the couch in the living room. Nicole is laying on the other couch. Holly is in the bathroom doing her makeup. She tells production she is coming right now, she promises. Holly is still doing her makeup in the bathroom. She grabs the flannel coat, puts it on the couch and goes to the DR. Nicole is impressed how fast she did her makeup. Jackson is snoring. Nicole’s eyes are closed too. Production tells them no napping. He turns over and says he is awake, he didn’t sleep last night and he will keep moving his feet to show he is awake. Nicole is struggling to keep her eyes open. Holly comes out of the DR, grabs her blanket puts on her flannel coat and lays on the couch. Holly complains on how cold it is in the house again. All 3 are on the couch. No conversations being held. All are sleeping.

12:00 PM BBT Feeds Down Doggies are on the screen
12:45 PM BBT. Feeds return. Holly is sleeping and Nicole is folding clothes.
1:00 PM BBT Back to our fury friends.
1:25 PM BBT Feeds return. Nicole was telling Michie and Holly that they are in it for the long hall now.
1:30 PM BBT Nicole is doing laundry and Nicole and Jackson are sleeping.
1:45 PM BBT Big Brother tels Jackson and Holly no napping.
2:00 PM BBT Jackson and Holly are sleeping.
2:15 PM BBT -2:45 PM BBT Houseguests still sleeping.
4:00 PM BBT Jackson is in the living room playing Solitaire. Holly is sleeping on the couch in the living room, and Nicole is sleeping in the RV bedroom. After playing for a while, Jackson goes to the toilet, then leaves to put cups in the freezer.
4:15 PM BBT Nicole wakes up and just lays in bed. Jackson dries some dishes, then back to playing cards. Holly gets up to go to the toilet. Jackson enters the RV. Jackson says that he’s just walking around. Nicole says that she drooled over herself. Jackson lays in bed in the RV. They talk about food. Jackson calls for Holly. She enters the RV and joins Jackson in bed and takes off her mic.
4:30 PM BBT Jackson says “what a day.” Nicole says “5¼ days left.” Jackson says “you’re so cute.” Holly wonders if Cliff has gone to Jury yet. They say that they’re going to be talking about them. Nicole brings up that Dr. Will is going to be there. Holly says that she seriously forgot how to use her phone. Jackson jokes that their phones will be charged when they get them back. Holly says what color their phones are. Holly says that she probably forgot how to drive. They all talk about what kind of car they’d want. Jackson says that he gets overwhelmed just thinking about the price of things.
4:45 PM BBT Jackson sneezes, so both Jackson & Holly cuddle. Holly says that we’ll get to see their family and friends in an upcoming episode.
5:00 PM BBT In the RV bedroom, Jackson & Holly rest in one bed, while Nicole rests in the other. 2 cameras on the feeds go to various decorations in the house (deer with pink antlers, owl, golden eggs, fishtank, etc.).
5:15 PM BBT Jackson leaves to get something. In the RV bedroom, Nicole says “emotional exhaustion is real.” Holly agrees. Nicole gets up. She says that she wonders if it would’ve been easier to go from 4 to 2. Holly gets up. They both leave the RV room. Holly says that she doesn’t remember if she put on deodorant or not. Holly & Nicole look in the SR for food for dinner. Holly sees that BB gave them something that she really likes, so she thanks BB. In the dining room, Nicole sings about her body hurting. Jackson takes a shower.

5:30 PM BBT Nicole & Holly eat. Jackson goes back to playing cards. Jackson says that he can’t sleep because he has a lot on his mind. Nicole & Jackson say that the F3 is rough. Nicole again says that they should just do 4 to 2.
5:45 PM BBT They all play cards. Jackson says that he doesn’t like the mirrors, so they decide to play in the bathroom. Jackson says “No insider trading. No collusion.”
6:00 PM BBT Card play continues in the bathroom. Michie says that giving all 4 of a certain card defeats the point of the game BS. They come up with the idea that the person who ends up with the most cards wins. The stack of cards is substantial, but Michie eventually calls BS on Holly. Michie brings up the collusion and insider trading again.
6:15 PM BBT Talk turns to food. Holly talks about how the packages of fish in the storage room has a sell by date by today so she wants to fix it, and says they did not get restocked with vegetables. She suggests salmon curry. Then they discuss how to do laundry since they can’t go into the backyard. Nicole mentions that she has the HOH laundry bag, and then feeds cut momentarily. When they come back up, Nicole and Holly are speculating about how the rest of their time in the house will go. Michie hollers back at them what is in the storage room. The girls begin discussing clothing for after the finale, and feeds cut momentarily. They discuss their options. Nicole mentions that it is anxiety inducing to leave the house, in a way, and says that you two will understand because you also suffer from anxiety. Michie is in the kitchen cutting up a watermelon. The girls wonder how the houseguests are who are in the jury house. Nicole talks about a bad dream she had where none of her family wanted to sit down and talk to her, or missed her, when she went home. They agree that the average person doesn’t have what it takes to make it in the Big Brother house. Furthermore, it is difficult to do so when dealing with anxiety.
6:30 PM BBT They discuss how calm their season has been even without volatile personalities and such as in previous seasons. Michie comes back in the bathroom with a huge container of cubed watermelon and begins eating it. They discuss the first day and voting for Camp Director. They speculate over how they are known in the outside world. Then they talk about how impressed people will be with how they ‘clean up’ for finale night.
Nicole is very talkative compared to Michie and Holly.
6:45 PM BBT Talk goes back to laundry and whether they could all put a few items in the HOH laundry bag. Nicole speculates about her dirty laundry getting gone through by TSA and them thinking how nasty she is. Everyone goes quiet.
7:00 PM BBT Nicole nods off. Michie and Holly are quiet. Holly scratches Michie’s head. He nods off. Holly does as well.
7:15 PM BBT Dozing time is over! They wake up and are talking about the miracle it is to be taken care of in the Big Brother house. A rarity has occurred: Michie doesn’t want watermelon at this time! Nicole wants tie dye. Nicole gets in the shower to change clothes. Michie and Holly are spooning under a blanket on the couch, still in the bathroom.
7:30 PM BBT Twice, Michie has asked if Nicole is going to talk to people and feeds have cut momentarily both times. Nicole washes her face, then notices that a bruise she has had has gotten larger. She puts on some makeup and preps to fix her hair. Fish. Back to Nicole fixing her hair. She says,”I’m coming Sam, I promise!” Fish again. Nicole comments that she finds herself yelling, and Michie and Holly agree. Fish again. Nicole says that they need to get up and get ready! She asks about tie dye two more times.
7:45 PM Nicole leaves the room. Michie and Holly continue to spoon. Holly’s eyes are closed but Michie is looking around. Michie closes his eyes, too. Michie asks Holly if they can watch the season together, because he doesn’t want to watch it alone. He pops a zit for her. They get up and wash their hands, then they discuss what to fix to eat.
8:00 PM BBT Jackson is at the kitchen table drinking coffee while Holly and Nicole head into the RV Bedroom. They end up in the bathroom where they each do their make-up and Nicole rubs lotion on herself. Jackson is sitting at the kitchen table cutting up raw chicken.
8:15 PM BBT FISH Feeds return to everyone in the kitchen. Holly and Jackson are doing dishes and Nicole is joking around with them and wearing her rain boots.
8:30 PM BBT Upstairs Nicole and Jackson are playing chess
8:45 PM BBT Nicole and Jackson are still playing chess upstairs Holly is making dinner in the kitchen and Jackson eventually heads downstairs joining her and they cook and wash dishes together.
9:00 PM BBT Nicole is still upstairs in the treehouse and she yells over the edge that when people think of the Big Brother 21 final three they’ll remember, “The showmance and Nicole” Holly and Jackson are still downstairs in the kitchen.
9:15 PM BBT Our final 3 are all at the kitchen table eating dinner and having champagne, It looks like Nicole is drinking a mimosa and they are all talking about what they’re grateful for
9:30 PM BBT Jackson has left the kitchen but Nicole and Holly are still in the kitchen sitting at the table talking generally about the game as a whole.
9:45 PM BBT Jackson has rejoined Nicole and Holly in the kitchen and they are all joking around and looking at the memory wall, talking about how they’ll be remembered for the season
10:00 PM BBT They are all sitting around the table they do a group hug. They get up and head into the living room. Nicole grabs Orwell and brings him to the couch. Holly is rolling pin on her legs. They are talking about random things.
10:15 PM BBT Jackson and Holly are laying on one couch while Nicole is on the other. Jackson is sleeping while the girls are talking. They are talking about their first impressions about the guys. Holly says something about Jackson and he wakes up they all laugh. Nicole says that the way she and Jack acted towards each other that they had a secret attraction to each other. Holly says I don’t think so.
10:30 PM BBT Nicole says I wonder who they picked out for whom. They all agree if Sis had not been on this season then Jack and Christie would have hooked up. Nicole says I doubt they had someone for me. Holly says I don’t think so because others that are cast like you have showmances. Holly then says I love our cast and it fit so well with the theme. SLEEPING IN THE LIVING ROOM IS NOT PERMITTED. Jackson says dude my eyes weren’t closed. Holly says BB are we doing DR sessions because it is after 10 and we want to go to real bed. Holly starts making up a song. They start making rolling pin jokes and puns, Nicole says you know what guys I am tired of you guys never laughing at my puns but I laugh at yours, so I am going to go and make better friends. They all start laughing.
10:45 PM BBT Nicole goes into the RV while Jackson and Holly are in the living room talking. Jackson says 6 days Holly says I can’t wait. They start talking about the things they have done in the house on Instagram. The girls leave Jackson in the living room by himself. Jackson is shuffling cards as the girls are in the bathroom. Holly tells Jackson she did not expect to make it this far. Holly and Jackson are making plans once outside the BB house. Nicole tells Jackson and Holly she is going to bed. Jackson tells Holly I was hoping this experience would make us….. She says I understand. Nicole is in the target room getting ready to sleep on the round bed.
11:00 PM BBT Nicole says how in the hell did tall people sleep on this. She then starts reading to the bible. Nicole puts the bible down and goes to sleep. Jackson is in the living room by himself looking at the ceiling. Holly is brushing her teeth. Holly asks Jackson if he is going to bed. Jackson is brushing his teeth. Holly comes into the target bedroom and tells Nicole to wake up. She then tells her I don’t know who slept in here last. HOLLY PLEASE GO TO THE DR DOWNSTAIRS. Jackson says are you kidding me. HOLLY PLEASE GO TO THE DR DOWNSTAIRS. Nicole tells Jackson she is not used to doors because the RV doesn’t have a door.
11:15 PM BBT Holly asks Jackson if he has a second. Nicole is back laying down. Jackson and Holly are in the room outside of the RV. Nicole says hey BB do you need me should I get ready. Jackson says and POP is on too. Jackson and Holly are in the bathroom talking about how he was changing clothes. Jackson tells Holly he is ready to go to bed. MICHIE PLEASE GO TO THE DR DOWNSTAIRS. Holly says what I am ready to go I was just killing time. Jackson yells out Holly go. She tells him no you go ahead and go. He tells her that they told me to tell you to go. Jackson starts shuffling the cards. Jackson is playing solitaire in the living room he then moves to the kitchen table.
11:30 PM BBT Nicole is asleep. Holly is still in DR. Jackson is at the table playing cards.
11:45 PM BBT Nicole is still asleep. Holly is still in the DR Jackson in still playing cards. Jackson heads to the washroom to use the stall washes his hands Holly is out of the DR and joins him in the washroom. He gets called out for his mic. They start to cuddle. Holly heads into the washroom to remove her makeup Jackson goes back to the dining room table and plays some more cards.

Full coverage of tonight's Big Brother show

September 19, 2019

Previously, on Big Brother, with Tommy and Holly on the block, Nicole and Cliff had a chance to break up a showmance and it looked like they were going to back out of their final four deal with Jackson and Holly, but Michie pitched them hard on keeping their word. After Holly agreed to throw the HoH and veto, Michie guaranteed them a spot in the Final Three.

With the new deals in place, Cliff and Nicole sent Tommy to jury. Holly kept the first part of their deal when she handed Nicole HoH on a silver platter, and the Long Islander put the showmance on the block.

With the final veto of the summer on the line, Michie punched his ticket to finale night. Jackson was intent on taking his lady to the end with him, but Cliff and Nicole were still totally clueless.

Tonight, how will Cliff react when he learns he's a Hogg to the slaughter? And what will he do to keep from being evicted. Plus, witness romance, revelations, and rivalries that ignited the jury house. All this right now on Big Brother!

Julie welcomes us and for 93 days two pairs have outlasted all others. On one side Cliff and Nicole and unlikely duo of outsiders and Jackson and Holly the showmance. Michie has kept Cliff and Nicole in the dark about his true intentions for tonight. Is it time to come clean?

Nicole says now that Michie has won the veto he will take himself down and Cliff will go up. She's hoping Michie will hold onto his word and send Holly home this week. Michie, Holly, and Nicole are outside talking and Nicole says she's glad when people stick to their word and Michie informs her that they will be the Final Three.

Cliff comes out and chat changes. Nicole tells us she knew this was coming. Michie hammered her and Cliff about not sticking to their word and their deal. How dare we even consider getting rid of Holly. Nicole heads in and she says she should have known. Nicole says Michie looked Cliff in the eye and shook his hand and then breaks his word.

Michie follows Nicole inside so they can talk. Michie says his handshake and his word is rock solid until it's not reciprocated. Nicole tells him not to blow smoke up her butt and use last week as an excuse for this week. Michie says Nicole isn't the fourth wheel to a tricycle and she says so I'm a third wheel to a bicycle. Michie says his word was unbreakable. Nicole says she considered keeping Tommy because she knew this would happen. Michie says this isn't the game they wanted to play, it was the game they were forced to play.

Nicole says she sees the game they set up and it's well done and Michie says this wasn't a master plan. Michie says she could easily win two parts of the final HoH. Nicole says they should have kept Tommy and she should have listened to her gut and not Cliff's. Michie wants to keep it between them and he doesn't want her to tell Cliff. Nicole tells us Michie can do her a favor and go screw himself.

Nicole and Cliff are in the HoH and she needs to talk to him and she says it's really bad. Cliff says they are thinking about flipping and she confirms and says they don't want her to tell him. Cliff says it's OK. Cliff says he's numb. Disappointed. He wants to stay calm for Nicole's benefit, but inside he's screaming how could he do that to him.

Nicole recaps her conversation with Michie for Cliff. She says she's infuriated, upset, and disgusted. Cliff thinks there's a difference between a final four agreement and two gentlemen shaking hands. Cliff says they fought so hard to advance. He didn't come to play for fourth or third, he came to win. Cliff says Michie is a real hypocrite. He says he's not done, he's going to fight until they drag him out of this place.




Time to check in with the jury house. We see three weeks ago and they are ready for juror number four. Sis says her and Jack's relationship has gotten closer. Nick enters and Kat says that's her absolute worst case scenario. Nick says Tommy is a snake. He feels betrayed by Tommy and once he promised Christie the vote he felt betrayed.

We then see two weeks ago and Jessica enters. Jess says it's never a good feeling being evicted from the BB house and she feels like she has a little bit of power since she can help decide who wins.


We see her Michie win the wall HoH and Nick says Michie has 6 wins. Kat says greatest of all time? Kat doesn't want to reward Michie's dirty game and it's more than just winning competitions. Nick says he could have put up Christie and Tommy. Jess says Christie is Tommy's number one. Jack can't believe they left Cliff in the game over Sis and Jess. Nick and Sis can't believe they didn't get Cliff out.

Jess tells them it was a double eviction. Later that day they are all painting. Kat and Nick have been getting extremely close. Sis says Nick and Kat's relationship has blossomed a lot. Kat says they are in a jurymance. Kat says once you're in the jury house you get BB goggles on and everyone starts looking good. They ask Nick if he's hooked up with anyone in the jury house and he says he won't answer that.

Christie enters where they are painting and Nick didn't expect to see her because she was manifesting she'd win the double for months. Christie says her eviction was shocking to her because it was so fast. She genuinely thought she could win this thing. Nick says as much as he doesn't want Christie in the jury house he's glad she's there. Nick tells Christie he didn't respect her game, but she played a good one.

Christie takes them to watch the video and Christie is speechless that Kat and Nick are a thing. Christie plays the video. Nick says bout damn time and Sis says Nicole won something wow? She says if Nicole won more competitions she'd win her respect.

Christie says she was surprised because Tommy and Christie had talked all week with Nicole and Cliff about getting Michie out. Jess says she's starting to see a new light to Nicole's game and she may not be floating by and maybe she had a specific strategy.

Christie and Nick are arguing about their fighting again about Christie blowing up Nick's game and Christie says that was her only way to stay. Christie says she didn't blow up her friend's game, she blew up someone who was competing against her.

We see the veto competition that Cliff won over Christie. Christie says she knew it was true and she changed it, it wasn't meant to be. Nick is surprised Christie went out over Tommy. They think he'll be out next. Jess says Michie and Holly will be the Final Two. Christie feels like Nicole didn't make the best game move by getting Christie out and she should have taken a shot at Michie.

Christie and Tommy had the biggest secret of the summer and with Tommy arriving at the jury house it's time to spill the beans. The HGs are playing volleyball and they think Nicole or Cliff will be coming. Christie doesn't feel Tommy's energy here. Tommy comes in and runs straight to Jack and jumps into his arms. Christie is crying and says she didn't feel his energy. Tommy thinks his biggest mistake in the game was confiding in Jackson and Holly and now that he's here in jury he's not going to keep anymore secrets.

Tommy fills Christie in on how they felt about her and he tells her that he told them. He says he wanted to disassociate himself from her. They decide to tell everyone. They reveal they know each other and Jess says they are series. Christie says they went to elementary school together and she dated his aunt. Tommy says they didn't know until they went into the house. Tommy says the hardest part of the game was navigating their relationship. Sis says but it was easier because they had someone else and no one else did. Nick says now he feels even more betrayed.

Tommy shows them the video. We see Michie win the movie competition and Nick says he's one of the best players ever. We see Nicole win the comics competition and Jess says she's going to win this because she was a gamer and Jack says she manipulated people very well. Tommy says she's been the deciding factor in many votes and Christie says for someone quiet, Nicole is making a huge impact.

Tommy tells them about his pitch to Cliff and Nicole and Tommy tells them what Michie did and Nick can't believe they believed Michie. Sis says she's not a fan of Michie but he's playing a good game, but a dirty game. Tommy says he would have kept his word, but he thinks Holly made the same deal. Jack says Holly managed to maintain solid relationships. Nick says this won't be an easy decision and any one of the four could win. Nick says he's voting for the best player, the best game. They go to show Tommy the house.

Cliff sees the writing on the wall... time to go Hogg wild. We see Cliff in the HoH room and Michie comes in. Cliff says he's ready to have this done. Cliff says Michie is incredibly stubborn and he's asking her to evict his girlfriend, but he still has a few cards up his sleeve. Michie can destroy Cliff's game, but he thinks he can destroy his as well. Cliff says he was going to honor his word and it wasn't until Michie won safety that he decided to go back on his word. Cliff says he thinks they are cut from the same cloth and he thought handshakes were good as gold and unbreakable.

Cliff asks Michie if he's thought about jury votes. Cliff says if it's Michie and Nicole in Final Two, he'll vote for Nicole. And if it's Michie and Holly in Final Two, Holly honored her word and he didn't and that will impact his vote, and it will impact Nicole's vote too. Holly could be in jury championing him and gaining jury support. Michie didn't expect Cliff to guilt him and he didn't expect the decision to cost him half a million by campaigning in jury against. Michie say are you kidding me?!? Michie says he's won 10 competition and they are going to hand a half million to someone else because he didn't keep him? Damn it!

Voting is now open for America's Favorite Houseguest and voting is open until September 25th.

It's now time for the veto meeting and eviction! Julie greets the final four and it's time Michie's decision on what to do with the veto. Michie stands and says he respects Cliff more than anything and he wants to remind people of Cliff saying they needed to play their own game. Michie says a week ago things changed and he had to adapt into an environment he had to and this is not an easy decision. They had a clean final four and he's hate what it came to and he hates to put him in that chair but he is going to use the veto on himself.

Cliff and Holly are on the block and it's time for their final words. Holly says they made it to final four like they agreed to weeks ago and she's proud of them. She's thrilled to be here especially after last week after they were going to go back on the deal they made. She offered to throw HoH and that was the hardest thing she had to do. She had a chance to guarantee her spot and she threw it away and Michie earned his spot.

Cliff does his shoutouts to his family. He says win or lose he has the greatest treasure waiting for him at home. Cliff says this game forces them to weigh a lot of things and he may disagree with the decision but he does respect him and friendship forever. Cliff says he walks out with his head held high, he played with integrity and humor and he's proud of how he played.

It's now up to Michie to cast the sole vote to evict. He says his word his bond and he's loyal to those who are loyal to him. He says when he came to a point where that loyalty is severed, then he has to reciprocate. He loves them all, but he has to do what's best for his game and as much as it kills him but he votes to evict Cliff. Cliff gives hugs and Michie asks Cliff to keep his word and vote according to game. Nicole and Cliff get emotional as they hug. Cliff heads out to Julie!

Julie is sitting with Cliff and he survived 93 days, how and where did he go wrong? Cliff says it was getting too dependent on Michie and Holly and he hoped someone else would take a shot and he just trusted Michie to falter. Julie asks about last week and Cliff says it was a strange situation. Cliff says he was scared of Tommy because of mental competitions and he thought Tommy would take Nicole over him.

Cliff says he was playing it for first and they were bouncing back and forth between Tommy and Holly. Julie asks if he got ahead of himself when he revealed to Michie that he wasn't his Final Two. Cliff didn't want a situation where he would be breaking his word.

Cliff says Michie was always truthful with him and Cliff was gullible and got played. Julie asks if the tables had been turned would he have trusted Michie and Holly moving forward. Cliff says the final four was set up weeks ago and he didn't see it as the same level of agreement as a handshake.

The Final Three are in place and Nicole, Holly, and Michie are in a position to win. And on Sunday, Julie will sit down with last week's Final Three JC, Kaycee, and Tyler. And we'll see part 1 of the HoH play out. Then Wednesday will be the finale! The Final Three pop champagne to celebrate and say one more week!


September 19, 2019

12:00 AM BBT Nicole, Holly and Michie are all up in the kitchen area sitting at the dining table. Michie is playing with the cards. Holly and Nicole both say they her music. Holly says it sounds like a piano. Holly says, “Are they trying to make us crazy? Nicole says she hears it. Production then says, “Yes.” Holly and Nicole hold their mouths open wide. The three of them then ask, “Yes to what?” Holly says, “That I am losing my marbles?” Michie tells Nicle, “I love you Nicole. You are one of my favorite people. I can’t wait for this to be over.” Nicole asks, “What does that even mean? Michie asks her, “What?” Nicole says, “When people say I am one of their favorite people.” Holly says, “I haven’t said that.” Nicole says, “Well thanks Holly. That brought my head back down to normal. What a way to humble me.” Holly and Nicole have painted their fingernails and toenails. And they get up and start singing and dancing around singing about drying their nails. They say they are really going crazy. Michie says, “Holly, you are not going to sleep any time soon.” Nicole and Holly start singing some popular song and feeds went to fish briefly. When feeds came back Holly is asking BB if they like their dancing at least. And there was no answer.
12:15 AM BBT Nicole and Holy continue to dance around the kitchen making a song and rhyming. Michie then decides to add a couple of verses, one that says to run. So Nicole and Holly began running around the kitchen. He tells them that they are hilarious. Nicole sits down at the dining table to talk with Michie. She says he is smiling in his picture on the memory wall and it contradicts his face right now. He says he is not happy. Nicole asks, “You’re not happy with the card game?” He tells Nicole, “I am not happy with this game and especially how today went. And I am just done and ready for this all to be over with.” Nicole says she is tired now. One of them asks what time it is. Holly says, “It’s about 12:15 am.” Michie says, “It’s time to go to bed.” Nicole is watching Michie play his game of solitaire. She starts telling him there are cards he can play. He tells her to give him a chance to look it over. She keeps messing with him while he is trying to play his game. Holly says, “I think I am going to go to bed. But then I feel I might have to get back up. And my nails are not dry yet s I am going to smudge them. Holly asks Michie if he would like to go to bed. He is shuffling the deck of cards and doesn’t answer her. Nicole asks if they would like some tea. Michie says the tea will keep them up more. Nicole says the tea is decaffeinated. Holly says she is going to fix herself a cup of warm milk. Michie goes to the bathroom. Nicole tells Holly that she is going to put the nail trimmers and polish remover away in a Brittish accent. Michie comes out of the bathroom and tells Nicole he is going to bed. They hug each other.
12:30 AM BBT Nicole and Mchie say their goodnights. Michie goes to his bed by the RV. Holly finishes heating up her milk in the microwave. She heads back to go to bed with Michie. Nicole is standing in the room telling Michie to think positively. She tells them goodnight and says, “I will be out here in the kitchen making tea. She leaves them. She goes out to the kitchen and puts some water on the stove. Holly and Michie are on the bed talking. Michie is saying how horrible he feels having to make yet another tough decision. He is upset with Cliff threatening him to tell the jury not to vote for him and that he won’t vote for him and neither will Nicole. Cliff comes out of the DR. Michie says, “You’re done?” Cliff says, “They didn’t say for sure but I guess for now I am.” Holly tries to comfort Michie and make him calm down. Michie says, “I am worried about Tommy and what he is going to say. And I am worried about my game and I am STRESSING.” Holly says, “And I know I am part of that stress. But I want you to know I am here for you now and when we get out of this house.” Holly says, “BB if I am going to have to go in will you please call me now?”
12:45 AM BBT Michie says, “He basically told me that I am taking a half a million dollar check away from him and his family. I came here for my family too. And my family comes first for me. And if he does tell the jury not to vote for me and they don’t then it will be emotional. And they all said that they would for for game play not emotionally. And for him to strong arm me like that is disappoints me. And for someone that preaches loyalty and all he sure doesn’t follow through with his word. He is being hypocritical if he goes back on his word in this game and doesn’t vote for good game play then he is just bitter. Using his family as a game play is no good. We all have family.” Holly says, “I think once he leaves the house I think he will cool down some and he will respect the game play again. I can’t imagine that he will continue to be bitter.” Michie asks Holly to go and check around the corner and see if he (Cliff) is there. She does. She comes back and says he isn’t over there. Holly says, “I wish they would call me if they are going to. That is why I am not going to bed. Maybe I should go and ask them again?” Michie says, “Go and ask them again then.” Holly is then called to the DR. Nicole and Cliff are upstairs in the HOH talking. Nicole is talking about if she wins and gets to pick one of them she will take Holly. Cliff says, “If Michie wins he will not have my vote. I can’t say for you. But I am still going to talk to the jury. I am still going to make the threat because if nothing else, it will make him sweat for 6 days.” Nicole says, “Well, I will have to see how the rest of the competition goes because he has worked hard. But Please put in a good word for me with the jury. Tommy knows what happened when he was leaving here. Tell them how horrible it has been here for the last couple of weeks. Let me know if you have any questions tomorrow. I will not keep anything from you.” Cliff says, “Ok well I am going to go to bed. Goodnight.” Nicole says, “Awww Cliff. Goodnight.” Cliff leaves the HOH room. Nicole goes in the bathroom and starts singing that Cliff is her best friend.
1:00 AM BBT Cliff goes downstairs to go to bed. He stops by the kitchen to get a drink. Nicole comes out of the HOH room and says that she forgot about the tea kettle. She comes downstairs to get some tea. She tells Cliff, “You know what I just realized I didn’t do my GBMs.” Cliff tells her, “Well say something good.” She says she is going to cry. Cliff goes to the Target room. He says goodnight to Michie when he passed by him outside of the RV. Cliff goes into the Target room and gets in bed. He starts talking to the camera. Cliff begins, “This is most likely my last night here in the BB house. This is the exact bed I started in with Ovi right here beside me. Michie may cast his vote to vote me out of the house tomorrow. He is pretty upset with me right now because I threatened him with my jury vote and other possible jury votes. I may give him my vote because I don’t want to be a bitter juror. But i am not sure because he didn’t keep his word. But if he comes clean I may decide to give him my vote. But I do not owe anyone my vote. But he is a good player. Sharon, I am sorry you won’t be able to participate in the finale of the stage. Maybe someone will text you or be able to get a message to you that I was booted. And I will come home as fast as I can. I am sorry I am leaving the house but I tried my hardest. I may have been hoodwinked by some other HGs. There are feelings of guilt and sadness are heavy right now. If any previous HGs are out there listening if you could reach out to me I would appreciate it. You know what I am going through and what I have gone through here. I don’t want to sign off. I really need to get some sleep for tomorrow, but I don’t want to sign off.” Then he says he loves his wife and his kids.
12:15 AM BBT Cliff ends his sign off with, “SKD143.” He takes his mic off for the evening. BB turns the bedroom lights off. Cliff says, “Thank you BB.” Cameras one and two are both on Nicole sitting at the dining table drinking tea or warm milk and staring at the memory wall. Holy comes out of the DR. Production calls Nicole into the DR. Holly goes to the bathroom to change her clothes to go to bed. She comes out of the restroom and puts her hair up. She begins getting ready to wash her face. Michie comes into the bathroom and starts hugging and kissing on her. He goes in the restroom to use it. Holly begins washing the makeup off of her face. Michie comes out of the restroom and washes his hands and leaves the bathroom.
1:30 AM BBT Holy finished washing her face and leaves the bathroom. She goes over to the memory wa and examines it close up. Michie is at the kitchen sink with the water running. He was washing some of the dishes. He goes over behind Holly and starts kissing on her again. She tells him that she is just looking because it could be something to do with the faces you never know. Michie says, “You cute little thing.” They both go in the bedroom. Holly grabs her cup and takes it to the kitchen to wash up. She comes back to the bedroom. She takes a vitamin. Michie says, “Why do you look so weird right now? With a mouthful of gummies, sipping on a straw and bug eyed.” She gets in the bed with Michie. Then she says, “I forgot my face serum and cream. Obviously it doesn’t make any difference. I have aged 10 years in this house.” Michie asks her, “Do you really have a final two with Nicole?” Holly says, “Why? Who told you? Just kidding. Jackson, do you really think I would take Nicole over you?” Michie says, “I don’t really know anymore.” “Would you take Nicole to final two?” Holly asks. Michie says, “No. Everything I have done has been for you in here.” He continues to tell her that he has been unwaveringly loyal to her. He says he has adapted to the environment he is in to survive in this game and make sure Holly comes with him. Holly says, “I know.”
1:45 AM BBT Michie says, “I just hope I don’t watch this back and look stupid. My biggest fear is that I watch this back and….” Holly says, “And what?” “I hope that you are as loyal to me as I have been to you. I just have so much going through my head right now.” Holly says, “I know you do but put that thought out of your mind right now. Because I would never…” He says, “Ok nevermind. I know you are. You don’t have to say it. I am not questioning you. I swear I am not trying to. Do you hear my stomach growling?” Holly says, “Yeah.” She says, “I share all of the same thoughts and fears. Just don’t get all in here (points to her head). Because we don’t have control over all of it. You have two jobs to do tomorrow. One is to evict Cliff tomorrow. Two is for one of us to win the first HOH.” He says, “I didn’t come this far for second place.” Holly says she feels stupid because she threw that HOH and could have guaranteed herself a spot in the final three. She starts talking about Tommy crying in the bathroom to her saying he is not a monster. Michie says, “That was because of me. Because of a lie I told.I am just ready for this to be all over.” Holly says, “No because I threw him under the bus.” Michie says he could go for another 100 days if he had to but he doesn’t want to. Holly takes her mic off and lies down with him. She says they only have one more week. As we leave the house, Nicole ad Cliff are asleep. Holly and Michie are in a position to go to sleep for the remainder of the evening.

8:00 AM BBT – 9:00 AM BBT All HG’s sleeping
9:05 AM BBT – Cliff is up – Goes to give his “Cliffnotes”. He speaks of keeping his word, and that in the real world it is a good thing, but in the Big Brother House, it isn’t. Even after last week and all the Tommy/Holly drama, he thinks he tried to watch out too much for Nicole. He admits he tried to have it both ways. He says that
Talks about how he mentioned to Jackson how he would be betrayed in the jury house when Cliff goes. How he will tell them about the betrayal. He says Jackson was upset about that. Cliff says he’d like to vote for the best player, and who he deserves played the best game and that may be Jackson.
10:15 AM BBT ‘Cliffnotes” continue . . . He says it hurts him a little that he may have lost a friend (Jackson) after going so hard yesterday about jury. Claims its all game related, not personal. He indicated he will vote based on his conscience. He’s honored to have played BB. He’s glad that he only has 6 days left until he can see his wife and kids. He says she is the only person that he can completely rely on 100%. He didn’t win the top prize, so they can’t go to an all inclusive in the Caribbean, they may have to settle for a weekend in Galveston. He needs to find a job when he gets home and settle the bills. As long as Sharon is by his side, he’s good!
10:30 AM BBT – Fish
10:45 AM BBT – Feeds return to Cliff in mid-conversation, talking about his fate and him most likely leaving today. He said Jackson told him so he could enjoy his last few days in the house. He said he tried, was always looking for an angle. He thinks towards the end, he aligned with a guy who was too good. He admits that the one time he and Nicole had a chance to take him out, they didn’t. He says the worst part is that even if he had made the F3 with Jackson and Holly, he thinks he still wouldn’t have won, because they’d have taken each other. Cliff apologizes to his family for not making the finale, and them not being brought in for finale night. He ends “Cliffnotes 93” to go get ready for the day. His last day. Nicole is up and heads downstairs.
11:00 AM BBT – Nicole isn’t feeling well, she is just sitting in the kitchen. Cliff is done showering and Jackson and Holly are finally up! No chatter yet.
11:15 AM BBT – Fish briefly, Cliff and Nicole are discussing what’s going on in the backyard. Nicole says maybe it’s for different camera angles, Cliff thinks maybe it’s a two hour show tonight.
1:24 AM BBT –  Feeds down

7:50PM BBT Still no feeds but we're watching for you.

9:00PM BBT  The feeds return.  Michie is in the shower, and Holly is in the bathroom area talking to him. Jackson and Holly seem glum. Nicole is singing "I'm an idiot" in the store room, but no idea who won yet. Holly looks winded and is walking around. No Nicole on the cameras.

9:48PM BBT Jackson as won the first part of this three-part competition. The competition was both physical and mental. The competition was a puzzle with chains and endurance. Holly and Nicole with go head-to-head next.

Nicole says that she is bruised and has ice on her knee. Jackson talking about he should have let Holly have it because they are worried about Part II.

Full coverage of tonight's Big Brother show

September 18, 2019

Previously, on Big Brother, Cliff, Nicole, Holly, and Jackson had a final four deal, but after Nicole used the veto, HoH Michie had no choice but to put his sweetheart in danger.

Tommy struck a deal to keep himself in the game, and it seemed like Cliff and Nicole's minds were made up but Michie was relentless. After Cliff and Nicole were assured Holly would throw them HoH and veto, and Michie guaranteed them a spot in the Final Three, Cliff convinced Nicole to flip.

At the live eviction, it was the Broadway dancer's curtain call. With the power and a spot in the Final Three on the line, Jackson convinced Holly to keep their deal, and she reluctantly threw the competition to Nicole.

Wanting to guarantee a seat in the Final Two, Cliff made sure Michie was planning to take him. At the nomination ceremony, the showmance got cozy on the block. Tonight, it's the final and most important veto competition of the summer. Who will win and secure a spot at finale night. Find out right now on Big Brother!

We pick up on day 87 after the nomination ceremony. Nicole nominated Michie and Holly, but nominations don't matter this week. It comes down to the PoV. Nicole says it's so important she win this veto because Michie is a scary competitor and she needs him out. Cliff has a Final Two deal with Michie and Holly promised to throw it, so he should be OK.

Michie knows Cliff and Nicole want to split him and Holly up, but after the broke their word with them on the final four, their deals mean nothing. He's going to lie as much as they are. Holly is talking to the camera and she says she's trying to stay positive and that nomination ceremony should have been hers and that HoH should have been hers and she shouldn't have been forced to throw it. Holly says she's supposed to throw veto, but is she really going to sit back and build her own tombstone.

Cliff and Nicole talk and Cliff says Holly promised to throw veto, but maybe they should talk to her and give her permission to play if she agrees to take Cliff. Nicole says she believes Holly is a woman of her word and hopefully she'll go along with the agreement. Cliff pitches to Holly and she tells us are you kidding me? Holly is stumbling over her words and says now they want her to gun for the veto in order to ensure Cliff's safety and screw Michie over. Do they really think she's the kind of person to do this? Holly says they must be actually losing their minds.

Cliff and Michie are talking in the target bedroom and Cliff is just wanting to make sure their agreements are intact. Cliff says Michie and him made a deal where he would take her all the way to the Final Two. Cliff has tried to play an honest honorable game so he wants to make sure Michie knows if he wins veto or Final Three HoH, his Final Two is Nicole. Cliff tells Michie the deal they made was not reciprocal. Cliff says he felt bad that when Michie agreed to take him, he wasn't promising to take Michie. Michie laughs in DR and says they must be stupid. This is never going to happen. Cliff is making hasty deals and not thinking things through.

Michie and Holly are talking in the lounge and Michie tells her about his conversation with Cliff. Both about the deal to take each other to the Final Two and then Cliff reversing that. Michie says Cliff is setting himself up for Final Two. Holly then tells Michie about the deal Cliff offered her to let her play in the veto. Michie says he loves Cliff, but they did him dirty and they are trying to set themselves up for guarantees. Michie says they've been screwed over once, he's not about to get screwed over twice. They think Cliff is panicking. Michie is going to start calling Cliff FDR, but no deals he makes has any worth.

We see various things changing in the house and we hear a bugle! It's time for a BB luxury competition. There are dollar signs upstairs and we hear summer is coming to an end and things are changing... literally. While they were in the HoH, some changes have been made in the BB house. They have to figure out how many things have been changed. On go, they will head downstairs and start looking for things that have been changed. Once they think they know, they will run upstairs and make their one and only guess. Whoever guesses correctly first will win $10,000. If no one guesses correctly, then whoever is closest will win.

They run downstairs and they see Ovi in the kitchen and Nicole says he has his cookies! Cliff says he'd like to have a chat with Ovi, but that can wait. Cliff sees a fishing net with a fish in it, but he can't remember if that fish was there or not. Michie notices something missing in the RV and he says something doesn't look right on top of the cabinet. Nicole notices a creepy woodpecker immediately. Holly says there's always arrows in the target room, but now there's on in the bullseye. Michie says Christie would have killed this competition. Michie runs upstairs and he wants to guess first because he doesn't want to lose because he didn't ring the bell first.

Ovi wishes them luck with the competition. He says it's strange to be there with no one there, but he had his cookies there. Michie locked in first with 17, Nicole guessed 16, Holly guessed 17, and Cliff guessed 17. Nicole is the only person that answered differently. The correct answers was... 18. Michie just won $10,000. He's ecstatic but he doesn't want to make the other three mad and he just needs to keep this winning streak up. Nicole is upset she didn't win the money, but hopefully, that's a consolation prize for Michie when he walks out the door this week.

It's time for the veto competition and it is carnival style. Nicole is first and she reads this season they've been tested in skill, physical, and mental competitions and this competition will test all three. They'll reveal a statement and then launch balls at a board and knock out the faces of the HGs that apply to the statement. If they are correct, they'll move on to the next statement. If not, they'll have to reset and try again. The HGs who answers three statements in the fastest time. Who's ready to play win and you're in.

Nicole says she needs to win this veto to make sure Cliff is in the Final Three and they can send Michie passing. The first question is who did NOT receive a punishment in Tossed in Space. The slingshot is harder to use than she thought. She says it's a whole body effort so she has to squat. She knocks out Michie, Tommy, and Jack and she left up all the people who didn't receive the punishment.

The second question is Never was HoH. Nicole says this round is harder because she has to knock down a lot more panels. Nicole gets it right and moves on to Played in BB Fireworks Quiztacular. Christie, David, and Ovi were the only three who didn't play in it. Nicole accidentally knocked down Bella so she has to reset. She gets them and rings in and she's correct.

Cliff is up next and he begins his competition. Cliff says he has deals with Holly and Michie to go to Final Three, and Nicole will keep nominations the same if she wins, but the only way to guarantee anything in BB is to win for himself. He struggles a bit to get the hang of it. He hits Nick first and he has to reset, then he hits Nicole and has to reset again. He finally manages to knock down Michie. He gets Tommy but forgets Jack and has to go again. He says he officially sucks at this one. He hits Jack and he is correct.

He's already exhausted after the first round and this round will be even more tiring. He has to knock down a lot more faces. He has finished with the left side, but he has knocked down Analyse. Now he has to do the other side. He says OK Christie you have to go down, just like my veto victory. He's crawling and says he doesn't give up and he realizes he has knocked down Sis's picture so he has to reset again. He gets it right and moves on to the final question.

He says he's running on empty but he will not give up. He gets the last question revealed and knocks over David and Ovi along with Christie and he says you don't ever quit. Holly says Nicole and Cliff think she's their soldier but she's going to fight for this veto to keep herself and Michie safe. She knocks out Michie and Tommy, but she hits Michie and Kemi and has to reset. In Wyoming she used to go to the shooting range with her dad and she hopes that will help. She knocks out Michie and Tommy and rings in. She realizes she forgot Jack and his angry alien friend.

Holly starts on the second question and she gets the left side done, but then she hits Kemi and has to reset. She finally gets them and rings in and it's time for the final question. She knows David and Ovi didn't play in that competition. She knocks down a wrong picture and has to reset and she finally hits Ovi and she rings in and she's wrong. She forgot Christie was outgoing HoH and she knocks her down and rings in.

Michie says Cliff has multiple deals on the table and one is that he'll take Cliff to Final Three and that's just not the case. He has to win to make sure him and Holly don't get split up. Michie says the slingshot is a little cumbersome and the challenge is knocking down the correct people. His strategy is to be as fast as he can. He knocks down himself and Tommy and then aims for Jack and rings in and he's correct.

Michie moves on to the second one and he knows there's no room for error. He knocks down David and resets. He says it is dire that he wins. He knocks down Analyse and has to reset again. He finally gets the faces down except Christie and he rings in and he realizes he missed Christie. He says she's still giving him trouble! He knocks down Bella and has to reset again. Then he knocks down Ovi. He resets again and decides to start with Christie so he doesn't have to keep doing all three. He rings in and it's time for the final question.

Michie says panic mode is setting in but he's going to leave everything out in the backyard. He knocks down Christie and he says darn it. He finally remembers David and Ovi didn't play either and he has to knock them down. He knocks them out and rings in. Michie says this is the most important veto of the season and he choked because he knows he could have done better. He's just hoping he did better than the others and we see him frustrated in DR and praying.

It's time for the veto results! Michie says he or Holly has to win or one of them is going to jury and one will go to final three and he's beating himself up inside. Finishing in fourth place with a time of 38:36 was Cliff. Finishing in third place with a time of 5:30 was Holly. Holly says she's out, but Michie is still in this thing and everything is on the line. He just needs a line better than Nicole's. Nicoel says it's down to him and Michie and Michie is so upset with himself and this could be it. Second place finished with a time of 2:17 and first place finished with a time of 11:29. Finishing in second place was... Nicole. Michie has won the PoV!

Michie has guaranteed himself a spot in the Final Three and he's emotional and he thought he lost. Cliff tells Nicole it was a hell of a try. Cliff says it's a bummer that Michie won, but he did promise to take him to Final Two so as long as he stays true to his word, Holly should be going home this week. Nicole says she could have won and she feels like she let Cliff down. She doesn't believe Michie will stick to his word though. Michie say this is hands down the best competition win of the summer and he and Holly are going to the finale.

Michie is alone in the target room emotional and he says I love you Mama. He's in shock. He thought he lost it and he let Holly down and his family down. He's had his back against the wall on several occasions and he fought his way through it. These aren't tears of sadness, they are tears of happiness. He says he's going to the Final Three Mama. He says we did it. He's going to finale night and Hols is coming with him. He says she is his world inside this game and she'll be his best friend out of it and he'll never turn his back on her.

Holly and Michie hug and Holly says she loves him so much. They kiss and Michie says he'll never turn his back on her. Michie says she's coming with him. Cliff and Nicole are talking and Cliff says it's OK, they are still Final Three. Cliff doesn't think Michie will flip and Nicole says she's scared. Holly and Michie are still talking about going to finale night. Cliff says Michie is a man of good and bad features, but he does think Michie is a trustworthy man who will honor his word. Cliff says he will do it.

Cliff says he's feeling pretty good about what he achieved. He's pretty proud of the deals of he set up. You just can't get rid of him out of the house. Nicole says could potentially go home on her HoH and she doesn't know if Michie will keep his word. She says if she's in the Final Three with a showmance, like how horrible does that look. She's officially the girl that went to the Final Three with a showmance. Michie says sorry Cliff, he loves him but he's going to have to send him home this week. Michie says he's sorry to the Hogg family that he has to do this.


September 18, 2019

12:00 AM BBT Cliff and Orwell are watching Nicole and Jackson play chess in the treehouse. Feeds go to fish. Feeds come back. Nicole goes through the moves out loud. Nicole starts singing and feeds go to fish. Jackson is winning so far this game. Holly is downstairs asking about the game. Cliff tells her who is winning. Cliff says it is really bad Holly. Jackson tells Nicole Check. Then Check again. Nicole starts singing again. Feeds go to fish. Jackson says Check again. Jackson wins. Jackson asks what time is it? Cliff says after 12. Jackson asks Nicole if he can take a shower in the HOH room. She says it is not my room. Cliff explains to Nicole what she did wrong. Nicole and Cliff start talking about what they each told Jackson. Holly is in the bedroom getting ready for bed. Cliff says he will go to the jury and tell them how Jackson broke his word and how he said they had an agreement prior to the veto comp. Holly goes to sleep. Nicole says I was so excited he won originally because they still had a final three deal. Cliff says he is going to talk to the jury tomorrow night.
12:15 AM BBT Cliff says make it happen. Nicole says she is going to go lay down in the HOH room. Cliff says if nothing changes I understand. He says good night. He and Orwell head to the bathroom. Nicole lays down and listens to her music. After brushing his teeth Cliff and Orwell head to the target room. He opens a drawer and say that is a lot of junk in this drawer. He says I spent the last two nights in the HOH. Cliff says I am going to sleep in the bed I did on the first night. It is only fitting that if this is my last two days here then I am going to sleep where I did my first night here. Nicole says Michie I am in here just so you know. Cliff talking to the feeds says that he and Nicole have been tag teaming Jackson and if nothing else fails I am going to tell him I will work on the jury.
12:30 AM BBT Cliff continues to say that he will tell him that he is going to tell him that if he is in the final two then he will lose. Cliff goes on to say that he is going to tell him that he has been worried about how America views him and him not keeping his word is not going to look good on him. He says I might lose a friend over it but I have to try. Cliff says in 7 more days I will see you Sharon. Cliff says I am missing everyone and having withdrawal. Jackson hugs Nicole and hops into the bed. He whispers something to her. Feeds cut to fish. Nicole tells him that had she been 2 minutes sooner she knows who her final three would be. She says had Cliff won the veto would you have expected him to use the veto. He says two weeks ago I would have said yes but now I don’t know if I would have expected him to. Cliff keeps talking to Sharon as Nicole campaigns to Jackson to keep Cliff. She says I know this is a game. Jackson says cliff and i have had this conversation. Nicole says this is good. Nicole says that if there is anything I can do. Jackson says it is hard because no matter what decision he makes someone he cares about will go home. He says don’t repeat that. Jackson says it sucks. He says he genuinely cares about Nicole and he is worried if he sends Cliff home then she would not care about him anymore. Nicole says I just wish that people who have fought for it are there in the final three. Jackson says that this has been a dream of his to be here much less make it this far. Nicole says it would be different had he just sat around the house but he fought his way through this game. Feeds cut to fish. Jackson tells Nicole he is here to win the money for his family. He says take my mom who needed a lot of surgeries. Feeds cut to fish. Jackson says I know we come here to compete but I feel like I am taking money away from my second family. Feeds cut to fish. Nicole says that I have seen myself in the final two. She says I don’t need the money my family does not have massive debts. He says well that is where you and I differ because I want to help my family he says and the rest of the money I want to use to help people who are bullied and depressed and let them know they have a way out.
12:45 AM BBT Jackson says I joke about going to Vegas but the money is going to my parents first. Jackson says also I would get an apartment because I am homeless. He says but most important helping my parents out with their mortgage and for helping with Maggie. Feeds cut to fish. Jackson says I want my family to be proud of me. Nicole says well who would they feel proud with you taking to the final. Jackson says that is why it is so hard. Nicole says well if I wasn’t safe it would be easier this week because I would be gone. Nicole says nothing against Holly it is just that Cliff has been through so much. Jackson says it is hard because Cliff and I are a lot alike. Nicole says she doesn’t envy his decision at all. Jackson says he is concerned about how Nicole is going to react she tells him she is not going to be butt hurt over it. Cliff takes off his mic to go to sleep. Jackson hugs Nicole and asks her if she wants to turn out the light. Cliff and Orwell are asleep. Nicole is talking to the monitor saying come on Michie. Nicole says America if you are watching are listening Jackson said that one a person level I absolutely love and adore Holly and I admire how she played the game.Nicole keeps saying that he says that Jackson says he knows Cliff a lot longer and he is my person. Cliff catches Jackson in the target room and starts campaigning. Jackson says we will talk tomorrow.
1:00 AM BBT Jackson tells Cliff at least people in the jury have distractions. Jackson and Holly start hugging. Nicole keeps giving reasons why Cliff should stay. Jackson tells Holly let’s get into bed. PLEASE PUT ON YOUR MICROPHONE. Jackson yells out MICHAEL. Jackson starts telling Holly what Nicole and Cliff have been doing. FEEDS cut to fish. Nicole starts talking about Nicole as 24 yr old vs Nicole as 30 yrs later.Nicole says she would be honored to be in the finale with Jackson or Cliff. Nicole starts to doze off listening to music. Jackson tells Holly that this decision is really hard to make. She tells him it should not be hard.Holly tells him it is ok. Jackson continues to stare at Holly. They continue to whisper to each other.
1:15 AM BBT Holly and Jackson start kissing under the cover. Something drops on the side of the bed and they move the mattress. They find it and realize it is Jackson’s retainer. He offers to fill up Holly’s water glass. Jackson says BB we are ready to go to sleep. They snuggle and kiss some more. Holly starts whispering to Jackson again. Jackson yells out pineapple. Jackson tells her that he has not been able to clear out his throat since the veto comp. Jackson tries to take an allergy pill but drops several on the floor. Lights go out in the room Jackson and Holly are in. Jackson says thank you BB.
1:30 AM BBT All HGs are sleeping.

10:00 AM BBT All houseguests are sleeping. Feeds cut to fish.
10:14 AM BBT Feeds are back, lights are on. Jackson and Holly are laying in bed, he tells her one more week. She tells him, we are so close.
10:15 AM BBT Houseguests have been woken up. Cliff is in the SR changing his batteries. Jackson and Holly are laying in bed. Cliff tried to go to the DR room, but he wasn’t able to have door opened. So he takes a seat on the couch in the living room and starts to play cards. Cliff is called to DR downstairs. Nicole is still in bed in the hoh room. She starts to hummm and stops.
10:30 AM BBT – 11:30 AM BBT Jackson and Holly are still in bed. Nicole is in her bed in the hoh room. The lights are on in the house, but they all appear to be trying to sleep. Cliff is back in the house and goes to the buck room. All four cameras are on Jackson and Holly sleeping, and Nicole sleeping in the hoh room. 11:15 AM BBT Nicole wakes up, and says 5 more minutes please big brother, and goes back to sleep. 11:31 AM BBT Cliff is back in the living room, playing solitaire. He gets up and goes into the kitchen, and says good morning to the live feeders. He says it is day 92. 7 or 8 days until we are out of here, depending on how you are counting. He says officially it is 8, but 7 sounds better. He is cooking pancakes. He is trying to write pancakes in the pan. He is making a number 8. He doesn’t like the way it looks, so it scrapes it off and puts it in the garbage. He is now doing two numbers 8’s in the pan.
11:45 AM BBT Cliff is making numbers in a cooking pan with pancake batter. He doesn’t like the way it looks, so he scrapes it off and attempts it again. He writes SL BB.. And hurries up and covers it up into one big pancake. . So maybe he was writing So Long Big Brother. Jackson and Holly remain asleep. He cooks the pancake and takes it off. He is writing BB again..and puts a SL above it. Goes to the fridge and leaves it in the pan. Camera is zoomed in on it. He pours the remaining batter over it and makes one pancake. He flips the pancake and you can see the SL BB in the pancake. Cliff tells the camera that it is BB21. He wanted to finish out the season with BB21 pancakes. He says he has to do something fun, because there isn’t much to do in the house.
12:00 PM BBT Cliff gets his breakfast and tells the live feeders to follow him this way. He is going in the boat room. Cliff says he feels like being a rebel today, so he will eat in there. Cliff says he could have slept in, but he wants to embrace enjoy every minute in the house. He doesn’t know if his plan will work, but if it is time to go, he will be ok, it’s a game and he will survive. He is going over how he didn’t want to go to the final 3 with a duo, or Tommy. He is wondering if he should have kept Tommy and sent Holly home. Cliff says he would rather still have Michie in than Tommy. But he says, you don’t win this game if you don’t take chances. He says , it is what it is. He is ready to get back to real life. He is ready to see that the world holds for him. He says people in the house, think there lives will change drastically after being in the house. He says Michie wants to work with Celebs , And Jack has plans too. He says that is not for him. He is 54 years old, and this was his bucket list dream..He says you see him, come up and say hi. It will be nice if people recognize me. Cliff said he feels bad for some people he evicted. Except for Tommy hope Tommy understands it’s a game
12:15 PM BBT he says that he hasn’t been giving much detail because he got burned for it early. Talking to feeds gives him a bit of contact with the outside world. Now cliff is talking about getting yellow fever and going to Brazil without a yellow fever card. He tries to go back to the US and said he misplaced is yellow fever card and couldn’t get back. He was thrown in airport jail for 7-8 hours. Cliff says he paid 40 dollars to get back home. In the HOH bathroom, Nicole is brushing her teeth.
12:30 PM BBT Nicole and Cliff are up. Cliff is in the boat room telling stories to the live feeds. Nicole is singing. Cliff is leaving the boat room. Cliff tells Nicole he made BB21 pancakes. Cliff is figuring out what time it is. Nicole is making tea. Nicole is telling Cliff about what her and Jackson talked about last night. Nicole tells Cliff he hopes whatever decision Jackson makes he can sleep at night.
12:45 PM BBT Cliff and Nicole are in the kitchen. Cliff is doing the dishes. Cliff is drinking a glass of milk. Cliff tells Nicole he had money set aside before coming on the show.
1:00 PM BBT Nicole is explaining to Cliff how Cliff should stay and why he needs the money. Cliff says to Nicole that if Jackson evicts Cliff, then Cliff will prevent him from winning. Jackson and Holly are sleeping. Nicole tells Cliff that she is going to tell Jackson if he’s next to Holly, he won’t win. Cliff is going to play solitaire. Nicole plans to study some more.
1:15 PM BBT Cliff said he’s going to hide Orwill and the backgammon dice. If they want to play the game, they have to find Orwill. Cliff is teaching Nicole a card game.
1:30 PM BBT Cliff and Nicole are still playing cards. Cliff is talking to Nicole about how Cliff and Sharon meet. No they are talking about Cliff’s kids.
1:45 PM BBT Nicole and Cliff are still playing cards.
2:00 PM BBT Nicole and Cliff still playing cards and chatting. Now they are talking about their favorite show Fear Factor. Cliff said that he could do it minus eating. Nicole said she could lay in bugs or snakes. She would freak out but could do it. Jackson said that he has had some crazy dreams. Holly and Cliff are finally up. Jackson is getting fresh batteries.
2:15 PM BBT Jackson just came out of the restroom. Nicole turned off boiling water for Holy.
2:30 PM BBT Jackson is in the kitchen getting coffee and Holly is getting ready. She’s washing her face. The house is quiet.
2:45 PM BBT Not much going on in the BB house right now.
3:00 PM BBT The BB house is quiet and still.
3:15 PM BBT The HGs are having a casual conversation.
3:30 PM BBT Holly is in the kitchen baking and Nicole is changing her clothes and now is on the RV room.
3:45 PM BBT Holly is washing dishes after eating lunch. Nicole and Holly start talking about how they should have a Halloween party and dress up. Holly grabs a snack and shares it with Jackson by feeding it to him.
4:00 PM BBT Michie is in the kitchen playing solitaire while Holly snacks. They start prepping food. They sit and talk for a little bit before getting up and getting back to prepping
4:15 PM BBT Holly and Jackson are still in the kitchen. Cliff is in the blue BR picking his things. Jackson tells Holly that last nights Taco Tuesday was the best flavors yet! Cliff tells the cameras that he hates packing to say goodbye but at least he will be able to see his family.
4:30 PM BBT Holly tells the guys that she is winging it with her Tai dish tonight. She has Michie taste her marinade and he tells her that it is perfect. Cliff is still packing his clothes into his suitcase.
4:45 PM BBT Holly and Michie are in the kitchen. Cliff is packing and Nicole is in the DR still.
5:00 PM BBT Michie sits down in the kitchen and starts playing solitaire. Cliff is still going through the house and packing his belongings.
5:15 PM BBT Cliff is taking a break in the bathroom to think. Jackson has moved his solitaire game to the LR. Holly walks back into the LR and falls into Michie’s arms.
5:30 PM BBT It is a quiet evening in the BB house. Holly is squeezing pimples on Michies neck. Cliff is staring intensely into the kitchen thinking about something. Holly is telling Jackson about her roommates dog Koda. She keeps calling her dog Jackson or Jax. Cliff is asleep in the bathroom. Holly is telling Jackson about all the guys she knows from being out in her everyday life. She calls them her “peeps.” She says she is homies with the barista at Starbucks.
5:45 PM BBT Holly is bragging about how the baristas know her everywhere she goes. She calls them her community. She says dog parks and coffee shops are her life. Nicole is finally out of the DR. They are talking about ants. FISH!
6:00 PM BBT Cliff is playing solitaire in the LR. Holly has been called to the DR. Nicole just finished a bowl of cereal. The HGs are having a low key night before LIVE show tomorrow night. Cliff asks Michie what he is thinking now that he has heard what He and Nicole had to say. Michie tells Cliff that he is leaning towards keeping Holly. Cliff tells him on that note he would like to pitch his final campaign to him and asks Michie if he would like to go upstairs. Michie tells Cliff to give him five minutes and he will come up to the HOH. Michie goes into the Target BR and tells production to give him a minute. He starts praying and when he finishes he starts telling production that he can’t believe he can’t get any privacy to pray. Cliff goes up to HOH and Nicole lays on the couch. Cliff tells the cameras that he is going to tell Michie the consequences of him not keeping him this week. He says he does not think it is going to work but he has to try. Michie is peeling his watermelon downstairs. He stops mid peel to go take a leak. Cliff is thinking in the HOH room as he waits for Michie. Michie comes out of the toilet and washes his hands before going back over to finish slicing his watermelon.
6:15 PM BBT Cliff is still waiting on Michie to come upstairs to the HOH bedroom so he can give Michie his final campaign speech. Jackson finished cutting his melon and placed it in the fridge after snagging some. He starts making himself some coffee and decides to make a new pot. Cliff takes a look at the HOH tv and sees that Michie is still in the kitchen. He watches Michie. Michie finally makes his way up to the HOH bedroom. Nicole starts talking into her mic to us. She says the reason Michie took forever to go up to the HOH is because he wants to stomp around and act all pompous. She says he wanted to think of a defense to come back with. Michie tells Cliff that what happened last week is why he is leaving this week. He says that Holly has never broken her loyalty to him. He tells him that Holly has always been supportive even when it wasn’t even good for her own game. Michie tells Cliff that they agreed that Nicole would be thrown the HOH this week so she is safe but he is not. Michie looks right into Cliffs face as he tells him that he is not safe. Cliff tells Michie that he has never turned his back on him either. Michie tells Cliff that this is the first week that the vote has really hit him hard. He tells him it is a hard decision because he knows this decision will affect someone’s life. Michie tells Cliff that he wanted him to vote by himself last week. He tells him that he has made it clear that him and Nicole are a package deal. Cliff just keeps grasping at straws so he can try to manage not being evicted.
6:30 PM BBT Michie turns the scenario around on Cliff. Cliff is hearing that Holly has always been Michies number one. Michie tells Cliff that he wishes Nicole would have just stuck to the plan. Cliff says that he gets it, Nicole is his number one as Holly is Michies. He calls himself number two. Nicole is asleep on the couch downstairs. Michie tells Cliff that the shift happened last week when him and Nicole tried to keep Tommy. Michie keeps talking about Nicole going back on her word. Cliff tells Michie that he will guarantee him a seat in the final two. He tells Michie that he just wants to make it to the final three so production will fly his family out to the finale. Michie tells him he is really struggling with all of this. He continues to say that he is taking money away from not only a HG but also their family. He says not only that but he is also taking them out of the audience as well.
6:45 PM BBT Cliff brings up the fact that Michie didn’t talk to him about him breaking the deal until after the veto was won and Michie was safe. Cliff tells him the timing really upsets him and Michie tells him that the BB comics really upsets him. He goes on to say that his game changed last week and he decided The was going to do whatever it takes to get to the end. Michie says he felt like he was being cornered and he had to change his game plan. Michie keeps saying that he knows that Nicole wanted to go back on the deal more than Cliff did. Cliff tells Michie if he can live with his decision that is all that matters. Cliff keeps giving Michie more reasons why he should keep him over Holly. Cliff tells Jackson he thought their handshake was a southern one that actually meant something. He tells him that this will trouble him for a long time. Michie tells Cliff that he has not made up his mind yet and he will be thinking about everything. Michie keeps telling Cliff that the reason he is going home this week (most likely) is because of Nicole going back on the deal. Cliff just keeps saying that he thinks Michie should have said something to him after the HOH. Michie tells Cliff that his plan would not have changed if it wasn’t for Nicole going back on her word.
7:00 PM BBT Cliff tells Michie that Holly made it through last week because of his influence on Nicole. Cliff asks Michie if he has thought about jury votes. He tells him that he will not vote for him and neither will Nicole if neither of them make it to the final two. Cliff tells Michie that he will need 5 votes from other members of the jury in order to win. Cliff tells Michie that he can do the math of how the votes will fall. He tells Michie that it would be better for Holly to go talk to the jury over himself. Cliff insinuates he will taint the jury against Michie. Michie looks mad. Cliff tells him that he will respect whatever decision he makes. Michie tells Cliff that he is going to jump in the shower and think things over. Cliff walks out and Michie starts talking out loud. He says, “Are you fucking kidding me? You’re going to threaten me that if I do what’s best for my game then I will lose jury votes?! Wow thanks you just made my job easier.” Cliff walks downstairs and grabs Nicole to tell her how he thinks his talk with Michie went. He gives her a play by play of everything he told Michie including saying that he would not have Cliff or Nicole vote and that he will go and taint the jury if he is evicted. Cliff imitates Michie sitting with his arms crossed. Cliff says that he doesn’t know if Jackson is contemplating or if he is pissed because he has not thought about how he will lose Cliff and Nicole’s jury vote. Nicole tells Cliff that Michie was pissed before he even came into the HOH room. She tells him that Michie was stomping around amping himself up before he came up there.
7:15 PM BBT Nicole wonders if Jackson Michie will want to talk to her. Cliff goes on and brings up how he told Michie that he wouldn’t have Nicole’s vote either. She tells Cliff that she thinks that he made a good point with the jury part and bets he has never thought about that. Cliff apologizes in advance if dinner is going to be awkward. Nicole tells Cliff that she thinks Michie will talk to her to see what she plans to do. Nicole tells Cliff she hears Michie coming and Cliff tells her that he better go to a different room. Cliff leaves the bathroom and goes into the RV bedroom. He starts talking to the cameras. He says that he took his final shot. He says that he told Michie that if he is evicted this week then he won’t have his jury vote or Nicole is she is evicted. He says that he has to do whatever it takes to stay in the BB house. Jackson is out of his shower and is styling his hair. He starts talking to himself saying that Cliff is unbelievable. He walks out of the HOH bedroom and lets the door slam behind him. He goes and sits down in the LR and starts playing solitaire. Cliff is laying in bed in the RV bedroom with his eyes closed. NO NAPPING!
7:30 PM BBT Cliff jerks awake in the RV bedroom and tells production okay. Michie is playing solitaire in the LR while he waits for Holly to come out of the DR. Cliff is laying in bed staring off into space. Michie walks into the RV bedroom and startled Cliff. Cliff tells Jackson he thinks Holly must still be in the DR and Nicole was in the bathroom. Jackson tells him he is just wandering around. Jackson ultimately goes into the blue BR and lays on the bed. They are both staring off into space thinking.

7:45 PM BBT Michie is really thinking about what Cliff said to him about the jury votes. His wheels are turning as he lays in bed. Holly walks out of the DR and walks into the bathroom and says hello to Nicole. Holly asks where the guys are and Nicole tells her that they were upstairs talking but she doesn’t know if they came down yet. Holly tells her that Cliff is going to get called to the DR. Michie looks pissed as he heads into the kitchen. Nicole sees him and tells Holly that he is in the kitchen. He stands in front of the fridge eating watermelon out of the bowl. Michie pulls Holly into the Camp Comeback room to inform her about what Cliff said. He tells Holly that Cliff told him that he is going to go to the jury and campaign against him. He tells her that Cliff told him that he would have to get 5 jury votes and he will be in the jury house campaigning against him for 6 days. Michie tells her that Cliff just made his decision that much easier because he is not going to be strong armed into a corner and threatened. They walk out to the tree house and Holly hugs Michie. She tells him that she is sorry. He goes on to tell her that if she is sitting next to him in the end that she is going to win the half million all because he is breaking his deal with Cliff. Michie goes into the kitchen and is slamming stuff. Holly goes into the bathroom and starts making small talk with Nicole.
8:00 PM BBT Holly is wondering if she should even cook her food tonight since DRs are running long. Michie is back at his solitaire game. Holly goes over the couch and starts whispering to Michie. He tells her that he is so pissed. He says he is so fucking pissed. Holly tells him that is not cool. Jackson keeps repeating how fucking mad he is. He starts talking about how Cliff doesn’t respect the game. He can’t believe that Cliff wouldn’t give him his vote on finale night after he has fought so hard to get this far. He says he is not going to sit there and let someone threaten him. He tells her again that Cliff just made his decision that much easier. PLEASE DO NOT OBSTRUCT YOUR MICROPHONE! Michie is still ranting to Holly about Cliff saying he would make sure he came in second if he was voted out this week. Nicole walks out of the bathroom and asks Holly if Cliff is in the DR. Michie tells them that Cliff is in the RV. Michie gets an evil look on his face as Holly walks back to see if Cliff is back there. Once he hears Cliff talking you can see the anger wave across his face. FISH! Cliff is still waiting in the RV to be called into the DR. He walks out past Holly and is called the DR. Michie is so mad. Holly goes and sits back down by him and he starts talking to her about Cliff again. He keeps saying that Cliff told him he would lose half a million. Cliff walks by and tells the others to cook and eat without him since he will probably be in the DR for a long while. Michie just keeps shuffling the playing cards over and over stewing over what Cliff said to him. Michie moves into the kitchen where Nicole is washing dishes and Holly is getting ready to make dinner.
8:15 PM BBT Michie tells Holly that Cliff told him he will need to get five other votes from the jury house because him and Nicole won’t vote for him. He tells her how Cliff told him that he had already discussed it with Nicole too. Nicole is in the bathroom doing her nails and observing Michie and Holly in the kitchen. Michie is again standing in front of the fridge eating watermelon out of the bowl. Michie starts talking to Holly about what Cliff said again. He tells her that it is just fucked. Holly tells him that she would be pissed if she got evicted this week instead of Cliff. They hug it out and Holly goes back to cooking. Michie asks Holly why she is so attractive. She tells him because he is not used to seeing people.
8:30 PM BBT Holly is finishing the prep to her Tai dish. Jackson is back at solitaire. Nicole joins Holly in the kitchen to see if she needs any help cooking. Holly asks Nicole if she has been thinking about her dog more as they get closer to the finale. Holly tells her that she really misses Jackson her dog. They continue to make small talk about their dogs. They talk about getting their key with their name on it right before coming into the house. FISH! YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO TALK ABOUT PRODUCTION! They change the subject to move in day. Holly starts talking about how she always thought production steered the HGs to be excited to come into the house and when the doorbell rings etc. Her and Nicole y’all about how they were just as excited. Michie puts the playing cards down and takes a big sigh out. He is just sitting on the couch thinking and stewing over what Cliff said to him. Nicole is excited for Holly’s dinner.
8:45 PM BBT Holly and Nicole discuss Tommy being allergic to nuts and how they were so worried about him having a reaction. Holly talks about Tommy having eczema and how she could never tell if it was that or a reaction. Michie says that he is thinking. Nicole goes into the RV bedroom and starts talking shit about Michie to the cameras. She says that he can dish it out but he can’t take it. Nicole is back in the kitchen and is happy to help Holly cook. She tells Holly that she would starve to death if she lived alone. Michie has moved onto the kitchen couch. Nicole asks him why he looks so sad and goes over and gave him a hug. Michie starts in on Nicole about what Cliff told him. He tells her that Cliff is trying to strong arm him and corner him. He tells her that it’s bullshit. He tells her that he would never threaten anyone to win the game. He tells her that is not the game he wanted to play. Nicole tells Michie that she is not trying to play devil’s advocate but Cliff is trying to win money for his family too. He goes on to say that he thinks it is wrong for Cliff to say that he can either take him or lose half a million. Nicole tells him that her best advice is for him to look at the issue from all angles. He tells her that he is no longer torn and has made up his mind. He tells her that Cliff saying that to him sealed his fate.10:00 PM BBT Everyone is in the kitchen tasting Holly’s cooking. They are all getting ready to eat dinner together. Holly, Jackson, and Cliff fix their good and start eating. Cliff tells her how amazing it tastes. Holly tells them it needs more spice but she did not want to make it to spicy.
10:15 PM BBT Cliff, Holly, and Jackson are sitting around eating and Holly is talking about how she wanted to win HOH. Holly says she is so full. Jackson says he is so full but he can’t stop eating it. He says it is the best meal he has had since he has been here. Nicole comes out of the DR and Jackson says there she is. Nicole is in the RV whispering to the camera. She leaves out and heads into the kitchen. They tell her she might want to heat up the peanut sauce before she eats it. Holly sits at the table with Nicole and tells her that the curry is not as flavorful as she wanted it to be. Jackson is washing the dishes and then yells out BB do I need to bring my hat. He says my hat is upstairs I will be there in a jiffy. Cliff says he heated up the peanut sauce too much and he burnt the roof of his mouth. Cliff continues to eat. Nicole tells her it is good. Holly says I should have asked for curry sauce more often. Jackson kisses Holly and tells her thank you for dinner. Feeds go to fish. Nicole tells Holly she is a straight shooter and that she respects the hell out of her game. She continues to tell Holly that she didn’t give her enough credit. Holly said coming into this game she tried to play as close as possible to an honest game. She told them about how she declined Ovi’s suggestion of them form an alliance when she had already joined grateful. Holly continues to say that as the game progresses we try to do what we can to win. Nicole says she would respect it more if Jackson would just have said that he is going to keep Holly and not preach one thing and do another. Holly says that is why I haven’t said much this game because I didn’t want to promise something I would have to break. Nicole says we have heard over and over again that Jackson has said he wanted to take her and Cliff. She tells Holly that if Jackson would just say he was taking her it would be a different outcome. Nicole goes onto tell Holly about her conversation with Jackson on the hammock the other night.
10:30 PM BBT Nicole say I just want us to all be clean. We need to all just put it all out there. Nicole tells her that we all have tunnel vision and it is getting narrower. Holly says well it got a little heated last week. Nicole says maybe I am talking too much but Cliff said to me time and time again that he was taking Jackson until the end. Holly says we play this game with perception and everyone’s perception is different. Holly tells them we all are doing the best we can. She tells them she wanted to build real relationships and not being buddy-buddy with whoever is HOH. Cliff says he hopes they are all friends after this. Holly says she hopes she does not come off as a bitch in this show. Nicole says she came in wanting to be a straight shooter and say you are my target because and whatever the reason. Cliff says that it is ok no matter what it is just a game. Nicole says the game was the middle. They say the only blindside was Cliff’s eviction. Holly says sorry Cliff. I did not very tolerant about how Nicole was being treated. Nicole says I thought I was going to be more butt hurt about certain things and she was not. They start talking about Bella. Nicole says she is ready for this season to be over. Holly says yeah we are so fixated on seeing our families that we are not thinking about the game. Nicole says do what is best for your game. Holly says she is so emotionally drained. Holly starts talking about Christie. Holly and Nicole both said they would not trade places with the jury. They start speculating what the jury is doing.
10:45 PM BBT Jackson comes out DR. Cliff says I wonder who is next. Holly asks Jackson if he wants some mango. Jackson tells Holly he can’t stop eating her food. Holly is washing up dishes. Nicole and Jackson start whistling. Holly tells them about how her mom is good at whistling. Nicole starts saying welcome back David, Kemi, Ovi, Bella, and Sam they all start laughing. Jackson starts playing solitaire. Cliff is cleaning up some of the dinner dishes. Holly says well tomorrow should be a busy day. Cliff heads to the RV. Holly tells Jackson that she hopes she goes in before Cliff so she can go to bed. Holly says she doesn’t really have to pack because it is still packed. Cliff is shining his cowboy boots. Jackson continues to play solitaire while Nicole washes the remaining dinner dishes.
11:00 PM BBT Nicole tells Jackson maybe we should head to bed. He says I am going to play my game of solitaire. Nicole asks Jackson if Holly went to bed. He says I don’t know. Nicole heads into the bathroom to pick up her nail polish. Cliff throws the paper towels he used to polish his boots in the storage room then heads by Nicole in the bathroom. Holly is putting on her makeup in case she is called into the DR. Jackson asks Cliff what time do they normally wake us up on live days. Cliff says I think 9:00. Nicole tells Holly she can’t find her black pants. Nicole takes out the fish food. Nicole tells everyone the Fish feeding ceremony is commencing. Nicole hands Jackson the gloves. They all go upstairs to feed the fish. They start calling out the fish. They talk about Holly(fish) and Jack(fish). They start talking about how the fish resemble the houseguest personality. They leave the fish.Cliff says the waiting around he says this is my last night in the house and I am ready to lay down and enjoy it. He then says he is waiting for his 2 hour DR session. Holly says you haven’t had it. He says no. Nicole and Cliff are in the kitchen talking about how they were worried about Tommy too. Holly brushes her teeth. Cliff is playing solitaire while Nicole is talking to him.
11:15 PM BBT Nicole continues to whisper to Cliff about her interview she did before entering the house. Nicole asks Holly if she is about to go to sleep. Nicole asks him if he is going to talk to the jury about what happened. Nicole says tell them yes I was with Jackson and Holly. Holly leaves the bathroom as Niciole continues to tell Cliff what to tell the Jury. HOlly comes in the kitchen and sits by Nicole and Cliff. CLIFF PLEASE GO TO THE DR DOWNSTAIRS. Holly says oh no your two hour session. She tells Nicole maybe I need to get 2 hours of sleep. Nicole is trying to figure out what will happen tomorrow. Nicole asks where is Jackson. Holly says I think he is upstairs brushing his teeth. Holly tells Cliff to have fun in there. Holly tells Nicole nothing is set in stone at this moment. Holly tells her no decision will be made until we find out who will win first. Holly is painting her nails while Nicole is whispering to her. Nicole tells her she gained weight before she went on slop. Holly says I understand because mine was Ice Cream and potato chips.
11:30 PM BBT Nicole and Holly continue to talk about random things while Jackson is putting away the dishes.Nicole and Holly are now painting their nails. Nicole says thank you BB. Holly tells her she wants to make sure everything is the same color. Nicole tells them feet gross her out. They talk about how Tommy loves feet. Jackson comes and sits by Holly. Holly asks Jackson his opinion about her nail color. Nicole tells her the name of the polish and Holly says that it was in her basket and she took it out of Jess’s stuff before she left. They start reading the names of the polish. Jackson says I had a really good fake name. Nicole yells out Check the feeds. Nicole says I wonder who will be coming back tomorrow. Jackson says I don’t think anyone will. They start talking about who they would like to meet. Jackson says I love Nicole. Nicole says I love you more. Nicole says you are good. Jackson says explain what you mean. She says she will tell him afterwards. Jackson becomes upset when Nicole will not tell him. Holly says she can’t wait to see David. Jackson says if you are talking about game then no because after tomorrow if I am in the final two I am going to lose a million dollars. Holly says lets get back to who we want to come in the house. They start talking about previous houseguests. Jackson says I would not hold anyone against anything they would do. I think it is messed up that someone would hold leverage over someone else. He says all I did was adapt to the situation.
11:45 PM BBT Nicole tells Holly we should do twin day. Nicole says if I will third wheel it I will do it good. Holly says that would be so cute. They are trying to figure out what clothes they have the same color of so the three of them can dress alike. Nicole says i am just going to take a David approach to it. Holly leaves Jackson and Nicole alone for a moment. Jackson starts looking at the memory wall. Holly comes back with another nail polish. Jackson tells Holly he likes the pink on her. Jackson says it is just a game. Nicole says it is just a game. Holly says I don’t know if you remember months ago. Nicole changes the subject. Holly tells them she is going to say a rap for her eviction speech. Jackson sees the cards and asks who is playing. Nicole says Cliff and he said someone can finish his game or start a new one. Holly says it is funny that you call Jackson your brother when I told you that day in the RV when you were upset that I would step in and be your big sister. Feeds go to fish. Nicole says wouldn’t it be funny if in the finale Zingbot is in the audience holding up a sign saying Nicole has no friends and no one is coming to see her. They talk about how the season was when they left to come to the house compared to leaving the house. Nicole says it is going to be like a whole season lost. Nicole says is going to be funny with us telling people what happened on the show. Holly says it is different from what is perceived on the show and what really happens. Nicole says Day One…. Jackson starts shuffling cards to play a new game of solitaire. Nicole says what does the sun look like. She says isn’t it funny that one day not being able to go outside and I ask what is the sun like. .


September 17, 2019

12:00 AM BBT Cliff says he will find that owl dead or alive. Cliff says Orwell is at the jury house I am not going to tell them. He says I am not going to tell them. He finds Orwell. He gets excited saying he was under the pillows in the kitchen. Jackson asks him where he found him. He tells him under the pillows on the couch in the kitchen he said I have seen him there before but I didn’t think to look. Holly said that good he found him. Cliff and Orwell go to the hammock Jackson is still popping zits on his face. Cliff says as stressful as this house finding something you lost can make a big difference. He said even though I am going to be booted in a couple of days I have victory. Cliff and Orwell do a dance and he sings Buddy’s together once again. Cliff continues to dance with Orwell. Jackson tells Holly what type of seasoning he is going to request. Cliff says well that took up an hour of time. He then says there is the moon. He says Sharon if you are watching I am trying to lighten the mood and release some of the tension in the house. He says I know that I am going to be evicted but I am going to try everything I can and I know there is not a ticket for you but I hope you can make it to finale night and I will make it up to you. Cliff starts to sing a song and Feeds Cut to fish. Cliff says Good night Sharon. Cliff says tomorrow is day 91 and I know there is only 9 days left and I have fought so hard and made so many agreements but it has been so stressful. Cliff says the house is so stressful you have to watch what you say and who you say it with. He continues to say that it is an experience I will not forget and I hope I have made everyone proud. He says I have tried to be honorable and stick to my agreements. He continues to say I don’t fault those who have played a different game just the ones who say they are playing the same and are not. Cliff and Orwell lay in the hammock. Jackson continues to pop zits. Cliff says ok the old guy made it in the hammock on his first attempt. He says how cool is it that I am laying in the BB hammock and how many seasons have I seen people making deals, etc on this hammock. He says even though he has been here 90 days it still doesn’t feel like he is on BB. he continues to say how did I make it on BB out of all the people I was 1 of 16. Cliff says to possibly get picked for the show he went to an open casting call and did not do anything interesting just told his stories. Jackson tells Holly he will be back in 2 hours. Cliff says you can’t sell a fake you. Cliff says I don’t know if they think they did well in picking me and he hopes he represented himself well. Cliff says he can’t believe it will be over in a week he will do what he has to hear and then go home to his wife, sleep in his bed, and watch tv.
12:15 AM BBT Jackson comes outside and asks him if he had seen the moon. He tells him yeah. Jackson goes on to say there are a lot of ants on the pool table. Cliff says I wonder why there are so many ants. Jackson says probably because the detergent. Jackson says it is pretty cool out here. Cliff says it is nice. Jackson says I wish we could sleep out here. Cliff says yeah I would too. They start talking about tomorrow being day 91 and remember how they received alcohol on day 50. Jackson starts working out.Up in the HOH room Nicole is sleeping. Jackson tells Cliff he doesn’t remember much around this time last year. Cliff says I don’t either. Cliff and Orwell go to the pool table to look at the ants. Cliff tells Jackson he doesn’t know why they are up there. CLiff and Orwell head back inside, while Jackson stays outside to work out. Cliff grabs a slice of pizza. He starts reading the back of the pancake mix. Cliff starts making pancake batter. Jackson continues to work out while watching himself in the mirror.
12:30 AM BBT Jackson sits on the weight bench for a minute while inside Cliff is making pancakes. Jackson heads into the bathroom. Cliff tells the cameras his midnight pancake snack. Jackson passing through the kitchen on the way to the bedroom. Nicole wakes up in the HOH room and watches the monitor. Cliff says Nicole is going to wake up and do just that. Nicole gets up and waves to the cameras. Nicole leaves out the HOH room and says did you find Orwell. He says yeah I was doing it for POPtv. He says he found him at 11:59 so he hopes that POPtv captured him finding him. Cliff tells her I was going to let you sleep for a little while and then wake up because I knew you wanted to go outside. Cliff tells her he found the moon and sung to Sharon.
12:45 AM BBT Jackson continues to work out while Nicole is watching Cliff make pancakes. He gives Nicole some. She says oh yeah. Nicole asks if they have syrup Nicole heads to the storage room to look for syrup. Cliff continues to make his pancakes. Cliff asks her if she found any she says no. he says I will go look. She says if not I will eat them plain. Cliff tells her he found some. Cliff and Nicole eat their pancakes at the bar while Jackson continues to work out. Cliff asks Nicole if she is going to sleep downstairs. They start talking about the label on they syrup. Cliff tells her about Canadian syrup. Cliff tells Nicole the story about buying a switchblade in Mexico. Nicole tells him about how her dad told the airport security one time that it’s not like she has a gun in her purse (talking about Nicole’s mom) she then said they were both put into different rooms and questioned.
1:00 AM BBT Cliff and Nicole start whispering at the bar. They start talking about Jackson and how it acts distraught about sending Cliff home. Cliff says all he had to say is that now it is every man for himself and I would have respected that. Nicole says Phase one guilt. Phase 2. Phase 3 a deal. That’s what I am working on now.Cliff tells her I have been playing the sympathy card. Nicole tells Cliff thank you. Cliff says I may go get in bed. Nicole says she is going to the bathroom and then hang outside for a little bit. Cliff washes up the few dishes from the pancakes. Cliff tells her he is going to bed since she doesn’t mind him being upstairs. Nicole asks Jackson if there is a blanket out her since it is a little moist. She tells him her socks are wet. He stops working out to talk to her. Jackson tells her that everything that he has told her is true and he feels bad that she is upset. He tells her that I am trying to give you space. She tells him she feels like the final three should be fighters. Nicole continues to say how Cliff said he was going to take Jackson to the final three.
1:15 AM BBT Jackson says it is not an easy decision for me. Nicole says it is more that he wants to see his wife in the audience. Jackson says I know how much this game means to him and this is not a fun decision to me. Nicole says as of right now if there is anything I can do to get him to stay I will. Nicole tells him she will give him a final two chairs to keep Cliff. Cliff is in the HOH room getting ready for bed. Jackson says we have three days and a lot of indoor talk. Jackson says I don’t want y’all to think I am keeping Holly away from you I am just trying to let you spend all your time you can with Cliff.Jackson tells her that he hates to see her upset and to know that it is his fault makes it even worse. Cliff is talking to the camera and saying the he and Nicole are trying to guilt Jackson in keeping him. Nicole tells Jackson the cameras are going to show him bloodying his knees fighting for the veto. Nicole tells him don’t think you are the third wheel in the tricycle. Nicole tells him again she will give him one of the chairs and he can decide who he wants to go with him. Nicole says I know how much it would mean to him to see this to the end. Nicole says y’all are basically the same person just different by thirty years. Nicole says you deserve one of the final two. Jackson says oh man. Jackson says I am here for you and I am trying to give you balance. He says he hopes the game doesn’t change her opinion of him. Cliff says he is going to go down fighting. Jackson tells Nicole he is going to finish working out. Jackson says I don’t know what will happen but if it is me and you in those chairs I would be deeply honored. Cliff says I am going to turn these lights off and go to bed. As Cliff goes to turn out the light he says he knees hurt.
1:30 AM BBT Jackson continues to work out as Nicole is in the hammock. Jackson heads inside to get some ice and sees to bottles of syrup open. He heads back outside and asks Nicole can I ask you a question. If keeping Tommy was to get Me out, get to three, or get Holly out. He says you don’t have to answer it if you don’t want to. She tells him that it was to get three. Nicole says it was to try and map out numbers. Jackson says that I would have went for you and Cliff over Tommy. He says I have always looked out for you. Jackson says when you watch it back you will see that you were always at the bottom of my list. Nicole says I told you day one that we were similar. Nicole says when I get home I am going to have access everything because I don’t trust people easily. Jackson says that you will watch it and I will be waiting on my text. He says people take advantage of me. He tells her that is why he could not continue to work with Christie. Nicole says she feels so much guilt with all that has happened this last couple of days. Nicole says I don’t sink my own ship saying this but I know Cliff was going to use the veto on Jackson. Nicole says if I didn’t have safety I would be fighting for my game. Nicole says she feels guilty that Cliff’s family can’t come to finale night. He says well you and I are guaranteed a spot in the finale.
1:45 AM BBT Jackson says that she will see it once the show ends. He tells her that he hopes that whatever happens this week change their relationship. They both say they are so done. He tells her he can’t wait to meet her family. Jackson says I know your family knows how I feel about you but I don’t know how they feel about me and I will continue to have your back outside this game. Nicole tells him her family are more incredible than her he says well that is because they are a part of you. They talk about all the down time they have and how many times they have questioned their motives. Jackson says Tommy is just good. Jackson said he and Christie could sell a bible to a preacher. Jackson says I know you are stressing. Nicole says yeah I will stay stressing until day 99. Jackson says do not assume anything ever. Jackson says look what happened the week Sis was on the block you know my target was Christie for weeks but at the end the vote changed. Jackson tells her that this stays between us Nicole says who am I going to tell. He says well Cliff or Holly. Jackson says would you rather Cliff or Holly. He says I kinda already knew Cliff. Jackson says that he is a vault and that whatever she tells him he will not go back and tell anyone.
2:00 AM BBT Jackson and Nicole are still chatting about who they want to be the final three.

10:00 AM BBT Fish! Looks like its time to wake up!
10:14 AM BBT Feeds return, only visible HG is Jackson, laying in bed.
10:30 AM BBT All HG’s lying in bed
10:43 AM BBT Jackson and Holly get up, go to storage for fresh batteries and back to lay in bed.
11:00 AM BBT All HG’s are still sleeping
11:23 – AM BBT Fish!
11:25 AM BBT Feeds return, Jackson and Holly are the only visible HG’s, still in bed!
11:45 AM BBT All the houseguests are asleep.
12:00 PM BBT Cliff is talking about going on a trip to Bora Bora.
12:15 PM BBT In the HOH room, Cliff is talking to Nicole about the actions he has done in the house regarding the game. He says he believes no regrets but a part of him says he does. Cliff says his comments carry weight and Jackson better think about what he’s thinking about before making it. Cliff says that Christie told him she has photographic memory and that’s why she’s out. Cliff thinks he played too hard last Thursday. Cliff said that Friday was a hard day. He’s going to try to have fun the next few days.
12:30 PM BBT Cliff said he is going to fight. Cliff wants to meet some of the past houseguests. Wants to meet Hailey again because she is a former Aggie like him. Says he has a brand new respect for anyone making it this far. Cliff said that the lack of communication is what making the game hard for him. Cliff said that sitting around sucks. Cliff says there are some people in the house the house that he wants to stay in contact with. That includes Jackson. He forgives most people include the drunk driver who killed his brother. Cliff is going to think of an eviction speech just in case the nominations are the same on Thursday. Cliff says if he is evicted, he will try to help Nicole win the game in the jury.
12:45 PM BBT Cliff said that he wanted to win $10,000 but his mind wasn’t right. Dreads going back to work and then gives his Linkedin Name. Cliff said he did the wonderlick test and he had time to go over his answers. Someone said his score was high. Cliff says he really misses his wife and kids.
1:00 PM BBT Cliff calls himself a “L List Celebrity.” Will have a tag next to his name regarding BB21. Plans to talk to Jackson tonight and hit him harder tomorrow. Cliff is watching the house cameras. Holly is up and is in the bathroom. Cliff said Nicole was 2 minutes from winning the Veto. Cliff is going to change batteries. Holly is drinking water and is going back to bed. Nicole is up in the restroom. Says sorry to America for being gross.
1:15 PM BBT Cliff is back in the HOH room. And is now leaving. He is now talking to Nicole in the kitchen. Cliff and Nicole are both doing dishes. Cliff is getting lunch.
1:30 PM BBT Nicole is still doing dishes. Holly and Jackson are chatting in the bedroom. Cliff is eating donuts and drinking a glass of milk. Holly and Jackson are up. Jackson is happy that the dishes are done.
1:45 PM BBT Everyone is in the kitchen talking.
2:00 PM BBT Cliff and Nicole are in the kitchen about to play some card game. Holly has just been called into the DR upstairs. Michie is in the kitchen as well but he is not talking much, drinking his cup of coffee at the same time. Michie is now in the SR looking at the produce. Cliff is talking about someone in the hollywood society dating someone from the Full House. All of the HG are in the kitchen, not much talking going on. Cliff is at the kitchen counter playing solitaire by himself.
2:15 PM BBT Michie is at the table slicing and cutting stuff for dinner. Cliff is just playing cards. Nicole is folding laundry. And Holly is just munching. Michie is taking the trash out of the kitchen to bring it into the SR. Holly is now taking care of the dishes. Michie is cooking by adding jalapenos and its making Nicole cough.

2:30 PM BBT Nicole and Holly are in the RV Bedroom putting laundry away and starting to get things cleaned up and organized. Holly left and went to the kitchen where Michie with Cliff are. Cliff is playing again with his solitaire cards. Michie is continuing to cook. Holly and Nicole are back in the RV bedroom. The HG are not talking much, they are basically doing their own things. Cliff left the kitchen and is walking around the house. Nicole is in the SR organizing stuff from the other HG. Michie would like to request some bell peppers from production. Holly and Michie are in the kitchen cooking and doing the dishes. Nicole is back in the RV bedroom to organize her stuff. Nicole is now in the HOH room with Cliff. She is talking to him about what happened during the last comp and what Michie was trying to tell her regarding certain deals. Apparently Michie is telling Nicole that he feels she does not like Holly much and can see her having Cliff with her as part of F3 vs Holly.
2:45 PM BBT Nicole is talking about a conversation she had with Michie. They are still discussing the pros and cons about keeping Holly vs Tommy. Cliff is willing to try to do his best to get a seat for F2 and not having holly there. Michie and Holly are just sitting in the kitchen playing card games. Not much chatting going on. Cliff and Nicole are talking in the HOH room about all the different scenarios that could happen during their last competition then he talks out and goes downstairs. Nicole is telling the feeders that she would do anything and say anything to Michie in order to have Cliff with her for F3. She is saying that this is a game and to please not have America look at her bad if she lies and breaks her promise just to keep Cliff in the house for their F3.
3:00 PM BBT Holly is cold and is heading to her room to get a sweater. Cliff, Holly and Michie are in the kitchen. Michie is eating himself a meal. Cliff is saying that he is happy that there was no battle back this year.
3:06 PM BBT Production is asking Michie to come to the DR. Cliff is saying to Holly that he is surprised that some of the older comps where not part of this season. It is now Cliff and Holly left in the kitchen. They are saying that the real world keeps turning as they are stuck in the house with not knowing anything that is going on outside.
3:15 PM BBT Michie is in the DR. Holly is showering in the HOH room. CLiff and Holly are in the kitchen talking about family. And then feeds are down. Fish time. Holly is left alone in the kitchen as feeds return. Cliff comes back in the kitchen and munches on stuff. They are talking about avocados.
Michie is now out of the DR room and is in the kitchen. Holly is now being called into the DR. Michie is saying that he feels more tired for doing nothing in the house. Cliff and Michie are in the kitchen and playing some kind of board game while Holly is in the HOH room showering and Holly in the DR.
3:30 PM BBT Michie and Cliff are playing a board game in the kitchen and Nicole is in the HOH room cleaning up after finally being done in the shower. Holly is not in the HOH room getting herself ready for taking her shower,not much talking going on. Nicole is in the bathroom cleaning out fuzz from the pants.
3:45 PM BBT Michie in the LR playing cards all by himself. Nicole in the bathroom still working on getting the fuzz out of her clothes. Holly upstairs in the HOH room showering and Cliff just sitting alone, doing nothing at the dining table. Michie went in one of the bedroom and asked the cams to give him some privacy to pray. No one else is talking. Michie is coming to the bathroom and got scared for a second not realizing that Nicole was sitting there.
4:00 PM BBT Not much going on in the house. Cliff is playing a board game on his own. Michie is playing solitaire in the LR by himself. Nicole is cleaning up things around the house.
5:45 PM BBT Cliff is in the Boat room talking to the cameras about how he is going to talk to Michie. Cliff says that he doesn’t think Michie is going to vote out Holly over him. He tells us that he is going out in 4th and he will just have to be fine with that. He tells us he is going to go out and socialize. Cliff goes out into the living room and finds Michie playing solitaire and tells him that he thought he heard someone moving around out in the kitchen. Holly walks out of the SR and asks Michie what he is doing. They start making out. Holly asks Michie what she should do. Cliff comes walking in with his leg dripping blood. He tells them that he doesn’t know what he did but it must have happened when he was getting up to leave the boat room. Michie tells Holly that he needs something bigger to play solitaire on and Holly suggest the tray out of the boat room. She runs to go get it for him. Cliff cleans up his knee and heads to the SR to get a bandaid. Production is making Cliff stand outside the SR for a long time. Michie tells Holly that him and Cliff have been talking the whole time she has been in the DR.
6:00 PM BBT Michie looks like he could cry. Holly asks if it was just Cliff or if it was Cliff and Nicole. He tells her that it was just him and Cliff. He tells her that he will tell her about it later. Nicole walks out of the RV bedroom and Holly and Michie tell her hi and start complimenting her unicorn hat. Michie starts whispering to Holly about how Cliff told him that he really needs the money for his retirement because he cashed in his 401K. Holly asks if she should go and tells Cliff about her $20k in debt that she has. Michie tells her that they are not going tit for tat. He tells her that they all have their own reasons for being there and he goes on to say that he had to put his family through a lot in order to come on the show. Michie tells Holly that he is loyal and he is not going to break his loyalty. She tells him that she is proud to know him. He tells her that he is proud to know her too. Holly is getting ready to make dinner. Holly tells Michie that she was finally able to get some sleep last night. She says that she is still so congested. MICHIE! PLEASE GO TO THE DIARY ROOM!
6:15 PM BBT Holly and Michie are making out in the living room. Holly tells Michie that she is going to make dinner. Holly is so excited over the produce that production provided this week. She keeps saying wow and thank you, Holly says this is the first taco tuesday that they are going to have cilantro. She smells the cilantro with a deep inhale. Cliff is talking to Nicole in the HOH bedroom. He tells her that he spoke to Michie and he thinks that he is getting voted out this week. He tells her that if Michie doesn’t buy his emotional tactic that he will pull out his last resort which is referring to jury votes. Nicole tells Cliff that she feels so guilty. Cliff tells her that she cannot feel guilty because they could not have really played the game any different. He goes on to tell her that she is so empathetic and that is why she feels so bad. He brings up that his family will not be flown out by BB. He tells Nicole that he is really going to think about how Michie has handled this week when he gets ready to vote for the winner. Cliff tells Nicole that she should take Holly to final two if she gets the choice. He tells her that Holly has not done much this whole game.
6:30 PM BBT Cliff is still talking to Nicole in the HOH room. Nicole tells him that if she would have been a little faster then she would have won the veto and they would not be in this predicament. Nicole tells Cliff that she thinks Michie is trying to keep Holly from picking her for final two by saying Nicole doesn’t like Holly. Nicole leaves the HOH and Cliff starts talking to the cameras saying that he is going to talk to Michie about jury votes and how he needs to keep Cliff in order to win. Michie is reassuring Holly that he is voting to evict Cliff on Thursday and that he has to. He tells her that it will be hard but that he has to do what is best for his game.
6:45 PM BBT Cliff is talking to the cameras in the HOH room still about the jury votes. Holly and Michie are cuddling in the living room. Cliff starts talking about how he loves George Strait and Dido. He says that he loves all of Dido’s albums and how he has them all.
7:00 PM BBT Holly and Michie are cuddling on the couch in the living room. Cliff is talking to the cameras about how he is a huge Aggie fan and how there is always one person in the BB house that went to school there. He talks about how being recognized will be so weird and he wonders if people will recognise him when he goes to job interviews. Cliff tells us that he did not bring his phone with him so he will not have his phone when he gets out of the BB house. He starts talking about Sharon, his wife, and how she must know he is going to get evicted this week. Holly and Michie are glued at the hip on the couch. Cliff starts talking about George Strait.
7:15 PM BBT Cliff tells the cameras in the HOH bedroom that he is ready to go back home to Texas. Holly and Michie are asleep on the couch. Cliff talks about how he has spent a lot of time in the HOH bedroom this summer. Cliff starts enjoying some tunes. Nicole is downstairs packing and going through his food.
7:30 PM BBT The HGs are just hanging around the house.
7:45 PM BBT Cliff is sitting in the HOH bedroom listening to music. Nicole is in the blue bedroom folding her clothes. Cliff looks like he is asleep. Cliff starts snaking while laying in the HOH bed. He starts talking to the cameras saying that he needs to think about all the things he wants to do in the BB house over the next few days. He starts naming all of the countries he has been to.
10:00 PM BBT As we come back to the house, Holly and Michie are in the kitchen making a late dinner. Nicole is upstairs waiting to play chess with Michie. Nicole asks them if they heard the fight she and Nick had about him wanting to jump from the ledge upstairs. They said no. She tells them. She says she would die if she jumped from there. She asks how many feet total it is from there to downstairs. Michie says about 20-25 feet. She asks, “Really?” He says he believes so. Cliff is coming out of the bathroom and Michie asks him how far it is from here to there. Cliff says, “About 20 feet.” Cliff starts telling a story of him and his son going spelunking. He tells them that it was very tight. He says it was very fun. Nicole says, “I don’t know if I could do that.” Cliff says, “It’s cool.” Michie kills a fly in mid air and then tells everyone to come and look. Nicole says she saw it happen. Cliff tells a story that he and his wife went cave exploring on their first date. Cliff says, “It’s amazing that she still dated me after that.” Nicole asks Cliff how many years it has been that they have been married. Cliff says, “It’s 29 this year. It will be 30 next year and we will do something fancy.” He says it is in December, between Christmas and New Year’s. Nicole says she would like to get married around the 27th, 28th or 29th. Because my birthday is on the 26th of December.” Cliff says your husband will hated it though trying to find gifts for all those days. She says she just needs to find the man now. Cliff says, “You are going to have so many DMs and emails when you get home. They will be lined up when you get home. We will make our own ‘Finding Love for Nicole’ show.” Nicole laughs and says, “Stop.’’ Holly says, “They have to go through me first.” Michie says, “Same.” Cliff starts explaining what some of the comps may be. Cliff says each HG would have a different somp for the guys to get through. Michie’s challenge would be who could carve 15 watermelon the fastest. They go through all of the HGs.
10:15 PM BBT Cliff says, “If it is Jack’s challenge he would come out and say, ‘Nicole who? Are you here for me?” Holly says, “That is so funny.” Then Cliff says, “Jess would say, ‘No men.” Cliff goes upstairs with Nicole to look at the fish. Nicole said, “Holly fish came out.” Michie was playing solitaire in the LR. He got up to go and check the steaks on the stove. Holly says they have good flavor. Cliff and Nicole go into the HN room. Cliff has Orwell. He says, “Orwell was found yesterday in the kitchen. I realized something foul was going on. Who else spends a lot of time in the kitchen?” Nicole laughs about him saying ‘foul’. And then she says, “Michie spends a lot of time in the kitchen.” Cliff says, “I think Michie may have something to do with his disappearance because he is jealous of mine an Orwell’s relationship.” Then Cliff says he wants to try and sneak Orwell out of the house and on stage with him. So he says maybe he can sneak him under his shirt. He says, “Let’s do this and go downstairs and see if anyone notices and then we will know if it works or not.” He puts Orwell under his shirt in the back. They go downstairs. No one says anything. Michie and Holly are preparing dinner. Cliff then puts Orwell on top of his head and starts walking around the kitchen like that. He and Nicole go back to the RV. Cliff says, “That’s it. What can we do to get Michie’s attention away from the steak?” He puts on a tutu. He says, “Experiment number 3. Let’s see if this gets Michie’s attention. Phase three.” He and Nicole go back out into the kitchen area.
10:30 PM BBT Cliff goes in there with the tutu on and Orwell on his head. He then laughs because Michie looks at him and stares and laughs. Then Cliff tells him that is the threshold. He says, “Dancing men and owls do not get Michie’s attention but tutus do.” Cliff explained why he was wearing the tutu to Michie and Holly. They laughed. Michie then put on the tutu. They all laughed. Holly ut it on then and Nicole said it looks good on her. Then Nicole put it on. She said she thinks she will just wear it for the rest of the night. She starts walking around and says, “Fake life. Not really because I would wear this in real life.”She continues walking around the house and is humming under her breath.They set up all the fixings for fajitas on the counter top and say, “Come and get it!” Michie says, “This is a pretty good taco Tuesday if I do say so.” Cliff says, “It looks pretty amazing.” Nicole says, “Thank you.” They help themselves and go sit down at the dining table. Nicole brings the drinks from her HOH. It is the Seagram’s drinks.
10:45 PM BBT Nicole and Cliff are sitting at the dining table waiting for Michie and Holly to come to the table before they start eating. Holly tells them they do not have to wait for them. Nicole says she has something to say. She says, “Nicole the person would like to say, game aside, I love each and everyone of you. I am happy to be in the final four with each of you. Here’s to family.” They clink their bottles together. Nicole says, “BB we love you.” She waits for a response. Nothing. Holly says it. Nothing. Holly says, “Ok well we love you anyway.” They continue to eat their food. They all keep saying that this is a good Taco Tuesday. Nicole says, “Next Tuesday we will be having Tac Tuesday before finale day.” Michie asks, “Would you do this if it was 6 months long? With double everything?” Nicole says she would do it. Holly says, “Before I came I would have. But being here now I would have to say no.” Nicole asks, “What if they said HGs come to the LR and there was a button, would you push it?” Michie says, “No.” Holly says, “No.” Nicole says, “I would. You always push the button. You always open the door. I would. Curiosity killed the cat.” Nicole keeps singing and humming. Production tells her to stop singing. Michie asks Nicole if they will finish their game when they are done. She says, “Yes.”
11:00 PM BBT Michie says, “There have been 13 Taco Tuesdays this summer.” Nicole says, “And there have been some very interesting ones too. Some loud ones. Some quiet ones.” Michie says, “This has been by far the best one.” Nicole asks, “What if there was a battle back and we had to stay in the house for one week longer than usual?” Holly says, “First I would cry. Then I would say ‘we don’t want it. We don’t want you here. We are so done here.” Michie says, “Same.” Michie starts saying that David and Bella should be getting ready to come back out here for the finale.” They start talking about who will be in the audience for the finale. Nicole and Michie both say that they are ready for it to be over. Michie says, “I want to move forward so I can look back. I’m tired of running my mind down a rabbit hole.” Cliff get up and starts putting some things away. Nicole says, “Don’t answer this out loud, but who are the three top players you would not want to be in the final three.” They start looking at the memory wall and guessing each others and telling each other on the wall. Holly says her and Nicole have the same third person, Jack. Nicole says, “Yes.” Nicole says, “You wonder, does David and Kemi have their plane ticket? Or do they come in early and wait? Or what?”
11:15 PM BBT Holly says, “They probably come in the day before and they can extend their tickets if they want to.” Nicole says, “I always wished that the finale was longer so you can talk more to the jury. Or the jury can ask more questions.” Holly says, “I agree.” Nicole says, “There are the BY interviews but you have to go seek them out.” She says, “I’m not saying that because I am selfish. I am saying that as a fan.” Holly says, I have never even really seen that. But I agree.” Holly says, “I wonder what Sam is doing now.” Nicole says, “It will be nice to see everyone on finale night.”Cliff says, “Two of us will be casting a vote for two one of two of us. I feel funny even bringing it up.” Nicole says, “That is awkward to think about it.” They say they will be family still. Nicole says she was emotional today thinking about everything that happened to get here. They all say it was so long ago. Nicole says she got to meet Jeff. Nicole says, “I was such a spaz meeting him.” Nicole says she fears the fight with her, Nick and Bella. Cliff continues to clean up the dinner. Cliff asks, “How did you answer the question he asked? Would you rather win and be hated or lose and be loved by America?” Nicole, Holly and Michie say they said, ‘Lose and be loved by America.’” Cliff says, “I said, I would rather win and be hated because $500,000 would buy a lot of ‘I don’t give a damns.” They tell Cliff that is a great answer. They start talking about Nick and his haircut and his picture on the memory wall. Michie says he needs a haircut and cannot wait until he can get out and go see his stylist.
11:30 PM BBT Cliff and Holly getup from their small table and go to clean up again. Michie says he was looking down t his plate thinking how many taco Tuesdays there have been and how many times they have eaten on those plates. And how he is ready to just be done with it. Michie and Nicole get up and go upstairs to finish their chess game. Cliff follows them up there. Holly says she is going to get ready for bed because she is tired. She goes to the SR to get some plastic bags or wrap to put extra food away. Cliff takes Orwell and goes into the HN room to talk to the cameras. He says, “I really, we really weren’t in the mood for taco Tuesday tonight but I still participated because I wasn’t not going to. I know this is silly. But there is a lot of downtime in here. I’m going to miss you little buddy. Three cheers for Orwell. No, three Hoots for Orwell! Hoot! Hoot! Hoot! Orwell will be here the last few days when I need someone to lean on. He thanks CBS All Access and Pop TV. He tells his wife that he cannot wait until he gets out and is watching others in the house on the Live feeds or BB After Dark.” He says he doesn’t even know what room he is sleeping in tonight but Orwell will be sleeping will him.” He says he knows his family and friends appreciate seeing him even if he has been silly, sleeping or any of the things he has done in this house. He says he was never a HN and he never had to sleep in the HN room. He tells BB After Dark that he will hide Orwell in that room if he is evicted on Thursday and see if any of the others notice. He asks Pop viewers to keep an eye on Orwell for him. He says, “They will never know where he is. Only he and a million or so after dark viewers. So Orwell has a spot of safety. I hope Michie doesn’t throw me over the railing tomorrow when I am campaigning. Even the people that you love the most let you down. You can’t let that get you down in life or you will be too cynical. Enough of that. You guys don’t want to hear that. You want to have fun.Let’s go watch them play chess. What’s better than watching a game of chess?”
11:45 PM BBT Cliff walks out of the HN room and goes up to Michie and Nicole. Nicole says, “Don’t look Cliff. It’s not my best game.” Cliff then makes his way downstairs to the kitchen. Holly says she is going to go up there and tell them goodnight because she is going to bed. Cliff gets himself a drink and heads back upstairs. Holly goes up there and Nicole says, “Don’t look Holly.” Holly says, “Back for more Cliff.” Cliff sits down to watch. Michie takes his move and says, “Check.” Then he says, “No. It’s checkmate.” Nicole says, “I can’t go anywhere.” Michie says that was a good game. He asks Nicole if she wants to play again. She says she does. Holly says, “Well I am going to go to bed. I didn’t get to nap today.” Nicole asks if they all hear mice in the walls. They said they do. She says, “Good. It isn’t just me.” Holly says her goodnights to everyone and gets up and heads to bed. Michie says, “Don’t forget to take your allergy medicine so you can breathe.” Nicole asks, “Is it possible to get worse at chess?”


September 16, 2019

12:00 PM BBT The conversation continues about Finale night and what happens. Holly says She is thinking of taking a week and getting back into the real world. Cliff says Being in jury gives you time to get ready for the real world. Holly says Jack must be going crazy. Nicole says He has been in the Jury House for 5 weeks. Nicole says Tommy probably went in there with a clip of us all in the kitchen and in the washroom. Cliff says I wonder if the jury house is on this lot like right next door. Nicole offers Cliff the HOH Room. He says Thank you. Feeds go down. Feeds come back with Holly Nicole and Cliff still in the backyard. Holly thinks Tomorrow will be the last day for the season. Cliff says I am just glad we are at the very end. Cliff says I will smile and wave my cowboy hat as long as no one boos me. Nicole says I was only a replacement nom. Cliff says As of tomorrow I will have been on the block 6 times. BOth Cliff and Holly head inside to get ready for bed. Nicole says One step at a time. Life is to short to get upset. Nicole says Worse case I come in third. She says She is very proud of myself. She says My family told me that they will always be proud of me and all I have to do is try my best. She says I am going to make it to day 99. She says She was brought up that money is evil but if she wins it and can help those in my life I will be happy. If I come in third; I can still hold my head up high. She says I came into my own playing this game. She says I am back to that barefoot girl that will run around outside in a dress. She says I spent the last couple of years protecting myself and pushing people away. She says I was stuck on several levels. She says I lost myself this past couple of years. She says This game has given me peace to be myself. She says She continued to grow and reflect. She says I don’t need the money but there are things I want to do with the money, like; get myself and sisters new cars, to get my Masters Degree. She said I will be okay. She says If one of my students says Oh My GOd Miss Nicole put herself in a hard spot did her best and didn’t hurt anybody. She says She has no regrets.
12:15 AM BBT In the Outer Bedroom Jackson is getting into bed. He is deep in thought.In the backyard Nicole is still talking to the cameras. She says Nobody owes you anything. She says You have to get out and fight. She says At the beginning I cried and missed my family; in the middle I cried and missed my family; at the end Oh My God I miss ya. I think the countdown has made it worse. She says I can’t wait to be sitting at the kitchen table with her 2 best friends eating popcorn watching reruns of Riverdale. I want to sit at the computer Dad and check your emails. I want to go for walks with you Mom. I want to lie down with my baby. She gets called to the DR. She says I just want to finish my message to my family. She tells her family she loves them and will see them in 10 days. She then says I am going to get changed and I will be right there. She tells Big Brother she is coming she just wants to change her top. She heads into the washroom to change. Holly has joined Jackson in bed. Jackson says Now we have the power and control their fate in the game. Jackson says I am terrified of how the whole Tommy thing looks. Jackson says I did it to keep you safe. Holly says It never should have come to this. She says I have never had anyone fight this hard for me it is bold and selfless. She said I also know how bad it made you feel. Nicole comes in and says my one foot is squeaking.
12:30 AM BBT Holly says I felt so bad that you felt so bad. Jackson says There is 3600 seconds in an hour right.Holly says I don’t remember the scale. In the HOH Room Cliff is talking to the cameras. Cliff says I thought Jackson and I were good We made a deal but now he has told me that he is going to use the Veto on Holly. Cliff says I thought he was a man of his word. Cliff say We talked several times He had time to tell me but he waited until after he won the Veto and was safe. Cliff says At some point I will ask him if I had won the Veto would you expect me to keep our deal. Cliff says He is acknowledging he broke his word. Cliff says Holly didn’t so who would get the jury vote. Cliff says I told Nicole several times that I would have taken him to Final 3 if I had won the Veto. Cliff says I don’t think he will look good. Cliff says I get him saying that We broke our deal first which is one of the reasons he is doing this. He tells his wife that he is sorry that there will be no seats for them at Finale because he is finishing fourth.
12:45 AM BBT Cliff says If Holly hadn’t kept her word she would have won HOH and Jackson still won Veto I am pretty sure they would have sent Nicole home. He says He is sorry that he ruined some of it for them. He says I came in saying I will do whatever I can to win but I couldn’t do it. I would have honored our dealing. He says In a few days I will be voting for the winner. He says I hope Nicole is there at Final 2 but if she isn’t I have to decide to vote for someone who keeps their word over someone who doesn’t but I will get into my reasons later. He says He is going to ask Michie for a chance to campaign but I don’t think it will make a difference I am competing against a showmance girlfriend. He says He is going to bed to count down the days until he is in his family arms. He says He is going to sleep. He shows Sharon his carpet burns. He says They were very painful during the comp. He says I was competing against myself because I knew I didn’t have a chance against them. He says I finished the game I didn’t max out on time. My time is not good. He says I was in bad shape when I finished. He says You won’t take me down. I am going to fight and campaign but I am not going to mope. He says SKD 143 Love you to his wife. He turns out the light and gets into bed.
12:52 AM BBT-1:00 AM BBT All HGs but Nicole are in bed with the lights off. Nicole is in DR.
1:10 AM BBT Jackson gets up to use the washroom and stops by the kitchen to grab a couple of bars and heads back into bed where Holly asks him to pass her the water. Jackson gets into bed and starts eating the bars he grabbed. Nicole is still in DR.
1:15 AM BBT Holly bangs her head and wakes up. She complains her back and neck hurt. Jackson bends over and gives her a kiss. She coughs in his face. Jackson says You know what is weird our parents know us My parents know you Your parents know me but we have never spoken a word. Jackson says I can’t wait for my mom to meet you She will see you are great. Holly is worried about the 3rd place person will be wearing when they walk out on the stage. She wonders if it will be a comp costume or nicer clothes. Jackson says I don’t know. Holly then wonders if it will be a puzzle or face mix-up. She says Nicole says The first is always endurance. The second one can be either or both. The 3rd is questions on a scale. They both says They can’t remember what order they were from last year. Jackson says We are so close. Nicole comes out of the DR She heads to the washroom. Jackson and Holly are going over the days of the POV Comps and who won. Nicole heads up stairs she checks in on Cliff. Nicole says The more I think about it you told me several times you were going to take Michie. She says It isn’t going to look good for him. Cliff says If he really wanted to break this deal ; he could have done it before the comp because he was worried it would be faces and he won’t do well in it. Cliff says I know we said Final 4 but didn’t look at it as a deal. Cliff says To wait til after the comp it is dirty. Nicole says I want to take to him about his image and how America thinks. She says At this point I have nothing to lose, neither one of them are going to take me to Final 2.
1:30 AM BBT Nicole says Look at last week when he said the 3 of us are Final 3. Nicole says I remember him saying I want a Final 3 of people who fought. Nicole says I find it hard to talk to him. She says I find he can turn a conversation around and talk down to me. Nicole says But that might just be me. Cliff say I am not going to say anything until after the ceremony because I don’t want him to give a big long speech. Nicole says He is always busy saying You Guys did this and You Guys did that but he did lots of things wrong to; but we are suppose to forget about all that. Nicole says I am going to talk to him too but after the ceremony. Nicole says He needs to be made aware that he may not get the votes if he is sitting next to Holly. Cliff says There is you, me, Christie , Tommy and Kat he already lost $500,000. Nicole says I really adore him. Cliff says He really does have a split personality. Nicole says Does he really think he can beat Holly. She beat him in the poison ivy comp. Nicole says Now it is up to me winning comps.
1:45 AM BBT Nicole says She thinks they both have a chance against him as Final 2. Nicole says Pull on his heart strings about your family. She also says We can tell him we both will take him to Final 2 even if we break the deal. Cliff says We can talk again tomorrow so I have all my facts straight. Cliff says I told him we had decided to keep Holly on Wednesday night it was only after your blow up with Tommy that we started to doubt you. Nicole says If you send Cliff out I will vote for whoever sits next to you. Nicole is telling him that Holly told me that Nick made her swear she would keep me safe. Nicole says One thing I know is things change by the hour by the minute. Nicole says We can fix this. Cliff says We will never give up We will give it our all that is all we can do. Cliff says We will fight to the end and be okay with the results. Nicole says I love you I will turn out the light She comes back in to get her toothbrush. She tells him to sleep well. Nicole heads downstairs. Nicole is preparing for bed in the washroom.
2:00 AM BBT Nicole is still in the washroom preparing for bed.
10:00 AM BBT – All HGs are asleep.
10:01 AM BBT Feeds go to FISH. Wake up call.
10:20 AM BBT Feeds are back with HGs beginning to stir. Jackson goes to the SR to change his batteries. Nicole is awake but still laying in the bed. Jackson goes back to bed and crawls in beside Holly who then gets up and goes to replace her batteries. She then goes back to bed, also. Nicole sits up in the bed and starts whispering to herself. BB tells Nicole to please put on her microphone. She says she is just practicing. She begins whispering a little louder and is practicing her speech for when Michie uses the Veto to take himself off. She talks about honor and keeping your word. The speech is directed toward Michie. She tells him to practice what he preaches. She says that he should keep his word and take Cliff to final 3 like he promised. She begins the speech over.
10:30 AM BBT Nicole continues to search for the right words and begins practicing the speech again. She stops, rethinks, and begins again. She says that she challenges Michie to keep his word.
10:45 AM BBT Feeds go back to FISH. When feeds come back, Nicole is still thinking about her speech and trying to choose the right words. Michie and Holly are still asleep.
Nicole begins to talk to the live feeders about Michie breaking his word. Feeds go back to FISH. When feeds come back a couple of minutes later, nothing has changed. Nicole lays back down and says thank you BB.

11:00 AM BBT All HGs are back to sleep.
11:15 AM BBT All HGs are asleep. Now Cliff is up and leaves the HOH bedroom. He goes down the stairs and then walks back to the SR to change his battery. He then heads to the kitchen but then goes back to the SR to get some cereal. He fixes his breakfast and goes to the BY to eat. He decides to talk to the live feeders. He tells us that this is likely his last Monday in the house and maybe the last morning as the yard may be locked down later. He says unless he works some magic, he is going home on Thursday. He says he is ok with going out in 4th place. The thing that hurts him on a personal level, he is sad that his family cannot come and see him in the Finale. He says he screwed up. He was too trusting and too compassionate and he didn’t win challenges when he competed. He said he tried to win them all and never threw a challenge. He says he was trying to work it to the top. He says that Michie is not going to keep his word. He says that is the game and that he understands the lies. He says he doesn’t fault him for breaking his word. Cliff says what makes him upset is that he waited til after the Veto Comp to tell him just in case he didn’t win. He says if he is going home on Thursday, he wishes he could just go home today. He says he isn’t going to give up yet. He says he will wait a day or two and then he will campaign to Michie. He will hint around that breaking his word might lose him jury votes. Cliff says maybe telling Holly to fight for the Veto showed Michie that he might not keep his word and plant doubt in his mind.
11:30 AM BBT Cliff said that this has been a hard journey. He says maybe he is just not cutthroat enough to take this game to the end. He said keeping Nicole was both personal and game play. He wanted to keep her safe because he thinks she would have taken him to final 2. He wonders if he has regrets about his game play so far. He said maybe he should have stuck closer to Jackson and Holly but then again he knew that the duo would always watch out for each other. He says he regrets talking so loudly in the Boat Room those first few days. He says he feels pretty good that he survived up until now. He says he is an imperfect man playing an imperfect game to the best of his ability. He says he will walk out of the house with his head held high. He says even if he loses the game, he will not be a loser. There is only one winner. That doesn’t mean that the other 15 HGs are losers. He says he is not going to get depressed about this. He continues to talk to Sharon and says that he hopes she has seen more positives about the show than negatives. He says he survived a bunch of times on the block and that it is Day 90 and he is still here. He says he put a lot into this game: losing his job and being away from family. He says life goes on. He says he is proud of how well he did because no one expects the old guy to do well. He says he needs to see Sharon as soon as possible. He says if she can’t fly out, he understands but he would like her to be able to come to the Finale night. He says when he flies home, they will stop for a quick Whattaburger on the way home. He says they will stay up late and just talk. He says he will just enjoy and appreciate her next to him. He says he just wants to be with her.
11:45 AM BBT Cliff continues to talk to Sharon from the backyard. My how the Cliff Notes have changed. No strategy talk this morning. He now begins to talk about how he stared at the memory wall for a challenge and now might not need that info. He says he is tired of the personalities in here. He says Nicole is a sweet young person. He says Holly is nice. He says Michie is self centered and abrasive but says that he is also just 24 years old fresh out of college. He says he is a nice guy with a good character. His parents raised him well, but he has some growing up to do. Feeds go to FISH again for a minute. Cliff is still in the BY, and Nicole is still slumbering in her bed. Cliff talks more to the live feeders. He says since last Thursday he has been in a house with just three people and will be with those same three people til this Thursday. He says he is tired of seeing the same old faces. He said if he goes to the Jury House at least he will see faces that he hasn’t seen in awhile. Cliff says he really hopes the live feeders have enjoyed this season. He says that Michie dominating challenges may have put a damper on the show. He imagines that that has not made people happy. He says his plan was to stay behind Michie with the hopes that someday someone would take him down but that it never happened. He says Michie is a beast. Cliff says he is ready to get home. He says it has been cool but he needs his real life back. He says if there is anyone in the Houston area that needs a bad ass old field engineer, track him down when he gets out of here since he lost his job coming in here.
12:00 PM BBT He continues with So if you are in the Houston area please find me because even though I am in this house I have a home cars and bills just like every other middle age person. He says He can’t afford to decompress for 3 months maybe a couple of days then I will be job hunting. He says When I am asked about the 3 month gap I will say I was on a Reality Television Show. They will probably ask which one and how did you do. He says If I am going out the door I want it to be over this waiting around is hard. He says He is trying not to be sad but I still want to help Nicole if I can . He says He is going to go get his stuff out of the HOH Room and then come back. He complains about his knees that got carpet burn from the last comp.All other HGs are still asleep. Cliff decides to sit up in the HOH Room for awhile. He says He is really glad he won a HOH while he was in here. He says He gets how Nicole was feeling but now she is setting it on fire. He says The week of the DE we could have sent Michie home. He continues with Nicole was closer to Nicole then me to Christie and Tommy. He also said He thought there would be more mental comps and they were better at those than he was. He says That may have been their downfall. He thought Going with Michie and Holly until they could get him out. He says I guess I waited to long. He say I am going to jury how am I going to vote. I don’t want to be a bitter juror so do I vote comp wins or someone who stayed true to their words. He says He isn’t sure what he will do and isn’t going to worry about it. He tells us He is going to campaign as he thinks he has some options. He says He loves this game but can’t do well in the physical challenges. He thinks he came up a little short in his social game. He says I just wish you all could enjoy this experience. I wanted you Sharon to say You were at a Big Brother Finale. He says If you are out here I don’t know if they will allow you into the house. Cliff says Whataburger I am ready to come back to Texas. Please be ready for me.
12:15 PM BBT He says He wants to sit on my back patio. I want to see my dog named Daisy. To see my mom my Dad passed in Jan. Cliff says Today is the 19th Anniversary of the day my brother was killed. He says He was hit by a drunk driver. He says Robert never got to see his young children grow up all because a kid thought it was okay to drink and drive. He tells us the kid who killed his brother got 13 years in prison. He says He spent over 10 years in jail. He says It happens so often and it is such a stupid thing. He says I sit here moaning I am coming in 4th place and I have a brother who I haven’t seen in 19 years and Robert will never go home. He starts telling us about his brother Booey who was on a Reality Show. He says He made it on as a 54 year old. He says As Feeders you know there is only ever one old person picked every season.He says I just need someone to pat me on the back and say I did good. I don’t want to get out of here and hear I was boring and did nothing in the game. If it is I have to accept that as well. He said If I was on Survivor I would know what everyone thought as the show ran each week. He says He doesn’t like to be removed from society. He states We all want to be loved. He wonders if he is going to be blamed for working with Michie if he is not seen in a good light. He says It will be so weird getting back to the real world; just getting my wallet back. Cliff is the only hgs awake.
12:30 PM BBT He continues with I can’t believe how long I have been in this house. I think back to things that happened in the early days and they seem so long ago.It seems Cliff has decided to take a nap. Nicole has now sat up in bed. Cliff has finished his power nap.Nicole heads to the DR upstairs . Holly and Jackson are still sleeping. All Hgs are asleep but Nicole who was last seen going into the DR upstairs. Nicole knocks on the door of HOH . All cameras go to Holly and Jackson who are sleeping. Nicole and Cliff are thinking that the Veto ceremony will take place on Thursday along with the eviction and first part of the HOH Comp. Nicole says She was preparing a speech to give if she has to give a speech when Jackson takes himself off the block. Cliff says I am going to say I told Nicole several times that I was taking you. He continues with You waiting until after you won the Veto to say something. Nicole says We did not vote her out. Cliff says They will say We forced them to make these deals. Cliff says He should have said something then after Tommy left. They agree that Jackson did it wrong. Nicole says I am going to say to him Shut up and sit down. Let’s pretend the ceremony is today and I will give my speech. Feeds cut to sleeping Holly and Jackson.
12:45 PM BBT Nicole gets called to the DR. Cliff says She is right She is very right. Cliff says I think Nicole has some very good points. I appreciate her standing up for me. I don’t think it will matter but I do appreciate her passion.

1:00 PM BBT -1:15 PM BBT All HGs are asleep but Nicole who got called into the DR.
1:20 PM BBT Nicole comes in and Cliff says I was having a nap. She grabs her Lucky Charms and heads out. She asks Cliff if he is going to sit outside with her. He tells her Yes in a bit. Feeds go down. Feeds come back with Nicole cleaning up the giant size Jenga tiles. Jackson gets called to the DR upstairs. He wakes up and gets up, gives Holly a kiss and heads upstairs saying he is exhausted. Nicole heads back into the HOH Room saying she is back to do laundry. Cliff says He needs to do some too. Cliff says I will be down shortly. She tells him it is 1:30. She sees Jackson and says I don’t know why there is pie crust everywhere. He says He doesn’t either.
1:30 PM BBT Nicole heads outside to throw some laundry in. She checks the dryer which has clothes in it so she turns the dryer on express. She heads inside to the kitchen and washes up some dishes that are there. She prepares a bowl of Lucky Charms and heads outside. She says Mom Dad it is 1:30 on a Monday; which means it is 4:30 for you. She tells them it is going to be a rough 10 days but she will be okay if she doesn’t come in first or second. She says I know I am not perfect and I am okay with that too. Regardless of what happens; I will be okay. Holly is still in bed asleep. Cliff has come to join Nicole in the backyard. Cliff says I grabbed some of your zebra cakes. Cliff says Whatever happens happens we are okay. Cliff says I feel guilty about what my family will miss. Nicole says I know my family my dad will take 2 and give the other 2 to your family.
1:45 PM BBT Cliff says I hope I can call my family just so I can hear them say Everything is okay. He says I need someone who hasn’t been in this house to say I did okay. Nicole says I hope you walk out to cheers and people say you did a great job. Cliff says I knew I wasn’t going to win a lot of comps but the social end I think I did okay. I may have gone too far with the deal making. Cliff says There is so much more that we don’t know. Cliff says Christie and Tommy were after me for so long. Cliff says I wonder if how I talked to Holly was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Nicole says No he is just reaching for excuses. Nicole says I wish there was a live show tomorrow for 4th and another live show on Friday and if I am going out 3rd I get to see the jury house. Cliff says I don’t know if I will be able to handle that many people around. Cliff says I just want to talk to my family. Nicole says She thinks she is feeling it so much because it is so empty. I kinda wish that all the evicted hgs were here so I have someone to talk to. Nicole says It is going to be a long 6 days. Cliff says Hang out in the HOH Room if you can. He then said I don’t know if they do that. Cliff says If they shut down at 5 am tomorrow morning it maybe the last morning we sit out in the backyard. Nicole looks around the backyard and remembers talking to other hgs. Nicole says I am refusing to allow this game to break me. Cliff says Yeah I feel the same way. She says I can’t wait until it is over and we can talk to everyone about Do you remember when we did this or that happened.
2:00 PM BBT Nicole says I imagine if you were on the jury I guess Holly is promised a Final 2. She says If I walk out you know one of them one it. If one of them walk out you know I won it. Cliff tells her You know you have my vote. Nicole says If I get there I won my way there. Cliff says He told me you are setting yourself up for Final 2. Nicole says He has a way of making everything everyone else done evil. Cliff says The more I think about it you are right you have to do what is good for your game. Nicole says It is all the reasons and excuses he is giving is what gets to me. Nicole says If he wants to argue My word My word then put your money where your mouth is and stick to your word; if he doesn’t do it then his word is not his character. Nicole says I have to prepare myself for either 3rd or to be in the Final 2 chairs. Cliff says I played to win. She says Even though I was safe I gave it all I had. Cliff says I am going to talk to him about him wanting to be here with people who fought. Nicole says Bring the tears. Cliff says Maybe he has thought about it and figures that he won’t have the votes against me. Nicole says If I have anything to offer to keep you let me know. Nicole says At this point if you go home she says I have nothing to lose because it will be the final 3 comps. She says if I go out 3rd it is because I didn’t win comps.
2:15 PM BBT Nicole says If you want to honor taking him to 2 I am fine with that I just don;t want Holly next to him. Holly is saying She laid there for hours and hours on end and couldn’t fall asleep. Jackson gets back in bed with her and she says I can physical not fall asleep. She says I need to get my body back in shape for this week and it isn’t happening. She says If it doesn’t turn off she can’t think. As they start cuddling and kissing we head back out to the backyard where Cliff and Nicole are still talking Nicole says If he thinks he can beat us Cliff says He wants Holly next to him so she gets some money too. Nicole says I don’t want to say if you evict Cliff I won’t take you to Final 2 because I don’t want to bring out the beast in him. She says I won’t be opposed to everything to be over by Thursday. She says The last 4 to leave were the loudest people. Cliff says You and your family should do things while they are out here. Jackson and Holly finally decide to get up. They head out to the kitchen still cuddling and kissing each other. Holly says Wow the kitchen is really clean. Jackson says My biggest dislike is a dirty kitchen. Holly says Her and her roommate keep a pretty clean house. He says Well you have seen Brad’s house. Jackson joins them outside. Jackson says I am going to go in and request some games. Nicole says I didn’t know there was no Veto Ceremony . Jackson says I didn’t know either. Holly has joined them. Nicole asks If the HOH Room stays in my possession.
2:30 PM BBT Jackson says It is nice outside. Jackson says I notice the position of the sun I know it is 2:30. Nicole is telling them about her dream she had last night. Holly says I didn’t fall asleep last night my body would not shut down so I could. Jackson has gone over to sit in the pool. Nicole says She couldn’t believe it was 12:30 Holly says She is sad they had to give Jenga back. Cliff says It is starting to feel hot all of a sudden. Nicole says to quote my mom How is it going to end? Cliff says With us all with our family and loved ones. Nicole says I try to think like it was one of my students I would tell them just do your best. Cliff says This game only has 1 winner that doesn’t make the rest of us losers. Cliff says We are winners for even making it on the show. The conversation goes to the fact that they may have made a few mistakes but we also made some good moves. Cliff says I look at all the other people went out as 3rd. They are going over where the hgs from season 19 placed. There is a bug flying around Nicole and she is freaking out. Nicole says I wonder what happened on Amazing Race. Nicole says She is still going to watch Big Brother. Nicole says I am going to watch this season and watch my life for the last 3 months.
2:45 PM BBT Feeds go down. Feeds come back at 2:50 PM BBT With Nicole and Cliff still talking about when they get out. Cliff says You need to play for yourself not for Ovi me or anyone else. Cliff says You will always be Nicole from BB 21 I will always be Cliff from BB21. H continues with there will always be people who will call us boneheads out but there will also be people cheering us on. Cliff wonders if anything special is going on for us the next couple of days. Nicole says Maybe because there is no Veto Ceremony so they may what something to show. Cliff says I want to go fly a kite. Nicole says I have to stop being so hard on myself. Cliff says Sometimes we are harder on ourselves because we are closer to the gold. Cliff says We done okay. Nicole says I just want to prepare myself for the worse. If my worse is 3rd place that isn’t bad. They are now talking about the songs that were played this morning. Nicole says I have my Seagrams upstairs we have to drink.
3:00 PM BBT There is no conversation going on. Nicole says I am going to get a drink a Mountain Dew Do you want a Grape Soda or Mountain Dew. Cliff says a Grape Soda Jackson doesn’t want anything. There seems to be an explosion in the HOH Fridge. Nicole says I didn’t know it would freeze the soda and it exploded. She says This is funny. She says She is sorry she is such a hazard to this house. Nicole leaves with 2 cans saying She will clean it later. Cliff says We will sit outside and and let them thaw a little bit. Cliff is telling her a story about when he was little. Nicole says She loves the Dollar Tree. She thinks she keeps it in business. Cliff says We don’t shop there a lot Sharon goes to get gift bags. Big Brother asks Them to put the awning down. Jackson and Cliff get up to do it. Jackson asks If they need the other side too. There is no answer. Nicole tells Cliff about a book she taught to the middle school kids.
3:15 PM BBT Cliff is telling her about a sci-fi book he read. They are talking about different books that they have read. Nicole says She read And then there was None when she first came out here. Cliff says He read 2 sci-fi books but can’t remember them. They are talking about books; that they want to read. Jackson is sleeping or has his eyes closed lying in the hammock. Holly is not being shown. Cliff and Nicole are talking about books; that they want to read or books they really enjoyed reading. The conversation now is about what Nicole wrote her English Thesis on.
3:30 PM BBT Holly has joined Jackson on the hammock. They are not talking. Holly says If Nicole makes it to Final 2 no matter which one of us she is next too and wins I will be pissed. She pauses then says On a game level. .Holly says If I wasn’t here I would be at work at the vineyard. Jackson is going over his speech for the eviction on Thursday. Holly is going over what she wants to say. Jackson says I like what you said better than what I thought. Jackson says He isn’t going to pass up a chance on National Television to explain why I did this. Holly says The jury needs to know what type of game Nicole has been playing. She says Nicole has become a bully since she started winning. Holly says I hate that she has been playing the underdog and the victim. Jackson says I am so glad we have a clean fridge and kitchen. Jackson yells over Is this day 90. Jackson says I am loyal to a fault until they are disloyal to me. He tells her you have never been disloyal to me. Holly says I will be your biggest fan outside of here. Jackson says I will comment on everyone of your instagram pictures whether or not there is another guy. Jackson says Even if he has another girlfriend he is not going to separate from Holly. Holly says And I won’t let any girl near you unless she passes me. Holly leaves the hammock to go lie down somewhere else. Jackson wet inside to get something cold to drink. Holly moved over to a loveseat to lay down on.
3:45 PM BBT Cliff and Nicole are enjoying some time outdoors as the discuss the game thus far. Nicole tells Cliff that she came into this game because she is a huge fan. She tells him that her and her family live comfortably and they have never been chasers of the all mighty dollar. Cliff agrees but adds that he would like to know his retirement is taken care of. Nicole starts talking about how the down time is so different now that they are at the end of the game. She tells Cliff that now down time and dead time. She goes onto say that things are more awkward because it is like there is an elephant in the room. She talks about her time in sequester before the show and how it was so nice to spend a week by herself. She tells him that she sewed while she was there. Her and Cliff start discussing how their relationships with all of the HGs will be outside of the house. Holly is laying out getting some sun on the couch in the BY. Jackson Michie walks out and sits next to Holly with a huge bowl of watermelon.
4:00 PM BBT He tells Holly that the watermelon is so good and he gives thanks to Big Brother. Jackson feeds Holly a huge bite of watermelon and as she almost chokes tells her, “Atta’ girl!” Holly tells Michie that she thinks he might have set a record with how many watermelons he has eaten in the BB house. She adds that there has never been a showmance in the finals either. Holly starts telling Michie about how she bought a new Jeep Compass before she came into the house. As she is talking Michie just says hello to Nicole and interrupts Holly talking. Michie tells Nicole that he is going to request something else to do besides chess and backgammon. Nicole tells him to request something that makes sound. Holly tells them good luck with that. Michie asks Nicole if she will teach his kids when he has his own. She smiles and says of course. NICOLE! PLEASE GO TO THE DIARY ROOM DOWNSTAIRS!
4:15 PM BBT Jackson is in the kitchen grabbing some water. Cliff tells him that he wants to talk to him at some point to campaign. He says that he doesn’t want things to be awkward so he is going to wait. Cliff starts talking to the cameras and tells us that Jackson Michie is not going to honor their deal and he is breaking his word. He says that he doesn’t really care. He goes on to say that Michie waited until after the veto ceremony and safety to say that he was going to break the deal. Cliff thinks he hears something and tells us that he is going to take his food and talk to us upstairs. Michie comes in and tells Cliff he is going into the DR. Cliff goes back to talking to the cameras saying that Michie should have told him that he was not going to honor the deal. FISH! Jackson is in the HOH bedroom just getting out of the shower and squeezing his black heads before applying product to his hair. Cliff is outside finishing his PB&J sandwich. Nicole comes to the backdoor and starts dancing. She tells the cameras that she is not going to allow the house to defeat her.
4:30 PM BBT Nicole and Cliff enjoy some small talk and the BY while they have it. Cliff tells Nicole about his conversation with Michie about wanting to campaign to him later. Cliff tells Nicole that he is just going to make a few points like the fact that Jackson is so worried about what everyone thinks about him. Nicole tells Cliff that he needs to find a way to get into Michie’s heart. Cliff tells her that if Michie is doing this as the whole girlfriend thing then he wishes he would just lay it all on the table. Michie whispers to Holly about Cliff wanting to campaign to him. He tells her that he is going to hear Cliff out then tells her not to worry baby. He tells her that he will always be there for her. Holly tells Michie that Cliff is going to try to pull on his heart strings. He keeps telling her that she is fine and that Cliff and Nicole almost did her dirty. Michie tells her that he hasn’t forgotten about that. They discuss how they have never messed Cliff over.
4:45 PM BBT Nicole and Cliff are laying in the hammock enjoying the BY. Holly and Michie start discussing what they have to take care of when they get home before they will get to spend time together. FISH! They start talking about how they can’t wait to get out of the BB house so they can talk at a normal volume and not have to have secrets. Nicole tells Cliff how funny it is that she wanted to protect him all season. Nicole talks about how she would come back and play another season of BB. Cliff tells Nicole that he wanted to use Michie as a shield this season since he was the huge target all season. He tells her that no one took a shot at Michie which is what messed up his strategy.
5:00 PM BBT Cliff and Nicole are enjoying the hammock and talking about past season of BB. Michie and Holly are sleeping on the couch in the BY. Cliff tells Nicole that he is ready to get out the BB house. Nicole agrees. Nicole tells Cliff that she is looking forward to hearing what her friends and family have to say about her portrayal on the show.
5:15 PM BBT The HGs are all enjoying the BY. Holly and Michie are making out on the couch in the BY while Cliff and Nicole enjoy the hammock. Holly and Michie head inside. Michie keeps stopping and waiting for Holly to catch up. Cliff tells Nicole that he stayed up with Michie during his 24 hour punishment and that should count for something. Holly asks Michie if he wants to go swimming and later, he quickly answers no. She tells him that she is trying to think about things they have not done in the house yet. He then tells her that they can so whatever she wants. Michie pats his knee suggesting to Holly to sit down and she does. Nicole and Cliff discuss how weird it will be to get recognized in public. Holly asks Michie if she should take a hot shower before bed or after. He tells her before and then tells her to let him know if she needs help. Holly is trying to change in the blue bedroom and looks are the cameras and tells production that she is trying to change. Jackson smiles and she starts changing under a blanket. Michie is checking out Holly as she gets dressed.
5:30 PM BBT Nicole and Cliff are talking about what America thinks about this season. They are wondering if they are boring the viewers or if they are seen as a good cast. Cliff keeps telling Nicole that he didn’t think Michie and Holly would make it this far in the game. Holly and Michie are laying in the blue bedroom under the covers. Holly peeks to see if the cameras are watching them. They both close their eyes and stop moving around under the covers. Holly tells Michie that they should go eat and work out so they can take a shower. She tells him that she was winded from running up the stairs. She says that she thinks she is not getting enough sleep. Michie tells her that he is grateful to be able to sleep. He says that before coming into the BB house he could not sleep. He tells her that he suffered for 5 years. Michie tells Holly that he misses his gym and can’t wait to go work out with his buddies when he gets out of the BB house. Nicole tells Cliff that her family is going to love him and Sam. She says that her family is going to be so excited.
5:45 PM BBT Michie and Holly are laying in bed in the blue bedroom sleeping. Nicole and Cliff are still laying in the hammock reminiscing about the season. Michie is squeezing blemishes on Holly’s back. Cliff tells Nicole that if he goes this week she has to win the game. He starts using a Lord of the Rings analogy.
6:00 PM BBT Holly and Michie are sleeping in one of the beds outside of the RV. Cliff and Nicole are outside in the BY in the hammock talking about their families. They were talking about how each of their family members would do on BB. Nicole said her dad would be like an ‘Evil Dick’ type because he would not take stuff. Cliff said his son works out but is not athletic. He says his daughter kept asking him if he really wanted to go and do this. Nicole says her father’s mouth would get her in trouble. She says her sister Megan would cry a lot but others would probably take care of her. They discuss how this cast is viewed and what the ratings of this season might be.
6:15 PM BBT Cliff says that they may have been moved to a different time slot for all they know. They laugh. They discuss how many days and shows there are left. They discuss what the jury might be doing now. Nicole says she wonders who they think might be coming next. Cliff says, “Nicole.” She asks, “You think so?” Cliff says, “Yes, because they are going to assume that Michie won HOH and booted me out. They are not going to assume that you won the HOH.” Cliff says he doesn’t want to be a bitter juror. Cliff says he will talk to Michie in a couple of days. Nicole says, “Yeah, let’s have a couple of nice days and then I will campaign with both of them.” Cliff suggests how Nicole might approach each of them. Nicole says she never knows what may happen in the game. She says, “I thought Christie was gone and Sis went. So you never know. Holly may decide to keep me. Or Michie will keep me.” Cliff agrees with her. Nicole says that she thinks that by Michie being nice to her he thinks she will take her to the final two. Cliff says to let him think that. Cliff and her discuss what he may say in the jury. Nicole says you would think that he would think of Holly as a jury vote. And that the others would see he kept his word. But if I go I would be in the jury telling the others things. Cliff says, “Well I am going to go to the bathroom and maybe fix something to eat.” Nicle says, “Oh that sounds good. I haven’t had anything but Lucky charms today. We can make pizza and use my tostitos. I haven’t used those yet.” Cliff says, “Sounds good to me.” Nicole says she will let Holly and Michie know as well. On the way inside she says she needs to take her things out of the dryer too. Cliff asks her if she would like to do that for her. She says, “Surely.” Then she heads inside the house.
6:30 PM BBT Cliff does that and then goes inside the house. He goes to the bathroom. Nicole goes to get the pizzas from the SR. Michie wakes up and Nicole asks Holly and them if they want some pizza and sodas. Michie gets up to go use the restroom but Cliff is in there. He goes upstairs to use that restroom. Nicole goes upstairs to get the sodas. She walks in and says she is there. Michie comes out of the bathroom. Nicole asks if he would like to help her carry some things downstairs. He says, “Sure.” He asks if he can nibble on some Lucky Charms while he is waiting for her to get everything. Nicole says, “Sure you can have anything you want. You can take them with you downstairs.” They carry the things downstairs to the kitchen. Cliff asked what he and Holly were up to. Michie says they dozed off for a bit. Cliff and Nicole start to make the pizzas. Michie offers his advice on how to cook the pizzas. He tells them that if they put the pizza in the oven while the oven is still cold they cook better but they can do whatever they want. Michie is preparing some steaks he is going to cook. Cliff goes to the SR. Nicole says she is going to grab a sponge and go and clean up the HOH room. She heads up there..
6:45 PM BBT Cliff goes to the SR to get something. Then he goes to the Target room looking for something and gets some of his clothes.He takes them out to the BY and puts them in the washer. Then he goes to every room in the house saying he is looking for Orwell. He goes in the HOH room. Nicole is cleaning the refrigerator in there because some of her sodas exploded in there. Cliff comes up to her and asks her if she wants to see a magic trick. She says, “Yes.” He says, “Ok, pick a card.” She does. Cliff says, “Are you concentrating on the card you have?” She says, “Yeah.” Cliff says, “From the deck of cards that are in the BB house.” She says, “Yeah.” Then she asks if she can see them closer. He shows them to her closer. And then she says, “Oh my gosh we got cards!” Cliff says, “Yes. I found them in the SR just sitting there. I left the jokers laying around the house to see if Jacson would notice. I want to go try the trick on him now.” Nicole says she wants to go with him. They head downstairs and Cliff goes up to Michie and says, “Michie do you want to see a trick?” He shows him the cards. Nd right away Michie says, “Holy s**t we got cards! I asked BB for that or for Monopoly or something to break up the monotony in here.” Nicole says she is such an airhead and it took here forever to figure it out.
7:00 PM BBT Nicole goes back upstairs to clean up the refrigerator. Holly is awake and comes in the kitchen. Cliff asks them if they have seen Orwell anyway in the house. They start asking him of some places he might want to check or if he has checked. Michie says he is going to go outside and eat one of his last meals outside while he can. He and Holly make their way outside. Holly asks Cliff if he is going to join them outside. Cliff says he needs to stay and watch the pizzas. They go and sit by the firepit. Production asks them to lower all of the awnings. Michie says, “Really?” Holly says she will help him. He tells her to go watch the food so no flies get on it because that freaks him out. She does. He goes inside to get something. Nicole and Cliff are in the kitchen getting their food out of the oven. Michie goes back outside. He tells Holy to help herself because he can’t eat all of it himself. She says she had two pieces. They discuss how they are sick of waiting and want to get this over with. Michie says, “I am really glad you are here with me. I could not have imagined being stuck in this house with just them three.” Holly agrees. Then she gets excited suddenly because of the sunset. Cliff and Nicole then come outside with their food. Nicole tells them that the pizza and pizza rolls are in there if they want any. Holly goes in to get some of the pizza. Nicole says there is no soda because it is frozen. They discuss whether they knew anyone else in the house before they came in. Michie and Holly say they knew each other before and that Holly has been to his house before. Cliff says he did not. Also, Nicole says, “It’s just lil ol me.”
7:15 PM BBT Michie starts talking about going to the same school with Ovi and how they could have known each other beforehand. Feeds go to fish. The feeds come back. Michie is discussing David coming back and saying things about him. Feeds go to fish again. The feeds come back at 7:20 PM BBT. The HGs are talking about losing the BY and when the comps are. Michie says he is surprised that this last Veto comp was the one it was. He said it was hard. He says they questions were hard. They all discuss how they did in the comp. They discuss which HG they hit and which ones they missed or hit the wrong ones by accident. They discuss how many times they had to reset. They keep discussing what comp will be on which night and which will be live or not.
7:30 PM BBT Michie says he wished he would have watched more seasons off BB and studied them more before coming here. Nicole then wonders when the recap show will be. Then they all start looking up at the stars. Cliff gets up and walks over to look at the moon. Holly asks Cliff if he can see the moon over where he is. Michie asks Holly and Nicole if the writing on one of the soda cans is blurry to them. Cliff comes back over to the firepit and sits down. The HGs then start talking about the Meerkats. Nicole starts talking about adopting feeder mice. Nicole says she used to feed them ‘Cheese doodles.’ They asked what Cheese doodles were. She asks, “You guys don’t know what ‘Cheese doodles’ are? America!” Michie says, “It must be a Yankee thing.” She says that the way they used to eat the cheese doodles was so cute. Cliff tells a story about having pet hamsters. He said he was awoken by something tickling his nose and he didn’t know what it was. He swatted at it and it hit the wall because he heard a thud against the wall. Then he said he hoped it wasn’t one of the hamsters. He said he went to look at the cage and the cage was opened.
7:45 PM BBT Holly tells a story about a pet. Nicole says she went to a pet store before she came here and saw a Wallaby. She said it was weird. Michie says they are Austraillian in an Austraillian accent. Holly says, “He wishes he was Austraillian. He keeps telling me he is and he is 29.” Michie says, “No, you keep saying that you hope I am when we get out of here. Apparently being 24 and Southern is not good enough.” Holly says, “Yes it is.” Then they start discussing the fake bird comp. Michie brings up Nick winning the America’s vote. Then he says he misses that dude. They start discussing what comps will happen and when they might happen again. Michie says he doesn’t remember how it happened last season. Nicole discusses when Cliff busted in through the hole from banishment. They continue to reminisce. They discuss Tommy.
8:00 PM BBT Houseguests are in the backyard. Cliff was wondering about the hottub. Nicole, Cliff, and Jackson all are getting up. Jackson said he misses Golds Gym. Nicole doesn’t know what that is. Jackson tells her. Nicole is alone in the backyard getting laundry. Nicole is missing a purple sock. Cliff is now alone in the backyard pacing . Nicole came back outside to talk to Cliff. Cliff said that he and Nicole first got to know each other.

8:15 PM BBT Nicole and Cliff think that the finale should be longer. They liked Jeff’s prank gifts he gave out last season during the backyard interviews. Nicole asks Cliff he he remembers Jack saying no one talks game to the Camp combackers? Nicole said she was pissed. Nicole said that Nick was mean to her at one point. Cliff said that he is interested to see what’s been going down at the jury house.
8:30 PM BBT Nicole hopes to get millions of fans and her family on stage. Niccole said that Jackson’s image is everything to him. Holly said Jackson got called to the Diary Room. Cliff tells Nicole that this is his one and only shot to win a reality television show. After this he’s not doing any more. Cliff is going to approach Jackson and explain why he deserves to stay.
8:45 PM BBT Nicole went inside and is cleaning her glasses. Now she went into the RV room and grabbed a blanket. Nicole is laying in the hammock, her number 1 showmance. Then she got called to the Diary Room. Holly went upstairs in the HOH. The house is quiet. All the camera’s are on the bathroom. Cliff just came out of the restroom. Cliff found a spot in the backyard to do his Cliff Notes.
9:00 PM BBT Cliff starts his Cliff Notes. He begins with Day 90. Cliff said he is waiting for the moon because he and his wife can see it at the same time. Cliff said Jackson is most likely going to break his word and evict him thus not taking him to the final three. He won’t give up. Cliff his asking his wife and kids to come to the finale. Feeds show the storage room filled with food and watermelons. Holly and Nicole are in the HOH bathroom. Holly is showering.
9:15 PM BBT Jackson is getting something to eat. Cliff and Jackson are talking in the backyard. Holly got out of the shower and is now putting makeup on.
9:30 PM BBT Holly is going to the backyard. Holly joins Cliff and Jackson in the conversation. The feeds are now showing the fish tank.
9:45 PM BBT. Nicole is in the HOH Bed.
10:00 PM BBT Holly and Michie are outside in the BY in the hammock talking about the deal with Cliff and Nicole. They say they don’t think they were going to keep Holly. Holly says that she has seen a completely different side to Nicole this week. She says Nicole was cold and listless and that I had to do more campaigning with her. She acted like she HAD to hear me out but didn’t want to hear me out. “She was very emotionless and heartless. Michie says, “We are going to the finale.” Holly says, “And as a showmance.” Holly says she was only on the block twice because she handed Nicole that HOH. Michie tells her he thought he lost the veto and he thought he lost it for her. He says that those were real emotions after that comp. They cuddle in silence for a while. Then Holly says, “I can’t wait for you to meet Jackson.” Michie says, “I can’t wait to.” She says he is independent but cuddly. Holly says he wasn’t the runt of the litter. She says he was a horrible puppy.
10:15 PM BBT She said he was so hyper and fast. Cliff gets up to use the restroom and all cameras go to the bathroom. Then the cameras go to the HOH where Nicole is sleeping with the lights on. Cliff goes out to the BY. Michie asks if he is done in the DR. He says he is. Holly continues to tell Michie about her dog. She says she misses him so much. Cliff goes back in the house. She says when they go back to Wyoming it is crazy because he (her dog) likes to go in the coral and eat horse sh*t. She says, “One swift kick by a horse and he is dead.” She says, “So when we go to Wyoming he gets chained up outside.” Michie says, “Or inside.” She says, “No dogs are allowed in the house or the cabins. But he is getting more lenient.” Michie says again, “We are almost to finale night.” All cameras go inside the house. Cliff is in the LR shuffling the cards. He starts talking to the cameras. He says, “Life in the BB house.” He says they play dominoes in Texas, a game called 42. Then he explains how it is played. He says, “But in the BB house I am going to play solitaire. He says, “And much like in my life, I do not cheat at solitaire. Like some people that are left in this house may cheat at solitaire if given the chance.”
10:30 PM BBT Feeds go back outside to the hammock with Holly and Michie. Holly is talking about hoping that other little girls can look up to her as a role model. All cameras go back into the house with Cliff playing solitaire. Cliff says he has to end his game because he cannot make another move. He says he will play some poker. He deals the cards out for Blackjack for himself and a dealer. Cameras one and two go back outside. Holly says the night before Tommy’s eviction they played f**ck, marry and kill in the Boat room. She says that they will probably not show it though. She mentions three other HGs and the cameras go inside. Cliff is still playing cards in the LR. Cameras come back outside and Holly says she and Tommy had fun the night before the eviction though and she is glad they did. She says she did not like being up on the block against him. She says, “I really deep down knew Tommy had my back. He didn’t have yours though.” Michie says, “I know. He voiced it. He said, ‘I am coming after you. You are my target. Don’t take me to final three.” Michie says, “I hate Cliff is going fourth.” Holy says, “I hate it too. I hate that I threw safety to somebody else.” Michie says, “At the same time he has voiced that he wanted to protect Nicole. Which is weird for someone that kept saying to play your own game. He was playing Nicole’s game instead of his own.” Holly says, “I know he really was.”
10:45 PM BBT Michie says that he would have never voted her (Holly) out ever. He says even if Cliff would have thrown a vote your way and it was a tie he wouldn’t have voted her out. Then they start playing around and kissing. Back inside, Cliff is doing a magic trick called “The Queen’s Dance.” He does it and it is very silly. He says, “I know it isn’t that great and that is it for my magic card tricks. But if you have any three year olds, they will love it.” Then he does another called “The Dancing Fingers.” He does it and it is pretty silly. He laughs. He asks, “Can you tell I am a dad that has kids?” He starts throwing the cards around the LR. He is talking about the things he did when he was young. He says the doctor’s office had their insurance on file. He goes into the kitchen to see what time it is.
11:00 PM BBT Outside in the BY, Holly and Michie are still chatting. Holly says she is going to go in and try to force herself to sleep after she gets her laundry. Michie say she is going to workout. She says, “Ok.” But then they stay there for a bit and discuss the comps that may be coming up on finale night again. Holly says, “Ok I am going to get up. Give me a kiss.” They start making out for a bit. Holly goes to check her laundry. She asks Michie if he is going to do his laundry. He says he needs to but he doesn’t know if he will get to then. Michiee goes inside and to the bathroom. Holly goes in and uses the restroom. Cliff leaves the R. He goes to the Target room and starts looking for Orwell the owl again. He also tells the cameras what he is doing. He goes into the RV to look. He asks America to help him out. He says, “No Orwell.” He goes back into the LR. Michie now has the deck of cards. Cliff tells him that he already played poker and solitaire. Cliff goes into the kitchen and tells Holly he has been looking for Orwell everywhere and cannot find him. Holly was putting dishes away. Holly walks by them to go to the bedroom. Cliff and Michie are talking about playing rough games when they were younger like dodgeball. Cliff and Holly go into the SR. Holly says she wants a snack. Cliff looks some for Orwell in there. Cliff says he will check upstairs later and heads to the restroom.
11:15 PM BBT Holly is in the kitchen eating chips and dip on the sofa in the kitchen. Cliff comes out of the bathroom and goes into the Boat room to look for Orwell. Cliff starts talking to the camera in the boat room. He says, “We have a case of the missing Orwell. Is he fed up with this season of BB? Do we have an owl that is a Diva. Has he decided that he is too good for BB? Have we seen Orwell since Sis was evicted? I don’t know Pop but I miss my little buddy Orwell.” He keeps on and on with the bird jokes and talking to POP TV about Orwell. He says, “If they ask Orwell his address he will just say, ‘Who? Who? Who?’” He says he thinks that people do not understand the relationship between people and owls. He apologizes and says that people may think he is making light of other topics that may be political right now and he is not. He says, “No, I am just bored out of his mind. The quest for Orwell continues.” He leaves the Boat room and goes upstairs to the HOH room. He wakes up Nicole. He says he is still looking for Orwell and can’t find him anywhere. He moves on to the HN room. Downstairs, Michie went to the SR and got a watermelon. He brought it to the kitchen to wash and cut. Holly goes outside to get her clothes. She comes back in and tells Michie that she is going to bed. He tells her goodnight. They kiss and hug and she says, “Spoon ya later.” Michie says, “Sounds good. Goodnight.” Holy goes to bed. Michie begins cutting the watermelon.
11:30 PM BBT Cliff is still in the HN room looking for Orwell the owl. He says if he finds any feathers in the pillows Orwell could be in there. Then he says it could very well be a slaughter house. He says people have gone missing/disappearing all summer long. He says, “This room doesn’t look like a very nice room to be in at all. There is Fabreeze everywhere. How many cans of Fabreeze do you need? What kind of smells are you trying to hide with this many cans of Fabreeze?” He leaves the HN room. He talks downstairs to Michie saying that Orwell is still missing. He tells Michie he found a feather in a pillow in the HN room. He goes into the SR after he passes holly outside. He looks in all of the cabinets. He says, “No owl.” He finds pancake mix and says he may make some tonight. He continues to look around the SR. He asks if Orwell’s life has been traded for watermelon?” He leaves the SR. He tells Holly and Michie he hasn’t found Orwell yet. Michie says he is now starting to wonder where Orwell really is.
11:45 PM BBT Cliff says he really is wondering where Orwell is too. He says he has looked everywhere. They start brainstorming when and where the last time is that they all saw Orwell. Cliff says he will compare notes with Nicole and get back to them. Cliff goes to the kitchen. He asks, “Could he be outside?” He looks in all the drawers outside and doesn’t find him. He does find a blanket and a laundry bag. He says, “What if I am evicted out of this house on Thursday and Orwell is not found?” He screams, “ORWELL!! ORWELL!! Who who who. No Orwell. Just a man and his Owl. Well Now just a man. I know what you are all thinking. There are replacements for Orwell. But NO there are no replacements for Orwell. I know him by his eyes. Wow! I’m at a loss. It’s been eight or nine hours since I have been looking for Orwell. What a loss.” He goes back into the house. He asks if he will make it without Orwell. “Who can replace him? No one that’s who. My one good buddy. The one that I thought would wave goodbye to me on Thursday when I am evicted?” He walks around through the house saying, “Who, who, who.” He says, “Be free my friend. Fly free. I won’t hold you back. See the world. But you have the wings. Spread them. Find all that life has to offer outside of this house. I will see you someday. Come and see me in Houston. I will give you the address. He hoots so no one can understand his address. He says he has two nice trees in his yard.” He goes on and on. He says, “Come find me Orwell. Come find me.” Cliff is still looking for Orwell.

Full coverage of tonight's Big Brother show

September 15, 2019

Previously, on Big Brother, Nicole, Cliff, Michie, and Holly made a final four deal and with Jackson in power, their target was Tommy.

After Nicole swooped in and won the veto, she saved Cliff forcing Michie to send his girl to the gallows. The Flash Mobster made an offer Nicole and Cliff couldn't refuse, and it seemed like Holly's fate was sealed.

Michie began to suspect things weren't looking good, and after he eavesdropped on Tommy spilling his secret deal Jackson came up with a masterful lie. And he used the info he overheard to paint Tommy as a liar.

Even as the live show began, Cliff and Nicole were undecided, but they ultimately chose to flip the script on the Broadway star.

With only four remaining in the battle for a half-million dollars, the power was back up for grabs. Who will win and guarantee their spot on finale night? Plus tonight, the house meeting and the nonstop campaigning that led up to just moments before Thursday's live vote and eviction. All this right now on Big Brother!

We pick up on day 86 as the HoH starts. Holly doesn't know how she survived and she's so grateful to keep playing this game. Michie is cheering them on as they get hit by the truck. Michie says everything this week started with rainbows and sunshine, but it almost ended up with Holly going home. He had to say things he didn't want to say and deals made he didn't want to make and he hopes his mom isn't mad at him.

Nicole says this was a rough day and she knows it's not a good idea to go with a showmance, but Michie told her Tommy was playing both sides.

We see Nicole confronting Tommy with Cliff as a witness about what Michie said. Tommy says Michie is a bigger threat and he's not a liar. He doesn't have proof because he's by himself but he wants to be here. Cliff says do you want to talk to everyone? Tommy tells us he's shocked and scared and pissed. Nicole calls a house meeting. Nicole says she wants to watch Tommy and Michie argue and figure out who is manipulating the situation and who tells the truth.

Michie says Tommy told Cliff and Nicole last week that he was coming after Michie and Holly and he told Michie and Holly the opposite. Michie says Tommy's plan was to throw HoH to Nicole so she can't vote and then he was going to vote Cliff out. Tommy says that's a lie. Michie says he needs to compile so much evidence, false or true, that clouds Nicole and Cliff's judgment.

Michie talks about Tommy's jury management and lays out that Tommy has 5 votes easily. Tommy says if he gets a chance to take Michie out, he will not be taking him to second. Michie says oh, so I fabricated this in my head and Tommy says he did not tell Michie any of that.

Tommy wants to finish his argument and Michie says Tommy has been playing both sides for the last two weeks and Michie says you and Christie have been coming after me for five weeks. Michie says Tommy got caught playing both sides and Tommy says he hasn't been and he thinks Michie keeps repeating the plan because he's lying. Tommy gets emotional and yells at Holly and says she wants to stand on her own and she's allowing him to manipulate the situation and she's not standing up for herself. Michie says she doesn't have anything to do with this.

Holly says she hates that Michie is grasping at straws to save her, but it shouldn't have come to this. If Cliff and Nicole had just stuck to their word, then this wouldn't have happened. Nicole says everyone has been playing both sides, they are all playing the same game. Tommy says he's not playing both sides and Michie says he's been coming up after Cliff and Nicole for weeks. Tommy says he doesn't think Michie deserves the money, but everyone else does. Michie says he's done talking and Tommy says this house meeting is adjourned I guess.

We see Cliff and Nicole talking 6 hours and 50 minutes before eviction. Nicole says she sees through Michie. She says Michie is so smart and he put it together. Nicole says after hearing Tommy and Michie hash it out and she thinks Tommy tells the truth and Michie is manipulating the situation. Cliff wants to believe Michie because that's what their agreement was and it's easier.

Nicole says when Michie said "Just Own It" to Tommy she says it was what Brett said when he was lying about Rockstar. Nicole doesn't want to see Tommy get Rockstar'd. Cliff doesn't want to keep Tommy because he thinks Tommy would take Nicole to Final Two over himself, but Nicole is still pushing to keep Tommy.

Michie is in the bathroom area with Cliff and Michie says all he can ask is please do what's best for his game. Michie says this should have never happened, they should have kept their word. But he's going to say whatever he has to keep Holly. Michie says his best path is to make Final Three with Cliff and Nicole because he wants to be with people who have fought against adversity. Michie says at this point he'll lie to Cliff and Nicole's face and not feel bad about it. There's not a snowball's chance in hell he'll go with them over Holly.

Cliff does have a relationship with Michie and he wants to keep Holly, but he has to be careful with Nicole because he doesn't want to ruin that relationship. Cliff tells Holly their keeping Tommy and Holly says she'll do anything to stay. Michie says when he hears that then calm and cool goes out the window.

Nicole says we're here by the grace of God and Holly says no, you're here by the grace of Holly and Michie. Nicole says she could have burned them in the double if she'd wanted. Michie says they got burned by one alliance, and now they are getting burned by another. This is what happens when you put your faith in the wrong people.

Tommy has heard the four talking and he comes in and fighting resumes. Tommy admits he did say that Cliff was the bigger target and Michie says they've had four HoH's between them and they didn't once come after them. Michie and Holly say if they take Tommy to Final Two, then he has the jury on lock.

Nicole says she'd rather finish second to someone with the jury on lock, than finish third to a showmance. Michie says they have been playing individual games. Nicole says you must think I'm deluded to think you would take me over each other. Michie brings up their deal and Nicole says it's frustrating. Michie says they have never gone against Cliff and Nicole.

38 minutes before live eviction Cliff and Nicole are talking in the lounge. Nicole says if Michie or Holly wins that veto next week, then she doesn't know. Cliff says Nicole is torn and this is where he needs to nudge her to keep Holly and continue working with Michie.

Holly joins Cliff and Nicole and she says if there is any way she can stay she would do anything. Cliff asks if she would throw HoH and she says yes. Holly says she's been loyal and she wants to stay.

Cliff calls Michie in and Cliff says they are trying to play the best game they can. Michie says they have never gone against them and he Holly has been loyal. Cliff asks what Michie would do if he won veto next week and he says he'd go to Final Three with them. Michie says he didn't want to say it on national TV and make him look like a piece of crap. Cliff asks for a swear and Michie gives it. Cliff asks Michie to leave them and Cliff says he believes Michie and if he's wrong, then he will be the one who pays for it. Nicole wonders if she goes with Cliff or does she go with statistics. Cliff says they have to get Holly to throw HoH and veto. They go and talk to Holly and Cliff says if we keep you, then you have to throw HoH and veto so it doesn't jeopardize Nicole's game and Holly agrees.

Cliff and Nicole go into the camper and Cliff says that should put him, her, and Michie in Final Three and then they can fight it out. Cliff says he's just nervous about keeping Tommy, especially with the jury. Nicole says this is so frustrating.

Cliff says are we agreed and Nicole agrees. Cliff comforts Nicole. Cliff says it feels like he's looking out for his own game, but he has to. Nicole says she trusts Cliff because he's been her number one since the beginning. Cliff heads out and tells Michie it's all good and Michie says he loves Cliff and that has never changed.

We see Nicole in the bathroom area crying and Michie comes in and comforts her and says he's sorry. Michie says on a personal level, he's there for Nicole emotionally, but on a game level any handshakes and deals he made mean nothing. But thanks for keeping Holly.

We are back to the HoH and Nicole is hoping she has made the right decision and she hopes the deals she made with Michie and Holly are good. Michie needs Holly to throw the competition because she's safe. If she doesn't throw it, then Cliff and Nicole will have a fire under them and they will be headhunting. Michie needs Holly to throw this competition.

Holly gets hit by the truck and she says her neck hurts. Michie asks Holly if she's going to throw it or not and she says she could stay up there all night. Holly says she hates being shoved into a position where she has to throw a competition in a part of the season where you shouldn't be throwing competitions.

Michie says Cliff falls and then Nicole gets knocked off, then Holly could accidentally win. He keeps telling her she needs to fall and throw it. Cliff says he's not doing great and Holly looks stoic. He's concerned about her honoring her deal.

Nicole says Cliff falls and she wants to be Final Three more than anything and Holly could feel the same way. Holly says she doesn't want to fall and she hates throwing a competition that should be rightfully hers because she could hang up there all night. Holly drops and Nicole says are you serious? Michie gives Nicole the key and he hugs and says she's Final Three.

Michie tells Holly he knows her pride is bothering her. Holly says she just handed Nicole a spot in the Final Three on a tray and it's not fair. This is not gameplay. They forced her to sell her soul to them.

Cliff says Holly kept her word. He's still worried. Nicole has safety and now he has to make sure he has safety. Michie says it was better for Holly to throw for his individual game because if she'd won then she'd have been safe, but he wouldn't have. Cliff and Michie are talking and Michie is making sure things are OK.

Cliff tells Michie if he won veto that he would keep him because he likes the idea of going head to head. He needs to guarantee a Final Three spot for himself. Michie says you never turn down a Final Two deal in the game.

Michie and Holly are in the bathroom area and she wants to know what he's thinking about. He says just stuff. Michie says he didn't want to have to do that. He didn't want to have to hurt him, but he couldn't lose Holly. Michie says 86 days without crying and it finally broke. He can't help but feel like what if it all was for nothing. And knowing he hurt Tommy breaks his heart. He doesn't like hurting people, but he's loyal to a fault and he will not turn his back on Holly.

Holly says deep down Tommy was a lover of the game and he will understand and Michie says it broke his heart and he could use a hug from his mom right now. Where's Momma?

Cliff tells Nicole he's shaking and freezing and he doesn't know if it's mental or anxiety or physical. He congratulates Nicole on Final Three and he tells Nicole that he made a deal with Michie. Michie promised to take Cliff and Cliff promised Michie to take him. Nicole tells us alright, we're agreeing to bring the biggest threat in the game to Final Three? Cliff says he did it to get to Final Three, but he feels bad for not checking with Nicole. Nicole says we have to win the veto and then we can decide what we do. Cliff says he made the agreement and he won't back out of it. Nicole says if Michie and Cliff have an agreement to go to Final Three, then they must have a Final Two deal too. She sees it.

It's time for the nomination ceremony! Nicole's first nominee is Michie. Nicole's second nominee is Holly. Nicole says guys we did it. Final four. There have been many road bumps along the way and she hopes they finish this road trip. Nicole says, to be honest, nominations don't matter this week, it really comes down to PoV because whoever wins casts the sole vote to evict.

Cliff says in order to guarantee Final Three, he has to win veto. Age is just a number and he's been competing all summer who under assumed what he could do.

Holly says it's frustrating for Nicole to put her on the block after she threw HoH. That's the last thing she's handing Nicole. She's taking the gloves off. Michie says deals mean nothing and going forward he only wants to sit next to Holly in Final Two. He wants to walk out Mr. and Mrs. Smith with confetti on his shoulders.


September 15, 2019

12:00 AM BBT Holly is sleeping in the HOH Room listening to music. Nicole and Cliff are still talking about the names of cities or towns that are funny. Cliff tells her about a town in Texas called No Trees because there are no trees in the city. Feeds go down. Feeds come back with the conversation between Nicole and Cliff trying to figure out if Jackson is still in DR. Cliff decides to walk around as he is sore from the comp. Cliff comes back. Nicole says We all have different strength in the comps. Cliff says It is midnight so POP is off air but the live feeds should still be going on. Jackson comes out of DR asking what time it is. He says Wow that was a long time. Holly has just gotten called to DR. Jackson and Holly kiss Jackson says Don’t be afraid to say you are proud of me down there. He asks her if he should wait for her to shower. Holly heads into the DR. Nicole says She hasn’t been called yet. Nicole says She is sleeping in the RV tonight. Cliff says He is super tired and will sleep in the Target Room because he will probably snore loudly. Jackson talks to the cameras in the HOH Room. He holds up the Veto and says I am going to Finale. Come out to LA he tells his friends.
12:15 AM BBT Holly is applying her makeup to go into the DR. Jackson is talking to Holly while she puts her makeup on. He says If I win how much will it cost to go to Disney. Holly says I am trying to stay cool and keep it down. She tells him she is proud of him. He tells her He is so lucky to have her. She says I feel the same. Jackson says It takes 1 vote to evict. Holly says I just can’t tell you how lucky I am to have someone experience this with that celebrates successes and supports me through the tough times. She hunts for her blue sports bra before she heads in but says she can’t find it. Jackson heads into the kitchen saying I could go for some beef jerky. Cliff is changing his band aid from where he hurt himself from the comp today. He says he got a carpet burn from trying to launch the balls from today’s comp. He says He bled all over it to a point that Holly was delayed a bit. Cliff is eating a hot dog. Jackson has several carrots dipped in peanut butter. He is now cutting up pineapple. Jackson is cutting the pineapple and shoveling chunks in his mouth. Nicole says The water is getting cold and it doesn’t even look like a made a dent. Cliff says We haven’t done dishes since Tommy left. Jackson starts to cut the watermelon and it has gone bad. He dumps it in the garbage in the SR and grabs another watermelon from the fridge there and puts one in. The conversation goes to the kitchen island and what it was last year. Jackson says He can’t wait to watch past seasons.
12:30 AM BBT Nicole says I hope I don’t annoy my family when we are watching next season. Jackson says It will be fun when we look back and say we got through it. Jackson says I have been stressing about this veto for 10 days. Both him and Cliff say the down time is the killer. Cliff says It would have been fun to show each other what we did. Jackson says The Luxury Comp was different because we were all running around looking at things and not comparing notes. Cliff said he was a minute behind. The conversation continues with them talking about the Luxury Comp. The conversation goes to the Hide n Go Veto Comp. Nicole says Jess, Tommy and I put ours where we sleep. Cliff is going to get something for his knee. Nicole says Today was a lot of fun. Jackson says It felt like we were in an arena. Jackson says He was bitter he didn’t win the Hide N Go Veto Comp and that Tommy won by luck. He asks Nicole if she has been in the DR yet. She tells him no. They get called out for talking about the DR. Cliff is looking for something for his leg.
12:45 AM BBT The conversation goes back to the comp today. Jackson goes to check to see if there are any band aids in Jack’s drawer in the Buck Room because he needed them for his tattoo. Jackson comes out with several band aids. Jackson heads up to the HOH Room to listen to music. Cliff says Nicole if this works out we will have been in the house for the entire season. Cliff thinks Jackson will be hard pressed to change it as he has talked about it to much. Cliff says Well Holly agreed to it so she could stay another week. Nicole says She came in wanting just the title but as we get closer she is says now it is like Oh Damn. Cliff says It is life changing. Cliff says If she hadn’t agreed to throw it. It would be you and me on the block waiting to see which one of us were going home. Nicole says I don’t want to be seen as the wimpy player who has things thrown to her. Cliff says She didn’t do it out of the kindness of her heart. She made an agreement which is part of this game. Nicole says Jackson deserves to be in the Final 3 but I would have won this veto I would have kept Holly to pay her back for throwing the comp and proving that I earned my spot.
1:00 AM BBT Cliff and Nicole are talking about Finale Night and meeting each others family. Nicole says When this ends I need to talk to Michie. Nicole says She isn’t a trusting person by nature. Cliff says Jackson is a southern gentleman. He tells her that in Texas You look someone in the eye and shake hands that is the same as swearing on the Bible. Cliff and Nicole are talking about What ifs if they sit next to each other as Final 2. Cliff says I wish the backyard would open up. Nicole says That is weird it just opened up. Nicole goes upstairs to tell Jackson the backyard is open. Cliff heads outside. Nicole and Jackson follow him. Jackson says This will probably be the last time we will have the yard. They all look up at the moon. All 3 of them head to the hammock. Jackson says yeah Cliff you left it all out there man. Feeds go to Fish. Feeds come back with the conversation on the fact that when it rains in California it doesn’t have time to soak into the ground. Cliff says Monday is the anniversary of when his brother Robert was killed. Jackson says I want to watch our season but I don’t . Cliff says I want someone to give me hints. Jackson says I will hear You said this and did you mean it this way. Jackson says I don’t think all 16 of us will be all together after Finale. They are saying that they are tired and are glad they get to sleep in tomorrow. The conversation goes to Family videos. Nicole says I don’t think we are getting them. Jackson says If we do get them it will be on an off day like tomorrow or Tuesday. Jackson says I have been away from my family so much for so long I don’t need to see them this close to the end. Jackson says I am a competitive person. Nicole says I like to play but I am learning how to compete.
1:15 AM BBT Cliff is saying When he grew up his dad would never let them win. The conversation goes to Who got an allowance and who had to work for their money when they were teenagers. Cliff says His parents owned a Fabric Store and him and his brother had to count buttons twice a year and get paid for it. Cliff is telling them what he did in the oil fields when he first started working. He tells Jackson he was in really good shape. Cliff says It is a pretty night wish I could go walk around. Nicole asks If they think the Jury House was awake. Jackson says Holly is running around inside looking for them. Jackson says She hasn’t noticed the backyard. Cliff and Jackson are playing the cords on the hammock. Jackson gets called out for repeating a line from a television show. The conversation goes to movies and the actors. Cliff is talking about a movie that he watched called Rollerblade.
1:30 AM BBT The conversation is still on movies. Nicole says I really liked The Godfather. Cliff is talking about the movie Honeymoon in Vegas. Cliff says He hasn’t been to Vegas since Kelly was born. Jackson says I can’t wait to go to Vegas. Cliff is telling them about a casino he went to in Singapore. Jackson says I am so tired I don’t know if I can wait up for Holls. Nicole says I am going to sleep in the RV Room. Cliff says I am thinking of sleeping in the Target Room because I think I am overtired and will snore. Jackson says I am hungry and may make an omelette. The conversation goes to coffee. Jackson says He drinks 3 cups of coffee in a seating. Nicole says I haven’t been able to eat all that well the last few days. Jackson says He is hungry but doesn’t want to eat. He says He wants to convince himself that he has to eat. The conversation goes back to the comp that they just did. The conversation now goes to the Bird Call Prank and the pie week prank. Jackson is copying the voice of the pie voice. They are still talking about all the pie throwing that went on. Cliff says I hated the clean up but it was a fun week.
1:45 AM BBT They are talking about the pie they threw at Tommy that had mayo in it. Nicole says When Tommy and Nick were messing with me and I tried to mess with them but they weren’t buying it. Cliff says Sis and Christie have the worse poker face. The conversation goes to Sam and the fact that he is probably glad he is not here. Nicole says She is going in but Cliff gets up and goes in. Michie and Nicole are still in the hammock. Nicole says How are you feeling. He says to her We are going to Finale Night. Jackson said I thought I blew that comp so was surprised I won. Nicole gets called to the DR. Jackson asks her to tell Holly he is out here waiting for her. She leaves and Jackson says She is the sweetest.Nicole is telling Holly that Jackson is outside. She says it is nice out. Holly says 3 hours unbelievable. She says She is heading to bed after she runs outside. Cliff has gone to bed. Nicole is heading into the DR. Feeds go to Fish. In the backyard Jackson and Holly are cuddling. Jackson says to her We are going to Finale Night. Jackson says Should I use it on you. Jackson says I would but with my luck you would use it on him. Jackson says It is sweet justice if I left you evict him. Holly says I would rather lose to you than win against anyone else.
2:00 AM BBT Cliff is in bed at this time as Holly and Michie in the BY chatting. They are both talking about kind of comp would be for the finale night. Cliff is talking to the live feeders. He is saying that even though he could be evicted, he feels ok with the situation and that there is nothing else he can do at this moment. Michie is saying that he wants this so bad and hopes to make it to F2 and walks out with her. He is saying that since Day 44, the entire house has been against him or them as a couple.
2:07 AM BBT Feeds goes down to return a couple of minutes with Michie and Holly still talking in the BY. Michie is saying that Tommy’s social game has been so good throughout the game and wonders if Cliff is aware of what’s going on. They both realize that only a few more days are left. Time for both of them to get close and smooch. Holly and Michie are imagine what would the Finale night look like or feel like.
2:15 AM BBT Cliff is in bed is talking to the feeders. He is saying that on Sunday night, we should see the big blow up that happened in the house and how quickly the HOH comp ended. Cliff is mentioning that he didn’t win the last comp. He is saying goodnight to everyone. Nicole is still in the DR. Michie and Holly in the by laying in the hammock together and talking that Cliff is making hasty decisions and bad ones for that matter. Michie has high respect for Cliff until this last week. They are both wondering why he would make deals without waiting until the Veto has been played was a bad move. Michie is saying that what makes him so bad with Cliff is that how he makes Holly feel inferior to him when making deals which makes no sense as he is such a smart man. Holly agrees with Michie and they are both very surprised that his entire game was very good except this last week. They both agree too that maybe having Nicole in power has changed his attitude towards the game in his decisions. Michie wants someone to be with him that is very strong minded. He is saying to Holly that he is so attracted to her. And then the kissing starts and they are amazed on where they are in the game and are about to be at Finale night together. Michie is wondering if there was ever a showmance for F2 as they are locking lips for a few seconds.

2:30 AM BBT Holly and Michie are getting up and heading inside the house. Michie heads to the kitchen to get a drink and then to the bathroom. He is saying that he has her lipstick all over his lips. They are both in the kitchen for now and munching from the fridge as the door stays open to it. And the door to the fridge continues to stay open as he is eating some meat out of ziplock. Michie is saying that it is already 2:30 in the morning as he finally closes the door to sit beside holly staring at the Pics of the HG on the wall. Nicole is still in the DR. Cliff is sleeping. Michie and Holly are wondering what the other HG are thinking of their game and how they would vote. Holly is wondering if Kat would tell the rest of the evicted HG that they know each other. Michie says that he wants to guarantee is own F3. They are talking about Finale night and where to take pics together in the house. Holly is saying that she is surprised that he didn’t win the last comp just to prove a point. Michie is telling Holly that he felt she was a bit stuck up when she found out his age and is saying that one of them will be guaranteed to sit here on finale night. They would love to travel by going to Greece or Thailand.
2:45 AM BBT He is whispering in her ear but unable to know what he is saying. Michie is saying that is they count the hours they both have spend together in the house would about equal to 2 ½ years in the real world. Michie is saying that he needs to change clothes and Holly is heading up in the HOH room. Holly is brushing her teeth as Michie is entering the room. Production is saying that they need to put on their mic. Holly is showering now. Michie is looking for shaving cream but cannot find any. He is saying that he needs a haircut so bad but to shave his neck. He is also asking her if she is about to be done in the shower, gets undressed and enters the shower.
3:00 AM BBT All cams are showing the bedroom where Cliff is sleeping and then feeds goes down to come back up and still showing Cliff sleeping. Just cliff snoring.
3:06 AM BBT Nicole is finally done in the DR and is using the bathroom. Then finally leaves and head upstairs in the HOH room where Holly and Michie are still in the shower. Nicole is grabbing a blanket and heads back down in the RV bedroom to drop off the blanket then goes into the kitchen.
3:20 AM BBT Nicole is now in the BY laying in the hammock and talking to the feeds to say hello to her family. She is saying that it feels incredible to know that she will be in the finale night and is not sure which way she will go if she wins the last comp and who she will take. She is wanting to take Holly and Cliff to F3 and get rid of a huge competitor. Being a huge fan, she knows that deals can be broken at the last minute and it would be surprised if Michie takes Cliff vs Holly to F2. She is saying that this part of the show can be scary. She is going through different scenarios and kind of regrets of not having taking a shot at a bigger target when she had a chance. Nicole is saying that she likes a straight shooter and hopes that if the showmance decides to take either one, then to tell them. She has faith in whatever happens in the game and is saying that Cliff has also been playing a good game. She is looking at herself as a good social game. She is also thinking that it may be a good move for Michie to vote out Holly to give himself a better chance at winning against Cliff or Nicole. Nicole is feeling proud for having stayed in the game so long and made it to 99 days.
3:30 AM BBT She is saying thank you to America for all the support and that she is an average girl, mentioning that she is not an athlete but is feeling pretty good for winning the last few comps. Day 89 and it feels incredible per Nicole and 11 days left. Nicole is saying that she loves her family and is about ready to go to bed at this point and that it feels like the time in the house has felt either as she just walked in or been here for 2 years. Nicole is getting up and goes back inside the house. In the HOH room, Michie and Holly are chatting up and he feels like Holly is not being appreciative for being at least F3. Holly feels like she has sacrificed more in the house for the game and not feeling excited at the same time for some of the decisions she has made. Nicole in the BY getting some laundry started.
3:45 AM BBT Nicole back in the kitchen cleaning some dishes. Holly and Michie in the HOH room getting ready for bed. Michie is saying to Nicole to go to bed and stop doing the dishes and promises her to do them with her for time bounding. Michie is turning off the lights in the HOH room as he heads to bed. Nicole is in the RV bedroom getting herself in bed and taking off her mic, adjust her pillows, her bed, the curtains and gets under the cover and says goodnight to BB and America. Nicole says thank you to production for shutting off the lights in her room. Holly and Michie are also settling in bed but still talking a bit and discussing the last comp. Then, all cams goes into the RV bedroom. Holly and Michie are whispering talking about their family as Cliff seem to be walking around the house.
4:00 AM BBT Cliff and Nicole in bed. Holly and Michie also in bed saying goodnight and cuddling up for the night.

10:00 AM BBT All HGs are asleep
10:03 AM BBT- 10:15 AM BBT Feeds go down for 1st wake up call.
10:16 AM BBT With Nicole walking into the house to go change her battery. She thanks Big Brother for opening the door . Big Brother says You are welcome. Nicole screams. Nicole is switching clothes from the washer to the dryer. Nicole goes to the hammock and says America it is Day 89 out of 99. I count today because I haven’t been through it yet. I wonder how often I will see this backyard I love this backyard. I am excited and proud to be the Finale but who knows what is going to happen. Jackson and Holly are having a morning cuddle session. Nicole continues with I never seen myself in jury. That is why I got so scared earlier I thought I never seen myself in jury because I am sitting on my couch. She says We are going to tie dye today We each got 2 tee shirts 2 pairs of socks I am also going to tie dye the white sneakers Sis left that she plucked all the feathers off. She looks at her pants and says Look at all the fuzz balls They are bad my mother would be ashamed. She has  a random message to all who are watching or reading. I am just little Nicole from Long Island I sent in a video last year and never got a call; I sent one in this year and got the call. She says If you dream it do it. She says I am not one of those Instagram models semi famous. I am just an average girl who lives with her family. She says I never knew what I wanted to do ;get a masters degree or a career, the only thing I knew for sure was; I would be on this show. She continues with I have talked about the pre jury and the jury but never about the 3 people in this house. She says Please just don’t judge us. Holly is a person of her word; she is very quiet and humble. She says Then there is Michie he is like a Dr. Jykell and Mr. Hyde and believe me I have seen both sides.
10:30 AM BBT She continues with I love him He is the brother I never had. I applaud what he has done in these comps. She says I was right there he beat me by 2 minutes and I beat him in BB Comics. She tells us there is so much more to Michie. Se says He is a southern gentleman and a gentle soul. She then goes to Cliff She says My Best Friend my Ride or Die. She says He is a warrior. He just picks himself up and keeps going.She says We have always been a team but still did our own thing. She says He is the Comeback Kid not once but twice. He has also been on the block several times. She ends with and I love him. She then starts talking about herself. She says She has learned so much about herself, her hangs up, her strength, her weakness. She says She feels back to the old Nicole that ran through the backyard barefoot. She says She held herself back because of her loses, her sicknesses and that she was bullied. She says If anyone is going through anything and climbing that mountain even though it seems never ending and so tall You will get there. And her favorite thing is Here comes the sun. She says No matter how much rain comes down the sun will come out. She says She can’t believe she is going to be at Finale Night. She says She walked in on Day 1 and will walk out on Day 99 as the winner.
10:45 AM BBT Nicole seems to be the only one up. Jackson and Holly are still in the HOH bed cuddling. Cliff has not been seen yet. Nicole is lost in her own thoughts. She says She is not really hungry and has been stress starving the last few days She decides to go get a drink and what looks like yogurt She tells us She needs to brush her teeth because she didn’t brush them last night as she left her toothbrush upstairs and wasn’t sure what Michie and Holly were doing. She says She has OCD and refuses to use a new toothbrush. She reads the label on the yogurt container. She says Isn’t it weird that the label says Active Cultures sounds so freaky but I know what it means. She says She can’t remember her dream from last night. Jackson and Holly have finally turned the light on. Jackson is going over his speech that he is going to say tomorrow at the POV Ceremony. Jackson says He wants to run it down for America. The jury and everyone else.
11:00 AM BBT Jackson says These deals are so sloppy but he is shooting all over the place. Holly says You can always say I am only loyal to those who are loyal to me. Jackson says Who are you to play God in this house and decide our lives Cliff Why do you deserve to be handed a Final 3 or Final 2 for just being . Just being shouldn’t even get you to Final 4 but we took you. Jackson says I would have blown up if he said to me that WE will allow you to compete in the comp. Holly says my new motto is Betray me once thank you you just lit a fire in me. She says NO more Nice Holly. I have been screwed over to many times in this game. Jackson agrees with her. They both go to brush their teeth. Jackson comes out of the washroom and says Where is my pretty little girl? There she is waiting for her cowboy. She wonders How much time she has spent staring at his face. Holly says Cliff is honest so I think he will own his moves. She says I think he will tell jury the truth. She says They are both super fans so they should realize it is only game. She says I think the two of them respect the game and the show enough to understand. She says She can’t understand how Cliff bought the whole blow up with Tommy as he is a super fan. Jackson says I am just thinking long term. I am thinking 10 days and jury questions. Jackson says They have all talked to each other for the last 7 weeks. He says We don’t have a lot against us. He says I have the Tommy thing against me but I will own it. He says I never would have done it if they ( Nicole & Cliff) had kept their word.
11:15 AM BBT As Jackson and Holly have decided to cuddle again we travel to the backyard where Nicole is playing pool by herself. As she is having trouble sinking the balls we go back to Jackson and Holly. Holly says I just want to beat his ass after him telling me that they were given me permission to compete in the Veto Comp. Nicole is sitting by herself saying I wish I had won that Veto but I didn’t. Back in the HOH Room Jackson and Holly have finished their morning cuddle session. Holly gets up to shower. Jackson tells her Don’t be afraid to put all the towels in their. They get called out to go change their batteries. Jackson says to her I don’t want to risk getting a penalty vote just for a shower. He tells her not to get mad at him that is not cool. They leave the SR. They go check on Cliff as he hasn’t changed his battery yet. Jackson says TO the shower we go. Holly says More morning sex. Jackson gets her to repeat it a few more times. They both head into the HOH washroom saying they are going to shower but they have not turned the water on. Jackson has turned the water on at the sink and is shaving. Holly is playing with her hair; there is still no water running in the shower that they both say they are going to have. Holly tells Jackson to get in here. He tells her he is but she needs to move. The cameras switch to a sleeping Cliff Target Room.

11:30 AM BBT Nicole has headed back into the RV Room and curled up under her blanket. Holly and Jackson are in the HOH Shower together. Cliff is asleep in the Target Room. Nicole is in the RV Room.
11:45 AM BBT – 12:00 PM BBT The cameras are all on a sleeping Cliff and a sleeping Nicole in their rooms.
12:08 PM BBT Jackson and Holly are done in the shower. Holly is eating some snacks and Jackson is putting stuff in his hair. Holly asks Jackson if his letter and pictures went away. Holly says She has been given a lot lately . Jackson says Yup her letter is there. Jackson says I feel kind of guilty taking her room then evicting Cliff. Holly says She took our room for 3 days and try to backdoor me. Holly says Cliff was so cocky saying We should take the room as if it will be the last few days we are together. Jackson says As if it was his to give us. They make Nicole’s bed and leave. Holly tells him about her dream last night. Jackson is looking for Nicole. They both go in and talk to Nicole. They ask Nicole if she wants to go outside.
12:15 PM BBT They are telling her Cliff is still in bed. They are talking about the ribbons on the wall. Jackson says 10 Days left. Nicole says 11 Days. She tells We have to get through today. Nicole says This is the second comp in a row where it came down Jackson and me. Holly says Do I want coffee and checks her pulse. Jackson laughs and says Such an LA thing. Holly says Her inhaler made her feel like she was on crack. Cliff is up and enters the room with them. He gets called out for his battery. Cliff is in the SR saying I didn’t get up when I was suppose to or change my batteries. Jackson says Let’s go outside? Nicole says You don’t control me What if I want to stay in here. Jackson says WE may not have the yard for another 10 days. They are now trying to figure out the time. Cliff says I think my body is shutting down. They are talking about the waiting to compete yesterday. Cliff asks What are they going to do today. He says Maybe a little tie dye and maybe something special. Jackson and Holly head outdoors. Cliff goes to shower. Jackson pulls the sheets off of Nicole and tells her to get up.
12:30 PM BBT Jackson is in the kitchen washing dishes so he can make breakfast. Cliff is gathering stuff to go shower. Nicole has joined them in the kitchen. Jackson is eating chunks of watermelon. Nicole is doing dishes. She tells Jackson she did laundry last night and some dishes. Cliff heads upstairs to the HOH to shower. Jackson says It smells like something is burning. Nicole asks if they are doing a tie dye party today. Holl says Yes. Jackson says I have never tie dyed before. Jackson has dropped both of his steaks in the trash. Holly says Just wash it off. Holly says You dropped them on a piece of paper towel that som