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February 20, 2017



February 20, 2017


James votes for Paul
Corey votes for Nicole
Victor votes for Paul
Natalie votes for Nicole
Michelle votes for Paul
Paulie votes for Nicole
Bridgette votes for Paul
Zakiyah votes Nicole
Da’vonne votes for Nicole

Paul takes Nicole to Final 2

February 20, 2017

 Paul takes Nicole to Final 2

Paul is the final HOH

February 20, 2017

 Paul wins Part 3 of the Final HOH
Paul is the final HOH

Final 2 Second HOH winner was Nicole.

February 20, 2017

 final 2.Here we go Folks it’s all over the season comes to a end. Tonight we’ll find out who wins the Final Head Of Household competition between Paul or Nicole. The winner will have to pick who will they take to final 2.

Kitchen Paul and Nicole!

February 20, 2017

Kitchen Paul and Nicole
Talking about the order of people solving the riddle that led to the tunnel, Paul, Victor, Corey and Natalie.
Nicole says Corey wouldn’t tell her then Victor blurted it out
Paul says Victor was a idiot to do that. Goes on about how he bitched Victor out for it. Paul impersonates Victor “He’s confident in his win”
Paul – every time you mentioned his battle backs weren’t a win he would try and kill you..
Nicole going on about Corey not telling her the riddle answer says it put red flags up for her.

Nicole brings up a story about victor telling her in front of Corey that she stood him up for a coffee date.

Paul tells her that Victor had a crush on her.
Nicole – he was just a good guy… he didn’t think Corey liked me.

They talk about Tiffany not really being that big of a threat. Nicole says Tiffany wasn’t but for some reason Paulie thought she was. They agree when Paulie left it was time for him to go he lost touch of the game.

Safari room Nicole and Paul chatting about the season.

February 20, 2017

Safari room Nicole and Paul chatting about the season. Nicole highlighting how screwed her side was after Zakiyah left and the house flipped.

Nicole about Corey winning the double eviction “God was watching over Corey at that point” (She must have free time on her hands)
At 3:20 Nicole leaves to use the bathroom they do not turn the Microphone off so we hear her pee.. (Sometime I think I deserve hazard pay for this… LOL)

When she comes back she’s telling Paul that Corey and James were really close.
Nicole – that’s like you best friend voting you out
Paul – really..
Nicole – I don’t have someone that close to me other than Corey..
Nicole – they were super close.. Texas..
Paul says he had no idea.
Nicole – he was never going to vote James out.. It would have been mine and your votes to vote James out.. I cannot believe James votes him out.. It makes me feel bad because I can’t imagine how america thinks because they couldn’t have been closer.
Paul is super surprised by this he had no idea.
Nicole called into the Diary room, they head into the bathroom so she can get ready.
She heads into the Diary room and we get a Diary room leak

Female voice (Production) “Hi darling..” (Darling??)
Nicole – Hey
Production – “This will be super quick”

Audio cut..

James alone in the safari room!

February 20, 2017

James alone in the safari room
James- what’s up live feeders…
James – well America… look slike your boy botched it up.. I’m pretty sure Nicole and Paul will take each other to final 2
James- my downfall this summer is I didn’t get any blood on my hands, They are going to use that to take each other to final 2 I think.
JAmes- and ujmm… so if that’s the case.. Bailey and brenda I’m really sorry I failed you guys again
James – it really sucks.. I should have won those 2 comps I should have won that first comp
James- should have done a lot of things different.
James regrets keeping Nicole thinks taking Corey would have been his better play because Corey and him could make it to the end together.

James – I tried my best I got to final 3 it just wasn’t in the cards this season I geuss. Got a day left.. After today someone will get crowned and it’ll probably be Paul or Nicole. I just don’t know where my vote is going to go.
James – Paul promised me a final 2 .. Nicole I’ve always been loyal to her pretty much the entire game..
Jam es- I have no blood on my hands and I feel that a lot of JUry members would vote for me..
James – should have called more people out, Shoulda got more blood on my hands.. Played a clean game this season up until the end.. I got sloppy..
James says a lot of the game is luck and Strategy and his luck finally ran out, “Final 3 it’s HUGE”
James thanks friends and family for their support.
James- really bummed I might have came in third place.. i was really close.
James wishes Paul would just be straight up to him Like Nicole is.

Backyard enjoying the backyard!

February 20, 2017

Backyard enjoying the backyard…
Talking about the inconsistencies with Natalie’s stories
Nicole – she told me she dances on tables and makes out with a lot of people when she drinks..
Nicole was originally worried that Natalie would have tried to make out with Corey in the Jury. “This was early”
Paul – a few times she said blackout drunk..
Nicole – she says she kisses a lot..
Paul says Natalie might just be a rowdy drunk
Nicole says that is why Natalie wouldn’t drink on the show because if she did and ended up kissing someone she’s stuck with them in the house the next day
James says Natalie was in a showmance with him and that would have made it extra awkward.
Paul – we’re not on the The Bachelorette

Paul – if you are a girl and you don’t mind banging dudes…
Paul jokes that they would win the game..
James suggests that Natalie is bi polar he was goign to mention is to her.
Paul – you would have gotten your nuts ripped off hommie ..
James thinks that Natalie maybe had a twin..
they laugh..
James- I would rather have 10 dudes pissed off at me than 1 women pissed off at me..

Nicole talks about how Victor was when Jozea when in the house she didn’t like him. Paul says Victor’s social game when Jozea was around was trash.
Nicole says her and Victor had a secret thing early in the season
Paul – he didn’t like me in the beginning..
Nic – he got mad about some stuff.. He always gave me information and I never gave him any.. I just kept my mouth shut..
Nicole- Vic told me straight up he’s going after COrey
James- and me.. He’s going to clip me after Corey.. He told Paulie ..
Paul – Stupid..
Nic – Paulie was like OK Vic’s gotta go..
Paul – don’t say you’re clipping someone’s teammate..
Nic – he was so confident..
THey agree Victor changed when he came back. Paul says he was acting like himself not a “Cocky fit douchebag”
Nic – I was happy when he came back.. Between him and Bronte those were the best 2 options

Paul – are you still close to Frankie
Nicole says she’s got his cell phone number.
Paul wants to meet Frankie, “Does he live in New York still”
Nic – he lives NY his sister lives here
Paul – his sister use to live by me..
Nicole says Frankie, Derrick and Cody are all super close “You’ll get to meet him.. Frankie is a very unique person”
Paul says he’s a fan of Frankie doesn’t understand why nobody likes him
Nicole cant understand either.
Paul brings up when he mentioned to the house he liked Frankie everyone looked at him “Like YOU like Frankie?”
Paul – Michelle shit on me, Corey shit on me
Nic – Corey loves Ariana
Paul says Michelle told him all the fans hate Frankie.
Nicole – I’m not getting into it..

Nicole to James “You said right now Caleb is on Survivor:
James – yup
Nic – so it’s already filmed and he’s back home
Jame s- yup
Paul – wait so he’s been on it twice now
JAme s- yup
Talking about going Amazing race and survivor with Victor or Corey
Paul – Victor is the easiest person to get a rise out of
Paul – that’s one person I knew I could under their skin is Victor
Nicole – I tried not to ..
Paul – he liked you you just had to be nice to him
Nic – he would get mad at me about stuff… I had to try sometimes I’m just mad..
Paul – I feel bad for Victor’s future kids.. He is not going to be a cool dad..
Nicole says Victor will be super strict
Paul – my kids are going to be disciplined as f***k .. my kids best believe we are going to talk a lot..

James- I want to get on survivor man
Paul – you have a good shot wouldn’t be hard for you to get on
James – I’m a really good swimmer dude..
Paul – you’re tough you would be better at surviving.. I don’t have many survival skills..
James – I would make a bow.. I would go huntin
Paul says he doesn’t have it in him to kill an animal. “Useless I would die.. But something like Amazing race I would do well.. “
James says 2 people on Amazing race were on his season, “Jackie and Jeff”

Skriv en fengende tittel...

February 20, 2017

Hammock Paul, Nicole and James
Paul says when Him and Victor were first put up Victor was all pissed and said “I’m not going to ubly” (Nicole’s home town) Paul laughed says it was temporary..
Paul stresses that Vcitor knows when he walks out the door it’s all over.
Nicole says she’s voted Victor out 3 times.

Nicole says her and Hayden broke up February 8
James says he could tell by her Instagram that they broke up
Nicole says if she was with Hayden she has no idea who she would have teamed up with says there would obviously be no “Showmance” .. “I would have been crushing on Coreyyyyyy”

Hammock Nicole and Paul
Nicole says James told her he would take her.
Nicole says James knows he wins the game if he gets to final 3 and He’s crapping his pants.
Paul tells her he’s taking her to final 2 not because he thinks he can beat her he’s taking her because she deserves it more than James

Paul – All he’s done is mock me and all he’s done is make it hard for me in this game..
Nicole mentions James telling her he secretly had her back
Paul – secretly

Nicole – to be the best you have to beat the best.. Paul’s the best..
Nicole says she’s not going to lie she thinks she has a chance against Paul
Nicole – you called Michelle the C word .. I have a chance for her vote
Nicole – if I lost to him (James) and I lost I would never forgive myself If I lost to you I would have been like ….. I would have voted for him . .
Paul says he’s being as transparent as he’s ever been he genuinely likes her

Nicole – I have 1 Corey Paul has 1 Corey you (JAmes) has 2
Paul – He’s got 3
Nicole thinks that Michele and Natalie are doing some damage in the Jury house.
Nicole says James told her he would beat her Final 2.

10:30pm Nicole and Paul 
Nicole – I don’t think he’s (JAmes) worthy of making it to final 2 I am FUMED he made it further than Victor and Corey… they fought their hearts out
Paul – I cried because Victor left and you cried because Corey left..
Paul – I love Victor as much as a dude could love another dude.. (Solid)

James and Nicole 

January 01, 2020

James and Nicole 
Nicole – Clearly i’m not dumb you and Paul you teamed up, I worked with you this entire game in this weird way but we’re final 3… Not once you try to throw me a lifeline Corey and I threw you several lifelines this entire game.. You were content with me being completely by myself content with me being alone .
Nic – Ummm you know like they’re was not.. There was nothing
James- you might not have seen up front stuff… Natalie and Michelle will tell you I was working with you on the back end.. Like secretly
Nicole – no i’m talking about right now .. like when it’s me you and Paul in this house I can tell the way you guys were acting.
Nicole accuses him of having a Final 2 with Paul

James says he thought he was going to win the endurance competition but he lost it.

James – everyone had an equal chance to win that
Nicole – I thought you threw it
James – NO definitely not
Nicole – the way you feel after me.. Do you understand from my point.. It looked sketchy ,. I didn’t even have a chance to look up and you were already on the ground

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-18 21-40-18-318
James – yeah
Nicole – it was a OK Nicole fell so I can fall sort of thing
Nicole – why would you throw it..
James- there was no way I would throw that..
James says he wanted to talk to Nicole one last time didn’t want it to go down like Michelle.
Nicole – I don’t know what I’m doing.. I’m going nuts… how clean your game is that’s the one thing I’m thinking.. My name has been drugged down through the mud

James- if you’re looking for votes..
Nicole – i Don’t have any votes..
James says Paulie and Zakiyah won’t vote for him… says Natalie and Michelle will vote for him but COrey won’t … obviously
Nicole says Da and Bridgette will vote for James
Nicole – “Honestly… the way you have been treating me.. I know you would have taken paul”
James- I wanted two vets to go I thought it would be pretty cool..
James – our game play is very similar
Nicole – I got the most call outs, If you only knew what I had to do in this game..
James – right
Nicole – … people are mad at me because I had to burn a lot of bridges.. You know what I mean.. Natalie and MIchelle they’re biter

Nicole – Da… Da…. Biter..
James points out those 3 votes will be lost to PAul
Nicole says paul called Michelle a very bad word she might not vote for him

Nicole doesn’t think she has a girls vote especially against James..
Nicole – 1 2 3 yeah 5 votes… (For James)
James – well ya.. That’s if they do….
James- what do you think VIctor would do
Nicole – I don’t know
James – he would vote for paul
Nicole – well ya
James says she’ll be off 1 vote with paul
Nicole isn’t sure she doesn’t know who Michelle and Da’Vonne will vote for.

James- like I said… I Know Michelle has been at you for awhile
Nic – if she doesn’t vote for me that’s biter, it’s a biter vote… I’m not going to lose to a bitter jury.. I’m not OK with it
Nicole tells him if she’s sitting next to him there’s 2 biter votes for him in this game.
Jame s- right
Nicole – If i’m sitting next to Paul natalie and Michelle vote.. Will vote for Paul but there is slight chance they will not.

Nicole tells him MIchelle and Natalie are two Coreys for James
Nic – I don’t know she says she’s a girl girl and she votes for girls , we’ll find out if she’s lying or not

They talk about how gross the milk Corey left for MIchelle was. Saying that Michael would kick it over every morning and leave it in the carpets. The entire room stunk because of it..

James- at least it’s 9 o’clock…
Nicole – good.. Go to bed soon…


Paul practicing his final 2 speech

February 20, 2017

Paul practicing his final 2 speech
Paul – the reason why I escaped the block 6 times.. I strategically maneuvered throughout the house the 2 times that I seriously needed to to save my ass I won the vetos and pulled myself off the block the other times I used my social skills .. the other times I used my social skills and I paired up with the right people.. At the right time and always make sure they’re was a bigger target in the hose…
Paul – Bigger target in the house .. Always making sure they’re was a bigger target in the house but always getting backstabbed anyways.
Paul – Always making sure they’re as a bigger target i the house but always getting BAckstabbed..
Paul – I had nothing in this game other than the loyalty of my partner victor.
Paul – All I had in this game is the loyalty of my partner Victor and my social skills.. No care Package .. Sorry America..

PAul – they’re 1 rule i’ll never break that’s friendship.. There was this 1 time in Berlin.. Just kidding….
Paul – I was put on the block 6 times, but the reason I escaped the block 6 times is because of my strategic maneuvers in the house. The 2 times I seriously needed to save my ass I won the vetos and pulled myself off the rest I used my social skills to team up with the right people at the right time and always make sure there was a bigger target in the house but unfortunately I got stabbed in the back OVER AND OVER AGAIN.
Paul – Then we had a secret riddle.. Of course I was the last person notified.. But coincidentally I was the first person in that room and we had nothing to worry about because I was the one with the round trip ticket.

Paul says he’s got the most “IN house competition wins this season”
Paul says when he was on the block week 1 Nicole was the only person that cried for him and he’ll never forget that.
Paul – I told you guys i’ll break some rules but theres one rule I won’t break… friendship
Paul – as a first time player of this game.. No offense Nicole.. I can say I worked my ass off to where I am right now..
Paul – you all thought well… theres the loud and crazy one..

Nicole practicing her finale speech

February 20, 2017

Safari room
Nicole practicing her finale speech…
Nic – this is a dream come true sitting here in the final 2 chair… I’ve been watching this show since I’ve been 8.. I’m a super fannnnnnn .. I just need a second to take this in,..
Nic – holy cow..
Nic – when I go that call back literally my heart stopped i couldn’t have been happier
Nic – I knew coming back would be difficult, Mainly because I knew I would be coming on with a target on my back
Nic – Sure enough day 1 called a snake.. Lost 3 competitions.. Day 2 had to fight for my life to stay in this house.
Nic – ONE, has to convince 2 strangers to let me be HOH and control the house the first week so I could save the vets
Nic – and OHHH boy… and that was just the start you know what though i do try to look at the positives of every situation.. Called a snake day one a target of several of you..

Nic – I decided to use that to my advantage .. first off it woke me up, Nicole you are here to play Biog BROther..
Nic – right then I started to strategicallyyyyyyyyy establish relationships, I had a ride or die since day 1 I agree to any alliance I was proposed at that point because what are you supposed to say .. I sit there and take in information and don’t give any back.
Nic – I do give some back but the information I do give back is very STRATEGICCCcccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccc its very … you know… propel me forward, every week..

Nic – My agenda was to make sure every move I make was strategic and I made sure not only was I safe that week but also for the weeks to come
Nic – If anyone spit on mine and Corey’s name they were … you know the next to go
Nic – the first week that something didn’t go was double eviction night, I didn’t plan on Zakiyah Leaving.. But…
Nic – i’ve been called out more than anyone this season.. I’ve had to deflect my name .. I was the target to 7 of 9 of you .. I was on your radar, someone you were gunning after.
Nic – once I heard someone was coming after me I literally made it happen for them to go

Nicole heads into the safari room.

February 20, 2017

 Nicole heads into the safari room. Nicole talks to herself – It is day 96 and Wednesday is finale day. AND there is just so much to think about! Literally! Look at these battle wounds. I’ve fraught so hard to be here. I need to finish thing .. like just finish it! Its a HUGE difference between 50K and 500K. I want $500,000! I want first place. Okay … so to get first place I have to be able to talk well and tell people why I deserve to win this game. The questions I have to have completely figured out is: Why do you deserve to win 500K? What was your biggest game move? I don’t even know. Why do you deserve to win over Paul and James. I need to have my bases covered for floating and social game.

So the gist of the material I can use is .. Day 1 I came in here and got called a snake. I lost 3 competitions the next day and I had to fight for my life in this game. Stranded on an island with 3 other people and one of us were going home. After I won that I had to convince 2 strangers that I did not know at all to let me have the first HOH. I had to put it into their heads that they had to give it to me. I made a ride or die alliance with Corey and we worked together every single week. He was working with the boys to ensure that we were safe. I maneuvered the block several times and even volunteered to go up on the block several times. They quickly regretted it and had to figure out how to get out of that scenario. I definitely feel like I aligned myself with the right people at the right times. And my social game I tried to stay on good terms with everyone and if I felt people started to pull away was because I felt I couldn’t stay loyal to you so I didn’t want to make any promises. I wasn’t easy. I didn’t want to lie. It just became really easy and safe to hang out with Corey because I knew I would never back stab him and I trusted him 100% in this game. I am an emotional person and I knew if I got too close to anyone else it would pull on my emotional heart strings. Never once did I make an emotional move. Simply strategic the whole entire game. Trust me there were times when I wanted to change my mind. When Michelle called me a snake on national television .. do you know how bad I wanted to vote her out? I bit my tongue because I new it was better to have her in this house. I’ve gotten called out more than anyone else this entire season.


I would say my biggest move in this game would have to be .. Paulie had just gone home and Corey and I were completely alone 5 on 2. I needed to strategically convince Natalie who was HOH and Michelle was Co-HOH with her…. strategically convince them to put up two of their own alliance members. And it worked! They immediately regretted it and then I got attacked my Paul. I had to deflect that AGAIN! And rebuild all of the relationships in the house. And I still survived that week and so did Corey. After that I pulled out an HOH endurance comp and aligned with Paul and Victor the two biggest competitors in the game.

Do you think that Corey helped… Corey absolutely helped me in this game but I helped him too! He was very likable and personable.. everyone liked him. He was a smooth talker. I couldn’t say enough good things about him. But when it comes to strategy I would say that I was the brains. Planting seeds! I definitely planted seeds a lot. I 1000% know Corey helped me in this game and I helped him also. Someone else played emotionally and that’s why I’m here. James, that was not strategically not a good move for him to keep me in this house. He promised Natalie he would get out Corey. He played emotionally. Corey would have taken him to the final 2. I honestly didn’t want to take him to the final 2.


As far as my speech goes – HEY GUYSSSSSS… I can’t believe you let me ssssslither my way up to one of thessssssse ssssseats! But in all seriousness… Coming into this house I came into more than a difficult situation. I didn’t know if I was ready to come back. I came back and got called out day 1. I was the biggest target at that point for a couple weeks. Thank you to Jozea because that kicked me into game mode. I’m here to fight to be here. I picked a ride or die. I was very strategic with my moves. Convincing 2 people to put up 2 of their own alliance members was a pretty big move with Corey and I were the other option. James joins Nicole. She tells him she’s getting her speech ready for Thursday. James says he’s thinking about what to say to Julie. Nicole tells him she will probably ask you something about Natalie. James and Nicole talk about past events of the season. Paul joins them and they talk about past comps.

Safari room – Paul and Nicole talk alone.

February 20, 2017

 Safari room – Paul and Nicole talk alone. . Paul – just know strategically, mentally, emotionally you have my word that you’re my final 2. Nicole – you’re my final two too so it doesn’t matter. They hug. Paul – you know the anxiousness and paranoia .. I just had to get that out of my head. Nicole – James was saying he was trying to think of what to say to Julie if he goes out. He should know better than anyone when you go out you don’t talk to Julie … you just take a seat with the rest of the jury. He was trying to get me to say don’t worry we’re both taking you. But I didn’t. I told him she would just ask him something about Natalie. He is sh*tting himself.

Paul is alone in the kitchen

February 20, 2017

Paul is alone in the kitchen – He practices his final 2 speech. He sets the microwave for 2 minutes and starts.. “Okay so this one time in Berlin… just kidding. Guys, as a first time player of this game… no offense Nicole. I can honestly say that I worked my a$$ off to get to where I am. I know for a fact that when I walked through those doors and you saw me and I opened my mouth for the first time, you thought to yourself well there’s a wild and crazy one. Who’s probably going to get evicted first. That probably explains why I was put on the block 6 times but the reason why I escaped the block 6 times was because of my strategic maneuvers throughout the house. The two times that I seriously needed to save my a$$, I won the vetos and pulled myself off. The other times I used my social game and paired up with the right people at the right time to always make sure there was a bigger target in the house. Then we had a secret riddle and of course I was the last person notified about it but coincidentally the first person in the room. I had nothing to worry about because I was the one that picked the round trip ticket and at the time secured the eviction of one of the strongest players Frank the Tank and prevented 4 other people from returning back into this game.” (Paul still has a minute 10 left)

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-18 16-37-23-399

“Other than the loyalty of my partner Victor and my social skills, I had zero help in this game. Not even a single care package from America. No offense America. After Victor was clipped I literally had to win my way to where I am right now. First I had to win the HOH to secure myself in the final 3, then I put up the strongest couple on the block and won the veto that split them apart and sent my biggest opponent Corey home. Then I won the fist part of the final HOH that secured me in the final part. Then I won the final part with got me sitting right here. Giving my 7 competition wins which is the most in house competition wins this season. And what I am proud of the most is that I stayed true to myself and not changing a single thing about myself. My cards were shown the whole time and I had nothing to hide. This girl to my left has been nothing but sweet to me the entire game because she was the only one that cried for my week one when I was put on the block. I told you guys I would break some rules but there was one rule I would never break and that’s rule number 1 … FRIENDSHIP!”
“BOOM 10 seconds left … that’s the winning speech! You like that! Your boy is taking the cake!”

Nicole, Paul and James are talking in the backyard.

February 20, 2017

Nicole, Paul and James are talking in the backyard. James – Natalie was the closest to winning a veto. Nicole – MacGyver? James – yeah. Nicole – if you had won that would you have used it on her? James – it crossed my mind. Paul – Damn. She probably would have convinced you. James – probably. I’m a morals and ethics guy. Nicole – what does that have to do with morals and ethics? James – because I felt like I was the one that got her up on the block. Nicole – you felt that way but it wasn’t necessarily the truth. She made you feel that way. James – well yeah. Nicole – had you voted out Victor I would have won that HOH and I would have put Natalie up and she would have gone home. James – yeah. Nicole – Michelle would have stayed over her. Natalie was in a bad position because she didn’t throw the black box comp. She should have thrown that, she was in a good spot. But if you’re going to tell me morals and ethics is going to tell you use the veto on someone else …that’s more of like. Paul – yeah I would never have used the veto on Vic. Nicole – I think I have great morals and ethics and I loved Corey to death but.. James – but if you felt like he was going home because of you… Nicole – he did go home because of me. He absolutely went home because of me. James – just like last season with Meg.. I won the veto but didn’t use it on her but at the time I knew I needed to advance my game by going up and hanging out with Vanessa and then but I didn’t.. that’s what cost me the game. I stuck it out with her .. the same thing with Natalie. Nicole – none of us threw our ride or die under the bus .. that wasn’t my question. It was just if you would have used the veto on her. James – maybe. Paul – I wouldn’t change anything.. because it all worked out perfectly. One little change could change everyone’s destiny. Natalie’s biggest downfall was her showing her cards. After she said she was just acting dumb she went back to acting dumb.

James joins Nicole and Paul in the kitchen.

February 20, 2017

6:55pm James joins Nicole and Paul in the kitchen. They continue to talk about past house guests and events of the season. Paul – big sister was the worst team ever. Nicole – Tiffany was a mess. Paul – Not more than Jozea!

7:20pm – 8pmThey head out into the backyard. Nicole starts running laps around the backyard while James and Paul play a game of pool.


In the bathroom – Paul – dude I can tell he wants to ask me so bad. Nicole – me too. Paul – I will probably tell him at some point. I don’t want you to think I’m doing anything. I want him to vote however he wants to vote. Nicole – me too. Paul – I trust you fully.

8pm Out in the backyard – James – one day and a wake up. Hurry up Wednesday! If I go out 3rd place I will know America what Vanessa felt like. It’s going to suck balls! Third place.. that’s a tear jerker for you. Paul could take Nicole and Nicole could take Paul.

Paul talks to Nicole in the bedroom.

February 20, 2017

 11:40pm – 12am Paul talks to Nicole in the bedroom. She says she wants to break down walls and get out. She says she is trying to avoid James. Paul says he was playing pool and made a weird shot and James commented that’s what happens when you do all the work. Paul – it took everything in me not to go off on him. If he asks me again I will probably just say no. Nicole – He will not flat out ask either one of us. He doesn’t want it to get back to the other one. Paul – I am ready to just be finished with this game. Nicole agrees. I am drained. Paul – mentally exhausted. He doesn’t f**king leave my side. Nicole – he’s nervous. Paul – he is literally up my a$$ and I’m like f**K off! Paul – do you have your speech ready? Nicole – no. Paul – really!? Get your sh*t ready! Nicole – I’m stressed. I’m stressed about my ex-boyfriend. Paul – who Hayden!? Nicole – yeah. Paul – why are you stressed? Nicole – because I told him I wouldn’t get into another showmance. Paul – did he ask you not to? Nicole – yeah. I just feel bad. Paul – you can’t help it. I don’t event think about him.. and that’s why I feel bad. I hope he finds someone that makes him happy. Paul – I think you have a really good shot at winning. Nicole – no. Paul – I’m not just saying that I really do think you do. Paul has he told you that you would win next to him? Nicole – no. The jury doesn’t like him do they? Paul – I don’t know. Natalie likes him and she is close to Bridgette and Michelle. Nicole – if its a bitter jury .. I don’t have a chance against either of you. I just don’t have any of the girls votes. Paul – I sh*t on them. I have a few people that are bitter.. but I chose to be myself. I’m trying not to think about jury because I don’t know. The only person I do know is Victor.

Paul and Nicole have been talking about Jury votes

February 20, 2017

12:44am Paul and Nicole have been talking about Jury votes trying to play their numbers down to each other. Paul says Mihcelle hates them both so there’s no geussing where her vote will be. Nicole says Natalie will vote for Paul. Paul thinks she’ll vote for Nicole.

Paul convinces Nicole to sleep in the London room. At first she didn’t want to because “it’s haunted”


February 20, 2017

 1:50am The feeds return from being blocked for the HOH part 2 comp – James tells Paul – I’m sorry dude! Paul – its okay. I would have walked out side and thrown up. James – all that salt water… I was just peeing out of my a$$. Nicole leaves the room says to herself .. that was the easiest comp I’ve ever played to be honest with you. James says to Paul – I got smoked like a cigarette! They head back to the kitchen. Nicole says she knew the answers like that. James says he knew the house guests but couldn’t get the pictures. Nicole – Vic would have been good at that too. Paul – He’s not that good under pressure. Nicole – yeah he did horrible at BB comics. Paul – you gave it your all and you secured your spot. James – I’m not going to lie that Nicole waxed my a$$. I’m a little butt hurt that Nicole waxed my a$$ is 19 – 18 minutes and smoked me like a cigarette. Paul – you lost to one of the best mental players in the game. It’s not like you lost to Jozea. You lost to mental beast. Nicole – thank you for the compliment Paul.

Nicole and Paul 

February 20, 2017

2am – James gets called to the diary room. When he leaves – Nicole and Paul celebrate. Paul picks Nicole up and hugs her. Nicole – you’re going to hurt my ribs. I think he legitimately tried on that one. I wanted to legitimately beat him. He tried on that one. That was harder than the BB comics and he got 35 minutes on the BB comics. Paul – he tried. Nicole – he has to be real nice now. He can’t be cocky. Paul – I kept saying to myself up there “Nicole win this comp, Nicole win this comp!” I am so proud of you. I knew you were going to win this comp. Paul – oh my god Nicole we won! And we both won tit for tat. I am so happy you won. I am going to vomit. Nicole and Paul look at the camera and say “Final 2 baby!” Paul – he’s never going to let us be alone. I am tell you right now … there is nothing he can say to me to convince me. I am taking you to final 2 if I win. Nicole – if he asks me, I am literally telling him I’m not taking him.
Paul it was in his best interest to at least win one comp. Nicole – he’s done nothing. Nicole says James did not throw that competition, “He thinks he’s the best playa”
Paul – dude I got in his head so much this week.. I convinced him Tiffany has 1 F in his name and Da’Vonne has 2 V’s.. what world does someone have 2 V’s in their name. Nicole – Final 2 baby!
Paul – final 2 baby!

Paul – he was pissed when you won.

February 20, 2017

2:05am – 2:45am Paul – he was pissed when you won. Nicole – he was so nervous. Paul – I didn’t want any risk of him winning. Now you and I have won. One of us has won 500k and the other has won 50K. Paul – in my speech to him going to be a straight… In this show I was on the block 6 times and of all those 6 times I only had 2 votes evict. And out of those two votes you were one. In that same week saved me and broke the tie breaker. Guess what you wouldn’t be in the final 3 if it wasn’t for me. But if it had been up to you I would have been voted out three weeks ago and you wouldn’t have been here. So Nicole thanks for saving my life! BOOOOOOMMMM B***H GET THE F**K OUT OF HERE!!!!!

Paul – I might vomit, I’m so happy. Nicole – thank you big brother that was the most refreshing comp and I nailed it. Paul – the only votes we can count on are Corey and Victor. All other votes, I have no idea. Nicole – Paulie and Z, I have no idea. Paul – my speech to you will be very nice! I’m hooking you up with a compliment .. like you might cry. Nicole – thank you. Paul – how do we act with homie now? Nicole – just act normal. I’m not talking any game with him. I’m not even going to worry about his vote. Paul – he can do whatever he wants .. I am not doing it. Who will he vote for? Nicole – probably the one that doesn’t vote for him. Paul – I don’t even care .. he can be a baby. Paul – I’m taking you. Why else would I coach you. To be the best you have to beat the best. Did you hear him .. he said now you two can battle it out. That’s right you can just sit back because you’re not making it to the final 2. Paul – no one knows we were working together. Nicole – no one. Paul – you and I both had a huge target on our backs the whole season.

James comes back from the diary room.

February 20, 2017

 3am James comes back from the diary room. Nicole heads to the bathroom and then goes to the diary room. Paul and James talk. James – how do you think you would have done in that comp. Paul – I don’t know. That was a huge f**king set up. James – man dude! I’m sorry. I really did try. Paul – Its okay. James – dude! Paul – that looked like a very hard comp. 7 minutes… that’s insane! James – that’s what I’m saying ..She’s a… James explains the comp to Paul. I got all my answers right .. its just the pictures f**ked me up. I couldn’t get them in frame. The fourth time through the maze, I got it correct. Paul – damn! That looked like a f**king hard comp. Paul – just a few days and a wake up.

James – damn she smoked that comp!

February 20, 2017

 3:30am – 3:50am James – damn she smoked that comp! 7 f**King minutes! She literally .. damn! Paul – how the f**k. basically an average of 2 minutes on each comp. James – she literally didn’t f**k up once. She beasted it! At least you won one of them too. Paul – yeah. Got to start studying for Wednesday. I don’t know if you can even study for it .. can you. James – just think about what the house guest would say. Like their personalities and what they would say. Nicole comes back from the diary room.

Nicole and Paul Safari Room

February 20, 2017

4:14am – 5am Nicole and Paul Safari Room
Paul – what up America! Nicole – who do you think will win?! He’s like Einstein over here. I get lucky once in a while. Paul – he was asking if we made the right move keeping you. I was like oh now its a “we”. Nicole – he (James) is crapping himself.

Nicole wants James to stress “he did try.”
Paul – I’m so happy, I’m so happy you won. You deserved it.
Nic – that was a great comp to end my season on I KILLED IT!
Paul and my win I redeemed myself. Feels like 20lbs of pressure move off me.

Paul says unfortunately they lost their BFF but they made tit this far.
Nicole – we were the brains of the operation and they were the brawn..
Paul says James calls himself the mastermind.. he was the weasel..
Paul about James – “the way he talks about himself.. irks me”
Nic – I know

Nicole says James told her he’s happy with 4th because he’ll get Amercia’s Favorite player
Nic – somebody gets it that doesn’t expect it..
Nicole hopes it’s Corey or Victor

Nicole – I am definitely proud of you. I wonder what his (James) sessions (Diary room sessions) are like? Like if he is innocent. Paul – no cocky! cocky! Nicole – he is just sneaky. Why does he think it was going to be spelling house guests names!?

James and Paul Talking about Meet and greets.

February 20, 2017

3:26pm James and Paul
Talking about Meet and greets.
Going in depth about what towns they want to do it.

James talking about going to witchika where 17 year sold would go with their parents.
James says he got a call from the bar about Parents…
Feeds cut…

When we’re back James is telling about Parents “rushing” then Beofre they even hit the bar says there was about 100 of them…
Feed cut again.
When we’re back James is still talking about the fans … Says he was at an event where Meg, Jeff, Jackie, clay and Cowboy were at it. James has trouble remember the season Cowboy was from.

James – the bar made so much money from us that night..

 James and Paul London room

February 20, 2017

 8:30pm James and Paul London room
James can’t figure out how to spell Joeza. He’s been hunting around the house looking for something with his name on it. Paul tells him it’s JOse (knowing it’s Joeza)
James- she know she has to win against you..
James- she made clear.. I’m not taking paul I would never take paul .. But this was before corey so she’s feeling the same way about you
Paul – I wouldn’t expect her to take me..
James- she knows she has to win
Paul – Okay good..

Speculation about part 2 of the final HOH

February 20, 2017

 9:07pm Speculation about part 2 of the final HOH. Nicole thinks it’ll be tomorrow but then 2 minutes later says it could be tonight when it’s cool
Nicole – gets hot outside
James – get’s out in those streets..
Paul is going to pass out.
Nicole says he’ll get called into the Diary room right before
Paul – because I’ll probably announce it
Nicole – ya
Nicole – I’m shocked I thought it wouldn’t be till 2pm
Paul – it’s a big setup..

Final 3 in the tokyo room talking about the season.

February 20, 2017

9:41pm final 3 in the tokyo room talking about the season.
James goes on about Natalie always thinking he had an alliance with Nicole. Adds that Natalie was pissed about the guys alliance earlier in the season.
Nicole bring sup Michelle making up “the advancemen” alliance and blamed it on Tiffany.
Paul – so technically Tiffany was innocent..
Nicole – ya
Paul – that’s f*** up and we made her out as this crazy f**
Nicole says Tiffany did say some crazy stuff
James- Paulie (They are talking about Paulie) did not want Tiffany in this house.. He was threatened by her because the way her sister played.. He saw similarities in her game play he said we need to clip her now.
Paul – I bet Paulie is the most upset in jury house
James- I think Natalie.. Not more than Paulie

James says he was the one that mainly betrayed Paulie. James says he heard Paulie was throwing his name out there, “we were allied together I shouldn’t hear my name.. “
Paul says the fact his name was very close to Paulie screwed him because people would tell stories but mix the names up. And Paulie was running around throwing names left and right “Names lost in translations… Emphasis on the E mother f*** we’re two people”

Bathroom James and Paul

February 20, 2017

10:03pm Bathroom James and Paul
James talks about what it’s like when you leave the game
JAme s- you go straight from Big brother to civilization real fast..
James- you’ll feel like a A-list celebrity for about… a couple hours..
Paul – you rub icy hot on your balls i’ll give you 500 dollars
James – for real
PAul – you got to really rub it on

Paul says he’s excited to meet other BB houseguests “Share stories.. share experiences and shit ”

James- you know what I was excited for when I left BB whenever I say a Check marked with my name ..
Paul – Vacation.. that happened right when you got off
Jame s- months and months..
Paul – I wouldn’t mind that but I need your help with that one
James- I got you man


February 19, 2017

 9:55pm – 10:10pm Storage room – Frank says I am getting a weird energy from him (Vic) too. He’s got to realize its a possibility (of going up as the replacement nominee). Paulie was saying he was going to say something before but now I think he’s going to wait until the veto ceremony. He wants to take all the heat. You don’t have to take all the heat. I think he should just say its what the house wants. James says its like saying you’re in a house where everyone doesn’t like you. Frank says its kind true though. We get Bronte out next week right. James says right, which means I have to throw another HOH. Frank says me or you or Day or Nicole or even Corey … mainly one of us four needs to win that Roadblock (Roadkill) and we need to secretly put up Tiffany and get her out. Paulie doesn’t really want her out and he thinks he can trust her and he wants to keep her around a little longer. I want to get her out. I don’t trust her. I don’t trust her and the fact that he trust her so much makes me trust her less. James says right, that sounds like a Derrick move. If someone trusts someone so much like get her out. She rubbed Day wrong today. She rubbed me wrong and she rubbed Nicole wrong the other day. I’d rather have Natalie and Bronte in the house longer than Tiffany. I don’t want Tiffany winner HOH. She’s not going to listen to us. James says if she was going to go after someone it would be you. Frank says that’s what I’m saying. Frank says you could even toss an HOH to Natalie and let her put up Tiffany. James says we’re just getting to the point where we need to start cutting into our group. Frank asks how far do you want Paulie to get? How far do you want Corey to get? James says yeah. We need to keep the integrity of our 4 together. Frank says if we don’t get rid of Tiffany we need to get rid of Paulie. James says I’m on the same page with you. Frank says I would rather have Bridgette & Natalie in jury than Tiffany. James agrees. Frank says we’re getting out the trouble makers and we’ll be left with sheep in the house. Frank says I think we need to get Bronte out next week and Tiffany the week after. If we can’t get Bronte out then we get out Tiffany next week.het..


February 19, 2017


The it was a spelling competition.

6:30pm The live feeds return – DaVonne and Nicole are in the Safari room talking. DaVonne tells Nicole that Tiffany counted her letters and then when back and made sure she had one more letter than mine. She only counted mine. How should I feel about that?! I was like I’m on your team why would you try and beat me?! She only did it to me?!!? They head out of the safari room. DaVonne then tell Frank, Paulie and Zakiyah. Frank tells DaVonne to not worry about it and just file it away.


February 19, 2017

3:50pm Safari room - Tiffany says I really have to put 100% trust in other people. Paulie says I am telling you 100% I am putting him on the block. I'm going to go out and bust my a$$. I'm going to keep you safe as long as I can. You helped me out last week and I've got you. Tiffany asks if I was to win ... put yourself in my shoes ..what would you do?

July 2, 2016


February 19, 2017

 12:28pm Frank Frank, Da'Vonne, Paul, Zakiyah
Frank - tomorrow is going to be awkward as f***
They go on about Victor getting backdoored this week.
Frank says Victor tried to make James look like a malicious person, "that's just dirty.. I don't feel bad"
Frank says Victor threw Bronte and NAtalie under the bus yesterday.
Frank tells Paul they won't have the Veto until later today it's too hot out right now.


February 19, 2017

10:03am .. The houseguets think there's a catch the have nots food looks too good, Blueberries, Strawberries, Coconut, ast berries.. .
Paulie reads the HAve nots card - "at the end of this weeks head of household competitions the team Big sister had the lease number of Berries this mean Da'Vonne, Paul and Zakiyah are have nots"
Paulie adds they get to have "All the berries you can eat" on top of slop. (WOW! havenots ain't what it used to be)

Paul - PISSED so PISSED.. guess we're dieting again
James- sorry guys..


February 19, 2017

 12:30am The live feeds return - Tiffany is crying and pleads to her to tell her if she is the target. Just please tell me! Michelle says no, they want Vic gone. Tiffany says I promise I won't freak out. Michelle says no. I would want someone to tell me too. You're good. DaVonne joins them and tells Tiffany she's good. You have the numbers.


February 18, 2017

9:50pm Tiffany tells Frank that if she is going up she would like to know. Frank says they (Victor & Paul) don't talk open to me. Frank tells that Nicole is worried. Tiffany says knowing ahead of time causes less pressure but I'll just have to trust in you know (Big Brother). Frank tells her not to worry.


February 18, 2017

7:35pm Frank and Nicole are talking. Nicole says I did so much last week and I don't want to go up. Frank tells Nicole he doesn't think she is going to go up. Frank says I think he's (Victor) going to put up James. Nicole asks Frank thinks Paulie is going to talk to Victor and try and get me put up .. because I put him up. Frank says no Paulie is cool with us. James walks by and they call him over.


February 18, 2017

 6:16pm Bedroom Paul and Victor
Paul telling him to keep the Roadblock win to himself.
paul - one of us is going home.. i know that ,.. the way to get back at them.. they are using me Bronte or you.. one of us three...
Vicotr - I'm working with Paulie and Frank...


February 18, 2017

12:32pm Paulie and Vic Playing chess. 
Paulie is willing to leave the nominations the same to get Bronte out.
Paulie says if Veto is used Natalie is going up
Victor - at this point I'm at your mercy.
Victor is pushing for an alliance where they can "Pass the baton" and keep winning HOH'


February 18, 2017

12:35am Paulie comes out of the HOH room and asks who wants to see my HOH room!?! They all head up to the HOH room door where Paulie opens the door and they head inside. Paulie reads his HOH that's from his brother Cody Calafiore.
Paulieno I love you brother and miss you. I'm obviously holding down the fort here on the east coast. You already know the deal and you're welcome!